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"nwijea - "i
Tho Journal, $4 00 a year
by mall, 10 cents a week
Tho Journal, $4.00 a year
by mall. 10 cents a weak
ny carrier.
VOLUME XXX VI r, NO. 21)1).
1'inno KIVK CUNTS.
KANSAS (MTV, A Pit! h 7, J80.v-S1XTKNN I'UIKK.
1 ICatta ttii Sfotfr nil Sum mul .
. v .
Tlto'intclllgoncG of n coiiiuitiiiltv "-mm tlcrlilcs Hint plrKs out tho tnro that
retails at it low innrRln ol jnollt nil the tlnip on cxerytlihitr- 'Hint's why tills
store s ntwnjs busy. 2o sinsiumllr li.irgiiiiis lurel Hut ii Ices lower
tlmiij oil uro used louitjvilii'io else oil tliobestot iiictclmmlisi!.
Dress Coods Dept.
Tli( ettr.aordlnnry bnrgalns In this Ac
jnrtment will make a visit here proiltnble
It's another example of how our cash bu)
Ing saves joii mono).
1'rotty and nont Iti-lnch Serges In lho most
desirable spring shades, worth a 1 ;
o.unrter mow her" !UC
S5-inch English II, nrlettns. In black una
colors, regular 2jo goods, i 0-.
far E Ut,
18-Inch oil wool Suitings, In mlx--OiCl.r
turps nml check", north .oo. for.-cSw'l
46-Inch light weight Mixtures. In xery
delrablu spring shades, worthiest;..
JIM. for ODC
Colored Millie Silks, In the mot desirable
shades, worth ii'ie, on sale cr f-j.
J "I cured Novelty suits, "in" "pretty tig-
Jim .."l:?...."lr,pe::....ror.th6b and 75c
Cream Silk Creiwns, worth toe, rs i)
only ,. ... c&C
Mllllnerv Dopt.
Sen our beautiful creations In trimmed
JIats nml on'II cc Just as prottv effects
n- the exclusive milliners show and for
ixhlch they charge J on two or three times
our price.
All 9hnpe nnd straws nnd trimming, nt
prices ranging -IV, tile, iflc, 75c, y)o, 1 43
up to JS
Hontitlful glided and Jet ornaments at To,
10p, lie up to -tic.
Iadlcs' Untrlmmed Hat In nit shnpes
nnd straws, nt 10c, ISC, 19c, lie, 5Dc, 35c, 43c,
75c up to SI S3.
riovvors that will rival In bcautv nature's
choicest products .at from 3c to JlilO
Special Sales.
Monday marnlng at 9 00 and Tucsda) after
noon nt 2 30 short lengths of ,,
Lining Cambric 1 5u
1'rldiv afternoon at 2 3o, short O .
lengths of Muslin -U
Handsome Czarina Buckles In gilt nnd ll.
iz fo?c.?:r:..r.r.'.h .:0.o.',:,.'! in ?n-j i9c
White Metal Helt Hackles, warranted not
to tnuilsh, a vntlot) of de-Q nH OQn
signs, worth T'c. Me, for .. 10 QlIU iull
Housekeeping Linens.
Heavy Unbleached Twilled Toweling,
IS Inches vide, Sc quality, PZr
Vorv large size Half Illeiched "Turkish
Hith Towels, extra heav), Sc, inc and lie.
0 pieces genuine Tut key Ited Tible Dam
ask, sold cvenwhcto at 2"c, BCt ,
only EC7.
Crepe Cloth.
Just receUed a shipment of fancy figured
Crepe Cloth, In Ucht and dark ground, In
tended to bo sold at 20c, ilon-J T) 1 .
day on sale at ttmMf
Over the Store.
Ladles' Laundered Shirt Waists, in fancy
percales and calicoes, collars and puffs, at
half -value, 410, GDe, file. 7"c, SJc and OSc.
Ladles' Jersej ltlbbed Vests at 10c, 12V-C
and 15c.
Bojs' Calico and Percale Shirt Waists, in
fancy figures and stripes, .it U'c, ISc, 25c,
20c, 23a up to 75c.
Chenille Portiere Curtains, in all colors,
with heavy knotted fringe and fan
cy effeot, colored borders, S'i vards
long, worth $3 50 pair, iStnt in cz
for .Jf5Brf!0
Best quality Oil Shades, dado borders,
flrst-class spring tollers, usu-rK-
ally ROM nt 75c iSfJC
Nottingham Lace Curtains, In new spring
designs, tlped edges, bargains at SOc, SSc,
11.25, Mp to jo S3 pair.
Ta j t '
Your intorests nro oura. If yon are not
1109-1111 MAIN STREET.
Absolutely nnd prslilvely cures without medicine, atler everything else lias fi!ld
suih dl-ordert as Alwces, Akobnllsm, Apnpli y, Astlim i, lllliouemfas 111 uliler Bis
ease, Ilowu Dl-tt i st, Lralu I'.ig llrl(.ht a I)lis, UrtnuhltN Cancer. CitnletHy i'i
tairh, Chill, ami Tevcr, Crkls, Colic, ( ougcsilon On.ilpntion, Coughs C roup. Dla
beies, I'lnrruuia, Drops), Dysentery, Byaiiep.la, Bcmi, hplkpsj. 1 rjslpei is Kye
DIM m. 1'eurs of n 11 kinds Gout, Gravel, Bay l'cvr Hi ad.i-lie, llrui. l)Kci-t
Iljdrncelo, liupotnmn li.inlt), lesoinuli, .Isundlce, Kidney Disease, klver USeaso.
l.iGilpte, I.iicoinotur At ixiu, l.uaibagn Mai in a, Nervnu lliorilirs, Veur ilula,
l'aral)ils l'l es Jihrunutlsm In a 1 Its form., Sciatica, biroruh, stoin icli DSorl.
ers, SvpUllls, Tumors, Ultora and Ut rlno Diseitts It Is n hinn irtaiuu nt niiduill
not only cum )ourself aiUfimllj but It vour horsoor doels sick It will cure them
Not. i Del tor Hailery Cures wlilla jnu tleop Simple, t.enilo 1'nwerful. An) una
canapplv It uccen,rully No Shock, No Pain Asa t-cieuillic Afnut fur the Ci'ruc
tlonof Bunnnand snlmal Ills It stinds without a rivaL Iintrumennsoldur reniid
or yi.u cant iko lie anient at the otllce. Invesilgato it ( ou-ult uton l'rea ant In.
vllod An tO-paKB Book, ullIng)ou all about It, tent free to any address by writing to
J. B. SULLIVAN, Ceneral Vestcrn Manager,
i .i.i-r.i--i u...u!.-.ii;
WALL For ihis reek Only,
T A "PFT-TR In "Tains 7c per Koil.
1 Al XSjJX. 1205-7 Grand Ave. Tel. 2508.
Those beautiful Blectio-Pilnts, they pro
duce the same effect as h indmado goods
ut a much lower pi Ice. Tliebo goods nie
controlled b us exclusively In this city
with a ere it many other nuvv and pleasing
i tfects, which mi to make up our enor
mous stock of about imOM lolls of Wall
Pupei, Tho lairest and most complete
stock of Wall Paiiu that was ever In ought
tii jour city will bo on tu!o all next
week, ut
A hojcriiilo uiul Hi toll !)ealert
'liliphuuu 17 in.
Having moved my stock of
Jewelry to the above numt
ber, will be pleased to have
all our friends and patrons
call upon us there.
Formerly of 1006 Ualu St
tT PTi m B
Shoe Dept.
Child's hand turned tan button ''hoe, well
made, 3 to f., cha ip nt w ,OQ
now ,. 2ZJKj
Child's baud tumeil strip Sandal",
bin, k satin bow and fntu y bu kle.
"ion piy others Jl 00, oiirV dr
pric ,,,. . . .. OU
Missis' line kid Oxford Ties, p-itrnt tip,
S'lUnrc toes, pry nent, i to 2,Oi--,
clieip at IIO', lmw .. . JTJt
Mlics' tine Mel Kid Oxford Ties, pntcnt
tip, Miuaro toe. n benutv, 11 to 2. ft ?.?-.
Others iisk II Mi our price iUO
I. wiles' genuine nongoli Oxford Tlis, pit
ent tip, solid leather throuBhout oti
luy others l W to 1 25, onrCfJrt
prlc ., ... Uk'O
I. idles lllucherette Oxford Tits, squnre
toe, patent leather tl nnd trimming
good nlue nt tt 25, ourtJO
lirie (3C
We have an nssorted lot of ladles' Oxford
Tli f Just placed on our birgnln tables,
consisting of plJln nnd patuit tins, square
nrd op,rn toe, band turned ami machine
Fwed, all sires, ntues $150 tnQO,,
$2 60, all going nt .. , . v)OC
Li lb ' tine dongola button Shoe, lnrge or
small button, patent tip, square and
op ra to,, all sires, Xo one thinks of
selling them for less than $2f ! ,()
our price tjt.ii
Men's select quality itln calf Shoe, con
gress or lace, well made and nasv to
wear, wilt list ou a enr, CI J yjrj
now on s ile at . vW 9 "?
Itos' solid eil ialt shoe, liest
quality of stock, worth M CO, (5" a ,r
now . USIL.
Notion Dept.
Spool Cotton, 2 for So,
12 dozen Itone Buttons for 15c
Wile Hnlr Brulies. worth 27c, for ISc.
Silk I'.Instlc, worth J'V. for 12ic yard
Bone Hair Pins at ic a doren
Bone Collar Jtuttons, Ic a dozen.
buwlng Silk, 2 spools for 3c.
Pure Drugs.
And drug sundries TO per cent below drug
stori' prices, liv us
Br. Miles' New Heart Cure, worth $1, for
Hall's Catarrh Cure, worth 77c, for fi3c
Kenned) 's Medical Ulscuver), worth $1 60,
for Jl ."I
Pitcher's Castorla, worth 3"c, for 27c.
l)r Pierce's l'.iorite l'rescrlptlon, worth
$1 Oil Tor 7''c.
Bell idonna Porous Plasters, worth 25c,
for 12'.c.
Dr. L)on's Tooth Towder, worth 25c. for
'Ihedford's Black Draught, worth 23c, for
Crocerv Dept.
fp00 cans best Pumpkin, Cc can
500 e mi Boston Baited Pork and Beans
with Tomato sauce, 5c tan
1 000 pounds Muscatel Ilalslns, 5c lb.
Tijo cans I'conomy Baking Ponder, 5c can
rJ) boxes best Messina Lemons, 12c doren
5 tons best Pamlly rioui, JIM per 100-lb.
5W lbs. good Carolina Bice, 2'ic lb
70 bais bcourlng Soip, same as Sapollo,
3'i.c lir.
CO boxes Water Queen Soap, 5 bars for 10c.
Tinware Dept.
TM boxes Nutmeg Graters, 2c each.
230 extra heavy Plesh Torks. 2W each.
.r00 Iro Potato Mashers, wood bundles,
2'y each.
-"0 he ivy Japanned Slop Palls, 25c each.
rot) Hunter's l'atent rlour Sieves, 10c
500 hoaxy Bctlnned PIo Plates, 2c nnd 4c
WW Surprise Bffg Beater.s, 2Vc each.
230 Hardwood Boiling Pins, 5c each.
Ooods delivered to all parts of city and
satisfied with a pnrchnse brinff it back.
''g "Id.,-, Kiins is I'liv, Mi..
Vo who will li.ulten will hear
Bometlilnc; to this welfare of your
poc lea t book
US but one week until we'll nil
lie.ir tho chimes of I'.ibter bolls Vav
thu next ilvo days, ciiuitupucliig to
morrow ut S a, in., wo will ring- In
jour e irs tho most mulodloiis ringer
of tho season
l'ti Tho values nio jmro stulV and
glni iik'e'iiulnu ting in comp.it Isori to
lliu i-'atiiitci full fihowu by our com-
Seventh and Alain Streets.
What's in a Mams?
Not much unless It's OUItS sewed In the
collar of jnur coat. It means, )our suit
will PIT all HKIHT, the MATIBtlAL in It
Is ItlliilT, the workmanship U ItKlllP.
the t)le guaranteed to be HI (i III'. WllV.'
Because, the right tailors have the Wright
name for doing such work We ure not
Wiluht on Main street, but Wright around
the corner, where we have more room and
let. rent than others.
9 Wait 10th bt., t'oriitr Uultliuor At.
We Need Rale
13ut, as wc propose to hold a Special Sale of Odd Furniture
and articles which wc will not entry longer, it will be hi'ttor for
you and for ourselves if the rain comes to-day. See if the fol
lowing list contains what you want. If not, theic ate many
things wc cannot include here which will he equally low
Chiffoniers wore .$17.00, for $J. jjiQ
Jh fjfoniovs were $ IS.OO, for $10. 00
Chiffoniers were $7.7.00. for $47.50
Center Tables were .$1,7.00, for $7.50
Center Tables were $7.00, for $3.50
Divans were $20.00. for $13.50
Ladies' Desks were $20.00. for $10.00
Music Stands were $0.00, for $3. 75
Rockers were $0.00. for $2. 75
Mockers were $10.00. for $Qm 25
OBTE Furniture andGarfetOo
1216 TO 1224 MAIN ST..
'As light as downy thistles are
11 V B Mill M.I.N
The Beautiful Thistle
xtoiiderful I.lghtii, is! Marvelous Strength!
Lxqiilslte lit nut v I s Une as Mlki"
Hit, Vtrv lllgluit lit High Grnilet
Tho I.lgliteHt Itimit XVIkmI In tlm World)
for three )ears the Thistle has led nil
other wheels In lightness. All the time Its
reputation for strength nnd durablllt) has
bien Increasing.
Don't imagine that It is too light to be
strong A careful xnminntioii will con
xlnco an) candid Investigator that It Is
"tiongcr than an) blc)cie that weighs
within four pounds of It. Actual scule
weights ore as follows:
.Men's Boadster, 19 pounds.
Ladles' Diamond Bo ulster, 18 pounds.
Ladles' Drop rrame Boadstcr, JO pounds.
Tandem. 33 pounds.
c h iv o the scales and will weigh them
for )OU lit any time. Don't be fooled on
weights The Thistle Is the only road wheel
that actually scales under 20 iKiunds. Ask
an) de iler who claims to have .1 road
wheel as light even as 20 pounds to put it
on the ni lies.
e turnlsli tho Thistle In nny height of
frame, in in) roloi ol eu unci, with an)
tires, pedals, siddle or handle bars desired
In fait, build a wheel to order for )ou,
nil without txtra c lnrge But don't ak
us to cut the prli e on the Thistle $100 bu)s
ttnot 1 cent Us under an) tin iinnt mees
If )OU want the verv lliust wheel built and
are willing to pi list I lice for It the This
tle Is tho wheel foi )uti
V i' lire lining ii wnmterrill tridn nil tho
I'ltoDii.ioi si.) l-oi'i i.w: (.oi ii i'i: wii
111 ION--, six ilWtim t tvlts, nil lit iiitltw.
Vii h ivti tlieipir Wlit els, nil tin, vr.i)
frniii ISlo ii.
irvtMiwitnt n medium prlteit vvbtet wtt
piti itnlt vtiii bettt r t Ii in nit) other tit liters
In this pirt nt llio coiintri. Ilon't "i,iin up
ytmr diillars" until )nii eill mid at o our
htm k.
Wo nro hontlqtinrtora for Bloyolo
Suppliosof ovory doscrlptlon, tlo Cl
cyclo RopalrlriK of nil kinds, nnd
huvo a Froo RltllnK School for nil
who buy vvIiooIh.
N,.id Kt tiuis fur eatiilngiies.
Midland Cycle Co,,
Ivans ih MtjH Iti prt ntntatUo
llktlu Iltiiiho.
Itallab! dealers wanted in uuoccupicd tnrrltor)
1', iitilti't, tirotirv.
t'liulek Silis anil httnll 1'rntlts."
liltpliiino till J. -niJUVlN Slltll.t.
I still stick to my motto, "Qulek
Siles and hmall Piollts," und will nl
wii)s meet legitlmiito competition,
tin illt) and quantit) lunsldered
Nevei ti) to set how poor tho quality,
but on the cuutrir), 1 baxo the best
toods for the bast mone)
bpilng has come and we are receiv
ing dully liom our country trade some
i hulco Country Hams, bhouldcib,
1'owN and Sldo Meat.
I gal can Apples, 25o.
4 lbs Prunes, i'M.
1 Wash Hoard, 10c.
4 lbs Peabcrry Coffee, 1 M.
2 lbs l.lon C'ottce, 43c.
i lbs Japan I'm, 25c,
1 gal Countr) Sorghum, 80c,
1 -ul Maple S)rup. 73c.
ii tacks .Meal, -3c.
5 lbs Counti) Dried Apples, 23c,
i lbs California l'eiehts Jac,
1 lb Smoking Tobacio, -0c.
1 jikjr Cocoa, 23c
1 i mis Be ins, .3c,
1 Broom, 10c.
10 lbs oat Meal, 25o
III) Salt Meat, per lb, 5'5c
1 lb Pepper, 10c.
1 largo Mop, ;0c.
1 g.il can Peaches 30e.
. auks Graham Plour, 25c.
100 lbs High Patent Ploiu, Jl SO,
10) lbs Tamil)-, 1 25.
I gal Silver Drip, Wc
I j bais Snip, -Se
0 bus Toilet, 25c.
t large Tub, COc
i pkks Chocolite, 13c,
1 can California Pedis, 10c,
6 bs Baking Powder, 25o,
1 gil can Apricots 30c.
i bs Buckwheat. 27c,
G tans Tomatocb, L5c,
1 cm California Gage Plums, 10c,
1 tans California Peaches, 25c.
5 lbs It ll In, -5c,
3 lbs Caud). 25c.
1 pkg lb latlne, 10c.
I'resh Country Butter, 16c.
5 cam Pumpkin, 23c.
1 b Chewing 'lobacco, 25c.
SO lbs Hukui, Jl 00
7 Ibb lorfei. J100
l can Callfornl i Grapes, 10c.
1 pkg Cocoanut, 10c
4 cans PeaB, 23c.
Goods deltveted to all parts of the
The Journal deliv
ered at your door for
10 cents liter weeJc.
j L. B. AUSTIN, ll
As our fiscal year closes May 1,
1897, in order to reduce our
stock we will ofTor tlio follo.x
iiiff baiffnlus in Pianos chump;
tho mouth of Apiil:
1 Chickoiuig, Square S 25 OO
1 Henry I -Miller, Sqinra.... 35 OO
1 Il.irelton, bqiiaro., 45 OO
1 Scbomacker, b'qiinrc, carved
leps ami rose wood c'iiso.... 95 OO
1 Clilckciinp;,"Squaro, carvcTl "
egs, rosewood case, pood
as now 25 OO
1 Hnrilinan, t-quarc, ffooil ni
"-w 25 OO
1 Steinvvay, hquire, carved
lcj,'3, rosovvooil case 35 OO
1 luialie, r-quarc, carved leg's,
rosewood ease, tfooil as now 30 OO
1 Smith &. llaincs, Uprisht,
""" 170 OO
1 Henry I .Miller, Unrifrlit,
lino tone ami action, case in
perfect condition I5GOO
1 small Valley (.em, Jjirifjlit. 'O OO
1 S370 Stult &. Bauei, new,
walnut case 225 OO
1 SJ50 Stult. .v. Bauer, new.
ebonieil easo 200 00
1 S350 .Stult A. lliuei. new,
in white mahogany 235 00
1 U W. StiopeA.Co .Uptight,
used ono j ear 145 OO
1 Clutlil, Ilpiitrht 95 OO
1 .Mason tv. llitmliu Organ.... 20 OO
1 Kimball Oigiu 25 00
1 Western Cottago Organ .... 35 OO
1 IStey Organ 35 OO
I bhoulger Oigan 5 OO
All of tho above I'Innos ami Or
gans uio worth nt least doublo the
money asUeil in this sale
Our w.inauty goes with every
insti iiiucnt,.
1l'el'li nns antljirgnni offered In lit Is
Hilrme anlnu fail 1 1 you 11 mil it iirnu-
inc !mi(un, ailf Mi i)i
flusic Co.,
Corner Ninth and Grand Ayanua.
Until you havu seen tho "Up
to Dato" 1895
mi Walnut St.
ClieajKit nml Vi attest In JCemscts City.
A $65 Rugby Wheel
.For $50.
M.E. SMITH & SON, wS st.
5 df
ntu nti'iiiii i t'lttix imons or tub
iiAH t m nssrii i nosAi.
IM'IIMIS fllllM Itl'Nts, I ItoVI 1TTI
1 mi w.isrt ri:oii 1 1 i ami imm-
I pnii ()1m r I rulnrri uf tlir 1 nr (tin Court
It 1 w tih IHxltli il, ( lit. r tliMltin I'ul-
liriiinl tliittlut thlil.flit) nnd
I In m r (ipiMttlni; It t It -
luiitri I(.ti nnlimtlun.
Clib ign April C A siieclal dispatch
to the Ttiliiitie fiom iiHhliigtiin suvs:
The 1 tilts il .Stuns siiireiiii cotiit. 111
the incline t ix ease, Ims levitscd the
del Islnti of the lower eouit, but tho In
eiime tnx law is a whole Is upheld mil)
bv n dlvldi d eniitt
Two Impurtant iiottlons of the law,
howevii, hive been decided to lie itn
eonstltiitlon il, and thev ate o seilous
as to nlTiit tnatetlnll) not onlv the tev
rnuis of the government, but the t stl
iiiilluii in whlili the Incolnc t ix t 111 bo
lu Id bv the people
I'nder the decision to be limited down
bv tin unlit, li Is said, nit Incomes ile
tlvnl fmm tents me txeinpted from tax
ation by the fedeiul govotnnient, and nil
lii( nines di lived fiom state and mtinlel
li il bonds nro slnillntlv exunpted. In
other respects the Income t ix I iw stnnds
as It wns lussed List August, but the
lesult of the consultations in the sti
ptemo coutt shows veiv concluslvelv
tli it the I tw can t.isilv bo plcki it to
pieces pi ov bled suits nie In ought to
contest ouch pnttlctiln point as it
comes u(i
It Is a curious fact, but none the less
line, t h it the law which vv is pissul ,u
the dictation of the Populist wing of the
administration had been been distiovnl
bv the dteislcm of the I'nltid .St ltos sii
pieme eotitt on constitution il gtoutids
In such n wnv tint It will iliMiltitely
luotect the il.iss of c.ipltnllsts most of
linslve to the I'opullst element.
The landlouls of the cntintiv will )iv
no iitCDine 1 1 Tho ovvneis of bonds of
ilmost an) kind iltlier fiileiil. state,
Kiuntv ot iniinkliMl, will also bo fue,
while the busimss in in, the tnaniif.u t
uiit and the s.iluied unpin), e will, foi
tin ptesent nt bast, lie cmnpelhil to
iiintilltttto to the tieistli) of the I'nlted
fat.ites goveinment 2 per cent of all In
comes In excess of $1,000 per annum.
"The court was evenly divided. Justice
Jackson was too 111 to take part. Chief
lustlee Pullei and Justices Held, day
ind liievvir were opposed to the law
lu-tlies Harlan, Blown, Shlras and
White voted to sustain the law
The expectation among members of
tbi mint Is tint the decision will be
iiudritd Mondav in open com t, but
tin i e Is n lure posMbllltv tb it the mm t
m iv igiln split up into it reiotu liable
Mill ins and hold up the dccl-don If
tin tiixt cmgiess does iint lepeal the
Iivv with the htiiietluii of the ptcslilent,
time will be a sudden rise in the in lee
ot nil lniiil public secuiltles ns well as
of all u ul i state, foi, ns tin will be
txuiipud fiom taxation, the) should
W l the Inn lit of the - pel ei nt w bleh
ul In i im ntiii pmduccrs ate obllgi il to
aci unit foi
I Im Mb gtd siijiruf Ills I utlii r Hi Id fur
Irlil Without Itiiliit I nrt --i.il I.
Pert Sc ott, l is , iirll (, - (Spei lal ) Tho
pit lliiilnury li uiim of Nculi Stroll,
i h iit,i d with I llllni, bis fathi r, C'hail.s
hltwait Stitvll, mar IblJ elt), Muiih
13 whli h was i iminttiitd )estcidiv, was
miislipil latt this tutiiuooii und tesnlted in
Ills being In Id lor trill ut tlm tllstiici eouit
without blind Mi- oib Slid II who
in uli i wiittin i null ssicm a f t w tlivs auo
in c using u i liusli uid of Im Ing tho ass issin
wis not allnwtd in testlf) ami tht stuio
w is oblbtil lo ul) on cbiumi-iniiilal evi
dent i wbUb was vci) ilimii.mg llie.it
Intel nt Is hfttig Inkcu in tile cite, .iiiit
tli lourt bouiti was crowded during the
till! bv a lut,e auilleuci, muiiy of whom
w i tl I idli s
lOirh nnd Walnut
Caliuiut l'liotograplib ?3 00 pur doz
en. Proof shown and all
work guaranteed.
Von can find in larffc variety
nnd lowest prices, The latest
fad for Haster Is a Silver Uss.
ornamented with different col.
ors of silk ribbons. They are
to be seen only at
(Fblablishi'd 1U5U.)
WHO! IHVI K ANU iir.rAit.
1017 riain Street.
1373. vO r
The perfection in style and quality of our im
portations for this season has never been equaled.
The W. E. Whiting Co.
804 flaiii St., Kansas City.
I-. II Calcott.
O. V. Philbrook.
lilt- Si,, .i. Ill,, I, tn Hell I'p III
III mot rutli ICilnltH In tin- si ,te.
ashliu,ton pi 11 C ipeilall Seiulors
cst 1111 I I'm Ul 1 II cm again viewing with
ll It 111 Thev lmvn In 111 allvlscel ol tumble
11(111 at I1111I It lclates 01 1 nurse, to Jud
iths, nlld t one e I lis theil pelMitul safetv
In iKilltie il milttis I tut In a genual wav
time Is trouble foi iolitlt I ins nf Missouri
who bo n 111 it things will get tpiii t oil
lliutnilil Nsiu s It scuns ttie Mhu men
01 the Uuuouatlc paitv of Mlshoutl hive
Joined with tho sllvei mill of Illinois and
Iinmlseii tint n statu louvuitluii stiali be
ealli d bv the Uimeniatie stale euitril
commlttto to tube- action oil (he silvti
iliitsiloii This Is following the bail of the
Illinois Iiitiiouii), who, tin ouch Hit It
lent! il t oinmlttei H hive ii stall conven
tion hooUed fot June I next It take up
tills I--SU.I and itsulve on tin s une h) vvuv
nf outlining pulv puhtv This plan will
lie lnlltiwcil bv tilt Mlsselllli Iletnoeliiv
m entiling to the mull 1 standing, but bow
tin v in 10 itlng It about temalns to ni
elleeiel I It Is veiv pi till llitnidinn- til
pnlliii il liiitiiuiullnn line that 1 number
of s 1 me 11 tbiiiui.hnut the count!-) who
hut li.ui Ueintit 1 il' an into the plan
of having suite ( mive title nu.
in fuel, tlliu lie man) nt the lite 0011
gitbsnien who alt fieo to I00U after such
mntteiH, mid It Is clnlmnl that thev are
being joined by mail) otheis of moie or
less lmpottinco who apiuovo of tho Idea
of holillug lieniocratlc lonvintlons In n
ntnnber of tho stales, li) vv iv of ti)lng
to llx tile pullt v of the iuty In this
gene 1 il i1 tn Mlssouil is iniimlneiit, 111
imdhig tn tht niraiiguneut nude bv the
Mhir 1 ul. is In that )nit) It Is elalnii d
thai in ills ill nt them were taken Into
tin 1 I 111 snint vvuks 111,0 1 In v hive
woik.ul the thing ipiletlv Inn with all ibis
woik the atul-dlvet nie 11 in tin, nniiuttti e
aie sin, ns 1 to bav, tin uppei bind 1.x
Ittivilllnl 1 ism Is tnntinls the e oilllllltte 0
tliiougli itiiuiige mil utile i ali! klvtn him
wlib ivhieli In uiul i lilmsili snll I Willi lis
im nibi i '1 his In lug tin (.Ittiiilnn how Is
It ptissihlu to bold a Ueiiuit l Uli eoiiveiitloii
net 01 ding to tht Illinois pi m ' Hon the
P u tv will be iible to cut) out the agiec
muit lemalns to be seen
It is salil that ix uoieinor I i inus wine
lime ie,o wm nppilsotl ol tin pi in and
whin In itetiv d Hie Infoi million be In
fill mi tl nilmliilstiatlon ciitbs ant male
mil tn prevuii ailing Hi uuvuitlnn
IIl bis been at woik toi snine tlm and
In In In Ing jille.l upon ti pievcnt tin
i illlng nf a st ite eonvt'ntleiii li) the Ue ino
eiatie (tun il eominlttet of the stale It is
in.iMleil llmt. sllillllil t ti. i x-eov en nor fall
In this mil the loumilttie xlioul I tall n
eonveniloii, tilt nntl-slivei leiiows wouiu
lie inn over in tin c invention nnd this
would Imiiiir llie idinlnlsti itluti he id In
the state Hut In all this tb, .Missouri s-n-
.itois in e ver) miieii une re steu i in v
vintild much lirt fei that tilt whole rilHstion
b dioppcel at onii leturn to the turltf
issut , iiiauiug niii tin i iiiiiiis tut nie iini
tlni woik of tin gnvunnieiit, and mak
liirf plates for lilathis to till and getting
tuber relatives lu pi tees alrt udv mudi,
igi.es with the estimites of tbei senators
from Missouri iih tn whit shoul I be done
to bring about old time biimoiiy in the
state to be utilize 1 for peisuiul iinlltl.nl
btiiellt Tin v biivi) cllsiovered tint to hive
a slate convention called by tho eetiti il
lominiite' woiil 1 leal In fur tli toinpll
eitlons nnd tilt) nie certain the) hue
enough trouble is It Is. It is understood
tint In a tew tlnvh tin l)"inni ratio conn.
I) eentnl committees In MIksoiiiI will bu-ln
to lesolvn in tivtir of tho Illinois pi m
I hev will ntd. th state centntl inminlt
tet to e ill i e nnviutfon.to meet some time
in .lull mid bv Oils im ins the agitation will
(tpieiel over the state like vvlldllie, nnd the
politic-laii" In olllee under the old plan nf
thliiKS will be toiced Into cleeii -r iioublc
If the lentiil c-eimiulttee Is held bv ex
it iieinor riuneiri, ami it not allowed to
i ill a c iivt lltielll ill liMlcillse t) Uli gt ti
ll il tleunintl ii K mull i Mnn that the
pl in mi) In eairled om bv hiving a eon
v union e ill. el, tn be im lit hut. I in by
th. silver lie men i iih, wlib li will mirk the
beginning if tiouble foi the oil Hue poll
tie bins of the st ite.
llnlteplliH to seirittr) Minimi I liurRi
Alioiit t ciiigre.Hiiii n st lllng (J irileii
s,, ,u tn Hi It ti llitt.
WishbiBtou Apiil i (Se 111) It jp-
p us tint It pie s ntativ T inne) du i i ut
lileo tin i i mi stile nit nis m ieo In tlie
Btuvtni) in itsud lo niHinli is -. Iling
trt iS tO lo ll III li tl tilth .li-lt nt ie, It
big them lo lit. Ir , omultin ins as lntndet
b) till! gOVi lllllll Ut III . tilt lilt the Set ti
nt) an I Ml Titflie) in nihil nun is
hive not axl 1 1' t unci in thh lilillu Vii
TtrsiH) eouit s bael. it the muiIcm 'lo
moiruw mormiih's l'l will i nut uu Hie
foil, wing ' Mmost tvery ruvv-pipti u
the i oiintr) bis publUhi d si id tuuits oi
purpirtttl ri ut im uts, ot tin hiu.tu) uf
.ikllt ultur tu lliue. fleet tint .eii. tin im in
In is of the 1 lit I Ollkliss Sold lo in. 1 li ills
lieiu ustla puicb Intel li) tin ioiunmuii
nnd allotted to im nilm for the in. of
tin i r luiibtittiriitH it ims gom bioiu' t.t
UVtl tile lOUUtt) UPOIl alllg el si Ut lilt Ills
of the sceiet.it) w lib h Inve nit It en b
nie I b) him, ill it l"u iiiemb n tll.l this ml
il Is sliitiel 111 u Ills tiiuilui,' annuel hi ut
villi (onitii a llsi nl th mm - I he i n
Is mule uii of "J, munbns .ml If tin '..
reins wis waiiauttil in .-i)lm, that ins
unmix r of Hi m lul b i eullis or n li
camlut t Jusi i to lie- tiihei Z.'i Kliniilei h in
Min'gc stul to him i ut to dull) public atluii
but the names should have Ikui klveu to
tho countr) with th ntlghu! si ituiient
.luslleo to the . ii shoul I havi sliovvu Hit
piopiloty of telling the whole truth ut
that time "
I'lil.tnutl h) Mild I'limnlp.
Topeki, Kis, trll (.(.Special ) The
two )ouug ehll lien uf W Hupp, living
In the southeast part of this ouut) were
poisoned mul died tiom tatlug wild par
snips. Two of tho ihlldien who ate of the
loot were tavcl by thoit mother, who
cave, them ai emetic It took out) incut)
eluht minutes to tecure a doctor, but by the
time he arrived the two children were
'IuihI.u t.ui im mil t,
Topeka, Kas , April 6 (rfpeclal) The
probite JuiIbc- uf Shawnee couiiiy has is
sued an older to all drugglbts lu Topeka
holding liquor permits to cease the tale of
beer or ale. This does not luterfcru with
tho iulo or "hard" liquor,
P. J. Tleadows.
I lie sun HIim nn illn Hi Whirling Inmti
itlMl HlltllH llllll Mlt tllll it.
1.1 Uem o 1', nrll C -opfclal ) TliIi
iftlon lie i ii ihil foi the litHt tlin
lis uiih it mut t nllili witul mul snnil
Mtonn tin wlii'l at tiiiu - ituhln; ih MIkIi
tih sit mlli in hvuit wlilrlitiK tho jntul
mil illtt ibitut lit un it lutid" HiisliitHs
It i7 jir.uikilU HtopMil uid tr nol Is Kn nt
l iinpi ih I hotit I i i lot k ( ftieida ifli'r
noon a limd of un I -unp up fiom tho
Hotith"M that lot 1 11 (ltwttitt 1 the Htm
Tht iliiknt" of itniiiK ( itlnl uti iln
totinlM Mull Miik.h t mM not Im moti liftr
irN uti mul Hit sin I w in siaitor'l
nlutiL, t- tttotikli t-oun broitt(it from .t.
j,u it hunt '1 li futUn; of thu Mini con
tlutitd for mutt th in an hour, ami those
out In It v'nilt li it 11 ltioath( J he high
wind pieill all nirht ami tu-il, hue
this et lllllMT It Is I tltllllR
I In MkMtnrl i t-ttuiKn Hiiutn and AtlHtiiiit
( otuptrntlt r Ih sild to Hit some-
lull liiipru d.
Washinsion Apiil C C H Mnnmir, as
sistant comptroller of the tiensur, who Is
I IriK 111 at tht- Xfttlonnl hold in this clt.
Is rcsfliiK' more eas to-nlRht and hU cou
dlllon la thought to be somewhat Improved.
hi i:aki.i:v v ii,t."tvt:i:i' tut: in i-ict;.
Sitprt nit I nurt siiietabi llio I t nvi-tiwortli
Ctiniity I rt itMii t r In Ills Contention.
Topeka, prll r (tp cl.al) Among the
cifes elecldeil in the supieme inlirt lo-dav
was tint trout l.e tvt nwtuih which Involved
the Ati-ti ill in billot I iw John 1' Tavloi
ll. miii in an. I losiph lilt nl, l.. rtctivtil
th. sun, liiiinlie i uf vuus tot the olllee if
i niint) lie iiMitt r '111 list lois for tr"
utile t ami I' i) lot tin liemocrat, won
lib able), the lttpublii in was not sitl-tled
and askee Hie dlsulet inint to give htm
Hie Otlle t Oil tilt gtOtlliel that 111 111) of the
blllnts cnilllttil for Tl)leil wen not Iir ip
till uutkid mid miller the Austt illan bil
lot lew thest -.tioiil 1 not lit- counted
iht distill t court detlilid In favor of
Illtikliv tin Kcpubllian and To) lor ip-
iieileel to tile Slipte tile e cillt t
I lie supieuie i oint to- la) tie e Ided In fi
ver of llliaklev ami lie Id Hut billots w hi h
ate not propet!) mink el with the cross ir
the left of Hie name vuted foi in thesepiire
provide el for it, nut b billots tan not he
counted. '1 lie ltepuhlh in will hold the of
tlce lOI'l IC 'S NPIV 11 WOlt.
Mr. I". linns I ikes Ills Utile o unit llirlnm
fur Iteforiii.
Topeknlvas, Airli C (Special) C
Pi Hows, the lit w in ijoi ol the uiiiltul tl v,
iihsumed his ollu t Inst night uud made m
a hlrer-sh to the coiiiitll In ivhttli bo asked
theil tei-opei itlon to mike his mi econum
b il and biiklncss-llke iidmlnlstratlou tin
said he was In fnvni of cutting down tlm
pa) of bight t ulililals and enlarging tin
work ol publlt Improvements with tl
money thus miv ed
The Joiiinal
Ten cents a wet 1.
At )our ileior e ve-rv mottling.
$1 0U i )e.u bv ma I
Tell X tllll in Ighl il
frIAND. livcrvboily wants them
for UnslcvOUR S20 AND S25
They arc beauties. The finest
Suits ever made for the money.
Our spring selections are un
surpassed for elegance.
Tailoring Co.,
Ibu ( n-Opi r.UHe liillnr.
824 Delaware St.,
.list iii i (in 'inn.ii'M tioN,
vk tif tS at,
i on
I-ate Novelllr noir ready nt hrkdqusttirf,
1105 MAIN ST.
: i
I y
... t
- y-j-ilTrii il.iw.wii ii. I .
i t 'si, -.-- - .; vi.

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