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q The Journal
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f&f ttj?5 if$
volume XXXVII. NO. 200.
J atltt Jf.
uttrttal .
The Journal
Is Read
In the Homes'
We have too many
Winter Goods
on hand.
Vjlillo tltoy tiro not of the
cucap, trashy, cntcli-pciiny
uraniM tlmt aro bclnp; nilver
tlcil about totvn.yot tho fact
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The Holdup rir Mllllnirsv-llln tlin Most
imring sinm ihr lij of .tp..o .Inmrs
St. Iul. Mo., March :. The California
express on the Iron Mountain, which was
hold lip by two masked robbers, one mile
this s de of WMlkim.t im t !...... .....
.., , . , -- ....v. ...w., iiinjut mill-
??. Li ll n,,rll.,' rcncleJ hero this forenoon
several hours lale.
According to tho trainmen, tho hold-up
c,n-r 1 .ot th. n,0,t ,lnr"'K th"t has oc
lm? -?nco.,he "",0 of th Jc" Jn'
; 1.,'" mcn took complete po.
iZ ?,1,L ''5 lr?m. n.nd hcJ erew and
Z::.J. :",':, ".." men- mercy. The r arms
KANSAS PITY, MAI10I1 20, 1805.
oKerV. ,XVY, cto Webbof Vh . cliS
fronuiK."?,'1 '";" '"''"t nlt S"J sards
front tml if ",T ,.tto ,I,C'.'. ot "
rittmrctiTioN ci.osks its kvidh.nck
I'ATHivric ci:nks i:NACTr.n in thi:
CtlUltT HOOM Dtlltl.Sd THK AV.
l?nl ?." .Vl '!? I renchnl tho for-
SUcwnM6" "T '"5Bnian,nn,hpl
1 ?..' K 'L'S CT,l'es from the extit
bnifK.iKo ear.
ortrr Irt
hll OV.IAttB HH.1
... .... , ,,,.-.,-, ,11.11
en nip mi. th ih.i. r,r
I ..... ...... .
"11 ianiprn nf ,...
of the iilchtt-ivrnniJ ii,u ""enuon 01 one
his mm T 1.1,1 n..Tpn,1 l, 'i"eil me with
hnniS ii l.SSk're'1 nu to "'row up mv
t 1.-.1 v '": Ky ''' mm nil
1 111111. Dinriftii t.v
the monny
nanus into my jcket nnVl io itiVii o i
in mi. .!. 1 U"!e ne ''eld h s p stol eloo
Inllin.Mlit.tnf It All the Two Men CharRed
Mltli the Terrible llillrborj-Silt L'n-
tnoTeit and IhilllTrrriit to the
t Acrmiiits ltfiitlltnR the
Hldcnm Crtiuu.
of lis.
tine omnithHU).!!V!nt "r.T10'''1 r finished eut-
Nothlnc Itecelrcd nt the htatn Ilepirtmcnt
lu Itcsurd to Urn ex-Coimtll.
Washlnfrlon, March 23. Hon. John M.
Langston.nho for some years past has been
counsel for cc-Consul John I.. Waller, of
Kansas, was at the state department to
day to ascertain It any news had been re
ceived oniclally of the reported sentence
of his client to tenty j ears' lmpilsonment
in Madagascar. Mr. rirt.rtitnM .iii,t,a i u
about time cable advices were recclved.but
In this he was dlsapiwlnted, for up to noon
nothing had come to the department. Cer
tain documents and letters from Mr. AV.il
lor bearing on the concession made to him
by the Hovii government and when neces
fcary will figure in the matter If It Is taken
up by the state department by Mr. ianifs-J.O"-
The refusal of Mr. Waller to file a
record of tho concession In the olllce of the
I rench recent 'n Madagascar, which, no
tloubt, has been a source of Irritation to
the authorities of that country and prob
ably Inspired the prosecution against him,
are set forth In the documents.
As the result of his visit to the state de
partment Mr. Langston expresses the con
viction the offlclatu will act promptly In
Investigating the matter of Mr. Wallers
arrest and Imprisonment, and that they
riiJLtiJ,1 "ieiVa retus, t( submit to the
disposition of his case by a court martini,
and insist-upon a civ II trial, as they did ill
tho case of Snnirnlllv In r.,h
Washington, March 28. (Specltl.) Private
Secretary Thurbor stated most emphatical
ly to-day that ho message had as vet been
r9ce'Yl by the president from Governor
?IO,r"i.ot Kinsf. 'n behalf of Mr. John
I.. Waller, Imprisoned by the French In
Madagascar. The statement was also re
alllrmcd nt the stato depirtment to-day
that nothing from the governor of Kansas
had been received ns yet.
A New Scuntnrlnl Candidate.
Dover, Del , March :S. The Illgglns peo
ple sprang a new candidate to-dav In
Charles r. Itlchanlson, of Georgetown
but the Addlcks followers refuseil to de-
'" uieir man nnu cast tneir regular quota
pf votes in both ballots that were taken.
It now seems as If the breach between
these two factions Is so wide that It cin
not bo healed. Tho two billots taken re
Milted as follows: Illgglns, 2: Addlcks
fCTh.aTJesrp-,1,!lc!,,!lrd,s- 7; Massey". 4; Itldge:
J), 7 l-d, Jj. Martin. 1.
track0n'hnmC?,'li,,he on,';"",cr to run up the
nV.Un?.K111. ''n,r a n,l,, "nil then brought
oiff'll anSt0p- M;,t,0, """ orde?ed
..,,. :.- -,---. -. nn 1111-1 viii trill 'ii. ill
.".iuno to the r enmmn.1 ni. .'"
5?r,uw conijoUorl to open the small safe
hnnnUr"" ,r a nlstol.' and "v hei ho said
?i?5!",tl ,not onP" t '" Hrger safe triev
threatened to km l.im ti,.. -iV" .. .rJ
oeai rTPVni i :: v;i''": ''":" i"e
.l " " ',,L. . ut"ssciiircr j-'ariev
inyy got nothing of value, as ail
Lilt? IT1IIII41- Tt
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Sheldley Uldg. 905 Main 8t
IIOTIQ ninnn- tit a .nn.t t-ii , V.
find lpft the ear. lie was ordered to close
o? '!??,0?n,,,,keel1, r10-" '"" "lev were
Out Of fi tJiir. rnHiinAH fn .i . . i
got crver the feno" on the weit side of the
...v ...... iiiuuc ior me woous. uoth men
MrS Tm11 consl"-lnc of a piece of black
cloth, with eveholes cut in. and were
?pTc' rnth.cr .s"abblly. Thev made no at
tempt to got at the passengers.
Mrs. Jfouli St rev lllo Confesses That Her
Husband ainrdercil Ills Aged Father
Ip.ir Tort Scott.
Tort Scott, Kas., March 2S (Special)
Mrs. Strcvllle, wife of Xoah Strevllle, who
Is under arrest charged with tho murder of
her father, Charles S. Strevllle, near here,
March 1C. has made a statprnpnt in .ht.t.
anu 5ajs ner nuuiml committed the crime.
She said that her husband was away from
home nearly all the night on which tho
murder was committed and when ho re
turned ho Informed htr of what he had
done, and threatened It she told it he
would kill her and the two little boys anil
then end his own life.
She said he hid blood on his over an'
under coats, which he binned. He alto hail
a small spot of blood lit his vest pocket
where he carried the knife with which the
murder was committed. This morning the
joungmin was confronted with Ms wife's
-. iieim-m, urn no tun denies all knowl
edge of the affali Ho was wearing the
..... ... .,,. u,,. ulu laiiui 01 ine murder,
"nil an examination showed where tho
Knife had been carried, as the tell-tale
stains were still on tho vest lining
All the evidence collected has been fer
reted out by Krnest Dennett and (Wollce
Judge Itobert Osborn, both of whom have
been working on the case since the mur
der was llrst discovered.
The Grand
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Walnut street, will tnko place,
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Wall Paper and
Parquetry Floor.
Iho Slajnr of Amy Tlilll Had Horn Vr.uy
Several 'Hints lu tho faint
I ew liars.
New York. Mnich :s-Tlnt tho murder of
Amy T. Thill and tho suicide of her si ly.
er, John lilgelow. were tho work of a. m id
man Is made more certain by the state
ments to-dav of John llolden, an Intl
mito friend of Hlgelow's. Holden says that
lilgelow had been Insane at least live times
within the past ten ears.
ine last time ho was in a lunatic asy
lum was In tho fall of 1V. whin he snnt
?,?,mpi"m; ln a ""yln at HartfSnl ' lie
i.'i n i,. H"-" I'e'-'l tlnit-s ln llloomlng
dali. His insinity. in the belief of ifni.ir.,.
f,Vi.Q ,W.1 ?f a 8UVt0 attack of ltoinan
Sw"iuV,ln,lJSnS:m,actea "hen a --eilr-
effl jrffio'-bSiVn? ffitty;
rlodlcal attacks of insanity. p
An nutoiisy upon tho body of lilgelow
was begun to-daj, In a not fount on This
person there was a pass for the Ilirlem
V'.e,am?,S,,,!"?i ,"'"1- 0l" 1" the name of
Jllss Thill, it was tinted MaichW. The?e
was also an ldpnl lln.iH.i ....... .... . "l..
reatllngi " """ "10
, iily i'larll.nB' sweetheart. Jack. An re
voir. Amy.
A number of pawn tickets were found ln
Ills pockets. Photographer lilk said this
morning that he had received telegrams
fa?!".,1'ft, SWJ, ''?". "' '" !H'l V H who
... rf .. ..to ...u ...... ..iHiii. ainiiug inat thev
were starting for this city, J
Terns l'mer lu tliernkie Ctiunty, Kim.
Tojwka, Kas March 25 -(Special,) To
day liovtriior Slorrlll Issued bis proe am
lion declaring !arden and l,onU town
shli. In Cherokee county, to u under
aunrantlne, in the pnici uuatlon the gov
crnor savp thcro is evidence that Texas
shirs' t0 "10 t'XU'"t J" xilcsa ,0""-
Ileudtiuurters fur
TtUphunu IU1III.
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TKMU'ilONK 3007.
Cnrrolllon, Mo.. March M (Special.) The
Interest In the Talor trial was unabalcd
when court opened this morning, the room
being crowded vvllli nnxlous spectators.
Tho two defendants In tho case still pos
sessed tint Indifferent bearing which Ins
oharactcrbed them since the bnglnnlng of
the trial. The stato began tho proceedings
by tho Introduction of M. 8. llurdett, of
llrownlng, a blacksmith, who said two
diys before the murder. Hill Taj lor went
to ins shop anil llurdett said to him that
Ous Meoks was back.
"Ves, and I know what he is back for,
nmt ho will get what ho came inck for,
too," said Taj lor. llurdett said Tavlor
spoko In an angry tone and his ejes
"What do j oil mean when jou say Ills
eyes twinkled?" asked Lawjer Hale.
"Why, jou know, 1)111 Taylor's ejes do
look pretty sharp when he Is mad," said
tho witness.
D. C. Tierce swore that soon before the
Meeks murder George Taylor told him, In
talking over tho cattle case In which Meeks
was expected to testlfv against them:
"We'll get tho fellow out of tho way.
He'll never testify against us."
A. It. Dllllnger testified that ho had a
conversation with mil Taylor. In which he
said that he would sco that Gus Meeks
would bo killed before ho would allow him
to testify.
Mrs. John Carter was then put on tho
s'tand. It was to her liouse that Nellie
Meeks went when she crawled out of the
stravvstack the morning after tho tragedy.
She Is W j ears old, and lives with her
son 1'rank, whose farm adjoins George
Tajlor's. nnd whose nouso Is 1 yards
..um mo straw stack, where the dead
bodies of the Meeks family were found. On
tho morning of May H she arose at 4
o'clock and prepared breakfast for her son,
who then wont to a distant field to finish
planting some corn, "llctween 5 and fi
o'clock," she went on, "I heard a peculiar
cry outside the house. I listened and when
It was repeated I recognized It as the wall
of n, child. I opened the kitchen door and
saw a llttlo girl walking towards me. I
said, Jiello, honej; where do ou come
from?' She said: 'I slept In tho hay
stack.' 'Where at?' I asked. 'Itlght out
jonder.' and the child pointed In tho direc
tion of the stack over In the middle of
George Tajlor's plowed field."
Mrs. Carter said tho child was crj-lnr
and held one hand to tho sldo of her face
with a hood In the other. 'I he child con
tinued sobbing and siitl; "Mv little sl,n.r
is out In tho straw stack. Please conio out
and helii me get her out." Tho child's hair
was thick with clotted blood, In which
straw- was sticking. There was blood on
her face and clothes, too. "Oh, it was hor
rilile," she went on, and the tears stn ameti
do'.m her che.k. "The child said her name
was ettIo Meeks. and her rnti. ...,.1
mother and little Hattle and Mamie, the
lubj'. were out In the stack with bloou all
ovil them."
Mrs Cirtcr sent her son, Jimmle Carter
n j ens old, to see If then- were any bodies
In tho stiaw, and she stood at the door and
watched them. She saw Gooi-ey. T.nin. i.-
jowlng near tho stack, and Jlimnlo went to
him nnd Taj lor stopped tho hirrow a mo
mtnt Then ho drove the horses nt a trot
to liN birn and took the boj with lilm In
a few moments the boy went back and
Mrs. Cartel sent III in and VhIM., . . - .
the stiaw stack, and she went to tho fence
and watched them, bhe saw Xettle dig In
tho stiaw. nnd then little Xettle throw up
her cl isped hands nnd cried: "Oh, mam
ma and pipa, oh, minima and papi!" '
The scene In tho touit room at this point
was veiy pathetic, The silence was In-
icuo.,, uniKtMi oniy iiy tne sobbing of the
witness and the suppressed breathing of
tho vast audience. Strong men were teen
to wipe the moisture from their nvrs no ii,n
details of the atrocious crime weia made
known, niiilng this pathetic plctuio as
presented by the witness, the Tajlors sat
unmoved mid with stolid Indlfferenco de
pleted upon their faces.
Mrs. Carter was asked if she saw In the
court room tho child who came to her
iiousu on tne morning the bodies were
found, unit she pointed to Xettle and called
tho child to her, Sho went to tho woman's
chair and .Mrs. Carter removed tho child's
mm u dimmer cap nnd looked at the livid
scar In tho crown of her head. "Vps " xhn
said, "this Is the bame little girl who came
to my house that morning."
There was the utmost Interest manifest
ed in the nppe.tiance of the little girl In the
court room und It was soino time before
quiet was restored.
The next witness was Mrs. Carter's son
Jimmle, who said that when ho started for
tho strawstack ho found George Taj lor
harrowing, und told him a little girl had
found tome dead people in tho straw stack,
Ho asked Taj lor to go ami help him find
them, but George took him to the barn and
made him hold tho tpntn uhiia ,a ...... ..
the house. He. came out quickly, saddled
?fi.S?ihl,i"S ".'".'J fr.mn ."" httrW legs.
i. r.L,rpnk",.',l..,l',r.rM hitched the tnim to
y,. i"-nK011 "'.'no '""" Ooor ami George
jRi.. Mcr?,,e,'' """""I 'rom the wheels.
11.. Jii i"rr,V.,rrup !'" tp,,m nlltl wnitnn to
un.1..1 ,er' "ir,'e ','':' tll'ttnt, whero ho
,. JU.'.' ,,. .ou": "Ork.When he removed the
1J1W miy trom tuS ,'w be found
blood 011 the wagon bed ami an attempt
had been made tn wash It off with coal o 1.
There were b g clots of blood on the coup.
II iff pole of the vynwoii, too. ll was thick,
lint not dried, nnd appeared In b.. mit more
..1.... .. .i- mini tun. v Mile Harris was
i,,?,1.',",? I? ,!,P "m.l,cr nl oVInelt (InorSS
i.!n...i",T?J,?riroi,' 'I1'.0" homeliiick, dl.
mounted hurriedly and disappeared on foot
In he I mber. A little later Hants heard
or the illcovir of the bndlo
John 11, Harris mid John Cornell If-sllile.t
iV .. . ' '"nen ini- wngou bed the t uy
after the murder and found blood stntni
l.dunrd Marlon. pK.lierirr nf l.lnn num.
tv, examined the wagon bed about tin dins
after the murder nnd the bottom of the bed
Jmciw!!?." iru '1" n bl00'1 t',",l on ""'
Cnrtollln'n, Mo, March -(Hpoelnl )
1,. i' .So",1 '" capture,! the I'ajlor
brothers in Arknntns, said he llrst saw
,1lniirA''l,"lan,"1, "'"A!!1 '"" 21,t of ut .lime
.ii..;.,'7nl"' ,Ark' ,TI" "wnntl time he saw
them vviifl fnup .bits t.f.. i . .u
, -..ol 'V .or.n M. "'e town, and he thought
t bej might be looking for a mine down
there and being Intcreitetl lu mines, he
made liiiiuirles about them. Had a eonver
satlon with them nnd thej gave their
names as l'lerce and IMwanls. "Thev ato
at the same table with me nnd 1 wntchtd
them very clotelj-, Taj lor seemed to sus
picion me and ejed me closely, which ex-
Fr!!r,ii",y.ic""0,."i'1 .' wcnt ,lon"' n.ler
Ing who thev might be and when 1 reached
home I searched the papers. I thought I
ini'LT?" ,l ,,"V'r"'.tlo,,ln omc l"l'er that
m ted them nnil when 1 found It I was sat
isfied I h ldthi. right men. I determined to
send Rnnltrono to arrest them and tried to
get several pnrtles to do i-o, but tould not.
rv. .... in; nj ,ti ,u rnnveniiou 1 round
them In a store, lly stmtegy 1 secured a
gun, and as they started from the store
called on them to halt, 'commanding them
Vi' il?.V-',,t,I,olr. naiV'"'. George thtew up
his. but III hesitated. I took them to the
store and had them searched. Wllllnm bud
... ,...,.,,.. 1 win uieiii wno J lliollglt t IOJ"
l.lttle Hock, to St. Iiils.(and then Maton,"
hoiith sild they nilmlttetl writing tho letter
l'it denltsl the killing, sajlng they gave
Meeks ji.ii.io to leave, tinfl that some one
must have killed them to get the money.
,.'"'. rincl,".,l,on of h,1"' testimony the
state rested. It has made a verv strong
ca.c. The defense will commence in the
Atlt.r. MAVOll MAMS )( iS WHOM:
ItlllV Miu 7
1111: list is i.v thi: hands or
Hi'ixiAiu.i: cm.r.Ns,
riioor r i'aijis.
Thn r.i.lllnn nf the .Mayor anil t hlef of
l'tilltn l'nrr tIipiii In an Itnrnvl-
llbln Light lleforp the l,i,iT-
Abldlng Cltlrpiia,
Another Atlnrk Made by tlin "Capital"
Upon .Mr. I.elaiid and the I.ntter's
Itriet It. ply.
Topeka, March :s. (Special ) The Dally
Capital contnlned another assault upon
Hon. Cjrus T.cl mil, which has called out
louu nna vigorous condemnation from ev
ery llepubllcan In the stato liouxe. H lias
also been tho subject of talk upon ho
streets to-tlaj-, to tho exclusion of nil
other subjects, nnd It Is the almost unani
mous, decision tint Mr. Leland his done
nothing as a tltlcn or politician to war
rant the roasting which the Capital gives
him. Mr. I.eland denies that he was ln-
UUeneeit IO mnkn nr.tnf.lnf.tt niiln.i (2...
utor Itogers by the bitter's opposition to
the board of public works. He sajs tint
" ntlthcr approached the senator upon
tint subject, nor does he deem the loss of
the appropriation for tint board to
""' luiitniueneo enoilKll ior fthjuodj' to
make a fuss over It. ills leal reason for
miking the complaint agiJnst Senator
Itogers was a. pntrlotlo one In the opinion
,r. 1'l' friends, who will sr hold until some
thing besides the word of tho accused sen
ator Is piesented.
The piraci. wih In the Capital's editorial
to which the friends of Mr. Leland object.
Is as follows: '
"It will be a funny bit of news to all
mh!i,,Vr,,i kn"f.y.L'el',n1 that drinking
whisky N oonsuleretl tv-pollUcal crime by
him. .No politician Indtansss has In nil
probablllti paid for mole political whis-
iV '"'".' ,'vppiejnriv uvrus nnil as long as
the red liquors are ucd bv Iteiiulille.ni
Cj s nam. would not be nppended to
c-harges The whole thing Is a roaring
farce. 'J be regret Is not tint It makes Mr.
Iceland ridiculous, but beonusu It It neees
sai y for the ltepubllcan party to apologlro
and exiilnln the Ineonslslency of the eh ilr
man of the Iteimbllcau state centril com.
Mr. Itlautl IleplliK.
To-dtV "Mr. T.elTtt.l Itpon ir.i.1 ,I.a rnltnn.
Ing, In explui itlou of his net lu taking
the Inltlalorj against Senator Itogers'
The gr. at tilucatlonal Institutions of
Ixnii.iM hive alwajs been the n elnl pride
or lui ptoplt immense sums of nioiity
have been lieely sjh nt to build up the state
. .....wi.j 1,1, , i iiiiKC' nuins are silent .111-
nu illj In its maintenance and t nl irge.
tiient 'the people til Kansis hope to in ike
i'. V.'"'i "J. '.'"' "rv'tett linlveisltles in the
L'nltitl htates Anj thing w hit h tt nds to
Itiwei Its mtiirtl tone will tend i.ipidlv to
Its destruction. 1 deem It the dutj of ev
nj tltlreu of the state tt. iiroteet this
gieat Institution from contamiii uitni with
...I j rin iiiiiut'iiit' i.viiienee is utiun.l int
slum Ing that h.nator Itolg. rs Is totallj
unlit to act as one or the regents bv rea
son of h s personal habits. The statut. s
of the .state provide tint publU ollleers
gulltv of iliiiiikeniifhs skill lie removel.
Against no olhei class of ouV.ms should
the statute be moie llgorouslj enfontil
thin the legcnts of om tdut itlonat In
stitutions I or tilt so leisons. und knnulnir
L. ft. ... ... . .. .1 ... t . ' . .. ...""""
-r .... n in iLiuil.lll LI lltlger H llllilt
For jenrs the Journal lm? been flght
Ing against gambling nnd nil other
forms of law breaking In Kansas Cltv.
In this light It has ha.l opposition to
It the Buattllnns of the law as well as
the other newspapers of the eltj-. When
tbo Heptibllcnn admlnlstiatlon took the
reins of government It was supposed
" ",u "ior.ii ana pnjFicnl support of
tlmt administration would be given to
llio newspaper which stood on the side
of tlccencj-, morality nnd law ami order.
.Some tlnjs ago tho Journal published
a local ntticlo which showed that
gambling was going on In several paits
of tho city, boltllj-, In splto of the con
tinued protestations of tho chief of no
lice to the contrary. There was no in
tention of waging war on either the po
lice force or tho administration, but the
chief of police took It ns n direct nttack
upon him and replied lu the usual ch.ar
ncteilstlc manner of men who are cor
nered, llu denounced tho artlclo as a
newspaper "fake."
In substantiation the Journal offered
to place nt the disposal of the chief a
list of gambling houses In Kansas City
where games were running "wide open"
If ho woultl promise to close them. There
was no request from tho chief for tho
list anil, ntter waiting a time in pa
tience, tho Journal printed, yesterday
morning, the following editorial:
"Some dijs ago the chief of iwllee de
nounced an article lu the Journal rein tie e
to gambling In Knnsns Cltj- as a fake. The
Journal olTered to furnish the chief with a
list of gambling rooms if ho would promise
to suppress them.
"Tho list has not been called for. The
Journal Ins the addresses of twentv-thrce
gambling rooms In full bl it In K.ansns
i uj. 'I lie mends of Chief Specrs say that
the board of police commissioners hold
him back.
".Major Davis Is president nt the board
and, ns there are two vacancies on the
board. Is the board at present The Jour
nal still has the list of gambling rooms
and will furnish it to the proper authori
ty for ortlon. 1 hat nuthorlls Is .Ither m.iv.
!.. . . .... ,.
ur u.in or cmti speers
"The gambleis are active: the Journal
has the list; who Is responsible for the
delaj ?"
l.ate josterday afternoon, after Its ,ap
peir.ance In both the evening papers, the
i ditor of the Journal received the follow
ing letter:
a horse and loda off.but before going asked
J inmy: "Old the little girl say anytnlng
about her na and ma?" .iimmu 1.-.1.1 i....
sliu did und Taj Ior rodo oft toward Drown.
U. H. Gooch lav collector of Linn coun
tj was one of the llrst men at tho straw
stuck on the moinlng thu bodies were
found, and ho traced tho wagon tracks,
measured them and noted the harrowing
thut had been done. Tho ground was s3
wet and muddy, he bald, no farmer would
think of harrowing, Tho vvugon tracks
cuuia lu from the joad through u gan in
tho fence, went across to the straw stack
turned and went out through the same can
the wagon had entered and went down the
load to the gate In front of Geoige Tav.
lor's house, the tratks leudlng to George
Jaylors barn, and wheie It halted vvera
four piles of jel ow mud. which hud been
scraped from the uhv.li Tim 1, ...:
tracks followed the wagon tracks In the
plowed Held, us if an attempt had been
made to obliterate them. "
J. W, aibson, a cousin by marriage to
the Tuylors. said that he helped to uncover
the bodies In the straw stack. He, as Gooch
had done, described the wugon track lead
Ing from the straw &tack to George Tay
lor's house and the attempt that had been
made to harrow it out.
At the afternoon session J. I.. Harris was
called. He w-as working for George Taylor
? llu, 'J.6 ot. ha Sleeks murder. Jle spent
the night of May 10 at the house of lJave
l:lhiinn anil fAtuvnn.l n . v
Ir. . i;iiii iu ueuiue layior'g
house at unrlse the rooming the Meek
ft It It mv dutj as chilrninu of the state
Ueimlillein cmti il cummlttie. nnd us a
cltlen of Kansis is well, tn at once pio.
cettl to rM the univ.rslty bond of nn e-
miil'it; f... iiijiiiiinia iu nn jiilllle
"C. hllbAXD, Jl!"
IllpclVVIIh Ills limits llu lii 11 Uisperatc
light at llraggu, . T.-Anotbcr
It unlit Killed.
Tort Smith, Ark, March 2S Sam Mc-
Williams, alias "Veidlgrls Kid," Rim Ilut-
ler anil Geoigo Saudi m, ro lo Into Ilinirirs.
nlno miles east of Tort Gibson, nt 7 o'clock
this morning and begun lobbing tho town.
T. J. Mulden went out tho back door of
tho stoin and hunled to Johnson Manning,
iltpiity sheillf, a mile nwiij', ami gavo the
alaim Maunlug and Hliurn Stevtns. an
otber Indian tb put, eniiiti back ami found
tho OUtllWS at Mad.lt ii'm srme A fl.t. n
light tnsm tl betwttn the tlepmy shtrlffs
anil tho outlaws, .Mo Williams nnd Sandtrs
weio kllletl. ami Ilutlei was wnuinlitl. but
ho mndo Ills escape, Jon Moirls, ilttK foi
Madden, was shot through tho nbdomtu
nnil mortally woundtd. Tho bodies of the
outlaws wero (nought het at noon to get
tho ipunrd of J.'3 oneietl foi MoU llllnms,
who Is better known nt. "t'prilli't-i., i.-i.i il
anil whii was a sldo paituer of Jim rieneii.
On his body was found a pistol taken from
a deputy at the Coneta lobbtry (luz
l.ucky was on trial (or Hi" hannt lobbeiy
wlu ii thu body iiiiivtd, and was convicted
mi hour latci. Sanders has lueu a ties-
lerano nn several jeais, nut Hid Just
olnttl Verdigris Kid's band Hill Cook was
irouuht out of tall and ldeniliipil Mevim.
Thtso aio tho last or tho outlaws who
became famous ns bandits In this section
last Jtai. All thu bilaucu Invo been killed
or captured
")i ir Slr'-I'rorn an editorial In jour pn.
per this morning, headed 'Who Is He.
sponsible?' I leain tint jou have a list of
cerium gumming rooms which jou claim
me now running In full blnst In this city
I shall consider It a favor if jou will kindly
furnish me (.aid list at once. I have had
several conferences with the chler of police
In the past nnd bavo betn assured b hlin
that the police force Is doing nil It tan to
tnlorce the law. Xearly two months ago
onlers wire Isued to the forte coveting this
miner i nm very glad that you have so
kind! tendered our assistance toward tho
Mippiosslon ot mil In our cltj-. Hespet t
fullj, WHIISTHU DAVIS, Major."
In connection with this letter the World
published an Interview with Major Davis,
Entire stock is still (roiup; at
tiljjtf cents on tho dollar.
Kiiifirs, S 12 woreS 18
itintrs. s ;i;i woios no
Jiint's, $ fili eioStlOd
ltiiifirs, Stoo ii ere $150
Ir. Dtivtie, tho tlnvrruuiciit 1'ipert. Mill
l'urtlier InvKtlgato tbti Alleged
I'lt urn-rueuiuiiul.1 Ciieg.
Topeka, Kas., .March IS (Special ) Dr.
Dovoe, the epert tent out by the govern
ment to Investigate the alleged cases of
pleuro-pnouinonla, returned to Geary conn,
ty to-day to make further examination of
tho cattle suspected. He tecelvoil a tils,
patch fiom Washington hut night, which
tto.vcii .Hi iv uitn inuiciuKu exumiuatiou
than he 1ml at tlrst made, und ho has gona
to mako it. He expresses, however, thu
entire belief that the cattle ale not sick
nlth pleuro-pneumonla. whatever else may
bo tho matter with them. Ho will examine
all of the affected herds on this dip.
Ho Itcfu.es to lamlo Ills Olllce tn Mi.
Jobcn, thu ewly Appointed (lank
Topeka, Kas , Murch S8 (Sncclal.l To.
day c. S. Jobes, tho newly upiiolntul state
bank commissioner went to the olllco of
John Breldenthal, presented his commis
sion nnd demand-d possession. This Mr.
Driedenthal declined to yield, and Mi.
Jobes will go at once to the supremo court
for a iiilliig on the matte. Mr. Jobes has
retained the law Irm of Valentine, Gotlard
Pins. S 22 wcroS .13
I'lns, S a:t weroS 50
Pins, $ 50 ivereS 75
Pins. SI 50 were 225
beau, wi fc4- a.T.S-aw? r-Sg j ft rtufUd oZt1 wUi
Ktiiils, S10 woroS 15
StuUs, S20. ..... , .were $ ao
Studs, SCO vveioSlOO
Kar Itlntrs 520 to 5500
llrncolets 530 to 5 too
Visiting Cards
Elejrantly Engraved ,
,..,. ,..,,.. , tu'Octs. per 100
Wedding Invitations
At Greatly Deduced Prices.
Watch and Jewelry Jlopairing
WJi.Maiu Street. Trustee,
which Ins not jet been denied. Tho Inter
view was as follows:
"I tlNilke In enter Into a cnntrovcry
with this papti, but Its attacks are unvvnr
ranted. My relation with nt lral one
member nf the Journal's executive staff
have been strained for some time, and for
that rcnon I refused to go to the Journal
uiuco jesieniay wh.n Dr. IMwords sent
for mo. I don't believe thorc nre any gnni.
bllng hoiifes In oiieratlon In Kansas City,
mid I don't believe the editor has n list,"
"I his Is the history of the eae up to jos.
terdny evening. In response to the letter
of the ninvor the following reply was sent
Inst night:
"Kansas rily, M,i , March :, lsr.
Uebster l)av., H.q , Major ot Kansas
"Dear Hlr:-Your letter asking for the list
of gambling houses ortered jou by the
Journal was received this evening, after
inning rcnu nn copy in the evening
"The Journal his a list of twenty-three
gambling rooms th it are running and have
been running for some time. While we
have no tloubt as to the Integrity of jour
motive In asking for the list, we must be
nssurcd tint It will be used for the SHI'.
gimblers. In order to satisfy ouri-etves
that the list will be ned for this purpose
we shall pi ice the list 111 the hands of re
sponsible parties who will nccompnny the
ollleers s( ledted for the pitrixise and point
out the different places where gambling Is
going on.
"The Journal Is much pleased lo see Hint
the authorities hive llnnlly become aroused
to the situation and hopts that the efforts
to eradicate the tvll of gambling will not
be spasmodic, but will continue until every
m-Ku piiic-e is cioeu,
"With assurances of friendship nnd eon
sidei iilon, I nm jours verj- respectfully,
"C. 11. nUWOItUS. Managing IMItor "
Tho Journal has a list of tventvthro
houses that have been running full blast,
or "wide open" ns the sporting men have
it, for some time. Last night, to make as
surance doubly sure, a party of gentlemen
went from the Journal olllce and visited
numerous places where they miw the games
being plajed openly. In somo places they
were given cards and asked to come again.
There seemed to be no secrecy about the
pi ices whatever, and when a member of
the Journal Company was recognized In
one place he was joked about Iho recent
publications on gambling houses.
Since the major has .seen lit, In public
print, to state that he does not believe
tint gambling houses tiro open In Kanas
CJIty nnd tint he does not believe
that tho editor of the Journal has a list,
the Journal will make the following olTer:
The Journal will put up the sum of ;
if the m nor or chief of police will put up
$100. If the Journil does not conclusive!
prove that gambling rooms were running
In Kansas Cltv up to 0 o'clock last even
ing, It will pay its $:w to any charitable In
stitution In Kansas City. If It does prove
the proposition then tho $100 put up by the
friends of the gamblers is to go to tho
same Institution.
The Journal has been called upon for Its
list of gambling rooms. It has the list, but
since it has had on eperlence whero a
city detrcllve warned a gambling house
against n Journal reporter. It does not care
to be (int In a position wheie It will bo be
trayed by having the gambling houses
warned. It will furnish the list to anj two
reputable citizens who will see that the
ollleers assigned to the dutj make the ar
rests wherever the gimbl. rs.ire found
The mivor ntlgm Hires the editorial In
jesterd.iy morning's Journal as an "unwar
ranted attack" iiiion him. If the calling of
the major's attention to vlolitlons nf law
is an attick, then the Journal must pit id
guilty. If an attack on a gambling clement
Willi n ins curst d the city for jears Is nn
att uk on the m ijor oi the chief of polite,
then Hie Jouin il pleads gulltv If the
mavor has no Inlet est 1n sdilildlng olthei
the chltf of pollen or the gambling dens,
then there Ins been no attack on him and
the Journal Is nit gulltj
The major took oeeislon to attack an
emploje of the Jnurn ll and accuse the
man iglng editor of "sending for hlin " The
facts are that nftt r the edltuil il. which the
mavor sajs Is nn "unwainnted attack" on
him, was written, It w-is read to an edi
torial writer on the paper and he was told
to ste the major and mv to him tint such
nn editorial had been vviltten and If ho de
bited to lit. hinnl on the untler before its
publication the editor would be glad to
i ilk to him 'nds w is simply a eouitesy
showed to the major, ns he was an Inter
ested partj'. He was not "s. nt for," but
was simply shown a courtesy which he
heems unable to appn-cl'ite. The same
touttesj Is alwajs extended Interested pir
ties In all instnuris where publication-) of
personal matter .u made.
Tim Journal leels that every honest and
moral cltUen of Kau-as City is with It in
this mittcr and while it Is surprised at
tho position taken by tho major ln dtfensn
of what Is plain to cvni si hool children
it knows that every proposition can be
proven. The Jouinul annot tiust those
who defiantly announce beforehand that
gambling cannot be piov.n, hence it offers
to place Its proofs In thn h mtls of reputa
ble cltlens who will lend tho ollleers to
inikt- tho arrests,
Will the in ij or ami chief of police in ike
the neeosary detail of ollleers and mm,,!,,
that the "tip" tlnll not be bent out to the
(rambling houses when Ihe raid is. to be
made ,'
KAts . rur. Mo , Mrch N, lKi.
Temptraturi vtittnliv Minimum, W; max
mum, M,
To-ilxy tee tooit or the matter to It ttcudy;
probaMi mlii.
From every point of looking tho
display of Spring Millinery wa
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As the throngs of visitors passotl
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amining the most meritorious nrrt.
ductions of artistic headwenr ever
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praise and admiration.
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sicui.v.ciic'4 ao
Ilm (tuistliiii Cihi-ii nn I'xittlug Dlsi utiloU
ill the t'tillstltulliiiuil Chum iitiim
K limn Iter, rrt.l 'in.
Salt Lake, p. t. ji,lr,h "jThi!. 1,1-
been one of Hit most tetlug and eventful
tl.ijs of the tonstltuttoinl innventlon. Tho
woman suffrage question was again befora
the tonvintioii In rommltuo of tho whole,
uinler the ttn minute rule Half a dozen,
iiiemluit give w u to ItoberN, Democrat,
of HuH ctiuntv. who dtlivtred n spieth
against th. measure. He reftned to tha
fait that the i.poit was diafled from th
Vt joining tonititiitlou, .a Mate that his ui
duk bluteh on Its blstorv, that cruelty
and .ivngiry have prev.iilnl th. re In thu
wholesale murder of htlplcs foielgners.
Vol tonttut with tint, the committee re
ferred to Color ido ind Kinsns. He asked
whj the constitutions (Jf Virginia and,
New York wer.. nut iiuHlt. .1 nut as 1 lo.lela
-states tint stood the test for more thim
a hiiiidrtd vents H. warn..! the conven
tion that aftei the toiistltiitlon was ratl
'.'v'1 ',' the ptup e, It would hive lo g to
Washington mid that the gentlt mail whet
was glv.n Hi. high honorof pr.si iiL;.iv.r
Hi- 1-11111. ntlt.ii iiiL'Iii ,i e'llltd u, ',0
produce hl-s n.t I. utliK 4kM, ,j,eie wn"
e ., &,.', "" Ph.. J .".'.i.r'.h .V. '" r'! .,.' .th-
. 1. . .1 . ' ."v 1. unlit. 1 to
the ie. iitive nlun. , but was almost unl
vns.al thiuughout the coist: mure silver
seiiiit.iis wiiii 'wanted. He appealed to tho
womanhood of I 'till to withdraw the pi
tition tm MuriuM-
Hcver.il siieeehes were made In favor oj
thu iinjoilij- upon Thiirniin wild tlm
Mornion eliurih was not In politics, and It
5m,:i:ii;!i"rtiil,,j,,a,a,o,,BK the
K (lujenV?on''!,dU?;!ed.''l3U"S!'l0n
HiigeubirkM Wild .tniiunl Show to lie Sold
lit .tuition lu 11 I'm Iliijb.
Chicago, Jiaich SS.-IIagenback's wild an-
Imil show has come to grief, anil .anjbody
who is ninlous. to obtain a few iiionk,n
lions, tlei elephmls, pirroti or diome.
darles at low llgutes will be altorded an
opiiortunltj. for the (.how will be sold at
auction within a few tlajs The trouble
cvuiio through a confession of a Judgment
for ll.Tif) in favoirof Hdward Deverllng one
of llagenl.ick'j, trainer. 'Hie th.nv wus
atelj given in a local theater In this cltj-,
but the sheriff attached the animals be rare
they could bo taken from the cltj-. They
aro now locked up lu u barn u Adam!
Hagenback. In turn, has begun a. suit
against s. JI. Ilofheimer. m in.Yf.er of the
""""i u c-i.e-v, wiaiiuuiK inui ne nas failed
to meet the necessary expenses ns m ina
ger of the roinpanj-. lu operating the show,
He Is F11 ltniito to .irdlnnre, I, T,, for the
I'urpoko ot Organising Court.
Washington, March 2S -(Special) Judge
Kllgore left for the Indian Territory to-day
to take charge of -tho Southern district. He
nuum le-uiuiu nere longer nut It being the
decision of the comptroller that he cannot
draw paj until ufter organizing his court
ho leaves to cet thlntrs estninuhaa un .u.
ho can get rcgulaily reinstated on the pay
day next t3'le,''"' lo reach Afmore ilon-
A Ilerola Mother.
.,f?,"1BAKas" March :8 -(Special.) The
little child of Mrs. Prank Woekman et
lire to Its clothing jesterday. and. when
the mother was attracted by its eiles was
cpni(i e ely envcloed In (lames. Snatching
tho child up he tore the (iaininK Karmentt
...., ..a wu, unit ea.e-ii me cnuu s life.
u. ir:.T,-i t.,.1 z..: ." ,""' e-
wKtrt how 5r whl e' ThSchlld S in. i'.'iViV", avf ' '.?, L '
ribly buraa about ua hl,mW wte '" lSU'""
Ntbr.mku I. in iiialt, rs liuliilge In .
nnil tumble sirliiiiiiagti at
I iiitnlu.
Omilii, Neb. March Zl spocl il to
thn Hen from Lincoln, jv'ch , sajs.
Thn si unto was the pceno of great con
fusion this aftciiiotm by u peonal en
counter bctwten Senator Stewurt uud tho
scrgtniit-at-urms, which (iieelpltatetl u f roo
light biiivecn a iiuniber of senatois, Sen.
utoi Stew ait was called to order whllo
speaking on the tax bill, and upon Ills g.
norlug tho cm 1 in.. s...i.e,.i.t.,.V......:L3..ll?T
call, d In Ho lefuscd to sit tluwi .,,,( " ,
two men ttuillid (or a moment, when tho
Migeniit-at-aruis grasped tho seintor1!
long ehlu whlkeis with his Ught hand.
In thn meant 1110 tho senators and r"ine
s.matlves had Kuthtted in a rlrcb. arouiid
tho stiuggl ng in, 11. Snuitor .It IT 1 lex. a,
1 o,ullst.ecteilly elbowed his way throuit J
Hit. cioiMl to tho tenter und undertook to
assault tho sergeant-ut-arms. Souatora
Mt'Keeby ami Hitchcock at oittt. fouetl him
back to his feat mie, unothi'i I'opullsC
hoiuitoi, sprang Into the melco ami grasiicl
ho .sergiant-ai.aims. Senator Sloan tluovv
lilmulf upon Uile, anil, with tho usslst.
niiit. of Stiiatoi' Hitchcock, force,! hlin back
to his 1 hull No other senator uudertoo2
,u i.iiciie-ic-, una iiiu iigut euueu.
co.scii:m.'i: mkickkx K.s.
llu Ittturiu 11 Mirror Tbnt lie Hud Stolen
During tbo l.rglthitlre Se(,in,
Topeka, Kus,, Mntch 2S -(Special ) Sec,
retary of Stato IMwards was to-day somev.
what surprised to llnd on his desk a bulky
package, which, upon being undone, le-
tcaitrc, u I14IIUBUU1U biauu mirror set In an
oxidized silver frame. Accompunjlng tho
mlrior wus 11 letter. In which tho writer
confessed thut he had stolen t froi-Vtha
stuto house, und his conscience foice.itilm
to return It. Thciu wus no signature to tm.
ettei, which reads as follows, and which
has been (lied uwuy lu tho archives of tho
stuto as the llrst contribution to a Kauika
eonsclenco fund:
"To the Secretary of State.
"Inclosed ou will tlnd looking glass
taken fiom postolilco closet rooin. It baa
been on mj mind evet since I took It
Kverj time I looked In It. it teemed in
00k back Thief.' I will Wl Kiea?lv ,e"
;ht. 1 waa
M sno at
n r
.tfsi .- iggil
tsmsivet ,t))6'Ve""W'"!

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