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rrroitM to rnr.vr.jjT ii.nii.nors
The Itf telling Case. of "UUn f.rnlt nn lit-
ample to Slim? the Inlmtnniiltt True
tlcjd t'nder t tip (InUo nf !:
renting (lia Ijiit.
Washington, April 13 (Special) The
president nnd secretary of the thlcrlor have
been Informed Hint they ntll be called up
on again to take part In the troublps In the
Choctaw nation. Iat jear they spent
some time Irving to save the life of a
polltUal prisoner and criminal and dolavcd
exec ttlon for pome months, but nt Inst on
November 5 the execution was carried out
In a barbarous fashion. This execution Is
jefcrred to by thoso seeking to prevent
further execution, as sustaining the
tialm Hint executions as carried out by the
authorities of that nation aro such an
should bo pr vented In a clvlllied country,
and while tho claim 1 made that the
I'nltcd State hai no right to Interfere In
Choctaw matter, the president even hold
ing to thl Mew owing to n presentations
made to him by certain Interests, It Is
believed Mr. Cleveland can be Induced to
ofter more formidable opposition to this
sort of thine than he did last sear.
The nceompanvlng Illustration U from, a
snap shot photograph of tho execution of
SHan Lewi on November 6, at Wllburton,
under stntenro of the court held nt Lv,
riore. Judge Holsott presiding.
The crime for which Lewis wns sen
tenced wi for participating In the politi
cal trouble In that country. Ho was a
follower of the Jackson faction and a
Foon as the Jones crowd cot control or
the government they mule trouble for
the Jnekon followers under the claim of
rarrjlnu out th" law. In a number of
skirmishes between tho two factions some
proieh more or les closely to the type,
an 1 Just In o far as they lo o approach
an I Just ttiKofar ns.they clo o npprofcen
they are curse to the lountry The nun
Win In content to let p lltlcs go from bid
tj worse, jistlnu nt tho corruption of
i lltlcian. the nun who Is, content In ee
y maladministration "f Justice without
an immi Hate nnd resoltile odort to re
form ii Is hlrklne ht dutv nnd Is pre
paring the way for Innulte woo In the fut
ure Hard, brutal Indifference to Hie right, nnd
an equally brutal shortsightedness as to
the inevitable result of corruption and In
justice, are baleful be joint measure! and
jot they are characteristic of a great many
American who consider themselves per
fectly respectable, and who are considered
thriving, prosperous men by their cis
going fellow cltlxens.
l'ltmw.i.t.r.o iiVAtit.
successful Trlat nf an Air Motor on n "(reel
A trial was recently Riven on the streets
of Holne, N. Y , nf the llardlc air motor
for street car The trial was made on
the Si) feet of rounh trail: In the ard of
the work, with Hnitlneer William nt the
liter The car started out with 1 S'O
I pounds of air prrsuie lo the square Inch
and a temperature of 310 defines on Its
hot water tank, which I used to great
ndvanttme th heating the nlr before It
passes nt a reduced pressure tn the engine
eyllndere. A vnlve constructed for the
purpose reduces the pressure of the stored
nlr to 110 or 1ft) pounds, nnd this I the
working prcssure.or the prcsure nt which
the nlr enter the engine cylinder. The
motor starts gentlv, run smoothly nt a
rapid rule and stops by nlr brake without
Jerk or Jar. It was run back and forth
repeatedly, for upward of forty trip, nnd
the test showed that under the condition
applied the motor would run twelve milt
from one charging of compressed nlr, and
make seventy stops.
The method of recharging the storage
rjllndcrn with compressed nlr was shown,
tt Is n very simple epilation, nnd, with
the flexlblo couplings contemplitnl for
tho purpose, tho rcehnrglng of a car with
power need not occupy more than a min
ute or two, The same Is truo as to re-
were killed on both sides and hence It wis
In order to take Up anione of the lenders
of tho opposition nnd hold them for mur
der. At the trial of Lewis he was not
allowed to object to certain Jurors, accord
ing to tho holdings of the crude courts of
that countr, under the Indian law. It Is
claimed that some of his personal cnomlps,
as well n leaders of tho Jones fiction,
were on the Jury and the attornejs for
Lewis asked that they be not allowed to
serve on tho Jury, but the court over
ruled their objections. It Is also said that
during the trill It became apparent that
it would be impossible to set Justice, and
when tho proecutlon had submitted Its
evidence no effort was mide by the defense
to make a legal light. It being certain th it
with tho court and Jury ngalnst them
there wns no use. They decided to place
the matter before the United States gov
ernment, being certain the execution would
bo prevented. A full statement of tho
case was made out and sent to the pr si
dent. This wns done Immediately after
the trial and after tho sentence of death
had been announced for elocution In July
last. Mr. Cleveland took tho matter up
and a btay of execution for one month
was tho result! later It wns ft pain post
poned, nut at last the authorities of tho
nation determined to carry out the exe
cution and without making the fact gen
erally known Lewis was taken from prison
and executed.
Tho Illustration shows the scene of the
execution which, by many. Is referred to
as thw murder of Lewis. In that country
capital punishment Is Indicted by shoot
ing. Tho law specifies that tho man who
fires tho shot shall be a deputy sheriff
and L man Pusley. who was said to be a
personal enemy of Lewis, was deputized
for the oceaslon. It Is thn custom In
tluso executions to strip the victim and
paint a nng around the left breast to en
ablo the executioner to reach the heart
with the bullet but on this occasion the
ring wius plnccd over the rlffht breast, so
that the shot would not be Instantly fatal.
The executioner pierced tho body of Sl
lan Lewis with a ball outside this rln' nnd
the prlfaxjner failed to fall. There a scene
of brutality commenced and it took a half
hour of struggling to kill tho prlsone
IIo was thrown to tho ground nnd liter
ally strangled to death. While In this
strangling process n. snap shot was taken
of the bcene. At the time this wns done
Bamuel Houston was holding a handker
chief over tho prisoner's mouth and nose
and John Pickens- was holding his hand
over the wound on the prisoner's side; A.
Vhlte Is holding his feet. Tho man In tho
Illustration with a gun In his hand is Lj
man l'usley, who was designated to lire
tho fatal shot, but whoso aim wns so bad
that It took thirty-two minutes after tho
shot was fired to kill tho prisoner.
Tho president Is notllled of a list of
twenty-seven men to follow this lino of
treatment. On the 4th of next month a
tpeclal term of court will conveno to try
these men. There Is llttlo doubt but that
they will be ecntonced to death and exe
cuted In the same way. It Is to avoid this
tort of "routine killing" that Induces tho
friends of the Intended victims to appeal
to tho president. At the last session of tho i
Choctaw council a bill was pasted duclar- I
lng ni amnesty. This was done for tho
purpose of quieting things and ending the
old trouble, Hut Governor Gardner, a. I
close follower of ex-Governor Jones, ve
toed the bill, thus permitting the prose
cutions to go on. Judgo N. J, Holeon, who
conducted the trial of Lewis, will preside
nt the special term to wind up the busi
ness of tho local administration court
originating with the political troubles.
A partial list of thoso who will 1 tried
next month Is as follows: James Wull.er.
Klngsberry Hnsklns, Hobcrt Carter, Hit
Ivoman. Houston l'erry, Thomas JUGee,
Moses Williams Nolls Carney, ltobert Mill
er, Samuel Jefferson, Joshua Calvin, Si
mon Wade, lltuijumln Drawn, Jackson
Walker, Silas James, Johnson i'nrker,
David Owen, ItJao MoCUili, Culberson
Mr, Cleveland has been furnished with a
photograph of tho ixecutlou of Lewls.wllh
other papers la tho case which will, It Is
thouglit, maka a strong Impression upon
Mm. The manner in which tho photograph
was secured Is Interesting, A friend of
Lewis was present at tho execution, but
was not known as a friend of tho man to
bo executed, He hod a kodak, and at an
oppoituno time took the .map rhot which
Is hero given. None of those pret-ent np
peaiert to notice It at thu time, or If they
did they gave the matter no concern,
A few hours later they found out the mean,
lng of the manipulation and resorKd to
every cflort lo tecure iwssesslon of tho
friend and the kodak, but failed. In this
way a true hlstoiy of the exucutlon Is
pic served for the Infoimatlon of tho out.
tddo world. This evidence will also be
used before rongtcss at the next session
to show the real conditions In that coun
try and In securing a beuetlctal change.
Theodore Jtiioievclt rlti s Moil forcibly
of the Mui of 1 nrtuu,
There Is not In the world a more Ignoble
,. Vi n en , I ,.r than the mero manev.lrettlnir
, Mibrlmiii l,i CAntllita tn nm.v riitlv rir!ir.1!
less of every principle, bent only on amass
ing a fortune and putting his fortune only
to the basest uses whether these uses bo
to specul tto In stocks uud wreck railroads
hliueeir, or to allow his son to lead a Ufa
tt fnnluh nml exnenslve idleness and cross
debaucherj. or to iiirchuse some scoundrel,
of high social position, foreign or native, '
tot his daughter, writes Theodoro Itoose-1
velt In the I'orum. Such a man Is only
the more dangerous If he occasionally does
some deed like founding a college or en
dowing a church which makes those good,
iieople who are foolish forget his real In-1
Theso men are equally careless of the'
worklngmcn, whom they oppress, and tit ,
tho state, whoso existence they Imperil.
There ui not very many of them, but there
U a very great aunibur of uuu who up-1
charging with hot water, nnd the two can
be done nt the hanie time. Tho tempera
ture of the hot water tank, covered with
asbestos, on the occasion of the trial, was
reduced from S10 to about 2W degrees in
one working hour. Under more favorable
tondltlons,epeclally In summer, this ie
tluctlon would be much lets, probably not
more thnn half as much.
The llardle motor nnd car nre hung on
elliptic springs, and tho case with which
the car purees over wide Joints, frogs or
imperfections In tho trnck Is something
admit able. This very Important feature
nttracted the attention and favorable com
ment of thei Inspecting visitors from tho
Hast, all of whom know too well tho ter
rible pounding that tho tiolley car gives
the rallro id track, because, like the lum
ber wagon. It is absolutely without springs.
In this lespcct the Hnrillo motor indicates
n sure and great saving in wear of rails
and cars, while affoiding the utmost ease
to passengers riding.
The principles of the llardle compressed
nlr motor nro apparently nbove criticism.
In the Initial mnchlne there are one or
two minor respects one the escapo of
vupor on a cold dav llko the breathing of
a horse in which the motor will bo im
proved, without any dllllculty, until the
enr caa nppear as a noiseless, breathless
vehicle that glides over the Iron rails
more smoothly than any hcictoforo pro
duced, while under thn most pet feet con
trol in slatting and stopping.
Tho nlr motor can bo used on the sim
plest kind of a track No trollejs or
cables nro necessary and the great ex
pense of overhead or underground llx
tures and tho cost of great power plants
nre avoided Itesldes, the economy of
compressed nlr Is greater than nny other
power. In eloctrlclty CO per cent Is lost,
in compressed nlr but 20 per cent An
equipped street nllway that for air mo
tors mli'ht cost $10 000 a rnllo would cost
ninny tlmt s that amount for any other sjs.
tern. Philadelphia Hecord
RUSSIA Ab A bll.V I. It l'ilODUOER.
All the Mines Are Owned and Worked by
thu llntt riinient
Although the lirst discovery of silver ores
in the district of Nertuhlnsk, In Hastem Si
beria, was mule In the early part of the
second half of the seventeenth century, tho
actual smelting of IIiIh metal wns nut be
gun before 1701. Veins of sliver ora wero
found at Bmlnlnogorsk, In the Altai, by
Aklnfy Hcrnldoif, In 17.", but It wns only
after ten ears, In 171', when they were
taken over by the government, that tho
smelting of the ores was commenced. Tho
production of silver at the Neitchlnsk
works attained Its maximum during tho
'70s of last centuty, when It amounted to
COO poods, or Jl.on) Ilngllsh pounds, and din
ing tho snmo period the production of the
Altai works exceeded 1,100 poods, so that at
that time theso two works produced about
1,710 poods unnunlly. During the present
century tho production of sliver was great
est In 1SJ1, but even then It wns onlj 1.31S
pools, or not more than 70 per cent of the
vlelil nt the close of the last century. Dur
ing 1mo, the last j ear for which there aio
available data, the silver product In differ
ent localities were: The Caucasus, SO poods
".t'J pounds; Altai, CS1 poo Is, S pounds,
Khlrglz Steppe, 7J poods, ii'f; pounds; Ner
tchlnsk, 61 poods, 3I' pounds, rinland, 43
poods, tt pounds, 'loul, WJ poods and ll'i
Tho Altai mining district of his majes.
ty's cabinet continues to supply thrqe
fourths of tho entire production of silver
tn llussln. In ISu) tho Altai district vlelded
I.OijO poods, but twenty-live vears later th
production fell to less than a quarter of
that amount. Rlnco then It has revived and
gone up to CM poods In ISOO. In thu
Neitchlnsk mining district of his nujesti's
c iblnet, w here, up to HCI, the production
of Fllver did not exceed 71 poods, thovield
has steadily risen blnco ISCu, and in 1SJ1 It
uttnlncd K poods, at which figure it also
stood In 1500. In tho Caucasus there Is a
slnglo silver smelling establishment tho
Al Iglr3k works-helonslng to tho state. Tho
annual prouucriou tic inisu wonts varies
between 13 and 33 poods, The works on
tho Kit els Steppes nre very primitive and
their production lluetuates considerably. In
the Uruls, where silver was lirst smelted In
1871. tho production readied .a maximum of
2") poods In IS), but It subsequently fell rap
idly and ceased mtlrely tn IKSI. In Fin
land there Is also one cstaiiusnment, inn
l'itknr-ind work, on the northern shore of
Lake Ladoga, which has Utterly produced
from 20 to SO poods yeuily,
All the silver smelted In Itti'sla Is ex
tracted from nrgentlfeious lead ores, but
besides tills all 1 he gold produced In Itussla
contains silver, the amount of which Is de
termined by assas taken at the state
smelling houses. During 1830 Itussla pro
duced lu silver Ingots S.'i! poods, U pounds:
and In gold Ingots unrellned 1C pood, 23?
pounds. Tho silver smelted by private In
dividuals is subject t a tax, which was
reduced In lSb7 from 10 nnd 13 per cent to
3 per cent for freehold and Wj per cent for
leasehold works. Tho money coined In tho
oruplro during the Inst two iters for which
statistics ate given was, In mo. 2S,tfiO,0O0
oubles lu gold, 70,70 roubles in sllvei bank
money, 2,3jl,50l roubles In sliver exchango
money, ami 200,000 roubles In copper. In
lS'M the gold coinage fell to 3 7A1.U0 roubles,
while silver bank money was coined to tho
amount of too.o.'l roubles, bllver exchango
money to 2,151, Wl rouble and copper 200,0u0
Oua on Iliiiljnrd Kipling.
Tld nits: A capital story Is being told of
Mr. ItuUjnrd Kipling and little Miss Dor
othy Drew, Mr. Gladstone's granddaugh
ter. During the novelist's stay In Wilt
shire this summer he met little Dorothy at
a country house, and being very fond of
children took her about the grounds and
told her stories. After a time her mother.
Mrs. Drew, fearing that Mr. Kipling must
have had enough of tho child's society,
culled her and said: "Now, Dorothy, I
hope ou have been a good child and not
been wearilng Mr. Kipling" "Oh, not a
bit, mother," replied the little celebrity,
"but ou have no Idea bow Mr. KI"og
has beea weurylng me,"
a shout sMstoN or tiik ciTAsn t.v
Henry County, Mo.( Farmers t orate Pome
Stolen Horses frank Clrnnrr Not Ex
pected to Lite -Mr. t'lincey
Limes Ills Contest,
The Wnnlen Chase Investigation com
mittee held a short session yesterday
a I the Kaunas penitentiary In honrllir!
tho testimony of olllcers of that Institu
tion n to Its genenl tmuinKement.
Uoptity Warden Mnrklmm nnd Chief
Engineer Dan Storrs sitld Hint good dis
cipline was .lwn malntnlncd nnd there
vvn no cruelty or brutality exercised by
nny of the prison olllclnl.
Willi reference to a charge Hint n con
lct linil died In prison, nnd the remains
vvcro shipped to the home of tho mother
nt her request, nnd that she hnd mndo
complaint Hint the throat of her boy
bote linger marks and scratches, Indi
cating Hint lie hnd been choked to death.
Dr. llnKlnul, tho prison ph.vslclan, testi
fied that there wns no foundation what
ever for tho charge and Hint the con
vict hnd died a natural dentin Ho
could not, or did not, however, explain
the nbraslons on the throat of Hie dend
After dinner the committee, with tho
nttornejs In tho case, descended the
prison conl shnft nnd mndu an Inspec
tion of the mine.
At 3 o'clock this nftcrnoon the com
mittee departed on the train for their
respective homes, to return to the peni
tentiary next Monday morning, when
tho hearing of witnesses for tho defense
will be continued, '
A New Tire Marshal.
For over tvvcnly-llvo years P.at nurnea
has been In tho Leavenworth lire de
partment, the Inst sixteen of which he
hns been chief, drawing the snug salary
of $100 every month. Administrations
hnvo come nnd gone, some Democratic
nnd some ISepubllcan, but Mr. Hurnt-t
ha never been moli sted. Tho recent
political battle, however, hns placed
Chief Uurnes on tho nigged edge of un
rest and uncertainty, nnd It Is said his
resignation hns been naked for, tn take
effect May 1. Chief Humes thinks, how
ever, Hint his pom inn should bo held
aloof from political fortune or Interfet
enco nml Is making iv vigorous light to
hold on to hl3 Job. Tho festive potltlon
Is being widely circulated, nnd In many
Instances signed, to Induce Major Hook
to banc on to the old lire chief.
It Is said Hint Cvius Hprnguc, a fire
man of expel lence, nnd well iiuullflril In
every particular to fulfill the Important
duties of chief of tho lire department,
will on next Tuesday evening be ap
pointed by Mayor Hook as Mr. Humes'
successor. No valid reason can be given
why Mr. Sprague should not be so ap
pointed, nnd there Is every Indication
that Ire will bo promptly confirmed by
tho council when his name Is submitted
to tlmt body. Some local Insurance
agents have been Induced to sign n le
monstrance ngninst the removal of
Uurnes, intimating Hint their Instil .tna
rates might be Inci eased thereby. Sin h
an Idea or threat Is ridiculous. Insur
ance companies, in writing policies, nro
Influenced by mnny things, but n policy
stipulating thnt this man or that mnn
should be chief would certulnly be held
as a cuiloslty.
Stolen Horses Htrovered.
Two fnrmers from near Clinton, Mo ,
were here jesterday looking for 6tolen
horses, and succeeded In locating lour
of them on tho farm of John Storm,
Just south of Leavenworth The horse-
were stolen by George Weahtrllug, tho
self-confessed lioise thief, nnd who was
lecently arrested tit this place for tho
crimo and taken to Clinton for trial.
According to his own statement, vVc.i
beillng. who Is only 22 jears of age,
successfully got away with tvvcntv-slx
horses and mules.
The farmers esterday slated thnt tho
recovery of the four horses on .Mr.
Storm's farm only left two mules to be
accounted for. Young Wcaberllng boast
ed of having plaved the local preacher
racket nnd the Young Men's Christian
Association dodge In the nelghboi hoods
ho mapped out for his ci lines and lu
this manner escaped suspicion.
INrlmpi Validly Hurt.
A few miles oouth of this city yester
day a serious accident occurred, which
may provo fatal to father and son.
John Thaver, a farmer, started to Ton
gnnoxlo with four wngon lo ids of hogs,
he nnd one of Ills older sons driving
two of the teams Tho team driven by
Thayer's son took fright at the cars nnd
ran awny. colliding with the wagon
dilven by Mr. Thayci, knocking the lat
ter and his little S- ear-old son between
their own team, which then rnn nw.tj.
Mr. Thayer received severe lujuiles
about the head, ns did also the little boy,
and their recoveiy Is doubtful,
Plmrinaruiitlriil Astorlntlnn.
The Kansas riiarmaceutlcal Associa
tion will meet in this city. on Mny 22
for a three davn session, nnd about 300
druggists are opected to bo In attend
ance. Arrangements nto already being
made for their hospitable enteitalnmeiU
nnd vnrlous commltteces appointed to
mnko every preparation to cue for tho
vNltorB. Tho business sessions are to bo
held In Chlckerlng hall.
He Will Die.
Word reached this city yosterdny that
Trunk Clenner, who wan hhot by his
brother, Adolph Clenner, on the 2d of
this month, was In a sinking condition
nnd all hopo for his life had been aban
doned. The brother!! lived nlone with
their nged father, nnd on last election
day became involved In a potty quart cl
In their own house, when Adolph
snatched a shotgun nnd llred its con
tents into his brother's, neck.
lly Thirty Majority.
The city council met In session Friday
night to lienr tho contest case of O.
Chaeey vs. J. W. Young, the latter hav
ing been declared elected to tho city
council by G7 majority on April .'. It
wns 2 30 o'clock yesterday morning be
fore tho tusk of recounting the ballots
wan concluded, when It was determined
that Mr. Young was tho lctor by ex
actly 30 votes.
Myron R. Hergen Is the manufacturer ,ot
the llncst mattresses und pillows on tho
market. They aro called Cellulose and aro
guaranteed never to pack and become hard
or lumpy. Address .'15 Shawnee street,
Leavenworth, Kas.
Joe l-'arrell arrived homo from tho
Btnte university yestetday.
William Harvey, general ngent of tho
Umpire line, and II. C. I'arker, general
ngont of the Merchants' Dispatch, were
In this city jestetday.
Attorney N. J Van Tuyl returned
homo Horn Russell, Kas., yestorduy
C. J, Smith went to St. Louis yester
day. McCown Hunt, who has been quite ill,
is Improving rapidly,
Muplo pmk will be formally opened to
the publlo on May 5.
VoU Ilios,' packing houso had a closo
call fiom a serious Hie at nn early hour
yesterday morning by tho burning of n
wngon shed In closo proximity.
The (list game of baseball at Maple
park this ue.ison will be pliycd this
afternoon between the Schmelzers, of
Kansas City, and the Twentieth Infan
tiy club, of Fort Leavenwoith.
A Vortuuuto Mistake,
Pittsburg Bulletin: Llttlo Johnny -
Llttlo Ethel "What's happened?"
Little Johnny "Somothlng Jolly. Tho
grocer has cheated mamma."
Little Ethel "I don't see anything Jolly
In that."
Llttlo Johnny "You don't, eh? She sent
for a lot of lard, sour cooking apples, and
he sent soma that Isn't tit for unythlng but
eatlne. -WIioobI".
f fa -. -IvasWiiil , jbtaa .iZlitjJti

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