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MR". ... M. TIHMI, 111' IOSII It.UMDS
itrAni)M iii:u i nriciii'.s.
In n Inirrtlew llli i He purl" Mm
lew. llr i:tirrlriiri ami Irllsth.
IIpiI rmitn til tlii" Minnie.
1-rom the ArKs. Alpena. Mich.
Wo have lor.R known Mm. Jnm M.
Tudtl. of Une HapM", Alpena county,
Ml h. Hho had been n Md cripple. Jinny
of her frlcncla know the Mory of her rj--i
.very, for the benefit of those nho ilo
j,ot we publish. It to-iiay.
KlRhl "" !0 nho Inkcn with
nenoin irolrallon, and In a few month'
with immi-ular nnd inllnmtnntory rheum..
i,m It nlTcetcd her heart, thou
her html. Her fei-t became o swollen she
could ivcnr nothlr.R on theni! her limnls
were drnwn all out of shape. Her eyis
irre swollen shut more than half the
time, her knee Joints terribly swollen nml
for elchlen month' "he had to be held up
to be dressed. One limb became entirely
helple, and the fkln was -o dry ntul
tracked that It would bleed. Uurlmt these
t sht J ears she had been treated by n
fcore of phslelnii, and hn also spent
much time at Ann Arbor under bent meill
i ll adUr'e. All raid her trouble was
l.rmishl on by hard work nnd that medi
cine would not cure, and that ret was the
rnlv thliiK which iould cape her. After
Koliis to IHc with br daiiKhter fhe be
t imc entirely hclpleiw and could not cen
raise her nrm to corr herself at nlsht.
Tnc Interesting part of the story follows
Ir Inr own words:
"I was urscd lo try Dr. Williams' I'lnk
J'tlH for 1'alo People and at last did no.
In three das after I commenced tuklns
lMnk Tills I could pit up and die's myself,
m d after using them sK weeks 1 went
home and commenced norklmr. I con
tinued taking- the pill until now I begin
to forcet my crutches, nnd cm ko up and
down steps without nld. I nm truly a llv
liiK wonder, walking out of doors without
"Son, If I can siy nnsthlnpr to Induce
those whe hae suffered as I hae, to try
Pink rilln, 1 shall Kindly do so. If uthi r
like sultoreM will try 1'liiK Tills nciordlnK
to directions, they will haic reaon to
than God for creatine men who arc nblo
to conquer in.it leriiwe nucni', rnriinin
turn. I have In my ow'n rndshborhood
lecommended Tink Tills for tl after ef
fi t of la grippe, nnd weak women with
Impure blood and with Rood resulta."
.Mm. Todd Is er stronp In her faith In
the cuiatlxc power of I'lnk IMlls. ami
savs they 1m bronchi n poor. helples
cripple back to do hei own milking, churn
ing, washing, petting. Ttuunng. nnd In fait
aliout all of her household duties, thanks
tn Dr. William' Tink TilK
t)r Williams' Tink Tills contain all tli
eloments nicessary to give new life and
richness to the blood nnd retore shattered
turves They are for :ile by all druggists,
or may be had by mall from Dr. Williams'
Medicine Company, Pchenectndv. N". Y,
for 50c per bo, or Fix boxes for J3G0.
Tlm rratrsliiiil llimiii fur Agi'il Vtnliiru Is
111 Had Mi ipp I In.inrl lll nml Anx
ious tn Iti-ii-lin AshIsIiiih i'.
The Trotcstant Home for Aged Women
nt Twenty-ninth nnd Cherry streets', !i
greatly In need of funds. It Is suffering
grpater Hnaiicl.il cmbarra,-mi nt now than
' y-ns ever known At the monthly meet
ing of the noclitlnn which conducts It,
yesterday afternoon, Mrs. II. K. Ilruner,
the treasurer, reported that the Institution
has less than K0 for all expenses. Tho av
erage expenses of the home are J'-'11, and
recently the association has bi.cn uotltlHil
that thu lent of the building lb to be
The meeting was largely attended nnd re
ports weie heard Tli.- immediate needs of
the home were proxlilul for, and the lln
nnces of the Institution illcu-.sed. It was
decided to Interest the rhurches and in
II Iduals In the home in the hope of secur
ing the urgently needed funds. The home,
which Is u most worrhy one, Is dependent
almost entirely upon fi lends and well wish,
i rs for its Mippnit. At present It Is caring
tor about twenty old ladles, who are lo
all Intents and pin poses completely help
less. They nre piunanent Inmates, u
sides these, It 1 constantly cailng for old
people temnoiarlb One of the Inmates Is
the widow oi an olllcer In the I'nlnn uiinv
i ho was killed at Ivterslmig Ills name
is upon the TeteiMiurg monument He wns
a Mason at '.;' degree. Tho association
hopes to begin soliciting funds for its pro
posed new building this summer. Tli" as
sociation Is entitled to a portion or tho
Swope property, but cannot build until it
has sulllclent inonev for that pmposp Mrs.
Noble I, Trentls, the president of tho as
sociation, is of the opinion that JIu.Ciihi can
lie raised this .summer. As the association
lias suffered considerable tumble from
lalse pnlleltnrs. Its iepiesentaites have
In en provided with subscription hooks bear
ing tho stamp of the association
(lialrmm Caldwell filled tn New Vnrk to
Atirt n serious lliipluri If I'mslbtr
Ilium .rrkers' ri-urlim.
Chlenito, III.. April M -Kome time ago
(he Western llni were congratulating
lhcineles nvcr the mtnner tn which their
Immigrant clearing hotie was doing Us
work. .Vol a murmur, they dedared, was
lo be heard on any side. Now the clearing
hono Is In deep water and t'hnlrmin Cald-
,. pit lm pitim tn Ww Vnrk and lloston to
preent what may be serious trouble. Tho
Ir.md Trunk has nil along been demorallJ.
.... .Sn Imhilirpnlll Sf.l. lllfOllITll N CW'
York and ltoston. In the latter place the
business has nlwavs been In bid shape,
and lately the New York market has shown
signs of strong manipulation. 1 his ort
of thing Is far from agreeable lo th;- Can
adian Taeine, whlili Is the sllong rival of
the (Itand Trunk, and tint line has Inti
mated more than once, that If the market
Is not steadh 1 It will be forced to protect
lis interests in the best manner poslb e.
This would mean the deslrin Hon of tho
baring house, as none of the transcon
tinental lines would ubseivc the agree
ment with Ihe I'anidiau Pacific- on the
outside As the matter now stands, rates
nre being frequently manipulated, nnd un
less t'halrmin Caldwell succeeds In nul
ling a period to the disorder, the outlook
of the long life of the clearing house. Is
not brilliant. . ... ...
Some of Ihe Terns roads which are not
members of the Western Lines Passenger
Association hne taken nctlon which will
tend lo demor illste the homeseekers excur
sion rates put on by the Western lines.
Thev hne knockid off the JJ which all
other lines hnc added to the excursion
rates, ami made It one fnre Tor the round
trip The Atchlnn has ileelircd that to
meet this competition It will be necessatv
for It to make a one-fare rate from all
points on Its lines In HllnoK lown, Mis
souri nnd Kastern Kansas to all points
luT xeas nnd Alkansas. The olhei lines
.Innlira t1.nl A.l.nll.l,. fltllt TeVSS lT0 110
more entitled to a one-fare rate than Knti
sts, Ni hrnska, Colorado and Ihe nakotas.
There Is now cciy probability that the
general rate for the excursions to be tun
April ::0. ln 21 nnd June 11 will be one
fare f"- the round trip.
In baking powders It Is safer to use the
Itoal nnlv, an article that manv ears' e
p Hen. e has proved most elllelent and
k Ii h.is been olllcinlly demonstrated pure
and wholesome.
.hunt Dcn.vri: at i.awuiim'i:.
3tpiresi utatlTt s of Iviutnis inn) Ttchrnhka
Will Hum- a lllsputatlou Mil II.
t.aw rei.ee, Kas , April 23. (Special ) Ar
r.vng. m nt.s were completed to-day tor the
joint d. bite on Tridai, May 3, between
representathes of Kansas and Nebmska
universities tn I'nlterslty hill in Lawrence.
The eiutstlen to be debated is'
ItM-jIved, That lesB might should be
gien tei precedent In Judicial decisions."
he atllruiiime bi Ing l.il.tn by N'ubraslai.
Tht-re mi. three spoukers on each sidi llm
ne 1 t nftien miuiitt s each, with t n inln
uirs on ii h si le tor rebuttal. The Judges
,. Pre-idi in William T Sloeiim of v'ol
.ri lo siprlrgs Cul.. Tre.sld.nt John W
C'ioh of tin Illinois Stan Normal, and
Tun. an! J.ihn T IIiii hanan. ot Kansas
I'm ,le. The Ni braska uratur- .ire K 11
Sheiman. A J W.tn.i. 1! )l Nial K in
s,ii. T .1. .Madden, . I. i: I.itib.T M !lrad.
Trying u t'usi' In liemer.
I)enei, April 23. The Interstate com
merce commission nt Its session this fore
noon heard the testimony regarding the
discrimination In freight rates charged
against the traus-Mlssouil railroads by
Denver merchants and manufacturers, in
formation wns elicited from seeral wit
nesses along the same line n. that glxen by
licorge Klndol. mittress manufacturer.
Some of the witnesses acknowledged tilsjn
cross-examination by lallruid altornms
that thev had not gone xery deeply into
the freight question.
J. K. Choate.of the Overland cotton mills,
f-. Id his petition to the roids had been
grunted, at least In part, and he was tol
erably well satisfied II" thought the ear
ning out of Mr. Klndel's wishes would
ruin the business ot the roads In some di-
Thc case of the Colorado Tuel & Iron
Company, which ohaiges discrimination In
the rales on steel rill", will piobablv be
taken up this afternoon It is claimed
that from Denver to San rrnnclsco the
rate Is Jl i, while from Chicago, Mississip
pi and .Missouri liver points-, the rates to
California are onl CS. r.x and 51 cents. Halls
nie ranted fiom Unglnn.l by watei. tiuns
fened across ihe Isthmus. lelo.uleel nnd
taken b boats to Sin rrnnclsco for less
than the railroads charge from Ilenver to
the same point. There is a posiuiiiiy oi cm
Pueblo works turning out rails for the San
Joaciuln Valley lallina.l In California, but
the rates operated o strongly against the
Colorado pioduet that the lompiny was
prompted to bring thu suit In its own pro
tection. High llllli liils Cneisy.
Tacomn, Wash.. April M.-Iteport here
has It that President Jim Hill, of the
clreat Northein. has seemed control of
the Northern Pacific nllro.ul. 'I his re
port is glxen as the cnue- of the recent
shaking up among the olllelals of the lat-
.i r.l v.i nf ll.it nIHcl.lls hele can
confirm the rumor, but thev do not take
much stock In it. although it Is generally
believed tav the people.
A general feeling of uneasiness still pre
vails among the Northern Picllle olllelals,
as it Is expected tint ex en more of thi m
will be asked for tbilr resignations. h,c
onl Vice Trisldent Preeott's olllce Is ald
to be booked for abolishment, together
xclth that of second assistant land com
missioner, occupied by Ceorge Laton. Ihe
lalter's headquarter" "re here and Pres.
cott's In Portland.
Airrpul t'pim u HisW.
Topeka, Apill :3.-(SpeclaI.) The state
bo.irel of railroad ase-sors has decided
upon n Insis ior the assessment of tele
graph comp inies In Kansas. Thu first wire
will be assessed at " per mile, which is a
decie.ise of ii from the former assessment.
,-u n.i.niinnit wire will be assessed at
th per mile, which Is an increase ot J3
over the old assessment.
Tho Santa Pe has newly adorned it'
Knnsas City ticket and fre'ght olllce at
Tenth and Main streets. .Newly papered
ai I newly painted, the olllco presents a
ve iv handsome appearance.
The remarkable time made by the Penn
.ssH.mia rallinad between Camden and At
lantic Cltx, N. J. axenglng semt-two
miles an hour and getting up a maximum
speed or elgluy-sev. ii miles i el hour, xxas
generally obserxed among railroad men
yesterday, lint II P. llumphio. traveling
inssenger agent ror the Lake Shorn anil
Michigan Southern nnd New ,ork I enlr.il.
reminded .... in, of the time niide by e
lamoiis rIii-ilieii it.,r., . ..m..." - - -..
I',''..' ...i.. 1 'CI,., record nf that tra 11.
which is also tlie record of the world, xxas
llji.. miles per hour for a short dash In
Cent id) New Yolk.
General Minager Ilrown. of the Hurling
ton. and (leneral Pi eight Agent liaitlo
were In the city yesterdux-. Mr. Ilrown
said that he had ,re ently attended a meet
ing of the AmerUan Hallway Association,
in which organization lie hus lieen n com
mitteeman fur maiiN eais The consen
sus of opinion at Hint m. etliiR-whlch Unci
delegates from all pails of the 1 nlted
States and Cunndii w is, said Ml. Ilrown,
that business prospects are brighter now
than thel haxe b. en In several years. All
seem to believe Hint the pressure has at
last reached Its limit Mr Hi own does not
believe, however, that the railroad busi
tiess of the West will lmpiove until there
Is a new crop, but s.ijs that xje shill haxe
.in Immense ciop In the llurltngton terrl
tury, which Mr P.iown his lecently tiav
. rsf I. If there Is ix"" .is much Jain as
there was Ian je.ir 10 Inches Last year's
rainfall In this teirllou was W) per cent
less than Us nxeiaae for thirty jears
prev ious.
riie Last Session Appropriated I.urge Sunn,
ii timid Dull of It llelng
Inr Xeiv nillees.
WnslilnBton, Apt II 23. The x-olumc an'
titi.illy ptepared by the clerks ot tho
Bcmilo ntul lioua npproprlnllons cotn
mlttco showltiu the exact npproprlatlon?
nnd tho new olllces crcntcil, lini been
prcpnreil for Ihe Inst Hcsslon ot the
Flfty-Hilnl congress by Thomas I.
Cleaves nml .t. 1'. Courts, clcrk, respec
tively, ot the senate mid house com
mittees. The npliroprlntlons were ns
follows: Agrlcutttii.il, 3,3on,o0i army,
J23.252.C0S! diplomatic nml consular,
JI.67J.4SSS District of Columbia, t5,74S,
413! fortifications, $l,ol,R57; Indian,
Jt,7G2,751! legislative, executive ntul Ju
illclnl, J2I.S31.71S; mllltnry ucademy,
J40I.M1: nnvnl, JP.4tr.,l5; pensions. J141.
:ilS,fi70) postollleo, fS3.5ir.,9D7! sttiulty clx II,
Ji!,r,6S,li;o; ilellclcnclos, J9,&:S.373; nils
cellniieotis, J2'i7,GC7; total general lilIU
nml mlsceltnneous, JJS3.B3J.SCI! pet ma
nent HpprnpilntlonK, JU3.073.9SOs grnml
totitl fippropilutlcms, JI97,U0S,520.
The number ot new olllces specmcnlly
created la 1,773, lit nn mutual cost of
Jl.313,391, nml llio number omitted Is
400. nt an annual cost of JJ97.9IS, making
n nnl llirei.ns,. nf 1.3CI 111 Utllltbcr lllld
JSIS.378 in umotint. Included In thin
Increase nre the l.lnK) nildltlonal seamen
milhnrlzed to be enlisted In the nnvy
nnd 3ir, iiiltlltloiint deputy collcctots nnd
tcvenue ngeiits In the Internal levcnue
service to cany In effect tho Income
tux law. In addition to the fotegolng
there Is n net Increase In spcclllc umotits
npproptlated for new olllces vvhero the
number ot such olllces and the amount
ot salary to Individuals are not Fpecl
IIpii, ot JS0S.700. The number of salaries
specifically Inereiised Is. 119, at an mi
nimi cost ot JTj.tiOC, nnd tho number of
salaries speelllc.illy reduced Is slxty
nltie. at un iinmuil cost ot J1S.32S, mak
ing a net Increase of fitly In number
ntul of J21.177 In amount, making a not
total Increase on account of snlnrlcs ot
-Ulcers, new and old, of J1,CI-','.'S3.
The Hovnl Il.iklng Powder Is the greatest
of the modern time helps tn pcrfiet cook
ing and i xery lecelpt requiting u raising in
gredient should embody It
Mr. Cleveland's Wr.it Ii Hulls ver on n
Poor Prl rWlioni Ilo
I Inn Kill.
Washington, April 23 The president has
commuted to a line of $10 and costs the
pentence of one j ear's imprisonment, lino
and costs, Imposed upon Daniel Hlanken
shlp, alias Michael Mann, for publishing a
false allldaxlt. In his Indorsement tho
president says' "1 am unwilling to grant
a pardon to this convict, nnd If his health
was not In such a condition ns lo render
his Imprisonment repugnant to the in
stincts of humanity. 1 would not interfere
in the least with the -entence. He has
swindled the government out of money by
.,nriii-i- ntul i. most detestable fraud, and
1 insist that he shall pay a small part of
what he has thus criminally obtained as a
punishment for his ortense."
Ilo PIlis n singular lleiiiiirriT In a Milt
Drought Agilnst Him fur xeiliiillnii.
San I'ranclsco, April 23. U. J. Haldwtn,
btttir known as "Lucky" Haldwin, the
millionaire horse owner, mining man and
land proprietor, has tiled a most remark
able denim ror to the suit of MI'S Lillian
Ashley ugulnst him for seduction. H.Ud
.. .n litis nn .n.inv Mines been the object of
slinilir suits, that, as he savs, he no long
e: v ernes about a little thing like that
Tl.e latest suit against him is that of Mi-
Lillian Ashley, fomieilv of lloston, who
alVgcd that while she was v Mi ing in Ix
Augehs, the aged inllllonalie won her ar
te e linn" and betraed her. Now she wants
rj,uoo eciinpensatlon. Some time ago U il I
wln tiled a demuiiei, alleging It did not set
forth facts bullklent for action. Th's di -
tinnier vias oveiiuiea nnu eo-uay unoiiiei
was tiled in Judge Slack's court. In this
second demuirer Haldwin pictures him
self as a gay di'celvei and savs his ieputa
lloii is so well known il.it no woman of
e:.i ' tlenco would trust him. The demurrer
se i forth that Miss Ashley Is a wise om
ul acuuainted with men and the wns of
the xvcrld, and should be able to distin
guish between slnceilty and deceit. Mr.
Laldwln slates she knew he was a married
mm nt.d unable to keep a promise of mar
n.tge. Conseqitentlv she did not plai e any
reliance In him. although she deel ires she
did. The (lemuner s.ij s that, knowing
H-ldtxln was a jn.urled man she ought to
have unrtei stood his piotestatiuns of love
were Insincere, and that his cMiicsseil sen
timents of allectlon weie but the' means
towcrd an end. Miss Ashley knew the gi li
en 1 cnar.ictoi of her betiav er and shoul 1
not have permitted herself lo be led from
the path ol virtue by such evident!) Insln
eeie protestations of love. The demurrer
alleg s thu no promise of mniii v eunsld
eiatlon for anticipated betr.iv.il can be
held to be gcod in law and that It does not
appear fioir. the facts of the cuinpl.ilnt
that any other promise had been tu.idi
Accordingly he petitions the suit to be dls-niitted.
You I" tfiem ntryuiliert.
i Beautiful
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CBIcycte Bcniity comes from graceful lines
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() there is more than mere looks to recommend a Columbia.
Back of the handsome design and elegant finish is a sterling
quality that over the roughest toad and the longest journey will g
carry the rider with safely ami satisfaction.
L.COLUnBlA or a Hnrtford-
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All over otir house there is an enthusiasm that ad
mit nf no larrrrimr anywhere. No dilly-dally methods
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till llsl) AY.
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A .Jury Sfcntd Illl( thu Mutu Opum ItH
t ii-i.
1'ort Si'ott, Kas, April 3 (Special,) A
juri was eeiiiri 1 In the Strcvll inunli'r raiiR
to-d.iy, hut not until thu ri'xuliit panel and
pe lal xinlre hu.l been exhausted. .Several
xvlltK8ell weie examined, but uothlni; more
than vvas bruuk'lit ou tn tho preliminary
hearlnt. vv.i d"Viloped.
.Muth Inti-rebt vv.ia ivlneid In the where.
Hhoiits. ot Jim. Noi i Stii'Vll. vvlfe of the
prisoner, but fche did nut npponr, alilioiisth
.she had been subpoenaed and win, In tlm
i fully ino vvlitietces uie In attindiuce
.ml the . ourt room waa . ronde.l almost
ii Milfoi ntlon, - ltBe pan ot tlie xroud
h Ins vvonvn. An adjournnifiit vva taken
at C o ulock this evenlns until to-morrow,
.xi n. in rr iimiiiiii.s.
The lllluoU I iinuri-iiiii" Ik --x 1 1 1 n Vert
sU k Jluii.
Washlnitton, April 53. To-night there Is
no changif In tho condition of Uepresent
ntlv Illtt, of lllluoU. He is bi til a very
t.1 k man. There hu. If en no coiikiiltallon
of th. phvKli'ianii tlnce riundis. A brother
nf Kepiioentatlve Illtt ban arilvod here
from 1'hle.iBo .nnl In tloivlnu with him.
Th re Ii. a sli.ht chanite tor the belter
to-niKht lit tlio condition of ltepreentatvo
Uot'swell, ot ilassiai huut
IX'KI.IN lllfl.IM.- A .(llll .HMI.
OITrrnl ii IllsSilnrj ll I'Iiiiiih lul I'dlliir '
tlm "I lini-llri-.llil."
WaKhltiBlon, April -'. -Comptroller Hck-
elb to-da declined a most ilatterinK olTer
to leave the Kovernment t-ervice and outer
the ranlii. ut journaltmn. ll. tl. ixonisaiu.
the new ovviur of the ChlcaKO TlmeB-Iler-.ilil,
lecoKnl.liiK m Mr. llekela one of the
nii.incl.il llKhtk of the Democratic party
and ot thi- ailmlnltr.iiiun, offered the
mmptrolUi a Hilary nuuly tvvlie as lame
nx that paid li the ifov.rnnieiu. to k;i to
Chkaiio and hecumo the ilnaiulal editor
of ihe Tlim'n-llti.ilU. It would have been
Ills duty lo xv lite editorials, on banklnc
aid eiirrenij toplis, and to 1.1U0 Kener.ll
ihnr.'i: of 'he ilnami.il columns nf the
i,.ili. r. Mr. Kekclh rtull.eil the diKnlty nnd
iiHetulneB of HUih .1 Held of labor nud
nan tempted to uecipt, the tnoie so be
cause he I- aiulous to do everv thliif.- In
his power to keep ihe Western Demoiracy
In llnu with thu polliles ot the admlnls
(ration, but on consultation with members,
of th cabinet. .Mr la-kels felt himself
obliged to decline ihu offer of Mi. Kohlsa.it,
belletlnu It to be his duty to remain with
the administration until the expiration of
President Cleveland's term.
Tired Feeling
ta warnlnp; that the blond Is not tight
It needs clmn-lnB ami xitalllnK.in ordtt
Hint it tniij mxe tj th. oi u.ins nnd
muscles their iiionei' nouii-hnunt and i
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is the Kti'.it blood puiifi. r and it com
pleti ly nveui mes that tlt'-il f-iling
.X JA 'J?
rV '
Knlf US I S ILai
i in: iiii
s. 'iin; t in.xi'i vr.
Ituv (liil tin' Ciioilji'ir. IIiiIiIht to.
Jli'lt.iblo Itr.uiils.
The P.oyal Ilaklnsr Tovvder maintains its
vlnoroiis hold on tho public and Is netlvu
nnd acirresslve against the Impure and ln
juiious baklnB powders paltm.il otf on the
people. In this task It H performlm; a
jroiid work fur honest ntjd unadulterated
luod pioducis.
Itl'siSlA JIIIV.lllMl .lAl'AN.
She lias a I'li'i'l "f 'iHi'iilj-tvvo Xtiirsblps
VMlliin lrll.liiK IM lino of
'J bal riinti
Rt. IVter.sliurB, April 3 Th. Sviet de
clares Hussla ha3 concentrated in JapiueM'
vv.iteis tvvents-two war ships, i.invl'u?
rco guns ami a l.ire body of men. This
lleet, It Is lidded, with the I'n-inli sttuad
1011, makes a total of thirty- vin war
ships laiii'iu; .l'i suns. Moreover, a. -inidhiK
to the Sviet, a Itussi.iu army of
0,(ui mm eould oi cup Ji -u nnl take
Japan In tlank should iroub!.' arlsi .
London, Apill Jl. The Jiallv News na8
It undeistaiids that the rfnv. rnmi nt vvill
not Join any loiublnitlou of povveis to In
terfere with the lesult, uf the Jnp inese
victory. Tlie mlnlsKH wire wllllnir and
nuxloiis to uveit the war, but tln-y do nut
consider that Hililsh Interests are Injuri
ously affected by the let tils of peac.
Appolnti d Am nt fur tin-X.v iiidiitli'x.
V.i-l IhbIoii. April ! ISpt elal.) It It
Arustiouh ni Kiiii'irs City, lux has been
appointed special iiBUit foi the pur. Iinse of
lauds tui the absentee vV.inniloitn Indians,
lly a el.iu-L in tin- last jieiieial Indian bill
ceituln mtmbirs of the Wsundottos wen,
allovv.'d to in..ke allotments In any of the
iisetvatloni In Oklahoma not opened in
settle nent Mr Aimsironif. luivlni; for
somii je.us had business telaiious with
those Iud'.ins, was relet tint to carrx out
the ptovlslons of the law.
, l-ply.
, .Iplx. '
. 3 ply.
"4 .l-l"J .
XI siupprlor lii p r foot.
i:ltaU.lllantil,' I'm per foot.
'.iil.er." U Pi r foot.
'Stun laid," 10.. pit foot.
..nt..... la. i ti.ti.
.-.il ft.t' fplv. Stiinil, ss Tube," "Pa
cllle" Musi Ciiii llnir, "eliu bpiay Nozzle,
all comiih t- . 4l "' . ... ,
,-,.) le. i 4 I Iv "Plilnib. r s ' Hose, Coup
IIukr and iui..le. compl ti , ii 7j.
l'L'M. l.IM' IIP lti:i.I.'s
u' iwx sPitiNKu:ns. etc.
Oldest and Original
.S?-Kyrv r- a tl
Z&MxrZA1 rAYi
io West Ninth St. , Kansas City.Alo.
Leading and Siicie-tsru! s-ppciaUsi la Ulood
Kervoui and U,,lnar Ul-cise..
M.uvm- in mi. lit, with its nun;
idooiny v mptom i ured
I.Dsi 1 1 ai 1 1 V nrtntnnily resinrnL
s imi 1 1. 1 stured tor lit wiiaout niereiirr
lltlNAKV llsl.As;s eurcd quickly an!
vvhTnVxi.i. oi iii:i:s rvu, consult i)r a
.1 Wliittier and retelvo lliu candla opinion ot i
plivsh Ian of exptrlence, skill .md Uitr.ty Nj
promises made Hi u cannot be luMlllnJ
xii.iiK IM.s turuished at sin ill cost, aul
tent anynhfre scaled. Treatment MA -
si:m i. it. ti. , ,
I i;i:i. consultation and urlmry analysis.
Gil I llli1 to health and emergencies, sells J,
VliJlU (or l. rents st imps. HUu-i I'M.
Cull or address In contldtuco
tnXVrat Mllllist., KS.N-XS t'tfV. XI 11
ihskrriij-""' " " ytiBsWfn-Br---a---g
J. W. Merrill,
24th and Summit Sit,
Jr3JrtM H etOi Wft tr HxiT &?r H H . .
Wauls tli" Aildrissiif tin son.
Huiierlnleiideut ilieenvvood yesterday re
ceived a letter from Mm, A. M. Monroe, of
Wui'Uhh. llid., usklnii lor aid lit earch!n
for lit 1 sou. Hho uiIIcb:
"I would llko If ,'ou tun lo help me llud
the nddiess of one Ale. Monro.), or pel
,..... !. ...ni li.'.ve I,,1, 11 kiiiivvu ns Alev
Bw'tenej, us that wan 1 1 st pfather's name.
1 tbouKht perhaps j on .nUtu leuru from his
iru hei or iniiu the ihlldisii In "chool,
Thu last v.'o heard tiom him xvns In ,'o.
xeinbir. lIsS.'. ami he then lived ut No 5ii
llurrison stieet. Kunsus Cliy. ile Is mi
son. nud I would ileem It a reat favor If
ou can assist mo in tludintr him. It would
be to his Interest If he would vvilto to me,"
The true test of a baklne powder U well
known to every hourekteper. It Is lo try It
in niaklus bread, cake, etc., and we nro of
the uplnii.it that It will be lmtu--ILe to
lemovc fiom the minds of our housewives
the convli'tion lone ago fornnd fiom the
application of this lira, thai test, that tho
itoyal does make I lie best, the moat, and
the most teholc.emt.
1019 Main St.
XII I I Oltt), .Man iKir.
eriiss s,tr(,,t
I rum Old 1 1. 1 lid. f
Hoarders urrim!v i:iiitpe.
Rt. Jo.eph, Mo, April in -(Spec lal ) A
score of sleepins men and women had tl
narrow escape fumi death nt the MiiKlf
ton house, ai rlixih and tik stieets, at 1
o'.loek liils niiiinlnir An In. I'lull try llred
the hotel abuut uildnl.ht and all tlie boird
eis awoke, hall Miffm ated Willi smoke, uud
with ureal .lllll. nil-, ma I. their wuy
thruiiirh the stllliiui .jrrldurs lo places of
exit. The lire v.i discuv.t'd bfiue ll had
inailii .my retti teadvva . othitwise. the
loss uf life would have b.eu ureal.
I'lisldriu Sillirs.il st, , , ,.,, h,
Ht. Joseph JIo., Apill !. fSiieclal I A.
II. Sellers, national piesldent of the P.tttall
L'lerkb' Association, dillveied an address
before tho loiul orKanUatloii tu-uliilit. Il
vvas in.it at the I'u.ou diput . lepitsem
iit Ues fiom all labor oiaanUatiuns In the
ilt Ovir -."" men weie In line, Hw was
tscorted lo the Cotmneii lul Club, uhurc lie
vvas welcomed by the max or and President
llatlwli;. of the club. He wl lemaln hi
the city for several days.
Il)dnpliiiiili ut iltt.iu.i.
Ottawa, Kim.. April W. (Special 1 Mayor
Whuiton Issued n ,rorUmatlun -.tsttrday
reuulrlni." dot's to be mil-lied until further
nnilec. Ileeenilv mad doss have annealed
In the city and several dot.-s have been
bitten. A don ownid by If. 1.. T Skinner
iiti.icked the tuinilv horse bltinit It se
verely, but was kicked bv the hotse and
killed. Welvllle had an exrerienee with
mad docs and two persons and a number of
hogs weio blttm.
California's Cliarml
on must go tliete to discover it!
The best way liccanse tho
rjulcUost and and mostcoinforta
bio is xi.i tlio
Santa Fe Route.
One day saved to I.os Anpeles.
Tor ilcsuiiptlvc literature,
1'. A T. ,.,A T. A s.ll. It.. P.
KASAs I'll V, .XII).
Inn, me lit irlne; Vl.i li.
Washington, April a. At the opening ot
the supieme i qui t to-day flu. t Justi. o
Puller announced that the consideration
of Die two petitions for a I ehe.it Ink' uf the
Income lax i asi s would be leserved mull
Monday, .Mas ll. whin li full ben. h is ex
peeled, and in III it event ivvo , unisels mi
u side would In, heaid ut ihut lime. As
surances have been k'lxi'ii of Jilstk. Jatk
son'u Intention to ho piescni on Dm da
Jlt tl tl D tl flll iiHnim s.,.rnil.irv er Ter
? r mUQ ;ifas!if jsrsss
ranliotn'xtcilntlioinofi'rlliosjnioi rUtuuilt-ruino
Kuiirmity. It oiiprefirtiuiMuelieroviiHl lioii.
trsct lo pay rnllriud l.iro ami lioiel bills, and no
iliarco.lf Hufall to euro. If si'iibitvo taken nnl';
tun, ti.dldo poiii.li, andtilll huvo mlieauuil
iuins, situ mis j-ait lies in mouiiiir.
'Ililliles, I'tipi.er C'.doiiil H..,t.
auy iiarvoi uiuivir.
nnl. IV is (ins nximuiii" ... ,"'-"-ttiat
vio Kiiarunlt'x lo elite. o toliclt too most
oUalliuite Liisesttiid tliulleliKii Hit' wuiltl lur
u tu.n t eiliiliul cute. MptillU tills ulMll
li.illled llin skill ol llin uiiisl eminent ii;
i Inn.. ii.3iio,iMicuplialieiiiidciurniitonilliliiiiiil
euaruiltv Al.uliil ,.'t..ls m hi si' tied on anal
lalloT A-l'l'V'S "'s Hl!i:iVlU., UU7
l..s..ill.. 'IVMIMle, fllll'XI.ll. !...
1 .
QsJ? a fey
W.ll CL-nsi:, Frcs. J.W Haumst, Stc
A. A Tomu.nso.s, ". TrC9. C It. Hockwell, Treis.
0 Company
Oj? KilHSSfl CI-SY, HO.
Accounts, Biibject to clieck nt
sirlit, receivi'il i'rom indiviilimls,
iivnis ami corporations on tliu
most fiivoniblo terms.
Le;iil ilopository lor Court ami
Tribt l'tiiitls.
Acts :ts Executor, Guardian,
Administrator and Hcccivcr,
also as Kugibtrar and Tr.uisfor
Aucnl for Slocks and Uoiids.
JtAs.,S CITY, tllssnlirl.
ST. T.OCIS, Missouri.
Corner Nineteenth and Wyomimr Sts., Kansts City, Mo.
ir town irricn-ui:isT jirii.uiNd.
y. w
WOOIIWAHI). 1". A. r.lXON.
J206 and 1208 Union Avo. (Near Union Depot), Kansas City, Mo.
rii.'i on
Iliilror V.) fliriiw IrfllJiiiJ
a I I I ! I !! IslUHMnS
ilauulaciurcn and Kepalrcrs of
.XIliilns ami Hoisting
.xim marry.
jt4JL a. . m --sy-' jnnn.m, w'orlo
111 New York Life Building.
It, D Covxsqtos. Cashlnr. V. A. MclCmnrs.
IlENiiyc. KnMP, Vleol'res't. r. IL Kump, II. J Hcckb. S. b. Sejl
rviii, fvrnna, I P- V. KUOEH. Prrildenfc
Foreisrn Drafts Issued ou All Parts of tho Old World.
MKlf.lll,. Tl.tllMll, 'Hll'Al.ll. !...
.itur.il Hi. Ni- ir oitunii.
Otliixvn, Kan, April .J. Ibin. lal.)
Au liinuilill) I Irr.
Tlio tiro ck'ii.irtnuiit wan I'allul out at
12.:) u'clocl. ilii iiiuruliu, tu I'MliiKulbli a
iUta in a tliri'i-iuom In j. I. icitugn ut X".
710 llnltiuH mrtet iivviiv.il I (J V another.
Tlio lua uinounts In l vvhli'li U luvcitil
Ly V") lubuiunci. Th Hie U raiil tu liaxe
lieen of Incendiary oiiuln. The builillns lias
not I'tcu ue ui'lxil duiliiK Uiv jal two
Dial fc'a tiu. In en .11.. uVi'lB.l on llin jluliti. I
man faun, on lllikury utf k. In I'vorla
lovvnslili, Tl. Ilinl in Jilt ns kltiKliiK n I
well nt a iLunli of iv ite-t. Hie nuvv or ku
naa suili thin ihe- tools or ilie vvoiUnieii
went blown out. ami It lias linn liuiiuballilu
tu conilne tlie sa. .Mr. lloliennan epicta
to jilpe It to )iU icsldciice, 1,M feet mJy,
ltrpublli.ui. Hiilaiii fur a llulil SLiialiril.
l.eiiib'tnu. Ky., April SI. Tho Ite'publlc
nna of WoodfQiil lounty.tfciiatoi Ilia k
burii's lioui". Iiae met Ills ultra-ailvcr In
tirxl''vv vviih tin most iuilli.il u ! iaiu'
jieapl tliii tMi from .inti-fiec mluuKu
ranks. In iliur louvt-ntion lo select Ueli'
fratea to tlie aUte couveutlon thev iie.'lam
at leiiitlh In uniiiitlvocdl erm for a "ain
Kle Rold ilaiidaid with only one UUteulIni,'
fin; mi. tiit i.i'intirTi:' siiistw
bt 11.1. .XlAMIfAL-lLllllU HV
Ilui to buy tt-and jou wIUe ItlalM
erUlaal paiUses-so to
" 1 hlfbt.lir'. Kusll.li in.ujonJ llranj.
Pennyroyal pills
e''-k ilrliilauliiil0,ly"ll,- v fl
f.-CSlV ll.al.W i lUU. "' , Ji
C-'Vl l'ru.,la fcr Ikukuuri iMfh V;f ,
F .tJv!:. .7 i,......i i it..l.Dl,uJf EiitaMe
"VS ...led lUi Us. rltlwii 'lute
h , it,jnuo per. v '' ", ""--""-- . .
-Til. tinta fix laATilmilMi, i sUiBiOoUU tad
UtUeV fop lilf,-tt'ttr. ty nlara
",'i Vu.ii r..i.n..r,ia,la dnid I'll sir.
cklTh.ii.rlitlial ft. UliJI.''. .,
A4klaifl.tllltulu. -a,r
I'llt.Ml AT .Alll MIW l.ll'i:. IJMJKtiV
AMI XK.Oi: I lilt .XIAMI
nit. DU l.AKS. of 1AU IS, FllANCK,
"KKVf Ul'li 1'IM.S" for both old ami
young men. Give new lite, xlnor uinl en.
erty. A positive and Btiuiantit.il imcdy
for I'alllnB Memory, isletnleaaiie-aa, Mitlitly
Uinlsalous. rieivous Debility cauaed Iioiu
over-exertlou, Youthful Krror In early life,
and Inveleiato uae of tobacco or other
blimul.iiua. Hives vigor and aUd to uliruuli
en oreans. 'I his wonderful and moat pow
erful icmeily Is bold on a xvillten Buaian.
tee to ubsoluli'ly cure or money lefunded.
I'rlce, (1 bo.x, b boxei ji. frepaied by tlm
world lenovvneil mid famous Krench physl
clan and buriieou. IJr. Da Lap, of lUrla.
for aala only V JOHNSON llltOS..
Drugk'ists and Chemista.
HOT Main st.. Kansas City. Mo.
8ol nceuta for I'nltrd States, Mall or
ders promptly attended to.
Kansas City, Ma.
For All. fciNDs ov CoRroaATioha.
Richards & Conover Hardware Co.
Cutlery, Iron, Steel, Wagon Wood Work, Nails, Safes, Scales Etc.,
Southeast Corner ITIlb and Wxandotio Su., Kaniaj Cilr Ua.
uud ardl
)SU hfiti:i;r.
lT iva'VGifii5
ThUFamou HcraetlycuroeqoicilT.periiienent
If alluyrvous UiDeaet, Wtuk Wwuuryduft'.ot Urulu
Powvr. Ucudai.be, t uttvtuiBu.it., ui VUulUs.
pisutly tuii4iuua,OTU Uiwum. liapuimicybUii utt
tut; uivviiau taueeu vj juumiui rirun urctu
i;om...na opmiuj. is u uervtt (onlu uutl
. ii...... n itiifsiriii Hriin l. nnr nvriik(ii ilithdi-.
U.tonlc Temple, Vbuuicu. 8oM In Kansa City, Mo., by U Ayuold. Drugylst, 6th & Main St
bluoU builder Make, ttie iml..ni puuytrocif uua
plarop Kttlly carried In Tent pocket. Ipurboxt
I for5, liymaUprepaia withn written guaranteo
torure or money reiurnia. Write ui. Tree inrtilcal
book wated pluln wrapper.wltb tentluouiats au
iriinlrl npttr.-l.fKtK A. I . i .7 t5 ."
Try the Journal, 45c per month.
' know what la the matter with me, but WHO can cure me."
It is awpll-linnnn tool depofcltwiv bo removed, nml ns 1 can ilo
that In Orir.inlo .stricture thia.I laj claim to tuf enemy over all other
lht.roniiiniiirytlepult methods.
u libro pl.isilo muii'riul 1 cn normnncntlvcuroanycasoofiincqra
in ami on tlio mucus mem- pllcatci! orpinlc Mrlcturp without resorting
p.nru: that it prnilually riranopcr.itlonof Bnykiuil. To anyono not
,.;:. ni.. nml liprnmis undcHttinillncliow this Is ilono.lt Till teem
lliu piasim uu-
H111IIU3 U33U13
for tli,' euro ot strlcturo Sioroot opcr.i- scrtds, or In htrips from li.ill to teveral
tfvoiirocedurcs lilivooccn rtei l-.ril-i.-r.iiiu.il. lncnea tn lencth. Somotlroea tho wholo I
ran .V and Ton inuous Ullailons, bonRiea. BtneturowlllcouionwayinonB piece. Tho H
snSi is raustus. cutttnga. etc. OccaMon- treatment is easy loiio-doos not Interfere H t
'?."." ?.ur.a.,r.; i irioniVnal caes. but ns withordlinry biisiucss. does not cninonnin D M
ii.i i iTit milt. in illsitiMt be sn'cn ntmvouicc.l jicm.s:aa.in.iopm.
anVi;?.'t ireai btricture. this plastlo Mate j our ciso and scud stamn f oroinular
DR HEfJOERSOfJ, 102-104 W. 9th St., Kansas miy, Vio.
i; --.t--k;.' w- w i'-'itjl.i!lMiWiMU'--C-ffig-tBgUaH
Sl.-nni, lljilniulic,
l.li rlrlo mill
1 rilf;lit unil
I1!.... 1.1..
1425 and 1427 Main Street - - - Kansas CItv. Missouri.
1 III! INi;illtli:TY AM) 31DK
riil.SISM. Tho follilttlui; at.Uu-nu-nts
icardln tlio hen nil Cilia
arxnlisaliili'ly Irim: It U lliu oil.
eat l.uiinn lueillcal Hire, lliu oldest and the niuy
penulno anil i-rltual euro 111 llio tun Kans id Cllyat
the only tuie Indorsed anil adopted by llio Unt'ed
States iruvertiineiit auilioitili-son mi invt'illualtou:
thoonly oim that Biiarantoes to the patient In wriilns a auro and perinanenl
Hire, aLd the only one that hnsueier Injured the health oi aalnitlo patient.

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