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tin: Min.m t r " ii.h-
ll.ttnee. of Sllnnr inlt( I Inured tu (lite
lllui llm Worst lit Hi but M Hilling
Knnrknl HI"' Otil Hiring
mill ipnrllng Jtews.
Minager Jimmy Atnnnlng returned from
tli( Weston League meeting nt Milwaukee
lJ- l well satlMb.l with tin WhJule. b it
he only got Justice utter nil nil nlht right
with the schedule iommlttie
"Th" f -he liil" no It w.n finally adopted
rti.ls m flrM-rale, ' wild .Manning, "hut '
hi 1 ft I irl fUht getting what 1 wanted
You ought to hnv tntn th schedule that
Imncs Iwi pr. pared ind wanted the league
i5 adjit ll didn't do thing
hut glte me the ,lnky-Jlhky, nnd
glvo it In me good nnd hard.
It mad- lvtrsas city opn away from
home, lore away from home, and Jday
the Fourth of July away from home
"Uh'n I w th.it schedule, 1 made n
roir th ii tou might haw heard In Kansas
Clt) Fern'- w.inti'd the best of It, nnd
he dl'ln t mie how the othni clubs fared.
I toll the member of the committers that
Kana City had proved to b the belt
drawing i ity In Ihe league last season, and
was cntitlid to some coislderi'ion. and
further than that. h mtit have It 1
didn't pmp. p to take the worst of It lor
in)elf. or for th" patrons of the game
In Kni ntt. Well, t wrestle. tilth the
commltt.c rr hours gaining mi points inch
by In I ut t.l 1 had Jut ret or, d thlnn,
and h.il j. cured tin- adoption of .1 schedule
which m"1 Kansas t'Uv the opening and
eloInc of the senon ut hpme, and the
Tourth u July In addition. La t year I
tr 1 flnliff aw-nv from home on the
rourfh "f Inly, and 1 round that i great
mam ji 'I I" were dissatisfied on that ne
conn' "Th 'I -! itch rrom Milwaukee, which
stitrl t h it .ill holulav re. epts were to be
divide l. it a wronit The only ciiunl divis
ion wul in on Labor dav. when the Western
club v 11 li In the .it tin the other
h lld.i) 'h division will b the name as
ut all otlur gemes lCunn City get
eleven dun lit and twelto Saturdays at
home anl I h.tve eturv reason to be satls
tled tvnh tint. Wn huv to Intel a llttl"
more than the rest nt the club but that
Ik to be epi ctej. rrom the fact tint Kansas
City i n ited on the corner at a con
siderable h-dauee fiom any of the other
cities "
Manager M-tnnlng Ind little new p report
reg.irellng the signing of pli.crrs, save that
he thinks the deal tor Tennev trill be closed
In a ds.) or two. He ha tnailp a propol
tlon to Mm.ii.-er S-le of the Hustons,
which he think will be neeepted at once.
Tenne want to , ome lure, with Con
ntughton. and It ecred will be pi iced In
right Held While .it Milwaukee, .Manning
learned thai Chlcauo had forfeited all
claim to J'arrott bt falling to nreent him
a contra, t or m ike him .in offer, prior to
Mann 1 He Imtnidlntel) lile 1 n claim for
Parrott nn I that pl.ijir it 111 plav In Knn
a Cltj f he pl.o with tint" Western
Ieapue team I'nrrott I anMoits to come
here, and Manning li re.isonnhlv certain
that h will Kit him He tiant l'.irrott, o
as to hat' a (hlrd bieman In case Nat
trcs dies not (ill Ihi bid Hi rnon is hold
inc ofr and sot be Is tint iroinir to ld.iy
ball tbl tear tinles he i;e a hoii"e anil lot
cien weik mil if l'.irrott Is secured. Man
nine it ill let him wh'itlc for n while.
Dirbt l, hus been ailing up, and M.in
nlni: Iia3 wirel him to r, port here on April
3 or lake th, consequence In ndditlon to
Daniel. Hasting. Stultz. Oirbj and .Mc
Farl.ind. M.innini; h is the promise of a.
jitcher from Elosion as soon as the season
lnth tnniiil llri tint; it the Aiiiitcur
Ir.ip 'shiHiti'rV .v.ii4 I it Ion ut MW-
huurl mid ltau i.
The n,nth annual tournament of th
Amateur Trap Shooti rs' Association of
illssouri ni Knn.i will be held lit Weir
Clt Kn- on W t ducdat . Thurilay and
Frldat Mi s ' 9, 1" and it promise to be a
lit? and u ifhsful atrnlr. This association
Is the 'H uiowth of ill, old houthwestcrn
Ilsonn anl uutheastern Kansas Asso
ciation wlrn.li Bate so many successful
tournaments, and the f-'-oclntlon liallilK
been to enlarged as to take In all amateur
t hooters uf the two suites the tournament
will Ik up a more pretentious siale than
ever beror
While th to trophies which are em
blematic uf the asportation are to be con
tes'id for only by shooters of Misouii
and Kansas as Is also the team shoot lie
twefn Ml- ourl and Kall.-us. all other
items will lie open to the world. The
chief tropin of thi iusoclmlon Is an owl,
Mhi h ha-- ptthed Rnd pro.ered throuuli
a ro kt art.r of nine tears until Its hold
ers it II reieitc 515 for Its delivery at Well
Citt n May 9, 1Si" Km h .tear adds $1
to ihe t tin. of this troph, so It will be
More i , the winners at the ninth annual
Ottl till o i'M
"Thi- le.ble hlrd of prey Is stuffed with
K ii .- i- hat ,
And i n t.r saw the day when it lit In
1 it i. '
i h i trophj, whli h Is offered by the
jmc.i,, - ii.ns i.nn i-iiiit. or tveir i:itv.
(..! l-oine sold medal, omblemutlc of
.'I it.ur tirtret . hamplonshin of MIs-
i I Kansas, to be onte the personal
of the shooter tvinnlrif It. This
ii nun soim roiu medal, and
in it well feel proud of It It will
lull no Ices than $3". and for its
due Is well Worth contesting
I r
Thi 1
11 nih annual row ting of the asso
.ti'l be held in Halter's hull, on
in .tilling. Mat D. ut 8 o'clock. Vn
1 Uf it I
111 I I- !
- of any kind are 1 barges!, and
10 have a oiie in this nssoelu-
i.hit llicfssart to be an fimiitetin
t-tlu 1
.Missouri or Kunsus. The usso-
ciau 11 will, by ballot, elect Its odlcers and
din r 1 a the ersulng .tear, and decide
ot ttli it 1 . 1 11 1; the un Hi annual tournament
will ! h 1 1
The Vw (niur Mmncd 11 Clcin I'nlr of
II. iln to lltliaiinl 1, I. c tiling IVoni
-fart 10 I lnlli.
Cann -, France Mirth H In a light
south, a-- 1 .. whl Ii pioinlsed to in-cren.--
1- th. .lit uie mi, Ml-. 1 Tlrltanftla
ai t f .ii-.Ii ntarti-d at 11 o'clock in tho
ra 11 tie Og.ltfii tioelet and James Gor
doi H. 1 i 1 hatletiKe cup No, 1 (now held
b) Uiitutiiilai tallied at 300 guineas, for all
jah-- it m 211-rattiiK. From the moment of
crosr it the line, Allsa. tuilled away from
Jlrlt mnl 1 in I In lite minutes hud a long
The Ii in e of Wales drovo to the quay
beton thi rati) und embarked In the
iaiinin ie innung 10 .iir uiiiiaru winslott
whl h icfil him on board the Ilrltun
ma Th- pirty Included Mr. and Mm
Itlchnr I Wlnsfou, the latter wearing a
It-Hanrl 1 r.bbon around her sailor's cap
At the irt Allsa 1 ivpt under Britannia's
1' f . then ' iched along prettily, and Just
tiefore the -tarting gun tiu nt'd she wore
trour I 'mnrtly. dimlud otir the line and
was h-r mil lei'Kth und some .lu light
head when llrltannla followed h-r. All
Fa's U id it t- 2 11 oij Urituunia
Thi 1 -n - ot ihe a hts a! the ilnlsh
rr MIm, 27''l, Ilr.tannla, 3 00.lt
Allsa 1 in-i ipiently won b n 1,1 actual time
end d. in ting her umi allowance of J;1J
due Iir tannin the new cutter beat tho
Prln "f Wale' sachl by IS minutes, cor
rected 1 me
s in I'r iiiiImii It in .
Sin FrnneUco, Msreh 14 Favorites were
out ot form to-day anil not one showed
under the wire in front The first race
vu declared olf and the others shoved up
n number. The daj's tport ci.dcd with a
jnade up race.
First race Fit e and one-half furlongs;
celling. Contribution won; Itoyat I'lush,
Ftcond; C'armel. third Time, 1 OfU.
Se-nnd lacej Half mile, 2-year-olds. Fer.
rls ll.11 tin in won; I.eoim, second, Donna
cirlotm, tl ird Time, tvta.
Third laci Hetn furlotiBs Onptaln Itees
won: Ja'k Tllflielleu, second, .Miss Jtiith,
thi ' Time l;27i
;rouith rate Mile White Stone won;
Hey Alfonso, second. Flash Light, third
'Time, 1 40V
Fiflh race-Fit e fui longs sediing Kath
leen won, Centurion, ifiond, Chunuck,
third, Time, 1 &
Ynli's I'ruw In 'I ruining.
New Hiten. Conn . Match II -Candidates
for the arsity crew will go to the train,
lng tab'e 10-day Tho pirty will Include
the regular eight Captain Armstrong, bow;
Itolromb, 2; Hear I. 3; I.oi.c.ure 3; Crots,
C; Dalor, 6j T eadita, 7; Miller S, together
with Judd. Simpson, Cooney, Wheelwright
and Langford The tacrlnatlons have not
hindered tho work or the crew thus far
Yesterday Captain Armstrong gate the
men pair oar work and then an houi 3
work In the new barg This Is the h ot.
Itst crew since '9), ateruglng J71 pounl"
Measurements were taken for the n w
rump, which Cuptuln Armstrong intends
to try In the shell The coxswain will
arorlc It with his foot and elx gallons per
minute can he pumpPd out., H tvjll not
linptde the spcml of thp shell whti tvofk
imr. . ..
New Orliui liner.
S'i-hi tirlraii. t,n , Stnrott II t'lhty-Wo
on I dm CresM-ht citv Jo key Club's win
ter mi-iin Wi-ilhcf fine, iracJt ow'
Titst rnc -Five-eighth of a tnlle. Min
iver won. Nellie O'bitmr, seconul. Curious,
third Tlmo, 1 04t,
.eennd wce.even-rtfhth rif A lull.
I'earl N. won! .loco, second. Daphne, third.
Time, t.32.
Third rtr-Pufiei on mile. 1'tnretice V.
won: Hnpldnn, soonil; Clslmefti third,
Tim, 1 Id
Fourth race Thref-fotiflh ef . mile.
Hen W'iloin won; ridpjt. second; llevetly,
third. Tlmf, 1.19", , .,
Fiflh race Thre-foirrttn of n mile. Her
man won: f.ny on, sc'oed, l"nRlr, IhlrJ.
Tim. I i:4.
Cil'l s. I mil Hi nil.
St. I.ouls. Mo.. March II- t'lfst race
tk-u.I.lRl.il.. A
in i'i i. , t.i- vi n mi..-. --tu-r" .'J'
Feist, second, Kthel Ieah, thlfrt
nine, juis iiyon won;
v tfit
"ei on 1 raceNlhe-Wrteenthi" of a mile.
Noithwetern won, IIelx,rin, second; Ari
xona, third, Time, 0 W7 . . .
Third met Heteii-ellu of a mile. Vticle
John won, Kenwood, second; Kin Crb,
third. Time, 1 SS,
Fourth race Three-fourths of ft mile.
Huh won, (lolden Crtiwn, second; May
Hlosoni. Ihlrd. Time. l.Wi. .
Fifth nice Fit e-elghths of a mile. Pnt
Tucker won. Renin tor, eeoiid; JUittle Ull,
third Tim-, 1 n;tta.
Inle lipii"i's lull rnntloii il Mnti lie.
New I tilt en. Conn.. March It W. O.
Hlkok, mptHlii or the Yale athletic tram,
said to-div relative to reported dewy In
trnlnlnit of the ntford-Cnmbrldire ntltletlc
team tint It mattered very little to. 'inle.
as In all probability there would bo no
team sent rrom the tinlterslty should a
mnti h take place.
Captain Hlkok said the Yale graduates
ror the most part are opposed to her ath
letes parth inciting in th" international
inntchi . Harvard athletes, he had heard,
1 1 port the faculty wilt not allow them to
trnliiliiLr Diltted :it Otrurd.
London, March II owintr to the recent
cold weather the athlete of (1rord unl
terslly hate been unable to train for the
annual athletic meeting with the Camb
ridge unlveisltj team, thnt etent ha been
postponed until Julv 3. In this cnncllon
C N. Jnckon. treasurer of the oxford
t'nlttrsli.t Athletic Club, hi written a let
ter to the Associated l'less, salng that
the chinged date of meeting of the IKford
and Cambridge Athletic duns might facili
tate a meeting with nn American college
team. If om- is coming to Knghmd. as both
0fonl and Cainbildge athletes will be In
training "
Itlll" smith I'lmlleuijis Wolrolt.
Hoston, Mat-cli II "Msterlous" lllllv
Smith has ent a. letter to Matchmaker
Kenindy. of the Se.isldo Club of Coney
Island, slating tint he Is willing to meet
Joe Wolcott In a -Vi-round contest nt Conev
I'l.tlul. f-'mlth wants to match at 151
pound", William Daley, Jr . of Hoston, Or
AI Smith or Jure Dunn, of New York, to
referee, winner to take all of any puro or
pate receipts, Ios $JW to loser He asks
that the contest be decided bj a knockout
and nelthei icnn to be decided a winner If
iheie Is police Interference, or If at the
ind of the tweiitt-llfth round both men
are on their leet, able and willing to con
tinue. In il Hint lng Club.
Following is the tcore made by the Itoy
al at their weekly roll on the Iloynl alleys
last etcnlng:
Strikes. Spares. Total.
O. Morris C 17 497
Peterson H 4M
Rent C 11 471
.Noiton S 1(J 457
NeNon 5 if, 454
I-inns 6 12 452
Holt 7 10 419
Murphv 10 !) 411
O Nichols 7 S 421
Covert C It) 117
H Morris (i s 4C0
Williams S 0 349
Klgle Untiling ( lull.
The Kagles tiotvled on the Grand alleys
last evening, Itelnhart winning on the fol
lowing excellent score:
StrlkcB. Snares. Tnlni
iieinnan . .
Harnes , .
Clark . . .,
Snndstrom .
Wlllock . .,
Trendttay .
Hurst ,
D 12 MS
6 12 411
1 IS 4.SI
7 11 4J1
2 13 413
4 9 SSI
4 ID 371
S S ;tl!7
a 7 ;i.'j
Vilu Mm; mi the Oiumutil.
New Haven. Conn.. March 14. The Yale
nine iil.ijed on the diamond yesterduy tor
the first time. After an hour's general
work the 'tarslty men played live innings
against a picked nine. All the battery can
didates were Kit en a chance. The other
positions on the 'tarsltj team wire tilled
a follows Stephenson, first base; Ited
Ington, seiohd base, Flncke. third base, J
It. liulnj, shortstop, .leator, right Held,
Heed, tente) Held, and Speer, right Hold
'I bird ltiiund fur the Waterloo Cup.
I.lverpool, March II In the third round
of the coiuslng tor the Waterloo cup at
Altiar, ntur here, to-day, the wlmieis were
l'ahoner, Itan the Oieal, Fair Floralle,
Fortuna, Futente, Thoughtless Ileautj,
Fabulous Pontine, Mellor Mooie and Gal
lant. In the fourth round Falconer, For
tuna Fat erne. Thoughtless, Meant) und
Gallant wore the winners.
I.lie Sporting Notes.
has denostted S2TiO In T.ondnn
d t hntlennud Harding to scull airnlu tor
inn cnanipioiisnip 01 i-iigiuuu.
"Young Stnrbuck," tho Australian
feathet weight pugilist, has posted ' in
support ot his challenge to fight Dixon
Hugh Duffy, e nterllelde-r, has signed
with the Itoslon team. This leaves onlv
llunnon and Nichols of the old te am un
signed. Orrln Hlckolt Is jogging Hulda, 2 0SU, at
Oakland, 1'al The mure shows no signs
of lumeness, and will probably stand the
Gabriel, one. of the best sons of Alarm,
out of loi trie, re. eutly broke, one of his
legs at cuiey Applugate's ruim. Ken
tin Ity, and hud to bo destroyed.
"lilllj ' J'llmmer will begin training next
month at Hrlghton, ng , for his light
with George Corlleld, which Is scheduled
to tuku place in Loudon on May 27.
Hit ten bicycle riders were arrested by the
New Vorlt pollie of the West Sixty-eighth
stnet station, on the boulevard shortly aft
er dark. Sunday, for not having their
lumps lighted.
J. S -Mitchell, the champion hammer
throwtr, will snll for Ireland utter the
New York Athletic Club spring gomes. He
will return with the team of KnglUh uitia
teurs Kipte mb. r C.
Horace Leeds Is endeavoring to nnaiigo
a finish tight with Young tlriffo Falling
In this, tin Atlunilc city mnu will nutko a
match with Owen Zelilor, the Phlludcl-
puia ugiiiiveigni pugilist.
"Jack" l.ierhuidt, the New Orleans
lightweight pugilist, would like to meat
YOung Giiffo or "Juck" McAuliffe In 11
twenty-live round bout before the club of
fering the largest purse
The I'nlon Athletic Cub bus promised to
mutch tho winner of the McCuc.Craig
tight uguliiEt "Daunt" Mclirldo for a good
sized puise, the contest to take place lu
Oakland rtnk, Jersiy City, on April 1.
At the Polo grounds. New V01U, In fut.
ure none but working rcpniters will be
admitied to tho press stund Jleretofore
new simper men were crowded out by
noturs, raco tinck touts and cheap sports
Owing to some misunderstanding oter the
division of the gau receipt und olllclals,
the glove tight 10 a llnlsll betwe. u m0
well known Itiookljn boxers, IMdle Ijoe
ber and Tomiio Cie.-de, has been diclared
The Stevens institute lacrosse team is
trying to arrange match gume tilth How
ard Cornell. Lehigh. Toionio, nnd the
Crescent and .S'w York Athletic clubs,
the gunits 10 bo plated at .Manhattan
II. Id
Captain Smrbuch, of the Manhattan III
cytlu Club, Is inuklnK grrangopients for a
century run to Philadelphia on Juu. It an 1
a return ildc tu New York on June 16
Suitable medals will be presented to all sur
Hturs M c McIIcnt, of Frccporr, III, has
pun bused of II, C. Toler, or Wichita.
Khs.. the brood inula Dame Wood the
dum of John It Gentry. 2.USV1. the iham
plon puling sulllon. Dame Wood is by
Wrdgewood, dam Foray, 2 Jet,
A Wisconsin trotting tlrcidi mil formed
February 1'J ut 11 Intel lug lu Oshkosh It
comprises ihe rltles of (Sr-un nUJi (,),
hosh I ond du Luc and Mllwuiikie The
purses for the four inietliigs or the cir
cuit will aggregate about teu,ii
The Cliulnnatl plajers say tbui thiy
cannot stand Tom Parrott's tilk Ui,,j
cornet plaing at shoit range, and thit
obj. ct to rooming tilth I1I111. Munagcr
Hitlng has solted tho proli'i m ly at ign
ing Hoy, who U diuf und dumb, us pai.
roll's room-mate
Dlggs, In the stablo of Mei Hankliis
Johnson, now at LoulSMIIe Is 1,0 irted
to hate ttlntered well, although he It
light In flesh. The stable ptoplo claim that
he takes on flesh and trains In good ton.
dltlon Hudolph. who won ncarl all tho
bib- autumn handicaps In tho L'ast n 1153
l In plendld shape, nnd looks ns though
ho may train Into mtiih belter rorln than
h" fhowe I any time lat eaon
t irli i: I'tinn. tthij". mastlrf Ve-n !
1 111I1 I 1 If nmrlv nil Ihe rlse nt Un
I I ' no dog show last week, sold the tna--liri
to the mikado of Japan The ureh i
un mule in Hotni Commlsrloner -hai
'1. who ciit ti d Hegltn. the winner ef
th' ilit prise puppy ilnss
llarr.t Wright linn been Indulging In
'onie icry incltpelulent talk limit the
hacbalt sllimlltin and the nlTalrs of Ihe
League; Klnee the ineetlnir In New veirk
Ho htiin official of the League, but there is
not much ilnnger of his being Hilled down
tu- the Hrtisti-livrhe faction.
Nothing but tho most glowlhg repnrls
eome rrntit tho Boutli nf tho work of young
Tom jhtnnnn, the tee-ent ndditlon to the
New York team. The enriiMtnc he dls
plnjp, the nglllty In the Held, his lie run
tnng nnd batting nro said to be or n chnr
m ter that riithcr nstoiilshe the 01 1
t liners.
C. W. Wllllain announce thnt fortv out
of elshty-uto t ike for the great Aiijtust
rotting meet at (Kile-burg, hnte filled,
with stakes aggregating W.noo I!" sns
this m the largest nmount given by ii
ii?ielatloi. In America this jiear. night
hundred hore itrr entered A deal ror a
piirormance bv Allx. the second Week or
the meet, 1 about consummated.
At n meeting of the St. Augustine Tetini
club, held on lusl Satiirdnt. at the Hotel
Vfirtee tie Leon, Florl la. It was decided to
hold the uual ope n tournament this spring
for the rlmmplonshlp tr the troploal states.
The date selc ted Is Mnrch 2 and following
days. 1'rUes amounting to about 5So
woilh or trophies will be awarded to (lrt
nnd secotifl in singles and llrst nnd second
In doubles
Theatrical nomenclature 1. n usual,
well represented In the names so far
nlalmen this season. W .1. Hplers Ivis
claimed the namo Gaiety Girl for 11 flllt
bv Tvrunt, dam Luxury. John ID land
thinks thnt Too Much Johnon will lust
about fit a filly by Jlls Johnon. dam SI
Htmtnr. nnd thp title or Fanny Dut en
port's successful plav. "Glsmonda. lui
Ijceti reserved for one of C Llttlctleld s
smart fillies
Cross and Hamilton nre still holding put
for more salary, ilthouglt nt III' opening
ot lost season their club toluntaiily In
creased their salaries m, nnd n- the close
thereof another ltulliir Increase was "jnile
In recognition ot' their good worit. v;'l'l
they are not satlfle.l. Colonel lloge-s hn
at last taken the bit In his mouth, and
declare that they must repo.-t In time for
tho trip of tho Phillies or enjoy a seaon
of r.'st. It I elollnrs ,0 doimhnutu tint
bdth men will be on hand when the 30111,
Th" business men of St Joseph and Hen
ton Harbor, Mich., nre Interesting them
selves in 11 project to build a cement bl
cvcle. track life feet wide from the former
place to Chicago, which wilt be eighty-one
miles, the way they propose to build It
They will rollow the lake shore to the out
skirt er Chicago. It Is estimated that the
cost will be 2.000 p. r mile, or $lCn. for
the road complete. It will be a stock com
pany, made up of wheelmen principally,
Who can take stock from J2 up.
Cycling Llfo sa- "They think a lot of
their horses In North Carolina. The wheel
man Is not as big as a two-spot. And that
Is the reason wh a bill has been Intro
duced into ihe state legislature which alms
to compel blctcl- riders to dismount when
a quadruped approaches. Too much de
ference cannot be piid to the hore Is
there no Chesterileld in the North Caro
lina leglslatuie who will rise on his stumps
and petition thai augut bouv toordnln that
wheelmen tak. off their hats as the noble
II nl nuil strides b ' '
Jtaltlmorc aad Washington poultry and
pigeon fiinelei hite formed a union and
organised tie Men land and District of
Columbia lmlu and Pigeon Association.
The association will hat- annual poulto
shows alternuti It In Uultlmoro und Wash
ington. It w is dc. Ided to hate the show In
tvn.i.inf.inn i ixt tenr. rrotn January 9 to
hi Hoston an 1 New York asso lallons hate
agreed to un ui-'c non-coniiicting ei.iics
tvlth the Mar' laud and District of Colum
bia nstioi latino. U is said the union makes
the Mnr!u.!iil and DIstrle t association the
strongest oigaiiVad body of fanciers of
poultry In the 1 onntry.
Aitriiii; mcii-i:- inn mi otr.it.
Ho Was Vcrj Much suiprled at tho Peel-.
Inn of the .lutli e.
Arthur Mo-.e. alias Arthur Morrison,
alias D. A Mnrrlon, was bouhd over to
the grand jury b Justice Case yesteiday on
a charge of falsi ly testifying In the nat
uralization case ef Mat Schwartz. At a
time when the gang was resorting to all
kinds of methods to secure totes in the
iflll campaign. It is charged that Moses
more 1n the criminal clerk's ofllce that he
had known Max S' httartx, un applicant for
the rights of American iitli ! Iil.i, loi
tears, when, In fact. Schwann lad been in
"this city but thr-e wicks, and a the t'nlt
ed States only n lew months. 'Iii'j evnl-nce
given at the preliminary he iriio' of Moses
wan consldeied strong. A Mr. McICInney
b'Sllflcd that it wa Moses who gate Ids
name us D. A. Morrison ill the 'rlmli. il
clerk's office, and signed an .ulllivit in the
Si'hwnitz naturalisation case bt that name
Schwartz positively testlll-d to the lib ni.ty
existing between Alui'.a aid "i. A Mor
rison." -Morrison had expe-.'t,iil the case ugainst
him 10 be dlsmlsitd on aeount of the !
position of the cin-o igilnsi Johnso.i, ai-o
chaiged with falsely 4W u -big .11 ihe
Sehwiirtr case, and he was tery much dls
uppolnted when the Justice said that the
etidencc appealed to be sti strong that h.
had but one coiitse; to pursue, and that was
to bind. Moses over to the grund Jutj. He
had considered the evidence Irt the John
son case very weuk, but thought otherwise
of tho etldence against Slose-s, II.. tlxe d
the amount of bond, pending the action
of the gtnml Jury, at fl'x'-
Councilman James pendersast qunlilW
as Moms' botnl.-nuui.
an 01.11 hlui:mi: iii:vivi:i.
Plan to Hreet n Viaduct nt 'I went -third
btreut l'roporty e.itners .tleet.
A number of West side property owners
met y.stctduy afternoon in the oilice of
O F. Winter & Co. and relived the old plan
foe a tladuct oier Twtiity-thlrd street A
fen ji.'irs t;o, when the plan was llrst
broached, the council upproprlatud lo,0tX)
and thu rall.oads agieed 10 glte 13,0u0.
At the nvefltig yesteida), plans and es
timates were examined tor u structure to
e-oat Wi.uoo, which U a liberal estimate for
a thirty foot loadway and sidewalks on
both sides. Tin. i-trueture Is to be or Iron
and Is to have three approaches, Allen ave
nue on the noun, Twenty-third street on
the east and Twi nty-fourth street on the
south The- west appioach will be on -omlng
J W. Merrill, F. J. Ilalrd. Dennis Howes
and Messis. Brlnkmun and Marh were ap
pointed a committee to wait on the rail
roads nnd othe r Interested parties Anoth
er meeting will be hi Id at tho same place
n.xt Thuisday afternoon.
1 Hi: wi;.rm:ii.
The local toreeast for to-day Is: For
MIshouiI- light snow; stationary tempera
ture. For Kansas: Generally cloudt, with
light loi at snow, slotvlj rising temperature.
The highest temperature yesterduy was 20
deg, und the lowest s (leg.
Following Is ihe record of last night's ob.
Jlar Tern.
New Orleans .....89 w 71
Galveston 29 no ,
Cincinnati 30 22 20
Chicago 80 U IS
St. Paul m3 1H
Springfield , ..8-i2 "-'i
Con.-oidlu ...aoas lu
Dodge City ,,..,,..3o22 10
IttsnmruU 3 ?" 2"
Helena ,.....i
Wichita ,
St, ouls
Kansas City
...304fj 10
...iw.vi :
...30 31 I,
. !). I
...3u ll 21
. .30.21 IS
i;nglei.irt SiuutP Ills Failncr.
Charles Cngkhart and J. C. Jtenton, who
run a tulloilng tstublixhment lu the llidgo
tii'ldlng, under the tirni numu uf Jlnulc
hail ei Heilton hud a iiiarnl Weduosday
uftercooH as the result uf u business mis
urdBrsuinding Kngiehart struck Benton. It
is charged, with brass knuckles, bieukfng
his nose and almost blinding bin) in one
etc, A wan ant wa -t un nut for tingle
hart 1)' cx-nlitrlff W S. Sillington, ttho
in some wa nad an ititcrest in the matter,
and ltlnglehart was tin. .1 for cunuuon us
sawlt befoie Justl. e Wiihrow. Yeturday
Hiialehuit nas re-unestud on ,-i charge of
filcnlous assuult He was lulcased on bond
by Just! c Walls lu appear fr tilal next
Mcrduy. ,
lt I Imt A111111 il II iiiiini t.
The Alpha ehiMer of the Aesculaplan
Society will git. Its first annual humiutt
at the Mi.ilii I next Monday night Tho
following Is ihe piogramnie of toasts. Dr.
C. F. Wnbiitrli-ht b.lng the toatm.utor;
"P.ur..A'..t. ? "lt''.' n,r? s " Woods.
"P. JI c lu L A Haiaer.
"Clds of .'in Hi, SuUba. her.
"The l'Ji'dit Iir C W. Ad mis
"The CI.. 'i ' J j: Hymtr
"A. J J. 01 u I'Uturc," lr Jtibcrt L.
'Class of 7 J A lleerhnr if
'Past and i'r nt. In. John Punton.
'The Ii 1 - I" Willis P. King.
'Good NUht" Dr, S. C Jamts.
For Maple ciy s If-washlng soap. Puck's
Mechanic s?an. i O'cloi k ttashln? ten t el.
I IWi, Jus. Datldsos, 21U . 13th 6t.
ai s Ml:l;iiS(i 111 1. H is m:v mhik
III Cfl.Nsllll.ll Ull. Mtl.SltON.
Ileliiirlcilbln Sprcih nt Iter. W. . II litis-
turd, uf St. tlrorgf's Church. In
l'llliir or tlpe 11 Hiloniis 1111 the
.v ibb.ilh-tllhi r Aildre sv s.
New York, March II Those who expect,
ed an expression of up nmn on the tiuptlc.n
of Sunday opening riom .tnnr Strong nt
the mass meeting in e'ooper t'niou lo-nlght
were disappointed. No such expression tin
rorthcomluie. The maor. on the eontrnr,
sent a brief note' to Dr John Frledrlchs,
signed by Secretary Hedges, In which ho
expirssed his Inability to be present at the
meeting, or to send a l.-ngth letter.
More than 2 Can people were gathered In
the big hnll In Cooper t'nlon when ex-Sen.
ator John O. Hoy. I culled Ihe meeting to
Older. Qt the southern end or the hnll Was
a flaring poster benrlug the words: "We
demand a vote on the Stihdny uuestloh. let
the majority rule."
Th spittkets of the evening were Dr, W
S. Ilalnsford, Dr. John Frledrlchs nnd Dr
J. it. ltylaiid. Among the prominent peo
ple who occupied seats on the stage were
llHA'nld nftiireeilnercr t.ntlla W Iriillnltllnr
Vlieodore Sutro, General Frnne rtlegel mid
auuge iieonnra uiegericn. smne 01 me
orgatiliatlons represented In the bodies nt
th- meeting were. Knights of Labor, Cetv
trnl Labor t'nlon, No. 73, Federation of
Labor, Central Turnvereln and the Iron
U-Senntor John G. Ho) el wns the first
speaker. William Stelnwat, he said, was
unable to preside on account of Illness.
Otto Kempner was made chairman and
made u pcech of soma length iigulnst the
Sundat closing liw.
Hit. Dr. W. S. Ilalnsford, of St. George's
church, said, In part
"1 am 01 eil to the present excise law,
which closes saloons on Sunday. I am lu
fat or of opening saloons on thnt day for
certain hours iy from 1.' mid-day to 10,
Lt me glt-e- some of m reuons "
He said he belletel the opening of sa
loons for certnln hours on Suiulai would
diminish Uw-breahlm: The present law,
be thought, was Impc'-sible of enforcement,
and Its disregard begot .1 disrepeet for
law which tin urMithy for the public
niotals. A to this ctaslon, he said'
"I need not say that this Is not true of
Irish or Germans alone It is also true of
a larse proportion of our American peo
ple" "Secondly, I nm In fat or of opening tho
saloons on Stinda), because I think such
action falter to the pooi man nnd to the
working classes. 1'e ii-oii.elly, I beliete the
tat majority of men In e-tery way ate
healthier and richer for not touching tint
alcohol. 1 hate tried both plans myelf.
1 was once 11 moderate dilnker, I nm now
u total abstainer. 1 may com luce my
neighbor of this truth, et 1 cannot force
him Into It. The only club the working
man has l the t-a'oon He does not go
there lmply to diltk or to smoke He
goes there to miet his friend, nnd ho has
got to go theio to unit them, for be has
no home In which thev tan meet him.
You halo no right to coc up the ttork
lngmun's Hub on Sundn). If you do oti
mut closo up the gentlemen's clubs, too,
for wo do not nee I t lubs tiearlj ns much
ns tho working people do I Mih there
were other clubs ror the ttngo camels I
believe In tlmo time must be, but 1 deal
with fact At pre-, nt there nre not."
Dr ltalnsfoid pnM he bellevCel Sunday
saloons would diminish drunkenness, nnd
would take the saloon out of politics.
Present law, ho sill i gate opportunity for
blackmail. Dr. Ilalnsford left the hnll
umid cheer.
A letter from Cuil Schurz was read. In
tihlch he pursued -i.bt.nitlnlly the- same
argument ns had Mr. Kalnstonl.
Itesolutlons were tasseel ns follow s'
lte-solved. That W" tutor tho pasiace, by
tho pre-ent legislature, ot 11 bill directly
remoilng lestrictiims upon saloon closing
eluring tho afternoon and evening hour of
Sundav or ot some measure that till!
leave the (luestlon ot Sunday opening to a
vote of our eltlrene nt the nct election.
Hcoltcd, Thut thi chairman bo author
ized to appoint a committee of twenty-lite
to take htich acii.n as may bo eleemeel
necessary to furtl.r tho object of this
mass meeting, 1 1 1 also to formulate a
plan of permai nt organization, ttho.o
sole purposo it MiuM be to neliance the
cau'-o of Suudat ducrty.
Dr. John F'.'-iichs, ex-Mayor Oakley
Hall and Hot .1 11. ityland, rector of St
Maik's chun h i!o i-poke.
W. .t llounel Y11111I ill 1 1'iissi ngrr 'I niin
.Meet Willi nl-ii-tcr t .11- le'rre
11 lute, Ind.
Terre Hnut Ind., March 1." Wonl has
Just reaehe 1 tl Is 1 Ity (2 a. in.) that the
west bound aiulnlla passenger train was
wrecked and N on the near the fair grounds
about three u lies out. The entire lire de
partment has gone to the scene.
So far as m b learned no lives are lost
In the wn 1 k The u est bound passengci
ran Into .1 -lnh engine on the muln
track lie ar the fair grounds. The en
gines are e 'mpl. tol telescoped. Conduc
tot Huhm e 1 . 11) Injured, and the pas
sengers au but dly shaken up Two bag
gage oils ar. off the track and aro burn
ing up lie tin men have not us yet gotten
(emtio! of th. tue.
Cleliies.t Ilrre.it tbn Jap. lu a tight Near
( lllulleng t be 11 -I.OS4 eiT See. nt) tie 11.
Yohohamn, M irch H The Klet-enth Jap
an. Be regiment met 11 thousand Chinese sol
diers near Cliliilieng Chen, on tho morning
of March 11. The Chinese rt treated. Then
a fuither bodt- of tho enemy attacked the
Japanese In the tear Stubborn lighting
followed, lasting ull day. Tho Chinese
maintained thir ground, nnd at sunset the
Japanese: retired to the quartets nt Chang
Kwsing. The enemy's loss was 7u men.
I linking .trie r I'eiriuos 1,
Washington. Mnrch II The cable repott
that a Japanese geiuadion of sixteen war
frhlps has elesee tided on the Island ot For
mosu Is b.lleved ut the Japanese legation
hero to Indicate the opening of a spring
campaign in warmer southern latitudes
Mr. Matsu, llrst secretaiy of tho ligation,
says that ns he was about to leave oko
hama a few weeks ago, one of his frleuus.
11 military olllcer, rectlted orders to pre
pare to go to the front, but was notified
not tu provide w-aim clothing such us
the soldfi rs thus far hale needed In the
campaigns In Northern China I'lom this
und other circumstances it U be'lleeteel j-0r-mu;i,
which Is the warmest possession of
China, will be the sc, no of a spring cam
paign, at least until the Meaty of pence is
actually signed Tho understanding on the
tetms of pence already reached, content-
Clntes the sui tender 01 Formosa to Japan,
ut tho latter country evidently bflletcs
that posnesedon of the island will doubt,
less assure tho execution of the agree
ment. The cable reports from Herlin, stating
that Chinese ento)s bate Intrigued with
Hussla until the ciar hns iigieed to op
pose? Japan's cleslgns on M.im hurla. Is not
credited by oillclila here. They say tbe.
C'hineso envois were sent out some months
ago, 11 hen China's war element was up
permost, but within tho last few ticks
the war element Iris been '.Ispl noil ond
Li Hung Chang bus been restored to potvr,
and m.iilu peace enioy. This has been fol
lowed by such an understanding on terms
of peaiu that there will beT.o uccaslon for
Itutsla's opposing u Jupanesu occupancy of
Muni Inula.
Senior CI Ik i:iel lion.
The el etion of the senior class of the
high s hool was, held Jesterduy. It re
sult' d 11.. lollotts President, Keubeii
Campbell, the ptealdent. Carl Sulzbicher:
svervtar), .Miss Mutid Hllllkcr; treunurer
John S-ars, critic, Chailes Shephard, ter.
geunt Mis, Jessie Kuiney. A tpeclul com
mittee of tile as named to ptepaie 11
elas da) proBtainnie The commlltee con
sists of Miss Mabclle Millet. Carl S11U
bailur Hiriictt Page. Miss KUio I'. Wil
son an i Charles Shephaid,
A ailed me, tiny or nil the pupils desiring
to giaeluaie th s June will be held lvoxt
Thursday Mmli 21. At that time a torn
niluee will be appointed to pretiare the
coiiinieiice mint day jirogramme.
tivtcrd i)'s ruuiraU.
The rmiiial services over lha lemains of
Mis P.liiibetli Jones, who tiled on Tues
day at In 1 hum. No. 1107 Lulu aienue
were held at 4 o'cloi k yesterday afternoon
The burial was in t'nlon cemetery.
The iuu.nl siivlces over the remains of
John M Co iiiu-ham, who died at his home
No. 31 14 Holme street, on Tuesday, wire
held at 2 o 'ok )caterday ufternoon, th.
Itev, Mr It- hardson oltlcfating. The bur
ial wa- In Litnttood cemeter),
i'alut umi OH Club.
The Kansas city Paint and Oil Club hen
its monthly 111 etlng In the club room at
the Coates House last night. Kefr-ihmenta
were erted after th -outlne business had
been tr.iui.&u (, v
I he .tin t.vui Ciiunl Mi illmt firlet.v Ailnpls
11 lliMiltithiii Hitiiitiidlng1li.il
llllle lie Insptiti'il.
- i( tin i ting bisl night Ihe Jackson
i cnintt Ale lb at Sotieiv dlscupd the sub
let'! of milk Ur. Prank W. Itathbone rend
n paper nn milk, tt hkh dealt with thit
ituicl in lis medical nsnerts. Jir. C. At
Pulton followed with it brief eTtrmpore
inlk on "T.trotoIcon In MIIH " Ilefore the
i lose or Lie meeting a resolution submitted
b Dr, C. A hannnker, Ihdormng the in -lion
of the Indies of the Kansas citv Ath
enaeum Soi let) In their elToits to hate the
matter of milk rontitmtnntlan amtntd and
an Ihspeellon of the sources or the cily
milk vnpplv Inspected, nn adopted
The lue.'iln of the Athenaeum some
weeks nan. at which the matter of milk
ttus dltuf.ed, was Ihe direct cause of the
ubjects belli r considered by the phjsl
e inn Inst night.
Almost ever) nraclltloner in the room
pnrtlelpntrd in the dlcussloh After git
lug an elnhoratc account of the viirlclle
of bacilli found In milk In his paper. Dr
limhbntie gave some details of milk pois
oning which have .ume under his own oh
sertatlon He said thit In Jul). l.M, lltete
wa n wholesale poisoning of (he b.ibii
nl the Children s hospital, the cause of
which was impure milk. one morning
tth.tl he stopped at the hospllal oil hl
dnllt call he found the bnbi.s nil sulTiilts
rrom an Illness whbh no one could iicioutit
for One of these Infants wa In n d ing
condition when he at riled. The nest d:t
two of ihe babies elb I ami two more nar
rowly einped. Imcstlputlon developed
Ihe fact that the children had been pol
orted by cunlnmlnnted milk Tho milkman
stateel thnt the milk had been carried
about In hl wagon from 3 ovlock In the
morning until 9 o clo. k. whim It was de
livered. The motion or the wngon and the
microbes wnlch nre found in all milk tu a
more or lcs degree wire the prime cause
of the poisoning or the babies
Dr Itathbone then went on to obsern
thnt tho popular belief that sterilized mill,
may imt become dangerous is almost entire
ly accepted by tho public, while as a lust
ier of tact t"rillr.ed milk Is noi uncommon
ly productlte or poisoning. The root or the
evil, he said, lies with the dalr) farms
which arc polluted nnd filth) well nlKh in
varlablv. Alo the milkmen cannot be too
careful about their hands nnd t'lothes.wblle
the long distances milk i carried ami the
vessel which hold It ate oiin e of dan
ger The remedy fot the trouble suggested
li) him is a rloe and rigid inspec lion of
Ihe dalr) farms of the cltj, the edtn atlon
of the laity In the matter of milk tests and
the neceliv of clean bottles and can,
pr Fulton's talk was on account of a
case of trotoxleon poisoning which he
wa called upon to tnat
Some twentv dlcued tin subject. Thet
Wero Drs. J W. Kycer, D It. Porter. J. A
Horlgan, Gote, G. i: Ilellows.C. II Hardin.
C. W. Dannnker. A H Cordler, Houston.
A l'alcolller. Jacob lllock. II. Von Omist,
John Wilson: Dr. J. II. Wattles, 11 cul
inary surgeon, and Mr. J G Pickett, n
milkman. Dr. It. P. Waring said that the
laws regarding milk Inspection should be
published and the public educated up to
seeing that they nre observed He saH
that a dairy tind milk Inspector is a cry
ing necelty since the olllce or city chem
ist has bein nbollhed, tho four sanltar)
olllcers now In the emplo.t of Ihe citv being
constantlt occupied in seeing that I lie clt)
is kept ftee from garbage and looking up
places which are complained of. Set oral
of tho' who spoke calleel attention to the
fact tint It Is the dairy farms which are
the plares where the milk becomes con
taminated. One or two others laid stress
on the poor feeding which the cows io
dic. It In lng argued that nutrition kills
germ Alention tins made of milking cows
suffering from nbcese. tubeicles lurking
In ' ans which ure not pi'jiper!) washed and
othei like tiblect. It was mottd that the
so le.y name committees to attend the
meeting of the council and push the onll
nance protidlng tor the Inspection of milk,
,r.am. water. Ice, meats, butter and foods
whl b is to come up Dr. Mock said that
the n imlng of nnt such commiltecs would
be fruitless as the society would be ne
iui el of attempting to inter Into the po-
II ti nl Held, ami professional men hate
been humiliated often enough by the tnu
nlcii il authorities. The motion nub lost
1 a large tote
Detectives llvi'i-imi the. Midland Hotel 111
March ot the l.rsl tt bile i.otter)
King e.l the' West.
There was a multiplicity of detectives
about tho Alldland hotel last night. They
were there looking ufter II. Charles '..lot a,
the loitery man. better known In the J1.1t
cjon. days of lotterl. s ns H. Fox & Co.
Mi. Llo)d,slnce the closing up of the lot
teries in Kansas City, lues., and at the state
line, hus been Mopping at the Alldland.
The reason why all these detc-ctlies wcie
ull looking foi -Mi Ll0)d was that he was,
supposed to be hard to llnd. At least the)
acted as if he was, foi the) all sat 01 stood
about Ihe Alldland, ut diiferent points of
ob-ervutlon, waiting tot him to walk Into
the arms ot some onu of their number
Ull' he did not oliow up. Tne motements of
the detectives, a puit of whom were pa
trolmen In citizens dress, wero direct 1
by Attorney Chnrlca I'.tke, who, it is wild,
has "gone after" Lloyd reeentl). Llo)d
has been urn eted once- and Is out on Jl.Wio
bond, chuiged with running a lottery, and
now another warrant has been Issued for
him. and this is what he would litive been
arr. ted on lust nUht had he shown up.
At i o'clock this morning Air. Lloyd'b
room at the Alldland hotel was
l.e-ieged by two dnectites, wlio were bt.i
non.ej, one at each end of the hull, to
make sure that he neither passed in nor
out and that no refreshments ot any
kind should reach him. They did not care
to break his roum open, hut evidently
thought he was In there. If he was he
mut have been hungry nnd thirsty, for lie
li.il been brlesiguend since before dinner
time other dete elites spent the night
watching the doors ot the hotel below,
A Mllllh r of ( ll.lllges AI111I0 bt the L'llller-
slt) Corporation at a sjmiii
Me 1 Hug.
New Haten, Conn, Alarch H At a spe
cial meeting or the Yale corporation to-day
the uulteisity chair of Hanger! t and
coinparatiiu philology was tilled by the
appointment of Profe-sor IMward Wash
bin n Hopkins, a graduate ot Columbia, In
1576, nnd Ph. D. ut Lelpsic, In 1W1, now pro
fessor of Greek, Sanscrit and comparative
philology In Ilrin Alatvr college. He Is
expected to begin his work lure lu Sep
tember. J'rotessor lalward O. Home, a Yalo grad
uate of li.o.1, now pioft'Fsor or Jilstoiy In
Western llcscrte college, was elected to
a professorship of history In Ihe academ
ical department, with a Hew to the en
luge'inenT and extension of the work heie
toforo done b) Professor Wheeler. Fred
erick Wells Williams, who Is now assist
ant In Piofessor Wheeler's department,
ttus appointed instructor In Oriental hls
toiy tor the next college tear, Cliarleion
AI. Lewis, a giaduatu of 15Si, was appointed
Instmeior in Hngllsh In the collei;e. Dr.
Chailes Seats Hildwln, n Columbia grad
uate of lfest, now instructor lu ihetorlo lu
thut college, was appointed lnstru, tor in
ihetone in the academical department. Dr.
Irwin Foster, now assistant professor of
matheni.uies In the college. was transferred
to the department of political science.
I.iKlnlatliu Clerks He lug Miunniiniil He fore
the Grand Jury Creates 11
Great Mir.
Guthrie, O. T, Alarch 11 (Snecl.il.) Con
sternation was created in political circles
to-day by the biimmoning of a score or
more legislative desks to appear before the
Fnlted States grand Jury. Alnny clerks
who served but u day of the tesstoii put In
bills ami drew pay fur the whole time.
This has been nistomuiy In the other
Oklahoma assemblies and, as tho money
loines out of the I'nlied States ireusuiy,
the department has endued un tniiwligu.,
lion und the bringing of indictments
against the guilty partle- It Is also al.
Jcgeil that the Jury will lntestlgato how
ict tain members sucuied private seeretur.
les ut the government's expense; tho for
inin.on of the count) seat eumbine and tho
theft of certain Important bill duilng the
last hours of tho beeslon.
A Him tit f'niieert.
The Torbott Concert Company will give a
Maud concert at the Academy of .Music one
week from to.moiroiv nlirht, for tbe bene
tit of North Light lodge, No. laj, Knights of
P)thias. Tho company contains such well
kn ttn artists us Allss Olllo Torhett, vj0.
Ilnlst; Air. Itudolf ton Scirpn, pianist, und
the Lutteman i-oMette, composed of Alessrs.
J Hrlck n, C Frohholm. c, Smith. K
S hill, N, Lowenmark, and G. Klndlundh.
Hum Stockholm.
AlUsouri Alan He id In Texas.
San Antonio. Tex Alarch H Thomas
Dorols, a wealthy citizen of L)ons, Aio.,
uitd hera this evening under (somewhat
PDSterlous circumstance The coroner
instituted un Inquiry In the afternoon, but
ro conclusion was reached and the Inquest
was adjourned until to-morrow morning.
Deceased had in his possession some val
uable papers, which were taken charge of
bi. tJafi jjaxeaasjpsc ja xo-. "
More lhan a hundred )enrs ago the
Shaken eslabltbe. one of their colon..
nr fnmllle among Ihe beautiful hill of
Columbia county. N. V. Jtemntrl rrom
the buMle and worr) of Ihe outside worll,
lhee pntient and peaceful people hnte
deiolctt Ihrlr tithe Inigely tu tne studt
and Investlaiitlon of the drugs with whl ii
our American woods rtte. so nbuhtiaiiil)
We lead a Brent denl In the pni'r
iiowndnjs about temedle for the bloo 1
for rheumatism, for kidney trouble, roi
neuralgia, for asthma, for consumption
nnd ft thousand and one other dlseu'es
but It remained ror the Shakers to ill- !
eor that these ellsenses nre In most
eases eiiuseel bt poison developed fi out ,
the fermentation nnd ptitrcfactl m if fool
111 the stimuli h which bn not been proi
eilv digested 111 oilier wonts, from I1111I
gestlon We nil know that tainted meat I pois
onous, ntid It makes 1111 difference whether
It has become spoiled IhioiiRh rxposuit
In n butcher shop, m bectuse It has lulu
undigested In tho stomach.
If, thererore. we would rure thee dis
eases, let i put nn nx to tbe tool of the
tree. In other wonls, so strengthen the
dlgestlte organ that they will proper!)
jiorform their runctlons when ne lies ntid
pains, wen lines ami nert ousness. will
promptl) glte wnr to IichIIIi und slietigth
As soon ns oaierul obsen atlon had con
tlnced the Shnkers thnt their theor) wa
correct, they set 11 bout to elet Ise n harm
less lemcelv, which should act n a tnnl.'
to the ellBi'stlie oibiiii The Hint rnuinii
Shaker Dluestlto I'lirdlnt wn the resuli
Ir )ou are n colinrmed lntnlld not
knotting Just what I the trouble 01 one
of these unhnpp) souls who are tie eusloii
11 lit- tllslresseel lifter a heoily meal, ti)
this preparation It cannot hurt the mosi
delicate ehlld. and tot I so prompt In Its
effects that the Hhnhors have pine ed mnll
in cent sainplo bottles In tbe bands of the
drugLlsts. confident thnt It once ued the
benefit will be so marked that It will be
1 ontliiucil
No matter what jour trouble may be
an Imp! moment In the tone and strength
of the dlgetlte oignus Is tho llrst essen
tial to recovery.
Girls It) In rind Gut the Cnlise or o .Mile 11
llllirll) lu Mirlui' Hall-C.'itiill-
.1 lies Inlll tied.
The monthly Initiation of applicants Into
Ararat Temple Ancient Arabic Order of
Nobles ot tho AI)stlo Shilne of ihe Oal
of Kansas City took place In Shrine hull.
Ninth nnd Central street, last night, when
tttenD-foiii new nobles, hating s.ifel) and
su. e'essf ally vcntuti'il actos the burning
sand, reached the oasis and were lecelted
with puc li "great acclaim" and clattering
or strange noises that the toung ladles In
the dancing class In the hall below- were all
seised with uvh a cunoltf to know more
of the meaning thereof that they all de
"erteel the dam lng class nnd went on an
exploring 1 xpeelltioii. I'lom their cloak
room was a pall of back st ilrs leading up
to the Shi biers' lodge room and also a lire
escape cm the outside How many chose
the latlet lottto Is not known, but the Jan
itor, hearing a titter fiom the darkness of
thoe back stairs, went to Investigate. V li
on his appioach to the Iron wicker work
gate at the top of the "talis there was .1
wild stampede of mailing skiit. sup
presse.i tlttciings and stilled screams to
gether with the sound of lleelng footstep.
'Ihe old doot keeper laughed and remarked,
"Ho)s will be bO)s and gills will be ctn
iou but It's no wonder they would like
to know mote how nil tho-c noises are
made. Thev are not the only one's that
would like to know."
'the t indldates initiated last night were:
1!. It. Allen. Carthage, Aio.. A. C. Wurm-tr,
citv, G C. Copeltnd, citv; Dr. C. F Waln
tlght. cily 1 It. Al. Calkins, city: William
llusb), Parsons, Kn. ; Silas H. Cnrv, l'ai--on,
Ka. , Geoigc. Haitley, A 1 Kansas
Citv. Ka : Ilev. II. Ii. Hondo, Sprlnglleld,
Aio , James Hit lng, Os.itt atomic, K.is ,
Charles II Ileal), Os.ntt atomic, Ka.; John
Hughes, Illchmond, Aio ; Frank 1' Dltel
blss, Klchmond. Mo : W. 1' ltotbttell, Lib
erty, Aio ; A T. 1'etty. Liberty, Aio ; Sam
uel Irt in, sedalin. Aio.; Al A. F)ke. city,
W. I' Aloth), ell); H A. Ilniper. city. F
I AlcCoimlck, city: Flank C. I'eck, oit) ,
Frank II. Dolson, city; Charles A. Humes,
ltlehmond, Aio; W. L. Ilnrtlett, Parsons,
Tho occasion drew to Kansas City a
lnrge number of prominent nun who are
Shi-liicr In other cities, among whom
were the following: J AI. Wileoxson,
Herndon i:iv, T 1! Goodson nnd H. A.
Dunker. of Carrollton, Ato . J. N. Cunning
hum, of Norboine. Aio . Dr. Vt". II. Har
lett, or Harrisontllle, J. S. Johnson and
G .7 Gieist. of Osatt atomic, Ka.; J. II.
Barnes and 11. 1'. Tinlet, of Libert) . James
A. Alara, of Llbertt ; Dr. J. W. Smith, of
Illchmond; .1. 11 Christopher, of I'ertle
Spiing, Mo.; T. T. I.uscombe, of Carthage,
Cy Thurman. of Atchison, Ka., T. I'. Dun
now a), of Denier, Dr. D H. Adams, of
Cimeron. Aio, O II 1' Catron, of West
l'lains, Aio , and W S. Hart, of Philadel
phia, the latter one of whom Is in the city
as manager tor Itbea.
Onlot I'r.'talls anil s,,.inh!ng Parties Look
for Ihe llodles .if Hie .Miss
ing Italian-.
Pi e bio Col Alarch 1 1 A warm tt Ind at
Wal.ciibiiii; till motnltig melted the snow
of vesientuy very rapidly and dried the
earth so that this afternoon searching par
tics set cut again to hunt the bodies of
the two Itu' Dm killed by the mob Tuetdny
night, of which no tiaeo has )et been
1.1 il. t bus re tned all day, but the c
tre niij Lloie-moiithodncss that lias charuc
lertxe d et er.t Lody In Wnlsenburg nnd
Hans' since t'io mob did Its tatnl work,
till continues. Tl.etc Is no doubt but thut
a veiv lunsldciablo number of people
knot,- thoiuughly wt.l who elld the killing,
but they know too well. Wulscnburg hns
for .te.ua been a rather I1.111I town, with
an clement that occasionally shows Its
teeth a'.- uses lto guns. These men are
of mote or less piominence, and as It Is be
lleted they did the work, no one dares to
say 10 ut- acknowledge any cogulrniice of
th" paitlc'pnntB for tear of being himseir
u.si d is a tnrgut.
The uotoiiotis Hob Foul, slaver of .Tisse
James. 1,111 u dance hall In the town of
Wnlscnbuig lor seiern! years. Sl of his
pals Iron, that place ate now- In the state
ptk-on for various crimes, but others aro
still on band.
Wnlsenburg Is a hamlet of but l.OfO, tilth
coal mines and miners at her doors on
overt- side, and the tuibulent element Is
thciefore large, especially since tho strike
o last summer, ufter which many mlneis
who wcie steaely men and had accumu
lated some piopeity, mot eel uwu).
Dei.ter, Col, Alaich II Governor Jtcln
tile's advices from Walsenburg to-day .11 e
to tho effect that all Is quiet, and the sher
llf does not anticipate any further trou
ble. The governor does not think any Inter
national question villi arise oter the trou
ble, although he will assist tho represen
tatives of the Italian government In tilery
way to get at the. truth of the matter. He
stated to-dny that sine 0 the oillelals of the
eountiy had ritendci! to the Italians the
oamo degree of protection thc-y would have
a; corded to Amtrlcans, no complaint of
treaty violation could arise. The killing
of Deputy Sheriff Welsby at the time 'the
attinl; was mule on the prisoners will at
some il.'giee exonerate the oillelals from
any charge of Inadequate prfitee Hon which
might be made by the Italian government
Home, Alur. h II. Tho Trlbuna. tho most
widely circulated of the newspapers Qf
Home, mis that to Italy's remonstrance
against tho killing of Italians In Colorado
the. United States government opposes the
plea of the Independence of the states corn
pi IsJng the states of tho I'nlon und nil.
vises Itnl) to - ' action of the Colo,
nolo Judicial). The paper add, it is tho
duty of the federal government 10 pre.
tent the tcpuiute states fiom becomlni
as)lums for assassins,
Alole I'olill lllotis Mini, iir lo I'lieeie With
I))iiaiiillei 011 11 r.i!httiiiahle street
In lie liter.
Ml.nonrl .tin 11 Dead In Te-vi.
London, Maieh 13. A dispatch to the
Standard fiom .Madrid sa)s that flags, a
compass box and other wreckage belong,
lng 10 the Uelna llegente have been washed
ashore) ut Tarlfa.
Iloa't wait until ) ure sick before trying
Little Carter's Llvsr Pill, but get a vU a
once. You tan't take them without benaUu
Sedalla. Aio., Alarch It (Special.) The
Scdalla board of education toted to-day to
submit to tho voters at the spring election
a proposition to Jssue bonds to. erect a
i4W,tlUUL0b2i5:'''' t ' ---
Denter, Col., Alaich Jl.-Since Ihe suicide
of I.liigg. the aninchlst, In Jill .it Chic tgo
thero has been no iceord of such a told,
blooded, planned suicide as that of Alois
''0l(i!' ,aR iui!,.,rlai! ,n M" "Uy to-day;
Foldl killed Jilmself 011 Logan avenue,
fashionable thoioughfaro, at midday, by
exploding 11 ilynamlte curtrldgo about an
inch and a halt In diameter und four Inches
long. The entire left side of the boely was
blown Into fragments, pieces being scat,
tered nil about tho nclghbothood.
in our own factory,
ttcrc In Knntfl. City,
NVc know Just what
material enter. Into
their construction,
mnl liovv thoroughly
well they nre made,
mnl w c ".uarniitee
them eiiunl to (Ull
tnrs sol J elsewhere
'Lit $18 mnl $20. Our
prices: In Oak, $10;
iM-ihogany, $12.
Oldest Nuslc House In K'an.s.is City.
flic l.le nti 111111I (loteruor Gpjieising Klcc
Hon lie Turin Tor 11 Purpoe Wants
te, lie Mn)nror St. Louis.
.TefTerson Cil), Aio.. Atirch II (Special.)
it is iitle rlv useless to waste ink and space
In telling what .lie Democrats ot the senate
are doing to sii'iuo a pure election law;
the) aie doing nothing. To-night It Is the
same old stor) .1 bill coming to-morrow,
and to-moirow never comes. If a bill Is
ti,isetl In the entile. In all human prohnbll
It) It will bo of such .1 ch.u.i. ler that tho
house would not eltire to pass It, nor would
Ihe public approve of II. It Is tor) proba
ble, indeed, that the house will send the
Liuglillii bill to the senate Saturday or
.Monday. It tho senate ipfucse to pass It.
and that is mole than prob.ibel, then nil
legislation looking to honest elections In
tin- cities will rail.
It Is tcportcd her that Lieutenant Gov
ernor l) Alcar.i wants to bo major of St.
Louis and that he Is stiffening the back
bones of the Democratic senators to opposo
election lcforiu. This Is glien for what It
Is worth, rumor, and nothing more. It is
certain, howeter, that some potter antl In
line nee more than appears to the casual ob
serter, controls and dictates the dilatory
tactics of a majority of the senate. It
seems incrcelllile that honest men should bo
opposed to a law giiln,j to the people hon
est elections.
I.et. George C. Kniipp, for Tetrty Years a
Mission. ir) In Turtcc), Dies
at Hitll.
Hoston, Alass , Alarch 11 A cable dis
patch has Just been lecelted by the Ameri
can boaid, announcing the death of Rev.
George dishing Knnpp at nulls, Hastern
Turkey. All Knnpp has been a mlsslon
ai) In that count!)- for forty jears, which
hite been ycais of setere labor and much
pull. He was once attacked by the now
anions Koorellh chief and robber, Aloussa
He), who lett him unconscious nnd bound
In a ratine of the mountains, ills home
toi nearly foil) )e.us I1113 been In Ultlls,
which is in Ivoordlstan, and quite near
the piesent pnlttlc.it tin moil. The Sassoun
massacre occurred In that tlcinit). Mr.
Knapp'.s death 1. as not caused by any vio
lence. He leaves, an adult son and daugh
ter, mlsslonuiles at tho Fame station.
I llowl J'rom the l.onelon Times.
London, Alarch 11. In its financial article
to-morrow- the Times will hate a comment
on tho Atchison reorganization scheme, In
which it will say that the shareholders
are too leniently ttcated and that tho
agreement is another blow nt the reputa
tion or American lallivuy bonds.
'I "or a long time," the paper will add, "It
has been evident that this class of security
Is titated with too little discrimination,
both by the issuing houses and the public.
Wo hope that In the fu tme the public will
be more careful In taking Amcilcan rail
road bonds. Hperience has shown that
tho number of sound bonds Is smaller than
It was yearb ago.'
Ho Knock, el Out Held) Sclioenberg lu the
llilrt.t-Ihlril Hound -Near
M. Paul.
St. Paul, Minn., Alarch 11. The sporting
clement of the Twin Cities held a tistic
seance in a resort near the Wisconsin-AIin-ncsota
line which was a tremendous suc
cess. Oscar Gntdner, the "Umaha Kid,"
nnd Jack Cummins, of St Paul, at 115
pounds each, were down for the prelim
inary etent at six lounds, Gardnet get
ting the decision after a prctt) contest
The event of the evening tins between
I-ddy Schoenbcig, of Altnnenpolis, 1!J
pounds, and Jimmy Alurphy, of Kansas
Cit), US pounds, a newcomer. This was
one ot tho best lights seen In these parts
lor many a elay. Alurph) knocked his
man out in the thlrt) -third round.
Tim Ala.tor Writes a I.otter.
Ala) or Duls jestcrelav sent a letter to
Goternoi Stono icga tiling tho lecently
passed hill piohibltlng tho dumping of
garbage in the Allsfcouil liter. The letter
is ns follows
"I have not )ct seen a copy of tho bill
prohibiting the dumping of garbage In the
rlv or, but if It .should apply to tho AIls
souil liter it would work a lianlshbi upon
this city, nnd for that te.tson I ask our
eaiefiil consideration of the bill before
acilng upon it. In tlovv of tio udmitted
tact that tho Allssourl completely inters
itself in 11 distance! of seven miles It seema
to 1110 tli.it no gnat good would bo ac
complished by tho bill In Its iclatlon to
tho .Missouri, but would entail enormous
iticontcnlenco upon this city. I bavo been
Informed that tho bill was prepared in
the Intel est of certain puitles having the
so-called patent garbago creiratorlos for
sale. Aly attention has been aded to the
provisions of tliis bill by sevciul city oflb
dais to-day, and I think It wouid not bo
improper to make these suggestions to )ou
that 1110 bill may receive full consideration
before being a- ted upon."
CiM iside. l.lter-iry Society.
The Hast Side Llterar) Society will pre
sent the following progiummo at to-nlsht's
Iiuc)rus Waltz (H, W. Oueekert, Altss
Gr.no Hill) The Jolly Fellows.
"Curient Newspaper Veise," Mrr. Flavel
It. Tlltuny; (a) "Hugene Field," AIlss Jessie
Keith; lb) "Frank L. Stanton," Dr. S. G.
Sopiano. AIlss Minnie Long.
"Current Alugnzlno Verse," Air. F. S.
Hastings; (a) "Louise Imogeno Gulney,"
Airs. W. A. White, th) "James Whltcomb
Itiley," J. Ji, Hrcmermann; (c) "J, K.
Hings." J P. Wltheis.
liiu!maux Dance (Charles Johnson)
Tho Jolly Fellows.
Current Literature, Mrs. Winch.
Violin AIlss Leldlph.
Literary Ilev lew, F. II. Dexter
"The Jolly I'ellotit Waltz" (Vollsteitt)
Tho Joll) Fellows.
Jlecltatlon, Air. Allllcr.
lie jio. Illons in bee Krurger Cue,
The taking of el inioltlons In tho case
against O. W. Kruier was continued yes.
terday beforo Judge Parkinson as commls.
ilouer lu the tiiinin.il eomt room Among
the witnesses examined were Grant Lewis,
to v. hose examination the greater part of
the ufternoon was devoted, Hlz.i Pence, a
Second ward politician. Air nnd Alts, Ale
Cliskey and Mi. Jenkins, Thero nre a
great man) witnesses to be examined in
this case and it ttill lie seteral da) a before
tho taking of depositions can be concluded
Thus far tho testimony has developed noth.
lng sensational, but there Is plenty or eii.
deiiro to show that Krue-er took a vert
active part In the business of llxlng tilings
so that the. election would go all tight 0
fur us the Second waul was concerned
leu! I'rupirty Att.ubrel.
Ileal INt He ,s,(.
The Whlrple Loan nnd Trust Pnm,,.
sold yesterday 10 It. W nroadbent Tnl?",1'
A. Whipple, lols H and lVof block' 1 tri'
b)'s addition to Arrnourdale, for J! 150' r"
l'ett llullois Ititonatril.
.tt, J5? JAa ., recounted te3t.
1 m
1 tW viiMm
sk .1 ,y
South AlcAlester, I. T.. Alarch 11 fe
cial.) In the Fnlted Staes court !.o'
day 'the property of tbe Caidnal rnalVnei
Alining Company, of Pouteaii. 1 t J ,3
attached. In favor of the Hurcka Alercaniilf
Company and W. G Wltle. both ir ?U,
teau. liabilities. tS.lCO, Vkstiti: unknoivi?
ili,JlVKuh8rr P
7 -
-MVIr1ril,i-t, , t&jg
, .!Wfc4.Mti.-.-ft
. ,-
. v

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