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Kansas City daily journal. [volume] (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, April 11, 1895, Image 4

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i STW.isiit:n im
The. Inn rue I I onipinti Publish r
tnurnil lliillillim, 1 r til ) m1 Will 11 ut M.
P MR). . pleS . ?C
8 ili.il ec
ii:LtKitBii itv cAitHtt.ni
Dail mi I 5tinta). W cent per wek, 4!
tents per nhtli.
Dalit ami Stmda. I yejtr ....
r iiu in l Hiintn, month .
Iiillc in I Stmita, 3 innriths
i iih mi I Huitilnr. t month ..
h lav inlj, 1 ear. .. .
. MO"
... 3 Wi
.. 1 0"
.. i
.. 101
W . kic loinnal and Aitrleu.lur.lt, 1
li n " mner .........
1 li' Mil mill So. lety
i in 1. liter . . .... ...
Ki t i nt itt Postotncp in Kansas f'liy,
M'i n Second rimii Mll Mutter.
M si i i,ton prlMi -For Oklahoma afirt
1 ' a i IV rrilor . I'aril cloudy, south
w i
i - Kansas- t'nsetllcd weather, vnria-
l Missouri Showers, warmer: easter-
l '
n-7iiela lit grateful fop small favors
iu'd nml hope to receive more and
rgi i ones.
hip who I keeping posted on the
moveinen' In Illinois cun deny
li re I Mm Itt In It.
Tl. counterfeiters of the postage
stump probHbly excited suspicion by
using i good quality of bum.
The , -dlrntlon are that the govern
inn going to get more trouble thiin
ri ime out of the Income tax.
(Jovernor MrKlnley talks eloquently of
Ilppublic.in history nnd of protection,
lut tights !"hy of up- silver question.
The supreme court tutd no trouble in
g tinig together on that part of the lu
mp tax clccliuii whirl) uxpnipt" Jililprcs.
The . nances me that 0cnr Wlhle
dui) t fiel Just as happy an a big sun
fljvvei th.it nods and bends In the
The Japanese people ore iliunk with
vi i .rv They do not want peace at
anj pi I.e. but chimin for more and
Bt enter triumphs.
rtovcrnor Moil 111 s.i.vs he will enforce
pi jhibttliiu wherever and whcnovei It Is
posjlido to do o, but he draws the line
nt pei forming miracles.
The fact that the new silver party I
making no headvvnv does not dispose of
the silver question bv any means It
ha jet to be met and s-ettled.
Since New Jei.sej has gone Itcpttbllc.iti
nnd made Lincoln's birthday a legal hol
lelav thro is no longer nnv renson why
it should be considered lt foielsu coun
ny It is ad to ee a handsome and In
telligent voting; American woman wed
deJ to a Chinaman. She might nlmost
as well tlnow herself nway on a titled
Alis-"Url came Into the Republican
column last November, and there Is
noihlns In siKht In any quarter to lndl
uiu that It is not Kolns to remain
The blunders of the Income tav were
rtiFCrteied and pointed out by the su
preme i ourt, but It was the Democratic
r.ni-re-s that perpetrated them. Hear
that in mind.
r i nut necessary to call President
( level mil and his party Incompetent,
for i hi lo.isim that the country shows
wlun it k.ips to the polls that it thor
ouKhl understands that fact.
ft. allzins that Democratic lulo has
ilun. .t. wornt, the country Is adjusting
list if in the situation and starting back
up Hi, bill to the plains of prosperity.
T in ait Koine to be better.
Wliai ("imptroller i:U;e!s ouRht to do
'- t tiii i some extra clerks until that
'vu - - I'liy bank receivership is dls-
l f There lc no use In a useful
i . i tilUnl tuiiriliur nervous prostra-
M t' Missouri leirlnlnture seriously
wants die names of members who ae-
epi. i in l bed thev may possibly be nc-
r n m . la led. fluveriior Stone Is not the
t i .i ni.i a to take much blunin?.
- ii-mry Cuilsle really wants to
i n i the senate he should get there
i. is possible. It Is not colrte to
i t.- till Kentucky quits sanding men
nii'Ie's political complexion to the
J Hi ites senate.
' . Investigation of Warden Chase
I ii. ast chapter in the history of re.
foin ' nas a Tupelo contemporary.
t. . ni't riU'Iur on the list? Surely
t... w 1 1. Held abomination Is not to be
juniil u.r without an airlns.
AVb u the Journal remarked some
weh ico Hint the public understood
tin 1iith and bie.idth of sane uorrup
i,i i ! Kp.jko niiaulsedly. The Krand
i n ral.lns up deeper depths of ras
i, inn than the uwr.itfo citizen dreamed
The Kupn-Mc c.iutt's decision gave
Kenntjr ivffir an opportunity to revel
In numbus ot eleven UKures, nnd the
penit r w.ih (imfcequently tumpelled to
c iine tu tht front It U the first time
he has '"-n beard from tdnco congiess
The Ai Kansas legislature has decided
that apittlntf in (i member's face and
drawintf a pistol to shoot him aie little
nubern-xoif! indlMTotlons not worth
notlclnt; Oovernor Clarke will not be
censured until lie dom somethlnt; really
Sen.it r Coeki ell's name v. not be
found nniunif those of couifremen who
told Karurn bciI ' Mr, Cockrell's states
m.inshlp Is of t)i.il hlKh older which
liri lets slip all oppgiiuulty to dis
tribute euily corn and Intuit .imotiif
ii I'mrin.' uiutltUL-nts
ilov rnor Morrill iiankly admit that
I' H niposiible to enforce the ptohlbl
lory law In communities where public
tent merit is opposed to It It lequlted
r line i ouruiiH to make an admlnlon of
this l.lnd and no other Kansas Bovttnui
has been b'.tve i-noufli tu come oit
publicly with ouch a statement. Mi
Morrill will uiidaublvdly be condemned
h uood hut impraellcal people for
Ms andor, but he will have fie nm
pd h and .t doncmeiit of tip nhi
appre ia e toe situation It i oiip tbnii
to ctand off and &jy, )hat uusht, to be
done, nnd quite another to itrnpple with
olitneps and overcome them A rule,
tlip le one know of n dltllcult 1 k lite
pniir lt nccompllshment s'em. fttnl
the less pntlence he hns with those wltn
d n it irnrtlly ierform It Instead of
Ivdm abltwl (lofenior Mori 111 should lit
prnlsed for his effort in behalf of the
law. for he hn In a few bttef mniiths
resetted prohibition frnni pinctlenl nlmti
tlonmeht nnd lestored It to the hlKhpl
tlnrrei' of onfot-cetnent II eei enjoyed,
op ptotmblv ever will enjoyIf a law
may be sold to enjoy enforcement.
I.ISI Is 1IAM1 Mlllti; sM()li:si.t Us.
The necessity for the establishment of
ttinie mnnufnetorleR In Knhsas City hai
tieeii rtcquctttlv pointed out, and lite
t'oinnterrtnl t'ltih hn ntrtde the ptopr
move in tnkliiB the mnttei up with its
etisloin try tiicr. Cood results cannot
but come from this net Ion of the club,
for the committee to which the whole
matter of mnntlfnctnrlcs hit been te
ferred, the committee on mniitlfnclures.
Is composed of representative members
of the club nnd some of the most sub
slnntlfll business men etf the city
There Is no icnsott why this city
should not In a few enrs become the
lemllhR mnnufacturlnjt city In the whole
Southwest. Its rnllrond facilities nre
unsttt imsserl It Is the distributing cen
ter of n vast commercial einpnp which
is PTt"iidln In importance every year.
The opening- up of new Inmls In thti
Southwest Is W'ldenliiK the horlxon of
the territory which In tmttirnllv tt Uni
tary to this city. Knttsas City must do
somethlnt? to keep pace with this mar
velous development.
Manufactories are the bone nnd sinew
if municipal frrowth. Instead of a few
thousand clerks engaged In Bendlni,' out
rood shipped from other cities, more
manufactories would brln here thou
sands of workmen, who would build
homes here and mnke room for moie
shipping clerks. There me not enough
smokestacks In Kansas City. The Com
mercial Club can do much to caue
more to be built, and in a few yenis
this cltv will be strongest where It Is
now- weakest. There Is no cltv In the
Pottthwest which offers better Induce
ments for the establishment of mniut
f.ictoiles than does ICnusns City, It I?
out duty to place these advantages lie.
foie the manufactttreis nnd they will be
ready to scire the oppnitunlty pie
sentcd Hut the Comnierel.il Club cnunot do It
all. It will leqnlre the united and hnr
tnonlotis action of alt the people. This
elty is on the eve of Its greatest era of
progress and manufactories nie the en
terprises which promise most In bring
ing this el. i in Its fullness. The whole
balers of the clt are In position to ren
der the city Invaluable aid In this re
spect. In being public spirited they will
diipl.ty the sound business seiihe for
which they me noted. This ih a time
for nil to pull logethei
tin: i.M'iiitiiM'i: Mir i .;i:..n i r.n.
The boom In the London silver mar
ket came to an end too soon for the
comfoil of the goldbug press Humors,
of the hctllement of the question of In
(lemnlt) that should be paid bj China
to Japan had It that the vast sum de
manded would be requited in .silver, and
immediately the price of the white
metal began to Jump. The helling llgurc
went up with such a bound tint the
news mis given In the columns of eveiy
gold howling newspaper in the land un
der conspicuous headlines, and edlloilol
eomments plainly expressed the Joy with
which the Infni mutton was received In
nntl-sllver clreies It wns held to be nn
evidence that sliver would take caie of
Itself If It weie but let alone.
"ft Is plain proof," said a I'hll.tdelphla
organ, "that legislation by congress Is
not needed to restoio Its foimer value."
It was not for a moment to be admitted
that the appreciation of the metal In the
market ns a mere commodity was duo
to the most venturesome speculation by
the gold worshipers theinbelves. "Let
the United States keep Its bands off,"
said nnother monometnlltst oignn, "nnd
the 1'Iuroean countries will settle the
question themselves." "A wonderful
revolution has been going; on upon the
question of silver In the last few
months," said still nnother, "and the
present rapid rise In price of th metal
shows the effect of it across the water."
Hut wlun do they say about it now?
No sooner did the nows come that the
Chinese would hnve to pay the indem
nity demaneh d by Japan In gold than
down went silver, showing that the
movement upwards wns entirely speculative-,
and that the change of senti
ment had nothing whatever to do with It.
These gold organs Ore mainly con
cerned at the present time in keeping
ihe question out of polities if possible,
The would like to hush up the agita
tion among the people us long as pos
sible beeuuse they foresee the inevitable
result of a political campaign on the
lines of n square issue of silver or no
silver. The Inference they sought to
confer as to the significance of the ex
citement In the silver market was un
watrante.i 0 the facts.
There ins been a Hi cut change of sen
timent OT the question of silver in the
Inst fnw months, to bo sure, but that
chuiiKu has come about from the pel
slhtHM ulseussluii of the subjeot. Wher
ever the people have listened to the
fiuu they have been convinced of the
blighting power held by the gold monop
olists, und that real prosperity will
never come buek while all vulues nie
dominated by the Intel ests of those
whose liKomc depend, wholly iihiii t-o
much pet tent. Agitation of the peo
ple's side of this great question must
nut be allowed to stop.
There appears to be some dnnger that
the whole west viaduct matter will re
solve Itself Into a deadlock, which will
menu that nothing at nil will be done
townid making this much needed im
movement. The reindict of Interest lit
the mattur of the .Seventeenth street -viaduct
teems to bu Irreconcilable under
pieaent conditions, with the stock yatils
company ah the stoim center. The pub
lic has nothing to do with the price
which uiiy ptoperty owner nuy charge
for u phMi of propet ty he may possess,
but the public is vny materially Intel
'"iol in the nttltud of the cltj tow.'tid
the stock .uds eompany and tawuid
the iiuj gi which thjt company has un
der wsy The Uty council Is the oiil
authority which can give the company
the right tu occupy the stretf the com
puny is .liking tu haw vacated It is
fot the company to settle with the
piopeit owners vvhooe laud Is to be
The vacation of lt stieet and the
otner streets asked for b the company
is a matter which vlt.illj concerns the
stock iinU tomp.ii and the city at
largo 1'iPtident M rs. i-avs the city
has ' ir p -iiver to l,c itt' ih tirst live
It in.uk' n Oi w ild be ulltiving
ihv company, to cnlarsc lu favilitica. it
the rleht nkp 1 fur h. the c mpnny is
not Rivtn be lb. i ity we mint remain in
our pt.sent place Kansas n(v wants
to I. 'lisl, and when Ihe situation Is
pn. tiled In this Kht the Injection of
the la luet miller nlnl the t rfoi I to
m-tke the utuntltitt of the right ,tke.l
for bv the t itnpiinv fnndltlotinl iisn
the nun i nliv building the viaduct be
come both Injudicious nnd unjut The
stork vtirds will be lioneflled ve rv con
slderably by giving It th right It t
asking, bur the city will also be im
nifHsiirably benefited. The company
hnulil be treated with fnlrnes nnd nil
reasonable favors nked should, under
the I'lrciuiistnnecH of this ense, be cheer
fully granted.
iiai.Ii mi: ham: as iitiM".! nit.i.?
The time Is fat approaching for the
meeting of the legislature In speclnl ses
slop for the eonsldeintlon of a ehnnge
In the election Inws, ami the other sub
jects limned In the pioclnmiitlon of liny
ernor sjtone. Jt Is ot the gienlest Im
Pormnct tlmt ItiiluencPM slioutd bo
brought to benr tipon the member or
both the hntie and sennto that will
compel n icspeet for the plnlti popular
will oil the subject.
The people, tegnidless of part, wnnt
honest election.
The desire for party advantage be
longs mil to dishonest pinpose". The
contention for the continuation of ar
bitrary power In the hands of the le
corder ot voters is merely u fight Tor the
retention of the menus ot finud. That
Is nil theie Is to It, and there Is no use
trlng to dlgulso the fact.
The St. Louis committee of public
safety hns ngitln titidcitaken to fintnc a
bill, which Is to be intioduccd simul
taneously In both hnuiet In the gulse
of ti non-partisan meanue. It lemnlns
to be seen to what extent the mpiisuie
to be proposed shall bear out the
avowed iiou-pnttlsan put pose, but It
mnv safely be assumed that no more
will be asked In the wny of u rcfotin of
the existing infamous law- thnn may be
Jusilv- demanded.
It Is tacitly conceded thnt no bill will
tecelvo the sanction of tlie senate and
the governor which shall propose to do
away with the olllce of recoi der of voters
or limit thy patronage now at his com
mand. In fact, concessions must be
tiindp to the paitv In power lu order
that any change whatever m.i be made,
lint the rank njul llle of Democincy
thioughout the state would nsk for
nothing cnlcttlnud to be In the lnteiest
ot fraud, nnd It It. with this limitation
In view thnt the itepubllcan members
of the legislature should enter upon
their duties for the coming e-slon.
They hhould Insist upon the right of
Itepubllcnns to ia upon the political
standing of thof-e who ate appointed to
repicsent Itepubllcnnc. at the polls.
They should Insist upon the right ot
Republicans to slnnil on a par with the
opposition In all privileges, for the de
tection of fraud nt the polls and In
counting the ballots-.
Thev should Insist upon a light to con
tiol their own party affairs, but that
does, not Imply a factious contention foi
any particular method or procedure.
The party that stands In the way of
a settlement of the question on fair and
honorable grounds, will suffer for It.
A COOD l'ltlM'tl'I.K.
The Illinois legislature is doing some
excellent iuttoducliig. anil if Its enact
ing iccoid kei'ps pace with the nieas
ui es proposed, some er good examples
will be set. A bill Is now pending in
that legislating providing for the pun
ishment of municipal olllcers who fall to
perforin the duties for which they were
elected. Any cltl.en may go before the
proper court and make complaint
against any city Olllclnl to the effect
that the latter Is not doing his .swoin
duty and has violated his oath of otllce
Evidence Is taken nnd If the ch.uge lb
sustalr.ed the first offense is punished
by a light line, but the s-eeond Is pun
ished by a fine of not more than ?2,00t)
There tiro manifest Imperfections In
the law, but the principle Is nil right.
There is nn opportunity for paitisan or
personal enemies to harass nnd Incon
venience otlicinls in the law n: proposed,
but if public otllclals knew that theie
was a law which compelled them to pei
form their whole duty In accordance
with their oath, the public service
would be moro elllcient. The laws pro
vide for the punishment of olllclals who
are guilty of palpable and llngiant mal
feasance, but there It, no wnv of hold
ing otllclals to a strict nccouittablllty
nnd pi-iformnnce of their whole duty.
The public oirlclal who takes a solemn
oath to peifotm certain duties should be
held to an observance of tht oath. If
there weie some such law here there
would not have been so muoh fee grab
bing nnd collusion vlth criminals as
there has been In the past. The gang
would have beeen unhorsed long ngo.
,v dmii: vm.i: nn.iNMMi,
Mayor Twlss, the new chief executive
of Knnsns City, Kns , presided over the
til st council meeting ot lil.i udmtnlstia
tlon Tuesday night, and, In taking the
chair, gave expression In a brief nnd
modest way to some Ideas ns to what
he ilelied and hoped might bo accom
plished for the fielvitnoetnent and ptos
perlty of the municipal!!. "This must
lie our policy," said the mayor, "for thu
next two ears to cut olf all unuec-es-sary
ejtpum,e and expend money only
for those things which are abbolutcly
needed fop the best Interests ot the city.
Wo aie in better condition to-day than
nny other city In this or an other state
that 1 Know- an thing about. The one
thing nec-esKiry Is to live within our
means until wu get our debts paid."
With such n platform as his guide,
and with the assistance ot so excellent
and competent n lot of busliiet-s men, as
coneededly conitltuto the piescnt coun
cil, to co.opoiate with and aid him lr
canylng out the policy outlined, there
Is every reason to hope that Mayor
Twlstt will make his administration n
notable Miecess, and that the next twu
years, will witness great ttrldes fotwatd
on the pait of the c mei-prlslng melrop.,
oils ot the SunlluwiT mute.
"I don't deny," sail lllbulm,
"That whlhl.y is my foe;
'I'll ;uli knurl n-u,liuii that I llkesh
The pultun mult ihio so:
The guoa book tiyih that we inn, love
our eiimls, )' l.notv."
The Top),u Capital Intimate iiuiik
wliot broadly that Mlssuitrl river water
Is not good to dunk. It U lrnposlbl
for one who has become accustomed to
Kansas diug store beveiage to lecognlze
a high K i dde ot dtinklng water when it
comes under his observation
That doctrine's n the "UU" class -
The one we tall Monra's;
Whene'er we t,aj, '-Keep olf the sras"'
-,ou bet oor tit.- it boos.
London jiril 1 Tup Hrittiih inu am
lias withdrawn from pubL ! m th-libra-i-
the book in us colic tiojl cjf whUh (Ji.
din ,UJJ lU tbie author, r -
AT tilt. I Itf Mltlt.
T) is evening ni the c tte np ri limne
Mnr . lliirriuah v 11 n li'l tlr-t slut
ilioc 'i.g(einent In tl u , tv The nni
Inir ot Alls tliirrone'i li i u limbic n
piel for the thenterroinR puti't l'lr
li is nn evcelletil .hup", siirroilmled bv
n noi eoini'sni, nnd then sh brings n
hew piny by A. M I'ltiero. nuttior or
"The Am-tron. -rhc Hec-ond Mrs Tnn
qnprny" nnd the intest Imdein pnntlon
"The XotoHou Alr Lbb.mlth," and oth
er more or ls fiirilllnr plns.
The llrl patt tlmt Miss Iliirruinthn ever
piaeil was lllailjs In "The llnjiih" at
the Madison sviimre thenter. Khe hml met
l.nw fence llnrrelt nt H,m l'rahehco, her
home, tmit recited beforp him and little
was expected to pome from the Inter) lew
llnrrett wns sparing in his eiteoilriiKe
ment, for he whs experlPined In thp dan.
gr of holding out hope to novices, but
he thought better of hi r than he choe to
". lie at onre trporlel In New Vork
'ei?kI1i,JH,,M' ,of ,n, I'roiitlsliig material
. i . J '"dl'cm Square theater was In need
Jt hJ?,c,r"1, of ",l" description, and tele
graphed for her to come on She was met
nt the theater bv ihe stnrr, hei lecltHtlons
weie ntlrnctnry slid she was eiignKPil.
(ir coiitsc teett.itlons with modem limn
H!!.'H,''P !I' K" vm' ri,r. hut thev dlc
leriied In her other lemeiiis. In the llrst
plii. e she bad n n eve that wns mil atnl
round, expressive, that eould blnre with
llie ami beam with tendrrnes. Thev ills
loveteil In her i eincitlonnl cpiiilllv, nlnl
Ihe einoiioniil drama w is Jut then the
one tliltiff that wn cultivated bv the
house, and In that line of pute emntion
she stands unrlvnled to-d.i When Mr
Wlllni.l enme to thl countrv Mr I'alnipr
pave her the puis second to him. atnl
lie sine eis he made I l.noien m nil
this season Mls llurroilghs dec Ided to
Mirt out ror lieisclr iitid hei tieecf Imf
been nip I gnitltylng In "The 1'iolllirale."
hy A I'liit'io. the celebrated lliigll-h
tlr.itun.tlHt It tell, the stor of a in in
who has ovn his vvllil oats with n too
Ilbirnl hand, nnd who b ineiuii of n
eiiielng in.iuner nnd a genl.il preienre
bus married a pine and lovlim -cIichjI Kirl
I iilueMiy ror, hi pence- ot mind, he reuiiv
rails In love with her after he had mnrrle.1
her. nnd it nvvnkptis n ennsdence In him
that l nil the more Irksome since It Ins
been hurled so long Wor-c tlll, his wife,
iiii,u',iiiBij-, iiiues i girl whom he had
wronged to their honu The wife Is nil
zeal to unmask the bi-tlnjn of the girl
nnd In one of the incit dintnitlt scene. In
the modcin drama she dl-n-ovi-is that the
villain she has deliouni ed Is her own
husband-the nt-in whom she hid woi
shlped ns a saint. A iiconcllliitlon, bow.
ever, takes place nnd the play ends hap
pily .Miss llurroilghs has a company of
Dr.'.' excellence It comprlxes. John 11.
Kellerd Louis AInen, Harrv S.ilnt Mnur,
,il!,.p.0'Ioro M- Ilrown. H. A. It-irfoot. W. II
vlllnt, John llowcs, Miss Knte L'-ster
Mnrloii Abbott, ):iennor Harry and Uilclle
The attraction nt the Contes next week
will Im At.ulc- ,l,inen, who villi .ipne.tr In
n comedy, Delinonleo's nt C," which
wns gree led last veai In all the large
cltlc;s throughout the eoiintry bj entlius
Insilc houes. Miss Jniisen is one or the
niot fnsclnntlng nnd popular women
known to the American -uikp. MIs .Inn
sen Is voung, coinolv nnd inau-netlp. There
Is i dash and sparkle about her acting
pei ullarlv her own, nnd her personality
Is cnptlv-ittng The great Coiiuellti, her
.enn aiiiiiircr, nas pronounced tier the
best of American soiilirettes, nnd the c n
thuslastli rollowlng "he has wherever she
is known seems to Jnitiry this high praise,
rhe pl-iv. "Delinonlco's at 0," Is said to
be it bright, meir corned. It l t.ipld
and uninterrupted in (u Hon, the sdtuttlons
aie novel and ludleioiis nml the fun i
continuous. .Mls J.insen's role Is that of
a vaudeville queen who Innoeentl nnd
iinlntenilonnlly entangles a married man in
her ch.iirns and then punishes him ror
his pieumpl!on AUs J.insen Is upnort
Pd bv n tlrst-ebisj, cninpinv or coinedl uis,
ineliidlng I'rederlc liond William Korrls,
Clarence Heritage. Chirles Matoii, tltate
Huntington and Hope ftos.
Comnieneing next Sund.-i nrternoon nmp
niller itnl her cojnpanv will be the week s
atttac tlcti nt the Cr.tnd opeia house The
periods or .Mi's Htlsler s appearance In the
cltv are ilghtl) conslileied or the
(liolrest oITeilns of the dramatic bcason
The abilliy and M'neial excellence of the
oiganlzatlon Is well known, nnd n for
Miss i:ilsl( r, she l knosvn to be one or the
most chniinliig of our nitlve-born neticss
es. Past visits hnve made her u warm fa
vorite. The fact that she will he spt n In
her orlclnal cre.itien, "Hazel Klike," will
be gnitlflug to her mlmlrer, who retain
very pleasant memories of their llrst . .
quaint nice with the actie In this, hpr
e.ullist ueee This line domestic plat
will be pre.emi I the tlist four nljhts and
Kiiiul.i and Thins, lav in itlness The bal
ance of the week ' lorl,' Kobert Drouefs
Miiccesaful plav, will ogaln be speti Mi
Prank Weston ind itobcrt Drouet nie
bun witu .mifs taibier,
"In Old Tenicscee," next week's attrac
tion at the GI11I-- is itronglt remlnlsi i nt of
the dah befoi, the lite unpleasantness,
of the Uas whtn the negio was not alto
gpther iinhnpnv in n state of bondage If
some or the hl-t. rlanc or the events that
trans-plied In Uiom davs conllne tbeni-plves
to facts. At nny rale the pin, "In Old
Tennessee," deals with the subject ot mai
ler and man tnul introduces as the central
character or an altogether Int. resting
stoiy. old I'ncle Tete, who has been the
r.ivorltP slave of two generation" This
individual makes his appe.ir.-uue on (lie
scene with a stolen chicken, and upon
encountering his master he hidps the bird
under his vest Notwithstanding, the char
acter has many ood qualities dlsplaved,
nnd tin old dnrke-'s many comicalities fur
nish fod for merriment
Mr, ltudoir lilt liter will give a concert nt
Mason H Hamlin's hall this evening, ns.
bistfd by Jibs I'attl Ilohnnnon, All's Coi
nelid Arip), Air. H,ttr- Haley and Airs.
Jennie Schulu The iirogramme will be
a follows.
Sonuto op 2 No 1 "Allegro and Adagio
lllcethoven). All It. Itlehter.
Uaritone solo "Prcuijis" il)e Koven),
Air Harrv Haley
Voial duel "I reel Tny Anssel frplrit"
(Hoirmnn), Atiss ltohannon and Air Ilnlev
(a) Aluoiirka (Hclievcrria): (b) Noc(urne
op, 17 (llrasslni; fc) Valsu Allgnonnt
(Schutt), Air. It. Itlehter
Soprano holo "Ilestac " (Ardlti), Miss
r.ittl Ilohnnnon
Violoncello bolo (a) Adagio op. 55 (Unr
uled), (bj Abendhed (rtehnltzler), AIlss (Jor
neli i App .
(n) "Spilng Son.i" (Ifcnelt: (b) Im
piomptu op ;i, (Chopin), (O Alnrch and
churns from "Tuiinhausei" (Wagner
Liszt), Air. It. r.lclitcr.
To-morroiv evudng Mr. A O. Ilnuer, di
rector of the Central College of Aluslc, will
give a plniio recital at Alason .t Hamlin's
hall, assisted by AIlss. (ertrudo Clarke, of
I'liitral eollege. The following prograimne
will bo olfereil-
Sonate op :.i (WnbUteln) (llecthoven)
Sihuizo, r minor (Schubert).
"Dance of thu ilnonies" (Seeling).
Hero use (Chnpln).
l'olonaie, A Hat major (Chopin),
Concerto, A minor (Schumann).
pec-uiici pmno uy .uiss. wiari.c.
The opening n. rformanee of Alliis .lnt en
In "Dvlmonlcnk at i;," falling on L'aster
Alonday, the management hns decided to
give a souvenir on that rn i union, it will
be a sterling s-llm glove buttoner, at onco
luniltome and useful, nnd each lad In the
niidienii holding a ticket of the value of
": or more will reeelve one,
The nttinctlon at the Ninth Street next
week will be Ad i elmy la "i:.ist Ljiiue,"
a Mai nnd pla fiimlllnr to even theater
goer. t .
The flint of the nmneious musical events
that will come In tloe tan-cession thu next
few weeks will be the concerts by the (111
moic bund, at the Awlltoilum next Satui
il.iy afternoon and evening. The soloists
will be Alme Naiall, s-oprauoj Victor Her
bert, re.liut; Aldl. fleiey, auto-harpUt.
ami little- l-rleda Slmonon, the wonderful
ebllil planlt Seats aie on bale at the
lliirhngton ticket olllce,
Thu sale of seats for the Thonins oiehes
trn concerts at the Auditorium next week
Is piogiisalng einli day and theie U eveiy
Indication that the ittttiidauoe will be
Luge. Tlieie will be three toneeits The
soluUls, tleneviu Johnstoiie-lllshop and
lit-oc.-e llanilin, mo both distinguished
I'aul Alexandci fnhtistone, the wonder
ful thought te.idei. It to npjiear at thu
Contra opeia Iiuumi hundjy evtnliig. und
his uiilciuc. cnuitalnmeut will furnUh a
rational dlvriKlon not out nt kieulug with
the du Bltudrulded he leads tin thouuhts
of people In this uudluiice, llliile hldde-n nr
tlrlrs, enacts dramas, uealls Incidents
tells Hie names ui songs that are simply
thought of and perforins many other in.
teiloiis feats thul cunuot be txplajnt-d. al
ilioiuh Le Ijjs. no claim to asulsunie from
the oilier world
Sunda e'liuurt ut Trmi.t I'uik.
If the weather is piopllluus, Tioost pull:,
tho gient poiiuldl- HUiumer lesoit uf Kun
sas Clt). will be luforiuall opened next
Sunday with a concert, for which a full
baud has been engaged The puik U begin
nllig no'v to assume its wonted level ap
peaian Alane iniproveinents have been
planned foi Trooi ihl- i,u and Hip leg
nlar nroiaiimie oi cctirai tluits. whfih villi
soon open up, will bu the Unit I eyer pie- I
senttU la Ixdina CilXi " ' .l
t.tiMtit inirsi: tin i. in t ( k n iix
in lilt: itnvisiiix iiiiiitxAsci:.
I'liiu In Mfllie Ihe I'nllrp 1'itfie n Niin'l'iir-
tl ill OrcniiMtliin-A Mentiire I'm-
vldliig for the Appointment of
l.lrttlnu Clinltpiigrrt,
llv a vole of 1 to !t the lower houe a bl
ed an amendment for the appointment of
n board of police eommllonrs uti-ltr n
new- charter provision to the ordin tin c
rslllng nn elei tloii lo pns on the water
work nnd paik Amendment. pp I bj
th upper house- lnl night. The ordinance
w then referred to the public Improve
ments committee for further eonlilrii
tlon The action wns not unexpected, a
('oiinellin-in Ilrown notified the committee
that he would offer hi police board amend
ment as oon a the ordinance should
properlv come before the lower hotie
TIip house nlo pe.sed n resolution re
dtlng the rumor that Councilman Aljtmt.
of the Second ward, Is not a resident of
thnt ward, and tunning it committee b
Investigate the champ and report to th
beiiisp. The resolution was opposed v Ig-orousii-
by Councilman lttcgcr, but It wns
adopted by the same vote which amended
the park and water works onllnntii e. The
ie"olutlon was introduced bv Councilman
olon and supported by Ilrown and Olson
l'he house cleat ed off n lues or street
mailing and paving ordinances and le-rt
the budget emptv with the exception of n
few inensuies which passed the upper
e otinelltnen lendergnt. Alornn. lliown.
Megan, ltleger. Kldvudl oNon. Craig nnd
s-penker Sinner were piescnt when the
roll wu called During nil of the pre
liminary business, when the paving or
dinal)! e were passed, Cotincllmntt Mount
occupied his seat und voted nt every roll
tall. A soon us this business wn ills
posed of the resolution wa lend and dis
cussed. The ordinance opening Seven
teenth stieel rrom l.lbertv to lloll. In
preparation for the propose-d Induct, wns
Missed with n rush The ntmtMnriutlnn
ciked for by the health department for
the hauling of garbage was leferred to
the ilnauce committee
Councilman ONon then offered bis reso
lution lo nntne u committee to Investigate
the member from the second ward
The resolution Is ns tollnws.
"VWtiie-i, It 1 alleged thnt the present
member ot thl house- from the Second
ward, John Alornn, Is not a resident of
that ward, nnd If the fact be that he is
not n resident of snld ward, then he has
by the (.barter, forfeited his ilsht to rep
resent snid want In the council, and,
"Whereas, The s-tid member hn been
Indicted bv the gland Jttr.v of Jackson
county. Alo., for pirtlcipitliig in crime
relative to the lust state und countv elec
tion, ns U reported In the newspapers,
therefore, be It
"lti'tolvcd, Hy the lower house of the
common council of K,inis ('Itt. that n
committee or three be appointed by the
peuker ot the house to inquire Into and
Investigate the fuel and the law per
taining lo tin' nbove mentioned ehurge
and leport upon such charges for further
action of the house "
As toon u the l, solution wns properly
berate the houte Councilman l'endeig.ist
said be ould not spc Its object lie had
knowir.or. Alornn ror rout teen ears and
lit nlw.iv livid In the Second ward. So
rur a the charge that he had been Indict
ed was concerned, everybodv knew that.
A mun wa presumed to be innocent until
proved gulltv unci the house hud no busi
ness inquiring into Ibis mutter nt thl
Councilman Olson said the resolution wns
culled out by the- icpoits that the coun
i ltmnn from the Second ward was not n
resident of that wnrd, nnd consequent)
not entitled to a stut lu the bouse It
this was not coriect it sMiould be made
known ir true, then the committee should
rcpoit, that the house might act
Councilman ltleger thought the m itter
should be settled tis'ht theie. If nnbol
had any chatties against .Mr. Aloran. he
should lu lug them Into the Iioiisp and have
them proved or dbpiuved All. Aloran was
prebtnt nnd could epe.ik tor hlinseir
Coiiiic lliiuui lliown said the resolution
showed no malice aK.iinst Mr Moinn The
.bulges contained in It hnd been made
public It- nnd It was due to hlin thnt they
be Investigated As to the charcc or In
dlclmnit it was the right nnd dut of the
house to Ivnow ir such things weie true or
IN membeis He tboucht It would be no
rellei tlon upon Air Aloran to have Ihe
committee gel to work The delstle was
closed at this time and the ieolutlon
adopted by the rollowlng vote
Axes Olson, Cinlg, Ilrown, Kldwell and
. it Illpgcr. Ilpgnn nnu rendergast.
NoL Mitlnir Aloran.
s-penkci- btonei appointed Olson, Crulg
and Klt"-er us the investigating committee
with Instructions to repent us soon a
practii able The 1 ominlttee will eel lo work
at an earl day nnd will .summon wit
nessies Pending the rending nnd passing or the
park oidlnauce the lowei Louse took .t re-ii-s,
l'riends of the measure' strolled into
the chiiiiiber und hundred unxlou-dy h to
Us probable fate When ihei learned thnt
other amendments would be offcieil the
left Whin Ihe ordin nice was reported
from the upp. i house und had been lead,
Councilman Ilrown ottered an amendment,
to appoint the police boaid under chaiiei
provisions It provides tf"at the muoi,
pn-slde-nt of the upper hou-e and speaker
oi the lower house shall constitute the
board, givis them power to regulate all
matter-e of police In the c it ; make s the
roice non-partli-iiii, b dividing the olllcers
and men between the political parties; reg
ulates and lOtitiols iltamshop matters, and
In r.ict, takes ever thing now In the htinds
of the .stale' board nwav from that Iwnl
Speaker Stoner held that the offer or this
amendment could only be made after the
question of the suspension of ihe rules
and the placing or the oidlnutue on Its
set ond readfii't had been eh retted. A mo
tion was nia'ie to suspend the rules to
choke orr the amendnu nt iindi i this rul
ing, but It was dereali'd. The - aker then
cntei tallied the motion to am ml.
Councilman Ilrown said that the ordi
nance should be sent to a "Oinnilttee le
fnie It wns Until! passed. The subject
mailer was veit- linpoi lain. The pi ople
want to know what the puik law Is htroie
thev vole on It. The main objection, as
he found by luquliy among the p. ople,
was that II theie- wis objection to nny
ppei Itlc M-i Hon or the umcndiui m they
would be roiced to dert.-u the whole thing
In ordei lu strike the objectlon.il lenluie
Councilman Kilwell said thnt so rar
as these two amendments werp concerned
the revision committee was. haimonlous
All .igieed that they were or the grent
est Impoitnine lie especially uiged 'n
In the matti r or the water wntks measure,
as it was absolutely nuis-an lo ppss It.
lie thought thi oidliiuiice should ba re.
feoed Mr. Ilrown sinld evirboclv was In favor
of the park amendment In order that It
should be passed, he thought other meas
ures Just as liupoitnnt shuuld be added.
II thouuht this could he best done bv
the Incoipoiatloii ol an nmeinlment for
the cii'.itlun of an nli'.ilutcl) noii-p irtls in
police torce, ills amendment provided for
(Ids in full. It was iih vital as any one
ot the others'. He moved Its adoption. Air,
Ci.ilg sit untie.) the motion
All Olson did not want lo go on record ns
iikumsi pirns, ue woiiia ntvor tnein ami
would favor the aiiicndimut, but he could
say from peisnnnl experience that the
Kansas City police foice Is well drilled
) borne K.'tlct umtiiol that the mt-m-bus
know when nml when not to liy on
the i lub lie hud seen oplieis allow the
right gam; on election rt.i to use phtols
to intlmldite pusons opposed to gang
riib'. ami had ulso seen them nriest the
nun who were not at fault In a row, slm
pis but uise they were not on the right
dde politically He said that people de
mand a police forco which will give pro
lection on both sides
.Mr. Kidwell said that the amendment
was lu the line of good government, the
question must Interesting to thu people
at the present time, H thought it would
mid stii-ngth to the nthers.and should be
made part ut the oidliidiict..
All. lliovvu said It hml been reported
that. If, tho amendment were added thc-ie
would be a dendloil. with the other bouse.
He did nnt see why tills should be so
He saw the president of tint house nt a
muss meeting at Turner bull mid be had
deilaied for bomet iuli. Tin. -net-ting
uskid for Chief Upeei- head The pirsl
dent had nut recanted this expression, til
(hunch Air, Hrotvn had waUhed for it
He thought the upper house would uc t a
guod cllUeus and In noway Inject politics
Into the question. The roll cull rtsulted In
the adoption of the amendment by the
follovvinif vote,
A -s lirpwn, Craig, aijon, Ktdnvll. Air,
Speaker Xayi ftluger, lteagmi. Moran.
Air, Ilrown then offered an aniindintnt to
the ordinance not to be submitted as a
chatter amendment, nnivldlng that the
ma or und six members ut each house
hu)l have potter to name challengers to
watch and challenge voters In uuy pre.
llnct at nny election und to remain Inside
of Ihe votliiir booth until the li-tuiiu me
made up. 'l'he penalty Hxeil Is a line of
nut more than rM Inipilsonment hi the
workhouse not more than one vear, or
both. It was leferred. with the ordl.
name, to the public Iniproveinents commit,
te-u and the house adjourned.
In the t'pprr llouti.
After tho transaction of otbei business
.tils upper bouse Sf iht council lut nlsa.. .
passed the orillnnnee providing for holding
n special election On May 31, to vole upon
lliti. amendment to the Itt e h.itter The
f i st amendment provides for ts'iilug boi is
to purchnse the witter works tb sp .,n I
provide for the Mention of a in tv Is'St I '
paik i cimntlssleiner and the In) itig out 'f
Im Ik mid bnulPViitd distil, t and the pur
i hae and niidemniitlon of Inn I r r park
and boulevard purpose The nn, in) inch
I Intended to Tetnedt defect In the law
under which thp present board was ap
pointed The llilrd amendment provides for
change In Ihe milliner or collet tltig tit
When Cltj Cletk (Irnhnm h.iit (Inlshel
rending the nrllunnte Alderinntt Shlnnl k
moved thnt the rules lie ustinded and the
orrtlnincM tend the 'poitd nnd third tlnu
b It title and pneil
Aldrrntnti .Morrison said lie wns Unable
lo cliisrlt follow the clerk while he w
tending Ihe until. iince nnd that thrp weie
fl lltllnber or Its ,m (tons Hint he did not
full tinderstiiiid. He had. however noticed I
during the rending that some of the appro
priation Weie to be tniide out of the gen
eral fund foi pnik nhd boulevard purpose
nnd that the park board wns nlmost glv
(i) equal powir Willi Ihe council 'I inn
not vet prndy to vole tor the ordinance,"
snld he -1 vtiitil to tnke lime to tend my
com or It inrrrullv-
Alderinnn Shlnnl. k salt the committee
that prepsreil the ordinance had spent two
weeks considering the three nmendments
nml hnd lotisiilied In regard to them with
scleral prominent uttunip nil or whom
told the member or the committee that
the amendiiients were valid The patk nnd
boulevnrd nineiidment, he snld, give the
council mote poller llinn previous park
and boulevard laws nnd uidltinnce He
hIo snld that no motie eould be used bv
th pnrk Itourd out or the general fund
unless It nn n pioprlntcd bv the toiimtl
Alderman Mmgtiti nld. "1 inn ready to
vole rlcht now on the orillnnnee. It Ins
been before a competent committee nnd I
hope It will go through nt otite."
'lbe ordinance via then pissed by n vote
of 7 to I The negative was Alderman
Morrison Aldirmen Wjnne nnd Johnston
weie absent
I'Poti motion of Alderman Shlnnlck the
uutl-fiie lunch ordinance, which wu
passed by the loner house, was lndellnltely
Ost polled
Ordinate. c providing for the paving of
Hlikoty trert, from St. Loul nveiiup to
l'lfteenth street, nml approprtntlng 51.500
tor the lemovnl of uurbagc, were passed.
Tin following ordinances were nl"o passed
Appiopilutlng JJSI to put nn Iron fence
in omul the south purl of the market
square, aiithorlrlng the elty auditor to cm
plov sue h iiildltlotiul help a m.i) Is; ueces.
s.irv to extend the clt) tnx books, sprliik
llnsr W)uiidotte street, from Second to
Ninth street, Womlng street ttom Sev
enteenth lo LIK-rtv street, Wall street
from Seventh to Ninth slteet, Sixteenth
riMcct from Orand avenue to Holmes
stree t
Aldermnn Alnrgnn voted no on nil these
spilnkllng oidlntince. He said the price
lo lie paid wns too high, nnd thnt he
would not vote to hnve u single sticet
rfptlnkled until u lower pi Ice could be ob
tained While these oiilltiunce weie being
nc ted upon President Tlern.in wns nlwent
and Al.Iirmnn Shlnnlck wns in the ihulr.
Another ordinance, which provided for
spilnkllng Haltlmoie avenue from Ninth
lo Tenth street, was lead Aldermin
.Morrison voted with Alderman Alorgnn,
and the ordlnnnce was lost beciuse onlv
live votes were cast for its passage A
number of other sprinkling ordlminces
weie then read b) theli titles and were
referred bv Acting President Shlnnlck to
thp public Improvements committee.
ir Decision I. it Hindered In llnlliil Hut
fuse To-iluj llie llnind .lure Mill
He Adjourned to ,Iiiiii.
John Aloorc, who hns Iip( n tore man cr
the gi ind Jury ltu e it began its de libel a.
tlons was exelled lu Judge WoITnr'I t--teidav
and J L Coites was uppoint si to
till tb. vncanc Samuel S Meillbbnns whs
elevateil to the position or foreman
'the fur investigated the slabbing or
Hunt Arthur b "I'lnk ' Hilt, mil a
nuinbir ol othn cases or the oioliir
. rimli.il nature an I then resumed the In
1 1 -.t. gallon or the election fraud. In
formation had icachcd ihe gland I lit rs
Hat out of the Ninth ward g;ang bosses
ha I in hi- fios-e Inn complete, copies ot
the leglsiiatlnn books in that ward nnd
thnt he and the- gang- bosses In that ward
had obtained them trom (Jus D Welch, a
Job pilniei who printed Ihe lists Air.
W I'll h whs before the gland Jur and de
nied the until of the statement. A num
ber of oilier iHUcns who were believed to
bo able to throw light upon the election
crookedness In the Ninth waid were ex
nmined SNOme of them gave very Interesting-
und criminating testimnlit.
The grand Jury villi make a report to-dnv-unless
thi supreme conn dec Ides the Re
corder Arnold contempt ca-e. Judge Wor
ford sulci M'sttrdav: -'I shall bold the
grand Jurors until betwepn r, and i: o'elock
to-morrow nftei noon, and then If I do not
hear that the Arnold case has been decldPil
I shall adjourn the sittings of the grand
juit until the latter part of Ala or earlv
In June I will do this in order to give the
supn nn i ouri time to render it decision
In the Vrnidd case it Is mv intention to
hive th's giand Jury linish Investigating
the election frauds. I have never seen a
beitei giand Jin The men who . oinpose
it are all cllftens who nte above ltpioach
and whu cannot be approached sunes-.
fullv 1 will bilng them together again
arter ihe Arnold ens,. h decided and will
hold them until thev- linish the election
lrainl investigation if it tukes unill Clulst
inas "
A KIIMIC'KV lir.ltT.
.Missouri ltr.it I'stiito told to
Heme this ult.
itlsfy It,
Judge Scirrllt is listening to the trial
ot the case ot Airs i;a (3. Smoo( agaln-t
deorge ii (i.nreti shc-ilit of ll.irton coun
tv and otlu rs. The suit is lor M ilnm
ages upon the heilns linnd, growing out
of the InillfH sale or leal c-late. Alls.
Smoot hnd inherlte 1 the e'lnte from lier
brother and held It lu her own tight All
the panics were Kc ntuikliins, and the
she nil's sale was under execution based
upon a note given b) Airs hniciot and hei
husband In Kriitm k I'nder the liws of
Kentiiekv her rial estate would huve been
exempt lu uny eu-e but as it was In AIls
souil the sheriff sold it to satisf the ex
ec utlon
Airs Smoot cl.ilnth that she was never
leg.ill setved with notice or the proceed
Ings iiiidei whl'li tlie execution wns Issued
ami tint the sherlir made a tube return.
This latter Is the iiuihtlon of fait being
tried belorc Judge rkuirltt.
One Cent llamigrs.
The Jury In Jndgo Dobson's eouii brought
In it veidli t jesteijlay for the plalnlitf lu
the libel suit ot Julius Llske against L.
Stephenson ilui the vetdlet was a very
modi-rale one the plalntltf'h damiiges being
assessed ut 1 cent Jlotb the panics me
fuimers, living south of Wesipori, and the
defendant Is said to hnve lemirki'd ihn
he believed Llske wis the part who stole
hams from his smokehouse Air Llske
conslileied himself and bis reputation dam
aged in the sum of J.'JiOo und sued ror th it
amount, but the July placed a different
prlco upon the offense The verdict re
lieves the plaintiff of tho p:i)inetit ot touts,
No Slonl to Step l'ion.
A Jur in Judge Hobson's court Is consid
ering tho damage nise of Airs .Manila
J Alarshall agalnit the Hurlitietnti com.
p. my. Alrs .M.iisli.ill wants ilJ,ii damages
for Injuries custaliied b a fall at the fnluii
depot. Tin plaintiff was thrown, while
alighting from one of the defendant ram
puti's trains, nml claims that llie accident
and resulting Injuries, were sustained be
cause of the caielrssness of the defendant
coiiipaiiv's einploes, who failed to huve
a stool for her to sdcp down upon.
Cuttle IV II Upon Him.
James T rosier wants the Allssourl,
Kansas & Texas IUIIro.ul Couipnii to pa
him H.'-o) damages for personal Injuries
sustained April II, Kd, lu a collision, He
was tiding In a cuttle ear and thu i.atlle
fell upon him and trampled him when the
collision occurred somewhere lu tho In.
illaii TVrriloiv The plaintiff took passage
at Denlsoii, Tex , und was on his way 10
the Strip to t-cttle a claim.
Court Nutt-s,
Tho count court sesteixlay paid County
Aluishal Stewait' bill for boanl of prison,
ers foi the month of Alurvh, The amount
wus JU'.' co
llate l'iir teas arieited nt Lexington
yc.steid.iy by L'nlted States Ue-puty Aloi,
sh.il Alexandei- upon the charge of Soiling
liquor without a government license. Ho
was brought tu this city und airalgned be.
fote Cumiiilsiiont-r I'.uiy, who hell him
to the I'nlteJ States grand jury,
Fo4ter I'ollard nnd Frank Harris will be
tried In th criminal court to-day fur the
murder ot Isaac Kahn tour months ago
A panel of torty-suven qualllled citizens
wus obtained In the case velerday. The
twelve Jurymen will be selected from the
panel at tl o'clock this morning.
Oswald McAllister dial Henry A. C, Jef.
fries, two of the men Indicted for elec.
tlon crookedness, like a number of their
fellow- workers at the polls, obtained
changes of venue to Independence ester,
di. The) gave hail for their apprarunee
for trial In the Mini of W) each The
sureties upon AlcAIIbter's bond mc Vt
Haste v and Hubert S Stone and uniin Jet
tries' bond the suretlej are W. l IUUen
and, aha p, dwell. v " J'-,J,tt -.,
W linger 'mntip the pi lures,
To me lull 'ntlntrd thing.
She crdi ists i'svehe feci.
She praise Cupi 1 s wings.
That WA-t-r I n bit too green.
How dull those Tuscnn skies
Hut while she talks I only see
l.ovt s lii-id ape In her ejc.
She's punted me ah, me' but yt
1 cnunot undertnlid
The b. hnlqn, win h she Illustrates
With giitb voi.p and hands
1 ll'ten, but I do not see
The ilre.iiny T iisi nn ekle!
A truer artist paint tor me
Love's lanilscuisc In her eye,
Thus through the public gallery
We lilt rrom hnll to hull.
The while her w.-indrous wltc.her.
A spell throws over all.
She knows the verv lit art or art
Which I, nils despise
hllst Cupid's busy linger paint
IsOVe's landscape In her ce
T. 0. HiUbiiugh in Cincinnati Times.
A good lloor stnln Is composed or a mlr
tuie or unboiled or , rude linseed oil and
turpentine hair and hair, with a pint ol
Jnpin drver to each gallon, to Jeep thi
tloor rrom stickiness Add tor cherry, a
smill quintlty of burnt tennii. a little at
a time, tr lug nt pii h iiddltlou, so as to bu
ceitalli the st.tln Is not too deep, l-'or
vplowlh red stnln add to the sienna n
trltle of plovv oclue, oi riw uinber, onlv
a little, remembering thnt color ma In
easily deepened, but not so easily reduced,
Sunday Advertise! Air Cawdell hud
been abiislnt hi wltp Tor buying some ar.
tides "'hicti he did not regard as ueces.
"I,ook here" ttld Air C.ivvdell, "I gov
ou 0 slillllns-j veslcrdit, and 0ii wpnt
and spent ! Hgnt on" ror n lot of culicq
and needles nnd thread, and that sort ot
thing, didn't ou?"
"Ye-p."." said Airs. Cawdell, timidly
"And I rebuked ou for It last night""
"Ye joii did "
"Hli"' Well, I hope you heartily repented
of our extravagance
"Yes, indeed Mr. Cawdell; I cried so
much lat night that I 1 soaked three
hanilkerc hlcrs"'
"Sonked three handkerchiefs! There vou
go nisiiin running up n washing bill in that
perfectly ieckles vi.iyl"
Lire- "Well, Jane, have ou fuund tho
rose for mv hnlr yet?"
"Vc, madam, but now I cannot find the
To whiten the neck ind arm the fol
lowing treatment K highl.v lecommended:
l'lrt wash In ns hoi water as possible,
drvlng the skin verv ihoroughlv ufter
ward Tlien npply. rowdeiod borax, one
drachm, glvcerlnc, hilt an ounce; eight
ounces elderlloiver water, two drachms
simple tincture of benoln, hnstelluc, two
iliaclims nub this mlxtuie on at night
and do the arms and neeK up In sott linen
until morning.
Sclen. es la-t gift lo the chinn cloct Is
a cup made with a -in ill thermometer
which leglsters the tcniptiature of the bev
el age it contains.
The 'Ingle pegtnss Is the last popular
fail. I'ew women m iniige it as well a does.
AIlss Hlse dp Wolfe III "The Alasquerad
ers," hut the aie lupidlv leatnlng how,
nnd now It Is the eoirect thing to wear
one or them fasti lied to a line gold chain
In place of the aforetime populat loignette,
Westminster Oaette: A social novelty
Is being nrringeil !) Dublin. Lord WoKe-lev-
has issued Invitutlon for a funcy
diess hall. The ladles, must be dressed to
resemble sotiii palming bt Sir Joshua
Ite nobis, (-.nln-bniotiglt or Komne. and
be able to quote the particular plctuic she
Is i opting. itentb'ineii must wear
eighteenth century costumes, court dress,
bunt dies-, breeches, and stockings or full
unlfoim. Lord Houghton bus promised to
attend, and there Is some Mutter of Inter
est over the ball among the smart folkT
In Dublin.
Uliie china Is n Joy foi ever, espeelallv
when set against a hitkgioutul of rich old
wood It Is an eUci 1 of which one never
wearies, as one does of so many otliei es
thetic fancies What could be more charm
ing in color thnn the beautiful tankards,
plaques and pitchers In the blue ware of
the Trenton Ceramic works, which Is so
admirably decorative both In tone nnd de
sign? Ihe blue is veiv similar to that ot
the llovul Copenhagen ware, and a still
further slmllailiy exists in the fact that
theie are no two piece-, ever produced
alike. In either design oi decoration. In
this nine ware theie i an lullnltc xarlety
ol oc-sk .ind lollct-t-tble ornaments dec
orated with bt-autlfullv executed nnrine
sketi lies in tho .-ajft puipllsh blue on a pure
while ground. Again Uieie are qualntl)
sliuped boxes nnd in tides for the toilet,
mounted in llvei or sllvir gilt, that ar
powdeied over with the pretty, old-fashioned
posits of delicately tinted rosebud
and tarnations, afi, i the style of i hlne.
decoration so dear lo oui grandmothers.
Tlili the rose Fh- gave lo me.
With Its crimson tips;
Itcd as an rose should be,
Having touched hei lips,
And with something or her grace.
And the beauty of hei face,
'I his the rose she gave to me,
llluomed wheie .south winds stlrj
Hid It honey from the bee
Cor the lips of her'
Through long dn)s disquieted
I'or those lips to kiss led'
This the rose she gave to me:
Never io-e so sweet!
Hero the heart of sptlngtlmo se
Lean and hear It beat!
Life and all Its melud
in the lose she gave lo me!
Atlantic: Jlonthljr.
A woman. Airs. Htm- 1). Cram, of Ho?,
ton, will fumls-h the I'.nls exposition of
1'ion Willi suventv-tlve derricks, to be used
In the const! uctlon or ull the buildings that
are to be of durable stone Alls Cram
will petsonitlly supeilntend tho placing or
theses derricks.
Alls It. L Stevenson nsks nil persons
having lettiis from her husband to send
them oi copies of ilium i0 the Hrltlsh
museum, that she mat select such lis
should be published, nnd gives notice that
the puhlic.il on or any letters without the
consent of the executors it illegal,
A old fan;- In spilng wraps Is a com
bliiutinn of chiffon and fur and tho head
of .mall animal with their poor little
mouths wide open In a grotesquu entire of
lien enes-s. 1 or Instance, a velvet oke has
i,.crJeir""i ,",p ,f -'c-coideou pleated chif
fon The high velvet collar Is piped with
mink und the head of a mink peeps coyly
ov-r the lert shoulder, while two sucrlllced
little tails bans; down thu back,
Tin latest fancy lu petticoat trimming
Is ici hive flounie upon lloiinco tiimnieJi
with Inseition and edged with lace, und all
whltu sklits have a narrow lace edged ruf
lie on the bottom Instead of a hem These
hei uitled petticoats .He extremely pretty
but they am only possible for those who
can nffurd a big laundry bill. '
I'higs-"What did you glvo me this key
foi it isn't mv Inch key." ,'r,
Airs. lllngs--"Yoii won't have anv more
trouble with that key than ou usuully do."
New ork Woild. '
AIay-".My tutor sis tint In order M
become a master or llngllsli stylo one need
study nothing moru than the lllble and
AIuinina--"Notisene' All the masters of
I.iigllsh t)lo vho I know biudy nothing
but ilurke and llradmuet. That's, stvls
enough for m.e,"-N'ew York World,
In answer to the question of "What la
our Ideal of it wire?-' a eeital.t oi mg man
w lotu the follouincr- "rfli,. ... i ". ."
rial lens younger than her husband
and must have n love of tlitu,, lh ibsf
enough common seiisu to keep tlut Jove
vvlthln the bounds of hep' litisin id'J
Ihtoidc. She need not be beautiful, hut
with the love of ill ess she will be ueai
and w Ui the common sen,,, mentioned
she will bo ubl lo iiiutugu hersulr. in
tlivreforo to manage u. bouse She should
be Jealous of hui husband, beeuuiJ
Jealousy never goes without love: and
as fnp eitllciillnn. lime ..ni .... '. i..?"'1
A Herlln tailor ha. Just takn out a mi
em on a leverslb p dn-si skirt, wilh'i,':
ntakes of any two kinds of ,re' g"L
lei ted b his patron, The iklr" - 'i
worn on rllher side, looks verv era",,'
and Is ex -ecdli -l nra teal TlV fxJV'l
a.vs that bis Steni will adnu, V "lor
k lid of cut ami 1.I1 le. It .T.4""'.. Of any
naxlt36 satublne usefulness aitj, jmiu1'
" .Cf' KS..,0,lif ',S " " I'Cdk good Ci',
gllsh. The nbove-ilcseilbeil wuniitS. will, ,
slight seasoning uf tempei. and gjud iiiJn
pers, Is my Ideal of a wife," wn'

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