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W, VWfV"!K" " -
yi ' "ilWWW.W rwe
TTFTTiiJF ft-Ti H a
Our big building and mldifionnl warehouses are now full to the brim with tin choices! line of New Spring (Jowls, The goods
we have to oiler you and the prices we have to make you will more than surprise you. No where can you
equal them, go where you will. Come and see them, whether you want to buy or not.
ili 0k t M M ipsa IW PPSJH E3 $z$ P M ffl M EJ
II M B tl N ma E$23 KSEElf K9 I fro ns i&i-vfif A iaW3 m rse? 51
HP J I' ill I Mi J v3s'i:wV,
Combination Bookcase
and Writing Desk,
solid oak (like cut),
worth $iS.oo
Ladies' Writing Desks (like
cut), solid oak or ma
hogany finish,
worth $ 10. 00
Samuel Wlntcrmute, dilrymnn "Tha
jaiiiK of i:iffhteeiith street lias within tlio
jiast jear Incioafieil thu tiacl anil business
on that htreit 1W p.r cent. Now the public
jicoiN .1 similar pailii? on Nineteenth street
01 Seventeenth Htieot, ho as to nllee
KlKhteeuth stieet of thn throueh trawl, or
Mime of it at leist. With thn cable trains
ami the te uns diawn up at the lroms of
mores anil business housis, tratl Is neces
hurily slo on (hat street ami thoe who
want to iirne nionK rapiuiy wouiu But on
onto some other street, If there ivas ono
lianily that was well p.iej. DiirtiiB thu
busy nait of the iliy ft is sometlintrt im
liossllilo to get nlonir because of the block
ade." General Milton 'Moore "I hivo no Idea
Hint either Kncljnd or th United States
will mt Into any war with bpatn or that
thej will lluht tach other Holh arc money
maUliiK n ulons now and have too much at
btako upon the hltfh seas to t'o to IlkiitliiK
each otliir. Thu IJIuellelds controversy
Is the most serious question under discus
floii now in international nintteis, but It
-wilt probably b"j settli'd without any
Captain Georgo P. Oross "Tho other
nlKhl at one of tlie tneetliiKS of tho Gordon
reception clrnmittee t'Oino one callitl atten
tion to the fact that there was an ex-Con-orate
iirepent who was an olllcer in tlio
Third reclment This sifted down to me
uml for the tlrst time I realized til it 1 was
tho only olllcer In tho Third who served In
the C'anfiderato army. There are a mini
lur of olllcers in tho regiment whoso f.ith
irs foiiKht on that side, but I am the only
one wiiobe iuLliii.itlous weie that way ami
who was old enoui:h to take a li ind I
went out at 15 and 1 remember how, when
u bullet went tlirouuh my coat and the uar-
metit fell back so tnni tno nine tne uuuet
made was iltht nir itntt my side, 1 saw it
and at once thoucht the bullet had koiiu
throuKh me. 1 felt tlio p inn caused by tho
bullet and was sine It was either In me
or had tone clear throuKh my body until
some of tlio bos showed me to the con
trary. I thouiiht tiny would never t,et
ovei laiiBhinif at jne aliout It Hut the Hist
tline I did m a bullet wound 1 didn't Know
U until i felt th blood, which had lllled
my boot. Tlun 1 thought I had trot my
foot wet samcliow while dismounted a
short time before. Tint when I milled my
boot off and saw the 'blood 1 Immediately
C N SeldllU. assistant postmaster "In
making thejurauisementa tor tecuiliiB the
new headwt lr for the men in the postoltleo
we found a fieiit variance In the sues do.
manded. There were u. vtry large nuinbei
of men wantln- hats of tho customary
numbeis, such as 7 and the sues next
above and below it. There is one man, how.
ever. In the oitlce, who will have to tile a
special ordti and have a hat built for him
as his sUu is the smallest oil neoid. being
b4. We have one man also whose sue Is
Vi and he will have some trouble In get
ting the regulation headwear In that sue.
Tho man with the small head Is ono of tho
carriers nnd s ail experienced and com
petent man and has a bplendld record.'
Mlllon Welsh "The description of the
privations of tho SquIIkiii sofdUr as given
by liciiciul (lur Ion l-'ildny evuiinrf was In
no wuy cNac.,41 rated l was with the mmy
ihat surrend red at Apnoiuattox, and Know
fioiu lieiBOiul expel leiico of the I'wiv uf
food and tomfoits tliat was experleneed.
To m men on one occasion, Jujt uliout
that time, we had nothing but corn to Usu
for rations, and on particular ocaslon I
had two nubbins of orn Issued. for eteli
man as his rations That was all we hid
to eat for a time, and it was welcome, too.
juit about that time, scant us It may seem
For This vfreek:
$ 1 5.00 Bedroom Sets $9.00
$25.00 Bedroom Sets $15.00
$35.00 Bedroom Sets $20.00
S1S.00 Sideboards $10.00
$25.00 Sideboards $15.00
$30.00 Sideboards $18.00
$20.00 Folding Beets $12.00
$30.00 Folding Beds $1S.00
$40.00 Folding Beds $25.00
$ 1. 00 Center Tables 50c
$ 1.50 Center Tables 75c
$2.50 Center Tables $1.50
$10.00 Chiffoniers $6.50
$15.00 Chiffoniers $10.00
$20.00 Chiffoniers $14.00
Cash op Easy
to pcoplo who listen to the recltil of the
sufterlug now. Dmlng the inun months
preceding tho surrender, we scarcely over
hud enough to eit at one time, ami we
ltarneil to get niong with wh.it people
would call starvation diet now. It was not
pleas nit for tho men, but there were ver
few complaints ni ide. as they accepted the
fate of war with fen' murmurs and con
tinued to hope for something better"
Major H. V Jones "pending of 'Trllbj,'
have von ever leul 'Coin' .Vo' Well it
is the greitest hook published hlnee llir
rlett IJeecher htowe wioto 'ITiitle Tom's
Cabin' I believe it will mal.c a protound
impression on the public of this cutintrj
gre itei, perliips, til in am contemporan
eous work. It will hive the effect of re
uionetUInc sllvei, it the in uple leul It
aright This is ni III m bliet, and I think
those who want the white metal resttueil
should get at the bottom ot the question
as piesented In 'Colli.' VMille we are on
mis stiver question, i uon t lmmi siviug
tint what we want Is its re-cstabllshment
us a coin metnl on a filr basis with gold.
This rouiiti) Is big enough and Independ
ent enough to IK a double htnndird and
stick to it 'Coin' Is one of the best e
emplldcitions of the silver question I have
ever met with."
Hairy Jetmore, of Urn city counselors
otllce Speaking ot fishing, that leinlnds
me I was put) to rather a stnnge altiir
out in K.tuvas onee 1 was nut duck hunting.
Whit has that to do with fishing.' lmi!
an attentive ear and clleovoi Now gather
and surmlte As I temaiked, 1 was out
duck hunliug Yes, tlie re was w iter enough
to tloit tho ducks Vou sie, tills was be
toie It quit tabling This lemlnds me, al
so, that I inn going to tell this story If I
have to selei t mv cmwd. I had had poor
luck early In tho di, diopjilng n few
prairie pigeons but having little success
with ducks. While rumbling around over
me cnutuiy ono uay, i turlu'U one ot those
sloughs, oi 'tanks.' as a cittlem in would
c-ill it, iniinlng in ii devlausli seml-clreular
uiiuutr iiiiougu a i.iugie oi nuts and iie
eaving suutiowers. .lust opioite from
whim I iippioaihed It, the gioumt sloped
away to thu edge of the watel, giving the
tnsuy iiunier utile nuvnninge in iiiu way
of concealment 1 stood meditating for n.
inomiut, and then saw a braco ot ns Hue
teals as I ever loveted, sailing .uotind right
midi r tho musle of my weapon The temp,
tatlon was to., much lot me. I was alone
uud might put thu p ill and nohodv could
dcpv mv sportsmanship, so I crept a little
clonci and let dilve, I got one of the blids,
but the other mide i vast amount uf Mut
ter, as it rose out of thn water, (ptesslug
its nlaim and disgust b quacking most
manfulli. The pesltv tiling as is the e os
tein of watei fowl, instead of rising Into
the ulr. cruised in idly along the cuiiim) of
the tank, (liatlll d bv mv siicct'ss in stoo
ping one. I determined to bring down the
tiavoler with thu seeoud burel Now tint
blame 1 slough, while open at oint end
pasicil between high banks tnvwuds the
utltot, tho direction 111 whleli the dliek was
luaktng vvnj. I followed thi night wltli my
gun at my shoulder, tetdv to maseatie
that duck In due season Just us It was
about to be lost fiom view behind the b ink
I pulled the ttlgger. I was iintonUlinl to
heal a wild ill lis of some one In acute
unguhh, heanl mi iiugry swtsli through
thu ulr, saw a tod und linn swlftlv u nipped
and then observed some thing lliiUcrlug and
daut'llug at the nthei end of thu line It
seemed that Just as I pink. I, mv weapon
whs In direct Hue with the back of a llsli.
eti.ian, who was seated on the b ink in the
iceeis angling for i nipple's Thu charge
smend Itself over the small of his bick,
laitunaielv the siiot was sin Ul uud he re
el tvte' no great Injury 'lhat don't amount
to much ,u f. How might put a e hargo of
shot Into a fellow sport, but the funny
thing about It is tint us that din-k sailed
uiouiid thu point, his mouth was wide open,
while ho still piotested vigorously ugilnst
the Insult put on hlin nnd ids family. It so
happened tint, as thu lUliermnrt whipped
his lod out of the water, the Hue nossed
the duck's ni lilt, the hook and bait enter
ing Ills mouth, and eifeeiuallv squelching
Ida abuse, lie was til inly hookcel and It
was tho duck -which I saw dangling and
liuttering. It wus a very singular c itch."
"Whit did tiie fisherman du to ouf" veils
ak d. "He was a dead game sport. Ho
took my explanation. Jleslles, I gave him
the duck."
Speaker Stouer of the lower house
"llvei now und then one of tho old scrip
wan juls, the evidence of old time cm
baiiuoment und llnanclal methols, bobs
up when the auditing committee begins to
pass on the bills for thu mouth. The wat
rants In most cases went drawn ears ago
and havu been held until they ate almost
eltaced. Then, Just when the) are in dan
ger of going to pieces, the holder trots
them out and tlie eommittfe hua t. order
w -
. ..,
them pild Two of them, each for ti wire
In the last budget. It seems to me it would
be good pollej on tin pal t of the cUv id
sell them as relies '1 he would have to be
(anceled of course, m that lhe could nut
be collected again, bur 1 am eonvlmed
s-omethlng could be re'.illed off ot a limit
ed number It is no uuiisiiil thing loi old
Issues of re illed or repu II ited or legally
oquelched' piper of this kind to luing fair
sums. There ate unnv people who buv this
son of thing us keepsakes I don't see
why old se riii wairuius would not be as
valmble to nntlqu ltinn-' of tin itirlnl
schemes is cameled postage stamps are
to the people who collect them. I hive
thought of bringing tho m uti r form illv
before the eounell I ell I reter to it at one
of the meetings, but did not pre- the
Hev Ir. .1 W I.ove "That was quite a
dlsiusslon wi had In the .Villain e over the
subject ot tlieate rs. 1 did not believe in
the wholes lie denum hitlon of them which
went on there Aim. on me oiner nana
some one said thnt If vv kept abridging our
liberties as we do we vein not hive iinv
liberties left Well, as I look at it, I am
ceresiig my L'hrlstiin liberty when I
i in attend theatiis ami do not do so I
am .at liberty, but ns n Chilsti.in. I do not
life that lllnrtv The it.ason why I do not
l,o to theiteis Is because I ilo not wish to
set nn ex imple wlihh will lead some one
eNe wrong As tor nivself, 1 um certain
tint I could attend the theater without
b inn to no si if I do not di ink lor e .u tl
th. same reason I mean mv example
When some of the ministers ioe nnd de
nounced Keene, living and Unotli I pit
tlielj dlsigri'ed with them I5m neverthe
less I ilo not go to see them net. becaie
I am ifrilil that some person who has bad
tendencies mni bo b'd to go wrong through
me Hut let me tell vou ono or two of our
city theaters are vile."
lolin Stevens, brokei "Have jou read
tho 'Chlmmle r.adden' stoiles, by Kdnsrd
'lownsend' If vou nivnri on snouni i
Tho other day I tnu a icw miuuie's ie, nun
before I caught a cu. .so 1 i in into a
bookstor ami asked tlieui to reiommend
tn mo soniethlllg good to lead 'lhe cleik
stioke of Chlinmlii radilen,' and I bor
rowed It on the eondltlon that t might
hrlug It back If I didn't llln II I read It
In the cai. mid 1 was greatly amucd It
Is quite unique, I think. At least I iuver
read .nothing like It before It Is a col.
lection of sketches describing the uilv en
tities of n tvpleal liowerj bov It starts
out with mi account of Chimin e's thrash
ing a 'mug,' as ho i'nll him, who Insults a
l'lfth live line voung lad), und her eniplov
tin; him as her coichmin. 'Chluimle' calls
her father 'Ills Wh'skeis After a while
flilinniie' fills In love with his cmplover's
rieneh maid, wliom he ealls the 'michess.'
The book has many funny things In It
'Chlmmle.' attends u political meeting on
tlio Itawers mni takes the jouiig lad) and
tin. Mluehess' to It In the course of It he
sa)s that they jelled out during the meet
ing 'Not on )er life' nnd 'Not In u tniifand
lears' This man Townsenel Is ti repottcr
on tho New York Sun "
m.siMeee f'nnnnr ' Not long ago a friend
of mine bail nn evperlenee whleli was vet)
tunny to me inn vei) iiimkiuui n wm.
Wo were hearing the eointi of lilgluli nnd
Wall stieetH ope da), and lie slid "ut
tut iieross hem townru .Minn sueei.- uu
wanted l go in rus-; i iiinu wi j"i
north of tlio Hunker building. I sa d: 'No,
uu don't veiint to I till (ictoss lota like; two
go its." nut he vvns iietennineci io no u,
so I lelded It had r.alne'd the day before.
and In tho ml Idle of tho lot was a pool of
black water, ami around It uuy amount of
bhiclc mud. My It lend wote a br.inil.tiew
J1 Stetson hat and pitent leather shoes.
Just us wo unclieil tin pool of water a
biiddeil gust ot wind blew his hat otf
nnd diopped t in tho mud , He stopped
vety lelsiiicly to pick It up. when n second
gust lolled It over und over In the dlrec
tlon of tho vvutir. Then ho biviino oxcltod
nnd began to pick his way through the mud
tu save his patent lentlicis, all the while
grabbing nfter tho bat. I forgot to say
ho wore lavender-eolond pantaloons, lie
held these) lip with ono baud uud made for
the hat. 1 c tiled to him to pick It up, mid
ho jelled ho wa3 tDlng to do Just tint
tiling, lie nme no tuunec ui.nu pu iimu
thcro came n third cust uml the lnt land.
ed In the water. Then ho got It. but It was
utterly ruined. Jle had In go down Ninth
stieet baieheaded to icach Ids hatter's."
.inlui Welsh, flagman ut foot of Main
street "With tho beginning of vvaim
weather last summer the men about the
Centiul police station occasionally (nought
'Cai' the ponce suigeous oog. ciuwn
to the river front and would throw sticks
Mm 1 biM 'I i i 11 I fl m WM r-M
1104 and Ifl06 MAM STREET.
fcWj-frMn.ri.M,. .rtjart.-.JJ-.JI-'-Mpl - :J1VJ.a.i.tG.rjJ flj'''l
Into the river to see him swim nfier tli. in
'1 he dog Is a good cvvlmnn i an 1 . njeiv I ih
spoi t !mmeucl Alf, i hiiio, huiiKhr
to the llvci seveial tunes hi bigm io
come alone and during the cu intlv b t
weitber teiok a plunge, in tin ilei aim sr
everv dav Now, ou m ly not belliv it
but it Is true, jusi the suite tint dm nig
the Hist it ii m utteiuoou of tills spring
I itti c ip' e omu sauntering down itl,.n
to tho rivi i flout I thiew In u slit k an I ll
was Just veb it he w inti-d, lor he plan 1
in nnd soon biought It to shine Mum thn, s
he swims with the cuiieut quite u disi tin
down the dtir I mvii save a dog t njnj
the water mine "
lohn Ililpin, d, ti i the "A pi rson will
oltni ni ikn pi i till ir use of si uti m , - in
witling In in iking a lepntt of u n,iut
lohh. i) ot a lilt ) i If stoic on .VI i 1 lie sir. 1 1
I KIM. an nn uunt ot the hicvibs st,. n
lugethei with tin ii dese rhitiou and ih.
niannii ot thn entrance cd tlm thle v. s m
lhe sioie The men stole foui Id m Ii s
and out dozi u hltvilc shot s. 'i'lte) lnnk
In tluough a window and must hivi op, i d
one of the inside doois with a ski it ion
kiy I putlctiluls statetl llusij facts and
concluded. "lhe mt u must hiv It id a
wagon In tint alle) ali-o ono ilozi u lib w b
slioi s ' I had loigottiu to mt lit Ion th
tlult of the shoes In unotlu r ul oi tint
lepoit. and I uoiiied what a pnuliii con
stiuitlon might be put on tin m tin me
afti r 1 hnl wiittui It, but it was done In
haste, and s, , t it go, as I km w It
would be undi l stood "
Thomas Winn Metropolitan hotel 'I
take quite nn lutinst in peeullai lilstm I. nl
facts, mil 1 iti l i looktd up the m uti i
of llemy Cl.i) s Hist tutiiint, li i In
United States si imp Clav was apt nut I
to Mil a v ccaitf) nnd look tils s, ut I eitn
Per IN, lint Hi- was limn Apiil 1." 1777 an I
had not attaint d the aire ot id vi its I'b,
constitution of tint United States sn)s tlt.it
no in rson bhtul Pu ti seniloi who hall
not have itttoinul llu age of u v tis
No nut stlou cm tills giuiunl was utts d
when ho was swoiu In, ami it is doui i
ful if aiDtliiug w is thought of It II. onlj
lacked a tetw nnilltlia of the, legal age "
Ihi'y iiinbtr early :i,im)( With I'rupt rt) i
vorth Nimlv JU0,()iiii-t auiiot llu '
Ousted 'till .liinii ir),
Wnshlngtoii. Aptll (rfpeclal ) Peter
1'otnot. a member of the commission to
.ipiu.il.se the value of tlio pinpetly of
Inuutleis in the C'lietokeo tuitntrv, ai
tlvetl this moiniiiir fm tlio inupusp eif I
golntf over tlio woik of the louiiiilbsion .
with the societal) of the Itiutiur und I
dt'pai tint ut ulllclals The cuiiimlssluii
completed Its. woik somo tltnu ago, nu I
tho luptitt W,1S Kent in, lillt the eoiisldil
ntion of the same Inciilent to aiiiunviut:
It lins not in tin commenced. Tint iipmi
sliowH tliat theio aiu-.T.'iS liitiudcts Thu
ptoiilt of these is lipptalseil at 51S7 -UtiO
This money, in cm ding to the net! e -,
tliellt between the Chetokecs ntitl the
Kovciiiiiieiit, comes out of the putthiso
muncy for tlio Strip company. Two bun
dle d mni fllty tlioiis.iiul dolluta of that
money Is kept iip.ut to covet the ap.
pt.ilscineut by lhe commission of the
value of ptoperty belotiKlnir to the In-1
nutlets. In a lecent net by congtoss i
tlio tulmlulsttatlou Is directvi! nut to In
tc'lte'te wltli the Intrudets befoto next I
Januniy, Ihougli It had been Intended
to oust thept Just as soon ns the woik
of tho commission hud been approved
and they tou)tl bo p.iltl for their ptop
erty. Hut tlio Intiudeia seemed the
passage of thu provision thnt leaves
them iiiullslutbed until next January. I
lllluoH I tglil ititre on Mhtr.
Chicago, Aptll 0 The Tlmes-lternlii will
print to-mouovv the views of I ('3 uf tlio 201
members of the Illinois legislature on the
silver question, seventy-thtce favor tin,
conditional fieo coinage and fort) -one are
opposed to It; fouiteen tavor coinage by
International .igrccment, and thirteen want
coinage of the Anieilem product only,
i weiiiy-mieu uie auii-vuuieitiii ci. cjc bi-t-seveu
Dcmocjutlc nieiubers Interviewed
fort) -seven ute for free coinage and only
four against It.
I biuors for letiiun,.
Shipped dully In secure packages by
inionai: mssi:i.u nruggfst.
Opposite waiting room, Union depot.
For This Week:
6oc Brussels Carpets 45''
75c Brussels Carpets 60c
$1.00 Brussels Carpets SOc
30c Ingrain Carpets 20i'
40c Ingrain Carpels 30c
50c Ingrain Carpets 40t'
$25 00 "l'arlor Suits $ 1 5.00
$35.00 Parlor Suits $22.00
$45.00 Parlor Suits $32.00
$1.00 I ligh Back Chairs 60(
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s rj ijjiiirii'
i:-4V ) -t-GriSfTO Vi .' '8,75-
TS WiikMV a 'W
-gmmmmj.,k &
l'retiy Presses will not tm
pii.ve tiur looks II your cnm
plexiuu is nut i lear Itlusir
mole llltt hlll'e.llltlul.s bur
iniile- it iris, wrlnUles pint
ins intuit-, t tu ur eieitii
uiiil di ir up votu face tu fore
3 on dim out spring du ss
-i'i 1 1
1 106
ileioii ami Medrical Tailors,
tilt. Illllgo lllllg,,
15 IVCA-Iisr ST,
Practical Ladies' Tailor
5I IITs Imported ttoiids
JUI ' Jim Ming llndlnga
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.Inc'kt'tH Midi bille Liiiinrrs,
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lltli ami Vliilu.
'M ht tun 11 or III lllgll tie I'bo-lo-
viltli teij iIiki 11 of our b t
ts I, mi (nliluils. Lined) new
.tjll.tll tdlOW )OII,
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comtot33 1-3 per
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Hair Drcbblns
031 tv IticlKu llltli;.
S uLLa a liliiLtLiJ
Till SVljl!jvO.M.M
D '"' -ft- . ' -J.--
Extension Tabic
flike cut),
well made, hardwood,
worth $5 00
nvm i ' t.1 j ;t
' ' " '' .iv
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Decora live
Stylo and
Baltimore Ave.
All KlniN -lnmphiK
illlfl U slllllli
4ih Floor, 1013 Walnut St.
"She Looks
JU-C I ('SI.
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Irs. Barrett's Corset Parlors
Ultimo. 1(11-it, Ii1.111l.1rir Itiilldhig,
Corner Eleventh and Main Streets.
wilt pay
)0tt to walk a few
steps fill tter to iuy
Always I'xsh uml
Ill 1W.tr MM'll si.
Turkish Heilc ihau ined-
rt. 1 . """ "l"""i ,"
IJtltilS, , Sprint: inonihs.
IliuUaor.iilt icomi In tl flty
l.xpericuccd attendants at
II ill On mill!: r.irlnr.
ID-'U MAIN. 1. I.. 3l.
Doe ot i.il.iii Ono I ILo
.1 1 111 I.I. h II ill,.
Kit .uid r.'il .Netv liitl-e lllil.-.
Office moved from 1013
Walnut to
Come and see us. Tel
ephone 1806.
Rt04 "Sal1
1 njIV !?? wJ'N-f RP" .-nJjfcjwWI
11 7"ft;; 'p.jj,-- .t-nt
Double Wardrobe,
(like cut), 7 ft. 3 in
high, 3 ft. 3 in. vul
worth $10.00
' ,
' '
liliinocln Sclioo
Dress Ciiltln an.1 Sowin?.
1 m rjtliliiK roiiipU lis
108 West I Nelfth Street.
iN'i rru lllli; i
( onitf in and a imltio ourorl ,
H 1 1 11 1 est 111 rut
.' L-
Sewing Machines
and Supply Dealers
111)7 WhIiiiiI ht KatiMU I Itj, Jin.
1 til MmtiMota, Ivans is Citj Kas.
.allies' Turkish & Electric
915 Walnut St.'::,,,1,.:;bs-
1 ,11 1 it mid llu. I Mien.tei.-r,
Mi.iiiibn; I'm,. . nnil oil 11 itbn
Tor Den ltitbit; tho roriu
ifilrs. Mattie Kimball,
42.1-5-7 DcarJorff llMg,,
Is turning out some of
t tltn ttinut ctcltcli Quito
.., ... . .,...... w,s
socti in thu city, Ladies B
slmula beo her now do
545 New Ridge Bldg,
hl'IX'l U.TVI
Fine Work,
I'eriect Pittliij:.
cJJMjMmLr ?''-J
UntUh&, . c A,

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