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For 40 Years
,-v The People's
Leads In
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i.Titotm.. a iiKoi.tmiiN rtm a
him: ihi: Aii.tinut.Mi:NT.
Titr. aiATTiui y.x o i:tt i'mji:ii Tin:
ii' cAitnn:i) wilt. ni:ci:sit.ti: an
i:TItA S1"I(N.
Iavlil-nn' Hypnotism lllll .cnt to lln-
grotsiiicnt In tins limine on-l'ur-
tWiin Curator Mi'inurp Puci!
A Inner llrldgo lllll (lues
'1 h rough the "eiiule.
Jefferson Cits", Mo , 1'cb. 2$. (Special.)
The senate got Into the mire nnkle deep,
h'c.ul clown, to-dny. Senator Peers, who
oven to bo cute, llrcd In a. resolution to
irljourn sine tile March 12, nntl movcil th.it
he rules be suspended and the resolution
Senators Kennlsh nnil Kline, opposed the
motion to stipend the rules nnil urged Hint
much needed legislation It yet to be acted
Senators Lyman and Yeater seconded the
adjournment revolution. No action was
taken at that time, however, and this aft
ernoon It was allowed to bo oer under
the rules until to-morrow. The matter
now stands this way: If the Democrats In
the senate desire to pass the resolution,
they cm do so, for they have the ma
jority and Jlcpubllcans will not as a body
lopposc It, for opposition would be futile.
The house would certainly pass It, In de
ference to the senate. Hut, In this con
nection It should be remembered that a
largo number of bills which are of general
Interest In the stnte, are jet to be passed.
Most of these oilglnatcd In the house.
Those appropriation bills upon which
the baldest light will be made, nro not
jet out of committee. Urlmln.il cost nnd
election measures are jet iicnellng. Until
something has been done along these lines
the work of the legislature Is Incomplete
land If appropriation bills are not passed,
the stnte h penal, reiormaiorj' anu eiee-mosv-nnrv
Institutions will be compelled to
go out of business. It follows, then, that
ir tno senate resolution 10 inijoiirn sine
die March 12 Is nlso passed bj- the house,
the senate will bo un.iblo by that date to
clear the calcndjr. Such a condition would
necessitate the Immediate reconvening of
the legislature In extra session. If that
should bo done, all bills lert Incomplete
would need to be" taken up de novo. The
bl.i me would rest with the senate. Sen
ators 1'eeis' resolution of adjournment was
le.illv of a buncombe character, but it Is
liable to Ret bejond hts control. In this
connection, It Is worthy of note that the
nconl shows that the house has Just
about discounted the senate in the volume
of work done. It la the custom for the
house to Initiate and the senate to adopt
sine die adjournment resolutions.
This morning the bill to allow the build
ins of a wagon toll road on the Winner
bride at Kansas Cits' easily passed. Un
less those who feel an Interest artverso to
this bill commence work at once It will
surelv pass the house.
The Remainder or the morning session of
the senate was devoted to the paing of
appropriation bills. There were no Im
portant amendments nor Incidents In this
Hoimo Prof i pilings.
Mr. O'Dell's monthly pajment bill failed
of engrossment this morning. No one voted
for It. One man voted against It. Thus
from the wily dealer who sub
stitutes an inferior article for
what you order. He disap
points you, but what cares he;
more profit is to be had on his
cheap goods.
Silver Churn
may be recognized, not only by
its superior quality, but by tho
Silver Churn trade mark and
words "Silver Churn" orf each
wrapper. If you have had
trouble, it was because of sub
stitution. Don't let him do it
jrmour packing o.,
Kansas City, U. S. A.
5 Opening Day, sS
; New Spring Styles.
lli'iiiliiiiiirterii for
Ti IcphmiH 11)1111.
w,,Kv.m. WflUL PAPER.
Paints, Glass and Room Moulding,
JUS-lMff Walnut M.,
Kuitbns City, Mo
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I'lalu uml lanry 1'rliiHiig of every
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.Ituilnesn Cards from 7l5o to ' per 1,000,
') 715 CENTRAL ST.
i c .,.! ,luir mirth Kit lllllllfU Iltlllllltl 1.
Tc leuhouu ZOtilf UA?b.b VI V, JIO.
Clark & Co.,
SOI.K AOKN1S, 74 SllfKhT
spsins yniw RCAnvi
miuri mat co..
S biiLi: Ar.ii.vis SS
1013 M-A-Iisr STREET sv
styles mi ii nunu 1 1
2(52. W MS9
the bill went (o lis final resting place.
It should be ild In this connection that
MeKee's weekly pijment bill, which, tin
der the decision of the supreme court, is
of iniostlonnblo constitutionality, will go
to the senate
An ninuMng rnnhlng debate prow on! nt
the calling up for engrossment of David
fon's hspnotlMn bill, The house Is In, a
doubtful humor, and has but little faith In
this thing called hpnollm. .Mr. invld
son, however, has full faith In It. He sup
ported the bill In n short speech. In which
he related tho newspaper story of the
Wichita murder committed under hypnotic
Dr. Short, ol I'helps, offered nil ntnelid
tnent ptovldlng that hypnotism shall not
be n defense In any suit nt law, nor In nny
crlmlnnl proceeding. Davidson suggested
n substltuto for the ninendment. The sub
stlttltu prevnllnd. In the eoliro of the de.
bote It developed that Dr. Short had once
hjpnotlred n tramp, nnd Imd porfoiiued a
surglenl operation upon lilm without pain
to tho tramp. Tho bill was eimrossed,
Mr. Steele's fellow servants tilll Is. to nil
Intents and purposes, dead. No one need
now liopn for any such lOBlslatlon at this
session of tho P Klslature. .Mr. HulllUKcr,
of (Sentry, tnoed to mnki the bill special
order for next .Monday lifter the mornlnit
hour. .Messrs. Itlornn, of Iluchatian, Steele,
of Jefferson, and Julian, of Jackson, op
posed tho motion. Tho motion ptei ailed.
That ends It. Uy nixt .Monday tho house
will bo Into the depths of appropriation
bills; nnd een If tho bill passes the house
nt that time. It will bo too Into to l?ot It
through tho senate.
The tennto non-p.irtlsnti curator bill was
amended nnd paed by tho house this
mornlnit. The nmindtnnit, offered by Mr.
Drnbello strlkis o'lt that clauo of tbo bill
which debars from the ho ml of curators
nil pel ons connected In nny olllclnl capic-its-
with nny other educational Institution
In tho stnte. The olTerlnB of tho amend
ment was n ncnt and Kenerous act on Mr.
Dr.ibello'.s part, for It Is well known that
In tho senate tho dlciu.ilirunr clnuso wns
Inserted for tho purpii-p of preentlut? I ho
reappointment or Dr. Woodward to the
linn n I of curators. The senate's oblectlon
to Woodward wns not to the man, but to
the fact that ho Is a Hepubllcan.
The bill leeoinmi'lided by Governor Stone,
providing for the appointment of a commis
sion to icttlo tho lioundnty line dispute be
tween Iowa nnd Missouri, und making a
.",0ft) nppiopil itlon therefor, passed, lifter
n sboi t debate.
In tho house this nftcrnoon thcio wns a
"plrlted contest our the criminal cost bills,
Intioduced by Mr. IIIrIicp, of Scliuvler
county. Tho nblest law vers on tho Moor
took part in tin' discussion, and tho wide
dlffi'icncu ot opinion wns a notable, featuio
of the debate, Tho first of the bills was
leallv the key to the trio. It provided that,
In tho event of fuulty Indictment", tliu
testimony disclosed beforo the grand Jury
can bo used by that body, or a subsequent
one, on w hlcli to base another ludlct
mont, and tho witnesses, need not bo ngaln
summoned. Another provision Is that the
prosecuting attorney, prior to the trial,
shall digest and furnish to the defense tho
evidence of tho prosecution.
The bill, on tho whole, conteinplnted such
a sweeping cluingo from tho existing regu
lations that tho house was token complete
ly by surprise, anil the membeis did not
comprehend Its moaning, Mr. lligbeo nvulo
a very char pnsentntioii of tho merits of
his bill, nnd the gieat saving nt costs, hut
bv n elosu vote It was defeated Then Mr.
Illghce moved to indefinitely postpone the
other two bills.
Tho hnuso nlso passed Senator IConnMi's
bill, changing tho tlmo for clrilleiiglug
Jurors in cases of murder, from forty-dent
to twenty-four bonis.
The Journal's eonespondent from Jeffer
son City yesterday Inadvertently did Mr.
Drnbolle, of St. l.ouls, an Injustice. Ho
said, in tho courso ot n deb ite, that as
against ieleaslng the bribetaker from the
penalties of bribery, he would insist tint
it would bo hotter to release tho brllio
giver fiom such penalties. In sending the
dispatch tho first p.ut of the sentenco wns
omitted, which gives u coloring to his
words not Justilled by Ills Intent.
Tho I'n scare nf lattery Tliem Causes In
tense IVellog null Trimbli) May lc
i or at Anj 'I line.
Savannah, Cn., I'eb. CS. This has been
another day nnd night ot Intense excite
ment In Savannah. Feeling seems to run
high, though theie has been no hostilities
of any kind to-day. This afternoon Mrs.
Slatterj lectured to COO women In Odd 1'el
lovrb' hall. Many of the ladles at tho loet
uie were iscoited to the hall b) their hus
bands. Policemen were stationed in the
squato on which the hall fronts. No one
was allowed to loiter about the building.
Towards tho close of the lecture irowds
collected In the vicinity, anil Slattery and
his wife were followed to their hotel by
thousands.. To-night Odd rellows' hall wns
crowded to Its limit and m inv were turned
away. 1'ully 1,000 men weie In tile hall. Jt
la understood a large pioportlon were
armed. On all sides men win- lieaid say
ing that they weru le.nly for a mob Out
sldo the hall the entire polleo force, with
the ixceptlon of a few men scattered
through the audience, were ulstrlbuUd so
as to command the intlre vicinity of tho
hull. Xo ciowds weic allowed to congre
gate near the building. Inside tho hall Slat
tery rteelvul an ovation, and thioughout
ills lectuio he was applauded and cheered.
When he declared the llot Tuesday night
hail shown tho necessity nf 1'rotestnnt or
ganization, the wild cheering lasted several
minutes, and was vigorously lesumed when
lie said:
"Get the A. V. A., or the Junior Order of
United American Meilnnles heie and ou
will luivo no moru such demonstintlons
against freo speech. Wo must meet the
Ancient Ordfr of Hibernians with the
American 1'ioteetlvo Association, nuil show
them It is not necessary to get their per
mission tu have a tectum In Savannah."
Slatlerj declared ho was not hero In tho
inteiest of the A. I'. A., but, after the riot,
ho had wired tho national president and nn
orgnnUcr would be hero in twenty-four
hours. This was received with cheers. At
tho close of the lecture theie wcro cheers
given for Slatteiy and many went forward
and signed a paper piomlslng to unite with
either of tho ouleis he li.ul mentioned.
Skitters' was escuited buck to tho hotel by
a laigo body of police. Seveial hundred
of those who had heard him followed to
assist In protecting him. Wbllo thuo were
many ptopio on the streets to tho hotel,
there was no demonstration made against
tho ox-prlest except hisses. Slattety an
nounced to-night ho Intended to remain In
Savannah until he could walk tho htiocts
without polleo protection. His presence
hero will keep up the excitement, which has
been Intensified by tho announcement that
tho A. 1' A, would bo perfected hero nt
omc Conservative men on both sides deep
ly deploro the existing situation,
All the Milium f thn Willie Ash .Mine
lllKifctir limn Hi eu lUi uwrcil.
I.os CerlUos, j M., I'eb. 2S, At 3 n. m,
to-day It was believed that all the victims
of the White Ash mlno explosion had been
taken out of the mlno. Tho dead number
twentsMlve, und the Injured, eighteen. The
names of the wounded nro not known, as
they were taken to their homes as fust as
removed fiom the mine, and no record was
mode of their names In the excitement,
I.ate nt night, eleven of the miners were
discovered huddling together In ono dt 1ft.
wluro they had been overcome by tho gas,
All Ihe Injured will recover, A coronet 'h
Jury viewed the remains of tho dead to
das but It will not begin taking testi
mony regarding the accident until to-morrow,
Thomas Leaden, a White Ash miner,
Is a member of the territorial leglslatuie,
und Is making vigorous efforts to secure an
appropriation for the relief ot the widows
and orphans.
Although the legislative session ends to
d.iS It Is pietty certain that before ad
journment an act will be passed looking to
the protection of mlneis. It Is claimed the
White Ash mine was not properly ventilat
ed, Supeiluteiident Duggln sass tho ex
plosion occurred In room 8, on the fourth
level, oer whlih u danger line had been
drawn. Two men. It Is alleged, went over
the lino with un open lamp, lontrars' to or
ders. The victims of the disaster nro being
but led this afternoon, making the largest
funeral ever seen In New Mexico In time of
Samuel Hardests, one of tho killed, was
a candidate for a seat In the legislature at
the last election, but was beaten by Thom
as Leaden. -
1'rliiiriiMu Tenguo Cjulcr Una.
London, Feb. 2S. The Irish Catholic pub.
Uhcs u telegram from Hume, saying that It
Is reported there that the pope (s about to
Issue a condemnation of tho I'linuose
League, of Ungland, the great Conservative
party organ, and will forbid Catholics be
looting to It.
Al'Pt'.l.t.ATi: AMI
titAvrs WII.T. SOON
limit r.ri:.
Mmutii.i. it.s Mir Ai'i'imv i:i tin:
li.A.NS MAI'l'llll (HIT 1 (lit HIM.
siiAi.i, Mir ni: Ai'roiMi:n.
All ll Vesterd ly tho (Inventor' Olllle
Wilt tlmlt'gril h Ativlotis Appllinuts
ho Are of the Opinion 'I he'd
M.ikn (tnod iludgrs for
the New Court.
Topeka, Kas., Feb. IS. (Special.) All day
long the governor has been pursued by np
pllcants for positions upon tho nppellito
com t. Delegitlons from each of tho six
districts have waited upon Coventor Mor
rill In the Interests of favorites. All have
bein courteously received, nnd all went
forth fiom the govemoi's olllco with ns
largo a stock of Ignoinnce ns to the prob
ublo outcome of the Judgeship light ns they
took In with them.
At noon the governor announced thtt he
would not send the nominations to the sen
nte until Frldny morning. At tluit hour
the governor stated that none or the pro
grammes mnjiped out bj- the outsiders had
received his sanction, nnd It is safe to
conclude that he alone of nil men knows
who will be the lucky candidates.
During tho das-, however. Governor Mor
rill took occasion to expitss some vigorous
opinions of the bill which created the ap
pellate court. Illicit of the six districts has
sent a delegation to the governor to protest
against the appointment of a Populist In
Hint particular district.
Whenever the governor found a member
of the legislature In n dclegitlon, he lound
ly criticised him for voting to pass a bill
which forces the governor to appoint two
Populists nnd then coming to him
to avert the evil from his own neck of tho
woods. To-das' a delegation from the Noi th
west district got a scolding for piotestlng
against tho appointment of a Populist out
thcio, nnd legislators who were In the
party took It to mean that the governor had
decided to appoint a Populist for their dis
trict. Tho new court will not havo to wait for
business to nrlse before It commences
C .1. Drown, clerk nf ihe .supreme court,
Is busily engaged In making an examination
of the cases p tiding In that couit. lo
ascertain how mnnj" there are that will he
sent to the bnnehes of the appellate court.
He expresses the opinion that at least two
thirds of the cases now pending; before Hint
tribunal will be tianfeired to the appel
late courts, There aie now 2,100 cases be
foie tho supreme court, and the removal of
1,000 cases will greatlj' lelleve the court and
enable Ihe Justices to pass upon the cases
with little dela'.
Congressman llnon nf West Virginia Noni-
hiati.il to Mict 1 1 it PoKtiiiustiT-di'iieral
lllssi II.
Washington, Feb. 2s. The president has
nominated William L. Wilson, of West
Vliglnla, to sucited Wilon S. IJlssell as
postmaster general.
Mi. Wilson Is best known to the countrs
In connection with his recent tariff work 111
congress. He has been a tnrllf student
since he first entered congressional life In
1S-SJ, hut It was not until thu present con
giess that he became chairman of the
ways and me ins loinmlttcc, and as such
the ollli l.i I leader of tho majority in the
Prior to his first election to congress In
1SSJ hi had taken little pait in politics, ex
cept in being a deli Kti'c, to the Democintlc
uaiional loinentlnii it Cincinnati and sub
sequentb' an ekctor at large trom West
VliMnln. llulv In 1V- ho w.is chosen
piesldint of the Vnlvei.slty or West Vir
ginia. This would have lived .Ml. Wilson's
spheio of work had it not been tor a polit
ical lupture and iiirtj- split In his home 111
Chin leston. W. vn which was settled bj
the opposing factions uniting on Mr. Wil
son. The campaign was a hot one. -Mr.
Wilson finally won by nine votis. He was
then le-elected lo six successive con
gresses. Ilf leeeived good committee as
signments from tho first, going on tho
Judlelars. appioprlatlons nnd ways and
menus. Ills expulenee shortls- after the
war as a piofi'ssor of law In Columbian
college equipped him for tho woik on the
Judlelars comiullttc In the four congres
sional eras of recent taillt changes thu
Moulson bill, the Mills bill, the McKlnle)
bill and tho Wilson bill .Mr. Wilson took a
leading pait. Ho did much of tho woik of
eousti noting m .inns inn, aim no nun
lteptesentauiu iirecKiuriugi
started on it
successful tour or prmorm speoinos
ihrniurhnut the Hast liuloislug President
lievel mil's tariff revision message. Dur
ing tho Mllls-Crlsp eontist for speakership
Mr Wilson cast his lot with Mr. Mills and
when Mr. Crisp won ho designated .Mr.
Springer chairman ot Ihe ways and means
committee. When re-elected speaker, how
ever. Mr. Crisp named Mr. Wilson chair
man of the w.iss and means, nnd In this
eapacltv he fiaiutd the measure which was
tho basis of tho present tirllf law.
Vilas Was In u Hurry.
Washington, Feb. 2S. Sennlor Vilas, as
chulnnitn of tho committee on postafllces
and post roads. Instead of calling a mict
Inir of tho lommltteo to consider Mr. Wil
son's iiomlnallon, polled thu members of
tho comniltteo und obtained unanimous
consent to make a favorable lepoit, An
i Ifort was made to seciini nn oxrcutlvo
session for tho immediate consider itlon of
the nomination, but owing to thu fact tint
some of tho senntois stated that this'
would Insist that tho nomination should
into thu usual com. so and bo leported at
one cxicutlvo session and Ho ovur to tbo
no:ct, this plan was abandoned. Tho report
will bo made at the next oxecutlvu session.
It huildi nly rinds I'uiur With Ileiuoi nits
unit l Pansed to DngMimiH lit lln
1 eliding 1'i.it UK s.
Jefferson City, Mo., Feb, 2S.-(Speclal.)
The O'.Meara election bill. Introduced In
tho senate something like thirty dnss ago
by Senator Morton, was engiosscd to-dis
In i startling degree, In election law cir
cles, this bill Is a new lltchmond In the
Held, Whether or not Lieutenant Cluvirnor
O'.Meara Is the father of the bill, It Is In an
eminent degree a Deniocratlu measure.
And In less than twelve boms It has spiung
Into favor among the Democratic, leadets
ut tho senate und has superseded (he
L.iughlln bill. It Is adroitly drawn uml at
thu ilrst blush appeals worthy of support
by those who desire honest elections. It
provides for a cureful and ss'sleniutlo reg
Istration, but it ulso creates a board of
revision, fiom whose decision them Is ab
tolutely no appeal.
lteglstration shall close twenty das's be
foie (lection, and by ten dus's before elec
tion the board of levlslon shall havo com.
pleted Its work. Over all this minute de
lull of reglstiutlon and revision the re
toider of voters piesldes. Ho i entiling, as
he Is to-day, the principle factor in clly
election The bill U made applicable to
ht. Joaiph, Kansas City and SI. Louis.
The manner of regUUauon and Identlika
Hon am slmpls; Incidents In the general
plan outlined above. It adopts the Mngle,
Instead of the blanket ballot nowMn use.
To-night the O'Meara bill Is the favorite
In Dcmocratia circles. For the time being
the Laughlln bill appears to be entirely out
of the loimlderatlou. The tlmo has aulved
when those who desire some election Uw
which will bo of practical benefit must
nniie. If thev fall to aiirresslvelv combine
V absolutely nothing will be done at hl sea-
slon, for It goes without sasltig that the
luiiifc Is not nt nil Ilk' Iv to accept the
O'.Mesrn bill wllh the re Older of voters
as a heavy iMit.
The "cti Un Provides for i iti .More Mem
ber t f the Ihlltrs Coiumlssloil
nt Hood Silnrlrs,
Washington, Feb M (ttpccHl.) An ap
propriation of JD0,O) was put into the mm
dry civil bill for the Dawis lomlnlsslon
and It Is provided that the commission
shall bo supplemented wllh two more
members, making live.
The nddltlnunl metnbern of the commis
sion have already been selected, which Is
a ftrt of the scheme In fad had It not
Ikhi that there aie two politicians out
of a Job on hand very near nnd dear to
the senate this appropriation would not
have been undo.
It mnv be Interesting to know who havo
been provided for In this nnv bv the sen
nlo club. In the Ilrst place thero Is Sen
nlor Hotter, who was iiulicrlrcil by the
people In his state, nnd he must be looked
after. He bus m my friends In the pennta
nnd having been a member of Ihe Senate
Club for thise long sours and having
olllclated at mills schemes In which oth
ers of the chili were Interested, It was on
eluded that he should be given a place
lo continue to draw funds from the gov
ernment. So it was concluled to give him
",("J0 a sear und n chance to get his ex
penses paid besides on the Dawes com
mission. Then there Is nnolher statesman who
Is nlso out of n Job. Ie fell out of n pliiee
bv accident some tlinu ugo. It Is (lenernl
Armstrong, who vvas assistant commis
sioner of Indian nffulrs,
About the Ilrst of the voir Armstrong
vers suddenly resigned. This was a great
surprise to all who did not know the
cause, Hut It wns put verv mildly lis the
general, whose friends Insisted thnt he
was getting out ot olllce for Ihe purpose
ot nccoptlng a place with Ihe Choctaw
rosd nt Ihcrnte of J.VO10 per S'eir.
Hut ill (he face of this great exertion to
pet out of ofllco It seems that legislation
Is being indulged In to get him b icic into
n place at Ihe rale of J.V.OOO per scar and
expenses. He Is to be the second member
of the Dawes commission. Thcs are to bo
appointed soon and will not remain off
the pis- roll verv long after Hies' have been
appointed This Is one ot Ihe nriliv
schemes the senate h is to care for those
who are near the end of their snlnrs
drawing, and great things from now on
nny be oxpeetid from the ncvvlv created
commission to deal Willi the Indian ques
Cattlemen In Oklahoma Knin duty One
Morn Chauci lu 'Hint Countrs
Guthrie, O. T., Feb. 2? -(Spo nl.) The
cattle men mado their Inst stnnd In the
Oklahoma legislature u-das" nnd lost, the
hills putting nn end to free range In nnv of
the counties of the territory and taxing
peison.il propcrts In all unorganized coun
ties nnd lndlnn reservations both passing
the senate and going to the governor
Their list hope for having their Immense
herds free anil untaxed Is to get the Osage
leservatlon of sev.ral million acres de
tached from Oklahnmi and added to the
I mil m Turltois. and they hrtve been busy
all day telegraphing their lohbs at Wash
ington to exert overs effort to that end.
The house passed a bill constituting the
gov ernoi, secielnrs and auditor a lwuid to
assess all ratlwas" propertv , one establish
ing a soldiers home nt Fort Supply, cine
nllowlng phs.slclnns $3 per d.iv fen tcsttfs
Ing professionally In court, and one lo en
courag" sports bs providing for spirrlng
und wrestling exhibitions and prl7e lights
under supervision of olllcers.
The sen ite passed a bill enlirglng the
Juilsdlctlon of probite Judges; one for
the establishment of a fiscal agency tor
the ferritins" In New York cits, and a
building uml loin law. St John's bill pro
viding for sending lialiltit.it drunkards to
Keelev institutes to take the cure pissed
both houses and went to the governor.
Port Srnlt People "m ttlng Tin Ir Houses In
Order for the (Ireiit llnj.
Fort Scott, Kas., r'b. 2S (Special) 7tev.
J H Allin, of Oakland. Cnl., a disciple of
tho Holiness church who has In en hold
ing revival mi clings hero for the list
month, has succeeded In working up a
gieat deal of Interest in nnd around this
city. He ndv.iucos. tho theors th it the
Judgment diy for the snnctlllt-d ones will
come dm lug .September, IV"', but th it
ours'ono will be given seven d ij s' warn
ing When the gieat day arrives ho sass
"the heavens will open like a scroll and
the sanctllled ones will be lilted lino the
nlr and will be susp. inled In the eh ..is In
lull view of the unfortunate nuts rem lin
ing on the i irth, tor n period of tluee
Ills peculiar theories have cause! much
discussion in tho church and many who
have attended his m clings are prone to
tegarcl Ills state incuts as absolute ficts
A number ot the moio devout nn'inbi rs
of tlie Holiness church aie so Impress, d
with his queer piedlctlons they ,ir" mak
ing preparations for leaving this tnith and
ascending Into the clouds, as thev have
been assured by their leader that they are
numbeieil among Ihe sanctllled ones.
ltev. Allen Is well known tluough this
istatc, nnd loft yesterday tor Topi k.i,
where ho will londiRt a series ot meet
ings. l.rtlll.N IIAKHH IV WA1III.M.TON.
Ho Spends .Some 'Hum In tbo "-enitii Hil
ling A qu.illit.'il.
Washington, Feb. " -(Special ) Semtor
elect Ilaker was In the somite to-day and
was Introduced to the senators by Sena
tor Martin. The two spent an hour pass
ing on the floor and In the lobby chitting
with thoso with vvlioui Mr. linker will bo
associated In legUlitlve mittrrs. Mr.
linker created a most favorable Impres
sion lu general and particularly among
the Republicans, who were glad to see a
Itepubllcan senator from Kinsas. It Is
understood that Mr. Ilaker has under
consideration the matter of selecting his
private secretais. This Is not only nn
Importnnt mitter to the senator, but nlso
to tho people or Kansas. It Is s ild th it
Mr. llakei will appoint Mr. llcoeher
Sterne to this position. Mr. Sterne Is now
connected with the wnr depirtment. Ha
lived at Topeka a number of s'e'ais and Is
well known In Kansas. Ho was secretary
of the resubmission lti'piibilciu state cen
tral committee nnd In that work was
closely connected with Ml. Hiker, who
vvas prominent In that movement. .Mr.
Sterne Is well acquainted with Kansas
political matters uml his brother Is a
Kansas statesman from Shawnee county
and Is ti close person il friend ot .Mr.
AN Ol.l'OMAIHiVltlNI. I)i:i!ISl().V.
Ciiilbllllltlnnallly ut Ihe Virginia l.a ll Pro
hibiting Its Nile Itpln III.
Norfolk, Va., Feb. 2S.-Justlco Iliiriotighs
rendered n diclslon to-day upholding tho
constitutionality of tho law of Vlrsluli
prohibiting tho manufacture, sale and pub
lic catering of oleomargarine and similar
substitutes forbuttei. Cases wero brought
ngnlnst leading dealers by ltev, Sam Small,
attorney for thu ilalis'ineii, and answers
wero made. Swift .t Co., of chlcngo, em
Plosed Counsels White und tlninett lo nKht
tho enso nnd test tho lUiiBlltiitlonillty of
tho law. Tho case wilt go, llnally pcihaps,
to thu Btiprime tourt of tho United Sinus,
(iltt'AT HIMIAMI HUt M.I.H1.
The Supply fur Olilihoiui uml the Strip Is
Aliiuxt I'llllllllltlHl,
Washington, Feb. 28. (Special.) Del
gate Flyiiu received Pi letters this looming
usklng for seeds, lie sass that mmo time
ago he ran out of seeds, having sent out
his quotu, and after that purchased another
lot ut n cost of 1100, and that Is also gone,
und still the demand continues.
The depirtment of agriculture Is now
Bending to the county clerks In the Strip
counties Ctf.OoO pickages to be delivered to
the people. This Is all the teeds left (or
Oklahomu, ,
.Morrill's Military Stair.
Topeka, Kas., I'eb. 2S. (Special.) The
governor will send tha following names to
the senate to-moirow as members of his
inllltarv staff; quartermaster generul, L.
V. IX Taslor, Marshall county; pas master
general. Charles S. I'lllott, Shawueo coun
ty; surgeon gtneial, Dr. J. A. Mitchell,
CovvU'S counts; colonel and uld-de-cumn,
W. II. It. Duliols. Crawford county; col
onel und ald-de-camp, JJdward L. Glas
gow, Itepubllo county.
war. -
t-!i:itci: onrmti'AK cvtsi.ii nv
ma in l.v
1111,1. TAKH
nn: .Mi'i.i:t:.
MA HI I.N ll'(:iltl.SCIIA.M)l.i:it SHOULD
in: in i in: rn.Mt ii. li.utv.
the Kansas "-eimtnr Cilltid to Order -el-
crnl 'I lilies und Coinitiniiili'il to inkii
His Mat lllertlou .Methods nf
thn Hi'iitni ratio Patty
Ciiu-id Ibn How.
Washington, Feb. 2S.-(Speclnl.) Tho
Aily-Murtlli case created the greatest
excitement In tlicsoniiln pit to-night that
hnu been witnessed In the chamber
for many ye,ars. h'onntor Miirtin used
language rcferml to lis old t linen ns
nut having been equaled In soveilty be
fore In the ch tmbor. Senator Chnmller
tools up the outrages on the sennto such
ns evinced as by tbo seating of Martin
nml Hunch, nnd nlso referred tu the
conduct of Governor Hill, now Senator
Hill, when Senator Mtuphv wns tlecled,
thus iliavvliig out .Senator Hill, who In
dulged In nil the bitter invectives nnd
sarcasm nt his command. Senator Mar
tin's language wns declared unparlia
mentary ami lie wim dually forced to
withdraw, nnd In the exciting scene of
three hours the Rallory often violated
the rules by Indulging In upplnuse nnd
quite a number of excited witnesses to
tho scenes vveio taken out of the gnl
leile.s. It vvai n geneial pandemonium,
the ntiilk'iice wild, with senators ngl
tnlcd, some disgusted, pomp angry and
otlieis regiettlng vers much that such
Fci'iics should over be witnessed In the
senate. The usual toiinil, of nff.ilt.s to
night wns Initiated parly In the day.
when a bill passi il nllowlng J. W. Ads
$2,000 to cover bis contest expenses, mid
$1,000 to Senator Mnrtln. Tho senator
had said that owing to the thieateneil
contest he hnd been kept out nf his
salary fiom the 2"th of Jnmiarv lo the
Ith of M.iicb, when be look his sett.
This was when a Hepubllcnu senate was
lu session, and, taking the inlvlec of
Senator Ciormmt, ho bad not appealed
with his cedent! iUt until ii'ir tli sen
nto fell Into Democratic hands !u the
meantime the lato Ii. I'. I'eiklns nctnl
senator nnd now "Mr, Mm tin explains
the $1,000 approprl itcil bj- deel'iilng th it
he would have wot bed this out In the
senate' had lip not been nfiahl lo com
mence his term of seivioo at that time.
After th" bill passed allowing $.1,000 lu
cover tho Aily-AIuiiiu case. Senator
Chandler gave notice that he would to
night submit: a few lemtul.s on the ICnu
sas ticuntnilnl contest. This vvas Hie
Ilrst Intimation that ho would lire a
biouelsldo Into till' situation, but It was
ge-noralls understood th.it he had been
preparing some data on thin iiiustluii
The Kansas contingent nccoidlngly weie
on hand oath lo-iilglit to sciamblo for
seuts In tlio gnlleis. mid all were nerv
ousls waiting for the ball to open It
w.ih n little pist !1 when Senator ('hand
ler appeared wllh u block of niaimscilpl,
pippaieil to mnlto Double. He be'gan bs
giving a- history of the sen.ilnilul con
tests In various states which lesulted In
Democratic contiol of the senate. On
reaching Hip Kansas case hosnld:
"It is. however, now woilhv of note
that although the legislature ut Kansas
contained lu", meinbeis, It was composed
almost entliels ot Populists and ltepuh
He ins and liod only three liunoi lalle
members lei sin h was the lolnt cun
ning of Ihe Democintlc national committee
and Mi. .Martin that thej sin ic-si till)
hoodwinked the Populirts. Mi. Maillii
mule the closest conm ctlun with the
Democratic 'cuius ol this liodv, aftei his
admissions, renounced .til pu tense of Pop
ulist munition, possessed hlmselt of all
the national pitioungo given to ICun
s.is and became one of the most
liueompiomlsing and relentless Dunne rats
In congiess, I am glad the Populists of
Kalis is hivo been thus deceived bv Ml
Mai lln. iliey ehe'uted to get him bs n
fiaudulent election; ho has tieited On in as
one who would be Ihe ii'eiplent of such un
election might bo expected to do"
This cicited some mcriiment In tho
galleries, and Senator Mnrtln walked mii
oiHly over to Senator Uias ind then lo
the back row to Senator lllll. who bv
tills time had become very much agitated
also by a leference that Inn! hi en nude
to Ids ollbiil action In New Voik as
governor when he pioeeedid to steal the
state senate. ici'Oi ding to his stie of woik
inanshlp. The Kansas nnd New York
senators neivously chitted a few minutes
when the KmihiiH senator picked bis way
tluough desks and chnlis to Senator
Coekiell and proceeded to show him the
printed document Intended to show his
side or the case. Meantime Seiutor Chiml
ler was iioundlng uw.is. The leiiilers of the
senate were getting very nervous as the
speech developed a national Importance,
and In It was soon illseovuunl to be an
niialgnment, bv tho tacts, of Democratic
treaeheiy lu Kansas, North Dikota nnd
New York, Senator Morgan cot .lip
for Interfering nnd Hslng to prevent a
continuation of the speech. It developed
that about the time thnt It diwne'd on the
leaders on tho Demociatio side that they
were getting u heavy shot they concluded
to try to prevent a communion of the
speech. Senators Hi as, Palmei and Hill
si lected .Morgan us the best in in lo nuke
the point of older, ami accorillniilv he did
so, but Mr, Chandler said that If they shut
him off he would continue It undei the
guise of speaking on an appropil itlon
lilll and, ns II appeared they would not be
ublu to evade tho lire', It was concluded
to allow him to proceed. The s itor
went Into the entire hlstoiy of the Kansas
lilnullnasj vvar, giving all data from day lo
das, ns it developed, with vote ami exaut
slilenient of the relations ot the Dun more
and Dougluss house, lie was liiteriunted
by Senator Fise. who was astounded nt
tho ttatement that Lieutenant (tovernor
Daniels pi"sldlns over tho Joint assembly
that claims to huvo elected Martin al
lowed two members not belonging to the
Dunsmoro house to vote and ut the same
tlmo would not allow tha other inemhets
and senators, headed by State Sen nor
Hiker, to vote vvlun they dennml I to
do so. In eoune 'lion with this the t r itor
took up the North Dakota rase, where
Senator ltoach, in the senate at pies,
ent, had vcurs ago us a cashier ot the
(ituens- bank, left for tho WW. and
$23,000 disappeared from the b ink. It was
charged In the papers at the time and
nioru iccently, that he was an embcwlor
tu tho amount missing lu the bank, and
It also apiienresl according to the senator
that Senator Itoich did not come lo the
surface unti the case vvas outlawed, and
soon of'cr that tlmo arrived he had come
Uaclc here vers unexpectedly us a M-n-hsr,
Tho senator observe! that Mr.
ivUitU. -itv
Apiil 1 4;3
Itoich Ind mule no denial t YIip charges,
and. in fuel, some or the moiiiv?rit of the
bank directory suffering from hls action
Set live and would nuke dinlRl f,ele". .
Mr, liinndlcr then took up thV Kalians
case nnd Ihe time It reiched th senate,
niul followed it through the committee.
It Ilrst come up In the cxlraordlnrtrj' ses
sion and w is then put on by the commit
tee because It was Hot, or beenune of de
mands for legislation Then, In thi first
rcKiilir session, it was put oh that time
Ii) Senator tlrny, who had nlnied to create
the Impression Hut he wns oppoaiil te po
litical trenchers under the claim that tar
iff legislation prvvciilcil consideration "'
the case. When thnt bill was out of the
was, It hnd been promised that the cne
would he taken Up. Soon nfter Hip bill
was passed, the session closed, and then It
was to conic up this session, bin the sanu
chairman or the committee had an tin bent
consideration nnd put It orf, under the
guiding band of Sen itor (lortnan. And at
last the time hnd come when the session
was to close, and nellon In the coo win to
be smothered. It was propniil that the
outrages perpetrated should not be known
In an nlllcl.il way io the enite or the coun
trs. After i henrsliig the f.u ts, the senator
"The foregoing facts timiuesllnnablv show
Hip Invalidity or the election or John Mnrtln
ns nutted Stntes senator from Kansas.
Fiom Ihe till da) or Marih, ivij, down lo
this hour, lie has occupied n sent to which
he had no right, and lie will continue lo
occupy it without right nnd without itnj
henrlng of the cae In opposition to him
until, un Moiulav next, thu 4th dav of
March, this Democratic congress tomes to
an Ignominious end."
In summing up the entire cne he refers
to Kansas again as follows: "I.uelcn Ila
ker, the state senator In Kansas, who was
refused the right to vole In the Joint ueni.
lily which pie tended to elect John Mnrtln
ns 1'nlted States senator, will appear here
to take the seat which Mr, Martin has
wrongfully held "
Senator lllll, or New Yolk, wis recog
nised and he undertook n long speech In
reply to Chiindler. who hnd hnd the lloor
for nn hour. He took up the Kansas case
and referred to Chiindler ns not willing for
congiess to Hid "without giving a pirtlng
kick to honest John -Mm lln."
He seemed lo think that Ihe senile ought
to expect double lu bleeding Knlisns nnd
lake in the Ilrst man who reached the pit
and ask no questions,
In a cracked voice, he said: "Who
wronged Ally? Why did thev not turn
mound nnd vindicate him? The fuel thnt
thev picked nnothor man Is a concession
that Adv was not i lected They deserted
him iiiiei conceded the place to another
The senitor then proceeded to denounce
the assault on ltoach. icferrlng to ('hand
ler as ,i "hyena " He said the llepublleins
had stolen election In stales and thus the
climax of 1S7C was reached ihe senitor
ended with i tilt nt Chandler personally.
In bis coiinecllon with Ihe elector il com
mission. Ill the meantime, while lllll was
talking. Senator Chnmller sat across the
aisle with i Inoad smile, evideutlv much
pleased nt his fiicccss In stirring up the
As soon ns lllll hid reached bis last pe
ilod, Sennlor Mat lln deinaiiili d the lloor.
Senator Coiluell Insisted lb it It was ridic
ulous to flitter nvvnj the time so near the
end of tin- session In this wns. and de
nnlideil consideration or the legplallve
bill ihein was geiu'iil din and confusion,
some of tlm senntois calling foi tegnlai
order nnd otlieis making a disturbance on
gem ml principle s.
In the midst of the confusion Senulor
Chandler Insisted vehemently Hint It wns
duo Senator Mm tin that ho should have
the lloor
This itulcled matters, when the fenator
thin pleaded with tho senate to hear Mai
ttii, us he was n paitv Interested Mnitln
then took the Hoof He hud not expected
ro do lhl. but things came ci hot that ho
changed his mind He took his slnnd in
the center of tin- aisle by the sldo of Sena
tor Chandler, who occupied the Ilrst chair
on the Republican "lie. Mm tin stinted out
In sits Inir that he had not entered Into tin
illshouor.iblo scheme In ecuie his e kotl
he had not claimed Hint he would bea
Populist ir i lected, not hnd he usi d mn'ies
to scenic ills election, nnd possible the sen
nlor fiom New Humpslilie, if lie would
nil the truth, could not s.iv as much Then
tig lln. when the Republican p.utv looked
"or a man to accomplish tho most dm lug
fiauilH and to do dirty woik fin It, in lS7i",
It Ind emplosed the senatm fiom New
llnmpslilic, ;'iid 's so doing it bad shown
tint thev bun si lie ted the light man for
that wotk. no other mm lu the eountiv
would biivelieen eciunl to the task ol doing
what the sen. not fiom New Hampshire,
did nt tint lime
If hilt was Hue ns claimed about the
sen itoi fiom New Hampshire he long ugo
would have gland a nil in u pi nlt nllai v
Inst, ml of a nut In the Fulled Stales
i naie This ntti.icted much attention as
It mini nml lo l,n ik Intci the iitninsnher''
niul fog or Hie senate veis mat. llallv Hut
in fin, un line llttimplld to call the si llll-
loi In null i The sinatoi was at white
lie it and his voice wns up to n high pitch,
lln inutlnun! In saving that the state of
New Ilauipsblie, at pticiit hud an hon
ot ible man In the sen ite There had Im n
tlnus whin that stnte hnd been iepies,ni
, .1 Itv two honoiablo men nt one time In
tint liodv She hnd sent nbln un n to Ihe
senate, but the i igli 's nest had i h.ingi d
Instead of nn eagle oi cupv lug mi Ii ot tho
two nists, thnt one id the nests had lullell
Into the possi sslon of a lnianl This was
loo much Sin nor Palmer Interrupted to
call the Hetiatot's attention to the tint that
lie w is getting excited, und should be more
holi e In his language.
The Oco ineslileut, with evident emotion,
called to the senitoi lo mipi ml until ho
nuld have tho ill lit lead ii rule tegulatlug
win m s. a. ilin s In Ihe tncniitlmc ihe vice
pieslddit iindi istiiod Senator Palmer to
pi ike a point of order, and asked for a
leidlng of the iilmoxloiis sentence spoken.
but tho smnlor tiom Illinois, In the con
fusion, had nun li tumble lu getting hlin
iir uMdei stood Ho disclaimed having
gone This tar, but simplv wanted to ci
the ntti iition or the senator Hum Kansis
lo tlm tnet that ho was iisln immodeiute
In the meantime Pen itor Harris, rull of
disgust nnd rage, nnd looking for a chance
to get into tin si ramble, moved to allow
Martin to proceed In older Senator Five
then look the llooi anil made the point of
order, olweiving that he hid the kindest
felling for the semlnr from Kansas, but lie
should not Insist upon ill-gr icing the sen
ate with such language. Ho would Insist
that he keep within bounds. To this Si n
ator .Martin unsweied that he would llot
take luck what he had said.
Tin vleu piesldent onlered that the lin
giiage used bv the senator be lead, and the
senate would bo allowed to decide win titer
or not Ihe senatoi from Kansas should pro.
end. Mr. Martin attiiupted to piece cd.
The vice prildint nipped ungrlly and an
nounced: "The senator from Kansas will take his
sent. Ho cinuot speak until pcimlttcd to
do so by a vote of the sen ite "
In due I line, In the midst of tho general
confusion of galleries, senators, applause
and hisses, uml tho work of the eoorke,.pris
snatching bulsteious spectators out or the
galleries. Senator Frs said he bidleved the
senator fiom Kansas would llot couilnuo
on In this Hue if permitted In go alu ad. Ho
wlthdiew his point of older. At tills mo
ment Senator Mat tin resumed bs lealllrm
jug what he had slid whin Senator Hoar
made the point of unlet, and ngaln the
vice piesldmt directed the senator from
Kansas lo take his seat Senator Hoir ask
ed Hut the i Ink i .'ml what the senator had
said abiut the senator fiom New damp
shite and the penlteutl try. The stenog
tup'ier was directed to tr.insciibo his notes,
and things came to a standstill, one mo.
incut there would be u general dlu mid
the next It was still as deith, with tho
hope of can lilim a possible vvoid that might
add to the situation The stenographer
hud probably spent a minute looking up his
notes, when Keiutor M irtln, lulf rising
and half st Hiding, observed that ho was
willing to npalugti-o to tho senate
"Vuy well, then." observed .Mr. lloir.
"I wlilulriw Hie point of onlu."
The senator was again allowed to pio.
eeed, but he had eouled down very much,
ami said Hut he did not want "In dltgiace
the senate," and lu this ivpresslon theie
was evident Hitcusm. but be held himself
duwii as best ho could, am) continued by
sas lug he would suppress his (emarks,
.is-lied thu pinion ot the senate, but us to
tliu opinions ixpies-ed of the senator fiom
New Hanipsblie, he would not change
them. This ended S nator Mai tin on the
scene, and Sennlor Chandler mose und
said that the senator Horn Kansas, while
having used much bad linguist, had not
shown whs he had or had not been elect
ed senator fiom Kansas. Ills enllio speech
ns affecting each and overs ono referied to,
had been taken from l stlmony b,'fore a
senate committee, all I coul 1 be found by
all as well as bs himself.
It has been mans seals since a senator
bus created u much of n stir In tho sen.
ute by Intcmpeiate languaiie as Senator
Martin. It was suggested at one thus that
he came very near being II red out for ex
cessive temper, while his case was bolus
(t ts not expected that there villi be a
vote In tho senate on the Ads -Martin case
unless the bud feeling of to-night might
bilug It about.
fintMY, IKI. Til AM & CO.,
" n't'Cl'swoii,' If
re-mix-rafilrr ,ltnlij Jlnw "i ",' mir
(mum, 12. I
7m.iI.ii iccjloos. fur Im ureiP ' '' '""
end I ir-aw. I
Today that
begins. Every "picf- of Fur
niture in i-.toclc redur-d in price.
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SI3.2". reilured
J.G1AI, leduce.1 tb";racj,
$I.M, reduced to $32 M.
S"j cki eeilncrcl to $.110)1
II ive In en
f nn. reduced to $70 (
Have been $IJi (.' 1 educed to $vj 0i
Secretary Bookcases.
Have hoi n S'eO. I educed to !" M.
Hive bun $11 ("I. leiliiced to JI.'W.
Ilin In en jjiixi, inliiieil to $22.rn.
Have been $lii.Vi, ledured to Slnl".
Have been $11. X reduced to !J7 M.
Hall Racks.
Have been
11 IV" l u
$1-' ".".
$.11 nil,
$27 to.
$12 ell,
JVI (hi,
$7i uo,
1, duceii
to $3 fl.
to $11 fl.
to $1SC1.
to $24 00.
to $.12 "A
to $l"i 00.
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II i.
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In en
In n
lediiced to S to 0).
Hive bet il $10 01,
11.11 e Ii. e 11 llill.
Have bi'i II $.i.r'il,
Have been S7 U,
reduced to $7 73.
I educed to $131.0.
reduced to $21, M.
lediiced to $27.e0.
Dining Chairs.
Have In i'n $1 "0,
II iv P. m $1 7 i.
II IV e been $2 eM,
llllli bi.en U ,U,
reduced lo $1 17.
i educed in $1.25.
i o. lined to .,
i-'diiced to
EnniiY, I1IK1), THAYER & CO.,
llrllii-li I rul-i r - ild t" Have .liot ut a lev.
-i 1 ll.eill; I be A un rlc.ui I I. eg.
X.vv ork. I'di 2 The World this morn
ing publisher lln follow im; special duspatch
(lu.ii I'olou, t'olombla:
The I'alth, a coasting sloop, which ar
lived heie j-istirdas fiom lioias del Toro,
brought the news ul' Inch cunillcl nt lllue
Ih 1.1-
The raltli met two llrltlsli sihooners, tin
Dauntli and the ilrotluis, at Hods ti I
Toro. The mastets of Ihe behiMiucIs le
poitnl Ihil while they weie -it Hluellelds,
about two weeks In I'm e, nil Amcilcan shi
who-ie name thes illd not know, arrfvi I
then- The lliltlsh eiinsiil nt llluellclds wan
Inloiinul she hud on board arms ImiRjrtnl
bs Siiuutl Well
Tho Aim lie ail ship left llluellclds for
Capo (Jraclos a IMo", uoilh of Hluellelds.
A llrillsh niau-ol mil loilowed her Hiiro
and leiiiuil her laudli.g two bo it loads nf
ii ins. The HritMivr llresl on her, cirising
away her mast.
Colon, I'oloiubla, Teb 2v "s'u conilrmation
has leiii lied he ro of the rumor tliat n llrlt
lsli i-iulsvr at Hluellelds reel litis llre'd Upon
a sailing vissel supposed to bu carrstng
contr.ibanil of win, which vessel was tald
to bo Using the Ameiicau Hag.
.IiiIiu Hirres Kills IIIiiu-i-H ami I title
(treat Hend, Kas., I'eb. "S. (Special.'
John M. Hem's, shoeiualirr at Holslng-on,
while lemporarlly Innane, attempted to
hU wife, cutting a frightful gash In
htMd, though It U not fatal. He then
tacked hti Infant, but outsiders Interfi
lu time, und while he wns being helc
bay he killed hi- 4-year-old daughter
himself. .Mrs. Heires may recover,
ciat attempts hnve been made to I
item's sun lo the Insane ussliim, ai
was violent nt time, but ssmpnthy fo
a compromise, and In wits declared
habllti.il drunkard und a guardian i
Tarty Tropin KUUmI v$ tlu IiiU-rOecu
l.ltiu lu 3Ii,U,ii-Tlilrly M-rluu-tly f
City of Mexico, vlt Halveston, I'eb
.n excursion tiajn coming Into thei"
n the Inter-Occanle lalhoad met w-Ji
accident thU afternoon. While rounejr
curve on tho side of a mountultd
coaches Jumped the track and went is
the cunsou. 1'orts-tno people vveroc
and thlity or mure tcilously injured.'!
The accident occurieil about forty
meters from this city. Wires l.av
dowu and It has been Impodslble so I '
uuiciiu auf usieiiiii uc iuq thwiui aii

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