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Commliten Appointed nt n Meeting Held
Lait MRlit to Clrcnlnlo I'oplp of
n l'ctltlon llitiitiilnrlrii ot llta
l'rnpocil ItUtrlct.
Another meeting of citizens Interested
In the proposed viaduct at Seventeenth
street was held last evening nt JJolln
dcr's hall, nt Seventeenth and Holly
streets. It wan determined to make nn
earnest campaign nil over the city In
the Interest of the viaduct by clrcut.it
lng copies ot a petition asking slKnn
ttlrcs of citizens to a request that the
council take no notion In the matter of
the vacation of Hell street, as nsked for
Jy the stock yards company, until that
company shall assunt to the location of
tho viaduct on Seventeenth street, and
assume Its share of the cost of Its con
struction. The movement for this point
was put In motion by Alderman Morri
son nnd, noting on his plan, there will
be fifteen gentlemen start out to-morrow
morning to canvass tho city for signa
tures to the petition.
In addition to tho campaign along
this linn tho gentlemen present agreed
to a motion made by Mr. llellnder, at
the suggestion of Alderman Morrison
nnd Alderman Craig, that there bo n
very large number of the advocates of
the viaduct nt the meetings of the coun
cil. These members ot tho city legisla
tive bodies stated that the presence of
jnnny citizens gave great force to a re
quest made, and that If the lobby wns
tilled with citizens when tho petitions
were received the request would bo a
very hard one to deny. The plnn was
considered n good one nnd was prompt
ly ndopted by the meeting.
The meeting was not as well attended
as others have been, and for thnt reason
those present were urged to bring out
their friends at the meeting next week
nnd make the movement more vigorous.
Mr. George Baer presided over tho meet
ing. Tho llrst mntter was tho report of
Alderman Morrlton, who was chairman
of n committee to nscertnln the f.icts
relntln" to tho proposed condemnation
proceedings that might ha-o to bo In
stituted. He said thnt he had gone over
tho matter with City Counselor Itozzello
nnd there were no legal barriers visible.
In going over the matter with Clt En
gineer Fllley It wns found that the
plans for the viaduct at Twenty-fourth
street contemplated nn embankment
thirty feet high and 740 feet long nnd
that the cost was practically the same
as the proposed one at Seventeenth
Tho grades on Seventeenth street
marked It ns tho natural highway
ucros.3 the city from east to west, and
the grade wns far easier and better In
every way thnn was to bo found on
either of tho other places proposed.
Regarding the limits of the proposed
benefit district, it was nt first proposed
to bound It as follows: Uroadway to
State Line nnd ICO feet on either side of
Seventeenth street, but It had been de
cided that the limits were far too small,
nnd later It was decided on the sugges
tion of the gentleman to bound It as fol
lows: Stnte Lino to Grand avenue,
Fourteenth to Twentieth streets. It was
argued that In making the district large
It would engender less antagonism and
make tho taxes less and cause less oppo
sition on the part of tho taxpayers.
The report was discussed nnd tho
meeting then took up the matter of tho
petition that was drawn by Alderman
Morrison that had been circulated by
" Mr. Hngerman. It was read and ex
plained by Alderman Morrison, and was
a request to the city council to refu.se
to grant the request of the stock ynrds
company for tho vacation of Bell street
and tho alleys adjacent until tho com
pany agrees to accept the viaduct at
Seventeenth street and makes the prop
er arrangements for shouldering Its full
" 'Tsh'&re of tha expenses connected with its
construction. He said that tho time to
act la now and It Is an imperative duty.
Mr. Hngerman said that now while
the stock yards company is asking for
something Is ths time to make tho coun
ter request, nnd that If it was allowed
to fall nt this tlmo It was good-by to
tho viaduct, as there would bo no far
ther opportunities for malting so favor
able an arrangement for the matter.
Alderman Morrison said that arrange
ments were already mnde by the Metro
politan Street Railway Company for
moving Its tracks from Bell and Gene
sea streets to Genesee and Wyoming
streets nnd thus practically shut off the
streets of the West bottoms for public
travel, and ho argued that such a step
made tho need for tho proposed viaduct
Imperative and called for tho people to
act promptly In tho matter and save
future annoyances.
It was then decided to appoint a com
mittee to secure signatures to tho pe
tition. The chairman called for volun
tKers to carry copies of the petition nnd
1 aovernl gentlemen responded. Ho then
appointed the. following ns the petition
committee: Miller Hngerman, "Whyam
Nelson, At Conkrlght, Louis Palm and J.
H. Emmert.
Alderman Robert Craig made a short
speech, In which he uiged the voters of
the city to appear at tho meetings of tho
council when tho matter conies up for
It wns decided to have copies of tho
petition at the drug storo at Sixteenth
nnd I'enn and also at Alderman Morri
son's drug store nt Fifteenth and Grand
avenue. Tho press committee was called
to tlmo for the fnlluro to do the duty
prescribed and Instructed to do bettor.
A suggestion from Alderman Morrison
that tho people come to tho next council
meeting was put in a motion uy -ir.
llellnder and carried, and those present
agreed to have mnny of their neighbors
with them Monday evening at the meet
ing of the city council. There will bo nn
other meeting Saturday evening at tho
same place,
Tho Verdict of Uaby KtlielOlauimu In, Nn!
It Was Almost a Miracle.
About three weeks ago our baby Ethel
who was then two and one-half months
old was tuken ill. She kept growing
worse, nnd tile dreadful disease held com
plete sway:, Tho physician we called
could not help her. The child was in
momentary danser of olipklng to death
when Dr. Carson, of Wl Uroadway, Kan
sas City, was called. Jfo found tho case
a well developed on? of pneumonia, nnd
la grippe. When ho first s.tw iier she was
gasping continually and In Intense pain,
but no sooner Dr. Carson laid his bands
on her than she breathed easier and
ceased gasping for breath. The doctor
fought tho hard light with death, until
the little soul seemed suspended between
life and death, half In our embrace, half
in that ot the Couqueior. But the power
of Dr. Carson was sulllcient to weigh the
balance on the side of life and our dar
ling was restored to us. Ther Is not tho
ellBhteat doubt In our minds that this
doctor taveil our baby, and It is In deep
gratttudo and with hearty pleasure that
we submit this testimonial to the public.
Mil. and MRS. W, J. BHOOKMAN.
J213 lysllevlew ave Kansas City, Mo.
Colouel Hub Ingcraoll on Alcohol,
It produces weakness, not strength: sick
ness, not health; death, not life. It brings
shame, not honor; terror, not safety; de
spair, not hope; misery, not happiness. It
Iiolsons felicity, kills peace, ruins morals,
dlghts confidence, slays reputations and
wipes out national honor. It covers the
land with idleness, misery and crime: It
murders the soul. It is the sum of all
villainies, the futher of all crimes, the
mother of all abominations, the devil's best
friend and God's worst enemy.
Beer, whisky, wine, cider and all intoxi
cating liquors and beverages contain alco.
Jiol. Let every drinking man remember
that when ha is using any of these stlmu.
lants, be is Introducing into his system one
of tb worst poisons known to chemistry.
For Coughs, Attbniu, nnd Throat Disor
ders, use "JSrounU ltronehwl Trochea."
J. T. Her defies competition with his
Bock Beer, as well as ull other beers he I
brews. It 1 brewed In Kunsas City, and I
not shipped bert from ether states or I
jutxir, M'imxAt.t), o? rout scorr.
He Onco llrought Charges Against Warden
.tmlgo McDonald, of Tort Beott. Km.,
who brought charges Init summer npntnt
the olllclnl conduct of Warden S.im Chase,
of the KniiM.1 penitentiary, wai In the
city yesterday, lie left lat pvrntng for
I'ort Scott, hut will return to Topcka .dur
ing the week, where he I to be n. witness
before the lnvcllgatlng ronimllt In the
Chne cne. When he nppcnrs before tho
committee he M to tell fome of the matters
that caused hltn to bring tho charges last
summer. . ,
It will be remembered lat summer when
Governor Lcwclllng rent tho Investigating
committee to the penitentiary to investi
gate the management of the penitentiary
thnt Warden chne made n brutal attack
on Judge MeDonnld nnd beat him so cruelly
that he wns In n dnngeroui condition Tor
wceln nnd bus not yet fully recovered
from th Injnrlr. ....
.ludgp Mrbnnnld win honet In bringing
the chnrges last summer. Thev were not
brotiRht under the section he wanted thru,
but the chnrge now pending nre brought
ns he wlhcd them to have been last sumj
mer, nnd the investigation Is ti'go nhcad
ns won planned In the former trl.il. . ,
Sneaking ot the matetr yeiterdny, Judge
MclJonald snld: "Governor I.ewolllng hon
estly owes to the leading men of nn pirty
nn explanation n to why he appointed
nnd then rtnlned that man Chase In otllce.
Farther, he owes the people ,nn explana
tion ns to why he allowed tho Investigation
to bo smothered Init slimmer nnd the pre
tended whitewashing of Chne to be done,
That man Clime was never the proper man
Tar that poilllon nnd, should never have
ti'en allowed to remain In that ihmIUoii.
He thought to bluff the matter nnd shut off
that notion Inquiry tint wo attempted last
summer by lighting. He probably reckoned
but little on the Scotch persistence, but he
will have nn opportunity nf sampling It
now. The investigation H to bo made,
touching rery point ot lit conduct nnd the
management of the prlon, nnd If there has
been wrong-doing some one Is to bo pretty
well called to account for it."
ItemurUiiblc Ilxpcrlenro nf n Mritrun.
One of the most remarknblo cases of
restoration to health li that of Mr, Del
I'aso, a citizen of Mexico, who has been
In Kansas City during the past winter,
engaged in the shipment of large quanti
ties of Mexican fruits to this nnd other
cities, he being one of a largo firm ot
gentlemen In .Mexico engaged In the de
velopment of the fruit industry. Alxiut
four months ngo Mr, Del I'aso was tnkon
suddenly 111 with a severe attnek of rheu
matism, followed by total paralysis. After
medical aid failed to give him nny relief
his friends advised him to send for Dr.
Carson. When this doctor was cnlled Mr,
Del I'aso was unable to move his posi
tion In bed, being totally helpless. In less
than one month of Dr. Carson's Vltnl
Treatment Mr. Del l'apo was able to walk
nbout his room nnd In less than three
months has been restored to health. This
Is certnlnly a case where life wns re
stored to a man given up by his frlcndu
to die.
J. D. Iler's Rochester Dock Bcor has no
artificial Payor or coloring.
Itefuseil n Liberal l'urtr.
The regular monthly session ot the Kan
sas City Teachers' institute wns held yes
terday morning nt a o'clock at the high
school. After roll call and some prelim
inary romaiks, Major II, A. White, prin
cipal of the Woodland school, (.prang n reat
surprise on Superintendent Greenwood
bv presenting him, In behalf of the Kansas
City teachers, a purse ot about JJOl, to go
toward defraying his expenses on his pro
posed Euiopean trip this coming vacation.
Superintendent Greenwood wan completely
surprised and overcome by tho generous
courtesy ot his teachers, but positively re
fused to accept tho Klft. In a touching
speech, he told tho teachers that it was
.ns hard for them to earn their money as
'for him, and that he still expected to make
the visit to Europe and to visit the schools
of Germany..
Conscience Make Cowards
Of us all, says Hamlet, but there are some
people who hae no conscience at nil.
Among them are dealers who endeavor to
palm upon the public cheap, corrosive sub
stitutes of pure nnd fragrant SOZODONT.
Let the public be on Its guard against such
i o n
1215 MAIN ST.
tab-asiaa Ecnwaffal
1328 and 1330 Grand Avenue.
21 lbs best lino granulated sugar for ..$1 00
12 lbs line granulated sugar for .'0
1 gallon can best apples i'O
2 cans 3-lb apples 35
2 caii3 cream corn 1.",
Z cans r.ispbenles ,, 15
J. cans blackberries , 13
2 cans 3-lb best tomatoes 15
2 cans preserved raspberries t!i
2 cans Highland cream -J
"cans 2-lu coo oysters 2
2 cans Fiench peas 2
2 cans 3-lb grated pineapple :'3
2 packages Arbuckle's cotfee 45
'ii lbs Ilni. Java and Mocha coffee 1 no
2 lbs good broken cotfec 25
i: cakes Maple City Self-washing soap ,. s;
1 cakes Clalrette so in , 25
Mb can Old Tims H. I'owder iO
2-lb can Nugget 11, Powder 15
California table nprlcots, per can 10
2 cans tablo peaches , 25
2 cans green gages , 2",
Yellow Crawford iienches, per can .... 15
Sweet California prunes, per lb r
California Una, per lb 01
New dates, 2 lbs for , 15
Best shredded coco.anut, per lb 20
( lbs gool HW-eet rnlsltn ,,,,, us
3 cans Early June peas :;
Gunpowder or Imperial tea, per lb,,,, 5
flholeo mixed ten, per lb 25
Enullsh II, or Oolong tea, per lb 25
Jelly, any kind, per lull 43
Salt pork, per lb , t'S
Breakfast bacon, per lb 10
4 lbs choice fnmlly lard , 25
6 gallons gasoline or Headlight oil , r5
R gallon oil cans 33
100-lb sack Golden Wedding flour ...... 1 75
cn.lb suck Queen of Pantry ,,, 1 M
60-lb sack Patent Hour .,..,,,,., 70
1338 and ItlfiO Grand Ato.
Tlrs. Cleveland
Is a lady of superior Judgment and taste,
as even one will acknowledge, and what
ever Instrument eho
Is sufficient guarantee of Its excellence
without further Investigations, It Is not
generally known that her favorite piano Is
The Sohmer
Because of the elasticity of touch, the
evenness of scale, the sonorous and Ideal
tone quallty.coupled with the unending dur
ability, combine to make H the Piano for
lovers of music.
We also have the
Which we sell cither for cash or
M out lily Puyiueuls.
" 1208 Main Street,
Maltcft the Foil '01 v hi ( llcck.lcss 1 vices
for Monday and Tuesday:
Splendid Suits of l'urtilttire for SIS.OO-Worth S2.-,. 00
r.lcfjnnt Suits of Kunllturo for S22.50 Worth $.1,1.00
llcnutlf ul Suit of Knrnlturo for, , .S30.00 Worth S43.00
Iron Hods, brassed trimmed, for S 6.50 Worth 8 it. Of)
Iron licit, brassed trimmed, for S Q.7G Worth S12.R0
Iron licit s, brassed trimmed, for SIO.50 Worth Slfi.00
Iron lied, lirast,ed trimmed, for SI5.00 Worth $21.00
ChtlTonlorfor S C.OO-Worth 5 S.S0
Chiffoniers for S 0.25 Worth 811. M)
ChliTonlertf for. SIO.75 Worth S13.00
Chiffoniers for..,,.; SIS.OO Worth $20.00
I'nrlor Suit for. SIS.OO Worth S1P.B0
t'nrlor Suits for S2I.00 Worth S27.CO
I'nrlor Stills for $30.00 Worth 512.00
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Pictures fine for $ I.OO Worth 5 l.f.O
Pictures beautiful for S 2.00 Worth ? 2.TS
Window Shades, 7 feet long1, for 20c Worth 2.'u
Window Shades, 7 fret lonp, with fringe, for 25c Worth 3,"o
Curtain Poles, 5 foot lout', ior 10c Worth loo
Oalc Center Tables for 65c Worth St
Straw Mnttlnjf for 10c Worth irc
Straw Matting- for. I2!ic Worth 17o
Straw Mtittliiir for. 20c Worth 2.10
Straw Matting for. 25c Worth :llo
A now lino of llrusscls Carpet, Ingrain Carpets, Hugs, Laco Curtains Silk
Portieres, Tubic Covers, Ico Jioxos, Refrigerators, Gasollno Stoves, nnd In fact
everything to furnish a house complete, on the
112 T TfT-T "NT fi "NT Corner tw1''
L3 kJ S JTJ. . JLNl . IX , and AIcGuc Streets.
Are manifest in the vast amount of business we
have done in the past week and in the remarks of
satisfaction made by one friend to another on the
general get-up of Alf Benjamin & Co. 's new line
of Tailor-made
at prices of
$15 to $25.
They are marvels of artistic work and surely will
please even the most fastidious.
A careful examination of them cannot fail to
eradicate the most deeprootcd prejudice against
ready-made garments.
1 i
High Grade
111S IMI - A
For Young and
We have the largest and most beautiful assortment of French
and German Novelties in Easter Offerings to be seen in Kansas
City and invite your inspection.
Home Made Candy Co.,
ffiSBn- 925 Walnut Street.
EAJdT-BlR. OFiJE'!3ijjI33-f3-S.
My Girl
So are-
She is neat,
Very siveet,
Fit to cat.
Richards & Conover Hardware Co.
Cutlery, Iron, Steel, Wagon Wood Work, Nails, Safes, Scales Etc,
Boutlieisl Corner Fltiti anl Wjanilotts Bu, Uauias Cltr Uo.
"ir 1 nrr nrnnnr
704 MAIN ST.
TWks? i5s$''ir' irvSivfi
Showing Gasoline Attachment. A perfect
Hansc Manufactured In this city, lhu
no eqtfal. Can ha turned to a perfect G.13.
ollne Stove. Leaves no odor or heat In the
room and requires no extra space. All our
Itanyea are givlne entire satisfaction, u
you are In need of a 1 tango or Gasoline
Stove, call and examine the
Qi MAIM 61'.
Clothing Department.
Candies and Creams
At 1119 Main St.
The subscription price of
the Kansas City Journal
has been reduced to 10
cents a week, delivered by
carrier, $4,00. a year by
mail. Everyone wants the
Journal, the great home
This week wo swing fairly Into
tlio rush anil Htirgo of tho Sprlnc
Untie. Tho spirit of tho season will
nulimto tho whole store.
Uvcn the marvelous record of
Inst week's tremendous sales
now to ho outdone.
The most wumlei fill purchases and
salo in our history.
11,711 yards Edging and Inser.
tions, half and less than Hall price,
3c, 5c, 61c 10c, I2ic.
Wo have had larger lots for salo
but never such handsome, desirable,
patterns for tho money.
These Prices Good O
Until Wednesday H
Or nn limi: itt tli" iimiitttl'ft on ka
lllllnl linlit init. u
Thousands of yards of New Laces
for this April sale.
Spring Underwear.
Prices to lit thu times underwear,
to lit the
A J ylrN,' New spring
U V r- . ) goods fresh
from the
looms com
ing bore
every day.
III I ' ' sales, and
that's what we want. That's the se
cret of our great success in this do
partment, At l2Ac Each.
Women's Swiss Jorsoy Vests
square low neck without sleeves
silk tape. Last season 20o.
At 15c Each.
Women's Swiss Kibbed Vests, low
neck without Bleovcs and low neck
with short sleeves.
At 17c or 3 for 50c.
Women's Pearl Ribbed Vests, low
nock, no bleevcs, with silk tapc,whito
or ecru. Last season 2."o.
At 25c Each.
Women's Swiss Ribbed Vests, low
neck, 8qtiaro or V hhape, with fancy
finish, white or ecru. Last summer 35c,
At 50c Each.
Women's Jorsoy Ribbed Union
Suit, low neck, o sleeves and knee
length. 05o last season's price.
House Furnishing
Bargains in 1st quality Gray Steel
iSjSS1 21
14 i 10-quart Dish I'ans, worth c
OSe, for DOC
144 11-quart Dish Tans, worth
51.2.1. for tPC&C
.-li-qunn jjish raus, nuriug
S1.50, for.
, UOls
"2 t-quart
worth 23e,
Pans, -
72 3-quart E'uiMIng
worth JSe, for
72 5-quart Pudding Pans,
worth 3Ui', for
48 8-quart
worth 95c,
n .-w. A-TA
C1 4miw
50 rolls Poultry Notting, Monday's prico will bs Ac per foot.
Big Bargains in Trunks and Baby Carriages. Largo stock to se
lect from.
By the color of the frame (Golden Olive).
"Watch for them. Ask the riders how they like them. Tho Avery
Ladies' Wheel is a "beaut." Our line of wheels is very complete,
including the following:
STEALING-fl"'slfl'a R.OA.3D KINO-,
XJ3STI03Sr, "ELOJTD qtjeeskt, princess,
All the wheels that wo have are new 1S93 pattern. We havo no old stock or second hand wheel) to d!spo of.
Write to us for catalogue "It," giving complote description of our entire lliu.
sua wai.m.1' sTieutT. 1203-1205 West 10th Street, KANSAS CITY. MO.
How About
A New Dress?
Wo might devote a whole pages to
our Dress (Soods supremacy, but those
facts nro eloquent enough and vastly
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ami try shopping by mail, in case
you can't got to tho store.
This Is to Be
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Nearly 100 pieces of Silk and
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morrow tJtKj
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season C."5c, not OOo for our 9Kp
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quisilc designs all now (jt ff
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three daytt beforo Easter and then
order thu Now Hat, for orders are
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mers are doing excellent work. It is
to bo a great FLOWER season For-got-me-not,
Wild Roses, Applo Blos
soms, liti ttcrctips Dandelions, Clovers,
Corn 1' lowers, Violets, etc. Yve have
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from at tho most reasonable prices
Do not forgot tho Field Flowers
and Foliage of every description.
you will find hero tho best low
priced SAILOR in tho market i)Art
for JKj
lllack Straw Flats 8c
Black Leghorn Flats 39c
A lino lino of Ladies' and Chil
dren's Sailors 45c anil up
Lace Curtains.
Another instance of careful buying
and generous soiling.
300 pairs Nottingham Lace Cur
tains, worth $2, $2.23, $2..ri0, $2.75,
ForL59 per Pair
Silk Curtain Loops, 00c, for. .35c
Dotted Muslins yard wido 23c,
for 15c
Enamel Cooking Utensils:
210 Small Pre
ir M.'rviiir nuiuus
worth ;!0e, for
68 Gents
141 Small Pre
bcrvltiL' Kettles,
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111 Medium Preserving Kot- .
tics, worth 03L-, for OOC
141 T.nrRo Prcbcrvlnfj Kettles, -y ,
worth 81.23, for DC
253 regular slo
' i jJaSE-j Sivimlff-. ll ray
i0-rf3HF Wif.li llaslns, the
ise hind,
72 Straight Sauce Pans, worth M
40e. for 25C
73 Straight Sauce Pans, worth 00
33c, for,, 33C
&"?? "iv$
- for
3 Specials in Shoes.
1,100 prs. Ladies' fine Tan Goat
Oxfords, baud sowed, sqiiaie nnd razor
too, widths A to Ej Sale njj A Q
Prico I.O
000 prs. Ladies' lino tan kid 3-btit-ton
Oxfords, tan cloth tops, razor
too, widths A to E, worth (Jp-f QQ
S3; Salo Prico tpl.tO
300 prs. Ladies' genuine Tan Vici
Kid front Iacu Shoes, razor toes,
tipped, widths A to D; no bettor
arouiiel town for less than CIjQ A A
Si; Salo Prico jpJ.VV7
And many Bargains among tho
Black Shoes.
Books April Safe.
500 Books by famous authors, pub.
lisher's prico 40c; ours 19c
This edition is a collection of so.
loot works of tho choicest gems of
1,000 Cloth Bound Books.
Handy Volume Classics.
A grand stock to select from; Salo
Prico for April 13c
Publisher's prico 25c.
Other Attractions.
Spring Coats,
Spring Skirts,
Spring Suits,
Spring Capes.
Jauntiest of tho new Spring Styles
just as chic as if they'd come from
Paris. Nothing liko them in tho
other stores. Prices JUST RIGHT
instead of what thoy might bo
Our Skirts.
Our Skirts differ from othors about
town. Ask tho best dressed women
if this is not truo. Notice the differ,
unco in tho cut and hung of tho skirt.
In Sorge, fri.fiO, ?0.50, $7.50, $0,00
In Mohair, 0.00, $11.00, $15,00.
In Silk, $10.75, $20.00, $25.00.
In Cropon, $10.00, $12,50, to $10,
Rflonday Octagon Counter,
1, 0 10 yards mill's short lengths lino
Plain Chambrays, worth anywhere
12jc, Special Salo Oc
1,2S0 yards mill's short lengths fitto
Dross Ginghams for children's wear,
2 to 0 yards in a piece, worth 12c,
for 7(J
, .:
1 iLt
. .i
n X,
Vteli I
, nak-. j
them J
' Ucan
'i. U
X3.jvcwjm-n-i J3.tx.ija., mwhi vi'ji
1 liai
rmsmmim.i .

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