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I)lt:l)l) MUMIU- Mil I II',
activity- i.v tiii: himiami nut nii.u,
l.sTAIi: UlltY .MAIIHIM).
Jinny IVnwin With Ite.iely Cull tttiylng
1'rnpifty In llullil Home Archi
ll eds Kept liii,v Prrpirltig
I'l 1111 tor J lulltl Inii"-
The tlr-i nn.-tlon rale of property to bo
hcii by tli- Nnnfas City J'.cal Estate and
S . k ex h.mge will be hclil to-morrow
iienit. ; at S o'clock In th" new rooms ot
the exchange in the New York Life build
ing. Tlia piopertlcs will be ton In number,
ntid mil ti offered bj the Whipple l.oan
onil Trti-t Company. The miction will be
In th iiituro of a. "starter," and the lots
will be 'olj absolutely without reserve to
th hlKhpt bidder.
Mr. Whipple Is one of the committee ot
time appointed by the osehange pome
we-iks no to look Into the matter of auc
tions of lealty. nnd he hits come to the
cuniluilon that the only way to Inaugur
ate tho mowincnt Is to olter and to sell.
Ac- orjint,ly, simply by way ot testing the
tal estate market he hits sdt-cted ten fair
pie 'cs of property, a portion Improved and
a portion unlmpioveel, to be fold under the
hatnnn r JK has had a brief notice of
tue .i'V on and Its purpose printed on
postal 1 mis. and before to-morrow even
ing he villi have mailed them to all the
brokers nnd speculators In the city. The
cards bear a gonernl imitation to evcry
ono to attend. Ladies nre CFpecinlly In
ited. Mr. Whipple said jesterduy: "In
the Hast real estate Is told by auction
wry largi ly. Auctions are the rule in the
real estate exchanges of Xt iv York, Uos
ton, Chicago, at. Louis and other large
cities. There is no mure reason why prop
erty should not be fold so than theie Is
that stock, bonds, wheat nnd other com
modities should not be sold by auction.
The members of the csrhange believe that
the time la ripe for Jun such auctions ot
realty. The inquiries uri Ho many nowa
days that we wish to rIc the Inquirers a
fair opportunity to buj. We extend a.
general imitation to eeryone to be pres
ent Ladles ate often the eery best In
vestors In real rrtate, so wi should like
to see many of them there. Thu ten prop
erties which will be oilVied are not high
priced, and nre clear. There Is not one
of the t n which will not yield thu buyer
from 32 to 15 per cent on hi-. Investment.
f the tal" Is even modirately Miceosslul
we shall hold weekly auctions. Inasmuch
us the matter Is not altogether uniletstood
we shall pell all of the pieces cpiite low as
in experiment. J spoke of numerous in
quiries, fc'o far as we nrf concerned wo
hae hnd more Inquiries after all sorts of
realty durlriir the week than we hae bad
since 1Vi We have had more people In
this ollVe than wo could look after,
some thine; that has not been the case in
sen en yean.' time."
James II. Welsh, of the firm of Crateher
fc Wel'h, paid: "The demand for houses
' Is greater than It has been In a very Ions
time I am certain that If someone should
put up fifty stood houses they would all be
sold In a shoit time, l'eoplc want homes
and they want them badly. The lesult is
that there i not a little looking for de
urable lots upon which. to build. Many of
the persons we have sold to In the last
lew weeks bought beciuse they wish to
build We shall hae more building this
season than we have seen In many a dav."
John W Huh. of Hush Bros., said: "The
nqmry after property lb surely on the ln
irease I cannot sec why more buying Is
not done Prices were never lower nor
good pieces of Improved unincumbered
property more easily obtainable than now.
Hut htiyers seem to be very cautious nr
fa'tldlous or something of the sort. They
appear to be looking for snaps, when
iieirs are on the market every day.
S'f'l I be liee that the market will Improve
i s -prion and that we shall see a gen
crn, it tmt a (Treat, revival."
Architects Kept llusy l'rep irlng l'liens and
Sircllli.itluiis-M.iiiy riim HesUb neet
to Ho llree tul.
There will be more bu'lutng done In nnd
nbout Kan-as City thi- sprint; nnd sum
mer than has taken place In years. Most
of the buildings rccted will be residences,
though tin re 'IU be no lack of business
jin J oth r houses. Besides this, the signs
rt 'u a ery great deal of job work,
j "tin ',,' , arpent r work and general rc
j r ,f nil -oris. Though the spring has
t ! j.-i come, almost all the architects of
1 ii i itv ir. busying themselves drawing
ind making estimates upon slruct
.ii mrioiis kinds. Also some dwell-
h i were begun months ago are
' rnpletlon,
iv of large buildings, It Is quite
t1 it the stone work on tho new
1 I h1 ling will bo begun in about a
i Ciiitrurtar Pagan being nuthorlty
i -iii uunt, vhlle the contract for
m itlon for the new public library
lj b, lei b the middle of April,
i lriance Van Drum has been
! t.i rebuild tho hulldlng of the
u l'.n ktige Manufacturing Com-
1408 and H10 West Cloxenth
m ii h was destroyed by fire some
The cost will be about 16.000
m lrchltect has been employed to
( i, i
pnl v
Wf 1,
i i-omu sione gnu-way ror ror
iiii t ry, to cost JJmo This lat
n'nu' stono masons of the best
t r i
tl -
(i '
Tv. t
K' I
1 urw
U of
r (' Hoot has recently let eon-
i i lira reldenrcs. The Ilritt It. for
lnPk dwelling, to be erected at
. i nth and f'ampb' II strei-la by Mr.
.--.iiiuel Th' lioube wlli be pro-
w 'i ill the modi ru Improvements
i ( was let to 13. St'inslleld. The
. i r a residence for 13 Bchabacher,
i "Vi Its location will be at v. al-
i Roberts aenuee. It will also
link, with modern tmproements.
Tho . oiuiuct was let to J. II. 3Vcevcl. Mr.
Hoot I-- di iwlng plans for several other
lunMitiK-. imu of them ruslilcnces and one
or two warehouses of large size. Hackney
,V Bmith aio engatced upon several plans.
The pilintpal ono is for ti hnndiome brick
re--lei-ne i"r Smveyor of the 1'ort Milton
Web h It U to eont t,uii It will be lo
cal -d "t I.' wood iiv-mie and Vine street
The m it. r il will be brick and thera will
be nil ih ii'ij io enit-ni.-i The same firm
ii II I I two j.l '.00 bilfk residences for
J rai ' .-ii nn. of Simpson - drove, at
Th r ' tn and Tr "v avenue, and a
Sw i iM tiling far W J, Breugter
at , i i and I.luwood aenueti,
M Hi tof y A. Smlili haie almost
romp i i m Ulnar for John A. Uanley
an i "li iary 1-3. Muitln The house of
th imu is on Thirty-third street and
will cj t ji.mjo. and that of the latter at
BlX'b ire i and fjurlleld meuue, and will
i est Jo.ic.'j.
, O Mlddaiigh has on hand plans tor
teerl lart," buildings, tho details of
whi' n be cannot set make public. How
ever, h is planning a fiaine residence for
I' A Weptworth to lost ,',500 It will be
located ui Suveiilli street und Uladstone
aicnu'-. lie will dbu build for W. V,
Hoi kro ii frame resident e to cost JI.CTiO
Khrpard A: I-'arrar are llkewlsn busy with
a numb r of tilans. They will bulUI a
JJ.00O stone and shingle residence for W.
IN'etf at Ninth stnet and Walrond ae
nue and i J1 ki br! k r. aliknie for J. ,1
NortJii a' 1'aik an 1 ludepciidence ave
nui s
Hogg . llo havo on hand the plan for
th Al'ntin biinnn.s building, which will
be er "i I at Ninth and Oiand aemieb.
Th' hiv oilui plana In piosueet
Clunn & Curtiss have leoently been
nwaried tlh- outraet fur p, 1M,(m) court
house at Hoik Isltnd nnd hava drawn
plans for n e hurcli ut Kurt Worth, Tex.
Van Hrunt ft Howe have numeious plans
under way and will within a day or so let
the contract for the W.OOO car barn to be
put up by the Northeast i let trie line to re
place llu one burned some months bhto
(', P, Bchmldt Is building two residences,
the first for florge I'fhaler and the sec.
ond for John T. N. a. Mr. I'fhiler'a tisi
dence Will ost Jl f-'l and Mr. Nial's 9,0ui)
The building will tw most extensive in
the fcouthwet portion of the illy. Dr
J. D. titllllth intends to build a ery laiv
uud handsome mansion, to cost about $-''V
IW. It will be lociitid at Thirty-fifth ant
Warwick boulevard. Otlien. who cxrn ct to
build residence In the same locality or
near by are Messrs Irwlu V llluger,
Lathrop Jl. Hullene, Thomas Kadle, It. A.
lve, C, C. Knellsh, George W. Jones, A.
It Matteor, Wlllhim C. Ogtlen, W. J
Knpp, W, W. Mcrrlwenlher nntl A. It.
Mej er.
Silrt In Arniiiiiril lie.
1' .t. Ualril A t'o. sold Hip following prop
erty In Armoutdnle for (be Kaw Vitlliy
Town Site nnd Ilrldge Compnny;
To Mineral .Milling Company; I1) feel on
licit line and l'yle slriH-l, for ll.OOo. A brlik
building 4xll0 Is to be built on the proper
ty at once,
A. It. Crncroft; !.. fed on Osnge avenue,
for v.
Maggie 1 Kherldnn: eorner of Tenth nnd
Mlntuot.i nienue, tTSO.
Mnthll'la A. Stoll; SO feet, corner of l'or
cst and Miami avenup, for Itso
Th same firm nlo sold feet on Ninth
street, for 5100 cuslt, to ICnte McHonigle,
for the estate of Chester A. George, of
New York. .
imu .Mtiiti: t'Attiiir.
Illllt i rs Arrcsl Indktcil Hlet-lloii iludgcs of
the M'cimd Ward,
Two mom of thov men Indicted by the
peclnt grnnd Jury for participation In the
cleetlon frauds of November C lnt wire
nrtcsled yi sterdnv by Matshal Htiw.irl's
deputlrs. They were lb n P Hbbnoui, (I
laborer who lives at 320'i West I'lfth stn t,
and who served us a Judge In tho nolotimis
1'H'Clnct 5 of the Seeond ward, in wlikh
mote Mites were routited for tho faiorlles
of tint gang than tlu'io are men, women
nnd ehlldten Uilnit In the precinct, nnd
Kdwanl .Melfennv, n. bartender of 310 Wist
I'lf HiWho ncted as u gang Judge In pre
cinct 7 of the Second waul There wns a
close race between the gang Judges In th' o
twit pinlncts as to which preeltict could
pull tho latgi st number of fiiiudulent
votes. Itlilclionr and McKennv vete tnkcti
before Judge Wnfford, nnd both enteied
thn usual plea of not guilty. Judge Wor
ford llxed thrlr bond tit JTVI null, which
they weto prepared to furnish with Deputy
Sheriff Will Colgon as surety
Of the Judges nnd del Its who officiated
In tho four precincts of the Second ward
there are now no less than ten who lime
been indicted, nnd theie ato others In
flicted who have not yet been appiehended.
Thu ten who bale been taught ate;
Thulium I. Tuck, Isaac Dieyfoos, Hverctt
Haddock, nduiml McKctiny, 11 D. Hldi
tinur. W. O. Miller, Tied fl. Knodle. A .
Claik, W. V. Ishaitt and Oswald McAllis
ter. SI.OAV t'H.MMl'-SlO.V.
Attorney I.uias tVIII Ask Uoiernor Stone
to Ismtn It.
John Lucas, of tho flini of Johnson &
Lucas, attorneys for William M. Sloan,
who Is contesting the alleged election of
Joseph It Kcshlenr as county matshal, Is
In Jefferson Clt. Ills mission at the state,
capital Is to lay betore timet nor Stone tho
cerllllentes ot thu oto for county matshal
In tho Twentieth precinct obtained by him
from Hocordcr ot Voters Arnold mid
County Clerk Cilttenden. Ho will ak that
tv commission, based upon theso cortltl
catos, 1m issued to .Mr. Sloan. The tally
sheets taken ftom tho Twentieth precinct
balltit box show that Sloan recetied l.",7
and Keshlear 101 votes. The forged Judges'
certillcates, which were made use of by
tho Justices who made tho otllctal canvass,
show that Sloan received 137 nnd Keshli ar
lit votes In tho pre-cenet Although the
gang's forgers look but Su lotes from
Moan and gave them to Keshlear, the for
gery wiped out Sloan's inajotlty of Ito
votes, nnd gave the same majority to Kesh
lear. It Is expected that (lovcrnor Stono
will take action upon the reepiest of Mr.
I.ue.-is within tho next tvio or three dajs.
WOUICI.NG fill! tt I I.SOX.
Ills I'rlcml-i Apply to .Iildge V titTord for n
Wilt of Hutu as ("orpin-.
Strenuous efforts were being made Inst
night to secuic the release of Chatl.s
Wilson the North end gambler and elec
tion worker, who is now being held at the
Cential police station to await the arrival
ot olllcers lrom Little Itock, Ark., who
charge him with having held up a street
car in that city In February and robbing
the passengers of tin Ir waiehes and other
valuables. Wilson's trlends make the el ilm
that be Is innocent and exptcss feats that
his trial at Little Hock might not bo a
fair one. An application via-- made- ln-toie
Judge W'ortord lor a writ of habeas corpus
end notice was served on the police Jast
night to appear before Judge Woilord Mon
day morning nnd show cause why Wilson
should not be released. Attorney James
Cole and others are Interested In tho case.
Hilling 111 a Conte-t Case,
Judge Slover jesterdav In chambers lis
tened to arguments of counsel In the
Sloan-Keshleur election contest upon the
Joint request ot Hecorder Arnold and
County Clerk Crittenden for a ruling upon
several points which have been In contto
versy, it appears, within the secret pre
einets of tho recount room. The patties
to the contest, it appears, have been hiv
ing a dispute ove-r the right of the defend
ant to delay tho recount by removing tho
same objection,-, .? every ballot and of de
mandlne .l.at a companssi. of each ballot
wlfv tne tally sheet and regisi..-.""."-. 11."
bo made nnd that each ballot httvo a sep
arate certHlcate with ach ballot that It Is
printed according to the n-gulatlon fotm,
Judge Slover held that if the defendant
hail a mind to renew his formalities with
i ach ballot he had a right to tlo so, ei en
though It should delay the ptoecedlngs, in
delinltely. He said that all this trouble
could be walveel if the parties would do so.
The olllclals further asked for a ruling
upon the point as to whether they had a
right to ollovv the parties to make ptlvato
mi moranela ot the re-count. Judge Sloie-r
also ruled that any facts appearing In the
course of the recount not provided for in
the law It would bo perfectly proper for
them to inakn official note of It in their ree
ord to report to the court especially If It
affected ill any manner tho result of tho
Case Jl list Ho Tried.
Judgo Slover yesterday overruled the de
murrer of Jackson county In the case of
J. W. McCurdy and J. D. Eubanks against
nilhu W. Hayes and Jackson county lot
toes. The fees claimed were for work done
in the office of the late County Clerk M. S
Hurr upon the delinquent tax bookfi ol
18'U. The plaintiffs were then deputies of
County Collector Haves and they worked
nights upon the delinquent tax books tran
scripts, when It was unelerstood that they
were to get their pay from the fees of the
county clerk if allowed for this work. It
afterward transpired that although Clerk
Hurr had collected tliei fe.-s the county
smld he had no right to them. He refused to
aekuuivle lge the claim of the county, but
left the lounty to pay tho help on tho
either hand. Tills the county eoutt refused
to do and hence the bult, with the oountv
colle-ctor named as a party defendant. The
county demurred to the petition, but Judge
Slover ruled that the case would have to
be tried before the court would be Jus
tilled In pa-slutr upon Ub merits.
S-10ttb.il Ii Hi' liceipllllll,
The fortnightly Saturday evening recep
tion of tho Scottish Itlte Masons was hold
last night In the reception rooms of tho
order In Mnonic lull The eii-nlng was
spent In dan itig Those pieunt were:
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas It. Morrow, Mr. anA
Mis. 7,eb e'rlder. Mi. and .Mis J. A. Bia
ley, Mr. and Mrs. V 13. Lee, Mr nnd Mrs
M. J, Vurtie-r und MIsb Venter, Mr, and
Mrs S. T, Hoberts. .Miss Clayton, Mr.
C II Shirley, lss I.u'la Holmes, Mr.
end Mr-. S 10 llumbl, Mr and Mr? M.
C. Lawrancc, Mr. and Mrs. William Har.
vey, .Mr. and II i. Albion lJ. l'ease, Mi-siu
! arle lib -, Kat I'uiinliigham, Namle
nice and May Mb e, Mt and Mrs L R.
Iliee. Mr. Van K. Tioor. Mr and Mrs.
Charles Stlmson, Mr and Mrs W. II.
Hartell, Miss Nannie Do miner. Mr, George
II. Elliot. Mr, Charb-s H llaldwin, Mls.es
Ada I'helps and Irene Mitchepor.
Trunarir of Hlmlltcrlit.
Dseels were Hied icfcterdny in the office
of County Itecorder Queal in this count;,
tran-ferrlng the Martin distillery In the
East bottoms an I -the Independence ells,
tlllery at Indepi mlene-e from Hie whisky
trust to the ten elvers of the corporation iu
cently uppoliiied The receivers are John
MeN'ulta. J. J, Milt hell and a. K. I.nvv
rence. Similar (beds weiu fllod In eu-ry
county in the country where the trust
he-Id property.
Mule tl S(J ut ( eilTc-i",
A man walked up to the Platform In
front ot J-niur Htos,' whoK-salu grocery
house It) the West bottoms yesterday la
broad daylight, sliouleleied a sack of sreen
rolfee weighing- about 100 pounds and
walked away with It. Some one who no
ticed the oi-euirunoe reported It to a Mr.
Collins, who Is nonnnofeil with the firm,
and he reportsd It to ih police, who havo
failed to find either tbu thief or the stolen
coff i e. , . . .
rolldeliiiiallou duo-
Judge Henry yeurda In the eireult
court appointed II T. W hippl . a II
Hough Walker Cowketd, Jnhn stums,
I. K IMgur and J. (! Adk.ns B- a cun
d mnailon Jury to view the property und
iii-e-s damages and benefits to be lau'e-d
bj the opening of Tweim-nfth -trit b. -luini
nrami avenue and Lrial v.,
Mindsiir Until ltil.l,,
T"l. ll'iml.n, linl.1 r,n W . T' ,.u .
- .s ,,,-i.w t.w .. w.. ,, i i 'in -- i,
was rail I lust night b iu i i e j", n
women and fifteen fnqi i i (m.
ployes of the place wer i ik n to the Cen
tra! police station. All w re released an
liIHiTJ3JI!uS: SlHlU.-siBLSS:
I2tli and Main Sts
New Silk and Wool Fabrics for Spring.
A midsummer dream in March, which will burst upon
you as a vision of loveliness. Price-wonders that will make
a "hit" beside which all past showings can make no comparison.
Artists and weavers have
co.ened out fair images that
put the roses of summer in
the shade, on silk as nice as
was ever woven.
Prices will wake an im
pression from he start.
Fancy Striped Taffetas.
So fascinating, rich color
ings 60c
Checked Taffetas. Won
derfully inviting for waists,
etc, dozens of designs; our
price 50C
Satin Rhadames. Tell
of them, pen can't, but eyes
linger longingly on them;
regular Si. 50 value, but our
price is SS.00
Chine Surah. Fabric for
dreams, 24 inches wide, in
dainty evening shades
Black Silk Crepon, the
fad of the season. Every
one's wild over it, 24 inches
wide, and only 50c
Taffeta Plisse. A smile
of summer, a breath of June
roses, fascination complete,
so many, many pretty colors,
$2 mostwheres, our price...
Silk Velvets. Not a few
off" shades, but a great va
riety of the choicest, $1.50
and $2 qualities, for. .SL.5
1 White Goods.
The daintiest, freshest Dim-
H ities cool looking lace stripes
captivating plaids 111 doz
ens of different styles
.- 5c to 65c
J JL -
simw-.4iii.s: msMnnzmzi
Till! SNVIIIIlt fiAS 1IOM).
It I SlR-noil liy Only Te nf tlio llnintccs,
Hie, otlie-r MRiirrit UhiIiir Only
Uclcg-ate-il J'emer Itttzzcllo
ti tliu Itc-sciio,
Tlio 60-calleel Snyder $1 ira3
ordlnanco or franchlao -wan yes
terday ntternoon formally nceept
eil liy the Ilvo Kraiitecs, Itobert
jr. Snyder. Cliurolilll 3. WUltc, David O.
Smart. Charles F, dummy and J. Craw
ford James, the accc-ptance being as fol
luws: "Whereas, JCnn-as City and Jackson
county, state of Missouri, did by ordi
nance No. 0,125, entitled 'An ordinance
authorizing Itobert Jl. Snyder, Churchill
J. White, tlavid O. Smart, J. Crawford
James and Charles F. Gummy, tlu-ir buc-i-i-SBois
and asslKti-, to construct, ac
quire, operate ami maintain gag vorl;s,
mulns and appurtenances for the purpoa
of manufacturing, selllnB and suiplln
gas to tho city and citizens of Kansas
City, Jackson county, state of Missouri,
ami dellnlnB the rights, privileges and
powers thereunder,' approved January It),
lias, Kraut unto kaid parties certain
rights, privileges ami franchises men
tljed In i-aid ordinance, and it was pro
lded In said urdinatece that tho said
grantees should within sixty day from
and after the time said oreilnaiice took
effect and became 11 law. (llu with tho
ilty clerk of said city their written ac
ceptance of the ptuvisions thereof, In
suoli toim as might be approved by the
ilty oounelor,
"Now. therefore, the said Itobert M.
Snyder, Churchill J. White, David O.
S-iw.rt, J. Crawford James and Charles
i'. dummy do hereby accept inch nntl all
of the provisions, conditions and requite
inimtH ot -aid ordinance.
"Witmi-s our hand and seals tills 4th
etay of March, U.
"Cll.UU.Uai F. GUMMY.
(liy it M. Snyder. Att'y.)
"Clll'UOIill.I. J. WU1TIJ.
'Form of the above acceptance Is here
by upptoved, this Uth day of March, IS95.
"FitANi- f. iuy.zi:utv,
"City Counselor,"
s At the same tune Mr. inder tendered
a bond for 1Z,W) signed b It. M, Sny
iltr. Churchill J White, J M Lowe, a.
I'l olmstwid and J, It, Mollvrjed Comp
tijoller Shannon refused to accept tho
b?nd without the written approval of
tho city counselor, because) only two of
tlm five Brantee3 -Itrntd the bond, the
12th and Main Sts.
A price
first thins:
wonder the very
Silk and Wool Mixtures. First
lot Ronu ten days ago. Demand
increasing. Second lot of 50
pieces recciveui yesterday. Reg
ular 50c values, but while they
last they go at toe
Crcpons. Declared by Her Im
perial Majesty Fashion the fabric
supremo for spring dress. Black,
street and evening shades, Si. 00
anywhere that you can find equal
value, here 75c
Burr Crcpons. Elegance in
every fold, richness in every
wrinklo of its silken finish, beauty
in its mohair and wool combina
tion; all colors, worth $1,50, our
opening price Si, 00
French Serjjes. The wonder
of every beholder, 52 inches wide,
in black, street and eveninc
shades, quality heretofore impos -
sible under Si. 00, for 75c
All Wnnl Hom-inffn
The plain fabric alwavs in'fa -
vor, 3S inches wide, called a'
great bargain by some at 35c, I
but here a'l the time (while it
lasts) 39r
q-ii. w , rt ,!
Silk and Wool Mixed
Cheviots, cantivatino- in
their colur combinitionsand
superior finish, 52 inches
wide, regular $1.00 grade,
our price.
Our riadarsie Brus
has just returned from the
Eastern Fashion centers,
bringing the latest and rich
est ideas that shall reign in
the realm of elegant dress.
Shrewd ones will make se
lections and get their orders
booked early.
other three signers not being grante-s,
and Mi hli.iunon pointed to the follow
ing sn tiuii in tho franchise requiring the
grant, t-s tu fcign tho bond for the con.
btruetlou of the works, JSO.OOO to be
spent In six months and 300,000 In three
"Section 2. In consideration of the
franchise hereby granted, the said
. grante. 1 shall deposit with tho city
tivasuier of tho city of Kansas City, on
or betore the acceptance by thern of this
franchise, $50,000, to be forfeited to the
city of Kansas City unless within six
months after the ncer-punew of the
franchise hereby gianted they shall ex
pend at least $."0,000 and within thrt-o
iars spend $300,000 In tho construction
of gas works; or in lieu of baid deposit
they bhall cxecuto a bond, to be ap
proved by tho city comptroller of Kan
sas City, In tho sum of $73,000, obligating
themselves to commence tin work within
six month3 nfter the acceptance of tho
franchise hereby granteel and to com
plete the consiti action of the same with
in the time and In tho manner In this
ordinani o prescribed,"
Comptroller Shnnnon refused to np
provo tho bond until tho city counselor
had passed upon tho meaning ot this
si ctlon, as to whether any other persons
to whom any of tho grantees had as.
signed their Interests temporarily or
permanently could sign the bond. Tho
city counselor was summoned for con
sultation, but did not arrive until tho
comptroller had gone home. lie approved
th bund.
Tho counselor held that the word
"grantees" meuns to Include "their suf
cessors and nsslgns," and based his opin
ion on section 12 of the fianchlse, which
sals: "All piohlhltlons, amendments,
forfeitures and all tho provisions of this
otdln.iiii-e shall bo binding upon said
grantees, their successors and assigns,
whether expressly so stated herein or
not, ami ,ii grants and pilvileges se
emed by this otdlnance to said grantees
shall be held to iutito to the benefit of
their legal and bona Udo successors and
assigns. Nothing In this otdlnance shall
be ituistrmd as granting any exclusive
fianchlse, rights or privileges."
Mcstrs D. O. Kmart, Chatles F. Gum
my and J. C James, three of the otiglnal
grantees, had n.slgncil to Mr, Snyelor,
and Mr. dummy had given Mr. Snyder
a powtr of attorney to sign the accept
ance uf the franchise for him, Comp
11 oiler Shannon, President Tiernnn and
Speahc-r Si oner were Inclined to believe
that no alignment of interest could be
made without tho consent of tho iMiineil,
under seettun 17 ot the franchise, which
reaels as follows:
'Section 17, The said grantees shall
not, except as hereinafter provlded.wlth
out t'i content of the city, evidenced by
oidinanci, sell, lease or tiansfcr its
plant, 11-. porty, lights or privileges her
In auth inzeti to any per-ou, compan,
ttust or cirporatlon, now or heteaficr
engaged or for the purios of engaging,
In the manufacture or sale of gas in said
-7T- Tr- Tns-- -- -- -
fi n . ... r'l 1 i n
wmEmmkis: mwszszsiszz
fell .
12th and Main Sts.
if iasr
That's whatiiAvc're aiming
for in our Millinery. We have
to follow our own leadership
none other to follow. Lead
ing for years all Kansas City,
we have every promise of
equaling anything in any city
in America this ye'hr.
No house will have rarer
No house will have fuller
jYo house will have choicer
No house will wake lower
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Our receiving rooms are vast
Particrres of llowers Laces,
jets, hats of the most approv
ed styles ribbons of every
hue and shade. Nimble fin
gers are busy preparing an
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egual any held anywhere
in this country.
Openings yet are prema
ture the richest, ripest styles
are coming. Hut you needn't
wait for our opening to secure
a beautiful I Iat we've al-
1 ready
scorcs of the most ex-
quisite patterns ever shown in
the West. Come any day
and we'n
charm and
Here, you know, prices arc
kcpt dozen.
rour salespeople Dusy
Four salespeople
f?'1 !X1S'' and tvda on the.
i ciauv, '"crease
all comes of
our navine wnat you want
and selling it as no other
house in town does.
Test these to-morrow.
Fine French Percaline, reg
ular 15c value, for. C
Yard wide fine Silesia all
colors 120 value, for..Qc
36-inch fast black Sateen,
a regular 20c quality, for. B5c
24-inch fast black Percal
ine 8c
Best Cambrics, all colorsc
tay under any other ordinance or fran
chise or otherwise, and shall not at any
time enter into tiny combination, direct
ly or Indirectly, with any such person or
persons, company or companies, con
cerning the rate or prlco to be charged
for gas to bo used by tho city or private
consumers, etc."
The city counselor hold that as Mr.
Snyder was not engaged or engaging in
tho cas business under any other ordi
nance or franchise, the assignment was
legal and that the consent of the council
did not have to bo asked.
The refusal of the comptroller to ap
provo the bond caused Mr. Snyder a
great deal of uneasiness, and there was
s ime lively skurrying around to Und the
city counselor and straighten the tangle
out. Mr. Snyder said to a Journal rc
porter: "The assignment was made merely as
a matter of convenience, and none of
tho gentlemen who assigned to mo has
withdrawn from tho company anel all
retain their Interest In the enterprise.
Wo shall proceed at once to organize for
business and will carry out the provis
ions of tho franchise. Tho signets of tho
bond eiuallfy for $o"5,000."
Ile.ttlid anil rune-nils.
John U. Hall, a carpenter, who died nt
tho city hospltnl on Tuesday night, us
burled ye-ionlay alternoon In Forest 11111
cemetery. Hall as OS years of uge, and
eauiu ftom Castleton, vt. IIe Muved In
tho JJInth Vet mom regiment during the
war. lie had been In Kansas City but
four months.
.Mis. Oilier WostonUh died yesterday at
h-ir hom, No. 11U West Tienty-fourlh
street, uged 47 years. The funeral services
Hill be held to-inotiow, and tho burial Mill
be In Uuluu ceniL-te rj.
The funeral sen Ices oer tto remains ot
.Michael Muleiahey, hu died on Thursday
at No. 13') Wyuiielottu stiee-t, weio held at
Hie Cathedral at V o'eloe-k le&tenl.iy morn
lug Tho burial mil in St. John's cone,
teiy, Kansas City, KiiN
U-nj(itiill ltlehs, a harness denier, died
)isterday at his homo, No. IillO Locust
sere-ot. Tho funeral service's Mill bo held
ai ; V) o'clock to-moiieiw afternoon, and
the remains Mill bo placed In the Ulnvnood
ei itii-ii'ty wilt. Ho was 31 yeats of age,
rloiciicr Itldenour Hidden, daughter of
H. M. Hidden, of tho ltldenour-Haher Clro
iiy Company, dlotl early jestenlay mom.
Inn- at the home of her parents, No, 1S
Last Sixth street. She wtis jo yeats old,
mill her death wns caused by pneumonia.
'I'liu funeial sen lees ulll bo held ut the
rexlUeuce at . o'il ck this afternoon. The
tiurliil ulll bo In Cincinnati. O,
It Annual .lie i-tlng.
Tho executllo ho.nd of the Kansas City
loeul union ot Christian Imdeavor will
hold Its annual meeting in the 1'. Jl C. A.
pallors to-motiow iii-ht. Tho reports nf
the retiring olllcers and committees will
bo presented, and the olliceis for tho cnau
Ing year Mill be eleet.-d.
.Din M.Tt rr,'ste-il,
juil jitvuji Kit, i'!!e Hauler, nits urrvsi
c icitt-iday by one of Constable lireu
n it's deputies on complilnt of Ed Jliller,
Mho charged JlcCoy with taking a wateh
chfcln. McCoy sajs the charge la an empty
ne. He was released ou (309 bouO.
12th and Main Sts.
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-' u 1'iilr
coMscmi'TioN is in:Ti:vri:i).
The (le-rniins Aeilel It by emigration, the
I're-ne li by .Suleltli-,
Last week 1C2 young Iltetons Mere drawn
by conscription to help 1111 the- i'lencli uin.i
to Its peace footing, lle-fotei they we-ro sent
from the ieere battullon or eadte eight
of the joung men cotnniltttd suicide by
hanging on account of de-Bp.iit. .Mllltaty
authorities In l-'ranee tay that It Is no un
common occurrence for young men In tural
districts conscripted to the Trench army
to suicide r.ithe-r than enter and complete
tho necessary term of tervlco with tho coi
tus. Tho Fi eneh.as a people, are not not
ed for migration to other countries whero
mo i 'renin Mug is not ellspiajeei as a
badge of sovereignty, and therefore young
men, unlike those of other nations where
tho tanks ato tilled by conscription, resort
to self. minder, rather than attempt to es
cape military sen-Ice by migrating, as
many young Hermans and Austrian- do,
to America, before tho military age arrives,
It Is a well known fact that oery year
hundreds, of young Germans, not emlto IS
years ot age, land In New York, who hao
como at the nick of tlmo to escape coiiscrip.
tton, ami tins Is ptrtlcularly ttue ot muny
young neurews, me tons oi weatitiy latin
eis. It Is a sad refutation of tho loudly boast
ed patriotism and military spirit of the
joung sons ot j ranee lo note nils strong
tendency to suicide lather than serve with
the national colors In a time of iirofouml
peace like this, nnd every lhiropean power
miuuuiu; wnn uu tun arts oi Qiptomaey
to avoid war, Doubtless In nn emergency
tho joung men. of 1'ianeo would rush to
arms to defend the fatherland, as they did
to tho number ot more tlmn a million at
tho call of (iambctta, when, late in JS70.
tho provisional government of Ilordeaux
tent loi th thu arrlere ban to summon the
wholo nation to arms to oynvhilm the vlc
toilotis Germans and to save all France
not yet conquered from passing under the
heels of the Uermans, but tho military call
is leluctantly obeyed In lime of peace. The
spirit ot mere revanche is dilng out in
Fi anee.
I'.UCII.MII'h I',TIIi:i( t'OM'lhsim.
A Wliriieil I.lttlo .Man Who Win Onc-ii u
Courted fliuieli Illgnltaty,
From tho Indon Dally News,
An Austrl in clerical paper gives an In
teiestlng account of a man who, though
once la tho foreground ot the moat brilliant
court In Ihirope, and btlll living, has entire
ly disappeared ftom public notice. The
writer saw him at Jl, ele I.esseps' funeral
a pale, wizened little man with snow white
hair and beard. The man (s Ilernurd liauer,
lor a long time a bishop, lather confessor
lo the Umpress Hugenle and a famous
preacher. He pionouneed the blessing on
the Suez canal. He Is by birth a He-brew
nnd u Hungarian, Ho tool: part In the
Vienna revolution, was publicly embraced
for his bravery by Kossuth, then became
a painter, und finally allowed I-'ather Au
gustine, who was no other than the cele-biatt-d
pianist, Herman Cohen, to con
vert hlni to Catholicism,
As Father JlarU licmard he delivered
his famous sermons In l'aris, which tho
empress attended. He was then partlculaily
handsome, his pale face framed by a durfc
beard, his blue eyes full pf expression.
What was admired more than all else was
the use he nude of his delicate, beautifully
formed hands. The women roved of i-Uu,
remarnirer- mUIM2Zl
12th and Main Sts. ,
IWash Goods.
Another instance of pluck
and pcrseverence that you'll
appreciate more and more as
you see and compare.
Values uncqualcd.
Anderson's Ginghams.
No make believe, but the real
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Swivel Silks. A marvel
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The highest art novelty in
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May be washed in hot water
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liancy or color 50c
Satin Stripe Challies,
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tiest floral designs. .... 28c
French Challies. So
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New ng. Mutual Life Ins. Co.
C'll.. II. .MILL, l.e'lil. Agt.
New iiag. l.llo Udg.
is iu omvt
Weakness and Dis
orders of
.riry Cure (luaranteed.
UU yuan' exii.-ripnee.
iiiiuu riti:i:t
3 W Cor, (Ml & Main -tl-leiiiitaa
I'Hv, Alu.
and he soon addressed all his sermons to
them alone. Tho empress named him her
eonfetsor, and to please her he was made
a bishop. , He became to much tho fashion
that had lln not defended himself he might
have spent the twenty-four hours In tho
confessional. When tho republic succeeded
tho empire ho gavo up his priesthood, anil
has since quietly enjoj ed life,
I'hi-Mliut Itosscttl.
I3y the death of Christina ltossettl, liter,
ature.and not only English literature nlone.
lose tho one Bicat modern poete-as. There
Is another HngllMi poetess, Indeed, who has
gained a wider fame; but tho fame of JIrs,
.outturns, iititr eiiui ui net cviiicinporary,
and, ono might almost siy, compinlon,
1 1 nnrcn (! mil n rt in f m n,nt .
- ..- i"i .- iri. bu f 14 lilt CV) Jill U nlltl
twTii.sr;r, Kind to lai-t. The very feminine.
very emotional worK of Mrs. I)rawjimr.
II tllnll U-eiU FI.Illlll In r. Int ., Jl . '
"..'. " vij, iii vitu last u- iirav icauii.
only Htemturo of the I,. Ii, I., order rurrleii
to ltd ruithftit limits, loused u tort of
womanly enthusiasm. In precUely tho same
VVtIV .'ill thn . mlnllvr otnlnlnn .inll..
;s.n,..::.,, 'J't,.'.:.w."l:'' .'.' v.'"?.1" "
,,u. u.n ui uvut.o auu. in me same
way, only In a lesser degree, all the women
.iv ..iiiiuu e;iiuriuiiig verse and
how many theie hau been In lecent times 1
11 'l'i. 11 ti iiml ,Ic,ibi. .11.. ,. i ,"',l
utatlon as a ioottas among poetedses. In
,.,.-. w-.i. ,,..,v , iium uiuung poets
and In Jilts ltossettl alone. Content to ba
merely a woman, wlso In limiting herself
within somewhat narrow bounds, she nos.
tested, in union with a profoundly emo
tional nature, u power of aitlstlo self-re-fctralnt
which no other woman who lias
written crse has ever shown: and it la
tine, this econ .my of her own retourcnes"
... H.. . . ...... H..,v ifueisi ratner
than among poetettes, tr
PJItc-cu ceuli a week for (be Jour.
atul deltvcred t tour door.
If That's
I No
I Joke.
Xv7AUtf 2 . LJn'z AjP. I
r ,-
V .

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