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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, April 07, 1895, Image 7

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There's a wonderful amount of savin? in these little items, and
the same thing prevails throughout the store. Don't
miss a word and don't fait to act on the econom
ical suggestion each item contains.
From 0 till II a. m.
Wo w ill "sell to ench
twccii tlioo hours
FIU'IT 111" Tin: LOOM.
lif, eei ci nv'l'
customer be-
5Ig Yard,
i.imvuoiu.iu ) Worth Be.
No palming off of inferior gooih
w liun )ou come tlio ncttiil bona fiilu
best is here. Snnlt houses with en
tiotis nttcinpli to divert trade have
aped our juice, and then given in
ferior still! in it place. Hco that you
pot what you see adtortNod or noth
ing. II till 12 m.
Turkey Red and Indigo Bluo
Prints, worth i) cents a jard,
Have you seen it? Have you compared the prices and patterns? Have
you found any that could compare with our lints at all? We'd bo glad
to hoar of it if you lime, lor wo'd like to sec an exhibit that was su
perior to this Iiettcr bo in and look through it if you lnven't secured
tlio Jnster Uoniiot yet.
The department brimful of economical beauty. Prices to suit all purses
and each price a surprise for the quality.
In all their gloiious beauty complete whether you want to pay a
small or medium price. Not a now fad left out. Inspection makes
friends for tlio depaitmont.
Of all sorts new est of the new.
nssoitmcnt and the pi ice result is
Can't toll you half the story of their enticing loToliness. They need
poisonnl inspeotion for appreciation. Cold type halts at adequate- de
scription. Pi ices pleaiing, of course
It's hard to tell in a house so abundantly fillod with good things, at
right prices, winch to advertise to soouro the most appreciation. Take
rit where you may, however, you'll find that
912-914 Main Street.
bcnil-Aiiliunl Vle otitic of tlm Lexington
1'rei.b t IJ of thu Cimiliciliitiel l'lcs
b tcrl in churt.li.
Ulio neml-annual fccbtdon of Die Lexington
prcsbjterj of tliu Luiiibc-ilaiid l'reabytcilan
(.iiun.ii cuiivencti in ihls clo jestcitlaj at
lu ui.lui.lt J.110 session is beiut, hclu 111
mo Cumberland cluircli on .Noun Libcrti
Mied. ana Hit. attendance ot d.liKaltu la
unusuall) laibc it. la cMiccled mat Iho
picsbjiciy will be- lu vciiluii until .Vlond tj ,
iih in in mallei s of inipoitanee will come
uii tu bo disposed ut at tho present mtct
uiK Jtcv J II. 'lharp, of Odessa, Mo, was
me ted bj tliu picsb tci to preside us
inudcnuoi, and . V. nltaeti uf W'ar
IcnsburK was chosen stated clerk 'I he
HL.iil.il business session opened jestetday
miinin0- with .-.hurt. devotion tl cxeiclses,
conducted by ltev. II. O blimp, Ariel the
devotional eerolbis, Jlodeintor Tharp up
puinied the following committees, which
vv ill report at the elosine session .vtondu .
On educational and mtnistcilul relief
llcv T Jicrnard. J VV. Duvall, U, O. At
kins. (' It. McCaiui, U. V. Owens, and II
T Whltsett.
I'ublle.ulou and babbath school W. D.
131 Ur. J W. Mitchell, 15 I, Uv.ms, It. M
t'lockett, W. II. Johnston und J. 0 .Mur-
Mlsslons and church erection ltev s.
l'runk ltiifSoll. J. C. I.ltteiell, U W Math
Is, S. F smith, J. G. Turk, J. L Mew tun,
J C Cobb.
Moral reform 0. P. Halt, S J. Walkun,
J V, .Mot row, CJ. l'lsh, 11. Klllott and v.
J SvvotniJii.
Session records K. A Toleet, S. D. Glv
, A Van Arsd-ile, 11. Uwjle and J.
M. allot t,
Distribution of superannuated fund I. H
lloux, V M. llccd, J, V, Talor and W.
M Dalan. , , , ..
At 11 o'clock the members of tho pres
lotery listened to a trl il sermon hj lluv
J C Worly. of Clinton Mo '1 he effort was
hlKhly compllmcnteil by members of tha
presbytery 'lha Inn-luess of tho aftei
.tnnti uBhliin unn tarue lv routlno. Tho
epieatlou as to tho next place of incstliiB
was. Uluposed of by thu selection af c'hll-liowe-e,
Johnson county, 'ihu ehuicli at
Kansas City tnado a stionc eifott to seciito
tho meetliiir. but was dually unsuccessful
Delegates to tho meeting of thu tteneiul
assembly were also elected at thu afternoon
busslnn The conurul aeseinblv will meet
at Moildlan, Ms , tha third Thursday In
May, Tho clcle;atea and alternates cho-nn
to attend and represent tho l.exliiBton
presbytery weio ltuv. MathH, of Wirnns
liurK. and Ilev. Mitchell of Hairlonllle
llldors J. n. Newton, of Wnireusburg. and
W II. Vandkev of Itieh UUI. weio chosen
alternates At tho meetlne held last nlBlit
the Ladles' l'resb tcrlal Association was
lnelted to nttenil and p illlclpate.
To-day tho urlous pulnlti lu the city
will bo nilod by MsltltiK elcri.' men.
Tho conRieRiitlons ri presented by elders
were as follows: llutlei, James Dnsdulo;
Hates City, It L l,'aus. lie u Cicek, C
A AtUlns. lllalrstown. C. It. McCanu,
Centerlewr. V. II. Unuel, Clinton. IJ I.
Owens: Columbus, It. M Crockett: Con.
cord V. N, HaidlnKer: nell's Creek, J
W, Talot, rieemun, William Dohui: In
elonendence, 'V. 11. Juhliston: Kansas City,
J. 0. Martin I. Hour, J, M. Bhoit: Loxlnt;
lonT B P. Smith, Mount Curinel, J li
Turk: Mount Morlali, J U. Newton: Mount
...... - r 1l..li. Vn.ii 1 ll...r IIQ.1..1 I 1-1.
Wliltsctt; Hhawnce Mound P. W Mooro;
KtrasburK. II V. Htilf: Walnut. J. II.
Steelo. Saluut GrQe, William WlueKatd
ner: Warrensbiiw, A. Owinijs; Wcatport,
T. II. lluntorj food's Chapel, J. It. Kerr.
It Sobered llliu Pp.
John llrentz. u lesldcnt of Illua bprlugs,
had un experlenco l'riday nlfcht In u. burn
lug culaboosu which hu will not very soon
forget, lie was locked up while Intoxicat
ed und In soniu uuexplalnablo manner,
manaBod to set his tell on lire. Tlio e
uerleneo which followed was as ellleaclous
as tho Keeley cute, foi It sobeicd him up
completely. Although a small frumo con
cern the bastllo of Iilue BprliiKs Is en
stout. Tho itiatlns In iba door tiiinlshes
an air liolo for tho Institution, and It was
HM arwti iJtiMiU lusUU tot belp. Ul
Uott: Oik Oroe. J. l.iiNctluuu; Odessa,
J. C. Cobb, PiHiillai. N. I. Cooper; 1'ls.
tab. O. V. Talor; Pleasant Oro". II. I)
nrohdon: I'leasint Pialrlo. n J. Pallettn;
nini. inn i: it. Vnndvku: Shaw. 11. T.
I till 2:30 p. m.
100 pieces of fine Toweling, worth
O cents a yard,
2:30 till 3:30 p. m.
100 pieces 9-1 Unbleached Shoot
ing, wortlt 20 cents a yard,
1 3:30 till 5 p. m.
100 pieces dirk Ulialllca, worth 10
cunts a van),
5 till 6 p. m.
100 elon Chocked Linen Towels,
fringed, worth T cents each,
Daily arrivals swell the already large
cries wero heaid niul thn populaco whlrh
assembled allowed tho Ilro to continue un
til bj ! thouBht, the city maithal,
who v.'iH asleep, was sent for. The pilsoner
had his e-jebions slUBed, and w ih com
pelled to elinco a hornplpo to keep his less
fiom iHinilUB. After the prisoner bad been
rescued, tho tlio was extliiBUlshed 'llie
caHbooso Is located near a lumber ard
and tho excitement occisloned by the Ilro
was cousldeiable.
riiurili t-irTlies 'lo-itiiy,
Tho virions pulpits In the city will be
(lilted to-di by ministers In attcndinee
upon the Cumberland piosbjter, now In
esslon In Ihls city
At the Cumber! md Presbyterian church,
I lev. J II. Tharp, tho moderator, will con
tluct tho sen Ices. At J o'clock this after
noon tlio communion of tho picsbjtcry will
take place This evening lte .1 V
l.uighlln, of St Louis, will conduct the
set lce
The Baptist church pulpit will be filled
this morning b ltee. J Sutherland, of
lthh lllll In the eienlng Hev. 1' Mo
Clunc wll conduct the ierlcc
At the Maple Axenue M 1! i liurch, ltev.
It I) Illalr. of IJlue ripiings, will pi each,
ind In tho oenlng Itm . C Orr, lllalrs
town. will prendi The Chtlsttau church
pulpit will lie tilled at the moinlug hcrte
b ltev. J C. Llttrell, of Wairensburg,
enenlng seivlce J A Poteet At tlio Dela.
ware Street M H church, ltev. J W
Mitchell, of Ilurrlsonvlllc1, will conduct the
stnlco eenlng, lto. ti, W Malhls ltev
II II Waul will conduct the serxlces at the
I'resb terlan church. At tho eenlug serv
ice It is expected that Ite. Mitchell will
conduct the sen ico.
It Aas a I.lttl siunker.
The Inclement weather did not deter the
local sports fiom gathe'rlng at Armor hill
hist night The suioki under the ausplccH
of tho Independence Athletlo Club was a
success, and the boxing bouts between
professional and local snorts weio atilll
cleiitly lively to suit the most fastidious
l 1.II1S ttllKHU i.tvn iii.isie-i l cueiiiuiiivj.,
and In this iuli wns it success A nuinhei
of spoils fiom Kansas City wero present to
witness the bout between 'Kid" Mcl'o
and Nick Huiley
Hemming u 1 uiielmarU.
Tho little frame house which stands
south of the Missouri Piclilc hrld.-e, on
Main street, la being removed Tho house
was built jears before tho war, and was
the home, vt Wnxkoop II ind ill, who died
....... .1.. I.. .Vilu aII.i llllvlni, .1... ( n m n .1 .
It-CCII.I ,t IfllD V.I.J, ,JUill, III.' ...II III lllj
an old soldier was housed over night at this
place. It was built as strong as a fortress
The joists are of solid oak and are a foot
Itraurh Journal" Olllie.
The branch olllce, of the Journal In this
city Is located In tho Chrlsman-Siwer
llank bulldlnr. Prom now on thu Journal
will bo supplied to Its Independence) pa
tions at 10 cents pei week. Tho present
high standard of delivery will be main
tained. Subscriptions will be received, and
an Irregiilailtles In service will iccelve
prompt attention by noticing tho agent,
The Journal Is delivered to all partB of the
clt, and subscriptions should be, sent In
at once,
15 A. Love and family !iae returned
fiom New York.
Miss Annie Humphry left vesterdny for
Paisous, Kas , where sho will spend sev
eial weeks with relatives.
A large Iron door was placed at the en.
tiance to tho recordei's olllce esterday for
tho purpose of making the room safe from
15. L. Compton will leave Monday for a
tilp through Missouri, lu the Inteiests of
an Independence manufactuilug company.
Iho returns from nlnet.four of thu 111
precincts t,lve b M, Parrt tt 1 7U votes,
lliownlleld 9l(i, Webb 0-'s. Havls SS5 and
btahl Hi. Mr. Barrett will receive Ills cer.
tlllcate of election Tuesda. . .
'lha Commercial Club looms are being
tlxecl up, mid thu club expects to hold lis
meeting Thuisduy night In the new quar-
teev. Tronic Mitchell, of rulton. Mo, will
preach at the Westminster I'resb terlan
church this morning.
Col u rail o Short 1 lue.
Leaves Kunsas City dally at 1 SO p. m.
and arrives In Denver ut i 2j next after
noon. Union l'uclllc U the only line that
does It. City ticket Olllce, 10W UIu btreet.
phi suit sr smiiii, in xutir rnr. i.tr
ri it u sums' ptiitncii,
Ito l'rrl.lr otrr ttin t'linfrrrnir 111 Sflnii
rtt Inilfpenilrnri- I'aviir ile llrports
siihmlttnl lijr llilosulr. tluv
mini by Itied's lllllr".
Thi fiirU-lhlnl annual "-"Ion ot lh
conftMertrt! of th( Itrnricinbnil Clhllrcll
of Jwus Christ I.atbr )i Saint's, wns
opciieil willt n)irnpriiite nhd lmpol!U!
ceremonies .vcstenlas momlntf In the
new brick church of the denomination
In Mm wosinn part of independence it
Is tho MMj -ruth rlnn of tlm church
ot I MO. but N tlu fort -third dime the
rroiKrtnlrntlon. The Importaneo "t the
nxitKAtilrtttlnn iiue the church ts
ntimlior Its oltn from that event
Hither than rrmn the original fouiullmr
The lending workers of the renrRiinl?eil
church cpnrd no pains nl any time to
mnl'p plain to nil the great dividing line
that Is o clearly defined between their
organization ntnl the Mormon church of
T!i sessions nre pienleled over lv tho
venerable ,tnd respected president of the
church, loseph '-tnlth, of I.nmonla. In.
lie Is the eldrnt pon of the founder of the
church, mid Is held in deep Vetierttlon
by the member and workers, nnd his
wle Lounoids are sought for bv nil the
tnembeis nnd nceepteil ns almost Inf illl
ble He Is showing his ago somen hit.
but In tho ch ilr, or when Fpenklng, his
Ces nre ns bright and his voice as pow
ft ful nnd strong ns those possesed by
men of sounger vents lie tnkes the'
deepest Interest In the proceeding!- nnd
Intel speres the tiiutlne business with
advice nnd fatherl suggestions that are
Invnrlitlilv observed.
With him Is Ills Hunger brother,
Alexander Smith, who Is also one of the
exalted members nnd otlleers of the
chtiH'li. 'With them Is Mrs. Kilsbury, of
llui nslde. III. Flster of the rounder ot
the church. Joseph Mrilth She is the
sole survivor uf the fntnllv nnd Is finite
as e.arnet and 'oiluus lu bet love for
the church fimulid b her btnt'K'r as
arc the sons of the founder feho Is finite
aged, but It 3 hei rtistnm to attend the
sessions of her church and t.tko part In
tho exercises eacli je.ir.
The gtthcrlng is an Interesting one
foi many icison". Theie nio m.atteis of
business coming up for action md con
sideiatlon that ute of tho highest Im
pel tauco to tlio well being and future of
thu oig.inlz itluii, and then thcic .ire
men nnd women in tho confetence as
membeis who are of tho most Interest
ing pcitfonallt, and altogether are
unuiuo ilguics In thu clicle of the
The have gathered from eveiy land,
aim ist, bene nth the sun Tho man
st ins nnd tinltoiies ot tho nation are
represent! d almost without exception,
whll. Jugl.itul, Wales, Scotland, (le'i
min), .south Amcitci, Australia, many
of tlic lands ot Ala and tlio Isles of the
s i hive icpicsent.itlvcs in the gather
ing, all stilving to spicad the gospel as
tlie teach and bcllevo It in all lands
vv hi in intelligence and education ate
Thj tell of their grievous and exact
ing labors, the nilstortttnis tint have
befnllen them and the pilv.itions the
have undiigone, the sormw tin have
bui lie and the thorny paths they have
been foi cod to Hi id, nnd vet tluough It
all their patience and petslstcnt hope
shines bilghtl as though they knew not
the weight of care or tilt the lostialnt
of untiviirible siuroundlngs Their ru
purts made to thu conleienco abound In
tin most hopeful expressions, und while
they spotlit In brief of ndveislt, they
gi nv cloiiuent ovel even the hopeful
signs of tin times and gather courage
as It by Inspliatlon nnd face the futiiiu
with hcune hope and uniullled fiuiit
'I be ri noils of the vm lulls workeis of
the chutch for the year Just closed us
tabulited b the secut.ai by states
shows thnt the chutch has inndo dining
the p ist twelve months a gain In mem
be i ship of 2,11)0, which Is by I !7 the
laigist gain of un car In tho hlstor
uf the eiiganU itluii The gain In itum
beishlp Is juotty well scattc'iecl over the
entiie tcirltorv euveied b the workeis
fur the chinch The statistical Infoimn
tlon cuuceinlng the llnances of tho
i hutch was alike- eneoui.iglng, nnd
showed that the chinch was growing
sttongci each cai and lit the Fume
tluio was also accuinulatlng the usual
amount of chinch ptopeit.
VV hern the out' renee Is II Id.
The. pietty new Btono chinch where
tho meetings ot tlm conference are held
Is a spot veiy neni the Mecci of the
chinch It stands just iiiioba tho sttcet
fiom the eolcbiatod teuiplo lot that has
so lung be en In litigation Tlio edlllco Is
in Inviting one, and tho lnteiloi Is pleas
ant and Imposing The -100 elden and
delegates were accommodated with case
and theie was plent of mum left for
tho vlsltuiH and ineinbeis of thu local
Tho attangements foi seating the
memliciA of the eonfeience. was of a
unique nutiire. On thu platfoim tit the
center vviio scnti d Piesldtnt Joseph
Smith nnd President W. W. ill ill, with
the eotmselois and thu Twelve, A II.
.smith, 13 (- Hriggs, Jnmes Call ill, J II
Lake, J It. Lambeit, II C .Smith and
Chatlch Deti, William Antleraon, C. 13
Hutteiwnrth, J C' Utabl), Joseph Dew
snup, hi, M II. roiscutt, i. li I.tn
Ithenr, 1 0. Pitt, J b Hnlvely, Thomas
Taylor, J. M. T.uy nml J W. Wuld
smith, of tho hlbh ptlcsts In the main
p.tit of thu toom on the left, facing the
coiiglcgiltleih. 'l3 seated tho quotum of
high ptlests; Ott IUO rigtn was tint nine
nnd second quotums of tho buventy,
In fiont of tho president was theauuitim
ot tho cldets, vvliilu back of them were
seated tho quotums) of priests, tctchei
and deacotib und then the delegates to
tho conteience. .....
in tho list of the latter will bo found
the names of many women, some uf
them fiom distant states. Tho chutch
Is btoad In Its belief along the lines of
equality of the sexes and urcouls the
women the full pilvilegcs of the confet
ence to tepiescnt theli local oiganla.
Hops nnd also the ptlv lieges ot tho lloor
tn tiddiesslng tlo gnthetlng.
The confetence wns called to otder at
10 o'clock csterday morning by Hitler
Alexander Smith, and thu peim.inent
oiiMiiUatlou wns effected at onco by
chooolng Ptesident Joseph Smith nnd W,
"W, Ulalr as the llrst anil second presld
lug olltceia of the ten dais' session, if,
A. Stebblns was elected petmnnent sec
tc'tury, Tho ciedcntlal cuntinltteo was
composed of 1', L Sheehy, of Massachu
betts: 11. M. liond, of Pennsylvania, and
ltobe.it JSIdeii, of Missoutl bhott ad
dresses weie then made by Piesldeut
Joseph Smith. V. lllult, W. 11. Kel
ley. A. 11. Smith und beveral othets,
after which tha tecordei, the seeretaty
and tho herald lead their annual ie
ports, 'Sho xejjorta written and. is-
mi. v !p
ml vwif
Innmrlr Pritfisanr of luslltlltis nf lluime-
iijulli), I'ltliobui), nml MimIIi tl I'rarllie
hi tin- llcihiitiipillile Midliiil liilligK of
IViiii..liiiiili, at t'lillnilrlpldiii
lr ltiii.MihreS Is one of tie oldest,
tlinsl (llnhlhteil nllll lllotlnRUlslfnd lUHIl-
lopnlhle t'hUklnnn living lie stud
led with the reeowned Dr. Cuiislantlne
Herrlinc, who was n pupil nf th ltntnor
lal llaiinemnmi Tliiin bis knowleilKc
enme direi t from the .'oiintiiln In ad
lie has ihvntotl Ills life to the treat
ment and curd of the nick and tu the
perf.cllon of ltlJ.MPIIItt'. 8' MP13
Cll'lil, wide h now- statu! nr all that
Is good In si leneo and medic n They
nre uiml and relied upon by tens ot
thnumuds of families tliimmhiii.t the
civ Hired world
"it," Dr. llumphtejs' litet discovery,
for the euro of COI.Urf and (lltll'PIC,
has won uti cuvlnhlu tn"tntlon, and
has the laigist sale ot any 'Cold"
meillclno In the world.
("linn bv 77' nru perfect cures, mi
bad nfter elTtitK
'77" will 'brink up" a hard Cold
that "hnnxN mi '
Ills No. 1 1 cures tmiH'MATtPM,
Acute or Chronli, Hrlntlen and I.um
bngi) where riai lor and nil other med
icines have fulled It curt bv opening
the clegKi d due ta. purlflng the blood
or uric nets! throurli the kldnes Knelt
bottle Is vviuth Its welKht in precious
stuiir. to the 'HlTercr.
No in fm DVMI'III'HIA. ltulluristlon,
sk Stoinui h, and whit Is known as
.S'ervous livtpeprln, is Infallible
No i jiirriellv controls WHOOP
1M COt'dil lilven early nrrcts Its
ilevelopnu nl given later, modi r iti H tho
"whoop' ami shortens Its diiiatlon
SKIN DISIIA'srt-IIoemi i:rslpe
las lllvos, H.ilt ltheiim, all vleld quick
ly to 1)1 lluniphlcvs' Hpeelllc No. II
I'I3 Kim Ccmgi stloiiH.lnllaminatlons
nnd all pains aic perfectly controlled
by Hpeeltlp No 1.
MlilJlCAL HOOK A copy of Ur
llumphri vs' hpcelllc Mnmnil nf all dis
eases mulled fieoon npplleatlon.
Iliimphrc's bpccltlcs deiilbed above
arc J." eftits eai h, or pocket II isk hold
ing six tlmis as murh fni Jl Sold by
diugelsts, in "Hit prepal 1 upon neclpt
of price IIPMPliltlilS' MKllll'INl)
CO, eorner William and John stieets.
New Yotk
llected In the short speeches showed the
work In u piosperoiis condition und
progress made dining the past oar In
all departments nnd In all lands Tho
committee on credentials leported no
contests, und PieMdetit Smith spoke
In loll ot the decorum he expected to
lmve obseived dutlng the confetence
Hu wanted no delegate to vvnlk out dur
ing tho session, and the first dny went
tluough with no tt mgrc sslon ot tho
wish At noon tlio conference adjourned
until 2 o'clock
atnrrl ige and IMvnrer.
The afternoon session was devoted to
clearing nwn of somo accumulated bus
iness and formal commltti e reports of
no pirtlculnr interest, until the repoit
of the speclnl committee appointed one
ear ago to revle. tlio rubs ot the
church nnd declare Its si Hiding on the
questions ot martlago nnd divorce was
leached This was an Intel estlng com
mittee nnd was on a vciv Impoitant
point lu tho economy and recoid of tho
The church has never had a well de
fined law on thu two subjects, nnd list
eni the matter was placed In the bunds
of the presidency nnd the bishop to be
adjusted 'IJielr repot t was a lengthy
one, covering the many points veiy
elot.el, and utter being real was oi
deted spiuid on the minutes ot the eon
feience, and fin il action wis ilcfened
until the next nmiuil gitlierlng foi the
pin pose of allowing the dlffeient pis
tors to study the now position tlm
church Is to take and decide If it Is the
best and Is tho choice ot the elders
The l iw ell ifted by the committee
took up the question ot "just causes tor
divorce, "What conditions are there nu
clei which eHvorced putties ma bo niar
iled," 'The lawfulness of a ni.arriago of
a pet son who has ftllvorced companion
living," ' bepar.atlon for cause." The
report declared tint marriage was in
stituted by l. od. a condition between the
two sexes, for meiitil and moral com
panionship and to fulfill the- liws of
i.od us itatccl In the Injunction to "be
fruitful nnd multlplv." It cb lined tho
domestic i elation md stated tin Scrlpt
unl c luscs for divorce and separitlon,
tho l elation of people altected to tho
chinch and tho clut of the church In
the premises It wns declined tint the
original laws of God gave no cause lor
dlvoice, presuming on the putltv of Un
people, but moril lnpses hid shown the
need for pome liws be irlng on tho ques
tion, and the bivlot while on earth
spoke of tho causes that made it justi
fiable for a man to put nw.i his wife
'Ihere weio some toofitiimtndntlntis for
the chinch nlso included In the. report
llllll ICl f ll'S Itlltl H ll
At the close of the reading of tho re
port It w is moved bv W If Kelle that
It bo spread un llu molds and action
defertcd until the in xt annual githeilng
fur tho purpose of sni.llng the icport
In putting the mull m President Smith
was somewhat annuid b tho tact that
many of those piesint tailed to vote,
and statu! that inasmuch as the had
allowed the oppoitunii to piss, under
the rules of Tom itei-ci tuey were count
ed as voting with the atllimatlve.
' Is Tom Iteed running this meeting?"
quel lid ono of the eldtis
' Ves, sit, eontmun sense rules here,
and Tom Itccd'b lilies weie lused on
common sense," piomptl replied tho
i notable head of tho chutch
Latci In tho da r.lder bluehy, of
Maine, atoe to Inquire If ono who was
counted as linving voted In the nlllrum
tlvo would be lecugnled to move a re
coiisideintiun It was a new point In
ticiUs but It wns piomptly met by
Piesident -smith, who sulci
"Vnu will not bo recognUed for the
put pose, ou vvoio counted ns having
vntcd In the nllll mattve, but by falling
to nctuill vote ou lost jour right to
move a recousldei.itlon of tlm question.
Tho wn to piesiiv.- join lights Is to
exercise- out piivllcge and actually vote
voui pri'leteuco lu the in liter."
It was something qultu new- and
caused somo merriment at the expense
uf the man fiom Tom Heed's state. It Is
a precedent In tho rulings of tho chair
that conies within tlm ruling of the
Twdve, and the nny fail to support
the elmlr In tho precedent established
Ptum the rit. Louis district conference
was read a I ep.it t, III which the to were
slicing objections to tho chutch livmn
bonk as tteiw used. It Is called the' Har
mon,' and the icpoit stated that It
was puorly uruingul, having tho muslu
on one page nnd the woids on another
anil In this wny confned tho slngeis
and Intel fered with the music of the
e Inn oh It was stated nlso that tho
book was fat too expensive, as It cost
U and J2 GO, which was more than tho
uidlmuy niembei v.as able to spend for
thnt putpose nnd then It wns pooil
bound and nltngethei of little vnluo The
stiango ananirenient of woids und
music caused the cougiegatlon when
worshiping together to use the saino
hymn to dlfleient tunes and inndo tho
sen Ice In that l expect almost ludicrous.
Tho attention of tho conference was
culled to tho Importance of hiving the
matter cortected lit once.
Tlio arrangement of tho sot vices was
bft to the piesident ol tho conference,
Tho confetence appointed a committee
ot three, composed of Klein, Hhcehy and
KUenhouser, to furnish all debited In
humation to the tepoiteia at the con
ference, 'Io-ili's .WilgimienU.
President Smith then read tho ap
pointments for the beivlces ot to-day an
Hoel il Berv jces at 'J n. in , conducted by
Kldets 1 (i. PUt .and I. L Hogei.
Pleaching at H o'clock, Pteslent
Joseph Smith and M il. Foiscutt.
Pleaching ut 2.80 o'clock, by Ktders 13
L. Kelley und J li. Lake.
Pleaching at 7.30 o'clock, liy Elders 13.
C. Smith and J. -!, Crabb.
Theto will also bo sacramental servkes
during the moiiilng and a meeting of
the quoi urn of high pilcsts.
Last evening tho seimou was preached
b Kiclei- Joseph V. llurton.
Tlirt .Tmii-ii.il
i .Ten cents a week.
VI vS Ml I I I Ml (With III I'M'ltl "S
sVMI'1ll I lltt III!. I"! VM.
It Will lie lb Id In I unit r Milt ltirili.r
Mehl nml si.m ril I itilliicr t llleun
Mill .Muke Viblte e- I bo
( ill Imih il.
The struggle gei i on In Cuba Is nrons.
Ins Rrent Ihterejt In Kansas Clt, and a
miss meeting has been called for next
Tiiei!n IiIrIiI to express vjinpathv for the
eltlietis of the Island who are flRlilltiR for
llbert. The follow lug call was circulated
vesterda and, as will be seen, It was well
sinned by prominent cltlnrns
We, the undetslRneil eltlseiis of Kansas
Clt, most rcfiectfull ask that ou at
tend a public muss meetitut at Turner hall,
coiner ot Twelfth and Oak street", on
Tuesilu) evenltm, at 7 30 p. Ill, on the Oth
da iff April. IN5, for the purpose of ex
ireslng our sjiiipathy with the down
trodden leslde-nts of the Island ot Cuba, la
their strngRle for freedom, believing it to
be the clut) of evet Atnerliati ; Itlwn to
extend his most licaitv sympith) lo oil
I .,ple struggling for self-novernlneiu
V.b Wltheis, It. C Hawkins,
. It llrailbiir, Aslu i William, I
Charles O.uples, Homer Iteecl,
C. N. tieldllt, I. fomstoiK,
Armin l.o Schueler, C P Stroeh.
. II Hiiuimons, C Clnike,
Willliim lneard, o t) Lucas,
11 1. eager, P. P Mavlleld,
VV iloorc, P. M. Kitchen,
Win It 'Ihomp'On, .!. I. Mllllken,
J It. Posti i, J. W lllle,
P. P. Curry, tleome L Jones,
M. L I'.arliart. A N. Chute li,
(t .V IIH)cf. P P Kltmi.
11 M Horner, It. P I.tiktns,
P. H i ise. 1. II Sloilt,
It p. Lingworthy, P VV tlrecn,
I,. A Hush II- W IHfh,
Hour A. Ta)lor, W. .! Kelchncr,
P. W Averlll, William Warner,
Howard M lloldcn, C. .M I'eirec.
Patrl k Hean, C W Wlilwhesd,
Kx-nilnlster to Chill, David T l!eis,
William J. Jamison. Itcnr C Kiimpf,
I) Ilelger. C J Mctlrith,
C. A. Johnson, John Allnr,
M S Chapman, A ll S ott,
Ailnm Woolf, .1 A Cox
H. Clnclaene, I! P Ule htnnn.
1, Laron, 11 '" Selgel,
K. A C.rrsin, J (- Hlfhop,
.1 W Kllvvell, It . Craig.
I, U A Coplc, 11. I Harrett,
John W. Push, P W. Philips,
Johnson Clark, II A W Ise.
(!. W Landls, Prank O Chesncy.
It It Slu Hon, etoorge Muehlbich,
L C blavens, 1) s, u-irrimin,
t '1 llrookover, T J Kdmonds,
J 1. uirnuh in, II II Ilclnd,
A It Olson
J'avor Webst. r I) wit Vlajor Willlnin
Warner, Major II L Woodson W T Jam
lean Jlllge Woftoli! hnlge I' W CI irke,
I W e.ltTurl nn I Hun 11 1. Iiigerare
among the eltlrens who have been Invited
to iildrfs 11 e nice ling
.Numerous Opinions It mils tl lliiun li That
Irlliiiiuil In stssloli it liipekn.
Topi ki, Kas. April l (Sneelil) The
tcilluvvlng opinions weie rciuli re 1 bv the
supenic iouit of the state of lv ins is to
da .
Hoi ton, C I
W h jtuhiiiNon vs, lulin A. Jamison;
enoi fiom Lab. tte countv. alllrm; d
John 1 rayloi vs loscph HlnkUv; er
ror frim Leiveiiworth eiiuiit . iilllrine;d
Atchison Topeki .V. snt i P. Itilliind
Compiny vs .Matilda Wilkinson, error fiom
llnrviy count, ie versed ...
lohn McKlnnis vs the Scottish Americnn
Mnru-agc Conip in . error trom Itku conn
t) , nillrmiil . ,, ,
V VV Little x W. H Illls, error fiom
W.viiidotte countv reversed
Hie Pt. S, .-3 w .V. W Hallway Coin
pan et nl vs J H Spirits, error trom
llniviv count, icversetl
htnlth. Heililens .V Co vs J W Lp'o et
al. eiror from Oieinwuol countv, reveised.
Cltv 01 Lirii.d fl M. A W Jprd in,
error from Pawnee nullity, reversed.
lhe Chicago, llurllngton ejnlney Hall
road Cumpaii eoiumUsloiii rs or Ati n
Isnn lount et al, eiroi from Atchison
count , reversed ,
State of Kansis vs It O Klndlg, appeal
fiom Tliom is count; reversed
Johnson, J
Charles Pennell et ai s Hattle C Pelrh,
en ir from Doniphan count, mliriiu d
The Pink of Oiriiett vs I W Pirrls et
al erior trom Aiidir"on countv, nillrnml
II ink of Westphilli vs J W Pari Is ct
nl. i rroi from Anderson count , iilllrmcil
Peonies 11 ink of Colony vs J A . l'arrls
e-t il, ciror from Anderson count, af
firmed . ... ,,
'lhe llank of Greclc vs. J W l'nrris et
al enor from Anderson countv, alllrmed
lienton eionlon vs S M llodwell it ll,
enoi Horn W' mdotto count, allium d
Ate hlon, 'lopeka .V. S int i Pe Iiiillioad
Coinpatn vs. Anna How in, errot from
Seelhvvlek count; nfllrme el.
Stue vs Logan Jllckcrson; nppcal from
Jiffinon count, appeil dismissed
L m in Lac vs A. I. Comstock, execu
tor, e-rior trom Washington count, uf-
elioige L Pirkhurst vs Plrst National
Pink of Clde, error fiom Cloud cuunt ,
Alkn, J
ri M Kdgerton et al vs w imam no
Mullen, orrur from W, mulatto county, re
Versed . T ..
Houston .1 Profiling vs. tho Leopold
feifo and Lock Compin. error from Ne
maha count, reveised
btate vs Anderson Ora , appeal from
buiuner county, atllimeil.
Pit curl mi
N Prankhotiset vs. Mrn. A Hdwarcls,
enor fiom Osii,i count , alllnncd
Julm ej Andi-ibOiiet il vs the Connecti
cut Mutual Life Insurant; C'ouipaii, er
ror from I. on count alllrm. d
0 W. .Stevens vs It M .sparks, error
from 11 irb. 1- e mint , dlsmlsse I
1 VI O Ilk ills vs lrvv In, enor from I n
bc tie count . ills-mlshiil
lime-it. Cll, I nrt h ott Oult Itallioad
I'uuipin) vs Amos I'olland, eiror from
Wjntitlotte count, dismissed
W 1' Mini vs Oottliob Knlpper, enor
from Wyiiulotte eount , iIIsiuIsmiI
In ie W" tl Oakninn, oilglnil proceeding
In habeas corpus, dismissed
Swims Orocery Cuiupiii vs, J S .Simp
son, error from Ulikltison eount , tlls-
It S Has s commissioners of Potta
watomie county, inui fiom Putt iwatomle
count , dismissed
flcoige Ot Mlili vs T 1 DoiiKlis, enoi
from Wvandeiiio counti , reversed
John II. Prultt vs KlUilmth Hamilton;
enoi fiom cluk cniiuiv dismissed
W. J Stevens vs i: I, Pli Id, error fiom
Trego count , illKinisnd
Ueoigo W. Cobbla vs A P Phellls, ei
roi f inui Dleklnson i ount dismissal
V. P N'eWellvs W I! Douglas, error
frmn Jelfiiison count , ellBinlssed
Irnlerb" Pink of Kliwln vs A H Haw
kins, erior fiuiu Phillips mimi , dlsmlsse i
V C Hall vs. John A Martin; enor Hum
Salluo cunut dlstiii'Md
J A htevens vs tho x,ule .t Tow ne
XIanuf ictuilng Conipmi , enor fiom Pla
in v county, dismiss, el
1 L lleiiiem vs T. I. IMd . eiror fiom
Pottawatomie county; ellsiulssed
Missouri I'aeltli! It illway Compin vs
tTnlon Ternilnnl Hallway Ootnpiii, error
fiom Wandoite count ; dismlssid
J H lllavlo. k vs. the llaiso Llvu Stock
Comtiaii .nor trom Pottawatomlo eouii
t ; tllsmlbt- d ..,. , .
i-itat. v- P Treartwell, appeal from
Lin e nn 'v motion for retiming over-
r'j"l' Werihniiscr vs A Tralm error
from P.i'i.o count , motion for leheaiing
ovurriihd ,
I P Priee vs Jmnes Husk, erior from
Kingman count, motion for iiheulng
OVe Hilled ,
V It Douglas vs A. MeKeever, eiror
from Jeffeisou county; motion far rehear
ing overruled
J M lioodmati vs J. P Wilson; error
from Jenoison count, motion for reheat
ing overrule d
D A Btahl vs Kansas 13 Ideational s.
soelatlon etc i error from l.on county,
motion for rehearing uvesrruUd
Will, llllll 11 IN KlNs-AS OIU.
Tho Willi I'atite Car I'oinpany to Frict
lllg riant Here,
The Incorporation ot tho Williams' Pal
aco Oir Coinpan. with a capital of 13.1ml,
Onl, has been eifected and a meeting fui tho
election of dlu-ctoia will taku pine this
week. The compiir) will expend. It is sal 1
from Ji),i0 to poOoO In the biilldint, of
shops some time within the near future
Pi om 1.000 to '.',Je0 men will be nnploed
'Iho incorporators aie among the most
prominent business nidi an 1 capitalists lu
Ihls city- Mr. W. W. Williams, tlm in
ventor of the species of car that Is to bo
built, sa8 that tho works aught to be In
operation by next fall.
New Voik. April 6 Tho arguments upon
thu application for u vvairant uf muovut
of Chuilcs A. Dana from this city to the
Distiiet of Columbia wero resumed before
Judgo lltown lu tho United blatcs dis
trict court this morning, und com limed
throughout tho da. Arguments will bo
J resumed Monday,
went tin into the Cnt-kill mountain-, to t tko .1 little nan of twenty yearn
01 o, iitltl when he w.ikcnetl, lie found that the "cruel war was over,
the inonthlv iii.iruziiius had "fought it om "the second time and
" blown 1111" all the officer; that had iinrticipilcd 111 it. 1 Iih nine 1 is
historv. anil it is also an iiitonnil Jnet that, diiriti; the same length of
tune. Dr. 1'ieree s uolilen .Metucai
tl... ..... A,fit,'. phi iliu urntitu.
lii.tted, as it is tlie most ciiecine, i.tver, umwi mn j s c...c... ...
the ace In tmrifvniK the Mood and in all nnnnt of pimples, I) otches,
eruntions, nml other skin ami scalp tlpe.pes, M:rofttltus wires nnd swell-int-s'
and kindred aihtteiits, the "Golden Mtdical Diicoxery" manifests
I'verv disorder that cm be reached thiout;h the Mood, yields to its
ninifviiiji dualities. Hesidci, it builds ti uholcsomr jlesi and strength ;
not inciclyrt like filthy Cod liver oil ami its nasty "eiuiils'.ons" but
solid flesh. ... . . , 1 1
A setofulous condition of the Wood invites catarrh, bronchitis nut
consumption. WVie all cxjxivcd to the gei nis of consumption, grip and
mal.uia vet onlv lhe weak cms sufln. When oil re weak, tired out.
nnd debilitated, or when pimples nnd Wotchc-. appear heed the warnimr.
in time. The "Golden Medical Discovery" sets all the organs into
healthy action especially the liver, for that'.s the point of cntinncc for
these germs. Then if the blood be pine, they'll be thrown off. 1 here s
"Golden Medical Discovei v" rouses every organ into natural, healthful
action, puiifes, em idles and vitalizes the blood, invigoiates the hvei and
thtougli it clcan-cs and stieiigthens tliewliole sj.steiu n iiincks rui
uloits, skin and scilp di-eabes in the tight wa by purifving the Wood.
'tiny, pale, weak children tret a
in the use of the " Discovery."
Titnv. inc. weak cluldren tret a
plump and their systems theieby fortified against attacks of disease.
An Eminent Plij"lciati's Cnttnrsemcnt.
Ilr 1 C ItWLV nu 1 inlncnt l'livslchn or
X- 4 j I us! Iniilt nl .S.irrt, 7Vi.ii, Illinois.
I Incr prcsrrlbed I)r Pierces C.ol.ltn Med
leal Iiiv.overv 1 ivoritc rrescriptiou ' nnd
Plrasatit pellets ' In inv pnetlic for main
cnit nun i ctuikh mw
cell lo mtiul a ct-c Hint
vtrns tint ticticfitt-d and
in most Inttiuces a
perfect curt- tcsulted
Mr Hill Ind n scrof-
.Om. a . nltr PTIirnt for
ib''fj -Wfl vi" and !' nlnlh
ft J'.!'. t,nvc him up to die 1
V-..i AnA V- ni.lereil Dictor 1 lerce s
fre'An ir(&n
lJw5'fiVli ""i '!"'" ' n"d n" ,lc sl1''
V'MSpHjf. ,'v'-, it almott made a new
Vtl', h ?,H! nn" f I'''" eiTeclillB
fir tj " n ct mplete cure
As to Ur 1 ierce l'l-
vnritc 1 tcscriptioii 1 1 c
litet It will cmc the
pr r c nwiv
..-.1 ...inrttv nrunmll IfrmhlfS I COtlltler tllC
1 iM.riit rrcscriptiiHi the Rrcatest Itieml of
worn in Unit Ills ever ecru imciucn
llunn thutv vt its of successful pricllcr my
ell lines llle lo l-a lllll lor cue ur
11. -Hi.
lOtli and Walnut Sts.
New Pro's d'oods.
Now Wa.li Goods
New White I.001I&.
New Juices.
New Kmbroiileries.
Now Jt'ibhons-
Donustics and Kliinnels.
Liulics' Kui'iiishinns.
GenlV Furnishings.
Hosici'v and liloes.
Iiaiulkorfhiefij and
Jni'anty Cloaks,
Cais and Drosses.
Umbrellas and iJarasoh.
KnnoyCioods and Notions.
Ladies' and
Children's Wraps.
Open Sti Lurday Evenings
Until 9 O'clock.
Low Cash Prices.
Inspection of our Stock is
IbeiioitfHUl crui! fr ati i w.ynalr iltntu.I,
flltlirur it U4r,lfir JUIIVIN mitlltr Vtuj .ton iut
tyiuall.MuW fl i immlnm.t .,llti I
Vbllriet nf 'llirlr ouilltlim I liroiiKliiuit
tlio fiiuntry at tliu i lone uf
llu.liiess VI trill 3.
Washington, April C-ISpecnl) An nl
strut of tlie conilliltin of the J T..7 natioi.ul
tunics ut tho cuiiiur) at tin i ninn of tuiii
nes Milfli B thoivs liitllvltluil oiiOilu,
tl,tti7,hM,Jitj, nitalrt JlCJUSiiJlfl Ue-coinliei
U lust sar, louni an 1 iliFiouti-f 1 jll,
SW.SJ-.', aiiilr.kt Jl 'J7l,t-'l JTI. overdrafts, JU,.
6.M.J, abainst JI7 Ji'jiu. etn fiom nation il
banks, not nurvo nt,. nti, llll.TOJ.JI,
itbalnst flil '!),3.'.', .liic from t.ito
hanks ami hankers, J."J,27 I.ias,
.iitiliiHt jiOOT.tjT, eluo from
iipiuoveel reboive jKfuts. 1222 I'i7.i 0, nKalnst
$.'1111,311), Buhl coin, J Uo !.ki &; iiKulnat
!US.'Wil7j total epei-le, .'.ij 931.W7 iibiiliiBt
iTII0ll.'! Itilal ictouifes, U7J,DJ0 S7e,,
UKilnst iililHUT.I capital stock, !c-.'.-1110,100.
UK.ijnst cj,u,-7HIj surplus IiiuJ.
i.Mt! Ssjl.OiiJ. aitiilnat J.'U'J17,17J, lilies to ot!ir
I. itloual kaiikb. J31I.H01J7, nKalnst 33l 6IJ,
.Jl, iluu to blilte tanks ami h ink id, JlbO,
UTOTa',. against 1603130u:, illvitlciulii uiipulu,
l,JtT,50tS, ubiliut ?l,loO,JW.
John V. jlaililux I mitiireil.
WlnllclJ. Kas, April 0 (Special) John
V. Mudilux, the fugitive postmaster of
(iouda bprliik's. Kas. vho defaulted In
De-cemher last tor about ST'W, vvn tMptureil
to-day at tho homo of his father, a half
mile- south of tills clt). Ho resisted urrekt
ut lllst. but, on leamlnK that tho houu
was buriauntled, suirenderetl himself to
blierllY Skinner, unci was placed in jail. Hu
villi he turned over to tho oo&tolllce au-
J thgrltkb.
nllll n Mcdicil I)lCOV
IMl.lXr'L.'r i ' ei to lie- clven mill
iA1iS-fix r'.i three tunes dm!, with
v4lVK?J-,-a'r-. ) ! I'lerces llnsml
lSv. IBBS'h.itt, J l.llrit. ns his nvr rc-
evte. iii lire e 11 line, me uni hi il iw. .... ...
eTsts tl.ev nc inn tided to cure Ilr Pierce s I I was Bonn: into imimp 10 ","! ,c '.'11?
inl ten letlicil UisLOvcrv 'livontc I'lescnii-I ns noo.1 lielilth uo, alter tiunn tlie t.oiueu
on "nl snn u lie I, ite theu.oMrelia Meoicil U.-coverv . coi.1.1 b. cxrecled I am
lileiiietliiititslliivt cm rntr.t tilled Ollv -even cnrsof nse nml nble toworl.nnmv-
I .' it I ne i. 'tl, it vtiur me btlt.es firm Mv .tom-ich wis cut of ortUr-suirered
vvlucli lluve li.mii nunetl hive i most c-cien , with ImriiniK in m limnc!' and chest. 1 uow
Eive ruu,e of npphi itirm to tlieascil rontlitious ' line no uuiiuuk ih"
inscovriv mm uiync v..c ..v .
rt if T .. 111.......1 ...i.l I tlttrp 1 tittlftf y (IT
lasting benefit and ' a good
They nre made 'ttoug, rol
lasting oeiirni mm .e h" . ,.
ust and
ind 1 I rllrrr tint even fimllv should lwiys
keep a supply of tin in In the hoii'e "
Disease of I tinRs nd Stnmach.
MtLTOV KAM1V of locust Ixinr ,Vt County,
"i nm lntipv to infotn ou tint after two
montn- itm oi it
1 Irrcc's Oolcleli
xtidicnl I)icovcrv
ter ftilc of lie-ilth
thiu IlnveformitK
time I have Ind
e. eik leincs Icr sec
cnl ji nts-at times
spil up inuesi
..- ehest. nis re- Zf ",l ll,1ll,V
tlciccl In ilcsh mil lriW
bectmt- verv vveik
til.. c.l-..k 1111! .
Milton- Ramiiv, Ksq
crlbcd for me but I found uo relief. It seemed
OK ItiON'El'ir K.ICFTJ'IrJHlia.
r.rar.MA !tc-iios'
r.C.r.MA burns anil cracks'
r.lI.MA swells, suales nnel vveesps!
lX'i:MA is 'alt Hliouni or Tetter!
VA 7A)M elrivus ono niul prcvontsblcepl
I'CCIIM V crimes on any pirt of thoboclyl
HCnjlA keeps, ono out of society ren
tier;, ono unfit for business!
EC.I'.MA lias heretofore lieon inournblo
is now Ciirablu In all Cnses by Our
All Special Kervous, Illood, Trlvato
und (iiiiiito-t'iinniy IH-oises treated by
competent spcelalii-'s ut very re.isonalilo
teims Itin.irv ti insultation
and book frco ut oIltt
Specialists Oillc-cs, 3 Id anil 317 Now
KiiIro Imildlnj,', Kansas tity, Mo Also
eipe-u evenings uud buniliys from 10 a. m,
tu 12 ut.
- &&
If the ropn at point " V" 'houll hre-ak,
ran oii tllvlnc the- co!!SKlt!onccs', Tliere Is
nei ttitur. In the method of mrlnB Itupl
uio bj Ur Jenklm." ltuptiire Cmc per
turnit, i hy
Drs. Cartlich & Nichols.
It In thu OM.V afe ure.
Rooms 523. 524 and 533, New
Ridge Building.
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BoeideecDisii. Shortbai
rcpisg, bhorttiod, typ.ititliig, Teleg
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