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An Aor.o stsTKii Ti:r.t. now tub fa
mois (i(ti,Di:N i'i.ATi.si:iti:roiMt.
l!r Slntrmriit I'IUVm Mulrrlillr Fmm llic
Arrrptril ttrtnril nf tlto Church
o Itrtrtrttlnn Cntiir Through
1'rr.ltlent Smith,
The InlerMt felt nnd shown by the tlolo
pile mid UMior to the Krncral confer
en. o of the I.itlcr I"hj' Hitlnts In pfMlon nt
Iniloprndcnce nron from ilv to itny.
There I' nn oUclcnt ulh on the pirt of
ninny Hint revelations nmy come touching
,fome of the moro Important ni.it tors of (he
church thit ore tinettlcil At rnch morn
ing e-iion when "Ilrother Joceph," ns
itoeph Smith l called by tnot of the, del
rKate. Roes Into secret e-lon and coun
fel ttlth the tuelve npotle of the church
thorp l an almost feverlfh anxiety nmonB
tho members for the close of tho RCJlon.
11 Is expei ted that at omo of the-e meet
lnc a nirjfme front dlUne ntithorlty will
come for the direction and guidance of
tho church.
Yettcrday morning the entire1 forenoon
xmis spent b) the head of the church and
his chorcn followers nnd counselors In
A the hours of the mornlnfr wore away
there n an earnest lonqlnw on the part
of the delepites to hear from the proceed
lnss. l'rajer for a revelation had been
made and the answer was expected, but
none came, nnd the counAlor came forth
from the contilltntlon itlth no inesaKe
from tho dllnc head of the church for
the edlllcatlon nnd Etildtincu of tho faith
ful on earth.
There nilKht have been some manlfesta.
tlon of disappointment oxer the re-ult 1ml
It not been for nn event trait took place
at the testimony nicotinic during the morn
Iiib, It proved to be one of the most Inter-e-llnir
exercises of the conference. l'arly
In the meeting a sister from Illinois arose
nnd delivered a mi'Mtire from the Huler of
the universe as follows: "The spirit of
the Lord Is deeply Knoved with thee, oh
my people. Yen, verily, I si) unto ve, c
ore becoming proud anil 'tilth headed when
thou shouldst become moie humble and
jc aio thercfoie lommnndeil to bo more
humble that e mav- reielve the blesslnc"
As she ceased speaking Mr. Caiollnc
Salsbury, the nsred islcr of Joseph .Smith,
the prophet nnd first heid of the church,
who was seated In nn easy chilr Jut In
front of the speakers' stnnd, with a ere it
effort arose and lieiran to speak With her
first woid she attracted the closest atten
tion from every one In the hoti'-e. She Is
very old, more thnn '3 vears of time has
she experienced, nnd she stnnds to-day
the only llvlnK pet son who saw the golden
plates from which was translated the Hook
of Mormon. She spoke for h ilf nn hour
and every word she spoke was heard dis
tinctly In every part of the church Her
tory related to the discovery nnd llndlnR
of the plates, the earh trials of the Saints
ond the vexations and ileitis h of Un
church from that time.
It was remarkable for tho fact that It
differed from tho story so often told and
so lone received on the point of the ilnel
insr of the plates. It has ah.is been
otated that Illiani Smith, brother of the
prophet, was with him when he found the
5 late", but this statement was disputed by
Irs. Silsburv, who declared that at that
time there was no one save the wife of the
prophft nnd that Hiram was not there at
nil. Tha discrepancy is expliined by the
members who clnlm tint tho memory of
the acred lady Is faulty and that the old
Btorj Is the conect one.
Her narration of the facts and history.
Bhe said, was by the order and dlieetlon of
the Almlsrhtv for the Interest and Inspira
tion of the church.
Her print ape, the fact that she was to
day the onlv llvlnK witness who ever saw
or handled the Rolden platei nnd was a
membsrs of the llrst Moimon church and
had seen all of tho trials and difficulties
that have fallen to the lot ot the Saint-.,
her apparent Infirmly and the probiblIit
that she would not be at the next conftr
ence. all had their e ffect on the llsteneis
nnd they were moved to tears at the touch
ing; close of the address.
Stor.t of the tiolctcu l'lntes.
(Mrs. Salbbury said:
"I stand before sou n. remnant of the
family that brouRht forth tho sacred rec
ord, to bear mv testimony.
"I can remember the time that this work
commenced, that my brother hail the
vision, that he saw the niiKOl and t liked
xvlth him After be had his tli.st xHlon
he lav on his lied one nlqlit studjInK
what lie had s-oen And his iooiu became
IlKht, and It Rrew liRhtei and liRhter until
tin miRel descended and stood bj Ills bed.
He did not touch the llooi, but ho stood
In the air. He was dressed in white rai
ment, of whiteness lievoml auMlilnR he
hail ever seen in his lit.-, anil had n Ril-
dle about his waist. He nv his hands
ond lists and thi.y were pine and white,
and ho titlUtil with him lie s.ilcl lie was
"Moroni, and that be was sent as a nies
renRer to tell him concerning the record
th t was hidden In the hill ejnmornh,
which was a history of tho people th it
once Inhabited this continent, and also
that it was the pine Rosp. I of Christ. That
the Rospel we iiad had been adulterated,
and this was the pure Rosptl of Jesus
Christ, and would be pieaelud In these
last elnvs. He also talked with him and
told him conceinlnR the piopheUes of
Isaiah, nnd told htm what was coming
upon the earth And he nlo opened the
vision and showed him the hill fomorah,
xvheic the lecords laid, and talked with
him awhile and then ascended. And
while Joseph was still thtnMuR over what
he had seen and what thu aut'el had told
him, he descended .main and stood by his
side, and repeated the same thlnRs, He
told him thi prophceien of Isaiah wen
belns fulfilled and would conn- true and
that this tecoid must be broitRht forth to
the church established In the last tlnjb
for thero was no true ohurch on earth
He ascended aRniu, and then lie descended
the third time; and then my brother said
that the chickens crowed for daj, whonini?
that he had convctsed with the antrel all
the blessed nlEht
"The next mornlnR w hen my brother pot
up he went to the HpIiI to work, but he
could not; tha spirit of God was upon him
and the angel was with him rath r
told him he was not well and he had bit
ter ro to tho house. Joseph started to
the house, but fell by tho way, and the
angel Moionl appeared to hi in nnd said
'Joseph, tell jour father what jou have
seen ai.d what sou lire commanded to do'
He said: 'I am afraid mv father won't
believe me' Hut the angel told him his
father would believe him So he went to
the house und Kent tor father and my two
brothers, and they came to the house and
--.. and talked quite a. spell. I wondered
at It, I was young and I didn't know what
they wete talking about, because I knew
they weio so busy with their harvesting
father fcald: 'Joseph, ro and do Just as
jou are bid,' So he went to the hill Co
morah (this was, I think, tho i'Jd day of
September, IS.'7,) and found It exactly as
he hart seen It In the vision The earth
was rounding on top. and he got a slick
and pried the dirt away from the edges,
and got a lover and i.ilsed the lid. and
there beheld tho records that were to be
trnsliteil. aliil the 1'rlm anil 'J'lmmmlm.
and the sword and breastplate of 1. iben,
nnd the brass plates J-eul brought from
"Jloronl told him that tho time had not
yet come for them lo bo brought forth,
but that In due time ho should bring them
forth and translate them, Joseph said: '(
nin not learned.' and the angel said: 'There
Is the Urlm and Thuimnlm. and they will
show you how to Interpret them.' The next
enr, at the saino time. Joseph visited the
place ngaui, and tho third )ear he went,
expecting to Ret the recorus. So he raised
up the lid and took them out. And he
thought that somebody might come along
and see these thlnha (not thinking that
the Lord lnd watched them 1.IW years),
and laid the tecord down and loveied up
the box. When he turned to take his rec
ord tt was gone. The angel told him he
must persevere and must not give up.
Ho raised the lid again, and thero was
the record, Just ns It lay before. He
reached foith his hands th take It, and he
felt a pi assure pushing him away. He
tried the second time, and tho third time
he fell to tho eurth with the pressure,
and he cried In the bitterness of his soul:
Lord, what have 1 dona that I cannot
get these records?' Jloronl said: 'You havo
not obejed the commandments as yon were
commanded to. You must obey Ills coin,
mandinenta In eery particular. You weio
not to lay them out of your hands until
ou had tnem in sale keeping.
said; 'What shall I do?'
He said: 'Come
here next sear at this time and bring your
oldest brother with sou, and sou tan re
ceive the records.'
"In November my brother took sick, and
through the mlnlstcilng of medicine by
the doctors he passed away. Joseph went
to the place and Inqulied of the angel what
lie should do now. The uugel (.aid, 'You
must brlntr some person with sou' And
Joseph said, 'Who shall I bring I Sly old
est brother Is gone.' The angel said, You
will know her when sou see her.' That
fall ho wint down to Pennsylvania and
tec-ami; acquainted with his wife. Miss
Hale, and he knew when he saw her that
she was the one to go with him to get the
record. In March they were married, and
he brought her home, and on the --d day
of September she went with him to the
place. She didn't see the records, but she
went with him. lie took them up and
brought them part way home and hla them
In a hollo' log. My father, In a few days,
heard that they had got a conjuror, who
they said would come and tlud the plates,
Must Praise Hood's
"I was troubled
with Dupepsln, and
w.11 In such ft condi
tion Irouliltiotwalk.
tn week atler t
rrtnmcnceil Inking
lloml'1 bvrsaparllla
I Felt Bettor
Since ttklngtour bot
tles 1 am pef(crll
curcd-reter felt bet-
.S tcr In mr life, loan
orkhtrd.etl heart
ily and sleep well.
My wife s.iji there
HsMipitilh. Can't
Joii.t v. Mvriirtt,
hetp prilsln Hood's.'
Bullle, l'cnnjlvnnlt.
Hood's Cures
Hood's Pillscureall Liter 1IR IMIIoumcs
ConHlpatlon, tick llcadictic, ImllftrUlon.
nnd he came home Kmm.l was weaving
and he said to her, 'You will have to KO
after Joseph (Iorph was nwas at work),
for the- are deli rmlned to find them rei
ords,' Hhe stld, 'If I had a horse I could
n A few dnjsi before lint a. strnv horse
(we It id nothinir but oxen then) hid conn
to our pi ire, and father said, 'I will Ret
Son a saddle and bridle mid sou can ride
tint horse.' She went wheie Joseph was
at work and told him that the records vv re
In danger and tint father wan anxious for
hlm to come nnd take- care of them, Hi
came right home and went to the jd ice
where the records were, nil wranned them
up In his frock nnd slnrted home He
stepped on a log nnd i linn nlsni tip nnd
struck at him Joseph knocked hlm down
He slepped on ihe 50111111! nnd third logs,
and three different men struck at him. but
he made his escape and came home. When
he got to the door he slid, 'Kather, I have
been followed, look and see If sou can sec
nnvone." He then threw himself 011 the
bed nnd fainted, nnd when he came to he
told us the clicumstances; he hid his
thumb out of iolnt nnd his hand was vers-
1. ime. got a cnest ana iockcii tne rec
ords up in the house.
"I'rom that time on our house was
searched all around, and our Held and our
wheat stacks were seaiched The mob
was around our house nearly evers nlRlil.
and one night they went Into father's
coopershop and tote tip his floor nnd dug
the etrth up And front that time until
we went to I'cuusvlvunla we hid to keep
natch for Ihe eneins" And whin he Mini
to l'ennsvlvanl 1 he commenced translating
the Hook of Mormon and translatid some
lb; piges th it Martin Harris took home
and lost: nnd when mv brothir found the
were lost ho was vers- much troubled nnd
said, 'I am afraid I htve broken the torn
muniments nnd will not be nllowed to
transltto the record ' The angel came nnd
took the t'rlm and Thuminim fioin hlm
He fasted and prised several dav, nnd
the angel returned them ugaln nnd told
him that his sins weie forgiven, and foi
hlm to go ahi.id nnd translate, but not to
translate that that was lost, but to begin
where he had left off. He commenced, md
when be got the record paitls' translated
persecution rose there, nnd he wtote for
Oavid Whitmer to tome and take him to
his house. 1) tv id came, nnd he asked how
he shoubl enrrs' tho plates, and he was told
thev would be there when he got there,
In the garden When he got to rather
Whltiuet's he found the records, as he had
been told he would, nnd theie he finished
translating the Hook of Mormon, and theie
Is where the tluee witnesses were showed
the plates by the angi I, tint turned the
leives over one by one. And the angel
told them that when the church became
pure the rest of the record (some of the
plates wete sealed) would be triitslated and
brought to 'he church After that the
elpiJU witnesses iw the book, and turned
It over leaf bv leaf and siw the chni icters
that were on them l'loin that time on
thev commenced minting the Hook of Mor
mon, and soon after the book was piiniinl
there wete six that met together nnd or
ginlzed the Church of Jesus Clulst as it
now exists In thee last das,
"I was with the chilli h In the bcRlnnlng,"
sild the aged speaker, "and have been
with It all the wav thiough I have seen
he S lints driven like animals from place
to place, but to-d.is at over tour t.coio
veais of age. I mi with sou. happs and ns
firm In the faith ns at anv time ill my life.
I am glad tioil give me strength to attend
the conleienee 1 was told tn tell sou this
message, and I have' fulfilled the command.
And now, mas Ood bless nnd keep S'ou
faithful "
The spiritual feeling engendered hv the
nil ration caused one of the older brethien
from the Hist to bnak forth In .1 prophecj
that "soon the Lord was to break away the
clouds that have at times hung low over
the church and come again to reign on
enth "
With this another of the clderlv lidles
rtom Illinois who was wttn tne Mormons 1
at far West when thev weie located there. I
arose and told of the divine manifestations
of the correctness of the Hook of Mormon
that she had received dining her life and
the power and qualln ot her faith Others
narritid similar instances ami the spir
1 1 11 1 1 prevailed in 1 irge measure up to the
time the sermon at 11 u'clock began.
Orttc r of rneie b.
Much Interest was shown In tho question
of the proposed Institution ot the Older of
Hnoch, ns wns cxcluslviis stated in the
Journal scsterdas inoinliig, nnel when the
mattei wns taken up foi action at the
business session In tho afternoon cveis
delegate in the city was in bis 1 e it The
hostility 01 the leading men of the chinch
lo the mattei was .shown lit the out
set when Illsliop Kclles made a point
of ordei that tho question was not
dilutable, tho lemaiks were to be
made on the motion to refci. He
lost the point of oiclei, nnd then Illdei
J A Koblnson, of lndcpi 111I1 nee, made .1
rousing speei h hi favoi of the earls' set
tlement of the matter The question was
such a 0110 as ought to be cired for us- the
chinch, nnd tho authoilty having been
given In 1SW, it wns time for Its naitltl
Ho wa not opposed to the reference of
the matter If an em Is tepnit was foi in
coming, but he was opposeil 10 burs lug It
or dedajlng it fiiithet than was nceessais
It was Just thu thing to do to settle the
labor question and forever destiov the
monster 01 Interest Tiles had heard from
the lips of their vcneiable president that
ho wns onls allowed ten enin mote to
labor for tho church, nnd It was meet that
much be done In that spice ot time Theie
were ptovlsloiu lor the gatheilug of the
Sulnts nnd the distribution ot the Inherit
ance by lot, nnd It wns now time that
something 111 that lino should bo elone tint
tho scriptures might be fulfilled and the
church phued In tho attitude designed bs
the Creator.
Still there was opposition '" t'io eplsco
pacy, and nishop Kelley mule n point of
the previous iiucstion, (mil the mattei was
reterred It was shown vcis' plainly, how
ever, that In i-otiio matteis differences ex
ist even though tho views so different me
maintained good natuiedls-. between Hin
president and twelve on tho 0110 hand
and the huge bods of the chinch on tho
other, and that while the main body ot the
cliuith was ileimnilliig something new, the
otheis woie opposing It with snmo power.
Tho nldei nnd mote in .11 Ileal men In the
conference weio with tho number opposing
tho Order of Huocli, nnd gave for uusomi
that even u 11 was 01 eiivuie origin 11 was
very Impracticable, and not calculated to
bo successful In this day and age nf tho
world, It was nigueil that thu lilt-1 ot
Hnoch presumed 011 n millennium condition
or iiiiinauiiy mat 11 111 inn jei oniuiueii, mm
while It might be foi Hie best tn discuss
tho m ittei at each gatlieilng and encour
ngo tliu cultivation of the co-opnatlvn
spirit In tho individual. It was manifestly
wrong to Jeopardize the Interests, of tho
church In the matter by starting the older
at present.
Tho Ijunnnla compmy piactlcally failed
In the mission at that pi ice, und the lead
ers of tho churih look with great disfavor
on the plan, l'lfteen stars ago there cuino
to President Smith tiom a town In Iowa a
request lo come there and organlzo all
Ilnoch order nnd sunt the people In the
work. He replied that when they agreed
on the plan of operation ho would visit
them and nigaiiUe them us desluil. That
was fifteen seals ago, anil they hive not
yet agreeel on the lsisis of organization.
The 1 Ian of colonization us embodied In
tho order means much for ludependenco
when It Is finally adopted by tho church,
as It Is expeoted will bo done soon. The
order Is In punmanco of the plan and di
vine Injunction to gather the Saints to
gether and awnlt the coming of tho Lout
to dwell with Ills people, Tho sacied spot
to tho Saints Is nt Independence.
Added to that fact Is the proposition that
dining the waiting process tho commercial
conditions of llfo lit that place uro well
calculated to bo comfortable, and for these
reasons the colonization Is finally to be nt
Independence, In fact, some of tho Iowa
delegate!, are In tho city now for the pur
pose of looking for locations and expect
to settle there soon. While tho order was
not oiganlzed, theie was a big Impetus
given to the movement, and Its popularity
increased so that at the next meeting there
will be enough strength to effect the ot
ganlzation. Iteport on New Ustuu Hook.
A report was made during the afternoon
bs' the committee appointed to consider the
compilation of a new church hymnul The
enmmlttpA had been aDDOlntcd at the re.
quest of the St. Louis people, who were
very much displeased with the stsle. gen
eral arrangement and price of the present
book of tho cburcb. The report provided
msr. m
for the appointment of n , committee nf
three, composed nf .Mr. Ilnlph O Smith, or
Pittsburg, Vn Mis l li l!ecRiif of
l-nmnhln, In , nnd Mr, Arthur Mills, of In
ilependencr, Mo, In servo ns compllets nf
the new book, which l to he Iminul in
cloth, with 30 hsmns mu! lums nnd titty
other hsmns It Is tn be sent nut to meet
the demand such as existed In other
churches when the tlospel llvmns tame
out There wns considerable adverse criti
cism to Ihe plan for n new book, ns tho
friends of Ihe old hymn book helel out
strongly Tor It rlilms, while the souhger
men of tho conference fought In 11 lively
manner for th new work,
A resolution to move the nfllelnl publica
tion ofllces from Litnonln. la , tn Independ
ence, was Hid on the tnbtc, but secured a
greater vote thnn was expected, nnd will
be taken up for fllscuslon Inter In Ihe
session There nte mniiv people who nre
becoming favorably Impressed wllh the
Iden nf Ratherlng the Saints together, nnd
Independence bus Ihe friend", nlthntiRli
some are opposed to the too rapid work of
colonisation. ,
The nfin nf nilnlstrv rrnnrts wns ills
cussed, but, pending the dscuslon, the
president nnnnunced that the lite depart
ment wanted to give nn exhibition for Ihe
benefit nf thn ileloijnlps. nnd the confer
ence! wns ndjiiiirned nbrnptls to witness It.
I'ropnuniled by ( onimlsslotter I she During
Hue Scrgrjin! MrVrlRh
The Investigation of Tollee Sergeant Mc
Veigh, chnrged wllh Inviting Miss Linn
15. White-, of the Y, W. C. A nt l.lghth
and Woodlmd, to nce-oinpmv him 10 a
wine room, took pHce esterdnv afternoon
before the boirel nf police Commissioners
Mls While told a simple, straightfor
ward story of the alleged 111 inner In which
McVeigh Insulted her, She llrst iw M -Velgh
on the elnv In question at the drug
store on the corner ot fifteenth nnd
Campbell streets, which iw hail entered
lo telephone for nn express wagon After
leaving the elritg store, where McVeigh
had volunteered Ills services in giving her
In forma tlon rei-irdlng express charges ami
by linking inquiries over the telephone,
Miss White ssld she wis lpprotcheil by
McVeigh on the street nnd he Invited her
lo have wine wth hlm She hurried aw ly
from hlm nnd when she looked about, aft
er going a block or more, he wns nowhere
to be een. Her nccount of the affair has
previously been given In the Journal.
McVeigh appeared before the liird, ac
companied by r f. I'arr Ilesild tint he
h id never seen Miss White except In the
drug store nt riffi-enth nnd Campbell
streets. He slid he nnswereel hei ques
tions regirdlng expiess rates and called
up one of the express ofllces bs telephone
In Hint connection, hut p lid no further at
tention to her after "lie left the drug
store. W i: Miller, the drug clerk, tes.
tilled tint "Miss White went east on Tlf
teenth stiei't and that McVeigh talked
with hlm foi quite n time afler she left
Harry Drevftts, formerly an emplove of
the Christie Commission Cominns-. a
gambling concern, was called lo the stint!
bs Attornev Karr. and he te stilled that he
had seen McVeigh tome out of the drug
store and linmediatels' thereiffer boird a
west bound car Miss White, he testified,
went eistwanl on Plfteenth street
Chief Speers, Inspector Mnian and Ser
ge mt Mellon lid testllliMt to McVeigh's
lust goo 1 record -mil elllclenov ns nn oill
eer. Commissioner l's ke asked Inspector
"If Sergeant McVeigh Is not thought to
he the man who Insulted this lads', whv
was no attempt mule to find out who
did If"
The inspector slid he hid hcirel nothing
of It until the charges w ere m ule before
the board It w is the commissioner's opin
ion that the police department should hive
mule some lnvestlgitlon as to who did
Insult Miss White If the depirtment was
of the opinion that McVeigh did not.
Miss While was then asked If It was not
possible tint she might be mistaken ns to
the nun who affronted her und she re
piled In tin- negative "I am absolute!)
positive." she replied Mrs MeHltos .Mrs.
Chapln and Miss Hnblnson. of the A.
C A . testified that Miss White hid told
them the same story she hid (old the
bond on the day of her meeting with Mc-
VlK'1 . ...
The boird took the else under advise
ment until its next meeting
A letter was re id to the board from
President It L. Yeager of the lmird of
education, remonsti.itlng against tho
gi anting of a saloon license to Terrlll &
Itoss, .u the southeast corner of I.lght
eenth nnd Indian i avenue Tho s iloon Is
close to one of the public schools. Mr.
Yeager said In his lettef "Keep the sa
loons awiy from our schools Is mv motto
riuaid the bovs with all possible tare "
The boird refused to grant the license.
The board also refused to grant a llcenso
to sell liquors nt the notorious Coliseum
theater. Licenses for twentv-llve saloons
In other localities weie granted.
The next me-etlng ot the board will be
held April 22
Count) Court V III 1 ntertaln Public tlfll
rlals milt Pbysle bins evt
suture! i.v.
The judges of the county court may get
theli names 111 the sue lets columns ot tho
newspapers next Sundas Thes will given
reception to public olllclals, members of tho
medical 1 rale lulls anil to member of the
press next S itnreiiiy. Judge Stone directed
Counts Clerk Ciittendcti jcsterdiy to havo
the Invitations sent 0111.
The teeeptlon will b" given nt the county
poor f.um, and Juelge Stone sass bo wants
tho doctors to Investigate and the news
papci men to keep their 1 ses and eats open
and let tho public know what kind of a
pjico the poor tin in Is The membeis ot
tho countv court and those who go witli
them will be 1111 1 at Indepi ndenee bs Kami
from the pool farm mid diiven over theie,
where a dinner will bo served to tin m,
composed of products riowu upon thu
fa nn.
Only a few moments Is needed to prepiro
the llc-jr and tastv dishes In vvhfih Dr.
Prlie's"1lnklng Powdei Is use el. Tiny mo
stirprisingls tMle (oust.
do 11111 want aio.vr.v?
Hern Is the May Vim m Make 11 stnrt
Toward (.citing II.
Tho Commonwealth I.ind and Develop
ment Compins w mis to get every mm,
woman and child In Missouri Interested In
the sohemo In move the capital lo Se
dalla In order lo arouse this Interest vhe
eonipiny proposes to give overs' man, wom
an and child a chance' to make a big profit
on a small Investment
tt h is m ule nn Issue of bonds calling for
each and will sell these bonds for 111
each You can bus fiom one to five ot
these bonds and get back from JVI to 2i0
This should appeal to (vers body who has
laid aside a few dollars, for It gives the
en. nice to increase 1n.11 sni 111 saving, wiiu
no ehante to lose the Investment It lias
been pronounce! by bankets us safe, prof
itable and timely.
Mnrriago f.le eases Issued.
The following licenses to marry were
Issued sesterday:
Name. , Age
Andrew Skeen, Armourdale .'1,
Lizzie Parrell, Independence , :'1
Thonns Hickman. Kansas Cltv 27
Lucy Mayhew, Port Scott, Kas ....!M
frauds I) Itoss, Kansas City
Clnssle lleltett, Kinsas Cits SI
Hdward 11. Dalles', Kansas city -"1
Nelllo -May Deeds, Kansis City IS
Hairy L. Lemon. Kansas City 23
Msrtle Davis, Kansas Cty 11
John Ituukle, Kansas City ts
(leoigl.i A. Kne-edler, Kansas City 10
l.iwreuco Mulhollaiiil, St. Paul, Minn. ,..31
Hattle It, .Mackenzie, Kansas City . ..27
William S. Crust, Johnson counts'. Kas 3S
Kosa II. Hlakes', Johnson county, K.ls',..Ji
Dili Ic ( laiius ll Was Iteibbeel,
When J. i:. .Duck, an old man from
ltiliHcln. Kas.. was arraigned in the on.
Ilia court scsterdas-. on account of being
found in mi Intoxicated condition at No.
1J9 Hist Sixth street, ho told .1 tale ot
having been lobbed. He said he never
indulged lu Intoxicant. In his life and that
be was drugged and robbed at a soda
water stand 011 Main street. Ho t-aid the
thieves stole $t!"i unit a diamond stud.
Duck was allowed to leave tho court
loom without being lined, Tho police
place no credit 111 his story of lobbery.
Beecham's pills arc for bilious
ness, bilious headache, dyspep
sia, heartburn, torpid Hver.diz
ziness, sick headache,bad taste
in the mouth, coated tongue,
loss of appatite.sallow skin, etc.,
when caused by constipation ;
and constipation is the most
frequent cause of all of them.
Go by the book. Pills 10 and
5 a box. Book fice at your
druggist's or write B.F, Allen Co.,
365 Canal St., ISew York.
Assul ! ueit ItH IWWIuic
A ppui.m.v ttini: toit I'll, 1.0,
life nnd I'fTiilheln livery I nrin nf llils
t niumeiu itiiet Aiiiiiijlug ltlriict
Manv people suffer from nle, because
nfier irjitm the main lotion stives and
oliilinrnts without relief or 1 uie, hive come
lo Hi- conclusion tint 11 sum I it I npctatlnn
Is the onl thing tert to lis. and rnlher
than submit to the slunk an I risk 10 lire
bf an opertllon, prefer to sulTer on I'nr
Innately this s no longer tie rsnry( the
l'tranilil Pile Ctirei n new prep trillion,
cures every form of piles without pnln, In
convetilein e or detention from business.
It Is In the form of supposiiories, enllv
applied, nlisolulelv free from opium. Co
caine, or tiny Injurious ublnine whnt
ever, nnd no miller how everi Ihe piln,
gives Instant relief, not by deulenlng Ihe
nerves or the pirls, but ruber by lis
healing, soothing effect upon the congested
sensitive membranes.
The Pjrunld Pile Cure Is the mol ef
fective, the sifcsl and most extensively
sold of tins I'lle Cure Hint bin ever been
placed before the public, nnd this repula
tlnn has been rectircil by reason of Its
exlranrillnars merit and the reiouible
prlec ar which It is until, all ilritrclsls sell.
Ing It at So cents and J( per pukige, nnd
lit manv rases .1 single piekuge has been
A peron takes serious chances In neg
lecting a simple Crte nf piles, as Ihe tiotible
soon becomes deep seiled and chronic, and
very frequentls develops Inln rat li unrtirn
nble rectal diseases, like ll'llili and rectal
Anv drucRlst will tell von the I'vrimld
Is the safest, most satisfactory pile cure
'Vhe Pvromld Co. Albion Midi., wilt
send o anv address a treatise on c uise nnd
cure of piles, nlo book of testimonials,
IKIAI'll OP .VPI'P.At.s.
Several nf the Italsetl ,t.i nn ills llestored
to Hid I Igures.
The boird of assessment nppeils con
cluded Its work sesterdty nf lei noon and
adjourned without das. Onlv about i' per
cent of the li") taxpiscrs whne assess
ments had been rilsed over their reluilis,
nppeirtd to make mis' iirotest. The out s
who did appeir were, for the most pirt.
the small storekeepers and merchants
These Renerallv succeeded III making such
11 showing that their nssc'sttnonts were re.
stored to tho orlglnnl llgures. In one or
two Instance! th" origin il llgures we're re
dnced, not Mill- tint of the receiver fur Ihe
Iombird Investment Coinpiny 'Ihe re
turns In this case were IWUWi The boird
of assessots ralscel Ibis to ftVUMO '1 lie
honrel of appeals reduced the amount to
JiVI.OuO Inasmuch 11s so few of Ihe per
sons and firms affected appeire'd, the tot.it
change Is not consldeiabli'. The following
are some of the more lmpaitant clung 's
in ule.
Heckham. Mercer Co, rilsed to Jl'ioo
on person il property, no reduction, Anlt
111.111. Miller .V Co , 1 Use,! ft mu ,3M to Ji.f-.l,
restored to nrlRlnal figure, A. Ilenjamin,
raised fiom J3vo to "1,1110, reduced to J'oti,
Jlrulsti cet's, raised from ) to jnuim
red tired to $:,'': Ilurnham, llnnni, .M1111
gcr .X. Co. rilsed from JC mi) to !.li,i), re
duced to Jii.UUi: Coites House management
raised from $!" ' to SJe.l1"'. reduced to
:o,ODO. Mrs. C Corrlgan. raised from (2'0)
tn U'Hiuo. reduced tn fJTU), timers . Itlnl
Thasti - Co, raised from Id, I ID to tl. r)0,
reduced to J1O.O0O. T. (!reen Urocery Co
raised from JIS11 to t,typi. reduced to It. CM
McCunl, Xave Co, raised triuii nothing
to fl.WW, reduced tn nothing, as the firm
Is nut of business; James II Oglebas, from
Jl.fsW to $V" reduced to J.'(1. ltojai Tall
01s, ftom J.1J0 to fJeVm, reduced to J,"."l. W
J Smith, restored to j: i.70 from JIO,(
SnofTord Hros ' Drs' floods Compins, re
stored lo f from flO.nnO, Willi im Vine
S'.ird, restored to S'i.I'i) from $inr0. West
ein Union Telegraph Compins, restored
from J.11,0") to ST.,000. Woodward r.ixon .X
Co. raised from $100 to JJ,0ix, reduced to
(2 0"0.
The street rallwas' compinles did not
fare- so well as manv of the other ohleetors
In the case of the Ivans is Cltj Cabb' rail
way, the oilglual retain ot )js,t0 was
raised to $ISj("". The amotinr wns reduced
to jro.omi The Metropolltin ss stent re
turned J -'.10, which was raised to Jljoi"'"
and reiluced te J100.(X The Centril Coal
Company was left at $1" (mu the Adams Hi
press Coinpiny at Jlfjul, the Amerlcin at
flj.nl nnd the Wells. 1'argo at i', "VI Tin
Land Title nnd Ountantee Conipanv ami
Norman .t Kobertson will have to p ty on
Among the merchants who appeired and
wete aecoreled iv hearing ire the follow
ing with the results of their pie is
Tho Ameile m lllscult Coinpinv was re
stored from $.'0.il to $5,000, Arbui kle Hros
from $1000 tn $li)e): Centia! Coil Compins,
left nt ir,iM0, economist Plow Compinv.ie
stored to J.'.omi from $3,01, Olnsner .x. liar
en. misted fiom $1,000 to JIO.OOO, reduced to
$T,tfl, fioodvcir ltubber Compins, restored
to $t),7) from Slf'.tujQ; j. Hofmann, raised
from $.',9i"l to $10,00), reduced to Jf.tW, .Mc
CAirmlc k .Manufacturing Compins. raised
fiom $3,(0) to JJ3.0U0, reduced to $i..ui), Lleh
st.ulter Milliners Coinpinv raised from
JiJ.iWO to JlO.Oixi, reduced to ii.
lie itlis and I nut rifs.
Mis l'va il. Ollibs, wlfo of John nibbs
died scsterdis at .'id Hast Ninth Mri 1 1 nt
peiitoiiltls. John fllljbs Is einploscd lit the
postollice In this cltv The iutm.il will be
to-day at 10 o'clock at the Hales Avenue
mission Itev. Mi Williams, 1 aslnr. will
olllclite. The buiial will be in l.lmwoud
ceme'ters'. Deceased was 11 sears old.
The ltiner.il of Chirlts llavdeit Ciaig
took plain s'csicidav nlteinoon at .1 o'c lo k
at bis late home. JI9 Old stteet The n-liuiln-e
were placed in the funiils' vault at
l'ltuwood cemeti is
Thn tuncial services over the remains nf
Alexnndei Sweenev, the old soldiei who
commute it siilcldo Sun liy night, wire held
vesterdnv morning at 10 o'clock at Stewait
.c Carroll's undertaking establishment He
was buried In t'nlnn cnneteis.
Tho tune ml of Julia McDonnell, child of
Mr nnd Mrs John McDonnell look pine
sestcrdas at 2 o'cloi k at the homo IfAS Me
lleo street. Tho burl il wns lit St iluts s
An lutptlrs I rout the I ast.
An opportunity was furnished yesterdns
for the c'ommeiclil Club to 1m gin Us cam
ptlgn ot cutout ageiTient to m tniificturers
to locale lu this 1 ity ilayot Davis, who
rcturnid from Chietgo In the morning
found a letter In his mall from limrt,e
Martin, of Toronto, Canada nskim. if
this c itv is a good one for the e sfablislun. nt
of a f.u torv for the manufacture of nut
rors. He wants to know if there is mi. h
n fjiet.iit here and if furniture tninti-
factttreis or mints engage In gliss sil
vering to any extint Ita siss he Is look
ing for a good Amerlcin city In which to
iocite a fictors' The letter was referred
to the Coinnieicltl Club for answer The
resolution presented by Ilohcrt milium, at
Tiiesdas nlkhl's meeting, will furnish thu
btsls tor active work lu this case. Mr
Mai tin does not mention any bonus, ho
simply wants .1 good cits'.
r Inte If. T love it. and who shall dire
To chide mo for loving my bO.ODONT
I've used It, and blessed It, a thousand
times, .
Till my breath is as sweet ns poets'
rhs nies.
Till ins teeth are as white as diamonds
Oil! 11' precious thing Is my SOZODON'T
Sunrise Praser Meeting.
The Y. P. S. V 11 local union will hold
Us Jltster stinilse praser inciting nt tho
I'list Cumberland Preshytoiluii chinch
comer Thirteenth and Oik streets, at 7 .1
111. next Sabbath The setvlces will be con
ducted by Ml. II. II Pi Ut, president of the
local union All inembeiK of the Ilpwnrth
League and Young Pioplo's Iliptlst I'uloii
me extendi d a most coidlal ttivllullon to
Join with nil members of tho Christian Kn.
deavor Society In thlb I'asur service
Mill Protest Against I be ItaUc.
ilr. William J. Smith appeared before tho
county court ytbterdiiy and gave notice
to th Judges that he should nppe.tr before
thn boaid of eeiu illzatlon and pretest
against the recent itilse of his peisoual tax
Proof against misrepresentation ulwas's
Dr. Price's llaklng I'ondei, The ptople
know and like it.
Heaths llepnrted.
The following eleaths were reported to
the boaid of health sesterduy:
Kuutz, John W : aged 7 months; resl.
deuce tS32 Campbell street: April S; mtnln.
Kilts; burial In St. Pote-r ami St, Paul's.
Dwyer, IMinoiuI; aged d7 stars; iesl
dence Sprliifclleld avenue and I.ocnst strce',
A pill !; apoplexy; buil.il in ilount t.
Mais 's.
(llbbs, Hva il,; aged 19 years; residence
30.5 Hast Nineteenth street; April il; burial
lu Hlmwood.
Crulg, Charles IT.: aged 31 sears; resi
dence Old streets April 9; Hrlght's disease;
burial In lllmwood.
Sweeney, Ale-underj aged il yeais; resi
dence unknown; April 7: suicide; gunshot;
buiial In Union cemeurv,
McDonnell, Julia; aged I year; residence
ICOn Miiee street: April 9; diphtheria; bur.
lul In Mount St. Mnrs's.
Price. William il,; aged 3! sears; resi
dence 210! Vine street: April 9; bronchitis;
burial lu Union cemetery.
Jlirtli. Iteportrcl.
The following births were reported to
the board ot health sesterday:
Harris. It. 11. and wife: boy: 718 West
Eighteenth street; April S.
Cornelius. Richard and Kertha; girl; 1H.
Independence avenue; March 31.
Pknn Peter nnil lllen! t-lrl. 411 Pnmnhpll
I street; April 9,
Topcoats made to muasurc,
$20 to 545.
(fv leas If you wish to omit the rich silk
linings )
I3eauliful assortment of tweed
and cheviot fabrics and soft
lamb-wool designs; garments
silked to the edge, made to
order in first-class manner,
S20 and up.
Business suits to order, $15
to $50.
Trousers to order, ?4 to $14.
Largest assortment of fabrics
displayed in the city.
dimples milled
Garments expressed
Ninth and Main Sts.
St. louts.
Kansas City.
Nrw York.
I'ORTUNfl. Out.
In the Affairs of All Men,
Which, If Taken at the Flood,
Leads to Fortune and to Fame.
Look Out for ihe Tide.
Sow Is tlio Cliauoo to Make
the Start in Lilt'.
You Can't Lose and Can Get $50.
Wtinl-- to 1 tolp Von.
Buy jl 850 Bond for 810.
Write fur Itrtml-t nr Inform. ithm tn
Iteitilus t ami ft, lliiuKi r IMilc;.,
lUlttUIUV, ( HI, ! .N, itleimil II ml,,
M.1111,1 , HO.
PIANOS aro not surpassed
in tltuir piioial makuiip, and
when it conies to
V'liich is tho great essential
point in a piano ptirclu'-e,
tlipso "ood.s aie hardly
equaled. The now scalos arc
CMCcilingly svvent anil artis
tic. Tho goods thenis-elves
are dainty and porfoct. Como
and bee them.
1215 MAIN 8T.
Wo nlhei eel!
Ilaellon nnu
Nov nnj;lniiil.
i'uisi sr,M) in:si"
Dr. De Lap's,
fgif "-".
Itemeely lu BUeinrebjed or painful meiistlu
utlon. A 1'UhlTIVll iiiul biurtiutttcl rem.
etly to I'HKVUNT nuU COHHUCT lneKu.
laiities. Tlulr equal us tin eniinetjcmue
does not exUt. ua tliuusuucls of liainiy
women, both old ami jouiik. In all juris ut
the luitcl, eun testify, 1'refiuieil iiy tha
world reuovvnul unci famous Trench ih.
lclmi and suit, eon, l)t. Ue I.ati, uf rarls.
Frict), l box: li boxes, 15.
DritfiKlsts and Chemists,
1107 Main at , Kansus City, llo.
Bote aRenta for United States. Mail or.
tiers promptly attended to.
LC OflU OTIiIh renieely belli, lu.
jeeien uireruy iti ilia
went or llioeee OIHCUbm
or the Geulto-l'rluatrJ
Ui'saaM, reuutroM no
i'huue or diet. Cure
uuaiuutced lu 1 to a
dam. tsinallplaluuL-k.
Federmann - llallar, OruECtsts and Sol
Agents, m Mala at., Kansas City, Ms.
The Lncc Counters Arc Crowded With Buyers.
Figured Tnffetn Silks Checks nnd Stripes.
(Grain! Values, ii'JcShoult! bo 50c, 60c, 65c.)
KID GLOVES $1.00, $1,25, $1,50, $1.75, $2,00,
Easter Bonnets and Hats
l'nr beyond nil comnctllton Iti stylo, nt the -.nine tltno moro modcrato In prlco.
Eastor Cards, Booklets, Books, Novelties, Chickens
mitl ovcrylhlntf rlin you nro likely Ut think of for ntt Kri'itcr (iift.
Mrs. Humphry Ward's Great Novel,
can now ho found in ottr LJool: Dcpnrtnicnt in cheap paper form.
Sunday Matinee.
I.HK llteMttrnt eef thn rueerlt3
s. rirn
i w
In lite- lile-ly Illscitssoil Piny,
"The Profligate."
Hy A W l'lnent hv
Iescreil icats, Wc, 'M auci 1 00.
ivjarieT jawsen
Jolly Pete Baker
1(1-11 v.
1(1. Ml, 111
CoininoncliiK Mtmlay Mat.,
'tin. lIMIm.-ilMi.il Actrt.sv.
Ellslci; in "Hazel Kirk"
lint Unit Heik, "IKIItl".'
F.iturtluy "M it him ami lrnlni
JII, tin 1 uinotM
Gilmoic's Band,
As-ht-?tl U inntrivnr noloUl; mid th mar-e1iui-MIiI
plinUt riEIRUL siMdn-sOV
It'ser(,.l its Mr ', and f now onile at
tho Ilurliiminn tl k t "ill o Nnu li ami W mi
1 lu Dlsilngni-licil Article,
Miss Adci Cray,
In an J.litcnatu lit ileal of
house. East Lynnc
Fac Simile of the Genuine.
The Purest and tho Best.
V 11 Cl Aftltt, 1'iet J W 1IAIISCV, bee,
A. Aloat-iNsos.V 1'rci c,lt.Iti)i,i.tf-.,lrDa3
CAPITAL $200,000.
)Si Company
OB1 KRMSSJ3 Gl-Si-, HO. ,
Accounts, subject to clieelc nt ,
sight, received from individuals,
livius nnd corporations on tlto
most favorable terms,
Iiejml depository for Court and
Trust Funds.
Ants ns Kvpmilor. nn-irtlian. '
A.i ...t":..;. .- :.: w ..";
aetuililltaiui ...... ,,v.t.t..,e,,
aUo us liciiistci' anil Tr.iustur
A"cnt fur Stoi'Ls anil liomls.
GOLD MEDAL, Paris exposition, 1889.
I fS5 I
F. C.
A $40,000 STOCK
SALES AT 2:00 AND 7:30 P. M.
Ladies Spcciallj Invited.
Oldest and Original
in West Ninth St., Kansas City.Alo.
I.e-iilltiK .mil Micivsiriil bpe-ciallst la Illoii
Net tents anil U'luaty Iilstusrs.
.M,lt(,l III. lilt. ti, tih n, manr
Klfomy m tuptoni., cnriM.
l.osi ii.i.ii ii.rmancntlr rMtnroe.
sMliu,iMiirriI for Ute wltlioiit nn'rcnry
IKINAItV him:,iI. eure-il iiulcV.17 an!
w ill.", all orui:il rAILconsuli nr. II
J Wliltttrr tiiiilreerlMi Hie c-iuillu eiplnlou ota
lilij Hle'lan of Fxiiorletiita, bltlll ami Inti-erlty Na
protntti.-i niacin that cannot be fullUleJ.
Mi:illi IM.-. inrnlaliccl at utnall cot, anl
sent anjntirrei fceaipil. Tttiaimout tSLVI!!
.M.N I C . (I. II.
I Itl'l! ronsiiltatlnn and urinary ainljnlj.
fill I nil1 to li'altli auel oine-rKfnctfr .oal.J,
U UiU or 11 rcllt, ,t .,,,. nuuij, Fr.il
Lallor acldreulu contldenca
IOW.it MntliSt.,
California's Charm!
Yon must go there to discover ttl
'1 Iiq best ay becauia tho
quickest and nnd molt comforta
ble h iila tho
Santa Fe Route.
Ono day saved tn Los Angeles.
l'nr descriptUo lltorature,
v, r. a.,
AT..VS.K. It., I.
HA.Nlts CUT, MO.
Loentn IHoi. ,
Union Stoto
nil ll.rdn.re Co.
IK---r --!
fi're,-..'T"-'' '?
."Oiiiie... i,tno"li
Tools, Awnings, Flags & Covers
CuO ceronil-lianel tcntB for eulo elu'ap, all
EUes, ulinost new, ulto lumu lonnel tenia,
4u fiet, fit) trot, hi fret, In fctt nnel 100 ftut
tllnnutPi, ouioiiK iwiii, JJkW. u'0iv, .U,
W, JOxlOO and lOOxlW feet, Wrlla
."" '""'
,, . 1. t pi. JOJ Wi.niilr.lbl.,
-' " ' i.u
.Ull.ti. I It, 31(1
til ILL JlANUrAlTL'IilCtl 1U
But to bur li-antl you will get HlulU
orlslnal pjcU.gca go to
'u1 7 AT M

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