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Tin-: kans city journal. sattiiday. rKnnuAKY in, 1.3.
I IKK t'.M'I'UIKM'i: Mil Ml Kit lll
I OKIi ItlM'llltl I II
WII.t. tM-KIII si I'lllMl'l NS tlll'.tll (111
our i hi: i m m it.
Hut livery Miinl I" I rui n I'titi lie
llmlly l'niuil.
M'cst l'ort, . v. I. went waraardimiry
thine lint haniicnetl here, Tito facta nr of
Midi it M-irtllnc nnture thnt our people nre
not ilon talking nbmtt them yet.
We luuo nil hc-nut oC "upllttlnK liaet
nclics." A tliouxinel times have we heard people
ho Imtl a cor! nervous, nauralRlc or
(Ick hriitlaclie exclnlm that their lnatl
nclied as tlioiifth It would mill!.
Hut here Is a rnso ot mivt terrible hr-nil-mhi,
where tlie head did fH fact split
that Is, by the nviful severity of thu ills
rnic,the honiB of the bend actunlly oiiened.
2vtot of the people hero know about the
fncti of thic mot nstnnlililtiR ease, and
r-riernl of our doctors onmlned and treat
ed the pntlcnt liniureessfully, ntid they v ttl
ouch for the truth of there wonderful
The lady herself, Mi. l'red C Lather,
Jr, If a well known resident here, and
Klvcs all the facts just an they occuried In
her own words.
"I'or thirteen ears I hae been nflllcted
with terrible headaches night and day. At
nlfcht the blood ruhed Into my head and
into my throit no that I would Just raise,
my head and spit great mouthful ot blood.
"Thu bomb ot my skull were nil opened
f.o that the doctor could lay his thumb
right Into the opening onto my brain. I
eoull sleep only an hour or two, nights,
and was so nervous thnt I could not sit at
the table, for Just the motion of the
mouth-) ot my family seemed to me like
thev were all making faces at me, and 1
was obliged to get up and walk the iloor.
Two doctors who attended me claimed
that I was on the erge of Insanity, I was
under the doctoi's care for nine jears All
the way I could do any work was to have
a bandage tight around my bend so as to
support It, as though my two hands were
around It,
"I got so that I would fall nnj w here, and
nil these ears I got no lellef from the doe
tors, and found no help until I began to
use Dr. Oicene's Xcitura blood and none
"That svied to hao the 'line effect on
my head as sitting under a sludy ttoe with
a cool, refreshing breeze blowing on my
ncad. Nobody can tell what 1 suffered all
those jeirs 1 commenced using Dr.
(Irene's Nervuii blood and nerve remedy,
for I thought I must do something or I
khould soon be in an nslum
W !$. g
jtns. i i.i o c
"The first bottle I HI, ae great re
lief, and inside of a j ir tie bono;, of my
head had taken th Ir n itttr.il yhape again.
JI nerves hae now rtgilned their natural
calm condition, and I tan --ly that I ara
now perfectly will. I hao used the Ner
ura for several jcars now, and use It for
m children when teething.
' I am unable to describe In words the
Fratuude tli it I feci to Dr. Greene for his
wonderful mtdlilne, and am glad to till as
well as I un of the benellt this medkine
has done me "
Gabriel a Smith, also a resident of this
pi nc saj
"I am acquainted with 3Iis. Lasher, and
can ou h for the truth of her statement "
lion t irlos 1. Smith, a Justice of the
pence, of 9 Uarrc strict, Mantpeiier, Vt ,
mates that from his knowledge and Inves
tigation of the case, ho knows that the
facta nn above stated nro absolutely true,
and that Mrs Lasher was perfectly cured
Df her tcnlble condition by Dr. Greene's
IS'ervura blood and nerve nmedy.
This wonderful remedy certainly has the
largest and most remarkable numbi r of
cures of any medicine in the world. It
would seem that no nltllctlon or disease
ran resist its sweeping eunitlvo powers.
If It inn cure such n terrible ease as this,
certainly all other casts of headaeho, neu
ralgia, rheumatism, weak back, pains In
tho back or aide, nnd all weakness of
nerves, or debility of body, jleld as If by
magic to tho health-gltlng and strengthen
ing action of this grand medicine. Huch
troubles are alwab worae In tho spring,
unci this best of all spring medicines should
L taken now
It Is purely vegetable and prfeetly harm
lets, and for this nason, and htause It Is
t-o sure to cure, phjflcians pi escribe and
recommend Its use. It is In fact, the dis
covery and prescription of a phjBlclan, Dr.
Greene, of K West 1'ourteentli street, Now
ft'ork city, the most bueeegfcful upcclalUuin
Hiring all forma of nervous mid chronic
diseases, and who ran be consulted with
out charge, by anjone, pertonally or by
lloinl of Hi tit Ii.
The board of health jettinlas adopted
the Invitation of the Municipal Improve
ment Association to be its guesit, at tho
association's dinner at the CoaKs House
next Monday evening. Needed sanitary re
forms In the city will he dlceussMl
A communication was addressed to tho
council stating th it It Is the opinion of the
board that the market suare should be
thoroughly cleamd every day at noon.
Price's Cream llaking Pow hr Is alwais
found by oilhlal government tests to be
absolutely pure.
nut I'i'iti: i.i.i.ci io-i-.
Tho County Court Indorse Ilm Laugbllu
Hill by lliulutlnu,
The county court yesterday adopted the
following resolution:
"llesolvcd, 13y the county court of Jack
ion county, Mo , that we earnestly request
the senators and representatives from this
county to work and vote for a thorough re
vision of such election laws as provided for
In the bill known as the Laughlln bill, now
before the legislature of this state "
The resolution vvas signed Ui all th
judaes and i copy of It will be forward.
in- I
by County Clerk Crittenden to each m' m
ber of the legislature from Jackson county,
x $n
4 jS .fc-v L
1. IMII.R.
I lie IimiiiI ,lnr linbl n llrlflf ''eloti iiml
AilJnrii liter Mmiii)
Contrary to Renetn) expertnllon Ilm ppe
i livl i,m!ui Jury did hot mkn it report vpf
ti I iv only a short session wan held rs
ttr t mornlnit, t tvhlch tmly two or three
witiusjuii ttpm fxamltitJ. and then the
Brand Jury took itrt adjoin nment until Mon
dn mmniiiR at 9 o'lloch,
It Is illl (ho Rifhernl belief that Indlet
tiunls have been found, thouah no repnr!
has been mnxle Ko Brrentll can be mnde
until after tho Indletmt hne leti re
turned nnd the crinnftt elerk has issued
upltthcB for the liiK'i ud purtles nnd placid
litem in tho limit" of the mnrslial.
Illsiilnl liitlrihto I'olle),
A Jury In Judge Henry's mint is listen
ing u a dispute our an Insurnmc poiu-y
of IttiW Intwxn Albert Moiltt and Ihe Oei
mnn Instiranee Company, A er nr two
ago a large hay and feed warehouse,
owned hv the plaintiff and located In the
Mist bottom?, bumtd The lire was Sun
day night, and or the day tierore, Satur
day, Ml. Woith had taken out the nmut
nme in dispute, but had not rei'lvid his
policy. The agent of the company dilii
ered thu jmlley fthd took the premium
Monday after the warehouse hid burned
lint the company i untested the polit-v.
claiming the coincident c as evidence "f
fraud. f)lie of the wllnesses in ihe ease
in mnnnger of a bcavv grain nrm, which
had ordered the pliiliitllT to lake out tho
additional InsutniKf to covet grain con
signed to hltn by them.
Coroner lliilfnrit (lets Second lleputj.
Tho county court vestcrdny granted the
application of Coroner Heaford for an
other deputy to seive under hltn In this
ell. Coroner IJkdfmd went before thp
court and staled thnt his only assistant
In this eit was compelled to act In tho
triple capacity of d puty, clerk nnd con
stable, and us a lesult, the work of the
dcpnrtmcnl would bo llkrly to siirrer In
insc ot an emergency. Ho stnted that ho
needed n deputy who was a physician, who
coul. I assist in Inquests and post mortem
examinations After epnsldei Ing the ap
plication, Judges Latimer mid Smith, not
ing its the court In the absence ot Judge
Stone, giatitid It.
Mtit I'ny lnr tint Corks,
In Judge Henry's court jesteie'ay a Jury
found for the plaintiff in n suit for 1110 13
wo.th of cotks agulust 11 J. Holmes, man
ager of tho Holmes eai bonatlng works.
The Recount won In dispute Mr. Holmes
oiderod cprks of the plaintiff and used
them. The bill was tor more eoiks than
were ordered, but they had been used at
the wurks of the dofendnnt. Ho disputed
llio bill, but the Jury and the court say hu
must pay. The plaintiil In the cuse is .
J, Tin rill.
I'm 1'orin i lit in e
Judge Slovor yesterday granted a pro
forma dtree of Uieoiporatlon umindlng
the charter of the Advance I'raterml l'n
tilotic Alliance, to make the naino "frater
nal Nelghbois. '
Cli cult Court Itecord,
Division No, 1 fcenmtt. Judge
l!lir Ignatz Lpstcln vs. Hammerslottgh
Clothing I'ompnnj . attachment on trial.
10JC7 CltUens' National bank et nl vs.
J. V O'Neill it nl. vtrdlet fot plaintiff for
possession of ptoperty.
SHMD V K. Hoover, ruratoi, vs Hclatul
II. l'.cj nobis it nl, toutl), motion to bo
made part dt tendant
2U1. U G. Nelswunger vs John Cases i
moiuj; defendant libs motion for lefci
enee J1M1. llrnest H07ler vs Knnsns City
Suburbin Hilt Hallway Compinv , dam
ages, deft ml nit tilts motion to elect.
Dlvllon No 1 Hlover, Judge.
WH Jessie JI Sloan it nl vs Stnndnrd
Jlanuf.ieturlng Coinpanj , application lor
ice elver, motion to compel leuelver to pay
ovci money.
21711. Martlm W. Major vs. Samuel Hpp
stiln, ittnchinint, dlMnissi d.
-JSSS Hll Calm vs Hunuil Lppstcln; np
peal, Judgmmt per stipulation.
S11WS D Mtiy et nl vs Susan Itolllns et
al nppuil, motion foi nevv tiial.
.5ji Oscai Dnlil vs. J. it. Thompson;
election contist, bontl for tosts llled
JJllti In to application of the Advanco
I'laternnl I'.itilotlc Alliance for Incorpora
tion, ami nflfil pio foima deeree.
-1T.I Mni A Mi Cany vs. T. J. Me
Cait, divorce, proof of publication; de
fault and deeiee
.I'm L Unrkness et nl vs jr. J.
I'uviie specl-il tnv. Iilll Judgment toi plaint
ill $'iirj-', nnd tor $ls.i i nl 10 per cint.
..'ill Jessie A Hiadtord vs. Jolm A,
ItiuiMcy t al, lestialulng order; denied.
!"!.!. 11 1 Hunt vs I', K. Jenny; up
p( il plaintiff fclven till Murqh 1 to lilo e-
n ptioils.
17 ij II. M. Ilolden, assignee, vs. D. T.
IMmomb et ul, appeal, dismissed.
Division No. 3 Dobson, Judge
S1"C1 J L Coatcs et al vs. Sarah
hi iiiggs. appcul: plaintiffs dismiss
ilJ17. L. H. JleConaha vs. C. ft Lock
rldi,e, il. images, motion to prosecute ns
poor pel son.
21r.(il. 11 S. Tolev vs. Ava Gibbons; ap
peal, verdict for plaintiff on counter claim
and for the defendant on pi tition
21'lj; M H DeLnney vs. Helen Hamp
ton; nonsuit with leave.
Division No 4 Henry, Judge.
:il2. w c Teld vs. IV. B. Dickinson;
note, dismissed.
JJ.ii.' Wistport ex i el McCormlek vs, II,
J () lirlcn vt al, lax bill; loutlnticd
22170 Amelia Doss vs. D. 13. Henderson;
note, Juiy waived.
J2IJI Lock. Livingston & Co. vs S Than
huuser, attachment; Judgment for plaintlft
on stipulation
ir,74'i, Aaron Kolin et nl vs. Julia Levy;
attachment; order of publication.
J174.' National Dank of Commerce vs
Samuel Hnysteln; attachment; Judgment
foi plaintiff. W5 at i per cent.
227.11) It. IV. Pullman vs. Rector, church
w aniens, et al Trinity church, note; Jury
21'i70 William J. Fnrrell vs. It J Holmes;
appeal, veullct for plnlotlfr; lliosj.
iiWi Delia 1. McHlioy et al vs Equita
ble Life Assuianee Company of the I'nltcd
8tatcs. conliaet; removed to United States
circuit court.
XH88 J, P Iteisinger vs. A. C. AVuTraser,
dumiiges. motion for costs sustained.
22S3S O. Woods Is. Mary UlaeUwood;
jury out.
2J114. A. Worth vs German Insurance
Company; contract; on trial
22IC! Fnrle liros. Heating and Plumb
ing Company vs. M U. Belmo, account,
Judgment for plaintiff, 121.! JO ut 0 per cent
UHWJ Charles H Iekrl Ign vs James
M Campbell; defendant files plea in abate
ment, i
flrniilto Will Ho Used nnd tho City Will
biltlo the Hill, '
At the meeting of the board of public
works jostirday the ordinance for pav
ing Slsth street, from the alley west of
Droadvvay to Hluff street, was approved
and 13,050 was appropriated for pajlng for
thu work. The street Is very much In need
of p.u Ing, and as a remonstrance has been
llled against the work by tho property
owners, tho city mut pay for It, f It Is
done at all. Granite will be ufocI,
Jiunos O'Connor depolled JUKI us a Ruac
allien that he would llni&h the contract far
grading Park avenue, and Walter Williams
put up 150 as a guarantee that he would
ilnlsh the woik of paving Locust street,
from Fifteenth to Hlghteenth, The two
iubs are all done but a few details and the
loads were given In Older that speclul
tax bills might be b-sud for thu woik.
Vrhbt lit the High 'elmtil.
At the public exercises ut tho high school
jesterday morning. Superintendent n II
Shnwhan, of the Helping Hand Institute,
addressed Ihe pupils for live minutes He
thanked them for their generous offerings
lu the institute, and brfelly told them of
tho work of that institution. He and Mis
fehawhan sung a duet, "Somebody's liu.v "
Tin, progiamme of the eserclsis was tui
nlshed by the senior class. Miss .M.ui'l
Moodson rendered a piano solo. Miss Mar
gaie Mijiry read n i-eectloii. Miss Agnes
Leo an essay, Harilett 1'nge uud -ln.s
luitie llruns huvu duilumatioiis, and Mi
belmu Glass a violin solo. The assembl
hull was crowded.
Price's Cream Drfking Powder Rives ab
solutely certaint of success to cugks. It a
absolutely pure
Heath of Mm, Hamilton I'lnne.
Mrs Hamilton Plnney, aged l.j (ijri,
(lb d suldeuly esterda afternoon at I i)
o clock at bor home, imi Gam id avmut,
after an illness dating from lust 1'illaj
Dr I.useher, who was In uitindaueo
through hei lust illniss, pronoiiinril iho
cause of ikalli heart fuiluie bhe haves
a huBljund several earw her senior, and
one daughter Mis. Kate Van Hon! i
raiigtiniuts tor the funeral have nut j, t
been made, but II will piobabl take place
!nnii Goes thu l'rlto of Coil.
lie st Missouri lump. 52 20 per ton. llest
Cherokee nut, I8 60 per ton, ilest Cherokeo
leinn .'75 per ton. lluy our Los Ccrrllloa
Antl racite coal and save luune, It Is the
beit h d" coal n the woild
.. , . 1W Went Ninth street
W, C, Endsley, Manaccr. Tclephoaa 2131.
MIIIH I UtllS 1M I'M IIIA IttlS 11 II I.
I'M! '1 IIP) ATI Klt.MION,
It 1 It tin ii lirj I hhruiieh mil I lerj-
thing .Islied by the I I gUlallle ( ntll-
lull lee litis lUi u irituteil"-i
lirdij's I hie nf Inipilri.
The suli'eonimltlv from the Ktns-n
lfRlslftltire tlmt 1ms been In the clt for
the pant ten tlav invesllgiitinR the
management ot the stork jnrila and the
commission bnalhcM etpects to complete
the Innulry this afternoon tiurltiR the
InvestlgRtlolin there hfts been collected
a Brent innss nf Infonnntlmt which will
be nrrntiReil by the utennRraphor nntl
Mllimlttcil ns th report of the commit"
tee to the house.
Tho eetnhilttee enmc to the city nrmetl
with snfllcicnt povrs to itimmnit wlt
nesses nml book nnd records, but hns
hail no occasion whatever to exercise It,
ns everything desired litis been produced
on the stlg-gestlon ot the chairman; In
fnct, the committee has been requested
to innko known Its wishes nnd they
would be observed The commission
men, tho jnnl trader", the oirtccr and
employes of the compntis have come
when culled, produced the books nnd
records of the departments nnd an
swered nil questions puipounded All
Information desired has been nrodticid
to aid tho committee In nsoeilnlnltiR the
nctunl situation and ennble It to make
a report thnt shall be Just to nil parties
and complete In Its scope.
Yesterdny moinln the committee
called Superintend! tit Utigenc Husl to
tho stand and Inquired Into the details
of tho Important department over which
he presides. He showed the books nnd
lecords of his department and gtive the
committee all the information at his
command. After hltn came Superinten
dent Bungs, of the desiccating works,
who teatllled at length onnieinlng that
branch The icioids of the compnnv
weio placed at the disposal of Ihe com
mittee, n.id It was shown that during
the hot vveathet the vvoil.s nre kept In
operation at a loss to the compnnv. The
amount of the stoik shipped to the mar
ket thnt finds its way to the deslceatlnc;
works Is less than nne-hnlt nf 1 per
lent. The chnrRc that the compnnv cn
1ojs a monopulv of handling the dead
Btoclc nt the jnrds was shown to be col
lect, only for the tenson thnt ns et no
other company hns compiled with the
plnln provisions of the ordinances of the
city of Kansas Cltv, Ka., conceinlnK
the manner of handling dead stock, it
tequilas an expensive equipment to
comply with the piovislons, nnd In case
any other company wants to compete
for the tiade lu that line there Is abso
lutely nothing In the way of its pur
chasing nil the cntonsses it may be able
to lliul at the pi lee It might want to
pay. It is .a monoiwly for the hole rea
son that no one Ins cited to come Into
an open Held and compete for tho trade
After completing the examination of
Mr. Hangs the committee called Yntd
mnbtcr Phil KnpC and followed, for cor
loborntlve testimony, the statements of
Supeilntendent llu-t ns, to the matiige
ment of the nrds Stotekcepers Hoggs
and Hlehster wne also ej,nmlncd vei
closel concerning their handling of the
feed bold in the aids nnd the Instruc
tions under which the were working.
This lino of Inquiry was carried farther
and the committee called for Yardmen
Uightmire nnd Clntk nnd questioned
them fur half nn hour prior to the ad
journment. The committee adopted tho plan nt the
ilrst of taking the testimony of the head
of a dep.it tmi nt and then calling for the
lecords u foi men in the department
for detailed facts to corroborate the
main testlmnnv This has been done,
not tint the testimony was doubted, but
on the pilnclple of law that the records
aie the Unit and best evidence, and by
so doing the committee will bo nblo to
vouch for the coircctness of the state
ments embodied in the oinl testimony.
The action and conduct of the mem
beis of the committee have been such as
to convince the witnesses and Interested
parties tint the main effort was to get
the facts and go after them to the point
where they wore obtainable
This morning the committee will call
for Assistant General Manager II. r.
Child, and after making nn Investiga
tion of the department under his control
will prob.bly adjourn It Is e-cpected
that the sessions will be concluded this
afternoon and that the committee will
icturn to Topeka this evening.
Price's Cream flaking Powder touches
food vv 1th frt shness. It's absolutely pure.
tovn-ANY aiirsi' uutii).
City Will "supply Kausis Cltv, Kan., Mltli
Water Only Tomporarllj.
John C. Gage, Judge Slavens and City
Counselor Ttoelle held an informal con
ference yestercU) at which the water
Works situation was dlscu-ied, but no ac
tion was taken Tho opinion of Justice
Brewer will bs thoroughly discussed at
another meetln", to be held to-day, when
some plan of action will bo agreed upon,
Mr. Gage said jesterday that it was inev
itable that this city should temporarily
fuiniah Kansas City, lias., with water un
til a now hupply nation can be built. He
said the city would Insist on the construc
tion of a separate source of supply, us
there ! no authority for this city furnish
ing Kansas City, Kas , with water perma
nently. He said that the compan must
put up a bir bond for the tont-truetlon of
tho supply st. i tlun and that u h n sta
tion would co-.c In the lie Iphboihood of
1400,0011, Ho thought It wnul I take the bet
part of a year to build the tupply Na
tion. From the Moment
of Birth use
It is not only the purest, sweetest,
and most refreshing of nursery soaps,
but it contains delicate emollient
properties which purify and beautify
the skin, and prevent skin blemishes,
occasioned by imperfect cleansing at,
birfh and the use of impure soap,
Guaranteed absolutely pure by analyN
ical chemists of the highest standing,
Soil throughoit ihe ci!3. Pike, jjc. Pottbk
PkigandCiiim Cour .boePiopj .Ilo.ion, Mm,
'All lut L'ty Skis, ScOp, aad I Wi,' lite.
iimim! Avenue I'ropi rtv Ohium linn! Di
li In tatting the I nut rait for Ihe
I idi nl lltilldlilg ii I tne,
The Oram! Avenu Improvement As
snilntlcin met last cunlng nt the .Mid
land hotel, and In ndditioh to complet
ing the ofgttHiftntlnn took nctlvo steps
In lh matter of Retting the work nn the
new tfotftfl merit building stnflpd. Tor
thnt ptlrjiwti ft committee will this
mornlnit secure slgnaturps to telegrams
thol ale tn be snt to Congressman
Tnrsney, Senators Cockrell and Vst
and Secretary Carlisle, urging I hat the
delays cesse nnd thnt the contiact be
let to someone and the mailer gottin
tinder wny. The numbi rs tllsciissul the
nmtter Inst evening w-lth grent spirit
nnd cnnsiilel'flble emphifsH The d'lnvs
Mint have rtlrendv ensued were erltlelsid
and the light Weight reasons given there
for were voted ns fnr from s itl'fm torv
The tesjljt of the stone vvns icinsldind
wholly untipcesnrv, as en h mi has
been Used In hundreds of buildings b ,th
public nml private, and hud been hnvn
liv nctunl lests to he flist-clsss It was
urged thnt n tplegram from the iepr
selilntlve business men cif the c I v
would have n tepdeiicv to Ii ml lgm
nnd rigidity to the Imtkbuiie of rim
tnry Carlisle nnd spur hltn on to speed
The telegrams are to bo written this
morning nnd slgnnltiies "niind iluiing
the dny anil this afternoon thu will b
sent. Thev will leach the gtnthm ti In
lime to give them somi thing t stu lv
over during the Sabbnth bonis
In nddltlon to taking thK --i p th" i
socintlnn coni)leted the euginlati n lv
electing M. S. Cowles piesld nt V i"
Cllnss vice president nnd J c Tit s -relnrv.
A committee compost d of M i"
Glass, Wllllnm llvlev, Jbniy Smith c
T. Ittissell iltlil (I IV Tout til die was
appointed te ntliltige for the gin ling uf
Tenth street, nnd a committee com
posed of W II. Knotls, 1" O Altm.in.
Itobert Keith, J. T Jllrd and Alb rt
Matty vvns appoint' d tn iirinng. wl h
the owiiel.s of the propertv cm tlrnn 1
avemie for the election of the budd
ings. It Is believed Hint at lcnt thlrtv
will be nrrnnged fi during the nest
few weeks, nml that the rntiic lot will
be put up nt once
The property owners along that p.ut
of the street nre veiv much encouraged
over th,e outlook nnd xpect the improve
ments to begin with the opening ot
Prof Ordwny, the cunt Hoston chemist,
pronounces In, Pi In Making Powder ub-solute!-
sl,MIV suuv ICI.
At the I'll st Chrht in ehtirch, Hi v IV
I' ltlchaidon will i 'h In the morning
on "An Old-rnshlon I lrtlIe," nnd In the
evening on "What is Christian Hiptlsm'"
At the l.lnvvood l'n sbv terlin church,
ltev T A I Met! ivv will preich in the
morning on "Tin M tint ot lieatitudes,"
and In the evening on 'A Piactlial Ques
tion " .
.t the Arlington M 11 church, Ilev. I.
C b.ippenfleld will pnnih In the morning
on "The Child In th Midst." In the even
ing the Woman's I mlgn Mlsslon.ir fto
cietv will have ehnii of the services.
At the Get man Jl i: e hureh, ltev. J. I.
SternLug will pie i h morning nnd even
ing He will pi each it the Southwest boul
evard mission In tin ift moon it 3 o'clock.
At the Third l'rcsl.v terlnn church, ltev
S. M Hclden will punch In the morning
on How to llullcl I P i Cliuiih." nnd In
the evening on 'Tin .Modern Version of
the Hood Siimarltun
At the 1'lrst Unlti 1 Presb terlnn church,
i oilier Sixteenth nn I Holmes streets, K"V
i H. Murch will pi u Ii at the itsuil liours
Subjects. "Israel In Tvpo nnd Heallt ,"
"fclaverv- Lending ( 'n to I'reedom."
Th'ie will be r, mill s, i vices at the
ch.ip'1 of the Heoie nilnl Chinch of Jesus
Christ of Litter Uiv Htlnts, "321 VVabish
avenue. l'ieachin it 11 a. m. nnd 7 30 p
m , social f-civlce it 2 50 p. m.j Sunday
school ut 9 30 a m
At Gospel hall, 1. Giand avenue, bieak
Ing of bread at 1" i a m ; iliuultv- school
nml Hiblc- muling icu Christians, J p in ,
Uospel meeting Ul 7 43 p m , In charge of
i:v.ingelit iMnald J!os
At tho Summit Sueot M. H church ltev.
II T bmlth, jaspir, the morning subject
will be, "Creid end Rules ot Methodism"
and In the eveilug, "The I.ove 01 God
Mude Manifest in tho Gift of His Son '
hpecl.il music b chorus choir both morn
ing and eveiiin-
1'iist Univ r i list chtireh, hall, 1210 Hist
Ninth strevt. s i i-es at 11 n. m . eondui ti d
bj the Young People's Christian Union,
subject, "1 1) Spread or His Kingdom
Sunday scluul U m.; IV. II. I'ish, fupe-r-Intendent
Hev J. M" I.ove nf St. Paul's lletormed
church, It,-' i ntral street, will conduct
worship it V i m. nnd 7 30 p. m Morn
ing siibjci t, ' Gd I-'or Us;" evening, ' Sow
ing ahd He lping" Sunday school at i 13
a. in ; catee hts , at I p, m ; Y. 1', S. C. II ,
at GM5 p m
Christ chinch (Iteformed Hplscopall,
Tenth and P nk Services. 11 a in and 7 30
p m Morning subject, "The Man of God
Thoroughlv 1 iiinlshed:" evening subject,
"The Tenable Truth," ltev. L. M. Walters-,
Mr Charles R rinhvv will conduct tli
Gospel meeting it the llobeits' mission on
Sunday evening, at 7.30. Sunday school at
S o'clock p in
Southvve-t T-ibcrnncle, Twenty-first and
Jefferson stn , ts Tho pastor. ltev. Chas
Kloss, will preiuh ns usual 11 a. m nnd
7-30 p. m Morning subject. "livery 5ttn's
Itefuge " In the evening vvill bo glvpn the
third of the series, "Thieves ot Home","
"Pernicious literature and How- to Meet
The Miss on Church of Christ (Scientist!
K. of P Inll. 1010 Grand avenue, Alfred
I'ailow, pistn Sunday seivlces, Ham
Siindnv hool, 12 m. Text to-morrow,
"Tor what is n man iirotlted if he gain the
whole wot 11 and lose his own soul?"
St Ge-or., 'i pro-cathedral, corner of
Troost an I r.lnwond avenues lit ltev. n
II Atvvill n n bishop: lliv R M Holden,
dean Hnilv Communion, 7 30 n m : Sun
day school, v 45 a in.; morning praver,
litany nnd sermon, II n, m.; evening prayer
and sermon 7 30 p. m ; IVIday evening
prayer and lecture, 7 13 p m
St John's Mission (nplscopil), end Inde.
pendenee avenue ear line, Ilev S M Hol
den, rector Sunday school, 3pm; prayer
and sermon, 1pm.
At the Second Presbyterian church, cor
ner Thirteenth and Central strts tn, ltev
John II Sutherland of Chicago, will
preach, both morning and evening
Dundee Place Methodist rulscopil
church, Troost nvenue and fifteenth
street. Ilev. nnd Mrs. Coe. the evanirelists.
will remain with the church through the
wcik Pentecostal services even afternoon
nt ! 10 o'clock- preaching everv evening,
children's meetings Tuesday and Prldav
aftei noons nt 4 1"., preaching Sunday at 11
a m , pentecostil service at 1 p m ; yonnir
people's meeting at 0 13; preaching at 7 30
P in
C II TIaston will talk nt the V. M C A
at the I o'i lock meeting to-morrow after
noon nn the Mibjict, "A Small Thing,
but "
ltev W A. Quayle D 1 pastor of In
dependence Avenue M 11 church, will oc
cupy the pulpit of the Grand Avenue il I!
church corner sf Ninth and Grand ave.
nue morning nnd evening Sunelav,
There will be a special musical service
at the First Lutheran church to-morrow
morning and evening by the Hadn auin
tette under the direction of Mr Vlmmer
schled The musical programme will be the
subject of ltev ,1 51 Cromer's tall; inorn
nj and evi nlng
Melrose church, corner of Windsor nnd
Indiana avenues Preaching by ihe nastor,
.Tames A. Human, at 11 a m and 7 80 p tn
npworih Lengu- at fill. Tho public cor
dially Invited tn theso services peits
free In the' evenlng the pastor will contliu
ue the lectures on the teook nf IJstber
Tople "The Wife of a King unci the Wife
of a Prinif "Minister,"
VI 111 of ii Kiina IViiin in,
Washington 1M 13 (Special ) The will
of Mis lthe. 1. s of Hutchinson, piobatod,
shows that $13 ftnO Is given to the Christian
home of this cltv Mrs, Itbodes nnd son
went down with the Elbe, and the husband,
b an a 11 nt a few das before lost hi
life In tin- liv Ucfore leaving for Europe
Mis Tthc 1 a made a will. In which certain
piop.ir. 'i mid go to her son, and lu the
event In I I to her husband and In Ihe
event l th .lied 512 000 should go to the
home th- rem Under to bo divided among
re latlv i in Ohio
Annual llictlng or f, O, (1. '', nt Silicon.
Mu .n M Pili. 13 (Special ) The on
nml m. ting of tho I (), CI, T. lodges of
this dlsiri i will b held here to-inarroiv.
l)i I i-at, s ir cxpietea from thirty lodges.
Olllres are t be elected and much other
buslne ss w ill be transacted. In the evening
a diclamatoi contest will be held. In
which two gold medals will be contested
for. The re are sixteen entries already
liidge Philips 111.
Judge ph.li! 0f the IJnlted Slates couit,
Is eonilned to his home with a severe cold.
Ho will lemaln there a few dus by advice
of libs physician.
The Big
S. 913 hl
wnen we m iw
offer you
New 1895
Shirt Waists
to make
Her lire , on VV hie h l.usnlliio Hud lleen
cil.li lltillle spilled. lie be. lire
I ruin .1 Mni, .
Mrs W C Goodwin, or :i!2 Hast Twelfth
tre t was serlotisl and perhaps fatalb
buimd esterdiv afternoon at 3 o'clock nt
her home She vvns engaged in cleaning a
gi-ollno stove nnd in some wnv spilled ,a
eiuaiult of the lluld on her dress. She
then went Into another room, where there
wus a heating stove. Thu gasoline ignlt,ed
tr-uii the stove and in 1111 Instant hu
clothing vvns In ilames
Mr Goodwin and his son, W S Goodwin
wne In mother part of the house nnd
heirlng Mrs Goodwin's -creams thev- nn
to her assistance, but before the names
were extinguished the unfortunate woman
had rei elv ed terrible bums nil ov er the
bo lv ibove the vv ilt Mrs Goodwins
son received pilnful burns nbout the hinds
In his efforts to put out the names
Police Surgeon luen and I)r W J 1 rick
were summoned and did all they could 10
relieve her sufferings, but thev hold out no
hopes of her recove rv Mrs Goodwin Is 71
vcars of age and it Is feared that the
shock to her sv ste m, tog. the r with the ex
tenslveiies of the surface bums, vvill prove
Prof Wnlter S Haines, of Itush Medical
College, Chicago, declares Hr. l'rice s leak
ing l'owdcr absolutely pure
nr n, isr.iri: i. ii.inc.i:.
.laleetlng of the Mniklmldi n II is lleen
Culled for I rid i.
At a meotlng nt 3 o'clock vesterda nfter
noon of tho dlieetors of tho Ileal P.statc
and Stock exchange, It vv is decided to call
a meeting of tho stockholders of the or
ganization next Pildav afternoon at o
o'clock At tint time decisive action will
be ttktn lelatlve to an active tenewnl of
the business of the exchange 'Ihe pi Amo
tion of its Interests will be fullv dlsuissed
eielinltei nctlon v 111 bo taken rcgaidlng
holding tegular 'culls" mictions, interest
Ing tlie real estnte men of the eitv in the
exchange, mid tnen islng its membeisiup
Thu stockholders number somo lift 01
sixty Lottie other business of a private
nature! was trntihaetiel at the meeting
Secretary W T Hilton was Instructed to
him) a numbei of lil ickbo irels p tinted
with the names of biokits ut tho top foi
the listing of propirt 11 custom lu prac
tice dutlng the "boom "
llll lISLHIh ' I'.","'.
tlee dutlng the "boom
1 ho Mi nautili' fllunl f .linirlci.
Onr representutlve recently visited the
wholesale house of Mai shall Pleld .t fo.
In L'hk.igo, and w is mui h Impressed Willi
the Immensitv of the business One is
pienirnl to believe that the sales of this
hou's clurlng P9I have reached over J-"-ijejej.t-iii
ufter a visit to the', several de p.irt
incnts It Is a surprl-e to many old Kist
ern houses to learn tint this concern sends
faith i vit week an average of mail
7imm worth of inirch indlse This n -entres
an icrmv of nearlv J.isui me 11 In the
main wholesale building, vvhlih has thlrt
olglu depaitnients on eight llor niaklng
11 total of nearly t.velve nins of Moor
space, and, Chlcago-llki , 0111 Mestun
friends claim that It excel Is In size and
value of slock any other 1111101111111 build
ing In the world In addition to tin 111 iln
building In which the opm stocks nn kept,
there me two buildings of marly 1 eiual di
mensions used foi vv.llc liollsi s 0110 live
stor and basement building, 180Juil that
was former! usid as a pirt of tho old
wholesale chpaitmint mil unother six
stoiy mid bisemint bull Hug WviSO feet
Marshall Tie Id ."e Co. have their own clo ik
factory in n part of the old wholesale
building and also a shirt fntoiy loi liter
ot Ton du l.ac. Wis. The also control the
entile output of some leidlng Western
manufacturers There Is ,1 -plrlt of 1 11
thuslasm among oil hands, from tin exec
utive heuds iirfht down ihiough the bums
and generil salesmen, with their assist
nuts, to the ushers and messengers, and
even the lushing eiovvd of nialomcin
teems to partake of It. The Held ehlell
covered b this ind business Is the Wist
to the Pacific count, and the South to the
Gulf Truly oui j;. intern wholesale bourns
have a noble 1 onie-tltor In this mercantile
giant of tho West. New Yoik Ketjller and
Jobbe r, Jan, !',.
Deuths ltepurleit.
The following deaths wero reported to
the lion id nf health jesterday:
Kngalls, Jlrs. IHt.i; aged :c, Pebruary 13,
3lr.7 lkist lllgliieenth, peritonitis, burial lu
l!tdon Ci me terv
llod, Pred, aged 1, IVIiiunry ll, ISM '
Chen; pneumonia, biirlul in Union icnie
til) Janus Mnton, Pebnniy II; Nevada, Mo ,
bu1i.1l In Union c 1 meter
llrlnkk- Infant 1'ibruary IS; lliv. i;,it 1
Sevi llteelllll, bllllboril, builnl 111 I'orest
Hill ce until
Conoran, John I ; aged 10, Pebrinry II.
St I.ouls, cei. In ul liemoirhiige; burial tn
Mount St. .Mar s ocmeieiy.
hlewnrt, Carroll & S.iilth, undertakers,
Ulli Alalnut stieet. Telephone I'M, .
Illrlli. Itepurlcil. I
The following births were reported to
the boaid of healih esterdoy: '
Uo Graff, II 11 and Jennie, boy; Iftii Mc
Ge 1, IVbruary II.
I.oveland, 11, It. nnd Itutli; girl; .519 IMst ,
Sixth, lVbiu try B.
Ualonl. Hal nml Mamie; girl; Hjlti I'or
est, 1'ebiuary 13
retgiuon, S 11. and V C; elrl; 60S Wu
bah IVbruar 12
Smith, William J and 11 ; girl; 911 Lo
cum lVbiu u y 11
Sauiidirs, 1) and Nannie; boy: Independ
line nnd Ciockc-tt; Pebruary t I
Oeraid. J, It and Mary M,j bo ; 272J Pel-1
r, J uiuai 1C 1
l-iuc-hter I.1111U a Ivevv (.'harm. '
To hcuuty when It discloses a pretty bet ot
mui vv fineness, wucii iiuiuiu nas eup
piled this element of loveliness, may bo 11-
luuimi llJIOUUll illU UJ U9ieJj lieu .iMbeucib ,
btv" -j&ra-fr?J wii"',iitiT "as'u.T'va t!tnurjwmm r-z'jr jr.' inwuui
VLToi twaum if.i 3-ri?massjaw
??7- v "J 'Yuii
. st Cl.ssolts TO.
Gas House
A clean and cheap Fuel.
$4.00 per ton of 50 bushels.
For sale by all dealers.
Eisas Cit
Telephone 1906.
C. s.. liOltllY,
1 lio I'resiilent.
u u u a
y Das Ligl
I ,1. K. lSl'lSMIAlf,
, Pre slilent.
MFTRnpni 1
Capital, $500,000.00.
Deposits Feb. 1, USUI., $J.0J5.1M.U!t
1 vv. r. null,
1 1. ( . l.lllss,
I . 1, Piigsli, ,1.
t .1. II. VI lie s, II. 1.. Vie i:iroy, .1. Stre .111.
We solicit accounts nt llauus, Hankers Corpor itlons and 1 Inns and will hu glad to meet ot
rnrreiponfl with those contemplating in iking eh inges or opouing nevv- accouuts
vl? Ii $J mil ink
V?W Lllli u.1
11111 i amis ' ' iiirc.rie i-cesiut 11c.
l,IJ,CI.,I,s ,,,-.., ,v f I-,.,,,., ,, ,,A0,,
1 n V Itiioin Preside nt
Foreii?!! Drafts Issued on
II. 11. MUOIIM Hill.
r. .1.
1206 find 120S Union Ave. (Near Union Dopot), Kansas City, Mo,
Honey Cured
Then asl: your dealer for
that famous Brand of Mild
Cured . . ,
Hams and
produced by
IS Till UM.V
VVIIQ Till. 1H All,
Wiul.iii'ssuuu I)U
orilcira ut
rier tuio iiuaraotee.
ai iiuiv i kin rirnee.
lluuL. piti:t:i
la VV Lur 9th AJlalnSu,
,iu L(r, Mlli
'I III! Oil. Til IT I.l'llltll'll IN llosr is
bill, I. lll.M IK'll Ul II 111
Hut to buy It-anil you will get It in Its
orU'inal jiacUagea go to
l'!lti-ii ocul a 11 ecu fur 'lb
1 Jouruul Ueltvcred at your door.
Vjf v4' Eaa Ety
& CO.,
ii end Coke Go
9th and Central.
4sl!ttIlnt Cash lor.
u !-.-. r I-. TiTv
Deposits Feb. 1, li!l)3, Si 738,578 2k
C 1. aleiss, I Vrunk II igerniim,
I.I nrirt, 1. Ilntes. 1.. II. S111III1.
K. Itnriili 1111, C s. arev.
New York Life Buildinff.
ji it ciniMjT e asiueir u A, .eieiviiniiis
,1 r ,.,,., If , ,,...,. t ,,.n.
All Paris of tho Old World.
" l.(N.
i,,isi' pi:iiriii:iiAai
1 HIS Al-lllltMION,
Jl.lIIl.i: 'KI-DAV,"
'.Tm nml nile .
No Piiloinuuce To night.
t'omiui ne big To-morrow Mntlucc,
De Kmeii mill MnlthN
'1 unerul One nt,
lilts IlllPilHlt lljepfdlll na 1 lellll j j 11.
I Oichcstr.i Unclsr tho I.ojelershlii ot
: nueeiMt iieii.ii,
i eiv C'o.tuiiiis nml Setinr. Seats
i Now on hale. No luireaso in I'rlcea.
Matinee at 2 To-night at 8.
A fePIlCTACUf.AK pitonurriovop
Hire i-tlim I). IV, 'I JtU-s-j A. CO.
liesenea boats -50c, 15c. U.W,
Mr, Thomas Keene JsgrSa?
srits Null Oil Siln nt Ilos (llllie.
lu 'I lei Ir Itollli KlilR t'oinicly
8 DELLli,
Ami ii btrniitf Mipporttus
( Ultl)MII,
Week Sunday Matinee. Feb. IT
Mil I. Mi:
'In-iliy Uillll
1 11. Nit; 11 1,
W.S, Cleveland's Big Double Minstrels
70 PEOPLE-70
'"'o Uirgul Vlliulrcl o. In l,itiine...H
One Wrek, Commoucliia buuday Matlneo, Pen, 17,
mi; M'l.ciAuur.Aii
Usual Matluici lljtra Watlueo IVIday,
1 ub. S Uagblumon'a illrthdav-.
TT ...1., ,- 11.11 1 ..
a Complexion ! Why it is eaitly obtained.
I use pozzonrs Complexion Powder.
' '.V
I 't

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