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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, February 18, 1895, Image 3

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Tim KANSAS CITY JOUltNAL. MONDAY, l'lWl.UAi.Y 1 .. 180,7.
.Mi:miKnsoi'TiiiMCAss rm riiAi'.
n it atti.mi sn.ci vi. miuutr.
It In IIpIiI In (Irlri- ( hutch nnil Itrv. ('utile.
ron Vtnitn I'rrtttlirs u Mrting rniioii
nil Cltlciishtp Attended tit
n Hotly,
The members of the loco I chapter Soni
of thn ltmottilton, In n body, attended the
morning service nt tlrnce Kplscopnl ehiireh
xcHerdn) niul listened to tint sermon of
the rector, Hex. Cameron Mntin, on tho
milijoet of "CUIumHiIp " In honor of the
organization 11 special ferileo wns observed
In llii' worship. It Wns prepared for tun
In the obervnneo of Washington tdrlh
ilny by the organisation, nnd conform
elocly to Hie Thanksgiving "ervlcn of llio
chun-h. The service was beuutlfiill) punt
ed In ml nnd dlno on while piper, nml
topics of It wore preserved ns souvenir
In ndttltlon to the thirty members of the
lo al eliiiter there nut piosoht llio Unigh
tern of the American Iieotntlon nml the
l.o)nl l.oglon (Itinera I Milton Moore nnd
ntnlf wrro nlso present, nlul tlio following
gentlemen from out of tho elt) Jlou
llchry Oldie, Hothun), slnte t-ocrctnr) of
the order; Jlcitu A. I. Ailliui, lllgglns
vlllo, II. I. Lincoln, ltrutlswlck, .lutlgo
ChnrlcK W. sloin. Hnrrlsonvllle, nnd O I.
Clontr), Umlthvlllo
Itov Miuin ppohu on tho topk of ' CHI
p. nslilp" from the following ttt
Old not thv father ett nnd drink nnd
do Justice nnd Judgment nnd then It win
well with him?" .Iirtmluh wll.tr.
"It I not m function on thin occasion
to co Into details concerning the sotlntv
which we no kindly welcome to till special
sen lee. That the purpose of the soclet)
is ft noble our, tlutt It heirs dlteitlx upon
the Interists of Us nil nnd lint a silm for
those who nre not In Its membership we
clcirly dccliie whin we et imlili- the
usual routine of our Sundo) worship nod
turn the whol" curicui of our pri)er nnd
prnle this morning Into one peoull tr chin
ml "The onlnr of the Hon of the Revolution
wis founded, its 1 tindirstnntl It, to lnslt
upon the dot) nnd to emphasize the de
llcht of pitrlottsm, to quicken the sense
of nntlonnllt nnd the love ot our native
land, nnd to do thl b calling mil nlten
Uon to thoso pit heroes whost wisdom
plnnncd, whoo labor wroiiRht out, whose
lalor defended and whoso sicilflces se
cureil these I'nltiil Rtnte-i of Amerlit
"With the pnrtleulii method h) which
the society attains It object the rest of
it are not eoncernerl but with tho object
Itself wo are In fullest v nip ith) It ap
peals to us n citizen as Christian nnd
a churchmen Wo hive not ndnpttil that
nineteenth century mlsrcidlng of tho Oo
pel which mal.e Count Tolstoi denouneo
pitrlotlsm ns a gross iin-Uhrlstnii Impost
tlon, nor that sheptlcil mtlineholy which
lid Amlel to siy that the Illusion nt pi
trlotlsm did not exist for him We ire
not duped b llambojnnt phnses ibout
the brotherhood of m in Into forgetting
tint within Its wide circle there ire
smillcr onus of stito nun family cquilly
af divine origin and perpetual obligation:
nml we Know tint the niaiei one Rets to
the center the brlchter .mil w -inner burn
the fire of love 'l- nnn who professes
to regard hi wife an. ihlld with the sim
affection that he feels fot the whole hum-in
race I not credited bj us with a
1 irgo Interest In himinnltj. but with a
small one In home ind the mm who
sneer at love of country shows a toll!
heirt rather th-in n Iiiro mind A gen
eroiif enthu-l-ism for the world doi not
require comp itutlve ImlllTt r rico ton n I
our own neonle In no m-in w'lll tho sud
den sIrIU of the old IIir streiininR In the
air nrouse a mme lovnl thrill thnn In the
solitary mission nv who from pine de
votion to hmnnnlt) his Rone to spend his
lltp on the dcKruled dweller In tropic
J inples or arctic snows Chrlstl-inltv Is
not oppospd to natlonalltv- It has Indeed
restr-ilnid and purified It. has compelled
nations to recoRnlre ( ich othei s rlshts
and cue foi etch otht r s welfare
"Where Creek or nomin looked on .ill
other folic ns birb-iilnns whom he must
dre-id or mltrht iiluniler. the modern Cliils
tl in sees fellow men with whom lie hope
to be nt pfiiee, and who In nil the pro it
concerns of life have equ-il title with him
self Tho church, c ithollc from the first,
lecoRnlzid the line of rice and countrv,
-ind her earliest Mjtidh Islons were alonR
those lines Troin the time whin St Iiul
declared at Athens coneernliiR the unions
of the e-irth, 'Clod h ith detci mined the
times hefore apiiolnted and the bound of
their habitation,' thus eonfessiiiR that these
divisions of the rice nre of divine irr inRe
ment down thrnuRh all the sucoeedlnff
tenturies this pilnclplo his been tontessed
and acted on liven In those middle apis,
when our locil ehuiih hnd wldel extended
Its authorltv ovei the rst mil all Chris
tians seemed to be enRUlftd in an Itnllm
iniplie, ven then v lien the coum 11 of
Constance assembled A V) 111?, the votts
wile tilttn not bv Indlvidinls but bj na
tions -ind It was .illowtd tint In their ei
eiclesiistic il functions niiRllsh and tler
m in iml Trench bishops luu not lost their
n itloinlllj With v irvhiR distinctness, hut
alwiijs perceptlblj bj dissimilar cfn
monlts and 'ndependent -ictlons the t lerR
and Hltv of I'uroiio evinced their sense of
the perminente of n itlnnnlltv
" nd nowhere wns this stroncer than In
the 1-ind whence vie derive om IntiRU iro
and Institutions Thioufih all that iiiIr!u
literature the sieitcst In the world be
KlnnltiR In i:nRl md with Clnucei and
'ihikespeare, and possesslnR In our own
land nnd dnv such noble representatives is
Webster and Hmerson and Lowell throush
It nil run a hlRh pitriottsm, so th it lines
like these, familiar to cverj schoollioj,
" 'Hreathes tin re a man with soul so dead,
A ho never to himself h-ith said
This Is my own, my native land1'
are the commonplaces of our cl is-dcs Anil
I pioudl) claim for the church In which I
mlnlstei that to tho utmost she blesses
and cherishes this luv ilty to the stnlo, th it
whilo enforcinp the ecpinl -value of e it h
humnn soul, nnd while proclaiming: the
evanescence of nil eai thl distinction,
she does set uiro upon her children durlnir
nil theli sojourn on th. earth the duties of
citizenship a kten concern In and .1 heart)
affection for their own state She docs not
leave It to tho discretion of her clerRy
rt,t,ntli.,t nr tin In nubile worshiii thcie
shall b .my supplication for this lnnd nnd
Its Roveinment Alwns at hei innmlmt
piHer llse up her siiecinl 'pl.ijei foi tho
Pi-ldent of tho United States nnd nil In
civil nuthorlty.' ulwajs at cventonR koea
forth the cri. 'O Lord, save tho state
'And o It Is lu ttitlro consonuue with
her feelhiR and hei innctlce that we hivo
Kdthered heio to-da lo think nod for
hivliiR raised up this union In tho put
and to pray to Him that l III provident o
It m ly be sultled nnd preserved throuRh
nil tho comlnR nrn And I nm not sti.ij
Iiir fiom my ordination vow 'so to inliilsti r
thH doctrine and sacr-imepts, and tho dis
cipline ot Christ, as tho Lord hath com
manded, and as this church h ith leceiied
the same,' when I make pitilotlsm tho
theme of my discourse That tin me I
not limited to pollilt il oimpilRii md
afier-tllnncr or.tlori , lltly m i Its seilous
discussion mlnelo with the words of Holy
Scripture and of the ISook ot Common
T'rnjcr, and well may those stnr-sp muled
banners li hut on either sldo of the in
ch irtKtio altar,
'Tor there Is somethiiiR eminently
Christian In n true pitilotlsm; not the
noisy rant of tho ptrtlsin secktnp perbonul
Riiln. the theap abuse of other nations and
.lllnd npproval of all our own fiults. but
the hliont; sober perception of the Rreat
ness and Klory of thtso I'ulted btntes, the
thmktul rccoRiilllou of all tint wo derive
from them In our own lives, thn stem dis
approval of nil that would tarnish their
fame or weiken their might.
"Such patriotism Is linseltlsh, and unsel
flshness Is the ery mark of a Chi Mian
"Let us not (llenlfy by this splendid title
the nioieenaii approval of those to whom
tho couutrj lu oul their shop and the
government their police, whose ntTeotlaii
foi (heir Iind Is tluo mereli tu the fact
that they can piosper In It. who luvo no
aiiNlet foi might out favorable! business
"oudltlous ami exttuded toiniiierce, who,
to put it bilellv, tegard the nation as ex
isting only for themselves nnd not thnn
sees foi the nation, who care nothing
about Its past ami hope nothing for its
flituro beyond their own shoit spin. Well
Iijs ilr. Leeky ivmaiked that '.ill t Ivlo
virtue, all thn heroism and fcelf-sariitlce of
patriotism spring ultimately from the h tblt
men acquire of regarding thtlr nation as
a gieat organic whole, lilenilfjln.r them
helves with Its foi tunes In the past ns In
the preeenl, ami looking forward anxiously
to Its futiue destinies'
"And of all wavs of kindling and continu
ing this noble temper; a teinpei which
stands for truth and right now, and for
peace and happiness In the coming vears;
nona Is more effective than the one adopted
hy tho Sons of tho Revolution, the bringing
Into clear light and cherishing with rever
ent affection the memory of those great
and uiiselllsh men who laid the founda
tions of this republic those men who llnd
their highest tpe, In George Washington,
our civic father, of whom wo contldeiulj
nftirm that he did 'eat and drink and do
Judgment and Justice, and thus It was well
-, lli lilt.. Well tlth lilm anil noil fnr iim
ciLce to him, under God's providence, our (
ntllonn! exlstenco I due Wo do right lo
bo proud of our inheritance, of n stnto
wherein the sober verdict of tho nhlet
foreigner who bus rciontly studied It, Mr.
Hrjie. nfter he hi mule all his t rltlilm,
noted our inniiy mult nnd weaknesses. I
Hummed tip In thee woul 'And tint
Anient n mark the blithest lew I, not only
ot m-Heilnl well being, but of intelligent n
nml happliie which the race has vet nt
talned, will bo the judgment of nil thoe
vvho look not nt the fawned few for whoe
benefit the world seem hlthtrto to have
fr lined tt itKtliutlaus, but nt tin whole
bod ot tho people' e. that I It till
tuition wns born for wlint Jiimi ltutll
litmell cull 'the one thing worth striving
ror In this world, a slate rounded on pure
manhood, whtre tverjbodj hns n chant e
Riven him to better hlmelf, niul where
the le tostumn ntnl more realltv there I
the brttei .ml our great ilanttr I Hint
nml'l tho thriuiKing demand of our private
business and the contrndlclorv voiced nt
fncllolin nml pat tie, the utilisation bund
led to ntnl tto, the nil too frequent rit
of trlcki rv nlul fraud, the mnnv wioiigs
till unretirissiil tho vl'f still prevail nt
ntnl lalimltlt still nctmlng, vve maj Ir
Horn out reil Rrentnts nnd underrate nur
preent opportunltv, .Matij n rooi t Itlreti
beiomi tllKUteil with our ptilltlt nml
take lo disponing about t lit Ir future
Hut that I not patriotism Dark as tho
dA may Im thej are not so dark n those
or nllc) l"orRi And tlure nie not lack
ing signs nt present of another utirMng of
the people of a reviving patriotism, of it
stem purpose lo bring prnttlrnl polltlts In
this countij to a belli r cotiforiull) with
the countrv s Pleat Men are waking up
from the thought of tin Ir land ns a shop
white sharp Imtgnlus mi be driven to
the thought of 11 a a fnmll) where utlrv
ami JudRiiietit nre lo be done, That was
what out fathirH purposed, that was vvtnt
tlit ptactlctd, nml thus It was will with
tin m
' W p ought lo cherlh their menior We
shall llnd the studv of thilr work ami the
"jmpithetlc glorilus In It our bet old foi
tUiltiR out own tints- The, too, Ind treaih
erv ami fraud and misunderstanding to
contend with, stub ns hudlv tome to an
mm now -j nev unit uaiiRir to iiont rum
piled with whlrh nut own nre trivial In
the revolution of 177J doubllis, as in nil
slit h movement" were mini men not in
tuited b loft motives th pt rite ndvm
tuiers.tiirbulent jdotters, s, eking onlv their
own udvniitiRo nnd ilklng little In the
frnv Hut not such ns thev rarrbtl It
Ihrough, It wns nun like the Virginia
planter who lnspltcd bv mi honest t on
vlctton of the rlcht. Ilnncr nsltle nil fot t-
line, qultt life, personnl safets, an 1 In gin,
with sober counting of the cost, that cart er
to which nil hltoo tin liinllj show a
paralli I All honor to his mme'
' Hut mote Is to be mined from the stud
of our p 1st herot s thnn the cuii!ne,loiis hi
tliuslasm of their example, oi the solemn
sense- or out lesponslbllltv to maintain
their Worl- We mi still well ptollt b
tin li vvltlnm, we hive not outgrown their
statesman! hip we ale little able to tin
piovp on their ideas With all the gnat
t hinges that have tnkt n plico slnte tbtj
tlletl the tsiuiislon ot out teirltoi tho
multitlvliig of our population, the develop
ment of m it him rv, the tonntetliiR of nil
puts of tip taith bv steam untl t let trlcltv,
vet the fundninentni principle of judgment
nnd justice are Just what the were i i cn
turj ago, nml the iippnralus devlod to
make them prevail at the outset Is
what is netdeil now. Mr Hrvce hi
express, d his opinion that the con
stitution drawn up In 17S.1 'ranks nbove
ever other wiliten constitution toi the In
tilnslc excellence or Its "elietne. Its ntlnpt
ntlon to the ilrcumstantes of the peopli,
the slmpllelt. brevltj anil pntlslon of Its
InnguiRt, its Judicious mixture of detlnlte
ness In pilncliile with elistlclt In tletnll '
We- want no new t onstltutlnn, wo onlv
want faithful atlherinte to the old Ami
nowhere cm we llnd a beltei guidance In
tint and a ilcater warning of the dinger
to which even until r It we are exposed,
thnn In the grent address or him to whom
we do espcclil honot on this dav the ad
dress or liuewill as their elder m igisti ite
to his countonien lliul his warnliihs
ngilnst -et tlonallHin nml pirtv spirit been
bcttei heetlitl most of the tioubles which
these 1'nlteil hlatts hive sulTeied would
nevei hive arisen Had hi example lu
tricing hi si tv is Peon followed vve should
Hive nail no civil war W net ever we hive
strnvttl out of the pith vvhlth his cnlm
wisdom tiuerd for us we have fallen Into
errori nml cilmcs
lhat we hive not, on the whole, been
unfaithful to nut tnist tint we hive prt
"ervetl the old constitution ind the oil
Idc il Is whv there Is t United Stitcs Io
dic Vntl If this rountiv Is to continue It
must bo bv icmalnlng un tht saint foun
d tilon W'e art not lure ror tht-
spetulitois of Europe in polltlts, brt tl un
tlei entire lv different conditions, to tr ex
periments on Agilnst no race oi mine are
we to have a ninovv prejudltp ind still
as In former jears we mi furnish an ns
lum to the poor ami the oppressed or other
lands P.ut an iislum Is not to lie ruled
h such as have sought Its sptlter mil the
"oei illst of Lmopt Ir ho set k peace heie.
must leivt ns In peace 1U0 Wt are In
deed i composite intlonillt Wt have
been o fiom the st irt English and
Scotch and Trent h and nernnns and Dutch
i lid Mvttbs fought sl le b si , in out I tin
tlueutnl lrmj, ind have dwelt hen -dele
hi side evei slnte Hut whit tin ,igre d
to then the ling tht unrolled then tiie
tonBtltutiou the est ibllslttd thin, the Ideal
or nation il life the n tptnl thin these
all others who tome to us fiom fnictgn
land must leveientt now To two t loses
ma we trice most of our prtsent tlltlicul
tlts an ignorint vote, iuotlv of foieign
origin nnd the villous methods or pirty
polltlrs, using th it vote is m ns wtipon
galnst these tlmgers whit s if, gmrd
hivt we ext ept In i loft p itrlotlsm the
pitrlotlsm or nit n spe kln not jut son tl
prollt but the weirire or ill, the pitrlot
lsm or the Christian who will no moie
client nml lie In polltlts than he wool 1
tlsewhti, the patriotism to which ("bore
W ishlngton siid relll in Is iiudlsp. ns ihlt
Not rrom men bell, v big In no I to I, wor
shiping in no temple, tome-sing no ttei
n il moral law not from them t m vve t x
pect the Judgment ind Justin- which hive
ninde this n itlon It Is in this e hutch md
otht r sin h temples or n llglon through tho
land tint nit n are to be ti.ilmd In a noble
nml pntluilng love of lounm. Let us
thtn bt xlgllmt and icilvo in upholding
the Chrlstl mltv of Aim ilea foi wt m iv
be well assuied tint If that goes down It
will not be long befoie patriotism folio vs
and the govt limit nt of the people bj the
people and foi the ptople will hive pct
tshed from the eirth '
Afll. Kill HV't ('H(M)lcl DM ss.
lhoso VVIintii llo lit friiidt d WlllNettr
11 Ilk ti t nt
Colonel J r nutwood, of Mnsvlllo,
'Mo, w,ih In tho cits list evening on his
way to Jetfersoii Cllj on hgnl buslnts
Colonel llatvvool his bt t u conetiiitd in
the litigation that (.row out of tho crooked
work and Might of Attotnc Atteibur,
fotmeily of Mafivlllc A decision wis
rendctud, last vvetk In the matter Hut
makes It certnln tho men who weio de
frauded liaxo nothing to hopo toi, ns theie
1 no lecouiso wlntover In thu matter
Attetbur' niithoiH weio very bold, nnd
tho exposuio of tho ciooketl work a gloat
Miirnilso to tho citizens, lit. wn a favorite,
nnd wus rebpnted lij all lu tho cits llo
was doing u good practice nt un atloriity
nml rising rupldl In tho profi simi llo
bciiiiu m iking loans ami, lu dolor so, se
ciireil Eastern moue) llo made out uiort
gust oil dozens of tho best Minis hi llio
touiitv and furnished a complete ubstiait
and title, nml t lMI seciued loans, which
bo put 111 hi pocktt lit Ing a uotai pub
llo ho was abb- to tin thn work through
lu good bt) It mid lu the business he foigid
scoies of nnints ot tltUe-us as appialst rs
and signets of the inurlgugts
'I luv ilujicil parties hop! d foi recourse
against his bontlsnu n on tho notnilil bond,
and soiiio suits weto broiikht to list thu
luuttct, but list wtck, 111 tho trial of tint
cases, It w is dew loped pniw 1 tint tho
immcH of tho boiiilsuien vvtro foiged The
iinmcH could hivo been set tired e.isll with
out the loigeiv, but hu tlld lint Hike, tho
tioublu to get them
Atteiluuy Is now In Koiithern Afilc.i en
gaged lu eouiiactlng on a inllioail being
constructed time, but no eftort has beep
mndu to In lug him back,
'I he Ktjitliuut of the jrth
In the edlflco of health Is vigor, which
means not merely muscular eneig), but
nn active discharge of the varlout. func
tions of the bod, such as dlgestiun. sec re.
1lon of the bile, the action of the bowels,
the circulation or tho blood Nothing moro
actively and thoroughly contributes to the
united perforatum a of these functions than
the renowned tonlo and regulator, llos.
tetters Hiom ich Hitters, The I fault of its
Ubu Is iv speed gain lu stiingth, togelher
with the ugreeable toiisciousucss that the
tenuio of life Is being streiiglheneel that
one Is lalng up a store of vltnllt ugalnst
the untvoldablo drau-IUs which old ago
makes, upon tho svstem. The tortiflng in.
Iluence of the Hitters constitute It a ic.
liable safeguard against malaria, rheu
matism and kldne trouble, Appetite and
sleep Improve through Its use, and It pro
tects the 6 stem from the effects of cold
and damp.
lloun Ooea tho 1'rlru tir Coil.
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Itl.V. tllAltl.lo Itlliss I'lll.'Vrlll tl
ItCtDIM! M VTII It III till. ItVV.
He siv That leplii the I'henniiipinl
Ijimntlly nt HkiiiiiI VV riling liirnrd Hut
Annual! the I'piqtle Vrtt I hirst
lug for t lleil llonlt.
Itov. Charlen Klos. nilor of th South
west Titbprnncle, prenihetl tho third of hi
serle of "Thieve of llniiit ' sirmons last
night, The church was tilled, nnd Hie aud
ience tltepl attentive lb v Mi Moss,
Hi this sermon, paid hi t ompllmentti to
"I'einlclou l.llernturt
llo chose ns his text the words ' I'nur
MandcKl llioit what thou rembsf' Ait
vlll w .Mr. KIor said Insubslntitt
"If Holomott, who prohnbl titvtr nw a
llhrarj of moro tlinli S papriis vol
limes, tould hb, 'Of the making of books
there I no end, nnd much rcntllnr Is n
weariness to the llesh,' what would hi tlvt
Ulteraneo to If he lived In our iirp, 'l he
output of the American ntnl fortlgn press
I hot less than 2".0ft) volumes il ear
"lhpro nre some practical illllleiiltles In
tho wn of keeping up with turitnt lltti
oture, to sav nothing of the great mass of
perlodh il which tontalti llio work of our
ver best tnletit The task would not be
so stagRtilng If we hail the fntllltv or Ml,
(Hailstone, who, It Is sold, toads the pter
in e, Index or lonlintB, ntnl, It tspeilall
Interesting, the first nnd last cli.Milra, and
then vvtlti a levlew toi piililUntlnn, or It
Ibibtrt lluriis' sntlrlenl observation In a
letti r to .Mr Allislee, of date nt Apill M,
1T'1, inlRlil be a fact 111 which he sas,
Horn bloekht ads bj mere dint of bundling
books (,row so wisp that tvtn the them
selvts nio etpnllv coin lined of mid sur
prised nt tin it own pins' Hut though
wp big fearrullv behind, lend we must
ntnl tint Incessant! .So pethmtle hive vw
crown bv mortlv setlng this mnss of book
that wo date not contess li'titir.mca of nnv
thliig, nml evtn out avtriige mind him l-
ritm,. nn ntntilltiis III the ibrlviltlvp lllld
Ami I lean setist "u wise have wn become
that It Is refieshlng lo ocenslon ilv meet
some one vvho eonftssps to a Itttlc Igno
rance home benevolent people hnve apptp
clited the dilemma to which the reading
public bis hi en mint id, ami so the ngrii
to do the work foi us ami have given ns
Literal) Digest and 'Itevlew of lie
views,' nlul we have taken klinll) to the
ldta on the principle that the best wav to
ride a bronco Is to bile a cowboj lo do It
for v oil.
"Some of the kind people, too who have
voluntctltd tho 'one hundred best books'
h iv e come wide of the mirk and tin Ir sug
gestions ire- as satlsfictoi) js If a talloi
weie to cut trousers on slcht
' rhcit- me, liovvt ver, some cruerii wnien
nlll letluee this great mas of llttritiut to
some shape. Unit rsem in i le It a rule- not
to reil nil) book tint was not two jetis
old It I a rood lule, lor most of thise
twentv thou ind volumes i vt u will tile
In that time the mijorlt) tile aborning
or ir tht) have vltalitv enough to stand the
"hock or tnlrmce Into this told woild the)
soon succumb to choleri Infantum, the dis
ease, which killed "Itobert Klsmcre ' ami
which will In lug lillbv' to an untlmel)
giave In two )eirs 'I his sugi-t stlon ot
leulwci Lvtton e Hi be Riven foi whit It
Is worth 'In silence mid bv preteience the
newest things, hi lltt i iture the oldest
Cl is-lt llterituie Is ilwavs modern
How much of the so-t illtd best modern
lltei Hurt Is i tllsippolntment gives the
linpichsloii tint It has In en wilt ten bv the
) ird ' ou must wide through i doen
pigts to get a bedl7i ru d sin Iv tied up
p ir il) tit thought width nine t ises out of
un Is n pliglirlsm lint Is tht trouble
with Howell" a t lever wiltet, who knows
the poise orach in-eiit Ilni,llsh scute nee us
wtll is an) in in of Atinili in letttis, nn 1
)et who Icids )ou ovtr liucis ind ditches
mil acro'-s tountrv, round limit mid In lugs
von to voui dtttlnttlon, nut ot breath,
XX It It Idttlt) or exelel-i but with no e 0111
mensui ite rtwitd Plve mlntttts or llen
1 1 il liooth s iini-ul ir rln tnrlt Is uoith tin
vol units of pollhe I t xqulsltt ihsh
.NotHlthst unlink this phtnomeiinl list,
tin woild Is sulitriim foi books books
tint tliiw it i milk hilhht scnlcuttous
books hooks that have the liretlmt ot the
luthor In them One or tin n isons wh)
Htnjimiu Kltld's 'sotlnl tlvolutlon' has
m ide such piolound stir i, pirtl), at
leist, due to the tact that It ts m iturcd
pro lucl ot )pun ot tnl
lit bid, villous woithless books and
p. llo lie lis tht le ought to be iio qui stlon
hut It is to be fe iml tint few of our full
ers and mothers anil tiuheis know to
what ixttnt ibis diss iluiiiitcs rl he
question or sujpl) Is rcgulittd bv ilem mil
md that li -olelv tint or t istt To Inquire
at tin Kansts t'lt) lilu tr) ind ilisiowr
tint of the -J eejti volumes tin le ire but
.'iml lb Hon mil of those the vti) lit it Is
, m out itjng
Hill tin bulk of the rending done by
K mnis t'lt) s ptiblii Is not through the
milium of hei gem ril Ilhnrv lu the llrst
pi let tin f unities there h iv i been llmltt tl
for o long i time as to kt p them out of
theli In -t tirrltois but. iliiIii. the I iste
ot tho piihllt , as a t ill , is )et toi these
thlnt,3 'lo --ee the stinks or cheip weekl)
stor) p ijtt rs, trashy novtls I'olii e Ntws
and the like which p isses in anil out of
tht Southwt-t Ntws Coiiipin) s evei) d i)
Is an Index of whit in in) ptople Hid in
lilct puts To sup Into lionii i I oftt ll to
dlsiowr uithti iniitlii r and chtldnn pour
ing ovtr this ibltteiiuiis stutt And woint
ot ill Is the tntllliiteiiii to tin bid cOYe is
To vvltnish nun 1. il will t -t and delight
that xv h li h has bun gh nn I rrom the
woi II ot m nsunllsm, mini illsm and sc in
dal, Is to witness the bl isiiht in) nt human
ity home gi ni roils people re id this el is
ot literature posslbl) on the suggestion ot
Ilr llolmt- tint the 'foollshest book. Is a
kind ol It ikv boit on a set of wisdom.
some nt Hi wisdom win get in an) now
It 1 hudl) ii.dllde how hll IMvvln Ar
nold, K C I 11, c S I could evtn in a
guarded w iv is lit till sevti il )eirs ago,
sptak of oil's La liete Iliiinalue as ihe
greatt st book of the )t u, if it lb half ns
bid as lit snvs It Is Ho trUs to convex
lhat It Is siiuplv tho irt of it tint h id
fascination tor him Then so ninth the
woist fui Sir IMwIn It Is bid irt
"It Is not however, that slmpl) which Is
Inhtrtnily hid and woithless thn Is to
be st imped is a thief IMnnnl llverett
II. lie thinks we read too mm 11 ntwsptpii
Anvwa) wo cm rtitd good books to no
imipo-e Antl It Is to be a linltted that vv
rtad too mm h with no litlciilar end In
vltw nnd it his glvni us i rice of merit il
dvsptptli A hibv tries hi muse it his
eittn too much and the tond niimni i gives
It moie with usual result or continued piln
nn i more piln, so we hive stiffi red fiom
lltt nry Indigestion
'line greir writer who hll mule his
work rmious the world nraiin 1, rend onl)
the t holce, sirted niilirlnl and then untie
notes or what he rend He developed an
extrnnrdinnrv mentor) and was a Mscln.it.
lug conversation illst
"Vhrihum Lincoln's mother had hut on
book tho Illble He wis tiught it fiom
beginning to md Ills next was 'Pilgrim's
1'rogress,' which he hoi rowed With lim
ited school privilege mil few books he
astonished nun ol Ietteis by the tlissln
ami elegant die linn of hi public utter
ance Ills memni) too vv is lennrkuble
The sinie coull be said of Mich it 1 Pir
ruly, tho greit scbntlst, whose earlier
lenllng ami tdticatlon were limited but
he mnsterul Hie few books at Ids tinnmnnd
and became In his da) the woild s first in-
'Our Lord si)s thit there I a heirlns
lhat tints not understand, n seeing and )et
does not perceive and so theie is a lead,
lug whh h does not grasp meanings Christ
Is lu the world a Env lor fiom nil evil Ills
tor), poetr). nil ehronlclts of life aire to
be come nt Iroin the standpoint of Christ
Ho Is nut true iiuernreier oi pniio-npny
nrt hlstor) of nil lire Tho luqulr) of
text U pertinent not only to hnd books, but
to the best to the very Hook of book',
't'lulerstaiidest thou whit thou i eldest?'
Po wet teid lo llnd Christ nnt Chrlstl)
II i)ilu Vlusli' 111 ( hurt h.
Thn Tlrst I.uthci.in church had unique
BCivlces jtsiniU) inoinlug nml last nw n
big, llio theme of both snvlns was "Ihe
heven List Ha) lugs of Our .ortl," which
theme tunned thn basis of sanu of llio
most b. autlful sonitus of ll,a)dn Tho
pastor, Itov J. vl Cumin, vvlm Is un ni
thiislistlo admlier of music, stcutnl thu
services of tho, llnvilii suing tpihitette,
touuosed or i: OjIci. .1 r linnitischltd
William b. Hose, Cnrl "Vlttz and J II, Au
di iws, to supplement liW rnnark on ihu
severil ulttiauies of ( In 1st nil thu cioss
b) tho pla)lng of thu llti)du music
Thieo of the ' tajlngs" foitnid (he ttxls
foi tho nioriilug service and four of Hum
for tho eveidiig "civlco, Mr. Ciomei ex
lolled musto In Its highest Intent,
and especially Ihe works of those com
posers whose themes were to a grent
extent Scriptural, and Ids remarks on the
scenes and utterances at the cross were
very Impressive, Ills explanation of
Haydn's inspiration made the muslo com
prehenslvp and Impressive to the large
congregations. He said that he was a ill in
believer In ihe clflcncy of muslo In the bet.
terment of the world, nml referred to It as,
next to lell-jlon. the greatest gift to man's
moral being, because Its language Is unl-
t r&al
tie urgeu ino cungiegaiion lo rc
i-nr.l thn iilax llli? nf ihn tnlisln In the. IIltIiI
of an Inspiration, and to fprcet It, for the I
lime, as uu .uu
Excelled by None
Itrsime vcir t
Jitv li en a pi icte
p iff r r- Ir ml Uheii.
.wu t ,x
lu i
i i. Ho him h so
I tou'tt h t nt
I le i i) biiliiet
l v i (online I lu
II li iiso for Wicks
nt it me. I ii ml.
iM' visul lo try lltwd
Jv .Siriiipitlllnndlnvn
MR) t i sinntl) Itnprnved
Kll sIimi I t nlnlii, in , ,1
'V'1- 1.(1 it. 11,1. hlr.ll. I....
-. .. ., .., " " i.i" in, un mi'.
rir. C. I. King I mi iinv will nnd
strtmc i in lliiiin s Sit-iiMtdl i Html) 'ex.
Cillulh) nunc.'" I .1 . Mx i, Nirtilii .!
. . o la liietnlirr,
f-fooa s -.
jt it svv'iyxV pttvilln
Jk,Hoonfl CUreS
Hood's PlllBinri HI r, ' 1.V
C, 1. vliiein, Hu st, I mils Siiltldi, (irtupbil
ll litiiiiii mi Wvniitlitlti strut,
Ntnr Ninth.
C T Moore who was found dead In a
em nt St. Louis Inst t'HIiv night lived In
this ell), nnd foi the past two venr hnd
roomed nt the home of Charles llidslrom,
at '1 W) mulatto strtel where his t licit
still tit r- lie occupied a bitk room and did
his own cooking during all Unit time He
left that place Inst 'Ihursdav morning, nf
ttr breakfast, nnd nothing unusu il was no.
Heed In his m inner H that lime. althniiRli
his behavior since the hollda) had excited
comment on pitvlous oet nslons
Lnstiveniiig .Mr Iddstrom told a repre
spntatlve of the Journal nbout the mm.
Slit sal I
"Ho came to mv jdite to boird two vears
igo. lie often told nn ho wns a slni-lo
man. lit never talked nun h, and when
not nt wotk generiill) stavitl In his room
Hi hid a small stove th, re nnd lid his
own looking, he being vtiv ptonninhal nnd
living ns thf.ipl) ns possible ! alivu)s
dressed very neatly and was a quiet nnd
wtll bell iv id man not n I 11 ti 1 to ill Ink
Put 'tig the fill and vvintn he dl 1 not
hnve much work to lo an I Just before
Chilstmis he brt and wis i-oni a week
When he e line luck he sill hi hail bun
In a hospital ind hud a tumor t lki n out
of his shoul ler 'I here was a mark showing
that mi opt l itlon hid bt t n pi rrnrineil .r
tt I that time he 'if ltd .i stimiMl) and
wis so inherent rrom whit he had he in
heroic tint wc grew to r. ir him lit nl
wn)s kept n gieit big rtvolvtr In his
room nml cirrlttl It wh n he wis out of
tin loom lie complnliu I a gi, it th il or
his situ itlon and bec.im vnv pnvlsh ami
'List Thursdiy he einie down stills
nn 1 w liked out, and wi have not st en
hlin sltne He Ins bttn linking rtu a let
ter slnte the liolitli)s nn I t omplnlui d wrv
ninth bee iiiso it did not conn It w is ex
pected to contain inoiii in I he watched
fni it each ill It t mi lildiv, but he
W.is gout, md t hive th It ttei foi hlni
litre vtt It Is from M irton Ind, mil
tht rt Is tvldinll) point thing Inclohcd Id
st lilom wiote .i litter ml ntilved vei)
few during the vt irs lu v is at ill) house,
and we never heard him st, ik or am of
ills ie i itive s '
Moore vwis i great supporter of the I'op
ullst tint trines and during the fill tarn
p iie,n was vt iv entliusatl In his siq -port
or tint p irt). lie fn qui ntl) sp-nt tin
evenings with b Clews i fiuit deiki at
l.'l Weit Mnth stint, but took orrtnse bt
t uise of tin- rreepient erltltlsnis of I'opii
Ilsin ml rot severil wi ks h i I nor bttn
in tin pi ii e List owning Ml cltws In
sin ikliu of Mooie. sill In wis dNhe irt
em 1 mil Hint hi disposition hi! Income
verv nun h souied fiom inisroitune during
tin p i-a ft w )ears, an I Unit he It wl be
com morose Ihurstliv moining Mr
Cltws 1 it woul at the house tint he hid
steiin I a position foi .Moult, but the I ttti I
h id all. i Iv tame.
'lln mom oiiupled bv Mooie at re.s Wv -nndottc
-ti.it Is furutsht I with but ft vv
of th onve ntenccs er lift 'lilt efftets of
the ill pi m I ire pilnclpill) locked up In
his trunk- ml what tin) consist of c in
not he dct iiiiiiu I
(,t orRe .1tlllllsl4.il Knblil ll lie Time Villi
I wo Nt.i III I ml ( bur it tt is I nth I
Vrrt -it for the ( rlmt ,
Three un n lull up lleorRo Johnston In
his stor it N 7 Walnut str t list
night, ml stole 3P nam his moiit ) diawtr
One of the m n lo pt lohustoii em tied
with a rtvolttr m Hit! gu irded tin front
dom and Hie thli 1 ono plunden 1 tin till
Ihe iiian with tht nvolvei ki pt shouting
"lluii) up ' ind the mm who was taking
th moil ) bit tbotit JS In silver In the
dr iwei
No sooner I) id tin three- men dlsuppeired
than Johnston huiiled to tho Central po
lite st ttlon nnd i ported tho loblsi) Jt
wis thtn about 11 1. otloek, and not five
miuutts attei that 1'ollcemen Woffuu! and
Douchnt) m lest I two Kecond vv u I t li ir
,u ti rt- nitimd 'lliimns .Monin and 1 limn is
Cirioll on suspl i n or being lmplltiit.il hi
tin robin r) W li u scinched In the pullet
station ah ml x wis found com til. d In
On. of Moian's li nisei legs Thei was
soon muni) In mulls pockets mil also
t snnil imiount iiiii.uled inside tht lining
of his tioiistia I 'th mm wcro lotlu 1 up
and will be lull pmdlng investli, itlon
lohnston saw tin two men, but said he
could not posltlw It Identif) them.
Jnsi pll Itobtrts Mini b) ll Mull AVIth Whom
lltt Had Hn ii lirliikhig.
loseph Itobtits a wltiieiwuist peil lb r,
living at No. "IS List L'lghth stitet, was
shot In the light kg mid left shoulder b)
(iioigu htew.nl a poiin at a haulware
stort on Wuhiiit sticet, during u di union
qumiel In tioiit ot llebtits' home list
night Huberts and hit wilt hid bet u
drinking hi Holm is' ruums lu tlm set uud
StOiy or NO 715 List 1.1MHU Ull'll, lltlllllK
a gie.iiei put of the ifternoon uud up
lienctl tu In on vti) filendl) teims When
Stewart tlld the shouting ho urn aw.i)
'Un police wet. at onu notilltd Huberts'
Injiillcs an not tonslili letl bilious
The wounded mill slid tht shooting w is
the oiitKiowth oi i quirrcl, lu vvhhh .Mrj
Kobeils. his wife, was tint pilnclpul suh
Jtct. Mrs Hobtrts s idl then wns no
cnuso for tin shmilliih that It was meril)
the result of a diuukcii tpi irn I
If the bib) Is tuning lit III lion lint old
md well irled remedy, MHS WIN-iI.OW'b
SOOriUM. SYIU'1' Jlcenu 1 buttle
W A L)on, Chliago, Is at the Co lies
1, I". Hlue, Niw itirk, Is at the Cuius,
I, rl 1 1) de. lloston, Is nt'tho Coins
Htntst Nell, Washington, D C , Is nt tho
W H, Jlil. lull. Milwaukee, U nt tho
Tt O nuigess. Auburn. N. V, Is at the
Co ites.
If. A Chen), Omiha, Is at tho Coites.
M 11 Goodrich, b iglnaw. Is ut tho
M H llmnmlll, New- Orleans, is nt tho
Abuei Wolff, London, Ihiglmd, Is nt tho
D iv Id Nenle, of l'ort Calhoun, Neb, Is
at tho New Vlbaii)
K 'J'.dIoi, of Heading, Kas was at tho
New Alb in) )cstcrd.i)
II r Iliinkuiau, of IMUon, Kus , Is at tho
New Alb in)
J i; lu,uson of Nlekcieon, Kas , was
ut Ihn .tw Alb in) )isteuliy.
A l'lehei of liiue .Mound, Kas , i3 at the
Niw Alluii)
Haul I.' Willliins, St, Louis, Is at tho
Vlctoi la
William II. ni) Itlce, Philadelphia, Is nt
the VlUurlu
M Seidel hi Louis, Is at the Victoria
M L M jotter and son, I'arsons, are at the
J, J, rt)an Minneapolis, Minn, Is at the
J. Itlggs, St Louis, Is at the Victoria
Itobert S Tow ne, formerly in the employ
of un afternoon paper In this clt), Is stop,
ping at the .Ml Hand for a few dn)s. He Is
now in charts of the ofneo of the Chliago
Times In New ork
Itobert A, Plnkerton. of Nexv York, nc
comp inled b) his sister, Miss Anna Plnkir-
tou, is stopiiiiK ai ino .tiiaiann a tie) ur-
rived vestmia) niorniiiB and will remain lu
uid tuj nevete, uujb,
em.y i
, KKiN. n
sy.isvn .y.
(HIOM I. S, 1'. KIVIOMH lll.llrlISM
i hum v ntii' id hi ti viiAiin.
Hi pi nl Vim It lime lu Hie iiitlhern l'att
tit Ihe llipiibllt V I rip Ilirnugli tho
lltiiiib of Vlimimlts In
HlUlliilJll Ho,
Colonel N 1' Klmntiils retuttied jt.sler.'
tin) InornltiK sunburned nml mosquito bit'
ten Horn a two months' tour thiuugh Old
.Mexico Colonel Kluumd iippcu lo luivo
ns lulieh or n pt lit limit foi slmDIIig the
lulus of pi i historic a wtll an modern
Mexl o as ban Judge C tl 'llcht nor for
IliviRllgallhg Into the ni)stirlen of Ice
lliul (In inland ntnl l.nplatid Ihe only
illrrilihn bttween the hnblts of lhee two
ntimiiil lotirlsl Is that Ju lge 'I li heiiol I'oe
vi mug tin i:tpiiniiiux tverv sumtiiir.
whin Hit' liw huslius I dull nml Ihe
winihei is warm, while Colonel Mltuoutls
xv ultn until tho crnln billlitH Is dull lu
the Willi, r time, nnd I lit n tuktn Id fiimllv
and Hojnuins ot u month or two In Ihe
slum) lauds uf the MniitiJiini I", vvliero
orniiRes mo on die hill of fun histoid ot
snowballs, and hot wave tako tho plaio
or hll"!ii-il
Coliinel Hlinond left Kntisas t'lt) In tho
liltir pint of liectmbir, nlul since thin
his, vvltlt his son, N tolm Hlmunds, Sniil
tho Utile vigorously i.xploilng tho lirrltor)
of President IMnz lie ittiitiiid Situulay
with a small imieuui of Artie and Spanish
it III m nnd a fund or luti testing Infoi iiiullnn
tout cluing the itiuutt) liavchd thiough
Coloni 1 .stinnnds sii)h It I bitause the
avtiuRe Amniiau t Ither Ins little ldta of
the htiuttlis of Mi xlt o ol t sp bttaiise- he
hits pool tnstt Hint he toe s tei l.uiope for
sttiieiv and slghtsi t lug Instead or to Mex
ico lu tllst usshiR xlexlto mid his trip
tin ie, last night t olom I Slmouds sal I
' I hi lo mo smile limmw nli item to le
found in tiavtllng In Mixlto but ttiih
xtx itlon has Its muti'lug side, Just the
Kiiino then as In Ilutopt 'Ihe licit li nro
Tall nnd liasoniihlt While there un lie
tt I lu the (Ml) or Mixlto nt width one
tall pa) all) ptlie h want to fur a loom,
lit tin c,t i Disttlais uitommodatliiiis lu
all the eltlts foi Jl u dav I his im ins l r,il
In om mtinev lit the pnsint tate or i x
t h luge. V lit u wt xw lit Into Me xb ei wo
bought Mi xl in sllxei dull u t, twti fot one
or om inoiii v niul nub one er t hell dol
I ns bought lust as iiiin h In Me xleo u one
of outs would W e spt nt most ot out Hum
this wtntti hi lowtr Mixlto Mint Is bv
fin the lliitst pint of the icpuhlli 1 he
tounti) down then Is llilui, and the lu
ll thltiints mt mut h mort udv aut oil mid
lnttlllgciit, while tho mull nt, ruins mi a
"At tin in iju ito, on the wn) down, we
spi lit si xellll dltvs Htlnwt s ix tho most
biaiitirul Ha Her I hixe tvet sun 'Ihe
Inn In I pi in or till t It) Is nlso a I olnt xxcll
wmth xlsltlug as in II us Hit oil ptlsmi In
wide It an the bones mid blood stulns xet
to bt si, n nt tin I( nit n, xxomiii and
ihllditu in tacit d at lln time or III
d ili,o s (list liiNiurt itlon in 1M' I think It
xx. is 'Ihe climate and tin luiinus inline
or the stmii nnd Inlek ni tiling or will, li
the building Is mule lutxti plftrwd tin
lilootl Htitfus to this da)
' Ihe tit) Inirlil )il ice Is an Inttnstlng
stutlx 'Unit Is a i,riat viiult nbovi ciouutl
thiough whlih we p isspd in tins were
nli Ins lu Hit walls while bodji s uf those
ixhosi ltlitlxeS i m iiflniil Hit cost nn
placid 'J lu st nli his un itiittil mid If n
I oil) 1 1 in tins lu tin m ti u vt us tt bt com. s
luumuillltd I lie term in leiitnl Is llxt
xenrs mid Hit u ir the bod) stn)s there
iltiotliti tlxi vtus the t suite has to n -lint
U the tstot. oi it latlvcs of tilt tltnl
pi i son ciuinot nnmil to ltltise tin nh he
out tonus tht both ami goes down In low
How n In low Is a ru at tin lcigiound ex
taxation built up with solid misiiut) W,
c idle tl tt the i ititieimbs lleie nli tin
boms ol Hums unit upon thou-iiml plb I
iqi lu t nio id lids 'Ihe-i in lln bones ol
tin. jie mis m inotti peoph who ntxtt had
the inontv tn b st iiuic-hted nboxt xxhen
the t llmatt dots tin xxmk of miiiiimlf)lng
On tin titiit i li nit Is a x ist minx ol mum
mil s stood tqi th woimn on om silt nlul
tin men on lln otht i side of tin iss n..
wa) I In si m tin inuininlcs w host h asi -hiw
txplttd itbovi uud w ho hixt In i n
icmnxeil below, xxluro tin) ut dcstini I
to spend lln Ir ttirnltx standing up is lln
pciiiltx toi Itnlulidng lu the luxiii) ot uls
loi i itit bin Uil
We vlsiit I in the L'lt) ol Mexico nml
win inuiiioiisl) iiiteitiilnnl li) lulu I
Mates Consul in in ml Ciltteiidin In tin
Clt) of Vlpxltn tin rt uie mux thin Units
is minx Mntilenu us then- xxeie n xear
ne,o Wi- met tin ie IMItoi Miiiuii, of the
Atlanta Constitution, who was In Mexico
stiidxlug tin sllxn qui stlon in tht IntiusiH
of his pipe i We I uci hud the ilui-iin
of 111111111,-' Ml Mm in down on the coist
ut Alxm idti In low Vila liuz lie nfttl
wiiids Ufi Mi xleo and went lo tin Wist
lu lbs
lii xt html nil there was to luiti
ibtuit tin ills ut, liitwttn Mt xlt n in I
Ouuunili but thtn upiie us to hitxi li, . n
iiinio txtitiinnit hen nliout It thin Hun
x ts tloxx it tin t e I xltlttd sexeril Mcxi in
mtlltai) posts mil Hludlnl tin li niiiiv as
tltts, x us I t tuild lu doing uo I in idi tin
at qu liutmico of a kooiI in ill) ot tin li ni.
111 11 III 111) oilicits '1 llC) ot toiust woul 1
not haw ttlt bull) to liaxe hud i Huh
smut thing to do in tin w.i) eu going down
Hit 1 1 and doltiR up i .it itt mala hut iluv
hmghiil nt the Idea nt II roi tin) Mid Hint
tituiit muni mit w in ii ir xuxkiiixii suirt-
t I iltixxu Unit vxii) nn tiling Inisiinss tin u
would not b, an il ni) bit iigiiinst tin in
bitwiin lln ie un i lb- Isthmus Mi xleo
h is a staiitlinr aim) iiuiilx twin in lin-i
ns t lint or tht I nltnl hniti s iilthuugh th ii
Is mil --living inutli uud linn sin his sum
tiutipi oigaulnl mid I t pt up vi iv mill h
llki om N itlonnl Oiiiinl 'lln uinix otll
1 1 is of tin Mt xb in in mx ire all m i lu tit s
ol tile li national at idem) ut ( in pultt pi e
and tilt x un luluht and well it ltd no n
Tht onlx ciltblsiu I would mike upon Hu
Mi xle in ollb 1 1 Is th it In does not t xi it Iso
snap t niiut,h lu eltlui Ills i.wn uioxc
imius tu liios. or ids mi n Hut the minx
is pititt) well kept ti J i. ind Hit mi n would
make good llghllur mittilil ll lhat toun
ti) should git lino tumble In that twin
nt cuuisi, the i,oxt i mm nt would call out
tin- smii! tumps and have a big nnn) In
Ihe lit id on sliiiit notice '
doll u sums a good dml of mom)
In then h ud Hint". ' 'Vts hut If vou b ive
a Loiio'h, i Coll Vsthm i Hroiit hills or
Im tpli nt Consiiinptliin a doll u sn nt foi
t btittk of Dl D I one's I.xpntorint
ma) piow voui- chtuiic-t outl ix for )ou
will then haxi the surest lemed) excr
known for siuh disc tscs
Iturltl uf Phillip vi irtbt.
Phillip Mu tin wlo w is hanged list I'rl
tla) luornlng loi tin munler nf Hll Ittlliw II
wus limit 1 vc-ttnliv in I nlou remet.iv
I'lineril stivlns xwie lull at Ids mothci s
Inline Mnitienth nnl llolmts streets, bx
Ilex lb ni) ltobc-ilsiiii, at 11 n'clni k lu Ihe
morning A Urge trowd most of xv 111 h
was attracted b) mere morbl 1 curloslt)
itt.neleel nnd svv iruieel nliout Hu hniist-.
white the ho!) wns mi view until nbout '!
o'i lock The liuilil took jilate at 3 50
o clock,
( he up ( ti il,
lt.no ou.r1wii om Wt Ir Ct) and Cher
okio i gg i oil a tilal ' I'or tlomesHo use It
has no supt rloi Pino )tiui unit r loi n
tun ot this coil nnd vou will ustt no othci
Pilct $.'7'. 1 1 1 Inn hllveud
Telephone! Ml Kellll .X 1'cliy 111 fe-.
( hurtiilx si nti in t tl tn Itt shut,
Caddo 1 T IMi 17 -(hp. dill In the
Piishin itah i dlstilct tourl thirtv mil, s
eist or lieu, a Clio, t iw xx is i mulcted of
muidiilug his wire lu Atoka tount), and
sentenced to be shot In Marih.
Tlm licit I'lll I i vt r un il," Is tht frequent
remark of purcliiseis of Citiira t.lttlo I.lvtr
l'llli, Wlun on try them )oii will sir l!n
xiiMHt viuxuin.
A fulto alum ciuei tho llio dcpirunent
to make t nm lo Vo Ix.'c. Knst Hlexnith
bluet )isltrdl) arteinoon Phmibcn
thiwlng plpts were Hut c.iiish of the nlirni
Mho funei il of Miss .Vim lit Wlsihuipp of
No Bio Inilepeudtniu iivtniie, took plleo
Wstcida) nfteiiioou mid was liu.il) at
itndid 'Ihe bull ll wus In l'lilon teuuteiy
Mlu expluslon ol a gisollm ini-lne in a
m it hint shop at No ill haul i l' slieet
cuiisid a small llu uud a loss ot ibout SI.''.
M'sleula) aflciuoou, No mitt was Injun d
b) the explosion
V (toil mart! m examination was In Id )es
It rail) ovei tho body of Austin HI lb) fui.
inel' piopilttcn of thu (lem e-siii nr.int who
xxas found tltad in his room ut No tin Must
M'wijfth sin et hiturdu) moinlug It xxus
fouu I lint consumption was th cause of
death The tody was taken ta 'loptkd,
Kas , for burial
Mhe United Soclet) of Arts will have an
open session this evening at the new as
sociation rooms, on tho third floor of the
Mason A. Hamlin building. There will be a
choice programme of music, sketches an 1
addressee. Mhe soclet) Is a bohemlJil or
ganization, composed of a large number of
a live workers In music and art. In ad lit
tlon to the musle many of the members
exhibit their nalntlngs anil slxiehe Thn
open sessions aie held occasional!) for the
entertainment of the ladles and friends of
tho numbers.
Hniiul A t emit- I'rnpert Hit ner Think
I irsurx's l.tpliiiiiMlou I
Vi ry VV t ilk
The (xilnnnllou of rom.if-innli Tiiwnn
lu (he ilourml )esterdn tnornlng romtrn
lug the ilolijs In letting the toutrnct for
the ere Hon of the government building
wero not Vtr) fnvorabl) rselvcd In this
ell), nml ihe ixiiHon given were pro
nounced crj Initio nnd xxeak by tiietnbers
of the (tt ntnl Avenue Improvement Asso
elatluu, who were itisltiituentnl III gelling
Ihe matter ngllnled lnt week The rem
sons Wire declined tn be fault), nnd It
wns pointed out b) one that there were
some facts ot whlih Hit eongiessmah wn
lettitltil) itwiti-v, that vvtt-e left mil ot the
stor) nitlrily.
One pt the men who ha turn n toti
Uaitor for man vims and know some
of the wa) of the business, nld ' 1 he
Ipasoti iisslgned h) Mr Inrsne) wife not
ino rim itaptin ut mi, nut wire suuiu)
put III In ntt ns mi exi use for the lime bt
lug I hen I nothing In the st iteinent t on
t crnlng Hie llrst letting ot Ihe toiitrntt bv
the supt rvMng urthllut, for xxlibh the
iitthltitt, Mr o llourke xxns Hiimmirllv
bouiiiid out of ollli 'ihe stone selected
thtn was .Malm gimillt stiinethlinr that
has bee n tt sip 1 rot 11 rt x )titi mid Is ton
sldtrctl equal to the Inst
"Anx or Hit tllirercnt kind of gtnnlle
nuuieil lire good If the best ptnduet or the
quiri) Is tnktn The rails nre Hint Mr
I mllsli! his not the touinee to niiike n de
i Islou As soon a lu rtacliis a itimlu
slon or I eetilng mar nm txeiv nthtr
toutrnt toi plli he Into the game tn kill off
Ihe suiieesHuil man mil stints Mi Car
lisle Into it lit, mi that he rears lo dot Ide
Ihe Ilea of him si tiding out men to tist
granite that hn bun put In bundle ds of
buildings uud known tu be llrst lass ror
lift) )car I suprtiuclx rldltiilous He
simplx links the loiuagt, anil fr irs to tit
tide ntnl Mt I'mencx knows the fin t n
will ns xxt do, and he ought to knoxx that
he cannot tool all or us "
v litntMV nil itMinii ii ll.
I't il li) ii s iit.iuikt t pt r to Hrlug I'ntrmis lit
the II tr.
Hilling the cold xxt ithtt of the pist
month ii HiUiemkeipci In the bottoms, not
far fiom the l'lilon ilepit, hit upon a novel
plan tu ytt customers Into his place In a
oriimliitnt place lu fiotil of his building he
hung u sle.il on which wus p tinted
noN r srM thhih: in m hi: cold
-comi: in and mil' waiim
Just over the sign he hung u "dummv '
tin rmomt ler that Unlit ited the ttmpeia
tuie ns Inn cling clo-i Ix to zero Main n
mini went iqi to tt nail the Itixltntlou
glmittd at Hit tht rmomt tt r, shlxend, nnd
xxalkcd Inside, niul Hu tclunie was pin
nnuni cd quite a suites
hatiiulix morning the pioprlctor went
out of the tit) tin a ft vv duvs mil foigot
to tell the birtindtr boxx to lutnuge the
lumtiiv the! moipetei mil It still h nigs nut
In front Visttrli) with tin snow ind
In on th" walk thawing mid the sun shin
ing will in mil ileal tin dummv ntlll
Hliowid the s-ero regl-te i It e uise d gnat
lain liti i xv lit li tllsctiwitd dining the aft
t moon
1 1 iiui.i: nt vi. i us
i wo si VTI '
liny Will ssi inble lu this ( It X Ill.Vlillilll
Mt e Hug 1 in -il it.
The iinnii il mi etlng ot tin liimbi r deilei
ir Missouri mid ICansis xxlll opt n In this
i Itx to-morioxx, nnd xxlll continue rot two
li)s 'Hu itirangt intnts foi the mtctlng
hixe been made bx the mtmbiis nt the
loc tl ibaptet ol the Hoo Hoo and the
lull in m, from the present advices, snvs
In ixptits at bast tfl dtltcjitis to uttt ml
the nm ting
lln lumber di ibis or tin two slnte hip
in n Ix nil me mbi rs or tin mciuU itlon
m I It Is Hit i ustoni rot the in to nttt ml
tin annual mtttliii,s as tin) putiki Iiim--Ix
ol tin intuit- or a ehiistium vitiation
Vt this i net ting tin matins of fnlght
the tin h outlook inn) luixx to --nun tin
lust it suits irntn tin tiiuli tin t inning
xtni will be tils, iits, d bx th mtmbiis
I ho -i ssjaiis me to b lull In tin moms
of the lion Hon ( lub In tint Id Ith .x 1'iiix
building uul It is cxpntnl tint t spit la I
i nntjite u itlon of tin flub xxlll be lu Id dili
Ing the muting loi tin impost tit ncconi
moditiug a iiumbti of tin members xxh'i
mo curlnu i tontciplng tho unties of tht
blick eit, and the manner of Us hi bailor
xx lit n out on Hit toof
W M WH VI 1 111.1 ( VN'I I.I I.
How a ( e rliiln little. Iliiiiim We tl,uts. f
ft t Is the I iiriilture I unit .
John ' Mid u furnltuie sib sin in the
othi r tluv to tin mow l whom he h i I sum
inone I this he lunim st I Is soil but It Is
not to In dellviitd jiisi )tt Mint It nut
of tht sii, sioom ut nine mil store tt some
win n until I xx int It '
"W lint s tin ust ot moving It until vou
si nil It up to mt ' usK, I tht pun hum
Idlv ' W h) dim t tin It ix t It xx In n Ills'
1 he sab small uttt ml a qui ei llttlt 1 tiigli
and s lid
' Jt is i hit nt that win xxeie ntvn In the
furnltuit business eu vou would inn isi.
tint ipnstleiii ll I should mail, thu S' t
-old uud It it It luu in tin - ilcsuinm In
pi tin sight it xxould piobuhl) lost us Mi
ll il good s ih s '
How so? iisijed tin puichistr, with uu
nnn. Ilcvlng look
'It llliistrm u unlwisil iiikiits of
bum m intuit ' laughti d the wilesm in
.vii)bolv vxaiitH what he tin't e,i I and
Hun Is nothing qulti si nttuittl.t In the
iiwuii.1 Inn 1 1 as a pint of till till illi that
sonii bo I) t Isei hi bought li, tone he nunc
aiounil U I bit tint btilionm sit out
mm knl 'soli' li lit a doin pi i son woul 1
sii) In lore night tint It wus . xiu tlx tin
sit tin) xxnuttd .md M lu li the In m I
tlure xxt rt no duplicates thev would fuss
iiimuul iiixtmisl) nnd nothing Ise In tin
est ihllshmi in xxould Mltlsrv lln III
"llvt mu ill) tin) xvtiuld go nfi dls on
ttnttll) niul bu) es, wliin, thiniKli th
t halites arc tint It tin it- win no soil
lug on the set nono of tin m woul 1 Mxc it
mini Hi in u i nustiiR c,latiit xx hlb u tult
prnpurtlnn of them xxtuild pun hist tuht i
sits Ji s i llith human wcikmss tint
is ill
'ho ai 1st s ono of the tilcksot tin tuicb
Win n it tit ib 1 sills a pit to nl iiiiultuit' uf
Willi li he Ins no duplltiitis In hustle s It
nut of tho snlisroeuu hh qutcklx us he c in
hst it los, him nnulhci tuuh Hut wlun
!u nils n i In i in turnlum of vthl h in
his duplli ites lie nils a big 'sold nn, on
It an I bavts it hi opi u sight ns lung is
possible foi a l tit foi minis
IM lil. VslMI I.I M.I II Ol' I l
Modi ru lit nihil , nt 1 t wt. Vrn I iiiili r
llnd Tliun .lam Austin's Wert.
1'ioin tho Pi ox hit me Journal
Is tht hum tu nice Incoming longi i-llwd
di splin tin inland f. i l o( mn b in ilxlli
miiiuii' It is in lutinstlnj1 iiiitsthin niul
It ma) vei) pinliiblx ho uusixtud soup da)
li) si lem i in un iiiuiiuiuw nu iitiis.ti-
ll) of plnlessltill l un i Is imw Mill I, ill)
niusldtrtd to le grttitii Him that ot funu
eisoi mcihiulis In utile r win Is Inn lice
mil .ittivlt) ulihouh III mail) usptcis
nun . i h lusting thin ph)sk il bus hi tint
main a siluiai) Hint upon tin human
name ll luu) In Hut litiws uithti Hum
tlm must lis in on w hit ll we malnli dipt ml.
nftei nil It Is n lominonpliii iibsnva
tlon Him tlm nu,-, iiniii) nnn nu tnnsiiiu
1) ditipplng out of Hu w.ul I, xvlilh thiisei
ol fill mom f l anile oigalil illuns, uppu.
t ntl) 11 w on to a ilpo old ugi
As to tlm liieltaslug lonmtvlt) of Ihe uue
gentiallv, the ie Is no llltle Incident il lesil
mnii) on this lit int tn bo gathernl Horn
Villous souicts hiiiuit of the t,trl) lutots
niul lit rcilm h of iiiuuiiieii nut obi hi into
they n.icli what wu should tall middle lite
And at the be ginning ot our own it mill)
J ii net Austin, wlinsci ttstlmoux Is uw,i)s
iiulmptiu liable speaks ol I lie htallh) and
toultuttd x nm ill id 11 us having u gun I
pruspei t ol uvi nt) euis of lln )it Mwni
t) iius' W but worn in ot to.il i) thinks of
In 1st If ns Hilling lulu there pitudo ut "I"
lllttewheio hi Miss Austell's Page wo run
ucioss peoplu vxho mo old wlln the piss il,h
of half a t i nlul) of life Hut now wuhixo
liladsiinie ut M mid uwr, mid think nuih-
lug nf It
A MtniHlti I g,-,
One nt the most Inliiesllng snt c miens
In the National museum at Washington Is
a cast of an w.g uf must tlg-mtlu s.,
which was tumid In a ruanu lied on the
Island of Mulagisiai about tw lUs-llxe
)t,us igo Mho shell if this egg will 1 old
iilmost cNictl) two gallons of llqul 1 which
would in ike Its cap nil) tquul in lh avci
agu sized eyes laid b) the common bun
)ard fowl The bird which UU ihls mam
moth egg Is now extinct, and Ins been for
probabl) ;00 )ers. To the scientist xx ho
knows it by Its bonis and egs it Is kno vn
as the eplornls, and Its restored skik-tous
prove It to have bet-n a bird at least twelve
feet in height. Arib sillors who visited
Madagascar centurUs ago xxhen tho enter
als was still living, are bellev;d to have
brought hick the stories concerning It
which flnall) developed Into the fabulous
narratives ot the ioc
Stewart, Carroll ei Smith, undertakers,
Utti Walnut street. Telephone 1915.
1 In I r ttniiui "-t art lietl hut Nothing of
(rlmluttliig I luiriirlrr I otiml stiniei
Amusing Mlitlkrs Made III At"
tempting In lilintlfy
the Mill.
The place vvhete llobert John lo i anj
Joseph llatton hivl their ipuirt t- mtrimf
Hit time the hutnciotm hlRhwn) robbcru i
ami hold-ups were commuted tint ir. l.ow'
charged ngnlnst them, was illsitv r 1 v, .
tetit.i) by de tee lives, despite the I r ii nt
Mltnte or the men on Hint poln AllhuliKla
Johnston deilmrd when artist, I tl i lu
i nine to Kansas (Mty ror Hi" lb t nu oil
lln date or hl arrest nml II lit i t hn
hud been III Kansas Ct onl) n i oi I 1
duilnit the past few wetks mil In! met
Johnston onl) once before It xx is minis I
tint the) lis. I been living nt Ih I in cl!
John I' llobprts, No PA Jett r s rect,
for iiuirlv two months In fa i, Hoh rl
himself, who was nt rested for the purpoEil
of holding hltn as a witness at Ih. prelim
In.ir) hearing of the two nun find tint
1 Johnston had rttittd a roam ai lis hotu i
about tixo months unci mil Hn' llattoii
had Jollied him a few di)s lit. I llobert
was irx mm h illsluibed oxir h own nr
test lie said hi uppoed Hi mci ti hi
inllroad w inkers, Just ns tlnx iiiiiif i tu
be m d as tin) tame home at i In it r as
omiblv tarlx hours hi had i i ion In
siispt . t Hu in Hobtils Is a tnl kniuti it
fit Chit ign Knnsns , Ni bra hi fmgh.
dt pot Hi had otht r lodgt rs b l .l.inn
stoii nn I I In I ton. Huberts was hell b) Ihu
pnlln mil) a short Hint III- stor) xxa
so plnlnli true tli.it he xxns rcleiscd
I wo lug', upline hmidsalchel . such a
trivpllng nun tarix, xxeie round in thn
room that had been occupied b) Johnston
md II ittnn I here were alo several Iil
tt rs going lo In Ik ite tint tohtiston s light
luiuit might hi Wall) It Is Just ns llktl),
hciwewi, Hi it Wallv mi) be mi nh i
Among tht mtlibs round It the effect
of the two alleged hlghwavmen w 're live
sin ill plm vwilgts used ror holding tloxxn
Hit lait his or doors n ex let iluplle Ho
or Hit weclg, s Is In possession of om or thu
im it mirktt uuii whom tin foolpuK
robbtd It w is used to hold tin lit h nml
prevent Hu ciitrnn t or invent whli thn
routpads xw re at xxoik Whin Hii) left
him Hint night thtx lift It lu hind
Hundreds of ptople willed nt the Oentrnl
polh e station ) intertill) to look at Hu nl
irged foolptds htxeral or Hip men who.
hid In en lit Id up wen nlmosi podtli In
tin l! Identlili itlon or Hit m .A few xxrrn
nhsolultlx nrlalii so thex elilmcl Hint
the tall man ttluler nrrest wn Hie tall in in.
or the hold-ups 'Ihe short mm wis not
posltlw Iv libutllbil honii or those who
polnti 1 out the I ill in in m ith ludicrous
mistakes when tlnx tiled to Identlfx the
short until One of them po Itlxel) Id nu
lled Jnllni s,m ,11 nf No 1 polli slnllon,
who stiol In the little group iiuiiind the
nlligel hlghxx ixuii u as th, 'short nnn"
He sttd h. xvas thmdutcl) stir, ot It until
tht hiuiihttr nf tin iioxxil i uistd him to
e hinge his niltitl Others thought ill, tlrst
that eeritiiv Illikmui nnd Detettlxu
l.nnl wen tin stisppeteil rootpi Is anil
wtn sun they xxiu tho men who held
tin in up
1 J VinWxck proprietor or Uu hnrd
xxnre store at N'os CITli Mlnnrsnti ive
line Kaus is CMx Kus Mi ntlMe-1 IliUoi
as one or the nun xx h . ha I held him up
a f xx nlRhts ago lluti In r Itoss or N'lnth
mil VVoodliiiitl, snld he felt sure Hint th
polite hil the two men who liiul robbed
hltn s site ne e grot er nt Txxtlfth runt
lllghluid said the prisoners xxeie thn sunn
tw i tn n who eiiteitd his ston and lounge tl
nbout suspii loiislx w Itliout e oinnilttltu, rob
in rx on tht night tht-x robbe I nib rs in
thit lot llltx Wtiltti Wools slid he In I
st , n th txxo nnn tog ther !n the ilonn it
the unutlu nut i ornpr of TpiiiIi an! Wilnut
on Hi nlrht of tin 1 1st l 1. lull relirn
nrx ', W M ll iblnsnn sal 1 h. fell sure
th poll e hid tin txxo men wlo licit him
sewitlx nt Tenth ind Mltliigan about
thr.t wtihs tco when thex tried ii hoi I
Ii I in up ml In n slsted His liiltir! s
c uise I hlni to In e ontlii, d to hi rrom for
lliree lavs r V Silllt 111? 'if N'o till
1" i"t rifte.tith street thought On tail man
wis ont of (host who lobli'd hlni lull he
s il 1 he xxis not t en lln
It xxns It until lix the police late list
night Hint Mutton left the Hoberts hoiisn
some two xwtls iilto nnd xxent tn bonid ut
Mrs Hnxxen's vn West Sevi ntecnih sin-it
On the nit lit of rthiuiiv C, one or tho
mt n whom tho two rontinds held un no
ticed tint the sin ill m m had a bleeiiti r
xxouud nn his hand It has he. u It in d
Hun lln I mu ha I his ha ml t tit lb it un mj-,
lu i Intmlne that It wis don u i s U mrt
ki i t bx i ninii named Hlb x
Ih, I hbu -. siddli rs- Wtnpmis.
Hostou 1 1 uistilpt v prlv it letter rrom
Chlni riitntlx it ilx.d tu Huston 1 1 pre
s, nts iiinnx ol tin t hints,. tiuejH ,s Mtm
1 1 in 'I with iiii1iciutt.il xxi tp' t s Tho
xv i lu i of tills It tti i nu t ii bnilx i t Im t so
sol litis itiiiuting rrom Conn ai I t n l
till! while smut nf tlitin tllllc I ml - Hit
mil nit) hid tiiilv StaiH M st t ihn
soIiIIiih lugMd bli 1 tugts , i h w lot li
I iiiiiiilut tl ii taint bltd tn nu th u ut
t Ik Ir hours nl I isuie in inn i t bn io
utll ei exnl lined Not ltm 1 hi n -
sldtiiilde put or troops mi dint i p, i n
wtre notlted to be iliniid wlO I ex uul
mows Mw.
( "ll-e nil.
I he t ut In pill i t r sritl e t
Orih i limit but Hie hist i
kit si in md lump an 1 tgg
llith Hill stinutil shall bum
ton Ol-x, ni VI, t OAL WD t
'lchphoiu nil let Ith .X I
om a s.
I I lit to
ll ' .
S ' nt t?
KI in
i rx I I Ig.
I lipuirs fin leans is,
hhlpi e 1 lulls, li s.iiin i u kagc by
lil Olli.l 1 Vh-,1 i.i. Druggist
Oppt sit w tiling room, L nlou dtpot
" si X I I I I . I
v xw'-s"-1 L JtLi i
JV2r. Thomas Keene.
' ' RICHARD III, ..M,liu.
I ut situ lii-ilt i Wt-iln am I.t.uii
I 'I hills i i) (ii)ii I ii. I rt 1 i 1 I bnileii '
I'urili) Mn int e Xlt r timt nt Vtiiitt Sat
uul ix nlRc i , I a i III
Nt v wnli I HUH l fix, tp Off Hu I irtli "
Illi. iVl.'Issive!
11). Ml. 111.
I'lll't I Vli
I 111 ltsl
I Double nhistrcls.
Si et i u vlitpiee rrlili)
W ish ngton s lltriUda
Ik Ihn VVhltnn Opt ru timp mi
JIM .-.r. -I'l OPI, I .-..
;r.e uuii nm.
Vt xi Wn'k Mi Ivl l, It V.MxIN.
Ono Week Coniinomliighuudl) .MlHuee,reb,lT.
(Jsuil Matlnttu. Ilxtii Mitlnee. rrldi),
1'ile ,'.'. iiahlm,imi' lllrthtt i)
llu sou Kilt uWlthrd kKIii
rnliiiili, I fiiititiYd fimi u
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