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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, February 19, 1895, Image 1

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Ti.itittiu.r. (Mtastiioi'iii: in a mini:
Tin: TiMiir.ns m:t on rnti:,
timi oir am. lion:.
Tin: otiii:ii ( ii:mi,i:is.ti:i.v in.
iititi:i tiii:v ca.vmip iti:c i:it.
Men Ihigiigral hi tlrlvlne nn Air ('iiursn In
llio Wist llr.tr Itldgi. Minn Ho. nun
tcrcd 11 Large ijiinntlty nf tins,
M1I1 li lgullcil Willi
I'll I ill JScsult.
Ashland, Pa., Feb. IS. An explosion
of gns, which probably will rcisult In the
death of at least eleven miners, oc
currcil nt 30:30 o'clock this morning In
the West Hear ridge mine at Mahony
l'lnpc. Five men hae been taken out
dead, and some so seriously lnjureil that
their lives are despaired of. The dead
Peter Kline, neil 10 soars, of Ashland;
leaves wife and li children. ,
Joseph Pitts, aged 20, of Clrardvlllo;
Thomas Dm kin, aged S3, of Glrard
vllle; leaves a wife.
Dernard lteel, ased 10, Mahony Plane;
widow and IHe chlldien.
Peter Gtenback, aged 40, St. Clair;
.(low and four children.
The seilously Injured 111 e:
William Mlnnlch, of Ashland.
"William G01T, of Ashland.
Anthony Meyers.
Edward D.ivls, Glrardvllle.
John Laney.
William Davis, Mahony Plane
Besides these, several other minors
wore, badly burned, but It Is hoped that
they will recover.
A ejus of men was engaged In driv
ing an air coutse when they broke
thtoukh Into a breast containing a
large volume of gas. This was Immedi
ately Ignited by their lamps and an ex
plosion followed. The- timbers In the
air course caught lire and all means of
escape were cut off. Some of the dead
men were burned almost beyond recog
nition. The mine Is still on flic and nn
effort Is being made to extinguish the
Uames by means of a hose from the
water main.
A given quantity of Dr. Pi ice's rtnklng
Ponder will Uo twice ns much woik ,m .1
like quantity of any other powdoi.
sult In He. over I, mil-.
Port Siott. Pcb. IS. (Special.) United
States Pistilct Attorney W. C. Pony, to
1 ay, tiled suit In tho United States court 111
this lily against the Missouri, Kansas .x;
Texas, Leavenworth, Lawrence ,v Calves
ton and Southern Kansas railways fot the
reeoviiy of nlu.1bI0 luiuls In Allen coun
ts The ea.so will probably come up at
the May term of court.
imI.iii Is lirj.
Sedan, Kas., l-'eb. IS. (Ppecinl )
two weeks ago County Attorney
Mi Brian cue iitiblh notice to tile
J. 1J.
lsis" 10 milt violating the law. They nog
lei led to take tills nelvlce, and on last
Tuesday. V II. Wilson, his barlendei- and
1M Itowland were micsfc! mon Inform. 1-
High Authority.
Prof. Henry Morton, of
Stevens Institute, is recog
nized authority of chemistry.
Speaking of Butterine, ho
says it is 'essentially iden
tical with tho best fresh but
ter, and is very superior to
much of the butter mado
from cream alone which is
found in tho market."
Silver Churn
Is better than Creamery But
ter and costs less. Every
housekeeper should buy it for
fine table usu and for fancy
cooking. Our Silver Churn
on each wrappor is a guar
antee of excellence.
Armour Packing (Jo,
Kansas City. U. S. A.
11. mlc 'uirtcrs for
Telephone. 1111)1),
wl,,.:,rVVA. WflUL PAPER.
Paints, Glass and Itooni Moulding,
1113-111." Walnut St.,
Kniih.14 City, Mo
I Telephone 8036, JO Kail Ota St. R
Hver eat a Live Broiled Lobster? No? Well just go to
Morledge Fish & Oyster Co.,
918 Walnut, and have them br;oil a live Lobster for you
and you will say it is the finest eating you ever had, ,
Come and see us, as we haje everything we serve in
our Cafe fresh. No better in the world.
Hon charging them wllh felling lntntlml
lltg Honor In violation of tin- irohlllloty
law The p.irlls nil gave ball for thtlr ap
pearance la the district conM, whli li ron
vetiso Ivbrunry W, and hove closed tip
their plni e of lnilin". The prohlhltorv
law ban lin opciilv violated hi'te for venrs
nml tin' tuifome of the present costs w 111
bo nwnltcd Willi Interest.
It Is sild llul.l It, Is slnlcil for l.l 111111-
ter llltll's I'lnii'-Itiilrhllld's
Washliiglon, Pel). IS -(Hpprl.il.) lit.
(lovcrnor Francis hnd n conferem e mill
the president this morning and ntiollur
to-night. It Is clolmeil Unit It coiKerns
not only Missouri politics, but tin much
In it about the cabinet. It Ih again claimed
that I'nrhils Is booked for n pint e In tho
cabinet, probably iiostmiistor gonerol, vc
Hltll, who will bo pliirml on Hie supremo
lillch. Tho elllm Is mndp thai llw liresl.
iieni 11 tioing nils ny wnv or aiding it.
en in his senatorial ambitions.
tie Is Opp.ii (1 In the Dim Itery PI ill of iiir
teliltt tin' 1'iililin l.iluil.
W'.ishhmton, l'eb. 1S. A lKurous protert
hns beer, tnmlc by lion. M. Htoek.slnRer, ev
cominlMloner of Ihe hiiul oilier, nBnlnnt
the lulopllon by conKrei of the reoom
nentlntlons of the Potkery Joint commis
sion lo abolish the olllce of surveyor gen
cuil of public lunls ami to transfer the
Hiuvey of those lands lo 11 new bureau
rclnpijseil or the Rt-oIojrUal bureau, the
const ami Keojellc Miuvey 11 ml Hie surve
IliK biiinch of the iietiernl liuul olllee
Mr, Stook.slaner ill.putes tlie elnlin of
the commission that by the proposed
rhiuiKe the survey work could be done In
a bettor manner. Pnder the presrul ss
tem hu asserts cvely safei;uiiid wliieh tin
eperlenee or moie than a hundred yeniH
could suirKost Is now used to have the
best wotk polble done, and none other
accept" d. The deputies are selected with
rale, they irlve heavy bonds, are leipiiied
to personally do the work In tho Held, nnd
I hey ami their assistants are all sworn In
regard lo the completion of the work arter
It Is completed. If the work weie per
formed by men employed, ns piopoxcd,
at nn annual salary, and sent out from
WnshlnKton, and a careless, incompetent
Oi- col nipt 111 111 should be employed, them
would be no way to llml out the errors until
they developid in contests anil litigation
between settlers over their claims.
.Mr. StuLksliiKcr dularcs that the cost
of siirvejs under the proposed new- system
would bo eiy much (ireuter and lie should
not lie surprised ir It were nearly twice
as much as now. A number of objections
are then set out 111 detail nijalnst tho pro
posed chance and Mr. Stock.sl.itjer con
cludes his piolest as follows:
"The present system Is more than a cen
tury old. It Is true It should nut be
mlhered to ir moii(,', because It Is lioaiv
Willi aire, but a system which jjrew up
under .leffeison and other fathers of the
1 cpiibllc, and which hns lieeu In existence
and successfully 11ml satisfactorily ndmln
Islcml iliirluK all the M-ars when we sur
vejed the Kreat Lody of the most pilneely
hcrltiiRu ever owned bv any nation In
('hilstenilom. we shoulil hcMt.ite and unit.
dec well the stop we take before we turn
our lucks upon it and adopt a new anil
untiled method, even though It should
promise a little more expedition In doing
the work, especially when with it we
would have the citation of a crent bare. in
nnd nddltlon to tho army of government
emplo e"
senator SimIiit Makes 11 (ilimlni.- Wn li
About tho ltlno nnd the Cray mid
Old (llorj.
Jefferson City. Mo., Pcb. IS. (Special.)
Senator Davidson's bill, amending the Aus
tralian ballot law, and providing that sep
arate ballots shall be used Instead of the
present blanket ballot, was icad a third
time and passed. The pn ttlest Incident of
the day grew out of the calling up for third
leading of Senator liledsoe's bill, piovldlng
for siinejlng and mat Icing Ihe pi ices of
Mlssoiul troops on the baltlelli Ids of hook-
out morntain.L'lilek.iniiuga and Missionary
itiugc, auu lor ihu uiiiimng or a monument
in me 11.1t10n.11 pine nt i.lilcl.umauga
.sen, nor -Morion moveii tlie pas" mo 01 the
bill In 'i neat speech lie was followed by
Senator Scalier, an e-lTnIon soldier,
who ji.ild .1 magnificent Hlbute to the blue
and gray. Ho ilosed li apostroihsing
a united country over whlih lloits Iibert.v'a
Hag, Hu- stars and stripes.
Ilollso I'roi 1 ediligs.
Tlie proceedings In tlie house were with
out special lneldtiit this atlt-inoon, unless
It may be said to be "special" that Pemo-i-rats
1 ailed for a reading of tile Journal In
full. This amounted to nothing, nnd Hie
only effect the leading had was to delay
the work something illce two hours. In
all niateilal matters Satuid.iy's Journal,
lecouling the Demociatle Hamper for
the lull, was lound to be eoirect. The Jour
nal asappioved shows that a majority were
piesent and voted on Mr Tiibbs" resolu
tion, aside fiom what Is Indicated above.
Hut little was done except to nigross some
bills, among them the following.
llolhwell's IN ttls county couit bill, mak
ing Pettis county lonstlmte a St paint, ell
cult eouit dlstiiit; Tulilis' bill, cutting tho
sal. nles 01 the stnlo superintendent of In
suiance; lllgbee'a bill, amending the rhange
or venue law, and pi i- tilting over one
change of Vtiiiie to a pally In a milt: llll
tlnger's hill, reiiuiilng InsiiiatiLC lonip.in
les to rt iioi t premiums, lussos an.l otiier
Items, upon tho demand of Hu slate insur
ance commissioner; Kuou's bill, stllklug
out the :i i.-r cent clause hi the eki-lloii
law-. This hill pieolpltnted sonielhlng of a
tight, pemoerats tiled to kill It Itepub
lleans, on tho contiaiy, stood by the llt
tlo Populist from l.aclede, and the bill was
eugiossLil by a laigo majoilty.
Per Hill to lie Advt-ri-i It i:eiorlid.
Jelfersun Cliy, Mo , Fell. 18. (Special )
The houso wajs and means oonimluisi
lo-nlght. by a vote of 7 to li, agreed to uu
favorabll report the beer Inspection bill.
A nilnoilty icport favoring tho bill in also
It Is un ngo of pi.ictlcal economy. Dr.
I'llco'H llaklug Powder is the inosi cm
nomlcal of household agents. Ktiong, pure
and wholesome.
Ilo Will Soon lliivo M Modern .Min-of-)V.ir
triidi r Ills I In;;,
AVashingtoii. l'eb. IS Admlial Meade Is
soon to receive a cousldeiahlo ucttbhiuii
to his lleet. The twin M-iew ciulsir .Min
neapolls bus lluislied iii.illng at New Yolk
and as ouu an she tan take alioatd her
toipedoes at Newinut slie will load south
waid and Join the adinlial's Heel, pioh
abli at Kingston, t'lu othei, a Irlplt sen-vv
cruiser, t'oliimbln, p.is.rd out fiom Noilolk
)uateriUiy, bound loi .New )oik. She has
complete! her I epulis -ud (,och to New
Vork only to be docked Wild iliaiud. This
sliculd nut consiiiue moie than a week's
time and thtu the vessel will follow 1I10
.Minneapolis to tlie West Indies.
With tlie uct'esslon tit tln-su lino vessels,
Admlial Mtuih't. lleet will iiuniber sis
modem men-of-war and will be able to
carry out the larger lleet maneuvers which
have not befoio lit en possible, owing to tho
limited number of his M-sel,
Sedalla, Mo Ptb. IS. (Special.) P. h.
Campbell, brother.ln.law uf W. 11. I.jons,
suiertntenilent of Hie Mlsnouil, Kansas &
Tcmis railroad, of this city, wis klllid to
day at Williams, A. T by falling oif a bjx
car, Tha body will be brought hero for In.
-1 111: i'iti:i: t (ii.sAdi: nil. 1,
ci.m.Mir. or Ai. 1, 01 mat
(ii:ts 1'iti;
111 mm;.
Ml 1,1
NOW i.iki:
. pass mi:
tiii: mi:
m:n.i 1
.imiN snnitM.v.v si:vi:iti;i,v ciiiti-
;isi:s 1 in; 1101,11 noNii coM'itAcr,
.s.nttnr Hra, of llelawnre, liefemls tho
AdtiiluUlratloil as Hest Ilo t'1.11
.lonrs Hold I'arll inn nlnry .Mum
Proceedings III Ihe Utilise
of Itrprraent ttliew.
Wanhlngton, IVb. IS Hy a bold parili
mentary move the sliver men of the sen
nte, under the leadership of Senator .lone,
of Arkansas, forced nslde all other pend
ing business, including appropriation 1)111",
and by n vote of 30 lo 27, mado the hill for
the unrestricted lolnngc of Fllver tinllnMi
ed business before the senate Having
succeeded In this Mr. Jones gave notice
that the silver bill would be kept before
the senate unlit a llnnl vole was secured
before ndoiirnhient to-morrow. Prom the
strength shown by the silver men on the
vote to-day, there was little doubt of Mr.
Jones' ability to secure the vole to-morrow,
unless obstructive tactics or a test of
physical endurance are Inaugurated, which
is icirarded as unlikely. The move of Hi'
sliver men came ns (he climax of an in
citing day In the senate. Por two hours
at the opening of the se.lon there was a
tenewnl of the attack and defense, the
charge, ami countercharge, concerning the
course of the president and secretary of
the treasury In negotiating tho recent bond
contract with foreign bankers. The two
notable specrhcH of the day were made by
Mr. Oiay, of Delaware, who lelatlons
with the administration ore such that hli
utteiances In definse of the president and
secretnty were regarded as ictlectlng the
attitude of th executive launch; and by
Mr. Sherman, whose llnniiclal views an;
always received with marked attention.
Mr. Shel man's criticisms of the bond
contract weie none tho less severe because
of the calm and linpasslonatc manner In
which he set forth what he tetmed "Its
hard and Impolitic" features and tho "ex.
tussive" rate of Interest allowed on thirty
M-ar bonds, .Mr. Sherman declared that
110 bonds should ho isssued except to be
taken bj Hit people of the Putted Slates
and he asserted the .ibiiudaut ability or
Americans to turnlsh all the gold neces
sary. The Ohio senator did not, iiowever,
ipiestlon the president' position In ravor
or gold payments, but presented the facts
of all bonds Isued since 1 (,'), shun lug that
the government had always received gold
for Its bonds, and was bound by common
honesty to pay in gold for them, Tho
agricultural appropriation hill was finally
Tho senate was a center of Interest to
day as a lesult of the warm discussion of
the flunnclal question and the personal cilt
iclsms of the piesldent on Sntiuday. Mr.
Vll.it. (Pern, Wis.) had a toll or innnu
sorlpt and a pile of books before him,
leiidy to take iiji the llnniiclal debate
where it was left ofr at the pievlous ses
sion. Mr Stewait (Pop, Nov.) was the (lrst to
continue tlie iiltielsms of the bond ton
iriul. Ills lesolntiou was called up ile
cl.ning that the gov .rnincnt had no legal
authority to buv gold i oln in prereiejico
to silver eoin lor any muse whatever.
Mr. Slew.it t sjiok'e or the humlllillng posi
tion or the I'lilted States In lielmr held bv
the threat bv a gold eoniiulssion which had
the power to ' eoei e and sntieeo" tlie
countiy up to net Oitobei. when the loii
tr.ut 1 spin d
Cray l)i Tends the Ailiulul-t ration.
Mr (irav (IHm, IK1, who Is leeognlzed
as t-lose tti the ollli lals tit the administra
tion, then look tlie Moor, lie tpiesso,
suiptiso Hint s, n.itoi-s (mm M.iss.irhusetls
(Lodge) nnd I'oloiado (Woleott) had so ftu
troue out of their wav to tndul;;e in a vio
lent UhKimlt upon tlie cvt'iitive. The pie-t-Idmt
bad peri'ui med a duty iui uiuhent
on lilir bv law That law was such that
anv evuslou of it would lam been a pi tin
ilen llellun of duty t'ongns-, had made
this law. II made It necessai to maintain
the parllv between tho metals by redeem
ing In elthei. No sooner had congnss ns
nunbled than the president applied to con
giess concerning tlie linnuelal inndltloiis
A bill was foimed on the lines suggested
In that inthsage and tin houso saw lit 10
leject It. Again tile pieslilent applied lo
congiess. li (li. iv ri ad fiom tlio piesl
deni's message, in King patilotlc ami 1111
paitisan 11 lion to 1111 t the euuigincy.
"Does Ihe.sinaioi think," Inlerjicted Mr.
Stewait, "tli.it the pitsbbnt has re-eHtiib-lished
coulldeiici' In affalis by lilting tho
assist, mee ur a foielgn sviidlcaloV"
Mr. iliay said he would fully consider
that point lati r. Pioeeeillng with the
piesideiil's message, Hu s n.nor read tliu
speiltle stati mt'iit that Ihe law did not
piovlde lor bonds payable In gold.
At that Hino .Mi- Lodge hail not com
plained of Ihe eouditlous tleaily set forth
bv the presldiut, hut hud waited until
now to present a seathlng denunciation.
"Having thus applied to congtess," con
tinued Mr. tlr.iy. "having thus piesonted
the situation to Loth brnnthes o nmgiess
- ir appeals aluiost pathetic In tin Ir
eainesiness tho president was left alone
to ntiuggle with tho coiidltlou and to meet
Tlie senntor told of Hie tiemendous
diaius nt gold from the tieasiuy ninnliig
up to t7,imi,ii in one week shortly belnio
this contract was nude. Piom December 1
list up to ihe date of the contract. $17,),
im was vvillulrawn, and of this only one.
half w.ih epoiled. showing that tlio other
hall' was hoardid at home.
"Has tho s.ualor lost slaht of the fact,"
asked .Mr. WoUolt, "that ibis secretary of
tho tteasuiy has lepoited to us that he had
used ilui,0uu,u) more gold for cm rent e-
.This did not dlveit .Mr. flray fiom his
lino of aigument as 10 the mil vvlihdniw
als lor e.spoit and tor lioirdlng at Ihiiip.
"Itlglit lieio I wuut to ask," said .Mr.
Petti r, "Is there nnj law which i-ompejs
the mcielaiy or lilt) treasuij 10 paj de
mand notes In gold Instead uf In silver?"
"I have not said theie was any such
law." it piled Mr. Clias. "I know of no
such law. Hut tlio obligation to maintain
tlio tiailly between the innlaln makes It
absolutely Incumbent to treat these metals
Mr 1 1 111 lose at tills point to say that
the question of Sir WoUolt should not go
un.insweied The seeielaiy of the treas
uiv had not leported to tlio senate, said
.Mr Hill, that hu had used !I03,uOi),iuJ of tho
gold for cuiieiit espenscs.
Mr. Teller wauled to read the secretary's
tepoit, by Mr. (liay would not jleld.
.Mr. Oray foiclbly urged tho gtavlty of
tho condition whiili compelled speedy no.
lion uud an appeal to thosu who had the
Mr. W0I1 nit i liupilslllie,
Mr, Woleott htio came foiwaid with nn
other qllfstloll.
"Does the senator know of nny 0110
other than Itusscll Sagu who has huarded
gold'" he askid.
"I do not." said Mr. flray, "Hut I do pot
know Itussell Sago or uny of his kind, and
It would ho no pleasuif ir 1 did."
Mr, (Hay then uiged tlio support of tho
IHU it'solutiuii for paving la tin, K..st
money In use
Iteplifng to a query by Mr. Stewort, Mr.
Oruy ileclaitd that If we ucet-ptcd tho eon,
tunllons or tho NevuiU senator tho United
htules would Wlllit u Its bonds "Thesu
bonds payable In silver If sllvei Is at a.
discount. .
Mr. Hour (Hep., Mass.) "asked If It vvaR
decent that the lontrnet had been so mado
as to bring Into imtstlon tlio good fuith of
tho government. . , ,
Mr. (liay vigorously icsenled tho word
"dccint" us u pait of this lino of attack
no ih., mesldellt.
Mr. Hoar inudllled tho query so as to
ask him whether It was "reasonablo' that
this courso shall he taken.
Mr. utuy ueciareu inai inc real attacks
WAiSl'x.J.ou tbe credit of, th eauatry. jxero not trpq
tin pieslilent, but fiom n.iints who pro
tlallued their illlklin lo He vvoild
dohll S,,.rn,.0 .llnli.s n Spiiili,
Mr (tin rninn (Hep., O) , ,m 1 inognl.
Hon, nml look up the tin- 1 1 or 1I1. iinan
clnl d bale, bring 10 em li 1 tin .Insist
ntli 11 Hot)
"The tml question," li, ,(,, s shnll
this govt iiimeiit piv lis oMlKialloiis 111
gold or 111 some other min" I wish to
point mil." slid Mr Sloiiiinii "ilni In
everv net, everj loan, evir sab m bonds
'dnin 1..UI, this government bin denminled
gold. And tiow lire we to i,fne to pin
these obligations III til.- same colli we re
ceived for lhmV If Ibis question Is falilv
ptospnli'd nml tlildi'tstoisl bv the pi nple,
110 honest mail will snv we iluuild tuv In
an) coin other than that we received"
Mr. Sherman nsul the law of Pi!i, snl
einlily pledging the fnlth or Hie gov 1 111
meiit to pay In coin, What tolti. he nsked,
was eNlstiiii. nt that time, and whni eoin
was meant bj the lawiuiikers" H was
gold, which at thai time was the nnlv
stalidaid coin. Sllwr wan mil ihrn a
staudard coin, Cold was the oulv iiossible
"coin" In contemplation nt thai lime,
Mr. Pheimiiii took up the P.. pei cent
bonds Issued by Seeielutv or the Tiensuiv
Morrill, nlid ruld Hie laiiKUiiu.- that the
pioceeds fiom them were to be "paid 111
. 1 ho snme prnvlnloliivwiB mnde ns to Ilia
bonds Issued bv bbil Sli.Tiniuii while sec
letary of tho Inasnrj To sii) Unit sin li
bonds, ror which gold was recelvtd, should
not be paid In gold, Mas not honest "And
let me say to sviintorK," dichmd Mr. Sher
man inriiestly, "these, bonds will never be
wortli less than their value when they
were sold. We recelMsl gold tor them: we
will ia gold ror tht-lii The people nt the
Pllltotl Slates villi lesolll inn- ilishotiiti tot
tho part or the Pulled States In sc-klng to
pay our obligations u money or li ss value
than that we iccolvod "
Mr. Sherman turned his nltetitlon to the
president mid secietnry or the ttiasuiy.
'Tho Fcuutor rrom Delaware (Mr tiriji."
said Mr. Sherman, "sieks to d, r.-inl the
president Hut why should this l. n s-
sary," The president has no pow.r over
bonds. He has no business wllh them.
Tho secielury of the titasuiv Is the only
lino uutlioil?ed to Issue bonds, or lo ton
duct negotiation'!. Tlie un slip m has no
luuro power as to boiids 1)1, 111 In- lias to sit
In Ihe unator'.M seat In the siiiatc 1 liaiii
her, '
Itefenlng to the recent bond contract,
Mr. She) man said: "I must sav, and I do
not HIii. to say II, far I hove Hi,. htghcHt
peisouiil legard for tlie Inttgiltv of the
president and tlio secn-tar.v or the treas
uiy, but I must say this lust contract was
most faulty for tlm llult. d SI ites
To deliver the bonds at the rate given
was at least linpruvident Vvlihlu tho next
thirty veors we would be ihl. to redeem
tlies bonds nt one-hair th. rite of Intet
ist we li'id bound otirselv.s to p.iv The
senator from Delaware nSnvi Iml b.en
solicitous as to the president - g.liliig gold,
why. said .Mr. Sherman, th. r- was no dir
llcully In getting gold from London 01 Ikr
lln, "And how." asked Mr. (inn, "Is gold to
be got ee,.pt by Ini) lug It with bonds?"
Mi Sherman said tin- m.innei of get
ling It was to get full vain- for our bonds.
Tin re hid lit en no tumble out oioi-Ioos
Iwnd contracts. Then the executive of
lli ers followed the usual rule and got full
value foi our bonds. Hut tho slngulai
feature of the last transaction was that
bonds should s(.i nt lap . when thev were
woilh, in comparison wllh our oilier bonds,
"Has the senator nnv mnrke reports
showing lhe" quotations"" nskp, jr.
(!r ly.
"No." sild Mr. Sherman, "but dots not
Ihe senator know- thlitv ve'ir bonds are
worth much more than those previously un
the market ;"
"Thin." said Mr. Orav. "Hie senator Is
Indulging in estimates mid general n'i il
lation lie has uo lnnrket tepoits to es
tablish the rates he quotes
Mr. Sherman said the bond contract,
while Improvident, would nor ruin or break
the Pnlted States, but It w is a hard bar
gain viung from our olllei.iis
"Nn isue or bonds should be made."
sold Mr Shermvi. "except to Hi., p-oplo of
the Pnlted Stntes. If a leiu-onablo piopn
slllon had been made to our own people
they would have found the gold to p-i
for them We have tle men In New Voik.
Hoston. Philadelphia and ("lilcago, who.
being applied to. could cover such bonds
into gold at Ho Ir full value. We have no
need to look abro id."
Mr Sin un in ( lo-i d bv saving that he
had not Int. n-led nnv ptisonnl t rltb sm or
the piesbbnt or the s. eretary or th" treas
111 v '
"Thev h-ive mad- a bad biigaln Hint Is
all," sild tli-s, naioi "hut being a h.uualn.
we must live up to It "
The ngilciiltur.il appropi lotion bill vvns
then taken up -ind itler a hinp d. bile
tlie Jlfi.enO for c uitiniilng lulgatlng ixpui
ments w is ie! ilm d
Mr. Allen (Pop Nb offered nn amend
ment appropi In Unit l')0oi for seed, man r-
nis, el, , lor 1110 iiiuiitii .snii.Tcrs inrooi.rn-
nut the lountiv. pirllculaily In Ihe Da
kotas, N.hraska i'oloiado and Kansas,
He said the smreiiiig nun loss was niueh
more nevoif than was ueneinlly known.
Mr. Squire (It-p. Wash.) amended to
make II !. id "fir. sufferers." Mr Pnsco
f)ein . Pla ) unit n.l d by Including "frost
stiff, lets
On a vea and nn vole, till the amend
ments to belli di iiith, (Ire nnd frost suf
rcrers w ! In Id -.i be out of order
The nitrleiiltiiinl appropilation bill was
Hun pi-sid,
.limes' svi r Hill.
Tmme.llnlely tin re vvns an elforl lo get
r. ciiunlilon from iv.rv shin of the hair,
it vns ilenrly a light between the silver
bill, the nppropil.rloii bills and Hi. poul-im.-
Mr Jones, of ik insns. In charge of the
sliver inensiii", .11 . .sled In gcitlng Hist
le. ou'nillon and mov.d to take up the nil-
verblll. The eff. . t of this. If adopted was
to displace the bankruptcy bill and all
otlnr tnensilies, an I bring the silver bill
to the front (or 11 strugglo nnd a vote
Mr. Hale, ot Maine, moved to adjourn.
There was an av ind nay vote, the friends
of the silver bill voting ngalnst adlourn
meiit The motion to iidlourn was defeat
ed 17 to .".:, a slgiiil v If lory for ihe silver
Jlr. fiorninn came forward at this point
with a movent, tit to get tlio nppioprlotion
bills ahead of th- sliver bill He
urged that the Indian appropriation
bill lie taki n up. Mr. Pall hnv
lng 111 ide a motion to th It effect. Jlr.
Cormaii cited the nile that a motion lo
take up nn impropriation bill was espo.
dally privileged. ...
Tlie discussion vvas sharp and "excited,
showing tlie Intense Interest felt by sena
tors In the outcome
The vice inesldent held the motion of
Mr Pall to be In ordr. Thereupon n je.i
and nay Mile was taken io tlie motion to
take up the Indian hill and thus cut oif
Hie silver hill . .....
Mr. llutler gave notice that Ir the mo
tion was defeated he would seek 10 take
up the pooling bill. ...
The motion vvas defeated ayes. 2i; nnv-s,
rn nnd the silver men woro again victor
Ions. The nves nnd nays were then taken on
the dli eel question of taking up the sliver
bill aoooidlng to Mr. Jones' motion, and tho
sliver mm gained their point yeas, So;
The "vote was ns follows- Yens Allen.
Ilite, llenv, Hlaeklniin, Ilutbr. ('ill, Pain.
oron, Clint Dinlel pubnW, IfmisbrniiKli,
Hauls. Ilitnton. Jones (Aik 1. Jones "ev),
Kile, McT.anrin, Mantle. Moig.in. I'elfei-,
Pel kins. PetllKiew. PiibIi, Squire, St-w -art,
Telltr. V urple, V'oorhees, Walsh.
White. Total.'ftO. ,, ,
Nays Allison, llilce, Camden. C.uey,
Chandler. Davis. Dixon. I'rve, llalllui.-ei-,
(ieorge, (llbson, tliay Hale, H.iwley. jII,
Hoar, McMllliu, .Mcl'heison. MnndeiHon,
Mitchell (Wl). P.ilmei. Pasco. PI lit,
Proctor. Oiiij. It insom. Vilas. Total, 27.
iili-s pfrst named wonbl have voted
yea. Mitchell (ore.) and AMilcli; lllnnch
aid and lluiroHs; Cockiell and Ciillom:
Coke nnd Dnlidi, Paulkner and Hlgglnsj
(loidon and Wilson (In.); Itnaeh and llor
iiian; libv and "Mori HI; Mills and Sher
man; Woleott and Murnliv; Power and
Cauery; Shoup and Smith;' Vest und
Washburn. , , , ., .
Mr. Jones then asked that n time ho
(Ixed for taking a vote. Ilo said sen.itois
knew full well how thev would volo and
there was no need of ilel.iv, Ilo askeil the
unanimous consent that the vote be ilxed
for a o'cloik, but Mr. Vllus oboetei.
"Then lei's hive a vote now," said Mr.
llutler. and It looked as though the hill
might at once be put on Its Until passage.
Hut Mr Hale suggested tint many sena
tors were ah- nt
"Then 1 give notice." said Mr, Jones,
"that 1 will 1 ei-p Ibis bill liefoie the seuato
until a xup is set urcd before adjournment
to-iuoiiow " 1
And with this final announcement, Jlr.
Jones movid 10 udjouiu, ami at iii)
u'eloek the session cuine to u clpse.
House Proct't-illiigs.
To-day, under the tide, wan suspension
day. Pour bills weie In this manner con
To luomote the elliclency of the revenue
service: to tquillze the peiiblon of Mex.
lean veteran by making them all tU m r
month under tlie general law; to equalize
the duties und pay of steamboat Inspet -Hon
service, ami to authorize ftia Alta
Monta Watei Company to couetruct dams
across the St. louls and Cloquet rlvei-s,
Minnesota. The lint and the last bills
tailed to gssvvc tlu uesary. twa-Uilriis.
COM It, U I' IHU I'CIII It M. Ill ll.tll.SO
HAS lt.l:s , Mtlil.li,
.MA IliltlAI,
1 in:
1 on 1 111: tun: v r si it t ci-
I I.N.M.I.V s:l,.fl 1:11,
M:ci(i:rtiiY cui.isi.i: is ntir.M.i.v
I llltli.ll 10 sf;i:iv .vtl ion.
)otk Mill soon Hi-eIii nnd Hiiipln.t iiionl
Ho (lit. 11 lo 11 l.urge Niinitnr
of l.iborert ) ill In...
I bo stone Here.
The contract for tho construction of the
supeistrticture of the new cilMoius house
was awarded vettcnlny at Washington lo
the Diignn Cut Stone Comimny, of Ibis
clly, for ".l7,'i7i.niid the proper paier hove
lieen mailed to this city for sign iture. The
entlous delay which has called forth
protests rrom business men Is lio.v at nil
end and It Is given out that within Hie
next thirty dnH there will bo a large force
at wotk on the building.
The Impoitnnce of this work at the pres
ent time will be fully understood from the
r.ict that a -ery large amount of money
will hu paltl out for labor In the construc
tion or the building. It Is understood Hint
the granite to be used will lie cut here,
whli li Is a very considerable Item In li
st If. It being estimated that nearly SlOfl.QOO
villi be si-iit In diessitiK the stone. Tlie
m iterlal to l used Is the Llano, Tex ,
granite, which Is declined to bo a superior
quality or stone.
The fact lb.it there Is now a proiieet of
a speedy resumption of work on the build
ing will be balled with satlsractlon bj the
IKople of the city, who had to protest long
and loudly berore their wishes weie given
nny attention. The foundation has been In
the gioiind for about a 5 ear, and In the
meantime, the supotstiucture has hail to
wait the pleasuie of he authorities at
Mr. Dug.ui Is out of the city, but his rep-resenlallv-u
will be hero Thursday. It vvas
staled last night that Jlr. Dugan would
return to Kansas City In two weeks.
The following special dispatch was re
ceived last night by the Journal from
Washington, Peb. IS. (Special.) The con
tract for the election of tlie superstructure
of the government building at Knnas City
was awarded to-daj. lllds under the last
call from the depaitment were opened on
tho iixh of last Deccmbci.and It has taken
all tl.!s time to reach a conclusion about
who should bo given tho work and what
material should bo used. The bid of the
Pugan Cut Stone Company, of Kansas
City, using J.lano, Tex-, gray granite, for
JJ17.l(7ii, was accepted.
It may be obsetved In this coum ctlon that
the editorial In the Journal or Thiusd.iy
ri-renlng to the r.ict that public woik Is
being held up because of lack or funds
und a lack of bushioss principles on tin
pan of the administration to provide funds
to meet appropriations made, created soim -
thing of 11 Btlr in the department Saturday,
and it Is also noilced Hint vs-ry cUry to
day they had discovered the local Item In
the Journal of Saturday covering a meeting
uf some lira ml aveniiu properly, owners on
the question or del ty. It is needless to add
that some of Ihe olllt-lals of the depot tin. nt
hud hopid that the claims or looking out
for a diamond quuriy 10 be employed In
net urine mnterlul for the Kansus City
building would be sulllt-lent to allay alt
nervoiisuiHS about Hie matter In Kansas
City, hut when It appeared that this sort
ur thing hud at last failed lu satlsf) the
pioidi-, then the question . nine up In an
other rorm. It was ueoessuty to do some
thing list- In ind, r to Insure pi-.u e on the
question In the department.
Tho elToit of Jlr. Tarsut-y Insisting In a
stuiL-inent that Hie liepartmeiii would nut
lli.nl; uf such o thing u lo hold up public
Work In order to prevent the o;,p,.-nililuio
of public money Is wiy amusing among
those who really uudUHtund the uxact sit
uation. Tliu friends of .Mr. Tarsney may 1 onclude
that hu it'.illy utidcisiunds tnutti-is betiu
than tho public tuutt-uttui would Indicate,
Ills upporiunltles for llndltig out how mat
ters, havo been running dining this admin
istration have been such that II would be
veiy unkind to pay of hlni that he did not
know that It Is tho sulci nile uf the depart,
incut, ami has been for over one .'.it. l"
not allow tlie 1 xpeinliiiiic of a single iloU.u
for public Inipioveinont ir It Is 1 osslble to
prevent II. No one alumni the depuiment
engaged lu this lino itiempn, 10 ireate any
other luipu-ssiop when he Is lonfronted
wllh anyone familiar wllh the tails. To Ihu
uninitiated and those ignorant uf depatt.
mental workltms the diplomatic pi m is
sometimes followed or Insisting that all
woik Is being paid for ptomptly and that
llieto Is no delay lu iho awaiding of ion
tracts bejond lli.it iietessary tor .Kibig
011 tho lust or JudKuiint, but this is said
wllh a wink to the oihor fellow who
ihaims in i.iuko and who may observe
that the uninitiated Is not fnmlllir with
depailiui inai dupllilty and methods. It
would bo unkind to Iniimato lh.it .Mr. Tota
lity is not lomillor Willi this plain condi
tion uf alfalis lu the tivasuiy, but it 111 iv
bo moil, pl.asaut 10 .isuibo his iillliudu In
ihla matin- to an iulnisu delro at thl
time to piutect tliu secietoiy ur tin livas.
Tii'diiu ur IW. ur (in it eathtr In he air.
A good Watch sdioiild list a
llletlme If any kind or 1.110 Is
taken, jet we have toll Hold
Watches ihat litii "dure tiim"
even longer, We also invite 111.
pi-ctlou of our handsome di-p!oj
of Diamonds and Precious SIor.es,
jr. ptmmmtBrS
1034 Alain Street.
10) VLslUm,- Cards ana Plate, only H.i'3.
1 .
am. .nt ni I Insist tint ih d. ln,v of 10 11I1
line .ar In awarding the contract In Kan
sns Clt l a 1. ultimate delay: Hint ,i!It
nil II Is nil tlitht It is rmll.v a mailer -of
Joke iiioupd Hie department about Hu
w,i ihe Kansas (it) work was hf Id up
II Is ,he general nnd. islanding Hint luid II
b.s'll deslnd to do Ihe wnrh on time and
net In a business un) with It, a the)
might have done had the admlnlstraHon
hot lieeume tangled up In It revenue nnd
llnanchil polio. Inn contract at Unns.iB
city 1011I.I bavf been awarded 11 Jear ngo
and Ihe building would have been half
innipleleil bv Ihls time.
Then, In order to carry out the debit , It
was nercssnry lo pi fiend to send mes
sengers alt over the country looking nf'rr
building material, and then It wns nei.s
snrv lo look nil over the woltd for Ihls nnd
Hint ttnil oiuelhlng else Intimately con
nected wllh the tonlinct according to
things ns alleged lu tlio department Alt
Ihe way thtoimh If has been n prolong"!
bunco game, nil the wuv throiiRli plaving
lot- time mid 1 linking Hie prt It use that
time was being used In order to llml ntne
material good enough ror the Kansas City
building. The people of Knnns City were
to understand that the enrlh was being
peiforateil wllh a dlninond drill In order
to Und something good enough for them.
This was the line of departmental luitito
agreed upon nenrly a tear ago and il Is s
general priniiplc followed in nil the public
work, but the Kansas City people are fo
iiilllitr wllh It In a particular application
In the face of this attitude it came lo pass
Hint It was made plain to the dcp.tittuciit
Hint the people or Kansas city had nt last
discovered the Double nnd Ihat Inning
been discovered the contract was an
nounced to-day, after long and pray. I fill
consideration, nnd it Is the iVxn granite.
Just the same kind as has been bid on nnnv
tlpies for diparlmentiil work and It Is well
known ni.iterlnl, the ted qunlliy having
been used In the Texas stile house build
ing. The Llano, Tex-., granite Is referred to bi
lls friends as being line and has been re
fined to bv those Interested In olhet
material as being of an turn lor quilitv.
As tar as can be dlscoveied It appears
fiom general tepiesetiiatlon as all right
and will piove satlsfaeloiy 111 the Kansas
Clly building;. There was Just ns much
known about It In the department long ngo
as now, however, nnd the gient researches
pretended to have been made during
the last few weeks and months have not
discovered diamonds In It It Is simply the
plain Texas 1:1. mile now as It was 51.11s
and months ngo.
When the expiesMons from Kansas Cltv
people weie made known to Hie secre-.irv
Saturday and this morning It appears that
there was sudden liidlcillon or life and It
was believed that an efloit would 11" made
to simply say Hint the contra, t won'. I h
awarded to a certain bid. of couise tb's
would have been announced wicks ago and
a bid could have been accepted list sum
mer Just ns good from miterlol stainliulnt
lis well as llnalifl.il standpoint, Imp for
itii'tihs well undi istood by nil familiar
wllh Hie in liter It was not. Hut things
being Just a little wnim It was at li-t
loncluilcd to make the wondcral an
nouncement to-do .
The order was made to mall to Kansas
City a sterent.t i.d form of contract, where
It will be slgni il and bond made 001 Tills
is supposed to take about a week.
In a private enteipist It would lake pos
sibly tluee houis and might bo put oif until
to-morrow, but In the luteiuht of sweet de
I ly it will now take a week, ns announced,
and It is safe lo add that It will be three
weeks berore this departmental work Is
done unless It again appeals to the deport
ment that the object or the delay Is well
known and Hint It will not do lo uiocras-
tinate longer with the Kansas Cltj numl.
Aecoidlng to the bid two je-ais aftei ihe
contract Is signed the building is 10 be
imnpleied. Jli. Sieve H.ivde, of Ixiris. is
City, who has had personal rhorg. ov.-r
the bid and who has been tiylng to Kit
action op Ihe matter In the depmlni. nt,
sills Hint he will leach home on Thuisdav
moinlng and Hint he will be r ady to r. .
celve the contract when It arrives and that
within thlrtj ilavs he will have the maiute
on hand and granite cutters will he at
woik. He Is pcisouallv very wiarv ol di -lav
already Indulged In and Insists 1b.1t
whin the time comes thai woik can be
ilom, he will proci ed lo do business. It Is
hoped that Kansas Cltv has had 1 noiigh
delay und Ihat the gent rol policy will not
continue to apply to that work longer, fol
lowing the loiittaetois wllh harassing de
lays in approving .-i.tiiii.ites, holding up
uivuuuts uud cilpplltig the woik as i- done
ul other places.
It Is claimed that the spe. Ideations for
Iron work will be completed "soon" That
Ihu work will be put on the tnaiket In din
time and In fact It is umIIv Hiroaienid bv
Hu tlcpiii tin. nt Hint the Kansas cltv wink,
lis piovided lor lo Hun iulqulioiir. lifij-lli-st
cougiess, will be allowed to prott.d
e.iris 111 1 mil, 1 hi: pi 111,11 .
The condemning or alum as an unwliob -some
liimeillt'ltt in bilking puwihis by ihu
gllV.'llllll.lll Ullthlllilil-S, as w.ll as by
physicians g. 111 111II.V, bus not ib-tern-d
uiunuriiciurt-is 01 sin-h powders lroni foist
ing Ihiip'ou an uiisuspi 1 Hug puhlU. Pol
low lug Is a pal Hal list uf tliu alum pow
deis found lu Iho stoics-
"C.iluniel," "Chicago Veast " "Ketiion."
"(Sunn's Hon lion." "Iloli-I." "Tuvloi'H
nun Spoon," "Climax," "Snow- I'ulf,"
"Snow Hall." "lilaiil." ".Milk" "Crown,"
"I'nrlv.iled " "Mlvei Slur," "liuvis' o. Iv ,"
"Pon-st city," "Mtinait'h," "K. C ,"
"l.oj.il," ".Maiihattan." "Cijslal." "Halch
01," "Home," "Pi-iio." "Perraclluu,"
"lloehet, I'uvvii Talk," "Vliiiua," "Whilu
Hose," etc.
It Is salt, to ra-Jeet all in amis sold wllh a
yiltt: All powdiis sold at :.", cents or less
it pound tlie sine in In- made 01 alum
Dr. Willi. Hu uovi iiiiiii nt 1 In mist, in Ids
ulllcliil xnniiiiaiiou ot baking powleis at
tho woild's r.ili. ilinw out all alum puw
ihis," chissllq. Ilia in us illiw bob some
M ll.es 1111 In. fTetlll II Mfciniil In ot
Hi ror.- tliu House lor I'ltusiiloimioii.
Wiuhlugloii, l'.li lt iSpe. ill ) It. prn
scntutlvi' Hindi rial; Is worried over tliu
tondltloit of his antl-loltery hill lie undo
an 1 Iioi t lu-d.iy lo gel it up lor 1 ouldero-
llou, but owing to the oppoMtlon an.iip;ed
fur by those Inteiesttd 111 Ihe hiislues in
JC.ilif.ls, It was Impossible to get the bill
hi-foie tlio house. Hi- deslics 10 have
tailed up ror consldi ration the tn.ite bill.
inn minimi! un- sen. no n rn'ii nor Hoar,
uud lu Ihe absiluc ol iiionev ui-d bv iho-e '
111 tin' huslue-ss It could be put thlouuh
tho huuse In about three minutes Hut
with the opposition or the oiiikoIiik atiito-
men It Is evlalent that .1 Ver strong lluht I
will bo put 1 1 1 agliiiKt tliu measure. I
Judge llroilerb k insists, howevir, Ihat I
Ini will get Ihe hill throutth unless lie
should be dumped hi' suiue or tho-e who
claim to lie riiemlli to the bill Long lino
It was promised Ih it the Judlilaij mm- I
mltftt! would kIic time to the uie.isiiio. '
but so Ml II .lots not uppeii the aiec- ,
meat has be. 11 earn. I out Then. Is pome
talk about an airaiigenu nt having lo-.u
niaiio tiiiiiuuu one or nn- oiiii-iais lu the
Indian coiiuiiy, acting as 11 mediator he.
twieii leit.ilu parlies 011 Ihu cuinmlttee
and the hitter men lu Kotisos. In this
was, it is claimed, stioug oppo-dlloil
has been secured against the bill.
l'ilonirt sioleiiied at l.au rem e.
I.iwieuce, Kas, IVb. li -(Special ) In
the DoiikIoi i-tii'iilv distilct court this
t'V filing Judge A W lli'iiiiu passed tlio
following Mutinies on prisoneis foiiml
iruHty ul this 1 1 fill Dave Hill lis. for selling
llipiur. nlnelv duti. in Jill uud iiuo line;
.Matt Day. for sailing liquor, sixty du lu
J. ill und J") Hue; .Matt Ityuu, fur burglary,
seven years In thu penitential) : .Muck Ken.
neds, for assault, otto sear In the penl
telitiaiy; Todd llrown, fur ussoult, ninety
days lu the counts Jolt; W II. II. Hobln
scu, for Ulceus, one uur In the pcultwi
tlory; Itobtrt Tutt. for breaking into cars,
one year lu the peulteutlar)-; Tbomus
Hunter, for Jail bieaklng, one sear uud six
months In the penltentlur t Hud Franklin,
for selling liquor, ninety daya la JdH and
3i line '
tin nnd ih. 1 iminlsiniioii In their pr
1-rU-lxY, ItlRI), TIIAYi-K & CO.,
si cHssmtH in
TVinp'iilltirt r''Mliy 1lllm 1 a, , nile
(mhis. .
ro.il.niMoot tar Ih' ire lhVr (u Irfoii.
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II Ibath -ih.
1 1, I inks in Hi
1 I" a. a iitti
iu Ho riri-t N.i 1 1
Citl . lutiodiia in
l.'ttfls VVflf 11. il
the usual ft 1 .tin um.j
by bunk
a sti.n t
i'd a ili-i
loo nattering. To-d.tt
1 lie iiiiovc name pi. nt
Citlxeiis hank Inn- foi
Win an I
n-steil after 11 teleiti.nn hid
I'assaden.i mid 1111 .iusivi- n ,
lllg lll.lt 111'- lettals Wa-le ton.
being sear-li'il fniuiliili 111 drm
aiiiount ot nearly Ji.imi wre loin
pei son, bonds, lettors, 1 1ll10.ul p
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,i.'t.).,in-i 1 nj.j.oiKS. Illilic.llinm II .
tuii'ie was Piauk II. Tiuesdell. .1 1.
managing idlior of th. Dolls T. 1.1,'
Klinlt.i, .N. ., ami moii' rmnil'.
San Pionilsio Chiotili k, and a in ml"
good standing of the San i'rau ' 1
Club He ali.0 had a iicr.iiii.-il 1 i . i
.11 II. De lining, or tin San
Clirunlile Tilegioms rrom
to -.how that a stun. oiliniH )
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been ari.llilfid to sivlllille th. I k
HlllllOlll, i, hll.l ,111.1 iOri-lllll . .
Tin piison..' is a vv.-l! dn'a 1 i
about "J) vi us old an I or gi-ntl. in.i i
peai, nne Kimialls lb t ,-rus. - '
I el Viewed
II Id lle.lmi- I ion Mil bit. i
Wlelllto. lias,, Pill. IS-lSpe i.i II
will lliath, arrested at llmiioiia r i
to p.lSH o New oih drnti PIIIko i
ng lit' n IsmihI bv a bank ai Pa :i lena
i il , had (a Id his idnus to vi. Hun- tlio
b ink of Wit hll.i Tluee or Ui. banks
ll.'le ncilvcal letters puriioi ting io li.ivo
li. en wrltliu lis the cishlet or tin Pa a.
lena lustllutioti, Imioilueiug lb nil and ad
vising Hu- local buiih"iH that In- w is vis
iting Kansas to luvtstlgati. the nile 1 do
minion, that lu- had i New rk Inrt
rot t'i". and king the Wl hli.a b.nk. r t,
bonoi Hi.- ill Ht iiiul ri aid tin lioldt r m
any w..y imssllile Tin lo.-il li.iuk.r-, eel"
gr.iplicil lo I'.is.iil'nit loi lonilinimon nu-l
le.iliifd or Hu proposod swlndl" hi Tore
iieutu vvas i.uei n m at uuipoiia
Would ol sign III.- KciiiKltlon l'.iiei.,
Mexico, .Mo . P. b, IS -sjp. i loi ) f;v mor
Altglld lalllsial lo kigll III. Irlplfslllllll pa.
pcl-s lie. CSS. il I to llllke the hah, OS OlpllS
hold, and Steplitp Hllloti, ari.si,., ful 0b.
lalulng large sums of nu.ii.) fiom Hast
Si Louis pailles, under all. 'Kid f Ha' pie.
tuisfs, was relets, a h.-re this aft ruuon.
He went Immrdlololy to his home in Calla.
was loiiuls. Klllott is of the di finu-t PI.
Unit .x .MeNoiiia 111 in. whlih owes o niim
liel Of fieoplo about IVl.nio Kv.ins, Sulder.
lluell Coiiipany, or Chicago, St, l.ouls and
Kansas Cjis, wt-te luitlcteil for ,lii)i.
Wanted ii lirot" on Ills siireihciirl's I'liilm,
(lulhrle. O. T. Peb, lS.-(Speclal.) Jessn
.laikt'On, who two we. ks ago was ills
charged fiom thu penitentiary, after serv
ing l In eo sears for the lobbery of a Santa,
1'" train ill the Cherokee Strip, und was oil
last Sitmdiiy brought to this city and
Jailed un charge of foiglug mi Indoisenu it
on a 175 check, commuted suicide In ('
federil Jull to-ulght bv taking morplili
lie left a note. In which he suld there w
no t nonce for htm. and asked that his bo
be burled on tho claim of hU sweetheart,
near Ponca.
Iho Aiiiindiiii'iiU Accepted.
Washington. Feb. IS. (Special.) TP
houe committee on Indian affairs agree 1
to accept the senate amendments to thu
Oklihomo Central light of way bill ami
will make report on tho same. It U tu
rule to accept the report of the committer
on such natters and not call for coafer.

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