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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, March 23, 1895, Image 10

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mtwXr i lnm
" ttniwpipWfc
tstx i.ocvt. nvitm
j itu:.M)i.v
i-.Mi voi:
Tim I'tlrn Won by Mr. funk .. Mirsliill
of tlif ',liittrnil"-Alt II"' 1'nem '
csed tuusuil Merlt-Othir
oJ;r,,,ln,, 1 " tttirt .
Trcs dnt V II. 1'lnney. of lhe lit Side
I,llrrnry So i 'j, closed hl ndmlnimritlon
last rdcht with n poetical totmmin-itt. A
large number of poems had been contrib
uted by members of the foelly nnd their
friend', ami from this number Mx were 9e
1c te I b ,1 committee to be road nt the
tournament. The half W.en persons who
broke lames in the nteni wire MIm wra
Town tid M."' Hub Anhi, Mr. J. II
J'on II. M s Marirart tli-oiisc. a gentle
m.ili nho o liftfiie wa withheld and Mr.
IT hk A .Marshall. The J.iJp-i viho
j I Hi n the merits of the poems, vvhl'-h
iv . r i J by various members ul the so
i , iv re Or. H. M. Nerl. Noble I. I'ren
ti . Mr . Ada l.lklns. Mr. C. 11 l-.luords
itnJ Mrs. Or. 1). H. l'ortcr. Their deculsn
i unanimous In favor of tht poem hy
M Mar lull, entitled "in the IM That
Are to U ." , ...
li"'or the po'-ms vveic read Mr. C. I. l.a
ttcr ,iv .i tall, on the subject, "some
flllrds 1 Ktioiv " Miss TopplnR rendered a
jiilano fu,o The othr mtsiellaneojt mini
hors on the programme were a sketch of
thci ,. an 1 the rending of Hhrllr) li.
The I'lotid " by Mrs J. W HlKfP'r. he lit
ornrv rcvi'W, by Miss llrlen Ulaek. and
mother d lij,litfil piano nolo 05 Miss Top
j.inR The i po-ms rend In the tourna
iincttt ..r her- Riven, beginning with the
one thu captund thu prise:
l In tbo Hays thit Are to He.
' I.
In the ! iy that aie to be!
h he nappmesM that lid
Jtrf r my caKr, ulstflil ejes;
Ax l the 1 It n boughs I see,
c iHnc frjm life s fi tilted tree!
ti I thr U(,f. a veil of falllw? leaves
Ihni i e the garnered sheaves,
'At t miinlns and tho gathering In the
dais that are to be.
I do not know. I cannot oe,
Why "Ht not mine to icnp to-day,
V r v n-n the Kl.kle I shall lay
To whin I ow. HnouRh for me
Thai sprliiBtlme's generous prophecy
M. pus, -i tush t of frosts that kill.
Bit in-! of autumn's fullness still,
And Hope the only reaper In tho das that
. are to be.
; III.
Long j ears ago. ncrosa the sea,
I sent rt-h. freighted birks away:
And o er th. waste of vvnves to-day,
Trom plc llf, there eoines to mc
bwnet niws trom each foinl argosv.
Tin sen It white with homeward sails,
c.tping wret-klnc reefs and gale",
!And all mv holies are anchored In the uajs
that are to be.
!And vet there's something whlpor" mo
Its "filth does mount on wings too strong,
M hope doih sing too glid a ong; '
That killing frost and align sea
Shall blight and wrctk what tenderly
I Fowcl and sent And vet befall
W'bat will. I know not all, not all
MS dnams shall be delusions In tho days
that arc to be.
'And so. if one glid prophecy
Come at the great futtlllment true;
In midnight hkles one rift of blue.
If from the swelling mphony,
I Hope chanted cholr-llke. unto me,
J I catch one sweet and deathless air;
One shenf I r np, "lie vojag.i fair,
I'll ask no fuller fuvor In the dajs that
dre to be.
The following poem by Miss Margiret
George was tho second choice of tour of the
J'antdr for Thought".
tVhat Is the fairest gift I can i-end-
Ko In mv heart 1 questioned to-day.
What will find grate In tho eyes of my
Whilt through my briln tho old words
Tansies for thoughts."
Bo 1 have sent tho poor hadows of flow--
(Woe's' me! The tine blooms would liugh
' them to shame!) , ,
Yet these may own the same mjstlcal pow-
! The same strango spell that lurlcs In the
pciifcie name
, fancies for thoughts."
7 in.
They are I V e fancies of overs- hue.
Some are us black us a midnight sky:
gome 1 kc 1. ar Juno In ihelr Ueckless blue,
I'eark s and sweet as a baby's eye
Tansies for thoughts.
finm ir ibl iso with a golden light.
a-- w in n some great thought llamcs,
Dw2 ib 'I brain b.v its radiant might,
Km i ur brightest, noblest alms
Tauslts for thoughts."
Fome ar nriyed in the robe of kings
u ' p.r, i , a veivex inronK
filll is l
t. i7e at the dainty things,
Ti n ''u r rich leaves
realties the
q n "t ol 1 song
' Tansies for thoughts.
n the beautiful, brilliant train,
.i i'it such comfort, such still de
bt mm sorrow its sharpest pain.
n Mt-nower or stainless vynue
I'Tisles for thoughts."
Ucir smvv pansy! To me ou brlns
Thourfbt .if the resurrection mornt
3'i.r a i th toueh of an angel s wing,
X). a i ' bllbs of a soul new-born
' T u Jks for thouantB,"
The r ! ru pretts' piece of word p.llllt
Jn vi tt a bv SIlss Hub- Archer, eec-
T' i ir f it high school, which wa the
he or I i e of one of the Judges,
its l ipini sii Vio.
Th i b i - i tl, odd Ilttlo vtssel,
1 I t i! . but lmrdlv know why;
.Ah auii ni tl.ui. u 1 H mon thee
I murmuri , '"inat viu-e 1 must buy."
iThoii nr not what women call 'lovely"
v in luiir sh.iiio or denlan
"Whit' to b the reckon, I wonder.
That rrukes me so Klud thou art mlnoV
Th f urfar-e is mistily covered
AS 1th deb'- tie. uncertain Brean;
'As faint ttnd ithereal Is 11
As upenins loaf-bud's sheen,
Or the t-lint of a dew-drop that trembles
An! lummers In tarlli-st dawn,
Vb n iiii-nt lu the irauty. tine meihts
Of tpu rnebs cuiinliiifly drawn..
nottlne tho twllislit poft back-
V. in -Iblo roughness tlciks o'er,
Vilth p tils In quaintly embossed work
Th g na HUc a iar iitur thu cor.
Ani ei'iwn n ar the rim 'if the. border
At three btto clusters of bumps,
Ite emMinu Hie warty projections
Of knott d old plctuiesque stumps,
rThen, t r ling the rnUed petals softly,
tnl i Isnig ib knots as they bend,
'A" 1 omprelienklble ln.'iaxt-.M
Of tit ns that most vvondrously blend.
'Ai thi.adliirf a cunning way through
Fim iiicn and brown items dart le
tw n,
While off to the slds shoot nnd glimmer
homo 'wildering kpraj-s of the .-reen.
Then over the whole lies a glamour,
An Ileal Oilent spell,
!A hint of d irU, sIlKvn-draped bourls,
And I .- iU that visions might tell.
O, PUZ3''
I TO -1
rf Jipanese painting,
it it 1 won't, iindarstdnd
The m f UK
str.l -.
that lies In thosa briikh-
And r Highness that presses my hand,
I love lhe, because, thou art mjstlc,
And w iiiomils, wltehlngly weird,
Fjr an e. rk- il. moulac ktrangenuss
IIatit.s ti er Hue', set not to be feuiod.
A wonderful fragranc thou sliould'st iiavc.
Thou ugly. Celestial grace!
It comek as I drcamllj touch thee
My treasure, my Japaneiu asel
Tho follow Ins Is the poem by Mr,
J. II.
The A fir.
The wuscst feelln' a man ever had
!And i jrutsa sometimes he feels awful bad
ftVhcn he's Jutt been out with the boss on
a lark
J4n'-comes borne Uto aa' Is glad tt is dark;
Or when he's got djspepsy. or gout, or
llut you take 'cm nil, I don't care which,
An' 1 still 'low n mm feels worst
When ho' got the ttger.
Thrso other diseases Jusl tackle one part
itive sickness, fr Instance, b,-euks out In
Sour hearts
Mumps swell tip jour Juvs tilt thej're
ready to crack, ,
An toothnehe never 'feet your back.
You nrnSf have bunions nnd corns on
your reet, ...
An' Jjpepsy is riled bs' somethln sou cnt.
Hut when su'vc ol It nil over from head
to toe,
Then It's the nger.
T'raps a ketch In sour neck is tho first
thln J on feel,
or utilck Uttlo pain In the end of your
It (iue one teg till It tinkes sou quake.
Then 'tother onu 'pears Just "bout rend to
Then 'tother onu 'poa
break i
t'p jour backbone sneaks
slow- llko a
nulvcr . ...
Which resrhln s-onr neck spreads out In
! shivir.
That's a dead sure sign
It'll tho UglT.
It's the covvnrdllest thing a body could
An' always Jumps on a mm from behind
When sou re Just fccllh' Rood, an' happy
an eay
An' nlnt ha.l no sickness for manv a ds
Just when everything In front looks brieht
Maybe some Imp way down out of slfrhl
Is laj-ln' for S'ou
With thd nger.
The side how- Is over, the circus begins,
Ilvlns Jump from the nnpo of sour neck to
your shins;
Chill, four In band, chase up -our bids
A If It was a hippodrome track:
Add If for reasons unknown there's a
Your teeth open up nnd start the ap
plause. An' tho eni ore's the main part
Of tho neer.
At It again nnd rlttln" w-orso fast,
Ono sMvcr llttln' In tho scallops of the
Shaklu an" chitterln' an' freezing to
Just a chance now nnd then for ketchln
ytiur breaths
An" during the time of this short Inter
lude. If S'Ou'to able to think sou'll doubtless
Whatever sou may have thought sou had,
You've got tho nger.
When vvc shullle off this mortal coll,
An' lenve this world of sorrow an' toll;
If we nln't got a cinch on tin1 place above,
That land of eternal pence and love,
Let's hope that hi nnjestv down below,
When; o nntiy poor sinners t'omc da"
mut go,
Will mike it too hot
I'or the ngir.
The name of tho author of the following
poem was withheld by requei-t:
llio Aug, I Msloii.
Methought I heard an angel sing
So heavenly sweet with tone so raro
It seemed the lluttnr of her win
Might ripple on tho listening air!
In cadence pure the notes arose
Ami swelled In rolling triumph on!
Tlun softly sank to still repose
The anijcl back to Heaven had gone!
I looked and lo' 'twas sou who stood.
With i-mlllng Up and soulful ee,
And btckonul me towards tho good
The runs In T.lfe the Purpose High!
I follow, for It stems to me
God, from Ills gloilous choir above,
Let sou come down to rarth to be
A messenger of Talth and Love!
The following clever pirods" was written
b Miss Clara Townsend:
l'huiiii Taper.
(So-called )
not to write.
To write or
That Is the
Whether 'tis better for the health, to suffer
Tho stings and prlcking3 or uneas- con-
Or to take arms against the committee's
And, b- opposing, squelch them. To
write, to read,
Ayo, theie's the nib! for when that reid-
lng's o'en
1nt Jeurt, may come, as, conscious of a
duty nobly done,
Wo wait applause. There's the respect
xnat maues oi us mere iiuniunb ol me
powers that be
For who would spend tho agonl7ing hour.
Tho lestless dasi nnd nights devoid of
In struggling to get up a funns" piper?
llut that suhseivleiico to .1 diead commit
tee, Who, puffed up by the Insolence of olllce
Impose on othi rs, thingb thes' could not do
Clippies the will, and makes us meekly
bear the Ills we haio
And diead sUlt othns that wo know- not of
Thus custom has made cowards of us all.
And thus our native hue of Independence
Is sicklied o'tr bv an unwonted meekness
'lhe while with minds on distant vengeance
Wc wait our time for action,
l'riends, fellow sulfeieis, and marts rs!
Lend mo sour ears!
I como to builesquo Shakespeare, not to
pralso him.
The good, things that men write live after
Tho' eredlt oft Is stolen bs' Baconians, o
let it be with .Shakespeare Ono Don
nells' Hath told S'ou Shakespeare was a first
class fraud
Tit, i- Tinntiflilv. on know, is nun himself
Though many men there bo esteem him
Tor Donnelly's the Idol of tho Populists.
But I speak not to disprove what Donnelly
Or to cause tears o'er Shakespeare's fun
eral My mihslon Is to write a funny paper.
And should 1 fall In my appointed duty,
I should do Finney wrong and liigger
iv rr.ni-
And w rone the whole committee. I w 111 not
do them Wrong' , , ,
I rather choose to burlesttuo Shakespeare
And bore ms'selt and you
Than disappoint my honorable frlenOs
If you have smlles prepare to smllo them
You all do heir this piper, "tls a funny one
Though -ou might m-'t r suspect It,
For what's commanded surely must be
And though there's neither wit nor humor
Come I 'to read the stuff that I have writ
ten, And on must And It funtlV.
The iiuullty of humor Is. not strained;
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
And none hath dropped on me,
.... I.. I. . a l.n nnnoliuiTn.i.l V..., .,...
;Vlltr 13 W "" tl.HIB'(l Will. "IIU-
bo I
Can stialn a point and something fun-
ns tay
All! I perceive you smllo; It gives mo cour-
flood friends, sweet friends, let me not stir
sou up
To such a sudden flood of mlrthfulness.
It Is not meot that you should laugh Just
Wait till I give the signal nnd all laugh,
For then you'll l-.no ,v I have tald some.
thing funnv
llut Iiere's the eiiib. Tho riast Side Liter
ary. O. -what a club Is this, my countrsmen!
Tliero you and I and all of us miy go
And drlnl; dfop di.tusbts of koul-ref resiling
Ky listening to some fifteen hundred us.
Musli' galore and elocution grand;
All to be bad for the small sum of two
dollars, pas able Uri. tls in udvanie
Oh' should I sneak tin glories f that club
I ml(,ht wa doquenl Instead of Witts',
And 'tls not so li-corlid in the bond.
Nor will 1 wtong m honorable friends
Who feel, I tear, ere this like Betting them
n club
Tor other uses.
What, smile sou at one simple little pun?
'Tlk but the Invvtkt oidir of all wit;
There must b butter things than that In
When I've ransaeke.4 the corners of my
To find the wit an 1 humor laid way
Whatl Kmpty spae' Huar with me. friends,
My wit has gone awav to find my humor
And I must pause till they tome back to
Us' They come not back. I cannot do It
Thou-th you can make me w rite upon your
Von cannot so compel me to be funns'.
Hesldik if humur sou must have
Trs Il"b Hurdette, l!l) Nye or Whltcomb
Those men, ou know, are paid for being
And If these please sou not, then cross the
do to the Dickens or to Thackeray
My friends' restrain sour mirth, "Here's
too rau"h lev Its'."
'Tls sour own wicked minds pervert my
I am no humorist, as sou know full well;
llut as you know rao al), both plain und
And one that loves mine case, as they
know well
That laid command on me lo speak to sou.
Ah! let mo but onee catch them on tlv- hip
I will feed fat tho ancient grudge I bear
I am no humorist as Riley Is.
Itlles-. Clara T. There were a humorist
Would make sou smile and hold your ach-
Jne sides ,.
We Stand
For the niauos we sell
ably a thousand miles nway. We guarantee all our
pianos to be just as represented, and we don't have
to make good any deficiencies in them, becauso we
know the pianos we sell and wo don't sell any that
are not of the highest grade. Find out about us be
fore you buy.
Otilrst Music llntlso
In Kansas 1 1 v .
And stop sour brnlli for litightrr.
Ave! make soil sit chlram ed till rosy morn
And thin like Itn kless "OUv er" rle up
And "ask for more ' There were a humor-
1st indeed ,
When comes there itch another?
Hut being as I am devoid of fun ....,.
Now sou may smile at last; in' paper r
A poem entitled "Din Cupid" was con
tributed by Mr. W. IS. Hernfor.1, one en
titled "Brewing Teat." by Mr. AS. II. Cllte.
nnd one entitled "Two .Missions.' If M
V. i. Hnstlngs. and were read, though
they were not part of the competition. I
request of the mithors
At the close of the programme the oltlcer
for the ensuing J ear were clotted, a roi
l0TrVsldejit, 1". 11. "etl; Men mesMent
C. 12 Itlckerts, s-eiretars, Miss llattle Al
Ion treasurer. Mr. Mastln flmpn. 'V
porter, Mr W. 11 Orilllth; sergcant-at-nrms.
Mr John Itoland, editor of the It. -view,
Mr. W. II. C Inc. his assistants belne
Ml"" Anm. Cnikener. Miss UeutiK Hesl
und Mr. 1'rank Lucas.
The higher education of vvomen I .In
complete unless h understands bak'ng
with Dr. Trice'E 13-iklng Towder.
i:ti.an.vi ion Mr Acc'i:rri:i.
Ibo Count .ludgis Ditlde t" Invcstlgati.
tin ul Ow rn r Ilnls.
Solomon Divls, tho Pnl MI1U road over
seer, put in an appearance before the coun
tv court vesterdas, for the purpose of ex
plaining away some of the i barges pre
femvl against him bs t?Miicn, of his dis
trict S'ome dnvs ngo D 1. .Mvcns, a resi
dent of Tnl Mlll. made charges against
Davis and the county court at onco notl-
lled -Mr Uavls that his prit-encc was wane-
" "",.'-",?" Y.'.u "V ; ,K ..mount In W ork
and that the agiecment was never carried
"yVstcrdav Nlvens filed some more charges
to the eftect thnt Divls had men In the
district help build a barn 011 his piemlses
and credited their wages on their poll ibn
Mr Davis mide the statement to the
court vesterdas that he could refute the
charges made and make an explanation
s2 isMctor" toth, .ourt D wis stated that
he had hired eeit.iin nun in his d .trie t o
woik on his bun an 1 credited them up
with their poll tax To offsit this, he had
hired men to tike th. Ir places on the load
work. In this wav tho counts" was made
safe. He then m.ule an cMiaustlve explan
ation as to the duplkate werk. which was
listened to patl.ntlv by the liiembers of the
court Th Judi.es dc-oldnl to hold an tn-ve-tl-ration
and n.itllled Mr. Davis to bring
his witnesses Into court I rldav next, liv
ens nnd his wltnessis were al-o notllled to
put in an appearances
. w -Milts I lied.
rr,2S. rrcemin r. JxirKenuiii ei
il ns
Jones .x. CO. vt. J S. -Molt
sale of home-
""'.v-i American National bank, of Kan-s-Ts
(Mtv- vs. . A ltogtrs et nl; cqults.
T&i Hlla M. liamiard vs. W. 0. llan-
n"rCTidT"o Robertson vs. II. C. Shepherd
'; 'ti urThompson vs.James Thomp-
fc-Sial.n1rt Scares vs. J. V. Hood and
KtSi SSSI "ri'tavold vs. Theodore
Sl-rirrJ-Cr:Lnuis-Minnhelm . Kansas Cits
fnhlo ll.1lln.1y Uilll 1 inr uaumt-r-.,
Ti"ii l'atillno Murphy
William 1.
"iellasVSr; Wegsteln is
Schmidt t nl, notes
iCx Minnie Crockett vs. J.
et'CJ First National binlt, of Kansas
Cftv vs .M. It. Hehnev , notes,
iillo Hubert I. MeCJuiddy vs. J. Crates,
'" Jll'l"1 Westport ex rel Standard Invest
men" Compinv vs. Thomas li. Tomb et al.
""J?!!!?1 May O' Donald vs. William O'Don-
al;v,u! Alexander Cigar Company vs.Klein
"Still nMorrU Hpteln vs. Morris I.ns-aro-
V"!i,b1UCondi''mnation of F.leventh street
from South Aintkld place to Agnes ave
nue vs. from M.isor'a com t; appeal.
WOlt-. Mechanics' bank, of Jxansas City,
vs Abel LlngT et nl, note
SM7. Cor.t Ilrown vs. Thomas Hrovvn.
-SisStobert J McQulddy vs. Mary
Sm'U!! eTho:uIoYw!!;M vs. Missouri Tacinc
nll.i l,. Pnmtniii . il.imiCi1!.
iliW Kansas Clti Star Company vs.
Hainmerslough Clothing Comp ins', note.
.'3GM Mitropolitin National bank vs.
Hamnuir-lough Clothing t'ompans . note
JJtw. ine lxansis eny iiim-s .yur-ii ti-t-t
Company vs. ilamnierslough Clothing Coni
panv, an omit .... ,,
2?il Louis Hornthal et al vs. Hammei
slough Cliithlng Comiians ; account.
SiUil, Hoscnwald .C Well vs. Hammer
blough Clothing t'ompiny, account.
'UM. Marv .V- Haas Jeans Clothing Com
pany, of St Louis, vs. H.unmei slough
Clothing Comp m; account.
'Jui",D. Julius Hi a enrich et al vs. Hain
merslough Clothing Compiny, note.
23i"7. Samuel Hosb et nl vs, Hammer
hlotigh Clothing Cornpinyj nccount.
SSoM II. W Hinaur et al vs. Hammer
slmiKh Clothing Compiny: ncmunt.
S,'i. lohn Itisha and Daniel C. List vs
James It. Mollvited; note.
:'..iai). Adam Long ct .11 vs. L. u. -xiartin
et ni: iquitv
Wl. Tarlin .t Orendorff Company vs.
I. I' roitune et al; notes
Sic'. Lllyabeth Ducklngham -vs. William
J, Ilucklngliam; divorce.
.SJU..I 11) 1111 h Cruen McCluro vs. tho
Truvldenie Ktvlngs Life Atsurnce Society,
of New York; on polks'.
ZVf.t. Annie J ijuln-iran vs, Aldlco 1
Vv.ilkir et al; damages
s3e. In the matter of tho application or
Vl.ny D. Lawreneo for llcenuu to ptactlce
la w.
jsiffl. Kan'is City Printing Compans vs.
Conway T. Holmes; nppeal
W.1.7, James J. O'JJoiincll vs. Kansas
SIVA Hoxy M Smith vs. William Orafen
bteln: innncy.
Sit) llennan Stelnwender et al vs. v.
Crawford, note.
: ?i WVir rurnaco Company vs, Andrew
G Hnlwell et nr contract.
iSni Joseph JamUon vs, Magglo Jam
ison, divorce,
'F J s McOonlgle vs. tho Mathovv
Cual Compans- it nl. note,
Wt,73 Cits of Westport ex rel H. V. VIM.
lips, vs. Illlzabith I'fith: upiii.il
J3i,7l Clay Tetera vs .Metropolitan Street
rtallnav ioiiinanv . ann.ii!
75. John A. Hrowii vs. lien S. Strother
.'3ij7i), Julia Dun.tnav vs. Mctronolltan
Sli.it itillwav i;o..iiMnsrdiinagT",an
ja.77. City of Wustpou e rel S. H.
hjrotner vs. Frank u. Hadley et al; ap-
-;ii,3. joiin naneocK Jiutual Life Insur
""j" Compans. vs. ltobert McAllUtir;
i,U. .Times A. Wallcmever vs Kansas
City and National Water V0rk3 Comp' ny;
damages. ' ' '
Wtt, Carlton P. Sigler et al. as ''Auto,
matlo -Muslo Company," vs. J, L. Solm:
contract. '
S3CS1. Sime vs Joseph Laeiller et al. as
"Joseph lielller S. Co ", lonttuct
J3i.'. Morris rtonensteln ct ul as "Alex
ander Cigar Comp in)-." vs. M. It, Klein tt
ill; note
iwu. it. O. Mcoui is, Metropolitan
Street Hallway Comiuiiy: damages.
XuSt. John I'roini vs. Armour Tacking
Company; damag' s.
ISMS. Iark Henderson vs. Arjlitir Full.
tn-iii et al.
S3iC. Ill the mitter of the application of
Le-roy O. bllbaugh for license to praetlce
l-3Ca7. Catherine Otllesple vs. 1 B. Stew
art: damages.
58. In the matter of the application of
Jefferson Jolinson for license to practice
2JC83. Olorence W. Swomley vs Kansas
City & Independence llapid Transit Hull
wuv Company ct nl. damai.eE.
SiuM. Churles S flove vs. Francis
ml, pending an invcsugauuiu ;""'"
lpgoil that Divls had oven hirged the counts-
fir blacksmith work; had received JP.J
:'..;.,- t...dnn.tit- th.it rpsldellts of
fioihingc-r ei-ui; iiuie
MtAl. Andrew J, Handy vs. J, W. Thom
as: ejectment.
2M. Same vs. M. Clchenbcre; eject
ment. - w
- - not the manufacturer prob
921 Alain Street.
I't il. Smio v, M. olfson! ejectment.
1,01. Hdwln H. Mower vs. ltosal 0. Oar
land, note. ... ...
S3t '".. Lewis C. Watson v. lMword .
La Veltie et nl: mechanic's lien.
:.' ltobert I. .viiijiildJy vs. William C.
Stewart et nl; tax. bills. . ,, ,,
jst'7 Mary arny vs Kansas City Cable
Hallway Comp.tnv; damages.
I3C93. Hello 1'ollender vs. Lena Hirsch ct
al pirtltlon. . ....
SWi City Of Westport ex rel James It.
Woods vs Martin I. I.eiller; tax bill.
S17W. Mollle Cartright vs. Daniel Cart
right, divorce, ...
St7ii. City of Westport ex rel J. It.
Uiinds v J. A. Itoll et al; tax bill.
2V:. Citlierlne Hall vs. Samuel H. Strm
itli 111; note .,,,11..
2J703. Marv ltnn v. the Trudentl.il In
mi incc f'ompanv of America, Jsjlics'
.'3701 Tintl .V- Limbert vs. v. A JUoJ
Harvester Companv: nttacltment, Jl.ovl 01
:37ei;. A. F. Anderson vs. L. il. Davis;
ns37i-5. Ida M. Teacoclc vs. Charles II
1VSo.?UMaU?eCT. Williams vs. Linden C.
Alexander, bond.
B70S llessle FIsk vs. V, 11. Moorhead;
SlTW. 'in re application of supreme Brand
council of the world of tho Sons nnd
Daughters of Jerusalem for pro forma de
1 ree.
S!710 Hxpressmen'B Investment Com
panv vs. Howard Oovo ct al, note.
23711. ilattle Frisco vs. Joshua Frisco;
' 58712. ' William P. ilartln vs. Metropolitan
Strett Kiilwav ConiMtiS ; damages,
23713. Mildred II. Hurlbut vs. Hmcrson
F Hurlbut; divorce.
237H. Soney I'ickett vs. J. IT. Schvvcn
sen, damages.
23715 Hood Bros.' Stove nnd Furnace
Companv vs. Molllo H Smith et nl: note.
23710 Herbert H. Y.nger bv- Robert L
Yeager, pro ami, v s. Kansas City and Inde
pendence Air Line ct al; damages.
2..717 Julius C. Hdwards vs Metropolitan
Street Hallway Compans : damages.
2371. Hlrdie Mink vs. William F. ilink;
divorce. .
23719. Ilooren-Owcns-Itentschler Com
panv vs. Westport and Waldo Hallway
Compins" account.
237-.0 Nathan Scarritt et nl vs K.ina
CItv- & Southern Hallway Company; dam
ages. Z3'll H. M. Ilolden, a.i-Ignee of the
Kano-is Citv Sato Deposit and Savings
bink vs S. C Hagan: note.
217JJ. Charles L. fcklnner vs. ilathcw
Midden; appeal.
2372J Joseph Sharp v Olive V. Sharp;
divorce. ....
28721. Metropolitan National Hank of
Kansas Citv- vs. George Kumpf; note.
J872" Hmma H. Knight vs. Isaac B.
Knight; divorce.
237.M D M. Warner vs. John W. Fuller
et nl breach of contract.
23727 S. N. Schwartz vs. John W. Ful
ler. alars'.
ZX2K Xinnlo Hutchison vs. John H.
Iltitchlcim; damages.
2372D The Albtifjuergtio National Bank of
New Mexico vs. W. F. Wjman; convcr-
23730 Pharls A. Gety vs. ilars" G. Gety;
237.lt. Tho Interstate National bank vs.
D. il Hvre ft al: attichment.
23732 C M. Folk vs Kansas City and
Irvlependence- Air Line, damages.
SIT"". Amandor Andrews vs, Maria
Theresa Andrew-.; divorce.
2'!73l Anglo-American I.ind, Mortgige
and Agencs" Company v. Kansas Cits" Ter
ra Cottn Lumber Company ct al; notes and
2371" A r, Whelplcy et al vs. Missouri
Facillo ltaliway compans-.
23730 Jennie- Aimltago vs. J. W. 'Armit
age divorce.
2:1737. il H. DiifHg vs Gustave Her
henier ct nl: from Independence.
2373S .1. S, ilartln b. Mary il. Abel et
al. note
2378 J C Gates vs. C. C. Adims.
28710 Union Trust Compans-, of St. Iyouls
et il vs. C L Duihnm; account
28741 Herman Stroeh vs. W. J. Held;
2..712. William Allbrltain vs. Alfred D-
moek: ejectment
23713. Union Trust Compans' of St. Louis
et nl vs. A W. William; account.
23711. Frmk J.u kmaii vs. J. S. Duke
tnin; damiges.
2371" Andrew Drumm vs. John A. Hlalr ct
al; note.
Strict observance of hygienic laws in
sures healthy viiror of brain and body.
Trice's Cn am Uakmsr Tow der as .in aid is
t'ourt Notes.
Judge Pobson will hold court this after
noon and will hear motions only.
The Genesee Street IJulldlns Company
yesterday Hilled Its artlcli s ol incorpora
tion, there bilnj a technical error in them
as tiled a few weeks uko.
The Anslo-Amerlean SfortR.iBe'Compiny
yesierdij brought suit utralnst John C
fitiKe i: D HI1.1 low and others to recover
?il,400 alleged to be due on notes.
The supreme council of the world of tho
Sons and D-uiRlitf rs of Jerusalem yister
day lllod application nt the circuit clerk's
cullco for pio form l decten of incorporation
The Foclety is composed of toiiio of the
fotunost colored pcsjplo of the city.
ttoinev YciB.r, In behalf of his son,
Ileibeit II. Y.airer, yesterday tiled a suit
for (killing's In lhe circuit court for J3.I")
atalnst the Kansas City .V; Independence
Air I.lno 1 illwuy Tho boj's arm was
broken nt Tairtuount paik last AuKitat,
when an clevatid sldew'ilk collapsed throw
Intr him, wlthinin otheis, ipiltu a distance
to tho Rroimd.
Mrs. llessle risk yesterday filed a suit
against W. f! 3looihc.ii, .1 well known
broker, for $10,CnJ damigi'S, eharKlnsr him
with Blnnder Hho alleges that lie calleil
her "a thing," nnd that he ald tiiat she
ivab no lady. Sir. Jlnorchead lives at OuS
Uak street nnd Mrs, n-ik was tlio nearest
neighbor tit tho time of the trouble riince
then she has moved to another part of
United States Judge Fhillps yesterday Is
sued two oiders for tho icmov.il of federnl
prisoners from tho state. Ono was Mr 11
A, Ilvert, who will be taken to Omaha
this morning by Iieputy Sam Shelby, nnd
tho other is for Henry Schnelby, who villi
bo taken to IKs Molucs, In., to answer to
the charge of Illegally helling liquor Ho
villi ha taken there by Deputy Harry
A damage suit has been brought against
Kam-.iH City for ?ri,eA by James J. O'Don.
noil lie .tllegis that he Injured his bac'k
b falling through a defective sidewalk,
and his damuges nra such us to keep him
fioiii his business ami to destroy his hap-plue-s
and pi in a of mind. Mr O'Donnell
Is als-o known as James Dwei. Ha Is
now in tho grocery business at Tweiii)
third und Indian v avenue.
Tho following suits for divorce were filed
vitetday In tho clicult court: Joseph
Miaip against ouvu v, Mtnrti; umni.i i:.
Kniglit aRiilnst Isaao II, Knight: l'linrifc A
tlety against Mary a doty; Illtdlo Mink
(iBalni.t William U. Minki Amaudor An
diew ngalnst Maria Thereta Andrews,
Jennie Armltago against I. VV. Armltage;
Jlnttle rrUo against Joshua Urlnco; .VIII
dicd M. Huilbut against Ilmerson F. Hurl
hut T, M. Winn was nrrnsted yesterday morn
ing by Deputy M.tishal Him Shelby on tho
chiiri.ii of running a saloon v. itliout tho
foimabty of having a government license.
He was taken before Commissioner I'arry
und walvi 1 examination and was put un
der bond for his nppc iranco nt tho next
term of couit, It 13 allegeil that iccently
ho tamo Into possession of the saloon at
tho Metropolitan hotel by purchasing It
fiom John Martin. Martin had secured a
license und the otllcers claim that Winn
did not have tho license chariged or re
newed, liilng it still In the name of Martin.
Miss Adia lluthford has brought a dam
ago suit for i'i against Slinond Temjots
ky. who caused her to be brought Into Hen
SpIU's Justice court and caused her name
there to bu entered on the criminal docket.
She allegi-s that this injured her character
and reputation, bhe was arrested on hux
plcion of having stolen about 510 worth of
goods, which were missing from TeinJoU
ki's store, at fourteenth street and orand
avenue. Miss Jtuthfonl lives at 1410 Urand
avenue. Shu ul.-o wants 110 damage for
having to repaik her trunk, which was
opened and seauhed by a constable armed
with u search wurrant from Justice SpiU's
Fifteen cc-uU a, week tor tUe Jour
ul Acltvezed ut jrou aaer.
JW.W k.
nujifM iriv,viii
Children's Goods.
TJie Grandest Exhibit of Its Kind Ever Made Here
In the
My Entire Stock of
JLZtf L(a,
At Public Auction, Com
mencing j"loncIay, March
25th, at 2 p. m. and 7:30
p. m.
Going out of business.
18.7 tVlainSt.
Uv a thoioiiKhknowIedEoot the natuial laws
v. huh govern tha operations of digestion and
nutrition, and by a careful application of the
line properties ot wtll selected Cocoa, Mr. Kpps
ImspiovlUed tor our breakfast and supper a
uelle itely llavpied bverago which may save Ui
many heavy doctors' bills ll Is by tho Judicious
use ot such articles of diet that a constitution
may be gradu ilty built up until stioug enough
loH-dn overy tendency to disease iluudicds
of subtle m dailies are llnattng around us leaily
to allium wlu-reier there Is a vicalc point, Wo
may .-scane many a tatal fcbatt by ki epluc our-be-lves
well fnrttlled with pure blood and a prop
orlr nuiirlslied fiaine." tlril .vrr Oaztltt
Mule hlinply viltli boiling water or milk Sold
only la half-pound tins, by groceis, labeled thus
JAMES El'l'S i C0.,LU., Uo--opalhie Chemists,
California's Charm!
You must go tlieits to discover it!
Thu best way because tho
quickest tinii nnd most comforta
ble is via tlio
Santa Fe Route.
Ono day saved lo Lo-. Angeles.
I'or descriptive, literature,
1". T. A., A. T. A. . V, It. It.,
Manufacturers and Engravers of . , .
Itubber mid htiel
htendlH, llnisi, Cheihii,
Wax ami otarl it
hi .tin,
Illlibon and Mi till
llililKm, VV llltn
I'miiiicl I.itler Mkii.
Tel. 963. 802 Delaware St,
Trad all Foruii f
AVealcnesa ami
Dibordcr of
Cosl.TATION Funis.
iiimiv 1'itci;.
S. W, fvr. Sill i ilia Mi.,
IK. C.
Tent & Awning Go,,
of An uIuks of all kind.. Touts
of ull klud. 1 lJk-, I'aulin.,
Coin oi "ll "luus. oeuuiuc
prlilfc 'Itltphouo 1014.
1UU ,Vet Elgbthlbt.
;,. x.V
fan R-l
jf'jfi s
Suit Department, Third Floor.
Vou arc cordially invited.
bUCClsoltS 10
w P?jSwHiMViiWi423fwwi tiw Pkjsv
i Y . ' if rrflhW II 1 Pff'ltf I iwtHJvv'Wrwi 1 'I 11 s- hit J vfrst l
Wim9M llw tin
Coin's Financial School
Is Waking Up the People
Sonil 25 cents to the .Tournal, Kansas City, Mo., and a copy of Coin's
Finanuial School will bo .sent to your adtlrcbs, or call at tho Journal business
ofiicc, Tenth and Walnut.
Doctor' Henderson
102 and 104 West 9th Street, Kansas City, Wo.
Tho Old It lbiblo Doctor. Olilo.t In Ace, I.oncef t Located. A Ilcfrnta
llradualo in Jledielne. titer ;!7 eam Special 1'iiictltc.
Authorized by tho Stato to treat CHRONIC. tICBVOUSanrj SPECIAL DISEASES. Cure
kItKt m
miaranteeitorinoueyri'iiinueu. jvuiniuiiinc-siiiriusueiiru.uij.ui u,i-. ...... t ..u-
Euiiiryvrhcro.freolromi'azoor'lirc-altase. Cliantcs low. Over i,u cases .cured. Ago and
rlneSnnn nrn Jinnnrtant. biato v our caso and neud for terms. C'ouiultatluu ia free and coufl.
lentlal, cither ncrwnally or by letter.
Seminal Weakness and
producuiK losse3. pimples nnu mote nes on 1110 i.ico, rusue-s 01 uiwu in uj.u.i, ,,. ... "-i "",
fused Ideas und forKCtftilncss, basUfulness. aversion to fcocicty. loss "' fV?""' 10""' '" i
tnanhood, &e , curiU forllle. I can stop nllnlslit lossi s rcbtnro lost nexualpowcr, lestoronerva
and bruin iiuwer. Lnlarco nnd strenittUcu vvcalt parta and raaUe s ou lit foriuurrlagc.
C.,,,,:t:g thattcrrIbladlscase,inoUitsCfr:cfU.e permanent 7 curei
SypnillS, TlirIm Und Mjkcj cured fori3"1 ,- . -aitlc, euitla 1
ilfo. lilood rolsontin,'. hum Iliseiisos. Ulcers I Bounds. Ko pain, no exposure. 1',
bweillngs. sorcs,i,oiiorrncrannuiiicci,iinuiiu
forma of l'rliato Diseases posltlTely tuttd or
money retuuded.
Rnnl.- for both fcics. ffl paces, ST pictures.
UUIv truo t0 u0, whh lull dc'criptlon of
abov 0 diseases, tho effects autl cut c, s-ent m nl
oilinpuluvvi ipperlorfc.in stamps. Head thin
little bouli nnd uasiver list o( ducsllous.
Free flluseum of Anatomy riaisrur'Slfe's'ho 8op..-
llfo-llko models and wax fluurei deeply Impress tha mladj a school of in-1 Sunjayi 10 U 14
atrucllon a tennou without vords. .......
u. h IhaunHaodeBotlttd In tha bank, uhlch I K..7 oclt for about dlsiasf that I caol our
tX-tvI Lf ii
niiirruiltsi i II. V. ItliOEK.
PlltlXlllllsi j g!,nr c, ,?UJ
. President.
;ui'r, vies ijre'u
Foroitru Drafts Issued ou
tiw mnll urMii.ilit. With
Sold la Kansaa City, Uo.4
ittUHt iUrUH Uimo.no oer, wmh,i. ul.. Als.uulc 'Jeuiplf, CUKiao., 1 1-
This book is orentlncj a sensation
tltioughout tho United States. It Is a
revelation on tho money question, nnd
is changing the views of. millions of. pa
triotic citizens on the great Issue now
before the American people.
This little book tells its readers more
about gold, sliver and the currency gen
cjally than any other publication we
know of, and In a way that every man
can fully comprehend Chicago Inter
, , ,, c, u..
Sexual Debility, (Sffi8$SSft
permanently cured without
uuuKlc-a ur
'alloni can
uso the tr atinent ot home.
Rheumatism ?luuS &
HUHBCUltll. 'ihoyroatut dlscoiery la thu
annals' ot medicine. Ono eloso gtiea relict; 9
luw doses remove fovrr und pain In Joints;-
euro la a few divs. bend natcmcnt ot case,
vi lth stamn lor circular. 1 "
24t, and Summl
Summit Sts.
New York Life Building,
It D Cotikoios. Cashier. U A. McKlBDts.
V, II. KUMf, II. j 11UCKE. S b. hHli
All Parts of tho Old Worjd,,
(Mi lucbiiwtik Memory .IsPlllrslarowtr.Ileadai,Uakefuiiiesi!
lD(iUt,ttttlTi3 0r-unkorU-vrftt;xcuukudbuv-rt-(rnnii. c,.ihr,.UH..
tncclouo ot tobacco, oi'luiu or nliuDt. vihich lou m Ititlriiiltr Can.
I1,nf.lll,i J.kf hhlltillw rnlll.nriippli.,1ltivrt.f t.i-.. I . m mt . . . . 1 "
.! itnlr urn nl,, itt.. . ...
niidlhaaiir. IJrruiiir rrra. KsMbr ulluruml.n. Aik iurlt. ulS MM
by H. C. 'Ar Held. Druggist, n and Main streets
" k -

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