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For 40 Years
The People's
The Joiirnnt
Lends fn
in 1 111: lihieiiHTAo.
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..iiiti' .mi:t.i..
Count Mlrlinrh. vhn rrcscnlcil Ihn Itrsn-
lullnn, Declares (lernuiuy Must Tnko
Hip Initiative Count Herbert
JtUiniirrk on tho (Juration.
Berlin, I'eb. 15 Count Von Mlrlnch, Gor
man Consetvatlve, Introduced a resolution
In the relchstng to-ilny Inatitietlng the
federal government", of Germany to Issue
invitations for nn International mottetnrv
congress, to take measures to bring about
the rehabilitation of silver nn n circulating
mcillum. Mlrbtch said that the moment
boil now nrrlved for Germany to take the
Initiative In settling this question, which Is
of great Importance, lll-metalllsm would
cause the rise of nil prices In" I'tiglnnd,
where gold was the currency. Agrtciiltute
would be ruined If the present ostein was
maintained. America would cither absorb
Germany's cold, or adopt a pure sliver
ntnndard, and capture the whole Eastern
trade. Other supporters of the resolution
Indorsed the proposition, that Herman,
had taken at the Paris monetiry con
ference In 1&S3, namely, that the regarded
ii n International nsreement upon a ratio be
tween Bold and silver desirable.
Dr. I. Theodore llaith, Genmn radical
unionist, teald the lirussels conference had
ptoved a llasco, nnd the conference hold In
Germany In 1S3I was fruitless. There was
little or no connection between the depies
Flon In husbandry and the Introduction of
he sold standard.
Count Ilerbirt Hasmnrck said the failure
of the Drupels conference was partly due
to the ab-enco of nn entente between tho
powers which took part In It. The Her
iln congress of l&TS arrived at a result be
cause Great Hiltaln and Russia had pre
viously reached a basis for an .iBreement.
An Intern ulonal entente upon the currency
question would he arrived at In the course
ot time, and In tho ense of Great Hrltaln
the feeling was KrowInB in fnor of bi
metallism. In conclusion, Count Herbert
"It Elves me great pleasure to show how
waimly my filend, lialfour, has taken up
the cause In that country."
Ilerr Schoenl.ink, Soeinl Democrat, con
temled that the Introduction of bl-metalllsm
would lead to a fall in the value of cur
rency, and would promise nothhiB but a
hopeless future to tho worklngman.
Dr. I.Ieber, of the Center party, said
the Centrists wIHInBly supported the meas
ure, because they saw In the proposed con
ference an attempt to remove the dlftlcul
tles In regnrd to the monetary standard a
question which was of 'paramount import
ance to commerce.
Cnnncollor von Hohonlohe declared he
was Inclined to favoi.ible consideration for
n proposal for nn interchaiiKe of views on
tho subject with those states which were
concerned in tho silver question. The de
bate was then adjourned.
BUI Allowing the Lcglslnturo to Settle Con
troversies Hxiltcs n Variety of
"Washington, Teb. JG (Special.) The
bill introduced by Senator llutler to allow
tho lcglsl iture In Oklahoma to settle the
county beat controversies Is being re
sponded to very liberally by certain sec
tions In Oklahoma Gie.it friendliness nnd
great; opposition nppear in the localities
that would be affected by the passage ot
the bill
Oeorge Orner, a member of tho loglsla
ture from 1'nld. has wired home of tho
senators and members in opposition to tho
matter Other memhers, of tho leKlslaturo
have also taken a hand, among them being
It muter, oc tno council, wno appears
very much In favor ot it
Mr. Orner denounces the bill as the first
have been widely imitated, there
fore our friends must ba cautious.
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step of fraud in ihe countv seat complica
tions In certain counties. It Is Understood
thit the orgnnlntloti that attempted to lo
cate some towns on allotment lamls In the
atrip .country Is behind the bill It Is
said thnt Senntor llutler Is very friendly
i 1 1 li thoe who Rot up tint scheme wli'-li
caused so much trouble on the lloek HI
niiil It Is hoped by those hiving Interest
In those allotments that If thev empower
the leBi'lnture to determine countv seals
they will lie nble to Ret count feats re
moved o that their towns will be made
county seats
It Is generally believed thnt the bill,
should It pis, will be followed by legisla
tion In th Oklahoma legislature tint
would make trouble In rertntu localities.
nnd li Is believed that things are arranged
now to carry out som territorial legtsln
lion f this sort version after the Mil
passes congress, enabling the legislature
to take n hand In such tintters
.Th" Lhnnec nfa thM t'n bill will get
throiiRh congress. It Is being supported
by tho crowd vvhleh, In the past, has been
very successful In such matters, tt can be
Incorporated Into n Benernl bill a a rider
and thus rushed through. This Is the plan
of thoe who are supporting It.
limcninr Morrill Appoints lion. S. At. I'm,
Ills rersonnl Prlinil, to I hi. I'blie.
Topeltn, Kns , I'eb IS -(Special.) The
Bovernor to-day appointed Kim M. 1'ox, of
Manhattan, as ndjulant g-meral. There
has been more dlsenlon and Interest ills
Idajed over this place than almost any
other In tho gift of the Bovernor. The
strongest Kind of Inlluence was hroUKht
to secure the appointment of Colonel
Hushes, the officer of the National Guard
who was court-martialed by the l'opullsts
for refusliiB to obey the orders of Governor
l.ewelllng and disperse the legal legls! mire
two sears nBo. The Bovernor believed
that In the appointment or nn numiini
gtnernl ho had the rlKht to consult his
pi ron il prefeiences, and so appointed a
personal friend. General fox nnd the gov
ernor rerved tOBOthei as privates In the
Seventh Kansas cavalry, of which regiment
General Tot later became adjutant. He Is
a pioneer Kannn. Is now a stationery mer
chant nt Manhattan, nnd hns served the
party In many capacities. He Is now
chnlrman of the Republican central com
mittee of ltlley county and Is also a mem
ber of the state centrat committee,
lie Mill Not Iteeoiniiii nil Any 'Horn rlnini-
I it Legislation to tile Present
t'o'ugre ss.
Washington, Teb. 13 There seems to be
little doubt that vesterday's fight was the
final rally In tho campaign ot the admin
istration Democrats for financial leBlsln
tlon by this congress. Jlembers who are
suppoed to know the mind of the presi
dent, say that he recognbes that It is futile
to attempt to "-ecure nnv sort of legisla
tion for the treasury nnd they asseit un
hesitatingly thnt he will not again recom
mend longresslonal action of any sort upon
the finances, Thesa Democrats are dis
posed to put upon th'. Republicans the
blame for fnllute ot the i evolution re
ported bv the ways and means committee.
I'or their pirt many Republicans who
sny thev would not have opposed the gold
piovislon In a bond Issue li ul the proposi
tion been unencumbered bv other factors,
explain their nigntlve votes by Miylng
that they could not assent to a contract
made with private parties for taking tho
bonds when thev believed tho lssuo to
have been adv intngeoiisly disposed ot by
public competition in this country.
Vrcslilent Din Orders tho .Vlexic m rings
l.owenil In It.npiet for Mr. Omj.
City of Mexico, Teb. 1" I'nlted States
Minister Graj's body leaves to-morrow at
9 OS a. m. v la the -Mexican Central on a
upeclal train for his Indianapolis home, ac
companied by Mrs. Gray nnd 15aard Oiay.
1'iesldent Diaz will accompany the body
with a brigade of soldiers to the train. A
general order Ins been Issued bj I'reslOeut
Diaz thnt all the national Hags throughout
thu republic of Mexico shall lemaln at half
mast until thu bodv- Ins crossed the Itlo
Grande liver The president pel son illy
putt a visit or conuoii'iice to me legation
this niornliic. Mrs. Din called this after
noon on Mrs Or iv The German minister
has nsittrt his colleagues to let tiieu n igs
remain at halt mast until tho body lias
crossed tho frontier. The clt Is In mo.irn
lng to-daj.
There Is no baking powder so good as
Dr. Price's, because it's .ibsolutolj pure.
nt lilnic ."More Timu n 'temporary llxpedl.
ut for LiirlUln's : Her to tin I'xpi li d.
AVashlngton, Teb. l"i Opinions In tho
senate varj as to the Influence of tho re
sult ot the vote .In the house upon tho
bond bill upon the future course ot the
senate on the financial question. Tho most
generally cxpres-ed opinion on the lit pub
lican side Is that .inv effort to take up tho
financial question will be futile, while
Democrats generally expressed the belief
that the action ot tho house would not
control the moveinentb of tho sen ite In nny
w.i). Senator Jones was outspoken In an
nouncing his Intention to move to take up
his unrestricted coinage bill befoie llnal
adjournment, but would not undertake to
s ly just when he will make the move Ho
reiterated, however, that the niitl-sllver
men would have to either nllow the ques
tion to bo considered or lllllbustei (igiinst
It It appears probnblo In view of the ex
pieKSlons of some of the moie radical band
advocates among the Republican senituis
that the latter oouit-e would be lesnrted to
If necessary to prevent a vote. The Mlvcr
senators on both sides of the chamber
semis to be uitlrely willing to test the
strength of the uilvei question on the
Jones bill, but there wore ludlcitlons that
some of them might have opposed a vote
In case the result In the hoiihe hnd been
the other way Tho talk of ThurMlni for
a two dais" debite next week and n vote
on Tuesdaj ns been kept In nhejnnce and
it Is sife to sav that the project will pot
lie levlved and that If nny vote Is obtained
It villi only he upon i-onie movement like
that suggested by rienator Jones and not
by unanimous consent, as was at first
hoped The proh iblllties nre, therefoie,
that some me ins will be found dm In,: the
next two weeks nnd probably early next
week to debate the fliinuelal question but
that no vote will be i cached The bond
men say, almost without exception, thnt
In view of the notion of the house, It Is
plain that no bond legislation Is prohibit!
inn! that nctlon by the senalo would ba
meanliiBleRs and a loss of time.
It may be almost nuthoiltatlvely stated,
however, that If Secretin y Carlisle desires
a temporary expedient to provide for the
lmniedlite wants of the treasury It will be
grantee! in the shape of an amendment to
the sundry civil bill providing for short
time certificates of Indebtedness, This Is
the utmost In tho way of tlnnnclal legisla
tion that tho senate will ngiea to.
Set Tiro lei the ('nliihootc.
I'ort Scott, Kas , IVti. 15 -(Special.) Cleve
Sunns, and Hurl) Smith, two Iiovj Ininrls-
oned In the city calaboose, set tiro to the
mattrtVss In the cell and narrowly escaped
death fiom asplivxlntlou. They weio dual
ly rescued In nil unconscious condition and
by hard work brought hick to life, Symns
b id bis nrm badly burned. Smith escaped
the flames, though his clothing was badly
l bcorched.
TATtnrs 1:1,1:01 lo.v im.t. i)itiit:itii i:v
eittossi:i) itv a siittt'Ti'AUTVttm:,
t'otoMit. t'ltisp maki:h a viitoitot')
JIMIIX'II ON 'I Mil -it'll trot.
He Deri ires lie Is for nn llonct tote
unit u I'nlr t'ouiit-. -.Hires Kan
sas t Ity I'olltle Inns Proceed
ings In the Ifpper House.
Jerferson City, Jlo , lcb. I,", -(Special )
Tho hoil"o In getting down In work. Demo
crnts generally, Hulllnger nnd two or III ten
mole excepted, Verv stteilliuusly objectevt
to the procee-dlng. This morning Dr. Tubus"
resolution, piovldlng thnt tho bouse shall
hold thno sittings dnlly morning, lifter
noon nnd i-veiilng was udoptisl bv n pirty
vote Willi tho e-vccptlous above noted.
.Mr. Kepler, of St. I.ouls, said that on nc
count ot his poor sight and nge, ho would
be tumble to attend night sessions
Tho ndoptlpn ot thu resolution means
tint tho house, which hns been doing an
Itmuc usu amount ot work, will In future
double on Its record.
Mr. Davidson, ot Marlon, Introduced a
resolution calling upon tho attorney gen
eral to show cnuso why ho had not pressed
suit ugiilust delinquent express romp inles,
us leported In the niiswcr ot the railroad
i ommlsslonciH, lent hi the house vester
elnv. Thcie Is inoie In this ipsoliitlon than
appeal a on tho sut face.
At the stroke of 10 11. m . the morning
hour having expiied, Tntum'M election bill,
tho special older for tho elaj. rami' up for
1 ligiossmeiit. Mr. Tatlim, by consent, ot
tered certain iimeutlmi uti to tho bill. It
was iindci stood, nt tho outset, that tho
bill with the Tntiim nmendments would be
engtossn, luit Democ'l.its, for the purpose
of show and p inde, gaveijiotlco that they
also would submit nun ndments.
Mr. Julian, of Knnsas Citv, aroso to dis
claim tho 1 ominlttcc's fatheiing of the
Tatum nmendments. Immediately the le
afier he admitted that ho had ngited to
the amendments A huiIIo fiom niemlxrs
greeted his uukuard stuinble. Ho also
smiled. To Hinllo is Mr. Julian's normal
condition. .Mi. Drabelle, of St J.ouls, of.
fned an amendment to tho bill on behalf
ot tho minority, rlinnglng the commission,
cis to bo uppolntid, so that 111 St. I.ouls,
nnd In Kims ih I'lty alike', there would bu
two Demociats and onu Re)iibllian on the
boaid: and of thtko, one, the recorder of
voters, should bo uppolutcd bv tho gov
ernor, nnd two, ono fiom each political
patty, should bo appointed by the courts
Mr. Diabello supported his nmeudnieuts by
a Hlioit speech, pleading for fnlr pi iy, nnd
ending b) flatly avowing th itJ If DemocintH
uro not given nn ndvaiitugo on the boird
no bill can pass tho senate. Tho Incllc 1
tlons steni to bo tliat Democrats will Insist
slst upon tho liteiitlon of tho rceonlei ot
voters as piisldeut of the boaid 01 election
commissioners to be appointed.
He was followed bv Colonel J. T. Crisp,
of Kansas City. The speech ot the ge ill il
Knii'-is Cltvnn took a wide i-copc, but It
w is veiy entertaining. It was In the na
tuio of nn 1 xcoihitlou of pris.nl political
methods. He thought tho people should
h.ivei 1111 absolute right to vote nil honest
billot mid have It honestly counti'd. Ho
1 cgte tied that, of the two election bills
pending befoie the assembly, politics en
tcied Into inch. Ho desired to Keep the
emu is fleo from politics. Speaking of
Kansas City politic! ins, liu suld that one
ot them ritentlv went to hell nnd took bis
oicdnntlals with him. Iieelzehub asked
him wlie 10 he was fiom, mid what his
liu&lneosj wns, to which he answered that
bo was a politician lrotn Kansas City.
Then l!col7ebub 1I1 nled him ndmlttanee',
and explained tho dinlal by saving "SIi I
To popul ito hell, wo called for emigrants
from tho ranks of Knusis Cltj politicians.
Tin y come to our banquets like guests to
the maiiligo fiast '1 he uci e pted our
hospllnllt lnttinid nt our puhllo crib
but not satisfied with thK ihe oignni7ed
il combination and a iibclltoli. iiml uov-
irned hell's leglslnture In the inteiest of
tho lav on el few. the I'hulsus. Hfr! We
h ivo too nian of J oil heic now ' A oil must
go b.uk I, llet Izebub, projiuse to main
tain tho purltv of the ballot In these le
gions '
Aftci fmther nrgnment along tho lines
of honest tuitions, .Mr 1'ilsp Kild bo
would suppoit the nuiendment piopostd
bv -Mi. Di.ibelle
ft passu) bj a tinrrovv iniijnilty
Tho qiii'stlon ot tho constitutionality of
tho bill was thu bono of loutentlon. If
such a bill Is not constitutional the tnxt
book law falls In one of Its most vital re
qullemellls I'pon the reconwnlng of the house this
iiflt moon an pilot t wis made by Aveiv,
of I.ltu'olu. antl i-onic other llemocrnts to
have tho beei Inspection bill considered,
thus sldeti.ieklng the election bill tor the
afternoon. Hut Republicans wtic not to
driven or coixed from their 'lxed purpose.
'the d, bate upon the Miction bill was
resinned Republli nns follow id the cau
cus agrei'iiifiu and h lid nothing Demo
crits talked and talked, foame'd, swelled,
lollipsed, and, Incoming disgusted with
thfinseh es. each new bne.lker reirround
the iittei.iuees and thoughts of those who
had pieoided him In a vain attempt to
111 ike argument stronger bv reiteration
Dub. lie, of St I.ouls: Aver., ot Lin
coln. D.avldbon. of Mulon; Sulllnger, of
Gcutiv, nnd a dozen others made speeches
against the Tatum bill and each In turn
confessed that eliftlon cilmes nnde some
iiieasuiii necessurv, and tint the bill under
dlMMi'-hlon vvas In mmv wajs hiiperlor
to the l.iughlln bill Hut In ono thing
the; thought II ladle illy wtoug. It con
templated aholiditng the ofllce of recorder
of voters They seemed to be so veiy
anxious to secure and prtsuvi! the purity
of the b illut thnt uudei 110 elrciiuistauci'
could they consent to the nbollshlng ot
the oillco of unorder nt voteis. others
Joined In tin Ir smiles when the) advanced
Hiii li aiguments They would consent to
.110 kind of a bill Just so It contlnmd
Democratic supieniney on election hoards.
The question was a very serlo.ts one bat
they made It ludlcrouslj 1 nigh ible. They
wue all foi honest elections and they In
sisted tt Jhnuld come thlough the same
party nnd the Mine channels which Ins
undo election cilmes In .Missouri notor
ious. In suggestive tones thev Informed
the house that the scmite and the gov
ci nor are still DemoeutU' The house has
lieaid those fauts befoie So the speeches
went 11 wastn of energy In a desr of
nrgunient, magnificent phvsicul efforts,
but lacking In logic Republicans listened
In pitlence, while Demociats wore them
helves out stlirlng the ulr with a tlood of
wonls, Such ( cue's teal their own fate
Half p 1st 8 o'clock this evening the Tatum
diction bill was ouiered engrajsi I by a
strictly p irty vote, of CS to 'T
".en iti' I'roce piling.
Hmator Mott Introduced a hill to-day
which, If It passes, will revolutlonlzo at
least ono business In .Missouri. Il pro.
vldes that all rendering establishments,
boipmiktis, etc., shall only ba allowed
to do business In a city by permission of
tho imvor, and thnt such peiinlssl-ni shull
not bo granted unless the property owuem
ndjolnlng to the proposed location urn
given 11 hearing and consent. In counties
tho eonsiiit of the county court U re
quested. It Is a peculiar fict that no Ir.w
now upon tho statute books In this state
legalities the location, maintenance and
operation of these rendering establish,
n units. Senator Mott's purpose Is to closo
some of the establishments in St, T.ouls,
turnout trie inui iii'ioukiiik iu t.a miner,
but the bill Is madei general In Its 3copo
tind enables the people thioughout tie
st.ato to regulate them.
Tho fcenuto pissed the following blllr:
Senator Kennlsh's bill to peimlt par
cuts who live In a district adjoining a city
In which higher branches uro taught to
send their children to the city school It
they pay nnv taxes in tho district.
Senator l.ove's bill, establishing a state
board ot emb timing, was putsed.
Senator Seaber's bill to compel dealers
In school text books to sell such Looks
at tho contract price, under penalty, pie
clpltuted a heated discussion.
t'oloui'l tenvy In Washington.
Washington I'eb. J5. (Special.) Colonel
S. r, Leavy. of Norman, Is on hand seek,
lng un appointment us a special agent of
the Internal revenue bureau. The colonel
has a number of friends In Kansas City
who are aiding him In the matter. He also
has something of a Kentucky, as well us
Mlasc -rue".! UKianoma, support.
i'T:iY.1et A Ho., I'eb. 15-1
Uyi, Jaly. 'city attorn
x oldest ua
ttornev. ajiii
ana most in-
flurntli! eltl7etis of this r villi ti, died
Wedned pvenlng. In his frith j.nr. lie
was botn In Mctecr rouiitv, I'.i , In lw,
nnd tonildeted his islucntlou nt Westmin
ster college lie hnd piopertj imprests
here, nt I.imnr, Mo, ntul l'enbods, Kn
.Meiuorbil to lll.liop Vlli'ii- tn tip Xnlemult
Hi illiiiti il lo-tliiviil the ( nthi ilrnl
t.envenwortli, ln , Tib. IS. (Speclil.)
To-morrow morning In the Ciiilidlriil, 011
North 1'lfth street, the lllshoii ille new
Brand memorial organ will be formally
bltssed l Right Itev. lllshop Pink, assist
ed by illslinRiilshed priests from distant
cities. This organ hns been placid In po
sition nt a cost of JI.OiO, ,11111) Is snld to be
the finest In Knnsas. It Is In mentor, of
Itlshop Mic7c, whoso llfework was given
to the erection nnd completion of Leaven
worth's eatlu drill, which Is r tld to be tho
finest chmeh edifice wrst ot the Mississippi
liver. In the solemn services nt the Catht
dril to-tnoirow morning the following pro
grntnine will be observed 1
The Right llev. lllshop Pink, of this din
cese, will he assisted by Right Rev, lllshop
Hoiiecum. of Lincoln, Neb . Right lb'v.
JIIhop Hnrke, of St, Joseph, .Mo, nnd a
large concourse of Je'stilt and llenedlctlne
fathers and clergy of Topckn, Kalians Cltj
nnd this city.
Rev, I'nther Dillon, the eloiiiient pulpit
orator, of Kansas City, .Mo, will deliver tlia
di'dlc itlon si rmou,
The formal hlesainn of the organ will be
performed bj the Right It lllshop Tlnk,
iisiHsted bv the entire rlcrgv, and Inline.
dl.iteH uftir, while the procession returns
to the snnctuarv. Mr. Carl Hoffman will
piny ".March Trluniplnle," by Hillste. I'ol.
lowing same, "Aspergee u1," quarti'lte,
by Carl Kempter; kvrle elelson, en do, sanc
tus, Agnus Die nnd Dona Nobis, all ft 0111
.Mozart's twelfth mass.
I'or the olTertory, "t'uld Rerrlbu un." by
I.nmbllotte (sopruno solo nnd itl irtelte,
Mrs. J. A. McGonlgle and the Cathedral
Aftir the elevation. Miss Jessie Cole, of
Knnsas City, .Mo., will sing, u Sibil iris,"
As a ri'Cesslonal, Mr. A. R Gllslnn, the
orgnnlst of the Cathedral, villi pi iv on the
grand organ "M.aiche Roinnlne," h Gou
nod. On this occasion the Cathedral quartette
nnd choir will be assisted b Mrs J A. Mc
Gonlgle, the .Misses Jessie and Carrie Cole,
of the St. Aloj slus church choir, of K ins. is
Cltj, Mo, and Mr. Ch irles l'ltgerahl, of
the Jesuits' church choir of St. Louis, .Mo
The evening service, nt 7 So, will consist
of solemn pontifical vespers nnd .111 1 lab
orate music il programme.
MTMnry Mil'ilrllu looks for the ttlrtli of
11 hpiv Party About Vluri b I.
Lockport, New York, Teh 13 T Mc
Parlln, of this city, stcretar of the 11 1
tlonal committee of the People''s parts, In
an Intel lew to-d ty stated that about
March I next he expected tin b'rtli of a
new 11 itlon il party.
Mr MeParlln states that dur'ar the pist
few weeks ncret confercnies have been
held bv niemlnn of conpriss and other
lutliienil il mi 11 from nil o irs of 11 1
coiintri and arc continuing. '1 hat Important
political nctlon will follow, ne minus, is
ceitnlii He eloes not expect tint lb" Peo
ple's parts Is now coustttu"! will pi oil t
theribv he-cnuse railroads and life lusni
ance capital are Intel ested In the new
project and thev are opposed ti the Popu
list idea of ovirntnent own-idihi of rml
ro ids.
The platform of the new pirtv accord
ing to Mr MeParlln, will be "bl-met illlsui
and protection "
"I am led to believe," Mr Mcl'irlln
ndded. "that the conference will result In
the form itlon ot a new puts In fivor
of free iiilntige and protection with 1
bountiful element back of it fiom the verv
start, not onlv In the South and West, but
In Pennsjlvanl 1 and other 11 istern Stntts."
'llio Ocp islou Whs line, of Hie Mo-t lille-
Itous 'lopikll litis l.lir
Topeka, Kas, Peb H (Special ) The
banquet nnd n union of the "Dougl is
house" tO'iiight was one of the rarest ora
torical ticats Topeka has had foi mans a
day. The following programme w is ren
dered inui nt an eails hour In the morning
the guests depirted with tho firm billet
that the "war of l"'l had been proper!
Addri'ss George I. Douglass.
"I he Courts" A If llorion.
"As Mewed bj th M-nato" Chniles P.
"Dull" leandei Warner.
"RiMiilnlsu nces of the House of VM ' C.
i: I.obdell
"Inside Outside, Mid Rack Again" I.
Ware I lilt tti lie Id.
"St mil lp foi lb.. Right" D R. An
thouv "The House of vj- -into i;cKsleln
"A Question of Privilege" Prank C
Montgoiiu rs
"Iteverenie for Law" Gcorgo T An
thous Session of the DoukHss house for thirty
minutes MiMa was furnished l Ihe
Cojote Club
The World's Pilr Jury, after exacting
tests, found Dr. Prlii'- Raking Powder ab
solutely puie
'I tint "I'irtliig of the Wmi." I'sprc-dou
Was Mndi. In Iliad Itaruct.l
St T.ouls, Mo, Pel). 1", A speclil to an
nftVrnoon paper from Nov ml 1, Mo, sies
V P. Thorpe, collei tor of Veinon euiintv,
Is ill receipt of the following letter from
I'nlted States Sen itor Geoige G Vist.upuii
the Unaiicl il question'
"In 111), Judgment tho only hope for the
Democratic parts in the future is to st ind
III inly by the doctrine of bl-nn l.illlsm. 'I In
ltepublli.111 pirts Is Irrev ootids pleiUed to
the single gold bland ud and to thu nation
al hanks I bMleve that nil Immense 1111
Joiltv of tho piople of the I'nlted .Stiles
favor a latgei usi of silver monej, and if
the Democrats will onl) sinnd i-quare nnd
dicldcdly for the ancient doctrine of 0111
puts, go) I nnd sllvir, We will nihlevu ,1
gleit vbtoiy In '. It Is Impossible lor us
to go ans fatther with Ml Cleeeliud in
his Usuii of gold bonds nnd the petpetui
tlon of tho nation il bulking bjsuiu As 1
said 111 the bennte, we have come to tho
pining of the wass and I do not iirupin
10 go an f other with him In the dlrte'lou
ho h is taken."
Mr. Cobb Desires to Know VMi It II is
Iteeii Ignore il.
Washington, I'eb, 13 (Special ) Tho Mis.
sourl graulto contingent eoncludul thty
were about to bo Imposed upon by tho see
retaiy of tho tiensury In tho mnticr of se
lecting ni.tteil.il foi the Kuiibns City build.
lng, und Representiillvo Cobb sent his
private secretary to tho department to ask
why building 11111tc1l.1l fiom that statu Is
not cmisldeted for tho building. Tho fntt
that It bus not In en i unskilled wiih ills,
coveted soino time ago vvlun tho building
Inspector of St, I.ouls directed n 1 oinmunl
eatloii to tho secietitty lend iiiuuuiateil
many largo buildings over the eountij
toiistructed of Missouri inituilal. The
communication was nut nulled to. and
uiion u piisentatloii of tho tails Mr. Cubb
sent Ills pitvate Mililiuy iiiuuud to make
Inquliy ubont .MIsouil iiuteilil.
It was slatesl, In iibpouso to tho Inquliy,
that Mlssouil giunltii had not luep 1011.
sidereel In tonuiitlou with the ICuusns city
building on neeouiit of Its tolor. It was
not explilued, howevir, that ttrtalit gray
guulte men some months ugo Insisted
upon nil othei inateiial being ruled out
und bow thty suinedul. It was then thut
Missouri material was excluded.
Soma of tho Missouri number Inteiested
In Mlssoutl inuttrlil. notubly Mr, Cobb,
think It would bo well to go batk to Hist
prluclpltse and inako another tall fot bids,
baiting 110 initeilal because of toloi or
previous condition of seivltude. in the
meantlmo It Is piointseil fiom diy to day
thut tho inuttei will he disposed of, but
nothing Is done.
Smothered tbv 1 luuits III Suow.
Macon, Mo . Feb. 15 (Special.) Mrs. Alex
Ilurton, of Ten Mile, Macon county, nar
rowly escaped cremation Thursdaj, night.
A lamp whUh sho was currjlng burst und
scttered oil ovtr her clothing. She jmoth.
ered the flames in a snowbank, and will
probably recouT, thouca sovereli burogd.
st'itAiiitt.i: At.iti mi m vim 11 1 oit
rut: .MiiMt'AN .minim i:itnni.
sij.v.Moit MMttiN aio .nop ai:iim:
Ill pree nlnllip Inrsni Is tor trlltiuilru,
but lU't'ougrissiiiuu Wilson 'In del
tho Appolntnnnt Miirllu Ills
Hi 1 11 Working 11 si In un.
Weishlnrton, Peh If, -(Special v There
was general talk to d is nboitt tilling the
vacancy crcited lis Ihe deilh ot Mlnlsttt
Grnj. Among MIoitrhini It oc, urred tint
Consul Gem r it Crittenden would like to
have the promotion nnd be mnde minister
This wns the ofllce he at llrst started out
to get, but having railed to see lire It, It
Is claimed It v tit not be too late for him
to ret Ihe place now. It Is slid that this
fact Is iilrcadv well mulct stood by the sec
relarj of state
It took some time 10 get a quotum In the
houi' to-das lieritlsu of the fact tint so
mnn di felted members were hanging
ainitnil the department of state Irving to
get In a word for the place of minister to
Mixlco This in iv be looked upon ns Im
possible, but It is true nevertheless that .1
great minis outgoing st ttesmen 1 illcd for
tint uiy purpose to-d.tj. It Is suggest d
that the soon-to-be cx-Congiessni in Wil
son will llkels get the place. Representa
tive Tnrsins sivs he Is for Wilson as
against ex-Governor Crittenden, or any one
else It Is ulso suggested tint the place
Would bo n vers good thing foi Mr Wilson
Ho could cl I ill. of course, th it he ncci pted
it for the n ison tint the cllinate In lint
eountrs would be t benefit to him nnd as
he had to go there fur health he could ne.
commodate the president at the siiuc time
li pins lng minister to Mexico.
It ulo inppens tint len.itot M 11 tilt has
been In Mexli o a few tlmi s, and he he
Ileus tint he could stnnd the salary and
eome out even 011 It and perform the ilu
tlis ot the position with little trouble lo
hlmsilf Tin 11 he will Insist that KniiF is,
timing the last udinlnlstratlou, hid some
plnres In the foreign si 1 vice and In fatt
hid a minister to Mexico, and it would be
a good thing to git something muii for
the state In tint dltt-ctluu In fact, 11 Is
said bs some of the applicants for nppoint
nunt In the foiiigu service, th U St tutor
Martin some time ago ceased to tr to g, t
places of this sou for the boss In unlit to
tu ite a di m ind foi some good pliLe to be
given I' nis.is just about the lime he would
quite tin senile
(ii orgl ins Are liming lots or Inn With
tin. "Hour VI. ti or" lliislius
Mi-pi Kill d.
vtlnutn. Ga , Peh 1,1 The wotst snow
stoi m in tin memon of the fir. i nt gener
ation is now in c ailing throughout Georgia
In A tl int 1 it has t ill, u heavllv since eirls
morning and tin giuund is now emend
with live Ine his of fn sh snow on four
liiihis of the frucn remains of Sum! iy
night's stoim Tile tiollis 1 ai sstem Is
paralsred and pr.ietle ill no business is
being ti.insictfid The strei ts nre given
oei to liuprmlM d sit Ighs and inert snow
balling pit llev, iuJoing tlie tiuaciustouu 1
Itose e'oghlin's in itlnee at the Grin I
opiri liou-e had to l postpoiinl mil tin
night audi' tut was fio?eu down to slim
propoi tlons
At Dull 11 on the coist, the people awoke
thN moiulng to Und the gioiiinl etmitd
with snow loin Inches ile p 'I hlr. is th
tlist time In tin hlston ot this aiu It nt
town tint ui h a thing as happtni.l
Twentv i us ibo then w is a fill 01 snow
hut it w is goni in two bonis Tin it his
never hi en such a seme spi II of wi Hint
as has luep xp. 1I1 in td toi the last f w
wnks All the orange nets. ind only veg
1 tablt s uie killed
t 'Ihom isvtlle, the famous winter re
sult, time wis u three-Inch fall of snow
list night and Iclgli bells 11 e ringing In
the stints for the first time In the hlstoiy
of the dtv
At Qultmin the first mow thnt hns fnllen
since IbTo fill last night It begin ill 7
o'Moi k and continued foi two limits, in ik
ing about three nnd 1 hilf Inchn.
Tin sight Is a novel one to e.Miltni in and
business Is su-penib d while iverbod Is
cu'osiug suowoaiuug
At Ituchnnnn th. snow nnd sleet haR
stuppi d till s iw mills, coiliim- and othir
public winks of the counts Purine rs nre
behind with tin li wink ami evir thing Is
at n Mund.stlll
In 'IMIalr countv the heaviest snow ever
known In this si 1 tlon fill line list nlitht
to the dt pth 01 three Inches und turnul
Into a tine slut this mottling I'.ittle on
the range ate ds lng from the 1 If. 1 ts of tho
pioti i ted cold wi ither
At August 1 two i hlldri n, one white, aged
fi months nnd one t olori d aged '1 mouths,
IP it list nignt irom exposure
iMllis T. x , P.h I', Reports from
Wi lni"d.i's snow storm from all over the
stite sum If up as without lunllel In the
hlstorv of Texas Two Inehei, the smallest,
ard fourteen Inches, the Breitest depth,
fell In eierv countv reported from Tex.ir
kan 1 to the mouth of the lilo (li-inde nnd
from New Mexico tn Snblne pass th
whole surl.u'i of the i iti' was robed In
wl lie
These lines ire, generally speaking 10.il
inll.s each In length A most singular
fict is that the deepest snow fell In the
Gulf counties There were fourteen Inches
at Galveslrin .and twelve Inches nt Onllnd.
while In Noilh Texas (Ivo Inches wis the
Columbli, S C. T'eb 1". About st
lliehes of snow wa- on the ground this
mm nine when another snow storm enme
un Tt has been raining sleeting or snow
ing ever since The prospects nre the
L-round will be invered to n depth of mote
tl -n a font bv morning
Sivannah Ga fob 11 Two Inches of
snow fell here cailv this mnrnlntr IIiikI
liess has been nnctl, aliv suspended, the
people plvlni themselves nn to the tin.
usual pleasure of snowbilMni Schools
weie closed nt lil o'i lm 1 so the children
ml I'ht lmve nn opporluidts to enjoy the
rare sport
There Is none to compare with Di Price's
Hiking Powdir, as It ilin Is absolutely
I'rlntiiH' tin knot In Mil ill 1 Not ittted,
Selalla, Mo, I'Mi 11 The lockout a' tho
Gazette olllce continues and lliire Is little
ptxispeet of an adjustment of the differ
ences between the prlnteis and Man iger
ltaldwln J P Klunk of Kansas City rep.
lesetithig the Inteni.iilonnl Tvpuer.iphl' il
I'nlou his bci p In the ct two divs but
his filled to arbitrate the differences Tho
Gazette published a "t itenient this morn
ing that Org miser Klunk hid ut.-ed the
'Jo.ilii! ler foeA or tn itmthe'r to liefmr
1110 often causeilbyeli'ftctivu
vision, ntul if t;las.es uro
ptoporly llttcil tiro tmcil
3T Eyes Tested Free of
Charge for All Defects
of Vision by a Prac
tical Optician, -pg
1034 Main Street.
ty"Ua,v your w atcu repaired now. It -re J it.
prlnlers to tturn lo work This sin uncut
Mr Klunk denl. s in an afternoon paper
Heiblll l '1 1110g1aphu.il Pnloti No SW lunl
u ilrtiihir lodn stnlliu, thit six weks
nv w is ilu Ihe pilnti rs lot ked out bv the
ilnreiip nnd i.qupstiil ill union prln'ers
lo 1 1 main iiwnv fi un S. dill 1 until the Ga
fetlc trouble Is v til. ,1
Nuiui runs I till tutroiluiid nuil Miiuv
l',ls( il-s, iianttoil ( innil I'
Mr. sp, a, 1 r,
Guthrie, O T.f-b 15 -(Speclil) III Ihe
legislature to-ilav a bill wns Introduced de.
lining the liabilities of (Ire Insur.iurc com
P iiie, nnd iissessing n tax oil tiu-lr pretn
linns for the bem III of sck und dlsibb'd
tlremen, one piovldlng for a Jury rou nils.
rIiim . nut. lit ctt pi l (irlfiln nhintns unit tire.
vent unjust discrimination b life Insurance
t'omp inles doing business In the terrltor i
one presi tlblng punishment for the publica
tion or eliculitlon of false reports concern
ing the business stnndlng of nnv person,
tlrm or ussoclatlon of persons, nnd one lo
sped illy tux gold bearing obligations
Hills were imiksi d providing for a terrl
loihil vetctlnarv sutgpou nnd live stock
Inspn tor, establishing n teirltorlil his
torical bureau at the stale unlversltv, pio
vlillug for the assessment of trutislcnt
ptoptrts of nil kinds, und Immedlite col
li cllon of taxis on nnv proiierl nbout to
be sold ut inn Hon or rcmovi d fiom the ti i
Htorv. Ill the sen ite, Pcgm's fee mil silirv hill
was passed, cutting off the fi es und gientl
ledinlug the sul 11 of evets lounty olllcer
In the terrltor.
Ri presi ntiitlM' Silencer caused n sens i
llon In Introducing a icsolullou calling for
Ihe Itivestlgiitloii uf Ihe Oik I,iwu Ins ine
iis.vlum, nt .lacksunvllle, 111, white Dili i
bom 1 s Insane nre kept under eoutr.ict. ul
Icglng tint the death rite was nearly W
Jie 1 lent, that no person there wns itt
dlschirgid, nnd tint Inform itlon his Just
reiched him that the uklihomi lutlints
wete kept In 1 wooden building, without
lire ptoti cllon
He Hois .Not like the I'olltli it situation In
.Vtls.uiirl In Its I're.i ut hupi .
Washington, Ptb IS (Special) 1'x
Goiiinor Train is, of Missouri, entile In
this evening nnd Is looking woirled over
political nffulis In Missouri There Is gen
eiul totnnicnt among Mlssouil inee ovtr the
new turn In He mocrutlu politics In that
state, us evidenced b the leappeiiluui e ot
C II lones In St I.ouls, In Lhntge this
time of the Post-l)Is,,itCh
Pol some time It has In en known thut a
euuihluntiou was in ptoicss of formation
to ailviinci Govetnoi Stone as ugalust
Pi-mi Is und Vist 'Ihe one thing to be
doin was to get nn organ und to have some
one niunge It for theh Inter, st u s n
eallpil that some time ago Mi lotus ob
siimiI to a frli nd heie that If he should
gi I ilntge ol tho Post-IMsp iti h he would
miv sunn hive u morning edition 11s will
a 1 an evi ning p ipi 1.
Si niitiM Vest Is vi rv much lute listed In
the new dei lopmcuts The sen iloi pre
tends to be ver ftlenjlly to the plan of his
opposition being divided The -1 n itui x
fih nds insist thut It Is well to hive Prim
Ms and Stone light e .1M1 othei, foi It 111 iv
happen thnt they will kill each othei oft
and have him some thing to pick up, pro
vided. ulw.is, the Iiemocruts lontrul the
in t ti glsl ituie.lii Mlssouil
rhe Republicans, howevei, are vei will
pi" isi tl 'I hey 1 an "1" nothing to be
al irmed .about whin the opptisltlon eon
tlnu.s to be gotUm- more and mole into
tiouble Some of the Democi.itlc members
fiom the stnte tin ilumul ovir tin new
aspects ot the political situation 1 lies
-i prlviilelv that It Is not well lo h lie
the tutmoll now on 1 nnd, and whit It will
continue lo de vtlop.
1'iullni. of Holland, suceuiiilis to Itron
Milllsln N. n orlcOiil i wn
ti i n Int In s High.
Now York. Peb b". Pi Inct ss Paul tin
who arrlvnl In N'ew voik on Heei nib t
list mil who his slni e tint t,m. be, n
tin objei t of j-r. at Inti lest to t'io'1 in Is
In this tit, died to-da
Pilniess i'aiillnn was bora In lldlmd
In IsTi, nnd during the just nine t 11 h ts
been si en and fuiidled bv n irlv all the
kings and unpens of Iht-ip -.lie w i
bioiiKlit 10 this lountiv nit 1 1 two m us"
1 outiai t bv M in igi 1 P P Pineliir I'lie
pilniess was 1 x it th 17 liu hi s hiHl. mil
weighed but S's pounds. Tw 1 wi 'k liitoie
tier urlival she tt ul au ittiei uf th itnp
nnd w is 1 ild up for .1 few tlass sh . soon
move red and on J.iniiirv si, giv. 1
sjiitlil reception, nttindtd bs neirlv Hi-l
wMl known tihvslclins and Kti-g.une Sin
w is tikin III agun a wnlv a-n 111! w is
pronounied bv l)r J 1' NigM 10 b-
sulleilng tinm bronchitis, but It w is not
until Thiir-d iv thnt her life was di -p ilr. 1
of. The pilniess dlid it ' o do k this
morning anil wis pitted In n little wnlt.
1 isket no larger than would b n quired
for 1 1-siarold child Tin r. to uns will
be taken to Holland for builal
Marion oinity Agrli ultnralUts VI, 1 1 in
l.vMinugn Vitus for Vlutuil
Hi 111 lit.
Pcibody, Kas, Ptb 11 (Spcrlal ) Tho
Million County Punnets' Institute, In Id
lit in jcsteulnv nnd to d iy, his In en at
tended b a large number of tinners
Among the siictkcis wire Pres,lent Polttr
nnd Seeiitiir Cobiirn, of the stuto bond
of iigilcultiin . Professor Pofienoe, Mrs
Ktd?l", of Miinhiittan, and Piesidtut Tn
loi of the stuto 1101 mnl
't I
ISDIVN (til Iti till. I.'
lloii.o and st unto Couftrrtts lii.tus the
I'roeislons of the Mi isiins,
Washington, Ptb, IS (ripen il ) The con
ferrecs 011 the lutllin court bills nn t to-das
nnd discussed the provisions of the bills
It was suggested by Mr 11 die) nnd ap
parently assented to by Mr. Culbt rson, that
three coutts should not be provided on tho
binta l'e Hue, and that two were iiough
It was concethd that Ardmnro should hive
a cuutt, and he ne'e It nppi in el as Hull
belief that 1 Ither Pure ell or Paul's Valley
tlmnM he wiped out of the bill
A little latu It was observed tint Pull's
Vallt was ne.aret the miter of the court
dlstilet, .and hence It would be a good
stilt me to Ml Ike Puicill out of the bill
Si n itor Piatt hiouUit up the 111 itti r uf the
president's piobahlo veto, should tin Mor
gin bill bo substitute el tor the Ttllei bill,
The repl was mulo b the Tt x.as manipu
lators that no one coiil.1 know what thu
piesldeut would do with such n mittel
Tho ellort was In the lino of to lug to ills,
eoiirugt' the suspicion that theie Is a trlik
n the muter of having tho Morgan bill
Hiibstltutiil, und then get II vetoed, so that
no Icgislitlou will be sctured
The .Midwinter fair confirmed the
World's Pair veullct "I)r Prlie's Hik
ing Powder Is ub-olutely pure"
a mn 111. 1 i:hiim:i hi dip.
Man VI i),r KIIU lllin-Mf In 11 ll-hl st 11.
s illoiml Vlauue 1,
Austin, Ttx J'eb, 15 A horribly sensa.
tloml Hiilcldc was couunlttid heu to-dity
b Mnix .Majci, of New lltuunfels, Pe
destrlaiis on Congttss aveniio Just beforo
noon weie stall lctl by the sight uf .1 man In
night clothing Hapliw from a fourth kioij
window of the Avetiui bottl. He lodged on
1111 iiwulng, whtneti he was pulled Into 11
loom, where It was found that before hi
leap he had shot himself in the head, An
examination of his room showed ho had
stopped all cracks In his room and limit d
011 the gas. This evident!) tulle.! und bul
let holes show he shot ut himself 11 thlid
time beforu he Inllleted u wound. A note
left, wiltten In Russian, asked thut he be
Interred In the Jewish cemetny. His fath-t-t
liven In Mostow.
Ottawa (lues, to thu Itmeuo
Olathc, Kas . Teb. 15. (Special.) About
$1W was raised In tills tlty to-day by pr.
vate donations for the itllef of tho needy
in Wcsteiii Kuns.ib. Mujor Ilruner villi
forward aarao to Governor Morrill to-mor
low. Muny of thu ihurches and secret
societies have already scut lyroWalous und
other nccessark. oX Uie.
r.nuuY, mKi, tiiavku & co.,
SI tl r.sstllPe Tt
7nnpi'iii(tiri itltrUij 1lntmtim, 111 mif
Ilium, V.
rtivleiju'liol. fir IW irM'A'r to hi Mr.
Trading Made Easy.
Nowadays tradinp; ir. so easy,
made so here by the conven
ient, handy and economical
methods employed.
You can come to the Storo
and get about everything you
need without jjointj out from
under ihe roof of the big house.
Isn't that making it easy for
you to trade here? You're
saved the annoyance of shop
ping around, which, you know
by experience, isn't pleasant,
especially when there's slush
or mud. Of course, if there
was anything to be gained by
this shopping around, we'd
have nothing more to say, for
then 'twould be a duty you
would owe to yourself. But
you know as well as we do that,
quality compared with quality,
prices are' always the lowest
It's handy for you to trade
here, in that you can find wo
keep nearly all the various
kinds and qualities exhibited
before you, so that you can
compare them side by side and
determine in the most intelli
gent way which to select. Then,
too, you run no risk at all, for
if your judgment should be
wrong you can get your money
back or get the amount you
bought credited to your ac
count if the goods be returned
at once in a merchantable con
dition. Tell us, is anything
fairer than that?
It's economical for you to
trade here. Why i Because the
small prices we mark upon our
goods will enable you to get
more for your money than you
can possibly get for it any
where else. You see, we buy
direct from the maker we
alone stand between you We
have the outlet for large quan
tities of merchandise and the
makers know we pay cash for
our goods. We buy and sell
reliable goods and stand back
of every transaction. Where
else are you treated as liberally
as that? Do you know of a
store anywhere in the U. S.
that extends to you or will ex
tend to you 'guarantees of pro
tection as liberally as we do
here? The protection thrown
mound each purchase, let it be
ever so simple or ever so large,
is a guarantee that the goods
and the prices are right.
Again, you've a big idvant
age when you want to make
selections to have a varietv of
patterns, colorings and qualities
to pick over aggregating as
much, and often more, than
the combined stocks of all the
dry goods stores put together
in our city.
We are writing this to show
you why you should trade here
(if you're not already doing so).
We believe every reader of
this is interested in making the
dollars he or she has to spend
go as far as possible. Wo
don't believe that you would
knowingly pay a cent more for
an article than it is worth, and
we don't mean you shall. It
is right, it is a duty you owe to
yourself to buy for as little as
you can any article your wants
demand. Did you ever hear of
anyone trying to see how lit
tle they could get for their
money? No, but how much,
and that's why you should come
hero and look for yourself be
fore spending a cent for any

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