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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, March 02, 1895, Image 6

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vi:itv M.uiiir. ir any, shiS
i'iiovlmem. ill IM-
Aitl'r foreign tniiipclltlnn tlcpr
Home Inilintrli.-Stcrlliir: lit
11.14 ttlxii Nearly Hi" '
porting I'iiIiiI Ag'tln.
' tin
h in go
N w York, March l.-lltaiMi ,., .,,.,
While ti.c general course of t $.,,, ,,, .;
th. Iir t two months of th 'iltr, . , ,,
h i Inch disappointing, i-rnniHify Pn,
in 1
Jt.ir h hieing nn tnrmoie, ,hou(.n
. t ..iijfnxtnM' tttet.y I if ll f
SlgtlS l'f I'
gOOds, t
l.rsf t:,itcrn Johbet nr di
por tlu- trade meeting ,mef
Ih .( foreign dress go'Hlr '
roninctltlMi domestic fttbr'
lnr'j slow Heavy arrival? ,
Wntiti only.
nctlicy and
forcing "!
tlr mill" tire
depressed tin- market uoi
gradually tliilnhlnK spring
Exports lit when' On
both conns of ''
hiding Hour ..a
mil-!! SI."' -.
week nn'OUltl to i . bushel-,
' l.lfis.OOL Jtihei I.., uk. :.'J7J.()
.-i.-u m the jr..r.'' " -Y,ar mo. 3.23l.iO
burnt l In the IriUt W-ekj" F,ebrii.r. ivi.
iiul ;t,u"J busftels Kj , 'orrcspoii hug
week of H02. Two ltidpppf.ut.it end ul.it ions
us to the w heat tiomiilnlng In the United
States Mal-ch 1, 1S95, Indicate the total
quantity In the country hack of available
toipply points to ''somewhat In cxccs or
lti.l"i,oiv bushels, an compared with per
haps llO.OOO.CiO bushels a year ago. The
uppioxlmatc lo-ilay quantity of wheat at
t tillable points throughout the United
Stut-1 and baclt of the same at the prevent
tlni- is about 20l,00n,0f bushels, whereas
on year ugo the col responding total was
L'IC.O"0,ow bushel.
Stoi k .-peculation in New Vork has been
lrreguiar. llearlsh Iniltiences were aroused
b the advance of exchange rates and th"
a comp.inylng advance of revived foreign
o. public interest In the Inalket. The
scll.ng, however, seems to have hem
ma my short stock, and at the end of the
Wi k tliere Is a rally on the short Interest,
dm. to the absence of gold shipments.
n.i.Mv (:i,i:.MUMi.
llllvilics nr iIk !lnnl. ill tlie I'rllii'lpill
CIiIcn llii- I'liM IVril,.
The followlni; table, compiled by llrad
Ptrect's, show.s the total clearances at the
principal cities and the percentage of In
crease or dec, case, as compared with the
corietpondliiK v.wk last year:
C1TIKS. ICIearliiKSI lnc.i Dee.
Xew York Jlus,-i".:',3.!l i u.;
Chicago "l.Wl.STli I 1l.s
Iloston ia,Mia,7?.'i I 17.1
Philadelphia i;i,.'jC!.7t;7! 17.i
t l.mil.- !i,;i.yli:s I n.3
fan Krnuclsco U'.IKi.SS! I9.S
Jlaltlinon; !i,S2S,sai 27..'i
TlttsbnrK lO.MII.UI'i I 7.7
Cincinnati i lu.s i:. 150, 4.1
Xi-w Orleans i;,S17,U7! a 1. 5
JIulT.ilo ,.. 3,:Vi..V,s m.O
Slllwatlkee :t.CTi.KI, 1 Hi.li
Detroit f.,CS3,CM; 7.1
Louisville l,M,l,."i:n K!..",
tlnneapolLs :i.!iin.3l2 II. r,
Omaha 3,V93,oi.'1 43.'.
J'rovldence o.or.'.suii! S.l'i
Cleveland r,,0.'7,i"7 lit. J (
Houston -t.r,'J7,ll.- 5.7
at. 1'aiil 3,M:i,(M W.3i
Derver :',117,7;'s 17.-.'
Indlanupolls 3,PK,S25 5.7
Coliiinlius, U L'.WI.SfO lfi.d
llurtfoid l,73T.,s:o .Z
Tlichmond 1,HIS,.V!1 is..'.
tVashiiiKtou i,ra,rsi 7.t
Julias 11,73.1,100 is.U
''. Joseph l,lSt.07 ! 13.7
orliL S.SW.9I9 37.71
.-mphls 1.7SC.010 21.0
, o'lland, Ore S1S.010 ii.G
T tester l,2ikl.CJJ, 11.7
I ro Haven. 1,!W3,IS0! 7.7
rfinali l.MM'd CO
k"h Tlltlil, Mass .... 1,135,117 1.1
t,t" '"'fv 1,010,110 7.3
Portland. Jle W.',743 If.. I
.Atlanta 1,Wm,303 (1.0
Fort 'Worth l.Si.S9l i
Waco l.&ai.GI. 4'J.: .,
Syracuse .SOIK 1.5
Jles .Moines TlRXi.".
(irand It.iilds , 7(l,lv2 10.7
Seattle :).; 2S.5
Lowell 5C,,4IS n.2
WIlm'nKton, DM CQs.UTJ '.'.7
Norfolk KI7,(W) 11. S
Sioux Cliy 4ia.S01 11.7
Los Aiir, les SSlfiM U.li
Tacom.i r.l5,7W lt.l
SaBlnaw. .Mich !39,S'U 15.3
Ppokau.' 301,111 1IJ.0,
Jmksonvllle 31G.03: ' so.i;
i.lm-oln 817,703 1 la.O
"New Jiedford L'5"i,007 ; SO. 7
AVuhitn I l?.i,57l 7.3
Ulrminsliaui I Sor,,M)l 7.5
i-opeka I WI.7II 17.0
' exincion, Ky 3H.V01 1S.8
''dnKhamiiton 355,300 1(1.7
Xaslniile I 757,537 2.1
alvesion 1.015.550' lli.O
Sap Lull,- l.ie5,4no: 5.C
Dun'n lievleo.
New Y'ork, .March 1. It. CI. pun & Coa
"W eeki Itevlew Of Trade says: No Bold
K0 3 in, tliouuh sterllnB exchanK has
risen lu. .' to the cxpgrllut; point and It
does m.' ct appear that the syndicate has
jnaib any effort to control the exehanRe
mark' London has ..-old about 40,i)
sliaifs of stock durlnB Iho wiek anil the
market is distinctly lower lor railroad
tliiirea. thoush a shade stronser lor trusts.
The stock markets wait abjectly for Lon
don and foreigners show thus far more
disposition to sell than to buy.
Withdrawals uf nold by the redemption
of legal lenders has not ceased, but sine.'
the closing ot the ndlcate contracts
have uveianc.l nout I2U,VJU per day.
heat I.- l'-y higher, but clearly not be
cause Wesii I'll receipts are a irllle less
than a jcar ago and not because exports
irom tin Atlantic mast are small. Spasms
of speiulailie uciivlty must be expected
durui?; eei season and when prices are
at the bottom such spaiins can only mean
an aJvaii-. Nothing I.- see ml Justify any
man Hal rije, as suiiidies In sight do not
dci rease more than they would naturally
on account or bad watner
Corn is only a shade higher, with West.
frn receipts much smaller than last year.
Cotton dioppcil a week ago to 3.&G icnts,
the lowest point ever known since model n
cla. slllun uons were adopted and has not
yet risen, though the talk of a great le
ductloii In acreage this year Is as vigorous
as ever.
The Industries make very slow gains.
The market for cotton good is fairly
active and the demand Improves In some
grade.-, but Is on the whole decidedly dis
appointing. The sales of wool at the three chief mar
kets during the past month have bun 20.
ral,U0 pounds, against 14,411,131 pounds l.i-t
year and 23,U0,uoii pounds for the same
weeks two years ago, and while the mills
making low guide goods are fairly supplied
with orders. It la a most unwholesome
feature that numerous cancellation are
reported, indicating the goods supplied at
exceptionally low prices do not meet Hie
cxpei tatlon of buyers. On the other hand,
the demand for the goods of a. better grade
fcufina a Lttle better than expected
Failures for the past week have been
I5'i tn the United Stales, against ;m last
llumt'teeUcr1 IlKcuriuiu.
On March S and April 2 tho "Katy
Iloiitt," Missouri, Kansas & Texas Itall
way. will sell round trip tickets to all
points In Texas (excepting Kl I'aso) and
to Like Charles, I.a at a rate of one
faie, plus $2. Tickets ,ood twenty days,
with stop-over privileges both going and
coming within the limit. For all Infor
ination call at ticket olllces. No, t23 Main
street and 1041 Union avenue,
Ilurllngton Ttoulc train leaves at S:15 n
m. The only line running three sleepers
with new elegant compartment berths and
buffet. Service unsurpassed.
Sod.illa, Mo.. Match J.-fSpeelal.) Tho
first number of the Free I'res, a weekly
newspaper printed here, was issued to-day.
It U Hepubllcn In politics. Sam W. James
Is editor and George II, Ilealey, business
Chllllcothe. Mo., JIarch I -Two men pre.
tending to represent an art school In St.
Louis victimized three mir-hants of this
city, giving each ono flu exclusive right
to furnish crayon portraits to their vua
tamers. Their movements aroused sus
picion and led to 'neir arrest at utlca, a
little town near here. They are now In
Jail, Their plan was to fell carls to the
merchants at JOc each, the cards to be
furnished, and with each nurchase nf tnnrtsi
ia the amount of $10 the customer was to I
by. ctfty.ea Px'
c. D. mitr. stc'T.
lAiTt. StOfft. l!,3.l,fie.
2DIUmcSr K!Mf.it, Mo.
C:t'.t tt tif:: E:r'.sc tf CiU'.tJ
Cii:rc:::i:, c:c::l, icn::rAL c: c;tr:Ji:t tjittn,
S9i Hivi Mm lii iiftt rtt lo i.j I... ,.i,i,t ft iiii
lit kt C'.::X Ci:'.'.':s Slttt.
L- ' ' ' ' "
! Houston, FilJleKo,
(Succcs'ors to Win. J.
Wolltiun 1 Cj )
rciMMiiitciAi. i'APi:it.
iSII llelnitafeMI., Iimil.t I'llt, Mo.
W.J.Anderson, W
IfStiflnware St , Kanai t'ny, Mn Cnmmerrul
l' rr .Slocks anil lloinl l!ll ):tate l.iunv
1 6.1-1 OS t)cnrhorn-st., Chicago.
fS Vol.st,,Ncw Vnfk. 70 State. St., Iloston.
&cn00L,VATF.k and R IJ Nl f
t'michi rtntl rohl Corrrnpon4DCe Oollclted.
The banks yetenlny all reported very
good business over the counter, but at the
discount boards then- was but little doing
There was a fair supply of live stock pa
per, but merchants and manufacturers
weri. asking for but little assistance, and
the loan market ns n whole must he quoted
slow and easy. Currency shipments to the
country continue fair
llalik clearings. JI.,05.05;, ngalnsl SI. 137.911;.
an lnrrease of JOT.N'I, or I per cent
Knstern exchange In fair demand and
Houston, I'lble & Co., exchange brokers,
quote It as follows: New Y'ork, 25c prem
ium: Chicago, :,1c discount; St. Louis, 25c
The steamer t'mhrla, which leaves Lon
don to-day, will bring JI.'Jim.oui in gold to
The gold receipts at the Denver mint
during I'ebruary were J270.2G::, an Increase
of JCO.Oli) over I he same month last year.
.Miinc.t at lliniie and Abrn.id.
New York, March 1. Money on call, nom
inally, ot Us per cent.
rrlme mercantile paper, fl'sff fi'u per cent.
Sterling exchange, llrrn, with antu.il busi
ness In bankers' bills at Jf.SSMt I.Y) for de
mand, and at JI.S7'.itil.S7!i for GO days.
Loudon, March 1. Monev, 1'4 per cent.
The rale ot discount 111 the open market
tor shoit and three mouths' hills, .
New York. March 1. Clearings, $Mi,,sl.GI2;
balances, $5.321,23.1. .
Iloston, March 1. Clearings, JI.1.S27.251;
balances, $1,110,211.
l'lilladelphla. -March 1. Clearings, $10,401,
2.11; balances, $1.420,G17.
Il.iltlmore. March 1. Clearings, $1,710,713;
balances, $221,017.
Cincinnati, March I. Money, 41i0 P"r cent;
New York exchange, par to 25c premium;
clearings, Jl,'.'lv,."..".o.
Chicago, March 1. -dealings, tl2.3ll,0Ofl;
New Yolk echange, 25c premium; sterling
exchange, actual, $I.S7,.t'fi I. SO; money, 4ii lu
per cent on call; 5fG oti lime.
St. Louis. .March 1. Clearings, $3.3G0.15I:
balances, $751. OOS; money, ,',iiG per cent. New
ork exchange, s,ie premium.
Memphis. Match 1. Clearings. $201,552;
balances, $47,100. New Y'ork exchange sell
ing at $1. nod 1.50 premium.
New Orleans, March 1. Clearings. $1,3.10,
440. New York exchange, bank, $l.i,0 per
$l,iioo premium; commercial, $1 per $1,000
London, .March 1. liar
sliver, 273id per
New Y'ork, March 1. Sliver certificates,
v,c; har silver, U0sc; .Mexican dollars,
ltallrofiil llmiils.
New York, March 1. Closing quotations
on the New Y'ork Stock exchange:
Issues day.
Atchison 4s Gi
Atchison 2d A 17
Canada Southern 2ds urn
tlener.il 1'acllic Ists of J loo!-.
Denver A Hlo flrande 7s 111?,,
Denver & Itlo (iraude 4s fil
Krle 2ds iM;
(i., II. & S. A. Gs 0.!
II., II. .V S. A. 7s lll
Houston & Texas Central 5s..H"5
Houston Texas Central Gs ..102
-Missouri, Ids. A: Texas 1st 4s.. SOU
day. Gl
Missouri. Was. ,t Texas Vd 4s.. -I.Vi
Mutual Cnion Gs 111'..
New Jersey Central general 5s. .111',
Northern 1'acllic lsts
Northern 1'acllic 2ds
Nortliwe-tei-n consols
Northwest S. !'. debentures.
Hio Orande Western lsts
St. L. A.- S. l- general Gs
St. I'll ill consols. 7s
St. L. A.- I. M. general 5s ....
SI. I'aul. C. A.- 1'. W. 5s
Texas I'iU'llte lsts
Texas I'aclllc 2ds
I'nlon IMclIle lsts of '00
West Shore Is
.. S3
.. a
Mllll- llillt fill ITlllll.'tlt lllllllls.
New Y'ork, March 1. Closing quotations
on the New York Stock exchange:
Y'es't- To-
Ooverntnent day. day.
Cnlted States 4s, registered, ...lll'i lll'.l
t linen Millies i, coupon. ......ii.,
1'nlted Slates Tw, registered. ...115'i
United Slates r.s, coupon U5?i
Untied States 2s, reglslcred 05
l'acllio Gs , 1U0
Alabama, clnssA .......
Alabama, class 1!
Alabama, class C
Alabama currency
.. 05
., 05
Louisiana now consols it.
North Carolina Gs 125
North Carolina 4s 101
South Caiolliia iion-fuml l!i
Tennessee 3s, new settlements.. SI
Tonnessen Tis, now settlements.. 100
Tonnessee Gs, obi settlements... GO
Virginia centuries BS1
Mist-ourl Cs 10o
Mncl.'N mill Jloiiils,
New Y'ork, March 1. The stock market
to-day was much Improved In tone and
tliere was fairly good buying, chletly for
the short accounts. The volume of hustiics-i
wus not, however, large, and the net changes
on the day's transactions as a rule nro
slight, with a majority of the stocks traded
In showing nn appreciation In values com
l i.i red with the closing prices of yesterday.
Tho general market opened Irregular on
light trading, then reacted a fraction, ex
cept lnr Leather preferred, which brokn
)l4 per elt.
Spe. illation in bonls was quiet and unln
t. resting The majority of sales were at
lower figures.
III. till (JKASS,
cam: si:i:ni
(..Mtlll'N TOOLS Send for 'US Catalogue,
Trumbull Seed Co.
I I'-Ill M, l.iml. Ale., KA.NSAS CUV, .1111
(.'. li. KRKNCII. I'res.
WYAN NKI.SON, sec. anil Trrai.
comilssioN Co.
Ord.rs extcnted for future d.llvery of Grain
and I'm vl.-loin
ltooms20, 21 and 22, Kxctianpo Hid;.
l'llvate wlret to Clilcaio, New York ad St
In store Wheat, tCS.953 bushels; corn,
2'3,305 bushels, oats, 200,575 bushels, and rye,
0,501 bushels.
WHCAT-Hcceliiti 31 hours 3,oi)
Same time lust year 21,0)
A fair demand am) rather firm market
was had yesterday .There were but few cars
In and they wore held above buyers' views,
hence little trading, lly sample on track
ijWjc; I car local at 6le: No. 4 red. B4fi55c!
C'OnN-ltecelpts 2t hours ....lS.&f)
game time last year ,.,.30,000
A weak and dull market was had yester
day for both mixed and white. Nothing do.
Ing aside from supplying a few local or
ders. Ity cample on track, here at Kansas
City: No. 2 mixed. 10 cars at MUc; 5 cars
at 40c; 2
cars wun bpcciai tuning at toc;
VVf ll 5i?r-ij 8 jailed,.
JKc. 8 l'.
M, D At.L mtst.
white, 2 cars nt 4''-, and
Nn. .1 w nt.. ijti loe.
OATS liecelpts 21 hour W"i
S.Hii" tunc last year .... ... '"
Market Aeiy dull, only ft few iat lulus
lak'ii mi local feed and older account. The
o.'t nn it men did miiiiiiie. lly sample on
lr.i"k here nt Knii'.m Clly: No. i mixed, ,1
,ir al 20c nnd 2 eats choice heavy nt 2!Hi'i
No. It InUrd, 2S1i2S'...cj No. I mixed, :727Nr;
N". l while, nominal at 3ni3!c; No. 3 white,
Kin.''"!' : No. I while. 2Mi2'ac
IIYIJ-Ileclpls 21 hours -
Same time Inst year r-
No Iniirki'l; none on sale. Irlce nomlnnl.
lly sample on track here nt Kansas City:
No 2, Music; No. 3, 4:fir,'V.
l"I,ol'lt-Htead. bill slow sate. Muyers
only took such lots ns needed for the Im
mediate trade ijuoted: Soft wheat,
Per HH pound such, patents, it.lSIH.2S; cxttn
fancy. $l.rMM.05; rniicy, SOJTMc; choice, C03
Kc, bard wheat, per PX) pound sack, pat
Mils. $1 20171.30, straights, Jt.Of.ffl.lO; bakefs'
Wi-ii$l 15; low grades, StoiGSe: lye. 00cj$l.l3.
COHN Mi:Alr-Htill. but slcndy. Ijimttd
nt 70e per cwt. bulk.
coItN (Mil il' Slow sale, lull nnchntiged.
Coiintrv, 7.V per wt. parked.
1IUA.V 1 tut little coming In and values
llrmer. S.ukcd. GO'-, and bulk. Mc per cw t.
PLAXSIinit ITrm and In fair demand.
We quote nt $1 21 20 per bushel upon the
!.! -Is of pure n to billing.
CLOVIlIt Si:i:i)-ln fair deitnind and
stuidy Ouote.l n $7.iWS.20.p,r cwt.
TlMtiTIIY Si:t:-Sleadv and In fair de
m.in 1. (moled nt Jl.tWi.YW per cwt.
MILMJT-Selllng fairly at old prices.
Common. $l.2.Vl.wi: (Iprman. tl.3nffl.l) lier
HAY-Itec dpts 21 hours 150 tons
Same lime last year 200 lon
Market steady and demand good for th"
upper grades l'rulrle upland, fancy,
I.WI1?E0 per Ion: choice, $7 50517 75; No. I,
$G2:.5iGf.O; No. 2. $3.5071 li no; lowland, choice,
S.VWVycOO; No. 1, $5.ii0!rri.rfl; No. 2, SI.MIp
n.CO. timothy, fancy, $50i0 00; choice, $3.ui)
OS 50: No. 1, $7 5oftvon, No, 2. Ifi.r.OTtT.OO.
imAiVMumaxaMu.MmnMi narauzi
a-. C3-. dcisiptpvxixj,
140O-1I02 Union Au., Kansas City. H.
MUMWI IW ll I I r IM 11
Sec no "ie Hant,c, i,cL'" c'
I"!" SiX UelallMiire, fill.-. Willnnt,
fafa" KANSAS rnv - - - MO.
Lawn Ornss,
T. Lee Adams
MIM.IlTnml CAM:.
C.MtllllN sl'.lllts.
I'on.Titv supriiii:.
,2o Walnut St., Kansas City, !o.
Y'l'slerilnj Is ClilriiKt, Milrfcet
As furnished by French liros. Commission
Co.. rooms 20. 21 and 22. Kxchangc building.
Options. I Open. High. I Low. I Close,
Wheat, Mch...$ 52V r.2,$ uV-Jii Tvl
May t 5P, 5I' 54i, iMi
July , 55 r."i:, 5", 5.V-;
Corn. .Mch ' i:P 43'j lll'i, 43',
May ' 45 4'A, 45 45U
July I ll' 41 41', 45
Oats, Mch 2S'4 2S4 2i4 2Si,
.May 20'!.. 20'... Lll'i 201,
July 27', 27' 27i 27',
1'ork, Mch 10 17': 10 17'f 10 17'.B 10 17's
May 110 30 Ilia,'.. 10 30 111:171s.
Lard. Mch ' I! .17". li 37". 6 37'i d 375
May I G :,u 0 52'i. 0 47',s 1! 52if.
Jlllv I. iHti G G2l,j GG.'I- fi G2'-.
S. Itilis, Mch.. 5 17'..,. 5 17',- r. 17 5 171-j
May 5 30 5 35 5 30 5 35
July 5 12',', 5 47' fi 12','j 5 15
WH I3AT Cash-No. 2 red. 53e: No. 3 red,
51c; No. 2 hard. .',l'c; No. 3 hard. 51'.2c.
COHN Cash No. 2 mixed, I3'ie; No. 2
while. 42'ic.
OATS-C.ish-No. 2 mixed, 2S5ic; No. 2
while. 31'ie.
Intimated receipts to-day: Wheat, 11
cars: corn. 230 cars; oats. Ho cars.
Chicago car lots: Wheat, 15; corn, 291;
oats. 1S3.
Cralu mid Provision Notes.
Chicago stocks of provisions are 125,iC)
barrels of imrk, 3J.i.i tierces of lard and
37.CW1") pounds of ribs.
Stocks of wheat In Liverpool decreased
l.OGS.OuO bushels last month: Moor decreased
lH.S'"! sacks, corn increased S.oo) bushels.
F. II. l'eavey, of Minneapolis, who has
Just returned from the I'aclllc coa-t. says
all the Hour mills there are very busy
maklnj; Hour for the China trade.
The four Atlantic ports cleared for ex
port yesterday 217, o0o bushels of wheat,
SG,r,i) packages of Hour, 0G,ol bushels uf
corn and 15,(m) bushels of oats.
Ilroilnnx Mcl.lney have received from
Cula City, Wis., an order fur a car of
com lo go to Western Nebraska. The
writer says: This Is a donation on our
part, for some of our own Irlcnds, but It
will help others also.
There Is said to be a clique In I'aducah,
Ky., long on a lot of wheat 111 St. Louis,
several million bushels. Its operations are
supposed to be tie reason ol the relative
strength of St. Louis, and also the explan
ation of the i-eceiit numerous and distress
ing stories sent out in regard to the Ken
tucky crop prospects.
A message from Minneapolis says: Some
of the millers are feeling pretty good over
tho foreign outlook for Hour, one reports
acceptance for a good lot of Hour at an
advance over prices asked the day before.
It Is also stated that when the foreigners
buy they am in a hurry for the goods to
be shipped, showing that stocks are lower
over there, and not only that, but all agree
that there Is considerable Inquiry spring
ing up from all foiclgn points. Chicago
News llureau.
The temperature yesterday morning In
Missouri, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska was
20 to So deg. lower than It was Thursday,
and there, will be some farther fall, but no
soveie weather Is anticipated. It was 2! to
31 above aero In Kansas, 10 to 2ii 111 Nebras
ka and Iowa, 31 io 10 In Missouri. Quito
heavy rains fell Thursday In Kastern and
Southern Missouri and the Ohio valley.
Warmer weather Sunday Is predicted.
Carlot receipts of wheat:
K.C. Chi. St.L.
Yesterday ... 5 15 I
A week ago.. 3 21 G
T'o w'ks ago 3 21 G
,Y year ago.. 13 31 17
Carlot iccelpls ot corn:
Yesterday 20
A week ago 10
Two weeks ago 23
A year ago 50
A Chicago telegram says:
that about t S15.0U0 will be
Mpls. DIth.Tot.
110 2--0 III
JIM 112 371
201 113 407
107 73 Sia
2M. St.L. Tot.
201 1,2 370
2G3 07 310
IS.". 41 200
lit '.", 70S
"It Is expected
raised on the
Chlcauo board of trade toward movldlii
seeds for the destitute in Nebraska and
Kansas. It Is estimated that the entire
requirement will be lor at least l,mO.(l
It Is figured that about thirty-live counties
III Nelu.iska, and about ten In Kansas will
have to be supplied and it will take KI.0O0
bushels to a county 2,250.0o0 bushels In all.
Tho great railroads which run through
these districts, the Hock Island, llurllngloii
and Northwestern, have been appealed to,
but they say they 'an only infer tree trans
portation. We expected that Iheso three
granger roads would contribute at least
$100,ijo each, raid a gentleman who has
been .u live In the relief movement, if they
don't get seed for this enormous area It
will mean more r.illio.id receiverships next
year, but these roads say they cannot af
lord to give au thing more than the trans
portation." Th" estimates of requlieinents
are very mm li too large The counties
that ore in need never sowed half that
much wheat In any je.tr.
103 Neu- York Life llnlldlng,
Ilealori ill l.lt.MN and l'llo ISHIN'S tor
rank or future delivery and Railroad stocks
unit IIOMis, prompt attention given country
orders. liefer to -
Niw LNoi.ANo Safe Deposit & tiiust Co.
commkiiciai. AorNcins
I'ltlllltCI, -MAItKi:
Quotations below are for Job lots.
small lots higher prices are asked and ob.
talned, enough bring asked to cover extra
cost for caring for and lining them. The
parties making small outside orders want
the best goods and selections. Healers pre
fer to handle the goods in Job Jots In
straight consignments us received.
IHJTTBK Tho market Is dull and weak
er all round. Supply Increasing ami buyers
are backward. Wo quote: Creamery
Highest grade separator, 2lc; finest gath.
ered cream. SOu; line fresh, good !laor,15c;
fair to good, 12c; dairies, fancy farm, 15c;
fair to good lines. 8e; country store pack
ed, fancy. 12c; freh and sweet packing, be;
roll, choice, 12c; fair, 8c; poor, Be.
EGOS Hull and lower. Fresh. 17c.
UUTTKIIINE Creamery grades. In 20 to
GO pound tubg, solid, UVio per pound, dairy,
.no In In (Yl iMlns4 ?,. .iu )-
KftUJitl. MollprtoUoctrlj.juzidj.JJBlo Nnf(i6pot, aHI
-h-r thiiti sjllds
and 1 point, I, p loth
an solrds
I'll '. IIHII n nnl,
Herkimer mlii'J .
Y. Cheddars, lie pi t pound; Crawford
inly. P.1.. chcMiir li Per pound. Sle-
bi.ygan, Wis., twin-. '.' . Shelioygiitt, Wl- .
Youn America, U'.i . Miourl nnd Knn
s.i full cream, ie
I.tVI! I'OUI.TIlY Th. market Is qulel
and (he receipts onli lair. litis and
spring's nre tiiowmt along at quotation,
while but few turkei- re oil sale. lUck
are llritl, bill geen ,if AWflll dllll. We
quote: Hens, 5c. lomteis, WirflISc:
springs, ce; turkey. hens, ; turkeys,
loins, 5c; ducks, Br: geese, Me; pigeons,
7Se; veal, choice, So to I") pound", fri.'4c.
HHi:s.i:i) roCLTHY-Th market I"
dull nnd none on ml", Choice stock
would bring a fair figure. We quote:
Chickens, t.yjc; turk.js, G'ic; geee, Gc;
ducks, f.ijc.
tlA.MK Tho mark-it i qnlut for want of
supplies ami dealers say theie is lio mar
ket to leporl, I'catheiccl slock Is seldom
seen nnd only occasionally l a bunch of
rabbits received. Ducks.teal.per duzeti,!!.!);
ducks, mixed, per ilmt' n, $1.25; ducks, Mnl
laid, per dozen, $2.73. squirrels, per dozen,
10c; rabbits, undrawn, per doneti, XMiM'i
rabbits, drawn, per do?.' n, 30o; rabbits,
Jai'ks. per dozen, 40c.
l'OTATOIJS-Fliin nnd selling fairly.
Homo grown and Northern, lO'unOc
lo tho trade; I'tnh end Colorado, choice.
"IHVic; common, ISInVic: seed, early Ohio
are ery llrm nnd stocks are held nt 73fi
leK- for natives and si.ovgl.in for Northern.
tIIIIAai;-:Ste.h and llrm. ijuoted:
lloino grown. $15o-fit.G0 per cwt.: Michigan,
$l.iviiil.75; California, !2."0 per cwt.
S KIIT POTATOLS-Ijulel. but steady,
lied, 25li30o; yellow. 3(Hil(.K' per bushel from
VIKll'.TAllLKS .lobbing prices: Ilenlis,
navy, Ciillfornln. per bushel, $2.cii.1o; New
York, fancy, $2.10: country, tl.i54r2.no; cil
ery, per bunch, C0i7oc; horse radish, tier
pound, 4i; onions, new, per bushel, $l.25ff
1 .10.
AI'PLKS Firm nnd In good demand.
We imte. Standard packed ranged
at $,l.tvt(l.ui per barrel; others, 2.KHf3 iKi;
rancv stand. $..0Ol3,Ml; Jennetings, $l 73
2.00, wlneap, $5.5o'n0.50; lien Davis, JS.Oo'ij
$G.(; common varieties, $2.25.
FitriTS Hem tiul good: maikct steady.
We quote as follows: Hamulus, large, $1.7,"df
2.00; lemons,, fancy Messina, sw. $1.50;
lemons, Malaga, Jl.oo, mangos, Mexican,
$2.75113.00; Washington navels, $3.110(1 3.50;
California seedlings, fancy. $.'.75113 00: Cali
fornia seedlings, choice, $.'.2.i1i2.f0; cranber
ries, Cnpe cod, $11.(011 11.611 per band; jer
sey. $ll.(njll.5o.
1IHOOM COHN-Ouoted: Hurled, green,
I' liS'-c per pound; green, self-working, 41.,
roji.c; red tipped, n If-worklng, 4c; com
mon, self-working. 3'jijlc; ciooked, half
price, ilwnrr, 3U55c.
I'KATIIIlltS I'rlme geese, S3c per
pound; dark nnd soiled, 3fe: mixed and old,
155130c: 1 per cent taie on small sacks ami
o per cent 011 iiuki
N'n " lc.
'o. 1 amber,
per pound;
HONHY 1 pound comb, white, 15c; fall,
1 pound comb. ISHHc; 2 pound comb. Cali
fornia while, HVj17c; 2 pound comb. Califor
nia dink, 21il3c; extracted, In cans, G1i7c;
extracted. In liaircK MiGc.
lots, eiicked, $22.00 per ton; 2,i.i iioiiniN.
$2.t.O0; l.tnin pounds, J12.W; less quantities,
$1.30 per 100 pounds.
Nt'TS Jobbing prices: Cocoanuts, Tier
10'. quoted at $1.00. 1'ei-ans Missouri per
pound, 3'ie: Tcxns. 42fi5c; pecans, pol
ished, (iff 10c. l'eaimls Vltglnla, white,
raw. per pound. I'tliJe; Tennessee, raw,
I'l'tiMc. roasted. 7ft Sc, Kansas, .'P-c. Hick
ory nuts Small, per bushel, $1.25; large
$1.25. Htizelimts 2'i2'-c per pound. Chest
nuts 011 10c per pound.
DHIKD FHCITS-Sun dried: Apples,
choice, Go per pound: apples good. 5c; tip
ples, poor, 3a; pouches, ponied halves, Sc;
peaches, unpeeled halves, Gc; peaches im
peded quarters, new, ic. Hvaporated
Apricots, California, Jelly cuied, 10c; ap
ples, choice barrels. Sc: apples, poor. In
IIUAV", l' , lll'l'l,-?. ,'VUI, ,11 ijiiiiei:
4 c.
Pro Islnn..
There was a further" strengthening up
ot the market for hog product vesterdav,
but sales were Io. and mainly on Juti
blng account. Hut little doing In car lots.
We quote:
P. S. -MKATS (partly cureil) Shoulders,
cash, $1.35 per cwt . ,-hort rib sides, cash,
$5.10; long clear side, $5.10; short clear
-sides. $5.3n.
LA III) Cash, $0.2'. March. $0.25.
(illllKN MKATS -Shouldeis, $1.50 per
cwt.: hams $7 50.
S. 1'. MI1ATS Hams, cash, $7.75; should
ers, $1.75.
ft. J. GILLESPIE U i SlftEFiiJ
. f T. E. CILLUSl'IK
& CO., ) J. F- GILLVJSl'IU
Commission Merchant), Kunsas City Stock YMi.
Liberal advanced made to parties IcodlnfatocV.
Ilujlng fe.dlng citilo on ord.rs a specialty.
Currespondence solicited. T.letibou? No. ISJJ.
.11 A It Kills 11V TIlI.HCItAI'll.
St. Louis, M.il.-ll 1. FLOCK Iteeelpts,
8.1100 b.urels, and shipments, 7,ooo ban els.
Dull, but unchanged. Patents, $2..iOn2.Gn;
extra fancy, $2,254 2.2S; fancy, $2.10lj2.2o;
choice, $1. SOU 1.00
WHKAT lb ci ipts, 3,ll bushels.and shl)i
ments, ivt busliels. Opened at ,e ad
vance, held linn about all of session and
finally sold ',jf above the opening. No.
2 led cash, ,ij'4c; .May, M'i'((531sc; July,
53' c.
COHN lteieipts, 10,000 bushels, and ship
ments, 7,000 bushels. Firmer with wheat,
but dull. No. 2 mixed cash, lUitflPJie;
May. I2'.-; July. 42'ic
OATS lle.elpts, lt,,u00 bushels, and ship
ments, S.Ouo bushels. Lower. No. 2 cash,
20'ic and .M.i, 20iic.
11HAN Steady at 70o per cwt. on east
HAY Prime to choice timothy, JO.COra
10.50; prairie, $.3)i7a.50.
fil'TTHIt tjuiet. Creamery, 10(j21c;
dairy, 13iil7c.
KCIllS Steady. Fresh, 20c.
COHN MKAL-IjiiII. (.moled at Jl.OSff
2.00 per barrel.
PHOVISIONS Pork, standard mess, Job
blng, $10..'3. Lard Prime steam, $0.25;
choice, JO. 10. Dry salt meats Hoxod
fchouldci, $I.S0; longs, $5.37V:! ribs, $3.50;
shorts, $3.G2',i. Hacon Packed shoulders,
$3.37',i; longs. J3.73; ribs, $..57V-j; shorts, $i;.tJ.
Chicago, March 1. FLOCK lleeelpts,
7.i bairels, and shipments, I2,0O barrels.
Steady and llrm. Winter patents, $2.50
HI2.G5; Ktialghts, $2.O5'u2.S0; spring patents,
$3.ooli3 33; straights, $'.'.0O'u2.73; bakers'
grades. SSl.731j2.10.
HCTTKH Steady. Creamery, HSjL'lc, and
dairy, OlitOc.
KUUS Higher. Fresh, LMJic.
Liverpool! March 1. WHKAT Spot
steady; demand fair. No. 2 red winter, Is
tut: No. 2 red soring. 5s id: No. 1 hard
.Manitoba, 5s 2d ; No. 1 California, 3s 2d.
Futures opened steady with near positions
uii'diniiged and distant positions is innny
higher; closed steady with near and dis
tant positions Ml led higher; business heav
iest on middle positions. .March, 4s 73id;
Aptll, 4. Sd; .May, 1 .V-.'d; June, Is ',.!;
July, 4s &V1.
OlJHN Spot quiet. American mixed new,
4s l'id. Fiiliues 0ieued quiet and un
changed; closed llrm with near and dis
tant iKisltluus unchanged to 1 farthing high
er; buslnses heaviest on early positions.
March, H lUd; April, Is l'd: -May, Is l-)4d;
June, Is 2d; July, Is avpl; August, 4s 21-1I.
I'LOl'U Firm; demainl fair. St. Louis
fancy winter, 5s Gd.
JIACON Steady; demand moderate. Cum.
berlanil cut, 21 to 30 pounds, 20s Cd; thort
ribs, 25 pounds. 3os; long clear light, 31 to
43 pounds, 2ss; long clear heavy, 55 pounds,
21s Od; short clear backs, light. 11 pounds,
2ss Cd; short clear mlddles,heavy,55 pounds,
2ss; clear bellies, 11 10 10 pounds, 31.
SHOL'LDi:itS-Siuare, 12 to IS pounds,
2?s Od.
II A.MS Short cut. 11 lo 10 pounds, 37s.
TALLOW Fine North American, pom-
illJIIF Kxtra India mess, C3s 0d; prime
mess. 53s Od
I'oltK Prime mess, line Western. 52s 0d;
prime mess, medium Western, 47s Od.
LAKH Quiet. Prime Western, 33s 3d;
Idliied In pails. 3is. .....
The receipts of wheat during tho past
three das were 139.UM centals, including
70.000 American , ' , . .
The receipts of Amerclan corn during the
past three das were 12o,b0o centals.
rme we.tvuii 4'i'-viiiiiib.
New Orleans, .March 1. All markets
quiet, rain cheeking the movement.
110(1 I'KODlt'TS-Pork, l0.tTi3.
LAHD-Hellntd tierce. Hie,
HOXKD MKATS Dry salt shoulders,
$3.40; sides, $"-U.
HAMS-Chol'e sugar rured. MlflOc,
HICK Oiilinary to good, 3?,ftl;c
1'LOL'H Kxlnt fancy, $2.00; patents, $2.00
per sack,
' COHN Ml)AIr-$.'.00 per barrel.
HHAN-Hlgher. 82'sftijc.
COHN No- 2 sacked, white and mixed,
50c; yellow, 6lii'..'i 1
OATS No. 2 a. ked, Western, SGc; Tex-
HAY-Prlme timothy, J13.003H.50; choice,
$16,041 15.50.
Culfcc mid Sugar.
New Y'ork. March J.-OOFFKE Options
opened steady at unchanged prices to 13
points advance, riled generally firm on un-
expected strengtl of early burope:
blcs, closing duP at StflO points n
vance. Sales, 13,2tl bags, including: :
15.05815.10o; June. 14.50gH.S5c; July.
September, 14.751 t.SOc; October, 14.7ixj
December. lt.SOt
.u. w,ca,i i:,i.
let an.
II, .nU
15.05815.10o; June 14.50SH.S5c; July. H.SOc;
September, 14.731 t.SOc; October, 11.7iX3H60c;
Tlecemher. ll.GOi
. 14.. 1,1 UdK9. IIIHUUH'., ..l,.,,-,!.
Spot coffee Flrn: No. T. "He: mild,
steady; Cordova. lOiifllOWc: sales. 2.000 bags
P10 Ilifd6P0, aiM c J'W bas8 Ill Ko3,
in 10 pound tub".
7 and 1. at ll, c. I. f.; l.flr) bar.s Hlo No. 7,
,111 1, - 1.1 I'l'uii.-, ."iioi, ill iw,i ; i,'"rj nags
Santos nt iv, , ox-hlp, descrlbeii.
Wnrehoii'e delUeie for New York ye.
erl.i. 7 "13 bags; New York slock td-d.iy,
IB?. I.'! bags; Uniled Stntei slock, 17!.P".
beg-, nlloat for .the I tilted Slate", 235,iM
bag". I0I11I visible for the fulled Pinter,
112,""? bags. ng,ilnt Hl,'i72 b.m last jear.
St'OAIl Haw, flrnij sales, 2.0"O bags ten.
Itlfugol, S tet. at 2Se, c. and f.: I.10 tons
Mueovado, SO llt, nt 2 11 Hie, and l.'Oi
bags tnolassfS. SO lest, nt lir; rellntsl In
fair (leinandi No. 7, S'sflS 0-IGc
Sniilos (Julel; good average, 15,s5l. lie
celpts, ki.miil bags; stock, 23S.0i bags.
Hamburg Sternly. Prices, HVl Vie, nd'
Vnlice. Sales, S,i i bags: stock, 107,t bags,
IlicludliiK ls5,ii Hr.ir-lllali.
illo-nrm. No. 7, 15.300; xchnngc, loil.
Ileeelpls, 7,l) bags; denied for the United
Stales, 2,0011 bags; cleared for llurope, 1,0');
slock, l.V,i').
New Orleans, March l.-COI'FlllJ-ltlo,
ordinary to fair, liirtlWHe,
SUdAIl Firm, open keltic, strictly
prime, i 7-P'U2'c; prime. 2V: fully full, 2
5-lGc; fair to good rnlr, 2 3-p;fl2l4c: cotnmon
to good common, 2U2'kC; Inferior, lHfll'ie.
I 'cut I if Ileal, pl.ititiitlon gruliulaled, .1 P-HW
3.r; choice white. 3 f.-lfili.l'iiC; oil white. IP.
(U3',c; giuy while, 3 1-IGoi choice ellow
I'lnrllletl, 3c; prime jellnw elarllled, 2 IWnff
1e; olT yellow clarlncd, 2fi2",c; seconds,
MOLASSIIS-Strong; open kettle,. none In
Hist hands. Centrifugal, good prime, lie;
good full' to prime. S'li'.'c, good common to
fair, GiJ7e: common, 5e.
Lend iiful 7,lnc
New York, March I. Lead-Firm. Do
mestic, $3.02't. Spelter Dull. Domestic,
St. Louis. March 1. Lend-Steady. SnJt,
$.'.S7'i. Spelter-Dull, $2.07Vt.
Ityc mill Seeds,
Chicago, Mnrch 1. Ilye No. 2 cash, 51'jc;
-May, Me. Flaxseed No. 1, cash, $1.10: .May,
$1.3.'. Timothy seed Cash, $5.S0flo.Sj; Clover
seed $0.1" per cwt
Si. Louis. March 1. Kyo No. 2 cash, Sic;
Flaxseed Cash, $I.3G. Clover seed Cash,
$S.noiis.3. TlmoltD secd$.'..2..5(0.W.
Toledo, March 1. -Clover seed Lower;
cash and February, $5.12' j.
Lone 4r Star
For ItcM lle-itllH. A New ('oiiii III.
Capital, ."-Hill, llllll. Telephone I HIS,
lilllisa. City Mncl; Ytird-,
Mnrk.'l Iteport. I'liml-licd. tVrlle u.
farmers, Feeders, Shippers,
Ben L. Welch & Go.
fo.vMiMwy .vhiti'ii.ixrs.
Market llepnrls riiriilsbed. Write U
I'.ccelpts at Chicago, St. Louis, Omaha
and Kansas City yesterday were: Cattle,
13.000; hogs, 51. 500; sheep, 11. Goo; same day
last year, cattle, 12, loo; hogs, 53,200; sheep,
New York, March 1. European cables
quote American steers at Kvollc; dressed
weight; refrigerator beef at O&Ohe; no ex
ports to-day.
CATTLK Movements for the past 21
Cattle. Calves.
lleeelpts 5,012 133
Shipments 1,311 111
Dllve-oilts 2,100 123
A good and active market was had yes
terday. The run was good and there were
more good steers here than for some time,
and It has been many dajs since there
were so many 53 and better cattle heie.
Exporters were free buyers and the
dressed beef men made good purchases at
steady to strong pi Ices. Fifty-live choice
1,W) pound steers brought $3.10 and was
the highest price of the day. with the ex
ception of the O. M. Casey s.'iow short
horn steers, which sold at $11.30, the highest
price since June, ISbl. Cows weie not on
sale In gnat numbers and all Meshy ones
weie in good demand and steady, but
common were less active than for some
days. Stockera and feeders In good de
mand and values llrm in sympathy with
butcher stuff. Kangc cattle were In only
moderate supply and all good steers fairly
at live and firm. Hut while the best offer
ings were steady and wanted, common
wire draggy and a shade lower. -Milch
eows steady and In good demand. Com
mon, $15.OO1('17.00; medium to fair, 51S.001T
21.01; good to choice, $25.l?i 33.00,
Av.Wl, Priced No.
Av.Wl. Price.
dkksskd hi:i;f AND KXPOKT STKKItS
IS 1375....$ 0 50 55 14S0.... 5 40
2'l 1173.... 5 35 100 1310.... 5 15
11 1.V3.... 5 10 3 13lli;.... 5 1H
20 IMS.... 5 00 21 1202.... 103
4 K
I S3
20.. i
.. "102..
4 70
4 Go
4 15
I 10
4 25
5 15
4 00
4 75
1 S2'i
I 70
4 CO
4 35
4 25
I 05
::;. . .
23. . .
. .. 000....
i a
I 50
4 35
4 30
5 r,
5 03
4 S3
4 S5
I 75
4 63
4 10
4 30
4 10
4 (10
. 030...
:i 'io I
1 -.1100....
1 1750...,
2 10W...,
5 12VL...
1 1700....
1 1OI0....
1 1200....
... SOO...,
3 no
3 10
3 23
2 S5
3 50
2 75
4 Ol
2 30
1 (VI
2 Ik)
2 50
2 30
2 05
2 00
3 23
3 73
2 IS
2 50
1 ()
3 00
3 15
, 700..
, fw',11..
1 50
. OOG....
. 012....
. 017....
. SOI...,
. Wl..,.
. CO.'..,.
. 725. , . ,
. OIL...
. S7G....
. 7IO-...
. S75-...
. itl2....
. SiV)....
. S73...,
. SOI.,..
. SiM...,
. 030 ....
. SVI..,,
. 7?s...,
. Oil....
3 S70..
2 50
2 75
ii ('')
3 25
3 40
3 45
3 70
3 20
3 75
2 00
L' 25
2 50
2 IV)
2 '.13
3 no
3 20
:t 35
3 50.
:i go
2 50
:: in
, S10....
. ML...
. M2....
. S2C...
. '.100....
. S3.I,...
. MR!....
. SIO..,.
. S13....
. S07....
. 1,10
3 80
3 40
3 50
2 73
3 30
1 50
2 10
2 r.o
2 50
2 S3
S 10
ii io
5 GO
3 73
3 Ol
3 40
3 07
3 10
3 30
3 25
2 10
10 7o7..
0 IM..
Ill loo.,
7 020..
1 075..
3 KB..
IS 703..
:i oo
. 710...
. Gil...
. 730...
. 711.,.
. 33S...
a 55
3 IV)
:i ivi
3 7".
. son....
STOCKCHS AND Fl'iiiiiin'is!
3 10
II. .
30. .
3 i
4 23
3 lA
4 15
3 53
3 30
3 00
3 S7K
3 53
3 00
.. 52..
.. S70..
3 50
3 75
3 40
3 70
3 50
3 43
3 35
3 20
.... He)..
IS 01S..
50 710. .
17 ..
10 575..
10 GUI..
. W7...,
S7S.W. 737.... 3 50
wc''"raw.wr"' 37
27 Oil.... 3 10 I
21 10SG.... 4 00 I
57 WL... 3 OO
Colton sted
S7s.w. 737
3 50
112 073..., 4 23 fll DSL...
20 1UCJ..., 1 15 57 12U!,,,,
4 20
4 53
4 25
3 00
2IM 1002..., 4 ! M- 001,
;!.ioi2!!!! us 24...:;; ins:::;
Cotton seed . , .
21 . ... 70L... 2 73 20 Ml.,.,
2 1013.... 3 25 I 01 Ml,.,,
Cotton seed , . .
0 . ...1332..., 3 25 I 1 012....
c.aton seed
13 ...11S0.... 3 2, I 2 003....
3 23
3 10
JloiIS Movements for the past 21 hours:
Ilecilpis , ..... , ,.,, ,.11,701
Shipments . ...,...,.. 1,230
Drive-outs .-..., , 7,161
The offerings yesterday were very good
nnd quality better than for some days.
Packers were free buyers and the market
opened steady and llrm and finally became
5c higher, and this Improvement was main
tained to the close, under the Intluence of
strong markets east of us. Extreme range,
$3.C5'OL20; bulk of tales, $3.501.05.
No. Sh. A"vTT
No. Sh. Av. Price.
28 .. 90 $3 CO I 27 20 110 $3 70
101 $0 15J 3 72',ii U 40 103 75
1") SO IM 3 J; ;,) ;j
3 SO
01 2o0 103 3 ?7tti r.l 50 220 S SO
77 .. US ,1 S3 ' 7.1 .. IM 3 S3
70 .. 20.1 SIS ! 02 .. 100 .1x3
03 410 m 3 '74 f.l .. 2il IW
01 .. 291 3 90 I ?3 120 2 3 00
fl Sun 3 !1 S2 40 21.1 .1!")
31 .. IIS ID) 00 ., 1H .1 73
23 .. lt 3?0 S2 '0 17.1 IM
! .. 175 .1 S3 !l SO 117 3 K,
SO 10 I15 ,1 J" I III 120 100 .1 S2U
70 .. 212 3 S5 i 07 100 WO 3 S3
07 120 17 ,1 S3 70 40 1? 3 S3
50 ..203 3 00 I 7S 40 217 IM
110 .. 2S. ,1'.l ' 70 SO 280 3 0)
71 40 ISO 3 0" i SO .. 230 3 03
77 .. 2S1 Run I St 120 251 3 05
70 SO 217 8 05 I IS . . 21 3 W
SO .. 211 .103 101 40 225 3 f7i
IS .. 231 4 00 71) .. 278 4 Pi
Gl 10) 230 4 01 M .. 211 4ti"
S3 40 230 I '' ?1 .. 2D I "3
M .. 2' 4 OS ?0 .. SW 4 03
115 SO 202 4 1" BS 40 3i2 I 10
30 .. 130 4 St 5 40 221 3 05
71 SO 237 .1 17 73 40 225 4 ("
Gl S" 251 4 0) 71 .. 2.3' 100
71 .. 2) 4(11 S 200 273 4 ll
t.i! an 205 4 0) 71 .. 210 4 02'j
M .. W. 4 Of, I Rl 10) 273 I Hi
M .. 20'.) 4 I CI I IS) .. 8'7 I 05
71 ..270 4 10 IV. .. 253 I 10
SO 20S 4 12'V Gl ' .. 3") I l.i
SHEEP Movements for the past 2I
hours: ,,
Heclpts r 2.021
Shipments -;
Dllve-oilts e.-,1''
There weie very good numbers on sale
yesteiday and prices generally ruieu
steady, but sales were slow, n buyers were
disposed to pick a round
No. Av. W. Price.
25 millions Ii) $175
to mutton. in 3 5"
231 muttons 1"5 I 15
30 lambs 32 2 50
HOUSES AND MCLKS Movements for
the past 21 hours:
lleeelpts 17.'
Shipments 170
Drlve-ouls 300
Mules weie in fair demand again yester
day and prices wrre held sternly all round.
Horses, however, weie In only fair re
quest and the demand mainly for the best
drivers and draft; low grades slow sale nnd
still low.
We quote
Mules, 14 to HtJ hands $23 0Ofi$S3 ft!
Mules, 15 to lStj hands 43 00 'if 53 01
MtilM. IC to Kit,, hands 00 ("if?' 00 09
Horses Southern 15 OOff .10 01
Horses Slrecters 20 noif 40 o)
Drivers 45 OOJf S3 0)
Draft 40 OOff S3 00
Tur-Mliiy., Wt-Mliie-Mluv timl 'I hurstliij of Kuril
ri'k nt lhi Kuiitiii t'lty
Stock Yards Horse and Mule Dept,
IV. . TOUCH .V. SII.V, Malingers.
Hundreds of all classes of Horses sold at pri
vate sale and at auction each day. All stock
must bo as represented or no sale.
St. Louis. Mo., March l.-CATTLE-He-celpts,
2,100; shipments, 700. Market dull,
steady, to a shade lower. Native steers,
$3.O0fi3.30; cows, $2.S3fi3.15. Texas steers,
700?! 1,100 pounds, $:!.501I.03; eons, J2.73Jf
MORS Heclpts, 1,500; shipments, 3,700.
Mulket strong and higher. Hood medium,
$l.i)ii4.23; mixed and light, $3.70ifl.l0.
SHEEP lleeelpts, 1,100; shipments, 100.
Market slow ami dull. Lambs, $1.40: native
mixed. $3.5n; Southwestern, mixed. $3.23.
Omaha, March 1. CATTLE Kccelpts,
1,300. Miuket strong. Steers, $3.'Mt5.25;
bulk, $1. loff I. GO; cows and helfeis, 31.2541.1.75;
hulk. $2.25i3.00; stackers and feeders, ?2.23if
3.73; bulk, $3.UOfi3.50.
IIOUS lleeelpts, S.OoO. Market opened
llrm; dosed shade higher. Light, $J.30ii3.b5;
mixed, $3.70T3..15; heavy, f3.S51fl.13.
SHEEP Kecelpls. 1.7oO. Market steady.
Fair to choice natives, $2,731(1.00; fair to
good Westerns, 32.50fi3.s5; common stock,
sheep, 32.O0&3.75; lambs, $2.751i4.73.
Chicago, 111.. March l.-CATTLK-Ke-celpts,
4,500. There was little change to
day III the market. The supply was light
and the demand was good and prices gen
erally llrm. Choice heavy cattle were
scarce and sold strong, the best offered
bringing $5.00, while .1 fancy article would
have found 11 buyer at $0 or better without
a doubt. Ordinary light steers were some
what neglected and were inclined to be
weak, but in all other branches of the mar
kgj there was firmness.
HOOS Kccelpts, L'G.OuO. Tho market was
quite stiong to-day. A further decrease
In the receipts and the llrm market quoted
on 'change seemed to Induce u feeling of
greater confidence, and the day's supply
was bought up quick at prices averaging
3c higher than yesterday's closing quota
tions. Scarcely anything in heavyweights
sold below $1.10. and few of the light kind
went below $3.03. The choices of the former
reached 31. loll 1.42!-, and tliere were sales
of assorted light tin high as $1,1311.20. The
quality was lair and most of the sales
were at $l.l5'ii4.30 for averages of more
than 230 pounds, and largely at S3.95UI.I0
for light.
SHEEP Kccelpts, G.OflO. There was a
light supply or sheep here to-day and as
the demand was active the tendency was
In the direction of better prices. No decid
ed advance was made, however, quotations
tanging from $2.50 10 $1.30 tor poor to
choice sheep, and $3.235.35 for lambs.
roiiEioN vati'i.i: am) in;i-;r tkaii:.
sonic Interesting Figures nil the Subject
Trim! the Agricultural Department.
Washington, Feb. 2S. Secretary Morton,
at the request of the Associated Press,
makes the following statement regarding
the meat trade of the United States with
certain foreign countries:
Export American beet Is of such a high
quality that a parliamentary committee in
England, In 1S03, reported that In sonn; of
the most tnshlonnble and aristocratic mar
kets of London It was frequently sold as
"prlmo Scotch and English meat." In fact,
the committee said that In some of the
large meat selling ostaiiiiMiments, in the
aristocratic West end of London, thete was
piactlody n other than American meat
sold. Yet It was called "English" and
"Scotch. "
The prices of American dressed beef, per
V pounds, nt the Central meat market
of London on December 31, 1S0I, were as
Ameilcan beef, killed In England, $10.12t',
a. hundred to ttn.S7'i; refrigerator, Ameri
can beef, $ll.l2'ji12.12'-. per hundredweight
for hindquarters; for forequurlers, $7,501;
The United Kingdom of Cireat Ilrltaln re.
celved, during the llrst nine months of
1S0I, 3u3,VIO beef cattle, from the United
States, and paid S.2O.Di-o,00O for the same.
During the same year (Ireat Ilrltaln took
213,211,000 pounds of bacon from the United
States nt a valuation of $20,S0O,O0o, For tho
nine months ending September 20, 1S0I, the
Fnlted Slates exported into the kingdom of
(Iie.it Ilrltaln 222.073.ujo pounds of bacon,
ns against no.OOO.noo pounds during tho cor
responding months ot lMi.
Thus It Is observed that tho bacon trade
between the United States and fireat llrlt
nlu was Increased about 43,000,000 pounds
during the year lull. Hill, during the year
HOI. Uormaiiy took from the United Slates
altogether of live cattle. UP to (he close
of December 31, only 0,108 head. Ilelgluni
took during the same period of time of live
cattle 4,133 head, while Franco consumed of
American cattle In tho tame period 13,111
From January 1.1S93. to February 10, 1S03,
the date of the last report iiiiulo to the
United Slates department of agriculture,
Franco had taken 13,333 head of live cat.
Durlnir tho calendar year 1S0I Franco took
of American beef, salted and canned, 7.703,
370 pounds, nt a valuation of $G21,CS2. Dur
ing the same period, of tho same kind of
beef, (lermnny took $002,757 worth.
During the- six months ending December
31. (lermnny took, of pork pioducts, 0,431,.
533 pounds, and Franco received from iho
United States, of the samn products In tho
same. time. 3.903.701 pounds. The meat pro
ducers of the United States send (only the
very best grades of live cattle and dressed
and cured meats to tho European markets,
It Is claimed by the United Slates Inter
national dealers In meals that all iho hue
and cry against .th" ed Idleness of Ameri
can meats and all the charges against tho
sanitary condition of American live cattle
sent abroad am Inspired by the land own
ing protectionists of (Sermany and France.
They desire. It H said, to make cattle and
meat higher In the Herman and French
markets by making cattle and beef scarcer,
The herds ot cattle and swine. In fact.
nil the domestic animals of the United
Stales are in splendid sanitary condition.
There has not been a case ol ' pleuro-pneiN
nionla In any of the United States or ter.
rltorles during the last three years. Thero
is no contagious. Infectious or communica
ble disease among the domestic animals In
any state or territory of the Union, There
has not been and there will not be shipped
to any European port any animal or the
products of any animal which has not been
InsDected and declared healthy, wholesome
and edible. The United States will continue
to furnish all meatless Europe with the
best and cheapest pork and beef in the
world. .
T.lquors for Kansas.
Shipped dally In Becure packages by
Opposite waltlntf room, Union depot.
I (Illllltl.V I'ltlCCH AtMl; ADVANCE.
Atlrr rrrqtiriit I'lui In itloni May Wheat
L'ln.ril nt At 7'Ke-t'iirii lln iVHc
Higher, tt.it. I'Mc and I'roili-
Ion. All Mitiln Alliance,
Chicago, March 1. Ilettor grain prices
abroad nnd tho possibility of crop ilanuigu
from the cold wave In the country ruled n.
strong wheat market to-day, May closing
nt 5!!c. Tho other markets Joined the pro.
cession, May corn closing He higher, May
oats !c higher nnd prmlsions nt advances.
Thero wns a complete change In senti
ment rigardlhg wheat when trading com
menced. Instead of there being piessllig
sellers ot Mny nt iM-Vi ns on yesterday aft
ernoon, there was 1111 excess of buyers at
nl'uliil'tc. inside or the llrst hour May
wheal had sold at SISc. The predicted cold
weather, following the disappearance of
the snow rrotu the wheat Holds, was rather
more In evidence this morning. The chief
riielor In producing the strength was u de
cteiiso In (4iu sUicks ot Hour and wheat nt
Liverpool, which much exceeded what tho
trmlo of that city had expected, and which
had vnusctl 1111 adviincn there ot tjd per
cent In tho face of yesterdays ueclllio
hero. An important lorelgn Item which
ban owed up the leeltiig ot shorts hero un
til It was contradicted later, was an nd
viilico or . francs, 15 centimes In the prico
of .March Hour at Palls, following upon
the ndvanco iif, 3 francs, which toon pluco
theie yesieriluj. The collection of the re
ported advance or 7 JruiicM In the price ot
March Hour at Paris did not have much ef
fect In allaying the bullish sentiment. Tho
total ol the primary market receipts was
e'l.ltnn liltaltitlu Frlw, 111..1111 -, t
unci's were heavy, iimounuiig in wheat and '
Hour to 4.V1.UOO bushels. The foreign do-v
iniiml for Hour Is well spoken of by mill
ers. There were frequent nervous changes
In the price. It reacted lo 51o more thun
once, but wits easily hoisted ngnlti. It
touched ul'jdSlfti', and closed tit M'.c.
Corn was In belter demand, both for
shipment and on speculation, at the latter,
taking. In a gicut measure, Its cue from
wheat. Tho business done wus only mod
erate In umoiint. The opening nt Muy was
at nn advance ot ,c, lit 15c. It advanced
and declined several times, being 431J I5i4c,
selling nt the close nt 13'ic To-day's pri
mary Western market receipts were 27o,ooo
bushels, computed with 017,000 bushels a
year ago.
A dull session was passed In oats. Tho
maikct was n shade Hrmor nt tho end,
caused by n similar situation In com. Oitlv
a very few sales were effected, nnd these,
were small and scattered. Mav started at
29V1720'.jC, sold nt 29'ie down to 20U1T20-V.'.
up iignlii to 20'.sC, and closed with sellers
at 29ic
Tho provision trade wns fulrlv good, and
at n good advance In prices. Tho opening
prices were 7'2c up In pork, and y.c In lard
nnd ribs. The net gain nt the close In
creased to 12'.',c In pork, 5c In lard and 7',tc
In ribs, the closing prices being tho high
est for tho daw Hog receipts were light,
and that, with tho strength In grain,
caused the advance.
From KIII1-.IIS Clly Via the Ilurllngton
"DENVER SPECIAL," leaves Kansas
City dally 10:30 a. m., solid train; arrives
Denver 7:30 a. m.
L1NC1S." for J'ugct Sound and I'aclllc
Const from Kansas City, leaves at 10:30
a. m. dally.
This line gives patrons an opportunity
lo visit Hot Springs, South Dakota, Black
Hills and Yellowstone Paik, and It is tho
short lino between Kansas City nnd Hel
ena by 3S5 miles, Hutte 313 miles, Spokane
471 miles, Seattle 110 miles and Tacoma 113
This Is the most marvelous scenic route
and perhaps the most Interesting across
the continent.
Hound trip tickets to all I'aclllc coast
points via this line.
For full Information address II. C. Orr,
Hurllngton Kotite, Kansas City, Mo.
The Knickerbocker special, via the Hlg-4-i
mile, runs dally, from St. Louis to Now
Y'ork and Boston, over the Lake Shore,
from Cleveland lo Htiffulo and the New
Y'ork Central and Iloston nnd Albany rail
ways, "through the beautiful Molujk .'' al
ley nnd down the Hudson river. 1WS1
nillceiit vestibule coaches, Wagner sleep
ing cars and dining cms, no, ferry trans
fer at, New Y'ork. Passengers are landed
In Grand Central station, ut Forty-second
street, right In the heart of the city. For
time cauls and full Information call on
ticket agents of connecting lines, or ad
dress .(;. W. Green, traveling passenger
agent, Kansas City, .Mo.
Dr, Coo's Sanitarium
llth and Uroadnsy, -KANSAS CITY, MO.
Is n private iiospitul ft quiet home for
1 11030 mulcted with medical and surgical
diseases, and is supplied with nil tho reme
dial means known to eclenco and tho latest
instruments required In modern surgery,
50 ROOMS , , . .
For tho accommodation of patients, to
gether with our complete Ilraee-Maklng
Department, make this tho largest and
oldest and the only thoroughly equipped
Sanitarium in tho West,
OpemtloiH for tho euro of Varicocele,
Piles, Stricturo and Fistula aro of dally
A neatly published book, illustrated
throughout, showing tho Sanitarium, with
photographs of many patients, which will
bo mulled freo to any address.
For further information call or address
DR. C. M. C0E,
abstracts and examiners of land titles. No.
10 East Sixth street, furnish dally tha
trancfers ot real estate Hied lu tha record
er's olllce at Kansas City, Mo,
Notice All transfers appearing in our
daily reports contain covenants ot general
warranty unless otherwise stated.
March 1,
Hubert IL Lyman and wife lo Max
Isaacs; lot 11, block 12, James
(ioodlu place 00
Arch I. Eaton to Hurrlson & Piatt;
lots 1 and 2, block 1, William Toms'
addition , 23,000
F. Howard Man to August Johnson;
part of lot 17, Morse's second ad
dition 23
Same to tame; lot 10, tamo,, 150
Anna K. Stetson to Nine; lot 15,
same 300
Louis Ilcrncti in Josephine C,
Miller; part of lot 31, lloivmun's
subdivision 1
Southwest Loan ami Land Company
to Joseph E. Walter: part of iho
northwest quarter of section 'ii,
township 40. range 3J,, ,,,,. 1,000
Isaan D. Waggener and wife to
.Mary E. Arnold; lot 33, Hunker
Hill No. 2 E00
A. M. Geuuqu and husband to
Katharine Arnold; lot 3, Hunker
Hill No. 2 , 210
II. Ensign to Ada F. Anderson; lot
23, llowo H McGee's addition.,,, 2,000
Margaiet Shutter and husband to
Henna ilawlings; Jot 9, block 4,
McKlnney heights , 600
Edward N. Wallls and wto to Nel
sou 'A. Graves; lots 1 to 0, block 3,
Prospect park .., ,,. 3,500
Somberby N. Nojvs and wife lo
James li. Jamison; lot 220, Phoenix
park , 1,230
V, G. Hoblnson and wife to J, H.
Anderson; south 30 acres of the
east half ot the southwest quarter
of section 9, township 47, range
33 , , SOO
J, S. Anderson lo F. G. Itoblnson;
southeast quarter of section 22,
township 47, range 33 et al. ..,,,,. S.S00
Christ Frank and wife to George L.
Plerson; lots 232, 233 and 231, Alta-
mont . , ,.,,. 1
Henry G. Iloden and wife to George
Schrader: lots 5 and 6, block 3 et
al. Mount Auburn.., 440
Anna S. Porter and husband to
Samuel W. Smith: Jot 5, block k
Hamsolgjfts adltlon , UOjk,
E jyrjJS rJ Slll!
WffiSS Will
J '
i I

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