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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, April 21, 1895, Image 15

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MANTI.H-MAt.K llf.1,1.
WANTED Traveling sniestnentosi'lilhc'
celebrated "Belle of AmlcMon County" case
f:oods nml oilier brands of tine Kentucky
innd-mmle four mash whiskies, on month
y salnry nml expenses, or commission: rcf
e rem "f required. Address Ed Murphy .fe
I'a., .HMIUere nnd wholesale llnuor dc.il"srs,
No 1 1 Chenpslde, Islington, Ivy.
WANTI.I) Men nml wotnon lo make big
money with lhi PrnPtlenl Plating Dynamo.
1 thr ele rl nl tii.ii hlne tisad In the ureal
pining fa lories, $"." to $. a week mule
m.), Ini n everything) no experience) I'll!
proilis. Address W, P. Harrison & Co.,
Cleik No. U, Columbus, O.
WANTED Hnlpsmcn lo sell our (roods by
rnmple to the wholesale ntiil tetall traila;
pell on sight to every business man orilrni;
llbcr.il salary nnd expenses iaM! position
permanent for terms, address, with
stamp. Cotitpiitil.il Mfg. Co., Milwaukee,
WANTED Salesmen for California
nines, f 101 per tnolitli nml expenses, with
rh.mco of nilvancc, commission If pre
ferrel, no experience requited. Address,
Inclosing five stamps, W. A. Vatulcrcook
Co., San l'mnclsco, Cal.
month nnd exenscs, staple line! position
jvennanetit, plintil and desirable. Address
with stamp, King Mfg, Co, A. (I, Chlcnrn.
WANTED- local mnnnger! salary JIM
and commissions on sab-si must ileiwsit
$.00 or Jww, limply sepured; reference given
and required. The National Co., at. l.oitls.
WANTED Salesmen! $3 a day: no de
llvetlcs or collections!) rosily outfit free!
Pido line or exclusive. Addrcs Manufact
urers, SDI1 Market st I'hlla., Pa.
WANTED -Right man, with tome means,
to engage In legltlmntn nnd prolltuble busi
110 West Sth lit.
WANTIJI) Olllce help In exchange for In
struction in stenography, bookkeeping and
position when competent.
Journal olllce.
Address W CHS,
WANTED Salesmen for cigars; $73 to
$123 salary and expenses; e-iperlciico not
necessary. .Send stamp. Bishop & Kline,
St. Louis, Mo.
WANTED Oood business mnnnger for
country: weekly newspaper. Address X. Y.
'.. lin llclst building, Kansas City, Mo.
WANTED IMucnted j-oting ladles and
others having spare time, for light work
at home, Permanent. No ci.nvnsi.lng. No
fake, Enclose 5c stamp for all necessary to
begin. Chicago Puss Clipping Ilmeiiu, SC
La Salle St.. Chlcngo.
WANTED 50 good girls who can cook,
wush and Iron well, wagis, (I a week,
lor nice private inmiiies.
Telephone 1179. 10l& E. 12th at,
ANY LADY wIshltiR a permanent posi
tion w licit by Rhe cm make Jl" per week
ciuletly at her own home oddiess with
ptumped ,ai elope, Mrt. S. L.. Stebbins,
l.iwieti', Jllch.
WA A'UD Ladles make money selling
our ("jlnty preparations. Send stomp for
full particulars to-dav. Franco-American
Co , 203 Sl.ite street, Chicago.
WANTED Three ladles of business ex
perience lo represent us on the road. 1013
New York I.lfo bldg.
m-i iiatiox wan n:i-MAi.i:.
WANT11D Situation ns Rardener and
coachman by steady yoiinc Uerinnn In
iirKatt! family; city jufciunee. Address
W C17, Journal olllce.
WANTED Situation, by jounf? man 19
e.us of .iro; clcilcal work; accurate at
llmires; good references. Address W C33,
.louinal olllto.
i:mi'M)ymi:n c a'.i:nciks.
nnd furnished rooms, 1011 East 12th. cor.
Walnut. Tel 1179. The best place In K. C,
Mo,, to mid help or situations, male or
female; 14 ears' experience. Itef. Omaha
Nat bank, Omaha; Citizens' bank. IC. C.
WANTED Why do people complain of
hard times, when any woman or man can
make from $3 to S10 a dnv easily All hae
heaul of the wonderful success of the
Climax Dish Washei ; yet many are apt to
think they can't make money selllnir It;
but nuyono can make money, because every
family wants one. One intent his niadc
SI7Sui; In the last three months, after pay
ing all epenses and attending to regular
business besldex. You don't hau to can
vass, as hoon as people know jou hac
It for sale they send for a Dish Washer.
Address the Climax Mfg. Co., ij Starr ave.,
Columbus, P., for particulars.
Klen to each agent who sells In three
months ;00 copies of "Talks to Children
Aiifliu jesus. iire.uesc polling nooic pun
llthed. Outllt, 33c; fielght paid and cierllt
KHeji. 11 II, Woodward Co., I'.altlmore, Md.
WANTED-Agents make $10 dally (.elllng
nluminum novelties, new process silver
ware, bar goods, big line, the new wonder
ful metal; delivered free; samp.e In velvet
lined case 10c; cntaloguo free. Aluminum
Novelty Co., 333 Jitoadway, New York.
WANTED-Agents to sell Sash Locks
nnd Door Holders. Sample Sasli Lock free
by mail for 2c. stimp. Best sellers ever
Invented. Heats weights; $12 a day. Wiltc
finlck. llrouctd &. Co., Box 73 3 Phlladcl-
WANTED Boomerang, new lawful
game, tal.es place forbidden slot ma
chines; lightning teller; retails $1; hustietb
can make $23 day easy; stamp particular
Chicago Intro Co., t3S Jackton St., Chicago,
WANTED Agents; Pine Arts contain
ing 240 artotypes of World Famed paint
ings, beautifully bound. Popular Pilces.
Sample showing 1G plenties mulled for 13c.
Hand, MoNnlly & Co,, Chicago,
WANTED Agents. We don't want boys
or loafeta, hut men of ability: $300 to $300 a
month to hustleis. State nnd general ag'ts.
Stlury and commission Chemical Plro
Extinguisher Co., liaclno, Wis.
WANTED-Agents to sell our Instan
taneous, watei-tlght Oarilen Hoso Coupler.
Sells at sight. No tools required. Liberal
commission, Send for particulars. Adams
S. Westliko Co,, Chicago,
WANTED Catchiest 30c canvassers' spe.
cl.ilty ever shown. Reversible Automatic,
Hair Curler Co, Chicago.
hoe: $1.00 up; men's and bojs'.
Qreene s
WANTED-l.OOO feet of hoe (or half
hose) to encase In our $'l S3 hand-sewed,
IMitncrklilp fihoe. Bring jour hot.ii to our
note, It you have to foot It. Dc Vault
Greene Shoo Co., 1110 Walnut t,t,
WANTED All Mono masons to stay
nvvuy from Ht Louis; maiket Hooded;
tioulilo on hand. Operative Stona Maiona
I'tilop, St. Louis, Mo.
,'ANTED-Cldldren to board by party
huvlnir good homo In the lountrv.
at LMnadlan olllce, 10l',i V, 12th,
jmuiie iitv.
WANTED-2.000 djspepllo gentlemen nnd
ladles to et cured by the Eclipse Celery
Chow -Chow. Prpgresslvo grocers keep It.
wa vrnn-iii! i. I's'iwns,
WANTED House, and about loo feet of
groi ni nccesslhlo by ir.uitporUtlou and
worth $!,( to I Coo In exihangn for i
.opined brlek and 31 feet; two blocks fiom
new poalolllce; leuts $10; ft i.iru (.hancn to
put outside pioperty Into ehalco Inside.
II. L. JpliliSQll .1 Co., 721 N. Y, Llfo Mill.'.
WANTED To purchase, for cash, a va
cant lot, 25 to W foot, west of Troost, north
of 20th, east of Baltimore, south of 7th st.;
want u bargain, Southwlck Real Estate
and Rental Co,, New York Llfo bldg,
I HAVE two parties who huva ll.ooo
rash for Hist pament on nice six room
hnum, What hau you guff MILICR,
' Telephono 1W7. 00 Main.
WANTEI-Iii Hide park, description!)
of deulrablo lots onered for sale, for which
1 havu bujerb, Norton Thajer, 1013 Wal
nut. MJSaVL.
Troost. A thorough inusical education after
the niothods of Kullak and Lesehetizky,
under uliose guldnco the director's stud
ies were completed Send foe circular e.on.
talnlng teiiua. press criticisms, etc.
milk or creum, go to llcC'lntocv's estau
rant. 120 Walnut street.
horses and cons kept In the country:
calves raised: $13 per llrst year: all stock
Mnt for, 41, pulUbury, Indeucndencu, Uo.
bucci'.hsoh to
inn llDI.AW Alti: hY.,
tla the following houses lo rcnll
.- r. . .i.i'sidences.
" lis? CalnI'l'ell, frame, 3 rooms, 15.
1s,a !',rlloe. frame, 5 rooms, $10. .,.,.
.iJ5 '"Chester, ftamc, IB rooms. US.60.
J5JJ .irove si., frame. 6 rooms, J10.
HI! '"'' " frame, 3 rooms, $3.
ifi" ?..""et Tame, C rooms, is.
bitti tv'1 "' l" trlck' U ro0m'
' ',1?w. frame, tl rooms, iw .
f?-V.nln' 3 'ront rooms, second floor, 1.
)i? .'',rrlon. frame, 3 rooms, Jo. ,
floor 5ll ,"" frn,nf' B rooms, second
!?'Yf 1Slh ' brlek, IS rooms, bath. Jio.
. wi.cor, aih st. and l'cnn, frame, 3
rooms, Ji.
uk f?,n,b'. hrlck, 3 rooms, JM.
1I0O Summit, brick, 6 rooms ami bilh. sec
ond floor. J2ts.
?12 K- 7tn "' "rick, s rooms and bith, J20.
VJ;.r,rnc.J'' frame, 7 rooms, ifi
.'J-3 Jprboe, fram, S rooms, JIO.
liU7 McHee, brlek, 3 rooms, JU. ,
V2 I.oout, brlek, 12 rooms, modern. JoO.
Jo.",. v" '
1CW) ilcGec, trick, D rooms, modern, J30.
Oil Knit 12th, bMck'slo're. JM.
10 1. 1st 7th st., brlek store, J15.
K! 'roadway, brick store, JIO.
Ml Jiliiir, store, S rooms, $10.
71 Independence, frame store, Jlo.
Corner 6th and Campbell, frntno store, J.
S15 West llth St., brick store. S3.
S21 West 12lh St.. brick store and rooms,
, Miln slreet. store room and rooms bove,
J300 pr month.
lfioj n. isth ct.. frame store. S1J,
4M Delaware, brick store, JT.
tin Ilast Hth st.. brick store, 573. ,
iJJ'S Independence, frnmo store, JIO
e novo other lesldencci and Btorn
rooms. Call and see us.
S. T. I'latt will be pleased to meet the
former friends of the old firm.
TO KENT Ily E. H. Phelps A Co., C06
American Hank building:
3 room ll.it, 10D7 Paclllc St., for colored,
3 room house, rear 1307 Pacific St., for col
ored, SO 00.
3 room Hat, llamden blk,, 3th and Holme1!,
s room house, barn, 2200 Park ae $12.
li loom house and biru, 1713 Porest a.vc.,
C loom house, bam, 1323 licrnard ae., $17.
S room house, li07 ):.ist '1th st , JI7.
5 loom cottage, bath, etc., 1711 Harrison,
c' room flat, cor. 17th and Cherry: bath,
etc.; J1S.
10 rooms, 1329 Grand avc, city water, $25.
13 room modern brick, 423 Aldlne place,
Purnlshed house Neat C room house, well
located, on East side, near cables, $20.
Nice bilek barn, bov stalls, harness room;
rt.ir of C20 W. 13th. $13.
TO KENT Uesldcnces, cheap.
7 room Hat, near llth and '1 roost, mod
ern, $23.
7 room brick, 2130 Olive st bargain, $13
C room frame, 1419 Locust St., newly
papered, J13.
5 room brick, 120S E. llth St., only $11.
8 room brick, 503 Colorado ave., $12 50.
S room frame, 1223 llellefontnlne ave.. $10.
S loom frame, 2uun E 27th St., only $10.
5 room frame, 2213 I.yilla. ae., only $10.
1 room bilck, 1S17 Locust st , J1.
3 room fiame, 151" E, 3th St.. J7.30.
3 :oom Hat, 3217 E. lMh st , $3.
2 room cottage, 2910 Summit St., S3.
Store room, 20I0, 3217 11, 18th st $10.
Store room, 4001 E. 13th st . $3.
310 American Dank bldg.
Kenl.il Agent Since 1SW,
201 New England Uuildlng.
1S03 Lociiht St., G room house, JS.
2111 Kansas ave., 6 room house, $7.
201S Tracy ave., S room hoiibe. J12.50.
Sll E. 21th St., 8 room house. $13.
2317 Ljdia ave., 8 room brick, $17 B0.
I want houses to rent. Will advertise
them and get good tenants.
TO RENT By Sills. Northup Co.,
Keith A Perry bldg., 9th and Walnut:
1127 Hal rlion, 10 room brick, modern, $10.
3221 Sniuit, S loom btick, modern, $l:
2222 Sinai t, S room bilek, modern, $13.
lClh and Campbell, 9 loom flame, mod
el li, $23
2117 llollv, 7 loom fiame. $11.
301 North paik, 4 loom frame, ?0.
TO RENT Noi ton Thaicr-
9 room fiame, 1S13 E Sth, $23
3 Hats, 17th and Holly, J3, $0 ami $9 per
2 flats near 7th and Ci press, J6 per
TO RENT 1411 Llnwood live, detached
house, s rooms, all modern comforts, car
pets In 1 rooms, h indsome stable, all newly
painted and papcicd; will lease for 2 e.irs,
$30 per mouth. OEOltCJE LAW,
N. Y. Life building.
TO RENT 300 Ord St.. coinei Lexington,
7 room brlek, vacant soon, $13; I i. flat, lki
Virginia. $11: 005 Helm ave.. East bottoms,
1 r., $0; 2721 Highland, 7 l , 10
TO nENT Ono 12 room house, $30; one 0
room house, West side, $23, ono 8 room
house, $10; one 9 room house, S'n
Telephone 1C37. Sou .Main.
TO RENT A beautiful four loom de
tached fiamo cottage at 1S22 Woodland
live., $12 30. SIMPSON A. GROVES,
Shtldley bldg.
TO RENT 12 room modern house, $13,
between 1.1th and llth, on Oak, west sldn
st Inquire at Gump's Trunk store, 707
Del. st.
TO RENT Elegant ten room Mono front,
21 13 East Eighth. $23; open.
Wallace, 43U Sholdley building.
TO RENT 10 houses, all sizes
CIS Minnesota tie Kansas City, Kn,
TO RENT lor the bumnior, u furnished
eight loom liouso; largo yuld, good nelgh
bnihood, 2101 Potest ave.
TOR SALE A new 4 room house; nlco
home, closo to cable, only $S30, Deppen,
Otl; nnd Elmvvood.
TO RENT Pleasant 7-loom Hat; south
ern exposure; 4 cables. 1409 Harrison st.
in ei;vr ncxt.iis
TO RENT Furnished 12 room suburban
residence for tho summer; large grounds;
plenty of shade; $30 per month. Whipple
Loan and Tiust Co., 110 West Sth.
TO RENT By C. II. IVnnock, 13th and
Slain: Elegnnt sleeping rooms: pouth and
east windows; (his building. Good 7 room
house, close In, $13.
TO RENT Private family In Independ
ence, Mo can furnish loom nnd board for
two persons; reference. Address y en,
Journal olllce.
TO RENT Large, nicely furnished fiont
loom, bouth and enst exposure; Hist-class
board, 800 I'orcst ave,
TO RENT West side; ono or two looms,
modern house: good location, Addicss W
C, Journal olllce.
TO RENT-H33 Hirrlson. largo front
room, with board: all modern: references
TO RENT 3 beautiful front rooms; wut
er, bath, presses and china closet. DJO High,
laud. avo.
TO RENT 2 unfurnished rooms, 3rd
lloor. No. 121 West 13th, J
TO RENT At 1310 Central it., 7 rooms
and bath; line jard.
'Ill ItllNT-M IhtlEM.AMMH'S.
' TO TTeNT Wi t h steam heat plant, four
story brick building on Delaware, north of
Mil. ouu j ear, far only J123 a month; at
end of sear, stcaiq heat plant will bo given
to tenant. Hcie Is a snap. Bee us Monday,
H. H. PHELPS & CO.. Am. Ilk. bldg.
TO RENT Upright Kimball piano. Low
rent to caicful person. Address W tsO,
journal olllce
TO l.EAhK.
11, J.L.HIJ o.u.n luuill, JU.O V. Mlllllfc,
steum heat; ul conveniences Best retail
locution. Norton Thayer, 1013 Walnut, 4th
V''M;'A''1j ''")J'I':rs;
WR want a youps man In every town In
Missouri, Kuncas and Nebraska to handle
our wheels. Get our catalogue and prices
1027 and 1029 Broadway. Kansas City. Mo.
Now located at 20 W. 12th st . with more
room and better facilities; will be pleased
to clean, repair or dye for you.
ww -wso- & HANSEN.
Toil SU.i: HIIAI, r.lTATK.
K. Y. Lifu iJuilding.
lluys a very neat cotlaRe home with larce
lot on a corner, south and cast front, has
some ery nice trees and good barnj can
sell on easy terms.
This one his 6 rooms. Is a soiilh front, on
a nice lot, near 23d and Prospects easy pa
hicnls, .$1,250.
For a. S room cottnuo on the East side
t Kuim neipnoornooti, near ins .,
trie or Independence inc. cable.
This Is a lorpe, well constructed 8 room
frame; It Is plumbed for water, ROfl and
furnace; all newlv pilnted ami In first
class order! nice lirge well: sodded, east
front lot, and near Westport car line!
iuit,ij iMjiucni
S room frame, furnace, hot and cold
water, bain, closet and marble washstand;
plumhed for r.U! nice sq. lirvt 1 ; east front;
nis ft., and only ono block to Grand ae.
cable line.
This Is a well built pressed hrlck of 10
rootua, slate roof, furnace, hot and cold
water, bull, closet, etc.; plumbtd for gas;
3 film onk m intels: brick burn; 23 ft, lot.
Only n few ncres left 111 this beautiful
suburban addition. If ou miss thin oppor
tunity, ou will haa to pay double what
we arc asking. If you wfsh to secure one
to live acres, como In on Monday, as they
will not last long. Pino rcsldunccs arc
being built on this addition. Electric cars
will bo running there within the next CO
das, nnd then ou can't get an aero for
less than $1,000. This ground Is the first
beautiful, high and slghtlv ground south
of llrush criek nnd lies between Troost
inenuo nnd Holmes street. Hcry acre
choice and a i;re.it bargain at tlio price
$W1 per acre.
We nlro have some bnrgilns little far
thi.r soul), on Troost nenue and udj.iruit
stieets; heto there nre 10 acres, M0 fiet,
fiont on Troost nenue, choice 1 irgo faiest
trees, liever-f.illlug spring; price, $123 per
20 acres on Troost .-nenue. street macad
amized, nice high ground, $300 per ncro.
10 ncres on Troost avenue, with llIng
water, price, $1e0 per acre.
40 ncics Just east of Tioost avenue, nenr
Waldo pat k, $00 per acre
So acris on tho Illue, just east of Waldo
park, beautiful timber, locly for .1 park,
also for gardening purposes, $23 per acre;
less than halt the value.
10 acits on Holmes st., ndjolnlmr Waldo
park, $230 pi-r ncre.
All the above bargains must be sold and
are only a few of the ncre tracts we have
on our ooous.
If ou ate contemplating busing a home
on the South side, call at out olllce, and
wo will take pleasure In showing jnu
some great bargains that will make desli
able homis. E. S. TKl'ITT . CO,
12 E 9th st.
City Loans and Rentals,
707 iw York Life Hide.
Jtaipaius in homes in nil parti
of tlio city. Xumo your own
ptico ami tcniis and tliu prop
erly is yours.
IT. 11. Tomlinson.
Tol. 2029.
1011 SALE-Ohe.it) Acies "! nclts, has
been sold foi 52,230 per acie, we now oifur
for $1UJ per acre,
j --
Tel 11C9.
Nelson building.
it.-m ON EASY TERMS bins a home; S
rooms, eellai, closeit., cistern, outbuildltigi,,
t te This was built tor a home, but owner
lias lost It; house i ost $1,900 to build, one
bloik fiotn Holmes sueet car Hue E. S.
Tiultt Co , 12 E 9th st
I'OIl SALE I mom cottage, newly pa
pcicd and painted, including new fiuul
tuie, 23 loot lot, on South side, near West
port cable: piiee only $1,030, Just the home
lor a newly mariifd couple. W. Dlehl .S:
Co., 310 Anierlcin Bank bldg.
iitmi.iss cii.i.cns.
m'SINCSH CHANCE Sj.Oixl will buv ono
of tin, best and most pieasnnt letall stoics
In the city, splendid slock nnd location,
stole making good money. Might take part
land or tltj ptopetty.
3 geueial Mores In t'ood country towns
foi silo for part cash, bal.uuo land or city
piopiiitv Look lheo ill).
J. I' ENSM1NGEU, 711 N. Y. Life bldg.
Hl'SINESS I'HANCE-Splendld business
oiiporiunlty at Ni w M n Lot, Platte lounty,
Mo, for live meichant to cany general
stock, store houK 20m) ft , 1', Motile, for
rent, also good dwelling propcrtj : 7 rooms,
2 acres; Maple Leaf ry ; good erop-i, lltilu
pontpetltlon. Addiebs II. L. Leave!, room
203, itlaltu IiMb.
BPSINESH CHANCE-Wanteil-Rell iblo
ropiisentatlves In every town and cliy to
sell tho great rheumatic ouie, Clark's Red
Cioss Medicinal W'alur; nature's wondeiful
iHincdy. Wilte for terms and tetrlfoiy.
hMSIl & VAHGHAN. Gen'l Coutiactlii!.
Aents for U. S.A., I1E0 Cottage Uiove uvo.,
WANTED A puty with from $1,000 to
S3,uu0 to take an Interest In a well estab
lished mfg. business; can show a good big
piollt lu the busiiieso, a prautlcal in.ieliin
Ist or traveling salesman lucfeired; for full
parllculais. addiess W C37. Jiunnal olllce.
1KTSINESS CHANCE-A splendid oppo
tunlty to inter oillco business u Cetitial
Aiueilca. l'or prospectus, uddicss, Inelos
Ing sK Kininps, Auietlcaii Cnffeo Plantqis"
Ass'n, 41 Ltiubaril, Indianapolis, Iud. High
est ufeionecs.
BUSINESS CHANCE Want a partner
who Is willing to piy $23 per month for live
months to help develop a gold mine; It
may make jou $3,i)0 clear ptotlt this sum
m"r; good lefereuei's, AddtisH John Nolan,
box "., Cripple Cieek, Col
BUSINESS ailANCE-Ten per cent per
week guarantee, Dividends paid every
Monday. Business lesltlmite ami enoi
niously piolltablo. Pull liifortmtloii fiue.
Cln'll Investment Co,, 170 Race ,(., Clu
clnnall, O
KANSAS CITY. ApUl H, ISO;. Received
fiont poVault-Gtecno Shoo Co, one julr of
their partneislilp. haud-evved, $3.S,i shoe,
as iiikii oft t red by them for best want ad
vertisement. Elmer Stewart, 3213 Holmes
BUSINESS CHANCE Por sale, one-half
Inlciest In best paying real estate of
fice In Kansas City, lias.
CIS Minnesota ave,, Kansas City, Kas.
tulijlsbed and well pajlug livery business
for sale, on terms to suit; best location In
the city, Address "Administrator," W Cll
Journal olllce.
good business ability and $7.00) to $10,000, to
engugo In safo and profitable business,
Whipple Loan and Trust Co., 110 W. Sth st.
BUSINESS CHANCE-JKK) grocery stole,
$1,000 book uccounts, heart city; $3W cash,
balance ti.ide; what have jouf k.'7 East 13.
SAPES opened and repaired, bought and
sold, Combination locks cleaned and
changed. H. IIARBIGAN. Expert.
Telephone 12SI 109 East Tenth St.
ture storage. Advances made; packing and
uhlpplng done. JOHN A, EAME3.
80. Walnut st. Tel a8 Manager.
Refrigerators for butchers, hotels and
grocers. Repairing a specially. Patent re
frlrfcratof.pans, SOe per 091. 2101 yn st.
roil kamj iiiiAt. i:tati:.
If You Arc Looking For a Home or
Investment Cnll on
Telephone 2340.
Real Estate, Loans and
1013 nnd 1015 Wnlnut Street.
JIO.ow-Garlleld nve .close to Independence
nvc., otic uf the most complete homes In
Pindlelon heights; line nrluliborhood nml
surroundings, this Is n real bargain; owner
must sell nt once: lot 73x1.10.
lltUM) Independence ave., near Wood
land; one of tho hamUonust homes on the
nvenuo, house cost over JIO.UOO to build and
Is complete In every respect; line barn and
terraced Hwn, lot DOxltii.
$30,000 Handsome II room resldence,niisl
em lu every way; hot water heating, con
venient lo the 9th, 10th and 12th st. cable;
west of Park ave I a ilrst-cliss home ami
ne irlv an acre nf cmunil. frmitltif? three
streets; high location; owner Is anxious
to sell at utice.
$ll,uii)Wnlrond nve., close to Independ
ence nve,, 11 room brick, modern In every
way, hot water heating, 6 mnntcls and
grilles, utst front, lot lays nbout r, ft. abovo
grade, street In front paved with asphalt,
f'tlM root lot.
tl,i-Clitrner ave., ono block from
Wnlrond avc, modern 9 room frame, ii
eomploto home In every way, surroundings
llrst-class, street In front paved with
brick, locntlon high and tightly. Is a bar
gain .it the price.
tl,7eo Brooklyn, )Ct, ist It and 14th, S
room brick, hot and cold water, nice bath
room, furnace piped In the wall, small
lnm, east fiont, lot eflxlSS.
ni-Ollvu. 2113, 7 loom brlek, compute.
llttlo home, hard coal furnace, good bam,
lot 30x130.
113,000-Troost bet. 13th and llth, 1! room
modern brick, every convenience, electric
lights, barn for I horses, owner wants an
Jl,,(vj OnrHeld, Foulhpnst cor. llth, lot
f0xl2o, ctrcpt newly pived with nsplmlt,
8 room brick, sl.ito roof, pressed brlek
front, belongs to nn estate and must bo
sold quick. .Make offer.
$2,700-G.irlleld. No. WO, lot 23x123, room
brlek. a neat little homo.
Jl.lliO-GniHeld, No, 1121, 8 room bilck,
hot and cold water, good slvle house,
Hlnte i oof, pressed brick front, lot 37"i125.
$2.730-llroul;ln, No IIP, 0 room brh k,
si ite roof, street newlv niveil. lot rr.vi!!..
.1 neat little home In n good neighborhood.
Jl.SOO-Uarllcld. 7 loom rrnme, built bv
owner for own use, lot 23tl23,; would trade
for desirable vacant lot.
ICi-.llchlgaii, so. 1327, S-room brlek.
slate roof, presed brick Trout.
J2,2) Prosppet ave., No. 1710, 6-room
frame, lot 23x131.
Sl.wjtl Kansas ave., No. 1S22, 7-room
JXrio Mnntg.ill, No, 1WI, 7-room modern
brick, well arranged ami good stele, lot
lies 3 feet above grade, loi.itlon high nnd
sightly; nelghboihood good, lot. 23x123
$2,niO I'orest, near 17th, 9 loom fiame,
fiont and luck stairs; lot, 23H0
Sl,'230 HlllllliS. Let. "Stli and LNtll s.lrinm
modern brick llrst-class lu eveiy w.i,
token mull r morlgnge at this price bj ap
E isleru loin conifanj.
$2,()-f'oli)i.ulo uo bet Ith and Gth, i
room ft nine
J2.730 Brool.ljii and 23th streets, 7 room
frinie lot 3I'.13 feet
$7,im) Troost bet, 13th nnd 10th; 9 room
bilek, hot and cold water, bath, gas and
gns llxtuies, modern in every w.ii ixeept
fmnace; lot 3il132.
JI3 00a-Washlngton bet. nth nnd llth: lot
fOvllO e.isl fiont: brick of 12 rooms, bath
and furnace; modern and Hi.st-class In
cverv w.iv
SViO-I'cnn he. 12th and nth. 9 room
brlik lot 11x130; inn, U in in every way.
?.,' 1 mi neat 13th; 9 loom bilck; mod
em In every way; tlrnt-class neighborhood,
a ilesitalde home
Jj 3in) l'cnn clo-e to isth, 10 room modern
frame, hard wood (loots nnd Hnlsji; lot
$.1,0oo Teffurson, No. 161,7, 9 room frame.
$9.w)-Ic fferson, between 10th and llth.
hot and eold water, finance, lot S3120,
street pived
$3 loo Summit, near llilh, 10 loom frame
lu good lip ill, tint' bum, lot i.oxllo, the
lot Is wot Hi tlio money asked for the
gii.isia-Hiiimnlt, northwest cor. isth, 10
ttiiitii fiaiut, built on the tear of lot, tine
location for bio k of flats
$20.01. l Summit stliit. 1 corilpr 100iI2'k
II luoni.s, squite halls, liar I wood linisli
thioughout, 1'Vii.vtlilng Hrst-elnss, In bist
SJUOtf Tline 4 loom cottages In Hie Eist
bottoms, closo to Helm's breweiy, lots
"'lILOCK OP PLATS-Cor. 17th and Holly,
well built. 10 Hats of 3 looms each, water
In e. ill lint, stieet In liont pavtd with as
pli.il . ptchpnt annual icntiil, Jl.iM, pin be
Iniilileii vvltti a Utile iiniiioveiiKiu. can be
bou.'ht i heap an ui.nlo to pa, a liandsomc
levenne nn the Inv i sinient,
GAItPIELI) AVE No. 0311-Plrst-elass
in Uliboi hood, eloc to tho "I." toad, with
in walking dlstancu of the business tenter,
lot 50x120. u room bilik; will sell very
climp, make an olfer
GARPIELI) No (Vs-Corncr 7th, 0 room
lirli k. lot r,0xir0; make nn ofiu. These
juopirtles are In llt.i.on Hill addition,
best lesldence portion uf the eily.
North Sth ST. Nn 16i,1-0 loom frame,
lot 30x133, on line of "I. roid; veiy pretts
home; will nil very eluap.
MINNESOTA AVE, No. l3-3-storv
bilik business building, well built, good lo
cation, alw.ivs untcd well, pan be bought
III .1 I'll K'HII.
fi line huiiso, S looms bith room, city
water hot and eold; good two-story barn,
lot Ml feet fnint, Willi hhnde tiees nnd
shrubbirv, even thing In (list-class condi
tion; has nlwnvs mm n ued ns a home b
the owner, fl.ri.l, would Hade for acant
pioperty In Knnsii Cit, Missouri.
3 ACRES In Westport, three ncres In or
eliaul and small Unit, tine spring nnd well
water, good 7-room frame liouso and barn,
21i bloekh liom the electric line.
ST. LOPIS AVE., neai Wyoming, MM20,
at a b it gain.
LOCIT.--T, Just south of 12th, (K feet, at
110 per foot.
RALTIMOKI. s. w cor. 10th, HOxSO feet,
can be bought far below Its value
Ollvo bet. 23th and 20th ; 30 feet; lass flue,
Grind nve., bet, 10th nnd 17th; CO feet,
$13 000
GRAND AVE., bit. I7lh and isth. with a
good ono stoiy bilek; lot 21 foot front,
$10 000
GRAND AVE., bet. llth and 20tlij 105 feet,
pres-nt rental Jlflo per mouth, can bo
doubled with icry lltil.) expense.
GARPIEI.D. eor. llth: 32x123; lies Just
right for building, $30 per foot
GARIMPLD eor. llth: S2xU0: $30 per foot
BROOKLYN cor, llth; 100x125 at $1. per
PARK, cor. llth! eist front; Ias hand
somely: want an offer.
Cor. Prospect nnd J Very: north nnd cast
front lot; l.us peifeotly; 70x130 feet: both
stieets paved with asphalt; can be bought
cheaply If taken nt once.
I'of full Information call on, or tele
phono number 2319.
Those desliing lo sell please send me n
description of what sou hive.
IOI3 Walnut Street.
l'OR SALE-8 room fiamo house, water,
bath, gas. 30 It, asphalt paved st,; 1'ios
poet, noi til of 12th St., fur (1,500.
7 loopi btick; water, bath. Baa nnd sower,
50 ft., east limit, ou Olive, near lutlt St.)
this must bo told; want oftcr,
!) loom, now' liniisc, fuin.ice, bath, etc.,
Eist side, CO ft.. Tor 11.500. . , , rt
8 loom modern brh k, cast front: Olive,
north of 12th. for $1,730.
0 loom, new cottage) bath, etc.. So ft,,
suuth fiont, South side, for $2,000) very nice
for small family. ...
8 loom frame, front and back stairs, slid
ing doors, etc.) 40 t., east trout, for i-'.WiO:
easy payments,
4 room cottage, high celling, porches, etc.,
2 ft. abovo giade, veiy nice, for $1,100,'
1 acies, 3itli and Piospect, at a bargain:
call and see ma nbout It.
I ran also fit jou out with vacant lots
In any pnrt of city at bottom prices.
11. S. KING, 400-7 N. X. Life bldg,
Kail SALE-200 ft.. ISj ft. deep, one block
from Independence and Prospect aves., ut
$i per ft.; will sell all or a part: also 2
story frame, same location, with CO or 100
ft.; sura bargain: either U or all cash.
Call. M. E. Smith H Son. 1022 Walnut.
KOU SALE Grand aye., bargain, be
tween 10th and 12th sts., 43 feet, must be
sold at once. Kor particulars, call on
Geo. W. Bush, Sole Ag't, 210 American
Bank bldg.
REGULAR trains now running to Waldo
naik. ami that 20 acre tract within S mtn.
IuteV walk we offer this week for $110 per
acre, flouting on Troojt and Holmes sts.
, .T," ,l-8-' .TB ARIlSHLLtNO OUT RAP
11)1.1. If oii want a good lot for a Utile
HioneV, ilon i delay too long.
2 blocks wc t of Armourilale eleelrlo line,
being linniedl.il ly west of Armstrong: no
faro to rltlnt Kansas City; wllhln wntk
lng dlsinnpq of Armour', Swift's, stock
jnrds and U P Shops.
T icy aro hamlsomo tola, well covered
with shade, and selling at
per lo. Terms mnde In suit, A complete
nhMrnct with each piirchnsp,
, Call nt our olllce for plain nd pnrtlcu-
, ,, , CHEAP. LO'IS
In Lincoln park and Winter park, between
Summit st cabin and S W. boulevard enr
line; nil levol. on good rlev.illon. There
nre not many left. Wc will clean llicm up
per lol. They sold S years igo at $730 and
$1,000 each
(0x160, cor., E. 12th, near Campbell, J200
per ft.
77 ft. E 12lli, near Hurrlson; some Itn
provements, JIl.CAt.
.23 ft.. 3 story brlok. E. 12th St., a first
class building, renting nt Jl.foo, $7,Om0.
.one 23 fl. lot left on Grand ave., near
1Mb. nt $7,300
23 ft,, 2 story brick, Grand af., near llth,
& CO.,
102 N. Y. LIFE BLDG.
Mellie'r Place!
Refine beginning our tlrst auction sale
wu iiiadi an utiuouuecuieut of sevet.ll pro-'
posed changes In the tialisportatlon f.ielll-
ucs iu neneiii lie aiiuiliou. .now, insie.iii
or the siuol.v, 30-mluute, dltt), dummy
service there Is u smokeless 10 mlnille
electric Hue We now wonder hoiv we ever
endured the old service. No wonder piop
erty In that section has belli kept down to
one-third of Its real value Another chnnge
to bo made is the transfer nt 12th nnd Wnl
nut, to West Kansas, that will come a lit
tle liter ami will give .Mclller Place the
advantages of uptown property near the
12th st line, and correspondingly Increase
the valuu uf each lot.
And Inst, but not least, we mentioned the
fnrt llint a illnct line will be built north
Into Wrst Kansas, and the building of tint
line will put MELLIER PLACE within 13
inlnulis nf the stoik J.llds Phase keep
voui lulu, I nn the fact that this line will bo
built, al-n mi the llfteeii minute part
Now jou have four clinii.es foi advances
In UKLUHI! PLACE ptopertj
Pitst, tin tltitiic change, si cotid, Hie
12th st luinsri r, tlilnl, diiect ruiiiiiiiinli a
tlon to H , st Kmsas; fourth, tin general
imreise in values all over the i Itv
Now don't ou think It Is to jour Inter
est to lni) .Mclller Place lots' At our
prlns jou would lose but little If tiny
"Ml through into China," and they can't
do that Genesee, $273 to $t.30, licit st ,
.) to S030, inteistate, $;00 to $100. All DO
M 13
lloudf, on the lots Indict to the lot and
bloek numbi rs. Go out nnd look nt them
I'hej nie going fast mid jou will have In
mnvi to get one. Agent nn the gioutids
duilng the up, u
Agents, 110 W. 6th st.
STOP PAVING RENT-If jou want p.
h.ngnln In a homo we can suit jou ou
sin ill ii rnthlv pajmnms
Nn 101 Cnloiailo ave., ."0 ft , 7 room fiamp
lloll'-e, $2,000
No jil'i Indhini nve., 23 ft., nice flic
iniiiii lotingi-, $1 2i
Nn lll'l Eit Pith l , 37 fl , 7 loom mod
el li ft inn , $2 2"!
.Nos 2i1'!, 2ij7 and 2011 I! lot li st , em
Em lid nve, 3 iniiiii piiltagis, $1,L"K' $1,30,)
and $1 ll,0, ii siei llvelj.
-No 23.1s Olive st . III! ft . 0 room eiilDi'e
lu in iv ill w , $2,ll')
No lu Park ,ic. 37',i fl , 7 loom ft ante
house, .', Inn.
No 132.x Park avc., 7 room frame. 23 ft,;
$2 10)
No. 2i 23 Woodlind nve., 27 ft., 3 room
fr.iiui , $70
No 1713 H.uilson st., 30 ft , 3 loom fnine;
2 .'Ml
Ni 120 W. lCtli St., 37 ft., 6 room bilek
Imiie "i.t'in
.o PHi, E llth St., OS ft., 7 loom frame
hoi.se, $2 -in
No Ml Holmes si., 23 ft., S room frame
notice. .'2nu.
7IS Del st.
$1.2iO-3 luom hulls., 27 feet, ne.u 2 ca
bles, $lii i ash and $13 tier month.
$2in s mom frame, inxlJo fn-t, neir ei
ble, $10) cash. $20 per mouth
$2uOO-7 loom fiame, 30 ftct, .isilnlt st ;
$"ll ilisll
$vi-l loom cottage, 30 feet; $30 cash nnd
lo pi i iiiouth
$i.3u p., lout. Ml."rt feet, 4 blocks of
tiauspui Intlon nnd si boo!
U, pil foot. 50x120 feit, bet. 15th and IStll
st tables.
2 acus ,r37: 2-7 ncio, t3I0.SJ); '. acre,
il,!)7ii, 9 II lie l e $7v)
IS .nies, $1,215, li-'j acres, $1,317; 12-7
aens, Jlil
I acie In Putnam place.JI.CSO, 1 ncte,1,19S,
. in re $l,7s7 50
Ninth r inrts lu Not Hi Evauston, only
$')75, 3i. acres SI ii25: 7-S niis, $2ss
II. T WHIPPLE ,. CO, 17 W 9th st
Don't seem possible, but it is Hue. This
week wc offir a liumn that cost exactly
lI't.isH cash foi Just $7 5eX). It Is a 10 loom
modern brlek, llnLhcd In una! tor-sawed
oak: bath luumliy, 1ik)x15o feet, closo to
cable; high and slghilj, and ns ne.it ns
wax. Think of tho owner losing In 3 viurs
Jll.fiik) ou a homo built foi himself Don't
'phone; tall. E. II PHELI'S & Co,
American Bank bldg.
91x157 PEET near Bishop Hemltlcks' fltio
lesldeneo in Melrose, with S loom name,
rlty water, $3 uu
0 room usldenco on roust nve., Dun
dee place, $2,200.
l'or iiillroid men, n nlco i room
cottage on Reservplr ai, good repair,
$1,300, usy tPlllis
$3u,l CASH will lake SO feet by HO on -lall
business street, with S loomed gnud
house actual icuts JlsO is-r Jiar, '1,3'HI .;
per cent loan was placed on this iiropeitj
ono j ear ago upd has four je.us to run
Plgiito this out and seu If jou can beat
the Investimut of t-'.OOO II 1. .lohu-iin ,X
Co. 721 N V Life l.ldg
UEIti: IS VUIIII LOT- I-, feet, bimth
finill ou a coinei on St. John, oil ehe
tllo llllu, dklilMlt street. WUtel, gus, si'UU.
h.iudsoine, for Just half pilie ivhlclt is $21
a loot, complete abstract of title, taxes u
paid. U H I'HEI.I'S .x Cn
Ainuleiill ll.iuk bldg
l'OR SAL1 Wo mo oireilng i lilggps,!
bargain on tin uiarkct it a 0 loum frame
liou-o on PinspiPt ave.. on to loot lot,
liamlsniue shado Decs In jupl and Iioiisd
ii good lepalr. Answer piomnlly If juu
want a bargain. Adduss W CI2, Joiunal
PINE IIOME-Brlck lesldence. nine
looms; slate joof, northwest corner lot;
piessed brick front ou cast and south;
lot 100x133 feet, wllh nlco framo barn: at u
sure, ceilaln bargain: no fooling, M. E
Smith .; Son, 1022 Walnut st.
100 ACRES bottom l.lllu close' to Kaua.i?
Oltj. Missouil, Is utrcied by parties, w10
deslro lo rvnlUo at $33 tier acie. This faun
was worth $t0 befoio the boom of liS7 11
L. Johnson iv Cq.. 721 N, Y. Life bldg,
HOMES for sale, on easy piynients. small
amount of cash down, bibineo monthly or
(0 suit purchaser, PHILIPS ,x. CO .
330 New Yoik Life
5 ACRES at Independence, near trans,
portatlon: Improvements post over $1,500:
price, $3,000. SILLS, NOUTHUP & CO . '
Keltli & Perry bldg.
VOUR LOT IN LIKE will be easier with
good understanding Try our thoes, $1 S3,
$2 83. J3S3. JIS3. DeVault-Orceiie Shoe Co.
1110 Walaut st.
$0,000 Beautiful new 9 room house, 60 ft,
it, II) de park. Don't full to see us about
R1T.T.M MnTl'PTTrrxi ff. r.,-.
Keith & Perry bid's.
FOR SALE-By C. II. Pennock. I.'lh and
Main, some bargains in Improved and la
cant property In all parts of the city.
corner, 7j feet. $12 a foot.
E. H. P'JELP- & CO., A.m. Bk. bldg.
The Sutlierii Real Estate and Loan Co.,
718 Delaware St., Whitney Building, Suite 202..
No. M-I..) ncres
i IK I IUVU1 111! Ill 111
I.... .... I .. .... I..
Clierokio county.
Kan , tlirct- inlltR (-ant
ot I'lictopn, Well watt ml some tllnb'r,
scnles, good house niul lintn, Hi I 6"0 Hen
under cultivation, this Is s.nnetblng good,
No. Zo Iwi nam, Improvnl farm, Hino
miles from Itnrtlctt, Kns ; well fenced,
nearly nil timli r cultivation, bearing or
chard! good water, good house, ecllnr, cto.
No. axi-luS ncresi one mile of llartletl,
Kns.; fetieedj line oMiatd, well watered,
good house; stable, It) mini timler citltl
Vallon; good timber on plat e; nil In La
belle ruunty, Ka,; price from lis lo $J3
per nerei would exchange for small houso
or lots in eiij.
No. .2S ISO acres, Improved ranch) Pratt
county, Kiis.i 3i miles from Pr.ilt, the
Pounly sratj good rich soil, 110 acres In
high stale of eultlvnllon, bearing penph
and atiliio orchard, cr.iiips nnd other fnill!
2 (.-room houses) windmill, grnnnrj. Ma
Me and other buildings! there Is nt this
time nil acres of wheat, O) acres of rje
plowing on the farm; balance left for corn,
bnilej nnd oats; If ou wish n snap In this
line call In
Any nmount of fine, farms In Knnsns.Mls
sourl, Colotado, Florida, and Georgia for
sale or exchange.
No. 137210 nercsj Improved fartni 12
miles south of Wichita, Kas , to exchange
for UMmptoveil land.
Don't sou vvAnt a nice, orange grove In
I Inrlda? Ir so come and see us.
No 101-100 nciiH land In Douglas coun
ty, Mo , to cxchniiHO for land in Central
I ins.is.
No. Ill 1 in-ncre fnim In Lognii county,
lens , to exchange ror Block of goods.
No. 10370 ncresi Improved farm In Wil
son county, Kns for rale: can)', or e
ihnnce for city lesldence.
Nn 203 JeTerson eoiinlv, Ark., TTJIneie
pultun plantation; to miles fiom Little
Rock, 230 ncrcd culllvated; Ct neres line
Umber, oak. ash. etc- vin- rich Lin,! rx.
change for residence propel ly lu this city
or vacant propeity.
No 133 I,r) acres, Wnshlngton enuntj.
nn . clear; tiadc for pioperty near Knns is
No. 2IS SO acres; 2'. mllps from Nevada,
Mo , house and till Itnpiovemenls, rents
for f) cash a jear; expiiange for stock of
groeei les.
No 2)9-120 acies; Mollis pniinty, Kns
1 SuO bent Ing npplc treis and all kinds ft nil;
ex. hange ror home lu elf x
No 210 SO neres, Allen lountv, ICni : all
feniMl, living vvalei. nil tl.ui, exililmge
ror loin In Ainiiiiiniali
No 220-fO ncres, lmiroveil; Liclede poun
tj. Mo., Oleliuid. vlm.Mild. nil luieid, 13
aires heavv tltnber; iiinnfiiB Htiuim water
thiough ifice vvltli ilsli lu li; u. miles
fiom Lebanon, county seat; exchange for
goods or cltj residence
No. 227 ICO ncics: Gove county. Kas ; Wo
ai us In cultivation, good houe, well,
windmill, barn and nil improvements, n
good farm; want to exchange ror personal
propirtj that can be shipped out of citj ;
onie nulcklv If jou want this
en j.-.. id exchange.
Isn-.ier'. ffirtn 11
mile from Pratt, Kas ,'
No 217-Uuthile, O. T., house and 3 lots
clear. No 223- Guthrie, O T, 3-t mm house and
II lots fruit, etc , exchange for Mock
lor mlng house, i te.
The Suthern Real Estate and Loan Co.,
718 Delaware St., Whitney Building, Suite 202.
IOR s ll.ll 1IIJAI. Es'l'VIE.
Cowherd Bros.,
IIS, II!) Ainirli li. Iliuk lllilg,
oil e, just noitli of In icpcmlcni e, still n
did new lu n I,, $i..2..ii, amitln r ) loom brn I.
ojitinslte, $ i "mi
iViililinn, b.st ,jrt UDith, 4,j fi , flne S
looitl ft a nn r $i, f.nii
Wjldri ii "ih, s r In bk, (it.lv Siri.)
I'lOSIl, it ( 1st flvillt, III ir Mil, fo ft., t,
loillus, $(,ell
Const, b. t llth and 13th, 9 i mod brh k
six m.int.ls, ami giaiis, di.tiie bills, true
film ice, i in ,i)i, ft,,Uu
Nell W.ililioi, and ileetile line, 30 ft.,
line x loom ft nine, vvoith $I5nO, for $2,3n0
i 'Jii ess ave , tiludstoue Heights, 0 rooms,
cosv. 4l.'"iii.
1221 MeGee, 30 ft,, 5 r. frame, $2,000, cor.
Llnwood and Mi Gee, new C i. cottage,
$2,230; Itoth easj' terms.
271s Woodland, 31 ft., 7 rooms, high, cast
ft out, $1,330
1010 E. llth, f3 ft, 7 rooms, $2,230.
Neat 13th and Bioadway, 37 ft., C r
brick. J2.lu0
2.'3o .leflcryon, cottage,
etc.. $1,230
ou CO ft., fruit,
Independence, ave., near Ind. Ave. church.
I'CI II., 11")
7,1. u, .,,
just east of Prospuet, next west
2i.l3 E 7tl) st 51,150; t.outh fiunt
of house
lot. lease at $M
llth bet. Olive nnd Pros)Het, CO ft,, $r,
Park ave, bet. Oil) and 12th, 3 lots, $10
to $71
Eik'IiI, bet Hth nnd llth. 23 fl., $.0.
lltll bet Highland and Woodland, 23 ft,
Hth and Woodland, corner, paved st.,
siweied, $23.
Gladstone Heights, Spruce uve , enst
fiont, Just north of Indi poudence, SIS.
Park ave, bet, 20th and 27th., sewered,
Hiookljn, bet. 2flth and 21st, high, facing
tlio elty, woith $20 per ft , can sell Mondaj
for $22.
litii ami vvnldron, r,uxi2,i, itoo
Summit, near KM, high, Kvil,
.iii'.si.L 4(i j,c'i;x
On any good cltj- re il estate, vvithaut de
lay, lowest rates. COWHL'RD IlltuS ,
US-ll'i Am Bank bldg
STOP PAYING RENT. Lso jour rein
mom y In buj Ing a home
$l,lii Nlie o-iouni, luodi'in bilek, neat ns
a nt iv pin, good condition, slate roof, t nst
fiont, ou an .isphilt sueet, ono bloek lo
table: $500 cash, $30 a month; 0 i r cent
No Ml
$300 3-room collage, S7''. tl. lot, high
giound, overlooks tho eilj, fj 500; .j)0 cisli,
$10 a month No 527
Niio 7-iouui houso lu eviilleut londltlnn
on a 32 It. cm hit. 1 bloek to pais, $100
cash, $23 a monUi, i pir cent. No ,Si",.
$u0 a month-A nlco ii-iouin pottige, with
l.iundij outsldi vi I j well built, i lose to
12th st cable, $J75 cash, $2 a mouth, $2,300,
No Mil
$250 t mil, easy monlhly piymetits, 10
i oi, in l.i 1. k. high giound, 1 block to cable,
JJ.IIki No S27
Neat 0 loom house, abovo grade, south
front, asphalt stieet close tn three eibles,
between Hth and 12th sts , bith and gas,
J.'SO. No s23
$11 a inotilh l.iooui cottage, two blocks
lo Metiopolltan cable; $1,100; small cash
pajmciit, III a month, without Interest M7,
E. M. WRIGHT .x. CO. Masonic bldg
$1 2'i "einoin house, s ictt, near 2 cn
lib s (Kill i.isli nnd $15 pur month.
$2,imi ti-ioi.m frame, 40x130 icet, near ca
ble, iliio i.ish, $20 per inopth
$2i!0- 7-rooin fi.uui', Co feel, asphalt ..,
$vw i ash
l-iuoni ciiltngp, 20 feet, fW cash nnd
$10 pel iiiuulh
$i,.'Hi i,.r fool, 30x110 feel, 4 blocks of
tianspoitalloii ami school
lit, pir fout. ,t.KQ lect, bet. 13th and lith
st cables.
To e xi hange -$1 Coo insli and 2.3 ft. lot on
I'lnsptit, ur 1st li. foi h r. uml bath; con
venient lu cable
C. D. PAHKC't. DUnPEE -v CO.
Mn bldg.. hth and Wall
0 loom bouse nrar 0th mid Locust, $3,0,0.
10 loom brick near llth and Tioost, w.dxi.
63x140 ft. business corner, i stntj brick,
will ,int to pay 10 pep cent, $10,000.
9 room residence, nearly new, modern,
st. paved with asphalt, corner lot, 100x153
ft . $0 500.
luOxiO, business lot with 3 store rooms
and moms above. $2,500 has been loaned on
pis properly, prlco Jl.lOO.
10 room modern residence on Tracy, 13
ft lot, $7.iii0
K. C PANTHER & CO., 333 Ridge bldg.
l'OR SALE The cheapest lot In Kansas
City on Penii st., between 12th and 13th
sts.: 32 ft. fiont: asphalt pivlng, stone side
walks: price only JC0 per foot.
Tel. HCa. Nelcon building.
NEAT 5 room house, largo barn, 37!4 feet
street graded and sldcvvaiu, close to cars:
price Jl.SuO, with $150 cash, $100 at $15 a
month, and $700 for 3 j-enrs.
II. II. PHELPS s. CO Am. Bk. bldg.
KOR SALK Cheapest lot on McGee st
between llth ami Utb sts.. must be sold
bU week. CEO. W. ni'Slt. Sole Ag't.
.'10 Ameiiian Bank bldf.
No. 2'--Autli. Tex . fine residence prop
eitv 3 inllrs out, known ns I Igemotit!
J. i). take f,Oou of it in some tuff enter
pil. No ni 20 room hotel, Humboldt counly,
la , dji'ig good business, exchange for
small firm or orchard In Southwestern
No 19215 room hotel nt Blnekburn, Mo !
to mips fiom Knnins City, $l,33n
No IK Ilotil 11 Hnrlon. Kas , rooms,
futnlslied, 4 jenrs' enie of 3 story brlek,
bus and team imludcd: only 12 house In
eltyi ilolnir luisiniss averaging Jl.eM per
month through Hie car; sell or cx hnngo
for form; pilce, $3 0e)
No 111 Kurekn Hprlugs, Ark., 10 room
house nnd G foot front jnrdt b flue place:
exchange fur farm or city properly
Nt) liV--Mrlptl(tif litlNlhn.a utitl clnrlr nt,,l
warehouse nt Burns. Ka , exchnnge for
Eastern Km sas farm
No. ISI-Mortgngc note, II fiO, on good
mill, worth Iti.iwj, to exchange for clly
Ne. 127-Chllllcothc. Mo., line home, with
11 aires of ground: all kinds fruit
No, 115 Denlonvllle, Kas., buslnps house
and 3 lots lo pxelintiBO for stock of drugs.
No lS7-CarthnKc, Mo., meat maiket and
7 room house, ei limine for farm
No 21 Lexlngtiin Mo . drug store, mm
or the bi-t (owns m Missouri, good trade,
exi iion.ro for fnrm
No 201 Bums, Kns., stock general tuer
i hnndlse, with store building; good, rleati
stock, exthniiKe fur plenr real estate, farm
or elty property In KuMirn Kunsus or
estein Missouri
No a2t-Cnfc; J2,6r- cash will buy a
firnt-rlns rare now doing a big bsslness
and in one ,,f Hi,, br-l lj, itlous In thu
i Itv . if Jul! mean blislui ss, and nlei look
ing for a snap, como nnd see us.
No. ISi Plrnt-t lass meat market In Cam
el on. Mo for sate
No 21 1-Purnlshed houe: 12 rooms, good
loiatlon; lent JUS; steam mat, $100 cash,
b ilance ensv
No 113 Purnlshed rooms; E 12lh si ,
lllm ensh
No 201 Sl-ronm hotel; good locntlon. do
ing good business) cheap
No. 170-l!-ri'iiin furnished house; West
side, doing gimil business; i heup
No. P'l- 12-riim furnished house on E.
Mil, W0. this Is full of iMiiiders
No I..', Il-tunm rurnlshid housi ; E llth
st , will trade fin land or illy piwp itv
No 222-lnr sale cheap. 30 iu re tract or
less, o miles southeast of city. 1 acres
mid, r cultivation, b.iluiue timber good
Phologiapli gnllcij; all In llrst-clnsi
sh.ii,i, en Main st ; jl.tnjo
No. 117 Plllltlug outllt. on Main st :
ii P).
Nn. 17! Meat market on I'orest avc ;
i lieati
i hivi a thoiisiml bargains In and out
of the i Itv of all kinds, siiih as rcid-
lem s. Inislniss Line ks. teir.lce rows.
lunmlni; houses, farms, lountrj, town prop,
i itv, ill iu stores, machine business hotel,
feint er and dlj goods stocks iu nil parts
of the i eiintrj Give us a roll when jou
vv nil .ii v ihlni'
i .ii, tin i" "I'll that do tin business
l'oit s. vi,i; in; vi, nsi'iTi:.
spEiTiT.irvriii Ts?sr)iin7rrTe7C
Pi") f, , t btnuiifiii ground In Crosbj ;dace,
ou Summit M , i.nlj $10 per font
so i.'t nil e Mound on Woodward ave
nue, .ii.ph.ilt ii.ivid, near Westport cable.
Niit fO foot lots nenr Vine St. line; onlj
$2 mi ,i r lut, Mind lei ins
See me fur lib chuip lots In the cltj'
3 room fiame cottage, 50 fi et, near ltUh
st i able, lib e Utile home, $2 23(1
7 ilium fiame, 27 l',ct, near isth st cable,
nli i pliii e, onlj- Jl.u)
7 i Hum fi.itui, 2, fiet, on llruoklc'. cable,
mar I'Mli St.. JI,tH)
. Ii.uiii fllltne 23 feel, Agll.H, lie ir 10th
Ht , lllee Jilnie. i .1st flulit, $l,n
I ha if si vi I nl sin ll bollsi s, i all iu
! loom bib I miner Ulxllo f.it. $7 300.
0 loom bin k HkuuuhIiIj mud. rn, . xcel-
lent Iniiitloii, 'il feel, cast fiont, very
i holc'c , f s luu
If jou want a geod resldeni e i all in
A nice loiin i tui business, 11x130 verj'
low, If Imiuoveil will net 20 per cent, $1 loo
lu in res near the cltj that beats anj thing
Jet olTircd. Call foi special price.
Excellent b.u gains In buslm, propertj
A snap near the new custom house
uuiue in ior iiarguius in riui ,-.iaie i
liave a large list and ion suit must .uijoue,
P. A PHUDERICK, 31G N Y. Lif, 1,1. Ig
S-room brick, modern, cast front, on as
phalt stm I, large corner lot, bain. Soufh
slib 1 l.l'i. I. fiom cable, $1,130
7-iih)ui brick, east front on Summit near
ICth st , spci lal taxes all In and within
nalkli.tr dlstamo of tho Junction $1 1(
0 ruum frame, '120 Michigan av, easi
front, above grade, newly piii.ti I and
pnpi led; Hieelul taxes all In, i an sell h, .ip
and on msj terms to good partj
5-ioom fnim., 2215 Lj'dla nve, price r. -diired
to $1,000. rush, $30, b.lium t nuinlhlv
115x115, n w miner St. John and Wood
wind axes : above grade, cast and southern
exi'iwuiH, hivviis in, sirei t pavni with as
Idi.ill, 23 per foot
II' .Hit il ill i nst front luls abov, grade on
llarilsi'ii, Cumpb.ll and Chnrlutle sts , an 1
20th Ht., fiom lilt to $10 per foot
Pine Go-loot east front lots above grad, ,
In Hyde park, fiom $15 to lu per foot
Pino 30-foot east front lots, abov, era ic
on top of Hie hill, near terminus or Troust
in ble. from $13 lo $20 per foot
olive st W.ti.ish and Prospei t avis,
south, from $10 lo $23 per foot
See us for bargains In real .state hifore
purchasing. W DIEHL A Co
310 American ll.iuk building
VACANT LOTS-Vet j low pries
13273 feet Euclid and Suili, pil, . $12 50
131 !7'6 fed 2ltli nnd II irfl. Ill, best lm a-
lion; S15
.12 CO feet on Llnwood, near Grand ave,
$30: 50 feet on Hruohtjn, between 20th and
7--3s"feet toulhwcst coiner nf 20th and
Park $22.
, IC" CO f.Pt on Walnut In Hjdo park, In
tween 3sth nnd SJtli; very cheap; $23
.VSr'UlhWi'st (,'"",l Hve and 20ih 50
feet, $20; uorthi 1st cormi of Winds, r and
K.'",'.i''V':.'' 3 "' -."'' sr.ult. $22 30
Don t fall to (limp In nnd e-er mic Inu.
down prices on resldeniis
oiuu.su.', .x k i;.iii;ui':it
ou Hall building
on the Westport and Waldo 2 miles
south of Waldo. The dummy from Wei.1.
..on c-uiuiui us(s running regularly this
Week .ind rilllS tll.llllll tills l.,,l,l nrlnr
$1300; will sell hnlf or i)uarter of tho tarin'
. . .". "vu l J'lSl '(' IU.II fllllSIl
rreck. In limtur uml bin. grass pasture.
It Is a very putty t.aet, prlio Is only $13S
per aero: fciouml opiioslio Is l,iH) per acre.
..,.. .a urn nine iu aei-ui.; ui ir.lCIS W lien.
they are i.vvuv down lu i.n ,
Oi:oilGE LW. N Life bldg.
lljde Paik. lib' 50 ft lot
$21 a loot. No Tui
elu-o to i,ible;
$l.73o iiIcb s room bii. k. (Dxl'io, barn,
rinll, 1 bloiks In cable, u nice liujne in iho
siibuibs No 143
$.0 a toot for nlco 40 ft lot, high ground,
eist fiont, 1 bloik lo iMble Nn,772?
Neuly new 7 room linuse. 73U.1.. bam.
shade ireo high, nice location, southeast
of the eltv 2(io rsn 7s
E M. WIHGIIT .xi CO Masonln bldg.
loii have; been looking for an eltgant 10
room modern brlclt lesldence. with lot lOOx
150 feet. Hint cost 110,000, nn,l jou want to
buy it for 17 3t07 Aro wo correct I Yes. you
-AV'i ll'l '.''! liouo The groumt
cost 7,000 i as i. tho houso cost $12.0.5 cash:
tolil' JIJKW, all freo and clear, 'and jot
can buy this week for $7is: Butter see uj
Mondaj V II. PHELPS A- CO..
American Hank bldj.
KQIt SALU-Mlssourl land: $15 per acre--10)
ucres mar eouuty seat, S3 miles tiom
Kansas Clu : 100 ucres. In culilvatliini i,.i
ancc grass and pasture) 4 acres orchard:
2 sprint,-,; largo u roomed house, barn ami
spitng house; crops in this springs-corn,
wheat, oats, potatoes, millet, etc all lino
toll; title perfect; possession In 30 dais:
owner must sell, hence offer, same for
$2,100. II. L. Johnson & Co., 721 N, Y, Lift
I'OB SALE 3 room house, $.30.
3 room house, $130.
4 loom bouse, $050.
6 room house, $1,100.
8 room house, 1,600.
700 houses on monthly payments.
00 farms la Kansas and Missouri,
r.. ... . J. L. WILLIAMS,
CIS Minnesota aye.. Kansas Cltj-. Ku.
1"T1! AT.l 11 ,iir. s. ..li,.l Xini.i
T- -rK4 V VBV jrUdtU. tl9411lIK
ton addition, containing about CO lots; sit-
uated between Independence ue. uml new
.tlectrlo line to Independence. 4
J. . HAISI, MetropoUtat hotel, City,

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