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TheJe'iirnrtl ( nmpaliy, Publish! M,
.Intirinl Iliill.Uiig, f fiitli ihiit Walnut !.
rnv m nucnu-TtoN uathb
pre opit .........
Ha. ! , t
IB..iVBl.Ki V CAitltiKli.
Daly ami Sunday, 10 rents per wek,
ernls per month.
t i irl Btiflrln), I year H
i sun lay II months..., ;JJ
i mil ftindav, 3 months 1 0J
hi I Kuntla). 1 Month in ,
m . nl, l .year., i. in U;
t onl). 8 months ; "
v Journal nnil Agriculturist, 1 (J)
1 -" OUIe .! .ST"9
' il Anl Jixity 'J-,1'
i mor . ....... sua
trl at the Hijutomei In Kansas Clt'i
M lUHeuihd i'!i Mull Matter.
mm mm circulation n mists cm
WiMnrton. April W For Oklahomx
1 It 'nn Territory Pair; cooler Monitor
i is, southerly winds.
r Mlssouil. Increasing cloudiness;
i . 1 1 showers In northern portion, cool-
r ti w -tern portion, MjutheaMorly wind.
1 r Kuiiwj. Showers, cookr, winds
chitting to northerly.
lltrasttcr when the Monroo doctrine
Ik mentioned In her presence Nicaragua
Mill hardly be able to icpru-s a sneer.
Japan is disgusted to 11 hd that w Idle
It takes only two to light It requires
Jour or IHo to ugieo on terms of peace.
Senator Alllon stopped lone enough
In Chicago Inst Saturday to Inform a re
X rt"r ttankly th.it he Is for "sound
Without investigating' the case closely,
we assume that freedom again shrieked
whsii Machine ModJeska was banished
from Poland,
The telephone companies are also un
compromising advocates of "sound"
money. Ami they likewise faor u rea
sonubly liluh tariff.
The Dernooratlo committee which in
vestigated tho Tennessee election has
had lta (suspicions contlnned. The He
publicans didn't win.
Secretary Gresham Is a. hasoball en
thusiast. That explains it. A man can't
enforce tho Monroo doctrlno and keep
ecdi'o at thu same time.
Ttev. Moody will not be able to popu
larize himself as a rainmaker until he
demonstrates that thero li a soft pedal
uttaehment to his petitions.
It can bo said in favor of the Ohio
.cuns woman, who expressed a wlllin
i vs to marry Carl Hiowuc that she
Lai never seen Carl at tho time.
v. gioat many politicians will agree
u n Mr. Cleveland that what wo need
tj i site cmrency" that Is, one that
i will be safe to tallc on fieely.
Hie United States supremo court will
c n 'io again nest week, and tho Clil
g 'liibunc's young men nro ptesum
i. sharpening' up their pencils.
i a king1 of coincidences, It so hap-
i hat most of the postmasters hold
i tl x-lews pietisely similar to thoso
-od by 1'iesddont Cleveland.
i -i 100 daily papers in Talclo are
(i -utnubly pilntlnfr some very excited
i ii ,bll,lb regarding the high handed
ui of Itussla, Germany and France.
r Mr Cleveland were a. good manag
c dltor ho would blue pencil tho
rhs of cabinet ollliers before dellv
i stead of repudiating Utum aftei-
An Illinois man Is suing his doctors
f r f-j.000 bwause one of his legs is
Piwrur than It really ought to be. It'
twins tho doctors didn't pull them both
from tho Ulcarngua incident small
American countiks will learn that it Is
r. t safe to tiust in tho Monroe doc
trine while tho Itepubllcan patty Is out
t power.
Tho weather observer at Xow York
pi-oii-ts that the coming summer will
b hut. Tloi.o who wcro oxpectlng to
bpend tho summer har eating Ice will
Uku notice.
Tl a founders, of tho new Democratic
paper in Chicago Bhould understand
thu it will take some mighty vigorous
jiflindllsm to pull Chicago out of tho
i. lubllcan column.
L.-fpeal;er Crisp has heard the gug-,-
twn that a. Southern inn head the
In iiioeratlc ticUet next year, and Is
quae i.ure that a Western man would
I'anly 1111 the bill.
n i tho whole. It is not ditlieult for
t- m people to understand why Chaun
r M Depew la happier at 01 than he
v. 1 1 at 23. Al !3 Chnuiitej' was nut
jic-Wuit Ot u lallroati on a pijnoely
f.ilao. '
V t'hli iiva oxihango has discovered
tut Mosea was 120 ycuri) old when he
dc't It may be added, by way of ex
planation, that ho never drank iel
l iuor, tibtd tobacco or voted the Denio-
raiK tloKet in hi life.
' i I I I, L III
New York ha a Hepuhlitan governor
and a Hi-publlcan major, ami yd h
t r r-i commissioner who refers to old
t udiers as "pension bummer" and
swindler In permitted to remain in of
ikt, Thers i something wrong,
Shakeperei SI Georgo and I," t-ays
Chauncey Uepew, "weie all born on tho
S4fnc day. I am win oni one lejt to ten
th tale It 1 another case of survival
of the UtteM." Very neat, and all right
ti a plusitntiy. Hut ,Shakipaie will
i v. nmiy jf-ar after Chauncey Is drad
and forgotten.
It vvaa iiiulcrtiii4 that the Tlmw was
n mi g up H?i thii Wmld In Older to
r i ilvaiilajje nf tli lattet'H hUpeilur
i . itowwr. but it was nut Known tin
,i iUuy lhat it v, a alto Id tut- the
nit j.1mI article, Th Tlrne 1
I arly (on lo find tlii' Wotltl '(Uite a
u (ul neighbor.
The committee appointed by the Ten-nc-see
leBlliituio to Investigate the ru
c nt statu election hai done the work
for whlih it was ihoseii A Hcpubllcan
majint) of "OS Ins been l hanged into
a f mo i.i i pin nn nt viral linns
that im it 'I el 'tnr' will a -
cept t r n n i' r i rhniiii t urn
that i a i "ft r t'i" pint a r t
-esuiarlt; .m'4 fuljE?sa win mus be
given lht theft, hut nobodv wilt br ile
,1vm1 It Will ullll b- fl theft, and llln
iMl'inti nltempt to whltwah It Will
tnilio the pruePiMllliir all the tnnro 111
ranniiin If Tenm moc Democracy
ili-n'l Kill llelf by thl r.ipallty the
utMtc'd concelence U deued
Th" feoeiit larlft law roitl.tltx one ev
vllent priivliilnli. It In II plnllie. to
Unit it iipotlon in lhat nd which l mil
what the wlmlc law pmpuits to he, it
blow at Ihii pmtectlve eiu nt till
rottntr). The provision to which lefir
encc Is innde I the following prohibit
Inn tht entry of loitlgn prlon mnilc
gonitn Into thli ootllitlj
"That nil niioiN, wme. nrtli le , nml
luerehnndl-e mnniifiK Hired wnollj or in
putt in any torelun muntry hi innMet
intinr chilli not be vntltled tn enliv at mi)
of the puts of the t'nllml Pt.te unit the
lliilinflHtliin ther,of In lure by prohllilteil,
nnl the seoreturj of the iremiin If author
In d id pnicrllie puch riuiiltltlon .i may
he neceeary tor the ciuorienient of this
provision "
In h recent debute In the lhigllih
house of commons Mr Htjce. president
of the board of trade, muted that In
had taken It upon hlhixelf to hud mil
what steps the scclelary of the United
State treasury had taken to m fin re
the provision of the tariff net In thto re
spect rtnd that he had found that Mr
Carlisle had taken no steps at all. This
statement was gieeted with laughter,
but that Is a vcrj common thing in
these dajs There nro mole "gilm
smiles" and loud laughs going the
rounds of foreign lounttles, of which
this countiy Is tho butt, than ever be
fore since the chetry ttee episode.
Hut why has .Mr Caill'ie failed to
take an steps toward enforcing the one
good piovMon of the latlff act' Is It
not enough that this cnimtrj should be
deluged with pauper goods without ex
posing the American wage earner to the
convicts of lhiropean commies' Vast
quantities of certain kinds of illy goods
brushes, buttons and Hliiii1.tr ni titles
are made by the faiinetl-oUt convicts of
Utliope, particulate the Atisliallan
'colonists" Hut though the law de
clines that the seeietni of the treas
ury shall take Steps to enfoice their
delusion, no such steps me taken. The
administration Is opposed to "walls"
and "bars" and cveiy semblance of pto
tectlon. In its eyes the fotelgli convict
is a legitimate competitor of the Amet
Icnu workman, for cannot his juoilucts
sell more cheaply than If ho iccclvid
wages and is It not wise to buy the
products which sell the cheapest? Hut
where is the Ainvilcin workman to get
the wherewithal to buj .' Ot what avail
is tho cheapness of the m irkets ot the
world when the workman 1ms In his
purse no moms of piucliaslng the ai
ticles which aio so cheap, and how can
he have this means If lie doesn't get
wages, and how can he earn wages
when lh. products, lie has heiotofoie
turned out aie now bought In Kuiope'
This maiket of the wmld Is a beautiful
theory. Hut it Is a condition which on-
fionts us.
'i in: imm:imii iiii:.v.
The university Idea ot the money
question seems to bo on the side of
monometallism and monnmetiilIIm
meins gold. President Andlevvs, of
lit own unlversltj, is the latest ot quite
a list of piofesblonnl bookmen to air his
lewa,ijn the subject, and he gives his
reasons for entcilng tho tll-cif-slon by
pictuilug the effect of silver demoneti
sation, as follows
"The evils, which hive spiting ftoin its
1ok ot this character are not tisu,ill ex
aggerated in the West or in) where In
fact, they can Itnidly he exaggerated
X have been dechtring right and
left for yeuis that thfie Is no gre it sup
ply of silver above ground except what ts
owned by the T'nltod htute, but my
neighbors do not believe this"
And then ho proceeds to argue that
"If we take up the metal (sliver) alone
and that couise results, us I "hould an
ticipate, in the expulsion of gold, vo
shall have in the Hist plaeo a financial
crisis worse than any evei suffered In
the country."
Hero we have a sample of reasoning
that may be all right from tho stand
point Of univcisity logic, but it looks
very unlike the logic of common sense
to a plain, everyday business man.
The first pioposltlon Is that the indus
ttlal and business classes have suffeied
Incalculable Injury by the demonetiza
tion of silver, and the mm Is that there
Is no ieai.011 wha level, save the unvvui-
ranted prejudice that e.xlsts among the
gold worshipers, why silver should not
at once Jie lemonctied, for tho United
States owns neatly all there Is on top
of eat th Hut Instead of undertaking to
rcinovo this prejudice he pioceeds to ar
gue that it must bo accented as tho
controlling iutlueiuc in the settlement
pf the problem or theie will be dite dis
aster. He would put aside the iemed which
he admits the United Slutis holds In if
grasp and take up the policy ot tho
gold monopolists, "because we could
not in a lung time, even by working our
mints day and night, coin enough silver
to take the placu which would be va
cated by gold," It silver should be re
inotielUed. Jn other woids, the demonetization of
silver was an Incalculable evil, but to
lemonetUo the meiul would bring In
evitable disaster.
It this is to bo ixeepted as tho uni
versity idea it would be a good thing
for tho universities to go Into Kinder
giiitcn work on the subject and muKo tip
u class fiom their own f.u tittles to be.
gin with. i
Now that the llritlsli troops are
lunded nn American soil and the Iltltlsh
Hag Is lloutlns over the custom Iioumi of
an Ameiic-ati tupubllc, Mr. Git'sham is
icported to be veiy unea.a as to tho in
sult of hi passive pulley as Iq tho NIc
nraguun trouble. Jf things go op fiom
bad to worse, as now seems Inevitable,
there I no telling how soon the United
htateu will be diavvu into the alfuit,
willing or unwilling. Tho best way
would have been to glvo an an Inter-
(nutation of tho Mmuoe doctiiue that
would havu arrested the lourso of the
big bully fiom across the water befoie
he had got a toothoid on land: but Mr.
flreshapi had In eifeet told hint to go
ahead and collect his bill, and mm what
will thu United Slates do .il.i.m It ir h
mm li)ik-s to push cm to the i.nittal and
to stay lhtm as Iuiik as lie ma) pit urn
In do HO?
Tin mlmliilsltntlou ul Wushlngliin
had Muud teasun fur luukiuu with sus
picion upon UID movtr Hut llleat Hiit
all) tihullld make Put mule ih in lift)
)eats ibu Vulliilm; uf a taiial anuss
that esjuiur) to connect the two gitat
oceans has been In contemplation, and
Great Hiltaln has all along been keep
lug nllvo a shadow of a lalm lo an In
tcist there. This was fin ihe pmpose
of belnB' on the giouud when the juo
posi-il taml sluuld diui.illv ie built
and to Imvi - im thin,; t a about the
i -mtrol i t l
l't- I id" I i"i' - Ui win
t'i fok t'i lb ' 'i t wjtl- build-
Jus the unitl. aaU Ursat HUlaln wow
undrrstandi tint II Is going to be put
tlilough. So It berime necissnr) fn
!l-!!lh iinpois that the position nt
that government sliutild be strength
ened The landing of the redcoats at
Corlnto wis ho doubt a part ot the pro
gramme, tho illttit bailee nt Hlueflctds
having been brought about with dellb
eiallon ns purl of the scheme to pao
the wn) for the Invasion,
And Mr, ftresham Is beginning to
comprehend the fact that he has proven
himself to be a puppet In the hands ot
the kind of sliitestnon empto)rd b
Great Hillnln At ittiy rate, he Is said
to be gieatl.v won led as to the outcome
vt his latest sad blunder In diplomacy.
Illliltl. sIKMIl.tl III'. M IIM-'AIHM.os.
The stork nids compnny hns finally
effected a compromise which gives It
possesion ,if all the piopeity fronting
on the sheets which It nKs the council
to vacate, in older to enable It to make
extensive Improvements. These Im
piovemeitts will be of lasting and In
creasing benefit tn the city lis well as
to the comp.in). In fact, as has been
frequently pointed out, they cannot ad
vance the inleiesls of tho conipnn)
without ul the same time at least pro
ptutlonattlv enhancing the prosperity
of the tit) To be known as the Ilrst
live stock matket of the world Is worth
it gnat deal Ktnsas City Is fast at
taining tn this position, nnil If tho coin
pan) li allowed to entry out Its plans
this cltv will In a very few )eats reach
this enviable distinction.
The tompiomlHu which hns been ef
fected lemovei, so far as the council Is
concerned, the hist obstacle In the way
of the vacation of tho stteit. The un
foitunttte Inteijectlon of the viaduct
pniject, which Is an cntliel) sop irate
mattei, bids fair to cause deity, and It
a light Is made upon the company this
delii) will bo inoie ptotincted The con
stitlctlnn of the viaduct Is a matter of
great importance to the west portion of
the cltv, but it nlTects the entire city
In a veiy lemoto vlegtce, ccrtalnl) not
to an rxtent which would wimant the
council, which icprcents the city at
laigc, in holding up the Impiovemettt in
the event that the companv does not
build the viaduct or contribute a laige
shite of the cost of the stutcture. Ihe
compiii) will undoubtetll) do the fair
thing In the viaduct mutter. It lias
said 11 would The clt) should do the
fill thing bv the icimpan), when to do
so bi tit-Ills the lattci as much as, If not
more than, It helps the former.
A m:vv .naiiiinai, ikii.ii v.
The blithdny of Ulvvses S. Giant was
eelebiateil mole gr net ally this ) ear
thill evei befoie It Is probable, and It
would ceit.iliily be veiy approptlatc,
that befoie many mote yeais have
passi d away the -flth ot A pi 11 will be a
national holiday, completing the tilnlt)
of memoiable dus, of which the othns
aie l'ebiliaiv :J nml I'eliitiui) 1.'. What
da) could more llltlngly be s-et apait
b) the pioplo ot this coiiuti) than the
annlvei-at) of the nation's gteatest sol
diei ' What lessons could lie better
learned than the lc-son ot his life, even
ot his death '
There would bo no class splilt In that
commemoiatlou. The limn who ticas
uies thu inilltaiv traditions of this
countiy would pi) a ttlbutc to the
splendid valor of the soldlei. The man
who tieasiires the meinoiy ot the peace
the soUHei's swotd has won would
honor the iilusttloiiB cilleii Hotii
would leal n anew the lesson ot patt lot
ism fiom such a celebiatloil.
Theie would be no set tlonnlism in
that eominemointlon Tho North would
celebrate the biavery that saved the
Union The South would celebrate thu
niaguanimiitv that saved It fiom ltscll,
for the South never had a more consid
erate ftlend than U. Giain and no
Uederal geneial holds a warmti spot In
Southern heaits than he.
In the celebiatlon of such J da) tho
vet) genius of America vvomd be per
petuuted The typical Amer.ctn would
be honoied and held up lo the emuli
tlon of tho youth ot the whole countiy
the soldier eiei ready to draw his
sword for ills country's sake; the citi
zen glad to lay it down when thu time
has come, the statesman lullng with
wisdom and gentleness These aie les
cons the Ameiican youth should learn.
Xo bettei Way of teaching them could
be found than to make tho bltthdu) ot
Geneial Giant a national holiday.
He'll soon be heie the fellow who
Asks If It It's w-irni enough for )ou;
And llkewlae he which is much worse
Who Jokes about him In bad verse.
There Is no leasonable ej.cuso for a
deadlock between the two houses at
Jeffeison Cit) on the election bill The
dlfieienues aie mi small th.it a pio
longed w I angle would be wiioll) unjii!:
tiiinble Tho gov ei not lias expressed a
willingness to sign any measute which
contains the needed loforms, without
it'gaid to questions ot pitty advan
tage. If ncce-saty each house should
make some slight eoncesstoiip, in order
that tho essential legislation may bo
aopted with certainty and dispatch The
people mo ilosel) watching tho pio
cccdlngs and will hold to seveio account
thu puly whit It places an obstacle tu
thu way of this must Impoituiu icluim.
'litis is tho lime of year
When tho linclloid seeks a tenant,
When the lio cieaiu gills appeir.
When the home team wins the pennant.
The unpleasant question which ton
fronts Governoi Monlll Just at puseut
Is this. It a J'upiillbl public ollielal is
investigated fm diuiikeuucss why
shouldn't a diunken Hepubllmu olllcl.il
be investigated also'.' What Is sauce toi
tho I'opullst gon-e. should likewise bo
sauce for the Hi publican gandci,
I Ittlu Urimn ll)i
ItrUhl llttii) Ilrown U)es fiom Rabyland
Is winking nd blinking at me
I lel the touch of a dimpled linnet
,s he chimin i upon ins liiuc,
The tiny tlngtis tug at in) hum.
Ami I fold him tn in) einbiacc,
The sweetest plciuic in all the world
Is m Ilrown r.)s' den little face,
l.ittlu Hruwn l.r 1 am ul! )0ur own
I'llng foiiell) lo nit, bab) bu)
Voiir mothers lap is )our kliihl) tluone,
uin siihji'ils Ileal C i lull nt JO).
Tike al Hie trusuies nl lilt- awa
I usk nut wealth ul station uiaml
Hut leive. oh, iMUli I hiiiilhl) pia),
I. Inle llH'WIi I-'-' limn liibjlanU.
- Ighn T Hmle, 111 liuituu 'limtlrr.
1 t killing I let lull.
Chhugo Itenad Aulhui 'Can )ou
Ihlnk of soinr sensational motive lui in)
next booh ' '
Ciltic "Sine Have a wealthy Ameil
can helices fm heiolne"
Author -"That's nothing."
Critic "Hut you haven't heatd me
out. Hnvo her limit) a plain Ameiican
All nlil.
Philadelphia lnqiilier IMIloi -"There
is one thing the new woman didn't
brine wHh 'iei "
Jokei "Whats that'"
Kdltor "Auy new jokes."
some hiipfirliuit Aililllletn to the I lirnrr
ijiiiitnl In One of llii 'ImirimlV
Com spotide nl.
To the lldltor of Hie .lout mil
Hi )oitr Issue of last eelneiln) the 31th
lnt , Mr. O II Mutm vet) ndiolll) at
tempts to prove the overprodiii Hon ot sil
ver III thu world by ' it few slietlsllcs fiom
tho mini leport tit IS'il, ' I.Ike all gold
tiioliotnctulllsts, hu has, pioliBbl) titieon
sclciusly, resoilcd lo the same specious
methods ot distortion and concealment tit
faeli to support his titguuidit, and itppur
ently tell, s upon the theor), intlversiilly
nssniued b) gold udvocnteF, that thoe who
favor tttio bl'tnetiilllsm nte Incupable uf
thinking or Investigating for themselves,
and the oniric of truth ntid the fountain
of know ledge ate to be found onl) within
the walls eiielicllng the btuln of a gold
itionottictnltlst, hence, an) statement ema
nating fiom this sotitce Hliotllit tin accept) il
without eiurstlun, ii I ii I iigiiiuitl us the slhu
qua nun rel itlitg to the puhj'il.
He quote Itom the afmi "aid report to
show that the wollets plo'ltie'tlon ul sllvet
fiom "lew to iwij as m,Jhs,ii,ipi, oi one
tliltd of the entire amount ot silvir (un
due cd sliue ltJi," iinii then he liiquins,
'What does this vast iiviililicho of sllvti
pioilueed since liW mean IT not over-pto-dilution'"
t'lobabl), if he hud been fall' enough lo
have iilnted a few Inoie statl'tles fiom
the mint ' nml puhllslied the othei side of
the table, showing the wotlds pioduellon
of colli irum isiu tn 1"'3 also, his question
would have been full) ausvttieel, or the
rent at least pi oven that If theie was an
ovit-pioeluctlon of sliver from lvw io lsi.t
tht n time was mure thutl an ove t-pioiluc-tloli
of gold fur the coiitspolidlng petlod
I have- befoie nte a cop) of tin tepurt
of thu tieasur.v th pai ttnum, bMrnui of the
mint, AUKUal lei, 1SAI, showing thu piuduc
Hon or gold nntl silver In the world fiom
1?.J to ImJ InclU'lve '1 his tabic shows that
during the entire pciloel fiom lile! tip to
and Including lJ.', tne total world's prmlui -Hon
of gold was ,1,i:H tniMvi, anil ul silver
s"i 101 1 km, or an Increase of 10 pel cent In
tho worlds pioiltictlou or cold ovel sllvet
ilmllig this period This table also shows
the world s ptodtlcHon of golel fiom mid In
tituling 1WI to 1J1 (the smile puled le
feircd to by .Ml, Giinti, excepting the )eai
1M3). to have been !J,'ii .".',H0n, and the
worlds pioilui'tlon nt sliver loi tho col re
sponding period, JJ.'JIU.CII euei. or an lncrcac
In the proiliieilon of gold In excels of sli
ce i for that petlod ot over ) per cent Hut
this Is not all of tho stor) Il tells 'this
table shows the worlds production of
golel for the same thiiiv time )C.trs, trom
ISM' to 1"13 to have been nearly two-thltds
of the world's entile pioductlon of gold
riom IT'1: to 1S0J ItiilU'lM a period cover
ing 101 .venrs, while the pioeliictlon of sil
ver for thto paino tliirtj-thnp euis has
been a little more than one-half of the
wot Id's production of silver for the corre
sponding UU )turs
rut the t mote, dm lug the list thlrtv -three
)e-uis or the century ending with ItW, the
intitase of gold over svei was more than
.U pii etnt while ror the ilrst slxtv -seven
vtius of the -Mine centjit) the wot his pro
dtirtlon of silver exceeeled that of Kohl
more than 7 pel ecu! So tint Instead of
thu pmdiii turn of silver Intieaslnr over
gold, gold Ins nctuiillt Im reaped over sll
vei. ind still. In fuel of thee statistics,
which lie i.itefull) tefialii'd fiom publish
ing, ih Guim nialntaliis that the v linll
Clte ovtl-pio'lllrtloil ot silver It such Is
the iiese villi he ple,fe i pl ilu what It
shows with lefelilicu in I'nlil And If, IK
he asks, Tan an) one tell us In view or
these f.uts, what m w Hit with iinv mote
sllvti, and what wnuW vve elo with If"
will he please tell us. In view of thco ad
ditional fsets what elo we vv ml with ntiv
mov' (,uld ind what nmiM wt do with It '
It in iv not ha. e o tinrtd to him that we
hive a use for all tin s.ol'1 and olivet the
wnil I pioiluees e inav lielone to that
diss who rill to iippinlile Hi it the debts
ot the wotlil eue inoimotis ,md the tk
tiiniu tl it loll or silver whs He means of In
e icMsliig niii luiiden or ill In two-rold tint
tn-iluv It takes twlee as mm h of tin prop
lltv ul the wolhl to 1V l doll 11 of elelit
as it iliJ btfoie the ile-noiu tlttlon or s.
vi r ror lie the nets or d, mniietistlon one
half ot Hie primal iiimi'v or the world
was nhsohit, lv desttoveil nii'l slivei to-da.v
is onlv token inoiie) ' ledeiin ihlc In gold
l.i t me it mind him that ir he will take
the pains to Investigate In will llnel that
the world's inuiial pioluetlon or uolel villi
not pa) the annual interest on the public
tnipninli and pilvalo eltlqs of tho 1 nlttd
States eilnne and In the fae e ol Ibis lli
enntest ible f lit, will he please expliln how
the eltbts of this eountiy ever me to !
paid on a cold Insls, exetpt bv roiilWcatluii
ot a lepttltlon or the ins, s and lcsults of
the Trent h revolution'
I'h, people of this tounttv are thinking
u ud lnvestlr.aling for theuist Ives 1 hev elo
not nee el the assistance ot gold niono
mi lalll-ts with liugled laets ind dltoitiel
stltlstlis to (llllkhtetl thrill upon tin sub
t et Thev i an he no Iruigei elutlvid on
this question Tiny ate dep iiitelv In
eainest, nnil are Impailcml) awaiting for
the eonlllct Thev Intend to tlglu the
wrong thin has ! en peipetiatnl upon
them The le-toratlon of silver to Its
formm ellgnitv in our inouetsry svstem is
the transient! ml and absorbing political
r.i,r,uiii r,f eh ilnv 'I he nleashu; and
euphonious platitudes ot p irtv plitfoims
can no longer dee elve thni Xni can tho
nrts of the ill ileetitinii. oi the sophistry of
the dt iiiagogiie iinv lonirei avnt the Ismio
Independence Mo Apiil'.'n 113
wn vi ini.v hum; r ti.
Clillln (Ka ) I.eiOer. The ICansis Clt)
Dull) Journal has been teduied to the low
i. nt i i .on Tlio .lneirn.i! Is one
of the bent and most ublv edited Itepub
llean papeis In Ihe Wist, and Its friends
nppieclate this populir reduction.
Miami (Viol News: The Kinsa3 City
Journal whlih Is one of the not new spa
pus In the West has agsln taken the In
itiative In putting down prlns. ind now
the price is so low that nnvbod) almost
can altoid to read a metiopolltan A illy
Alhla (la) Hspubllcan Tint grealest of
ploneet Fit public in pi pels the good old
Kansas Cit) louinal. his opened Its bat
teries In silvei s caue an 1 to be e xtenslve
1) i Initiated has rediu eil Its atilicrlptlon
prlit lo l a ji.ir Tilt lournil Is the
ideal paper of thu Mlssouil valley and Is
lead moie for Its coodntss and greatness
than Its polities Wo aie in love with tho
Not man IO T) Trnnseilpf The Kansas
city Joiunil admitted to he tho leading
piper in its district. Ins sioied iiunthri
point In Us popularity b) redurlng its
sttlisi rlptlon price In Jl a ycir ror Its
dillt edition It Is a good newspipor In
tiveiy iespi-it ami should be rt.uj by
everyone who desbts lo kei p up with the
pioccsslou ot advancement
Oaiilnor Gvis.) I'lsg: The Kansns City
Jniirual. one of tin best gotten up impels
of the West, led In the mint li'din Hon
In the subset Iptlon pilu indulged in by
man) Western dallies,
Willi luster fKas) Star Two weeks ago
lu our Issue w sild thai the Kanras City
.lournil was the eheipesl and best pi pi r
published In the West, ami two oi thiee
ehivs after the Kausis Ct) Times nil our
dull) txehange olf lufte i we had iidvcitlcd
foi It) and wo Invent iceelved a copy
slnie. Jealous) is capible of most any
thing Krlo (Kns) rtnotrU The Kansis City
Journal, w lib h h is lonu been re'i ognUed ; -Ihe
ihamploii of the silver Inteiests in ilu
West, is out of the most pioKrelve ant
last edited pipets til it mints lo tjili of
lice It has littl) lediitfd its sul in;ilp
Hon prlee, the resell! of whleh Inn been
to largel) Im reast Its circulation
Diwn (Mo) Cllpnei: The K.inas C""
.Inurtial has mien eel Its prho to il per )oar
by mall, which gives the poot nun a
ihaiue to get a good dull) papei at a
small price. The Journal has alw)s been
one of the lltst to reiounlze the necessity
foi ehunges and has alw.i)R been 111 tho
lead in matters of inteiest to the people
of the We.t
Stockton (Kas) News The FJansas
Clt) Journal h.n started a einipaleu of
iducallou on llninelal lines Ft will favor
the irstoiatlon of sliver to Its foitner hon
orabla anil useful plato as a medium of
exchange. The piice of ihe Journal has
bull imbued as Indicated b) tin advtr
tlseintnt In unuHiu uiliinin Tim Journal
Is one of Hie intliin'sjiailliie newspapers.
lvotesville ilu) Slriul Hvei) friend
or Hit rit-i' ind iiiilimlled ueiuisi oi gull
and sllvu U tin- latin ul It, lo 1 will Ibid
ill thu Kansas I'll) .loutiml in ible, fun
less and uiituiupiciinlslliK udui lie of tint
iin-asuie In audition in Hilt tim luuinal
l a live and ,ru iilvi' iiewspipei and.
llllllkte some ul its iiilllelllpulalles lillutud
III Hie Hi un the haw aiws th,1- Mis
souri news and stand up lor , Missouri
Inleit-su The prl e uf tin W-ekly loui
iial. Ul .ents pri year, puts II within
Hie I each of ever) Quo Who deslirs to ob
tain a rel! ilewspapel.
Silvei Campaign llutuiiiuit,
i:tupoilu his , Apill -S-(!lclil ) I'.veiy
member of cveiy chuinber of commerce,
boanl of trade, soninifiel.il club ul other
sliullui bod) In Hie United States, Is to be
furnlihrd jiatl a e op) of I olu s I Inan.
i ul S hool thromh the Heuvei thumber
of toimn ice ihls verities .the sUtement
lhat Don i amr-ron and Flblov have pur
Phaser) . million toples of the book la M
uied a campalsn documents for the white
M tl.llllt IMMItllst'll AM lilt stt'HIIII
tt)Mi'A.N aim: iv nn: cirv.
tlalktVlth the Cniirsgrnn Vnnng t tin-
elm tor ami ilnnager .linlilHmis In
Aib'sis ! Ill tirralrr Thlngs-
Itileresllng lulls About
Ill-night's Hill.
Grand opera lo-nlght at T II slmrp'
lliete Is an lnteti"inpd Interest In this
Immedlnteness of nn ivent that Ins nb
sot bed much attention anil n good deal of
cash within the past six weeks
There Is llnul ussurntiio In the presence
nf the conipnn), 170 strong, which arrived
lit good condition fiom M, l.ouls Inst even
ing over the Alton, Tho principals hive
taken apartments nt the Cootes House,
most of tho inembeis ot the olehestra and
some of the chorus nte nglstered at the
Midland, and the oilier inembeis of the or
ganlzitloii ate scattered umong several of
the otlu I hotels
All the pilnclpiils announced )cterdaj
for the Ivans is Clt) engagement mo heie
cxrept Hen 1'mll 1'lscher, who was culled
to New x. ork ilurlng the St. l.ouls tnguge
iiirnt oil iiieuuut of the Illness of his wife,
i. ho died two bouts after his urilvul. Herr
1 lchei lias Hie graphed that be Is oil bis
vvu) lo hiiiisas City, and will arrive In
time to slug I'Ucsun) evening In "Sieg
fried, the mil) tipein foi which ho Is aii
iiounccil lu this ill).
Mr Waltei Dnmiosch, the inuoniltnble
)oung concluctor and mnlinget, who has
tniulo a hero of hlmstlf through the grent
success of a hazaidotis enterprise, has a
suite of rooms nt tho Coate He vvu
found to be In a hupp) and enthusiastic
mood last evening t a representative of
the Journal ilr Damrosch Is but n few
)t.its pnst i and looks even )ouiigel Al
though he wns the organize! of the Gci
mun Opt la eoinpaii), tne condnctoi ot the
orehestui, the rehearser of Ihe opcius, the
mitiiugir of the tour, and hns given a nuin
bei of let tuns lllusttntlvn ot the Wagner
Ian works, he shows little wcui from the
siupcmloiis t isk hi his undei taken and
carried tliiough with such signal success
He is now ul thu Wtstun terminus of his
present tour, but is looking to tho 1'acltlc
eoist rot next suijion Ills ambition and
coin nc go hand in hand, mid ho hopes tn
athltve the tllstiui Hon of taking n great
grand optia oiuinlallon acioss tho conll
nent He his given lift) -six peifoimnnces
this season lliete will bo but live more
after leaving Kansas City two in Louis
ville mid Ihiec in Pittsburg
I am. or tourse, vcrv much pleased with
the success of German opuia this season,"
said Ah Damrosch "In addition to the
geneial suri'Oit the public has given me
mid in) iissoilates, mere are seveiul at
tending ftatutts that me puitlcularlv grut
lfvinc une or these Is the slncctlt) and
dlsiiinilnntloii with which the people luive
listened to the Wiignei operas There has
been coinpaiiitlvelv little dllTt renee In the
sUe of out audlemes for the scvcinl ojieras
In out itpnitorv Although we luvo somo
of tin greatest ,ii tists ror lenuing loies,
vve imvi not hud whit Is KCneiiillv known
In giand oputa "fion ns 'big nights' in
dNiini tiiui to ollnr nights that are com
putatlielv small The people have shown a
deslie to he in the opeias lather Hun tho
aitlts 1 do not think this Is, lu nuv
senst iiinoiiipilmeiitai) to the .utlsts
themselves, but lathoi a compliment to tho
gtnlus of VViigner, whoso work Is nuking
Itself felt moie now than ever befoie
1 am t,lid thai n udi pioinlneiico has
been given bv the Kansas Clt) pies to the
stoilo- of ihe VV igncrlin opeias lo be given
hue It Is vetv isvpmiii tint the public
should know the diainatlc slgnillt im e or
the wotks lu oidei to under-tund the mus
cil in time in The more the opoiagoors
leiin about Wagnei's im lining and meth
ods the more' the) vvlllenlov Hiepeiroini
oiues W hilt I ran iindustiiml that one
unatquiliited with a v uglier opeia in iv
not imiIov the mush In nuv great degree,
1 do in ilntnln that when ho acquaints him
self with tin story and the text he cannot
fall to lulve gioat pleasure from Its musl
in! i cnilltioii As man) as poiiilu should
re id tin nineties in advance, for we
daikei the tbeatei o that II will be tin
possip rm n v one to follow the book
dining the pi iformam.es '
Mi Damiosih was veiy compllinentmy
to lit -sis vlilnv & Gtuu mid slid theb
companv and tho pei lot malice i thev give
wue ulmiinlile He cxpiesseel especial hcI
mliatlon roi Calve and Mantel This pei
sonal enthusiasm was ilenibtless duo to the
fact Hint i Wiegneiiun i !ilhul ist has n
paiticulailv keen uppietl Ulon of diainatlc
al tilt- in ii voi il nrtist
Mauiels r.ilsintr his lugn and bis
Don Uloi mnl an womltiful pet foi tn
nues be sill ' Artel -wing ilaiiiel's
l'alst ill I wnil to see liteibohm Tree's
and I think the Imallsh uctoi Is not to bo
cotnpired with the l'lench singer In diam
iitlc inteipret itlon Maine ginsps and
su-tiilns evet) eluiotenient of the chanic
tei of the tat knight, while Mr. Trco Is
vtr) uneven ' ,
lni-mueh ns the managers of the Otand
Avenue mnl Ninth Stteet cable sjstems
havi tcfiiseil tn run cms 1 lie enough to ac
eommodate Hit publle It was decided last
evening to begin the Kansas City perfouu
anees at 7 l"i sharp us thev me nil long
T.innhansei" will run a trill ovu Hnee
hours l.ohengiin" foui houi-, and ' Sleg
filcd" Hutu ind a h ilf bouts.
the I lint I'rrsiiitiitlmis t "liiiinh mscr"
in lire elc li mill Paris,
Tamiliau-cr ' with which tho Germiu
opei i -eason will open this evening, has
an cxctpllnjlv Interesting hlstoty. T'ir
Wagner theorl s wue lirgelv pioneered
thtough this medium and "Lohengrin"
Had the great tomposer chosen to follow
his ' Itleiul" with operas made after tho
conventional foimulae, he would doub'less
hive bien rali-til at once to a po-ltlon ot
elisllnctlon .cud ifltuentc, foi his "Kluizl '
s itlrlle I thu public , even though It did not
pic u-e the lotiipj-ci. Hun though "I'ann-huu-ei'
was iigmded In aftu yents as
almost an alien to the repiesentative.
Wagntiiin woiks, it embodied and lllus
trattd in my ol his theories anl lor that
reason made slow piogiess with Hi" pub
lic whlih Is generallv unfriendly to
milked innovation.-) in art
.cjner realised th it he had liken a
stand tint could hmdlv bo conipte bended
at ome fruin tin piesent itlon of his works
alone, anl therctorc was not surpilsed,
although manifestly gileved. when he re
i ilvc.l but tncMCCi eieilll for his under
taking His progress w is obstructed bv
the nioit stupendous obstacles In form uf
populai prejuillee and t rl tie al opposition;
but ho nivu yielded one pilnclplc ot bis
toiivli tlons and hose to leave reconcilia
tion ind uticptiincc to tim". eailng more
loi ulHinale fame than foi Immediate suc
u ri
'"lauiiluUM'i ' was Hist produced nt
Dn-den October l.i, HI5, with Tlchatscbtk
lu the title lole, Siluoeder-Devileiit as
enus, lotiiiin.i Wagner, the composer's
nine as J'llztbcth, and illterwurztr us
Wulfriin. i'he work was not uceeptui
with any piumlslng enthusiasm, although
It wis braid with milked respect The
onls leiiuie that was icgurded with high
fivoi was Ihe mire h and e horns of act
II Kvui tho 'livening star" song, now
aecepttd bv all mush lovers as a thing
of mellifluous mid seiitlineutul beauty, was
illslikeel 'Ihe fact that W uglier was
binned for not liuinclllug and mil r) lug
Tnnnhiiiser mid KlUabeth shows Unit pop.
ul ir dem md foi an ugret ible elenoiic
inent ii the fxpenso of absolute, art has
bei n of long standing
Hut a nun h more Importiiit trial of
"Tannhaiisei" was its lirst presentation
In Puis lu Mm eh, l! During thu Inter
wiling )e,us h! optia hud been heard
ul a lew nf tho Geiman titles, hut ulwa)s
with the sumo qualltled. success or per
hips fulliuo wool I be more appropriate
that charactciUed its ilrst hearing at
Diesiiep hcliunun alono foiesaw tho
fiitnie of the composer and contended for
his lUhls. , ,
Hetwcen Ihe Dresden and Paris produc
tions of this opera, "LohtHBrin" had been
completed and much mom favorably ac
cepted In German), and for that reason
it has ulwiDS seemed rather strange that
Ihe luttci opera was not chosen for tho
capital ot l'i nice. It was at the recom
mendation of Dmperor Napoleon that a
1'iench tiauslalloii ot "Taiiiihnuscr" wan
put into lehearsul at the Academic Im
inilile de iliuiquc, now Hie Grand opera
house. 'Ihe Princess Metiernlel, wife of
the A iisti Ian rmbassudot at Pails, Is said
lu haw- prouipled tile eulperui lu Ibis at.
w'aKiifi's Hist disappoint nieiit w is t-x-peileineil
when he was toll that tt wuuld
be aboulrl necessui) lo iulru luea a
ballet III Ihe seiynd ail, as inosl uf tlie
subsi rlbeis wue niciiibi-is uf Hie Jockey
Club and liked that sort or thing better
than iinisli , and that tho lardy canie
lov thu Hist ael, as the) er Ute diners.
Wagner salt that It would bis Impossible
tu put a ballet In the t-eiund act, but that
lliete was an oppoilunlt)' to put it In the
Vi-iiusbeig stent) of tho Ilrst uct, and he
aceoidingly rewiote Hut part pf the opera
so us to Introduce this seemingly neces
sary diversion. That Ids determination to
be consistent displeased thu members of
Ihe Jocke) Club seems to have been un
equlvo al, for in the generit d!pleasure
which a eonipanied Ihe production, Ihe
opposition was led by these club men who
blew their huntlns horns and whistles and
otherwise showed rlnguUr dircspct to
the German eomposir 4iid the cast, who
worked zt-i.iou)y to make tho opera Im
prelve Uorty, tliousand dollrs hid
been sbttit on llie production, Ihe cast
sele ti J bv the rotnpoer wns as follows1
Tatinhaii'er Niemann i Hllmbeth, Mile
Hevxei Venus, .Mile, nedesco! the .Mhep
lieni, ltebotixi the Hinilgrave, Uazauxj
Wolfram, ilorelll.
1 here are in my conflicting report" as to
Ihe first reception given W'ngnrr In Paris,
but there Is no doubt but that It wis most
linrrlendl), and after onlv three perform
ances the opera was wlllnlriwn, nlthoiiKh
the recelpls increased nlghtl) Ihe only
criticism that was cluvruelerlze 1 by Ap
parent sincerity and fairness was that or
Joseph elorllttile, who, was nsoelated at
the time with Ilerllos lu the musical crit
icism of the Join mil des Debat, the sen
lor critic, then a popular composer, refus
big In write critique upon It In a loiter
written nl the time Ilerlloz said. "I have
begged D Ortlgue to uitilerlnke II. lhat
will be belter In every respect and will
disappoint them mere ' This seems cleir;
ly to. show Hint there wns n marked
prejinllie iitnlnst tho production lit ad
vim o of the heirlng of Ihe opera. In Hie
mttln letteq Herlloz said! "Nothing, , .cm
be made of this 'raniihauser' music Wag
ner Is turning Into goats Hie singers, the
orchestra and the chorus," In nil he sal 1
ot the opeia the Trench composer .wns
unrompronilslngh bitter. Prosper Men
mee. who seemeiil less prejudiced, lotlll sec
nothing in Wagner this Wagner who Is
now, thirl) veats after, the greatest pow
er In musical I'arls "Vtuir Arab music,
he wrote, "would be u gool preparation
for this Infernal hubbub lite fiasco Is
enormous, Aubcr mils It Ilerlloi without
melod) "
Such was the entl) estimate of an operi
Hint Is now rtgnrded ns one of the light
est of the inulc-eliniiins which have llnnlly
been nictMito 1 as womleirul mnsterple es
of dramatic povtet, ethlciil com option anil
musical ti eminent, even among those who
do not subscribe unconditionally lo thell
irl. or even III Hint much lurger class that
docs not believe In their broml adaptabil
ity to popular Insle Musical undersiiind
Ing hns advanced consldernbl). popular
sentiment has e hanged somewhat and pie
vailing fashion hns nllertd more. To those
who care to dwell upon assocluleel facts
ntid funics, both the opsrn and the au
dience of this evening will be Intel estlng
studies The list ot "Tannhituscr" will
be ns follows;
i:ilabth lohanna Gndkl
Venus Hli Ktttschcrrn
lllrtln Marie Mnttrolt
Tiinnhnuset . . . Nlchohius lioilimiihl
Walter ... .... Paul Lunge
Wolfinm Itinlolpli Oberluil'er
lllterolf Lmll Sengei
llerunn . ... .. Conrad Hehrens
The tno-t ambitions enteiptlse vet tm
elcrtnktn bv Mbs l.lllhin Lewis Is u nenli
piodiii Hon or Sbhkeie,ire s "Antonv mie!
Cleopatra set n nt tho (Stand .vesteidn)
afternoon In pit paring the plav foi pub
lic presentation Mls Lewis Inc. I tin as
sistance of her hli'iMlld and manager Ml
Liwience ilarston who Is a verv elevei
stage dlreetoi. 'I he umingeinent whit his
vnstlv dllfeittit rrom the olt.lii.il In the
niimbeis and ( quern e or scenes is very
well adapted to ciinent st ie reitiliemcnls
and expedients The m Hon Is supplement
eel bv a number of lableinx bv the chir
ncters mid views shown bv stercopticon
process These tableaux mid view- are In
illiect rontlniiltv of driniitlc development,
mid ilthoiigh one mlchl quart el with their
at fistic con-lst,nct eMiliaute Hie populir
value of the pioduetloii The wisdom of
ill ilnrston In making this appeal to pop
ulir uppiovnl Is shown in tliei fact that the
pioductlon although It Involves a big tost
a small billet mid h big lot of pei bit scen
ery and pioperties has been mote than
solf-Mist lining Ihesruieiv mid e ostuines
ate liih In dcUn ind roloilng and the
production is a big one tor a populai pi Ice
Miss Lewis hiis-piobabh added little to
her lcpitt itlon bv essuvlng Cltopitt i s-he
Is u ltsitrss md demonstrative worn in
anil i. il el) letllzcstht I ingiiorous icpo-eor
the Kcvptbin epic en I lot l-adl'm: Is is roll
or nunnuistus ,cnd hei pielnu us void
or the tine rlmr us huv ever wrie fie
his tin met It -he bth.in with Imeiltv
and that alwav- In-utes lcci iepcitrul at
tention III I limbs lltiufoiil Its Antonv. Mls
Lewis hn- a P ntinc suimi t tliat t ilses
the pei toi nt im e us a whole to a ptine of
dlgnllv Mi lliufoid n- most tn inly men
Is more at home lu thi diatna h then In
Hn sentient ntnl sines bnl he plus both
well li-s I'litmv Itaitv st,tnue a Bund
it idi l of blank voi-ie and a wnnuu of
strong e"-on ilitv Is the (luimitti Mt
Hugh Gllii-un a line ihuiailet at tot us he
-hnwei In a om -minute hete h in the tut
ait nn I us wns -i e n in ' Theiesr Itncpiin
a season oi two aso Is -tinn.Tel cUnnp.
polntliiL," In the sustained heioli role of
Lnohnibus I,, speeth and action he nevet
ilses lo the diMillv and iiiiihoiltv that one
associates with Hn Itoinun tne.ii The
iisser thui utu- me In cami Ii fid- Ihe
coniptti) hn pules it numliei or v ei at
tractive women w lio look well !u Ottrntiil
dress '-ome ol theni uppi n In living phi
mis after tin ol.iv 'I Im tableaux ate
aitlstle nml clthoumi living pic tures have
foitunatel) never buoiic ic i ie nutsldi
of New York itcpioblbl) not p ll tktllall)
mnlss lu this install
One of the most popular ittrutlotis at
tin Glllls- last se ion wus 'Side Ti ukeei "
a i otnecl)- Irinin with emph i-ls on the
loniedv I hut Its stiong point- weie rr -niemliui
1 was iudl utrd bv thr lursc at
tend, uici at that thcitei la-t night, when
Hit lOinpinv leturiied foi a week'i ui-
Migemtnt Theie .no i rew sensiitionnl
ill imatli si enes in the pi u but Its i on
uliill) icsts with the groteoii' .'oniedv
sketi h given bv Julc Wain- as the
trump, md numetous spe tiltles Intto
diiccd b) the membeis ol a vcr-ntlle
conipim Among the Intcie-tlng -pei lai
ties ate songs b) lull Wultits, song and
dance liv James C itoore, a "turn' b)
Ada Walter-, i periotious child aeticss,
d inces b) xiiss Lout-e Llevellvn, tuls
lellaneous p t l.tltlos bv the sm Hon Flmid
quartette, ind ospei!i!lv i level musical
noieitlts b) Muiph) and itooie
Kcllar, the migh I in, will open a week's
engagement at the Coutes this evening.
Introducing man) rents new to Kansis
The German 0n rn season will open at
the Auditorium this evening All inlet
view with ill Diuiiosi I) mnl smiiH aicount
uf to-night's opeia will found clsewheic
In this s-ue
si'M-i.ow i:u sri i).
The V Im iiestPi erenmerv received 1'iinO
pounds of milk In one da) list w,ek
The laniestown Kunsan hi- been piir
ihnseil b) the pioprletots of the Coneoidu
Willi ht-tei piopertv nwnus hne (Hit up
a windmill tire c vtlngtilshei The tank I
Iirt) feu above the glenoid and contains
sevenl) leant Is or water
llenit Millei who died at the poor Mini
thetu last week, was ome one of Pottawat
mule lounts's wealthiest farmers, ludots
lug ileitis caused him lo lose Ids money
and his mind
Muund Clt)'s fifth annual high school
coinnienteintnt exucUts will take pi ice
I'tlday evening of next wee k. Jllsses .Mats,
iliClurc Gove and 'flicker an I Mcssr
Clark and Harrison aro the f,raduutc.
The list Issue, of thu .Mound Clt) Itentib
llc.in was run on by powci furnished by
natural gas unci that paper sa)s that plen
t) of gas i an bo obtained ut a depth eif
h-s than ".'"i feet to suppl) the clt) with
fuel and light
Oiu a Kansnii, ulnuss a Kunsan Colo
nel Hill lllgglns has stooel the exile busl
uess us long as ho can, and will move his
fundi) biik In Tuprkt Jul) 1 111 view of
II irnc) Ktlh's departure for Ihnporla ibis
ma), pi i bans bn taken as a special dl.
pensatlou of l'lovldenie
Wult Mason, known bi, and a favorite
wllh.eerbody lonnccled with the Kansas
Pi ess, is running a pitbltcatloii culled the
Ncluaski Hdltoi, slmllai in general stylo
mid get-up to lining llctbert's Newspaper
World, and is suid to bo making a sue i ess
of It,
Muscolah Isn't going to have an) base,
ball i lub Hits star, but is trjllig to console
Itself b) thinking of the new Ice cream sa
loon that an Atchison man is soon to start,
whero the) aro going to keep the frozen
sweetness In iilnk and green bricks, and
have ihrec dlflerent kinds of soda pop In
the ico box.
Alma linterprlsc: It Is exceedingly unfor
tunate that thu governor has not un olllce
lor each applicant, Guv ernor Mori Ul seems
lo ba giving generul satisfaction, except
when he inns against the logic of the
above lived fait It mu) not be advisable
lu mil a wpi-clal sesslun of the legislature
tu teinedy ibis i vll, but III the language) of
the sulteilug pitiluU ut Shawnee count),
"suitit thing ought lu bu dune."
"Lilac k" Sue Irl) item from l.lnu t utility ,
In l.ac'jtiif luuinal vlt. uml ilia. Heurte
CassiiU) i-ntei luliird tho inembeis ut the
I'lullit Home band Saliudu) rVc'Ulu Thu
eVeiilUK was u SlteirsS becuttie of Ihe ex
telleiii suppei and music, but more than
t-ithel wen- the (Hacks wuin by the young
ladles present, us each om tiled tu bee hurt
many lOllld be woiu.and succeeded lu lliuk
lag themselves luuk like a beautiful unl
mated bunch ut lllaiks.
Among the blight fellows elected at To
peka last week to attend the meeting of
tho Itepubllcan National League at Cleve
land, in J mu. none is more worthy of the
distinction than George A. Taylot, the
suiiesslul young banker of Aigenllne,
1'ioni either a husliicss or a politic il stand
point Mr Tayloi is the icprcsentative tltl
mu of ihe thriving "Silver Clt)." and one
of ihe joung Ilcpublicaus of whom Wyan
dotte lount) is proudest Nothing but his
own refusal will keep him off the state
ticket In Kansas one of these dajs.
IfKl-sJlNtr, -
My ilninli Itonille Ins eyes
fn full nf mild and sweet surprise.
Tint I hnlf clrend lo speik, lest shf
Should turn them Mr awnv from tnt.
My ilrcnnn ltoalle his lnlr
So frngmiit. son and ihizrllni fair,
I dnre not look upon It. lest
.Mine oes should fsll bncnth the tciL
My laughing llosalle ln voice ,
Tint would the nlghtlnitale rejolct.
With tones so tender, pure nml clear,
One needs must love It If he henr,
My llle llosnllo hns lips
As ros) ns the sun that dlp
In Weslern skv mil vet 1 fenr
Almost lo look when they are near.
All thee sweet chnrms his llosille
To elrnw Ihe verv soul from mei
Tl shcI thai I mtisi love her so
dhe Itirned me down n )tnr ngo
-Town ToplcF.
lilhel "Do vou know titclle Ins actual
iv m ule a conipliilnl to the police about
the Ilro.tdwnv mashers staring ul h"r
Mnv "Iticleeil' That's the lust resort of
in uglv fate to attract attention to it-elf
New York World
The pteenl ntnl long continued six It ot
high slo k eollirs bring" about n source
of iinnoi.iuio to most Women lu the brown
rltiK- which tonus on the neck nnil which Is
so troulils-otne to lid oncelf of several
compounds ire reconimenele 1 with which to
treat this ell, olonlloli one Is half nn
ounce or gv erlne mixed with two iltuchins
or powdered boiax and ouni e of ,ldei
Ilower watci n little of which mnv be
odded to hilt n mill Ii fresh lemon Juice
when usfiI Another appUuitlon Is of wool
fut well tubbed In In either i use long pa
tience (s needed foi the mark dlsippeirs
iowiv .inn i most uiisiiu.iii-
ii, ...n,,l,.A Veil nlker looked UP
q "I'm glad tlioe e'hicigo poplc hive come
tuck to thelt proper i ensit " ,,,,,,
Flu' ihe vva- teiidlntT the nnrrl tge notices
now mnl If she heard him -he heeded not.
New Voik W nt hi
Old man (to boi er)lng In Ihe street)
"What's the mstier Johnii) ? What are
) on ct vine about ," ,
Hov-'Well I gue s vou'd nt, too. If
vour sister's bloomer- wr tut down into
n pal- of pints for vou Hoo, boo' Ann
Arboi rlnk'es
Hi-r bonne 'he we.us on the bail, of her
head ,
And evert one si's hc' In slvlo
Hut ut lt n man tl) lhat fashion, tn-
ot the iiunl one with hit "Hl . ,
Vnd p.e.ple w'll nv -fo-. Indfrd there aro
We renihe poor fallow ins taken too
much '
"Thftes i gool dual that Is swell about
Chollv Ciu'Mns. ' I I ore girl
V" r pll-ii il" "'her. 'the onlv linn
ble I- tint irot of i has gone to his head
Washington S at
1 -i lilt
1'iacl -il v bent
Cicuned Dilerl Href Hushed Brow i
P.ltku House Ftoll- Coffee,
Thin -dices Cold Lamb.
I'ltklrd Peppers
"."cierse illtitv." c ncui
V egellllilc slonp, ,. ,, .
I'lieil ls (Hive i, i:idshc,
Iteiimtda Potatoes I'reim Siuie.
Hiolleel Steak with il llslil noil"
New sttlng Bear- Chl.otv Salad
Oiangc KoI)-I'ov
I'tiilt Coiree
All niinnei nl initllexlblc t ham sto
vv ii ii im II' "" ha- tlve upiight
sill's or pile gieen olltlm between whieb
h ttir nine gold . I ulns -o line and soft ihit
Si Btmi sc.ircelv believe I hev ce wove.,
of mttnl The long Venetian m t -B a n
to whlih the watch ot iniBh.ti. '". ' U F
glows note populut and, more spleiirti.
the little -ee.l pe.u I, at n en lis wl I
lip Venetian woman thinks i,ul e lio
J tough not being u Hit leutlv bixin mis fo.
hei moie c xtlav again Vttiei h in oi in
potinv Tin it lila-t Is supplied bv circi-,'ilj-
tuiquolse,. 1' 'ls as bb: as peas .n
even that most xiiavngaiit or luxutns
plened ilhimoiul"
I miss tin sunshine or vteui smile
T'ut bear, ei' ii on mv blew
1 miss om walks upon the licm n
1 nevei en thue now
1 mis- vnut pm.isol of silk
Tb it bung upon Hit' wall
I ml vcuii little l.egheii l hit
1 mm out Ihe den old hull
1 niits vour 'en ami p"ichv i IieeK
The sun ni'd I both kissed
Thou- moonlight lows upon tie 1 ,ke
Or all. thev ne most inl-ed
I miss vou ivei) liio-nliig nun -
The olhcis go to swim
I nibs nut lenelv evenlnr stiolls
'Neath shadows dns'. and IU'
In rm 1 1 'Piss vuu all ihe time
Vou . tinning HHIe thlm -Alas
I also mi's m a i Ic li p
Aiidclusie, "'.nomnit.goi
Two coll. ge gills utlioine foi their. prlng
viic.ctinn tomevie ii liillllilU lUfa lll'l
o bet "lav I'.v.i) gill knows the pletsiiirt
of it ilia oi llsteting to . iccpv stotle,
mid belli" so rilghfiieel ihu one dm en t
look vu one's shnuidei -l hn deletnitni rl
to trv this elhloiiK sensation lo the ultei-
"Mllldtl III th- Hue Morgue" till
"lie th of Nnicv Svkes ' llulwei s Kousr,
and til. line " nml patts of the 'Tale of
Two Cities" In Hi.- mninlng two veiv
sleuiv ind somewhat c loss )0Uiig women
let lie .1 that one would not beevc how
illcult It wis to st clown In job! blood
like ill. out's mind to be stated
"iiiimrt do It dellbeialcl)," was their
The lelt.r ill) 1 id) w lole nie- ,
I wish )ou coil hi ftc the lines
Thete's n flavor of ouingp blossoms
And u tangle ot Jessamine vines'
Ob the leltet in) lad) wioto mo'
1 sit in mv loom and see
The sails of tho ships, mid hei red, sweet
In llieHettti she wiole to me,
Oh, Ihelettei Hi) lady wioto mo
Hero Is Ihe wont she missed, . .
Ai'lheie Is the w old that was never heard
un Hit llun hei Up have kissed!
And Iho letter my lady wrpto me,
Closo lo inylieait shtll bo
Till tho Judgment da), when I
Oh. life of in) ".institution.
Chicago inter Oct-an "Ther? ' ,Te
thing veiy strange about bklpps naD),
".UoVranrrnnmu that. They have,
found a name for It and It Is only b months
Never before have I teen so many beau,
tlful bodices In this land of pretty
clothes, says a Paris corresjiondent lucent
: I...... , l-reneli klutn. In cvervstora
tte.aciuiia w . ....... .... ,- .-. ,',-- I
are raws of blouses at so leasonable a price)
That the) are iossiblo for all lu possess.
J'or a flabby skin the following treat
ment Is lecoinmeiided: Jvuver use haiel
water upon tl; either preserve rain water
tor the puipose, or, It that Is Impossible,
buy distilled water of a reliable druggist.
Kut bread that Is oiut day old and choos
that which Is made from whole) ineal. A
little gluten made into a mush and eaten
wltli ilch milk Is also said o help lu lotiud
ng out the fuce mid neck.
One sister gave unother, on a recent
blithdny, a unique and thoughtful present.
il consisted of four little envelopes, each
marked "Matinee Ticket," and inclosing a
dollar and a halt. It was Insisted that the
money should be expended In no other di
rection and upon no one elso than the re
cipient. She, therefore felt compelled io
attend those foui matlneer, whose sclee -Hon
mas a pleasure, no loss than the actual
sight of tho performance, and tho Ulkinz
It over, afterward:, at bom "
"I see"
She gi im ed up from her pnper
"Tne' the i hluigo poop!" ndntlt that tn
stallsthy of tltelt tioptit itlon taken last
veirwtrt rl lluilinislv lull ited '
She polntrd h-i )tett linger nt the para-
-jf -vi-jgejaif"-' --

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