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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, March 31, 1895, Image 20

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'''' UijmwrmnvngvvnnMHMPiHr vtmmmmm'
m-vyy a.JwiJH ,. ,
i.mi iiii KjmnummM&jm&iiSllfi
x awcvsASW3719i,i"
Taking Diamonds lo Keep for Safely,
, tJM'ORTt'.NWTK HM'nittr.M'i: or OM;
who mi i.t) id do sd hoi: , i-iui.mi.
An I'tcltlng Morj, mill A Wit sonic fjnr
lions In HWtnr), I lit Inn mill t'lut
Thai Will .sol Anur Wits nt
Work I'rlrp in Ito Won.
Mnny )V nm nn, nfn-r it long ntul round
about journey thinitgh Europe, I onme lo
a llltlr ImMi In Etighuul win re I deter
Illltu d lo fi ml ii lilt luiiiithi lt unlet rest
1 ItCtOldlUgl) S't uut III OHIO lb luilit il
pcrntatiitit dwelling jelnio It was Just
nfltr one of those continuous mills Hint ho
often nci uf In llu spring time, ami tho
Mouther hud 'grown -tll mill unpleasant.
The wind vvus blowing a perfect gale, ami
out fur tlin oc-enslqnnl wlrt flitting pint or
ii vontiiresoiin. bird, I if ti I1 have Imagined
tlmt It wus ttii- inlilill" nt winter,
After a weary chuiie of s"iotal hours Hint
rlPIlPll IIVIT tllP 111111" lUtVII, I I'BIIIP to it
nnnll. blown, stone house- of seven githlts
1 lie iiuultiliicss- of wlili li nt once iitttuoted
mc It liail high, mirlili- stops, ami a tuny
Mi nil: door, but what pleased mo ihoip
tlinli all Hip rest wus a lonsplcuoiis can I
tiiun tlio liotscbli I: Hint bore this legends
' ' "
: Thli Furnished Houso to Lot Clicnp.
I soon fituinl the owner. pIokimI tin1 liar
caln with lilin. nml returned with tlm he)
In my possession
WIipii I njiptioit thp door 1 was mot nil
llip threshold hy a blnek-and-wlilto ml,
ntul ultlioutill the iioor thing wiih worn nl
nnt to skin ami done, It seemed to hip a
happy omen to ho thus welcomed b a liv
ing creature.
Within an hour I hail moved In my
LI w ir r- --
"taET had cos to inntsr av two sirtaxtV
Irtmki nml hoxm ami a liKet or two con
taining omll provision!". I routul n "mall
nml empiv hook 1 1 1 p . in tin. little pallor,
nml mv tlrst pUai.iiit taik was to stow
away therein tho few hooks that had ac
companied mo in all rnv travels.
The not momltiB I hlreil a. man ami hh
wife, who e.illeil themselves Wllllini ami
Wary Simmons. They were a singular look
inff pair. I In -was smmevvliat aloux In ears
In tact, his he.inl was well xprlnkleil
with cray: his raco was as dark as thotiRh
,Jt hail been hrownlnc fin many summers
' In the lays ot a Southern sun. Sho was
apparently many e.irs his junior. Her
face was as round and nH red as a berry,
but not nt all pteposM'l!MnK She spoke In
broken Kim'llsh, hut this did not smpilxo
jiu when. In answer to my questions, she
paid that her patents were riench, and
Holland was her blithplace Her dress
was iry peculiar, her hood and cape weie
of a. fashion lon since tied, whllo her bright
Kreen woolen dies was trimmed with
many rows of brilliant led tape. Sho was
blunt and sharp In her manner, but as she
claimed to be a wood cook, I decided to
Ignore her eccentricities.
' I was entirely alono In tho world save
or a faithful pub doir, that never left my
lde, sleepliiff or wnkliiB. Before mv trav
els had lieeun 1 had been a teachei ot
irnmm.ir, rhetoric, mid IobIc In a lame
acndtniy, and. after tho many haul knocks
that 1 had iccelveil iIuiIiik my jeats ol
work and travel. I was Klail to llt.d mvstlf
po situated that I could work or do nothing
ncconlli;; to thu whim of tho moniuit I
vns not. however, by any means a her
mit In my tastes, and I hopi il to find Mime
BKreeablo nml pleasant companions. This
deslro was Biatltled, for In less than two
davs I had rectlved calls fiont four ot m
neighbors. Thiee of thtm weie, like in)
eilf, shiBlo men, but the foiuth, .Mr Allan
Woodcourt, was u man of family with stv
eial stnlwnit sons, and one bloomliu;
daiiBhter, w hovo name was Hllzabeth He
was a teacher of ailthmetlc, nstionomy
mil Keometiy In the principal stliool of
tho town The other tlnee nilBlithors weie
Bentlemen or lelsuie, with eiy detlded
tastes uud asiiiiatlons. .Mi. SmuBKlns. al
thouBh no lonser )ouiik. was much addh t
ed to dancliiB, and attend d all tho lulls
,.for miles aiound Jlr. IHIkbs devoted his
time to music, whllo Sir ll.n tier's thoughts
were all centered on tho sIiibc Indeed, he
had taken pal t lu so ninny pilvate theat
ricals that a w.ib had once dubbed him the
"professional iimaietu," and the name
elunc to him As I sympathised mole o
less deeply In all these put suits, jet per
ulstentb followed uono of them (I had
Blveti up all 'thoughts of ever tiachlnir
iicaln), I was smo time would never he an
"apple of discoid" aiuoiiK us.
ThluBS had Bone on thus smoothly for
mnny month", when 1 ono d.iv teci-ived a
letter from mi old ind ei) iccetiiiU
frlind, h.ijiiiK that she was boIiib ahioad
for a. )ear. and that kIio had decided to
send me her diamonds foi safe keenlnir un
til her return She thiamin there vvutild be
MMc or no ihame of robbeiy In that small
ami ipiift counii) town while even the
ippiiently Impit.tiubl bulk vaults were
often broken into I 111:1 ,1 at i,er 0,,i
fancy, but put t'm il imi null iindir lock
imil key when tiny nrr.vi I the next day,
and thought no jiur- viiout theni
One rainy n.rhr turnli after this my
four frlemlH ono mv If v -re withered h:
my Utile iiarlor. A'i. Hi-he. hid Ikcii
treitlns us to some i it Hon-, a"d he was
In the midst of 1 1. ;ii:ul ii,-1. , n;ltUrl
"The Hay Il'tni.i- Mv .', uiu l'uiui,"
when we were I'arile, hj :, r si un.J.p v
rieaN on th dimli I' i;f,4. 1 1 d"l. ii,
nowever, tin uii'u'l i.n i dril v-.th a
l).inB-wc reoriird i'n- 11 1 f k ' " "ml t.,i
next moment tluti- n n staai;el I. .0 ;vi
room, nppaientlv otilivloii, nt 1:10 i'itij''v
tracks tli v weie nidljuv, in ir,. eirriet.
Without even an lutiouui toij- "How il'.ve
do," they iinniedlaiely InfamuM me that
thty had conu to arrest mv two suvnuts,
who weio a pill of crlmln 1U In hldln.anil
that Ihe professed woman w is .1 man In
illfBUlse 1 thi 11 remi mbered that I had
fien ntlther of them since lunrhion I had
dlmd with my friend Allan U'oodoourt
und, as I fiarcd, the scan h, which fol
lowed, showed that the birds hid down,
lint this w.11 not all, a later search re
vealed that with them had Bone also the
diamonds sent to me for safetv.
It reipdred nil my Utile hoird to pay for
tho items, and 1 was toned to return to
Ameika and n.suiue airaln my wear) round
lis a ujchi r. Some .1 1) 1 hope to bo back
to my iiulct nook and m four fonnenlil
friends In KnKland, hut 1 hireby warn tho
world that when 1 do 1 will take no treas
ures lulu my uistod).
The number ot Hitmen that are concealed
In the Jore'olnK stor) is ijulte remarkable.
There an no fower than tlttv-threo ijuih-lloif-
In hl-rtoi), lietlop. and lact. the uu
Bwrrs to whh U aro also bIvhi These un
twen ura not burled or lomealeil In any
wny. Iim are ustd In tho ordinary cmino
of the story. 'Ihey aie, houivei. somi
tlmej us. 1 phonetleull) The numbers at
tallied to tlie follow IliB ijuesiions have
iiothuif to ilu with ihe positions of tho
word-i in the nanatlvt but are given to
uv'old the necessity of the solvers wrltliiB
out U h fiueotion .Number eaili unnui.r
ucccrdiiiB tu the question to which It be.
Ioiibs, An iinnuinhered unswer will he
rui d out, Wherever a person's name u
ailed for, the answer must contain his or
fier full name, hut no other facts unhss
pxprecily tailed for. At the top of )our
llr"t sheet of uuxwers write lh. nnm tt
tnls puhli utlon this requirement Is Imp.r.
atlve and jour own pann , a'e und addu-s
In full Th n number your ans cm asj in
h 'L .".. HI?'-?' JW" p' h number., I
vacant as 1 ju uu unable tomi.wir .Mall
your solution , .lot to this oiip e, hut to
Harper ' 'Voiin-r I'copk . evv Yoil: no nth.
er addre - ti nedid -on or before April 8,
and put lu tho Inj.-r left-hand toiuer the
word Hound Table " Orown persons may
help j-ou to Jlnd answers, but onlj persons
who have not passed their Iktli birthday
may en'er solutions for pines
The Prizes are To tin b t J10 In money,
and 115 aim In mont-j, divided among u
few other best solvtrs. Hxctljence tonslsts
la lorauct answers anil roueit spelling, but
does not retir to peumanshlp. Corrtet an-
swers nml names of prlre winners will he
published In thl Journal on Kunda) April
si. If possible, It not, then on the Sine eld
ing Sllll'ln)
Eier) reader who l within Hip onnellllon
nf nqp should semi somi Mrl "f on answer.
"All things i cm" lo those who' lrv
1 Tin- fMeii silences of Ihe urn Mils
.' TIip iortpi'1 surname of mi American
humorist (HIp nlo full psoutlniiiini
i wool derived from thp Hncli, nnd
otlftlnall) mpanlnr: a pl.n nt 1purn.
I An AinrrliAti nimthnl wrtlT
6 Thp nmn whr. S.M' thl loan!, "TIip
Innt i haplPr, ami I hi- lnt iri" of KlnK "
; Thp llintllKli translation of thp Kiirnnms
or oiip of Hip hlni?5 of I'mitre. (dive hlliB'il
nam p.)
? An l!iiDtlh wmnili ttnpl.
s 'I Itlp or a booli hy T. T, .MniiKrr.
P An JinnlKh uptoitaut who illeil In ISM.
in Rnpillnh IhiuloRlnn,
It 'I he foitmlef of the .Mailr.n pjslcm of
PlIllL' itioti.
13. A term applleil to oillclnl routine.
I.I 'Ihe loirevl mirnamp nf a popular
writer of nhori r(oiIp. (t!le twetiilonj m.)
11 An Aniprlenn exlorpr
IS An Ahiirlmn enrleatutlut,
1C An i:nllh woman poet, whoe pet
liiiuie w.in "lla "
1? The nlehtuime of a KPliernl In llm Con
feileinte nim. (tlle eorreet nitnc.)
1 An niilmat allmleil to hv l.ulv Mae
hith. (Tell w-hPte allusion Ik fouml )
19 One or Dlekiiis' oh.iiaUer. (Tell
w here routul )
Ainerlean Inventor.
:l. Hytnlioln tieil hy a weitthy l'loren
tine r.iniliy. ((live nlo naino of rnmll,
anil till what prenctil eiiBtom owes Its or
igin to thie nyuiliols.)
Author of the 'TIMt hli't of the
trumpet aicalnst the motintrom reKlment of
wotni'ti "
Si. l'.irt of the Fouhrliiupt applied to
1'r.itn l Aliliot. (Hive noiilriiict In full,
mill t-ll how mill when lie illnl.)
21. Title of oiu of W. 1). Howell's slo
rle"i. 2". American woman novellM.
2H "The Anieilian Tupper."
27. The mlilille Jiame or n woman who
Kiie to a certain m-ctlon of our country
the title, "the Fanletn of the Roils " (Tell
where mtuateil ami the circumstances liail
ItiK to Its nainlim.)
S? The article In which one of Shike
sjieare's characters was conceited. (Tell
where found and give name of character!
M Tho HnKllsh queen who tlrst used
.".0. Southern part of Russia.
31. famous i;n,;lih poet.
5.. A natural division of 1 ind.
3.! The title of .1 poem by a well known
English poet.
31. Author of "Selhorne."
X. An KuRll-di astronomer.
3i". Author or "Sanford and Merton "
37. Author of the "Star Spanuled Han
ner "
3S l)lstlnBUllied woman advocate of
equal suffraBP.
i,'i. A friend and correspondent ot Hor
ace Waliwjle.
ID. An Initenloiii woman artist, noted for
cult In tr landscapes, portraits and animals
with her -cl.ors
II Celtbr.ated Scotch novelist.
I.'. .n American general who served In
the civil war
11 Title of a noled work of fiction
(Give also author)
II An HnBllsh painter of rural and do
mestic cones, born. In 177.'
I'i The man who first carried tho Amer
ican tliB around the Blobe.
III Next to the oldest college In the
I'nlted States (Tell where situated and
when founded )
47 The "father of the Breenhack "
H. Two ot the three articles that saved
the life of the Princess Noiirounnihar.
(I'sed m p.iratelv )
4'l One or Dickens' characters. (Tell
where fouml 1
to Title or a book hv a well known
Amerkan writer. (Give author's full
name 1
r,l r.imous Hnsllhnnn. author of a
book of which It was said. "A burgomaster
of Antwerp Is so pleased with It that hn
knows It all by heirt." ((live title of book
ind loll who made the foregoing state
ment )
r,.' A contemporarv American, artist.
03 An Knglish statcmin.
Atiierlt 111 (lolil the 0m a Sesame to H11
rope'ri Arlritoi nitlc Cirelis,
It is Inevitable that a Bood deal of Amer
ican money should finally go to the sup
port of the Impoverished nobllltv of llur
ope. In evuy 11 itlou of the Old Woild
th re are descendants or almost ro),il faml
lifs who are without the means to maintain
the soil.il dignity and splendor that have
been associated with tin Ir blood Theie
are C'iptalii 1'i.u isse, or whom 1,iutlr
vviote, in Hngland. 1'rann, Crtunian) and
Austria, while less luiortant ininits
swarm lu ilussla and 1'ol.ind. The great
rot tunes that were ome possessed hy Brit
ish and other nobles have been, In man)
Instances, dissipited either In piolllgaiv or
In vast tieudltuiis for palaces and parks,
and theie are many attractive and not al
low Hier protligate )aung men and women
of ihe aristoiricy who mo virtu illy liuiiov-
irlshed. 'Ihey bear the crests that speak
of lonr and honorable descent their dis
tant foret.ithers have, as Sir Walter e
el.ilms, lobbed and murdered and bun
lobbed and murdered like the true foundus
of great houses.
Nothing Is more natural than that these
Irr ilu 111 Ions desiendants.to whom the m.ik-Im-
of a rli h mur..ii,t lontrjct has been
lidd out fiotn infamy as a dutv and a 110
iis' ), liuiild turn tlnir ees to Ameili.i,
waist nen nave devoted tliniselves foi u
i-ntin) to tin ai tminkitlun of gre it foi
t me-, iltner be u.il estate holdings and
ili'i "it'i.Mrnid linn mem," or by railroad
ton. uu'i.piiltttjon or bv Inventions for
tie .ii'vuin me nf Indiuti !,... The 1111111
b r of joung v.meti In Ihlroiie who have
at o:ue blood and roittine is severely lim
ited, and also the number or juung men of
blood who havi not squandered their patil
inonj The Ann Hi an oung women, bar
ring a lertaln freedom ot manners, the
prodm t of wholesome social eondltlons.ara
lair to look upon, Hiey aie amiable whin
the) are treated with proper respei t, and
the) ar supiiond 10 hull a title In awe
As to tin- last point tin re 1.- a eansidir
able and seiluus mistake The moment the
Ann rk ,111 bride of a foieign noblt in in tlnds
the least reason to complain of iinklndm-s
or dim unites), hw d-velops an astounding
UU111.1J ii, nine, i.ue- ui i,'scu urnl ll pill
the sirews on Ihe astonished husband.
It Is iiiifuitun.il.- that, as a nile, the
spolUd datum's or Huropean iitltoer.u)
do not always make as good husbands us
loveis, or us good husbands us Aiueriiau
women llm! In tlnir own lountiynien The
. onsequeme is an euriordinaiy proportion
of seiuratluns. In some 1 ases the Ameri-
at Kill dues not expect uu nlfectlonate
husband-she buvs the title and puts the
liusbdml on an allowance, having him fieu
to go his own wa) eviept that he exacts
u behavior that shall not bring public scan
It U not, however, b) marriage only that
the deplete! purn . of the foirlgn aristo
crats art to he reiileiilslnd from American
iiiflers. In the Kuropcan edition of ihu
Jlerahl nppeir this advertisement
'A ladv inuv ing In the best society of
London I desirous of taking out and pre.
rJ",i',1 J" L'at ,l Joiiiig American Inly.
1h hlshett reference will be given and re.
iiiilrid. High remuneration expec ted Ad.
diess. In the Hi st Instame, c, care of Will.
am .egus, i;q., so llloomsbur) square.
lindon. W. ('
This is what may he railed
a "square
ilirai tl IB
Is a plain matter of business It
a, wii-n. of wealth .r.iV. ,'.!' ,n.er1'
! t-a'd'e'she hy'Shl.'fe''?. . W.V?1 .i
s one of tl
uu ctable woman In Hngland Tlie llnullsh
11. .m.. .. tri.lnu ,1.1 l.liT. il V. . 'ISIIII
woman attains this hllss In .1 mnrl K.i .
i-it. hut not In a more bdmlrublo waj.
when she s not within the Urcle that has
uecess to the throne room
The confessions of the late Ward Mi At
Ister show- that Ihls means of earning an
honest penny Is not limited to a lad) moy.
lug lu the best London socle!) Analri
tome jears ago It was founl that the wife
of a I'hlidgn fashionable pastor received
many J109 bills for leading women Into the
Chicago fashionable s.'t.-Jvttv York AdT
ilt:Ms of lltlttll 1 ION ADAITDII TO
.mam I'oniio.V! or i mi: i:sr,
Hint In t llllin Hip Mahllnrr of .Sonic
Cm rl mill Arinjii ami to I'rt"
lent Oiiniiei from Our
llow In i t cnou,
Where water rati ho had by the usual
grnvit) method for Irrigation, the fnimer
or mm hero will ilitermlne for hlmelt the
bet means of distributing ntul utilising It.
The main intention Is the water supply,
Hut rew streams nlTonl a siilliolptit stippl)
In the dry enson. In the mountain re
gions of Colorado and New Mixlto mid in
iniislclerahle portions of Oklihoma and
Kansnp, as well as in much of the West
Rem rail), during the season wluli water
Is most cs-cntlnl to growing crops, talnfiill
iiiliuot be depended on for 11 suppl).
Theori tlcitliy Ihrre ts eiiougji lalttfall In
nhv of these areas to provide the peiesu)
moisture for mi) of the usual ctops. Hut
pr.ii tleiillv Hie supply Is whollv Inailciiuate,
fiMtti the fact that II Is Impossible to mil;
l?e more thin 11 small frnction ot tho total
moisture pnclpllatrd atiiiuall).
The flirt diluent of waste Is rapid evap
otiillon The lu'fond Is ratild preclpitatlnn
and the consequent freshets which lire
gleatl) nUKiii'Mitcd h) the topogtaphv of
iae coumr) 1 nave seen, as nave an who
hale obsetvnl much In thee area", a ter
rlhe rainstorm fall to wtt the ground more
than two nt three Indies lu depth 'Ihe
prei Iplt.itliiu was so rapid und the slopes
10 steep that the water Mowed to lower
levels befoie It 1 ould penetrate the ground
Hi rein Is an element of w iste. 1 hen, again,
many of the ciccks and nrrojaa are so
swift have sin li lapld desei nt Ih it It I
Impinctlcil to Until iliem and utilize their
water suppl) Should the dam stand
against the strong current, the tcservolr
above It will soon Mil with sind and gravel
and thus will the object of Its erection be
We take Hip government reports kept nt
the vatloiis obscivlng stations and we learn
inim 1111 m in u tne annual raini.iu or 10
tal pncipltntlon of molstuie Is ftom four
teen to twentv lmhes In nil of the areas
under discission. Most crops requite from
sit to ten Inches of molstute nuintall), de
pending on the character of the soils and
otlur conditions. Allow two-thirds of the
annual precipitation to be evaporated be
fore being utlll7cil and one-half of the re
mainder to be lost lij pet eolation, how cm
tho list 1 em ilnder 0111 -sixth of the total
be best concentrated mi the most fertile
areas and utlleed'' How make the rainfall
on tin ee aires Irrigate one .tele ' In some
areas. In fart In man), the possibility Is
much beyond thl Artesian wells nre
practical in many lorilltle". Hist of the
Hock) mountain.- and west of a line drawn
from Greeley, Col .thence to Wallace, Kns .
.ind thorn e acres Kansas by wii) of Lin
coln mid Lulled, thence In a southeasterly
dlttctlon across Oklahoma to Guth
rie, thence southwest to the west Hank of
the Arbuckle mountain., thence sharply to
the southeast across the Chlcka.ivv and
Choctaw nations to (he head of Little liv
en nnd thence on the eat side of lied
river in a southeatttly direction to the
Gulf of .Mexico west of this described line
and east of the Hock) mountains mtesl. in
water may be had Hut In some localities
It can only he developed nt a gre it depth.
In man) locilltles within this area the set
tler ot moderate means can develop such a
water suppl)
A system admirably ad ipted to ue in the
arrovas and mountain stteatns of New- Mex
ico and L'oloiado, most of which fall from
50 to 3c) feet to the mile, with a subtlovv
more easily utilised than their surface flow.
Is as follows:
A masonry or oncrete dntn tiny be built
on the bedrock, hard tlay or sh lie, and iv
tendlng acioss the stream and on either
side until the bedrock Is as high as the top
of the dam. Make .1 hole through the bot
tom of the dam. above which. 111 inly ce
mented round the hole, extend .1 porous
oil) pipe This cliv pipe will ndtnlt the
water of the underflow, but keep out the
sand Into tin hole on the lower side of
the dim insert an iron nine, to he extended
down the stieim until a point Is reached on
the surface tint Is lower than the hole In
tlie clam, wlier. the water can be dis
charged Into a ditch or tesei voir at the low
er levels. The hngth and se of the pipe
will depend on the amount of the sub
llow Other streams nnv be made to ) leld a
supply bv placing diagonal duns .11 ross
thi'tu Wheio the cuirent dining the ftesh
ets is too strong for ordinal v dains.thls plan
will, m my times, be successful.
Mippose the heel of the stieum to be KO
feet wide Hxtend the clam dlagouall) up
or down stream, and mnke It. i,iv. r,ol fi et
long This will gradually dellec t the water
to one lile. where It in iv lie led rf In a
Hume and tin ill) into a ditch This sis
tern is objectionable where there Is nun h
sand or giavel cai rled down bv freshets
The dlti Ii will under such a condition, fill
up during and must be cleaned out after
each fieshet
Another n)s!ein adapted to almost all
pirts of the aieus limb r discussion Is the
invert siphon a modltl atloti of that shown
In the cut. In this svsi, m. no dam is net d
d. rind a subtlovv In the bed of ,1 stiram
ot elsewhere near tlie siirfai Dig u
trench parallel with ihe line ot the Mow
Sink down to bedrock 1. iv porous c lav
pipe In this ditch Have the up-sti .'.im end
of the cla) pipe capped with materlil or the
sime kind At the lower end of the cl.ij
pipe, attach a leilincr. 10 which 1 011
m ct much smaller iron pipe As the Iron
pipe Is extended down stteim. It i in be le
duced in su The iron pipe must be x
tended until the surlace of the ground Is
lower than the cla) pipe, when the water
will fiour out upon the surface and mnv be
uiiueii tor irrigation ir then are no
quicks mils, nelthir the eliy pipe nor the
Iron need be on bedrock, provided, ot
course, that the subtlow is sufficient to fur
nish the lenulred supply. Ihu w hi re tin re
are quicksands, tin plp must tesi On bed.
lock, be anchored to It or supported b)
piles that are driven to It
Where the stream Is swift during fn sh
ots and the erosion great, the fsirts of all
iron pipes above the surfaci must be pio
ttctisl by rip-rap, piles or b) some other
In a former article, I called atteiltlon to
the 1,11 t that there are so manv suhtitr.in
ein stieams dossing H.istirn Colorado and
Wist, rn K.ms is 1 it might be iilill.od. I
recommended tho building of subterranean
duns across them even where they are a
mile wide Since I vviote that article a new
Invention makes such constim Hon un easy
problem. II) 11, iinicieti Is forced down a
pipe by air pressuie to bedrock The pipe
Is moved, igain Inserted and another charge
of com rele foiccd down by the side of the
hist and so on until a e omplete subtet
r.ine.111 dam Is built, without making an)
excavation vvhativer If this invention Is
what is it ilnied for It, the possibilities for
mile I. of the West ar great, indeed
itnt, despite nil sj stems of snbtoiranean
or surface damming, much of tho We it can
only he leelnltnccl by means of some s).s
tt in or pumping
1 havelitely tiled some experiments with
a 10 Inch air compiessei reve rsed air pump
that ionv luces ine that the cheapest meth
od of elevating w iter tor inlg.itlon cs
neclally vvluie the lilt Is not loo great is
hv coinprtsstd nir
Let a pipe or casing extend down from
the surface of the ground to a po'nt 11 lew
feet below the surface of the vvati r. I'uss
a smaller pipe down on the outside or tho
main pipe Let the lowei cud or the small
pipe he bint Into the laigcr and extend
upward Inside o( It a shoit dlst cm e .Vow
foioe a Jet of ah down the small pipe and
Immediately .1 column of walir tin size of
the large pipe will be thrown to the sur
face. Theie Is no valvo unci flictlon Is re
duced to the minimum There Is nothing
for the sand and giavel in the water to
wear away exi cpt the pipes which aie not
vei) expensive, and are easil) renew, d
li mav be someone has pitem,d this
proitss, but not to my knowledge. If so, ho
has not put it Into use. 1 am satisfied the
principle Is cornet.
Ill conclusion, let me say that whatever
the system or lirlg.itiou that Is adopted,
storage reservoirs should be, so fur as prac.
that, .constructed A very stnali dall) sup.
pi) if stored and iisiel nt the proper time
will iirlgute a tonsldeiable area of Hnd
Hhreveport, La , March A, lvjj.
(.DIMS Mlltl'll.
Cbleign Croat Winlirn It illw.iy of j, ja.
(do I euf Itoutts"
Is tho shortest lino to all points In the
Northwest and Puget Sound points, via Ht.
Paul and Minneapolis; solid trains for Des
Moines, Marshalltown, Minneapolis, Du
tuquei and Chicago.
Dining cars attached to all trains: meals
served on cafo plan.
The Chicago Great Western Is the only
line running compartment sleeping cars be.
tween Kansas City, Des Moines. St, Paul
Minneapolis and Chicago, Trains leave
Grand Central depot, bet-owl and W)an.
dotte streets, 10 J a. m. and 8 00 p. m.
Ticket otllce, Ho. 103sV- Union avenue.
.G-,V i'lN'COLN.
' G. P. and T. A.. Chicago, HI.
lloluekerkels, Eitursloiia.
The Missouri Pacific r.illujiv ...111 it
round.trip excursion tickets at one fare
ecr ptlve .pamphlets on the several states
address lien ton Quick. 10IS Union avenue
or E. b. Jewett, Va) Main street, Kansas
City, llv.,
ii'C. lunntiu.xp,
Central Passeufr Agent.
Idiia and Texas. Tickets on sale April '
1W3, good to return twenty da)s from date
of sale. Liberal stopover priviltges at.
lowed. For tickets, ilmo. i.,l,lu .fw.7 .ti
'Hie strin Wales nf April fltl (Hip the
t sunt Whip llaiige nf Temperature
mid (limit Haiti".
fosler's t.neut I orrcnils.
The storm wave will reach this mcrldlnn
nnd Ihe other changes noled will occur at
11 hit wltlitn 100 miles of Kansas City within
twentj-rour hours before or nfter sunset
of the dales given
.xinrc h 31 Warmer.
Aptll 1 Storm wave on this meridian,
Apt II 2 Wind changing
Apill r Cooler mid tlearlng,
April I Cool.
.April ft .Moderating,
April ( Win met.
(Cop) righted, 1WS, by W. T. Tostcr.)
St Joseph, Mo .Maun id -"My lust bulle
tin mivc forecasts of the sloriu wave to
cross the continent from March 30 to April
3, mid the nex-l will reach the I'.irlllc
co 1st iiooeit April 4, cross the Western
mountain countiy by the close ot the Silt,
the meat Central vnlles cth t" Ml! nnd
the Hastern stntes about the !th.
This slot m will bring reinaikahle ex
tremes and radical changes In the wen I her.
.Siimitur I1e.1t will prevail f6r a few da)s
previous lo the storm wave dnlis nnd then
adiop In the temperature that will send
froslR fur soiitliwuiil. 1 Ills eool vvnve. lit
jilnctt a leal cold wave, will keep the
temperature below nonn.ll for 11 week fol
lowing. Severe local storms mil) be expected nc
cutupinjlug this sloim wave and, making
allowance for a month's nroittess toward
summer, weather will be Vei) like that
which occurred about and following .March
The warm wave will ctoss the Western
mountain country nboul the 4th of April,
the great Central valleys the f.th mid the
Hnstetn states the Mil, 'Ihe cool wave will
cross the Wtstern mountain countrj about
the "Hi, the great Central vall"s '.'th and
H.istern states 11th
During the period covei d by Ihls storm
wave. Including the cool wave, liilnfiill
will be ver light In the Northern stales
More rnlu will fall In the Southern stntes
but will not be well dlstrlbutid, and a few
localities will have too much, mnny others
not enough rain.
The third storm wave of Aptll will rench
the I'.itlllc coast about 11th, cross the
Wosttrn mountain country bv close or Hth,
the great Cential ulli)s i;th to Ilth and
the Hastern states loth.
The warm wave will cross the Western
mountain countiy about Oth. gteut Central
vnllejss l'.'th, Hasten! states Ilth. The cool
wave will ctoss the Western mountain
country about 13th, Great Central vallejs
lSHi and Histern states 17th.
This storm wave will cause a more gen
eral distribution or riilnfill and. taking tho
whole country, an increase In pieclpltatlon
The weather will avoingo much cooler than
In tho first week ot the month
My calculation for April weather are
mote complete on tetnpeiutitto than on
rain Temperature In the New Hngtaud
states will average abav not null and rain
fall below. South Atlantic stntes tetnpeia
ture below and rain alotit norm il. The
mouth of the James river I make the ill
vdlng line between Norih and South At
lantic states.
The Ohio valley and Upper nnd Lower
1 ikes low temperatuie and dry. Hast
Gulf slates low temperature and average
rain West Gulf states and Lower Mis
souri valley high temperature and ill y.
Upper Mississippi vallev average tempera
ture and dr). Upper MIoiiil x'.illey and
lied lllver of the North high leTiipcraltire
and dry. North I'.iclllc coast temperature
and i.itnfnll above Sc 11th I'.iclllc coast
temperature and rainfall below.
The average path of the April lows, or
stotm centers, enters the Paeltlc coast at
the mouth of the Columbia river, passes
about 150 miles north of "t.itt Like and Chi
cago, over south parts of Newfoundland,
Ireland and Hngland. During first hair of
coming April the paths of storm centers
will principally He north and the last half
south of the average path described above.
Hollowing ate about the normal tempera
tures and laimans ior -prii
New Uiigl.tnd
South Atlantic
Ohio Valley
Hast Gulf
West Gulf
t'ppcr Mississippi
Upper Missouri
Lower Missouri
Hast of llockles Arid
North I'aclhe coast
South I'aclllo coast
Temp. Haiti.
. M.3 3.S
. fil.t 3.:.
..; 1 t, a
..or..') 3 0
..:.! 3 2 5
..IS. i 2 0
...5I.S 3 (I
..31.7 l.ii
..41 7 4 0
..r.s.o 2.0
I-rem Kansas
City Mi
the llurllngton
City daily 10.50 a. m, solid train;
Denver 7.30 a. m.
LlNtii " for 1'uget Sound and Pacific:
Coast from Kansas Clt), leavts at 10 00
a in. dally.
This line gives patrons 01 opportunity
to visit Hot t-prings, South Dakota, Black
Bills and Yellow stone Park, nnd It Is the
short line between Kansas City and Hel
ena by 345 ritles, Butte 31D miles, bpokane
474 miles, Seattle 140 miles and Tacoma. Hj
This Is the most marvelous scenic route
and perhaps the most interesting across
the continent.
Hound trip tickets to all Pacific, coast
points via this line.
Tor full Information address It. C. Orr,
Burlington Route Knnsas City, Mo.
Burlington Route train leaves at 8:16 p.
m. The only line running three sleepers
with new elegant compartment berths and
hurret. Service unsurpassed.
WHEUEAS I'i ink (1 Sutu,n nnd Annie
E Simon his witc b) their ctrtun dcid
of trust, dated Hi, ."ah da) of Man h, A. D
1-sj. ut,a filed f. r ic.uiil th. 7th day of
.March, A 1) livs'i and recoi led In book
"11" No Kl, at luge is, in tin otlke of the
record' r of dec .Is tor Jit. kson coun
t), in Kansas Cit. Missouri, con
ve)ed to the undersigned trustee
nil of lot nine (9), in block one it), In James
Goodln plaee, an addition to Kansas City,
Jackson county, Mls-mul, to secute thu
pament or one piit.cipal promlsFor) note
and interest coupons thereto attached, an
In tald deed of trust described and, where,
as, said principal note became due the
r,th day ot March, A D. Ib'H, ihe time for
the pajimnt of -Mid pinolal note was
extended two ) ears from Man h Mh. D'JI,
miking said principal note felt due under
such extension March tho Hth, A. D. iWi.
and, whereas, the Interest ior the said
two )ears, the term of said extension, was
evidenced by four Interest notes .xecutcd
by the then owner of the sail real estate,
and, when as, o'ie or said Interest notes Is
now due and unpaid, theieroi , In cunse
cpience or the default of the pa) ment of
said Inteiest note, tald ptlnclpal note Is
now dcelaied due and ji.ijalilc therefore,
at the lequost of tho legal hold, r and own
er of the Mild titlnelp.il note, I, u, c, Bow
en, by viitue uf the power given me by
salel deed of trust, will pioce.d 10 sell the
above descilhed real est.uo at public mic
tion to the highest biddei, for cash, be
tween the hours of 9 oMo.lv In the tore
noon nnd ii o'clock in the mternoon of
Tuesdii), the 23d ihi) of April A D ISM,
at the west front door of the United States
custom house, In Kansas Clt. Jackson
count) . Missouri, to satlsf) the said In
debtedness und the . ust of exu uting this
irusi i' iMi i..x, '.Trustee
Dated .March Juth. A D JW.
the Is hereby given that the annual meet
ing of the stockholders of the Lomhanl
Investment Compan), ot Missouri, will bo
held at the oltli e of tho romp my lu the
Keith A- Peiry building, at the southwest
coiner of Ninth und Walnut streets. In
Kansas City, Missouri, on Thursda), the
Hh day of April, IWj. at nine o'clock u
in , foi tho purpose of electing directors of
tho company and the transaction of such
other business us may proper!) come be
foie the stockholelers' meeting
. r. ,.m.h, ri 110,0'1'V, President.
A. D. HIDElt. .Secretary,
Kansas City, Mo , .March 7, 1593.
heteby slve-n thut the annual meeting of
the stockholders of tho Jackson Investment
Compiny will be held ut the otllce of the
compan). jxo ucw -xc-w i uric j.ue untitling.
In Kansas Clt), Mtssouil, on Monday, tlm
llrst day of April, A. D. lM"i, at tho hour of
ulna o'clock a, m.. for Ihe purpose of elect
Ing a director In the plate of John C. Gage,
whose term will then expire, and for the
transaction ot such other business as may
properly come before a stockholders' meet
I 'res I tl tint
CHARLES C. SMALL. Secretary,
Kansas City, Mu.. March 13. PVJ3.
derslgned or ilia county clerk will, on April
5. IMj. up to 12 o'clock (noon) of that day,
receive sealed bids, subject to the approval
of the county court, for grading the Lee's
Summit and Lone Jack road, from Lee's
Summit to Van Buren township line. A
cash deposit of I2u0 required with each bid.
Speculations unci profile can be seen lu
the olllce of county surve)or, lu new tourt
bouse, cor. 5th and Oak si.. Kansas City.
Co. Surveyor and Road Commissioner.
Dated March Hit, lm uulu""lonr'
, T I snilJ'S PALH-liy reason of de
fault In the pament of a certain principal
promissory note nnd Ihe last two matur
ing Interest jinln, decrli d In a deed nf
trust executed bv frank Welsh, unmar
ried, to the undersigned trustee, dnted
1 ehrtiarv 14th, jnjo, Vti for teconl fib-ru-iry
Ilth, ikh), in the ofllce nt the re
Conler of deeds for Jackson county, Mis.
fpuil. In book II 400, png- 13'. the under
cigneil triisiee will, pursuant to the terms
or stiid deed nr trust, nnJ nt the request
.. ' iivi'ICT ill -..IICI iiucc'i-. re-n lie
public vendue, to the highest bidder, for
cash, nil of that patt nr bloik numbered
tivenly-twii tM, Mrllee's addition to the
..... of, Kntioa (now known ns Kntins
I Itv), described nit follows Beginning nt
hn liorlhrast corner or said block num
bered twenty-two (B), thence south nlong
tho west llm. of Medio stleet tvvcnt)'foitr
(21) feet nine (8) Inchi", theme west to
11 1 ley 11 said block, thence north along the
flit Hne nf snld nlley (went) -four (SI) feet
nine (1) Inches to the -outi line of ICth
street, thence enst along the south line of
Hth stteel to ptnee uf beginning,
nil situated In Jack 1111 county, .Missouri,
nt Bin West door nf Hie t'nlUd Statu cus
tom house, nt the southeast cottier of
Ninth and Walnut streets, in Kansas Clt),
Jackson county, .Missouri, on the Dili day
n; April, DO, between the hours of nine
n clock In the rorcnoon nnd live o'clock In
thn afternoon for thp purpose or satlsf).
Ing the said Indebtedness and Hip cost of
executing this trust The iqultv of re
demption of said real estate Is now owned
and held by .Hugh c Ward its receiver of
mo purinersiiip estate of Thomas H. Mas
tin and Jttlln Mnstltt. appointed by the
United Stntes cltcillt court Tor the West
ern division of the Western district of
.Missouri. Hv an order of said coin t, duly
putcred of teconl on the 23d day or Slnrch,
D-ii, thn satil trustee has been mil Is all
t homed to rorcclose the slid deed of
trust In tho manner provided by the terms
llv A. A. WHIDPLH. Its I'resldent.
THUHTHK'S SALU-By reason of default
In the pa) mem ot a certain prlnclpil
promissory note nnd the last two mnturlng
Inter, st notes dpsirlbed In a deed of trust
executed by I'rank Welsh, unmarried, to
the undersigned trustee, dated Uehruary
11th, PW. Hied for teconl Uehruary Ilth,
lv'. In the otllce of the recorder of deeds
for Jackson count). Missouri, In book H
!'., page 4G7, the undersigned trustee will,
pursuant to the terms of said deed of
trust, and at thp rrclllest of thn lee.nl hold.
er of said notes, sell nt public vendue, to
the highest bidder, for cah, all of that
part of block number twentv. two (22), Mc
J.ee s addition to the City of Kansas (now
known as Kansas City), described as fol
low's: Hivlnnlng nt a point on the west
line ot McGeo street, forty-nine (40i feet
sl (C) Inches south of the northeast cor
ner or said block number tvvcnt)-two (22),
thence FOtith along the west line of Mc
Oee street twenty-four (21) feet nine (i)
Inches, thence west to nlley In said block,
thence north along the east line of said
alley twenty-four (21) feet nine (3) Inches,
thence east parallel to south line of 16th
street to place of beginning, all situated
In Jackson county. Missouri, at the west
door of the United States custom house,
nt the southeast comer of Ninth nnd Wal
nut streets, In Kansas Clt), Jackson
county, Missouri, on tho lSth day of April,
lS?j, between the hours of nine o'clock In
the forenoon nnd live o'clock In the atter
noon, for the purpose ot satlsf) ing tho
said Indebtedness and the cost of execut
ing this trust. The equity of redemption
pf said real estate Is now owned and held
by Hugh C Ward as receiver of the part
nership estate of Thomas Masfln and Julia
MastlU. appointed by the T'ntteil sllntos
circuit court for the Western division of
the Western district of Missouri. Bv an
order of said court duly entered of record
on the 22d day of .March. Dr,, the said
trustee has been and Is authorized to fore
close the sad deed of trust In the manner
provided b) the terms thereof.
By A A W hippie. Its President.
TBI STEE'S SALE Whereas. Charles A.
Beardsley. unman led, by his deed of oust,
duted Juno 1st. ISM, acknowledged June
4th, roi, and lecorded June Ith, 1S90, In
hpok B No. 4-'ii, at page IK), of tho records
of dee-ds, In the otllce of recorder ot deeds
in ami for Jackson count)-, statu of MIs
souil, at Kansas Clt), conveyed to the un
dersigned, Jeieinl.ih T Dew, as trustee,
tho following descilhed teal estate, situate
lu Jackson county and state of Missouri,
to-wlt An undivided one-half ( .) of lot
numbered twemy-nliio (29), In block num
bered two (.'), of Aimtleld's addition, an
addition to tho City ot Kansas (now Kan
sas Cltv). ns the said lot is m.nked and
designated upon the plat ot said addition,
now on file and of reconl In the olllco of
leeordir of deeds In and for wild Jackson
county, stnte of Missouri, which said deed
of trust was given to secuio payment of
the certain piomlssoiy note thcteln de
scilhed and, whereas, the said note Is
long past due. and, together with all Inter
est accrued theieon, ti mains unpaid, and
default has been made In the pavmeut
theieof, now, therefore, public notice is
lnieb) given Hint mulct and by virtue of
the power and authority in mu vested by
ihe tenns of said deed of mist, and In pur
suance of tho piovlslous theieof, and at
tho request of the legal holde 1 and owner
of said nolo, I. Jeremiah T Dew, the un
dot sign d trustee, will proceed to sell, mid
will sell, tho said above deicilbed real
state, at tho west front dooi of the cus
tom house mid postoilltu building, situate
at southeast coiner of Ninth and Wal
nut stieets, In Kansas Clt). lu tho county
of Jackson and state of Mlssoml, to the
highest bidder, for cash, at public vendue,
mi Tuesday, the 23rd day of Apill, D9J. be
tween the boms of nine o'clock In the foin
iiijon and live o'clock In the afternoon oT
said day, to pay off nnd satisfy the said
in lebtedness and costs und expenses of
exci uting this oust.
Dited Kansas City, Mo, Match 2Mb. 1S13
WHEItEAS, Frank G. Sutton and Annie
L Sutton, his wile, bj their ceitaln deed
of mist datetl the Dtlt daj or March, A D
1VV, and filed for iciord the 7th day of
Match. A D. DS9. and leconlid In hook
"1. No 333, at page :;. in the olllco of the
lei coder of deeds for Jackson count), at
Kansas City, Mi-sourl, eonvoed to the
mulct signed trustee all of lot eight (S) nnd
west 5 feet of lot si von (7), in block one.
(1), In Janus Goodln place, un addition to
Kansas City, Jackson county, Mlssouti.
to s.i ure the pa) ment of one principal
proml-soty note and Interist coupons there
to attached, as In said deed of trust de
scribed, and, whereas, said principal note
lice nm- due March the Hth, A. D. 1V)I, tho
time for the pument of said principal
note was extended two )enis from Match
Cth. IS'H, making E.il.l principal note full
due und. r such extension March tho Hth,
A. D. 1MW, and, whereas, the Interest for
the said two )e.irs, the term of said ex
tension, was evidenced by four Interest
notes executed bj the then owner of sale!
leal estate, and, whereas, one of said In
terest notes Is now duo and unpaid, there
fore, In consequence of tho default In the
pajment of said Inteiest note.snld principal
note Is now declared duct and pa) aide;
thereto! p, ut the request of the legal hold-
r and owner of tho said print Ipal note,
1, D. C Bawen, by virtue of the power
given ino by said deed of trust, will pro
ccod to sell the above described real estate
ut public auction to the highest bidder, for
cash, between the hours of a o'clock In
the foienoon and r o'clock afternoon of
Tuesd.i), the 2.1.1 day of April. A. D ISM,
at tho west front door of the United Stales
custom house, lu Kansas City, Juckson
county, Missouri, to satisfy the said In
debtedness und the cost ot executing this
trust. D. C BOWEN, Tiustee
Dated March SOth. A. D. 1SJ3.
TRUSTEE'S SALE-By reason of default
In the p.Diiieiil of a certain promissory
note, uud In the Interest thereon, descilbed
In the deed ot trust dated the 29th day of
January. Is9, given by .1 j;. Mulvey and
Matin C Mulve), his wife, Hied for record
In the olllce of the lecorder uf deeds for
Juckson county, at Kansas City, Mtssouil
on tho 29th day of Januar), HM, and theni
recorded In book B 2l, at page S'jo, I will
between the hums of 9 o'clock In tlm loie.
noon und 5 o clock in tho afternoon, on
Monday, the Mh day of April, ism, m the
Houth door of tho court house In the City
of Kansas. Ill the county of Jackson, statu
of Missouri, ut tho teqitest of tho legal
holder of said note, tell at public auction,
to the hlKhesrblilder. Ior cash, all or lots
tin (10) and Itrtten (IS), lu block ono (1): all
of lot. nine (9) and sixteen (16), in block
two (2), nil of lots three (J), thirteen (1J
and twenty-two l-'-'l, inblotk thiee (3): ull
of lots ono (I) and eighteen (ltt), in bleeU
lour hi, aim ,ui ui iu uiieu ui unq eight,
ten (ltd. lit block live (5). In Llewellyn
annex, un addition to tlm City of Kansas,
tounty of Jatkson and stute of Missouri, us
shown by the lecorded plat thereof, and up
ply the proceeds of said salo to tho pay
ment of the indebtedness secured by said
deid uf trust, and the costs of executing
this trust, MORTON W'OLLSIAN,
to the stockholders of tho Grand Avenue
Railway Compuny Is heieby given thut it
meeting of such stockholders will be held
at the olllco of said company.No. 1500 Grand
avenue. In Kansas CHy, Missouri, on Sat
urday, the llrst day of June, A. D. ls93, at
9 o'clock a, m.. for the purpose uf voting
upon the following propositions;
1. To Increase the capital stock of said
company from Jl,2o0,C00, its present amount,
to 3.3U),O0O,
2. To Increase the bonded Indebtedness
of said company from H,2u0,000, Its present
amount, to 53.3uO.OOO.
3. For tho nansactlon of such other busi
ness as may be brought before such meet
juir. Kansas Clt)-, Mo , March 29, U93.
WALTON H. HOLMES, President.
DANIEL B, HOLMES, Secretary.
(Ulrst publication March Ilth, D.)
as, on June th, DM, City Heil Estate Cotn
pinj. Kansas I'll), Missouri, unite, ex
i uted and delivered Its deed of Irusl.for the
tuiriKise of securing the pajment of oiip
bond fo the sum of one thousand dollars
Hl,i)i, with Interest coupons attached,
named in inld deed of trust, wherein It
roniejp.1 to th" un.lerslghed, David II. lit;
HPii, trustee. Hip following des- rlbed real
estate, situated In thp county nf J ickson
nnd state or Missouri, to-wlt Lots nmn
lereil I IwpIvo (12), thirteen (13) and fourteen
III). In block number nine (11. of Conies
ndilltlon to the Cltv of Kansas (now
L.insai Clt) ). Missouri, ncordlng to the
recorded plat thereof, and w herons,
said deed or trust was on the.slh day of
June, DM nt 1:10 o'clock p m , duly record
ed In book II MI, nt page SH). of the recordi
of snui Jaikson county, Missouri, and,
whereas, It is provided In said bond nml
deed of frost iv.i. if .im sunt Cltv Heat
Estate Compan) shall fall to pa) or eaue
to be paid, nny of the Interest cout'ons at
tached to said ImiiiI at the time the same
become due add p untile, then the whole
amount of sild bond shall at once become
dm nnd pa.vable without notice, and
where is, the snld City Ileal Estate Com
pany has failed 10 pay, or cause to he paid,
the Interest cotiion attached to slid bond
which became due und p.uablp on Ihe tlrst
day of December, D''l, whererore the whole
amount of said bond Is now due. pi.vnblo
and unpilil under the terms of s.itd bond,
and deed of trust: now, therefore, public
notice Is hereby given that 1, the under-
wicneu, utviu 11, i;ttien, the trustee nnmeu
In said deed of trust, under und by virtue
or thp milhorlly vested In me by said deed
or trust, nt the request of the legal holder
and owner or said bond, will proceed to sell
the above described real eslnle at pub
lic vendue, to the highest bidder, for cash,
at the south front door of the new county
court house In Kutisna Clt), Missouri, be
Ing the building In Kansas City. Jackson
rounty, Missouri, In which the ilicult court
or said Jackson countv Is now held, on
Saturday, the btlt dav or April, A. D IBM,
between the hotlls of D o'clock 111 the fore
noon ami li o'clock In the afternoon of said
hiy, for the purpose of raising the money
to pi) tho amount of said bond, with inter
est and the costs of executing this trust.
Perry fi Small. Attorney
(Plrst publication .March 11. 1S93.)
on April 27th, DSD, James O'Neill and
Llla ONelll made, executed and delivered
their deed of trust for the purpose of secur
ing the payment or two bonds, one for the
sum of lUM") and the other, which has been
paid, for the sum of J1.CV0. In said deed ot
trust described, wherein they colivejed to
the nndet signed, Dnvld H. Ettlen, trustee,
the following described real estate, situat
ed In the county of Jackon and state of
Missouri, to-wlt: The west one hundred
(1)) feet of lot number twelve (12),of block
number seven (7), In Itlce's addition to the
City of Kansas (now Kansas Clt)). Mis
souri, according to a recorded plat thereof,
together with all tho Improvements there
unto belonging; and, whereas, on the 27th
day ot April, liSl at 3:10 o'clock p. m said
deed of trust was duly recorded In book 11
No. 3J7, at page SOS of the records of said
Jackson county, .Missouri; and, whereas,
said deed of trust provides that upon non
lit) ment of the debt secured by nld deed
of ttust bv- the makers thereof, the prop
erty therein described may lie sold by the
trustee for the purpose of raising the
money to pay the debt thereby secured;
and, whereas, said Indebtedness Is now- past
due and unpaid; now, therefore, public no
tice Is hereby given that I, tho under
signed, Divld H. Ettlen, the trip-tee named
In said ileocl of trust, under and by virtue
of the authority vested In me by said deed
of trust, at the request of the owner of s ltd
bond, will proceed to sell the above de
scribed leal estate, at public vendue, to the
highest bidder, for cash, at the south front
door of the new county court house, in
Kansas City, -Missouri, being the building
In the City ot Kansas (now Knnsas Cltv),
Jackson county. Missouri, In which the cir
cuit court of said Jackson county Is now
hold, on Siturday, the tth dav of April,
1S93, between the hours of 9 o'clock In the
forenoon and 5 o'clock In the afternoon of
said day, for the purpose of raising the
money to pay the amount of said Indebted
ness, with Interest and costs or executing
this trust DAVID It. ETTIEN,
Kerry and Small Attorney. Trustee,
TIIUS'TEE'S SALE By reason or default
In the pa) ment of a certain principal prom
Issor) note and the last two maturing In
terest notes described In a deed of trust
executed bv Prank Welsh, unmarried, to
the undersigned trustee, dated February
14th. K, filed for record Pcbtuary Ilth, lvm.
lu the olllce of the recorder or deeds for
Jackson lounty, Missouri. In book B 397,
pige 470, the undersigned trustee will, pur
suant to the terms of said deed of trust
nnd at tho reciuest or the legal holder or
said notes, sell at public vendue to the
nignost niooer, ior casn, an mat part ot
block number twenty-two (22), McGee's
addition to the City of Kansas (now
known as Kansas Clt)). described as fol
lows. Beginning at a point on the west
line of McGee street twenty-four (21) feet
nine C) Inches south of the northeast cor
ner of said block numbered twenty-two
(22). thence south along the west lino ot
McGee street twenty-four (21) feet nine (9)
inchrs. thence west to alley In said block,
thence north along the east line of said
alley twenty-four (21) feet nine (')) Inches,
thence east parallel to the south line ot
li.tli street to tne place of beginning, all
situated lu Jackson county, Mlssouti, at
the west door of the United States custom
bouse at the southeast coiner of Ninth
and Walnut streets, In Kansas Clt), Jack
son countv, Missouri, on the 1Mb day ot
April D95, between the hours of nine
o'clock In the forenoon and live o'clock In
the afternoon, for the purpose of satif)
Ing the said Indebtedness and the cost
of oxecutlnB this trust. The enlllty nf re
demption of said roil estate is now- owned
and held bv Hugh C. Ward, as receiver of
the partnership estate of Thomas H Mas
tin and Julia Miistln, appointed bv- tho
United Stales circuit court for the West
ern division of the Western district of
Missouri. Hy an order of said court duly
entered of record on the 22d day of March,
1S9", the said trustee has been and Is au
thorized to fori cloe the said deed of trust
in the manner provided by the terms there
By A. A. Whipple, Its President.
TRUSTEE'S S xLE-W'hereus-.Johii Buck
ler and Frances Buckler, his wife, hy their
certain deed of trust dated the ICth day
of December, one thousand eight hundred
and eight) -nine, tiled for record In the of
fice of the recorder of deeds foi Jackson
countv. .Missouri, at Kansas City, on the
1Mb day of Deci mber, lsSO, and recorded
in said olllco lu book B 39S. at page 107
did convey to the Whipple Loin and Trust
Company, the undersigned trustee, the foi
lowing described real estate situated lu bold
county of Jackson, stute or Missouri, to.
wit All of lot numbered two (2i, In block
number one (1), In South Wlnfleld place,
an addition to the fit) of Kansas (now
Kansas Clt)), Missouri, to secure the pay
ment of a certain promissory note In said
deed described, and Intuist thereon: and,
whereas, default has been mucin in the
P i) ment of said note and of the interest
thereon since the date of said note, and
the same now remains overdue and unpaid
now.therefore.piibllc notice Is hereby given
that the undersigned trustee, at thn request
of tho legal owner and holder of said prom
Issory note and Interest, and by virtue of
tho power and authority vested In said
trustee by satd deed or trust, will, n uc
tordance with the terms nnd provisions of
said deed of trust, proceed to sell, and sell
tho real estate In said de'ed of triibt and
hereinbefore described, nnd any and every
part thereof, at publics enduu to tho high
est bidder, tor cash, at tho west door of tne
I'nlted Slates custom house, at the south
east corner of 9th ond Walnut stieets In
Kansas City, Jackson count), .Missouri
being tho west front door of said building!
on the 13th day of April. WM, between the
hours of 9 o clock In the foeennn,, .,.t k
o'clotk In the ufternoon of that diy. tor
tho purpose of pa) Ing. according to thn
tenor of said deed of trust, the amount of
Indebtedness remaining unpaid secured
thereby und the costs ot executing this
PANY. Trustee, WJl
Ily A. A. Whipple, Its President.
TRUSTEE'S SALE-Whereas, Theodore
It. Emmons, a single man. ivhL ,.,.;
deed of trust, dated January tth, 1SS7, anil
twenty-two (22), in block one (), In florai
Place' on addition to the City of Kansas'
(now Kansas City), as the same Is marked
und designated on the lecorded plat of
said uddltlon, now on tile in the office of
the recorder of diieds for Jackson county
Missouri, In trust, however, to secure the
payment of a certain promissory note In
said deed of trust described: mm. whereas
default has been made In the payment of
said promissory note; now. therefore, at
the request of the legal owner ana holder
of the saia note, public notice Is hereby
given that I will. In accordance with the
terms and provisions ot said deed of trust
und by virtue of the power In me vesteii
thereby, sell by public vendue at the south
front door of the county court house at 'he
northeast corner of Oak street and ills,
court avenue, n Kansas City. Jackson
tounty, Missouri, the real estate herelnbe,
fore and In said deed of trust described,
for cash, to the highest bidder, between
the hours, of nine o'clock in the forenoon
and live o'clock In the afternoon, on Satur.
day, the 6th day of April. 1893. for the pur
pose of paving said note and the cost of
executing tills trust.
., .,0. WELLS, Trustee.
Robert Adams, Attorney.
KaatcU City, Missouri, Marca 12tb, use.
book II 231, nt nujslBj, In the olllce of the
lecorder of deeds of Jackson county Alls,
sourl, at Kansas City, .conveyed to me. H
Wells, the uuderslgntil trustee, the follovw
ug described Und In Jackson county. Mis.
anllll. to.VVlt: All Of OtS t W Cut v.necn Yil ,!L 7
llMill.t, ST. I Ollll,
III Ml It. "I. 1' MU.
nml MINM..t'OI.1.
Chnlr enrs Froo.
DlnlnR Cnrs.
Ticket nllces MI Mala
St. nnd loll UnluuAViv
AilJrcss II. C. Oltlt, A. CI. A. P., Kansas
Instructions Alt trnlni '.", u,'n'r."5
marked, "a," pxeept Sutulaj , s ' Sunday
onlj . "7," exci tit Snttinlav , "). eX' ept
Mond.i), "I,' Snturlav onb I Irst col
umn, Iravp, second column, nirlvo
HANNlHAli Js ST. JOE 11 11 -llurllngton
ltoule. , ,
Trains. I.etve .Arrive.
K C. & nrookflelil xl niptiixlo -mm
Atlantic express . !" mam s -1 pin
Chicago fast train. Ell,... 6 Vipm 5 nl am
St, Louis express S HVlilll S loam
II, & .M. It. It., IN NEIillASKA-Hurllns-
ton Ilmi to.
Denver nrd K. C. pxpiess,
Lincoln, Hllllngi anil Pag
et Sound .,,. In'Wnni 'Mri
HA 1 1, HO AD.
Omaha ."i St. Paul fast
mall ,.... Il.noam VnVlpm
Iowa express ., ".Vos pin lo Warn
Omihn eprcs i-f.pm 'iisupm
Iowa mnll ,,. r.SUiitit ... pm
Denvei express lo.-tuntn ...stpm
Leavenworth passe tiger., .I," pm 1 Ij pm
Connections between Leavenworth and
Kansas citj. ....
Tinlns East of .Missouri lllver
Chicago mall ..... xD i)atn xi crtpm
Chicago limited .. 6.1'ipni lO.Wmn
Trains West of Missouri lllver.
Hutch, Wichita. Pt. W, in V) inn f.:2. pm
Den., ('ol Sp. eV Pueblo., in.Minm r.-2l pm
Don., Col. Sp. a.- Pueblo., zwipm j7.li am
WlehlPi. 1. T .s Ut. W.. 7'l.Olpnt )7.l. am
MlSSOl'llI PACIUIC It. H.- 1 rains Hut.
Mall and expre-s I.main 7:iC. pin
St. Louis ,lny express .... lo.iMnm ,e:2."pm
Limited night express .... MlO pin 7:0) inn
Past mall pis.enger !'.30 pm l.3uum
Lexington A. Ht Louis ex. T.Ue)pm lOifmm
Lexington .Vi Sodalln pas. tifj'uim 7:.Vipm
Trains West.
CoiTeyvllle .; Col 10.I" nm ft.lipm
Coffeyvllle A: Wichita . .. ii.2upm 7:20am
Trains South.
.Top , Uort Sc't S Wichita.. Pft". nm 11:.". pm
Joplln i- Texas Express. ..lo.rfl am fi'SOptn
Joplln ,t Texas express .,, 7.W pm 7.12 am
Trains North.
Omaha, Lin..1;- N. Cltv ex.. ii:l" pm r,,30nm
Omaha .t C. II. day ex.... 7:30 mn 9.00 pm
K. c. fi A. nccom. cx..,.x':0O pm S.iontn
K. C. ic St, J6c e.x 10.10 am (,." pm
K. C, A. .X St. .loo ex.... li-.Vi pm 9','Oiim
Seneca & Beatrice ex.... 7'30 am ",'ti pm
Ixiuls A Chicauo ex.. StOlam 7:10 nm
L. A- N Y. Llm ex....IO:Oe)nni Mi no pm
St L , D SI. fi St. P. ex.. S:3Ti pm
K. C. fc Chlcngn express .. i:20 pm
i.mj am
9.20 am
Chicago ,t St. Louis ex.... 'i.OOnm
Chicago limited fi.OO pm
St. L. .V: Chicago ex stl'ipm
Ulorlda Past Malt 10.10 am
Harrlsonvllle & Cllnton..xin noam
Deepwater accom r,:2. pm
Cherokee nccom ,..ii:2pm
Suhtirb.111 t.tssenger ....xiiOOpm
.lonlln Sr New Orleans 10'PO nm
fi 50 pm
7:1.1 am
t .MEM-
ft Oil pm
fi.Oel pm
lililj am
in:i". mn
:.." nm
7:0.". am
.VlJSSOl'lll, JvA.SVS ft; Tli.XAB It 1.
Texas mall 10:4"! am R.li pm
Texas exiiress 9 iV. pm 7:2u.im
I'aclttc coast limited 9.30 am SOOpm
Denver ."i C.il ex 7.30pm S:oHnm
East of Missouri lllver.
Chicago limited M20 pm S:30nm
Columbian express EffO pm 1:3ft pm
Atlintlc express (I SO am Olpm
Port Madison local x7:.V)um x3.30pm
West of Missouri ftlvcr.
Texas express :lr. nm
So Kns. pisscngor 9:10 am
Col & Utah llm 9.00 am
Cillfornla llm I'M pm
Mov. & Cal. exnress 2 00 pm
4:20 pm
r,:20 pm
S.Oe) pm
.1 il pm
fi:10 am
Empoila pass x4:20 pm xll:20 am
Topeka express l:30pm 9.10 am
Panhandle express TlOpm Clam
Ok. fi Dodge City ev .... 9.20 pm S:4j am
Oriud Central Hon-'-. Slid ami Wyandotte.
Chi.. St. Paul & Minn .... lo.tro am r..00 pm
St. ,T., Des JL fc Chi S.OOpm 7:11 am
St J., Des M. .t Chi 11:30 pm
Cllston A: Osceola ox ... Snlpm 10 20 a in
Plttsb'g, Jop. & Neosho. ..ll:0i) am 3:11 pra
Accommodation "l.Wam S 30 pm
Accommodation x7.0Opin x.'eOOam
Leave Tuesdajs, Thursdavs and Satur
day Arrive Monda)s, Wednesdays and
Grand Ave. Depot, 22nd St.
Chicago pass Vtoo.im 8.13 pm
Chlllleothe express . . ..xioopm 10.15 am
Depots Second nnd Wyandotte nnd Sec
ond and Walnut.
Depots Fifteenth street station. Twelfth
street station. Ninth street stntlon.
Or 1322.
Only Transfer
Line Having
Privileges at
All Depots.
The Depot Carriage and Baggage
.... l'louipt uud Reliable.,. .
TRUSTEE'S SALE-Whereas, Jacob
Biaun and Carolina Braun, his wife, by
their ceitaln deed of trust, dated thu fifth
day of November, 1S90, mid lecorded In the
olllco of the recorder of deeds In Jackson
count. Mlssouil. at Kansas City, on tho
same day In book II 440, at p.igo 321, eon
voed to tho undeislgned trustee the foi.
lowing descilbed leal estate situated In
the tounty of Jackson and state of Mis.
sourl, to-wlt. All of lots numbeied fifteen
(15), sixteen (10), seventeen (17), nnd tho
north foity (10) feet of lot fourteen HI) In
bloik numbeied tlvo (.1), In Kensington, nn
addition to the City of Kuns.is, now Kan
sas City, aicordlng to the lecorded pint
thereof: abo lot numbered liveiity-threa
(23), In block thiee (J), In Mount Auburn
us said lot Is marked ana designated on
the recorded Plat of said Mount Auburn;
also lots eleven (11) and twelve IP) in
block eight (), in bald Mount Auhiitii n
trust, to secure the payment of the "two
pioinlsslory notes In said deed described
and, whereas, dcluult was made In the mv.
ment of ono of Mid notes, ami t10 baM
together with Inteiest thereon, lemalni
due and unpaid, and. whereas, default was
Ulso made in the pa) ment of the Interest
on tho othoi of said notes and In the n.iv.
ment of taxes and Ubsessmeuts levied nml
charged against said lots; now, thereto!..
at the Kiiuest of the legal holder of salj
notesnnd by virtue and lu pursuance of the
provisions of said deed of trust, I ns such
tiustee, will, on Wednesday, tho tenth day
of April. 193. betveen (rie lmtlrs of 9
o'clock u. in, and 5 o'clock p. m.. nt tho
west fi out door pt tho United States post
olllce building. III Kansas City, .laokson
county, Mlbsourl, expose to salo ami sell in
the highest bidder, for cash, the above de
scribed leal estate, at piibllo vendue to
Batlsfy the debt aforesaid and the costs of
this trust, JAMES SCAM.MON, Trustee,
TRUSTEE'S SALE-Ily reason of default
In the pa) ment when duo of principal und
interest ot a promissory nolo made ami
executed by Jumes It. Anderson, and rie.
scribed In and secureil by a deeii of trust
dated August 17th, lis, ucoi did August
17th, lbVJ, In book "II" No. SW. at iiara
611. in the otllce of tho recorder of deed!
lor Jackson county, Missouri, at Kans-i
City, 1 will, pursuant to said deed of trust
at the request of the legal holder and
owner of said note, between the hours of
nlno o'clock In the foienoon anil five
o'clock In the afternoon of Monday llm
29th day of April, ltoi. ut the courthouse
door In the illy of Kansas (Mil-. Jatkion
county. Missouri, said court housi door be"
"V.7. lr.. v.L" "i :""", Ul e stute cli.
.1 ,-tp genu iioj i -
-, vmpj.i
Missouri being the real estate described
n said deed o trust: A certain frnJ D
teii.. t ..-":-
iLrir,K ?!$,
irtiivu T-.nVh n;:.-"MU iienqpnoa
the Dig Blue river, and 'on the soSfh and
west hy the tenter line of Goose NVmJ
cretk, as shown by plat annexed tns,iS
deed of trust, at public vendue Vi. btli
Ugliest bidder, forcash, to satisfy0 .'m
note and the Inteiest due thereon i and ti 2
cost of executing this trust. ' a tb
OLIVER u. DEANl Trujtefc
cust streets. In ud Kansas City Mt.ionri
sell the following described I tiV estate Sit:
U Ul 12 111 LIPC IUUI11I HI
n i . nsttwt-.Aj.-a,
Sr T - X .A-
aSX .aiw,.
9 9

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