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. The People's
The Journal
-. Leads In
III-tAsT'tOf COLLISION on tiii:.t.
11: m:aii (iiriiitii:, o. t.
bi.ti:i:n oTitr.its i.v.tiiiu:i). siwr. 01
A South Hound I'nssciigrr doing nt n High
ItAtp nf Speed t'rn-liotl luff, n I.tui
."lock Train, Itcsiilthit In Dc.itli
nntl Destruction.
Clllthrlr, O. T.. Feb. 17.-(KpocIa1 ) Tho
most disastrous railway wreck In the
history of Oklahoma or Indian Terri
tories occurred at midnight last night
011 the Atchison, Topeka .t Santa Vo
four miles south of this city. I'nclneer
ITplcby, of the north bound Texas live
Ftock express, had received orders to
pass tho stoiilh bound passenger nt
Seward, eight miles south of this city,
but Instead of stopping there, his train
thundered thioiigh that village and on
nt the rate of forty miles an hour, and
ns n result of this disobedience he now
lies cold In death, one follow trainman Is
dying and half n dozen suffering from
Ferlous Injuries, a seoto of other people
suffering, mom or less, two locomotives
nnd much of two trains Ho In a con
glomerate mass upon the track nnd tho
railway company has suffered a llnnn
clnl loss of fully $10,000. Three miles
north of Seward thnt train rushed
nround n cuive In n deep cut anil
dashed Into tho engine of the south
bound passenger with nil awful crash
thnt was followed with a confusion nnd
a result still more awful.
This deep cut lins been known ns
"Dead Man's Gulch" since the opening
of the territory, and that on last night
It was true to Its name, tho following
list bears mute witness:
Dead. .
Charles Uplcby, Topeki, Kns., engineer
freight train
Dying Patrick Coldron, Arkansas City,
Kas., fireman passenger train. Injured
trainmen A. Il.ihn, Purcell, legs crushed;
Mall Clerk Ilmchlns, Topeka, Kns., head
badly cut; IXpiess Messenger Tl. P. Pea
tsle, body badly bruised; Passenger Con
ductor IMward Kitchen, of Arkansas Cii,
hand mashed and body bully biulsed;
James Moorman, of Arkansas City, freight
conductor, arms broken; liaggage'nian
George Nellle, Now ton, Kas., badly
hcnlded; Itoadmaster McKlnney, Wichita,
Kas., terribly bruised; A. J. Graves, of.
lJ,iurceii, freight brakeman, arms dislo
cated. Passengers Injured Harry Trower, Kan
sas City, cut In neck and face, 1. 1!
Weideiihelmei, Fort Woith, Te., badl
cut on face and bod) ; Mrs. Agatha Hauls,
St. Louis, .Mo., face cut by glass, Asso
ciate Justice Scott, of Oklahoma suptcine
comt, brulseil, John Hock, Aulmore, cut
by tljlng pieces of glass; os-Dlstrict Clerk
It, . Collins, of Unld, legs badly bruised,
llrldgcmeu John J. Kngllsh and II. A.
Sprow, boilles laceiated.
A number of other passengers, were more
or less biulsed b being hulled from then
seats or cut with tljing glass. It was
alone the fact that the passenger tiuln
had lor somu unknown reason been unable
to gut under good henuwa) and the in
glneer reversed his engine In lime to al
most' bring his train to a stop befote the
crash came that prevented dozens ot pas
sengers being killed and maimed, lor tho
tiatn was a ctowdul one,
Just as he had gotten well Into the cut
Engineer Frj ot the passenger train saw
act oss the cuive upon the sky the rolloe
tlon of the light tin nun up by an open fur
nace door, and, quick as a Hash. ii.al!.lng
that another train was npptoaehlng, io
. creed his engine and leap, el out Into the
darkiifss, follow id by his llieman, Just as
Iho two trains met at tho ape of thu
cuive. Tim engines seemed to leap toiwaid
like two things of life, ratse.l into the air
for a moment nnd then settled back upon
tint track, crushing rails ami ties beneath
like fragile glass, while back of tho lielKht
engine-, with ci.isli upon clash, a dozen
care wete piled In one Indistinguishable
heap, and upon the tendei of the other
wete telescoped the baggage and mall and
expiess cais. the ciles of the frlghteiud
and Injured pissengers nnd the groans of
the dlng trainmen being drowned by tlui
roar ot escaping steam and the loud bel
lowing of a hundred or more gigantic
Tonus steers, bteaklng loose and dashing
frantically up and down the etit, endan
gering the Hies of thoso attempting to res
cue the Injured Using eloso beside tho
engines, one across the other, were found
Dnglneer Cplob), of the freight train, nnd
l'lremnn Coldron, llremnu of tho passen
ger. Tho former had leaped from his post
against tho toek) side of thu cut. ami be
ing hurbd back against the inglne, was
teirlbly crushed, while from the pocket nf
his Jacket piotiuded tho order, dlsobejed
with sure dire results.
Fireman Coldron was fearfully scalded
by escaping steam and for two hours was
thought to be dead, hut n spaik of life was
nt last dlseoeieiI by ph)slclans, and he
now lies In awful agony nt the Hotel
Pally. In this cltv, mused by his wife,
brought by special train from Arkansas
City, The Injuied were rescued from tho
wreck ns fast as possible nnd at 2 o'clock
brought to this city ami given eeiy care,
can prevent your dinner from
being a failure if the butter 13
bad. If you want to be safe
beyond a peradventure, if you
desire to gratify your guests, use
Silver Churn
The scientific method by which
this delightful table article is
produced is a special process,
known to us alone. Beware of
imitations. Look carefully for
the Silver Churn trade mark on
each wrapper.
Jrmour Packing Co,,
Kansas City, U, S, A,
' i
Headquarter for Tfleplioiio 1000.
Paints, Class and Room Moulding.
ma-lllt AVulnut bt.( Huiua- City, Mo
ft large number of hdles volunteering as
sistance. The body of linglnoer t'pleby w ts pre
pared for burial and Inken to Topeka lie
was but V Sears old nnd leaves three
orphin children and n widowed mother.
The scene at the wreck lo-dnv beggars nil
description, with the rut compbtolv tilled
with wreckiK". demolished freight nnd
baggage, ind the bloody corpses of nearly
n hundred Texas entile. The track will
not be eteareil before to-morrow, though
two wrecking trains nnd crew hive
worked uninterruptedly since d.ij light.
District Aomby o, 7.1 Usui situ Address
detailing the Iton-on tor
sum nib r
llronkljh, Is. Y, l'eb. 17 -In calling off
Iho strike of the llrooklyn Heights and the
llrooklyn, Queens County & Suburban
rallwnvs, district nsrmbly No. 75 Issued
the following nddress;
"To tho Public.
"Acting In belmlf of their employes, we
presented to the oilletl.ils of the lirookljn
Heights nnd the llrooklyn, Querns County
A Suburban Hallway Companies certain
nquests for Impiovetl conditions of labor
on their roads for tho year 1W. Hubso
quently these requests, which wero never
other than of Iho most reasonable nature,
were modllled so as to leave tho companies
no eveuse for a fallup' In lomo to agree
monts wllh tlielt ompfiijos.
"Wo have t hausted uverv honorable
means to effect n friendly settlement, but
the trolley oltlcials assumed n most im
cnmiuouilHlng attitude, and refused to
make u single concession In if spouse to
our reasonable icqiiests They wont fur
ther, nnd so fur fiom Impiuvlng tho eon
dltlons of their employes, they Inslstoil
U()ou tonus less favorable than they had
made without protest in lilt and pi e Ions
"Their evictions forced their emplojes
to suspend labor on January II last. Slme
then thcio novir has been a day on which
tho men hne not been willing to go more
than half was In an endeavor to adjust
amicably a dllllculty that entailed hard
ships on the omplovos, as will ns incal
culable loss ami Inconvenience to the pub
lic. "The companies have not had the same
consideration for the nubile, the same
spirit of compromise. Tiny started out lo
starve their emplojeH Into submission, and
they havo finally succeeded. It his been
a tight of dollars against empty stomnehs,
nnd, ns wns to have been expected, doll us
havo won a vlctorv, though a dear one
Our people, after a hemic iesstnnce, have
at last submitted to the inevitable. Tho
civil, the mllltaiy and, In ome Instances,
the judicial powers havo all been used to
coerce tin m
"Wo desire to return our most sincere
'hanks to the oignulzatlons nnd Individuals
who have In any wav aided our people
during the strike, nnd hopo our smpn
thleis will never feel the power of cor
porate oppression, Mnnv nf our people
still need assistance to keep tho wolf of
hunger from their doors. A little from the
many will -HUIlce, and au.v cltl7en, society
or new-paper 'bat will help our people In
this respect will receive tho best thanks
of nil, with the hopo thu the lime will vet
come w lien equal rights will be nccorileel
to all, spool il ptlvileges to none, and that
all will stand tqual befme tho law "
This action on tho patt of district assem
bly Xo. 71 will permit tho strikers of
thlrtj-thieo roads to teturn to work, or at
least apply to be taken luck.
Tho sltlko against President N'oi ton, of
tho Atlantic Avenuo lino, Is still on.
'Iho Cost of It.
Urnoklv n, N. Y IVh 17. The trolley
strike, which has lasted thlitj-four dns,
has cost an enormous amount of money
Thieo million dollath Is considered by
those luvnlieil a modeiato estimate When
tho sltlko stnitnl It was stated that dis
trict assembly No. 71 had from $t,0,tnl to
JSOOOO In Its ticnsuiy About JCi.ikk) was
subscribed by sympathize! t AH this has
bein spent, and the $110,000 wages tho men
would have earned has been lost. Tho
Piooklsn Heights Railroad Company was
the heaviest loser among the loads. It Is
estimated to havo lost dltoctly SOOO.noo.
The other s.v stems have lost eloso to SW,
uoo. 'Iho cost to the cltv nnd state troops
Is espected to exceed $i0.0u0. The dimuge
dono bv enrs manned by Inoxperlonct d
men Is placed nt Jluo.oiiO more, ami the loss
In taming capatlty by the lnllltU dining
their st.ij in IliooklMi Is conseivntlvelj
estimated at J2.le.000.
Theie wore m mv other losses to swell
tho amount In nldltlon lo tho fncon
venleiico nnd stiff i ring caused by tho lilg
(iri'iit Preparations Iti lug .Vlade at Lawri'lue
for the Hunt. til. Ii Occurs
'I his ,11, .nth.
Law rem e, Kns, fob. 17 (Spprl.il ) The
committee for the suite encampment of
tho G A. H. and kindred organisations,
which will meet here on the last three dajs
of this month, has about completed Its
work, and the ollli lal programme will be
Issued this week. The ucampment prom
Ists to bo the Inigest gathering of old
soldiers ever held In Kan-as This Is due
to tho historic luteiests that me clustered
about Law rem e on nciniiut of Its pioml
nence In the e.nlv war lime snuggles. The
encampment will be nttiudod bi Coni-m.indei-ln-Chlef
l.awlei, ot Illinois, nnd
Chaplain llnggerty, of St. I.ouls. b.fdes
other menibiis of the national conunand
eij. Nearly all Iho past tUpiitmeut com
maudois tor Kansas have signified I hoi l
Intention of being pies.nt, and Dopnilinent
Commander Canipbell looks foi tho atttnd
niieo ot a numbii in oilier piomlnont (1 A.
It men fiom oiilslde lie- stute The ses
sions will begin on Monday, I'ehinarj S3,
when the delegates uulve nnd are asslgnori
qnaiters. On that evening the dep.utment
olllceis of the (i A It and W It. C will
glvo an Infoimal reception In Pint, i mil Aid
hall On tho morning nf Pbiuai -''. the
time will bo devoted lo prt llmlnar) ni
langements At 1 o'elotk all the bodies
will go lo Kansas unlci-,t, whoie
formal w( looming eveiclses will inke pl.ue
Tho G. A It nnd Sous of Veil rails will
form In line nnd innieli lo the si liool There
nddiesses will be made by Cli imellor P II
Snow, Department Commander Campbell,
Coinmuiider-lu-chlef l,uw lei. Chaplain Uag
geny nnd otheis Following this tho uni
versity building will be thrown open for
the Inspection of tho visitors. In the even
ing tin lo will bo ginnd cntnpllres nt the
rink and nt tho opein house. Theso win
be addiessoil by piomlnont vlsltots, and
good pioM.immes have been nnnnred for
both. Wednesday will be devoted to busi
ness sessions Tliero will bu n grand ball
In tho evening, given by tho Sons of Vet
emus, nml a ii'coptlon by the ladles of the
W It. ('. Thursdav will be luken up with
business and In thu evening the uewy
eleetod ollioeis will be Installed, During the
cucnmpuie'nt uriangements havo been made
for th" visit of tin. delegatis ami otheis lo
tho iiMUUfii tilling dlstilots of tho city, to
tho burial giound of Iho Quantioll raid vic
tims, to Haskell Institute, and to other
places of luteiest It Is estimated thnt
theto will lio In tho lioighbnihnod of 1,"n)
sltnngeis In tho illv duilng the encamp
ment, livery hall hns been secured lor
sessions, and the citizens have op, nod their
homes to piovldn accommodations lor tho
Oram! Army of Kansas,
iiANKi.u iti:i'i:it asks tjursi'ins.
Ilolrm In Know Why lie Cannot (lot
Mono) Coming In lllm.
Washington, Feb, 17. (Special.) Captain
Keyser, a banker nt Stillwater, O. T., has
addressed an Important letter to the attor
ney general. Ilu sajs that nearly a year
ago he purchased from deputy marshals
In the Oklahoma country soma voucher
for the (list quarter of last venr. So far
ho has not been able to secure pnvment
on the same. He wants to know why ho Is
unable to get the money on thestj claims,
ns ho understands the department Is 111 the
habit of sending money to tho United
States marshal promptly at the (.lid of each
quarter to pay on claims of this sort. Ho
called nt the olllca of tho United States
marshal of Oklahoma u number of times,
had prt seated the claims, but l had been
represented that tho money to cover tho
same hud not been received from the gov
ernment. Ho wants to knowvlf this Is the
fact. He appears to have come doubts
about Its being strictly correct. As It is
a proper matter of Inquiry, It Is supposed
there will be little delay In furnishing the
Information desired.
DiutU or uu Old bcttlir.
Peabody, Kas,, Feb. 17. (Special ) James
W, Williams, an old settler nnd prominent
farmer of Marlon county, died ut his home
near here last night. He was a member
of Peabody camp. Modern Woodmen of
America, and Marlon lodge, A. O. u, W.
A l'ltl.TT ACTItl'ss I ot'M.V Ml It
IIKItr.tl 111 .IVMI'.s (If'.MItV.
mi Mm iv i: known lint tin: iiuhidv.
t'ltl.MI. t'M.l.v I V s ,li;.l,llt's.
1 ht Tragedy Occurred ill 'pls' Hotel III
Phllitlelpblu, Whore Ml V orlio Was
Mopping sbe M-ns lliiud
some nml Popnlir.
Phllnilolphln, Pel). 17. Madge Yorke,
n soprano singer with the "Hngg.igo
Chock" ootnpntij, was shot and almost
Instnntly killed lo-nlght at Zeiss' hotel
In this city, by James P. Gentry, n
comedian of Collier's "Hack Number"
company, (.entry escnped, nnd up to u
late hour lind not been captured.
The "lt.tggugo Check" oomp.inv. which
opens nt tho l'mplio theater to-nioriovv
night, arrived heio o.trly this morning
from Chester, P.i and ti number of the
members, Including Miss Vorke, regis
tered at Zeiss' hotnl, Miss Yoiko taking
a third story back room. It Is sold that
Miss Yorke, whose homo Is In New York
city, took tho n.f.O tinln for Hint city,
but she returned to the hotel at about l",
o'clock this evening nnd remained there.
About 9 o'clock Gentry walked Into
the hotel olllce nnd nsked lo be shown
to Miss Yorko's room, lielng unknown
to tho attaches ot tho house, he was
told to wait a few moments. A message
w.ih then sent to tho gill's room, but
(entry did not wnit. Hi' walked out
Into the hallway and ascended by means
of the stairway.
Miss Yotke and Miss l,ld,i Clarke, a
member of the company, were In the
former's loom, practicing songs, when
Gentry opened the door nnd walked In
unannounced. Miss Yorke manifested
sonio suiprlse nt seeing him and Intro
duced him to .Miss Clntke. After hnstily
acknowledging the Introduction, Miss
Clarke sas.s Gentry tinned to Miss
Yorke nnd In an angry tone demanded:
"Why didn't you meet mo to-day?"
Hefote the girl could ansvver.ho whipped
a revolver from his pocket and fired
three shots ut her, each bullet tnklng
eflect, one over the tight eye, one in tho
center of the fotehead nnd the thlid
close to the left temple. Gentry Immedi
ately rushed from the room nnd noth
ing moio was seen of htm
The supposition Is that he ran along the
hallway and descended by means of the lire
escape at the back ot the house, making
good his escape by one of the numerous
little nllovs In the rear The shots were
heard tliioughout the building A patrol
man was summoned nnd the girl was
taken to the Pennsjlvnnla hospital, about
a block distant, whore she died linmcdiitc
1 upon her .uilv.il
llefoie entering tho hotel, Gently went
to a theatrical boirdlng house next door,
kept by a -Mrs Dietrich, where he was In
formed thnt .Miss Yorke was stopping at
Zeiss'. Charles T. Illiney, author of the
"Ilaggago Check," and Mail iger Cooper
slid that It was genei ills undei stood that
Gentry and tho girl were engaged to bo
married, nnd no motive for tho deed other
than a lit of Jealous) can he Imagined
. ntry had alwavs been regitded by his
lrlends In tho profession as a thoroughly
good fellow, while not u word could be
said against the gill. Geutij, It Is said.
Is oilglnally from ltlehmoud, Yn. Ills
fi lends In this city are of the opinion that
he will commit suicide, as certain mirked
lueullaiitios of voice and m innei render
Ills ouptuio in the near future almost In
evitable. The murdered gill wns well known In
the profession During the season of US7-SX
she was a inenibi r of the New York Ca
sino (ipera Company, of late- je-ars she has
boon wllh "Naiiii.il lias," "lloss and
lloss," whoie sin fiist mot Gentiv, nnd a
number of othe i prominent compinios She
was eiikaged bj tho "Itaggige" Chm k"
comnany lisi se ison. and had undo su ii
a hit that .Mr Illnuoj hid tried to iid-n
vanoe tier position, ami to this end wns
writing for hoi the put of an up-to-date
girl In "The Chattel Mortg ige," which is
to lie piodui'cd In Now Vork next month
She1 was a rem.iik.ibly pretty gill, docldfd
! brunette, and about ears of age
Oi'iitry Is dooilhed ns a till, thin, sal
low faced man of about 11 soars of nge,
md Is said to be a clover character come
dian Miss Clirko was proslnted by the ore nr
reuoe. and could not be soon
Detectives were- at oneo put upon the
cise, ,
V Denver Man Kills llini.olf Almost In
the PrcMilcn of Ills suoe the art
Denver, Col, I 'eh. 17. Melancholia nnd
consumption Impelled George II. Wilkinson
to kill himself In a pathetic ami sensational
nnnner this nfteiunou while, calling iixm
the joung lady to whom lies was engaged,
Miss Olive Potter Ho drew a revolver and,
after saving th it he was convinced that
loeovory was Impossible, attempted to kill
himself, The joung woman b forco prn
voutnl his c.iirylng nut his design, and
thinking to allay his excited condition,
suggested that I hoy go for a. walk, to
whit It Wilkinson agreed Passing tho house
where the young man boatded, ho excusod
himself to run In nnd get an overcoat,
leaving MIhs pptterat the gale. Iteachlng
his loom, he sent a bullet crashing thiougji
his brain Ills sweetheart, heirlng tho ie
port of the pistol, reacheel him Just as ho
was dying. Wilkinson camo to Denver for
his health fiom Cleveland, O,, wheio his
mother and brother reside, about live jears
ago. Ho was 27 years of age, and was
soon to hnvo been married. Iloth Wilkin
son and Miss Potter stood well In social
Attempt, lei Kill Ills Young Wife and Pud
UU Own Life,
St, I.ouls, Mo., Feb. 17. At tho fomilo
hospital of this city to-elay Cllne W, Cam
eior., a youth of IS, mnele a desperate at
tempt to end tho lives of his girl wife,
Mamie, ageil 17, and himself, Through n
succession of misfortunes the couple had
become unable to make a living. Mis.
Cameion was taken with an attack of
malarial fovcr and removed to the city In
stitution for treatment. Cameron, still out
of work, called to seo his wife to-day.
They talked earnestly for some time when
suddenly Cameron drew a cheap revolver
nnd tired one shot nt his wife, Inflicting n,
probably fatal wound In tho side nenr the
heart. He then turned tho weapon on him
self, but Inflicted only n slight scalp wound
before he was seized. Ills wife will proba.
bly die.
hue-e-CB.ful Itcvlvul at iScclullii.
Sedalla, Mo., Feb. 17. (Special.) Hvange.
list J. P. I.ovvry, of I.lttle Itoek, Ark.,
closed to-night at the Southern Methodist
church one of the moat successful revivals
ever held In Sedalla. The meetings lasted
... ..., A. ntlnnillLl C. In Wlrl A., ill
Il 1I.OUCU tllld WCIU Olt UW UJ . HUUI, I
encea from tho several congregations in
the ell) without reg ird to ,b tionillnillon,
nn I tin. result was Ilic awakening of the
i bur, h W libit! Itself .More Hunt lm potwtis
were lonurtril ilurlng the nn Hum.
'I he) Are Appredieuslll. 'I It it inne of Iho
Appropriation Hill Mn) lull
I bis M SSlllll,
WathltiRlnn, l'eb. 17 Thrre Is biginnlug
to be a slight Ulii aslness on the Deiuo
iratle side of the senate that some of the
appropriation bills may rail. The to re
main only twelve more working ebijs of
thu resslou nnd four ot the most important
of these bills are still entirely uniuitM'
ered In the senate. Theso ill ei the Indian,
the sundry civil, tho legislative and ih
gcnerul dcilclencv bills, ouch of them con
sidered as more likely to afroid ground
fur deb He than nil) ot the upproprliillon
bills which have nlioadj 'received inten
tion. This utixlcty Is hot yet, howovei,
very pi enounced. It would bo more maik
cd, but fur the fact that 11 Is iieucriillv be
lieved that the Uepubllcnus are plncnc In
their protestations thnt the) do not desire
to prolong duli.ile auillclcutl) to cause the
failure in auv ot the bills mid thereby
lender tliomselvis amenable to the ehaigu
of making an excuse, ror nn i xtrn si sslon,
The Democratic inamiKirs expect to gain
considerulilo time bv immhg nt nn early
day fin u o'tloek sesulons and following
this soon b prolonging the dally sessions
Into the nlHiit. The had expeeteel to pre-s-the
question of 11 o'clock sessions until
the siilidij civil bill should be taken up,
but when the reached that ibclslon, tiny
had supposed that they would be ahle lo
dispose of the postollice, the Indlnn and
the agilcultiire bills Inst week. Inste.iil
the sui'i'cvded only In pissing the post
ollice bill nnd In having the' agrle tiliural
bill still nn!) mi thill) consider. .1 and the
Indian bill untouched. If it becomes np
piiunt that the Indian bill will rccpiin
tlme proportionate to that put 111 on the
postolllio ot District of Columbia bill, tho
motion foi earlier meeting which Is nlrcndy
pending will be pressed cm I) In th week
The agileiiltur.ll bill will lie disposed or
Mond.lv and lifter that Is out of tho way
tho sunilr) edvll bill will he tnken up. The
stimlrv olv II has not )ot hoe n re ported from
committee, but It Is hoped that it will be
repotted to-morrow cctt.ilnlv It will b
before tho Indian bill can bt gotten out of
the w.i), so that there Is no prospect of
the sennte finding itself without mi nppro
printlon measure to proociel with.
There Is vcrv little piuspeet for much
consideration of any other subject and the
piuhihllltlfs any general legislation, sue h
as that proposed In the pooling, tetrltorlat
admlsslbn. Pacific rnlltond. nnvy personnel
ii ti. 1 bankruptcy bills, an growln smaller
and smaller every el.i). There will be i
strong effort to gi't up and dispose of the
pooling hill, but therii will bo determined
opposition, nnd some of Its best friends
aie growing discouraged over the pros
pect The probibllltles for the week nlso In
clude n. cursory discussion ot the teirltorlnl
bills, but tho prospoets are against their
pnssnge. Thero arc several financial bills
nnd lesolutlons which mnv bo called up.iind
the lilies of the senate permit such latitude
of dolinte th it u llnincl.il speech ma) be
Injeoti d nt any time nnd recjanlless of the
m.asuie in hand. There Is still occasional
lefercnto to the ngree mem which eiinie sr.
neni bidng completeel Thursday last for i
two divs" dob He at the beginning of the
week on tho Jones bill, with u vote nt tin
e hue. mil tho matter ma) hi' iivlved wllh
or without unanimous consent Senator
Jones still Insists thnt eltlici his hill shall
he eonsl.leied on its nitrits oi Its oppo
nents shall show their Indisposition to
consider It by filibustering against It Sen
ator lias has also given uutn e of nil effort
to eall up his gold bond bill toMiiorrovv
and In doing so Is liable to pnelpltnto a
tlinnolil discussion nt the beginning or
the week's work Altogether the outlook is
for a bie-v week In the senate
I nitw'.isT rou 'i in; itou.r.
Much llilslttess (InellspieHc d Of, lue billing
'lun Appropriation HUN.
Washington, Peb. 17, The rush of Un
closing dajs of tho session begins to-morrow.
In tho house for the p. ist we e nie in
hers have h. en crowding for the nusldern
tion of bills bv em minions consent This
week the rush will l mine nppaient when
ever the1 regular appropriation bills, confer
ence reports nnd uther pitvitegod m it t. rs
ure up befeire the huiiso. Itut twe appro
printfon bills nie t undlspo'.ed of h the
house, the naval ind gcnerul el. th tone).
The former has b, e n consldeiod foi two
ila)snnd It will pioh ibly requite two more
(Tuesday and V , ln, selay), to.moiiow, nn
der the rules, h, h ej stispemslon d i) The
general deficient bill, which will follow,
will take up two dies. Cnnfeiewico leporis
will consume llo l.-t of the w e ok Hides
nnotln i oppoituniic Is given to the Pa
cific iiilw.tv enlniniltee to socute a vote
on the landing lull which hns been ngitn
repniiod favoial'H with an amendment
In tho shnpe of a i rnposltlon for the I nlnn
l.i 111' to settle th n, count with the kov
ernme'nt bv the pnvinont of the mlneliml
ot the debt din Mnong tho bills upon
whit h ai (ton will he nsKoil niuler siispin
slon eef iho l ui. i e uioiiovv Is the hill re.
potted fiom the onimlltee on pensions to
cepinll,. tho pi ti i o - of Mexlcin veiei mis
I'lfte e II 'I hull l II. 1 I hine so IIoillle el III t.en-
ral Neeelll at Hal Che ng t llilll e
I Ie e I siirrende rs,
Ynknhamn, l'.b 17 A dlsp iti h from
General Noilsu, , emmiinler of the tiist
Japiue-o arm) in Main hurln, dnlod Pob
ruaiy Pi, s,i)s Unit H.e) Chinese, with
twelve guns, ami. K d Dal f'heng from iho
i.io Vang, New t'hmg nnd Jlnkno roads.
The) were rcpulst.l, leaving over one hun
ched dead. The- Japuieso loss was the
kllled or wounded
An olllclil dispatch from Wei Hal U'e I,
healing date of Pebiuii) 11, has been io
oclved heie. It state's that In lospuii-e to
thu oiler ui.idii by Adinli.ll Ting, the Chin
ese naval commander, to suiiemlci his ves
sels If loudltluiis of .iiiini aty were giant. d,
Admiral Ito, comiuaiMlei ol the Japanese
I.,,. ..u .1. ,,,(,ilo.l lline ll, ii.iinl li, l
1 f'.t.iii.l. 1.. Snrr,..,,!, i
. ,-... ,,
Washington. Peb. 17. The secretary of
C. ...,u ln.il.ie rooollt'il llif fnltnei I o- ,11.,-
IU I no eeiie-? ,ei.-c ..,,, met 1 ullltSCI
Island forts ot Wei Hal Wei, China, havo
surrendertd, Tho Chinese aelmli.ils and iho
Chinese generals committed suicide. Havo
sent the Pniteel Stat"- ciulser Charleston
to watch tho movements
O A HPl.NTP.lt."
Old II lluug I'll tug on luck.
London, Feb 1S.A dispatch to the Times
from Tien Tsln s.i)s that Li IUng Chang,
who has been appointed a peace envoy to
Japan, will go to Pc-klu on Febtiury .'I to
confer with the emperor. He will rtturn
to Tien Tsin In two weeks ami .ii ,hn
proceeel to Kobe. Advices from Seoul aro
to the elfect that the king has refused to
accept tho resignation of tho ministers. It
Is repmte.1 th it the nntl-conformlsiH In
stigated another attempt to assassinate
Prince Pok -
(luce il l'uslnr In Knii.i.
llloomlngton. 111 . Feb. 17. David Wetzell,
one of tho most distinguished ministers of
the Chilstlan church, died in San Francisco
last night. He had been pastor at sev
eral points In Illinois, at Hutchinson, Kas.,
and Oakland, Cak
thiown ovei this (Wodnesela) ) moinlng.
Tho I'lilneso messenger who roni.)..i this
clem liul letiiuu-d to Adiulr.il ilo ami In
formed him ihut Ailinli.it Ting has coiii-
t.t t. .1.1. 1.1 A. .1... till, I,, ... I..l., 1, ,, .. 1,
lliicec-ii rn ,.,',. ,,,. .... ,.,n... ... . ". ,,,,,j ,
unci that his lesponslhllity h.ul been tians
fe rreel to Captain Mei'luie, inrmeil) tho
innstor of a llrltlsh luerchnm vessel, who
had been appointed by tho i'hlno-e l,ovc tu
rnout .is assistant to Admiral Ting Ad
miral Ho, nt the time tine dispatch was
sent, was conloirlng with Captain Mo
Cluie A dlspitoh elated ivbrunry II. from I'leld
Marshal (ij.imi, who is in oomniaml of iho
Japanese milltiiy forces at Wei Hal Wei,
announces the rnpipl. to suiremlei of the
Chinese on hind nnd sen. lie nlso an
nounces that Ailmlial Ting nnd two other
ollleers onmmiiloel sulcldo after addressing
a letter from (ho Chinese llagship atcept
Ing tho Japanese demands, The Chines"
soldiers garilsonlng the fotts on tho Island
of l.lil Kuiig Too, the Inst of tho defenses
of Wei Hal Wei to hold out against tho
Japanese, and the sallois of the Chinese
Meet wero lo bo laken bo)oin tho Japanese
lines and liberated, while the raptured of
ficers nnd the foreigners will be eonve)ed
away by ship before they mo given their
llbei ty.
patch fiom Adinlr.tl Carpenter, command
ing Iho Asiatic squadron: "Che Foo, Peb,
.MAsKI'.D Ml V Wlli:K St'MMAHV
i:mii:am'I! .vi kimision, mo.
'i in: ,iaii, r.sii:ni:i ami onoitui
lltAOV Itllllll.l.D Willi nut, I, Ills,
'line llrtlm Was it Cohered Mint Who Wits
t'hnre-id With the Murder or Ills
WUe and Ulio Unci Ilo, n t'neler
Arre si Mnnj 1 lines ttedorc.
Ilumllton, Mo 1-vii. 17. (Special.)
About 1 o'clock this mumlng it mob of
forty or fifty men rnlded the county Jill
nt Kingston, sel-ed uiul bound the Jail
er, Shot lit Golilsworthy, nml upon his re
flis.il to open (he cell door where Iho
prisoners vveip conlltu'el, they Hreel sev
eral shots Ihiniigh openings In the grat
ing, killing the legless coloreet man,
George Tracy, confined on n charge of
wife murder. KK other piisoncrs were
In the same cell, but they wero not nin
listed. All the circumstances go to show that
cnloicel men, the most of them living In
this place, did the work.
While1 the cltl.cus of this county nre
Iiivv-nbldlug and tiro opposed to mob
law, yet the sentiment Is thnt n good
Job w.is done and the community well
lid of it brutal murderer and desperate
diameter. Tracy was held on the
rhaige of shooting his wife while In bed
In this city about n month ago, nml the
evidence Inken befote the coiouer intide
n sttong c.ie of deliberate murder, nl
thoiigh he claimed that his wife shot
Tt.icy was a dangerous character,
having seveial times been under arrest
for v ,u Ions cilmes In this county.
Colonel I Ii 111 IN -iMMi-lhlf ftir tho 1(111 lit
Iti pi it tho Agri run-lit
WashinKton. Vcb 17. (Special ) It dr-
flops that Colon. 1 Plold, of OM.Uiomi
City, is laiKtl n hionlllp for the hill In.
trntlurcil to repeal the I iv approving the
agreement with the Kit knpoo Imllnnt. for
opening that re-oi.itIon to t-ettlemeiit
Colonel Clel.l repi events certain Interests
In that (ountrv who ai- unvloiis to pr -ent
the ii-erwitlun helng opennl and ha
Ihk1 ilii oeied th.it the MHictary of Uu
Int. lor Is faorahIe to ilolay In siieli mat
ters it was (onclinkil to aid the soeretar
In tliis line by -otne toitKresIonal epii--sion
The in Utr w as oi keil up in a
systematic ay, as Colonel ricbl had tx
confeience with the secretary t-ome daK
ago and ns-uit.il lilm that his position in
not opening the ieseiatlon to settlement
uas right ami. In uu t, most uf the p ople
of that oiintr lealUed this to In true,
lie wotihl make his standing t n tmit Ii
bettei than it is in thationntij It hi wonli
take up a hill to , t asitle the fornn r
agiioiiKnt with the Indians for the Kile
ot their j(ser itlon and allow tin fun U
t pt ndeil in that dlri i tton niuountlug to
otr JhJf(0-"i, to be put on the lo-.t sMi or
the a eonnt This was a in w line fit talk
for th h tritai and It ple.o-ed lilm .r
much. lie h.id about coneludoil that thti
was nothing he eoiild do that would Im
prove his M.tndlng In the Oklahoma lonn
uj, but when ho was assured that if h
would 'lo the w. thing he wanted to do
in the Klrktpoo mattei anil that by doinj?
it he would lmpioe himself in the Ml
matlon of the pi ople of Oklahoma he
thought It would be a wNe rnntur from a
departmental standpoint to line Just mn h
a piovlsion tm otpoi.iteil into the netn nf
the pi event lougiiss This was bisls of
operations and as Colonel Held is trmn
th vtate of WIm'oiJii and Is a pergonal
fib nd of the eommlssionrr of the giniril
I ind otlb e ami nf Itepu sentative ItibeiM 1c
the itinaindei of the seheme was i ivU
worked It nlso appeals that Colon I Held
lead law In the oilieo ot S nator Vilas and
It Is In the senate he . peel to get In
the woik that will result In i The bill in
tiodiued in the liou-i Is slmplv a pl.t by
wa of having the muter eousM. ird there
In a generil wa md make It possible to
euie legislation b having the piovlFlon
ln oipoiated In pome g neral bill In the
nate. The plan Is to have Sen.itoi Vilas
get the piovisinn Into some general bill nnd
let It go through the house as a lider. lel
egite CI nn ic.eUed thteo niej.vagfs to.
do fiom Oklihnma Clt aklng that ln
do all he eould to defeat the pnuislon
Me sajrt he will make It linpohsihle to jjet
it thiough the house aw a Htparate mea.sure
lb' saj n nothing H more nbuid than to
InsNt that the people of Okkihonin aie not
favorabte to opening the resei ntlon lo
frettlem nt Tor more than a ve.ir the
sreretatj of the Intel lor had been de
nouneed li the settleis nnd people In gen
eral In th it eounti bemuse of the faet
that he would not open the te.setvation to
tbiltid Mute . n t lien 1 1 l.'-c I'iihi i iilini;
liiorKie l.lillel. rnr siiulliii 'iiihi,
lino I'oii nt 'limber,
lliiluth, Minn.. Teh 17. A mil which
promises hoimtlonnl deVflopinents lias
been beRtin 111 the ellstilct court, resnlthic
from tho Indictment at Grand Itaplds of
(leorRe I.vdlcK. The nilt Is tho llrot of .a
merles, InvolviiiK n thult of 2,r,no,neo feet of
timber, Biippii-ed to hive been stolen from
Koverniuent and reservation land In the
last two years. T.vdlcl. himself admits lie
has Irespisseil on this land for a sear and
a hilf Dlstilet Attorney Striker has been
vvorkintr on the oaso for about three
months The number nf defendants, he
i,.im, Is not Ie than 3m, but they almost
without exception wero woiklns In the
Interests of till limiberlniT cnrporailous,
which really inn the principals, ami will
receive the Mute's attention when the de
fendants explain Iho Mutation anil i?lvo the
names of the p irllcs for whom thej wero
working The amount to be recovered Is
over i'',lC' and It Is said to bo the largest
milt of the kind ever undertaken by tho
federal authorities.
Warm CuntcM llcluieii W'aiideiltu anil
Ml mil lo Secure! ii C'ceiirl.
vVashlnBton, l'eb. 17.-(Specl il ) V. C
I,j kins, of Miami, Is on hand to Insist that
u comt bo established nt his town. He rep
icsenu a tovvuslte company nt Miami,
lieaded by I'. I, Hotiebrake, of Topeka, who
have Intercuts at that town, and thej thlnlc
it Is the proper location for una of tho
courts to )o established In that country.
In the meantime exDelcc-ato Harvey, of
Oklahoma, Is uu band continuing the light
for Wjaiidotte. which Is a rival town to
Miami, and hence It nppears there U quite
a lively contest on hand between the lie
publicans of the two towns. It Is also
rasing uiound the heads of tho conferrees
having the court bills under consldeia
llon. A rriiml uf .luatlce Scull.
Washington, l'eb. 17. (Special.') II. II.
Mitchell, of Oklahoma City, 4 on hand
with a. basket of papers tali ng Justice
Scott's side of the. controversy before the
attorney general. Mr. Mltchel lame Kast
with some prisoners sent from Oklahoma,
to New Vork and then camo I-ere to take
part In the pending controvcr ". Mitchell
has been ono of Justice Be- t's friends
lu tho trouble and he Is made the mes
sengcr to present bis claims as well as
papers pr pud on the matter In the ni
tnrnes lie tier ll It l i xpri tel .that th
leport on the ci" bv Slice I il liucpe. lor
Newton will be on hand soon, nnd tin
tiapris off. rod bj Mr Mil. hell will be
taken into .n-i.li riiimi In emneellon with
the report frntn the inM'e, lor,
I bill I'ouiitr) ll,i-i I'niitriirliil for 'two
I lieirinml- liecile lli'llul let
An'tlilng Albeit.
WnslilliKlon. l'eb 17. The .lnp.ine-c tm
In have solveil for thotn-olvifi the problem
as in tho relative merits of tho battleship
and the cruiser, whbh Is now agitating
congress In cotineollon with the propol
Hon lo provide for the ooiitruotlon of thre!
Hew battleship". While their rrulserv, ow
ing to riipprlor strategy lu Ihelr manage
mclit .mil greater wariness In iitliuk, sup
pleiuonloel by the ludlspi lislble Inrpeelo
boat Hoot have inamiKcd to nhtnlti victories
over tin i'lilneso Meet lu two cane s, the
battleships of the I'lilnmp, even wllh llife
l lor managcmclit and personnel, h,ie given
such a good aieeiiiut of Iheni-edvi'S as to
make II apparent to the ,lnpaneo that If
ever the hopo to meet another naval iw
er In combat with chinoe of run coin thev
must tliemsedves pocpesH "nine of the gloat
It Is le'gaidcd as a foregone cone luslou
that tlnv villi niipilio the i'lilneso bittb'
shlps, I'hen Vinn unci Ting V. lien lit the
latter i'iiii Ii i.ilsed), b ioiiiUest lint Iho
Jnpiinese goveiument Is not content to rest
there', foi iielvlns lecctved bv the inn) eb -partmont
show that the have plaee.l eon
iraets foi building two gnat ships that will
exceed tho best uf eiur own ships In olTen
slve and defensive power
The' battleships will bo of 12 SVI Inns ells,
plneotnont, S7H feet long liv 71 feet beam
All minor bolt Iglitcoii Inches thick will
extend for Ke. feel along the Hides over the
vitals ot the ships, which will bo propelled
bv engines of ll,id hon-i power and carry
each two Ill-Inch guns, ton iMneh guns and
a gloat number uf miu illor machine eim.
It will loipilre fully R.n.1 tons of nbkil steed
llarvelesl aimor for those ships and thot-o
last ieeiiliements bv the .lap in. .so neivern
ment indicate how uulrklv their nival of
llceni piollt bv and inlnpt the veiv latest
dlscoveiles In nnval constrilctlein, for It Is
only veiv rccenllv that the rulted Stnte.s
devolopeel this jeioccss eif treating aitiioi so
as to add ft) per cent to Its rcslstlm power
Hem. C. N. Diirli, of llaiiiilliiil, Is In Wnsli-
lliglini liilervlowoel b
the l'eit.
Washington, l'eb 17 (Special 1 The
l'ost refers to Representative C'l irk, of
Missouri, as follows: "Hon C. N. Clark,
of Hannibal, Mo, who Biiccceels Colonel
Hatch lu tho next eongress, is at WU
l.iid's. Ho is a middle aged gentleman, a
farmer on a huge scale, and an anient
ltepubllciiu, who sincerely believes In the
beiiolleent elli'Cts or a pioteetlve tarllf "I
believe.' said Mr. Clark, 'that .Missouri will
cast her vote In ISlni for the Itcpuhllcau
nomine e for the ptchldeticv The trenil of
the sentiment out our w.iv Is nniuKtak
ably towanl the Itopiibllc in putv That
Is ample, proved bj the l.u t that In the
I'lflJ. -nuirili congiess our stnie will have
ten ltepiibllc an n prehcntatlvos out of a
tut il ot llfteen, whereas In the present
lienise onlv one member sits cm Iho Iti pub
lic an side. Missouri can no longi r bo
classed as a Democratic Mite of the
variiius eamlldatos mentioned in eonnoe -tton
with the piesliloncy then ate two
who enjoy almost e in.il favor with Mis
souri ltotiiiblleans, .ind It Is hard to s,i
which Ins the most followers, iloveinor
Me l.lnle. of Ohio, or Tom Iteed. of Maine
The general fooling Is tb it lihei would
in ike a th st-e lass piosideiit and that
either can b id the part to vletoty,' "
vernl VirpriM.tt lApe ted When tho C'iiho
Is Ci.lh.l 'Ihli .'MiirnhitT MU Mm lit-
Jvr'-i 'leRtlmoiiy.
.Mlnm apoliM, Minn , Teb 17. To-monow
innrnlni; setral iurprl'ses are epit tt-d in
the Hownrd trial The ilefenf has been
binj to-diy lu eolleetlnK mitttr nml will
be prepared to i;o .ilonf? h mdil with tin
i ast .
Miss Waehth r will be pi ieed on tin
stand nnd Mi I.ntn will iukuc with the
eiiuit as to whether 01 not i-he nan t s(lf
as to whit Itllxt K.ild wlilb rdie wnn tiK
Injr his .statement. If tin court holds with
him, It will en-ate a preredent wlnnbv
tenoKiapheis einploved bv nttornes will
hue to in k( pt In tin- daik a.s it'irtU nil
stati'inents between nttoinejs nnd their
clients It appenrs that the ttntuti' hae
not been iiln tl Hlncc the HtvmiKraplier
bee une u neeewsary adjunct to an uttor
ney'M otlb e, ami theie is nn piotlsion foi
their protei tbm On HTturday .ludn-e Smith
w.is quit" certain that the Intent ot the
law wih f-iuh that sin eould not t stlf
In addition to this there will be some evi
dence In iiard to tho-- "hloodj" i lot lies
w hlch It has alwn s bet n Muted Sherlit
Kj;e found out neu bake Calhoun II now
tr inspires that Mr. l.ne did not Mini the
etothlruT refened tu at all, but tint the ills.
coei was m tde b iMubl P. Oarlfnpr.
who will be placed on the stand.
lib f .Inslle e llnrlnn ee lernis tin, Ke e . nt
lloport III ll III' Ik deelng tee
Topeka, Kas, Poll 17 -(Spool ill When
oen to-lnj in rog.ud to a pi Into. 1 storv
til it his ic-lgn itlon was In iho hands of
Hoveriior M.iiilll, I'hlef .Insihe llortnn
pionouueeil It as rldleiilniisl) untrue. He
s.ild "hiich a stoiv must have orlgln.iliel
In tho mind of some pn Ileal irl Imiglni
tlve repoiter, for thei,. Is ahe-olntcly no
foiiudntlnu for It "
Tim chief Justice of Kansas then re
lated that time nud again ho had been
liiideied positions along the lino of his pro
fession, at a huge Increase of snlarv over
that now pild lilm by the htate, but tint
he had declined them all as ho conslderes!
It his elnt to serve his people i-o long as
they demanded his pen lees upon the
bench. The present term of tho chief Jus
tloo will expire in 1S17, ami It Is his Inten
tion to serve the term out.
Ilvlinclie I'n p iratleniH lielng Made, fcer the
! hkloii til lie Held the Coining
Wllillold, Kas, I'eli 17 -(.Sped il 1 The
management of tho Wluileld ftinutauepui as.
somhlv Is In the Held proem Ing the ablest
talent posulbla for tho coming session of
that Institution Slneo the piirolltiba of
Island park by the city Iho dlrectots hive
had tho nssuranco thnt the present slto
will bo permanent ns long us tho manage
ment eb Hire It. and the ginuuds will be
beautified by the cltj. Tho experlimnt of
last ve.ir in providing the ablest speakers
that could be procured iiindo the assembly
a tluanclnl success for tho ilrst time In
thieo vears, and tho attractions for thu
coming season nro i-Miectcd to draw larger
crowds than wero present liht season, Tho
course of Instruction his been e.tondoel
aid mndo more complete, and It Is untUi
piled by those In chaigo that all fanner
records will bu eclipsed,
lie Will Iti nine Ills Ilulli'H ni bpinkor of
the lloiiico 'Ici-ehi'.
Jefferson Pity, Mo, l'eb, 17,-(Specinl.)
II. I'. Itiibsell Is here and will resume his
duties us speaker tu-morrow morning. He
has not lot fully recovered from his sick
ness, and Mimo of his friends question the
wisdom of his actively resuming work, It
Is thought tint his pretence In Iho hall
of representatives will have a salutary ef
fect In expediting bushuss.
Wiithhigtou IVr.imuU.
Wauhlngton, l-b. 17. (Special.) l. j,
Ilryan, of Muskogee, urrlvcil to-elay lo look
after his chances for appointment us United
States marshal in the Muskogee district,
under the new- court arrangement for tho
Indian countiy.
Mr. John Hale, chief clerk for United
States Marshal Is'ix, of Oklahoma, is also
on hand to look after some accounts In the
1-rtl.lvY, MR!), TMAYI5K & CO.,
M rCKssHllS TO
TVinvmlwrt tttltnliu .Mliilnuim, II; mtt
I mn hi. .7.
ro-il.ti 1 loo', for Iht u-tMlntr to t air.
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Srt Dannislc Curtains $3.50
S27..M) Tjipestry l'orticros $17. 50
SIT.r.O Slllt Damaslc Tortiores $0
Sll f0 Silk Damaslc 1'orticre-s $6.75
S.l.l Tapestry l'ortiuros for. $22.50
SlL'.f.O Tapestry l'ortioros $6.75
S-0 Satin Iloriletcd Curtains $0
SIT.-M) Sill: Derby Curtains $0
Sid llenalssanco l'ortiercs SI8
Sll Iiunnisstiiica Dortlorcs $l'7
Sl 'I'apcstry l'ortioros for. $11.25
pso Daimifclc Tabic leluett for 7f3c
$2. .10 D.niuisK- XapUlns for $1.98
J 5c llli'iiolicil Huck Towels for g
,10c Colored Center Scarfs for 35c
I, Turkish Wash Clotlis for 5
SJ Marseilles lleilspreails for ....$1.69
Mill Lengths I.aco Curtains for.....5c
S5o Mill I.oiifjtlis Caslimeio for..... ,c
10c Sil W I. aces for. ..IOc
1.1c Slllt I.accs for ..5c
CiOc Killc I.accs for. .....9o
15c rriiitnil Ctctonncs for ...VHc
10c Domut I'Manncl for -6KG
1 r.aellcs Sliocs for SI. 78
SJ.iM) Ladies' llutton Shoes for....$.7g
S..50 Ladies' llutton Shoe's for.... SI. 23
52 Hoys' felloes for SI. 25
Ladles' Kulibors, all siyes for. 25c
Missus' nml Children's Kubbers for 25c
llojs' It libbers for 30c
Men's Ititlibers for. 50c
M)c C ailua I 'ins 5
SI CVarina I'ins 25o
10c lluttiTiiiilk Soip 3'fiC
I'iuo Milleil Toilut Soap 5C
I'inc- Milloil Toilet Soap 2o
l.tra I'iuo Toilut Soap 25o
50c racial Soap 29c
sic Leather I'ockptboohs 48c
Mio I'uckotboaks for. 25c
si! .in Wilton Cnrputs for Si. 25
si. 1.1 A loins tor Carpets for 85c
il. 11 Velvet Carpets for 85c
SI. H Itody Itrusscls Carpets for. ...75c
rl ai Velvet Stair Carpets fur 85c
7.1c Tapestry ( aipots for 55o
I-nniiY, HIIJI), THAYHR & CO.,
11 ti IVrfietcil In lie t the reinrorn em Its
I illllllll ll l't t I'll ni) .,f
Chicago. Ill, Pole 17-It Is si no I hero
that plans for getting the Whisk) trust
on Its feet have been practical!) agreed
upon by the moi khoMers' icorKanUatlon
committee. Ilvcry eitoit Is being made to
keep the tortus secret until an a, hirers to
the shareholders can be prepired Threo
members of the reorgaulzition committee.
It D II irtshorno and H D. Hlce of "sow
Vork, and W. I). Iluiton, of Cm. mn it ,
nie In conference with He e elvers MeN'eilt.i,
Mitchell and l.-iwictuo.
It Is s.ild the concern Is In eeeleic eon
dtlloi! and 110 dllllelllty will be c p, nenetd
In raising Iho mono) nesosMrv lo get It
out ot the hands of receivers. Instead of
a piessliig Indebtedness of .,o.V),0ni or
more-, as Judge Oriw.scup was led to bellevn
evislod, the roeelvois discovered that tho
ecuuiianv owned only little more than mH
irt) In the foi in of rob no vouchors, and
fill."1") of these have been forfeited. Tho
tent lining J l'ji.is not duo lu a lump sum,
but matures from day to day and can lead
ilv be met without sacrlllclng any ot tho
ai-sctiii of the comptnv
It was discovered that the trust had al
most $Ji),iieV) cash In the bank, which could
bo usesl for the pavtneiit of debts. Tho
business, however, requires a n servo cap
lt.il of tint amount, for. In lively times,
from IS.O") to Jhe.OuO a day Is pild lo tho
Internal revenue collector In getting splr
Its out of bond Tho ti list owed only ,i
small amount, ns the managers had paid
cash for all supplies bought.
The plan which, It Is said, will proh.
ably bo adopted Is to force a judicial sale
of iho propertv and buy It In, It Is thought,
that stockholders favor the plait heeauso
It would get tho company nw.iy from thu
lecelvers ami lentoio It to mantgers frlemN
ly to thosci holding Its securities. Ono feat
uiv of tho plan is said to bo to dispense,
Willi Mr, iireenhut.
Mr. llartshorno would not talk about tho
Intentions of the loinmlttee further than
to say that any plan that might be ndoptM
would Include the retirement of fl,0oo,iwo In
bonds now outstanding, Theso weie told
ut li) cents on tho dollar,
Something New at Union Itoiige,
Ilaton ltotige, Ii Veli. 17. A largo num
ber of people visited the river front to-day
to witness the novel and unusual sight of
lea Homing In the Mississippi river, largo
lloes nf which havo been passing through
out tho e-ut I re day. Onlj onco or twice
previously has floating Ice been geeti in Iho
Mississippi river this far south.
Church tu llu Itobullt.
Wliideld. Kas., Feb. 17.-(Speclal ) Tha
Christian church, recently destroyed In tha
disastrous lire, will be rebuilt as soon as
the weather will permit. The business
men of the city contributed liberally una
the fund Is almost subscribed. Work will
be commenced as soon as possible and vls
orously pushed until compItd.

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