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tiim v.vi:.Tiii:it,
The olllrlal forecast Mr to-chiv Is; Tor
Missouri, Rencnillv fnll warmer 111 Hip
southeast, sonlliwost mill wci portions;
for Knnsu, fnlr, wnrnict In ttto west j.nr
Hon, The highest tempctnturo jesterdity
was M elcg, nml the lowest II deg. follow
Int; li (lie monl of last night's t.l.eiiu
tlonss Station liar Tcm.
Now Orleans 1...1 ,10 H m
tlnlvcstou , ,,,,, ,,9HI MS
Cincinnati , 3&! "'.
Chicago .. , 3i)Pl 32
Ht fanl .i WO) sh
Springfield su'jo io
("oncorilln ., TiM 41
Dodge City .., 3".b 10
Msmnrck ,. ,, SOW Z2
Helena !W is .is
Che)cutie .... ....IWS) 32
Denver ,, ,.., 3D T2 ,11
Wichita .10.IS II
Ht. i.ouls W52 i:
Kansas City 30 u 17
t 111 "Minim irr.
Proicsnr tlldgcwiiy Is looking for a
mlslng hook
A Jury In tho criminal court )ostcrdiy
failed to agree.
A colorpil innti wants the circuit court to
restore his proper!) to htm.
A horp coaiipi from a burning stable
Inst night with Ills iii.iiu' nml tall blaring.
An Invoslmrnl company Ins purchased
n nutnlipr of pick; of rp.it citato lit the
North rml
"Parson" Divlcs' romlilmllnn of pngll
lllc stars is III box In the Aliilltorlum next
Mondn) night.
The charred remains of .in Infant were
fotiml nt thp mouth uf a (Ir.iml ncnuc
sewer vilenlny.
Harry Pomb, who n aaiiltP(l by
IIikspII Miller, on Stinwuy nlKht. Is In a
critical conilltlou.
A ilrlll ami encampmrnt will he held by
a nuinbpr of military nrgnnlzatlons In Ht,
I.otils from July 1 to 7.
Proldlng Judge Stone )ostrnlny forcpil
his cnlliMgues upon the bench of the coun
ts court to otc upon n motion.
TIip )oiing woman who attempted sui
cide on Tuesday anil who gave her name
o Mrs. Helen Lesser, refuses to talk
nbont her past or repal her lilcntlty,
Dr. Tubbs' railroad fnro bill defeated In
tho house.
Hlshop Thomas Is still very low nt Kalln.i,
llalley "Waggoner has lieen nomlnnted for
lnaor of Atchison by the Democrats
Home nnd senate coufcrrocs on the ap
propriation bills have agioed, mid adjourn
ment will tako placo to-day.
The Terrltnrle.
Two r-enntoiH of Oklahoma And a (1st
tight In a hotel nt Outhrlc.
(tl in ml Dome tle.
Plvo wur-ddps me t pected to be put In
commission soon.
About 17,(').) enal millers hao struck In
the Pittsburg, fa., district.
The new Jnpnnetc trcal) has been form
nlly ratllled by tho emperor
Inspector New ton has h commended that
Justice Scott be roiuuvod from olllce
Ofllce hunters compl lln because Clevo
1 ind went duck hunting before attending to
their demands.
George Gould s,i)s money considerations
were not thought of In the munlage of his
sister to Count lie Caslell.ine.
East Penns)Iviiiila lonfereneo of the
United Kvnngollcnl church has strongly
denounced congress for working on Sun
day. Two Men made a desperate and partially
miccosrul attempt to rob a bank In Ariel,
la. Onu robber was captured alive and
tho other killed.
Von Igu.
Tho czar has abolished tho knout
New Chwang, a Chinese treaty port. Ins
been captured by the .lapine-o,
Tho recall of the f idled States consul
general at Jl.nnuu will be demanded by
Treasury statement Minus n I.nss nf H'J.nno,-
000 Iloparttiic nl Kxphtliis It It)
Hid llonkkcejihlg.
Washington, March C To-da's btate--lneili
of the condition of the treasury
shows: Avallihle cash balance, J1S1,!"A.'U.
gold reserve, $,CJ 1,020
The Kpl,in itinn,
W'usjhtnston, Match C The seemlnK fall
lnc oft since jentcrday of f.M'O.O1") In the
Bold rescive, as bhowu b to-da b treas
ury btatement, wa the subject of aii'.lous
tclcKiaphlO Inqulrlef,, sent to-day bj tris
ury olllclits to tho sub-treasury at ,i w
York. The replies wire to the effect tt it
there had been no lo-b of Bold, eltlui foi
epoit or otherwise, and mat the mciiiIii
loss was occasioned bj nn tr.or In book
keepliiB bv which Bold iceehul on nc count
of bonds had been eieilited lo the e,tiiral
gold nccount.
Mr Jordin, tho suh-trensiirei at Nrw
York, and the superintendent at the aiav
ofllce, are both temporarily allien', and. It
Is explained, someone unfamiliar with the
complicated detail-, of the oojkk.epliiB de
partment had made a wroiiB ei tt The
matter undoubtedlj would be sti al, 'litem d
out to-ulBht The treasiuy otlh lels tipud
late the public btatiuunt th it thtv wne
dlssatlsilcd with the rate with whleh told
tmis belne ileposltcd under the reeent bond
contract. On the contno, the s,i the
Fjiiilleate has more thin lomplled wltn the
requirements of the contract In this pai
tlculai and that as a m ittei of f.u t. the
oerntnuit prefeis that the jOkl should
come In slow ly
The lontra.t , i II for a deposit by for
tlKn bldib rs of not Us th in jiti.kOO ouneis
per mouth, and this limit has beru ectsld
ernbl eeecded from the llrst
V. II. .1, 'la.lli.r Wins UN .illt.
WihhlnBton, Manli (,. The libel cae of
C II. J. TaIor, the colored recoidtr of
deeds for the District of Columbia, UKalnt
V Calvin C'hHhe the edltot of a lo al ne
pro oiB.ili, aa iIomm! lo-.la, and the jury,
lifter belnB out ten mlnutis retuined a er
rilct of Built Tile defence tiled a motion
for appeal anil intends to i.uiy the ease lo
the District tourt of appeals
Alban, N. Y.. March 6. The Oerry whlp
plnp jiodt bill has. pabced the senate unan
imously. Doer, Del, Mareh C One ballot was
takm to-day for I'nlted States senator,
resultinB as follows HIerIiis, S, Addleks,
6; Massey, I; W'olcott, 0, Tiinnell, I
Mlddleboro, Ky , Mnnh. C Thomas
Howard, a prominent iltlen, was bhot
throuBh the window and killed, while t-3 1
tlnB at the tabic eatliiB supper last nlsht
The HsB.ii-slu Is not known
llolse. Id,, March i. In the hcnntnrl.il
ote to-day one of the Sweet men left him
and voted for hhoiip, the rtbult helm;
bhotip, 21; Swiet, H, Crook, II There Is
much talk of a dark horfce but no one has
any definite Idea wh.o may bo brought
lievlcr. Mo., March 0. (Sped il ) A cltl
zem.' eonemlon to nominate a ilt tick
et was held lust nlKht at Watson's opera
house John W Davis recvlwd tho in
dorsement of tho eonventlou for city mar
shal; I.. Now Inn was nominated for major
by acclamation.
Tacoma, Wiush. Mareh (.The colored
citizen of Tacoma held uiemoilil ben
Ices in honor of the l.ito frederlck Doug,
lass. In the resolutions of respect passed
it was sutrKcsted that the color. d people eif
America erect a monument to DoueIus In
Washington city,
Kailne. Wis,, Mareh C OtU Johnson a
pioneer lumberman of this btaie, died this
afternoon. nBed SO Ho was hea lis Inter
ested in mills In Northern Wisconsin and
nlso was ihe owner of extensive redwood
tracts In California. He leaes an estulo
estimated at from KoiW) to JlO.fiuo.OUO to
a wife, two sons and two daiiBhters
Washington, March C Tho iirellmlaari
arranBements In the argument In tho lii.
come lax catea weret made in the supreme
court, in tho pretence of un array of dls.
tlngulshed counsel. It is believed that Ihe
arKiiinnit will coiibiime all (he time of tho
court during the remainder of tho week
Tacoma, Wash., .March C The 11-month-old
baby of John McCallum was hurne-d to
death to-day, lis mother hud left it
plailni: on. the lloor with her little bister,
whQ found tome mutches nd began play.
Inif wltli them with the result th tt one
Ignited Ten minutes liter the mother re
turned and found her baby ilacl
Chattanooga. Tcmi , .Man h 6 -The tew
enlh annual congress uf Seotch-lrlsh of
America will be held at Lexington, Va .
from June 20 te the 23rd. Inclui.le The
announcement was made here to-eliy by
the secretary of Ihe bociety, A. C flojil.
of tnls city, at the direction of .Mr Hobert
Honner. of New York, who is president of
the oiganlz-itlcn Th.? Inillaiin in l.
lngton coined through the faculty of Wash.
iingc-on unci ,g.e unijersuy, wnicn Is tho
VdislnctUe. Scolch-lrlsh school of the
jnitea states.
liiinni) Itinn, the t ittcrurlcht t himplnn,
ami due C'lict usUI Are Among the
star Who Will It..' With
I mill Mm Notes.
Knnsns City lovers of sclentltlc boxing
will be Irented lo a great exhibition next
Monday evening. On that date "Parson"'
Dnvles' combination of pURllls'lc stars will
nppenr al the Auditorium In .cmlly bouts
with the best of the to. al buxets. In the
"poison's" inntbln illuli are uch funoiis
lighters as Tommy ilvati, ihalnploh welter
weight nf the world, nii'd Joe (. honkl, who
has nlnas held a high poltlun nmolig the
hcav weights The third boxer l t.on
Atnew, of Chicago, who Is a rattling good
15.1 pound man.
The progtamme, ns plmtied for the occa
sion, will consist of a four round go be
tween Chojii'kl mid Mine Madden, a four
t omul go between Touiniv Ityan and Urn
nipt .Mullodv.the favntlte local middleweight
and a four round go between I.on Aencvv
and ()car rinrdnet, the "Omih.t KldT'
These men nrc all clever, and should put
up goes which will test the full ability or
the visitors. Of course. It Is not the In
tention th it there shall be any Mugging.
Imt the bouts will be scientific exhibitions
of the art of boxing. In ruldltloii to these
bouts there will be nn exhibition of bug
punehlng by ltyan, who Is a jnsl nnster at
that business! a wrestling contest between
I.ouls Herbich nnd some other local man
and a fencing contest, besldea club swing
ing and other like features. The exhibi
tion bids fnlr to be a very Interesting one,
and it will undoubtedly attract many lov
ers of boxing to the Auditorium
ltyan and Chosnkl nto stars of the llrst
tmgnltuile, 'I he Chicago lad Is now con
sidered by all good Judges to bo the best
man nt his weight who iver put on a ml tt.
Ills c ireer has been a meteoric one since
he whipped Danny Needham at Minne
apolis In 19I. Not since that time have his
colors bei n lowered, and now he Is en
titled to bo ranked among the champion
pugilists in euc wore i
llipcw l A, W. President Tendered His
It. slglliitlnii ViNterdiy but It tV.ls
nt Accepted.
New York, March C The adjourned
meeting of the national assembly of the
League of American Wheelmen convened
at 10 30 nt the Gland Union hotel. Prebl
eltnt Wllllson, of Cumbetland, Md., oc
cupied the chalt. The principal business
was the awarding of tho contract for
tho public itlon of tho I,. A. W. llulletln,
nnd man) bids were put In fo' the privi
lege. List )ear tho llulletln was pub
lished and mailed flee of charge by N.
II. Van Sicklen and George K. tint re tt,
or the lleirlngs i'libllshlng Company, of
Chicago The paper was sent through the
mans as second cias mailer, nut tne
poslolllte authorities at Washington de
cided It was not entitled to this privilege,
as the subscriptions for It were not vol
untai). There was a good deal of discussion
over the nutter to-iliy and a committee
was appointed to eonshl.'r the ndvlsabll
tty of running a Journal for the league
and also to piss upon the bids handed In
This committee enn-dted of Messrs Iaic
II. fotter, New York, T J. Keen in, Pitts
burg, Ge-orge A. Pcrkln", Hoston; It W.
Dickinson, Newark, .V .1, and C. P. Cos
sum, Poughkeeiwle, N Y
A recess of two hours was taken for
the commltle to pre pare a teport, but It
took them three liouis. to bo do. When
they leported back to tho meeting they
recommended the contract be awarded to
Sterling Illllott editor of Good lload,
llobton Mr Hlllott'-. terms were to blip
ply a weekly paper to be known as the
).. A. W llulletln, at the rate of 2i cents
per annum up to M.') copies, and 5
cents each for each additional 5 000 up to
bO.oo.1 making the maximum price 50
cents per annum for each subscriber for
GO.iiO.) or over.
Another change which will beuellt the
national ticuMiiv of the J. A W was
unanimous!) agreed upon, foimerly the
national treasuiy retained V) net cent of
the annunl dues and tefunded the other
half to the state division Out of this
M per cent the n ltlonal tre isurv paid for
the L A W llulletln Now the ) early
dues villi be 73 cents per capita and the
members who are willing to subscribe for
the llulletln will pi) 7'i cents per annum,
thus miking It a voluntarj ubscrlptlon
'ihe national treisur) will refund 33 cents
of the annii-il dues to the state dlvNIons
and letaln 10 cents TlrJs, it Iji hoped, will
renovate the tinancl il status of Ihe Iri
suiv as its funds have been ptett) well
depleted, while It is claimed .those of the
state divisions are In pretty good condi
tion. A vote of thanks was, pissed bv
aeclani itlon to Messrs Van Sicklen and
ll.irn tt of Chicago, ror theti geneioslty
111 piiDiiiiing tne iiuiieiiu last )cni- trie
When the postal authorities nt Washing
ton objet ted to the paper going as second
class in Uter the publishers isent a check
toi $2,2xSSS so as to lover all elnlms and
secure tne prompt tionvery or ine journal
The delegates to-day In a rn-oluilou re
quested Ml Van Sicklen to make a foi
mdl demand on the Washington nutlioi
1115 for a refund of the nionov Willi h they
conslibiiil should bo given luck to the
This eom lulled all the Import int bus.
Inesn of the convention, but pievlous to
an idjournment being t iken. President
Wllllson tendered his leslguauon on the
grounds th it he believed that uiidi I the
existing conditions the league would be
in a woise financial condition at the end
of the )oar than that In which tt now
stands A numb, r of the di legates ad
dressed the meeting and begged the prt s
IdPiit to withdraw bis resign itlon, prom
ising him U the saini time their dlvlsluns
and those from whleh thev held proxies
would- do theli utmost to put the league
In ,i nourishing- ondltlon before the end
of the vcar Vftei healing thebo assur
ances Mi Wllllson withdrew his icslgna
tlon and the meeting adjoin nod slno die
A pied) I wu-e ar-Old Was riirinered at
f rise n and the ItoiiUin ike rn Wire.
Hit II int.
San Pianelsco, M irch C Naslo Ilurke
uncoveted a Bood thins lo-d,i) in the 2-)e,u-old
i, ice, Crci-cen.lo, ,i li.indbome
looking colt b) flambeau, out of Imp.
Janet N , tan like a ghobt nnd went a half
mile In 0 IS'i, the fastest time ever made
li) a 2-car-old on this ui.ibt. It ab tho
colt'-, llrst start and his iiualltles had been
kept dark 'Ihe bookmakers posted odds
of 13 to 1 iiBiinst him. but ilurke and his
friends soon beat that down to 2 to 1.
The) won thoii-an.ls of dollais on the race.
f list lace five furlong, belling; maidens
Tom Clatl. won; Tobe). second; (-aletlad,
thlul. Time, l.iu
Second race Six furloiiBs; belling, Ar
nctte won, .Mutineer, second, Itoad Itun
ner, third. Time, l.HV
Thlld race Halt inilo, 2-)rar-olds. Cres
cendo won, Klhlo ferfiui-on, bceond; Leon
L . third. Time. o.lsi4
fourth race Mile and a sixteenth; han
dicap Major McLaughlin won, Uussle,
second; Polaskl, ihltd Time, 1:I7H .
fifth race five furlonBS. selling 'Clac
nuer won. Morven. second; Mollle H , third.
Time, 1 m-
.Vi'ii (trie ins Itaces.
New Oilcans, March (i Sevcnt) -fifth day
of thi Cri'i-etnt City Jocko) Club's winter
meeting Weatbei line, track fair
flist raeeSelling, live Hint uue-hnlf fur
longs Tilxle won, Stark, fecund; Lu
Piewltt. thlld. Time, 1,1.'.
s, i nml i ace Selling, four furlongs Gus
K won, Iiisiiccim Hunt, bceond, hlbter Ho
biillnd, third rime, 5J'
Third ru. c SellliiB; blx furlongs folly
won, Itall), second; Anna K , third. Time,
I lb
fourth run-Selling; ono mile, Itapldan
won. Lord Willow brook, tecend, llonnlo
II third Tlnie. I.l7(i.
fifth ia. e-Selllng, six furlongs Tinmp
won, Merrltt bceond; -Moloch, third. Time,
1 lo.
III suits lit I list St. I mil.
St I.oul. Mo, March C first lace Sell.
Ing, thrce-iuailcri of u mile, Horo won,
.Murtilli second, Monk Overton, thlld.
Time, 1.22U.
hciund I ace Selling; Ihe -eighths of a
mile. Until won; Ituy, second, Parole,
thlul Time-, 0 59.
Third race-Selling; nvc-tlshths of a mile,
Heiiiilen won; Paulette, ncond; Hilly the
Kid, .third. Time, l.m.
fourth race he Hint;; thlrtcen.slxteeuths
of a mile. Tom Ulmorc won; Mohican, bce
ond hay Winn, thlld. Time, l'2S
fifth rice Senilis. Ihrec-ciu triers of a
mile, frankle I), won; Itusscll Gray, bee
ond; Ludy Lister, llillil. Time, l..'i "
l(eulU ut 3litdUuii.
St. Louis, March 6 Klrst race Nine-six.
teenths of u mile. Manola ju, Amil 1'ooi.
second. Courtnev. third. Time. ui I
(Second race-hleven.slxtecnths of a mile.
!,e,r,"Lw?!! rHBoiiPi?i.k' bcconcli TheJ
b."r!?,n' ,hfrd.t, Tlme.' ,L:H- - .
l,Thlrd race-Fe-elBhth5 of a mile. Back. J
wools won; Moderate, second; Kratkccn,
third Time, 1 OS
fourth race Three-nunrtersi of n mile
feregsl won, Dr. Wilcox, second, I.emoit
lllosiitn, third. Time, 1 21
fifth race-Seveti-elghths of a mite Jor
dan won, Irish Mike, second! Ivnnhoe,
thlld 'lime, l.:,i,.
flertrle Howling t lub,
Verv low scores were made nl the week
lv roll of the fleclrlc Howling Club, held
on the Grand nllejs last night. The score:
Halt , tt 12 1"
Harbcr 1 II IT''
Watson T 13 If)
Lord 2 10 4"!2
Diltllip 4 H 410
Hurt 3 12 l"2
Soillo I 9 JW)
llittliiuire I'laiir Holding Out.
tlaltlmore, March ! Jennlnrs. Ihe fa
mous shortstop, vi rites that hlmplfi Kellv,
llro.llp, Keeler nnd Mellrnw are determined
to hold out for the snl-iry demanded by
them, and that ruthcr than give In thv
will Join some minor league team Han
Ion's offei of an Increase of JVio on last
gear's salary Is not deemed siilllclcnt,
I lee Sporting Note.
Pitcher John fly has signed with the
New Orleans t lull.
'lhere Is a letter at tlil olllce for Oscar
Gnrdiiei, the "Omaha Kid"
I'ltcln I I'ltiel has llliallv nccepled tcrui3
nnd signed with the Ht. I.ouls club.
The chestnut gilding. Sorrel Hin, for
which $l.',noi) was once pnld, was sold to a
glue fictory for !1 50
Miinzanlln, 2;l(i, and Wll.lllowcr, 2 21, both
by fli'ctloneer, have each foiled a bay
lllly bv Dexter Prince.
Alvln. 2:11, will be stnrted nt St. Peters
burg, IttKsin, during the winter meeting
now in piogrpss there.
A full slter to Impetuoii", 2:l'i14, Is In
training at Minneapolis, She Is owned by
P J Grlbben, St. Paul,
It Is stilted that Colonel 11. P. Pepper had
II10.i) Insurance on his lire, and that his
estate was worth Jki.nno.
lllllv Mngulro has shipped his horses from
the descent city to Nashville. In the string
arc frank K. and Ta Ta
The big Interniitlon il trotting meeting nt
Nice In April Is to I ist three days Tho
purses foot up a, total of $S,(W.
It Is said that several fast votlllrrsters
sited bv the dead piclng stallion, Storm,
2:0s'v, will be seen In public this yenr.
Ilii7cl Wilkes, 2.11; Oitlnettc, 2:10K,, and
Mar) Karr will be In the stable of the
Huston trainer, James Gall In, this )cir.
The piclng mare Cricket, 2 10, will bo
raced again If she will stind training, lfcr
lllly foil by Hliecl. 2 Oi1.. Is said to be very
Mullauo and Galvln. tho two veteran
pin hers. lire open to engagement, and will
likely be round In some mlnoi leigue this
The American ince hoises recently
"hipped nbtoid took their first galloj. on
the heath at Newmarket, fng., on Sat
in day.
W II Cr.ivvforel has sold to W. C franco
tho brown male Aliska, 2. 27'.., foiled 1W2,
by Aloone, dam Wcnonah, by Hamblc
tonlan. St. Vincent 2 13V.., b s, by Wilkes I!ov,
went for .'.0() at the New York sale, A. G.
Dinforth, of Washington, 111, being the
All the Nev York pbi)ers are with the
team In florid i e xcept Wilson and Wester
velt, both of whom are still holding out for
moie mone)
The keel of the challenger for the Amer
Icin cup, V.ilkvrlo III. was cast )cster.l.iv
at Glasgow fight) tons of lead was used
In the casting
Tho pacer, f 1) lug Jib, 2 01 defeated IM
wards, the California lilcje list. In a mllo
race at fiiKlniiil. Cal., on Saturday, going
the distance In 2 0.1
Von dei Abe would llkei to tinde Arthur
Clnrkson with some club for a good pltcbei,
Cl.ukson and Von del Abe eunniit g. t
along well together.
1- Pe Cprnea Ins bought from I'. P. Par
ish, of Ml.lwit) Ky., the C-) ear-old maro
Helen Le)burn 2:11, by Onward, dam Ma
mie, b) Star Almont.
The fuller brotheis, Charlie and frank,
will campaign Parole. 2 10, Commodore Por
ter, 2 13 Lureke, 2 IC'i, and two or three
others the coming season
Moicer. the Washington pitcher. Ins evl
dentlv changed bis mind nbout plaj lug III
the league this voir, as he leporled for
duty to Manage! Schmelz on Saturday.
There will be thirty-nine conillctlng dates
this season belween the New York and
Uiookl)n clubs, I e , there are that many
games on the schedule when both are at
W A. liarbeiu, the champion class A
rider of the Hlveislde wheelmen will rep
lesent the New Jersey Athletic Club In all
r.n e meets In which he tlguies as a com
petitor next season.
II L. Saltonstall. tho nromoier of tho
good roids blevile tournament, lias applied
to Chairman Gideon, of the national r-iclng
board of the League of American Wheel,
men. for permission to hold the tournc) nt
Asbiir) P.uk on Jul) I, 3 and (1.
The annual champlonMtln races of tho
Nntlonil C) i lists' Pnion of fnglan.l will bo
held nt Heme Hill on June 21 Several
piomluent e I iss A rldits ate seriously
thinking of going to Ihirone and measur
ing their speed agilnst the ltrltlsh livers.
llarr) T Armslead, c tpt.iln of the Ox
ford boating teim ol the New fngl md
Amnteui Le.tgiie.dle.l at his home it Lvnn,
)la , list night, trom pneumonl i, after
less than a week's Illness Mr Armstc.nl
was TH )car old and was prominent in
amateur athletic elides
The adjoin ne. meeting of the national
nssemblv of the L A. W. w is held at New
York )estcrdav The meeting wa for the
pm pose of (.electing an official organ fot
the L A W Olfeis were iecolve.1 from
v in Ions spoiling pipers Messrs Possum,
ivernan, jlleklnson. Potter and P.itkinson
we le appolntid ,e committee lo consider tho
piopoc.iis '
The Cleveland Driving Park Associ itlon
bns annouiii..l the pluses for 1th Grand
clicult meeting, which Is to be held at
Cleveland on Jul), 21) 30 and 31 Seven
puiscb, amounting to S20,im.i will be given
In the following clies. Thice-yeur-olds.
eligible lo the i Tl ll.lhS, 2 J I, 2 2", 2 19, 2.1'.
and 2 11 classes foi tiotteis, mid 2 ID class
for pieets
lialtlmoro Iiiih limb far succeeded III
slgnliiB the following plaver.s McMahon,
fspei, Gb ison, Hawks, Klsslnner, Catey,
Honner, Itelt?, Uroiithcm, I'lark. ltobln
son nnd Hemming This leaves Mi-C.iaw
Jennings, Kelley, KeeKr nnd tlrodlo htlll
out. and the) say thev will not sign unless
theli tonus as to salai) mo accepted by
Mnnasei H.inloii
Oscar Gardner and "Cockv" Dclouglicrty
will meet at the olll.e of tho sporting i .1
Itor of tho Journal to-day to make their
llnul deiioslt of the stake mone) for their
match which Is to come oiT lu April SIneo
the signing of the articles both men have
been training, and the prospects are good
for one of tho best battles ever seen In tho
vie lull) of Kansas City
Cnptnln Cutei, silling master nf Ihe
Pllnee of Wales' vacht Hrllannln. was
asked If (be to was uns probibillt) of that
bout competing for tho American cup In
ease she pioved faster than the Allsa Ho
said there was no u-,e for ait) boat going
to men for the American cup unless she
could beat tho Hrltuiiul.i The races to
day wete purely of local Interest
A dispatch from Louisville nn Siturdny
night said "Tho Contrary Club, the most
powerful orgaiilitlon In Louisville, to
night wild! p'reel Pfeftcr, In New Vork,
that tho club was riady to pnv Ida line
when he mid the word. Tim club asked
Pred for tho spi clal privilege of pa) Ing the
$71, and begged that lie remember that tho
3,200 numbers uro for him tooth and nail,
mid nnxlous to again him at home,"
Htodd tr.Va Cricketers yesti rd.i) Mulshed
the Html f.nnie of what Is classed as the
most sensational cricket tour ever under
taken They pl.ued lvo Barnes In Au
U.illa two at S)dney two at Melbourne
and ono at Adelaide The visitors won the
llrst two games and lost tho thlnl. fnmih
and llfth Tho All Austialli eleven jester
day bcored 411 I uns u tho llrst Inning and
2' In Ihe Second, (v total of CSJ, winning
lliu match with tlx wlcketh lo spare, The
gate mone) amounted to 120,000.
Tho Washington pln)eis win havo un In
contlvo to irv and win games this )ear, In
asmuch as the following Inducements aro
held nut to Ihcm bv the offer made by
Ticasurer Wagner before they left for the
South' Ten thotisind ilollara to bo divided
among ilu m at the end of tho season in
cable they win the championship; $l,oj for
division uniong iheniselvia for every llguru
they nit down from last )eat's standing
In tho tacit and nil tho nionev mado by tho
club on the Southern trip. Thli money Is
to bo paid Iho plajeta lt iidilltloii to their
natal lex.
WVlllngton, Kas , March fi. (Special )
Mrs. I'elU Hurkeb. wife of the cashier of
Iho Wellington National bank, died verv
bUddcnl) this mouiliig, Tho lemalns will
be bent to ' p.iso, III , for burial.
pmiiia.i ..tvn..,n... ., . ,,. n
tatulug3.'pag30f ltuporuutluformatlonwblch
every woman, marrte',1 or single, iaoulel kSow?
abolu br.ell.lll be sent to auy addre COCC
ljrU E. I'lokhim Mci Co. Ljnn, Mallrntt
nit. rtntito' UAif.tiiMti lAiti: itit.t, in;.
i f.A-ti.n i.n nn: nut si:.
lllttlnger's lliimsiie 'iiilety I'ntlre lllll
l'aeil Without a t)leutln nte
llefent nf Murrtj's t iimprii
tills- lllll llei r Itispei
tiim In the Senate-,
Jefferson City, Mo., Mnreli (!. (Spe
clal.) Mr, Tntutn, or Ht. Louis, Intro
Ouceil n bill in the house this mornltiff
which might hnve it gooel eiTect upon
the future fortunes of the- slate tmiver
Bit) If by un) chance It cotilil nt this
lnle ilny be p.trseel. The bill provides
(hut the guiiliintes of the llral grmle,
nnd those of the higher grades of the
university, tna.v elect six of the curntors
uf the linlvcislty. The six thus elected
would occup.v the snme position In this
state that the "fellows' 1111 In re! itlon
t Yule, n nil the) would be elected In
the ramp vva. To nmke loom for the
curators thus to be elected six of the
ptcsetit bom.l will be rctltcil, Tho
scliptno mulei lying Tn turn's cuiatms bill
a that by Interesting the Rnidiiatps In
the prosperity of the tiiilvcultv mnny
private tlomitlims would In future be
miiilej to It. Private donations hac
been the cteat souice from which Hnr
vatd nnd Ynle havo drawn their en
dow incuts.
Major HlttltiKei's Humane S'ocloty po
lice bll passed this morning; vvltltiitit n
illsentliig vote. It rends nn follows: "In
cities vi herein mi Incorporated society
for the prevention of cruelt) to nnltnals
exists, known us the 'llutiinne Hocletx,'
mid the same city having the Metiopol
llnn polite s stein. It shall lie the ilutv
of the board of police commissioners of
nlil city to .'ijipolnt one special olllcer,
to be iccommcm.ccl bv the Ilumnne So
ciety of said elt), whore tetm
of olUce and wages Mmll bo the same
ns tlt.-it of n tegular policeman. The
sild speclnl olllcet shill be subject to
the authority nt the board nf police, but
timiiilfurineel In costume, but shall wear
over his left liieast the badge adopted
by the Humane Society which ho lcpie
sents." The osteopath) bill, which piovoked u
hented discussion some time ago, nnd
the full inn port of which Is well known.
passed this mouiliig The bill Mtnply
legalizes the pl.ictlcc of osteopathv, or
the nt I of healing without the use of
ill tigs.
from an Industrial standpoint the de
feat of Dr. Tubbs' bill leiluclng passen
gci fntes fiom 1 cents to 3' cents per
mile on blanch lallroads, and from 3
cent" to 215 cents per mile on main lines,
wns tho most Important act of the
house this nftcmoon. Men who aro
known to be absolutely be) nnd the
leach of the railroad lobby voted against
this bill for the icasou that they be
lieved the railrn ids simply could not
stand the 1 eduction. The eiupxtlem was
one of economv. in the broadest sense.
The vote stood A)es, 24; nays, S3.
Mr Bennei's bill amending the mar
riage law passed this afternoon. It pro
ldes that marilngp may be holeinnlzed
by nnv judge of 11 cemtt of recoiel, Jus
tice of the peace, or any licensed or ot
dnlnexl ju cache 1 ,.f the Gospel who Is
.1 cltl?cn of the I'nlted States.
Mr. -Mm an's enmt ot criminal correc
tion bill, uppblng onl) to lluchnnan
county, passed In effect the bill makes
the judge of the present cilmlnnl eouit
ex-olliclo Judge of the court of criminal
rty nn overwhelming vote the house
defeated Sir. Murrav's compromise bill,
which prohibited railroad employes from
stopping wotk In 11 bodv, except by llrst
giving thirty d i)s' notice, and making It
unlawful for any rallioatl company to
ellschatge employes without (list giving
thirty day' notice. The bill 11K0 made
It unlawful for any person to Inter-fete
with the com,-, in) In the hiring of em
plo.ves or the running of tialns and the
mov Ing nf tialllc It was nigued against
this bill that It would lestilct the lights
of cmple.)ei and employes alike, and
would bind laboring men to employment
from which for good reasons, thev
might ilcsiie to escape: thnt Its good
fcattiies w.re overshadowed b) fatal
Mr -. Itelgn' blll.mnking the putntlve
father of am Ille.gltlmatP child respon
sible fin maintenance, was badly de
feated The senate pool bill was favorably re
poitcd this evening.
A Htmng lnbb) from St, Louis anlved
to-dav in push a lesolullon to remove
the capital to St. Louis county.
St mite.
The be ei Inspection bill Is not xpt a
dead issur- The senate wa)w and means
committee, to-dav made a favorable ie
pmt upi.n It The report was puiely
upon political lines, the thiee Democrats,
Cash. Dunn and McCllntlc tavoiing,
and the- Ilepiibllcau membeis uf the
committee Tiinnell and Landium.nppns
Ing This suggests that Democrats in
the senate hope to pass the bill at such
a late dnv that tho house will not be
enabled t.i take favorable action. Poli
tics seems to belli evety thing The .sen
ate by passing the bill late In the ses
slnn, and when the houso cannot reach
It. sa.vR "Don't )Oii see; we did not
mean it" Tn the count! y It can sa) :
"We passed It "
Martin's election bill was made the
special Older for to-morrow at 10 a. tn
The I.aughlln bill has been sidetracked
In the senate and tho Pilley bill Is caie
fully pigeonholed In committee. Ap
pearances me that a fall election bill
cannot pass.
The house bills establishing two cir
cuit courts In Cedar county (at Stockton
nnd fldoiado) and In Htnddatd county
(at Hloonitleld nnd Dexter) passed. So
also did Mr Stlcknej'H bill making Jas
per county a separate Judicial circuit.
Senator Mott Ititioduced n bill 1110I1II1
lllntf Immoinl houses within 100 )iiuls of
all) sehnol or chill ch Tho bill Is In
dorsed by Mavor Walbtldge and Chief
Hnirlgan, of St. I.ouls.
The butlcrlno bill tenvilns the chief
toplo ot conversation In tho lobby J
Mat tin Jones, of the Dold Packing Com
p.niv, of Kansas City, Is lieu flshtll'd
tho bill
1'itoiiitr.ssAT iiii:t.vii; iimvhiimiy.
'Ihe New' Cut llogue nf the Kuinm Si huol
dive s 11m li Interesting Information,
Lawrence, Kns March (..(Special) The
annual catalogue of Kansas university will
bo ready for publication In a few ilija, It
will show a number of Interesting things
nhout the school In tho catalogue for last
veur the total number of students was
101 five yeari. ago, when Chancellor f II
Snow took charge, there vveio 477. Tho en
rolluienl this ear Is ST9. and It will prnb.
iibl) reieh 1)00 before tho close of thu term,
Tho seniors number 111. Last )oar thero
were 111 to whom degiees were given, and
this number included several mastet ie.
Bices null wero given. 1 no iiuiiinur grau
uutliig )iailv from tho school has lueiease 1
fiom less than thirty livo je.us ago to
almost f'l this )car.
There is a much larger per cent of the
btudents till' )i'.tr fiom Kansas than In
past )i,ir Tho faculty has been lucrenbeij
bllghtl). and now uunib.iis llfty.two The
llbrar) has been Incieased over 2,u) vol
umes, and there havo been advancers lu
other lines Tho catalogue nLo shows the
work In university extension and cmbrares
eon iderable other Infoimatlon of Interest
to the people of the btntc.
Coal Shaft l)i atrnjid at Mil m, n,
Milan .Mo, -March 0. (Special ) About
midnight last night, the Locust Vulle) coal
mine thaft was discovered to bet on lr
and In n bhoit tlmo was destrojed, entali
i ,? a loss of J73.0OO, with no iiiburunce The
mine w.ib closed a week ago by State
Mine Inspector I.vuns on account of no
air shaft and It will likely never bu openr I
again The tlto Is thought to be of In
ter II iry origin
Hx-ftcprcsentatlves llland uud DeAr
morid left ror the West last night, ar I
ltepreseuiutlves Tarsney and Curtis will
leave 10-day.
Bx-Oovernoir Osborn. of Kansas, left
for Ihe West yesterday, after spending
IboinB montns i.ast jookiii-,- auer oania 1 e
and other matters.
United stales Dele g ties Are e,t I'oslnl as
tn What Will He t.xprrlul nf
'I hem,
Washington, March 6. The senators md
members thoseli by cohsiess ns Ihe rep
reschtnllves of their respective houes on
Ihe proposed lnlcrnnllon.il monclar) com
ml'slon have so far very Indefinite Ideas
as lo what will he expected ot them.
Whether they wilt be called Upon to net
nt nil will depend first upon the Important
eonllngencv of whether such a coiUeteiice
will be i ailed, nnd whether the preM I nt
will decide that the I'nlted Stilton "lull be
represented The provision ror the confer
erne explicitly leaves this miPor to lis
'''"'re Hon, lint there is thought to be very
little doubt that If some l.tiropHil lut'on
teikes the Initiative he wilt put lu.o pTn
t'P.law piovlding for the representation
of the t'liltej States. U Is alo Iclleved
that Gernuuiy will lue the call mid that
thp court mice will lie held during the com
lug slimmer or fall Where It will be held
wll depend upon the time of the call, ns
will ulo the basis upon which th nues
lloti 1 of ratio or the extent to which siller
shall be ued Is dlscused. On this latter
point it Is understood thnt nlvo lies of
tree coinage on the commlion will de
mand that the rntlo hill be ilxe.l ot 11 to
1, and that thry will not s.'.etve f.om this.
It now appnrs they will onstrute a ma
jority ot the commission from this conn
tr), ns live of the six alr.ady ehos n hold
views fuvnrnble to the In.lep-n 1 -nt flee
coinage. The delegation will not be com
plete until the president shill se,,., t the
other members of it whose appolMii.ini Is
left .In him It these three should ul be
oppoled to free coinage under oxl'lng eru
ditions In ibis ronntr). us .Mr. Hilt l, the
commission would still stand live to lour
for rice coinage The law In th prccnt
.ne Is not mnterlall) dltTe.-'iit from tint
under which the Hrusels coiferenee wns
appointed In w, except In lie iinmber of
di legates and In jitovldlng the motions In
then selection. 'Ihe Urussels eomm'sbion
upon the pntt of the t'liltrd State's rura
bered live onl), and they were nil nppclnt
ed by the president. In IS'eJ an appropria
tion of JSO.OOO wart mule 10 nu tlie nv.
penes of tlie commission, while JIOO.OOO Is
now luovlded.
The personnel of the commission o far
as formed Is striking. The men rejected
hive been In public life for many )ears,
mil all hnve distinguished themselves stif
liilentlv to make a nation il repu'.itlon.
Mr. Culberson entered the Portv-fotirth
congress, Mr. Hltt the forty-seventh, and
Mr. Crisp the fiftieth, and nil have
served continuously since. Mr. Crlp Is
serving his econ.l term as speaker and
previously to his election to that olllce had
distinguished himself on tho floor mid In
committee. Mr. Culberson Is chairman of
the committee on Judiciary and .Mr. Hltt
Is c-chalrmnn or the committee on for
eign relations. .Mr Hltt had also served
as assistant soorclnrv tr ,i..n i..rn,n A,.
terlng the ,ioue and' was for seven )eais
llrst -ecretarv of the levatlon and charge
11 nu ui ine slimy 01 unnnclnl and eco
noinle eiuestlons during Ids entire term
and Ins thoroughly identified himself with
the movement to senre the remonetUa
i Pfl.of silver at the old ratio of 11, to 1.
While they have not so completely Identi
fied themselves with the movement, his
senatorial colleagues have both taken
prominent p.11 1 in It. so it Is known that
three senators stand upon the same toot-
ng with iegaid to silver Senator Jones
Is a leading member or the committee on
"TO";? and was prominent! Identified
with tlie taiirr contest of the last session
Senator Daniel Is a man of learning and
Is iecognl7ed as one of the leading law
veis nnd oiators of the temle. Itepre
sentntlves Crisp and Culberson are both
silver n.lv oc-ue, but are consei vatlvc
on that question There Is little doubt,
howevei. that the) will stand for all
that can be had for sliver In case the con
tereneo Is held Mr Hltt is classed ns a
bl-metalllst and Is understood to believe
thoroughl) in the rehabilitation of silver,
provided It 0.111 be obtained b) .in Interna
tional agreement
Al the members of the commission are
lavviers except Hltt, and nil except Teller
and Hltt served 011 the Confederate side
during the lebelllon. All lire 30 ears ant
over as reguds age Speaker Crisp Is
the )oungest member, being .".0 Senntor
Teller and Mr Culberson are each CI,
Jones 33, Daniel .12 and Hltt tl.
A ISItl'Il's AT si;..
t the
l'eiiut of 11 etna He I'cirees His Snii
to .lump t'reiin a M.ist.
St Nicholas: As I walked the deck
wrapped to the o)es In a warm overcoat
nnd protected by a huge sou'wester, l
thought of the thrilling Incident which oc
curred on the Constitution when she was
lying at anchor on a jirev lolls occasion olf
a milder coast than the bleak shores or
New Hngland It was at I'ort Mnhon, then
one of tlie Mediterranean stations of our
cruisers Commodore Hull was In com
mind He had with him his son, a bright,
nctlve lad of 10 or 12
One mottling when the commodore wns
on shoie tin- liov bgan to pla) with the
pet nionkc) of the irew. The monkey
suddenly snatched orf his cap and started
up the rigging with It The boy pursued
and aftei a lively chase succeeded in re
covering the eip which he hung triumph
antly on the topgallant jnrdinn and then
sat on the )ard to test himself. He then
took It into his head to "shin" up to the
main truck. This Is a small wooden disk
which nips the top of a mast. It has
sheave holes ihroiu'h which run the I1.1I
) ards that hoist the colors to the mist
head The truck of the Constitution was
perhaps a cint foot In diameter Having
leached the truck the foolhardy lad pro
ceeded to climb on to It and actuall) stand
upon the truck, perched In the all ISO feet
above the water In l.uroppmi men-of-w.u
the sta)s reach up to the truck, and sail
ors who have tried this perilous feat hive
been able to get down uy means of the
bta)s Jiiit the stays or the Constitution
did not rcneli within five or six feet ot the
truck, and there was no possible way for
the lad to climb down. His death appealed
Inevitable The whole crew stood aghast
with hoi ror, evety instnni expecting to see
the bo) lose his li il nice and fall, when he
must be crushed upon the deck
III tho meantime lomeone on shore had
curled to Commodore Hull nows nf his
son's perilous position, 'the man who had
quailed not when the balls of tho enemy's
batteries bimg about his ears, trembled
now. lie stunk Into his bo it, and or
deied th. crew to pull olf to the frigate n
It ror their lives (in reaching the ship
ho ordered a musket to l, brought to
him Having cocked it, the commodore
aimed tho gnu at his sou and lleicejy
shouted "lump, or I'll shoot )ou," x
Tim lid hesitated .1 moment; then, per
haps for tho first time fully lenllzlng his
awful peril, ho gathered himself together
and sprang out to deal the side of tho
bhlp With tho rush of a hawk diving
on Its prey, tho bo) plunged Into the sea,
fortunately feet foremost As ho roso tn
tho Miifnco a dn7cn ballots plunged In to
bring him on board
After ascertaining that his son had re.
eelved no serious Injur), the commodore
took him Into tho cabin, where, It Is said,
after certain paternal admonitions, tho l.nl
received bonio timely and wholesome coi
rcctlon. t'lf leuit tti'iifa u xrcel- feir 'lie
Journal UcllvcreMl lit your door.
Mini: ti 111: i:tiiTiMi.
Tlie CniiBressiiiiiii Did Not .Seed to Co Out
of the Hmue fur 1'iiu.
Chicago Post: "Would )0ii like to pee a
little mill?" asked tho sporting man of tho
"1 ixpect to, replied tho congressman.
"I mean between professionals," ex
plained tho bjiortlug man.
.- ,in I." letuiued thu congressman.
Oh. )ou know about It, do jouV said
the bportlng man. "1 tell )oit It wll be a
great tight. 'Hilly tho bluger' Is in thu
plr.k of condition mid 'Ike tho Tcrrof has
been in tialnlug for eight wcekb. It will
bu a livo light fiom start to llulbh, and
nothing less than a clean knockout will
end It,"
"I'm born I can't be there," Eald the
"W'h), I thought )Oii said "
Oh I was icferring to another aifalr
ei.tlnly that I wouldn't miss for the
wot Id, It will be u good deal livelier light
than )ouis,"
"It can't be."
"f.h. (ta it can. and will be. I Lmu
what I'm talking about."
"When will It come oft?"
"Well, It generally starts In about five
minutes uftcr Ilrcckenildgo begins talking,
and 1 expect tic- will take the lloor us soon
us the haiibO Is called to oidcr"
"Say," exclaimed the Bportlng man eag
erly, "Just get me a seat lu tho gallery
and I'll throw away the tickets to tho
A nSmnl Prepared according to the for
AnimU muS of Ir, W'H. A Hammond,
Dvteo.ir c In b's Uborato.) at Washing;
KXtraCCS t0lli j) 0, TheniostMoiidciful
therapeutic discover)' since the days of JfJiuer.
nJse.s drops, rncefadr.!. At all drug,
gists or from the Cilumbls Clwmlcal Co.,
WashlnKton.D.C. Send for book. 4
Kansas City.
.'. ui.iiiii.-s ui ine .vmenean legation 111
P iris benatoi Teller entered the senate In
s"-,cna'or Jones jca;. Senator D inlel
ill 1m,. Senator Tellpt tins it.nilr, , en.
OPM'.lt.vl, lll.TIH'M.'S (lltl.AT
Child nl Sim e on Ills tlenrgln Plant itlnn-
An Imberlle but et l.ntlimnl
With the Dlilue (lift
nf .Mulc.
Tho death of Oencrnl James N. Bcthune
removes a man who was n lending figure In
Southern affairs for many jears, A sketch
of liln remnrl.ablo career nppenrpd In the
Washington Post, nnd mention wns Inci
dentally made thnt he hud been the owner
of "HUnd Tom."
Public Interest will now naturally recur
to this phenomenon, mid tho question will
nrlso ns to his whereabouts. 1'or )ears he
whs onn of the most familiar figures beforo
tho public, nnd the sourco of continual
ntniirenient to tho thousands who went to
see nnd hear him. About two enrs or mre
ago tho telegraphic dispatches announced
that ho had been killed In a rallroul Occi
dent near Pittsburg. There was an appar
ently nulhorltntlve denial nf this Intelli
gence, nnd nothing more was heard ot the
nutter. Hut nt nnv rntp about that tlmo
Iillnd Tom illrappinrcd to nil purposes ns If
thu earth line! swallowed hlm up mid has
never been seen since He wns perhaps
thp moat remark 1I1I0 human loiitindlctloii
that ever existed. Ho was tho child of
Charity and Tom, slnves belonging to den
eral Hethiiue, In Muscogee county, On., nnd
his lu others nnd sisters numbered no les
than nineteen. As soon ns ho begnn to bo
able to take notice It became evident thnt
ho was an Imbecile. Chatlty. his mother,
was a tpo of tho old-tlmo Southern nc
giess, tender-hearted and s)mpathotle, and
when she discovered that lit r child wns
mentall) useless her grief was touching.
Tom was neatly 2 )oais old when Charity
inndo known her trouble to her master.
"Ho kin tnwk, Mass' Tom," she mo ined,
"but he don't snv tiuflln' 'cept whut jou
say fust. Den he say it arter )oii."
"Ilrlng hlm to me,'' said the genernl. "It
I cm Icacli my pointer dog to bring me mv
gloven nnd whip and fetch a dead bird, I
can teach a nigger to do ns much."
Ch lrlly brought Tom up to the big house
from tlie quarters.
"Tom, sit down," ordcied the general.
"Tom, sit down," icpeatcd tho child, still
standing erect.
His master icpeatcd the woids, nt tho
same tlmo taking hlm by the shoulders and
scaling hlm. Tho next time he said, "Tom,
sit down," tho boy did o. repeating, how
ever, the words, a habit hu kept until ho
passed out of contempoiary sight. This ob
ject lesson of Geneial Hethunc's was fol
lowed Implicitly by Charity, and Tom was
taught to make his wants known mid to
follow Instructions given hlm solely by the
direction of his Instincts; trained. In a
woid, like a dog.
Hut hidden In the seemingly shapeless
mass or brain mattet was a Jewel or a
genius that was to be uncovered to dazle
nnd astonish the world. Nnturo had been
111 ner most fantastic mood when she Msh
loned hlm, and with nn uncouth figure and
an Intellect only ono degree removed from
ImbecIIlt) she had Joined her divine gift of
music He wns still a bnbv when he
10. lined away from his parents' cabin one
day, and nra)cd up to the forbidden pre
cincts of he big house )ard.
One of General Hethunc's daughters was
pla) Ing upon a piano, which her father
had Just given hei. The child, scarcely
out of Infnncy. listened, fascinated nnd
thrilled The sleeping chords within hlm
were touched Trembling and writhing he
crawled up the steps and Into the pnrlor
ond crept to the side of the jilnscr. It
was not exactly proper, according to high
Southern ideas, for a half-naked picka
ninny to come uninvited Into the mansion.
and the event naturally ciiised talk. Gen
eral Hethunc was equal to tho occasion
when he learned of tho occurrence.
"The child Is music crnz), poor little
thing," he said "Let It enjoy itself. Per
haps it mnv learn to play one day and
make Its life benrable."
Naturall) his daughters objected to such
an object as a slave b-ib) In the house, Imt
General Hethunc prevailed upon them to
let Tom touch the piano keys. Charity
dressed hlm up nnd he was taken up to
the house. Ills little tinge is could haidly
bear down the ke)S, vet his touch brought
forth harmoii) a faint echo ot tho air
that was being jilajed when he first heard
the piano Geneial Hethtine was a man of
strong Impulse and determination. He
mule up his mind nt once to cultivate tho
genus he had seen and to ascertain what
they would bring rorth. He was practic
ing law at the time nnd editing n paper hi
Columbus, Ga., and went Into town from
his plantation eveiy morning.
He had amnio means to carr) out any
fiincv that might seize hlm, so, as It was
entliclv out of the question for Tom's tal
ent to be uurtutcil upon the piano at home,
he purchased another Instrument for the
bo and lnd It placed In one of his olllce
rooms In Columbus j;ver) morning Char
ity would dress Tom up and bundle hlm In
his master's can v all, and everv da) the
little fellow would play the piano Of
eour-e, he real!) did not know one key
fiom another, mid sheet music to hlm was
like Sinskrlt to a Choctaw, hut tho child
was able to play any tune that was phi) oil
In his hcailng. General Hethunc would
biro wandeilng musicians to come nnd
play for Tom, and the prodigy would al
most bo Into spasms of delight Then he
would be pi iced on the piano stool and
would lepeat ever)thlnp tint he heard.
When Alex inder II Stephens, Hobert
Toombs, the Lamars, and the other great
leral giants of Geoigla would come to
Columbus court It was common to hear
one of them say
"Come on, lei's go down to Jim Hethune's
ofllce and hear his nigger boy play the
Out nt home It was with great difficulty
that Tom was kept under observation
Sound owned him absolutely Ho would
follow iho birds' somrs out In the woods.
and fiequentlv, when he was lost In tills
w i), ho wis brought luck by the bounds
or llie flute, piodiiced by one or General
Hethune's sons, who performed excellentlv
on tho Instrument. Thu child's lire. Indeed,
was based upon harmony When it r lined
he would lie down with Ills ear to the wa
terspout and listen to the music made by
tho patter of the falling drops.
Hy tho time the win broke out Tom was
10 )eais old and his fame had spread all
over Georgia Ills mental cloud still re
mained nnd he knew no sentiment. Theie
wns 110 gratitude about hlm, and ho was
moved onl) b) nuij-lc As stated, he re
peated ever) thing that was bald to him,
nnd he be can to dli-pliy the most Inor
dlnnte vanity. Hut he lilted women, mid
could not hear them In Ills presence.
Pretty soon tho nnvvs ot tho miraculous
diameter of his performances uttr.ieted
attention lu tint Ninth, und It was not long
before Charity, pooi, trusting crenture
that sho was, was approached by wily
agents of far-seeing managers. Visions of
gieat fortune were held out beforo her en
lianced e)es, and the upshot of It was that
she applied to havo General Hethune re
moved as Tom's guardian and nnother
pei son unpointed In bis tilnre. Judge Ilond
granted hei request, und Iillnd Tom began
that wonderful Journey through the I'nlted
Stntes which Is so well remembered bv the
thcnteigoeis of a generation ago. Hun
dieds of rcndi is will remember that big,
black, powerfully muscular figure coming
on tho bingo with a Billy smile illuminating
his heavy feature's, and his kinky hair run.
nlng almost lo a point on the IiIbIi dome
tint clowned tho back of his head. They
will remember hlm shutlllng to the piano,
trembling like a leaf, with lips moving rap
idly and e)c3 blinking ns fast, and then
seo him transformed Into a medium which
Music chose to bo a wonderful tinnslator
of her heavenly liuguage.
for )ears ho was a central Hguro In the
amusement world and tho despair ut once
of scientists und musicians.
lA.MOCs llltll)(Ii:s.
The Propoaed Ono (Iver the Hudson to He
thu tire ile-.t or All.
Steel Is tho bridge material of the future.
Whether It takes on the graceful curves of
the suspended cable cr thu aiiy lulanco of
tho cantilever or thu cobweb construction
of our Pecos ami Klmsuti It will have its
own beaut). Tho science of bildgu build.
Ing clcarl) points tho wav to thu urt uf
bridge building, which Is simply truth,
W'o urc rapidly liainlns to uccept now
ideas of the strength of materials. Wo ail
mlio tho Human arch bemuse It showed
mass und strength In u strong mateilal
Wu aro be'lnnlng to grubp tho Idea of
lightness and btiiugth combined In tho
bteel cantilever. In the solid beam man
neither saw nor Imagined tho lines of
In a steel bridge the lines of btralu urc
accepted by thu bridge memberb all else
Is omitted as useless wabto of material and
bpace. Tho engineer and bildgo builder al
ready recognUo Unit within the limits of
their science they may llud a high art and
that truth and beuuty have a commercial
value as well as work und duty, Hvery
bridtfo bus Its own Uutj It may have Its
own beauty.
The most famous bridge Is btlll on paper.
If tho Hudson Is spanned b) a slxtracl;
railroad bridge wc ma) havo a splendid
cantilever of I'M feet loneer than the rorth
bridge and quite us high above the water,
It Is possible that the bridge may be an
other suspension. Whatever form It ulti
mately assume3 It Will bo the fnn.nn
J bridge of the world. Crautaup,uan.
tltl.il TWO IIUMilll:i iKAHS Atlt).
Curiosities of 11 Connecticut llnnse llullt In
Cirly t iitonliil llnys.
There tatitl on Ihe rond to llriitgeporf,
about .1 mile from the dejiot. In .the his
toric old town of Mllford, an old )ellovv
house that wns built by Hnslgn George)
I'hil. In 11.41 nml warn tlie llrst linilse bllllt
outside of Ihe row of logs, stood on end,
that encircled the settlement of Mllford,
S1)S the New Haven Heglster, These logs
or "palisades," as they called them then,
were to keep Indians from their homes,
and when I'nslgn Clark spirted to build
his home live rods away from the pill
ados ho was jeered at, and prediction
were many that his hout would not stand
n ear. Hut there It still stands, as sound
nnd solid as the diy It was built, Its big
oak timbers surrounding n chimney built
ot stone Sx2 feet nt Its bne and taper
ing to 10 reet sqiinre at Its toji. In this
chlmtip), ns It pushes Its maslve self
through thp ground 011 the first floor, are
two of the rarest fireplaces In New Haven
In the south room Is a fireplace biff
enough to hold a dozen men, though "onw
)cirs ngo It was partly bilcked up This
room, with Its long, low celling of oak,
has eight iloorsj running nlong the cell
ing Is a big oaken beam colled " the Hus
band." for It supports the house. In the
fireplace l a huge log, too heavy for two
men to lift, nnd hanging from a hook Is
the Iron lllp-dog, ued to heat the flip nt
Governor Tre it's wedding, In 1GI7. At ono
side Is the old Dutch brick oven that is
nc.l on Hrgo occasions at the present
dnv. Over the tltcplice hangs sevnrnl his
torical flintlocks. One Is cven toot In
length nnd was used by one or Mr. Pond's
nnecstors In the Queen Anno war. un
der It hangs a sword carried in tho war of
At one side of this room hangs a little
frame Inclosing n rare piece of newspaper
lore. It Is an original copy of tho Hoston
Post Hoy of Monday, Pebruary G, ITU.
On the llrst jure Is a letter dated London,
Ootober Sti, lMt, nnd among tho news Items
are "Tho marriage ot the Infanta Maria
Theresa with the Dauphin will be de
clared on the queen's blrthdiv." The same
letter asserts that "Ills royal highness
will pass the winter nt Paris, all the dlfll
cullies to the ceremony being adjusted,
p it tlcularlv Willi regard to the Duke of
Orleans; on his account It has been hither
to dela.ved." Among the "ads" Is the fol
lowing: "Any tavern-keepers lnnholders or oth
cis tint want any choice good tncketl
cyder the ensuing spring may bo supplied
by giving their names and quantity they
need nt the postolllco at 10 shilling per
barrel, they finding casks."
In the front room, the parlor, la a mato
to the fireplace In the south room. This,
while not larger, Is much more elegnnt.
The woodwork about It Is paneled In elab
orate pittern and lias what the other
lacks, a cuphoaid, the only one In the
house. In this cupboard Is stored n ram
and beautiful Individual ten set made from
Mr. I'ond's design. U.ich piece has burned
In lt beautiful surfsce a picture ot houses
and memorlils In which he was Interested.
On the big frny Is Mllford memorial bridge,
thnt he was Instrumental In procuring,
encircled with a ribbon design on which
Is the motto of tho bridge. On tho tea
pot nrc likenesses of Sir Charles Hobby,
Mr. Pond's ancestor, and of the Strong
nnd Pond houses. The lirovlnco house and
the Peter Pruddcn stone are on either side
of the sugar bowl, on the milk Jar Is tho
coat of arms of the Hobby fanillv, and on
the two cups nrc tho Insignia of the so
cieties of Omclnniti and Colonial wars.
risii itiri'i,v.oi' i.akh men:.
Llkel) tn Un I'.xliiitistcil Unless the btntc of
Ohio Takes Action.
Tho preservation of tho fisheries of Lake
Uric has become a serious problem to all
who have given It close attention and are
not blinded to the obvious results ot the
present practices by self-lnteiest. It Is un
questionable, says a writer In the New
York Times, that the fisheries are being ex
hausted by the wasteful methods which
are now In vogue. Tho recent report of
tho Ohio fish and game commission de
clares that It is still the custom of tho
pound fishermen alwut Sindusky to take
lisn 01 an sizes, una u ine) ine iuo smuu
to be marketable they are turned over to a F - .
fertilizer factory, it left undisturbed for $J
two or thiee )enrs more yieso little Usli
would be a very valuable product and
would add 1 irgely to tho catch. The com
mission has repeitedly recommended reme
dial legislation, but every elfort to secure
better Inws has been defeated by the lobby
ing of the fishermen, who are unwilling to
listen to nn) thing that Is reasonable. The
tight between the gill-net men and tho
pound-net fishermen is still fierce nnd con
tuses the av erase leglslitor. who knows
nothing nbout the real facts or the issue.
Hut this contest is more nppirspt than real,
us nearly all the fishermen of The lake now
use both pound nnd gill nets, flshhiB part
of the time In deep and part In shalllow
water One firm had llftv-seven miles of
Bill nets set In a circle about Its pound nets
Inst fall, and otheis had almost as great
unlabels of nets. The whole lake wns filled
with them, nnd the wonder Is that with
such fishing the supply holds up as well
as It does The commission Is fnr rrom
hopeful for tho riituto or like fishing. It
sn)s the only hope or a cessation of pres
ent methods sponis to be when tlie supply
Is exhausted, ns It hns already been In
Lake Ontario
The commission Is still In flBhtlnc humor,
however, and detei mined to do nil In Itsi
power to preserve this valuable food supply.
It makes 1 new and very Interesting sug
gestion, which Is just now attracting no
small attention among the lake fishermen.
If it Is Impossible, ns now seems, to securo
remedial legislation nnd properly regulato
the fisheries nf the lake, the commission Is
In favor ot the "nc taking radical meas
ures and nssumlng complete control of H10
fisheries within the waters of Ohio The
state It declmes. should plat the lake and
lease the right tn fish to various Individ
uals under -tieh regulations ns will proper
ly protect the Industiy. I!v this means It
would he possible to make the fisheries pay
ror a cupful pattol of the like on the Ohio
side and to prevent the wasteful methods
that are now wiecklng the Industry. It
Is a novel suggestion nnd has much to com
mend It, but 'he fishermen aro opposed to
It to a unit Thev will listen to nothing, it
seems which will stop the work nf de
struction that Is now going on o ruthlessly.
l'ltini Tin: itoTToxt of Tin: si:v.
Ship's Lend Hrmight Up 11 ."i Gold Piece
From tho lleptbs.
When the steamer City of Augusta of the,
Savannah line was Just In tight of Capo
llatteias the other afternoon ono of tho
passengers, an old man with snow-white
hair and beard, walked Into the saloon and
approached a gioup of pissengers seated
at a table, lu his hand he held a $'1 gold
piece. Stopping befoio the gioup aacl
holding out the coin he said:
"Thero Is a. gold piece that has Just come
from tho bottom of tho ocean. I was on
deck when they wore heaving tho lead
and nfter the second olllcer had examined,
the snap on tho end of It to seo what kind
nf substance it brought up mid had placed
il again In the tack at I lie side) of the rati
out of curiosity I, too, examined It, Look
ing at tho end wheic the soap Is put I
saw through tho dark Bray clay which tho
lead had rnught up from tho bottom
something fgllsten, nnd, Inking out my
knife, dug Into the soft suh.stnnco and
drew forth this gold piece, It vvns edge,
ways In the soap nt tho end at the lead
and la no othei way could It have got
there than by being picked up fiom tho
As he held the gold plccn In his hand and
afterward jiassed It to tho jtassengers to
examine It could be seen that It was cov
ered with soap and ivus dull In appearance.
The water where It Is asserted the coin
was taken was nbout 150 feet deep. All ot
the piibbcngets soon heard of tho find.
Many doubted the. story of the whtte
hiilred passenger, but ho ilrmly adhered lo
the oilglnal story that the gold piece came
from tho bottom of the ocean and was
brought up bv the lead of tho City of Au
gustu. Captain li, C. Daggett, the com.
mundcr of the ship, shook his head when
ho heard the story. That night at dinner
he told the passengers that he had decided
to give up his command and go fishing for
gold pieces oft Capo Ilatteras Instead,
Zanzibar, March 0 -Tho Prench hava
seUed iho Island of Nosslvy, In St. Au
gustine bay, on the southwest coast of tha
Island of Madugabcur. 4
Athens, Maich 6 Tho Hambiirg.Ainer.
Iiun lino slcaiiuhln Pcurst Hfsmarck. with
a largo number of American excursionists)
on boird. has urrlved at tho Pclriis, tha
seapoit of Athens. '
Your Hands
Need Washing
Several times a day, The oftener yon
wash, the better yem feel, and the mora
.SVl'.,lend. "" hlnk ' u- Call un
l-'H. Silver Tow e and K. C.' Towel Com.
pany, und )ou wll huvo no further troublo
about clean towels. '
GOLD MEDAL, pahis exposition. lfiSS.
A lv
I" - I
lwvtr -? - -
J, S s
. J"ftJS S s

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