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TWIUQHTJ-By G. R. Barst, Jr.
I-mammmt I " '!' mil '
Detective Pindorson, Union depot "The
ftbfetit-mlnded man Is seen In hit glory
at the Union depot. I have seen travelers
is throudi Hint would forget their
heads and limbs If this' were detachible.
All forgotten Rrtlclos are very carefully
looked after, however, to that passengers
lose very little. I noticed a very funny
lnrldPht a few d.ijs ago. A man who had
asked the pKseiigcr director a half dozen
times about his train entered Into comer
ntlon, Just btfote the time ror hi train to
liull out, ltl some iceiualntaiice. He stood
with his back to the train, talking com
placcntly, and the train pulled anas be
for" he noticed It. lou ought to hive
Keen his tool; of disgust when lie turned
about to board the tar that he supposed
was standing there. The funniest thine
about It was thnl 1 had stepped up to
him to tell him his tr.iln was moving out
nnd before I could utter a couple of words
lie asked me It I dldn"t know better thnn
to interrupt n conversation. Under the
i Ircumstanccs I was entitled to a little en
Josment when I saw his train slowly
blcalltn; away from behind him."
IVputy Impounder Tom Curry "Every
no ly has It In for the dogcatchcrs. 11c
fore I stepped Into my present position It
used to make me a little savage to have
the canine of which I was the proud pos--csor
roped In by the Impounder. The
laws have to be enforced, however, and
the peoplo have to have men to enforce
them. They cin't expect college gradu
ates and men with Cheitertleldlnn Kraces
to po Into the business of nccompanjlnu
a bocd wagon about the cltv and liso
Rtray dogs with wire noose Nor ran the
men engaged In this business afford to
wear dress nilts. Neither can they stop
to parley with every owner of Rn unll
i ensed dog nor tnke shorthand notes of
the evidence In the case. No, sir, a Rood
Impounder dots not require all these ttuall
Hcatlons." -,lr',.K-. puJflt, city passenger agent of
the Union Pacific "i;vcr novice how buy
and absorbed a dog Is when he has a can
tied to his tall? It seems to mo that for
cirncstness of purpose and strict atten
tion to detail, a stampeded pup is the
climacteric. This reminds me of an ln
Manco In point. Over In Kansas City, lias ,
n. fevv sears ago we hid a soiing men's
Itepubllcin club, of which I was one of
the olllcers. It was titled out with cam-
palgn hats, canes, a brass band and head
quarters for drill and meeting purposes In
the upper Etory of a four story building
I,,i.lnJles,t, "enue- We mcl almost
nightly for drill and a frequent attendant,
MtiiuuKii r.ireij in line with the bojs, was
a mast ft pup of some six months. lie
nnde hlmsilf quite at home and a general
favorite with the members He was nl-
,0,,V?,.th,e,free(Jom,f the lla" at aI times
.md lived to assemble whenever we held a
meeting. As the campaign advanced we
appeared on the streets to take part in
ikh.TOH?8- Pnc nl5ht ."hen tne Iodine
lights of the state and a brace of flambeau
lubs were due to whoop up enthusiasm
rvhTS m"3 .an ullV?uall' laW attendance
when the assembly- was rounded. The
imp was there. Ho had been very bt-y
!,,rond J,0"" ,I,,rlnc th0 Ja' and went to
a favorite corner and fell asleep as the
boss formed in line to march out
1mi luli' but .'?c pup remained behind
'!, E,,ee'Vnl"'' AJ,er a hariI niaroh, we
MfmLVa.c.k "J ,thc ,a- As the bos
climbed the stairs there was comparative
iu et. As the band entered the hall? wltli
out notice to anbody. it began a v corous
V Ft1!" "ned the pup It alo
fiV?.m. if,1,6'1 h,'m "? "guttled rapldlv about
iT'l'V1 ,ell"nB Plteously the while He
dashed In between the- advancing 11 es ami
overturned a couple of the menTwl o added
i?f 'Lf, Varlns t0 lne "'t-'1" of the pup.
He could not Ret away and the bind still
Idajcd. I-lnally he got right in rf,51'1
imn na V, a. . Ii.i- . """ '-'k
The second plice of honor In tho annual exhibition of the Art Club of Phlladel
Phla was Riven to a water color by G. It. Barse, Jr , of Kansas City. The subject
is TwlIlRht, ' and the Press sas It Is n very pleasinR picture, after tho manner of
pictures by celebrated Trench artists high ly commended.
!3,hWfJfie Tro,lt ",,s- "S 2os
or less appVehenslvei;.3 in' l tfTt"
L'h-'foJoirS1..'" - "IU aMn'SS
H;re,Isnai1IL.na,."t,''Un w1cr ohscrv er
, ue,h,..'x.'i0ll.,s-t.or..''"t a mistake I
be keptr.VononR'aRo1 lW3 in'TSb'.?
.ar l which was an old dirkey He wis
r""iihl? Iu.nrh Vhon l llrst entered he
rot oft0Pll?,htnh?' f0r a "me and the?
J.',.1.?'-?", J'L h?u no sooner Rot off the
. tti.tii 4 jiuui't'j a. nn r nr i-irt, rt..
htove ara,.,sf " n, h," ',": ".,"" ."'5
BlttlnB Some one said -Those are lils
Kovea.' nml 1 thourht ro mjsnlf, o, Rrab-
te.,lip.,"e K,0?s- anJ runnlni? to the
tnck plitform of the cir. I called after t
nil ii irKti' v nn ti i a ,iic
fLu,etv.. ll '"V You've eft our cloves
behind'- Just then tho conductor stepped
up to me and said. -Hold on, there; those
.ire my Rlove3- A fi;i, l.i,. iit .. " .
out of the ordinary. It takes quite awhile
to break tho news In any case."
...Hirvey Y,'. Jones, member legislature
Did sou notice that article about tho
Increased lmmlRration to Missouri? It Is
my opinion that for tho pist two or three
Seirs Missouri his been a Itepubllcin
state, only the votes have not been fairly
counted At any rate, Missouri is very
likely to be a Republican statu next elec
tion. A larRe percentaco of this Immigra
tion Is Itepubllcan. The drouths of the
past few stars have driven back into Mis
souri people who were settled In Western
Kansas and Oklahoma. Most of these
ptople aro Republicans, nnd nlnass have
been. 1 learned from the Republican mem
bers of the leRllatura that the Itepubllcin
party In this stato Is better organized thin
It has ever been Much to ins Mirprlse I
learned, too that Fouthoist Missouri Is
rapldlv growing Republican A Democrat
ossemblvmin from one of those counties
uown inero loin me lint lie Uoes not ex
pect to bo elected to tho ncM legislature
Ho his served In sevenl legislatures, but
tho Democnitla vote in his counts has been
steadllv dwindling so that he does not ex
pect to go lnck to JelTerson City The
troublo Is that until now, people would not
believe that Missouri Is wotth unv thing at
all Hiretofore nil the immigrants have
passed through the state, thes were so sure
it was dangerous to stop About half of
them think that the James boss are still
about shooting ptople. Rut the tldo is
turning now "
John J. O'Xelll on tho Stump rrepirlns
to Push tho Enterprise to the L't-
tsrinoit Corners of the State
by rinauclat Methods.
rrom the Post-Disntch.
The SedalH Capital Moving Company
otherwise known as the Commonwealth
Land and Development Compans, haa
opened a branch ollice In this cits-. It
will be In cliariro nf r v.rVint,rsciM i,n
J. O'Xelll, who will also take "the stunin
for the passage of the constitutional
amendment, providing for the lcmoval of
the capital, to be voted on at the next
At nresent tho rr.mni-.Tl A,rnnn., nhui.
s an incorporated bods', bicked by the
Missouri Trust Compans. is niepirlng to.
f Vi? fPL c?..B,h bonds aggregating In value
W.0O0 00O The nominal value of each bond
will be JM, but the selling price only 1U.
,SX boncis nrc secured bs a mortgage on
1,003 acres of land, surrounding the pro
posed site for the new- state capltol Ten
thousand of these bonds will be sold In.
&t.."0R'.l,.lV!lu' others throughout the state.
Mr ONelll was busy studs Ing a map of
Sedalli when a Post-Dlspuch reporter
called upon him at hU ollice, CW Ollva
Morning I'tnes anil ervounesfi,
Georpla letter to Chlcaco Record. The
Bound of the wind In the branches and
among; the slender columns is Inexpress
ibly end and affects some people with
melancholia, and If they aie very ner
vous often with hysteria, I am told that
there aro Invalids In Thomasvllle who
cannot endure tho peculiar boughlni? that I ,t,lr,-,j25'I'1,''e t.rlla-J' r"celJ my oillclil
rlss ,n,l fnlls nU ,1, ,.!.! .,. '.? '".l."""?"'.' "'.? JOIlCem. Il.lVCSt.Hl-
tt.v..., iiu hiu Biiuunon uiki am connuent of tho
'.'The object of selling these bonds," h
ild, "Is to Interest St Louisms nml nth.
crs In the state In the capital removal
scheme. I nm to stir up the- locil blood
Into one of those old-time political feveis,
and so have that umtndment adopted. I
,..,j c-m o.is vp in discussing tuts nut-
rises and falls, as the wind
ur irom one enii nr th. r.i, -. ,i,., .,
"au'iihlng!" ' Ij'01 " ,he tar ,hsy -ri SIili
rr JV T Stirk-"A great deal his been
sild of lite of the Inetlitlemv of the United
me tell sou that the foreigner who faces
lhe American marksman will know thit
he hns been in a tight, if he ls alive after
me action I hav seen some rennrkihlv
pretts tiring on the I.eivenworth and Riley
ringes and one shot especially made a.
lasting impression on me It wis made by
I.leiitemnt V. S S ott. rirht cavnlrs the
hecrttars- of the 'Klndergatten Mr Scott
was out on the range for piactlce tlrlng
with a detail from his troop There was a
Miff wind blowing across the line of lire
and the men nnd tcttled down to the tport.
after having taktn tho wlndige. The
hooting was ixeellent and none of the
men made belter scores thin Mr Scott
ell, there Is i regu'itlon that unattKhed
dos must be driven from the Leavenworth
rt bervatlon It so happened that a detail
of men hid Just finished rounding up a
lot of curs nnd was on the was to the pon
(iMthn fl,".?1'0;?.0' u'jI'oMnB of than
V .hen a little dlstince from the range one
of the dogs broke loose and careered madly
across the range, hunting n was of etcape.
'I ho loss cut loose, but It seemed as If the
dog would get nwas Mr Scott i-cizol a
rifle and nn across the tourse of the do-'
As the animal reached the top of a knoll
which sloped away nnd would have left
liltn in safety out of range In n couple of
leans, Scott threw the rltie to his shoulder
nnd, still running, tired The dog leaped
into the air and fell dead In hi i tracks,
1 thought the shot was of the pop order.
Imt afterwards leirrel that Scott was a
Mnrpshooter, nnd rarely mlt'til Ills pr.ic.
tlce as a mounted oillcer had schooled him
In making Just such efforts It was a
beauty and made me think tint foreigners
would not have anv the best nf t In .i nii.
nt long or short range The detail from
that post which went to the army competl
tloii thit F.ime s eir contained teveral men,
not olllcers or 'uon,coms,' who coull bent
Scott with almost any Kind of firearms,"
Conductor Martin, nf the "I," road "Vn
have lomi- peculiar rxp rlein ps on the 'owl'
cars ut times The neonlo who ti.ivel by
these cats Illustrate the forte of habit eiy
clenrls-. It Is tin Infrequent thing for a
man to spend nil but n nickel nnd board
the car. Ho forgets that the 1 tie oars run
for Ootihlo farts l havo had many a, man
take his seat after n brsc run and cheer
fully remark tint he has lust the amount
needed to get home, lie then passid up a
nickel, mid s dlsgustel nml mottltltd to
bo abked to come "gain Many of these
men used the lite cars before IhfS' weie
discontinued, but the three or four months
of their absence have wlptd the 10 icnt
faro proposition from their minds, What
do I do? There Is only one thins under
our orders get another nickel or put the
man off. No, they don't have to get off
often. If the passenger really Is broke. It
nearly ulwnss hanpens that somebody on
the car puts up lor Mm. It Is funny to
listen to tho exeui.es of fellows caught ths
wav. They cuddle ui to the tescuer and
explain how It was. Then ngiln It Is funny
to notice the peoplo when the Central ave
nue bridge Is approached. You know- wo
did not cross tho bridge during the winter,
and the neople got used to vvilklng over.
Now wo do cioss, and due notice was given
In tho papers Just when via would begin.
We stop at the approach In order to ge't
tho seinaphoio signal to cioss. The stop
Is usually made near where the passen
gers wero dumped for the vvalk. As we
near this point and slow down, we are
amused to watch tho carloid rush for the
rent- door to get out ahead of thA nihora
Then as tho car starts over the hrldgo
stronger or subsides, like the Incessant ;.'!,' b,Sr. l,le chtme. imestors will get
I oar of mo surr; ami one soung woman , .i.,i" ",V"-u " ";. now- can we
who was recommended toVeside upon a es'bo'iidsVOCOO'n'- ro mdnfimbe'rs'
"turpentine farm," .so lis to inhale tho we make so "many; people directly Interest
odor as a cure fot the asthrni, was td In the removif of the capital. Th
compelled to return to the cits', beeauso Jtason they would become interested is
the peculiar monotone mido her frantic, hetause thev would like to see the Com-
1-ess Imptessloruible peoplo find It pleas- m,0.'sl"1nhr tF",i,;,"LaU,;?d; a,nd """ R10
nut. nnd I lmnirlnn Ihev snnn Worn- , L 'f?.?.1?.0. ?.f l''.e .".'???''? Will come the-
;!.., ;ioV.i,. .., ,.i"7..,-.. ';."" ".'."' "'"anus oi acres of Be-
ucd, ,s ,w ,...v ittvj t.iica lb !,i;il lill-jr uail I lUUpTlS,
po avva', as ene misses tue soiina or I
the sei or the swish of the waves
against the side of a ship or the motion
and racket of a railway train.
THE ALI.I.OED llU.-.lOItlsl'sj.
uaui prop-ris'.
I -The bonds will be eold to men only,
and aot more than live bonds to any one
person 1 don't favor this pirt of It. I
..... luiiui in inu weaiicr eex and bellevo
if they become interested in It thev could
Kuccted In pulling the whole thing through
without bonds I am going to arrange it
so as to be able to sell bonds to women
who can give ailldavits that they can se
cure votes It's too bid they can't vote.
As to the bonds themselves, they are
eeured by the Missouri Trust Compins.
Three coupons are attached to each bond.
wtu uipi tu iu-mira jiinuars I, icy,, the sec-
Atlrl 4n lull 1L 4A Mb.l !.,- L11 '-.
, ?!)' " ''. 1'iM, and tho third In Janinrs'.
ii "It Is a '.'".i. After September I next the holler
thit ii. i ?f th" bonas '" le permitted to buy
"My tnl: In life," said the pistor of one
of our churches compliientlj, "consists
In saving soung men" Whereupon one of
our fiir maidens, with a soulful longing,
repiiiu: "s,ave a goou ono Jor me," Troy
Iljones (very narslmonlous)-
Kic-iii c'ciiiuuri io nie 10 n-ueci inai lime is , far ,hom In Rett ilin iin ii,oi .7.1
mnnev." Rrowno ""hvv ntonc s 10?..P.T tHcm '" oedalla on their faco
"W'Jienever I want to be particularly lib-l in nnir.in- n e ,. ,.. i
eral to my friends, I fco out and spend 'atJ Se,,-ili . ami' nre?ld' n t of .h'n'n''
feomn limit with them" Truth i. ,V.V1 . ' ,PrCFI.Ient or the Conimon-
koino lime wiin iium, irum. wealth Land Compins", who Ins been In
MJ,,",st?.,7 05'.",m 0.! Kel "'?. "i" li0,s '"the city the past two 'davs, j,(1 mi"
Maid- If what.' -Master-"Oh, If sou s ly In addition to what Mr. O'.NclH had
Please" Maid "If sou please what"" already stated,
aster "Will sou kindly get mo my boots, "Wo aro exchanging nrofits for innn.
If sou please . nilss" -MalU-"Thafs better once," he remaike.k -'lhe propJfty ",,
No I won't."-i:xchnnge. been bonded tor Its nctual cost when imr.
"If I should ask sou to marry me," lie clnsed by us during tlm panic Two or
said, smiling softlv and swectls', "would thien hsndlcatis have offered to buy un
Sou say 'les'?' ".My dear fellow ' she re- al .ot e ljo"l''. I'"t we hive refused to
sponded, in a tone of gentle reproof, "5011 6P1' to them, believing It to be more profit,
talk to me ns If I wero receiving my llrst u!'le VJ. ,nnlto It tne Property of the pen
proposal." Detroit Preo Press, Plj We have a large tract of land ad.
"I supposo sou want the lads 'a name en- inr-"?''",9 .VfE1, ,Ullch ?!e ,5.lu
graved inside, sir," said the Jeweler after 1Iace on "e marlet at the proper time."
Tllllnghast had selected an engagement ' cl,i,,. ............ ....,.
ring 'Oh. no," replied the careful soung AIJSUIIU MILUAltv lE VS OP CIIINK1E.
man. "Just put inside 'To my heart's own
treasure,- e,r jne star ot my ntev "-Mff. Tli.lr Onlier. Destitute ol Military Knowl-
iuVitunW1'0, Inthe'b,,?lk,orftf,P,c'hi1,,rr-"""":-r
Hagstock-".MagnIIIcent distances ?-al non' ,"' U?J HKy Kit"" "."tandard
sense-, sah! I nevah htd to go fur hah 'JL,iI?2"i' '" ff'"-'" ," twords. and In
than two blocks to Ilnd a saloon."-Puck? S?Llnlni,,raM"i"f,.i,i'!SlFlhc"'. .To t"e, .8am"
Mrs Perr)-"How-cont.adlc.orv all these 'he'col a' e? ' oln VJnC?h"rallia,1,!nu.'i
papers are I tan't make heml nor tall bo much better lltted Xo coiiim?ijiil a bittaii
of them I wish sou would come to my aid ion than a mil tary limn, becaiisi hS 1, S
Iear, send thft chlMrtn out of tin room
mm 111 whiiu' iimianujiouii journal.
Ajui v,Uvu we vxamlne wlut this art. In
aieandrrJns Mike (Imllpnantlv) "Wot der un(larU mllitury worki In China are son! a
jer mt.ui uy noirr air uiuun up ue nr- ft yeara 01a, ami that the authority jrl
Hour j nn dx hJil will u rniinlin' nln rr 1 1 evomTiiMruls kitnh mi n 1.1., .
Woaiy HskIm (hotly) "Well. I stood ull 44Spreaa in tho cainn of th phmhv
uuau icia-is muuiii me aifuui 11m waieUcrs. iuuus inuAlcuj Ulr3 SO au ta nf
tit hen lie bald 1 looked like Sw nir.ili lienrf ' .l dirMini w hin
dat wos more dan llesh an' blood cud
bear!" Puck.
Aunt Csnthla (as her husband and neph.
u, u uui 1110 uouri "inai s jess one rea-
pwii 1 nuie lu I'liug
ans' of my nephews.
fn til
tnlt-1.1 v.-.. .1 ..
s'a,i&n4f0,,k,e.I,Ut0 bUt nUM h"
r,I1vhu,C!l!!iiri,i xri"y i"oul(1 not b worse
nay, vvoild.be. far better-led were th-
son I hate to bring Josh to ttown to visit jommaiider.ln-chief compelled to be a sen-
iio very tlrst night ',"' .." "V'K'cr.,""u ln Knerals of division.
Cnsthla "esj but ho allers has to brlns
his nephews home in a carriage." Puclc,
Mrs. Poonnan "It has been a hard win.
ter, ma'am .My three grown girls have
been vers little help to me. The poor
things are not strong enough to do v.ashlng
and they haven't clothes good enough to
apply for any other work." District visit.
01 "Hut, sou say they have rich rela.
tlvts; don't they look after them?" Mrs.
Poormau (sadly) Only their morals,
ma'am only their morals!" Puck.
Mother-in-law- (severelsO "I'll have you
to understand that my daughter was raised
with some regard to religion and moralltsl
It N belter sou two should separate now.
If the pleasures of the gaming table appeal
morn to you than vnur hnma" .Tnelc I'nfts
"Well, mother: the ninety I won last
here Is a wlia iook. succeeded by a foolish night puts me somo thiee hundred ahead "I thought you mlirht iVim , ..
grin, and sometimes un Intent look out of of, the game." Mother-in-law (playfully) -will befoYo you at ', ?.1, ,0 "f ' your
tho ear as U too IggUera saw fwoeUtinsJ "Vau Uft.vgb.ty, naught hojT-JuU, IthougbUm waal f'fnl U
they oilers take him out to see the bights drawn from the Eenlor class. It cannot bo
of the cits'." Her city niece "Oh, don't "urnrlslne that the Chinese ofltcers. sore
worry aunty; he'll be nil rlsht,'' Aunt , nmed and thus taught, destitute of the
knowledge Jr SSiSTtWa" tSlnlrur. mSA$SL
earn the contempt of their followers. Their
OMiy pu?cCea.y aC,U'rCd b wf
When it is added that they are also as a
l$l HlUi l0rrl't ind cowardly, that they
Sft1 .?.? .ffnrS".0". thoir
pas', and that when an engagement takei
of reasons for" expecting ZuliSiS and SSJ
ttmatlo d saster. The Hon O M fl?xjfl
"Problems ot the Par EaSi."' CuraoiH
ATlioughtrul Mailer.
"WTint'B thn?' n-t.i .,.. ...
wa.e7-bVoughtSvrltlngUm'aerTalVv Sa
lobster salad and cucumbers. "" II
1 9
jaifJii-giwfew&fc .
-s fefr
',-r ' .

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