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Mwi:n uoL'st: I'trr in-tit.r o.v ui.c
out) ion runt-'. ii.t.t.ors.
Adopt n ttr.olntlon ttrnnr.tlnj; I lip
Mayor In Appoint n NmiO'urll.iiil
Commit Ire, til tin 111 .lr(Trrim
City Tlic Hire linn .Mrn.
uro l Deferred,
The lower house mlopted the following
resolution Introduced by speaker Htoncr:
"He It re?olvcil by the lower house of
the common council of Kansas City,
"Section 1 Thnt the mayor bo re
nucsteil to appoint nt once a committee
of four, of whom not more than two
shall be of the sumo political party, to
attend thn state capital anil personally
urRO the passage of an election law or
Fitch amendments to existing statutes
ns will secure honest elections.
"Section 2 That honest elections In
this city can bo secured by such laws
only as secure, first, honest registration
of the lawful valors, nnd, second, honest
counts of the votes nftcr they nro cast:
tliat this cannot be accomplished while
the olllco Is created and administered
by unl-partlsnns."
Ordinances were passed to pave Xlnth
from Washington to I'enn: Ninth from
I'enn to Jefferson and Ninth from Jef
ferson to Summit and Seventh from
Uroadwny to I'cnn.
The amended fddownlk.ordlntiiices were
referred to the sidewalk committee. As
stated previously In the Journal, they
provide for uniformity In the materials
of which first-class sidewalks are con
structed; one provides that when a
llrst-class walk Is to be constructed
when no ordinance has been passed de
claring the work necessary, a petition
of property owners specifying some ma
terial must be presented to the board of
public works nnd a permit f-eeured from
the city engineer; unless the property
owners who have not signed the petition
select another material within ten days,
the material selected by the first peti
tion shall be established as the material
of which nil tlrst-class sidewalks on the
side of the street affected in any one
block shall bo In the future constructed.
The other ordinance provides for uni
formity of material when an ordinance
has declared the work necessary.
The garbage ordinance providing for
districting the city according to the
quantity of garbage collected, nnd not
by wards, and for the letting of the gar
bage contracts by separate districts anil
not to one contractor, was referred to
the sanitary committee.
lllcrtlntl MenBliro Itefcrreil.
The upper house last night practically
killed the lower house ordinance for a
special election In the Seventh ward, to
fill the vacancy caused by tho resigna
tion of Mr. Jamison, to be held on
March 2S. "When tho ordinance was
taken up President Tiernnn took the
floor and made a vigorous speech In op
position to It, claiming that precedent
had established tho rlsht of the mayor
to call such special elections when he
saw fit nnd that In this case there was
no special need for hurrying. After
some discussion the ordinance was re
ferred to the finance committee, com
posed of Aldermen Iluttlg, llorgan and
Kyssell, tho members of which commit
tee are said to be In favor of allowing
tho mayor to call tho election In his own
good time. It is tho belief that the ordi
nance will bo allowed to slumber in the
committee box.
An ordinance was passed authorizing
tho city assessor to employ a draughts
man to revise certain plats.
An ordinance was passed to pay J. W.
Benton $03 for services as an extra
clerk in the oillce of the city treasurer
during the month of September. The
house has been opposed to the payment
o'f extra clerks which have not been
authorized by ordinance, and Alderman
Morgan, of tho finance committee, stated
that this was the last ordinance of tho
kind he would approve.
Tho revised ordinances of the city
were so amended ns to permit meat
shops within 1.D0O feet of the city mar
ket Instead of 2,000 feet, as formerly
The house cleaned up the budget,
passing a number of paving, grading
nnd sidewalk ordinances before ad
journing. .Sl'KINKI.ING Ki:SOI.UTIONS.
Tho Committee l'oitpnuc Action Until
Another Day.
Tho lower house public Improvements
committee held a lengthy meeting yester
day morning. Tho twenty-nine sprink
ling resolutions wcro laid over until to
morrow, after a protracted and, at times,
acrimonious debate In which property own
ers participated. James Anderson was a
protesting property owner who held that
sprinkling tax bills were Illegal, and he
objected to H'liinkllng in front of his prop
erty on Locu it struct. lix-.M.ayor Duven
port was before tho commltteo to urge
the passage of tho resolutions, especially
that providing for sprinkling .Mulberry
street, where Judge Davenport owns prop
erty. President Tiernnn, of tho board of
public works, who Introduced the resolu
tions In tho upper house, urged their
The board also laid over tho amended
boiler ordinance providing for tho employ
ment of only licensed unglnecrs by owners
of steam plants. A number of stationary
engineers were present and urged the ap
proval of tho ordinance, as It tended to
grater safety for all concerned,
The ordinance for paving Oak street from
Twelfth to eighteenth with brick was
thrown out and a new ordinance for ma
cadam will be presented, a number of
signers to tho brick petition having with
drawn In favor of macadam.
Peter ;, Dulfy, representing tho Pedora
tlon of Labor, was present and urged tho
committee to consider tho ordinance to
employ only union men on public work,
but the committee had sot Wednesday for
the consideration of tho measure, and It
was made tho special order for tho meet
ing of the committee on that day.
In nil the states the sales of Ur, Price's
P-aklng Powder arc Increasing. Jinvlou.i
competitors cannot check Us onward
march to victory.
vat.ui: i:niianji:i iiv paiiks.
What J Klmivn by a IScpnrt Itccelwit by
Air. Ke.lcr.
landscape Iinslneer Kessler, of tho park
board, received yesterday the report of the
park commlstoners of lisuex county, N, J,,
In which Newark Is located. In the re
port are figures showing tho enhanced
Value In other cities of property contigu
ous to parks, which is ono of thn central
Ideas of tho Kansas City mil k board. InNew
York city tho value of Central park In
KM was 20,600,00O; In 1S73 it was worth
$SUS,oj)0,000, a gain In seventeen years of
In Iliooklyn the value of property In
three wards adjacent to Prospect park
was :0,00O.0iV) and In three years It had
Increased iiS per cent, of twice the original
cost of tha park.
In Hoston he "lluck Hay" Improvements
caused un Increase. In tho value of con
t'guous property of Jis.ooo.ooo from 1S77 to
l&k5, and a revenue of $15-unrt was derived;
new buildings costing Jie.UOO.ooo wero erect
ed giving a revenuo of 1130,000 to the city,
making an Increase In revenue fium tuxes
of JiSO.OOO.
In Jlrookllne, Mass., tho main street was
widened at u cost of $615,000, anil In six
years the valuo of property within a dis
trict CO feet on either side of tho street
had Increased to l.-M,0ui).
Hulls Agutiiwt elliitiuiut4.
County Collector Hayes yesterday filed In
the circuit court -'J suits against delin
quent taxpayers. There were enough of
them to Jill a whole volume of the ap
pearance docket and they were all entered
up In docket No. 70 and that book was
tiled away,
Cheap Coal
Have you given our Weir City and Cher
okee egg coal u trial? For domestic use It
hus no superior. Place your order for a
ton of this coal and you will uso no other.
Price, 12.75 per ton delivered.
Teles-one fill. Keith & Perry bids.
ittidgr WnlTnrit l'pr-l. (Inn nf Hip Ml- Ur.
illnnnrr nnd t)lrh.iriir, I In' Mrn
lined tinder It.
In the criminal court je-.tcril.iy Judge
Wofford passed Upon a number of mollonx,
fentcccd a number of prisoners who
nero convicted nt the recent lerm nf court
nnd ended hl labor by declaring the clly
ordinance which prohibits hnrkalers from
crying their ware. In a certain territory
before !) o'clock In (he morning to be un
reasonable In Us requirements.
l'lve Italian hucksters who had been ar
rested for vlolntlng this ordinance were
nrrnlimed before Judge WofTord and he
discharged them for the reason given
AUgut Young, the Shcllleld burglar who
broke Into a residence and stole a few
dollars' worth of Jam, was Up for cntcnee.
Young was given ten years by the Jury
for burglary and two years for grand lar
ceny, but Judge WofTord remitted the two
years nnd sentenced Young to tho peni
tentiary for ten years.
Judge WolTord took the same action In
the case of Nannie Hanks, who was con
victed of murder In the second degree for
tho killing of her husband and given a
twelve year sentence by the Jury. Two
years of her sentence was remitted, mak
ing It ten years in the penitentiary.
In the cnes of William Stegner, con
victed of grand larcenv. and lleorue Mr.
Henry, convicted of nnuiult with Intent to
kill, Judge WolTord remitted one year and
six months of each sentence, making their
terms In the penitentiary two years and
six months, ltoy Kneedler, one of a gang
of boys necuo'd of stealing chickens, en
tered u plen of guilty, nnd sentence was re
served. Kobert Highly, found guilty nt
adultery, entered n motion for a new trial
which was overruled and ho was sentenced
to one year In the penitentiary. In the
ensa of James McKcc, sentenced In live
years In the penitentiary for burglary and
grand larceny. Judge WolTord remitted
two years of his sentence nnd sentenced
(iham) ,iunv lini'oitT i)i:i,.vi:i).
tine nf Urn .Iiirnri llxcuril I'mm Duly nn
Aecnunt nf lllnc.
A report from the ieclal grand Jury was
looked for yesterday, nnd It la known that
that body expected to make one returning
a large batch of Indictments, but the Ill
ness ot one of the Jurors and n necessary
change delayed the report, so that It may
not be made for a day or two yet. Juror
C. C. Chiles, of Independence, was taken
sick yesterday morning and was excused
from further service by Judge Wofford,
who appointed Ocorgo F. Shaw, a real es
tate dealer of Independence, In his place.
Prosecutor Neal said, after the grand Jury
had adjourned, that this change In the Jury
was the reason for no report being made.
Tho Jury put lu a very busy May In the
examination of witnesses, principally from
the Second ward. Most of the day was
devoted to the election cases, but they were
dropped long enough to allow tho consider
ation of the caso against William Wright,
who victimized A. Wltte, a farmer near
lay town, out ot ?,o on a confidence game,
Wltte and his wife. J, I., Itoblnson and Of
ficer Harris were heard In this case and an
Indictment was returned against Wright.
Jtccorder If. Clay Arnold was again
called yesterday, as were several other wit
nesses who have previously teslliled.
Among tho new witnesses examlneil prin
cipally In relation to tho Second ward
frauds were: Mr. Webb, Robert J. Ingra
hnm, 12. Cheek, J. and 11. Nolan, George
Walker. Mr. Carroll, William Callahan, J.
Ilaum, a pawnbroker on West Fifth street,
from whose place many alleged persons
were registered anil voted, Mrs. llattlo
Pray and William Slbel.
Kvldeuco Which IteienN ti Onlig of Cniut.
terfetteri Accumulating.
Cieorgo McGabney. alias McG.ibern, nnd
C. U. McNeal, who wero arrested on Sat
urday night for having counterfeit money
In their possession and upon suspicion of
being counterfeiters, were arraigned before
Commissioner Nuekols yesterday. At the
request of the United States district attor
ney, their henrlng was postponed until to
morrow morning, and they were again
committed to the county Jail, In default of
$1,0"0 ball each. Ily the time they will be
given a hearing the deputies of Marshal
Shelby expect to have proof that will bo
sulllclent to convict them of not only hav
ing counterfeit money in their possession.
but of dealing with a gang of counterfeit
ers, the members of which will probably
soon be apprehended and also brought to
It Is known to the olllcers that Mcflub
ney and McNeal had nearly $.1,000 in coun
terfeit gold and silver roln a week ago.
It was learned yesterday by one of the
federal olllcers that MclJnbney, who claims
to be - farmer living In Saline county,
Kns., has not lived there for several mouths
and that he worked as a section hand on
a railroad for a couple of months and In
Armour's packing house six weeks. Hut
little has yet been learned concerning Mc
Neal, but the olllcers are hinting that they
will be able to show up an unenviable rec
ord for him at the preliminary examina
tion. Long I'miglit Case Oin'H lii the Jury.
Judge Searrltt held court yesterday In
the third division of the circuit rourt In
tho nbsenoo of Judgo Dobson, who Is In
Now York, but to-day an election will bo
held and a judge pro tern chosen.
Judgo Searrltt and a Jury yesterday
spent tho day trying to lllid out which of
the parlies Is right In tho dispute nf tho
Snow-Church Western Collecting agency
against Jacob Hold Packing Company. The
plaintiff company collects bad bills, and
some tlmo ago, It claims. It undertook to
do such servleo for tho defendant com
pany, and it claims that the defendant re
fused to pay It for JUS worth of services.
The result Is a law suit, which has been
fought up through from tho Justice courts
at n cost of several times tho amount otlg
Inallv Involved. The defense claims that
tho debtors paid the bills voluntarily, but
thn plaintiff says It was because of thn
letters It sent them. Tho case went to tho
jury last night.
Court .Settles the Hill.
The cou
unty court yesterday settled tho
Water Works Company's bill ot
$l'l5.Si) for water used at tho court house
and Jail In ono month. The court was go
ing to hold tho bill back and Investigate
It, but a postal card was re
celved on which was printed In plain
red letters a threat to cut the water sup
ply off unless tho bill was settled at once.
This brought tho county to terms, ns It
could not help Itself, for tho cutting olf
of water at the court house and Jail meant
untold damage lo the expensive machinery
and also great suffering on the part of tho
several hundred prisoners la tho Jail,
filed In Appear.
Judge Henry yesterday Issued a citation
for John McAnueny, publisher of tho Co
lumbian Hanner, to appear before him to.
morrow In the circuit court and show
cause why ho should not bo required to
surrender tho publication and the olllco
to tho receiver, T, 11. McNeil,, who
was appointed some weeks ago to take
charge of It by Judge Pro Tern T, It, Mor
row. New Milts riled.
".W. Amelia C. Troutman vs. IlenJ.imln
v shone and Hattlo Shone: damages.
2-.W0. 1). Cumiulngs vs, Samuel Crltch
Held et nl: equity.
10i. Charles M. Ilrown vs. Mary A.
Drown; divorce.
13001, Campbell fllass and Paint Com
pany vs. Matthew Madden et al; mechan
ics' lien,
U.ircafer-ltegaii Case.
Judgo Dobson will probably hand down
a decision In tho Harcafer-ltegau election
contest over tho seat In the lower house
from tho Hlxth ward, which has been In
tho courts since the election last spilng.
Judge Dobson is now In New York, where
ho went last Saturday nl-ht upon urgent
business, but ho expects to return beforo
Only ballled malice would try to bellttlo
tha fame of Dr. Price's linking Powder,
Its hlKh reputation Is ImpreHuably forti
fied. Sunday Nt-iinnl Concert,
The branch Sunday school of tho Central
Presbyterian church, located on Uast
Seventh stieet, near Prospect avenue, will
Blvo u concert this evening. Tho pro
gramme Is as follows:
Part 1-Jolly Students (Keller), Keller's
Orchestra; Fairy llowers (Clover), the
Misses Minor; A Concert l.'plsode (Austly),
Sir. Kdgar J. Kbbels; Trio from Faust, .Mr,
Junklns, violin, -Mr. Halls llute. -Miss Knlck.
erbocker plana; "It Was Not So to He,"
from "The Trumpeter," Mr, W. J. Mur
ray. Part 2 Una Stella (Miliocci), Miss Jtlnor;
A Kansas City Mun In Kurope, Mr. Frank
II. Dexter: violin, "Carnival of Venice,"
Mr, 14, P. Halls: In Absence (Dudley Duck),
Q. T. Male Quartette; Jolly Brothers'
Waltzes (Vollstedt), Keller's Orchestra.
For Throat Ulseuacs and L'uuclM. uso
I 'Vroicn'4 JlranMal Irothti." S3 ct a box.
IHHt'OMIill III- ItAI'ltlt.V.
Thine Again! II. inker Held and Tntilmlii
nnd lll.hnp .MrMiinuirii ll.iiilc,l
by (lie Male-t.!lt.lia- I,
llendy fur Trial.
A dozen orlmlnni ruses from this city
were on the docket of the Clay county
circuit court nt Liberty yesterday, nnd
nil of them were disposed of (luring the
day, nnd the only remaining cases from
Jackson futility lo bo tried there are
those against e.vJtmtlco I.atsh.iw,
charging him with embezzlement. These
cases nre docketed for trial to-day, ami
will be ontlcd ns soon to-day as tho case
on trial Is completed, Last evening both
sides nnnoiinced themselves rendy for
trial. The stutc will be represented by
Prosecutor Jamison ulul his assistant,
Judge llotsford.
Among the cases disposed of yester
day was that against tillibs (!, Whit
man, who assaulted Principal Williams,
of the Chnce school, u Vear ago.
The cases against "Itlshop" McNnmara
wcro dismissed, nnd the murder cases
against Jerry Pate nnd his companions
Hl'lf COIlllllllCl!.
When the cases ngalnst Olbbs (', Wlllt
mnn, chnrged with nsiaultlng Professor
Williams, ot the Chnce school, on Feb
ruary II, IMll, nnd also with disturbing
the school, were called the attorneys rnr
the defendant made qulto an effort lo
secure a continuance until the next
term. Prosecuting Attorney Jamison
made a strong objection lo nny further
delay and the court Indicated that the
reasons for asking the delay were not
good. It was agreed lo take up tho
case again at 2 o'clock, and when It was
called at that time tho uttorneys an
nounced that the defendant desired In
enter it plea of guilty to common ns
stiiilt, nnd they nsked the court to nc
cept that plea, which was done.
Attorney Latshnw, for the defense,
pleaded for leniency, slating that tho
defendant hnd live motherless children
to provide for nnd that the costs already
were over $200. Prosecuting Attorney
Jamison called tho attention of the court
to tho fact that, while ho was willing
to show nil leniency possible, he could
not forget that tho assault was very
Judge Uroaddus fined Whltmnn $50
and three months In jail. In case he
was able to pay the fluu and costs at
once the court agreed to remit the Jail
sentence. The line nnd costs will
amount to over $"00, ns there were about
fifty witnesses from the city out lo tho
(rial yesterday. Including over a score
ot teachers and school children.
In ense Whitman is locked up ho will
bo sent to the Jackson county jail, as
Judge Hroaddus said yesterday that tho
Clay county Jail was quite unlit for hab
itation. Last evening Whltmnn was In
charge of Sheriff Hynicr, but snld he
would settle up everything to-dny. Ow
ing to tho condition of the jail he was
guarded at the residence of tho sheriff
last night.
The cases against Jerry Pate and his
companions in tho Fifth ward riot a
year ago were called, and, by agreement
of nil the uttorneys, continued for
tho term. Prosecutor Jamison nsked for
the continuance, and In doing so said
such a step was made necessary by
reason of the recent changes in tho
Tho cases against "Hlshop" J V. Mc
Namara, his nephew and agent, were nil
dismissed by Prosecutor Jamison, who
sold he was Impelled to take thnt step
by reason of the fad that the strongest
case against the defendant had been
tried and a conviction not secured, and
It would 1)0 practically Impossible to
now get a conviction at a later date on
a weaker case. As the cases against all
were based on the same act, he would
dismiss tho entire number.
The bishop was In the room nt the
time and heard the announcement with
out a change of countenance, and soon
after left the building and went to the
house of a friend.
The cases against Hankers John Hold
and George W. Toulmlu. of the defunct
trust companies, were all dismissed, as
had been expected since the supremo
court upheld the decision of Judge
Hroaddus that the law did not Include
trust companies under the restrictions
placed around banks.
The case against Charles Schaeffer,
who was charged with carrying con
cealed weapons, was continued owing
to the sickness of a couple of important
witnesses, nnd that ngalnst C. J. Jacobs,
charged with obtaining goods from
Hiirnham, Manna, Monger & Co., was
continued until later In the term.
Keilvals DNetlHsed.
Itev. Dr. V. It. Hill, of tho Troost Ave
nue Methodist church, read a paper on
"Churih Work" at the meeting of the
Ministers' Alliance yesterday morning. The
paper discussed very largely the subject of
revivals. While Dr. Hill did not at all
deprecate revivalism and revivals alto
gether, he took the ground that they uro
orten productive of more evil than good.
"There are revivalists and revivalists," he
said. The subject was discussed by several
of tho ministers present. Itev. 1'rank D.
Alt man said that though be had had ser
mons preached by city pastors at special
meetings In his church he had never em
ployed an evangelist. Itev. Dr. T. 11.
Vnssar spoke brlelly and was followed 'by
Itev. J. I,. Sewall. He gave two Illustra
tions, one showing that revivals when con
ducted by the proper kind of persons are
elfeetlve, the other that steady, conscien
tious w oik by a pastor Is Just as ef
llclent as any revival. Itev. C. L. Klnss
raised a laugh by remarking that he had
heard It said that revivals are designed
especially for lazy church members. Ho
added that too much work Is put upon
pastors altogether, as they are obliged to
shoulder everything In their congregation,
even to the eases of the measles. Itev. Dr.
S. M. Neel spolto of "Ham" Jones' methods,
which he said nro reprehensible In many
ways, but effective la many Instances,
notwithstanding. He was followed by Itev.
Drs. J. tl'H. l.owry and O, II. Wright.
Plenty of rivals try to competo with Dr.
Price's H.iklng Powder, None can make
headway against It.
0, II, Swindell, Haltlmore, Is at the
1 J Woodbury, Boston, Is at tho Coates,
W. B. Moore, Springlleld, 111., Is at tho
W, S. Simpson, St. Louis, Is at tha
O, P, Drake, San Francisco, Is at tho
A. 15. Davis, Troy, N. V., Is at tho Coates,
C. A. Hodge, Abilene, Is at tho Coates.
O. If. Cam, Hoston, Is at the Coates,
A. I.auriney, Catsklll, N. M., Is at tho
W. II. Itosslngton, Topeka, Is at tho
Judge Vlilllp returned from Colorado
Springs yesterday much Improved In health,
II,. will open the federal court III Ht. Jo
soph next Monday morning,
(1. II. Harper, Wheeling. W, Vn., Is at the
J. P. Smith. Sedalla, is nt the Victoria.
J, si. A, Collm, Wnrrensburg, Mo,, Is at
the Victoria,
Thomas A. Dunn, Carthage, III., Is at the
J, Q, Guston, Omaha, Is at tho Victoria,
W. A. Wells. David Clly, Ncu is at the
D. Cl.esb.ilm, Terrlll, Tex., Is at the Vie.
John D. Sullivan, St, Louis, is at the
II. V flout, of Thayer, Kas., was at the
New Albany yesterday.
P. 1). Watson and family, of Cameron,
Mo., nro at the New Albany,
J. II. Wilcox and William .McCoy, of Cof.
feyvllle, Kus,, ure ut tho New Albany,
W. T. Dunlap, of Matlleld, Kus., Is at the
New Albany. )
C. K. Walters, of Rich Hill, Mo Is at the
New Albany.
Mrs. Ira J. Norrls, of 2203 Troost uvenue,
has been called to St. Louis to attend a
married sister, who Is seriously HI.
O. K. Macklln, a prominent Iron manu
facturer and mlno operator of Denver, Is
at the Midland.
Nowman Krb. a well known railroad
man of New York city, passed through
Kunsas City last ulght. cu route to To-Aicka.
Mm Srhnitrls Montllli. Illn,
in the One
Who Abide the All). I. nit.
When John Johnson, Die loitcry agent
,uho ! charged Willi innlilliur n fflle nf
lldavlt In lilt nMnr.tliz.itlmi .use of Max
S. hwarlz, was IjroiiRlt into Juilre Wlth
tow court yejterdii, S-hwnriz whs in
nne of the roons In Hie building ued by
Ciintable llyl.it nnd his deputies a an
oillce. When Johnson had taken hi place
In the rourt rodm Selmnriz mih shown In
and was asked to point nuf Johnson as a
test of Idpiilllldltlon. Hchwnrtjt readily
pointed him oii m Hie half-crowded court
renin. Johnson preliminary hearing was
rontliiUfd for Jlie Week and he uns le
leosed on a Mnd Tor Jl.M), signed by
Deputy Sheriff t'olgnn
Jnhlion said yesteidav lh.it lie did not
believe a rase fould be made ngalnst hint.
He had been (4 the criminal clerk's oillce
he said, and tU're wn no evidence to In
erlmlnate him there. In regard lo this
'onstitldp Vlyln said eierday afternoon:
"I have poses ion of pnpus In the natur
alization eae tf Schwartz nnd Johu'on's
own signature Is on one of Ihrm. Ileldes
this I do not irlleve that Sihuortz wilt
waver in the tntcinents he has nlrcndy
made regardlni the matter."
r or Titointi.i:.
Mr: Sllllhnuepiay He Prevented cm the
lilrgn nf lllgiiiiit.
Tho rnscs iij.ilnst Mrs. Mllllinilsp nnd
Cash (leers, gikwlng out nf the charge of
bigamy prcferjeil against Mrs. Mllllioiine
by her husbaijd, who rotnmltted Milcldo
last week to fjee her, as he expressed It,
will lie called in Justice Krnener's court
this morning. I Mrs. Mlllhnusn and llccra
expected to be Snnrrled by .lustlre Krueger
yesterday atleinoon, but the Justice was
busy elsewhere! and the marriage did not
take place. Tie ceremony may be per
formed to-day, but It depends largely on
what dlsposltliiii is made ot the cases
ngalnst the couple. Ilelatlvos of the man
who killed hlniself on Mrs. MUlhotise's
account, are InHlned lo push the prosecu
tion. They think Mrs. Mlllhouse has
shown verv little feellne- In 111,, mutter nn.l
that she deserves prosecution on account
ot her apparent hardlnarledness,
ir,Nvt:it liuTTi.Mi ai:oi:m:h.
It Is Preparing fur u limit With the Water
Wirlm Ciiotp.iuy,
The city ot Denver Is wrestling with Its
water works company and Is securing alt
the Information, It can get regarding the
cost ot water, etc.. In other cities. Tho
mayor received d letter from the president
of the Denver hoard of public works yes
terday, evidently written under the Im
pression that the city owns Its own plant.
The Denier board wants to know the total
Cost of the plant; the revenue detlved by
tlio city; the dtbt Incurred by the city;
thn mileage of pipes; the number of hv
drants; the operating expenses and other
Tho letter says: "We are paying exces
sive water rates. The plant Is bonded for
JS.Oirt.iJOo, or which J.1,r,0iUO Is preferred
stock; we are thus paying for the water
In tho pipes and in the bonds and stock."
rirm ns the rock of Cibraltar are the
foundations of Its fame Ur. Price's Cream
linking Powder.
The Importations jesierday wore
cars of lead bullion from Mexico.
The police board did not hold Its regular
.Monday meeting yesterday, on account of
the absence of Commissioner Cox from the
Tony llauboro was ai rested last night by
8pccl.il Polleeiunu MeCune on a charge of
stealing coal fiom the Helen Coal Company
at Klrst and Tieest avenue.
Mrs. Minnie Haley called at tho oillce of
the Humane Koclety yesterday and asked
the society to take charge et' her (1-year-old
son, tiny, wno is said to be Incorrigible.
Chailes Myers, charged with being one of
the men who burglarized Whiting's tailor
ing place, was committed to await the ac
tion of the grand Jury by Justice Krueger
The ea-es against C. If. Hubbell and
Sheridan Wheeler, charged with giving
light weight In selling coal, were continued
in the police court ye-u. rday until Thurs
day morning.
J. Shapiro, of No. 012 Walnut street, was
arraigned before Justice Krueger yesterday
on a charge of drawing a tevolver on It.
McGowan ami was bound over to await ac
tion by tin- grand Jury.
The Kansas City Medical Club held n
well attended meeting nt tho oillce uf Dr.
C. J. Morrow, inn; Main street, last night.
Tho subject, "Fractures of the Humerus,"
was dlsciisst d by several members.
D.in Cllflnrd was sentenced to sixty days
In the county J. ill by Justice Krueger yes
terday on a charge of stealing 41.10 Ironi the
pockets of John Fleehart In the lluzzard
saloon, on Walnut, near Fourth stieet.
"Ited" Whitman, charged with creating
a disturbance In the Gllllss opera Hon1-,'
during a perl'oinianee Sunday night, was
arraigned In the police court yesterday and
was released nn tUH bond to reappear this
morning mr iri.u.
Fiv.i newsboys, who were am sted in the
Times building and taken to the Central
station In the patrul wagon rally yesterday
morning on a charge of being drunk and
disorderly, wetv lined 4.1 each by Police
Judge Jones yesterday.
Flunk Dickinson was arrested yi-steidny
afternoon by lluinane Agent (ireeuiuan mi
a charge of eruilly whipping his team
while at work In the excavation ut Tenth
and Main streets. One of his mules was
bleeding where he had lashed him.
The Woman's Auxiliary lo the Kceley
League met In umm 110, Hall building,
jestcrduy. The leseiie committee icpnrtcd
the sending of one ninu lo tho Kansas City
Ke.dy institute and one to Dwlght. Cash
payments were made for both patients.
J. W. Johnson, a eleik In the Tiipckn
pobtnftlce, was arrested there on Sunday
for stealing letters containing money. In
spector J. D. .Sullivan, who ninde the ar
rest, passed lluough the eily yesterday
with his prisoner, whom he was taking to
St. Louis.
Itev. Dr. W. P. Stoddard, of Iowa, will
give Ills II I'M talk at the Helping Hand
Institute tii-niiininv atteruonn at .1 o'clock.
He is to delher a seiles of talks on the
"Life of St. Paul." Dr. Stoddard Is a per
sonal friend of Superinlendeut Bhawhaii,
and an eminent Christian scholar.
The case ngalnst John Itnbblus, ehurged
with keeping a barber shop open on Sun
day, at Fifteenth and Jackson avenue, was
dismissed in Justice Wlthrew's court yes
terday on account of the absence of the
prosecuting witness. The arrest was made
on an old statute which has not been
lately enforced.
II, Palmer, a deaf paralytic, was taken
n charge yesterday morning by the Hu
mane Society and some charitable people
gave him money with which to leave lite
city. Yesterday afternoon he was arrested
In a drunken condition and was locked up.
An attempt will be made to have him scut
to tho poor farm
Delia Hishup, who was released from the
workhouso yesterday, after serving a term
for disturbing the peace, was rearrested by
a deputy constable (ram Justice Krueger's
conn on a charge of attempting to stab
Charles Hlue, prior to her Incarceration in
tno workiiou.se. i no justice committed iht
to the county jail to await a preliminary
Fred Armatage, tho bookbinder who tried
to commit suicide in the (Irani! avenue
police station Sunday night by beating his
head against the bars of his cell, was sent
to tho city hospital from tho police Jail
yesterday. Ills condition was eousldeied
serious, He was still in n semt-dellrloiis
condition and kept crying, "I wanted to die,
but they wouldn't let mo kill myself."
Hx-Constablo Mulllns was given Judg
ment yesterday in a suit against H. .Main,
hiirdt for III, costs In a case tried under
Justice Harm, when Mulllns was constable,
Mulllns held that llano had collected the
costs from Malnhurdt, but had paid him
nothing. On tho ground that the consta
ble and not tho Jumlee had the right to col
lect the costs Mulllns was given Judg
A tiewly organized firm which will soon
do business in Kansas City, succeeding an
old and well known linn, Is tho Hchmelzer
& Sons Arms Company, which filed articles
of Incorporation yesterday The canUul
stock of the new company it I73,ouo, all of
which but ono share Is held by .1, F
Hchmelzer, C. J Sehinelzer and II. P.
Schmelzer. Ono share Is held by Jennie
Mrs. Hamilton, a boarding house keeper
at No. VC West Thirteenth street, was on
trial yesterday afternoon before Justice
Wlthrow, on u charge ot assaulting M,
West, formerly a boarder In her house.
It was charged that shu and a woman
named Mrs. Newton tried to forcibly eject
him from the house and to put his effects
out upon the street. After the hearing of
evidence the case was taken under adviser
Constable Ashton, of Justice Wall's court,
was urrcsted yesterday on a warrant sworn
out before Justice Caso by Mrs. Henrietta
Woods, charging him with assault and for
cible seizure of nroperty, Ashton Is tho
constable lvllO Caused Airs. U'nnik' nrresl
last Saturday on a charge of assaulting
htm while he was trying to take a trunk
from her home under a replevin writ. Tim
constable was at once released on bond and
ls hearing was set for this afternoon.
Spring Is Colnil.l,
lint If your blood l Impure, your Vitality
low. your mrvc strength exhausted. It will
bring you Utile plui'iite unless all llne
symploms ar. spenlily overcome, If ou
wish lo ho able lo enjoy (he coming of
spring an I hummer you muni make sure
Hint your bleed Is pure nnd heallhy, nnd
the best way to Jo litis Is to take
A few botlles of this great medicine will
enrich and vitalize tho blood, drlvo out oil
Impurities and give strength, health and
Impplno, liemember that Hood's Sarsa
parlllt I the great blood purlllcr.
Hood's PI Ih
act harmonlotulr with
Hood's Sars.ip.irllla.2Jc.
MUIl.1t IT fllll TO
III' i:i)l!0.TI()N.
It Was Cnnldereil at l,at MglilS .Meeting
mill Mill Prnlinlily He Airenteil-
fnr the New l.lliniry
Itlilldliig Dleiled.
It Is quite likely that the new public
library building will contain nu art gal
lery. At the meeting of the board of
education last night n letter nddressed
lo the hoard by K. M. Allen, Judgo O.
L. Dobson, Kdwln P.. Weeks mid
Cliarloa C. Hlplcy, ot tho Kansas City
Art Association, proposing to iloiintu
some winks ot iirt now In the possession
of the association to the library, pro
vided a suitable place Is secured, was
received and taken tinder advisement.
The letter states that tho association
will donate art material, consisting of
casts or the Hlglti marbles nnd various
historical and artistic objects contained
In the Hrltlsh museum, Vatican nnd art
galleries of Italy, Clermnny nnd Franco,
phototypes of celebrated paintings, and
such paintings as the association iliay
be aide to secure with the funds now nt
Its command. These funds amount to
about J2.f,no. The offer Is conditioned
upon n mitlnblo place for the collection.
Its care and Its nccesslhlllty ua the pub
lic urt gallery of Kansas City.
Tho proffer was discussed by the
board nnd taken under advisement In
connection with the library. In all prob
ability It will be acepted. Mr. W. F.
Hackney, the architect of tho new build
ing, said that he thought the plans
might easily bo drawn so ns to create
nn art room. Ho nnd Architect Adrlauce
Van Jlrunt appeared before the board
with two sketches, the one of the flour
plans and the nther of the elevation of
the new building. The board and the
architects dlscttsssed these some time
In executive session, there being but tew
alterations from the plans stated in gen
eral terms In the Journal some weeks
ago. However, no plans have been ac
cepted by the board as yet, those which
have been submitted being tentative
still. Tho board Instructed the two
architects to finish both plans In per
spective fur the next meeting of the
board, and at the same time have them
In shape fur publication in the newspa
pers. They were further Instructed to
have ready fur the same purpose all the
Hour nnd elevation plans now under con
sideration. Some minor business was transacted
befute the executive session. Tile board
Is looking about for a lot for the erec
tion of ii school repair shop. The pres
ent repair shop, located at IXIl Walnut
street, Is liiadeiiiiate. The work of tear
ing down the building nt the corner of
Ninth and Locust streets for the erec
tion of the new library building will
soon be begun. The board llnds that
much of the material of this building
is still serviceable. It Is proposed to
build the shop of this material, the only
question being u suitable lot. The board
Is anxious to lease a lot for the taxes
upon It for ten years, ut the end of
which time the shop built upon It will
be turned over tn the lessee.
A Hag pole was ordered for the Oak
ley school, the pupils of which received
a Hag from the Shellleid 11. A. It. oil
Washington's birthday.
Truth must prevail. The truth about
baking powders is that lr. Price's is the
Heaths Deported.
The following deaths were reported to
the board of health yeslerday:
Sililev. Mis. Mnrr: aged ill: February 23:
1733 Walnut; pneumonia; burial In Slater,
Hurke. Katie; aged 9: February 21; 1102
Forest; diphtheria; burial In St. John's
Slrohn; Infant; February 22; 1S23 Mast
Seventeenth; inanition; burial in Mount
St. Mary's cemetery.
Wolf. Olgu; Infant; February 23; 1S2S
Holmes; enterocolitis; burial lit Union cem-
Palmer, Mrs. Ann: aged HI; February 21;
1210 College; cancer; burial In I'lmwooit
earlier. F.va: aged 2; February 2.1; 22W
Flora; bronchitis; burial In L'niun ceme
tery. orchard, Thomas; Infant: February 21;
First and Holmes; tuberculosis; burial In
t'uloti cemetery.
Thomas, Mrs. Kllznheth; aged 17; Feb
ruary 23; 021 Fast Thirteenth; mitral ill
suillelency: burial In Klmwood cemetery.
Lamb, .Mrs. Juliette; aged 17; February
2.1; Ninth and l.ydla; niyxoadenoma; burial
In Detroit, Kas,
lt.itlg.in, Michael: aged 72; February 22;
7lu I'enn; catarrhal pneumonia; burial in
.Mount St. .Mary's cemetery.
Day. Mrs. Georgia: aged f.S: February 10:
10IS Washington; asthma; burial In Union
Herigan, Ursula; Infant; February 21;
122J Washington; la grlppo;burIal In Mount
St. Mary's cemetery.
I'arrell, John; aged 71; February 2.1;
Home for Aged; bronchitis; burial in
'.Mount St. Mary's cemeteiy.
Green, Cassle; aged 1; February 22: 2.""0
Cherry i croupous pneumonia; burial In
Union cemetery.
Stewart, Charles II.; Infant: February 22;
Twelfth and Campbell; Infantllu pneu
monia; burial In Union cemetery.
London, Mrs. Matilda; aged IM; February
22; Thlny-nlnth and Washington; la
gilppu; burial III Union ri metery.
Lung, Maria: Infant; February S3; 1OT
Franklin; catarrhal bronchitis; burial In
Peter and Paul cemetery.
Weiss, Mnmle; Infant; Fein nary 22; 2123
Tracy; coajestlon of liver and bowels;
burial In Peter and Paul cemetery.
Smack, .Mrs, Ida M,; aged 31; February
21; 4120 Fast Sixth; pneumonia; burial In
r.alvllle. Mo,
Falrweather; Infant: February 21; llns
Main; stillborn; burial la Llmwood ceme
tery. Ilolllngsworlh, William; aged W; Febru
nry 22; lllfi Campbell; organic heart dls
ea.o; burial In Union cemetery.
Lalhani; Infant; February 21; 271S Cher
ry; stillborn; burial lit Union cemetery,
O'llryan. Mrs. Jlary; aged 0); February
21; Twcnty-ilfth and Woodland: cardiac,
dropsy; burial In lllmwood cemetery,
Stewart, Carroll & Smith, undertakers,
121iJ Walnut street. Telephone 1D15.
Illrtlis Itcpni'tid.
The following births were reported to the
board of health yesterday:
Tucker. B. A. und Mattlo L.; boy; 1103
Hast Sixteenth; February 23.
Hrewer, A. L. nnd Martha J.; girl: Hard
esty and Springlleld: February IS.
Sandeeu, S. und F.llen J.; girl; city: Feb
ruiy 10.
Courlrlght. J I. L. and S. 11.; girl; 13IJ
Walnut: February 22.
Freischmeier, Mary; boy; city hospital;
February 23. '
Peebles, L C. and Itosa SI.; girl; 3012
Holmes; February 22,
Durkop, A. and Letty; girl; 2333 Holly;
February 25.
Harden, G. II. and Minnie; boy; 119 Bast
Fifth: February Si.
.Morgan, F.d and Slury; girl: 1PH Tracy;
February 21,
Ulch. Morris and Fannie; girl; 2U East
ailssourt avenue; February 22. I
.int". iii:i,iit i'i:.m:rru,v muiii:.v
t'ai Ai;:llnt thn I il moll . Winmlli Hi big
Inirtllgnled by the liranil Jury
nf Cl.iy Ceiint.v -Mie llm
I'pit Caller'.
Mrs. Anna Itellnh, charged with p.is
lug worthless chocks un members of the
Lincoln family, who Is In Jsll ut Liberty
nwnltliig the action uf the grand Jury,
yesterday morning delivered to Shurirf
llynier, of Clay county, a handsome
sent wrap, worth JloO. and asked hltn tyi
send It at mice to .Mr. John lingers, a
furrier at Toronto, Cnumln, from whom
she purchased It in January, mil. She
left the city wltli tho wrap ami had not
paid for It. She said she had Intended
to pay for It, ami would have done so
hud she not lost her liberty.
Sir. lingers lenrned of her being locked
tip through tho dally papers und wrote
to .Sheriff llymer asking him to get tho
cloak If possible. Mo showed the letter
to .Mrs. Hellah. She ai knowledced tho
debt ami willingly gave up Hie garment
mill sent n message of regret with It
last evening when Sherirf llymer started
tho garment buck to lis owner. Sir.
ltogets doubled that mild menus would
win and hud engaged nn attorney in
case of an emergency.
It Is current rumor (hat Sirs. Hellah
will, when brought to trial, claim she Is
n Hflllsh subject, In the hope that she
may thereby escape serious punishment.
The grand Jury look up the en so of
Sirs. Hellnh the Hrnt thing yesterday
when It organized. Lent S. Lincoln, who
wtis forced lo pay a check for $110 he
Indorsed, was the llrst witness called be
fore the Jury, and Cashier Thompson, of
tin- Kxcolslur Springs) bank, was the
next. Some other witnesses are to be
called In the case, nnd It Is likely that
the Jury will complete her case this
morning. It is the general impression
that she will be indicted, lull ilottbls us
to her conviction are freely expressed,
owing lo the fact that shu passed a
check drawn by her husband and which
she claims she believed was all right at
the time. SlrH. Hellah lias been locked
up In n private apartment In the court
house Nlnce her arrest In Kansas Clly
some months ago. The action of the
sheriff in not locking her up In the jail
was indorsed by the people of Liberty
oil the grounds of humanity, as the jail
Is it vile dungeon, wholly unlit for hu
man abode. The rouni iu which she Is
ciiullued adjoins the circuit court room
and affords n pretty view of Liberty and
William Jewell college.
Sirs. Hellah dislikes the riirlnlty of
tin' public, nnd objects very much to
having the crowds admitted to annoy
her and stare ut her. She bus asked of
Sheriff llymer lo refuse admittance to
the public. When anyone calls to see
her she Is always; asked If she wants to
see him, and If she does not he Is not
admitted. .Many were refused admit
tance yesterday, as the prisoner was
not In u frame of mind to care lo meet
anyone. She litis Interested In the prob
able action nf the grand jury that was
to begin work on her case.
Mer son, who Is said lo have left his
home In Canada two weeks ago nnd
purchased a ticket to St. Louis, litis not
shown tip here yet so far as the public
knows. Dining the past week several
attorneys from Kansas City have been
here looking up the case, ami it is be
lieved site has employed strong counsel
to represent her at the trial. She Is
known lo have engagei! Senator Sinirall.
uf Liberty, and Attorney lluckner, of
Kansas City.
Sirs. Hellah receives all her letters
through her attorneys and sends out all
of her communications Hie same way.
Concerning the sensational rumors of
the ladles Hocking to her room to call
on her and the great attention she Is
said to have been receiving. Sheriff Jak"
llymer stated last evening tn a Journal
representative: "I refused to luck Mrs.
Hellah In the county Jail because it
Isn't a Tit place fur unyune. For three
days I kept her at my house. Since Hen
she has been locked up In her room.
Her son stays there with her. There
hasn't been a single woman In Liberty
to call on her since her Incarceration,
except my wife, who went with me a
few times when f took her meals to It. r
She did not go to call, but simply went
along with mo. All these reports con
cerning mv taking her out sleigh rldlng
or the Indies sending lier bouquets and
Hocking to the jnll to see her are slinplv
il n slinking lies, as the people li.-i.-
well know. I have treated her ns I
would treat any other prisoner. Th.e...
In my charge awaiting trial are always
treated fairly."
Hconomv In Hie kitchen. Is In using llv
purest and bet materials. There 1s noth
ing so expensive ns the cheap baking pow
ders. Highest government antheriiHS
recommend Dr. Price's as the slt'unv-t.
purest and best.
Marriage Licenses Issued.
Tho following couples were .vest, rday
granted licenses to marry:
Names. Aies
Chris I.embke. Kansas City ii
Lizzie Neff, Pleasant Hill, Cass co Mo 22
Clinton II. Savers, Kansas Clly '-"
Jennie SI. Slnson, Kansas City IS
Columbus F. Ilroadhiirst, Kansas City . '20
Hthel .MeDeriuoit, Kansas City 22
Henry Voss -'7
Helena Kcssenieht. Kansas City 3a
George Henry Si ntt, Kansas Clly "-
Lulu Haines, Parsons, Kas 31
Oliver .1. lluiden. clay county. Slu 12
Hmin.i Johnson, Clay county, Slo 37
Patrick Hastings, Kan-as City M
Jane Clone, Kansas Clly 'Ji
Clly Hall Niite..
Mayor P.ivln went to Jefferson City hut
nlifht In the Interest of iiK-aauiva alte, Un
thin city.
J, 11. Heeintisi moi; nui a permit yen.
terday to hulld a brick residence ut .'110
and iU2 I'ark avenue, to cost M.'oo.
The board of park and Imiilevard coin
mlKslouera will meet tills afternoon and
audit bills of the hoard tor IVhruarj.
Dolllo Illshop was pardoned by tho
mayor yesterday and turned over to the
Mate authorities for trial on the iharue
of felonious atnault,
Tlio board of public works will meet
this murium; and consider the plans for
tlio establishment of seen Mw-r disirkis
lu ihu eastern part of the city The .mien I
ed siduwall. oidlnanco will jIsu Iju dis
Consumers of chewing tokcowb
are willing to pay a liltte more Aan
tie price charged for lie ordinary
trade tobaccos, will find this
trand superior to all others
W1 It tk
llriMilnii-mid VV' VOt-JlV
l.leMiith Mrcil, .I-V 1UKI.
iippo.lie tir.it ii t'liiiuli.
.XTK.0P3-A.ST PXj.ir.Sr.
Rooms Si.oo per Day nn tl Upward.
Tli) ur' prtiitilai Ily the SI Jul h., ac
qtiireitinn rei :'h ho -r. . to P imlqueloei
il, in In hmni u n ; ',te. Hit leruii.irBi
rellrncenf I iml.lt.u aid r I , and tn very
tnmtiMMlp ,ri,'. WILLIAM TAYLOII.
Lots of Fun I
A Great Programme!
The fMlmtlug h.mi
tntiiiitrrrril their
The Beethoven Orchestra!
AN'I) MLMlinitH OF Till".
American Travesty Company.
and members of Clement llalnbrldge J
"Alabama" Company.
and tneinbe r of .MrKcc li.iuMu Company.
and mcniliers of "Tit n Old CrnnleV Company
Tho entire proceeds to go to the Prov
itlent Ai-socialion.
Tickets can liu oxulmtigcd for 1'usurveil
Heats Tuesday uiornliij at box olllco of
Grand Opera House.
COATES ""..VhYs,,
A Great Big Hit!
The American Travesty Co-
imI Ainrrlt'it' I'mm-lto Itnrlotiiuo
In tin ruutiiHllr, l'i
Caught (he
last Niht.
I'u try Ittirli"iiit-I
Tllli NI-WI-ST
SON'S HIT. fc-AK.1 1 -
UcjhI Tlifc Nam
Comic Opera
J.lll'isi; JIOXTAilCl..
b.nlle .M;iclloli:lld.
1. Illl. in lUwilinrne.
Madeline Meratulo.
Kate fart.
Xellls HoiiKl.it.
II V I're Henlclc,
Joseph Donor,
Henry Carter.
li.ii. Johnson.
Stuil AILirilu.
AND pi) MDItE.
I:trn vaanza
sale nf .-
Its llcglii., 'riiurd.iy llnrulliE.
(real C'omlr Opra Su . - r
Ttie.iler. New 01 1,
! '.- a
The Devil's Deputy.
AtliptPi! bv J Cheevt-r oodwtu
Music by l..,).iU.ilHivsUi,cim.posrr or ..rmlnlcj'
One Week and Saturday Matineo
(v.muiciirliif; Monday March t
Tli u rsclay Even i n.c;,
I eliruur.i ".-llli, K p. in, li:irp.
I.ct nn ale nt tile duuctiiiii Ticket:
i llnnday Itm-iiiut;, 1 eli. ':rth.
t lut;ic.tto. 'I Imiiiuik.
.Sex' Wee vM., '
M U 1 AVXA...MA..
..'I'll I' lllITI ,
? I rid. ii and re-i ,r ucit.,
l IMP 1 IS U IMvl 1 '
lll!l 4 .-r ...
"ii.wi j .'! iM.I, T, -Mmi . .V: mo
jjf IiUUjM; nniiiieiicliii; nud!i3 ll.itluee j
Ml LAY (I. I. MINI The N, u lliililllllnii
V "? H 8
Tills .Vfl
rititttu ut .10. Tu-ulclii at
S otoktiids.
-r.iti.orTi, Tim nui. it i..sci:i;.
XemWuili ll.iy Shaw llnrlosriite.t fepeclallyCo,
:m:tts:o h:a..
Friday Night, March 1st,
I'lAMiroitrn i!i:ci'i,i, nv .
(llitclor .Vow i:nsUud Conwrv.-mry of Muita,
licM'iw'd .".coll., Mi Mud, nts, fflr.
Sat on sain Wi'diw-day inoinii; i .it I.cbu lire.
Represents f'Xt,
"World's Fair"
Committee ot Awards
s.irs sq.
Kansas City
: 914
nlll fli'lurr liU Kh'.H Irrtiir
!S.. ft.-y - v" XK tfir" ""jja
l4Q1tii J EigJ
1 ''' ' I he lie. I l nolle. Ill I "lay
T,.viiiiiT 1 vi r Mritifii,
I'lll'l I li
si vri.si i: ,
Tini.MI v.
til 1.1.
Kansas City, Mo,

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