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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, April 07, 1895, Image 15

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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irciEU " '""
vs ;.-,
. tt9?sxK.j? "!&.&.
tiif, icaxsas city jornxAL. siwday. a hut, 7, iso:.
WA1TEU-)IA1.K nr.LP.
WANTED-jr, to W per week uilnir nnd
felling ohl Reliable Pinter Every family
lias rusty, worn knives, fork. ipoon. etc.
Quickl) plate I hr illpplni In melted nvtnl
no enperleni or hard work; n good Htua-
tlOtl Address 1'.
iNo. II. Columbus, O
i'. Harrison ,xi ui cit-iiv
WANTI'lUt irnnl anUelldr. with or
without cxporimie for tilRh grade, slnnl
era nibs rip ion nook, must send refer
en t nnri ih.in one nRent sold ovfr
l,fvi notih in three weeks Mil month.
Y 13 li u-innn, Publisher, N. V.
"WANT1 tv-K-ilvMiun. unlnrv nnd rx
Jen ei or rom , lien upeilalty for mer.
chants, ltntnrne success, experience tin
i Oi,sir, If )ml want a Rood llilnif, ad
dress .Meri hauls' Economy Co., 120 V an
Huren st , Oil ago
WANTED - Civil pen Ice examinations
ruon In iver) iitnte for railway nmll, cus
t m, Tn llan scrvlirs and clcpl". ftt Wash :
par'i Hilars nn 1 ' winters' free. Nat. Cor.
Institute W nsh , 1) V
WVNTfD Traveling salesmen to take
ti .Jo line of fast r-elllhK piper eovereit
bouks to sell on 10 ui r cent rommlslon.
mis Is a lilif rfi r Ad Extra income, I
Jtox .ibf, New V ork
WANTED alfnien, salary or eomnils
plon ta Introduce our goods to the trnile,
ternnnent position, staple line: pleasant
work lln-ss, Willi stnmp. Kins Mfg.
Co . A fl. Chic ico
WANTED Wide-iwako book in in on
Jinn plan, for Kansas City nml surround
ing unto Llbrrnl rompcns itlnn Trin
Fie .Mniiak r. HiMR) fifth no, Chicago
WANTEDl. teamsters, scraper holder'',
rook nlid laborers, at unco. Apptv at
ramp, nrir Silem church. List of Inde
pendence. T. 1' RYAN.
W ANTED Silestuen, J'i a da), no de
liveries, or collections, costly outllt free;
side line or exclusive Ail lrcs Mntiufact
Uters. Sill Mirket st , l'lilln , Pa
WANTilH Men, clt) and countr), JIS
sitodi distributing Srup bamplcs, nlcndy
work, -sen i lefironce. riott Process Co,
Camd n, Ncn JemC).
WANTED A first-class carpet la)or: on
who Is not nfrnld to work Address A
Muebner, bteam Carpet Cleaning Works,
St Joseph, .Mo
W'ANTKD Salesmen for clears, $73 to
JCi, Knlnr and epensc8, cperlence not
tiecessurj. Stiut slump Illshop .V. Kline,
fct. 1oiiI, Mo.
WANTI3D Salesmen at once. Address
with stamp for terms, John 1 Maelnnls,
Aurora, 111
, WANTED nieiitor hoj at the Dec llle.
lApplj .londi mornlns
WA.Ti:il I'RIMLII HL!l.r.
WANTED Ladles I hae the best arti
cle on t irth that mil bIvp Indj ncents a
jicrminent sronliii; bnslmss, nothliiR like
It, credit to north ladles, no dceiptlon,
'or pirtlculirs send postal to Mrs. 'ilico.
Noel. S5S W. l'olk st . Chicago, 111.
WANTED Educated sounp Mdlcsj and
others halng spire lime, for light nork
nt home I'linmnent No cnnnsslni; No
.uke. I.nclnse Tk, slump for nil necessary to
Legln Chicago Picss Cllpidm; liurcau, Cu
.ui sine oi , c;nicni;o
WANl'ED-Endks who will do nrltlnc
foi me nt homii will nuke koo 1 wages
'Address Miss riora Join s outh HcnLl.lud .
jnfr of the l'amous lllusli of Itoses and
2,iiur foi the coniplixlon
WANTED Lady to work for me nt home,
115 veckl) , no Laniasslng, send stnmp
National Co, C3L lfth street. Demer, Col
WANTED L idles to work for me at
home, make fium j!2 to $13 a ntek Ad
Ore?" II r Tnnsej, bouth Bend, Ind.
W'ANIED Immedlitely, a goo I nhlle
Blrl to do cooking u 1 owler house, cor
fapriiLO and 4th st , K. C , K.
WANTED Lidj to woik nt home, no
cimisMng, $lri weeklj Address Cora, IJ.
Heach, feouth Ucnd, Ind
Mrioinr aoi.nuii s.
end fui -hfd rooms lWii East 1211. cor
Walnut. Til 1179 'lhe best place In K. C .
3Mo to find help or situations, male or
Jennie, 34 ears eperluice ltef. Omaha
J-'at bank. Onuhn. Cltliens' bank. K C.
sni'Aiiov WATri)-iiAi.r.
WANTED- Competent stenographer de
rlrts perminent position Cm operate
3temlnloii Smith and others Willing to
lo haid work lor sm ill salary to start.
Address W j), JournnI olllr.e.
W ANTED Licensed ciiKlneer with 10
jeirs experlt n, e wants situation, has best
jC referencf, also large chest of tools Ad
dress v 70", Journal ollke
1I.1M I'll Afll.N rs
WANTED Why do neonle eomnlaln nf
hard times, when any noiiun or man can
mako from J5 to 10 a day casllj ' AH hae
lieard of the wonderlul biiccess of the
Clima Dish Washer, jet many are apt to
"link the can't mnko money belling1 It,
bur mi) onti tan mako money, because eer
fiml) wants one One agent Ins m kIl
t47Si In tin last three months, after paj
Jiik all expenses and .attending to regul ir
Ims'ness besides ou don't have to can
a iss ns soon as people know ou have
li for sit,, they send for a Dish Washer.
Addiess the Climax Mfg Co , 43 btarr ae ,
Columbus. O . for pa i titulars.
WVNTED Agents to sill Knj's Hot
Springs i rk ) bills to the millions who are
Fiifferlng trom blood skin, llier, kidney
and stum uli troubles, but who launot
tliure the lime or inoncj to go to the
uprlnRs We nlll send piepald, to nny ad
dress un elglit ouiicu paekago of the snlts
(enoush for tno hot b iths and tlili t
gla-shos of drinking w iter) nlth tit 11 dii po
tions on n'celpt of CO cents. Am llo
ngent, mile or feuule can mako ilfn) a
w 'ek Addiess the Hot Springs Coiuentiat
Jnp lompiuj, 63 Smith bids. CIni Innatl, O
m II shoes from lo to $1 00 ihnper a pair
thin nns other K C btore. ll buj lug
3d WW palis j on will sne enoush to buy a
Ikket t the (.eriinn opera
1I1U W.Hiiut St.
WANTED Agents make 510 dally belllne
nliiinlnum noieltles, new process Mlver
wari bar goodi., blf; line, the neiv wonder
ful metal, delivered free, simple In olot
lined case 10c citnlogue free Aluminum
Noieltj Co , JJ5 Ilroadnay, Now York,
WANTED Agents to linnrtlo the finest
nml most extensive line of atumnlum fancy
household warn nnd ' Hold Aluminum"
table ware. Address Aluminum Co, N'o.
Cm llioailnns. New York, M inufacturers
nnd Importers,
WAN'TED-Agents to bell Bash Locks
nml Door lloldus. Sample bisli Lock fno
by mail for Je stamp llest sillers oer
Inseutiil Hints wiltuts, $u a day. Write
.quick Uroliard &. Co , llo 7o r, 1'hlladel-jilila.
1 H'A.YI ED Agents for tills city and !
i, clnlty NVn telephone attachment, ti per
Tln. tJ- uv I"- i", fcens tui !', sample
iu-.-Kenls, J I 00 i' .Mnjnatd Euns, lui
AVorld bids . New York clt
WAN TED Agints, permanent, easy
woik, fall paj , a pateitttd nnvilty; scud
for circular and jou will not be sorr
Camcion ,. Son, 1C7 uud 16J Washington
st,, Chicago, III
WANTED Ascnts, Ileautlful Paris. New,
Immense, wonderful! over 100 nhotos. 11U.
Illtr pay to agents No
Historical Publishing C
ixpeiitnce ueeaeu.
o , n
WANTED Lids agents to sell toilet
nparatlou, eifj seller; good prollts, 'lha
v-I.lo Compain. 3",S De irborn st Chlcano.
WANTED Catchiest too innvassers' spe
cially ever shown Iteverslulo Automatlo
Hair Curler Co . Chicago
wami.h-mici:llni (his,
WAN'lED I need some money to Bet a
large fslite with, will give bljr interest.
Auoue having money to loan and believes
In what Mr. John Slater predicts, address
W C7J. Journal oillce.
WANTED-boniebody to build mo a 6
room, modern cottage; willing to pay 30
n month to goad lesiMinslblu tenant. Ad
dress V C!il, Jouinal ollle.e.
WANTED IW) dspeptla gentlemen and
ladles to t,et tured by llio Eclipse Celery
Chow-Chow, Progressive grocers keep It.
WANTED A rooni.by a professor of mil.
sic, In exehaiibo for lessons. Adrcss W (S3,
Journal oillce.
WANTED Respectable tahla boarders,
js'o othert. need apply, CIS Armstrons, Kan
fas Cits', Kas.
MltS. L. JAMES, the Well known rlnlr.
voyunt and trance medium, may be con
sulted at 1-W Urind ave.; parlors 33 and 40.
tioo hi.i.iw m: vt.,
ttas the following houses to ttntl
.-,. ,. UEStlJEMl"
JiM Campbell, rrnm, t roomK, io
i;jl JnMifM. frame 5 rooms, U0
JilO Ho hester, fintne, li rooJis J12M.
ii-i '.'ni'ps st , frame, 1 toomi, 7
Ju3 tlrove st , frame B rooms., JI0.
JIM I'.a inc si , 1 rooms -.
I Pacin st , fritup, A rooms,
3J,.0.!:'1s,-1S,ll 't I'rli k, 0 rooms, $1
ll Hast tth st bn k s rooms bull, M
lOl SMn, frame, r, room", J ,.
!1' Hroadwaj, frnme, 1 rooms, J,.
.13 West I6lh st, brick, 11 rooms nnd
bath, m.
3jno Hoherls frame, 11 roim. 2rt,
f!9 Mnln, 5 front rooms, serond iloor, w
1I0 II irrlson. frnme. 1 rooms. Ki. , .
,,4 ' '. . "' t frame, 5 .-ixims, second
Iloor, fit . ., ...
) W. lcih st , brick. 12 rooms, bath, 1j
N. W. cor. th at. and Penn, frame, S
rooms js
?,'?? "romlwni, frame, .1 rooms. S3.
Ifi; ?.nn,Plll. brick. 9 rooms. ...
3'I I.'ucltd, hrl k, rooms and bith, J15.
?,U'S "rpiiHviv, frame, 1 rooms, U
2Ji.Vr,0,ln frame, fi rooms JI2D0.
?2i1 MvClee. frame, R rooms, II! ; rp
H3 Summit, brick, t rooms .and batn. sec
ond iloor, ty.
5I0 H "th st , brick, 8 rooms nnd bath, 120
C7 Tr.acv, frame, 7 rooms, flC.
Illl 13. Uth st . brlok, B rooms. 21 floor, lit
1VJ2 Jnrboe, frame, f rooms, 110
Southeast cor llth and Mjrtle, frame. B
rooms, JS.
10 East 7th st , brick store, J15
fOI Ilroadw i, brick store, m
fl lllurr, stnre, 2 rooms, 10
II Independence, frnme slore. I0
Cornir Bth and Campbell, frame store. JS
M5 West 1 till st brick start . JS
. '21 West 12th St.. brick store nnd rooms.
Main street, store room and rooms above.
W per month
711 Main, brick store, J100
K02 E mh st.. frame store J12.
4i Delaware, brick store, J7"
HIT Past ISth st brick store. J'. .
7o'ii;i independence, frame store, 110
We tin vi- other icsldenccs nnd store
rooms Cnll nnd sec u
H T. T'lntt will be plcnsed to meet the
former frlinds of the old firm
TO KENT llesldcnces. Cheap
7 room Hat, near llth and rroost, mod
ern, J.3
7 room brick, SIM Olive St., barguln, S15
G room frame, 1S19 Locust st, newly
papered, Jl"
B room brick, I2rs 13 llth st , only Jit.
8 room brick, fo3 Colorado ave , J1J.G0
S room frame, 122.1 Hellefontalne ave , J10.
B room frnme, 2iG 13 27th St., only J10
B room frnme, 2213 Ljdli ave , only J10
1 room brick, 1M7 Locut st , J9
S room frame, 1311 E I'th st . (7 30.
C room Hat. 3217 13. ISth st . J5
2 room cottage, 2JI0 Summit st , Jo.
Store room, 204O 2217 13. ISth st , J10.
Store room, 4W1 E 13th st , $3
310 American Hank building
TO RI3NT Hy Josoiih I'ltimc
2109 Knni-as ave , C room house. J7.
2111 Kan-as nve , 0 room house, J7.
201S I racy ave , 8 room house.
WS Harrison st , 7 room house
2317 Ljdla ave S room brick, J17 CO
1309 L 8th st, II room brick.
1 tOO MS
Corner Independence nnd Holmes streets.
4 nice rooms, each S10 and $12
I in Campbell st , 4 looms, J
C0J 13 ISth st , S rooms over store, Js
Established 1S0 Rental Agent.
TO REN T Hy SUN, Northup ' Co., Keith
. Perrj bldg Telephone -Ih'u.
7o1 E 9th st. 10 room brick, molern, J30
1121 Summit, 9 room brlek modern JI0
"2.1 Smart, 8 room brick, modern, Jib.
Jl"'- Olive, 7 room brick, Jll
2117 Holly, 7 room frame, $10
HO Park. 6 room frame, Jl"
2v 13 19th, II loom frnme, Ji
1.1 1'orest, 3 room frame and barn, JS
IjOI 13 17th. 1 room fr line, 53
A few nice oillce rooms in Keith. S.
Terry bide
TO RENT Hy E II Phelps .t Co., COO
American Hank bldg. Tel Em.
1 room house, lMdfe Grove st J I 00
4 room house, 21M summit st 5 00
B loom house, ji.i Mlehlgm ave f! i)
B room house, 1C1C Cottage ave S Ol
0 loom cottage, 13uU Reservoir ive ... 10 uO
BrooTiIIit, llamden blk , I'lfth and
Holmes 10W
6 room II it, 17th and Cherrj ,b ith.etc 18 no
10 rooms.iuo Grand ave.clty water 23 oo
room brick, 1110 Poiest ave , modern 20 M
13 room modern brick, 123 Aldlne pi ice 1,1 iO
IO RENT Hj Norton Thajcr, 1013 and
1013 Walnut. Telephone 2313
!) room frame, ilrst-cliss In oery way,
1S13 E bth, J2T month
r, room tilt, bull, gi, water, steam heat,
141S Vlrclnla, JIS month
4 room lint, gool nelRliborhood 411", ETth.
4 room Hat, food neighborhood, 70i C
press 3 4-room Hats on corner 17lh and Holly
t ba-semeiu Hats on corner 17th and Holly,
TO RENT S room brli k, TO ft, with
stable, city watir, cistern, on JJrooklsn,
bet llth mid 15th
4 room Hat, water furnished n e cor.
13th and Urookl) n D. S ORRISON.
503 Hall bldtr
TO RENT Complete brick home close to
biiblnebs i enter. Idol Mi Gee st , 7 rooms,
laige reception ball, f,.is bath, furn tee,
line turn, lot B0 foot fiont, drive from
street 011I5 $13 per month
1 M DVRNALL, Cll Whitney bldff
TO RENT 141! Llnwood avenue, dctoi lied
house, ! rooms, soino carpets, nil modem
comforts hindsome stable nil In peifect
order, 2 ears' Ic imj $30 per inniiih
GEORGE LAW, New York Life bldir
TO RENT 709 13 9th st , 10 room modern
brick, opposite Auditorium, no car fire.
Sills, Northup A. Co , Keith & Perry bldg.
TO llEN'T Elegint 10 room, 2113 East
Eighth, 1.3, open for Inspection
WALLlCi: Wj Sheldley bldg
TO HDVr 3 houses; all sizes J L
Wlllams, CIS Minnesota ave, Kansas CIt),
TO RENT 1219 Wabash ave : 8 room
brick, modirn. Inquire on premises.
AV.vvrr.ii 1113 ii HM'.vi 1:.
WANTEI For cash eustomersr Jt,0i
7 room brick residence; ten blocks of 12th
and Main sts. JIO10 7 room brick resi
dence, west of Hellefontalne, north of llth,
south of Independence ave. 315.(00 or JIO.WO
10 room brick rosldenco; CO feel or more of
ground, sood location: norrh of 13th; In
exchange, Jlu.OuO Una lesiiUnce In Wyan
dotte, all clear; balance cash
iSi -New lorK Lite nidi;.
List your property It sou have bargains
I HAVE Jilio) to Invest in a home. It
must bo a suite roof, modem brlek, not less
than CO teet trout, or not less than nluo
rooms, between Stti and 15th, Locust and
Piospict. I ani looklnif for 11 bargalti, mid
will dial only with owner. Addtess W 077.
Journal olllee,
WANTED We want to buy a good busl.
Hess lornei, Improved or unimproved, suit,
able, for a saloon, cash
3J.I Rldse bldg
WANTED Wo went to bus. for a cus.
tomer, small house, for J700; $30 cash, ual.
ance inonlhls.
333 Ridge bldtr,
WANTED We want to bus', near In, on
East side, brlek rtslde-nce, t to S rooms, I)
to r.O ft, lot, for a customer, from JIOui to
Jn.OeO, cash, S. C. PANCIIER i CO .
SJ3 Itltlce hldir.
WANTED Clear acres In suburbs of city
for equity In good resldeme
8. C. I'ANCIIER -t CO .
343 Ridge bldtr.
WANTED W'a want houses to rent to
our jnuns upplleants
J3J Rldee bid;,-.
WANTED We want to buy, for a cus.
tomer, a good piylne Investment, lor J2.B00
.ash. 8. C, I'ANCIIER A. CO
333 Itldtro bldir.
WANTED Six or seven-room liouso
In subuibs. East or South side; plenty of
ground; tent must be eliwip; no chlldieu.
Address V 073. Journal oillce.
1(1 lll.NT UOOMs.
TO RENT 1422 Cherry street. 3 large.
well furnished rooms for housekeeping;
parlor Iloor; cool for summer; $20.
TO RENT 2 or i unfurnished rooms;
modern; 920 Lydiu.
TO ENT-llSCri.I,Ar,roi;3.
nut; bteam heat, water, all conveniences;
best location in the (its
Tel. 2319. 1013 Walnut.
rnit si,i:ni:t, i:m-n:.
STOP PAMVO RENT Vto our rent
mimes In IiiivIhk n home
JW a tnoiiib-7 rooms, Vi feet, east front,
H v dp park, JJ2B0, J225 cash, JM a inoiilh
No vsa
Jll a mniith-l room enltBRp, two litcx ks
tii Melropollinti mble ll.lno small uisli
pnsinent Jllamnnth without Inlerpst M7
J2.i n inmitli 7 loom housp M fool lot
2 blocks to mrs JI,TS, Jim cash; $.' n
month M
J20 a tnnnlli, vvltliout ltilpi-sl-rt t-ooms,
will ulliir spttir, I closets hall purrh
xi't feet , lose In two 1 nhlps ti Ml, small
rush pm mint J2U n month 1
Jo 11 innntli Mip s-rootn lnnie stable,
pnst rmnt iotIW 1 blmk to mrs w.li
nut h re. the air Is good nn I healths
$2 M No 7(
JIU n monlli , room house stable, n
fpt lot 11 w conn r, 2 blocks tn cable,
$1,033, juiin uish tin n tnntith No .n
Jlri 11 iiionth-f,-rotiin house, 33 font lot,
IiIrIi ground line view, near Ninth st in
ble $1100 JlOHiiish tfi n niontli No rc7
J20 a mini Ih Spnl brli k ottnp of ',
rooms 1 ,t 1x1,0 smith front last Ninth
st Jl.im $1 0 ensh a liionth, t 6 per
cent No. 171
A hotni- on monthlv payments to suit,
r rooms IniRp shadv lot, rlosp to rnri,
J2,lti), tt( ensh, lialntiee on sour own tetins
No ff
E. M WRIGHT CO, .Masonic Id Ik
EIGHT f-rontned luliks nn nm- of the
best cnrtll rs III Dundee pt ire, J.1 relit,
nnlv J.'OilO hicumbrancp on p, li vviint
wild land or farm for JIGC"!, splendid
equltS , largo lot
10-1 N Llfp I1KI1T.
J2 0O0 for i-tonmed nlrn frump and 17'4
feet on good (ornpi Ililbfont line ave pasv
linns, J1.0-X) 0 per cent can run liiibiliee to
stilt. II 1, JOHNSON ,v Co,
liri N Llfe lildir.
cpssfiilly even though on the wrong side
of tin- tnarkPt Send for our little book
outlining plan of sjslPtnatlc grain speiuli
tlon 10 get around adverse tin tuallons of
the market mil make JtO 1 dn with com
parative reeularlt) and 'afpts Wo send
also a statement of pnst workings of the
plan highest referent es Valentine & Co ,
B39 Tndtrs' bl.lg , Chlngn
SPECULATION oo(Ter special facil
ities to opi r ilors, large or small, for trad
ing on marnlns In slocks, grilns or pro
visions. Market letter published weekly
Ordtrs received on one per cent margins
Our book "Speculation or How to Trade,"
mailed free. C r Vnn Winkle - Co , 2"i
La Salle st , Chicago Mention this paper
represe-ntntlvps In pvery town nnd cll- to
sell Hip Brent rheum ltlc cure I'lark's Red
Cross Medicinal Water, nature's wonderful
reiueds Wilte for terms nnd territory
PISH ,t VACGHAN Gen'l Contrictlng
Agents for U S A , 4110 Cottage Grove nve ,
fer ill or part of J 00,000 California Irrl
gnted Inmls, choicely located, nnd will
tnkc Improved or unimproved properts In
pirt pis, balance very e iss KENDALL
MORT(',AOE CO. 22o N Y. Life- bldg
I'OR SALE Easj tt rms, part trade,
st iple, well nssorted ding sm It, with
store and residence, Mooiesville Mo ; 51, '00,
cleir. lor full p trtb ulnr, ndduss
WALLACE 4jI. Shi Idles bldg
WE WANT the gang cnught and penned
In our store Rele ise nml 1 pilr of our
partnership hnncl sewcl shoes given for
1110 Walnut st.
SUPERrLCOl'S hair, moles nnd warts
permanently removed bj elutrlclty with
out pnln or scar This Is the oldest estab
lished place of the West ami the onls one
that can give Kansas Cits s le idlng phy
sicians as reference A Miirintee- fiom In
experienced operator or a refund of money
Is of no avail If scarred for life I make
a speclaltj of this 011I5 Co-suit itlon free
nnd cntiildentlal Mrs A 1 Up Randall
sppplallst, room 42C, Deardortt building.
111 Mnln si
PERSONAL Attention ladles' "Emma '
Rust Dtveloper will enlarge sour bust 1
Inches Guaranteed Scaled Instructions
2c, or 21 page Illustrated catalogue IV, bj
mill Emma Toilet R iar, Iloston, Mass
PERSONAL Superlluous Hair Write for
frei Information how to remove It pernnn
entlv nnd at once without silt-litest inlurv
tn the skin Curtis Co, ISti Thirl) -second
st , Chicago
PERHON'AL Ladlis Dr. Voicll's Trench
romnlu Pills nevei fail, safo nnd sine:
sealed $1 Pnrtleulars 4c "G ' Auriiin
MPdlelnn Co, B3 State st , Chic igo, HI
PERsOVAIl'rank Pipalns forbl lden
vou the house unless von nt ir De ault
Crreeno Shoo Co s p 11 tneiship hind sewid
$3 S3 shoes IIP, ilnut st
PLRbONAL Mnrrl ige paper, 2c stamp,
hundreds af descriptions with resiliences,
mans wealths Mr and Mrs Drike, 133
Washington st , Chicago
OIL Of 1IEATJTY for tho complexion
MOM TO 1 (.
LARGE I.O WS on central business
piopert), lonir time; C per tint, Invcstl-
Loans on residences C per cent, call
On Western Missouri farms G per lent.
P A EREDERICK. 310 N Y. Life bldg
TAUM LOANS Near Kmsas lit). In
Missouri nnd lionns, annual lutertst pa
able nt borrowirs home bank, moue)
nad) Loans also for s lit-
J M1 S u LOMliMtD
Over first N itlonal lunk
C AND C PER CENT moni) on business,
nsldence and farm property, unusu illy fn
vorablo (prms Applv to Homer Ried or
ThioNash, lOifi Hioadwas op Coates house
LOW INTER! a V Kansas Cltv loins,
linpioved propertj onls Call or .mI In -,3
JAM1 s L I.OMH VltD,
Ov-r Plist Nitloiul bank
5 AND 0 PER CENT mniii ) to loan on
Improved clly ruil estate See us If )ou wish
to borrow luge or small amounts
SILLS, NOH'UU'P .v. CO, K. A. P. bldir.
MONEY TO LOAN direct. C, 7 and 8 per
cent. II. L JOHNSON ,t CO ,
Telephone 1C17 N Y LIfo building.
TO LOAN Local money at C per cent,
option to piy. Sexton Security Co, 7l!
TO I3XCIIANGI3 SO-acro farm, Anderson
county, Kns., t miles fiom town, on rail,
way and near bcvinl other tood towns,
Kood lovel land, U) acres In ciiltlvatlnn, nnd
evciy aero can by cultivated, 4 or 1 room
house, stable, orchurd. prleo, J.',rA0, will
och ingo tor rood property In cither of
the Kansas Clt)S. PHILIPS ,L CO,
830 New York Life',
TO EXCIIANGE-20 acres 10 miles west
of Knnsis City, Improved; worth JJ.000 and
75 ttct nlco Kround In Kansas City Kus .
for equity In 15001I resldiiuu tn Kansas
409 N. Y Life bldu
TO EXCHANGE Inside for outside prop
erts, t-rooui brlek, modern, fl'i liei niontli
rent, 31 feet front, full lUutli 3 blocks fiom
new p. o., want liouso and lots out, vvoith
JI.BOO, for euults
409 N Y Llfo bldg.
TO EXCHANGE HiiultJMlno residence,
2143 East Eighth. Iinnudlitu posjesslou,
Stiplo dru stock, stoio nnd risllence,
Moutesville, Mo, Also Kansas, Missouri
and Arkansas lands, tor merchandise
WALLACE. 43d Sheldliy bldtr.
roit sii.n-aiiscE! 1, vacuus.
ron 8AL13 Interest In a flrst-cl iss shqo
store: pur partnership hand sewed shoes
Ilia Walnut st.
IX) 11 HALE Ono-halt Interest In best
paylnt; real estate otllco In Kansas Cits,
Kas. J, L. Williams, CIS Minnesota ave.
Kansas City, Kas,
foil SALE Dairy; a llrst-class dairy,
with good established trade, will boll cheip
for cosh. Address Pair), No. 90S 13. ISth st.
roil SALE Good paying abstnet and in.
surancn otllco cheap, fur pirtlculars, svrlta
II. M. Hullcr. Uoodland. Kas,
TOR K VLB Jllssourl war clilm eertlll
cato for tM O. R. 41. Weeks, 153o Emeiaon
ave. Deny 11.
FOR SAIE Part or all of a steam well
drilling outllt. 302 Mass. butidlne.
l'OR SALE V lino set of double harness.
Apply 1820 E 12th St.
President Vice President.
and baggage transferred to and from all
depots, furniture moved and packed by
experts. 407 and 403 Wyandotte St., Kan.
u City, Mo. Tclenboak U17.
t on s vi.i:-im:u, EMArti,
My list o bargains is clunking
Heal Bslalf, Loans vi'lkiilals,
Tclcphono 2349.
VIs.1 ,:"..1!' r,nu l u''' 'M' " '"'I'll I.
AND I Wll I, Til) ID IM'l.lli'ST MM
MALE-t I Mt Till! PVMT Tllllll HA1S
1I-I. 111,1 N I'M! 11131 ONI) EXPECT..
c 1.11 iiia r ritirrs niii 1 1
Cor Hollv nnd 17th sts, pivid with as
I'll 'It. annual rental JI.'iA, and tan bo In
erniseil, Jir M
E 231 Nos Mf. and M7, lot MU23 2 slorv
brhk In Ruod order I Hits of I rooms i-irh
Jiii'i pris-nl Un nme tVi-l 1 an h llurejiid
IIW ami 1111 E (lib, gool neli'liborliool, 4
Hats 4 rooms i-mh, Hiioine JII2 at prisnit
pink irhes, $6 0i, woull tike tood pint
vaiant ground 111 part p.iv
West 1th, ,Nolle2. lot 21x120, "I slorv brhk,
pais Rood rental, If soil nt unci J I 750
lli-llevbw IV.'J nnd 1S2I nl p little cottages
4 rooms on li, hits rT'i feet, la) 3 feet above
grnli Jl Ui tnsv urins
Ma llson, 1S2I, nice little C room cottage,
Jl eon
mo lprn Inivirv wns.hol vmtir hentliiK llm
tsith rooms staid- for 1 hors's and 1 nr
ilaes cow she Is and all lni rov mints nm s
t irv for a llist-s 1 iss home vir) linn Isnm
grounds, fronting three stn-fts, rout lining
near nn aire hlirh and slghtlv, convinleiit
to stii p)- nn I 12th st cables and wpst of
Ollip st this prli c for iiulck sili onh
LINWOilIl, )i, Cl.rHL To TlttniSI
.M.lnilllllltllllOD, MIST HE SOLD ,T
HI ILIUM?, J3100
'I roost between 8th .and lib, 10 room brlek,
lot Ml'iO furn lie, bath, hot nnd coll
watir, teellcnt Ioc.itlon, price reduud lo
J7 i
summit, northwest corner ISth, H'SxlM
feet, with good 10 room frnme on rear of
lot leaving line lot to build un in front,
Jl (01
Summit, near Kith, 10 room frame. In
good repilr, lino barn, lot DO-etlO, J", 1)0
Pcnn, between l.'th mid 13th, lot 11x130,
9 room modirn brick, Jai)
Jefferson, between 10th nnd llth, 9 room
frnme, hot and cold water, furnace lot
s3xL0, Jj,U!tf, Btreet pived, fine neighbor
hood Penn, near llth, 9 room brlek, modern
an 1 nrst-class In evers wn, JS ")
G irlleld southeast cornet llth lot E0x123,
strut nevvl) paved with asph ill, S room
tulelt slate roof, fl,0
Mli'hlgan, 1"27, i room brick pressed
brlek front, slue roof, lot 2'ml.". J1vJ
llrooklsn HP, C room brick slate roof,
piping In for furn ice, street new I) paved,
J2 7 0
Giiflell, 1110 r, room brick slate roof, as
phalt treet lot 23xl2'i J2 7 0
frirllc 1 1 1121 5. room brli k, hot and cold
vvitir furn ice coo I stv le house, Jl -00
Itiooktvn, 1127, 3 room frime cottage, In
good order shade tre s an 1 sbrubbers,
nlie little home, lot J7sxl23. It sold nt once
Garllell, lf07 7 room frame well built,
aim, 1st new, lot .3x123 Will trade for va
cant propel t at cash value Jl S0O
Prosp,-, t 1710, C room frinii, lot 23x121,
J2 20"
Kansas nve, ls22, 7 room frame lot 23x
122 well built houe In fair repair stnt
paved lot lies 3 feet alioie bride, easy
terms Jl TOO
Montgall, 1901 7 room brick, bath, Ptc ,
slate roof lot 31x122, Jl F.VI
219 21 Olive, double brick, 10 rooms each,
ci liar un li r whole house furnace, 1110 I
eili throughout nsph lit street best refi
ll, in e portion of cltv would take a good
lot In n irt say, J10 000
41 W ab ish S room frime. lot 30x130,
J3 11m
111 Pell, fonlalne, 7 room frame, city
wad r 1 11 n 1 (V0
Wiolworth ave, 222 This Is In Hide
park 2 blocks from nble street newly
pninl vvitli isphnlt 9 room m idem brek.
vers siv usn ana wei nrr ingeii nisi i, ji e.ij
M f,ee, bet llth nnd 12lh the coming
liiistmss center i11'i'i fi et at a birg-iln,
lus now a good fnum uiitln for JI0 per
month, street now being pud with as
phalt McGee n p co- sth, also fronts Oak
lot 72xl4i with a. Komi brhk liOue leased
nt J,0 this belne: 'dkigonallv u ros from
nm custom hout,- makes It a lino business
corner JJ., (0
1317 Trie), " room brlek, larce bith room
g is sewir, ho and 1 ol 1 water, lot 2s.l,"2,
flies two sheets JI300
f 17th bet Troost and Harrison 7 room
fram , t, is clt) nnd cistern w iter, cellar
under whole house Mieet ntwlv tip1
11 s line w mid tnl.o vaeiut lot neat 10th
and Ilrookhn JIOOo
A 10 room fi inn on Independence ave
with ever) thlnir inobrn, laige Inin, lnrse
grove of tms shrubbi rv nnd fruit trees
In abtind ince lot 120 feet front macadam
drive through grounds, examine- Into this,
Jt, -on
1303 Ilrookls n 2'xt20 7 room mo lern frame
in Hist-cliss upalr S3 w
forest near s,veniicnth 231I0, 9 room
frime, front -and back stairs, etc, a bar
Si In, J2,W
Trie) bet 21th and 23th, M ft. 12-room
brltk oak tlnlsli, modirn In very w 1),
ht nn hi it, JS0OO
lerfusm, lut 10th nn 1 llth r,i:o 7
room brick, bith t'ts brick H ible, J7 wo
iimiisi ih 1 i.iii an 1 11,111, ;,'jiii, nis ,1
uoo 1 9 room trame, Ji (W
W ilnut tn ar SSth In Hsde Park, 123 ft
nn cleg int 10 room resldoncp 3 sears old,
en r) thing1 strictly nm It rn. has ono of the
larist and best appointed stable") lit tho
cll) J10 0i)
1m7 I- rfersnn. 23x17, 1 room frame, vvntct
In lions, rlsi- rn and sevvtr, V udt
1 1 G inl-Id ave , Hrst-i lnss nelgliUirhood,
close lo ' I," road, tine lot 3nl 0 hrl, x
house 0 rooms, with furnace, will sell M-r)
chi np
C3S Garllell corner of 7th st , pivpd Hue
nelthliorhooil, lot fOxllO house of 0 rooms,
with fitrnai e Rig bargain
ll North Sth st , "swell' neighborhood,
framo of 7 rooms In good condition, lot 37!3
M23 will sell very cheap.
833 Minnesota avenue. 3 story brick busi
ness building, well built, gool location, ,al
was8 rented well, jou enn buy this as a
tlist-elas incomo Investment,
These prop-rtirj bilonj to un cstato and
must uo soul
S w cor Park nnd llth, 100x123; nbout
tho handsomest varant corner on the East
side Just right for bull ling At a Uirtiiln
Locust Just south of 12th, Si feet nt JUU
pi r loot
Centi il, cor, 13th, COxl77, Hue corner for
block of Huts, nt a biiguln
H iltlmore, s w cor 10th, HOx'il ft , with
in a slono's throw of tho mnln 1 titmice to
N. Y I.lfo I Ids ; at a xcty low pilco If sold
at filiee
St Louis nve. near W)omlns, f0x!20; a
big lurgnln In this
101 li. bet, "Mulberry nnd Illckoiy, switch
on loih at JI73 i.-r foot
Liberty 11 t ior 15th C9JI2 a birgaln
13ih and Illtkoi) lluest vn mt switch
proiiert) In tho bottoms, JJ00 foot
S w 1 or 1'romvtt 111 1 Iverv aves.a ver)'
liimlsonio hulldlns slto, 70x12), nt a very
low pi Ice
llth nnd OarHeld '2x123, lies Just right
foi building a biignlii
Warwick boulevard bet, 40th and 41st, at
J2i, p, 1 fool
Tlusc prices nro for Immedlito s lies and
tho abovii llt ciimpilses only about .1 miar
ter of tho bargilns I have to offer. If
there Is nothing" litre that suits sou, call
at my olllco and 1 x imlne my complete list
Iho largest In the cll),
TOR SALE 7 room residence, 3 lots, near
car line, cost JJ.00O, will tako JI.SOO; 0 100m
cottaBi. i lots, center of ilfy. cost J3,li),
will take Jl ICO, 70u houses on monthl) pa),
menus. CG0 fauns In Kansas and Missouri.
J 1.. Williams, CIS Minnesota ave., Kansas
City, Kus,
TOR BALE 4u0 acres, bottom farm. 0
miles fiom Kansas Clt) limits; ilch sandy
loam; mows eveij tliliik-; mile from sta.
tlou, un live rallroids, tD per ucie; pure ex
chunKO, discount tor cash
4W) N. Y. Life taldt,-.
113,000-MAIN bl, central, 5-story brick,
well rented; want good agricultural farm
for part 01 all of It
430 1S Y. Life bldjr.
Jl 600 CASH AND CO feet cood Bround. .
e. part of city, clear, for a wood house and
lot worth J2.CO0. II. .j JOHNSON 4. CO,
' 4WN. Y, Life bldf.
1 mt vi,i:iu: vi, km vie
Wo will olenn tip this addi
tion at greatly roduccd prices.
You will never got such an
opportunity to buy a good lot
for a little money.
Mako your RolecUon buforo tho
best mo taken.
3. point lot nt SIM) cnt'li
t"i i;ouil lots nl l'2'i rneli
Si uooit lots nt I'.Ocioli
21 very ilcslralili! lots at ITIcich
liifiiriiintlon can bo obtained on llm
griiituil to ilnj
do out anil plolt loitrsi-lf a lot. Wo
will tn iltu tortus to Mill you.
A i-oniiloli' tibstract furiilslicd cveiy
102 Now York kill' P.iiil(litir.
foil S VI,
bull Urn.
nirisoii .x. K in-
u 3 Hill
'" 9 mom brl k Hde ; nrlt ri ft
roof bath 1 n furna e onh l n
lib d a hori Un n KPiiulne birt,ilii
be fold prl J(, o-o
J J 1 mm bri k on Tonst an
111 nu
21th nnd . h sti ts bath ens furnace,
It, n In uitirul hum,, ptki J ii
2o7 S rvun In I k fuinine bull pas 40
ft, on Agnei-, bet lot li and llth. low price
Jl I'D
23' 0 room buck nn Oak near 40 li with
bilh rn slai,. roof, hurdwool II11IM1,
a blocks from stittt cars, worth to-lav
Jliju can be hoii-tlit for J3 (,00, 1 eholn
plnee, conic an I lui) It
111 ; room frame 11 ft East 10th street
nuir Woo Hani, bull, Kas h)drint, strei t
Plied, stone Mdiwalk, all ill good tondl
tlon, i luriraln, 2 vi
32 S room lit It k bath fas, furnace nn
oh cant hiiue low prln-, on Olive, bet
llth nnd 1 ,th price Jl CO
0 a room brlrk with all molern Improve-ine-nts,
south of I Inwool, M ft , haidwool
llnlsh prl h. r,o
1 10 room brl k r0 ft on lllchland
outli Llliwood lnrdwo.il finish, nil mod
ern, a beiiitlful home, Jiooeo
If )ou villi conin md et- us an 1 let us
show jou our resldetiees the pile will be as
02 nn 1 ftl Hall bile
Tltiwisl' WLM E STILL KIN'i-Prop-ert)
on tills annuo In old loom divs sold
for lilcliei prleis and more r- idll) than
III an) nthtr iocalitv It weatlured the
stoim of ndversiiv ini. depitsslon will h
swept over our ill) nml In lo In leidliiK
In the new life whlih Is apparent In
all parts of th - rit) in the
past the lamest sTf,t nn 1 quick
est 1 rollts in nil Kr-nt 1 Itl, s have
been made on siibut ban in i mil tin- imp
Mile villi pr, vnll In the futur If v 111 havi
inonev lo lnv,st, civ,- in,s sutri-cstlous
si rlous coiisldoi itlnn nn 1 p unit us m
show jou the llnnst bolv of Ian I nn '1 roost
avenue, lose In hlch nnd In 1 itlfuj fortj
tlvp ncres at l-vs thnn $.'() per front foot
There Is a fnrttini In It
e s '1 nt 1 1 t .; i'o ,
Soli- (-ents J nth St.
I'll. IT'll. Itoiiiu 5T1, '-In Idli lllilc.
Irusti.'s Sib- I'rlns Ibis VV 1 1 k.
0 room liioilein buek, Wooill mil, neai
Sth, IS if fc-oll.v 111
Also double bi tU, 22 rooms, OaU, near
Otli; pajs Id poi cent on the piicu, will
iloubli- 111 value- lliplil liousos lo lent
fOIl PALE D" sir ible bouses verv cheap
nnd on easj p ij m, m. ( uh . as 1 inve
st 30 feet, elegant i room lottnuc J2 Hi,
IM'i Pirk, "7'a f""t 1, looms JJ I Si, V.3
Pirk 7 rooms, J. ino 1113 E 10th 17 feet,
modern 7 room trim $2.(1 IT3 Colorado,
32 fnt, 7 rooms J. ono mi7 E 31th C rooms,
Jl IjO nnd olheis call nnd see us, Iho
hexton becutit) Co , 71s Del
lit' SINEWS piopeit) that rents Tor JKO
per mouth to ech inie for a pood farm
JTO bii)s an S roDin house on East side,
rents for J pel month
Lleirint rcldence pioperty In Westport,
ver) i hcip
A llttl, cish will handle a south front
lot on Woodwoitli ive J 13 HALL
1.1 Whitney buildlm?
jsi.iii- 7,xl(--, -room modern bikk
J7 urn 4oxlwi 'i loom modem brick
$ i-)Mn K10111 modern In h k
Jl 100 "(ixlT., S room frimi
fin, i -jixllo
th- )tH
$1.-10 f. it Olive
SILLS. NOR1HUP .1 CO. K .t P bldft
'1 HE 00.) ae ri s coinpi IsIiib W ill 10, In vv hlch
the Wtsipoit .x. Waldo eleitriu Is now be
I11K built, ulu tho highest and about tho
jtrettlcst In lackson luiiut), prices le
diaed to J373 Im ordinirv. up lo Jl-OO per
n.ri foi let, one can have r, beautiful
acUs foi about the pi lei of a W foot lot
l.LOHCiE I.VW, N" Y Life bldf
vv modirn S-i 00111 brUk
j 'nt-S-ionm lrnme bith, 1 tc
$i ."(i'l 7 luoin fi line b itb 1 ti
J.O--.",0 tctt, j:;, J) feet, "0, l0 feit, Jll,
2iki t, ei
for lint i tins on eas) teinis fco
SILLS, XORIIIUP -V CO, K .x. 1'. bld
l'OR .SALI3 io nrre firm on easy pa)
nienis neir f,ood town on riillvv iv South
"Mlssouil tool llvooi fix room house icllar
eistfrn uud .ood well, ) uuni onliuid ant
plemv nl sniill fruit, prlei SI IO) sm ill
aiiioiiut down, bilauce Ion? time 01 uniiual
pas ment, 0 per cent I'lIII.Il'.s ,x Cn
330 New i 01 k Life blill,-
ACHE piupertv needs no njiilrs and Is
fcllbjiit tu no Mlecl li t 1CH It ci.sts less
to tail) an 1 at present prttis will pi)
1 Uner prullts thnn nit) uth 1 kin 1 of
proiiert) soulh side of lliush cruk, l
em be- bought nt about tin- pilees ut ten
)eirs iibo -Sec OEORUE I.VW.
N. "k. Life InilldlliK.
RUY a well-built inn let n house s rooms,
f lame, matched sheetliiB patent hitli, oak
llnlsh, metallic shltinUs, paved strict,
sewers; rlKlitly locution, ni.ir cable, cas)
turms .1 lor J2 MO
J W. HARLAN. C17 Whltnc) hulIdlliB.
NEW and coy 7-rootn modern home,
just coniplt ted bintitltul mid 1 lcBantl)
Ilnlshed, loiielulii bath tub; lot 37xlJj fnt;
on llistiliss Mreet and delightful neigh
borhood ptleo J3 'J)
E S TRHITT ii CO , 12 I Otli st.
rou H VLE
Jl,S.-LaiBe. 7-ioom brick, city water,
Olive uud .Mil' loimerl) nil 1 fnl Jl 0e)
j.'.'ji) Mn 7 room huuiu liiles ive
Jl.oon I, 1011111 liiiusi lllBhlilid ave
SILLS, NORTHLP .x. CO. K .x 1'. bldk.
THE tit) Is stirel) tronliic- to the south
Tim air Is fresh, ru ids are 111 ule, linds -nihil,
ti, thin ttif) iro away lowtr in price
JJ7J 10 Jim ir ,nre. Nut nil in re but will
be worth J1.C00 111 live )cais Uiorof I.iw,
N V Life
TO miko money In real esuti, bu) vvlnn
it ts cluap mid sell when ) 011 h iv t- 1 pruilt
A-ies are now cheap, eluapei th in any
othei kind of propert), espeilallv thuso un
the buiith bile lie-otctf 4.avv, N V. Life
ACRES south of lirm-h creek nm che-iper
than In 'dl md 'to, when 0111 populitlui
was only half Its riesent sin I have
Brc-.it bit? buik-ilns on Troost Oik oud
llroidway (Icortfo Law. N V Life bldB
l'OR b VI.I3 UnrBiilii, ver) 0 is) teiius,
dtslr.iblo 10-room brick itsllenec, 3olJ
E 1st Tenlh: also 10-looin stono front, .'HI
Eut Elblith: bath open for liiepectlou,
W ill ice, 4Cu bheldlc) bullilluB
10 ACRES on Troost av e .on the top of the
hill couth of llrusli crick with blmcrass
and sh.iilo irets, inn bo boiikht for JI7J lx-r
acre; usisl to bo vvoith Jl.Cw) pei ,icrt It
will ajalu. Oeorse Liw, N V. Life
20 ACRES on tho Wt stport & Waldo
clectrlo tan be bouyht for JlO.OcO uud re
tailed for JIOO00.
(lEORHE LAW. W, Y. Llfo bldff.
AS bOON ns tho Westport A. Waldo is
completed there Is not un acta between
Westport and Waldo that will bo worth
less than Jl.CoO. Ueorge Law, N. V. Life.
1'IVIJ acred on tho high ground touth of
llrusli cieek can bo bouitht for tho price ot
a CO foot lot 75 to Jw)o per acic, Gcorgo
Law, N. Y. Llfo bldg.
roil SVLK S-room frame house an! 30
ft. lot, West side, 5 minutes' walk from
Junction. Address W u)2. Journal olllee.
A x'D L O. I xV
7IO,Dclnvvnro St.
"wa.:ec:e tjf !".
I11 15 nor ni W nt th- ; ""oi l
tl l i r x h v- in him W r ui",
th I - i ml ic I i II tv 1. 1 uliiiw ) u
o i t nitnins without ihnttt
J i i 1 -torv l,rn k an I bas-m, til, on
-St I ui nvi W rt b ill mis, with II
roilns on rai h II t nnd ilivHtnr, eti
tnllri 1 I nwllrh 1 1 I nil Ini ttntu for Jl Jii
)nr ixinniiK1 i r koo 1 rnrm nisnouri or
K 11 -s
fl ' first innr'Rm-e note s per cent In-leu-Hi
sn ured h) ilniirlns mill worth J6 -l"l,
w-lll e.ihniiie for clt) real estate.
Ji tm-t-rnom liouci oh I! Missouri nve,
rirai Inuvt rents the )rr round for Jll
per 111,1111 It, 1300 cimh, bnwhce 10s)
Jl .VK-Ikii nsl between lDlh nnd a I.
ronni eoltne, dfnr, Rood, Inrif' lot, rv
chanm for biilnrss propirty and pft) dif
ference not In cxieed J I 0-10
Perrv st ; room hoinr for sate; JVVl
cash, bnlinie enn), or ixilinnse for .Mis
souri or Ixnnna Intut uar ill).
J2 2V) liiuin cottage an Southwest
boulevard tn evchanse for 2 or mote acres
uroiind near In
Jl 1 io Harrison, between 15th ntul ICth,
2 lots
E llth, between 1 roost nnd Trac), dou
ble brick rciddenie, fitted for C fnmlllen,
with bath on iver) Iloor, modern through
out, all lenti-d tor Jl 20.) pn jeni, will
tiiiile foi East Kanim fnr-n
l'lrnt Mil farms and innehcn In nil parts
of the 1 )iinlr for sale or e hnnRi , .Mis
fourl Ivaiiiinc, Colorado, florlda nnd
Cn org 1 a
Puyi', an) amount, to exchatme for
Rood'itiomlni; hoiifes; bilng In )our room
liur hous, s
J2 4Vi 4 rconi cotiac on Harnett nve, 2
1I 1 ks ftntn cltv hnll Kansas Cltv, Kas,
to 1 xi h lime for soul farm mil In
J" i- im hum lint ii" kin louttt
M11 all l tr 3 ml- fr un unit) s it
nun, 11 with hous. t 1 a-r. s 1 li in I
lialaiH, c -1 h iv v Iml- 1 want r s
dent i ipeitv In e t), w 11 J take ulna I
niorti. iu.1
Suite 202, Whitney Building, KANSAS CITY, MO.
nir s vi. 1:-111; vi, r.srvna.
roll t VLI3 00i) for a 0 room modern
brl k hous , nil 111 ) It rn but licit st ptved
nn I sevvind, Tooil barn, etc , hous In line
orler lot fiOx-12'i onh iitnluiiiis walk f 10111
''th nnd Main ttitliHiasv It ,7
Jltffi for a ik irl) luw n 100m bilik,
stiiulv inibrii ilii- launilr) mini fiont
and baik stniis 2 Hup Mates mil tinnti If,
a Hue horn--, st ;avi I stone iddiwalk,
Old) 1111 bio V. fiom l.'th st eible It S
'v lot 0x12- o ronni hoi!!., , all mo Inn
but hent, tint bath hot ml 1 old wit r
ktitl inn w islistnnd iliBintli p ipt n I,
sll linn doors, ,t fei-t nbovo c-nuli- st pived
and nvvirml i-luiii-pidi walk near seiiools,
hurches, He , nslt to sic this Hue home
11 211
$1(00 for a in w 1 loom frame house on
E otli st , lot MxltiO, 3'i fiet lbovi- nr id-,
cars piss thf door hous,- It is 1 tint fur
nuee hot and cold watir, lnrk,i sqiiuo i-'-Ctptlun
hall front and back stairs, I ire
birn line front v ird, tills home must be
sun to be nppieci lied, homiseckirs look
this up u 121
S3 'ij for a llrst-clacs S room hoiiee all
modirn but h" it ncvvl) pilntil evuvtliluK
lit Mist 1 1 iss ui ler in ir In lependi in e .Vv,
an I olive St M 13 church, ht pived with
usplult 11 4- .
Jo i'l for a lli-ot-oliss cotlaRe, all 1110 b rn
but h it larui Vistlbiile, Kitlte and in inn I,
line batli, hot and cold water srwn t m
nectlon chin 1 losi t, attic lloon I 1 irno
lot, cist fiont, line nelBhborhool, look this
up II 13
$2.(sii -or lot 31x12."-, 7 room frame houe,
di t iched, stulouiiv sink, hot ani mid
clt) water, fin r connection, 1 line home,
eas terms It III
Ji 1 "V 7 loom li Ic Iv house In ffood ord, r,
hall urate and mantel. Just tik-ti In on
niorlBiKi, m ir l.th f-t. cabh 1! O
Jjoo tor n too 1 s room house, full sip
lot Z'i fei t above ftlidi, hill III it 1 mil
111 inn 1, nirn, en
no use fir It II
owned 1) non loi lent,
,1..,. ,. .- t 1n f ...-.a ..... nl il
Inrsilns, of vv lib h I have in in) tnuri on
mv books. If vou don t see In this sniilll
list wn.ai )OU want tor a nome nsi. ior
707 New V ork Lifi bids
THIS Is the most doqiienlarlleU weliuve
wiltten foi 1 mil, I 1 ml vis )oui c ir ml
then sin ii- vuui ban I oil vv int a bonn
The time hi- in lived to bu) It Vou , in
dolt Cish , mriM and coi tldence nlwu)s
win 1'ollow ii-, un
Out 01st near the 12th s( calile Is a 7
room Iiuum , with bull ill) w itel and Bis,
bun, 4 fct Bool people .tiound it, fui
JirKXi We ire the nBents
Hnvt vou noticed a prett) S loom bilik
house pot exictl) undti the shadow of M
ileoiui 1 Piu Catheilrnl but within briath
llik, ilistiu-i of 11 vilth bath loom in mlels,
sewn, k, is In --tr, L-t and a ood d-al In the
hi'iise on a li, ftKit lot" Well It is for t-ule
and tin- ovvnii will Utir himself out of it
for JJSU0 We rep-cstnt him
U) the b), )ou wiuitt I a JJ OXI home out
East north of 12th. iloxe to cables siv 7
rooms hnntls,iu),, w.iur and Bas. Well, we
have it, but that Is the botton liBure
W- hnve lots of them but It trllb) n Ions'
time b tore yu Ret am h snaps us these
r,0 feet south front, close to N 13 Elec
tric 1 m hiindhcime. JIS a foot
Hut rlclit close to Siarritt s church, we
can let vou In 011 tin- kround Iloor a 1)3 foot
coi ner for J-0 foot Lmbr 100 us Moudn)
(id up liich wlieie vou can llnd lutre
ail and -.,-e the iru-tt ell) sny bus 50 feet
on a t ible (lovilv spni) ror J22 11 loot A e
have that sput hat it takes spot cash to
artest out ,uiv ntion
If )ou want f, uc r, s for u,o, or 3'4 ncres
for 1 IM, ot 10 viiii for nothliiir, tome In
and look over 0111 real estate lustor) We
can tit )ou, pei Imps
fiw, Ainc-iiiMii Rank bldir.
ji,:vi-Ninini:ii un i:m lctii st, just
at end of cable, terms J10 per month, 1,
per et tit Interest no cish reuujred.
..u'-( room inune, (. ice t, on corner,
I'.nt Llrln liutu . ( II 1 1I1U0 .It it tinti
sewir nnif cistern, tetnis, J.jO i.isli and J2a
p. r month
f - Ceo Pi 1 ry nve nnr Ollie s room
inoKrn frame, Co feit tirms, J"oi cish and
fC) ier month nt inr not Interest,
Pnn dtreet ne ir 13th 0 loom modern
brick for '0m); terms, JC0O cash, balance it
u per cent Int,
Sl,.'))ti rouu cottaso, J30 cash, 2 blk ca
ble near2ilh and Ilrookl)n
J3 0)i3 b room boo I frame, U1"j1 feet, very
slBhlly, Jl 2i) cifh- JISOO, S per cent Int
J2,2n)-5 room ioipiki. fOtliO feel, pived
st , 1". hlks to two eablts
J.0 ft-Jf'CMW, curoei llth and Garfield,
asphalt st
JU! ft llth st, routh fronl, blk. Olive nnd
Piospect pived st
?3 ft darner, block last Walrond,
jiaved st
JU, ft. fjnes, near ICIh st
13 ft. forest near :,3icl st
M iss bldg htli and Wall
IOR KM.I3 Iv'liisiiH Clt). Kas.
Washliiktou st , lornei 4th, Wxl.O, 12-room
bi Ick J.' .oi
W'avul) No 420 71x120, S-r frnme, J3 oon,
Waveil) 1325, ',0x125. d 100m frime JI'jJ,
Vullc), til Sontli, 4-room fi.uni-, jno
Viille), CO Soutli, i luuui flame. C3 feet,
J2 r ).
Tioup, 821 3.1 feet, C room frame. $1 iM
'liouii, 213, 35 ftet, C-ruoni frame, want
bUth 1121 V , l-rootn frame J100
'Iwilitb, 22I3 N, ft-iowii frame, C0l2o,
Elavnitli, 11 w r)rncr Troup, 50 feet, I-
mom fiaine, Jl ji
l'uinllil, ,'27, C tooni frame, 40 feet, J I 200.
Onh ill 27i, S-room hrlik CO feit, JI.Ow)
MluiHsota, near lath, 9 loom bilck, CO
feil. JI.CuO
Wo lno cuilto a list of homes In Kansas
Clt), Kas, Can sell on msy pivmeius.
17 W tith. KuusaB Clt), Mo.
DO YOU want to ket a home In the best
climate In Iho I'nlted fetates, where tho soil
Is rlili and rioduetlvo and t) clones and
drouth aro unknown? If )0.i do. it will
pay jou to call upon us nnd ket inform i
lion toncenilnB CluiiUuuui tount), K is.
Chiutaumia eount) Is an t astern county
and onu of tin ln4 In tho state of Kansas,
and lands can bo purchased cheaper there
than they can In Central Kansas.
Call or write far list.
410 bheldlc) bid , Kansas city, Mo.
10 ACRES near illy limits; 1 block from
transportation, ripe for t-ubllvlslou; J.'ono
per iiere: a pretty piece of propert): will
pay handsomely. (iEORGE LAW,
N. Y Life bldg
VL13-R) owner; 20 40 or CO acrca I
h land. C miles from Junction;
:J'r an.'1 wolves need not apply,
of unoot
Address W OSS. Journal oillce,
fOR SALK-Chcap. foi two weeks, 1323,
llairlsou tt., 7 room brlek. lot 2oxlW. for
vt, . uw, bv,u, tf t u. 4U14UUC 1NU Ja.- I
C OAf PA u V,
Suite 202, Whitney Bldg.
1 1 run I "! nir-s at JS 25 pfr acre; alt
l u t I fiiap ualr fir nty property
I h il mi firm impmcd H Pr m-ret
i r 11 in I fr m Norman; hai
1 11 -h nf sptitic wilier lunnlnsc UirouRh It,
II 11 In r inin Rrov s in ! land! acres
1 i tine nml 1 r, with river runtiltiR
hroiiuli to Hiilf want Mlfouri Intnl
32 m If on lW)rr lake Polk cettnty,
flu 1 nill-s from Harl iw imini) cat,
town of '!) populntlon, nil cleur, sell or
1 velum) for Mlmourl Inn I . , ,
.w siren 21 mllen joiitli of Jacksonville,
fl with ornnte itlovc.
A biiHlnesa house nt Rnrtnw, 1 la,, for
farm turnl. Mlmoiirt or I'nrMm.
J.'fifin- 0 h tn in )raiui county. 1 U .
with Kki oraiiiii- lues, 12 )eam old, on Ink-
front, nnd a line hold nbout mile from
thite. ex hnntte for Ml) proper!).
Jiln. All clear, 3n nen-s orvnse count),
fia too oringe trees 2ij vcars old. In n
tlrnl-ilms (ffttlrtm 111. with n lire, larc
like oh eiiih slrto of land, this Is one mll
from Loncwood, near Hi John's river
V health resort Eunka Hprlnc, Ark
J"i "ion-I0-icnm house, with 2M.foot front,
lot In nm- locution, house ilnlshed throurh
out in natural wood tlili l otic of in
iltieft plncn on rnrlh only nbout 2W miles
from Kansas Cltj- it Is about 2 bloel.n
from the Croseml hotel cost over J2(.0C:
will rxehinse this for cltv ptnpcrtv or
I"3ntt Knimis or West MlMOurl land! If )oti
arc looking for a hmlfh rmirt thl Is vour
cliniw ml' In aril " phctos of this place.
Jl iio fur pholouriph icnller- on .Main st.
2 Ion Prlntlnir outni, on Main st., to ex
chnnne for nlock mods
Wanted aood utoi k of driius In exchanr
fir a Riol buslni hr house and 2 lots in
l nte-nv U Kns, and put In not to e).
1 '. 1 1 h
t h-to of cools. La Pontnlnc, Lns ,
I 1 of i lollies boots nnd shoo, drv
I t o cxMi.uif;c- for kood farm, let
II t 1 'ti 111 vou nt out e
It n 1 1 r un is iho lui itltrs 1 n sales and
x v
mil ALE-IIcn's a lnrKaln detnchrtl;
x loom bruit pimsed brlek front, stone
tilmmliics siiite toof, hardwooil llnlsh up
nn I lown stairs 1 xcoptliiK front pirlor,
hnllw iv nml Mairwit) tluv belnu tlnlsh'tt
In Miullii'in in iple splindld kjr.ite Willi
lire. 1 itiniuiutal 111 inti 1 In front parlor,
sti linn do is iMtwetn fiout uud hick p tr
iors 1 111,1 nr- hvv ii b-twfen buck pnrlor
and 1II11I111 111 111 f, ilooi.s l.tidhiB Into ivirv
room ltoui hnllw -i), both up nnd down
stalls Mnk ehlui closel nnd p intr) In
klti In n hot ntul cold water li ith and clns.
it. c'ltv ind clslitn water. 1 ood cellar
iindci kllihen 2ol2 ft, lower Iloor. ex
ci pt kite hi ti pun red eveiy door and
window weitlur sirlpped, sereins for qverjr
dnor an I window avvutugs on west side
of hous, itood blB turn, slower pit In
link )nrd, llovver beds in 1) ick nnd rear;
sh ide nn-1 orn imenl il trees In front, east
from, dt-llBhtfullv located, and lust half
w i) litvvetn 12th mid luth street cables;
evirv thlnir In in I around It In tho plnlc
of c ouclltlon Bood neighborhood, booiI
bulldlncs sntroiindliiB It, lot 30x150 fiet,
lies up full lx feet il-ove 1 ialillhfil
k,r uli terra- e 1 and sod led fti nt and rear:
Ju0 will li in, lie It bilinee J t 0 111 e islist
tirms, or will tr.ile. Aildlc-s W eij Jour
nnI nlllee
Cowherd Bros.,
111, 111) Vinirli 111 Hank IMilkT-
Hvdi link, best put, 100 e 1st front on
W iilnut near Armours, at special price
I .urn., iv., K. , "I. I iml 11,1- aid! frnnt
, rn ft I p, 1 -ui, t. d to Rood residences.
Wot til JIO lluw Ji
1 inipbtll st lii ft deen. sewered, b brh.
llm mil jmoiiB lust residences, JJi
An id- pi in I orest lie 11 33d, CO ft , JCC0
"Ith -ml H uilson, ') ft , J7jI
s ,- cor -II nnd Pirk, "l ft, JI0O In Im-
provi incuts now on lot all for Jd73
'J hat xplendld m vv b-lik "live neai Indf-
pendence ave, Ji f&), nnotln r nt J 3 Coo
olive 111-11 7th TO It . x room brlcl , JS 2"iO
l.'th near Pirk good south front lot,
modirn hrliL, Ji ri0
Neai W ilruml. 011 EI-"-ctrlc line, TO ft . 5
room splemll 1 flame, ri dm e 1 Jl.Cf.l to J.'.COO
US 119 Ann ill .111 Hank bldr
If )ou want a beautiful btilldlnB site of
100 fiet on hiimuilt street be-twien 33d ind
.Jd sit- for JI0 ptr foot come ind sec me.
If vou vv ml a beautiful bulldlnk" site nn
Woodward live , asphalt pavid, near West
port cable, uf 1-0x140 leit, for t-j per foot
come and fct e un
If vou wini liiuxKQ feet on W')andott
st iit-ar 3iilh, cast front, for J22 per foot
call in
11 jim want nlie CO foot Iota near trans
portia oa for J-iJ to J.C0 each c ill nnd fee
If )ou want nlie bulldlns sites, I have
If )0tt want a brick residence, 1 room,
coiner lot, 113x110, good location, for JT,&i0,
If )oti want leMdeneea for JI.IOO call In
Il ou want a JSOiX") Investment p.ijln
9 per cent rental I can deliver the propert)
If you want an Jix.ooo Investment p.i)lnk
S ler cent leutal I enn sell It to )0il
If 5011 want m ri traits ut a banrtln,
ili 1' In, )ou shuull see me
If )ou want boat tins In any kind of rcil
e--tat - come to -te me
P A PRLUERIC'K, 310 N Y Life bldff.
loltSVLE-U) S c I'anehcr ,v Co . 331
RI Ik'e bldfc'
Wi can sill foi J", ion a 10 room modern
frame 1 ft lot nivel street uuod nelcii.
hoihood the lit is woith t-l ii in 1 mil. and
houi.il 1 bill 1 not bi- diiplUated for less thin
J3 ,i
j 100111 bilik. choke location. lot S2xll5
fl . J7"i
Itusiiiiss corner, e cor of ISth and
11 irilon ui a birgiln
Elen,aiit cornel lot on Wnldron avo. .it
J"') per foot mil some tholte in)de lots .it
l per loot
i room frime, on 13 Sth st.; lit 33 ft.; .1
barsiln SI.Ooo
4 small business rooms, on a business st.;
IW ft fiont, st pivel, must be sold, A
vii tut Im in the moon nml ll.lt-i In tank
k- ts it. J2.CO0 li i been loaned on this pioii-
Wi hnve varant lots and houses In nil
P irts of the , iti nnl mm) Inrealns. for
p 11 titular, call at our utllce
l'OR SAI.E-on Mi On. bet llth and 12lh
Sis, liuuse and lut ut a bitkalll.
Medic, tieai l.'th, liouso uud laiBu lot;
V er) low
i'Iii ap lot on Oak near Uth.
lluun and lot 011 Lo, ust, neir llth,
I irhe lot uud houto on Locust, near
12th st
Two nlco bilcks, on llih, near fill ir
lotto st
'Ihrio lanro modirn Iionsa on HirrUon,
bi l 12 and fill sis
Modem 9-ionm, sh am he it, fo ft lot on
Purest, at ,1 b itkaiii
V line coinei on I oiest, 50x112
Curnir on 12th st ut Jl'V) pei foot,
4Vxlfi, Aland nve in ir Otli st,
Chnp Jots In Hvdi P.irn
J 1! Vol'Mi Jl Ridge bldB.
l'OR SALE Tho rlu uncut S note tiact In
J ickdon 1 omit), luiatt 1 on Prosp, ct .ive.
nue Willi h is newly kiuded Its lull widlh.
111 ikliiK a line- drlvi, uud will In the near
fuiuro In nut of tin' bti-t t-tnels Iradlnc;
mititli This Plol'tity las been told lor
J3 2j) per aero prleo now, JIO11 per sere.
Look at the s o 1 or ICth street and
Monibill avenue at J23 per foot.
Duo of the nicest CO foot lots on South
Troost, price 7C per foot.
Til. 1103,
&$ lElJT, southeast lorncr of 53lh and
Oak, lilkliont and luettlest In tho uelsh.
dpi hood; electric toad will pass In iront;
all for )iw0. Uo out und look at It; street
un- numbered
HEQIU1B LAW. N. Y. Life bldg.
' V VON"T ''aeto have a fat pocket-
W i? A"!! VlrBMK 8,s: our ,,rU't8'
lllo Walnut st.
room brlclt residence. West side. !
ules' walk to Junction, pa) lug good It
on prleo asked; will be sold cheap If
9 min
laterett r i.iki.
cuuii. .luuicss vv til., journal oiuce.
. .,.:.- i. '-r --. -. .t- - ..-.-.
l'OR b.VLE-lUlf aero with street, switch
and river ffautes in West bottoms for
Util fO,WV. , XI, .31AIllJ.rV,
Nelson bldg.

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