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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, February 06, 1895, Image 2

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til) Vuiiim.irj.
A .hew Mftionlc Hlue lodge was Instituted
on Monl.i) night m
The llul l:tftte"ninl Slock ex, hnnge has
lintel tnt j Us oM iHiom ilnj quarter.
Thi 1 oar I of fuitillc work1 will move
iumou'i) in the milter or street sprink
ling I'litraRiit fosl, 0 A H , etilerlntiied 1
nunilur if (Iraiitl Ann) oltirlnls Tuesda)
(Mini person Were Injured In a ticiid
end collision oh t(te elevated roail carl)'
Tm tin) morning
Slicrmah l!icp' shnrtnuf, nn) made good
nt a iiu Mini; of tho letter Curlers' Asso
ciation, holl ht night
The ommlttcc from tli- Knnsns leglsln
lure w II begin Its work of Investigation ftt
tin etoik jar In to-dii). ,
Cun Iman Crnlg lia prepared n rcolil
ti n nkms srnntor nnil representatives to
work f jr tbe l.aiiRhlin bill.
(Invernor Stone will lue a commission
loW T Jnrulori, proe tiling interne), on
his rcliirn lo Jefferson fit),
John Miilllns Is un lor arrest for com
Jill It) In cle lion friuds rnmtnlttpil lh th"
Mft).Fn on I prcilnrt, in which he sen ml
as a Itcpuhlloan Judge
A Unit In Pete I mrf Silniin Ncirl) I oils
In it libit -shaking lllio In In-
tn t toil lit till' I ill'.
There was n fieri e iitul blood) fight In
fete L at)' saloon, nt the tamer of In
dependency and (Irnnd atonins, between
two hin kstcrs turned lMwnrl Lewis and
"Curler," about 5' o look jutenlij n(l
crtiotw Win nth, light terminate I b)
the poll t curl,)' tscipul Ills full
nam Is unknown Heron- the tight w is
brought to in end howivtr. a lirge crowd
had t, ithircJ, Dan Lear) had lilt Curlev"
In th f.i e with a gliss, some of the b)
KtaiKbri hid i wlmiRwl blow mtd even
thr at, m 1 to take Unl from the police
and thi nnijoi who happened along Just
at that Jim tare, hud stood bptwppit Hip
crowd n I tin pollc.om.eiif .uid wnrnul those
who win. iinliucl to be uiiiul) to icspcct
thr law un I Hi leprestnt itlvrs
Thi lUht bijlan In the llrt pint e our ft
gam of II e md It ver) noirlt i nded In
u riot ii. nun wen- sinking for email
ihange. and lind thrown the die several
tltnif, wht n a dispute nritw Some sny
the unlec luff in by iAh Milkln, Cur
It ) In Iho. fan-! others un that the Hist
blow mm .struck b) Din L,nr, who nst I
a beer Kliic nnil who did not subs. ,iieiitli
Join in the rough and tumble light that
ensued 1 low it pi, Lewis knocked "i tit -by"
down, but the lattti w t n hl fei t
almost In n moment and the llUit bit, in
lir eirncst an I w i w.ntul theilitlre lonKtli
of the room until the tlRhttrt llnallt fell
throtiKh i IiIk front window of tin w-iloon,
theli handM and fici dn in hi d with blood
berKenn' M, Donald mil 1'olUemin ricm-Iiir-
nrrltt 1 Jiui then and trltd to nm II
the dliordii, and the IoukIi North end
i mud that bad path, rod reiumd their
Intrusion The polh itmii uurilnl In tnk
ItiK 'fiirle)" Into cutods and iilicod Jilm
In the eiri of two cltlem while tin) went
In search of I.owK who ran aw it The
clllreni tnrno 1 "V urlet ' I0op ami he m m
ncid to et ue tlm poJUe -iflerwm 1 Lew U
was piibseiiiiontlv irrested nnd iftii the
polk siirEeoii hid attend, d to his Injnrli s,
was lockcl up I'he crow,! seenipd to want
to rccuc J.pwIs. but Just then the mnor
nppeired and nddroi,,.,! them with a few
words of tniltlon to obsorte tin law I he
crowd listened icspectfull) aim slow I)
meltid aw.i)
tlcttlind mil lll AiltNort t niKiilt a I nni;
lllnoail tin Itouil ,, iiitlon.
AVnshlnKtnti, 1'eb !i 'Ihe ciblnct wis
In session to-da liofoie li o clock until
nftci 2.IJ It Is mid, flood thnt nlitmst
the only subject oC dl.scusslon was the
pending bond Issue Seteial prominent
Xew York bmktis uro hete, amont;
them I I'leriinnt Minimi, nnd while
they hate not --eeii cltliei the pr ildent
or Ml. Carlisle, It Is undeistooil that
theli lcws un the situitlon wire con
eed to the ptcsldciH lo-il ly No au
thuiltntlte stulemeiit nf the chatnotei of
the Liihlnct discussion can be made, but
It Is belinteil tint no llntl action has
been determined upon Jt Is understood
that ncKolliillnrw with reprcentatltos
of I.opilon banktrs. ate It proBress, with
Indications of an eailj consumm ttlun
Thero Is no loimei nny expectation of a
popular lonti to be pitied In this coun
try, lis In tint item the ixpuierice of
the last few months would be riptated
nnd the pr.ld iisnte ag iln di pitted
The jiui pose of the administration, It Is
understiod is ti place the entire Issue
of bonds with London bankus who
would pn f a them with Loudon sold
and thus atoid. loi the piesent nt least,
the niccssitt for pa)!iiL; out koKI in ex
ch.itiKC foi leK'tl tindtis While no
dellnlte concluslnn has been lenchfd. It
Is bdlettd that the announcement of the
sale of the bonds will be mudc .it an
carl) tin)
Injur, d tu.ll,- ( ,i ,. tlm:.
Km' st Itoe a ll-juir-old bit was cotst
in on l.ortist stre t last niht ttlun his
flid ran in front of an Mcttili lliu car on
Indtpt ml, n e atenue and he was rolled for
ettral feu In front of th, cir In a
fitrinse m inner hi si ipel tilting anr
bones broken or hatlnp hi8 limbs manKled
bj tb tth. els Hi was r moted to his
home i1 Sixth and Medio stnets In the po
ll e mnbiiltnir his father belim linttllllm;
to httf I m t ik, n to the police station for
trintni, ni lit was irj beteril) tirul-eil
bin his bo Its were not considered herlous
latt nih,
llor"!' Injur, d.
A hor'-r I londnjj to XI Miillln, draman,
was stru k in tin siiit b a lunatta) wiik
on dviten I t llrooks on (Jrtnd nte
luifc lj'tiMfii I oiirth and Fifth str, i ts A
bote w is ut in th, animars Hide and it
bl 1 m mi h Poll ,min Sdmltze was
Font 'ram th i ollr st itlon to hhoot the
an mul luitio ottner h monstratid and he
was uk n to a xeterlntr) surRoon for
triaumo No other ,1 un.iKe w is done by
the lunatta)
Mnor 1'nib has do, lined the intliatlou
to address ,h hlithsehool Match 21
.Vo nut 'is of dlihthirl.1 were leporttd
to tho lit lrl of he ilth )ei,tirili and the
dl&e.e iipi ,r- to Ije asaln checked
II flat ruber of the missing 'i-)oar-old
Hosc-Ua i la), reported at pollee ticuiliiii ir
ters ) tstirlB) that the Klrl had not et
been found
Willi ill Joins, cbaiKid with brfnkhiK
window), u l.oulH faimi'i. stoic with hU
list While Incine with drink, was lined 10
by Police Imkit- lones )esterelt)
'lhe Willi im Hteimei who was reientl)
pent to the iienltentl ir) Is nut lonnernd
with or re'uti d to uu mtinlter of the
Stc'ner Intestuient couiiuny In the New
Itldge biilldiiu:
Itc-ilpia ut the custom houe teinerdiy
wire two t irs of b im Ic.i'l bullion from
Mixlto, lite i ases arid two Inks of limns
from laiirixm! i:i-lit , nw of n lined letd
w re withdrawn from bond for tonsiimp.
A stereoitlon bertlce 't'lll Ik hel ' at tin)
Sultatlon Aim) biriaikk to-morrow nlKhi,
The parable of th. 'a,n lln" will be
lllllstlttel With I'll blle tletts Tell b ll-
vallon Ann) bibules lobcd in white will
Hid the iilradi tlitou'h the htreets at 7 3,
o'cloik. The strtlies will bej,ln at h
Jest Holers nth nrreste-d testerda) on
n ch irKe of burglarizing f W CaBhner's
carpenter hhop ut Thirteenth and fliand
nttiuic Itu wan arraigned before Justice
Walls, who set his iirelimlnar) hearing for
I rlday afternoon and omtnltted lllm to
Jail In default of t,',v ball
Detettltu Hunt retiiriud to the elt) list
nlrtht from U iitr, und hud In i ustody
Martin Hraiin, tin nlleKed book thief, who
lied Irom Kansas t it) a couple of ttei-ks
ago to nenvcr, uftti cninmlttlnu many
thefts of tuluililo books In this eitj He
was locked up In the, coent) Jill to aw ut
arraignment befoia Jiistleo Krucyer this
meruit) I.
Health OltlPtr .Waring tald jesterda)
tint bad fcaultutlon was not reponlblu
for tho Iruieaso In (he death rate, for Jan
liar), whlih was lite points abate the rati)
for l)e, i mbi r 'Hie prutalllnrf cauo of
death was pu umonta, from which tuenty
eiijut person men, 1'ne iimoni.i is not luiitcit,
the- do tor said, by bul sanltitlou, though
scarlet feer und kindred diseanes are.
l'retost division. No 1, I'nlform (tank
Knights of I'jthliiB, has Issued Ml Intlia
tlons to Its mas'iuer ule bill to be git en ut
the Academy of Musle on IVbruar) i 'ihe
oi casion will be made ouu of the leullug
toilal eteiits of tho kasou In K, of 1'. cii.
les, and proinlneut members and illgul
tartes of Jhe yrder will bfl present (iqm all
oter lssour ancl (iunsus.
Willie llollln-'sworih. a 10-ttr-old boy,
was arrested by fopnabli, H)ltr jester-,
da) on a charge, of mtiing (Ire to a utiuw
siack belonging to Peter Hansen at Thlr
t) -fourth and Tiac) atenue. The boy
claims that he und another iouili tteti
smoking cigarettes behind the straw stack
and that the straw ucelde'iitully caught
lire "My1 but It made uu awful blaze,"
bald young UolllnKsworth, In t'lvLns IiU ci,
ilanatlon of the tire
I'l. h nut A Mi:i:ii.Mi til' riiAi k
idltlTS ()f AMI.HIL'A AM) I'.llltUl'l:.
t rrd Hop), Mho l Nmt ut the IIIr Muille
Carlo Hboitti Itu1, (tluirgi, uf the t-
gotlatliin for the .Match-
"porting Ni'iK.
Trisl Hoc), one of America's crtck idiots,
Is now .it Motile Cirltt, and Is expected 10
do soul" great work, (li-orge Work and
Lewis Thompson, who rank with lloey us
experts, arc expected lo sail f am the
fulled .Stales the littci part of tills month,
to take pirt lu the tournament at Cannes,
which follows this shiit. Hoe), hating
bpi there long enough to become pirtlal
I) nccllmited and nciru ilntid with tin
Wind it n el we tlhcr conditions, It Is expe, ted
wilt make a Hue showing. Hoe) has u tei
or I of If out of a potdblc KM plgiotis
riiomp-vm has brought down Dt, and Woik,
In shooting with Uretttr rectntl), stopped
ti lu the simi' tiumbct, Hoty succcidpd
tho other day lu iiirrjlng of one of tin
prizes, 4.SV1 francs prize money, with Har
rison and Kit a, the clet crest pigeon shoot
irs in i;uri'jii
The Intcriuttlonil contests, ut Monte Cirlo
are watched with Interest b) all the erack
shots in Aiiuixica und It Is safe to si) that
etir) one of them has an ambition to be
comu skilful enough some d.i) to warrant
pirtlclpatloii In tin Monte Carlo shoot,
the eiaek slmls of INllope are all there
now, aim American siuiotiug skill will be
pitted against tin best that the UM World
tan u ounce the pigum shoot ut .Monte
i irlo is one or the gu.u iiortlng Ineuitnts
of the year in lalropc
It Is understood thai On tllts of Mosr.
lloey, IVionilwoii and Work to Huropi will
hate an Jitipol l.uit bmrtng on Iht luoiioi-ed
lnternatloii.il ilgeon shoot btttneii Hn
kland and Ameriea, lu is ti, in tin Intel
eotintr), the llrt news of which was fui
nlhed li) ,1 hcatti l'tge, who, In spite
of h.s biislliss tares, llinls tline to engage
lu pleoou shooting, at whit h he Is an adept.
Mr Hoiy wUI be the beam of an ttitlta
Hon on the nut of the Atmrlcati clubs to
mtrrt.iln i:uniiina shots and take eluri.c
of the proposi InlernatlonaJ match on the
Aniprlciti lde of the water
'I he proiptot foi an Intern itlonal siioot
l piomlslng In the fall of ISM no doubt,
some of the bi"S wing hots of Hnglind
ind p, rliups friune wdll come to Aim rl
e i '1 he shooting sp ison In Huropc oci urs
In the spring and iiintihr, and the Atiierl
e in' ncail) all of It during the fall and
Whin the Intern itlonal mibh begins In
Ihe I lilted States ;t is protnhle tint i ae h
"hootot will shoot at lift) or l'i bird",
whlih Is eonsldertd the bet tist if miiiks
m inshlp Hut of course, the numb, r of
birds to bp shot it wl)l ', pend 1 irelt on
the number of visitors to tike put, as
about ,Vo birds t d it are all that tan be
shot at without burning
Inline ill licit artci tin- close- of the eton
tt Monte Cirlo tin iruk wing shots Jour
ni ) to Cannes, where there is a short Mip
pkniintnr) season of li ip shooting The
m tin it puts Hiiro ire the Prix dp Monte
f irlo and tli fSrand I'rl t di fumes 'Jlu
Americans ct ct to llcire In all these
etents, and the knowing; ones who hue
been to Monte ftrlo sit Ihe) will be eer
t ill! to oipture llrst prlp In snmp of tliPin
It Is alo ter) probiblo that the Amerl
c ins will do some match shooting In Im-gl-ind,
as the trip Is to be tn extended
(). K. dun ( lub simi I mil r the Nett llainll
, up M si in , t riftit und l.xe,l
I, ut , or, s iti' Xlitili .
'Ihe monthl) meelal slwot of tho O K
Oun Club took pi ice at the Washington
pirk shooting grounds t'titeidii), and, de
spite the --Ptiilt) of thp weather, the at
ti ml inco of the ine'iita rs vtas huge and the
shooting was good The club snot under
the n, w h null, .ip s)stem and fritl Dur
rani, who kill, d thlrtten blirls, with his al
lowance or two birds miile a straight
score of llftien birds and won the nied il
In the si ore as glttn below the llgure Im
inedlitelt iireeedlng the mine of eich
"hooter denotes the number of birds he l
allowed and In Ills tot il the ' birds arc In-
The i-cort
1 Uelderiiinn ...1 0011120112 0 22 i-12
O-Ilob Keck U.'HUIH 1 0 0 J 0 u u S
S 1 W McCurd) 1 1 1 0 J 0 0 1 (Ml J no .'11
j "i r LWel 1,1
n u 1 1 1 n n u o J 2 1 0 9
ii l l l 2 l (i 2 l l 0 l o o o in
I Ilubbtid
1 I) Mif-on
ll' ei high un
.' f (ottlleb
I II. Ii rireen
2 f Durrint
nT AdUlns
l 1 2 2 i 1 2 2 02 2 I 2 11214
t 2 1 'I I 2 1 n I IMM (I 1 2-11
1 0 1 2 1 I' 2 1 0 1 0 2 110 211
1 1 2 1 1 0 (1 2 1 0 0 1 i' 0 0-12
1 2 1 1 (I 1 1 1 2 2 0 1 2 2 115
1 2 2 0 2 2 II 2 2 2 2 0 2 0 2 It
0 .1 K Iteenp
2 2 II 1 (1 2 2 1 2 1 1 2 2 2 211
1 IM illekm in 1 2 1 (I 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 2 1 01 1
Snn fruiieFsco lliucs.
hill frunelsco l'eb B II icing to-d i)
wis jiniisu ill) good there being snenl
sensational finishes berween llergen (Irif
lln and "arr The last r.ue was declared
off nnd the Hist Hpllt In two
l'lrst r.ue Tito furlongs, selling Ilu
rango won The Driitnincr, teeond, Agnes,
third Time 1 V
Second l ice About six furlongs seilliiR
Mcl-lght won lainnle H. second, Hli Ivtn
dlB third lime 1 r. ,
llilrd rice One mile selling Oordlus
won, (ltd), second, llrew Scott, third
Time 1 II , , , ,
I'ourih race Alxnit six furlongs lack
rtlihelloii won lied Pat, second, King .Sam
third Tlm, 1 lli
Pltth rite fit e furlongs, elllng Ite
peater won Vulptr ilo 'ecqnd, Itesertc,
thirl 'I Inn, 1 OS's.
ott tlrlelllis Itllt'i s.
New Orleans feb 5 fift) -llrst da) nf
Crcse, nt fltv .locket Club's winter mei t
Ing WPitthor i loud) track lu-aty
l'lrst inn S'lllng ilt fui longs I'anwny
won, ltineoens second. Date l'ulsifur
third Time, 1 1ST.
Setond rite Purse, setui furlongs
Nero won Prime Impel lal, second, ful
cher f , thlid 'lime 1 121,
Thlid rai e Selling six furlongs Tramp
won Hon Ibon, si cowl. Ittadlna, thlttl
Tlm-, 1 17 , , , , ,
foul th rice Purse flto furlongs Hlrd
cntcliet won festital, second, Rausoui,
third lime 1 01 ...
fifth rat, 1'iiise six furlongs Aloto
won. I'd mown, second, Insoninl i, thlid
Time 1 18'.
MtldlHilli It, Hiilts.
St I.011K l'b B ltesults nt Madison
first late flto and a half furlongs
Maud) llrooks won, Mere, second, I'ld
Hdge" third Time, l.ff.
beiond race foui ami a h ilf fill longs
Miss Poitluiiil won I.lttlo Nell, second,
fiab I'lilii, llilrd lime. W
Third race I Ite iiud a half furlongs
Hp'fdwist won fall fit), second, Caisu,
third Time. 1 1 tka
fourth laco flto and a half furlongs
Impost! i won Harr) Waiien, second,
.Mamlu Duff), third Time, 1 13
fifth line fumn fin longs Heptember
won Mnbltn T second, I.lttlo fellow. Ji ,
third Time, l JS.
Mar Hint Hug: Club.
At the roll of the Star Howling Club,
held on the Ilriinswlek alleys list night,
Jamison won, on the tollowtng stote
mimes, ppireu im
Potter) .
Hosttelt ,,
I nm. in .
J.imlacm .
i il
PbiienU lion ling Club,
At the teekl) roll of tho Phoenix Howling
iTlib, held on the Ho)al alle)s last etening,
I, Ilaer won the medal on tho following
Strikes. Spires. Total
I, ilaer P'
J liter C,
. Pollack 6
Howenstrlu !
I.o.b ,,,. 7
hllttrmtn ft
Shane 4
S -)ij
B 307
12 4'1
I 3i'
7 ln.1
10 'il
5 131
ll.lng llnttllng Club,
The wetkly roll of the Vlkln-r Howling
Club was held on tho (lr.mil all,)s lakt
etening Padersou w lunlng the medal The
Vikings hate purchafced two ter) hand
some medals for this )ear and lu future
the club will be divided Into two elosts
The s, ore
Strikes Spates Total
. 1Q ;r,
,, U IjC
.... 7 (Hi
... li 11 41",
Kuaiu-on ,
,'uiQuumMI, ,,,,, f,,t
Ilolcomb,,,, ,,, ,,,,,,.,,,. 5
3laloue I ends itylo u 1 Ittb,
The pool match between Malone and
Hjle was continued jesterda) afternoon
and etening at the Hoyal billiard hall In
the afternoon same Malone thoitcd noor
form nti i llil- bent him Iwnlly nt the odds
scorn e i" ball to 71 for Malone, making
the total ore stand Mt for 11) le tn 271 for
Malone, the Miter being 57 balls shiirl or
his o.l In the etening game MnUine
Idtti I his usual good game mul so, itred
the np"-nTV 127 InlH to win while It lo
was gitting V, The total spore now slan is
Im foi Malone lo infi for Hjle Two more
gnmrs will be pln)ed this afternoon nnd
et pnlnc and In ordir to win Malone must
link, ino lulls tn lot for Htle
Tn morrow evening Mnlone l bookpd lo
n pear before the Topekn flub In games
of pool and balk line billiard", with J II.
(lo lltrd tho well known Maple 11111
inithiri! lipid I rl its M linn r,
New Alban), Mls , fob , Second do's
trial of the Southern field trials t)pclion
whs rendered In the pointer and srttci
derht ns follows;
Tout Hot m, llrst! Tuny llalp second,
I)pln. third The all nge slnkes his set
enlten stnrlers Two braip tried lo-da)
llrlsons lledford's frcmont an 1 Ur
liukes Acotltth ind Manchester Kennels
-port with Hlnddard's pointer Tick Ilov.
The llrst brace are not prominent for hon
ors The second brace seem belter, bill
stilt better things ate expeelcd to-morrow,
Iho Am, rltaii I list,
Monte Carlo, feb ft The second i!n)'s
shooting fot the tlmtd l'rlx du Clislno ic
sulled unfiKortbl) to fred Hoe), the otil)
American competitor Ihe llit prl7e was
won bt llptitenutl, with a score of sixteen
birds killed out of 17 Tin sci onrt and
third ptlzes were dltldtd between Dicten
nlnl DChiirmnliis, who killed 15 out of 17
I Ito -spurt lnt; Vol, .
Chicago sportmen are much put out with
Hero's bill nlTectlng the game laws of
Illinois, H is denouiitid us ft tlclous meas
ure by the huntsmen.
The I.nulstlllo papers sat Hint Mcekln,
of the Ni w Votks, wants M,,VK) salnr) fot
this season 'lhls Is about double the
amount lit recelted lat )eai.
l.oulstllle has ipilt shelling the woods for
)oung bloods ami is after a little seasoned
twlrlpr Manager Jn,k .MeCloske) wants
Hiookl)!! to unload Con Dalle)
(leorge Cortleld offers to box Tomni) Kel
Ict, of -Ml, hignn. at los or 110 pound foi
IV") n shle and purse of SVO Col Held will
also allow Kellc) SI".'' for expenses to ling
land (leorge ltuppeit, son of the millionaire
lu own, of New ork, will go on the rnep
triu k this season He Is now negotiating
with a well-known trainer, with a tlew or
getting Into the best posblo slui c.
If Xlmmerm in and Winder race this
)enr thet will prohibit hustle foi them
soltes, and will piolubl) do their own
m Hinging If pioperlt handled, tin)
should draw bigger crowds thin the tlass
IS men
1 Mnrpht, the well known raping
man, Is being boomed for ollltltl referee
of the I. A lh, retonls of tho Mur
ph)s hate been sin h tint It seems Jut a
little od I that either of the brothers should
be suggested for sin h a position
At a l oci nt meeting of the Milwaukee
Wheelmen It was de, tiled to change the
coure of the fimous Waukesha loul laie,
and make It pur, I) a Milwaukee affair
This will do iiwat with one of the best
known Western road lacing otents
That fist 2 tear-old of last so ison. Im
petuous, 2 1V Is now In the hnnds of Mr
M 1 Me Hear) nt fneport, III and gltes
piomlse of b, lug one of the best of the 3
) cm -olds Uu lomlng season Impetuous
list season w is In the stable of Major II
C McDowell anl with a less skillful relns
iiinn than M, Ilpnrt she piotcd herself ca
ll ihle of ,.ikln- t tert fast reiord
I'icsldent H f Rehmldt, of the Western
Interstate II iu lull Heague his r, cited
applications from I.if.i)etto, fort Worth,
and South Ilend Ind, foi nu mbershlp
Terre Haute Illooinlngton, III, and toilet
complete th, pri-int ilriuit At a meeting
soon to bo In Id two more towns will he 'o
lectnl Iho league will hue Decitur, III,
ilurlliiKton la Dint III, , III, and Logans
port, Ind , to s, li 1 1 from
II) his etrnlnks this s, ison II inquet has
now won a tol il of thlrt)-elghl raci s and
JUS T75 during his turf career We also has
made a rtionl In one r, slice t hard to beat,
being tin biggest I ri and i, teir-old as
well as aged winner of his )iui Col n i -tlon's
record too Is a good one, she hitlng
won llrst set ond oi thlid luoiie t In ntnet)
seten of her st irts, w lillr Dungirten his
prottd a good rice winner he hating Mu
lshed llrst no less than thlrt)-seten times
The nuthorlt it't, announcement can now
be made th it fie I I'feffer will be rein
stated In tin National League on february
27 Tin reinstall ment will be brought
about b) othei at ins than the length)
petitions wl"! lute been sent ftom all
oter the eountrt The leigue magnates
hate decided th it f fetf, r was not i speclall)
antagonistic to the Ungues welfare, at
I, ist not more so than Hinkenbergei and
Hiinle, an 1 is these men bite been rein
stated th, t thought It onl) fair th it slml
1 ir action b tak, n In Pf, ffer s i to
A bill his In n Introdutel Into tla New
Ilampshiri It 1,11 ituio to n gtil.tte the use
of the biit'le simil it to the Massaehu
si tts 1 iw sp, ,il Is restt h tod to tin miles
an hotii in ,ltiis and towns, ami the ear
ning of a limp and bill Is i ompulsor)
Signor ('barbs font!, manager of the
n.i70tte CiillstUn, the Itillan ijillng Jour
nal, Is now In this eountit lit cxpcci-. to
it main setei il months hlgnor Contl sats
that the Italian ruing men who recentlv
tlslted ibis (ountr) weie -o ttell pleased
that the) Intend returning dmlng the com
ing se ison
Ctpl iln Illch inl Armstrong has kept the
Yale er.w t andlilatt s rotting In the tank
dnll) the pist week Ciptaln Armstrong
ami W It Cross Vo 3, bite nt ted as
ooiohPis -anil hate dire, tod their attention
tow aril dot eloping a nett sttoke Simp
son 07 has stioktil the t tilst) all the
past wiek and I In- eight hate lowed as fol
lows Stroke Simpson, No 7, Triadwi),
No ('. Cross and H.illi ) 'o r. Ditoi , No
I l.ongacte No 3 Hiarl No 2. Ilolcomb.
bow, Milton an 1 rinstrong The fact that
f iptaln Arnisirong i, sinned his seat nt the
bow two dn) s the p ist wotk gltes , redence
to the report tint be will not ti) to stroke
the bo it this )ear.
t Mtl.lM.I I SI. I) tlss WOItlls.
Ho lutliiuiti I h it Ho Is tired oT the
( b'tunr for Itinrgli (inuiito,
WnsldiiL,toii, feb '(Special) "D n
Georgia" This Is what Secretary Carllslo
said this ot onlng when ho rem hoi tho
depirtm, lit, nftei spending some hours at
tlio cabinet inciting Ho had In en lnfoi ni
di that the , nllru (leorgle delegation. In
cluding Mintnis and nth, rs prominent lu
ileorgla polities hud spun some time nt
tho dcpuitniotit Insisting tl at Oeorgla Man
He bo used lu the Kunwis I'll) biiildlng
It Is In this oj i, id itlon from the kici entry
lb it liOires, nt itit o Tarsno) clings for Ills
bopo tint (Itoigla malt rlil will not be
dumpeil on Kansiis ( It) for tho public
building The nport of the board of
awards Is now on the sonotart's desk
At-slstnnt Socman funis and Mr Kp
In fit in' the Otoigla material, and Judge
I'lunllig Is tin onl) one of the poind
ng.ilnst It lo' iKtmr tor Texas or Maine
gianltii Tho fleorglt , rowd lo-d i) called
, n masse at tin ,), 'lartment S, nitor (ior
don Insisted tint nH (leorgli has tho lottist
bid It would bo a listing dlsgiaco not to
noitpt tlm materlil If the) worn turn, d
down now It would foiotei bni their rua
t, rial, and this would bo n great injus
tlie It Is hoped bj Mr Taisno) that Iho soc
ietal y will lute i fuo foi Kansas fit), turn
down tlm bond and glte to Kansas city
a building slone of dtciiit material
Mr Carllslo stated to-night that ho could
not tiiku up tho Kansas Clly ease befoio
1 hut mill).
I'fltsOX VI
W'. It fllert, Chicago, Is at the Coates
M B Shlple). f Im Inn ill. Is at the Coates
Ceoigc J Downing, Boston, Is ut tho
A. J Howe', New York, Is at tho Coates,
A. ( Si cor, St Paul. Is at tho Coates,
II. It, Wills, Si I.ouls, Is at tho Cones.
W, W. Watson .sallna. Is nt the Coates
(J, II, Hopper Itaclne, Wis , Is nt tho
J, A. Aldtlch Iluffalo, Is at tho Cottej
1', c, Mclui)er, Johnstown, N, V U nt
tho Cottcs
It H, Wright of .Mount I.eonard, Mo, is
ut the New Albany
V. A. (lassett and Dan Ciaten, of ('oun.
ell fliott, Kas , were at Iho New Albany
jesti'ld i).
William O. M,)ct, of St, Charles, Mo , Is
ut tho New Albany
Leu Ho)t, of Hannibal, Mo, was at the
New- Alban) )tstiula)
W. O Km ih, of Alma, 5Io , was at the
New Alban) )esler,bi).
William Hose Hinporla, Kas, Is at tho
(leorge S. Ilrottn. Omiht, Neb, Is at the
I,. W. I'erliain, Hlclimond, Mo . Is at Iho
De I.ee Howers, Helena, Mont , Is at the
William II, Sherwood, Chicago, II). U at
tho Victoria. '
James Stone, )c( juo, Tex., Is at tho
W. E. Cochran Topcka, Kas, is at the
Victoria. '
T. P. TimmonS. NV tv Orlnana T -, la n,
Uvt Vlatorlo.
iiist issitis i.v thi: not si: o Hit t in:
tlO l.ttM-ll") 111 1 1. M Ml.sHAOl.
Hill to l'rtihlblt lliiselmlt nn Suu,,v Pas.rd
tit l.iiKriminciit After u llnnl
I Iglil l'roto dings In
Ihe entile,
Jcrfcrson Cily, Mo, l'eb. 5. (Spcclnl )
This morning -Mr. DaUsins motion to re
consider the printing of .',W copies of the
gotcrnor's tccent message pronlletl, and
the order to print wn ri'ersed. The mes
sigc to which leferenc1 Is lind Included
reports from the stale geological butcnti,
the' Missouri world's fair commission nnd
the adjutant gi nertl. Ihe message, which
In Itself tens pry brief would bate been
exceedingly tolunilnotls with the reports
Included. The motion to teconsidei print
ing was passed with an Intention ot sit
ing tnouc). That was all there wns In It,
but foi some reason a strong part) light
was tiiinle upon It, It pictiillcd because
Hipublltaiis supported It.
I nder Jhe. call for teiwrts of commit
tees, the tomihlltcc on Instiiance fntorabl)
lepjrtenl Dr, Ttibbs' bill, leduclng the
smir) of Ihe state Insurance commission,-!
from W,(j to I.Mkhi, and his ehler elerk
from 12 .oO to Jl.'si', being a reduction ut
Jiti lu each cist.
The bill llitrodiicetl by Mr. lAiith, ot St
l,oul, llxlng a minimum price foi convict
labot at 7" cents per nut, was fatorably
reiiorted from tho eouimlttis. on peniten
tiary. A minority i e port, tei ommiiidlng
that the bill do not piss, pitiipltnttd a
debate along the lines of political teonomt
The tnlnoilt) npoit was oulcted prlntnl,
which Indicates a light at a later flat
Majoi lllttlngcr, of st Joseph, introduced
a bill which looks to nu lmpiotemcut lu
the le idling of agiiciiltute and tin nit
e h i rile nrts at the t xiierlmctit station at
Columbia It puts the college under the
i.mtrol or the state hoard of agriculture,
After tho expiration of the looming hunt
consideration was lesituicd or Higbec s
bill, piotldlug that a transcript of the evi
dence In Jusiiic coiuts in erlmlii il eases
be furnished the clerk of tn, circuit oi
erlmlnal coilits, to be b) hint eel tilled to
the Muiul Jur), and that indlctnieiit ma) be
loiinit upon such trans rlits
The farmers this morning took an actlto
part In the discussion Hit latt)ers wete
not allotted to hate It an theli own was
Mount, of Holt, In id, one of the best
spcolus of the da), suppoitlng tlm bill
It was llniill) ordered cumosshI lit a tote
of 2 to 21 It Is ttnleiit tint tuc moic
thc" bills aie discuss, d and the clean r
undemanding of them men hati, the more
earnest Is the support glten tin 111, and the
piospec'ts th it tiny wul pass grow con
stantl) blighter.
The bills, bowetcr, nn radlcillt different
fiom tho piesent law nnd cten law) us
slowl) gi isped their meaning and , x
tent The tact that tn 1 iw Is wrong nnd
weak ami that It Is constant!) Iiiinnslng
erlinlnil costs, was nn iter present, silent
but powerful mclitoi fanning the bill The
othei two bills (conipuilons to the one un
der llseiissipn )estenla) and to-dat) went
lo , ngrossincnt without prolonged ilobite.
Ihe afternoon lu the house was eletoted
to a tonsbletatlon of the Stinui) biseb.all
an I the osteopath) bills
Mr Capes' bill protidlng the placing of
biselull, cock lighting and the racing of
horses hunda)s uflcr a hud light, went
to engrossment b) a tote of 71 to 15 l'tirt
Kansas CIt) mimbi r totid against the
bill One Tamil), Joni" of lackson, Joins,
of Polk and Jones, 0f Hlckott, united In
opposition to It. lhls , the llrst time that
the Jones hate been In conjunction Th, re
Is a growing sintjmcnt igilnst the bill and
It mas bt hard mil pei'lstem work, be
defe ited on third reading
'I hree hours, were detoted to the eleluto
upon the bill recognising osteopatht as a
school of surger) and healing and prescrib
ing rules under which it im) be practiced
These thrte hours cor the people of tht
state not l'-s than 51 ir rather eostlt ad
vertising The bill went to engrossment b)
a vote of GO to "S4 win h Indicates Its prob
able defeat on third reullng
-.i mite I'm,, , dings.
A large amount of Important routine
work was donp In (lie house to-dns In
one sense, Senatoi I.v m in had the lloor
and used It. Seteral of the most Impor
tant r. oasures were from his hand Ills
mllltla bill was engrossed almost without
dob ite Opposition to It was vert light
This Is, In effect, the same bill which be
Introduced two tears ago, and which was
torn to shreds bt (he attacks upon It of
senators whom the people have slut o re
tired It provldps for a thorough leorgm
Uatlon of tho inlitli and mikes the drill
conform to th. u tics and rigulitlons of
tho fulled Stan - inn)
Senator Lvm i bill nllotvlng the state
depositories to titp Kansas CIt) bonds as
spcurltt for si i deposits, wis also en
grossed, his I i unending the oh irp'r of
Kansas Cit) h i to extend the elt) limits
to t ike in vv Mart, was also cne,rnscti
nnd also his li permitting Kani' fltv
to use for otl i purposes tho nion. v col
lected some tun ago foi the purchase ot
w iter works
Among otlni important bills passe 1 to
engrossment w i tluse
11) Senator 1 inn Amending the corrupt
practices act that candid itos need not
keep account i hotel and tiavellng ex
penses Hv Senator s aber Amending the Aus
tralian ballot I m so that sopirntp tick
ets, identical it shape and sl7e Insiead of
the present Id mket ballot, shall be fur
nished the t it r
lit Senator M irlon Making the law now
npplleible lo I ink ofllclals nppl) to of
ficers of tiusr omp inies
Hv Senitor I,inc ister Prohibiting lni
berlng on Sun bit and protidlng penalties
for violations
Hv Senntoi I an lrum To allow spool il
pett) lurlet ,ii, s ime per dl in (f2) now
allowed regular Jurors.
A bill bt .s tutor flash, extending the of
ficial term of isspsfors to four ti irs, and
miking tin in Ineligible lo boll mi) of
c'o thereafter until two tears have
elnpsptl wn iul a third time and passed
Senator flash 1ms nor speolllinllt stntod
"that t spec! il spite ho has tnwarls asses
sors heintor Kl in s bill exemnilng oculists,
nurlsts nt ii ilnglsts and other sppel illsts
from Jure smite was to-dn) reconsidered
un 1 passe 1
Doings of the I nlib)
Jefferson (li, Mo, l'eb 5 -(Sped il )
The woiklng lobb) has begun to
rather Judg. Hawthorne, Hint Han
l.a and flank McMIIIen are here
to support a bill protidlng for the West
port boiiletnnl The) ma) hnvo other In
cidental Interests J Martin Jones, from
J icob Dold x Sons, Is here surveslng ih
Held and rising to make up his mind
whether the various butterlne and oleomar
girlne hills enn ho defeated As a matter
of fact tho sentiment favoring legislation
along these lines Is not so strong as many
hnve supposed
A special train of St I.ouls teachers,
headed h) Superintendent Long, arrived to
da), to look aftei the Interests of various
St I.ouls school bills Thev arc especially
anxious to see laws pass, , providing for
the establishment of kindergartens under
state control to which the Utile ones from
1 )enrs to i", )ears of ago ma) bo seni.
In this matter the) sny that Kansas City
teat In is are giving thern good moral sup.
port The) will also favor the bill which
provides for the pensioning nf oil nnd ds.
aided teachers b) a fund to bo created un
dpr the law, b) voluntary contributions
and otherwise
iti:i m.'s shout r.
Made (inoil at a Muting nf tin, Inter
Carrl, rs An.ihI itlon ll,Id I ant vlght.
The Letter Carriers' Association, nt Its
meeting last night In tht federal building,
discussed the case of Shtrnnn Iteese, once
Its trensuier Reese was discharged hv
I'ostm nitei Heed on Mojd ly, but for what
cause neither lie nor Assistant Postmaster
SetdllU would slate Hiese was suspended
on Janutr) 21 on chnrBs, nnd dlscliarge-d
In pursuance of ordtti from tho post
dlllco depirtment at iVashlngton The
meeting of tho nssooltttan last night wan
behind closed doors, nn groat pilni were
taken to keep all outilders out. Mrs.
Itiese, the wife of tho cn-rler, stood In the
hallway for some time. , und nu pixsent
when the meeting niljouned. It was stat
ed that the shortug,. In Htesu's accounts a3
treasurei Were made goal at the meeting,
being guaranteed pii!ly by members ot
tliu assod itlon and partlf by outsiders.
Tho delicti, the mnnbeis of the ussocla
lion sail, amounts to j.i"$9 The associa
tion U a fraternal one, ud carts for Its
Mile members Iteese w s for two years
the tieasuier, but It Is sfld that since tho
annual election of last J. mar) be has de.
Used ti'Hisririing the finds of tho asso
ciation lo the trmkiirer.tleot. Tho treas.
urer of (ho organisation P bonded for Jl.UoO,
ami It Is under-tood that the funds of the
association amount to ah ut $!'. The aT
toclatlou de Idi 1 to hold some kind of nu
enlertulnmint between "farch 17 and 23
for the Purpose of inlill't- to Its henpltl
fund. The infrlninmentTiIll prolably be
a concert, though no dijnllo plans have
us ) ct uceu mane.
If tho bah) U cutting tilth use that old
and well tried retatdr. MIS WIN&LOWS
S0O1HLNQ .Vl!X. 25 eat a bottle.
lit t Wllneps l:tiiliilnpd ami Neith.
Ing 'rnsittloiinl Deteloped laing
elim t. Hit I).
Topcka, Kns, Tcb. f (Spocltl.) The
house omiiultltc lo Investigate the
eliatgci ngitltist Wiinlcn Clmsc, of the
Knnsns penitentiary, examinee! only two
vvllnesiet to-ilnj nnil then titljottnicd
liuleltiiltcl) lo permit tteprescntntlve
l'lilitler lo ntteni! the slock )iird Invc
ligation The witnesses examined wore
Ann Iliinii, former mine Mtpeillitetiilent
ut the penitentiary, und t:dgni Simpson,
funnel pit boss nt the snine ptneo.
Hiinn'i lestlmoti) una nut erv ilamag
Intr to W'ttielen Chnse lie swore Hint lie
lilmself had kiKittltigl.t left the shaft In
(liitifieteiUs condition In older lo make
it wood showing In the expense account
nnd confessed that lie hail cndntiKored
the lives of ninny men nflei lie had
been vtnrned li) the state mine Inspector
to correct the dnngct, The Inspector
hud (turned him that he would be weur
Ing the r-ttlpes If nu) thing happened,
and et he lind tnken the chit nee.
I'll Heiss Simpson we some (lumnRliiR
testimony, however. He swore thnt he
hud resigned because he did not regnrd
John Chase, sou uf the warden, to be n
safe mini to liniulto tlio inachluer)' over
bond. He hud often tcporled the danger
cms ooiulltloii of tho mine to Wnrdeti
Chnse nnd hud been told to mind his
own business, four different times
ho had pointed nut danger' which
tliiciilenid the llvoq of the entire min
ing fnice nnd had liceti rebuffed with
profunltv The shafts were nil dniigci
iius und Ihe uli bad, and )et Win den
Chnse ionised to do un) thing to better
thorn Simpson nlso testified to Ch,te's
assault upon Judge McDonald nt the
time the bontd nf director were lines
tlgitlng tho pcnltciitlriiy
J ( Wnlcrtt and frnnl Hcnrld are
nttoiticvs fur Wnrdcn Chnse.
It Is llkelv tlic Investigation will be
long drawn out, us Warden Chnse st)
ho has tunny rebutting witnesses to pre
0iliiloiis llanil, ,1 lliiwn lit 'Hint tribunal
In s, s.tiin at lirrcroi CIt).
JcfTeison City, Mo, fob u (Special)
Court tn banc arid divisions Nos 1 nnd 2 of
the supreme tourt wite In session to-dav
Opinions were handed ilotvn lu four cases
In division .Vo. 1, ns follows1
Hv Maefurh.no Judge.
Isabella Hoffman, lespondent, vs John
Hoffman s executor, appellant, St Inus
cltv action to recot,r su () on account of
a nurrlngc contract, aillrmed
Innies T ltoberts, respondent, vs St
I.ouls Meichants' Land Improvi ment Com
panv, appellint SI Louis elt), ejectment
from lind, alllrmeil
Ut I! ir, ln Judge
St Louis ,1. S in frinclsco Hnllwat Com
pinv, uppf limit, vs (irnc), respondent,
Newton count), suit to enjoin the collec
tion of certain taxes alllimed
State tol MeCurdv vs Slover, Judge,
writ of prohibition denied, opinion to bo
Minor Pro,, i ilings.
Court In Ilanc.
C C Corbln et ill ts Joseph Hauer ct
al, stipulation for dismissal of appeal
lib d
fltv of St louls vs John IIt7gcrald ft
al motion to nlllrm Judgment Hied
Stati tx ul St Louis fnderground Sen
ile Coinpani vs Murpbv, stieet , oinmls
"loner demurrer to letnrn llled; ciese set
for hearing on Marth 12
Stou-I'lnce Hat Compiny vs. Homes ot
al motion to 1 1 costs filed, suggestion In
opposition lllcd
.state e id Attornov General Walker
vs W Mulllns, set lor heating fcbril
irt .',
stite ex i el Attorne) General Walker vs.
llorton A. Knight, motltin to dismiss over
niletl, set foi hearing on febrinrv .t
St ite ex rel Laclede Oris Light Company
s M j Murpht street commissioner, stt
for hinrliig on Cebruai) 19
st no , id Walker vs .Mulllns; motion
to dismiss overruled
Hariuti vs Xlurrav et nl, motion to
transfer to St Louis court of appe lis filed
John Card vs Missouri. Kansas . Texas
Itillwiv Comp in) , motion for rehearing
Adjourned to februarv 11
Division .Vo 1
Itoboccn Green ts. Victoria Green ct al.
motion to set aside Judgment sustained
and Judgment mo lllloil.
stile ,x rel Itldsewav ot al v s counts
court of Montgoni, r) count), petition foi
a ssrlt ot prohibition llbd, rule os,i ruled
for the return o the writ to be llled fib
nurv 13
Willi uu Wilson vs Knox count), motion
for nheirlng sustained
Joseph In turn vs t in of St Louis, mo
tion for ii hearing overruled
Dtvll M flnles ts I'mmt II Hnrper ct
al, motion to dismiss sustained
George II Johncs ts St Louis .I South
ssestdn Hillssa) Compan) , icheaiing de
nied In le forsvtho boulevard vs William
forsvthe motion to dismiss overruled, ten
diss lo respond, ni to Ule briefs
Adjourned to fibrinr) .i
M.Vt m.t i; i oik.i:.
Iiistltiltul on Vlouilat Mgbt b) DUtrbt
11, puts (,iaiul tlasl, r Van f. Hour.
A nms M isonlc llluo lodfco h is been
ad lid to ihoio alread) In oslsteme In Kan
sas CIt) It Is to be called Albeit Pike
lodge but, as It Is still under dispensation,
no number his been giten to It, and will
not be until the meeting of the gtainl
olllit rs nixt Oetobei when It vslll receive
its oh irter Tht lodge starts out with a
memb r-Milp of thli t)-foui It was Insti
tuted on Mond.i) night nt So 1010 Grand
asinue, by District Depot) Grind Master
Van I Hoor, about IW persons being pres
ent to witness tho eeremonbs, Tlm com
imiiiliutionH will be on the llrst and third
Mond i)s of e u h month Th" orllcers me
Mllo 11 Liwrcnce, vtorslilpful master,
Chirks II ('laike, senior mini, Arnold
Shnnklln, Junior warden; o I Illoss,
tn isurij, Samuel Stophlet, secretar) , V.
H l'lntkno), senior ,1, icon, A II Loosen,
Junior ilea' on W II Wln.ints. senior stew
ard, II II Allen, Junior steward, X. a,
Gultcr, t)lir
DenlltN nnd Iuii.rulM.
fiederlik lameson died )csterdny at his
bonie, No Oil West Tssent)-llfth street,
aged 31 )o.iis His death was caused by
llilghls disease Ml Jameson's brother,
it ssell known B r iln man, died here some
eim ago fiom Injurks received In a able
em accident Tho funeral sn sites wilt be
held at 2 o clock to-morrow tho Itev Dr,
John 11. Itobirts (initialing 'Iho remains
will be plated In the vault In forct Hill
temetci), to bo taken Hast for burial ultl
until)' ('furies Hrowne died )osterdav at tho
Hotel Glenmoie, agul ei )tars. Ills death
was caused h) pirilsls Onei of his sons
Is In tho enii'lo) or Itlchurds ,e. Conoter
Iho funeral servlcis vslll be announced to
day. 'Ihe funeral serslos over tho renulns of
of Mrs. Xelllo Devene), wife of J, f.
Hostile), of Twenty-second and JleGeei
stre, ts, stem held at St. Vincent's church
ut ID o clock yestirda) morning, Tho bur
I il was lu Sts Peter and Paul cemoUry,
Thefiineral services over tho remains of
Mrs Hmlly (lowd) xvcro held at her late
home. No, Mi Holmes street, at 3 o'clock
esteuliy afternoon, tho Xtev, Dr. James
White oillclatlng Tho rcinnlns were placed
In tho vault In Union cemetery,
Tho funeral services ovei tho remains of
I'dward It Parley were held at 10 o'clock
veslenlay morning at St. Joseph's church,
The burial was lu Mount St, Mary's cem-
An lleitloii for Coitipui) I.
Lieutenant Colonel Leslie, commanding
the Thlid icglinent In the ubsenee of Col.
unci blmonds, last night Issued an order
for an election for Company f, to be held
at Independence next Monday night. The
cleeetlon Is to elect a successor to Lieu
tenant Lenthirman, whoso tragic death
occurred at Lee's Summit last summer,
when he, ssllh a number of young people,
vtas rehearsing foi amateur theatricals.
He vvas Instantly killed by a bullet from
u. revolver used In the play.
I rut lurid Ills shoulder lllnde,
I. W Shatter, furnace man at No. S33
West Ninth strict, bus a brittle left clav.
Iilo. Ho fractured his left shoulder blade
)esterday by merely attempting to shovel
too largo a scoop of coal Into his furnace'.
Police .surgeon luen attended the Injury,
(III rlitulcd Stove Pipe.
A lire nt Otto I It-Inge's barber shop at
No. J II .Main striet caused about 110) loss
)esterda), nialiil) ou the contents of the
shop. An overhtuted stovepipe. In contact
with woodwork, caused the lire,
Peilleo Court Convictions,
According to Police Clerk Williams' re-
Port for Januar), 3IJ cases were tried by
'ollce Judge Jones during the month: 212
defendants were convicted. The total
unsu-l of fines collected was iliii,
THKV t.KAX K Till: l'Ail.OKH -UTfA.
TlO.V t i:itY .MtCII TAMI.M.
Due of Hie Proposition I nlrly Toole the
Itrenth Aw-ny Irom the Diised Itep-
reenltlte of Other Mestrrn
! lues Unit reeling Amine, I,
Chicago, til, I'eli, f. Western pas
senger nffnlrs have gone lo the bad nil nt
once nnd nio now In n worse muddle
llinn they hnve been nt any time (lur
ing the past six weeks, The Union
I'ncine Is the cause of the (Hlllcitlty nnd
to sn) thnt the teprcsentatlvcs of the
other lines nre vveniv ot the manner In
which that lino acd Is putting It very
mildly. To begin with, Clrncrnl I'usseiiKer
Agent l.omas, of the Union I'.aclllc, nn
houiicod to-day that h! lino did not
Intend to upon up the Oregon Shoit
Line, ns was announced on Soturday.
It was llrst claimed thnt the resolution
offered lu the meeting by Mr. Lomux,
opening up tho Oregon Short Line, was
misunderstood by nil the other lines and
that In reallt) the Union I'nclllc hud no
Intention of opening up the line. The
othei lines Intimated ver) positively that
they had not misunderstood the resolu
tion, und the Union I'nclllc then cl timed
that It had been outiuppcd nhd that
In nnv event It would not open up the
Oregon Short Line. This announcement
sent mutter back with a Jcik to tho
original position; the bo)cott ugnliitt
tho Union 1'neltlc by the Hock Island
nnd Hurllngtim was again declared In
force and matters sveie worse than ut
Ihe beginning, for ever) bod) ssns full
of vtruth, nnd sgn of un agreement
vsere fat less numerous than H)mptoms
of ,i light. The Union f.itlllc then de
manded the Itiseitlon of n rule In the
into sheet, giving the impulsion thnt
ntes from ills-outl rlvci points to Snn
frniiclseo und other California points
were applicable onlv ovei its line. This
ssns virtually risking the other tt.tns
coutlneiitnl lints to ndmlt that the Union
I'.iclIIc was the mils loud between the
Missouri river nnd Cnllfornln The other
lines lost no time in refusing this prop
osition, nnd there the matter rests for
the prtscnt.
The situation hns boon furtlici com
plicated bv the unnounceinent of the
Missouri I'nclllc Hint It will not become
a inomboi ot the Western trunk lines'
committee until the Union I'nclllc has
Joined It
Ihe pisspngor icpresentatlvos of the
Centi.il Tialllc Association linos met to
da.v foi the purpose of eonsldoilng dif
ferential intes In nil put tlons of the as
sociation tonlloiv Aftei a long dis
cussion, It was decided to allow the mat
ter to rest ssllh a board of arbitration,
to be composed of tin e mcmbeis who
rue to be selected Intel.
Ivlilglit mul Sprlgg A quitted,
st Louis, Mo, feb r, The trial of of
clals of the Wabash and I.ackiss.inni lall
lo ids chaiged sslth violating the Inter
state commirco last vtas resumed to-dn)
In the f nlted St etes district court, befoie
Judge Philips The government closed Its
strbnl testlnions and put In a lot of doc
iiinent.tr) evidence In the form of freight
tariffs and various agreements Among his
latter vv is one between the Wabash and
other lines, bv which the Wabash wa
able to offer Its shippers n continuous loute
to Ness iork. Counsel for the defense ob
jected to the Introduction of these docu
ments, but the couit, after considerable
argument, decided to admit the p ipers as
evidence Mr Hlock, of Uuff.alo, represent
ing the Lacknstuni road, removed the dis
charge of Messrs Sprlgg and feld.of Cleve
land and Iluffalo, on the ground thnt the
offenses If mi) stere committed outside
the Jurisdiction ot the court Judge Philips
thought thnt the offenses ssere consum
mated svhero the mono) represented bv the
vouchers was paid. Hut the proof ns to
Sprlgg's guilt vtns s, ant), and, he said, ho
would direct acquittal as to him The otl
dence against .Milton Knight, freight traf
tle mannger of tho Wabash, ssas held to be
Insufficient lis Judge Philips and ho w is
also acquitted The case of the othei de
fendants still he argued and concluded to
moirow (aiuliiettl's lllll.
Washington feb fl In the houo to
div Representative fmninettl Introduced
n bill forfeiting to the government all un
patented lands heteioforo granted to mi)
e omp in) or corporations under the provls.
Ions of the Pacific rallwnv acts wln'ie
such eomp.ans or torpor ulon has refused
or failed to redeem the bonds issued lo
eiu-n oompint .vs io tno mills alreail)
P itemed, which, at Ihe time of the de
fault remain In the ownership of the
eompans the secretary of the treasurer Is
dliecled to take the necessary action re
ejulreil b) litv to protect the got ernment's
rights as resorted b) tho acts, und the
setretart of the Interim Is to withhold ac
tion on nil appllcitlons for patents where
the default contemnl Hod b) section Z of
the let of Jul) 1, lt2 has ulread) occurred.
Hcporteu latnrillls.
Washington, rob 5 (Special) The Ok
lahoma Central right of w tt hill through
tin Indian nnd Oklahoma Territories was
ltpoited favorabl) to-tl i) with tho amend
ment compelling the compan) to com
mence Its line nt or near Sapulpn ind run
southwest taking in Ch miller, Oklthomn
Cit) and 11 Iteno.
siiIh of it Ituad (Inl, r,, I.
Atlanta fin, feb r, An order has been
entered lu the United Stutos court hero ni
deilng tho sale of the Atlanta & florliln
railway on tho Stb of Mnrch next Tho
least amount sshlch still be accepted us a
bid lor tho propert) will bo HTSuan, while
J2J,fW In cash must be deposited b) tho
successful bidder
sab, of a lEiillronil
flushing, feb S 'Iho Western Now
Jork ,L Penns)lvnnla railroad was sold
here to-d-i) to frederlck Strauss, icpre
sentlng the reorgnnlz itlon committee of
the s, eond mortgige bondholders The
l&'SSwV!, "i0000"0 and the nssumlne of
JlO.iW.MO llrst mortgage bonds
Nevada mid Mllideu (lttliers.
Parsons Kas fob 5 -At the annual
meeting of the .Vev ulu &. Mlnden Itallsva)
Compiny, held In this cit) jesterday, the
following olllcers were elected for tho en
siling sear' George J Gould, president:
David Kelso tine nrplilnnt r it l
land secretar) and treasurer, r. H foster
assistant secretap and treasurer
Women, Isn't
This Worth Believing?
Such cases as this of Mrs.
M. 1 Fozzy, of Campello,
Mass., speak volumes.
She says: " I was very sick.
I did not ever expect to get
up again, men
struations had
stopped sud
denly. The
pains all
through my
body were ter
rible. As a
last resort I
sent for a hot.
tie of Lydia E. Pinkhavis
Vegetable Compound and a
box of her Liver Pills. I also
used a package of her Sana
tive Wash.
"Relief came at once, ancl
to-day I am a well woman,
Menstruations regular, no
backache, entirely cured of
leucorrhcea and bearing-down
Eains. Nothing can equal
,ydia E. Pinkham's medicines
for women, young or old.
It cures permanently all
forms of female complaints.
t kt
V lflEw J
In being able to buy when
and whnt you wanl. The his
tory of any business proves
it, and Pianos are no excep
tion. We nre not compelled
to sell any particular make
of Piano. We handle only
those that we have found av
erage the highest in the many
different qualities that help
make a good instrument, such t
as the Decker Pros, and t
Voso & Sons. Those arc the f
Pianos the people want.
J. w.
two lllgliwiit men Hob the Proprl.tor of st
.VI, at Mark, I unit Make I Jit tr
I's, irpo.
Two men entered John Sehlegd's gro
cery and moat mnrket at .Vo 3.'l Hast
l'lghteenth street und compi lied him ut
the point of a revolver to give them tho
contents of his mono) ill aster, nmotmtlng;
nt the time to only 12.10 It Is believed from
the descriptions of the men given by
Sthlegel tint they are the iiinc who held
up (1 II. farrls and frank Schst irt, both
bulcheis. In their shops at Twelfth mid
forest avenue nnd No 1119 Hist fifteenth
stieet on .Mondii) night
While the two men ssere In Sehlegel s
shop Inst night n ssoman customer en
tered nnd the thloses quickly rotlied, ono
of them touching his lint as ho left tho
A ('iiuadliiii Plan nf ((iiiiinuniciitliiii lto
twini ride Watir and Lake Superior.
The Ciinnillnu bov eminent bus for
sqvor.il )enis past been vvinkliiK out
svstoinntlcjll) a genet nl scheme of ta
nnl Impiovcinent. This scheme, nt, out
lined by the Pittsburg Dispatch, em
braces the enlargement of vvttcivvn)!
between tide watei nnd Like Supriloi,
so tint the locks shall have a length of
270 feet between tho gates and a width
of foi t) -live lcet, the rnvlgable depth nt!
vvatn over the sills to bo fourteen feet.
Wotk his boon stcullly pushed fotwaiel,
and no ve.ir pissts without seeing morn
oi less sttlsfactois piogtiss made Tho
project chcilshed b) vshnt Is known us
the Intel national canal commission, ot
which not a little has been heaid in
those' recent dn)s, is u gient ileal ramo
ambltous Thtt scheme has lu contem
plation an extent of onlaigement which
shall furnish not less than tsscnt)-onu
feet in navigable depth. As tho nnme
of the commission would impl), tlio
scheme Is Intoinatlonnl in its scope,
both as to the outhi) which would bo
necessary nnd tho ultimate benefits
which would ncciue Influential men on
both sides of the line me warmly Intei
ested In the- pioject, nnd not n little en
thusiasm has been show n, though it
does not appear us If much Ins vet
boon accomplished In the line of ptacti
cnl steps tossard the icallntion cson of
the piellmlnnrs funds which such nu
iindei taking ssould necessitate. Its pui
posp embraces, as nil calls slid, the con
st! uctlon of deep vvutei channels of not
less tb in tvvent)-one feet in depth to
connect tho (Irent lakes with the Atlan
tk oco in lis wis of the- St Lassieneit
liver and also by was of tho Hudson
liver Moicnvei, tho scheme embraces
the const! uctlon of canals connecting;
Lake Supeilni with the Mississippi i Ivor
and Like Kile with the Ohio river, it
fnvors tho establishment of an Intel na
tion il commission toi detei mining the
method of const! uctlon nnd malntenunco
of vv mot vv civs of an Intel nation
al eharueti r, nnd nlso tlio estab
lishment of nu Intel national couit
foi the ptuposo of hearing and flnullv
detei mining, undei i tiles of lnw, nil
questions ailslng be tvs eon tho govern
ments of the United States, Oreat Hrlt
nln, Mexico and Canada, both the com
mission nnd couit to bo established by
the Joint action of the governments
riisst sciihw sri'AMi'ii.
rbo (,r it Hrltalu Was the Pioneer In Oct in
I r idi
The flist sorest st, inner to cross tho At
Inntli. tho Gnat Hiltiiu, vvas 'omnu 'u-o 1
In 1S31. and lloated In 1813 Hei length
ovei all ssas J22 feet, 111! extreme bieadth
a little oscr Cm feet, her depth 3.' ftnt, on I
lie i displacement at u loul drnignt o' IS
f, et, .'. ols tons Iln Hist sosiigo it out
Liverpool to N'esv York began ml) ft",
1M1, nnd occupied nearly llftien day, the
average speed during the mil b"l'i,' nini
knots nn hour, snvs tho Clile igo liter
Ocean After lem lining on view ibout a
fortnight In Now York harbor, tho 1 ome
ssard pass igo to Lis oi pool ssas .uc ssfully
accomplished o)agcs back mil -iitn
wire inailo sslth satlsfactoi) results uiilll
the niilumn of 1SI0. when, on a vers dl.-ty
night. In tho month of Soptemb-r, she wa
strand-d olf tho const of Irt land. Theio sh)
lomalti, d for eleven months, th-ough a
tempestuous wlntei, until alio was llnally
floated In the following autumn nnd Inkcn
to Liverpool roi icpiilrs
After a complete overhauling the vessel
entered upon a naw era In her existence,
being put by m a owners Into the Aiit-tra
llan trade, where she retained 'ho n imo ot
being a splendid sailer and a fairly suc
cessful steamship, i'ntcrhig upo i 1M3
trade In ISM, she rem lined n It for tuents
one )e.ars, until the letiulrcmenM of mo J.
crn passenger transit hid outirroisu her
(fiptbllltles I'lnall) her propelling m.
chlmry was remosed, and onlv a few
eurs ago she was seen passing up (ho fn
dish channel ns a full. fledged sailing ship.
She Is protihly still In exlstencj, havinf
last been known lo do duty as a coal hulk
In one ot the J'uclilo Islamls
'Jill, Oiiajr ftieplloii,
Hxchange; It fl related of the Duchest
of Westminster tl-t she put In her gutst
chamber a curloui tsslss clock, to which
was attached u printed notice! "Pleaso do
not touch." When Mr. Joll), tho Canadlun
Liberal, visited her giuco ho ventured to
Inquire tho reason for tho prohibition.
lou ure the twentieth man who has asktil
,. .im-oiam,- rrjiiicu mo indy gleefully
"Women, )ou knosv, are Mipposcd to bo
proverbially curious, and I put that placard
on Ihe clock to test the same weakness In
men, ami J am happy to say I find them
not a whit less curious than women. I keep
a list of nil the gentlemen who have u.ke-d
me tho question )ou hnvo just put, und
thero has been only one exception among
all my guests who have occupied the room
and that was Mr, fasscetl, the late post-masler-generul,
und he, poor man, was
Merely uu Oversight.
H naymond, a Kansas City
"aid his offenso was inerc J an bvmlfiht
of the ordinance reiruUtliiir sueh n...r...?.lit
morning. Ha
nil HI Arutnl..
leuuiaiing such matters.
o Meellng of tin, C ommrnUl rlub
Itar) - 'Ollle ir ItuTsell ' on V c I argent , el
inos ,'nic a bod) without a per nit from tho
health board. ltajnon give bond to iVi!
near In the no lee fu,i isiJ :" L ni1"
M 1 I

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