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These Firms Do Business Because They Advertise,
Keeley Institute
l'ortinioath ltlilg.
It Kill in?
vA sou beforelm?.
YA Inuniijllitneln
VtH "i ''iifpetiuul
W-V I iirnlturp line
1 In mum In mill
liMtk mrr uttr stock
ftIA.(ViMlnni'snti At
i.tir.M i.
PIO cnth, htlnnre K.1
per mouth.
S. X. Simpson .. 5od,
Chamber of Com. HMg
ftpmemiier there Is
no Krrley Institute
In Kansas City. Mn,
""leisure of Ihc-iip
MOTF. Of It . . .
m:v location.
647 MlmipsnlA Ate.
Good Wotk at
Honest 1'rlees.
t crtl .stable.
1 h best nnil safest
Hacks ,il nil hours.
Horse rtl cared for.
Prices reasonable.
1100 North VinhSt.
Justice or the Peace,
I'lflli mill
Minnesota Ari.
Marriage ceremony
rs-rformeJ without
publicity It reqiusinl.
Collections a sj eclally.
do you
ltemomler, wo carry
the larK,st ami most
complete llnu In the
cltv. niul at prices to
lull all.
Owl Pharmacy.
Tor Iho next slxtr
dais I will Laundry
Lace Curtains at :o
apiece, or Ma per pair.
11. F. WIII.F, Prop.,
8th - MiKoMs.,
Kansas City. Kansas.
rnrPu-ioutli llhlg..
Ileal Estate, IlcntM
rind Loan Agent, have
noma snaps In ilty re
alty and acre property.
We want more houses
loreat, as the demand
Is great.
(Inn or Two or t lirlr Itargaliist
6-room cottage, W ft. around, lino location:
price, Jl.OOo.
"room two story house, CO ft, ground,
splendid location; price, l.r.00.
(l-room house. DO tt. ground, 4 blocks of car
line; price. .W.
THESE Aim RARGAINS. and we have e.
book rull of them. Seu ua before you buy.
Telephone K7S.
Is Not Too Good for Our
Po we buy the best that wc enn find. Ile
low are some prices. Don't forgot thnt
these prices nre fur riltST-CLASS JtKATS.
It's to the Interest of our meat department
to glve you sochI good.i. In thnt way you
aro Induced to come again, and to send
jour f i lends,
Some prlceo for to-day:
Porterhouse Ste.-uk l."-o per lb
Klrloln Steak 15c per Hi
llotind Steak 12'ic jier lb
Chuck Steak .-rrr...S and Wo per lb
j tlli P.oast llt'Cf 10c per lb
JlollltiK ltcef 0 to Sc per lb
3'ork Itonsts and Chops 10c per lb
Pork Shoulder- So per lb
Pork S.ius.ige 10c, 3 IIjh for 25c
Siinimei- Sausage 1.1c per lh
Ilologna Saumge I lbs for -"io
li.irlic Sausage 3 lbs -3o
Vienna S.ius.igi- 10c per lb
Ktcelylor 1'arm -' lbs for :.',c
t'ottnge Hum 13c, 2 lbs for "i'c
1,miI) 10 nml 12I-.C
Hams. No. 1 lOK-o
('Hllfnrnla Hams S"
llrcnkfast 11. icon Hie
lleef Tongues iOc each
funny vn
524-526-528 Minnesota Ave.,
Tel. 127!). Kansas City, Kas.
DIIUGS, 574 Minn. Ave.
:iUL.JLJXmmL.m..JL X
j Tho Journal office has been
Jj removed lrom tho Chamber
3 of Commerce to the first floor
q of tho Columbia Building at
H Sixth street and Minnesota
3 avenue-
tiii'.v ouTNiDiiinii tiii: an:N ix tin:
tkai'iii:ks- coxvuntidv.
suit iiiuiuhiit acaixst tiii: i:xi:cii.
TCMt or AN ijvi'ati:.
lie Is Charged Willi limine I'reeiint
u l-lllo I'Ullll Tho Keporl of V.-
jicrt Aieoiiutiints on nn ll-
Ciiiiuty Olllil.il.
The delegates to tho Northeast Tcacln-ra'
Absoclatlon of Kaiib.is tolled In at a Hvt-ly
gait yesterday. i:very Incoming train from
the Noith, West and South brought teach
ers. Thcie uru about 210 In iittemlanco
Hiid the majority of them aro women.
They nro lino looking and wry Intelligent.
There will probably bo tomo rivalry to
day, when It comes to the election of of
fice! s for tho ear. Three candidates have
fpruiig up for president, Superintendent I.
1,, I.. Hanks, of this cltyj K. J. Iloenshcl,
lireslduiit of the Campbell university, at
Ilolton, and J. II. Ulotfeltcr, superintend
ent of tho AtchUan city schools. Work
was being done among tho delegates last
evening, which mado tho gathering appear
something llko a regular political conven
tion. Tho chief Interest centers In tho
tight for tho ptes-Ideiicy of the association.
Those desiring other places are woiklug
eomblnutlons with the various can
didates for, Hist place, Thu election will
take placo this morning, Tho next meet
ing will probably be held at Seneca, bhaw.
nee county will carry oft tho library pre
tented by un llastem publishing house.
It has thu largest number of delegates
present, with the exception of Wyandotte
county, which Is barred In the contest.
The award will be mado to-day.
Thu morning session opened, by a paper,
"Can Kindergarten Methods lie Carried
Into tho District Schools," read by. Jtat
tle J, nugan, of I'otvln place, She was
fl SlIUMK UHM'iaiu ui inn muujiiium ui iiiu
kludergurlen school in connection with thu
oty and district schools, She tuUi that
tome people claimed tlmt the kindergarten
Mihools weic good for poor thlldrert, whose
parents were too busy earning u living for'
them to give (hem the proper attention, j
"Cannot the same be said of the clilMu-n I
of wealthy parents?" sld she. "These,
wealthy people devote to much of their
time to social affairs that the children ure
Jeft to thu caie of dHliiterested persons."'
Sho taiil that the kludcrgatleu teacher
should thoroughly multistat!! the workl
and present It In u shape that the children I
can eatlly grasp it. She thought thu kill
(IcrEarleu school was an liupuiiant factor
71 the eilucatlou of children uud should bu
Operated. In connection with the public
VhooU. l . . , .
lls .Vota Chltdcrs. of this city, in tha
dkcimlon gave an Idea as to how the
chid garden should be conducted, ahe II
luirgted. the manner in which various
fr. 'T. r-sw-v- s-irtv.i
B. B. W. nDK-OXTCa-KT.
Mictixnr In Kansas ( lly Pinning 3 1 1 1 1
llh St., Cor. Oakland Ave.
Tetephnno 111.13. KAVA, I'tTr, K.K
5Clt0l.li nml HAND SAWIMI and Tt'UNISU
W't make n Hprrhiltr of "tnlr llitlldliig,
Hunk lounlrrs hihI Ofllr riiturcs.
ffi Crrmn nrut
tir MhliittPil
Tim Minrt (Inter
nr IMIr
Everything clean nnd
neat, Homemade Pics,
eti. Up"ii until 2
kinds of
o clock each nl-th.
01 H Minnesota Ate,
flnp ItnUrry
(Infills. Candles.
do ro
B, Plymouth Rock
Eri-s, ft to!.1pr 1.1
2 blocks wst anil 5
blocks north ijutndaro
St- "L"road
ioHr Gutters Leak
00 TO
Corner ot
Slh and twnesota Ar.
Ami lliivolhciu
I lied. . .
Clean House.
Put on new wall p.v
Pr, paint your dwell
ins. Employ only Hrst
class workmen
lluv.inur Pulnts
nml Paper of
ul3 3Ilnncota Ac
At Lowest Vrlrrs.
Work Done
MO Minnesota Ave.
BA 6o candle
power Gas
Light costs
Less than -J
cent per hour.
Wyandotte Cas Co.
Til.l.stlu. Huslrldlltd
branches of study should be taught to the
young, and closed by saying: "Kor tho
enko ot thu child, do not ask us to keep
them shut up in a .school room from ') a. in.
to t p. tn."
Jllsa Mattlc Hyde, of Lawrence, nlso en
tered into a discussion of tho uuestlon, In
which .she advocated the same views us
those ot the ladles who preceded her.
Superintendent Smith, ot Lawrence,
wanted to know how It Is tiosslble for the
kindergarten department to be aildeil to
tho city, or especially tho country, district
schools, where there Is only one room.
He was opposed 10 the plan unless the
kindergarten department and tho llrst prl
mnry could 1 merged Into one. The ill"
cusslon was then diawn between the kin
'lergnrtcn teachers and the city supeiln
tendents. which was closed very nbruptly
bv the call of time by President Hunter.
Professor C. A. ShlNoly, of Atehlon. read
an Interesting paper on "History T ach
ing." His said thnt to try and hinrleilly
1111 the child's mind with dates and facts
was usele.sn and that it would be betttr to
not teach It at all than to crowd a child
In the study of history. He said teacher
should be ;t good historian and should use
great JudgmenOln the selection of subjects
nml method of conducting the recitation.
He nld thnt hlstniy should be tiiught In
every class In public schools. In this way
the pupil would hau n good knowledge of
the history of the nation at the close of
hli schooling. The sublect was nbh- dis
cussed by lllss IMIth ll.unctt. ot Olathc,
K. J. Hoer.shel, ot Ilolton, and William
V.itiorclol, of Sliver Lake. Piofessor
lloenshel said that It a teacher wanted to
study for an examination fur a teacher's
ceitlllcate he should pick up and read some
textbooks with questions on one side and
tho answers on the Other nnd commit
them. lint If the teacher was studying to
heiieilt his own mind he should burn three
fourths ot the textbooks and nlnety-nlne-one-huiidredths
of the other fourth. Ho
claimed that good winks touching on the
vailous subjects of history nro better than
the regular text books. He thought th.it
the teacher should llrst begin teaching the
child hlstniy by telling Htorles and follow
this up by books. -Mr. Vanorsdol said
tljat the Una! lessons In history should lie
taught by means of plctntes followed by
Htoiles. Professor llocnshd did not be
lieve In memorizing dates.
lalltnr McDonald, of the Western School
Journal, onsweied the professor of Ilolton
In reference to casting aside "uinltum In
patvo" books und also In regaul to his
position against the mcmotlzlng of names.
He said that n teacher ought to ue ques
tion books that would give them tho most
Information when uu examination was at
hand. Ho did not blame an teacher for
brushing up his mind, lie also said that
dates should lie memorized, as It was a
disgrace for a person not to know- the date
of the piluclpn! cients In the history of
the United States.
"Length ot tho High School Course and
Number of Studies Pursued: Contrasted
, Hemedlea Suggested," was the subject of
in paiier read by 1'iofei.sui- V. II, Olney, of
iLawtence. He criticised the coiir-u ot
study adopted by any school where thor
, oughiiesH was oMMlooked. He thought at
least tour jcat.s should be tho length of a
high school com so of study
Professor Kammeyer, of this city, In his
discussion of the .subject, said that the
high school coutse was generally adopted
more for the purpose of railroading n.
hcholar to the unlvetslty than to lit him
for everyday life. He thought the coutse
should bo so adapted as to give the gtcat
cst benefit to tho gre.itsst number. In
nlnetj-ilve cases out of 10) the high school
Is the Mulshing school of the pupils and
the piofessor said that thnt schnol'H coutse
of study should bo such that when n pupil
completed It he would ha lilted to take up
almost any business pursuit.
Miss Florence llca&outr, of Leavenworth,
spoke. iur addit'as was extemporaneous
and It was. one of the best delivered yes.
teidny. She favotcd a four yearn" course
and urged teachers to be lliototigh In their
work. She lndoised tho report of the
"committee of ten" In reference to the
high school coutse. Miss, Htlle ilralmm, of
Topcka, ulso nbly discussed this subject.
Afteiiiooii hi H4lon.
Tho afternoon session wits opened by a
papir on "Llteintuto In tho Place of tho
ltiuding Hooks," by Prank P. Smith, of
Luwtence. Ho udvocated the ubolitlou of
readets from cl.ibs work, and utged the
Mibstltutlon of good lltetattiie. In this way
hu said the lessons would not become mo
notonous to tho pupils and they would be
comu tuoto Interested in their study. He
also advocated the using of arithmetic; In
a practical way, not In tho abstract. In
stead of giving a child un example in di
vision whetu tile uumlieiH of the dividend
or divisor nre only given he thought
something should bu ndded to tho mimbers
so that pinctic.il Ideas may bo Ieaiued by
the rhlldreti. Tilts pupor was discussed by
J. II. lllotfelter, uf Atchison; W. M, David
son, of Topcka, und J, M. Ithodcb, of
Supeiintendent II, n. Heath, of Ilolton.
lead an Instinctive paper on "Tho Child
und tho .Man." He tuld of tho-groat Im
pel tuuee of having u vouug put sou start
out tight and the gteat icspouslblllty that
rested on the teucheis' shouldeib 111 their
woik of educating tho children.
Pioliably thu most Interesting number nn
the piograuinie In thu atietnoon was un
nilillesH on tho "Laboratory Methods id
Teaching Oeography," by professor J. C.
Hlscv, of Kansas City, Mo. IIo llluattnted
his address bv means of drawings and u
phonograph. Ho also hud four llttlo girls
from his school lead papcm which they
had prepmed. Their nuines were Muttle
Cliuoro. Lizzie Arnold. IHtii llioni.ui mid
Mnrv Neul. The visiting tcneheis took
much Interest In tho uddiess. und when the
piotVshor began lo woik the phouogruph
they crowded to the fiottt to listen to it.
At the conclusion of Mr. Illsey's address
ho was upplaudcd hcaitlly,
To-ilay's Programme.
Tho programme, for to.dny Is:
Music Ttlo, Mr, and Mis, Speck nnd Dr.
Sv-mposluro. ,,,,
"Tho Alms and Purposes of tho Denoml
i.ational Hchco '' Peter MoVlcar, president
AVushuiu-eollege; Jacob A. Clutz, picsldiiit
Midland, college; L. II, Murlln. piesldent
Halter university, W, l. Mcl'arland, piesl
dent Highland unlvetslty; C, M, lliuoks,
pieslJelit Lane llllUerslty,
Awai-dlug llbiuiy. '
Jteporta ot committees nun omcers.
Miscellaneous busluesa,
Round : tables.
City superintendents, President J. If,
Olotrelter, "
County superintendents, President J, I',
I he Milling Teacher.
The following Is a complete list of vis
iting teachets in attendance:
Shawuee county Sue Stevenson. M. L.
Freed, Matron Lewis, Carrie noddaid,
Orace Root Mabel Smith, Kllu Glenn, It.
N. Lambeiton, K. B. Hill, Ida llosack. W.
11. Wilglit. Mis. P. I,. H. aeorse. Earl
Miller. S. It. May, M. B. Ncwall. O. P,
McCltntuck. Annie Mai tin, Feuella. Dana,
C. II. Martin, Uculah Lcc, C. B. New all,
. ' frr
To-flatf wo bcffhi. a Special
Hate, introduciHff our
New Candy Department.
Located at mnln entrance to Dry ('nods
floor, this new department will be heavily
stocked to-day for till special wile, with
ruw, fresh nlul pure Candles, direct from
our own factory, which wo began operating
Mdy this weik.
Wo shall sell tn-ilny, to get you ftc
rpialnte with this new department,
fA Hon lions m lo,-
toe Chocolates nt loo,
V- Nut DIih ot i .
And nil other C0c goods will be 10a to-day.
1iV; goods In nil the popular makes nnd
flavors, will bu In tills sale to-day nt L'ic
All 23o goodc, nnd thcro nre some line
mnke, will bo ISe pound to-day.
postai, ti:li:uapii cAtir.n co.'s
524, 526 AND 528 MINNESOTA
Hlhi Smith, Miss M. fl. Mitchell, Mndge
Moore, J. L, Williams, Mrs, J, M. Sturgls.
Mrs. it C. Price. Will Vnmirsdul. M.iudo
Patllson, Alma L. Mc.Mnth. I.. I". Doge,
Mnttle Dugnn. M. H, Frank, Miss V.. Nogle,
Anna it. Mnntclih, John McDonald, Susan
Reeves, Mnry Montelth, Mary .latneon,
W. M. Davidson, A. II. Palmer. II. J. Mc
Kay, Nannie Schenck. HU O. Foster, Anna
Kelso, (lertrude Houghton. Ilessle Hough
ton, Mls i:. C. Samson, Mrs. A. A. Knlli,
Maggie Nesbontn, Nelllo I.ercher, Mis, ('.
II. I.oubnck, Miss J. T. Clclnlid, Mary 11.
Davis Linda Haines, Dlllo (Jr.iham. Julia
Tripp, lllhi .MelCermnn, fl. U. Ilmtnii,
Dora Kirk, Daisy McCnmpbell, Helen
Douglass rsiuntv D, A. Marvel, n. N.
Mvler. F. H. Ulney. Mnurlco it. Wood,
Vlrgl'ila Spencer, Lulu lladley, J. 11.
I'cnlrs, Mattle Hyde, n. A. Slnurwell, Lil
lian Scott. Ijoiilse Stoelzlng, A. .1. MeAllas
ter, Jewell JleAllaster, Cora 11. Pecker,
1". P. Smith. Mary flllnioie.
I.e-ivcnwinth county Ida Klttlaus, Katie
Roth' Mberger, L. A. ruber. .Maggie Cal
vin, Miry Allitlght, Llbblo llurli.iiik. Dmlly
I,. Klttlaus, Ill.tneh Cassldy, Sadie Rogers,
Cella llurnsteln, Annn King, W. A. llvnns,
Adam Dugwcll, Dv-.i Ilalstead. Lillle Stler.
Anna lionmnn, L. H. Ityau, Cora llolmau,
Menta Flolm.'iti, ."Mury Jones, Dlsle llennett,
A. H. Vnlton.
Atchison .Martha Penning, J. W. Wil
son, Knle llacon, llllr.i llennlng: .Mabel
l'addock, Louise Atkins, llct-tha Seamans,
.Mary Cnlnvvay, Anna Soeer. S. J. Hunter.
Nellie Wright. C A. Shlvcly, Mrs. .1. H.
Ulolfelter, Lilly (Irnvca, J. li. tilotfelter.
Johnson county W. H. Lav ton. A. L.
Rust. Diana Ilaskln, A. P. Melntyro, tl.
T. Wlswell. (leorge II. Dent, Ruth II.
Scott, Lulu Lvon, Jennie Potter, IMIth
Harnett, Sadie Sterrett, Mury Moore, Anna
llnir, Dd F. Umbel, HII.i (Iregg, Anna
ill egg, .Mrs. Dd T. liaiber, Dmma Ayeis,
Maggie Curtis.
Nemaha county Jennie Fisher, C. A.
Strong, May White. J. J. Schoib-lil.
Jackson county 13. D. Heath, H. J. lloen
shel. Hinw-n county .T. P. Parmer, Kate Illalr.
Jefferson count II. L. .Miller.
Wyandotte county Is lepicsented by
eighty teachers.
hllir AdAINM' AN KXIM.'llTOIl.
Un Is Charged With Having Presented a
I'rauduli nt Clitlnt.
Phillip Pest, a brother of Ocorge P. Rest,
who illnl In this city 111 l'JI, yesterday tiled
a petition in the piobate court In which he
acoused tho executor of thC'estate, Jacob
!'. Kusterer, with practicing a sharp game
Rest made a will In which he gave JJim lo
each of eleven nephews nnd nieces. He
then gave the rest of his piopeity to dlf
fetent charitable institutions. He named
Kustcier n.s the executor. A short time
after Kusterer presented a claim against
the estate for il,2J3. lie claimed that that
amount was due him for boird and lodging
for the dei eased for K) weeks. The claim
was allowed by the court Noiemb r 21. IS'JI.
In the petition tiled vestenlay the plaint
iff claims that the claim was fraudulent
and that the court was Imposed upon, lie
states that Rest worked for Kust.-ter as a
clerk In a stole and that he waa to tecelve
J.'O n month and boaul. Phillip s.-ijs that
Ills deceased biolher worked lor r-evenly
months under tint contract, uud that when
he died Instead of owing Kusteier $1,2." the
executor owed him 51,1'J". He wants the
court to set aside the order allowing Kus
terer the claim against the estate. The pe
tition was tiled when It was discovered that
Kusterer had tiled pipers unking to be le
le.iscd The papeis were tiled two days
ago. When Mr. Kusterer found out that
charges had been made against him he
wlthdtew the petition asking to be iclleved.
The m.itttr will be he.itd befoto Piobate
Judge Anglo May 21.
i;i:poI:ti:i ihschupaxcv.
Had Hiiokl.eeplug on thu Part of an i:-
Collllty OIIUl.ll Said to Have lleeil round.
The expert accountant employed by the
county bond to examine the nci mints ot
the vailous county olllclals yestetday tiled
a ri'lsirt on the accounts of ex-County
TiL.isurer Aim tin Stewart. Mix Stew.it t
was lieasurer from US' to iwi. The re
port was sealed last evening and delivered
to tho county clerk. It will be opened at
the meeting ot thu board this utioinoon.
It Is said that tho report will show very
bad bookkeeping on the part of Mr. S'.ew
nrt. and one in a position to know bavs
it will also show- a dlscrepincy of it largo
amount. The discrepancy, however, may
bo duo to tho system of keeping the
book- In tho treasurer's olllce, and It Is
thought that hu will he able to explain
tho matter satlafactoilly to the board.
An Aged Coup In Illumed.
Tho divorce ease ot Anna llurke ugalnst
her husband, Thomus llutke, was tiled In
thu dlstilct couit yesterday. It took nil
day to try the case. The parties to the
suit ate over wi years of age. Thu defend,
tint Is n tanner and owns n line farm of
2n0 aoiei, near Connor station. He was
charged with cruelty. Judge Alden granted
the plaintiff a dlvotcu and gave her 120
acres of the farm. Shu gets that portion
with nil Hie Improvements on It, The de
fendant was allow I'd the temalnlug clglity
uct cs,
lie Wik lu Wieck. .
Deputy James Cummins, who went to
Canton, O., on business, returned yester
day morning. Ho paid a visit to his par
ents at Newcastle, !ud., whom ho had not
seen tor the past ten jears. Ho was in ,1
wieck on tho Vandall.i ralltoid near Hew
itt. Ill, The engine of his train Jumped tho
track while tho train was, at a liis.li into
of speed, but was stopped before any acti
ons damage was done. -Mr. Cummins w.ik
thrown over four seats in the parlor chair
car, but was foitunatu In escaping Injuty,
Opened Her MuutliTuti Wide.
Mrs. John McQualn, who attended a ro
vlval meeting at Thlnl slieot and Freeman
avenue, met with u, peculiar mishap Thurs
day night. Slu, was taking pan In tile ex
irclses when she gave a shout, opening
her itiouth so wide that she dislocated her
lower Jaw. Shu was tinablu to ,eset it mid
called on Dr. J. D. Luu to do so.
A llrilllaut Lecture.
F, W. auusaulits. of Chicago, delivered
Ills famous lecture, "Savonarola," last
night at the Flist l',esbyterlnn church,
Tho lecture was given under the auspices
of thu Noilheastcin Teachers' Association,
It was by far the most billllant, as well
as the most interesting one, eier delivered
in tills pait of tlieeouuliy.
At Work on the Court Itoum,
The coutraetots are busily engaged at
work on the repalis of the couit room of
the Enterprise block, near Seventh street
und Minnesota avenue. This Is the bulldt
Ing selected by the board of county com,
inlssloners for the court of common pleas.
Ho Pleaded Cullty,
Dan Gairlson, vhom Deputy Sheriff, Cum
mins went to Canton, O., to arrest, pleaded
guilty to tho chargo of grand larceny be
tore Justlco Hughes yesterday and was
bound over to the dlstilct court.
(Jillu u hmoker.
The member of tho La Salle Club savo
j. smoker last night ut their looms, in the
Columbia, building
huit lor ire mtsuowun.
The suits of II. S. Snlnslcy, ci-Justlcc
IB. irK K'BmWil -JKimjm M JrKi
ISe Tallies, in Vanilla, Peanut, Htinvvher
ry, Chocolate, Mobises nlul Cocoanul, will
be on rale to-day at lee pound.
Wo will have ft big stock ot Candles on
snip in the tlrocery department tn-doy nt
rrotn 7 to loo pound, for fresh goods front
our factory.
We expect to put this hew department In
the procession ot successful ill partiuenta
that wo now- have AND IT JII'ST HIV
t'i:i:i)l To innke It n popular venture wc
hull beKIn this tiny to sell the very choic
est Candles It'n possible to make nt less
prlctt than you've been piylng.
Can von come to-dav, nr to-night till 10
o'rlock, nnd buy some rnro Cundy bargains?
of the peace, and Newt Harding, one of
his deputy constnbles, ngalnst tho county
for fees disallowed by the cnuntv auditor,
will be tried this morning before Justice
Mi:ritoroi,is .misciii.laxv.
Money to loan. W. A. SIMPSON.
The Herman Society of this cltv will hold
a grand social and dnnce at the S.iwver
hall. A series nt Men-optlcon views will
bo exhibited, after which there will bo
Judge Anderson ot the court ot common
pleas, will close Ills term of couit to-dny
with motions uud tlctuuirers.
Jack Liggett, maiuigii- of the Kansas
City H.isket .Mnnufiictuilng Company, has
begun the erection of an addition to his
factory. It will be SOxls, two stories high.
The comapny'H business has lucrensed so
much of late that It has become necessary
lo enlarge the plant.
The members of Center lodge, No. SI, D.
ot II.. will give a "tacky" social nt their
hall In the Chamber ot Cotnmeue building,
April 20. At that tlmo interview lodge No,
Sit. A. O. IT. W.. will display the scenes
of the lodge with its big magic lantern.
The Union Mining Company, of this cltv,
Is developing some mining Interests lu New
Mexico. Yesterday S. S. King, the secre
tary of the company, lecelved a message
from W. II, Toothaker. general mniiager,
uownt Los Cerrlllos, saving "Have struck
It itch at Cochlta; tell mo what to do."
The secretary wlted back "Prav llrst; If
you want fuither advice wire further In
formation." Wanted Rarber Saturday and Sunday,
Apply nt Sixth nnd .Minnesota avenue,
Kansas City, Kas. Urlng tools.
PRItsOXAI. m:ws.
Mrs. Piunk Hrlght, of Sweet Springs, Is
In the city, the guest of her daughter, .Mrs.
I. H. Trotter, on Elizabeth stu-et. She
biought Hairy T, otter home with her. lie
has been at Sweet Spilngs for thu past
month visiting his giandparents,
Mrs. Edward Elgin, of Sweet Springs, Is
the guest of her slster-ln-law, .Mrs. Graves,
at SI J State avenue.
:. II. Cuitls nnlved In this city yester
lay morning from Saguache, Col., having
made the entire trip on a bicycle. He was
eleven days making thu trip, hut was tied
up lour iIuvh on aeiount of the sandstorms
In Western Kansas. He Is visiting his
biotber, Clntenee Curtis, nt the corner of
Ninth stieet and Washington avenue.
Mrs. Chntles W Rlvely Is III at her home,
12US Not til Twelftn street.
MIsw Kate Rlalr, of Horton, Kas., is vis
iting Mrs. A. L. Carpenter.
E. G. Steele, ot the tlrni of Goodrich &
Steele, fruit and produce dealers, in
Kansas City, Mo,, has moved his family
to this city nlul will make this his rutin e
Mr. and Mrs. S. I, Carpenter have re
turned lrom Seveienee, Kas.
Dr. J. E. Lilts: will li-ave this evening for
St. Louis.
'I hree Men A ho Aro II, lleved to lie Members
of u Couutei felting (iang
The police of this city, as well as the
county and govVtumeut authotltles, h.mi
been h.itd on the trail of a gang of coun
tcrfeitets, who have been operating In
this city for the pist two weeks. They
have followed sevual lines and yestetday
morning Captain Pot lei, Deteetlvu Cahlll,
Sergeant Tarpley and a .squad of pa
trolmen made a i.iid on the boatd
Ing house run by Lem llutler, at the cor
ner of Second street and Kansis avenue,
nud captured three men whom the police
believe me tho much-wanted countLtfi It
ers. The rooms occupied by the three prls
onets weie searched and two bars of
while metal, a bottle of ncld, two llles mid
an apparatus for melting purposes! weie
tound. Tho nnines of the three men at
tested aio: Hank Campbell, Prank Ruck
and Mlku Wlllard. A charge ot vagrancy
will bo placed against tho men until
either their guilt or Innocence can bo es
tablished. 'three iethos of Highwaymen.
A tllo of highwaymen visited this clly
Thursday night and held up and robbed
thtee cltletis. Tile llrat victim was James
Hlgglns, who waa held up at tho corner of
Ninth Htieut and Centin! avenuo and re.
lleved of his gold watch and u small
amount of money, Tho holdup occurred
within a block of his home, Tlio second
robbery took placo at the corner of i'.i
eltlu nnd Harrison streets, where S. W.
Harvey was held up At about 1 o'clock
Frank Latkln was stopped nt tho corner
of Shavvneo avenuo and Twelfth street
and iilluvud ot 4i;..Vi, All three of the men
who weie held up give thu sainu descrip
tion of the lilghwuymou. They claim there
weie three, and that two of them were
ot small build and tho third onu vvus tall
und slender,
Mr. Hlgglns, the llrst victim of the high
waymen, had a mvolver on his person
when thu lobbers commanded htm to
throw up Ills hands, Ho did not get to
usu It, huttuvtr, and tho prospects nro
that he never will, as the highwaymen
took it fiont his pocket with the remark:
"1 guess wo liavu nioto use for that thing
than you have."
Wilder Mood left last night for Tiftln.
la where he will attend the funeral of
Ids brother-in-law.
Dr. .. Nason has k'ono to St, Joseph,
t 3JO., on a snort iiusiuess inp,
Miss I.lzlu Jones, of Leavenworth. Is
in tho city, tho guest ot Miss Rerenlco
Lizzie, tho Infant dauuhter of Mr, and
Mrs. John Praher. or Shawneo avenue,
died yesterday with inflammation of tho
stomach. The funeral will take place to
day from the family home.
Mrs. 1. II. Wood, of k-'7 Packard street,
Is entertaining her mother, Mrs. C, II,
Shellleld. ot Topcka. ,,...
.Miss Daisy Flench Is seriously with the
Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Schumacher, of
Olatlie, Kas., am In tho city, visiting the
family ot Giles Klrby, of us ige avenue.
ChaileH Perkins, of Warren county, la.,
Is In the city, tho guest ot Ills cousin, Con
stablo Perkins. ...
.Mrs, M, E. Vlckioy. of Denver, ts the
I guest ot Mrs. D, Don. " South Fourth
Little Anna Young, the 3-vear-old daugh
ter uf Mrs. Young, ot C03 Kansas avenue,
wandered away from home yesterday morn
ing and was not found until last night.
Mrs. lloyce, who lives near the Consoll-
1 dated box factory, found the llttlo wanderer
running about the car Hacks. Shu took
the child to her home and later turned it
over to the police. Captain Porter cs-
icoited the child to Its mother.
II. M. Ilerr iccclved a telegiam yestetday
morning announcing the death of his
inothci -in-law-, Mr. Margaret Mccarty,
who was on her wjy to her home at Wind-
i tor, Canada. Mrs. Mccarty left here
Wednesday evening for her home, accom-
panlcd by her daughter, Mrs. Mury Balfrey,
boll, of whom inl hern bete since the
death of Miss M-i, will 1 1 Mr Parly, iilo n
daughter ' lb, ilnrneil. The denlh oe
rutted -in in- train an hour pti'ilous to
tenchlne- in i destiiritlou
Ml" MilnMv was 70 !.citn of nt?, nnd
died rroin lien 1 1 dlscn-e Mr Ilerr left last
evening for Alndsnt lo nttelul the funrtiil.
Attorney A A Htnllh. of this city, has
been appointed depulv inuiily attorney nnd
will have chntge of nil county work in tho
two Justlcn i-outls In Aigcntlne
Tim slnte Imtid of nssesforti. composed of
Lieutenant Gov ei nor Troulmau. Trensurer
Alhettoii, Audllor I'ote, Secrelaiy Edvvnrds
nnd Attorney lletietnl Danes, was In the
iltv yesietilnv morning ussfsslng tho prop
erly nf the Santa Pi company
The work of constructing the telephone
sj stein of the local cnuitmuv Is proKiessing
rapidly. All roiimcllous will probably be
made In u few days.
Charles Slover nud wife left yesterday
for n brief visit with friends nt Denver.
Tlio city lax nn dogs Is now duo nud City
Clerk Long Is prepared to Issue licences
nlul furnish tnt-n.
Tim Ladles' Republican Club will give n
nipper nml lllerniv entertainment Monday
evening In the Dlllges building- on Met
topulllau avenue.
ljulle a number of Piesbyterlan ladles
met yesterday afternoon Willi Sits. E. '..
McCullooh to olganl-e it Ladles Presby
terian Society. A Sunday school will be
oigiuilred to-uioiiow morning tit Nukes'
Mls Jennie Simmons returned yeteriHv
from nil extended vllt with het slstet,
Mrs, E, Nokes, at Holt, Mo.
S. S, Jtssup, of Ceil n- Junction, Kas., Is
In the city visiting rilcndsnnd tclatlves.
Wllllain Sheets, an uged farmer living
west of this clly n short dlslnnee, died yes
terday, No funeral urrungetneiila have yet
been made,
Chief ltlclinttlson shot a tund dog yester
day afternoon on First sltcet.
Georgo Putiulng died yesteidny morning
of consumption at his home. No. llo North
Siienr avenue. Tho body will be sent to
Nashville, Telin,, to-day for burial.
Misses f Initio Welch and Cora Myrlclc
will spend Sunday with friends ut Chilli
cotlic, Mo.
Mrs. George Athetton Is entertaining Mrs.
A. Jones, of Einpotla, Ens,
A special meeting of thu Degree of Honor
lodge wan held last night to make arrange
ments for nn cntcttiilnmeut to be given
Itlllt llOIIV TAKEN 1'ltOM Till. KAW
RIVER AT 1-11111 M'ltKI'T lll(t(!-.
Ilullet Hole lu tho Hack or Iter Head
and ll Wound nil the l.ert temple
'I ell the story of it
The body of Miss Patsy Clayton, a col
ored woman nbout 22 jears of age, was
found In the Knvv rivet, near tho Fifth
street btldge, at 10 o'clock voslcrdny morn
ing by Geoige Treeps, of Argentine, who
was In a boat hunting ducks That the
woman had been mutdeted is the thcoty
accepted by the police, as the evl lence is
sttougly favorable to such a supposition
uud It further appeals that the luuider
was a very mysteilous nffnlr.
The body was near the middle of thu
river, though the water was not of suf
ficient depth to wholly conceal It. There
was a bullet hole In the luck part ot the
head, also a wound In th" left temple,
caused by n blow fiom it club. Aiound
the waist of the body a rusty wlte was
found, tu which had (ippaieutly been at
tached a sinker.
Miss Patsy Cl.ivlon, the murdered wom
an, had been lu thu employ ot Dr. 11. C
Gainer, whoe olllce and lesldence are ut
2.r East Ninth ticet, In Kansas City,
Mo., fot nine months. Wcdn'-sd.iy even
ing about U-Sil o'clock she left Dr. Gar
net's, ns the family supposed, to visit her
mother and stcptiither, .Mr. and Mr-.. Reb
el t Mclntyie, who live at JUS) Oakland
avenue, Kansas City, Kas. As she did
not return Thursday the doctor went to
the home of her pirents, vcsteidns after
noon, and th"i'e learned of the irngodv.
ller patents had not seen her since Sun
day, at wlili h time she was at home.
As HtHUi as the Under dlsi oioied the
body he untitled the Aigtntlne police, und
Chief Itichaidson, aecoiup uiled bv ruder
taker G. W. Simmons, went to the liver
and took the body to the undci taking
looms of G. vv . Simmons, in Aigintlm
where a post mot tern ixaiuiiiatlo
held bv Ctuoncr Stevens, vesteidav
noon, aided by ,.-,, ml suigeons. The
animation showed that a bullet had en
tered the In- ilii fiom the back pait ot the
held, passing nili.l tluoiigii the brain
and lo Iglng against tin- skull. The cor.
oner opened Die skull and found Hie bullet
liom a 't"-(alilnr cartridge. It Is In lleved
by the ph) sli I. ins that death oci in i. d only
a tew bonis lilevious to the time when
the bO'U was found.
The holy was ilussed In a d.nk blue
waist with a bl lek -.Ut skirt and a long
d.nk cloak, while tho hands wete covered
with black knit gloves. She was diesseil
In the same manner when she left the
home of r. Gainer Wedned.i evening.
Dr. Garner stated that the woman was
uuusualli quiet and spent ue.nly all of
the time at his home. When she left
Wednesday tuning she had about J7 In
money with liei, also a key lo his h"U-e.
.Nothing whatever was In the clothing
when tin- bod was found.
The tein. itns weie tak. n lo the home
of her p.uent,, lu K ins.is Cltv, Kas., last
livening. An Impost will be held at .'
I'rloik this afteumon in Kansas City,
Kas., l the coroiui and a jury.
Many leetlpts as published still call for
eieam of tin mi- and soda, ihe old-fashioneil
way of luislug. Modi in i imklug mid ex
pel t cook.! do not siiiietloii this old way.
lu all sin h tciclpts Hi" lcm.il Raking
Powder should be subMitutcd without fall
Xew Kaii-.ts ('nrpoiitlliiii.
Topcka. Kas, April P (Spe l.il.l J. I,
Riown. K T llastmaii. .1. V Herirand
and W. I' lluid. ot Kansis City, Kas,
and 1". A. Aii'leison. ot Dshkush, Wis.,
havo assoii.itcd together in the org.inl.a
linn of the Auiuiiiau Equipment I'umpiuv,
which will do business at Kansas City,
Kas., Cedar Rapids. In.; Dubuque, la.,
and Minneapolis, Minn. Tin- mplialk-a-lion
or the louipany Is JI.",ii,K). The pur
pose of the organization Ij to establish
plants for the manufacture of machinery,
engines, cars. ,.ti
Skin mill Scalp. Tried Kverv tiling.
Used ;iitlcur.t. In Tlireo tVcelia
Not a .Scar or Pimple.
'Wlicnmili'ihv w.ii I hieo months old hlsi hecks
and lri'lii':'.il hi",',ni luliicikoiit with white piui
plea on rulsiirt.ico. lu a tew d.is ftclit..iniii
iiienicd, which a- liiillilc. Alter hu noulil
run ii nuiuer winui ooe
IiiiuiIiksjIiiIs. lua-hiirl
of his head, then sials
snoii lurinid on held and
faie, We iiseil isit) thing
HiMiiiildln.irof lor nearly
live mouths Uglew woisu
all tho tliue. I saw sour
:i,h i rtlseuieiitot the 1 1 It
1 1 nv lit mi mi's in a l 111
i.igniuikh Wel'lllilMsiil
ci ill i ni ill Ml nil--, aiut
cninmciacil thrir ii-e, lu time will..-,' tiiuu
tin re v,is nut a sure or pimple, nut uu'iiasiar,
on he id ur f u c. I lu I-. iiiucti eu niuuthi old now,
aiulh.i- no si-ii of thu ill., i-.'. Ills si alp U
he.illh and he llll.i bcrauilul head ot hill,
(bee portrait hcrewiih.i
.Mlts, U(Vll JAM!".?, Wood-.lim, Kan,
Ciitici'iiv cured a Il.c.i-e whiih 1 li ul tlirea
sears. SI) sl-lu was kiire am I in i old weather lav
Jain wa-tain is.nf si.iloi. 'Iho jnlii so hiteuse it
would briii': tear-,. Itriuleier lenieily vmli
littlu beiieiit, 'Iho llr.t applli.iiieu ririuitv
gavolustjiitrillcf, lua lew-mtk.' ihiieuitid.
I'.DMl'.MI KllltNh.
J7U Union Ave., Chlcj'-'i, III.
t:i!Ticiiiivlli..oi.v,:xr,tlieiievTllliid l'u rl ller,
Internally tto i'l.'jn-e thu bltsid of all luipiiiitics
and iKii-einuii-) eli'iiK'iits), and ttiut'tll, thu
great (.kin Cure, will, (', rtiTiit Mill', an ex,
iiul.it'- .-skin puritier. eMiriull) no tlear the
Kin and scalp and u-sturu the lulu, bale tured
thoa-uud- of cases wlu'le the siilleriu-; .is
uhuo't b, -j und eiului nice, hair hfiles-i, or all
gone, dUnsureiiii.hl tetrlbUv.
Bold tbroutliotit the world. Price, CCTirnu,
We.; Sine, 2ie,, i:tiii.vi:.xT, II, I'mci-i: JH.tu
ANnCue4.Cl)Ul,., frulo Proorictun. Uostua.
4J-" How to Cure fckiu DI.ca.K," loalliit free,
and bcilp purlflid and beuulltled
L'TH Ulu eu.i', ALaulutcly urc.
Hlli, KHuey, ami I'Hriuo ralu-i and
Wjkl'i'esrclIPi.,il In onutnlnulo
bvthaCutlcura Autl 1'mIu I'liuler.
1 Uy lirot juU ou) faia UiUiugpU-iUr
1.0 Willi, I'll II IIP A MlW I'I.EA.
Miiminls Issued for Piirllilpints In Hon
ut tins llrlalitiin Mine - Heath nt
t'harlrs (liilnn .Mis, rltsneous
llrms unit Personal Xrwi.
Oonlalile (Inihntii went out nenr tlte
Hilghlon tiiliie yestiiduy to make nr
rests on two criminal vvtirrnntn Isstted
from Judge .lohtisuir-, court. The pur
ties wanted nro Chillies Pepper, charged
with nssatiltlnr; tinit licatlnp V, I.. Htl
ger, nnd Wlllliini llnrvcy, clnrgeil with
nnxtiltlllni; lterthn Ht liter, n dniightef of
U. L. StlBCf. The low Is reported to
have been n very .serious (me, having
let minuted In a free nnd easy neighbor
hood knock down. At it Into hour this
evening I'tmslnble Ornhiim hud not re
tut tied with his ptlsouer.s, nnd llieie was
.some fear that Ills Intended victims
h.iil been too much for him,
Ills Defense IliHIlllt-r.
The tllal ot Clitirleri McOattliy, tlie
dlaiuotiil thlel, conlllitieil to occupy the
attention of the dlstilct cotttt yestetday
und the defense ImH put in n soiuewh.it
novel plea, which may lead to clearing
up thu mystery of Just what tho so
culled rttio for drunkenness Is com
posed tit.
For lilts defense McPatthy sets up the
plon Hint ut the time of the robbery,
which ho does tint deny, lie was tinder
golnir the Dr. Houston cure for Ine
lirlates; that by lctison of Inking the
"medicine" preset Hied hit, mind was de
lunged ti ii il he whs, therefore, not ie
spouslhle for his nets. A number of
ilirdclnn liuvc been culled Into the
case, who are living to le.'itn what
"tnedlclne" was Hdmlnlstereil, nnd Mc
C.itlliy lias hud u number of his coin
pniilous testify us to 111." strange mill tin
nnlurnl conduct pi lor to the diamond
Mlsi elbineoits.
John Kelly ycsleulay filed suit In tlio
dlstilct cotttt ngalnst George II. Don
aldson ct nl. of ICntisas Clt.v. for the le
covcry of 41.000 damages for fullute to
carry out n certain conttnet In which
teal estate was Involved.
Cliiulcr, liulnn, ti well known colored
mail, died yesterday moinlng of HtlRhl's
disease. His sister Is a teacher In the
North Leavenworth coloied school.
Yesterday nfleinoon a tiiutt passed
through Leavenworth pushing n wheel
liartow, In vvlilch sat a blind mull ns u
passengti'. It is suld the parties stnrt
oil from Kiinsiis Cll to Chicago, thlnk
Ing .sinllcient funds could lie picked up
along tlie way to deftny expenses. The
melt pushed on towards Atchison, from
which point they will go to St. Joseph,
Mo, and thence to Chicago.
The Mission I P.iclllc pay car visited
Leavenworth .isteidu.v.
Police Judge Allot- hnd a very light
docket yestetday.
J. W. Cr.incer litis i etui tied home
fieiin Topekn, where he was foicituin of
the I'nlted States grand Jury.
John Illinium yesterday tiled suit in
the dlstilct court ngalnst Caroline Felix
ut .,1 for the p.u tltloiilnr; ot certain city
S.im Hopkins, of tho local Missouri
P.tclllc railway ticket olllce, went out to
Valley Falls yesteidny.
Judge E. C Cole, nl Great Ilcitil. Kas.,
was In tills city vestenlay on business
...Itl, ITttl.A,! Uli.lnu S-..,,f, , uf 11,1.1.,-
., VI, ,.-.- i.tllll I-VI.I,.'I ,...,. t.
1. E. Miilllnlx, of IliiilliiKntne, Kits.,
was in this city yesterday.
Mesdnmes L. F. Smith, W. M. D. Lee,
Until-' Gaidner, V. T. Hewitt. J. C.
Douglass nnd Ale.xauilei Caldwell went
to Kansas City yestetdtiv to attend the
chli.steiiing of I Mien Hustings Feign
noii, daughter ot Mr. and .Mrs. John Fer
guson, of Velasco, Tc.x., Ktandilailglitei
of .Mr. nnd Mis, Stewiirt linstlngs, of
lviius.'is Clt.v.
Iter, ,. I. A,rs Chosen President of the
Plcslil tl l-lilll Coltige.
The board of directors of the Prtsbvier
iau college of this cltv have selei ted Rev
G. F. Aver-, president of the institution
for the coming si hool yi nr. Rev. Avers
was tecently connected with the Washing
ton college, of Tcnness, e, ami ims b, i u ed
uc ited iibtoad. Prior to going aluoad,
Professor .eis giaduated at the Vest
mlnstei college, Pulton, whole he took a
six .veals' ionise. He intcicd a Chit ago
theulogk.il fi miliary mid lu a three .veals'
course won a sehul.iisliip whkh entitled
ll I m to ii M'hnlaishlp at tin l.elislg Uni
versity, Get man)., when- he graduated with
ciedlt. Piolessur .eis will succeed Miss
Llua MoNley, who will lellre fiom th"
school at the end of the picsent term. She
with some of her pupils, will make u luui
ot Kiuupf. Piofessor Avers evpeits to
take charge of the school at the close of th"
present term.
I iuntl I , ml.
Thomas .leitetsuii Foul, a fanner living
near Rlue Sptlugs, was tiled before a Jut
lu Justlie Jones' iiiurt .vestitdav on tie
charge ot "challenging to light" and i.in.v
Ing "conteaU'd weapons," 't'he pio.ci uiing
witness was Chatb-s Cash, a bos 1", veais
ol use. The dlllliultv took place Jauuarv
last, but a w.nraui was not swum oui
until nxently. The tnal develuptd th
t,u t th it theie was somMhing ot u ti u I
belweeii the Cash and Fold families oi
long standing. The tumble had some ol'
the Kintucl.y flavor to It, ihnt Is to say, u
knife and a levolver weie ilouilshed, Im"
no damage was done
Tlie Jul) got tangled up over the nrgu
nients ot the attorneys, dei Iding to dis
agree. Time of the jurors weie for ac
epiittal and the uthcrs fur convb Hon.
Dlvou e -iiits I'lli d.
Susan E. Piigh tiled suit for (lltorie e-
terday against her husband ,losrih ,M
Pugh, Thev were matrled lu issil, in Ht)
they moved to Kenrney, Neb , where Mrs.
1, ..!, I...... .. I..... . .II,,,. I,..,,.... sit... .!.... I
on the table and the ibfiiulant husband In -
e.illio jealous, .viieiuiinis sun ii'Liiiiieii ii,
Kansas Clly on a visit. I'pou her tuturu
homu she alleges that In i- husband tll'-il lo
. i .n ..i ...-. i....ri..,i, ,.i.... i.n.
lieL II' I iw ninll "iia ,, , iiiiiiiiiiiiih ll' I -
self. She then returned to In r mother's
liuuie in ivansu-, iij, wiieiu sii'i nn-. nincu
Wllllant M. Pugalo tiled suit for divorce
from Ills wife, ,M iry E. Fugalc. Abandoti
iiii nt was alleged.
rrgillg ll Teleplnoie ,)wtcm.
Tho iiui'siion of municipal owneishlp rif
a lite alaiin si-stem lias been settled bv tho
Commercial club, as tar as that beidy is
concerned Thu ilitb Is tomposed of the
majority of the business men of the city,
and tho matter has been fully Invesllgatt-d
by a committee appointed pu- that purpose.
A member of the club stated yesterd.iv
that tor u lire iilanu system nothing could
b better, and claimed thnt Chief Hale, ot
tlnv Ilio department at Kansas. City, tee.
ommended It ns supetlor to iho automatic
Dr. II. M, Wharton will lecture to-night,
under tho auspices of the Voting people's
Society of the iptist chain h. Tho lecture
will take place at thu court house.
Judge Rochester left yesterday for Vir
ginia, where he will Join his wlte, who has
been making an extended stay with fi lends.
A game of baseball will take place this
afternoon at thu Alton ball grounds,
A meeting of the King's Daughters will
bo held this atietnoon at 2:3) o'clock, Tho
meeting will be held lu the county court
Miss Delia Verne, of Clinton, Mo., is tho
guest of John Clements and family.
A Shakespearean leading, by G. R, Will
lams, took placo Thuisday night in tin,
rooms over tho poslolllte. Thu audience
was a select one.
Ml llcssle Noland I. the guest of Inde
pendence tllemU, She will letnalu sev
iral days,
Conway Holmes, uf the Rapid Transit
Rullway Company, was lu thu city yester
day oil a business trip.
Mrs. Fleming Pendleton arrived home
ycstirday from u visit with her mother,
Mrs. Lincoln, of St. Joseph, Mo.
Mrs. E. II. Gill and little son will leave
to-day for Eicelsior Splines on a brief
Company V Is preparing lo give an en.
terialnment Monday nlt-hl next. Paul
Johnstone, the mind itader, Is to be Ihe
chief attraction.
A meeting of the Willing Workers will
take place Hits afternoon at 2 o'clock In
Iho parlors of tho ChtlstUu iliuieh
J 11 Vaureen and Miss ltoa May Sehaf
fer, or Fulton, Mo., weie married at the
commercial hotel Thuteday evening by
Rev. Mr. Mitchell.
Wants Money.
Can Get It.
Land and
Wants your help. It
will pay for tt. It will
give you a chance
Big Money!
You Buy
The Bond
You Are
In Sedalia, and that
is what the company
Send UK) ror a bond to
Alex. Findlay,
lioud Ac-cnt, Itootus 1 and r, Bunker
Hide;., Kansas City, Mo.
K. O.
ji iMjrAi linn its or ''
Awnings or all kinds. Tents of
all Minis. 1'l.igs Paullns, Cor
ersof .ill ltluds Suud for prices.
Telcphnllii 101 1.
Do You Wash
Your lntirts dining Hi" iliy' If so, you
ueol clean Towels. Call up 1271 tor best
Ill'.'l litis,
tleatlnc Co.
I.oewcn llros.
' '"OV' Union 5tove
and Hardware. Co.
m: pa i its ron ciivit'rr.u oiks.
Mil.!. MA.MJ l-AC-iLltl.l) 11V
Hut to buy It and you will get It In 111
original packages-go to
ARC Till. Ml.-s-ii:-. Illll.M'K ALV
It Is Cbiluied That the Power to 'I.iste nud
oiielt llitiu the inm, sour, e.
Piom thu New Yoik World.
The man who smoked in the (link onu
night mid dlscovei ed that when lie couldn't
sin the smoke nil the plcnsiiic of binning
tobacco wits lost is not luotu temiiikablu
than the Individual who has now discov-ei.-.
I that thu miiscs of taste und of smell
me Mimical. This gentleman advances
that the sense ot tnsto depends upon Iho
number of minute teutacbh which consti
tute the Biufacu of the tongue and he says,
tlmt sumo men havo iluee times us many
of these us othcis, Tho latti r never be
i nntu gnnriuntiils and llieli sense ot smell
Is, says tills obsctver, deficient
I it pi oof of these assertions It is snld that
when you havu a had cold vou almost lose
both these senses; that vou call neither de
tect ilellcalo odors, llko that or peitunie,
othcivvlsu sn noticeable, nor Identify tho
flavors of different kinds nf foods and
ill Inks, The smoker who has a scvelo cold
IIiiiIh that Ills cigar or cigarette yields but
llttl" plcnsiiic, uud ho llnds that his glass
of claiet or champagne ut dinner is almost
us flat tn the luslo as so much water.
Hilllut.Savnrlu. who lifted cooking fiom
tllo kitchen to tlio library nnd made gas
it oniony a lino art. said that of all tha
senses In their naiuiiil tttuto lustu pro
Lilies us thu greatest number ot enjoy,
mi tits, For tills he gives six reasons, as,
lolluws: , ,
Hecius" th-i pleasure of citing, taken In
moileiatlon, Is tho only one that is not fol
lowed by fatigue.
Ilecattsn It Is common lo every age, lima
uud condition. ...
Hccatiso It must return once nt least
ev-ety day, and nuiy during that space ot
Hmii bo easily repented two or three times.
Recuuso It can combine with all our
other pleasures, uud even console us (or
the li- nbseuce,
Hccatiso its sensations ate at onco more
lasting than other and moro subject to
our will.
lticause we have n certain special but In.
delluablu satisfaction, urlsliig lrom the lu.
stluitlve knowledge that, by the very act
of eating, wo ure making good our losses
uud prolouglnif our etlsttne'e.
These uiu the reasons advanced by this
eminent writer to prove that taste Is tlio
most Important of the senses. He vvus also
one uf tlie llrst to susnect the Identity of
Die senses of taste and smell, and he said
that uf two guests seated at the same ban
quet one may have delicious sensations
while the oilier seems lo eat only beiaiis.i
cumpelled. tlio reason being that tho latter
lias tongue and nostrils only poorly fur
nished for enjoyment. It Is thus that the,
empire ot tasto has Its blind men uud it.i
Burlington Route train leaves at :15 p.
ni Tha only line running thiee sleeptrs
with new elezaut compartment bet lbs .ntf
buffet.. Service unsurpassed.

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