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?' 'il 'frfr j. "-!
'wwauwaiwn"-" t - "
i lailf
$4. bo a Year
In Advance.
by Mull.
io Cents n Week
Hy Cnrrlcr.
Drtlly and Sunday.
r0LITMJ5 XXXV ri, NO. L'Ol.
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elastic waistband:
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Proceedings I'o.tpom it Until Next Wndiics-
ilaj, When thu Trlil Mill llcgln
In Kuriicst 3Iuny " Uncase.
Topckn, March 29 (Special.) The com
mittee appointed to Investigate Warden
Chase held Its llrst meeting for business In
Itepresentatlve hall this morning. Warden
Chase was on hand, as also were the pros
ecuting witnesses, but at the request ot the
Mate the hearing was adjourned until next
Wednesday afternoon. AttornejH Waters
andHernld, for Chase, submitted a pro
tcstnn'(ilnst the Investigation, which was
overruled. They then demanded that the
committee be sworn again, which was
granted. Next they demanded that the w It
nesses be excluded from the tilal room,
which was taken under ndIsement. Ulnal
ly they asked the committee to hold part of
its meetings at the penitential v, which will
probably he don. Attorney Wnteis sub
mitted a list of 130 witnesses whom he de
1 sired to hae subpoenaed In behalf of the
defense. In his statement to the commit
tee Mr. Waters asked for the privilege ot
calling as many witnesses as he desired,
particularly upon the charges affecting the
moral conduct of the warden, lie deemed
it due to the warden and his family, he
Slid, to clear away the ehnrge that the
warden had maintained a notorious woman
at the penitentiary.
Attorneys Hendeison nnd Goddanl, for
the prosecution, nlso hae a cloud of wit
nesses whom they desire to Introduce, and
Jt Is evident that the trial Is to be nn ex
pensive and long one, If the committee does
not Interfere to prevent It. The row Is be
tween factions of the Populist party and
bnth "ides are bitter and vindictive. On
y 'eilnesdnj the hearing of testlmonj- will
ommenco In earnest, as both sides, an
nounce their leadlness.
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Tin: T.vvr.oit lmoTiraim ivir.r, siji;k
iu:iiATivrs or tiii: mi:n ox tiuatj
Jlu mors of im Attempt to Kltlnnp NVttlo
Mrrks ami Also of KfTnrtq tci rampf p
Mlth AWtiiriseH for tho State
Argument, May Itepjlii
on lonilay xt.
Carrollton, Mo , March 29. (Special ) As
might bo expected, the 'ole topic ot conver
sation hero Is the Taj lor case. It is dis
cussed on the street", In the hoteH, c cry
where. Kery side of the e Idcni-e, ai pie
sented, Is eagerly e imlncd and commented
upon by the cut ions public. The general
Impies-don hero to-day among neailv ev
eijono is that the stioug case made out
by the stnto lias not been shaken In the
slightest degree by the eldence Introduced
to-day bv the defense.
The air Is thick with rumors, the most
Important one to-day being that attempts
had been made to kidnap Nettle Metks,
the solo surlvor of the butchered family.
It Is claimed that last night Albeit Tnj Iqr,
a brothel ot the defendants. nteied the
house where the little girl Is stopping
with Mis l'lerte, her glial dian, Slr
Pierce recognized him, became greatlv ex
cited and oidered him to leie. He hesi
tated a moment, looked Into the parlor,
and then went out. Nettie was In the
kitchen at the time The women think
that T.ijioi's purpose was to do her liium
Mis. Mlrick, kieperot the boaidlng house,
camn to town as soon as Tajlor lift, .ind
wanted him nuestod, but was aigued out
ot the notion.
It Is said that the day before the til.al be
gan, two lilends of the Tavlors unt to a
private bo irdlug house, where two oung
women witnesses weie stujing, nnd begged
them to go buggy ildlng. The ouug wom
en refused. Otliei stoiles of attempts to
woik witnesses lot the slate are repented.
Court opened at 9 o'ehck this morning,
but long before that hour the dlngv little
court room was tilled nnd euery .unliable
Inch of standing loom was occupied by
ladles, each one anxious to get a glimpse
at the Tajlor btotlms, chained, with erne
of the most atiotious and cold-bloodeel
murdits eer committed within the holders
of the state.
At the opening of court to-day, the st tto
rested, and the defense dlsilosed theii Hue
of i! Monti', which is in inc. p ill) an alibi
Mis. (ilbseiu testified lll.lt tieulge Tajlal,
her son-ln-Iiw, earn? home at 9 u clock on
the night ot M.i in, wlieu the muiele: was
I'lnuniltleil, and th it he reinaliieil nt home
all night, ami left then on the moinlug of
the muidei at 7 o'cloe U
.Mis (.horse Taj lui t, stilled that fleoige
emne homi at ') u'eloe k the nitlu nt May
10, and slept all ulcht with lui, that they
got up at .", n i lock the? next moinlng and
Hint lieoige lett about 7 that moinlng
.1. (.' Tiilur, the intlier of the aeeused,
and two joiuihi'i' liiotlo r said thej exam
Ineil the wagon the dead bodies had been
h.iult'U In the night bonne, and that theie
WLit no blood stains, as had been pioeu
In the stale
Ml Tajloi was asked to explain how the
wagon hid become limned after the ills
roeiy ot the muidei, and said Ills grand
elilldien used It lor a plaj house, nnd some
stiaw in It might have bun set on Hiu
Willi matches When his sons dismounted
and inn Into the Umbel lie saw the butt
end of a levoher piotiudlng fiom ill
lam't pocket.
'the next witness for the defense was
Miw. Johnson, Irani "Milan, who attempt' d
to Impeach the tetliunii of .Mis. .Mai 111 i
J Meeks, the inothei of the inuideied
.Miss 'an Wje, of flrownlng, whoso tes
timony the statu w i tn In Impeach In te.
butt.ll evidence, swore tint die saw ". I.
Taylor closing up the house at 10 o'i lock
the night of May hi. at which time they
wlio seen golunr Inn aid Milan after the
Meeks f.unlh. .Mis Coopei u Milan, tin
tlllid that .Mrs, Meeks Kild shu was not
positive as to who came nftei iie'i sou
ihe nluht before., but thought it was the
old Tajloi s
.Mrs, Cainllnn T.nlor. Ihe white-haired
mother of the two men on tllal Inl ihelr
lives, said she had IHu rons, William was
the elde-t and (le-orge next, On the even
ing of Ma 111 (luoige Tailor, her Mm,
ecuiu to her house, a hulf mile distant iiml
bouowed his lutiur's team und lunibti'
waguu to go to liiinwilug the next inoiii.
Ins Jim Hauls, ileorga's hired man, re
turned Hie wagon, l.itei, when she hennl
her sons had been accused of minder, hn
examined the wiigou foi blood stullis. and
v.wv nom, hhe said tlio full names of lur
sons vvete William I'lUa T.i) lor uml lieorgo
IMwiud Tusloi. That dosed her testi
mony, vv lieu ueoige aim mil ravior weie
capttlied at Ilulfalo C'ltv. Alk, tlicy gavu
their names as Ueomu IMwntus and Will
It Is expected that all the ovldcnco will be
In by to-moitovv night, ami tint tho nigu.
incuts will bevln Monday, unless the de.
felloe module some veiy stlong evidence
lo-morion, wlilch will loiulie a gieat
amount ul iebiilt.il cvldenie by the state.
The Inlted htates goveinment lenort on
biking powdeis shows Itojul superior to
all otheis. It Is puic, made fiotn whale-'
some Ingredients, ami gnatest In le-aveu-lugstieiiglh.
It Is tho ouli baking powder
foi those dvtlilng the lineal, most whole,
some food. .
tho Our Dopiirtiniiit C'nnieiilrallng a lew
.Min-nf-VVni In 'lli.it Ittgliiii.
Kan rianclsco, Cal., Match 29. Tho
I'nlted States loust defcuso essil Mou
teiey ui lived here this afternoon from
Mare Island. Sho Is taking on coal, and
wtlilu two da s will proceed to I'allao,
l'etu, but she will stop en route ut tome
Nicuiuguau poit. Tho Alert Is now ut
Callao, and the Hanger Is somewhere be- J
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tweon rem nnd Nlcningm. It Is evidently
tint Intuition ot tho Washington autlioil-tle-s
to concentrnte n icpcclnlile nnvnt
foicn on Nlcaiagua's r.aellle coiRt. The
navy depaitiuent Is certainly desirous of
getting the Montcrev to sea its quickly as
possible, for the forces at Mnio Island
ii.ixo bien woiklng day and night to get
her away.
The l'resldent AMU Con. bier Applications
for I he 'J wo Ni w l'l ice s lii-ilit.
Washington, Mnich 29 (Special.) Tho
president is to take up the matter of de
lecting men for the Diwis commission to
morrow, lie has .agreed to tee a number
ot gentlemen on that subject during the
day It is the geneial Impression that he
Is likely to mnke up his mind about who
to appoint eiv soon, hut it was observed
bv Seeietarv hmlth to-dav before he loft
for the South tint the appointments in his
opinion would not be made before he le
tuinid, which would be about the last ot
next week However this m iv be, It Is cer
tain tint arrangements for talks with tho
president ovei the mittci have been made
-mil that .some time will be devoted at the
hlte House to the question to-moirow.
In this connection then" Is on Inteiesting
storv to, the eftect that the president Ins
concluded not to nppolut Mr. Montgomeij,
ot Kentucky, to a position on the commis
sion. A prominent m m from Kentucky
e.illesl at the White House, nnd In the
couise of n eonveis.atlon with Mr. Thiirbu,
said he could not see why the president In
sisted on giving Ml Montgomerv a. pi ice
Hv way of m iklnn' plain his assertion and
giving his loasou foi It he obsened tint
Montgomei), up to the time hi was defeat
ed for ollln, was one ol the stiongest
antl-aclmlnlstratlon Democrits In Ken
tucky. After he had been defeated for of
fice at the election it happened that he had
turned around and plaied in with the ad
ministration, evidently lor olllce
To till s Mr T.iurbur expre-sed great sur
prise and asked the gentleman If he would
make the ,imi stiteinent to the president.
An nlllimatlve leply was made, when the
private sinietary walked into the presi
dent's room and made ail inc,ements for a
talk, and the gontlem in lepi ited his state
ment The piesident obseived that he did
not know the faits in the esse before. He
asked the gentleman to furnish him the
leeniel of ceitaln votes in the houe He
did s0 the next d.aj , and that Is snld to
have ended Montgomeij 's ihiuces for pie
Appointments to be m ide oon will either
piovt the stois or set it aside.
Mr 11 num. ot Indiana, Is doing all he
e in to get a pi ice' on the commission Xlr
llvnum is alw ijs out foi a place and e s
pcelallv Is he altei a place that cinles
Willi It gieat lesponslhihiles Si-nntoi Voor
liees has been at the White House a num
ber of times of late asking that Hjntim be
appointed Mi M.vnum N lieie and look
ing aftei the mallei In pel son. Ills Indr
ests xx i 11 be takt n In hand hy f.ne gi ntle
nmn who hns.uianged foi a talk with the
piesident to-monow
In the me mtlme many of those Insisting
that men be .ipiKilntcd on the commission
who will be nhle to do something ale at
woik tijlng to get one of the pi ices set
aside foi ex-(!ov ei nor ("law fold, ot Kansas
They .lie doing nil they can against the
lijnnr.i movement nnd nie delighted over
the re noi t th it Monttroinei v Is out nf It
They will be icpiesonted at the White
House to-monow i nev win insist tnat at
least Aimstrong and Criwfotd ho loento.l
on the commission, and they would not ob
ject ir some one was given mi place now
held bv- MnJol Kid I It Is obseived tint
the nulor Is fiom Indiana and Mi llvuum
is in iking ins unit on me pioposition tint
ho Is io have the pine held b Kldd of
the sumo stite He obei ves that It would
not look well to havi two men fiom ihe
same "tate on the commission, hut he is
quite willing Hint Kldd sh ill be dropped
and that he shall be givin the pluee now
linen uv jxiitu in mis w i mere is n uvei)
tilt on hand among the Indiana contingent
It also dimes from oeit.lin soil! cos that
Major rollm It of Ai leans is Cltv , w ho Is ex-
elilel in me nee ueuveiy invisioil Of mo
postolllce department, would be a cood
mm. i
The only biking powder jet found by
eh mil il aimljsls to be entirely fiee fiom
lime and absolutely puie Is the "llojal."
This peifcet put It j- HSiiIts from the ex
elusive use of cienm of t Htai speilally re.
flneii and luepiied bv patent pipeesses
which totally lemovo the taitiato of lime
and othei Iinpmltles.
Ho Arrives nt Stvauu ill and Is Welcomed
VAIth Civic Courtesies (iocs to
Washington lo-nght,
si'.iiin:ih. fta.. Man h 2i) . nneernnc Xle-
Klnlej arrived lieiu nt 10 o'clock to-night.
1 r. u.i. tiki nt 11m tie Ttnt l,v n ,,rt,,,iiilttr n
of prominent wane iiepuuueans with cai
tlagis. Ho and his iutty weio eseorteJ
to the De Soto hotel, where soon after
ward .111 ollb I tl committee re pieseiitlng till
eltj, waited on the, governor. Atter a
pleasant exchange of courlcslert Xlajoi Mj.
ns stitid to th" governor that the tlty
council would call upon him In a bodj at
in -o'clock lu-moiiuu morning to pay their
iespeets. I'loinllient business men will also
be Introduced to him ut that time, If tho
governor desires 10 hold a public recep
tion the city iiiuncll chamber will bo placid
at Ills dlspnsil Owing to his phj'slenl
lallgue, (iiiveiiuir MoKlnley thought this
Inadvisable Alter tho leceptlon of the
city einuieil to-morrow, tlm entire pitty
will be taken foi a dtlve thiougli Suan.
nah floveruor MeKlilley will have for
Washington to-motiow night
To-mouow afternoon a committee of
piouilnent coloied ltepubllcans will prob
ably call upon him,
a mucihi: at ciiiatoKKi:, k ts.
Jaeoh Jl irtell, a Hotel Keeper, I'oiiuil
llaugllig lo mi Apple 'Irer,
Chetokee. Kas., Clinch 29 (Special) At
an eaily hour this moinlng tho porter of
the Hunting hotel, of this city, found lha
lifeless body of Jacob Hal tell, proprietor of
tho house, hanging fiom tho Ilml) of a
small npplo tieo in (ho jard, suspended by
a hulf-lneh ope. Last evening llaitell In
vited a fileud over to have a dilnk, sajlng:
"I am going to hang mj'self to-night." An
Inquest is lousldcieil uniieeessarj, as II ll
lell has beiu thieateuiiig suicide for sev
caul dajs, Intemperauia und domestic
troubles wtro tho causes)" Ho was u Oei
man CD yeuis of age, and leaves a widow
and eight ihlldnn. llo hud icslded hero
six months.
tVubhlngton rtTsiinuU
WashiiiKtou, Muich 23 (Special) Sir. H.
W. Hoekei. of Kuhsas City, lett for the
"teat. Ulia VtiMiiK. OCIHI nwiimsii. vt I
Kansas city, left tor New York to-night. J
Wo liavo now on sale n, nplcnJId
lino of Carpets of nil grnilcn. H
you ihm'iI any you must not fall
to o nni! no, these iinrgalns,
Royal Wiltons $1.85
Oilier stores UU..10.
Axminsters $1.00
Oilier shire. t. no.
Hoquettes $1.00
Other sinren 91. nn,
Body Brussels $1.05
Other Mlnre. 9t.'4.a.
Body Brussels $1.00
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50c and 60c
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Why nut ttiko ndvantago of our
Furniture and Carpet Go.
1216 TO 132-4
MlA.Ilsr ST.
Iimnnmimm limn
Ills Sliitenient Has Crrnteil a I'rofound Sen
sation In I'ngfi.'itl noil the Continent
Signllltnnt ltenuirk of "".Toiirtial
lies Debits" Ite'l.ltloliH of
the iillons Strained.
London, Maith 21 Tho statement which
Sir IMwiud Gre.v, jiarllamentary .secretary
of tlui fotclgn olllce, miidu tu tho house of
commons last night, saying that an ad
vance of the Trench Into the terrltorj- of
the Upper Nile xalley, belonging to the
Itojal Niger Compiuy, nnd theieforu undet
Illltlsh piotictlon, would bo nn unfriendly
uct, nnd tliat It was well known to riunce
that Cireat lirltnln would so icgard It, is
causing a piofound sensation here and on
tlm Continent Sir Hdward's annoimee
ment, which was read fiom notes be Hexed
to have beesi wilttui bj tho secretin) of
state foi foicign .iff.ilis, the Karl of ICIm
beily, Is looked upon as revealing tho ex
tremely eiltlcal ulatlons now existing be
tween l'l. nice and Cireat 1 !l Italic.
Tho fact tint the st itenunt was prepated
In wilting helurelnnd cmplnslyis the .seri
ousness of the situation, and shows tint
iveij' won! embodies the views of tho
in brief, the statement Is that it is be
coming d illj moil illiliiult to Hvo on good
teiius with l'l .nice lint Client llillain
has made concession atti 1 concession in
the past two jiais In the Inttiests of
peace-, but tint the end has now iniiu, ami
it Is now found nieessnj to wain rianio
fiom the mliilsti 11 11 in in 11.
The most liupoilaut und slgnlllcnnt jior
tlon nl Hli lMvv.ud (liej's stalunent was
Ihe following "Hut something besides 0111
own 1 tlorts is ntiessaij, and that fs tho
co-opeiatlou ot the Kicuch goveinmeiit
and the I'liiich people."
HlulT Doesn't Co,
Paris, Match L1 Only tho Journal Des
Debats, of all the newspipi rs of Ihe cltj-,
loninunts to-day upon the utterances of
Sir I 'dun til Olej-, pal llanient.ny sieietaiy
of foielgu alTalis, In tho llilllsh house of
eoinmons It sajs: "In legiinl to tho
llppei Nile, I'lnuce can only lecognUe the
lights ot Tuikiv and Hgvpt nnd no nthii.
Tho pioelainatloii of niiglanil's claims
tlieie docs not constitute a title"
I'.nK Minih .' On Thuisd.iv next M
ll.inoliiiix, mlnlsier of foielgu nlf.ilrs, will
leply to .ill Inlerpell itlou In the chamber
of deputies on the stalemcnt mule ji'stii
dav in the III ltl-.lt house ot eoinmons by
Sir 11 In. ml 5te, eonceinlng the red itlons
between 1'rnncu and (ire.it llritaln.
Senator 1'ije Tells Whit .May lie llxpeilcil
Under leu Wars of nepiililiian
Ilrldgeport, Conn , March 20 At tho lie.
publican banquet heio last night Senator
I'lje, of Maine, drifted Into piophooy and
said: "Cilvo im He publican tule for a.
single decude, unlimited, uncrippled power,
and we will show the people the lienell
ceiice of Itcpubllcan legislation.
"livery man who wants work will have
It and at the wages of the crowning jinr
of Republican rule, 1S''2. Wo will pi no our
ling on all the seas of the eaith; lestore
the merchant niailne In Its place and will
Inciease our while, stioug mined squad
lous so tint the will command the lo
pped of nil nations. We, will annex tho
Hawaiian Islands, fortify l'niil harbor,
build the Nlcaiagunn canal and nuiiy two
oceans. Wo will show people a foreign
pollei Hut l Aineiican In eviry llhre and
hoist the American Hag on whatever M.
nnd we think best and no hand shall ever
pull It down "
hllsl'UIIOt-i Ol' 'I ill? con 1:1:.
Miss Dii kliioou 'I bought She S l I'oUan
III II at lliuvllle,
Sernnton, IM March 21 In tho Anna
Dlikinson damigo suit now on trial in the
United States clieult court heio to-day .May
Helehllne, of the Uiiivllle insane asjlum,
testllled tint while tlm plilntlft was an In
mate ot the Institution sho declined to
batho and said she s ivv crjst.als of poison
in the tolfeo and infused to drink It. .1, 11,
llrJden, one of Miss Dickinson's neighbors,
tiwllllid that he hiw hei out at night In
the winter time In very thin uppaiel. Ills
attention was atti acted tu her by her loud
etles. Dr. Johnson, hep phjslelnn, sworo
that opie, when he was lltlng her in his
proiesslotnl caimcltj-, she drew him down
to her und kUsed lilm.
Ho was not prepared to swear whether
she had been dilnklug or was insane. Di.
Underwood, one of the defendants In tho
suit brought by .Miss Dickinson, told thu
Jury Unit he had assisted In lemovlns her
to the asjlum He said that they had to
put on her clothes by foico when they
went to remove her from her room at
home. Ho considered her lusune. It Is
probable that Miss Dickinson will address
the Juiy In her own behalf to-monow.
In everj' receipt calling for baking pow
der better results and more wholesome
food will be obtained by the use of Itojal
than any other, because of its greater leav
ening strength and absolute urltj .
I'ionkiiu i.v ritici:s,
1'Oltll 1)1)1. t,A IIS A YllAlt II V MA II, .NOW
The .Marling of n Cninpalgn of "-'duration
IMilch VMM Coiitlliun till 11 After
the eit .Xiillmml r.lrrtlon
nnd l'os.lbty Longer,
The Kansas City .Tournnl vvns the first
niornliiK newspaper published west ot
the Mississippi river to reduce" the price
from 10 per year, and ngnln Jt rccop;
nircs tho necixsslly for n further reduc
tion ami announces that It will coino
within the reach of all on the Hist day
of April by putting- the price at 10 cents
11 week by cariior to any part of Kan
sas Cltv, and 40 cents a month, or $1 a
year, to nny pntt of the United States
by mall.
Hereafter the chilly Journal will bo
sold on the stieets nnd at news stands
for 2 cents ,1 copy, the Sunday edition
continuing: at the old pi Ice of r cents a
Those who have paid their subscrip
tions at the old pi ice 111 advance will
have tho paper continued to them until
the- ilirferenco In pi Ice Is mude up. This
Includes all who have paid In ad
vance for copies of the .Tout mil.
Tin" Journal has been contemplating;
this step for several months, ami hesl
tatiil only because of tho enormous ex
pense which such a depaiture would en
tail. It will cost tho Journal company
inaiij thousands of ilollnis to accom
plish the change In price, but it be
lieves tint the people will stand b It
In making; the reduction, and tliat
oventunlly It -xx III moro than recoup It
self by the laifjely incieased cliculation
of the paper. That such a change" and
such a reduction ot pi Ice- Is a necessity
from a political point of view goes with
out aiiruuunt.
The countiy is iindeiKointr the agonies
of tho baldest times ever known. Many
nie the causes to which these haul
times hive been attllbllted, but it
Is plain to oven the most c.isu il ob
server that they are ptimarlly caused by
unstable and unsettled monetary .if
f.ilis The demonetization of silver Is
piluuiillv the cause, for the 1 en son that
it his inlianceil the puieh.islng power of
evorv loll.11, jet made tint dollar veiy
much more illllicult to obtain. In other
wauls, the condition of the countiy
makes it haul to get money whether
you have agilcultui.il products or
muscle to .sell.
The fanner, mechanic, lnboilng man
in any i.ipieltv Is inteiested In an Im
piovement nt the times. A nitloual
campaign will bo on within a year, and
the Journal is ilesltous of placing the
truths of the situation plainly befoto as
many xoteis as possible before thej- aie
called iiiiou to cast their ballots. The
Journal Is enterlnu; 011 a campaign of
education, ntul In order to get to tho
e.ais of the people has placed tho pi ice
of the paper at such a Ilguio that none
need bo without It.
Tho prices stated In this article and
in the x. 11 Ions uilveitlsoments lo bo
found In illlfeteut p.itts of the paper
will continue until after tho next na
tional ruinpilgu. It Is given as a long
campaign late, because tho Join mil be
lieves that the kooiI of tho people and
the good of the nation depends upon a
pioper unilei. standing of the eondltlons
which liavo inudo H10 indent lint d
times possible,
The Journal calls upon Its thousands
of readers to lend their nhl in this mls
slouniy wotk by .spieaditisr tho tidings
lo nil their neighbors that the into lias
been reduced to such a point tliat all
may come In without feellns the loss of
money. I'ass tho word ntound niul rli
culato this Issue ot the paper wiieiever
jou think It will rent'll n poison who H
lutoiesti'i!, Tell all 5 our ft lends that
tho Kansas City Dally Journal, which
lias been vvltli and for tho peoplo for
foity je.us, has reduced Its pi Ice to JO
rents .1 week by miller In tho city and
to $1 a sear by mull In tho countiy.
Hemember that the Join mil Is always
llrst ill enteipilse, nnd vvhllo other pa
peis will undoubtedly follow the pace
set and also adveitlsu n reduction In
pi ice, It was the action of the Journal
which compelled them to do so,
As tho Jam mil has always been hv
leader In eveij thluu peitiiluliuj to tho
piovjnoe of a newspaper In tho past,
so will It also nlvv.ajs bo In tha lead in
the future. Vov ently nnd lellablo In
founatlon oil all subjects tho Join nil
stands without a peer In Kansas City.
So faithful has It always been to the In
teiests of thu peoplo that It lias become
an adat'o In, the West that "It you seo
It in tho Journal It is so." This policy
faithfully carried out for forty sears
has put the Journal so far ahead of all
competltois that they simply follow
where It Jeads. What has been true in
the past will be tiue In the future. Tho
Journal will continue to be the leader la
nit news features nnd depnrlmctital
w oris.
ltr-iitpmber the price! Ten cents a
week, l'olir doltiits a sear.
Thu (('nuiptrnttrr of thu Ciimnry sittlin
One l'ulnt, bill 1,'iiiis Another
I'u.i tiled.
Waihliigton, Match 2,J. (Special ) The
comptroller of the currency told Mr, 11 11.
Hutterilcld, of KatKiis 1'ttj, to-dny that he
timid not consider i rlomly the propose
tlon ot appointing Mr, Chick tecelver of
the Nation il Hank jf Kaunas I'll,
While .Mr. Ilutleillild placed the matter
before the roinplioller jesteulny the
(omptrullet-did 1101 give him his conclusion
In the matter, 11s Mi. Ilutterlleld appeared
Veiy anxious to have .Mi. Chlik nppolnted.
This mottling, howevir, the comptroller
concluded that It would be Well to stop
this pint of the light und so Indicated to
.Ml. lluttertlelil.
Mr. Hittterliild did not Indicate who he
would llku to hive uppolntid when In
foiined that the application of .Mi. Chick
would not be lonMilercd. lie will rutifef
with relitlves and friends In Kansas Cltv
for Instruction In this mattci and will
likely call on the comptroller again nflcr
securing Ills henrlugs
11. . Ilocker, ot Kansas City, who Is
nn applicant for the place, called on the"
lomptiolli 1- this moinlng, ticiomp 1nle.1l by
Mr. Ilemy Wnlhnun, of Kansas Cits, who
Is aiding Mr. Iloekcr In the contest. Tliev
spent some time with the 1 mnptiotler and
agleed to lesiime the" talk ut 2 o'clock this
nlleinuon. About an hour was I'ousiiined
nt the fecund talk, II Is understood that
the" took In a genual blrdseje view of
the situation.
W. c 1'iiiy, of l'ort Scott, United Stalls
nttornej for tho district ot Kims is it ml a
biotliir ot Mr. John I'erry, ot Kansas
Cits, called on the eompti oiler nt nn earlj
hum. He Is Inteusled In having his
brother appointed itcilver. lie went over
the situ itlon nt length with the comp
ti oiler and liter in ihe da rounded up
solii". others, high In 0IIIel.1I life, who will
1. .. .. . .. ...i r.. .1... ......11,.. ,.. ,1.
ii.t.u ,c uiu 11,1 cue- Lutiiiitiviit'i in e, 1,1
tlltlO ill the Inteiest uf the appointment
of Mr. John 1'errj. Senatoi Vest was one
01 me cuiicis ami expusstu me nope 11111
the comptroller had had 11 vers nice time
during- his ncint vacation 'Ihe senitor
slmplv called to say tint there ate 11 num.
be r of gentlemen who hud deslud that be
put in a good woid for them and he c.ithd
. Hound to expl tin in liters H,. hid not
decided that li" would ucouimeiid am
our, but he would talk over the list ot ap
plicants and If them was anjoue he did
not wnnt appointed for any leason he
would indicate the same to the cinnptlol
In. It appeals that the senator his eon
eluded so far to take a nig.itlve 1 hute In
the in liter and while lie maj not help
anvone to git the place even If his rec
ommendation in the m itter would settle
things, he Is not disposed to "fleet .1 mall
for the pi ice, but he Is gunning for cer
tain letlows who m iv not lit him person
allv. Hut the si natoi did not do his woik
this moinlng, as he concluded that he
would call again when the lndorsi meiits
wire bettei loiiudid up
A nuinbi r of lndoisements arrived for
Mr Uovev and Ml Te.isd lie nnd Inform 1
tlon leached the ehp.iituunt that Wllev
O Cov Is on his vvaj here to have a chit
with the comptroller about Ids application
for the phn e.
The impression prevails at the depatt
mi'iit that those who inn the admlnlsti 1
tlon nnd Dimocintlc politics In and around
Kansas Cltj will not Insist In the face of
the usual depirtnunt rul-eig In such mnt
ters tliat the appointment ot a teeelvn
be III lele .1 polltli.ll 111 Itter As epltsul
bv an olllelnl the 0I1J1 ct would he 10 close
out the business In 1. busini ss.Hke vvuj
and as a tule Ihe ward politicians wero not
nt .1.. , 1. .-..,... f 1 ,., .,.. ,,.,..
ui ti,i- eiiiiiuLti 1 i, me u Mini etnilil iici litis
sort of woik nnd tin appointment would
noi nu IU IHU ,ICIIIH i.lll, Dill 111 cue uiisiue",3
Ho Stood hy Him for Mucl.v-llvo llnllnts
mid 'I hi 11 lift Him I' iiiiewlll
Muv lie I.IiiIimI.
Dover, Del, Xlaieh 29 l'or the Htst time
since- the lullniing feu 1 1 nit.d Stati s si 11
utoi began inuilj time months ago, cine
Of the Ad III ks tolloWels ill -1 1 IpJ lilm to
ll iv .mil 1 1st his billot foi I lines renin -will,
.1 piomim nt Dovn liwv.i II, fori the
two houses nn t to-d., tin air was lull of
Illinois eil eltseitiuii- but no one thought
for .1 nnunent thai ifti 1 sticking to Ad
1 1 le ks foi ulnitv-llvi billots n of nis t
I ilthrul rollout is would dt sen him When
the Hist billot was liken tin u- was mm b
1 xeltcmtnt in the house I'm- the pist few
ilavs It Ins lies n rumnieil that the HIggins
-in, I Addieks nun would unite on IVnnewill,
but the stoij' 1 ould not lit- eoutlnned To
il 15 's devel ipllli Ills, howtvit s, ems to
beat out the itiiuoi. The Aildi. Ks p, oplt
plOflss tu fill eOlllldent III It till re Will p."
no moie th st 1 tinns fioni theii mill, but ii
is piobable tint u t llm ix will bt ie 11 In tl
In a few dis The It .-islatois im htt.im
ing tiled of the th .idiot k 111. 1 do not hesi
tate to se so i iu two billots to-tl ij it
sulttd as follows Hlgglus, Hep 1, Ad
dicks, Hep 1, M.issej, liep , I, l'c line Will,
Hep, 1, Ilii h.iidson. Id p I. Hit li mis
Itep. C. Itl.lgilej, Dt in , U, Tunnel, 1. .In Ige
(ins, Dem , I.
Curious oinplliiitloiis lo Iiigird to the
Capital of Vlniilgoiiii rv outilj
I lllg itlou 1 lire lit 4 in it,
Mexico, Mo, Mnnh 21 (Spei i il ) Mont
gomei j 1 oiiutj is In a dlli nun 1 l'or siv
eial wieks it has bei 11 unable to tell Jusi
while its lountv si it was. This week the
supieiue eouit ilecldi 1 It wis at Danville
and should nin.iin the 1 .-, but the inoi'ls
Will" It MOUtMUIlt iv CHj, when t li. X Wire
lilt galls taken msu il vv,,Is igo M mj
luople have gone to D inv ill' slnie tin ilk -gal
leniov il to have duds and leeoids u
loidtd, hut then wis no out Unit to .11
leml In the hiisincss and It is s iltl thev will
sue for damages It is al-o s ii,l U1.1t .ill
tin" indli liueiits found and otln 1 business
tl. ins lett il at .Moutgolui ty maj be qms
llonnl. -
'IIIOSi: NAl'l.'ll I V CIIICAdO Clltl s,
.More Itlotlug in the Hoiuo fur Juvinilo
OITi ndcrs.
Chicago, JInrch 2') 'Ihe gills In the Illi
nois Home im juvenile eilfemleis. who 1 re
nted so 111111 li tumble- Insi night bv sunsli.
lllg all the dishis ami windows In tin. til u 1.
Indulgi d In anotliei 1 lot lo-nlght, wlnn, at
a given slgnul. the liecun 10 scieam, so
tint thej eoiiltl be he ml lulls a lilm I. ts.
taut This piovlug itiihi 1 tiiiue sioii,?hev
begin to tear down the fi .ill partitions lie -twee
11 ihe sleeping looms. As soon as a
liuinbei of gills weie eongiegiiid III one
loom thev would make an n-sault upon the
loom, battering In the doois and smashing
the futnlttiu The in Hum ami hei as
sistants weie littnly unable lo lontiol thu
gills, and lluallj a 1 ill was sent foi tin. po
lice. The patiui w.ihon, UlUd with oillteis,
liiiuieil to tho home and nflei a haid
strilgrile, dining Willi h some of the gills
loilKht like wildcats thev wilt all linked
up In looms the piititliins nl whiih aie
pioof ag-ilnst any attempts thej 1 111 nnltu
10 If.ll them ilowii The home is rapidly
getting Into n bid waj.iuailj all the dishes
and much nt the fuiiiltuie and bedding he.
Ing destrojed. Theie was no cspccl.il cause
tor the online. ik to-nlglit,
.Mis A J Diaylon, siipnlutendent, whoso
methods of government caused ihe u bil
lion, bus been removed flout tlm po-dllon
nnd Mis Moudj, loiinerlj supeilnien,ent
01 the Homo for the friendless, has been
sthi ted lo till the vacuus. Mis, Moudy
was so thoioughlj frightened hj tin out
lireiks ot list night and to-daj, liovvevet,
that It Is doiibttul If she accepts,
Mir imi:m)i;ii i oh i'ihii.icatio.v,
A I'rlvale litter I ruin (linernor Slnne (,'1 1.
lulu 11 St. I mils rapt r,
Jefferson City, Mo, Muich ."((Special.)
The Hepubllc. of St Louis committed nn
almost iiiipirdouablo bre.ieli of good faith
to-day lis printing in lull a pilv.ite letter,
which tlovirnor Stone had written, and
which he expiessly sild ho deslud should
not bo published. 'Ihe closing paragraph
In his letter was as follows,
"I have wiitten U1I1 as a petsonal com.
inuiileatlon, merely to nhl the Democr.ttlo
edliois in totting ut a collect undeistaiul.
Ing of the situation, so that they may llx
thu lespoiislblllty where it belongs, lit
course I do not wish this letter published,
ltespectfullj- WILLI A.M J. Sl'ONIJ."
tloveruor Stone, when asked this evening
whether thu letter was published with ids
consent, said that directly the contrail
was true. So fai fiom dcsiitig to glvo it
publlcltj, he had written It with consider
able freedom and had mentioned names
and cited Incidents which he would not
have done had he supiiosed It would by
any mistake or oversight be printed. He
rearetted tho fact. He received, a telegram
Kansas citr, Mo , Mrch W, lfv
TVpirviitlttli fittrnliti Mtntmum, tl max
friiumi ,W.
TO'idit lie tooh tor Ihe tKitlAfr to It fair,
There is not another Glove
Store in the West whose pres
tige and business is great
enough to control thu sale of
two of the world's greatest
Glovers' products. Wc con
trol the Western sale of Rcy
nicr's and l'crrin Trover's
Rcynict is the one manu
facturer who understands the
art of dying J) hick Suedes
without injuring the skins.
This is a bold statement, but
if you will come to our Glove
Dept. we will so clearly dem
onstrate this to you as to leave
no room for doubt.
Reynicr Gloves arc faultless
in fit and onish, absolutely cor
rect in style and positively un
equalcd in value.
.S-Button Length Mousque
taire Reynicr Suede, with the
new Narvure Embroidery,
Champagne, Mushroom, Paris
Pearl, Primrose, Mauve and all
the new 1S95 spring shades.
4-Button Reynicr Suede,
black only, 1. 75 pair.
.(.-Button Reynier French
Castor, one of the most dur
able Gloves made for shopping
and traveling.
4-I3utton Reynicr Glace, 3
row Embroidery, in black and
silk, large metal buttons to
match the embroidery, all the
newest shades, $2.
Men's Reynier Kid Gloves
in the latest shades, for opera
and street wear, 52 and $2.50
a pair.
Men's Gloves for Easter.
To-day on the Bargain
Counter, center Walnut Street
Floor, we will sell:
100 Boys' Navy Blue Sailor
Suits, braided Collars and
Cuffs, fast color, sues 3 to 9
years, new goods; per suit,
08c Today Onlj'.
To-day is Boys' Day in the
popular Boys' Outfitting Dept.
Extra salespeople, that you
maj' be waited on quickly.
New Suits, any age, z to 2a
New Spring Reefers, 3 to 15
New 1 Iats and Caps.
New Waists and Blouses.
High grade goods only.
st lci. oi:s 10
to-d iv fiuiu Mi Or 1I1 tin. sivlng ihat the
puhlliMtlon 01 tin I-tin was an ovuslght,
and that no bi.ath of t nth was intended.
Ch VI I mil Will Appoint tile Delegites If
.111 sinll Muling Is C11II11I
It I be I'iMii r-.
Washington, Man li 2 it Is Impossi
ble to sec 111, c, anil mail, 111 htie nt tho
n pint fimn London that the United
Slides has e onseiited In enter tile pin
posed inn 1 n tllonnl liiiiiiet.uy conlei
eiicc", but the best Iniiu million obtain
able Is in the eld ct thai 111 ease the" call
Is lsutd tin president will act ept the jn
vllitloii undei tiler let ins of tin law en
ne li d liming the list session and np
polut the Hue i" delegates tiei'ess.uv to
etnupltte tin 1 oinml.ssion oil behalf of
tins iiniiiti. M.inj of his best l'l lends
expuss Hie. opinion that ho will not
fnicgn my tippoi limit that piomlsts
stilist mil i pivgioss to piomoto 1111 in
ti t ii.itinii.il ugiiiiiitiit 011 this question,
Inn add that he will, In all piobabllll,
pufci in me the tn ills id tho call be.
luie taking iicticiii.
Senium Danii I, one of tho delegates
appoint, d mi behalf nf the senate, wis
In tin ell tn das und I'Xpiissod him.
self us pb isnl to In ar tin leplllt th.it
lliiglund w.is tuvoiubly tiiiisidiiluij tho
question nf leplesellt.Ulilll (It till I'oll
lelence, mill sulci ho llllll llCfll 10,11 fill
that til it iiiuutl would ttlke a position
which wutihl lendei Hie conference", if
held, Incapable of iiocompllsliinr; sub.
st. mil i u-stilts. He said also Hint, vvhllo
In had ie) liifoimatleiii with which tho
public wilt, not In possession, ho was of
the opinion that tho confeieiico would
be called mid that tho United States
would bo lepiesented.
The United States has not jet given
any nssiiiuiieo other than that con
tained ill the passage of tho Woleott
lesolllthm b countess of t leadlness
tn puilelpiito III another monet.ii) con.
ftieuce, tin thief leason peqliaps being
tint us jet it lias nut been Invited to
such a gutliciilig. Theio has been con
sidei.ible discussion us lo tlm attltildo
uf tlio udnilnlstiatlon 111 the mutter of
; confneiite, and nsseitlous huso been
made tliat tlio president was not at all
iinMous to hi olio held. This, them
is good authoilty lor saying, Is not tho
position of the admluistiation nt nil. On
tho cimtiiiry, them is declnred to bo a
dt siio to have a confeii'iicc If there Is
any piospoet of obtaining ic'sults, Jt Is
piobable that some exptesslon ot fe'nr
that thero was not at present much
prospect of unj thing being dono by ti
coufetciico has been constiucd to mean
that the admlnistiatlou wus not In favor
of any such gathering.
1'iiro baking ponder tiro one of theihlef
aids to the cook in pieparlns perfect und
wholesome" food. While those are to bt,
obtained of well established reputation, like
the Itoyal. of whose purity there has never
been a question, it is proDer to avoid all
4 '
! I
!- il
M -
i 1
. m
J Sit
Si :
! -i
warmsm tu. .

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