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'' tiy- -it -WTT"r;''';ywV'tiyiniyv I,y-.fr tm ? ynM;.,ytwT'J
"fiT v "WW(P-
who itrriiu.s mow THIS council.
ITWtl.t. II UK TO 111! l'lft.ril AT A
Sl'FCIAI. WAttll l.M.CriON.
Monrjr Tnkrn I nun llm Turk nnil tlniiliv
Tnnl l'unil In ltMlcvo tlio DlntrrM
of tlio I'nor I'mitirllninii III
nn' llrcoliltlon.
reiser VT. T. Jnmton, of the Ion r
noue, re!nri1 lilt poltlon nt upoaUcr Hst
night nnd the ncnney uni llllod bj tho
unanimous election of Councilman Stoncr,
of tho Ninth ward, on motion of Mr. lllescr,
Democrat, of tho Third wnrd, neconde-cl by
Jlr. Drown, of the lllBhth ward. In second
ing tho nomination of Mr. Stoncr, Mr.
Jlronn pnld n IiIrIi trlbuto to the uniform
conrteoy nml lmp-trtl.tlltv of the retlrlm?
speaker. Mr, Htoncr then. In a. few well
choen word, presented to Mr. I.imlson, on
bclnlf of the members of Ihc home, mi cle
Knnt cold chnrnt, with thoie words cnsrn
rd on one side: "William T, .tnml'on,
Jnimnij, )S!", from the member of the
lower house." On the oMcrwc sldo was a
FhiKle diamond In tho center.
Mr Stoncr, In prcsentlnK the token of
cteem, i-ild tint .Mr. Jntnl'on would eniry
Tilth him Into hli new oitlce the panic hon
ornble purpoe which had guided him In
the house. Ho said that the oillco which
Mr. Jamison was about to Mil was of
greater Importance to the whole people
thin that of speaker of the lower house
He closed by hoping that his life would be
Mr Jamison, In responding to tho wouls
of Mr. Stoner, returned his sincere th inks
for the unfailing courtesy with which eeiy
member of the house hid ecr trcnted him.
lie thanked the member for their epres
slon of regard and said that the Inside of
the locket would hold but .in atom of the
kindness which instilled the gift. He wns
c hut med to lecelve It. All. Jamison, In
stating bis reasons for resigning, cited sec
tion IS, of article IX, of the stnto constitu
tion, which provide il that no municipal of
llcer should hold two municipal olllces tit
the same time. This brought up the ques
tion as to whether a county was i munl
clpillty In n legal sene, anil lie cited cases
In Mlnnc-otn, lowi and Alnlnin i wheru
counties were held to be munlclpUlties Jn
Iev of the doubt nttii hod to the pro
prlet of hoi ling both olllces Mr. Jnmlson
regarded It as his duty to resign his sent
!n the house He returned thanlts to Clerk
Milium and berge int-at-Arnis Curre for
theli elllclent services! also to the members
of the press for their uniform courtesj.
The resignation of Mr. JtmNon as speak
er being accepti il, with regret, on motion
of Mi Itrown, Mr. Itleger moed that Mr
Stoner be the holce of the houe for
speaker. The motion prevailed b a unnul
mous .ote. Messrs Jamison and Stoner be
ing ecused and Mr. I'eniltrmst being ab
sent Ml Stoncr. on Inking the chair, expressed
his thanks for the honor and bespoke for
lilmself the s line tre itment nccorcled to
Jlr. Jamison Hi refeued to the pioblem
of sticct sprinkling, which he hoped the
house would solve, and then said th it after
the trans ictlon ot one more piece of busi
ness the notice would hive irmed at the
point where the remark ot the governor or
S'orth Carolina to the chief executive o.
the Palmetto state would be In order.
1 units fur tho Poor.
The ordlnmce appioprlatlng SI GOO to the
mnvor's ch.irltj tund was paed, ifter an
ordinance transferring tin. sum from the
puk fund to the charltj f nml Ind been
parsed. Maor Davis appeared before the
house and made a statement of his fund
He said that during the past month l,t'0
people hart been relieved out of the fund
of J730 During the seven dijs of this
month 114 orders for coal had been given
out, 353 orders foi groceries, transportation
given to live people outside tho cltj, board
Jiald foi ten people, the total costing
1.S17. of which jlr0-2 cime out of the
money appropriated liv the council, and
JISi .'j out of the proceeds of the Slatei ben
pilt: 4S.' poisons were relieved '1 he mavor
said that all casus were carefully Investi
gated and that onlj the most deserving
were assisted The superintendent of streets
had given eniplovnient to 1 0 pi i sons din
ing the past month, the aveiage iiumbei per
lav being from fortj to lifts. 1 ; slid be
hail no peisomil feeling against the 1'iovi
dent Association, to whlili some membeis
thought the mono should be turned ovei
He salil ho was perfect! willing to turn the
monthly nppioprlillon ovei to the nsocl i
tlon if the louncil tlioiiUit best, and he
would henrtllj approve the turn ug ovei
of the 51 5U0 also to the association The
mavor s lid that tho l.ulj who Investlgited
the applications hid consented to a l educ
tion at s ilary and that the total cost of
cltsti Ibmlng, the fun; was onlv MO per
month, but he was willing to get rid of the
entire matter It the council was not satisiied
being ilstrbi ted As an i vldi nee th it ho
fi ilVJ rwsonil oi political feeing he
said he would turn ovei one-thlid oi Ills
f-Unry to tho ! wo of eharl'y, ?W iiei month
with tho minnei in which ,, '".i,',, 'i,
begged the council to lemembei tint insti
tution In the nppiopilition t would m ike
Mr. Stoner said tho P irk bond des red
to bo htaul on the oidlnanie taking Jl Oil
from Its fund and asked that the matter
be refi rred till the next meeting Mr Khl
well said tint this was a rise of emer
genci. Mr Olson said the people wanted
fooil more than they needed p irks Just at
this time Mi Cialg said the p ilk board
ought to hive been tlieie list nlrhl If It
wanted to be heard, when people nro
starving In the stie. is theie was no time
to think of intks and boiiloviiids. Mi.
Jnmlcon and Ml Urovvn spoke In the saiuo
striln On niotlun to lefei tho ordlnanco
to tho flnaneo commlttei. Messrs htnner
nnd Hegnn voted ae. ami the motion was
lost. The ordinance was then pissed b n
unanimous vote, as was also the ordlnanco
tinning the money over to the mnjoi
During tho dlsiussloii nvangellst hlnw
han, of the Helping Hand institute, "1-pe-ucd
before the house nud stated that
the institute wis not nntngonlhtiu to tlm
1'rovldent Association, but illd not dupll
ratu any vvotk of the nssoelitlon. Ho slid
that during the live niuntlis tin; Institute!
has been tunning, U,0") people have been
lodged, 10,500 have been fed, 5,500 have been
furnished emplojment and tho Institute
hnd nover asked the city for a dollar. Al
derninn Morgan spoke In behalf of tho or
illn mcu transfcrilng tho funds
Mi. Cralg'a usoltitlon, lndoi-slng tho
Iaughlln fait election law, was adopted
Mr Craig said, in speaking to the leso
lutlon. Hut the present (eeorder of voters
was an honest man, but thnt no ono nun
should rontrol tho leglstratlou for tho eitj,
nml the houm ought B on lecord foi
goewl election 1 iws
'!he original gas onllniince of the Kansas
City Has Light and Coke Company was
Indefinitely postponeel b a unanimous vote.
Mr, OImhi'h Iti hotiitlnu
The following resolution, offenil by Jlr,
(llson, was adopted, and Mt-ssis Olson,
Kidvvell and Itlegei wern appointed a coin
mlttee to Investigata tho matter icfcrred
to in tho resolution;
"Ho It resolved by tho lowei house of tho
common council, that a lominlttee of thteo
members of this houo bo appointed by tbu
spiaker to investigate! and nsiertaln t o
rights of the city nnd citizens for tlm ob
taining of transfeia from the Metiopoll
tun htreot Hallway Company for passage
on their cars trom tho west bound Ulght
eentli street cars to west bound boulevard
cars at eighteenth nnd SI ilu stieets, und
for passage on their cars fiom the t ist
bound boulevard itira to east bound Nine
teenth street cars at Hlghteenth nnd Main
streets. Said committee shall also ascer
tain und Investigate tho rights of tho city
end citizens with n view to remidy tho
owr-ciowdlng of stieet cars within sild
city limits dining certain hours of the day,
and shall make a full leport to this house
The ordinance to widen Main street, from
Tenth street to a point forty feet north,
was defeated, owing to an error In the de
nt Iptlou ot the benefit district. The or
dinance to pave Wabash avenue, from
Ulghth to Ninth, was passed. Tho ordl
ruuee to pa) the Kansas City Improved
Street Sprinkling Company 11,830 In excess
of the contract price for sprinkling streets
was deflated. The contiact for grading
Torest avenue, from Twenty-ninth to Thir-ty-llrst,
was passed. 'Hie amended laun
Urv license ordinance was passed.
The oidlnunce providing that all out
llde stalls and stands at the market house
th.ill be closed when Inside Btamls close,
und that no curbstone dealers shall sell
after the noon hour, was passed. Mr. Kid
will In speaking to the ordinance, scored
Congressman Tarsney for helping In the
passage of the charter for the building ot
the railroad bridge across tho river with
out the free wagon bridge amendment. He
44 that it, will cost (be city an tmmep
to the 1'iov deni ,son tuwi ii " " "."
Helping Hind Institute The iiihoi mule
a s ong plee for the Helping Hand, s.i-
!. 1 . l,,"?dl ,' '' X10 Slle
Pure Blood
Iti tlic foundation of Rood health, with
out tt the body cannot bo healthy,
with It thcro can be no constitu
tional disease. I'uro ltlood carries
health to every organ nml prevents
tho lodgment nml growth of ills
ense germs la auy t'-'rt of thosvs
tcnii Tho best tvay to ltcep the
blootl pure Is to talto
Whtoh, by Its peculiar combination,
proportion and process, nets direct
ly upon tho blood. This Is tho
secret of Its great success In tho
cure of such diseases as scrofula,
rheumatism, nnd nil other ailments
thnt havu their otlglu In the blood.
Hood's Sarsaparllla
Makes Pure Blood
nnd thus gives perfect health.
Hnnd'c Dillc cure all liver lilt, bilious
I 1UUU S flUb .,,,. hadaeh ' V.
ness, bcadache -Jc.
trade, and sliould alone condemn him as
in nn: ui'i'iut itofi:.
IMoue lrmi'fi rred 1 rum tlm lnrk Fund
to the Clmrlt liiiid.
The upper houe last night appropriated
$1,500 for the relief of the poor and needy
of Kanns Cltj. This sum was transferred
from the park and boulevard fund to the
charity fund and was pi iced at tho disposal
of Major Davis to divide up as ho may
see lit between the various charitable or
ganizations of the city.
When tho upper house convened, with
Alderman Shlunlck In the chair, In tho ab
sence of l'resldent Tlernan, Major Davis
was reepiestcl to present his views to tho
house on tho needs of the hour In the way
of relieving the suffering caused among
the poor bj the extreme col 1 weather. Muj
oi Davis talked at length favoring the
appropriation ot whatever money the coun
cil might see lit. He slid lie did not per
sonally care whether tho monej was given
to the Provident Association, the Helping
II mil or to his own ch irlty fund, so It was
placed where It vvould do the most good.
When Jlajoi Dwls hnd Mulshed his talk
Alderman Morgan Introduced an ordinance
transferring $1,00 from the park and boulo
ard fund to the charltj fund. Under sus
pension ot the rules this ordinance was
1) issed without a dissenting vote Alder
man Morgan then Introduced another ordi
nance npproprl itlng Sl,500 out of the charity
fund to bo given to tho Provident Associa
tion. When this ordinance hnd reached
a secoml reading under suspension of tho
rules, Alderman Ujssell moved to amend It
by giving tho sum npproptlated into tho
hand", of the major to use ns he thinks
best to meet the present emergencies
This nmendment met with the approval ot
the house and the oielln mce as thus amend
ed, was lKisood bv a unanimous vote
A resolution, introduced bj Alderman
Wjne wis ado-ted Instructing the board
of public woiks to purchase one addition il
horse for eich ot the lire engines in use
in the city, and to purchase such harness
as might be neeessnrj-, o that three horses
can be ued to each engine In future.
An ordinance discontinuing the use of a
numbei ot gas lamps which are now In ue
whete electric lights are located was
adopted There are about twentj gas
lamps so locatcel and the cltj will heieaftei
save the monej which has been paid for
An ordinance to pave Oak street, from
Twelfth to Eighteenth, with untied brick
was passed nnd the house adjourned
The Old (lag Worked bj a I rcelng Hobo
to fie t Himself Am stid and l'ut
in a lliiriu Coll.
A man half craed with drink and suf
fering from the etremelj cold weather,
lushed Into a second hand store on Walnut
street jesterdaj- afternoon and threw him
self upon the llooi with the exclamation,
"I'm shot and I'm sure to die lllllle shot
me In the he id " Tho storekeeper wus
thoroughlj alaimed nnd ran to the Central
police station, not far dlst mt, with the
news thit a man had bien shot on Walnut
stieet, A policemin and a couple of de
tectives weie dispatched to the place ami
thej found tho supposed dj Ing man
w tithing on the floor In mock ngonj.
'When ate joil shot'' Inquired Detective
Hunts, ns he lifted the in m's head from
th'- Moor
"In the mouth," screamed tho man "and
bv the bat tinder next door" The detec
tives rushed out to arrest tho bartender
foi the man hud blood stains about his
mouth where some one had struck him
with his list. Then the man explained that
he "had been shot In tho mouth with about
thlitj whiskies" and he was taken over
to the Cuitril station for drunkinnesa
lun It was leirned theio that ho had
ndopted his ruse In order to he ltnptlaoued
and thus obtain slultei he was told that
he would be punished foi his Joko by be
ing turned loo-e The mm was allow el
to win m at a steam heatei nnd then was
set ndilft
Mr. .lustli o lire wi i's lie iNlon It Hi I'rnhi
blj lie II indi d Down i t Moniln
In the I lib l tl nut t
The decision of Justice Hi ewer on tho
sulllclenej of the title offered bj tho w iter
woiks lompmy to Its plint Is expicted
next Monelij, rebiiiir- 11 Not-
vvlthstanillng the exhaustive and vU
oi oils exception l filed to the title
offered by tho tonipuij, It Is un
dotstood that tho city will bo more than
satlslled with a decision to the elfect tint
the title Is sutllcleut, Such a decision will
not onlj shut off the enmpinj fiom any
fmtliet attempt to delij, but will also bo
nn elfeetlve answet to any futtiie claims
set up by Kunses Cltj, Kas , or the nll
vv.ij comp tules, that eontricts exist be
tween them and the watet woiks com
putes Intetesteil rendering tho title of
fered by tho water works cotupanj' Insuf
llcient. Olllj Hull! (I Cfllfl III till) llotlhi,
Aldetnnn Motgan jestuday petsonally
Investigated a e ise of destitution which
was called to his attention nt 1515 Hast
Hlglltt i nth street ill a little house at
that nuuibi i u man and wife and four
or the children were huddled together,
without fuel and Illj elothid Tho father
has been unable to obtain work and all
members of tho finilly aro nintu or less
Indispose d, Tho only uttlele of food In tho
house was n small nuantlty ot boiled corn
Ml. Morg in sent out a iiuuntlty of coal
anil secured several donations of pro
visions. House Suiseon Collin and .Sidney Hare,
of tho cltj engineers olllce. gave J" each
to the in lyor's chuiltj" fund jesterdaj'. A
lady whu did not sign her name sent a
SI bill In u letter, which contained a clip
ping from tho Journal relating to tho des
titution ot Mrs. Sheehin, at DJ1 Hell street,
'Ihc lady deslted that ioal be puichuscd
fur ilia, bheeliau with the ?1.
iluiiv person keep Cirters f.lttla Mver
Pills on baud to prevent bilious alt icks, sick
headache, dullness, aadllul the'injiisi wtiav
they need.
Hoard ir Health Meeting.
The board of health held a meeting es
terday morning for the llrst time In sev
eral weeks. The opinion of the ilty loiiii
selor In the mater of tho llelletont ilnu
avetiiw sewer, between Twelfth und Thir
teenth uttcetb, was received, unit. In ac
cordance with the opinion tho boatd In
structed tho health ollicer to notify all
tenunts and property uwners having pri
vate sewer connections with the offensive
sewer comp! lined of to disconnect tho
same within the next thlitj dajs.
The boarel Instructed thu e let Ic to com
ply with the reeiuest of the United States
weather bureau for vital statistics In con
nection with eliinatoloalcal data.
Clerk Chapman wus Instructed to pub
lish In pamphlet form the annual leports
of the health department, the hospital de
partment and the garbage department.
We are In this light to staj ! Best
screereei coal delivered at the following
Lexington lump, -' 25.
lllchmond lump, U 21.
ltlch Hill lump, Uii.
Cherokee lump, iili
Tanners' lump, ! .'.
Seml-autliraclte luti p and egg, $3 13.
N, w, cor, ?t,h and Wjandotte. Tel. HI
ir wn.t, in: waimiiiiiio.hav, hi ttim:
hi: at mux Mir it t: ii'i'itistu:.
tcnterdty I orriinim the Mi ruiry Mitrkcil
Twrlvii Drgrrrs It linr erei llio
Stode llimlucss Affictrd nnd
ltiillriinit TraieUli lajrd.
Shivering Kansas Cltjnns will be gratillcd
to learn that tho weather to day will bo
somewhat warmer thin tt was jesterdnj-,
nnd thnt bj' to-morrow afternoon or night
the cold will be considerably less. Bnovv
will lly to-morrow or to-night, however, for
nn area of low barometric pressure has
been sighted In the neighborhood of Hel
ena, Mont. The olllclnl lorccnst for to-diy
Is: Tor Missouri! l'nlr, probibly slightly
warmer In tho west portion Tor Kinsns:
l'nlr and wanner. To-morrow tho weather
will be warmer still.
Ycsterdaj- Kansas Cltj' suffered moro
keenly from tho cold than almost any city
In the United Utntes, barring lllmnrck
nnd one or two other cities In tho extreme
Northwest, The mcrcurj' remained below
zero all daj the lowest point reached being
J2 deg, below at 10 o'clock jesterdny morn
ing, while the highest temperature of tho
d ty w as 1 deg. below nt 8 o'clock j esterday
afternoon. At 10 o'clock list night the
weathir bureau thermometer registered but
4 deg. below zero, showing that In llvo
hours' tlmo the fall h id not been ipiUc, ns
much ns a degreo nn hour,
Tho cold was not so disagreeable j ester
el ty ns on Wednosdnj", owing to the diminu
tion In the speed of thu wind, though this
fact did not give pedes;rlans, grlpiueii and
unfortunates waiting for cable cars much
satisfaction. The cold here jeslerdny was
severer by two degrees thin It wns evin
In Ht. Paul, while In Chicago tho minimum
temperature wuh but 2 eleg, below eru
'the record of jesterdaj ' temperature, bj
hours. Is: At " o'clock jesteidav morning,
t deg, below zero: at S o'clock, 10 deg be
low; nt 9 o'clock, 11 deg,; nt 10 o'clock, 1
eleg.; nt 11 o clock, 10 deg,; nt noon, 7 deg.:
nt 1 o'clock, f, deg,; at 'Z o'elock, I deg.; at
1 o clock, 3 eleg.: at 4 o'elock, 1 deg.: at
' o'clock, t deg,; nt G o'clock, 1 eleg., and at
7 o'clock, 3 deg,
The storm last night was centered over
the Kastern suites nnd New f.nglmd, but
the ure i of high barometer v.as b till cen
tral over the i) ikotas, where It was jes
terdaj morning Last night, however, It
was slowly but uteadllj (.spending its
force, hence the decrease in the late un
pleasantness Yesterday af ti moon tho
area extended from the Dakotns to the
Oulf, nnd the cold wns erv severe over
nil of the South Atlantic and Gulf st ites,
tho temperature being considerably below
the fteezlng point, even In New Orleans,
Galveston and Northern riorldi.
The storm which is producing such cold
111 New York, Philadelphia, Boston nnd the
Hist gener.illv Is not bv nnv means tho
ono which Indicted Itself on Kansas City
nnd the West jesterdav. The cold wave In
the Hist Is the ono which visited Kansas
Cltj on last Monelnx and Tuesday. It swept
around by the Gulf, northward along tho
Atlantic coast. The present storm, lather
curiously, will be confined largely to the
country west of the Mississippi river,
though It wns felt with considerable sever
ttj In the lower Ohio vnllej jesterdaj. It
wies clear almost over tho entire eountiv
Thursdnv, there being only slight snowfalls
at a half dozen points The storm, like
almost all those which strike Kansas Cltj,
from the north, advanced In wedge snipe
between the Missouri and Mississippi riv
ers, the city ot Cilro III, being nt tho
npeK of the wedge Temperatures below
zero were reported from ns lar down ns
the Arkansas line The cold w is quite se
vere In Texas and Oklahoma jesterdaj.
showing the wide extent of tho wave Hut
thioughoiit ill this lmniedlite see Hon tho
temperature lose from ID to JO degrees din
ing the afternoon, indicating that the pres
sure Is lessening stciulllj
following Is the recorel ot last night's
observations, the tomperaturcs registered
nt New Orleans nnd othot Southern points
being of pirtlculir, but chlllj significance:
Station H ir. Temp
New Orleans j 3? Lo
Galveston Jit? --;
Cincinnati 30 OS J
Chlcngo 30 20 J
St. Paul WVJ -10
Sprlnglleld 0 ;!
roncordli J ' -
Dodge City 30 CS S
Bismarck . 0 S I -20
Helena :o.12 4
Chcjenno -0 o 2S
Denver 1 "' "
Wichita ' ,;" J
St Louis yi -I
Kansas City . "0 0 I
At tin l'urlj Hour 'lids Morning n Hoik
Island Iriln 1 rum tliei 1 1 st l'ullod
Into tho L'llleitl He pot.
At 7 o'clock lust night tho Union depot
bulletin boarel did not have n single ttnlii
mnked "on time ' Trains were maikcd
as follows bantu Ke, No J, four hours
1 ue, Santa I e, Nos 7 and 17, late," all
ttalns west of the Missouri rlvei, "lnJell
nlte," -outlurn Kansas division of the
Santa l'e, Nos '.ft! und -01, Indefinite, ono
Chicago K Alton and two Bitilington
trains, one hum and thlitj minutes litt,
Itoek Islind rillwaj, tialns west of the
Mlssoutl rlvci, ' Indcilnlte," one train on
th 1'ort hcott and ono on the Union Pa
clllc iillwaj in irked two horns ltto, .Mls
soutl l'aclllc, No. 1J3. eight hour lite, and
No ---J Indcilnlte" All othci tialns were
in irked Horn twenty minutes to ono lioui
At m earlj horn thU morning the first
Bock Island ualu thnt has nirlved In Kan
sas Cltj Horn tho fai West since Wednes
day morning pulled Into the Union depot.
The llrst Missouri Pulllc train to nrrlve
from Detivn since Tuesdaj was expee'ed
at 1 o'elock to irilvo within a short tiitif.
News was received fiom the Biitllngton i
"Missouri ltlver tialn fiom Denver lit &t
Joseph telling that It wns five bouts lite
in reaching that point und would piobablj
nrrlvo In tho Union depot In ibis city
about i o'elock this morning The hmt.i
To trains got Into tho depot In f ilrly good
time last night. Among tho passengers
who nt rived on the mitn hrinch of tlm
Suit i Tu from Leavenworth last night
was nil P Jl btlgers, who wns
was snow bound for scvual hoiiia during
the day on the Le.ivenwoith nnd Holiday
hi inch u mile noith of Bonner Springs,
about fourteen miles west of Kansas City.
He slid that tho tialn on which ho wus a
pisengei was left snowbound In a drift
nnd hoii'o of the passengers were taken
back to Lenvenworth on n. train, while he
and a few othets weie transferred to a
train which went to Hollldaj nnd them
connected with the milu to id to Knnnis
Cltj. Ml Stlgers said that the progress of
the train on the Hollldny blanch wns stop
peel bv a drift ot snow nnd s md from sit
to eight feet deep and ISO feet long "It
wns Impossible." said Ml, Stlgirs, "for thu
tialn to plow thiough tho drift, so llrm mil
haul was the snow and s mil puked In the
cut The drift wns so haid that twenty
men stood on It In plices without breaking
through When we left thirty men wero
nt work throwing tho snow nnd dirt oft tho
track with shovels and It was not thought
that Diet cut would be cletred out before
to-tnortow "
The stories told cornering all the ilelajs
wire about the sanm nnd so far as re.
potted wcro devoid of unusual Incident.
It Is hlinrt of 1 uniN null Is In Nml or
t leitlilug foi the l'oor,
A much larger number of orders was
given out at the Provident Association jes
terday than on tho day befuie. There have
been verj few donations of clothing this
winter and the nsi-ocl Ulon Is In need of ull
kinds of wearing appaiel.
But few people know the plan of the
Ptovldent Association In helping the needy.
It Is first the Intention of the association to
provldo work for as many people as It
can so the expenses of actual ehniltj will
bo reduced to the minimum. During km
month 120 .votnen were given emplojnient
and they earned J3C1 Th sum given out
as direct relief to thpse vvhp wero nctuallj
suffering was $'i00
The men are riven as much work as ran
bo ptoiuied for them, and manj aro put
to work on the rock pile and In the wood
jards A large room In the Provident
building is used ns a work room for the
women Hero sewing of till kind Is done,
Hemming bj hand or by machine Is done
bj contract, the former at 4 rents and the
latter ut 2 cents per jard. Children's
dietses, shirt waists, skirts, children's
night dresses and underwear, night dresses
and underwear for women, men's overalls,
with or without bibs, men's jumpers, men's
undervveur. women's skills, gingham
aprons, cambric opronB nnd sunbonnets
aro among the articles manufactured by
the women nt the Provident Association.
The women who are dolus this work aro
not allowed to work but two days per
week Tor these two dajs' work per week
they receive an order for gtoceries or for
coal to the amount of $1. And many are
compelled to exist on this mere pittance
for the entire week, as they are entirely
without any other employment.
Any Kind of plain eenlng Is cordially eg-.
Ilclted by (he association. Sewing done
hero will be done ns will ns nnv place In
the cltj nnd besides It will be the means
of putting brend In some hungry child's
mouth Am plain girmcnfs Unit can be
piinlinsfl here will lie n dlrr t mentis ot
giving emplojment lo destitute poor.
Mr. Ciueej wns compelled to mil again
Jesterdnj upon the tounty .nurt for the
sum uf il,8co to meet the piesMtig demands
of the association. The recent cold weath
er has greatly Increased the nmonnt of
mlserj In the city, hence the nenl of
funds by the 1'rovldent Association All
onlcrs for elolhlng or contracts for sewing
should lie addressed lo Mntron Chirk, Prov
ident Association. Work will lie cnlled for
nnd delivered.
limine ss nt the nrds .Mutcrhillj AfTretrd
by tlie Colli Write
Tho cold wave proved Very dettlmenliil
to the live stock trade, pnrtlcularlj the
horse nnd mule market, though nil branch
es of tho business suffered, Jlnnj biljrrs
from the South nnd Southwest found mut
ters nt siit'li a standstill, oulnp to the cold,
that purchase were almost out of the
question. Though soma slock arrived nt
tho Jards during the dny the receipts were
light nnd inanv hogs were verj badly
Iroren. The train service wis baelly de
moralizes!, pome trains being ns much ns
nine hours Into bj reason ot the heavy
snows to the west of Kansas City nnd the
extreme cold. The rallrouls woulil not te
cello stock for shipment nnd wotd wns
sent to manj outside ngctits not to risk the
wenthei, but to quit recilvlig shipments.
On the whole the dav- wns a verj unntls.
fictory one for both bujers nnd shippers.
-.ttellrrid the Hiituele s..
About 2T0 men weio sheltered In Ihe
Helping Hand Institute last night. Several
men npplkd nt police hcaehiiiarti rs for
shelter from the cold nml were referred
to the Institution across the street At the
St. Louis avenue police stntlon two men
applied for shelter and were given icIiikc
from the cold In the cell room.
Ills CnnitiilMleitt Arrives nud He Will lit
(liien I liter Upon the I)le liurgn
of His Duties.
William T. Jamison received his commis
sion s esterday, ns prosecuting nttorncj,
from Governor Stone, Ho will take chiige
of the otllce to-daj, relieving Marrj K.
Brown, who lias held It for four jeirs
and one month. Mr. Brown said jesterdty
Hint he was ready to step out ot the olllce
and thnt ho would put no obstacles In Mr.
Jamison's wnj.
"Contrarj' to the statements In the even
ing paper, published on Grand nvemte, and
reiterated bj certain Individuals, I do not
Intend to trj to hold on to the olllce or
make trouble," said Jlr. Brown. "Now that
Mr. Jamison has his commission ho Is en
titled to the otllce and when he qualifies ac
cording to law, I nnd mj deputies will be
out of otllce. I have never said that I
would trj to keep Mr. Jamison out of the
olllce after he got his commission. Hut I
thought, nnd still think, that If he had ele
lijed a little In the matter of getting the
commission and nuallfjlng the work of In
vestigating the election frauds and of the
criminal court would be expedlteei
"1 don't tee how Mr Tnmlson can take
hold ot tho olllce before Monday. The
trill of Ch tries Biggs for the murder of
Nicholas smith nt bhelllel 1, will begin In
tho criminal court In the morning and there
are a number of Indictments found by the
gland Jurv that must be written nnd signed
bj me However, Mr. Jnmbon can hive
the olllee whenever he wants It. '
Mr .1 unison s ilel he will qnallfj' ne
cordlng to ltw nml tuke the olllce this
morning ' t-o fir as the murder case Is
concerned" said he, "1 will request Ml.
Johnson who Is Mr. Browns chief diputv,
to trv th" case Just the snmo ns though
Mr Brown remained In the otllce!. If
thete are Indictments to be written up 1
m u retain the man who li engaged In the
work to complete It, provided he Is willing
to staj Aside from the appointment ot
Ml, Nenl ns mj" chief deputy, I urn not
leidy to unnounce who will be my nsslst
nnts. At the proper time I will flic tho
list In court "
Hctnll IlntilieiH Ill-cuss, tliilr Coming An
nual Hill nnd Tulle of the I'lglit
VglliiHt Pickers.
When the Hi tall Butehets" Association
met last evening nt Turner hull, till
thoughts of the battle between their or-(.-anlatlon
und the packers of the cltj wero
laid iialde and tho entire evening was giv
en over to the co islderatlon of tho in -liingetnents
tor the butchers' eighth annual
ball, to be given nt Turner hill Monelaj
evening Thu ptospects for the ball nro
splciilid, nnd It Is certiiln to be a gle it
success llnanelillj The advance sale ot
tickets Is vet j lnrt,e and thu local nssoeli
tlon will be honor" bj the pre seneu eit
lepreseiit.ttlies of tne oignnlz itlons .it St.
Louis, Ht Joseph an 1 other pi ices
The eontest between tho butchers nnd
tho packers bus not been nb indoned, so
the members st it 1 last ivenlnf 'I lie)
pickets hive glvtii out theit ultliii itum
Thej will not clos, their retnll markets,
noi will thej waive thu charges of dru
ugo foi deliveries in the cltj to the bitteh
eis The fin il written notice' bus not been
passed III the matte i jet, but tho butchers
know tint tho decision bus lie e n made', and
thej know lit nilv-ilu e Just what It Is Thu
contest will now be shifted from the local
nssoelitlon to the nnilnnnl nsoc!itlon as
one of tho (.rlevatnes for which the goo 1
otnees of the parent nrginlz ttlou will bo
nskecl In lilt inglng i settlement, If It can
be elone. Then will be some del u be
loro tho tnnttet Is taken up bj the nation tl
association, but th. butehets ate hopeful
that thej will bo gi tntid some concessions
There Is also a proposition under eon
sldeiatlott for the butetiirs to kill theli own
lie.it To establish an nbittolr eit theli
own, nnd lino the killing lor tho members
done then, und deliveries mule bj the
association. In this manner thej would
hope to show their power and thus secute
some conslde lutlons now denied ihc final
arrangements for that part of tho llMit
are not jet mnde.
All lliqnelt Will lie Hllel lo-lllj til I'lisi.
lively lie termini' W In the r or Not It
Wllr. u Ciikii of Still Ide.
An Inquest will bo hell this morning nt
11 o'clock over the body of W. 1! Ilnrrls,
who was found dead In a room ot the Mid
lane! hotel Wedneslaj afternoon. Tha
chemical nnaljsls of tho contents of Hai
rls' stom tch will bo completed, It Is
thought, bj a o'clock, All clrcumst inces,
its well ns thu pot mortem exnmln itlott
held Wcilne-lo evening, go to indlcato
that llatris ended his life by tho use of
somo drug. However, tho cattsu of his
ileitlt Is not jet absolutely known
A Bleat in my people visited Stewart,
Can oil .v. Smith's itudeit thing place jes
terdaj to look at the deiel mail. Many of
them had be'eii acquaintances ami friends,
and thej spoke hlhhlj of Hun Is' t,oo I qual
ities, A man who know hint very well but
who dlil not wish Ids mime used, sail:
"V II, Hut lis nt one time seemeel to
havu a brilliant citecr beforu him but ha
mot with llnauelal leuisis that would
Itivo ellshenrteiieel uliunst .tiijone. He was
a good speechmnkei. and 1 have heard him
make suvunl ringing speeches on the
stump lit political cumpulgns. Het wus u
great admlier of lllalne, mid was grievous,
jy disappointed whin ho wns not liomltint
ed In 1SJ.' Ot lato je'ars ho h is been of a
quiet an I e tiling disposition. Ho was
nevei Intitiipei.ite. Ho was a well reael
man, and was well posted on a remarkably
wlelo range of subjects."
Prompt iclli'f In rdik beulailie, dlzzlneis,
uausea, constipation palu in the side, Bum an.
teed to those using Outer's Little l.tver Pills.
MU.Ion.' Muting nt linieu Church,
The Woman's Auxiliary to the boaul of
missions, diocese of West Missouri, met
jesterdaj morning at 10 o'clock at Grace
church. After organizing, Bishop Atvvlll
pleached a sermon on ".Missions." Lunch
eon was seived, when the meeting was
adjouineil till .' o'clock In the afternoon.
M-s O. Van S.bxek Ward, ot Chleugo, was
to have addressed the meeting at that
time, but, owing to the delay In the trains,
caused by tho storm, she did not arrive
until after 4 o'clock, and was not present
to adlress the meeting. The addtess will
be lven in a few dujs, and the subject will
be her tour ot missions around the world.
httnes, Strives, Stoves.
Wo havo a few "Hadlant Home" base
burners left jet. which we will sell at cot
to us. Come in '0,-,IlIaJ.?,'d45et one. und be
comfortable. ZA11NKU & HATTHLL.
12 W. 10th st.
I liiuora for Kuusits.
Shipped dally in secure packages by
" Gl-OHOUHYSSKLL. Druggist.
Opposite waiting room, UnloaTdepot.
Will wear away the hardest stone. A small payment made every week on the
furnishing of your home will soon pay for it all without your feeling the cost.
Should be without comfort and case when it can be procured at so Jittlo cost
and inconvenience.
Nos. 1209 and 1211 Main Street.
Goods sold on installments to
sws hi: wilt, m:u:h votkto taki:
AViAY tiik I'onit man's itunr.it.
It Is Chemically Pure nnd He "Prefers It
to the Hunk, Unwholesome Stuff
Thnt Come 1 rom tho
(on nt rj.
"I shall never vote to cripple the oleo
margarine Industrj , so long as the product
turned out Is chemically pure and li sold
for olco, with no effort to deceive the peo
ple. To stop It now would be to tnke butter
fiom the table of the poor man, nnd I will
not do that," rcmnrkeel Ml. 1'. W. Power",
member ot the Katf-as legltlature, jestct
daj, while talking with somo friends over
the bill to color oleo blue, thnt Is p tiding
In the Kuuiiih leislatuie
Continuing, he said, Oleo Is a ehiinlcal
lj puie compound, designed to miet a pop
ulai dc in ind, something within the uach
ot the pool min, a eompouuel tint his
worked Its way Into prominence nnd pub
lic fnvot In tho face ot the most peislttnt
and determined opposition. Its present
popuiitltj Is the best pioof ot Its worth, It
lias met a populu dcminl at the hands of
the misses and I am In favor of letting the
piople have It without anj blue coloring
".Make It blue or anj other rldliulotii col
or that will bilng it Into disrepute and It
will be driven from the tables of the poor.
Then what hive vou done' felmply ele-
f rived tho poor matt of the use ot butter.
I Is certain that he c innot buj the best
buttei at j; to So cents' pet pound, nnd the
muss of alleged butti l sold ut lowct pilces
H not onlj unpalntable, but Is positively
unhealthy nnd most of It whollj unlit foi
use I am an old h ind nt biitlermaklng,
hnel manj jeurs' epeilence In New 1 ork
anil know the business, u he lit st-cl iss but
ter at ull the small louutrj towns Is ioii
sumed at home. '1 he spoil il elemand Is for
that, nnd eonipiratlvelj little Is sent to the
geiieial m trket Hut all of the Inferloi
Htuff Is sent to market nnd joii can cither
tike join chiinciH with It or puj the high
ptlcc it which the renl creniiu rv buttei Is
titilloil when It can bo obtnlned Just
licie the olio comes In at II cents pet
pound, puie nnd wholesome, to meet the
deni md ut tho hands of those whoso purse
Is sm ill
'I well remeinbei mj llrst experience
with eikii I was living nt booth Hi ml
Inel i hid been using Jl cent rountrv
butter undo bj ono of uur ft lends Her
tupplv fullul anil we wue cut olt, and
Mis l'ottets sent me elown town to get
some buttei, I found some fine butti t ut
1" cents, nud tiftei smelling of It laud I
h no gle it confidence in mj no-o, too), nnd
tasting It, 1 fun chased two pounds and
went homo with It Poi supper we h id bis
cuits, nnd fot breukfist had vvattn cakes,
nnd uftit that test we discussed the nivv
li Hole and decided It w is supeilur to out
cnuntrj butter When I went buck nltei
somo mote I complimented mv butcher on
tin lemtikiblv thin nttlcle of buttei ho
was silling 'I hen he to'd me It w is oleo,
nml ii Kansis Cltj brand, too I w is sur
Pilsed but converted, nnd useil It nttet
th it and illd not inio for nnj thing hitter
'Knowing tho article us I do, nnd tho
cleinlj manner In which It Is made I have
no hesltiinev in sajlng that I shall not vote
to take It off tin poot man's table, nor to
lolm It a ridiculous blue, nor ctlpplu tho
'I wns ninused list week at Leavenworth
nt tho Ull ei bineiuct Down at the table
near mo was a pi ite of verj strong butter,
Several gentlemen tnsted It and then Hep
re sctitntivu Ctibblsott had it taken up und
ptesetited to Bulge button, with the re
mark tint he wanted the Judge to have the
nine, wholesome buttet. but Wvandotto
count) was p irtlal to oho Tho Joke e itised
gre it menlinint nt the open- of Judge
button, nml was dltected at him on nt
count ot his interest In tho blue olco bill." I
( It) Hull voti.
Little Latin Spore, of Odessi, whom tho
major sent a ''pug boj dog" some tlmo1
ugo, josterdtv sent him a picture of her
self and hir dog
Tin. board of public woiks will meet tills
morning nnd trans ict loutlno business.
'Ilierei Is nothing of impottunco to come,
beforu tho board
Major Davis goes to Lanrnster, Mo , '
next Tuesday to eleliver .an address at tho
i ek biatluii if thi annlvitsarj of tho birth
of Abraham Lincoln, rebru try 1.'
Lemen Bios, of Argentine, wtoto to tlm I
mi)oi jesterdaj asking him to lecoimnciiel
some lltle girl fiom i) to 1J jeais of nge, ,
whom they wished to apprentice, Ihiyi
wroto that a goo I homo would be secured i
for tho gltl, I
City Kngltteer ITIIej Is preparing n tab-,
ulitlon of statlslles as lo tho kind of ma
te rial used In nthir lilies for tilling thu
inteisiieis ill oricic iinu siuno p ivenn in,
with a vluw to tin reusing the ditrabllltj
of such pavements laid here.
sieritir) Midto' Juke.
The two footpads who made a rail
thiough the e istein pirt of tho ilty
Wednesday night, nml who hiivo commit
lid numetoiis robbeiles during tho put
few nlhlits, ure still ut llbcrtj to ply thflr
avocation, which has thus Inr prowl very
remunerative to them. The police have
no clues to thelt Identity,
Vesttida) was po elay nt police heael
eiuarters. and becietnrj MeOee, of tho po
lice board, who Issued the piy wuriants,
Jokingly warned the recipients not to carry
their monej about with them to-night
The police urrested half a dozen persons
)isterelaj on suspicion, and for lnvestlga
Hon, but nothing ot a sirious chuiacler
could be shown against them.
Micililcii t" 1114 1'nli I'lnc.
A man with a coli i!po In Ills mouth, i
tattcieil lut and .1 thill coat bjtiutcleil Intel
llic IK'liilnt,' Hand Institute on lauel MjIu
btrert .etlerUy uftertiooii. atul lie) pinti'il
an) ut Mi pipes by the bit; btcne uu If
there nan no sltrn on the wall forl.1 1 llns
the use of tobacco In the room, hen he
-.wig to!. I that smoking wus not allow id In
the place ho wa ery Inulgmnt, cajiim
that he wouldn't stay In a place that had
iiicli a rule, and, huttonlnt Ills thin coat
alwut him. he went away, etlll pulflng on
Ids corncob pipe.
Itc-sl'ldii ot llrury (1dm 1tiirKUr!tcil.
Captain Henry Goss' residence. No 1331
Torest ueiiue, was entered hi burglars
about mldnltrht Wednesday nuht Ihe
thieves stole a watch ami chain belotn,
Incr to Captuln (joss and an overcoat be
lonelne to Joseph Bray, The robber were
tjlfe-titsned away by. the barliln. ot a lis.
all parts of Missouri and Kansas.
Why will you suffer? Why will you die?
with ItliiitmntUm, when relict nnd a euro Is wllhtn jour renchf
Or Unary rlicumattiiin in rmir I liy cxposm-i1 to
rinnip Android w rutin r.Middcn hills ur t i imiiro
to drnf til of cold nir v ben :bc body U m orhenlt d
and wet with Bent, enicclntl) when tin re Ira
depresiton in heiilth. hd MmllaUun, d TliU
raiio.iftdrrftnirtmcntof tho Utdnrji nn I otlit r
orKiw t hoy full to do tlictrdutr andtheriinlt
li npotflnu i If ft In thn I hod wnli b luitncdi
poMu d In tho Joint, tendon, ilirutbs of tm
ckrrtc. or, a uccceful tn ntrnontniuht he
Biichihnt Jtwllldl.sol'u thtf'M-'iM'n. nnd t Ilr
lnntothom from tlnir?tim, un I tint It etiutly
wltftttlilitrintmrntdocp euro tunnot lie made
nn rtnr wn.
IIunLdlifl tnmimr rabNi hiuoli in rtniiC c.I for
tlmcurn of Tbrnmntlftn, tint nonn wire spirilla
until tho dlcotry of Inr Opfai ft iikisk
liirrt MAxtn Ci i I TThlth Is iind mbtriMi vii uf
IlliPLn ntLtiuiMOirj( n mcnnnnifloi
nuitl-tnt Ibuntro li-i-onuro nn 1 mil
ecus mo certain thnt 1 Kuurantre a euro
,. HENDERSON, 102 &
Richards & Conover Hardware Co.
Cutlery, Iron, Steel, Wagon Wood Work, Nails, Safes, Scales Etc.,
Southeast. Corner Tilth and Wyandotte Sire, Kansas Cttr Ho.
; To buy that Piano Cheap
; We have a fine stock of
New Englands,
You can't do better than sec
these goods. Our terms will
suit -,ou.
PARTMENT you cm Ret your
choice of Music for EASTER
at half price.
JIB -t.I.N SIM 1.1.
The Original and Genuine
cwonc3i::s-i'X'Tm-!iii itu)
Imparts tlxo most delicious tnstonml zest to
Hot and Cold Pleat, IT"-
Tako Nona but Lea & P emits,
Elgnaturo on e cry lwttlo of thu nrl,-!-ui mid ge nulne,
JOHN IIHMl.VN'S sons, m;v yokk.
I lUUUC'lW'i or tnlnu
'CltKAU n.ltlf .l-i-iiii a
tmltch uf Ihc II dm iitlluji
fiilo Ihe imtrlli. After a
tii'jmciit thaw ill ono Lnnth
lu iiuuh the unit, (" (di
times a dan, after hmlt pit
'irjiil, amlbifun, utlrlmj
Orens and cleansei the Nasil Pasaues Allan
I'uln ana lutlai uuatloii llrali tlio Sores, I'ro.
ttreis the Membrane from Cold.. Uestores tlu
bcuses of Taste una bmelL 1 he Ullm Is eiulclc
y absorbed auel ult es relief at once.
A particle is applied Into each nostril nod 1 1
acreBible 1'rkoW cents at OruKsUts or By null.
I I.Y WtOTIlEltS Mi v irrcn ... New YorU
a pure aniisept:c,rTMW00D8tTBi-,
medicinal toilet i'SLiw'
Soap for daily use,
Druggists soil It.
mtaro oi Imitations.
A booU.on Dermatol.
oav witU uery cake.
ghavii:s, (-cf
Write for Illustrated Catalogue.
(Inrecrnt, ncuto or ltiftnmmntiryciits nomt
ttrlton bad) or n fun 1 tho mono nnd, worr than
thnt I will nhe -0 for nny ran? or rheumatism
thstthlc trcAtturnt will nothelpurcurc
ltKtirv nllvr from tlm l rut, nnd t lucks th
to t r rupl tly eti n one d iso w 111 .U c relief, and
n few d will rH" decide 1 relief It pubduea
ttitpnln nnd p-nTlltntf In tho Jolntp, movement
I ic woriM InfotirurntediTf, nn incomplete
euro I n tbnut n wetk of lut Inn shorter time.
The ut me la tho uiunl nnd wonderful acthm of
tuetrt-ittmnt hundndof cf can testify,
A4 l)iindmlMfettirInmypofcrr-lonwlll ahow,
milniiHtvlll trot In fact, ton much cannot bo
wild In 1 tt t ralii , ns It la no humbug and It la not a
rurn for any dlnent-o except rheumatism. Btato
niiriHenn !m nrifor ttrmn Bend atampa for
i .numr", mucu win rivc iuii pariicu
Loniultntlon free, personally or by
inur inu on ur miurt-BS,
104 W. 9th, Kansas City, Mo.
B- To Hotel Keepers
Till I'lllx, Sluiiii lulilirf,
Ciirclni; ruhle.H. I'l itn AViirmrrs,
I'nrtaliln Iliiko Otcnn, Ktc.
Also Cirry n I.lneot tho
Until Mute r 1 liters,
I Intel Kite III u Wim, J tc.
Wo cin fit on out. Como am! sea us
:.. i.Mii.si'Ti.Miisr,
Honey Cured
Then ask your dealer for
that famous Brand of Mild
Cured - ,
nams arp
produced by
.CO-. iV-r-JO- rt5 A
But Wins N. Y, Life BUg, , K4b8AtJ OiTY, U0.
limit i
;. f, tjfiLDU.0, A. M. FrMlcUat
Day unit .Mjlil School.
'lleea evuia a week or Ikf
Jourattl dellvvrtU mt -fau

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