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t.u.maok srr.Atti OF Tilt". WAY
Oct on Hoard lh line of Christian Inllu.
smce Tltnt iTIII Hear Ton to the
Kingdom of (loil
New Torle, April 3 Tier Dr. Talmnga
todny ngnln preached to n great nudlence
In tlie Academy of Music, A lit unl, mmy
xvrro turned away for lack of seats Tho
FTinnn was on ''Salvation," the test se
lected being Isnlnn Iv .6: "Seek )e tho Lord
while He mny be found."
Isnlnh stands head nnd shoutdcr nbovc
the other Old Tctnment authors In vivid
decrlptlven. of Christ, other prophets
Five nn outline of our Savior's feature.
Some "f them present, n It were, the Bide
face of Christ! oilier, n bnl of Chrlt, but
Isaiah gives un the f ull-lcnct h portrait of
Christ. Other Scripture writers excel In
some tlilni;s l:7eklel more weird. Divld
more ptthctle, Solomon more epigram
untie, llabakkuk more subllmei but when
)ou unnt to see Christ coining out from
the gnles of prophecy In nil hit Rrindcur
nnd glory, )nu Itivolttnlirllv turn to lsilnh
Ho that. It the prophecies In rcgnrd to
Christ might bo called the "Oratorio if
the Messiah," the writing of Iinlah it the
"Hallelujah Chomp," where nil the baton
wao nnd all the trumpets come In. Isaiah
was not n man pi, hid up out of Inslg.
Ulllcince by Inspiration, lie was known
nd honored, Josephus. nnd l'hllo, mid
Slrnch extolled blti In their writings. W hnt
J'nul mi among the npostlt'?, Isnlih was
among the ptophels
-My text ilnds him standing on a moun
tain of Inspiration, lookln- out Into the
future. beholding Clulst advancing nnd
nnxloii that all men might know him; his
xolcc rings eljivn the ages. "Scilc )e the
Lord while He tuny bo found.' "Oh,"
enys someone, "that wns for olden tlme."
No, my hiurer If jou have traveled In
other land" ou hae taken a circular let
tir of cndlt from some banking house In
New ork, nnd In St Petersburg, or Vcn
ln, or Home, or Melbourne, or Calcutta,
)uu presentt d tint lettir nnd not financial
help Immediate!) And 1 want J on to un
elerstund that the tixt, Instead of lielng
npproprl He fur one npe, or for one land, li
a tlrtulir Utter for all ngts and tor all
land, and wherever It Is presented for
help the help Comi s 'Seek )e the Iord
while Ho ma) be found."
I come to-el ly with no halr-pun theories
of religion, with no nice distinctions, with
no elaborate disquisition, hut with nn ur
gent c.ill to personal religion. The Oospel
of Christ Is u powerful medicine, It cither
Mils or pure" There are thiisn who nil),
"I would like to become n Christian. I
have been waiting a Rood while, for the
right kind of Inline nces to come," and still
)uu ate waiting ou are wiser In worldly
things thin vou nre in relUlous things. If
5011 until to net to Albatii, ou go to the
Ornnd Central depot, or to the stcnmboit
wharf, anil, having trot your tlckt t. ou do
not sit down on the wharf or sit In the de
pot; vou get alio ild the boat or train, And
jet there nre mug who sa the nre wait
ing to net to heaven wnltltiR, w.iltliiR. but
not with Intelligent w iltliiR, or thev would
.tt on board tin line of Chi 1st! in lullueneei
that would benr them Into the kingdom of
.Now Jou know nry well that to seek n
thing K to ma-ch for It with ininest en
Unoi. It 011 want to see a certain man
In this clt, and thtiu H a matter of JIOlnJi)
lonntctcd with join ncelng him, nnd ou
(annut ut Hist Had him. 3011 do not gie up
the Maich. You look In tho directory, but
cannot llnd the 1111110, jou go In elicits
where jou think, pet haps, he mny mingle,
nnd, halng found the p-ut of thu t-lt
w litre ho lues, hut perhaps not knowing
the street jou go through stiPtt ntttr
Htiett, und 110m block to hloi k, ami jou
Keep on scarthlng for wetks and for
You snv "It Is 11 m.ilti r of S10.0M
whether t-((. him or not" Oh that mm
weio as iieihlslint In steklng for Chrnt'
Had you one-half that p rxlsltnct jou
would long ago h,ie found him who Ik the
jov of tho forgUtn spirit V ma pej our
iltbts wt ma attend thmih. we may le
llte tho poor, wo maj be public benefac
tors, and jet nil our life dlobe the tet,
ntser seek Ood, neer gain hi icn Hi
tint the spirit of God would htlp me, while
I trj to show jou, In cnirjlng out tho ldi 1
of mj' tet Hi st how to sick the Lord, and
!n the next place, when to teck Him
I lemaik, In the Hist place, Jim nre to
Feck tho I.otd thiough e 11 nest mill believ
ing pinjer Ood Is not an autotrat 01 .1
ikspot seated on a thioiu. with his arms
listing on br.17111 lions, nnd a smtlnel p ic
ing up and down at tho foot of the tin one
Ood Is n fitlier seated In a. bower, waiting
for Ills chlldicn to come and climb on His
knee, and get His kiss with Ills benediction.
1'rnjer Is the cup with whlih wo go to tho
"fountain of living water," and dip up 10
fieshmmt for our thlrstj houl.
I do not care so nuuli whnt postuie jou
tako In piajer nor how liipo an amount of
voice vou use You might get down on jour
face before Ood. but If jou did not praj right
Inw-mllj, there would he no response uu
might trv at the top of joui voice, ind un
less j on had a believing spirit within, your
crj would not go furtliu up thin the shout
of a plow boj to his oiu I'njer must bo
belli ving, ea 1 lit st, loving You are In join
house some sumim r div, nnd n shower
1 omes up nnd a birl iiffilghted, darts Into
tho window mil wluels about the room
You seUc It Jou smooth Its nulled nlum
nKe I.011 fed Its fluttering heait. Yon sij,
"l'oor thing, pool thing'" Nov", n prnjor
goes out of the storm of this world Into
tho window of Ciod's meiej. and he catches
It, and ho reels Its lluttning pulse, and he
puts It In his own bosom of affictlon and
safetj I'mjei Is .1 vmm. ardent, pulsat
ing eseiclse It Is an ileetrlo biltery which,
touched th Ills to the throne of God' It
Is the div lug-lull Into whkh wo go down
Into tho di pths of Ood's merej and bring
1111 "pmrls of great pi Ice" There was an
Instance where piitjei made the wi. 'es of
tho Ocniusuret solid us stono pavement
Oh how m mj wonderful thing.) praver
lias Hicnmpllshed' Have jou evil tried It"
In tho daj s whin tin hi otch Coveunntets
weie peiseiiiltd mid the enemies were
nfur tliein one of ihe he id mi n among the
Covenantors tiravi 1 'Oil Lord, we bo as
ilead men unless tlmn sbalt helj us' Oh
Lord thiow the Inp of t y cloak over tlieo
jioor things " And lnstnntl a Hcotth mist
im doped end hi 1 the ierseeuted trom
tl i"lr peisceutors the promise lltei.illv ful
lllled "Whllo the- - ' spe iking I will
hem "
Have J-ou ever l.i-u tho power of prayer?
God sajs. "He Is loving and faithful and
jutlcnt ' ro vou hi Hi-e that' You nro
told that Clulst came to tnvo sinners
Do j-oii bell vi thai' You ,ito tolj that
all vou have to do to get the pnrdon of the
Gospel Is to ask for It no j-ou bellevo
thut.' Then eon .1 to him and sly "Oh
I,ord' I know ihou canst not He. Thou
linst told mo li tome for nirdon and t
could get It I come, Lord Keep thy
juomlse. and llberite my captive soul"
Oh, that you might have an altar In tho
l-irlor. In tno kitchen, In the store, In tho
oirn for Christ will bo willing to comn
ng.iln to the manger to hear prajei Ho
would come lo join pltce of bilslnim, ai
lie confmnled Matthew, the tax eornmls
ploner. If 11 meisiiru sliouM mme before
tonmess that you thought woull ruin tho
nation, haw jou would send In petitions
und remonstrances! A ' vtt theie has
bettl enough sin In jour ..'art to ruin It
fori 1 oi, mid jou hnve novrr lemonstraled
or petitioned agilnst It If jour phjelcnl
health failed nnd jou had the means, jou
would go and spend the summer In Ocr.
many, and the winter In Italy nnd you
would think It n very cheap outlny If jou
had to go all around the earth lo get hick
jour physical health Have vou made any
effort, any expenditure, any eertlon for
jour Immortal mid splrltuil health-'
Oh. that nu might now begin to seek
nter Ood with eirnest prajer Home of
1011 have been working for jeirs nnd years
for the riiptiort of jour families Have, jou
Riven nnn.hs.lf day to tho working nut of
"our silvatlon with fear anil trembling'
You eaniK here with nn earnut purpose. I
take It, as t hive tome hither with nn
earnest purpose nnd we meet face to face,
and I tell jou llrst of all If vou want to
find tho Lord, jou must pray, and pray and
I remirk nrnln, jou must seek the Lord
through Ultils study Tho lllhle Is the new
est hook In tho world "Oh," jou eiy.
"It was made hundreds of jears ngo, and
the learned men of King .lmn,s translated
It hundreds of yenrs ago " I confute that
Idea hv telling 1011 that It Is not live mln.
ntes oil, when Clod, by Ills blessed spirit,
letranslates It Into tho heart If jou will,
In the seeking of the wny at life through
Hcrlpturo study, Implore Ood's light to fall
upon tho nare you will Mnd that thesn
promlsis nre not one second old, and that
they drop straight from the throne of God
Into jour heart, ...
oh, my friends! If jou merely want to
stliilv Ihe laws of lanKUaee, do not gn to
Ihe lllhle. It was not insdo for that. Take
Howo'n "r.lements of Criticism" It will
be better than the Ttlble for that. If nu
want to stujj metnphjsles, better than the
Hilda will be the writings of William Ham.
Ilton. Hut If jou want to know how to
hive sin pardoned, and at last to Kiln the
blessedness of hciivui search tho Kerlnt
uies. "for In them jo have eternal life"
When people are anxious about their
souU there are those who recommend good
books. That Is all right. Hut I want to
tell you that the Hilda la the best book un
der such circumstances Ilaxtcr wrote "A
Call to the Unconverted." But the Illble Is
Ihe best call to the unconverted. Dodd
ridge wrote "The lllse and I'roRress of He.
liglon In tho Soul," but tho niblo la the
best rise and progress, John Angell James
wrote "Advice to the Anxious Inquirer."
but the Bible is the best advice to the
tinvtnus lnoulrer.
Oh, the Bible Is the very book you need, i
anxious end Inquiring louil A dying isl-1
0l- lit
dlrf sthl to his mite! "Comrade, give me
a drop!" The enmtade shook Up tho inn
teen and saldi "There Isn't ft. drop of wnt
cr In the enntrcn." 'Oh' said tho iljlng
soldier, "tint'; not what I wnntl feel In
my knapaclt for my nibte" And lilt
comrade found the Illble nnd read him
n few of the Kraelout promises, nnd the
dilng soldier nldi "Ah, that's what I
want, 1 here ln'l nnv thing like the lllhle
for a. djlnj soldier, I there, in) comrade?"
Oh, blessed book while we livcl Illetsci!
book when we dlul
I rcmirk, ngiln, we must seek Ood
through church ordinances, "Whit, say
)ou, "enn't n min be nved without going
to church?" 1 reply, thero nre men, 1 sup
!". In Rlorj, who hivo nevir seen 11
church; but the churrh Is tho ordained
means by which we are to be brought to
tlodi nnd If truth nfTcets us when w ire
alone, It nrfectt in more mlglttllv when we
nre In thn asomhl the feelings of others
cmphTlxIng our own feelings The great
liw of )tnpnthy eomot Into pla). nnd a
truth that would lake hold only with the
grap or n. lck mm, beats mlKhllly
ngalnst the fouI with n thousand heart
throbs, ...
W hen you eomo Into the religion cltele,
come only with one notion, nnd only for
ono purpose to llnd thu way to Christ.
When I sen people critical nbolil sermons,
nnd rrlttrnl nbout tones of voice, nnd drill
ril nbout sermonlc delivery, they mike me
think of n min In prison, lie Is condemned
to deith, but nn otlleer of the government
brings a pnruon nnu puis 11 inniuii ur
wlrkot of tho prison, nnd m)t. "Here
our pardon. Come nnd get It. "vvhail
Do jou 1 xpect mo to take that pardon
nfferptl with such n vol, e as v oil have.
with such an nwkwnrl manner nn jou
have? I would rnther die than to compro
mlso my rhetorical notion'" Ah, the man
docs not sny tint, he take It! It It his
life. He dm s not cure how It I handed to
him. And If. lo-dny, that pardon from the
throne of fled Is offered to our oul, should
wo not solzo It, regirdless of all non-cs-sentlals?
Hut 1 como now to tho Inst pirt of my
test. It tells ti whin we nre to seek the
1.0rd: "While he liny be found" When
Is thai? Old age? vou mny not see old
ngc To-morrow 7 Yon liny not see to
morrow. To-night? You nny not see to
night. Xowl Oh. If 1 could onl write 011
every heart. In three capital letters, th il
.. -.! v nil' v.. I
win la n. ufiit llnnse. T hear TieotllO Sa
with a lo-s of the head and with n trivial
manner. "Oh. et, I'm a sinner", Hln Is
an awful discnsi. It Is lepros) It Is drop,
sv. It Is consumption. U Is all moral dls
orlcrs In one. Now. jou know there Is n
crisis In n disease. 1 'crimp jou have hail
omo lllustritlon of It In jour family
Sometlmis the tihjslclau h is call d, and he
has looked nt tlie patient and -aid "I hat
eie wns simple enough; but the crisis has
passed. If vou hnd called me vesterday or
this morning I could hnvo cured the pa
tient It Is too late now, the crlls has
piid " .lust n H H In tho spiritual
tn itment of the soul there Is a irM
'I hi re are ome hero who tan renumber
Instaneei In life when It thev hid bought
a icrliln propertv, the would hive be.
come ei rich. A few nries that would
have cost them almost nothing vvcie of
fered them Ibey refui.d them Aftet
w 111 tin a large village or cltv spring up on
those nrres of giniind nnd thev sei whnt u
mistake thej mnde In not bujliig the prpp
erlv Theie was nn opporlunlt) of rtttlng
It It never came bick ngaln And so It
Is In regard to a man's spiritual nnd eter
nal fortune Theie Is n ehnni 0 If oil let
that go perhaps It never comes back Cer
talnls that one nevet comes b ick
A gentlenim told me Hint at the battle
of Otltjoburg ho stood upon n height look
ing oft upon the conllletlng armies He
said It was the most ecltlng moment of
his life now one nrmv eeunln-r to triumph
and now the othir. After a while the host
vvhielel 111 such n w i that he km vv In
live mlnulis the whole question woull be
decldid He slid the emotion was nlmost
unbearable. '1 hero Is Just such .1 lime to
da j with vou 'ihe forcer of light on pne
side the tureen of death on the other side
and In n lew minutes the m.ittei will be
si tied for eternltj ,
There Is a time which merev Ins set for
leaving poi t If vou nre on ho ml before
tint, vou will get a passige for heavin If
vou nre nut on board, jou miss jour pns
sagi for heaven As In 1 iw courts, 11 tase
Is -omettnift adjourned from term to term
and from jtar to j ear, till the bill of costs
nts 1111 the Mitlrc estate, o there nre men
who ire aUouinlng the matter of religion
from time to lime, und from, jear to j ear
until henvenh bbss Is the bill of costs the
mnn will have lo piv for It
Whv derer tills matter, oh, mi dear near
er' Have jou mj ldt a that "In will weir
out, tint it will evaporate, that It i.lll re
1 1 Its gi isp, that vou raii llnd religion as
a mm acldentally Ilnds a lost pock tbook7
Ah, no! No man ever bee imo 11 Christian
bv accident, or by the relalng of sin
tho embarr issments are all the time In
creasing. Tho hosts of darkness nie re
cruiting, and the longer vou postpone this
matter the steelier the path will become I
ask tho-e men who ate before me now
whether In ten or llftien jears they have
passed In the postponement of these mat
ters they have come am nearer Ood or
heaven' I would not be afraid to chal
lenge this whole niidlinn so Inr u they
ma) not have found the pe ice of the Gos
pel. In rigard to the matter Your heirts
jou an willing franklv to tell me, nre be
coming hauler and hnrdei, and that If jou
1 ome to Chrlt It will be moie of an under
taking now than It ever would hnve been
before The throne of Jimgment will soon
be set, and. If jou have unj thing to do to
w nils join c tn mil salvation, jou had 1), t
ttr do It now, for the redemption of jour
soul Is precious, ind It tcaseth fortvei
Oh if men totild onlv catch one glimpse
of Chilnt, 1 know they woull love llltn'
Your htut leaps nt the sight of a gloiloils
sunrise or sunset Can vou be without
emotion us the sun of ilghteousness rises
behind Cnlvary and sets behind Joseph's
Mpulehie'.' He is a hlissed Savior' llverj"
nation Ins Its tjpe of beauts Tlure Is
Cnrnian beauty, mid Swiss beauts , nnd
Italian be uity. ami llngllsh beaut) but
I cme not In what land a man llrst looks
at Christ, he pronoun' c Hint "chief among
ten thousand, and tho Uno altogether love-
The diamond districts of llrazll nre enre
fully gunrded. and a man does not get In
time exiept b) a ptbs Horn the govern
ri, nt, but the love of Christ Is a dlunond
district we mav nil enter, and pick up
tnasures for tternlt) "1'o-dns, if )e
will hear Ills voice, harden not jour
Tike ihe hint of tho tet that I hnve no
time to dwell upon the unit that there Is a
lime when he cannot ho found There was
a man In this ct), (a )enrs of age, who
slid to a d.nrg)nnn who c imc in, "Do jou
tuliik thut a m in mi )ears of nro ran
get pardoned"' 'Oh, )cs," said the
ileigjinan Tho old mm said- "1 cant,
whin I was .!) )turs of nRe 1 nm now M
jiats the Splilt of (Soil came tu mv suul,
and I felt the Importance! of attending to
these thlnr?, but I put It olT. I rejei ted
God and sliu e thin I have had no feel
ing" "Well," said tho minister, "wouldn't
you like to have 1110 pns with sou"'
'Yes," replied the old mull, "but t will do
no good You can pri) with 1110 It sou
llkn to" Tho minister knelt down and
nr(i)td and commended ee man's soul to
God. It scenud to have no effect upon
him After n while the last hour of tho
man's life came, and through his delirium
a spark of Intelllrencc seemed to flash, mid
with Ids list bi'iith he said, "I shall nevir
bo forgiven'" ' O, seek tho Lord while Ho
may be und."
Don't wult uulll yem nro sick lefor trying
Mule Ciller's !.tvar 1'llN but got n vUl at
once. Youcau't tuka Ilium "llliout tieamli.
Alnioiiitit llient
The Montezuma hold, ut I.as Vegas Hot
Springs, New Mexico, will b reopened
.'.inn 1 under tho management of Mr John
o, l'lank This will be a welcome an
nouncement to 11 very lario number of
heilth nnd pleasure seekers who have
known the Muntcsuma as one of the most
perfectl) appointed hotels In the South
west, mid have pioven by experience the
extiaordlnniy virtues of the mlnoi.il
vvuteis of the Hot .Springs The Monte
isuma. has been lellttul. and various lm.
proveiiuntH have been made in the
mounds, tho bath house etc. The capac
ity of the main hold will be supplemented
by the Mountain house) (closel) adjacent),
by toinfoi table rooms In the second story
01 the bath house, und by uttractiio cot
tages, the mrnngements being such that
seveiul bundled nations can be amply ac
commodated ut tho same time,
Itouud trip tickets to Las Vegas Hot
SprlbS'i nt ery low rates will be on tale
from principal points
Thu through New Mexico and California
tiallis of the SANTA 1'H ItOUTI, pass
Has Vegas dull), with sleeping car service
(torn Chicago. Ht. l.ouls, Kansas City. Den
ver and Intermediate points,
'this celcbiatc-d resort Is situated in the
ltocky mountains at uu elevation of CTuO
feet, In the midst of the most attractive
scenery of that noted section. The climate
Is perfect, and especially beneficial to suf
ferers from pulmonary diseases, while the
waters of the springs nre a speclilc for In
numerable dlsoideis. lllustruted descrip
tive matter and any further Information
desired can be obtained, fu-o of chaise, on
application to
QUO. W, HAanNCIJCH. I & T. A .
Kansas City, Mo.
ano, T. NICHOLSON. . I'. A Chicago.
'through, bervlie.
The Nickel I'late Hoad (N. Y. C. & St. L.
It. It), the favorite line between Chicago
and the Hast, ulontr the South Shore of
l.aKO l.np, ueing ine suortesc line to Ulovc-
l.ind nnd HuLfnlo. olfers a sitlemllil thrmich
car service to all tlasses of passengers.
uduiuc-.rui itueiieri airvyei anil .WMllllK
Cur dally on through trains to New York
und lloston. I'or reservations of sleeping
car space una Xurther Information, address
J. Y. Calahun, General Agent, 139 Claris
urt, uaicggs. tu.
do Totr know (mount; clahk.
the old lime Kinsns City real et.atr nuc
tloner? If j mi do jnu'll come down lo
hear him holler If )ou don't jon'll hear
him holler, then come down George I
coming hsre, he's coming down from CM
cago to close out those Mellltr Place lots
whitl'fl left of Ihem. He'll be here but one
day,' we're ROlng to tell )6u whit day, the
time of day the sale taken place nnd where
the ule It to be made, but only once, so
plense remember It Tuesday, April 3d, I
nnd S p. m , nt the licit i:Mte nrchmge,
SIS Delaware st. A Itl.f) CAUD orniments
eich unsold lot. 1 lint card gives lot nnd
block numbT nnd dimension of the lot.
Take .1 plat out nnd mnrk tho vnluo of
each lot on the plat so )ou will be ready
lo bid. If sou enn nltend both sales It will
be to )0Ur Interest to do to, but If you
have n sore throat so )on cannot come
out night, attend tho t o'clock rnle. It
)ou are cmplojed In tho da) time como nt
night. Many of the lots bought at former
sales hive been resold nt a handsome
profit. Yon enn surels make a. "scnlp" by
buying nt this sale If )Oti have J10O or so
cash nnd can save HO per month you can
doubtless catch some of theso lots. You
can't lose on them and might make 300 to
100 per cent. Itemrmber the time nnd
place. Ladles e-peclnll) Invited.
Agent", 110 W Sth st
i.ncu, Anricnt.
Cltv, Mo. April ".'7. IW A special meeting
of the common couin II of Kansas City. Mis
souri, Is hi reb) called to meet at the coun
cil ch imbers upper house room and lower
house room In Cltv Hail building nt corn r
of l'liurth and Main slieets, Kansas ( Iti.
Mo, on the ."ith .ins of April, id, it : "1
p m sharp, for leasons the 11 to be made
known WHIISl Hit DAVIS Mn)or
I nun Kansas ( Itv Ma thn Iturllngtim
"DCNVHIt SPECIAL." leaves Kansas
City dally 10 50 a. m, solid train, urrlves
Dcnv er, 1 30 a m
LINGS," for I'ugtt Sound nnd pacific Coast
from Kansas City, lcuvej nt 10 50 a. in.
Ibis lino gives patrons an opportunity to
vlstt Hot tiprliiRt, South Dakota, Illack
Hill and illoivstono Park, und It Is the
short line bttwi en Kansas Clt) mid Helen 1
by 3S3 miles, unite 313 mllis, Spukano 471
miles, hcattlo HO miles and Ticoma 115
This Is tho mot marvelous scenic route
nnd perhaps the most Interesting across the
Hound trip tickets to all I'acldo coast
points via this line
Tor full Information address H C. Orr.
Ilurllngton Houto Kansas City, Mo.
tiii: lM.sii.itv 1 i,,v 1 iiiiai mi:.
Not Alwnjs lb serving the It, peiliitlini Hint
11 us ,lvi 11 I he 111.
Prom the Independent Journal.
General Veile, In defending Abraham
Lincoln from the orten published statement
tint he was a llitboitmin In his )oung
di)s, seems burdened with the terrible
fact, as he will hive It. th it those bo it
nicii we t of low grade, as to moials
drunkar . etc The gcneril hus no light,
In truth, to make those statements is to
the character of the llatboatmen of the
carl) ilnjs of the river settlements It Is
a gross libel upon the genet H chauictcr of
the early settler There vvtre drunkar Is
among tho carl) settle ts, the same as now,
but thej were not among tho boatmen, for
the ei) good reason that the) could not
be relied on In time of need. In case of
stnrms, wind, or mi) other tmergenc)
The vers reverse of tho chnraeter which
General Velio would give to those bo it
men vv ts the fact Many prominent funn
els would semi their own prodiue, sevril
uniting to till a boat, or merch nits .an 1
other men would bit) produce nil .a bo it
and send It down the river, In sulu r hands.
Christians of all grades even to the pre u h
et, operated tl itboats. One pun hi r, t
remember, ran those boats even as long as
Lincoln Is said to have tun on enn and
nlsed a family of bo)s, who marl) all
did the same running the most 01 th, Ir
lives, while many such boatmen rose from
that humble calling to le stenmboitmin
even to captaincies. The bite Captain
David, who recently died In Madison had
his start on a llatboat more th in tlflv )e irs
ago This little stoi) about one ot the bist
citizens whom Vevay over hnd in ly show
just how near a "drunkard" got to hi lng
a flatboatmnn. Geotge G Knox wis. Hist
of all, 11 Methodist and a temperance man.
and ut llrst n wool carder, thin a steum
Hour tr ler, and lastly a 11 ithoitman, at
least so fir ns lulling a boat at the Vevay
wharf Ho had no pitlenco with a diunk
ard. but aecldentall) .ot hold of a fe How
to help him loul his boat who soon divel
oped thu whisky In him so stionglv as to
cause the good man to pull off his co it,
throw It on the ground and sav to It "Llo
thure, Methodist, until I thrash the whisky
out of this fellow'" And. as ho was largo
nnd stout he set walloped the fellow as to
sober him nnd ho returned to work 'there
Is the stors ot old Heath' oto Picket of
his tlalboatlns experience before any Htcam
boat lioated on the Western waters I
heard nun mam 11 in, "? "
south and ho lived In bo over 100 )ears
iild He mnde sixteen trips on ItatboaiH to
New Orleans nnd walked back every time,
through the Indians' country and was al
wajs treated kindly by them
Half I"nn lloiiiesee ke r" Tie iirsiim.
On April SO, May 21 and June n tho
I'nlon Pueltlo tcni will sell tickets from
Kansas Cltv, Leavenworth and stations In
Knnsns nnd Nebinsk 1 to points south nnd
west In Nebraska and Kansas, also to Col
nrudo. W)Oinlng I'tnh nnd Idaho, east of
Welsernnd south of lleavei Canon at late
OT one UISI Cl.ina luie, uu iiiu ,j,iue em.
Minimum rate. 7.0. Tickets good twenty
iluss fieo jour neatest I'nlon Paclllo
ticket agent Hest time and train servke
toDetuei TIchet olllces Kansas Clt 100.)
Main street. 103s I'nlon avenue and Union
station. Telephone! lli'i
81 J, n. PUAWLllY, General Agent.
New (deeper on tho Alton,
Heglnnlng with .April 1st. the Chicago A
Alton Itallroad wlllrun tvyo sleepers dally
in their "St. Louis Limited" between Kan.
sua City and St. Louis The tivosew sleep,
lng cars asslgtu'd to this service are named
the "Majestic" and "Teutonic." after the
two new White Smr line Atlantic ocean
steamers. Hach year bring? something new
In the carbullder's art and with cu.li lm.
provtmeut we exclalni thut surely nothing
more tan bo udded. Viewing tho now Alton
sleepers, with their large, roomy cornpurt.
inents, drawing rooms, nnd perfect!) ,ap.
pointed toilet rooms, one would Imagine
the builder possessed the lamp of Alladln.
. .. ,1. ........ t. N.,v Vurlf nta.l ll,,.l..
U v'1.'." ,w ''-. -" ..-. ..ui......
The through service offered the traveling
nubile by the Nhkel Plate Hoad (N. Y, C.
. . . 1 I V Is itnuitrrt.ihse,! '1'l.n ..DW
feet pussenijer servleu of this road with tho
and Fltchbure Hoads lecomiuends Itself lo
the traveling. public. Wagner Pilaee Cars
and Dining Car dally on through trains to
v.A... Vi.sLr nml Ttoston. For Ulbllllnnel In.
formation, seo jour local ticket agent or
address J. Y. .Calahan, .General Agent, 1S3
Clark street. Chicago. 111.
The Ilurllngton fast train "1111" leaves at
6 Ut. The only line serving meals on the
cafe plan between Kansas Clt) und Chi
cago. In addition to regular meal Bervlce.
Tills entire train Is equipped with all mod
em Improvements Bervlco unexcelled.
Tho Journal.
Ten cents a week.
At your door every morning-
JJ00 a year by malL
S.U ysiit ES.Jf.fclW.
Jr ...
W I MTU- M tl I HI 1.1',
WAN1M) Mm; lintbir ttade tnuuht In
Vvcks, , itnieiRiir fru H I ins llnrber
Colli ki li S stii f , hi I .juI Me
W VMI.I) ) oung mm lo lollnf for In
ttnllnii 111 house 110 snlars, 1 l m h, 1.1I
Main upstairs
W ANTIllj-TniTloiTnS tneniTllRhl work!
Lmi a week 0 W 1 t fuh, loom D
va'i i:ti-i't'vi ,i,n iint.i'.
vv,Nri;i) A tli -t liss hou.ike.p, r tu
go o 1'iiiiirliit oiinlv ,M 1 , ritnllv ut four,
must furnnh 1 is I refer b is, must be a
Kiulineik Call ut 1t Wist 14th si, ell
April ji an 1 oil, between 9 a m and I i. tn,
. WA,ri:u A governess to teni li music,
high arilhinelle and gralumir. .Mrs. M. l.
Hunt. I.cnvenwurth. Kns
I'MI'I OW1I M' .MII.M'll'.s.
and tiirnlslid rooms. 10115 Hast i:th, cor.
Wftlnut. Tel 1171 'I ho best place In K. C,
Mo , to nnd Imlp or situations, male or
male; 14 v ears' experience, Itef. Omaha
Nnt bark nirmhnf Cltlsens' bank K C
w.v.m i.ii.mii:sis.
WANTl'D I'ersuns wlshlnir iroml life tn.
suranee to examine the polled t of Ihe Can
ton Masonic Mutual lteinvolent Hoi Iftj be
fote punhislug somelhlug tlse ) on don t
have to d'e to get vout moni), under rer
taln condition tho insured mav elriw every
dollar or his insurant p while living so
th it while seeking to protect jour fitullv
When vou me rnlli d nwav, )nu ma) le elve
the Kime amount of protmlon vourr If
while living The cost Is no more thin nn)
otlu r 1-01 1 comiKinv None bettei, lume
safer, untie o itltfnetni) fur so Utile
mono). The Canton bns kept all her ptom
ls an I iiigngis only for ceitnlntli s ml
bist that Is imsslbli Come let us cxpl .in
in j on, or e ill us by telephone .lisn e ni
ton Mnsonli .Mutual lletievoletit Heeitv
A. Chndwlek, Gene rnl Agent. 8.1 niul t.t
Amerli'.in It ink bldg. Agents Want'd
Tei hum' iidtitnt.
Tf) KI1N r No 12 of the Itelmont apart-
ments. r.th and Virginia, the most dr
Hlnble of the llelmont block. Crutchcr .
Welsh, 711 Delawnte sl
TO HUNT '-room brick bam, M ft
shade trees, cistern, with city water In
kitchen. Hrooklvn. bet Hlh nnd nth D
S Orrlson. Cut Ilnll bldg
TO HUNT 13IS cVntml.'ncvvIv rurnltheil
front rooms, gns, bull, board If desired
I'AHM LOANS Near Kausns Clly, In
Missouri and Kansas; annual Interest pu
nble at borrower's honie bink, money
rt idy. Loans also for s lie
Over 1'lrst Nailonnl bank
6 AND c PHIl CHNT money on business,
resilience and farm property, unusually fa
vorable frms Apply to Homer Heed or
Theo Nash 1MT, Hroadway np Contes house
LOW INTHItllSI-K uisas Clt) loans,
Improved properts on!) tall or address
Over l'lrst Nitlonal bink
MONUY 10 LOAN direct f 7 nnd s per
cent It L JiiHNSiiN A e'ei
Telephone 1CI7 7.'1 N i Lifi bldg
TO LOAN H rno nt " per n nt
KLi.iurr ,t MciiN'TMtr
31S Alllelliau 11 ink bldg
rent s.vi,i-inscin.i,AM:out.
POH SALIl New piano us, d 2 months,
good maki, having the i It) will sell
cheip, or tiade for lot ira 11 irrlsun st
W ILL sell or exclnnre foi good shoats,
flue led Jersi v blood sow I T Clark,
Giand uve. Independence Mo
I'Oll SALH Ice. ",O0il tons fine lake Ice.
Prb e, $1 per ton Tor paitliuliis, aeldress
J, It Perrj, ht Joeph. Mo
FOK hALH Part or nil of a steam well
drilling outtlt. 3(U Mass. building
I.A I i:oAM.
ADlCi: and nsslslance thnt m ike s tho
uubaiip) and bioki n hemte I unfortiin iti
hnpps and smerssful all tlnnin,li me. if
vou uro In tiouhle tr) u In Iplng hmid fiom
Dr Morris, the celehiated iliirvosaut of
the Tub cenlutv. lie ean In consulted on
nil aRnlrs of life, the Se punted luouiju to
gitbii, causes h nip) mmliges with Mm
nine jou e boose ilon t fnll to c ill on Dr
Morris sou will llnd him it peifeet gentle
m m and vers honest In his business Of
fice at llffl ink st Letters with stamps
promptl) ansiveied
SIHS L. JAMI.S. the well known clalr
vosant and trance medium, may be con
suiter nt 1200 Grind ae pallors 11 and 40
lHAb K ItrtU, JOHN ii towr.
President v ice 1'rebldeot.
and baggage transfeircd to and from all
depots, rurnlture moveel nnd packed by
experts 407 and 409 W).mdotte st . Kan
sas Clt Mo Telephone 1517.
fit ONO SING the Ore it Chinese Medi
cine Man, who has mode such greai success
in tho treatment with f him m meiklnes
uf all ells, tcs that thi liunian tl, sh is lieir
to "inttnu s to cur tli, m with ills l hl
uesi inedii Ine He enn hi consulted at .11
W Cth si, upstntiH Kansas Clt), Mo
iiiioi.i sli: iiire i vs.
W'C want a young man In every town In
Missouri, Kansas and Nebrask 1 to handle
our wheels Get our eattlogue and prices
UCT and 10CI llrondwas. Kansas Clly Mo
1 It I. Mi.
SAUNDHHS .V U htte.1011 11 lhth street.
'phone COiu) Jtcilttlng and laslni; carpets a
rpeelalty, upholstering af all kinds, mat
tresses renovated Itiftr to Doguett D. O,
Co and Hobt Keith Fur. Co.
Oil SALH Hestalirant: onlv first. class
nno In clt) of 3u) popol itlon, doing good
business, price, ll.fnV, on Invoice: half cash,
Inline lime good reason for selling, .tl
dre'ss M, Journ il olllce.
ANTI rilHCKLU Improves the complex
ion. 31c at wholesale b) Woodivard. Paxon
iV. Co , free sample tent by W. P. HallocU,
HnrrUburg, 111
BAl'i:a onened mid repaired, bought and
cold. Combination locks cleaned and
changed I), HAKKIGAN. Ilxpert,
Telephone 15SI IW Hast Tenth st.
riiM.iv sroitAiii: ro.
HAVE NHW nnd safo building for furni
ture storage. Advances made, packing and
shipping done. JOHN A. HAME3.
tW Walnut St. Tel 2050. Manager.
ciiio.iHt) jri:AM in i; w I'Hj'S.
Now- located at 20 W 12th st , with more
room and better facilities; will be pleased
to clean, repair or dse for sou.
want i:i)-MiNci:r.i.AM-oi.
WANTED 2,000 dyspeptic gentlemen and
ladles to get cured by the I.ellpse Celery
Chow .Chow, Progressive grocers keep It,
HOKShS AMI Xl.llllll.l.S.
Ser month; suit foi and returned. Murk S.
allsbury. Independence, ilo.
THI) Kansas Cltv Metal Hoofing & Car-
rugallns Co., 103 Hullders' Hx. Tel, 1363.
IK YOU WANT eood old-tashlon butter,
milk or cream, ro lo McCllntock's reitau
rant, 20 Walnut street.
,...0 iiae.iue. ens mviiuv... h" s-
uueii business, with ettKeu TtopU bleclt.
TlltCIU t,K,-V ,Ur. .. Ml. I...... . n . ...
i.i.tuii Not lent,
,. ' ,',,,T'VV lwTiMrTiTTM.
VMntiei, n single woman, by lier certain
i'T.'. u!.sir"1 . ,l,,,'l '''' 2'1 "r nf '.',"
nUir . H nnd inorde-l em the Wlh tiny
nf October v, in t,0ok 11 No Bl". nt
luge Mi in tn, oillee nt the recorder of
V'T.. . r.T.. '" k,, eouul), Mlnurl. nt
Knnsn t itv ronvesed tn ihe undersigned
iiislee the follOHIng desillbed real estate
L.I.. "." '"itJt .MIs-oiiH, tu-wlti Thn
east fourteen tit) inns nf a tract "f land
elesetltied as folloivs Cotnmenclng nt a
stone nt the northwest corner of thu
suutheast uuarur (i,) of section eleven
(II), township fort) nine (s, ratigo thlr
.-l'',e,(M'. then, e cist Willi the north
line of the southeast nuarlcr tM aforesaid
If'J."';" ,lmii0r I mid ten and ilvctcnths
(1,310 0 fiet to a stone n( the northemt
rornir nf the west hnlf i.) of the south
east (iiinrter d) nforesiblt thence '011111
with the i.ist linn of (he wet hnlf W "f
Ihe southeast quarter (M nrorcsnld seven
hundred and elevni nnd two tenths (71131
fee t to a stnne In the center of the old
VVestbort Hint 1ri!n,.1.. .. .n.l, llinnee
north ilKhtv (Su degrees nnd tiventv-llve
(li) m liutes west with the tenter of sold
mil thirteen hundred nnd IwentV-elKlit
iiiii iiiiir-ieiiins i,i;, ) ;,. it to cl stone 111
I no west lino nf the sonthenst quarter
(M aforesaid, thence north with the west
line if the southeast ituaiter (l) nforesnld
Ive himdrel nnd tlilrtv (M0) feet to tho
beginning, emit iliilng eigiitoen nnd sixty,
two oiH-hnndndlh (I. i5) acres, lo secure
bet ten (10) prunitstnrv holes in said deed
nf trust descrllied, nnd whereas, it I pro
Mdnel hi sill ,iee,l f trust tint whenever
wild I la M W'luni r should piv or rinse lo
I'" paid, one of said holes with Interest, to
the trutee the rein n lined, said trustee
should by proper Insttument of wrlllu,t
execute and deliver n releise or nny one
ni re of (be above ilecilbed llnd nnd
win re is, said Ida M winner in paid
three (i) nf sild prom!sor) poles with
interest, ,1Md In pursuance nf the term
or said deed of trust the trustee In re
leased from the lien of ald deed of trust
three (3) acres of said Innd described ns
rollout, to-wlt Commencing nt a point
three hundred and slxtv 111" l3i" feet cist
of the nnrthW'st corner nf the snutbeist
eitmrler CO of section eleven (111, town
ship fort)-nine (rn rante thlrt)-three til):
thence running south three hundred nnd
slxtv nm) fret, thence running tat one
hundred and twenty (120) feet: thence run
ning north three hundred and slxtv (300)
reel the mo lunnlng west one hundred
nnd twentv (1M) feet to the beginning, nnd
also cDinmetii lag it a ivolnt four hundred
nnd eight) live (IV.-,) feet east of the north
west i inner of the southeast quarter (lO
S'.C,'"'''"1"' eleven (It) township fort) -nine
(til range thirty-three CH) thence run
ning south two hundred ml vIMy-clght
uUsl feet theme running east three hun
dred and twentv-flvo Hi") feet, thence
rniinliv- north two hundred nnd elxts-ilght
(.ts) feet, tin nee lillllllllg west thrio hull
dre I nn 1 tvvnitv live (3:.".) feet to the place
uf hciiliinliig mid whereas, It Is alio pro
vide 1 In sill deed nf trust tint If elc
fault be made In th" pu incut of said
note', or nnj one or them, inv part there
of or mi) of the Interest thereon when
due, then the whole of said noli s hill
become que, and whereas under the terms
of said deed of ttust It Is expressly aerei il
nnd understood that after such default
tho holler of the notes shall not be bound
to reielie nny pijtnentt but the full
amount of all said notes, Interest nnd
costs, ami vv here is default Ins been made
In the pnvment of the principal of threo
t) of snld nates, which were pa) able nn
or before one )cir after their date, nnd
xv hi rent, bv r ison of said default the
seven (7) notes described In said need of
trust remnlnlng unpaid have all bi'come
due nn I pavnble b) tin terms of said
deed of tiust, now thtre'foie, I, the un
dersigned trustee, b virtue of the pow
ers In me vestel In nnd b) said deed nf
trust and nt the request of the legal hold
ei of snld notes. Inriby give notlre that
1 will on Wtelnesdi), the lad el ly of Mav,
ci" between the hours of nine o'clock in
the fori noon and live o'e loi k In the after
noon it the south front eloor i f the couu
tv 'ourt house in Knnsit Cltv. Jackson
inuntv Missouri expose sal 1 real estate,
exi i ptlnc the mrt tneriof ibovi-described
which his been released from the lien of
sild deed of trust, for sip. it public ven
due, for rnsh, to the highest blildei, to
pav off said nntes and tnieiest, nnd the
e xpensi s of executing this trust
WILLI M 11 THAsDALi: Trustee
Illl oi. ,. n -, W. i. li in teas, lieuri e
Hear) Mi, hnt Us and Louise Mlchuelts, his
wife, bj thu deed of trust, dated the
J.J da) of Maich. 1S"3. and recorded In the
III e of the reionlcr of d-eds in Jucksou
inuntv, Mls-ourt nt Kansas City on the
llrst da) of Ma) U'H la bonk 13 KU at page
.' did eonvij to the un lerslgne I trustee
ihe following described real estate sltu
ati I In the count) of Jai kson and state of
xilsourt to-wlt Lot numbered two (2),
In Dh kson place an udelltlou to Kan is
tit) In trust to se i lire tin pis meat nf
tin promlsor) note in said deed eh scribed,
wlrh inieiist us therein deserlb J and also
the pivineni ns tin rein etesi rlbe 1 of eer
tain dues and tin's as taMc'ln set forth
and whereas default vas made In the
piv mnt of th Interest as therein ile
r bed is well ns of h" dues and lines afore
s ild for ih pi rlod of mire than six mouths
after th sill dues fines an 1 Interest tu
came ilue in 1 pi) able bj renson whereof,
un 1 t the privlli,ns of sail deed of trust
th siii note has nlo heome due nn 1
pav ible and tho sanit together with salt
lues tines and interest remain due an I
unpaid, now, then fore at the request "f
the lecnl linl ler of said note snel In ae-
oid.nre with the provisions or said dee I
ot tn t 1 s alii trustee Mil, on Mon
dav the nth dis of Mi) l))i. between the
No i r of nine o , lo. k a m snd live o i loek
p m at the Fouih front door of the county
,oi,rt house in K insas Clt) .U k-oti
counts. Missouri expose to sale .and sell
to thi highest blldei, for cash, the ubou
describe I real estate nt plihlie vendue lo
snt'sfs the debt nfnresall and the costs
nf this trust J VMPS SCAMMUN
'Pi nslee
TlU'faTUE'S SALi: Ily reason of default
In tho pii)inent when due ot prlmlpil and
Interest of a promlsror) note made and
executed b) James li Anderson, and de
senbeil In nnd secured by n deed of trust
dated August 17th, 1W, teeorded August
17th, Ifcvi, In book "H" No ."i, nt page
Ml In the olllce of the recorder of cle-eds
for Jncksnn count), Missouri, at K m is
Clt), I will, pursuant to said deed of trust,
at thu request of the legal holder srd
owner of said note, between the hours of
nli.o o'llock In the forenoon and live
o clock In the afternoon of Monda), the
20th day of April, ls''J, at the i out t house
door In the city of Kinsaa Cits, Jackson
counts, MtsFouit, sild court house door be.
lng thn south front door of the state cir
cuit court house, situated on Ihe north fids
of Missouri nvenuc, between Oik nnd Lo
tust streets. In said Kansas Cits, Missouri,
sell tho following described real esmte.slt
unte In the count ot Jackson and slate of
Missouri, being tho rent csinte described
In said dfed of trust: A certain tract or
tracts ot land located partly In section 86,
township tc N.. rnngt 53 W , and pertly In
section 31, township SO N.. range 3.' W
Jackson county, Missouri, hounded as fol.
lows: On the north by the right of way
of tho Kansas City and Independence
Itapld Transit Company: on the rust by
Ihe lllg Hlue river, ami on the south and
west by the renter line of Goose Neck
creek, aa shown by plat annexed to said
deed of trust, nt public; vendue to thn
highest bidder, for cash, to satisfy said
note and the Interest due thereon, and the
cost ot executing this trust.
WHI.HI.AS, CiU hlephan and Hollena
Stephan, his wife, by their deed of trust,
ditcJ Jamui) llth 1S1I, and rni orded on
J.muars Mh, l''JI, In the lecnrdir's ollltu
of Jackson count), stuie ut Missouri, at
Independence, in bonk lvo, at pu,u lt,7, ton.
vi)ed to W II Holke, as trustee, the fol.
lowing real estate, sliuiicd in tuld count),
viz , lots nine1, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen,
fourteen, (If teen, ilxteen and seventeen,
all In block eleven, In the tuwn of Illicit.
per, to secure the pu)imnt of the promts,
son notu In said deed described, and de
fault hus heen made In the pa)ment of
said note and thn said trustee lias refused
lo sell said real tstatt, now, thetefort, b)
vlilue of tho power to him given by said
ilcsd of trust snd at the request of the
legal holder of said note the undersigned
sheriff of slid county wilt sell uld real
estate at public vendue to Ihe highest bll
dcr, for cash, at thn court house door, In
lha city of Independence, in sail tount),
on Thursday, the 10th da) of Mus, lsj5.
between the hours of 9 o'clock u in. and
C o'clock p in of said di), to p3y said debt
snd tho cost of executing Hie trust
JOHN I'. OrNHILL. Sheriff
to the stockholder or iht Grand Avtnut
Hallwa) Company Is hereb) given, that
meeting of such stockholders, will be held
ut th olllce of said compans.No IJOvl Grand
avenue, In Kansas Clt), .Missouri, on Sat
urda), (he first day of June. A. D 1895, at
9 o clock a m, for the purpose uf voting
upon the following propositions:
1 To Increase the capital stock of said
company from H,20O,OOO, Its present amount,
to 15 300,000.
2. la Increase tho bonded Indebtedness
of said compiny from l,'-t,i0, Its present
umount. to 3 300,000. ,
3 I'or the transaction of such other bust
nets as may be brought before such meet.
"Kansas City, Mo , March 29, 1896.
-f'-')NIl HOLMES. President
HOLMUa Sxretary.
Sit)C'Klio..l)l:llb' MI.UTINa-Notlce Is
hereby given thut the annual meeting of
the stockholders ot the Union Abstract and
Uuarjnty Company (a. corporation existing
under tho laws of Hie state of Missouri),
will be held ut the compans's unices, Nos.
JJ3-1-5 New York Life building, tu Kansas
City, Missouri, at 10 a. m. on the Cth day
ot Muv, 1W3, for tho purpose of electing
live directors lo serve for the ens ling
)cur und to transact such other business
s may tome legally before the meeting.
W W PHHK1NS. Prtaldent.
LCO.il. .NO iter..
(Tit I publletllon, April 11th. 1S3". )
Not n;n op 'i hi hVhi: s sai.i:- here
as, on ill) Itth, ivai. leiura A Frremsti
nnd Chnrli W Freeman, her huibinel,
made, exnutrd and ilelivercd their dred
ot trust, for the turpose ut (during the
pa)iuent of one bond for the mm of fort);
live hundred dollirs III l'u'i, with mtrti '
ruiipotis nttaihed, nulneil In sail deed "l
trust, wherein they teinve)ed to tho un
derslxnul, David II Litlen, tiust' e, ,lh
following elescilli d leal e suite, situated 111
the couiil) of Jui ksuti ntd stale of Mis.
soiirl, lo-ivll, Lut niiuiber six (01, of bloi k
number one (1), in the resurve) of bh k
nuinber one (1), In P S llrowtis addition
to the Clt) of Kansas (now Kansis Lltsi,
Missouri, according to the merited plil
thereof, together with all tlm Improve,
mints thrre-uiito bclohfltig, audi wnerm'i
snld dee i uf trust was on the llth d ut
Mn), lw, at I if, o'clock p m , dul) re
lordel In hook It ill, at pane In ut lh
returils of s.ihl Jackson toiinl), .Mls'oun.
nnd, wheieas, It Is ptovlded In ild lionel
iihd eleeil ur trust Hint, If the sild '",
A Prre man nnd Charles W Preem in shall
fill to pa), or iiitiio' tu be pah! mi) of the
intircst eeiiipons nilnelieil to mid bond at
Ihe time the same become due mid Pit)
able, then the wliulo amiiunt of raid bond
shall nt once become due and pa)nble
without notliH', and, whereas, the said
l.iura A. l'reitnnu and Charh W 1 rre
man have railed to pa), or eaiise to be
I'lld, the Ininest (uuponn tiltiiched to 'aid
lionel which beenmu due and pa) ible on
the llrst ili of Mo, WI (ex.ipt n ,!'
llient of Jimo on aetoiilit thrteotl, and the
llrst day ( November, Hl, wherefoto the
whole amount of snld bond I now due
and pinble under the term of said bond
and died of tiust, ion, therefore, public
notice Is hereb) given thil I. the under,
signed, David II P.ttten. the trustee named,
In snld decii nf trust, under and bv virtue
of the authority vrstd In me b) snld fie eel
of trust, nt the request of the legal holler
ard owner of said bond, will proterel tn sell
the above described real estate at public
vendue to the highest blelder, for cash nt
the south front door of the new county
court house In Kansas City, MUsourl. be.
lng the building In Kansas Clt). Jackson
count). Missouri. In which the circuit court
of snld county Is now held, on Snturdnv.
the (th dnv of Mas. A 1) IW, between
the hours of 0 o'clock In the forenoon nnd
D o'clock In the nfternoon of sld dnv for
tho purpose nf raising the money to pay
the amount nf snld bond, with Interest nnd
taxes paid bv the owner and holder of
s ltd bond, and the ents nf executing thti
trust DAVID It F.TTtnN, Trustee.
Terry ft Bmnll, Attorneys
u list pub luilum April nth, If.'". I
Notici: up-iiti snip's salu -w'here-
ns, on Jiinuars 7th, lav Henry Hose, and
Dora Hose, his wife made, executed and
dellveted their deed nf trust for the pur
pose of securing the pn) incut nf one bond
for the sum of nil"! In sild deed of trust
described, wherein thuv- conveyed lo the
undersigned David n HttWn, trustee tlie
follow lug doecrlbed leal estate, situated tn
the count) of Jackson mid state, of Mis.
noun to-wlt The west thlrt) -three uiul
one third (IP.) feet olt the east ono hun
elred (KM) feet off the east ends of lots num
bered tlilrtv -six fti.), thlit) -tlvii (3:,), tblity
rour (14) Hill tv -three (331, and the south
Inlf of lot No thlits-two 132), In Idock No
rlx (C) In Dundee plai e, an addition to tho
City uf Kansas (now Kansas Cltv), MIs
rciurl according tn the re'e orded plat there
or. together with all the Improvements
thereunto belonging, nnd, whereas, on tho
15th di) or Innuni), I'i". at 3 JO o'clock p
m , snld deed of trust was iluly retotded In
book li No 3."1. nt pngo ts. of thi records
nf said Jackson counts, Missouri; and,
whereas pall deed of trust provides tint
upon non pa) mint of the debt secured by
said deed of trust by tho makers thereof,
the property therein described may bo sold
by the trustee for tlm putposc of rnlslng
the mom) to pa) the debt therob) secured:
and, whereas, said Indebtedness Is now
past due slid unpaid, now. therefore, pub
lic notice Is herein given that I, the under
signed David It l.ltle n, the trustee named
In said deed of trust under mid by virtue
of tho nuthorlty vestnl In me bv said deed
of trust, at tho request of the owner of
silil bond, will proceed to sell the above
described real estate, at public vendue, to
the hlthcst I Id ler, for rash at thu south
ftont door of the new county court house
In Kanas e Ity. Xllssniitl, In lng the build
ing In Kunsis Clt), Jackson county Mis.
sourl, In which thn circuit couit of said
county Is now held, on Siturel.iy. the 4th
day of Mav, i3, between the hours of 3
o'clock In tbo forrnoon nnd f, o'clock In thn
afternoon uf 'aid dnv, lor the purpose of
raising tho mones to pay the amount of said
Indebtedness nnd Insurance premium paid
lis the owner and hnldc i of said bond with
Interest nnd eosts of exicutlng this trust.
DAMDH 1.IT1HN, Irustee.
Perrv Small. Attoine).
ns, Heiijamlu P. Moats, i slnedo min, by
his certain deed of trust ' iti d the Hist d i)
of August, ISM dtilv filed fot reionl In the
olllie of the reMstei ot deeds of Jai kson
tount) Missouri, ut Kans is t lt nnd eliilv
recorded In "aid olllce In book II 37s pigc
401, convi veil to T I" I. unison, is tiustee
the following desi tlbe I nal estate, situate
In Jnck-on counts. .Missouri, to-wlt:
Lois No ta and ,1 of Walnut Lawn nn ad
dition to thn fit) of Kint.it J iikon coun
ty, Mlssouil as the sarin nre shown on the
ncuided pi it thereof. In trust to siciirc
the pa) nn ut of one certain prlnclp il prom
Issor) note nnd Interest coupon notes In
sild elei d of trust pnrtb ulnrlv ditctlbed,
mid whireas. said principal not' became b)
Its terms ,ue and pismdo on the Hist dav
or August, IV) I, and Is vvhnllv unpaid, nnd
where is, said T P llnutson Is absent
from Kansas Clly and ftom the st ito of
Missouri and cannot irt as suih trustee,
and win re is said trust died provided bv
Its teims tint in the ivmt of the death,
luahlllt) refusal to net or absence ftom
Kansas Cltv, Missouri, of ihe said trustee,
then thu then sheriff of said county of
Jacksun should become his successor In
the trust, with nil the powers, duties nnd
obligations thereof, now therefore, public
notice is herebv given that at the teqiust
of the legil holder and owner of tho said
note nnd coupons, and bs tenson of sill
cieiauii.i luini i i j .se in ine suerilL 01 sum
Jackson count) Ml-sourl, tiustee us afoie
Slid will, putsuint in tho nuns of said
deed of trust and nuthorlts thereof, mil of
the laws of the stnte of Mlssnuil, on Hat
urelnv, Mns' 1Mb, IS'", between the hours
of ' o clock In the fotenonti ami h o'clock In
thn nf lei noon of that day sell tho re nl
esttte above described at public vendue,
to the hlkhest bidder, .for cish, ut thn
north door of the Pnited States postotllee,
nt the southern coiner of Ninth and Wnl
tiut streets, In Knnsns Clt), in Jackson
county, .Missouri, to pnv the s ild elebts and
Interest ami the costs and expi use s of ex
ecuting this trust Ji)N P ci'MlILL
Sherllf of Jackson county, Missouri, as
Almerln Olllelt. Attorney, rooms P23-6-7,
Ni w Yoik Life building cltv
THPhi'llll'S SALH-Whereas. W. H.
Leonard nnd VlrUnli L. Leonard, his wife,
bs their eleeil ot ttust, dated Juuii .'Mb,
1VS, nnd recorded on June LS, l&vi, In tho
recorilet'a oillee nt Jackson county, statu
of Missouri, at Knnsis Clly, In book H,
No. 311. at page .'7e. tonve)ed to Phil jj
Chappell. as trustee, tho following real
estate, situated In said county, vl : Lots
six, seteti und eight, nnd thn fouiIi sixty
two ',') feit nf lots om, two. thtee. four
nnd tvt, In block three, of Downlng's re.
mir y of iom:ieu Pi ice, In tho city of
Ka .sas. now Knnsis City, Jackson tounty,
Missouri, to return the pu)mtnt of tho
promlssor) notes. In sild deed described:
and. whereas, default has hein made In the
in)ment of said notes, now, thetefote, I
by vlrtun of the power given me by said
deed of irtist. and at tho request of tho
legil bolder of sild notes, vvlll sell sild
leal est.it,) nt public vendue, to the high,
est bidder, fur e ish, nt tho county court
houso door. In tho City of Kansas, now
Kansas City. In tho tountv of Jackson
mid state of Missouri, on Salurd ly, the
llrst d ly of June, IbW between the hours
of H n in, and 5 o'clock p, in , of sal 1 day.
to pay sail debt and the costs of execut
ing this trust
April n'thVl'sic." C"-"1'""" Trustee.
Tm'hT..I.'3 SALH-Whereai, Christina
Cilder. a single woman, by her certain
deed of trust, dated May '.', 1SS7, and re.
corded on the 3rd day of August, lv7 In
the recorder of deeds' otllce, at Kansas
City, Jackson e-oiint). Mo In book II "06,
on page 475, conve)ed to the undersigned,
as trustee, the premises hereinafter de.
scribed tu secure PDmeiu of her three
promissory note fully described In said
deed of trust, and, whereas, default has
been made In the pa) mem of one of sild
notes; now, therefore, I will bv the au.
thorlty In mo vested by said deed of trust.
and ut the request of the legal owner of
sail note, proceed to sell the said real es
tale, to-wlt: Lot No four (4). In block No.
eight IS). In LafiDette place, an addition
to Hie City of Kansas (now Kansas Cits),
Jackson tounty, Mo on W'ednesday. the
15th 'lay of May li), between the hours of
9 o'clock a, in. and fi o'clock p. m , at pub.
Ho auction, for cash, nt the south frunt
door of the county court house on Missouri
avenue In Kansas Clly, Mo, for the pur
pose of paying the balance due on sill
note and the costs of executing this trust.
April ii 1S11
I W JHNKIN9. Trustee, S Main st.
NOTlCi: TO CltHDiroitS-In the matter
of ihe assignment ot 11. L. Mathews, P.
A. Cobuin, assignee, notice U hercb) given
that on Moudii), Juno 1, lv3, at the law
oillee ot L. Traber. Jt 307 Long Hros.'
building, at (IS Main street, Kansas City.
Mo, between thu hours of 9 o'clock a. in.
and 5 o'clock p in. 1 vvlll proceed to ad
just and allow demands against tho estate
of II. (. Matheivs, usslguor. All tred
Itors of the said estate .ut hereby notliled
to be present at tho said time and plate
und la) beforo the undersigned assignee
the nature anJ amount ot their demands,
or bo precluded fiom any benefit of said
state, , I A. COUUItN, Asslunee.
AlTil 21, llil
HI. Ml It, s, pu ,
Chnlr Cum Frou
DIiiIdh Cnrs.
"Ilrleetn'rces 3XU(i
ht. Mid 1)11 I tit llAvu
Address II. C, Otllt. A tl P. A , Kaunas
Inslruell ns trains dally tthle
in rkcel 'x" rx r I Hundiv, s' Honda)
mil) . ' ," ixvopt Hiimrda) ").' exrei t
Mnlida) "I, Haturelay only l'lrst tol
limn, I ave.se mli lumti, arrive
IIANMUAL . SI' JOi: It It- Ilurllngton
. . Houte.
.Train Lene Arrive
K C .ir Ilrookfletl .... ,. xl isipin xpi flam
Allnntli express . ... xeoiitn j . 1 1 1
Chliagn fast tniatl. KM ... f M pm K slnin
St Louis expttst . ft 11pm ft loai.i
II. d M. It H , in NintltASKA-llurlltii;.
,. . ton Itouti'.
Denver. A Is. c express.
i.ineoin.iiniings.v. Pug.
cl Sound
K. C, ST
It COnm
i nm
, , . HA1LHOAD
Otnnh.i A K pUU fast
nail 1010am S'Apm
lown cxptest pm ii in nm
Oiunliii ixiires '0 15 pm il3ei.ilii
St Joee A Invva mall 7 50iini - pm
Denver eipress Hooum 7 .-0 pm
Leavenworth, Atchison &
t.'.iJ.".i"1 3 30 pm HP. pm
. .." ""I1 mike Leavenworth except tin
10 4u n. m
Ir.ilus Utst of Missouri lllver
Chleigo inall xo ii am x7 V pm
Chlcngii limiiiiii riijpml0W.ini
oil. Wichita, PI, W. littVOnm 6
..i.tiin e est ni .eussoiiri lllve'I.
i p m
.. I Ol. Sill . tltlntilft 111 .,! ,.,,.
r. i, nm
r 1 1 pm ) .el nm
Mchlta, I T .v. pt w..
Topeka. Huti hlnseui
.Mall aim Hvpress
SI Iasuls il i) express ...
Limited night express ...
I ast mnll pissr-ntvr . .
h.4U pm )5 M am
st 40 pm s JO urn
It Trains liat
7 0) am 7 05 pm
10 t) nm 0 " pm
x 3,)pnt 7 U0 a tn
a 10 pm 10 10 ma
Lexington A St. Louis ex. 7 (' pm
Lexington .V. S' dull i pas t, Jj am
,,, Trim Wcl.
Coffovllle ,t Col 10 15am
ColTovllle A Wichita .. . lMpm
'1 rains South.
Jnp . Tort Sc't & Wichita. 4 ft", am
Joplln eK Texas express ...li)5oam
Jopllu et Texns express . "A") pm
Trnlns North
Omihi, Lin A N Cltv e x.. ' IB pm
niuah.i .v. C. It. day ex.... 7 30ani
K C. .1 A nccotn. ex ,.x'. oopui
ju im uiu
7 53 pm
C43 pm
7 W am
11 'la pm
il 3o pnv
7. Uam
C 30 am
i no pm
S 3lnm
i,.r.l tim
c .V St Joe ex 10 in mil
K c, A .v. St Joe ex. .. ft U pm 'J.'iOam
Senee i .x lleatrlro ex. .7 80am & 45 pm
St. IajuIs .X Chicago ex.... 8.1") am t 10pm
St L. A. N Y I.lin. ex ...xlO Main x CO pm
St L.D. M A St P. ex.. STipm 7 00 am
K. C i Chicago express., f .'0 pm DMuin
Chicago St Louis ex.... 'MOara 6 30pm
Chlcigo limited (Wpiti K43nm
St. I. ei Chicago ex s 4 tun " 11 nm
PHIS. Plorlda Past Mnll 10 COnm GOOpm
Hnrrlsonvlllo Clinton. . xlo ( am D M pm
Decpwuler accom f, 25 Jim 10 41 am
Cherokee necom fi -3 pm 1041 am
Suburban passenger xG W pm 7 .Mam
Joplln A New Orleans .... lo no pm 7 01am
MlShOl'ltr. KANSAS & THXAS lt'Y.
Texas mall 10 41 nm f tl pm
Texas express y ol tun 7.J3 nm
Pacific const limited 0 3,) am fi 00 pm
Denver S. Cil. ex ""Mruu S DO nm
Hast of Missouri Klver
Chlcitto limited S 20 pm S"0nm
Colntnlilan express C 10 pm 130 pm
Atlantic! express c Dam C 30 pm
Port Madison local Ttf'SOatn s5 ol pm
west ot Missouri uivcr.
Texns exnress
K limn
ti 10 am
9 11 am
4 "0 pm
5 .i) pm
s 00 pm
D in) pm
So. Kns passenger . .
Col ,1 T'tnli llm ....
Cillfornln llm
Mex. .1 Oil express ,
Pmpnrla pass . ..
Topeka express
1'anhnnille e xpress
Ok Dodge -Hs ex
.. . 1 50 pm
... 2 f.) urn
in am
.. x 1 .10 pm xll V) am
... 4 10 pm i 40 am
.. 0 10 pm li "3 am
U CO inn & 43 am
llriiud ( e Hint Depot. JJmt nml Wsmtdutlc.
Chi. St Paul x- Minn ....loounm f, no pm
Kt J, Des. M .X. e 1 0 ed pm 7 loam
St. J, Des M. ,x Chi .. . 1! wipm
Clinton e"i Osceola ex I no pm lo Si, am
Plttsb'g, Jop .v. Neosho . 11 in am 1 a
Accomiiiodatlon . ... "i r.i am s f i n
Accommoilatlon . x7 On pm x ) ,
Leave Tudn) Thursdivs nn I
class Arrive Mondi)S. Wedn 1 v I
Prld i)s
e.rnuil Ave. He pot, ':'ml st.
CHIC Mil i MII.W M lti;- .r. .s,,
ChleifcO piss . . I no mi s
Chlllhotlli express xl "O pin ' n
Drpots ei ml nn l W)nndotte mil -ond
Hnd Walnut
Depots- Plfteenth stnet slim n. 1'ivtli h
Street etitlon. Ninth street station
Phmifl i 0nlvT:an.s",r
CIT ,v,,w $ uine navmg
!fi I Exclusive
lUu Privileges at
1 Or 1322. AIIDepots.
The Depot Carriage and Baggage
. .. l'rntupt nuit ItellablA
M) I1I It V II l!(.t:s l'llKMUHT HOItU
tTlrst Publication April llth. 1S35)
NOTICK OP Tltl'SrnU'S SALi:-Wher
rui, on July 1st. Is'.'.', thu Clt) Ileal Hunt
Company made, executed and delivered
Its dee I of trust, for thu pitrposo of secur
ing thu pa) meiit of one )nnct rnr tho sum,
ot ono thousand dollars (11.000 00), with In
terest coupons attached nmncil In said
deed of trust wherein It iM)nve)a to tho
undersigned, David II L'HIen, trustee, ths
follow Ink' tie scribed real estate, situated In
thu county ot Jackson and statu if Mis
souri, lo wit 'lh east elghtesu nnd cine.
eighth (H) feet ot lot No thlrty-threu US),
of Woodland Place, an addition to the City
of Kansas (non Kansas Clt)), Missouri,
according to the iccorded pint thrrof;
nnd wherens. said deed ot trust vtos, on
July filli, lk3J, at 4 11 o'clock p m, duly
recorded In book It evs, ut page C9. of the
records of said Jnekson county, illsijourl:
und wheieas it is prolded tn snld bond
nnd deed of trust tint. If the said City iliul
Kstatet Cmiipiii) shall tall to pay, or causa
lo bo paid uu) of the- interest coiljwna at
tached to said bond ut tho tlm th tuuio
bcioiun duo snd pa) able. tliKn the wholo
amount ot sld bond shall at unco bctoma
duo and puyuble, without notice, mid
vvhtrens, the said City lit at llautu Com
piny has filled lo pay, or causa to be paid,
the Intercut coupons attached to said bond,
which became duo and pa) able un tin
first da) of January, Ii33 Jul), 1S0J: Jan
uar), l'.'l; July. IMI. and January, UK, re
spictlvel) wherefore tho whola amount
of said bond Is now due and payable, un
del Ihe terms or said bond und deed of
trust, uavv, therefore, publlo nottcs Is
hereby given thut 1, the undersigned, Da
vid II llttltn, tho trustee named In said
deed of trust, under and by virtue of the
authority xested In me b) fall deed of
trust, ut tho request of the lej,al holder and
owner uf sail bond, will proceed to sell
the above described real estate ut publlo
vendue, to the highest blddsr, for tash, at
tho south fiout door of the new tounty
court house, In Kanens City, Missouri, be
ill, the building In Kansas City, Jnekson
count), Missouri. In which the circuit court
of said county Is now held, on bsturdiy.
Hi 4th duy of May, A. 1). lDa. between
the hours of 0 a clock in the forenoon and
t, o'clock In the afternoon of snld da), for
the purpose of lalslur the money to piy
the amount of said bond, with Interest,
and tlm costs or exeoutlng this trust,
Ftrri i Small, Attorneys.
PnOPOSAI.S for tho troctlon of Ihe n v
brick cottuiiu und brick school build
on Ihe ground of tho State Industrial Hen
for Cllrls. al Chilllcothc, Mo Olllcw ul ti
Stat Industrial Home fur Olrls, Chlhl
colhe, Mu , April l.th, 15J3. tcaled bbi
tiIU be lecrlved at tho olllce uf tit
secretary until 9 o'clock u, m. un May 10th.
1W3. for the erection of a brltk iottage.
also a brick school building, on the giound
of ths Stuto Industrial Home for Olrls, ut
Chllllcothe. Mo. Plans und speclllcatlons
may be seen ut the oitlta of the home in
Chllllcothe. Mo. l.ach bl I shall be accom.
panted by a ttrtliled check In tho sum of
J100, ine) able to W. H. hippie, treasurer, to
lusuie entering Into contract If luruc Is
awarded. Hond will be rtiiulred for full
peifornmncu of contract. It! gilt reserved
to reject uny und all bids Hv order of th
board T. H YATHS. PiesWenU
KUUA M. QILUBHT. ,etrlr,

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