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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, May 04, 1895, Image 8

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k ?-l
wll I. ,' i"',"T'V' " "
ntsiNi.xs stahts on iohmu unit
iiM-m iiUiimi pim-u-n i.
Volume of Trail Is n Hie tnerpisn Up-
upllr Mrlkrs In JHnjr Indu-UHil
rimrctiH-l'rli'i Ailmnrliig
In Mnnj t.lnc.
New York, Mnv a UMitslrePt's to-morrow
will nn): Thp mnMfpt ImprovpuiPiit
In man) Imps of general trade hi resulted
In an Im-rnse In th voltim of bnlnM,
notwithstanding thp Idleness of i.CO ltlioi
Island worsted operatives, nnd mnnj in
other Industrial lines
Kxpnr of nli-at (flour intituled as
wh i') from both mkI of thp United
S'l' amount lo !,MW bmlipln. npulnn
2 4I i) bushels Inst week, l,77SI,f) lmshei
In thi weik ft enr mo, aSt,' bushel"
thru )iir niko, and as rompnred with
2 H.(iJ huhrl export) d the tlrst week of
Mil) 101 ThlK week's outiro l about th
aver.igi for months p.tt Wlv-nt stocks In
h' t'ni'i I Slates May 1, W.WI.om bii"hpl,
nir lln.illy smaller than at n Hkp dntP one
.i il twj .vents ago For many iiioiilh to
t ii h.ii lu largely In excess of like
tlhtirn itln-r otic or two )cnrs lipforp
T' c l reuse of domestic stock for four
liuntlis Is twice what It was one )enr nno
an 1 .'I p-r cent of what It a 111 IV)".,
Tin prlc movement tetulns Hip i httrnp
tc r - s of pres-edlng we'ks, a long H"it of
advnm . n follow: Wheat. 2v; corn,
l'. . -ugai, IV: s-ole bather, 2 j upper
1 atlur and hiip. nomlnall , "hoes, print,
pah ind doors at Western oltits, ami pig
trn of ttl grades at St Nulls, 2in per tun
Live attle at Western cetittrs nre prnetl-
01) unchanged. a l finished Iron, coal.
1 ig ir m ami steel at Hisfrn market, and
all iviept inferior gradi of wool. Wool
prl es hnve l"Hl a little easier, With lower
ir is .il 1 for inferior grades .it the Lon
iloii sal." anil dmicstu rutin try prices
aliovi a tiarltj with thoo oiirrent nt leail
Iiik tnnrkct There In onlv a fair liulni''
In rjttm pooil ami prli p remain tit in
No k '" l" lookeil for until the ile
manil for fall upplei heroines general
lie reacm In quotation, within the week
llieltnle a renetlon of lf In rotlon; oati
i pork, J.: lanl. 10r. roITee, iv'i lion'',
Jc, anil In potroieiim, 3c per barrel,
flllli'4 t UI. ttellew.
New York. May .t It. CI. Uuti .: Co "i
HeMon ot Tnule, whi.li lne to-morrow,
nays, Iliiilne lieRln? .May In bettir
inti.tlllA.i II, .it, iiMt ,tll,.ti limn ulllrt. Hie
I . IIUI.IIIUI. ....... .. ..... v, ..,.....- .v... - ..-
S breakdown In Mii. I" S Smaller In ol-
nine than tlun, Il li not hrinKlnK. tint en
lirKlni;. The chief obtneli to a more
complete reniieri li the aiilely of many
to pluck fruit before it l ripe. Holder
of ome ctapU'i hne lifteO them o far
hi to preient their marketing, cnnump
tlon of material" In .onie branches li
checked b advances whlrh cannot bf
renllneil for tlnl-hed prodiirt". worker"" In
some lndutrle are ilemandlni; wnitus that
cinn.it be nalil out of un biiilne'i In
sldht In fplto of labor troubles the out
look brlKhtpns, money market-i continue
lualthy anil with heavy nle of inllway
lionds nbro id, the iletlcleuci In publb rev
enue, js.ti.'.MO In April, cnti'o no appro
henilon. Uemanils for full restoration of wa.Kes
to the leel of W2 have eloed many
woolen mills and threaten to close others
The Htrlke whlrh closed Iron furnaeis
nt Newcastle, l,i lias Just ended without
success, tint other Ktrlkex lme stopped
numerous wotks about lMttsburir Poca
hontas coke workers are on a Htrlke. and
one Is threatened by Alabama coal min
ers. The Bpeculatlve fever Rrows more se
rious, ns Is natural when business starts
up with prices at extreme low points, but
by llftlnir wheat 3 cents to O cents At
lantic eyports have been checked and
Hour Included, have In en onl 1,0,197
nuainst ."1,017. 1'S last 5 ear. The c!oe was
nt GS1 cents. Western receipts are now
larger than .1 year airo and, erept In
pnrts of sonic states, the promise for the
nevt Jleld Is cvcellent. A sale of ".(X,')
tons by the Iilr estate at S in rranelsco.
loaillii).- thirty ships for Ilurope, will lessen
other demands on Atlantic supplies i:nor
mous transactions In cotton hale been
followed by n derllne from 7 to 1; Sit cents.
thoi'Kh peace In China was repiesented
as Insurlnc .1 Kre.itlv Increased ilemand.
The strike at Newcastle, j "a , now
over Mirfenrsl ltessemer pis so SIO.T.". was
riuateil at FittsbnrK. and the closing of
the WhPPllntr mill stIITtned billets, while
Southern makers hnve- nominally ad
vanced their pi Ice so they have been
midp here under 10 for No. '-. Additional
contract for .structural work here nnd nt
riilc.iKO. siles of 7,tii) rails, at least, ,1
better demand for wire and Its products
and for plates ami sheets are onrournKlni;
features this week. Wire nails are 1
shade higher at s.1, and cut nails at 77
cents liv carload, are b ss demorali'ed.
The rise in prh es of cotton goods con
tinues. The woolen jear t nils with the
lowest prices vet known, I'M quotations
bj Coates llrus aeiaging 13 17 cents,
ngilnst V31 last M'.ir ami J2 70 two jears
ngo Ij.irge sales at sin li prices are nat
ural, and In April tt I'.n 'mo pminds do
mestic and ll.Si; 7m fori ign wire sold nt
the three 1 hlef markets, against 11 Ml.ViS
floinestlc and 7.77.i,-l,'i foreign list le.ir
Sales since .1 inunr 1 hale be.-n 'O ';7.iir.
ivounds, against SS s.-,i;,3."J1 In lSij, nnd less
in ISM and lt The ilemand for woolen
goods does not Improve and 111 my can
cellations aie leported, though sales of
wool Indi.'iite large cnn-iumptlon The
week's) failures are 231 in the United
States, against 23.1 last ear nnd 31 in
Canada, against S.1 laHt enr.
HVVK t'l.HAIil.NC.-i.
Itlislllf h Of till
IE inks nt the I'rltiflpal
Hie I'ust W11 li.
New Yoik. May 3. Tho following ta
Iilf iompili.1 liv IJradstreet's, shows the
Ijiul cle.iram es at the principal cities und
tile perientige of lutieas. or decrease, as
compared with the ones ponding week last
CITinS. ricarlngsi Ine Dec.
New Y01 k $iAi,307, 1231 23 71
Chicago 'JS'U.UI1 2.71 . ...
ltOston UI,llii,lM!l 10 u . ...
l'hiladelphln C7.71 l.7ii 9 l".
St Louis 2.'.,27i!,o3iil U.O
han riuiiilsco JI,i,SS.i 20 0
llaltlmim 13.2IVU7 11
l'ilisbuirf ll.30l.SH 1,1;
cinrinimtl I2,7i;,7iii1 2 3
Kansas i'U 8!nli,s.j ., 3,1
New iirleaiiH J.i:.,71t '1 2',.. .
Ituffulo J.073.MI i
Slilwaukte 4,214,303 'II ,. .
Detlull lljfll.lJii) S.Ol. . .
Louisville C.'M7,i7' J5 ill ... .
MliiiieupollH C.7M.7I1 7.Si.. . .
Jiiuulm i,S)S7 I 31 2
l'ro till Hi e S.PU.lOl '.il
Clueliiiid J,51(i,321 lit "II
Houston , l,22i),"."ji 17 9l.. . .
St 1'aul 3,1)1'; 2 iv 12 4!.. . .
Piliu'i 2,S7.!.7l 1 J1.0
li dlanapolls ." 4,U,3S1 31. ll
Columbus, O SlKl.likll 20 li
llartfor.l 2,2ll..'.vji 22 V.
ltd hmond 2.227,ST.I... , I
Washington 1.77.,fi7si S 1H
Dallas 2.07ii,5.Jj D l
SI Joseph l.Vi,270i I U.-i
I'. 01 1,1 I'.mi.i ,., . I 8.1
M mphls l,!j,"."l 21.0I...
1'oril.uiil Urn l.ii"i.72' I 2i I
Hiwhesni 1,1711,1k II I 0 . ...
New lluieu l,tl).Mi7' H.21
Savannah l,49s,8)S 1 7.1
SiirluglUI'l. -Mann l,47u,ui3 i ;,
Woreisiti 1.351,973' ....
Portland, Mo l,3Su,)'), . 1.1)
Atltnt.i 1.131,740 11. V .. .
rit win tii l.ao.ui :w !
. 1,53.120 3I.M
Sin .e i7l.fi.11 s 71
IN Moines 1,413,075 '121... .
fiiand lUpbU M.l 73.1 2'!.. .
Staltle 17S,I17 1 3(10
l.owill , a7,'i2 II.
Wilmington, Del 7uO,17S 3.0 ...
Nirtolk Ul,Su S
Sioux City MS.TIII,. . 32 0
I .on AliK.l- I.SB.31J 0)0 . . .
Tacoma BlMSSl.. . 1 l 2
Saginaw Mich IBO.TSA 27 SI. ..
Spokane 3I7.51SI 1;
Jaiksoinllle 319.1S9 HI 2
l.lnculn 313.270.,. 227
New Iledfonl 48.3il 11 III. .. .
Wlrhltu 472.3111 3 21
Ilirinlligham 351,01.11 5.0. .
Toptku 4111,271'.. . I IS I
LenlngtOil. Ky 111,130, .. .
llinghamptoii aCn.KW . . J . .
Nashville SS2.1MI ... ,1
Culvestou .... 3,i22,i;75l . 1
Sail Lake 1.II1H9 2sr.l.. ..
The P.oyal ilaklng Ponder U the great
(ft of the modern time holpn to perfe. t
looking ami every receipt requiring a rais
ing IngredUnt aliould embody H
Kauit lit huh rut fur Mlvrr.
Abilene, Kas , l 3. (Special j "the
rifth congressional district Dvmoi ran
tentral lominlttee held a eonfeienn hire
to-ua on the plan of campalBu lb s-ulu-tlons
worn adopted demanding an early
mculng of the mate commute to frim. a
current) polli) The. renoluilon 'i-iUre
for free and unlimited coinage of silver at
Hi to 1. as the motto of Kansa liomix
racy NotUe ub nerved In udwn, on the
state Democracy that the Fifth district will
oppose any fuilon with other partus next
I'lftUUi. tl.VMl IIJIOKIIN t!f, , .,
fpltrnl t'onvlctlnns (curpil In the fpilpnil
t ourt t 111 Irrni.
Pension Iniippclor Anderson, who has
been working for four vears lo capture the
crowd of pension ntmts that hnp been
operating from t'arrollton. Mo., Is rppllnR
very much plpned Over the n suits At
thp prespnt tprm of the federal court he
ha convicted three men In the casp. Car
pi nter, McComb and Wallace, nn 1 vMcr
dij morning, when 'lie 1 ase against the
mm who hnve hem making the false nf
tldnvlts were enlled, Chnrbs c Clark and
.1 W ISowprn came Into court with pleris
of Kiillty As rhnrgPil and nkeil the mercy
of the court. The) go' It In the form of u
sentmce of a tine of JIOi and thirty iln)s
nt hard labor In the Carroll conntv Jail,
to he inrrleil out nt once
The nun would have received n much
more severe sehtcrtie httil It not been clear
Is showh In the trial of the preceding cnei
that thej were sltnpl the tools of the
nuenls rather than the ones who hail with
prenipilHntlon lomlnltlM n ctlme against
the tovprnment.
.tohn tlsinr Seats, of Adrian, Was- nlo
cotiviitpd of mnklnir false nllldavlts.
Mr. Anderon thinks that he has Dip
irang prettv well cleaned out now uml that
flltllte rltnes of tti.it lll'linrter are cer
tain to bp s( nttered ones rnther than the
work of an organlrrd gang that ii'ed tin
pilniipled witnesses foi false ntUdavlts
AN OMI MAV.K tlt'll.T.
He Wil lllilllrril to Coilllnlt till' tllllllMflll
Ait li) Atliirne.T,
In the federal court jestenliy morning n
Jutv rcturueil a. verdict of guilty against
.1 P. Storel, nn old soldier, now over
SI sears of age. The offense wns procuiing
two parties tn make fnle ailtdnlts in an
ippllcatlon for 1111 Itn reuse In 11 pcnlon
ease. The old Innti Is tniterlng nil the
vi rge of the grave, and, during the trial,
sot like one iinrisl. Th ". Iilenee In the
1 ase was so pi 1I11 Hint there was no isoap"
for the defi'iiilaiit. and the Jutv was left
with no otlnr nnii"i than to convict
The old man Is an Inmnteof the Soldiers
home at Leavenworth, and was drawing a
pension for many years prior to the tiling
of the application for the Increase lie
was advised liv nttornevs to do as he did,
and, noiv that he Is left to tight tin battle
alone the case presents a vety pathetic
He iiinie to the eltv enrlv In the week
and wns without funds to pav hs botrd or
"inv other expene. Marshal Shelby could
have locked the old man III the countv Jail,
but he preferred to nut him In a hotel und
pay his board himself than to do the other
thing, and. through the gem rosily of the
marshal, the old man has had his liberty so
far. There was no enteiui pronounced In
the ense. as the couit was not prepared for
that part of the progiamme.
lgneil Ills Mage Nnllie, Too.
Mr. W, It. Todd was aripiltted III the fed
einl coutt yesterd.iv of the cnarge of forg
ing a name on a mone.v order and cashing
It. Tin defendant Is an actor, and, like
others of that profession, has an assort
ment of names, Une is his renl name, and
he also has u stage name, which he uses at
times. One of the times he used It was Hi
cashing u monev order, when he signed bj
both his real name and the stage name. 1 ni
light of one man to sign two names was
at once called in ipiestlon, and odd wns
brought Into court to answer to the
charge. He was able to show the matter
plainly to tin. jury, and was uciitlttil.
What tin 1'riiMts VYoillil Have llei il
A suit for breach ot contract was filed
In the circuit court vesterdav where T M
James Sons seek to recover Jl.TlO from
the Marlon I'rult Jar nnd Hottle Companv,
of Marion, Ind
The defendant, April 20, contracted to sell
the plaintiff f,i) gross of ftult Jars, to be
delivered Mav 1. Meanwhile glass Jars
went up In value and the defendant railed
to till his contract and now plalntllf brings
suit to recover the protlts he would have
mnde hnd the goods been delivered
The suit Is brought In attachment, goods
In possession of Long llros. and ltvlev,
Wilson A; Co being attached for the bene
fit Of the plalntllf.
1 11st Ills Hainan'.
lit uce T.ynil, living at IM Harrison
stieet. fill from a second stoiy window at
Bo7 Wyandotte street yestenlay at noon.
The police ambulance convesed him to the
police station, where Surgeon Iuen found
he had fractuied his light leg und was
I1.11II) bruised on the side After being
tieuteil he was suit home In the ambu
lance, l.ynd Is etnploved as an otliie boy
nt Svvorforil IHos. dry goods store, and was
sitting In the window, when he lost his bal
ance and tumbled out.
Nnu Suits riled.
2liiS. Nelson Morris et al v the Na
tional Hink of Commerce et al; 1 qulty
2l2l)'i. T M. JnniPS et al vs Marlon I'rult
Jar and Dottle Compan , suit In attach
ment. 21210 l'red Oehrlng s. J II. Stanvvood,
Ju-tke of the peace, mandamus
21211. A J MeCravv s Grand Avenue
Itillroad Company, damages.
Wllev's Mi tliii Pliable to Appear.
.1 1" Wllev, the assailant of Thomas
Ki 11 In a Wi'st bottoms saloon Wednesday
night, was befoie Justice J0511 yisterday
on the charge of assault to kill The case
was i outturns! until -May ID, as Kell, ow
ing to the Injmles he received, was unable
to appear Kelly Is now at St Margin et's
hospital in Kansas City, Kas. Little hopes
am ntertalned for his lecnvety.
Omit Null's
The case of P.obert Malzahan vs. .lames
.MeKinmy.ln Judge Henry's court, wa.s e-
teiduy glvui .1 thauge of venue to Clay
The Jury In the James L. Toild vs. Sheriff
John P O'Neill case brought in .1 verdict
for the defendnnt In Judge llcnrj'.s dlvls
lun of the ilrcult court e-tenlny.
The count) couit jesterday appointed
Sate Dessi r) to supetinti ml the work to be
done on the ISIue Splines road. John ltog
ets will supetlntend the Impiovement 011
the L'royMjalii ruad.
H J, Luseh, liulleteil foi makli.g n
fraudulent presi rlptlon, and A. .1. liellnilir.
Indicted foi selling liquor without a license,
obtained 1 hanges of venue In the iiliiiln.il
court yestinlay to Independence.
The suit brought bv Dr. Donald-on
against tin Oiand Avenue It.illro.id Com-
p.lll) W.lH lllnl out 01 conn .vesieiiuij,
the company p.i.vliiK Dr Donaldson f.',ftrt
In full settlenieiit He brought suit for
Tin- two cases against Mrs. Minute Illiik
wiiod. In which she Is 1 hinged with making
a false altidavit and obtaliiin- monev b
false pretenses, were continued, until tho
Septembei term of the criminal court jes
telilll). ut the reipiest of er .Itturlle)
ll.iv Molfatt was tried before .1 Jur) in the
criminal 1 ourt )isioid.i uiiom Hie elunge
of bunking Into the stole of Itudolph Well,
No 1V)1 Hast Hlght. ewh siieit, on the
night of In. ember 23, ivll nnd stealing
shoes, Jiwelr) and other goo.U valued ut
JW.fsi The Jury retuinul a viidbt of not
guilty Moftiilt was Jolntlv linlli ted with
Hoy Knenller. HugeiU" (111111111 alias J'u
gene Welch, and Htil Whitman
Andrew .1. .Mi Ciaw hiought suit against
the (Ir.ind Avenue Itallwii) Compiny in
the rlruilt louit )estirda He -wants
$2'i.0ij iliunigCH tor Injuiics recfived while
imploveil at the powi r house of the 1 11111
panv. Ho stepped lulu a munhole, which he
ullegts was earelessl) J. ft opui. and was
so badly Injuml that his lite was depaliisl
of for Minn wciks, and he Is now In very
poor health, he sa)s, us the tisult of the
Mil-. MHianda Pittode, an old colond
woman who lives at 1101 Holmes httiet,
was nrrrsted )ituday uiorniiiK by Di put)
Pulled Slates Marshal Itolnirt Alexnndir
on u i.iplns from the federal louit She
id under indictment for fiaud In oniiictiun
with a pension can. When she w.n pi mil
Ulidil airest she staled to the ulllur that
slit had a powerful queer ditaiu on ihe
ptivlous nltflu iiinl felt iiiiean) all fine
noon and was Just exin ctlng something
1 wron to happen all the time
Sarn W' Inbuilt, who was atrestnl sev
eral weeks ago for pushing a nmnteifclt
dollar, uppiared In the fedual eutin )(
terday at noon and abkeil fur lontlnuanie
of the i.isi iiv.iiiipt him until the mining
ti rm of louit and it ive a bond of Ji out) foi
hi uppearnnce at thai time. Marmadiike
James and Leonora James, of Hi., elslor
Minings, also weie In lourt and s.iur.d a
lontlniianve of the i-usiti .ualnt tl etn for
wiiiliiiK oboeene matiei through lin inalU,
and guve bund fot their uppi.ar.111 1 al the
dl'M term of the court
Kllltil b) 1111 l'nploiin,
Oalenii, K.is.. Ma) 3. (Spenil) The
bed of Kiniuum .V Mlllei'K eiu-lier ,11 this
place was blown up lo-da) 111 otcler to
net the old Iron It contained D) 11. unite
was 11. id and the explosion was so jiow
irful as to peiid with uiuih fone a heavy
plucti of iron a dlMitm r of a .pi irier of a
mile, ktrlklng John Tai-kett and Killing
turn liutantly. He leuvt 11 uif. and llvo
chlldieu ami was a pronituun member
of the koulety of Woodmen, in whlih urder
he tarried a polb) for S.imi
A new dining car tervbe lu-tween Chi
cago and llullalo via the .Vikel Plate load
ban reiuitly been pbned at th. disposal of
the traveling piiblli. vvhnn win muble pat
ions of IhU favorite uv rati line to obtain
all meuU on tialn when trivellng on
thiouuh traiiu betw.en Chi ami. New- York
and Hoton. lor ri-ervatiom, ot sleeping
car space and further .iiformatlon, bee
)uur local ticket ugent or address
, J (,'ALAHAN.
CtueraJ Agent, Chltato. HI.
if Just About M Miy
to ct 111 noor eofrfr
and costs no more
imybe not no much, If
' u buy tit the right
place The Chae A
S inborn coffees arc of
world wide repute,
their, excellence won
the right or exclusive
coffee privilege at the
world's fair and the
fntlsfnctlon there giv
en Is shown lit the ab
normal Increase In
ale since Ihnt time
Most everybody has
a fixed price for Chase
R- Sanborn eurfees "M
cent" per pound but
we allow no houe to
tell ns what the ell
Ing price of nn article
sunn pe nnu you inn
Unit It here for 2.1 cents per pound Try
these brands once and joil'll betotne n
perm-went patron of them.
2 tons or our finest Hams, worth rpRiiHr
from 10'e lo 12'fcc per lb ; to-il.i),
Siic pound.
Another drive In hams to-day iSntur
ilavi. We'll sell 2,ii0 lioutids or California
batllS. such as we linvn bern rtelllnif nt
Sc and 8'jc, for fi'e per lb. Plr.es, c 10 S
Another lot of fine creamery cntne In
csterdav. It's on our i-mtntpr now nt He
per lb for choice; other dealers have to
get 2.10 and Siv for sime kind of butter
Spbndlil countiy butter, 10t lb.; the best,
2 lbs. for 2,,
Popular Low Price Grocer,
537-539 MAIN ST.
nim:p riHMs 11 v iviiti:.
.lohnsfown. Pa, May 3 In nn eploIon
at the Cambrli Iron works several nun
weie serlousl) Injured.
Manitowoc, Ws May 3. A great slorm
passed over the village ot Kellnervllle to
day and John Anderln, 14 years old, who
was n bnl, was killed hv a bolt of light
ning. Clarnett, Kn". May 3 (Special.) Terrific
dust storm, followed by glorious shower
this afternoon. Some hall and wind; no
damage, rain much needed, city water
worki supply iry short.
Ilelolt, Wis., Mav 3. To-day, during one
of the most terrllle elettrle storms ever
known here, the lurn on Prank L'nslgle's
farm was struck by lightning and binned,
togeth-i with four hor"e, thirteen head of
1 attic ami a lot of machinery
Nelllsvllle. Wis.. Mav 3 During the elec
trii.il stotm to-day Mrs. Joseph Suther
land, of the town of York, fearing the
storm, went Into the cellar, and no sooner
was sh., there than lightning struck the
houe, nt 11 until her huband and killed her.
St Joseph, Mo, May 3 (Special.) Km
I.'-ngen. a wealthy stockman and the old-
ist sou of John Lengen. or Palrlleld com-
niiiieu suicide nv hanging Himself tills
morning In th it place. Lengen has been In
noor health for several vears and was ,le.
sp, indent.
Washington, May 3. There Is no doubt
the nigtiment on the Income tax case In
the supreme court will begin net Monda).
(1e1iHr.1l Wheeler has recejvi-d a letter ft 0111
Justice Jackson, In which he sciys his
health ls'S-o much Improved that he hopes
foi Its complete restoiatlon.
('0 den City. .Mo. Mnv .1 CSneelal ) The
contract for the new I O ). P hall was
awarded last night and work will begin
at once. The building will In verv elab
orate and will cost about $.1.0- The local
lodge Is one of the strongest in tin- state,
owning the beautiful cemeter.v here and
other valuable proper!) .
Wichita, Kas., Mm 3 (Special.) While
here to-day the grand master workman of
the A. O. P. W. issued a dl-e ns.ition to
the subordinate lodges of the state to re
Instate members who have been su-rended
s months upon paying medical lamina
tion oxpen-es and one assessment The or
di r ailecls nearl) 1 OoO persons In 'van-ns.
lta lelgh. N. C. Mav 3 Op tree Mills was
privately hanged in the Jailv ml lure at
9 10 this morning for the menier of his
niece, lula Wlmberlv He vvn- arrested the
next day and brought here I inching was
threatened and he was guar ted by troops
two nights He lirst denied hi crime, then
last Septimber. at his Uai made a full
NOIt.MAN ,v. ItUllUltl'SoN, proprietors
of abiti.iri.s, nnd 1 xaminerj, of land titles.
No Iti Hast Sixth street, furnish dully the
transfer of mil ettate tiled in the record
ers. olllcL at Kans it, City, Mo
Ndtlce All tiansfeis appiarlng In our
duil) upoils contain covtnanii, of general
wariant), unless othirwl-o stated.
Maj 3.
New Hngland Loan and Trust Com
paii) 10 P A Aiidl.iuer, lot 12 and
put of lot II, blink 2, South King
ston Place . i 1.7M
Samuil Weir and wife to llomir
Keid, lot I, bloik 4,1 alrmount park 70
Ilom.r Iteed and wife to John Pi
ler-on- same .. ., &2i
S irah Luck to C W. W hltcomb;
pirt of lot l't, (lallfy's addition 1,2')
C W. Wlntcunib and wire to It. 11,
Hurge, same Sr0
Am) P. ci.uk and husband to J. A.
Hellmin, lot 7, Ludlow place 2,CuO
Ida M. Drown and hit-baud to P II.
Iltuwii, lot 21 and part or lot 22,
L) nil's addition 1
M Praer mil husband to W W.
DeWoIf. p.ut of lots 3J nnd 34, block
2. Mount Auburn 1
L. II. Hamlin et al to Lelti L.Haye';
lots 1.1 and 10. Walnut livvn l,f"
Ntvv Hngland Loin and Trust Com
pany to Clvllla Pie); lot IB, same . 7i0
P. It Plngir and wire to V. JI.
Thorniun. lot Js. IlrlghamN nddl
tlon , 1,7.10
W .1. Anderson and wife to Jlnry V
Van Hoesen, lot In .Melius.- 1,500
T P. Johnson and wife to L A. Iler
ger and wile, lots 7. S and 9. block
2. William IJab-s' se. ond addition.. S.000
J. S. ililbeit to New Hngl mil Loan
and Trust Compnii) , lot 12 and
put of lot 13. block 2, South King
ston place ... 1
J. c. Hates to Pianeis V. Hoffmann;
lot 7 nnd part of lot S, P ..
Woods' addition 1
J Jl Pox nnd wife to Hunter Heed;
lot I. bloik I, Puirinount pirk . . 1
W P. Spottsvvood to Jeise li yung,
lot 12. llowmnnS subdivision 3,200
Same to s ime , lots 13, 15, 17, and 2.1,
same . ... W.SfiO
L L llutchlnsun and husband to
Central C)cle Compin) : part ot
lot ti iml all of lots 7 and i. block
f. Ueld's addition 2,3ft)
J S. (Illbert to New P.nglinil Loan
and Tiust Coinpiii); loth 15 and 10,
W',ilniit lawn 1
N. W Ou.uies to (I. Jkrlw ether;
lots S, 9, 10 and II, block 7, -Mount
ubiirn ICO
J A llilghtwell and wife to snme;
p.ut of lot 10, bloc 1; 7, shme 1
J, M Itaglund to same, part of lot
S, bloik 7 sann. et ill 100
Stand ml Investment Company tn
same; part of lot Is. block 7, same,
et al ... ... .. .. CO
Jacob llraiiu tn II and T. Iliueiiing;
lots 11 Ki 17 1 ii I pait of lot II,
blmk -1 Kensington, 1 1 at . . 8,170
It Jl lingers and wife to JIary P.
Miller; lot ii, 1 1 in k 7, Troost hlgh-liucl-
. ... . 1.171
J T llrouglul ind wife In J Low
ell Moor. . pan of lot 1. Ilelmont . fVO
poit si.p. nit i:cii vm;i:.
tale; splendid cottage almost new, large
lot, goud until" ists! town ot Hoxle, Shi'l
cap toimt). Lis, no Incumbrance, for
n.lle 1 hiap or ' c liango for Pastern prop
C7 l.)u .-. st . Onind Huplds Jlich,
SAU.NDHlt.s & Whlle.lOU 12. ISth street.
'phone WJv. Itilltlint and laying curpets a.
rpeclalty; upholstering of all kinds; mat.
tresses renovated. Hefer to Doggett D. Q.
Co. and Kohl Keith Fur. Co.
niit,i . and Yi:iii(ii.r.
ner month. - nt for and returned. Mark S.
Sallsbur) li pi ndence, .Ma.
IF YOU W NT good old-fauhlon butter.
milk or cream, go to McC'llniock') restau
rant. 920 Walnut street.
UltANHAJl -Heorge C. Itranham. aged 33
Funeral Saturlay. Jluy ). at 3 p. in., from
residence of J. . Sanborn, SOW Uast Tenth
NHAlttiV 100 LOTS SOLD That means
that nearly iro PPltCHAHP.HS HAVH
t.DOKHD nt thp propert), havp mmlp up
thplr tnlmls to buy, have bought, hnve px
nmlnpil their titles, hnve paid over their
monpy, hnve recPlved thplr deisls nnu hnve
put them on record, and nil within 2.1 ilny.
Mnnv or them nrp old long-headed capi
talists, some ot them vonngpr, but shrpwd
business mrnj spvrrnl young, unmarried
men. looking to the future1, nnd unite n
numbpr of .voting ladles, nil thrifty, far
sighted people. Niiw, there must be some
merit In this property or there would not
be such a rush for It, nnd besides Its hav
Ing the merit It must Iip rheap. You can
not sell property now Just because It Is
worth the monev. It must be n bargain
a HAIti: bargain. Now, we vvnnt to close
It out by Juno 7 B0 dnv-s and olTer subject
to prcv loll sale, thp following lots!
sixlKi, between Thlrtv -sixth nnd Thirty
seventh, on Interstate. Moo.
MxIM. between Thlrtv -sixth ntnl Thirty
seventh, on Heliesee J4n).
MxIM. between Thirty-seventh ntnl Thlr
t) -eighth, on Hell Km.
Hxiimltie the property, consider the loca
tion, view, neighborhood, society, schools,
reslilenie.s, street liniyovcinciits. trnns
tKirlntlon (present nnd futttrp), compare
all or these and the prices with other loca
tions nnd prices and .voti will want some
or them while they can be had from first
Agents. 110 West 1'lghth.
At Chicago, III.
On Wednesday, May 15th. nt 10 a. m.
order of the Hecelvcr
the entire stock of
of Cloaks and Suits,
at their stores, 2.17 to 23D, Market St.,
Inventoried value, fl'AOOO.OO.
Consisting of
170,000.00 worth Woolens. Silks, Linings,
nnd Trimmings.
jiOOnOOO worth Made-up Oarmonts,
such as Clonks Capes, Jackets,
Waists, Suits, Skirts, etc.. In the
latest Spring. Summer and Pall St)les.
This stock will be sold In lots to suit thp
floods will be on exhibition with
Catalogue, on Monday, Mav 13th.
SA.MPPL OANS. .Manager.
WVstern Snlvai,p Wtecklng Agency.
(IHOIIC.i: V. OOHi: CO.. auctioneers.
KOIt SALP PIrst mortgage, of S4 X0. on
POO acres In northeait corner of Harber
county, Kas ; 200 aeies In wheat, and 200
acres In oat, about 300 acres pasture land,
Lombard Investment Co held mortgage on
III') acres of above land for I,CI0. but It was
pld off. Mortgage runs for live years nt
! per cent. Address '. IS', Journal olllce.
POH SALI1 New ustom made express
nnik delivery wagons all sl7.es; a line of
caHlagPS, surrles, plnetons, buggies, nt
louJ prices; uKo se ond hand buggies,
H.irrlgan-Zartman Carriage Co,
KOIt SALE Part or all or a steam well
drilling outfit. 302 Mass. building.
POH SALn Thoroughbred Drown Leg
horn eggs. 617 Trac ) ave.
FAILM LOANS-Near Kansas City, In
Missouri and Kansas, annual Interest pay
able at borrower's home bank; money
ready Loans nNo for sale.
Over Plrst National bank
6 AND C I'EH CKN 1 more) on Duinesj,
residence and farm property; unusually fa
vorable terms. Apply to Homer Reed or
Theo Nash. 1005 Droadway.op Coates house
LOW INTKItPST-Kansas City loans,
Improved propert) only Call or addresi
uver e Irst national D.inK.
MONEV TO LOAN direct, 6, 7 and S per
cent. 11, L, JOHNSON & CO .
Telephone. 1017 721 N V. Life bldg.
CIGARS t f r a ipiarter size. .1 for 2.1c;
case tine 5c girs. 3 for 1" . Itoi.il Havana
Stogies tlncst n ade, 0 for pk ijeo W Ho-e.
fni tory agen' K. 10th. mar Journal bldg
HAVE YOl' a tine watch out of order'
Take It to Abne), formerl) with Jac
card's, 1201'. Urand ave , cleaning 7 and 11
jewel watcher SI: main spring, II.
JAMES DA.NNON. the an hi ti it, has re
sumed buslms-, with ollb es Temple block.
ADVICE and assistance that makis the
unhapp) and broken-hearted unfortunate
hupp) and siicte.ssfnl all thiough life, if
)ou an In trouble try n helping hand from
Dr .Morris, ihe celebrated lalrvo)ant of
the l'uh .eniury. Ik inn be consulKd on
nil aftalrs of life, the separated brought to
gether, causes happy marri.,g with the
0110 ou i boose don't fall to call on Dr.
Morris, sou will llnd him a perfect gentle
man and virv honest In his business Of
llce nt HOC Oak St. Letters with stamps
promptly answered.
MRS. L. JA.MES, the well known clair
voyant and trance medium, ma) bo con
sulted at 12U9 Grind ave . parlors 39 and 40
.President. Vice President.
nnd baggage transferred to nnd from all
depots furniture moved and packed by
experts. 407 nnd 401 W')andotte St., Kan
sas Cltv Mo Telenhone 1517
CHiiNO SINH. the 1Sre.1t Chinese .Medi
cine .Man, who has made such great success
In the treatment with Chinese medicines
of all diseases, that the human ll'-sh is heir
to, loutluues to nnu them with Ills Chi
nese medicine He can be consulted at 211
W. Mb st, upstairs, Kansas Pit), Jlo
WANTED A nartv with from J1.uk) to
13,000 to take 1111 intercut tn it well estab
lished mfg business, can show a good big
ptotlt in the bnsln. ss, a practical machin
ist or traveling salesman preferred, for full
particulars, iuldn-sa W u!7. Journal otllcc.
SAFES onened and repaired, bought and
Eold, Combination Joclti cleaned and
changed. II. HAURIOAN. Expert,
Telephone 12SI 100 East Tenth St.
W III 1 1. 'j-'ALP ."j-l-.s
WE want a youns man In every town In
Missouri, Kansas end Nebraska to handle
our wheels (let our catalogue and prices
1027 and 1020 llroadway Kansas City Mo
W'ANi Ell -MIM'lil.l.AM'.OlN.
WANTED -To sell ten shnre bank stock.
1100 nn share Will pa) 10 to 15 pel tent
dividend Capital of bank 110,000, In East
ern Kunsas. Address . M, Journal olllce.
Callow ,15 .v. Shaiikland Steam Caipet
('leaning and Renovating Works, J5th und
Agnes, Tel, 212.. Our spet laity, alteilng
und luylng Iteler (b) pernilsslon) to tirln.
ilpal taipet houses and hotels In Ihe city.
1 i;m:w stiiiiahi; i-o,
HAVE NEW and sale building for lurnl
ture storage. Advances made; packing- and
chipping done. JOHN A. EAJIES.
8U Walnut st. Tel. 2006 Alanueer.
lo the stockholders of the V. It. Andrua
Music Company Is hereb) given that a
meeting 01 such stockholder will be held
ut the oilic of said compan) two lirand
avenue, in Kansas Clt), -Mlsuuil, on Jlon
da). Ihe Lih da) of Ma), lU)i. ut 10 o'clock
a. m.. for tht purpose of ilectlug seven dl
rettois to miiii for the ensuljig year, and
to truusau such otlur business as may
tome legal!) before the meeting
V, R. ANDRPS. President
aetretary; LAUHA E. ANDRUS.
VAMTMtLl..ntiliia Ami rtirnnlt fie A
benptlclal nnd fraternal order; benefit cer
tificates from fVo to H.tw; slekntss nnd
accident iKillcles 6, 12 nnd 1S per year pn)
JH, 112 and IIS tier week Address or In
quire, II, M. HELLER, Sup. Sec')',
. . , S22 Temple block.
JOHN A WfHLE, Supreme Pres.
WANTED-LOW men to write me to-day
for the receipt (absolutely free. In plain
seapd envplopp) which cured me of nervous
debility, exhausted vitality, etc. Adres) C,
.1, Walker. Imx 1313, Kalamazoo, Mich.
WANTED 71 bo) Sunday morning nt G
o'clock. American District Telegraph Co.,
f.32 Dclnwnre
WANTED 7B bo) from II to IS )cnrs
old. American Dlsttlct Telegraph Co.,
f-T2 Dplawnre.
WANTED 4 good colleclors nnil solicit
ors. Apply at lis West Sth. A good thing
for hustlers.
. WANTED Two good men to distribute
blll Impure nt Hotel Savoy, Dr. Haltz,
room No, 7,1.
WANTED Position us tnrrWM-lTifvcY".
Call or address O. 11. Cox, 1101 Charlotte.
E.MI'l.tPiMI'NT AUr.M'tr..
and furnished rooms, 10H4 East 12th. cor.
Walnut. Tel. 1175. The best place tn IC C
.Mo , to find hrlp or situations, male or
rcmatc; 34 years' experience. Ret. Omaha
Sat bunk, Ornahnt Cltlpn' bank. K, C
WANTED Persons wishing good life In
surance to exnmlne the policies of the Cin
ton Masonic .Mutual lleuevolent Society be
fore purchasing something else, You ilon'l
have to die to get your mom) ; under rer
tain conditions the Insured may draw every
dollar or his insurance while living. So
Hint while seeking to protect your f.imllv
when )otl are called away, )ou may le -clve
the same amount of protection jours'If
while living. The cost Is no more tirin nil)
other good company. None better, tuuie
sarcvr, none so satisfactory for so .ltlle
money. The Canton litis kept all her ptoni
Isis, nnd engages only for certainties and
best that is possible. Come let ns expl..m
to ou. or call us bv telephone 21J0. Can
ton .Masonic .Mutual Benevolent Socl'tv,
A. Chadwlek, (.tpner.it AisCiit, i123 and K
American Hank bldg. Agents wanted.
WANTED Agents to sell our Instan
taneous, water-tight Oarilen Hose Coupler.
Sells nt sight. No tools required. Liberal
commission. Send for particulars. Adams
.; Wostlakc Co.. Chicago.
Rental Agent Since 1K50,
an New England Hulldlng.
4 room flat, 110.
4 room Hat, J12.
Nice store at corner Independence nnd
Holmes, ill.
I want houses to rent. Will ndvcrtlse
them free nnd get good tenants,
TO RENT 1414 LInwood avenue, de
tached house, S rooms, all modern improve
ments; sevetal rooms carpeted; large and
handsome stable: nil newly painted and In
perfect order; will Ieae one or two yeari;
$ per month. Kev nt 1412 LInwood ave.
GEOROE LAW, X. Y. Life building.
TO RENT 170.1 Wabash ave., 3 room
brick, lot C0132, above grade, bay window,
bath room, two poiches, sewer, hot and
cold water, bluegrass yard, stable; call at
313 Ridge bldg.; 120. J. R. Young.
TO RENT No. 12 of the Ilelmont apart
ment", 13th and Virginia, the most de
sirable of the Belmont blotk. Crutcher &
Welsh, 714 Delaware st.
TO RENT 411 Relief ontalne, S room de
tached brick, modern, fine location. In
quire 401 Whitney building
TO RENT Pnfurnlshed rooms suitable
for light housekeeping, for lady and gentle
man. S14 Harrison st
to i:i:vt-iim'i:i,i,am:hus.
TO RENT Store room. 2207 Independence
ave., ?I3. J. R Young, 313 Ridge bldg.
THE Kansas Clt) Jletal Roofing & Cor
rugating Co.. 10a Builders' Ex. Tel. 1363.
as, b) deed of trust dated the 11th day of
August, 1'ltl, retorded on the 27th day of
August, li'll, in book "IV 171. at page 41S,
of the records of Jackson count), Missouri,
The Alllanei Trui-t Companv tonveyed to
the undersigned. Divid H. Ettlen. trustee,
the following described jirojicrty, situate In
the county of .lack-on nnd stale of Mis
souri, to-wlt Lot one (11, block slxtv-two
(02), East Kan-as addition (being the south
tast corner of Fifth and Charlotte), an ad
dition to the City of Kinsas (now Kansas
Clt)), .Missouri, as the same Is marked i.nd
designated on the recorded plat of addi
tion, to secure the pavmtnt of the principal
real 1 state bond anil coupons therein de
scribed, and, whereas, the said The Alli
ance Trust Company has failed to pay the
Intertst coupons which fell due on the
llrst day of .March. 1VU, the lirst day or
September. lS'JI, and the tlrst day or .Man h.
15Si, and has t.illid to p t the taxes p v le.l
against -aid propert) as tin- same m.itur
id, w hereb) the whole or said Indebtedness
became due nnd Is now wholly unpild,
now thereron , public notice is hereby
glvtn that 1, David 11 Ettlen. thi tl usti e
named In said deed or tiust. will, in aci ord
ain e with the terms and provisions of
said deed of trust, at the n quest
of the legal holder and owner of said
bond, proceed to sell the above leierlbul
pniperty at public vendue, to the highest
bidder, for cash, at tin front Moor of the
building In which the cireult ccurt of said
Jackson count) Is noiv held, being the
sout 1 front door of the tn w county court
house. In Kansas Clt), JIHsourl, on Mis
souri avenue, between Oak and Lcci'st
stnets, on S.iturdi), the liven) -fifth nay
of .Ma), IS'",, between the hoiiia of ii.iib
p'cloi k In the forenoon and live o' lock In
the afternoon of that da), for tho purrose
of pa) lug the said 'It lit and interest and
cost of ex.cet!ling this trust
The Alliance Trust Coinpiny parted with
this title plior to the reteivirslllp of said
comp.ui) EDWARD C. WltlUET
WHEREAS. J. U. A King and Fath.i H
King, his wife, by. their 1 ertnln dud of
trust, dated the 2i'.th day of October, IKS!?,
and molded on the i.'.th da) or Oitobei,
IS... Ill book "II" 320, at pigu Sol. of the
reciiuls of Jackson count), .Missouri, con-vi-).-d
10 the undersigned, David H. Ettlen,
trustee, the following iiesulbtd propeity
I) ing and being In the county or Jackson
and state of .Missouri, to-wlt. Lots num
bend tweuD-nlnii (."i). thlity (JO), thltty
one (Jl) and thirty-two (32), In block num
ber twelve (12), or Hie lestiivey of Pendle
ton Heights, .111 addition to the Clt) of
Kansas, .Missouri, ait-ordlng to the record
id plat thereof, togetlu 1 with nil thu liu
ptoviments theietnilo belonging, for tho
purpose of seeming the payment or a
prlnclpil renl estate bond and coupons
therein described; und, wlu-reas, said note
and Ihe Interest theieon Is now past duo
and unpaid, now, thtiefore, public notice
Is hereby given that I. David 11. Ettlen, tho
irustiu 11 lined In said deed of trust, will,
in accQidance with the terms and provis
ions of said deed of ttiist, at thu lequest or
the legal holdci and owner or said bond,
pioceed to sell the abovu described piop
erty .11 public viiidui, to the highest bid
ilt r, for 1. mli, at the front door of the
t-ouirty coin 1 house. In the clt) of Inde
pendence, in the county of Jaiksou, 11(010
sald, on Saturday, the twenty-lifth day of
Jlay, 103, between the hours of nine o'cloik
In the forenoon und llvo o'clock In the aft.
ernoon of thut d ly, for the puipuc of pa)
Ing the said debt and imucsi and tho cost
of eneciltlng this tiust.
Evlward C, Wright, Attorney.
TRUSTEE'S SALE Ry reason of default
In the pa) mint of the two Interest notes,
duo Jiinw 10, 1WI, and Dece-mber jii. lb II, de.
scribed In .1 died of trust made by H. W,
Powers nnd SInuh 1-. Puvvers, his wife,
dated the 1Mb day of June, ISSo. and record
id on the bth ilcty of October, li. In hook
II 411, at page WI, in the olllce of the re.
wirder or deeds for Juekson county. Ills
souil, at Kansas City, and by nuson or tho
condition eontalneil In said deed of tiust.
by which. In cam of default in pasnu-nt of
said juternst notes when lue, tho principal
pote becomes duo and pa) able, and the
same Is now declared due, 1 will, by -virtue
of thu promlse.s and of the power In mo
vested by said deed of trust, nnd at the re
quest of the legal holder of said notes,
proceed to bell all of lot numbered eighteen
(18), in LInwood summit, an addition to the
city of Kansas City, Jackson county. Mis
souri, as shown bv the recorded plat of
said addition, at the south fiont door of
the court house In Kansas City, Missouri,
between the hours of 9 o'clock In the foie,
noon and C o'clock In the afternoon, on
Tuesday, the 2ith day of Jlay, 18S3, at
public vendue, to the highest bidder for
cash, for the purnose of paying said Inter
est and principal notes and the cost of
executing this trust
Kansas City, JIuv 4th. 1&S1.
A. A. TOJ1LINSON. Trustee.
TIll'STMirS SAIA'. Wherpim. Nicholas
T, Eaton and Mamie Eaton, his wife, by
their certain deed of trust, ilateil February
2.1, lx-fl, and recorded In the omce of the
recorder or deeds for Jackson county, state
of .Missouri, nt Kansas Clt)', on February
SS, HAS, In book "II" 333, at page 174. con
ve)ed to thp undersigned. Duvld H. Ettlen,
tho follow Inc described rpal estate situate
In the county of Ji.kon. state of Jlls
snnrl. to-wlti tvt numhereit one hundred
nnd seventeen (117) nnd lot numbered one
hundred nnd eighteen (118), In Ross nnd
Scnrrltt's nddltlon to the City or Kansas
(now Kansas Cltyji which snld deed of
trust vi.11 made to spcure the payment or
the bonds or notps In snld deed ot trmt
dpscrlhed, together with thp Intprpst there
on nnd, whprpas, default has bpn tnadf)
In the paympnt of some of the snld londs
or notes, and the Interest thereon, nnd nil
thp indebtedness secured by the said deed
of trust (cxerptlnR that part thereof which
has been paid) Is long past duo and un
paid! now, therefore, nt the request of the
owners nnd holders of said due nnd un
paid bonds or notes nnd Interest, notice Is
herebv given that I, the undersigned, tho
snld David It. Ettlen, In pursuance ot the
powers vested In tnc by snld deed of trust,
will, on Monday, thp Ztth day of May, IS13,
bptvveen the- hours of nine o'clock In the
forenoon and five o'clock In the afternoon,
proceed to sell the property hereinbefore
and In snld deed of trust described, nt
public vendue, to the highest bidder, for
cash, nt the south front door ot thp court
house, located bptween Jllssourl nvenue,
Oak, Ixiciist nnd Fifth streets, In Kansas
City, in the county ot Jackson, state of
Missouri, being the front door of the build
ing In the City ot Kansas (now Kansas
City). Missouri, In which the circuit court
of said Jackson count) Is held, to pay sold
unpaid bonds- or notes and Interest, nnd
Ihe costs and expenses of executing this
trust, DAVID II. ETTIEN, Trustee-.
Dated Kansas City. Jlo., .May 2. 1SD3.
TRPSTEE'S SALE Whereas, Prlda Muff
(a widow), by her certain deed of trust,
dated the ?th day ot May, lSal, und rcconl
ed on the Hth day of Jlay, 1811. In look It
10.1, at page 0T0, in the olllce of the recorder
of deeds of Jackson county, Missouri, nt
Kansas City, conveyed to me, George
Klimpf, the undersigned trtistep, Hip fol
lowing described real estate, situate In tho
county or Jockson, In the state of .Mis
souri, to-wlt! lot numbered five ID (except
Ing llvo (.1) feet off north side thereon, In
block number thrie (3). In "JlcOee Place,"
an addition to the city or Kansas (now
Kansas City), In the lounty ot Jackson,
and state of .Missouri, as the same Is
marked and designated oil the recorded,
plat now on file In the olllce of the recorder
of deeds of snld county, and stale. In
trust, however, to secure the payment of n
certain promissory note In said deed of
trut described: and, whereas, default has
been made In the payment of said promls
soty note: now, therefore, nt the request
of the legal owner nnd holder or the said
note, public notice is herebv given that I
will, In acconlancc with the terms nnd
provisions or said deed of trust, and by
virtue ot the power In me vested thereby,
sell at public vendue to the highest bidder,
nt the west door of the United States cus
tom house, on the southeast corner of Oth
and Walnut streets. In Kansas City, In the
county of Jackson, nforts.ald, the real es
tate hereinbefore and In snld deed or trust
described, for cash, between the hours of
nine o'clock In the forenoon, nnd five
o'clock In the afternoon, on Thursday, the
Sth day or June, ISM, ror tho purpose or
paving said note and the cost ot executing
this trut. GEORGE KUMPF,
Robert Adams, Attorney.
TRPSTEE'S SALE Whereas. George
Henry JHchaells, and Louise Mlchaclls, his
wife, bv their deed of trust, dated the
22d da) 'of March, 1S13, and recorded In the
olllce of the recorder or deeds In Jackson
countv, Jllssourl, at Kansas Cltv, on the
llrst day ot May. 1&93, In book II B3J. at page
30, did convev to the undersigned trustee
the rollowln described real estate, situ
ated In the county of Jackson nnd state of
Jllssourl, to-wlt: Lot numbered two (2),
In Dickson place, an addition to Kansas
City. In trust, to secure the payment ot
the promissory note. In said deed described,
with Interest as therein described, and nl-o
the payment, ns therein described, of cer
tain dues and fines as therein set forth:
and. whereas, default was made In the
pj)ment of the Interest as therein de.
irrlbed as well ns of th dues and fines arore
said. ror the period of more than six months
arter the said dues, lines and Interest be
came due and payable, by reason whereor,
under the provisions of said deed of trust,
the said note has alo become due and
payable, and the ame, together with said
dues lines and Interest, remain due nnd
unpaid: now. therefore, nt the request of
the Wal holder of said note, and In ac
eotdance with the provisions or said deed
ot tri.st. T, as said trustee, will, on Jlon
day the 13th day of Jlay, 189.1. between the
o-r-" of nine o'clock a. m. and five o'clock
n m at the south front door of the county
eoii't house In Kansas City. Jackson
county. Jllssourl. expose to sale and sell
to the highest bidder, for rash, the above
de't-iihed real estate at public vendue, to
sififfv the debt aforesaid and the costs
.1? this trust. JAJIES SCA.MMON,
WHEREAS. J. Q. A. King and F.itha E.
King, his wife, by their deed of trust dated
the 2tjth day of October, lisliS, and recorded
on the 20th dav of October. lcSSs, In book U
3."J, at page 2t! of the records of Jackson
county, Jllsmurl, conveyed to the under
signed, David H. Ettlen. trustee, the fol
lowing described real estate, lying and be
ing In the county of Jackson and state of
,ci..ml ..-.,.! I jM j !,, Ice .mI t.innli'
L'lve (23) and twent)-si (2b). or block num
ber eleven 111,1, Ul me imuiiv) ol i 1 nun
ton Heiuhts. nn addition to the City of
Kansas, according to the recorded plat
thereof, toccther with nil ot the Improve
ments thereunto belonging, In tiust. to se
cure tho payment of a principal real estate
bond anil coupons theieln ilesctlbed; und
whereas, default has been made In the p.i)
ment of the principal sum of said bond and
Interest thereon, and tho whole Is past due
and unpaid: now, therefore, public notlro
Is hereby given that I, David II. Ettlen. thu
trustee named In said deed of trust, will, In
accordance with the terms and provisions
of said deed ot trust, nt tho request of the
legal holder and owner of said bond, pio
ceed to sell the above described ptoperty
nt public vendue', to the highest bidder, for
cah, nt the fiont door of the county court
houso In the clt) of Independence, In thu
county of Jackson, aforesaid, nn Saturday,
thu twent)-tlfth day of .May, 1S03, betwi en
the hours of nine o'clock In the forenoon
nnd live- o'clock In the afternoon, ot that
da), for tin purposo of paing said debt
and the cost of executing this trust.
DAVID II. E'PilEN, Trustee.
Edward C. W'tlght. Attorney.
TRUSTEE'S SALE Notice Is hereby
glvui thut the undersigned, as tiustee, will
sell at public; vendue, tu the highest bid
der, for cash, on Saturday, the 21th dav of
JIa), 1S'i3. between tho hours of :i o'clock
u, in and D o'clock p in., of that day, at
the east rront door ot the building (court
house), In Independence, Jackson count).
Jllssourl, In which the circuit court pf laid
county Is held, the lollovvlng described
real t. state, sltu.itist In snld county, -viz.:
Tho southwest quarter of the southeast
quarter of the southeast, und the south 14
acres of the east half of the southeast
quarter of the southeast quarter, all of
section 2S. township 4S, range 20; also tho
noilh 3133-Kii) iic-ies of the northoust quar
ter of tho northeast quarter ot section 4,
In township 47, range 20, by virtue of tho
authority given him by a certain deed of
trust, dated the Ibth day of June, 1SJ2,
and recorded on the 22d duy of June, Hj2.
In tho rtcoider's olllce of said county, at
Indep-iiilence. In book 192, at page 307,
whereby D, A, Cuiry conveyed said real
estate to the undersigned, as trustee, to se
cuie the payment of tho bonds In said
deed described, default having been made
In the p.i)ment of said bonds, and the legal
holder of same hiving requested the under
blgned to sell said real estate to pay said
bonds and ihe c-ot of executing the trust,
Leonard and Virginia L. Leonard, hli wife,
by their deed of trust, dated June 26th,
Has, and recorded on June 24, USi, In th
recorder's olllce of Jackson county, statu
of Jllssourl, at Kansas City, in book n,
No. 314. ut page 27ii, conve)ed to Phil E.
Chappeil, as trustee, the following; real
estate, situated In said county, viz.; Lots
six, seven and eight, and the south sixty,
two (i2) feet of lots one, two, three, four
and live. In block three, of Downlng's re
survey of l,ongvluw Place, In thu city of
Kansas, now Kansas City, Jackson county,
Jllssourl, to secuie thu payment of thu
promissory notes. In said deed described;
ami, whereas, default has been made In thu
payment of said notes; now, therefore, I
by viitue of tho power glvtn mu b) said
deed of trust, and at the request of the
legal holder of said notes, will sell sulci
leal estate at publlo vendue, to the high
est bidder, (or cash, at tho county court
bouse door, in tho City of Kansas, now
Kansas City. In the countv of Jackson
ing this trust.
April 23th. liM.
ot the assignment ot II. L. Mathews, F.
A. Coburn, assignee, notice Is hereby given
that on Monday, June 3, lSij, at the law
olllce of L. Traber, at 307 Long Bros."
building, at 515 Main street, Kunsas City.
Mo, between the hours of a o'clock a, in.
und 5 o'clock p. in., I will proceed to ad.
just and allow demands against the estate
at H. L Jlathevvs, assignor. All cred
itors of the said estate ure hereby notified
to bo present ut the said time and place
and la) before the undei signed ussigneo
the nature and amount ot their demands,
or be precluded from any benellt of said
eBt.uU.i o, ,.,F' A' '-'--JU"N. Assignee.
April -I, 1531. -
nrsi:it. ST. IMUIi
anil MIN.NEAroMS.
Chtilr CorB Froo.
Dining Corn,
TlfKPl Oirices, rj iiu
St and 1014 Union Are.
Address' 11. C. OltH, A. O. 1'. A., Kansa
Instructions - All trains daily, ",c.,,2
marked: "." except Sunday: "s, Suj"iiyt
only; ,' except -Saturday; "y. " cpl
Monday; "l," Saturday only. , Mrst col
umn, lenve; spcond column, nrrlvp.
HANNIBAL & ST. JOE It, R -Rurllngton
Trains. T.phvp. Airtve,
K. C, A nrookfield ,..,.,. xt.oo pin xlo V) am
Atlantic exprpss 8.00am f rnJ
;;,"i"K". '""i man, l-,ll.... uiiupni 1
St. Louis express ,.,, 8:15phl !
U. & M. R. R., is NHI1RASKA-11
lo urn
0 ntn
uthzs: .
... ton Route.
Denver K- If. C. express.
Llntoln.Riuings & Pug-
et Sound. , 11:00am 7,,V.pm
Omaha & st, Paul fust
mall 10:40om M.SOpm
Iowa express , 5.05 pm 10:10 am
Omaha express .1:15 pm 6:30ntn
St. Joe it Iown mnll s7:50ani "8:51 pin
Denver express 11:00am 7:55pm
Leavenworth, Atchison &
St. Joseph , 3:30 pm l:4Spm
. ft" ""nns make Lc.ivenwortn except tho
10:40 a. m.
Trains East of .Missouri River.
Chicago mall , xD.on ntn .x":30 pm
Chicago limited 6.41pm 10:u0nm
t, , Jrrn,!P8 West of Missouri River.
Hutch, Wichita, Ft. W. 10.5Oam 6:!S pm
Den,, Col. Sp. ,v Pueblo.. 10.50 am 5.23 pm
1,,r.n-'.Co''.sP' - Pueblo.. zSilopin y8:20am
Wichita, I. T. fk Ft. W 8!40 pm )8.2oam
7..I1.:h?',.H.lohlnon .... zs.40 pm. )S.20nm
MISSOURI PACIFIC R. lie-Trains. East.
Mull and Express ,. 7:00 am 7:0.' pm
St. IyOUIs tiny express .... 10.00 am i:2? I'm
Limited night express .... 8:30 pm 7:o0nm
Past mall ptssengcr n.io pm lo:30an
Lexington St. Louis ex. 7:00 pm 10.05 am
Lexington & Sedalln pas. 6:33 am 7:5apm
... Trains West.
CofTcyvlUe ,;- Col 10:11am 5:1 1 pm
Cofteyvllle A: Wichita ...,9 20 pm 7:20 am
Trains South.
Jop.. Tort So't ,L Wichita. 4:0.1am 11:3, pm
.loplin & Texns express. .. .10:50 nm fi:30pm
Joplln & Texas express.. 7.00 pm 7:12 am
Trains North,
Omaha, Lln.S N. City ex.. 9:1". pm :30nm
Omaha & C. II. day ex.... 7:30am 9.00 pm
IC. C. & A. nccotn. cx....xs:00pm J.:30 nm
K. C. ft St. Joe ex 10-30 am 6:3a pm
K. C A. te St. .loo ex.... 6 B im 9:.10atn
Seneca A; Ileatrlce ex.... 7:30 am n:41 pm
St. Louis it Chicago ex.... S-00.am 7:10 pm
St. L. & N. Y. Llm. cx....xl0:0c)nm 3r.:00pm
St, L., D. JI. & St. P. ex.. 8:5.1pm 7:00 am
K. C. & Chicago express.. (1:20 tun 9:20 am
Chicago St. Louis ex.... 9:00 am (i.30pm
Chicago limited 6:00 pm 8:41 nm
St. I, .1- Chicago ex 8:41 nm 7:1.1am
riorlda Fast JI11II 10:39 nm 5.00 pm
Hnrrlsonvllle & Clinton. .xlO:OOnm 5:00 pm
Decpwnter aceom 5:2.1pm 10:11 am
Cherokee aceom 5:23 pm 10:41 am
Suburban passenger x(i:00pm 7:..i nm
Joplln & New Oi'.-.ans .... 10-00 pm 7:01am
Texas mall 10:41 nm 6:35 pm
Texas express 90.1 pm 7:23 am
Paeino coast limited 0:30 am 5:00 pm
Denver Cal. ex 7:t0pm S:30nm
East of Jllssourl River.
Chicago limited 8:20 pm S:30am
Columbian express 5:30 pm 1:30 pm
Atlantic express 0:11) um C:30pm
Fort JIadlson local x7:30 am x5:30pm
West of Jllssourl River.
Texas express 8:1.1 nm 4:20 pm
So. Kas. passenger 9:10nm 5:20pm
Col. .t Utah llm 9.00 nm S:u0 pm
Calirornla llm 1:10 pm 5.00 pm
Jlex. it Cal. express 2:00 pm (1:10 am
Emporia pass x4:20 pm xll:20 nm
Topeka express 4:30 pm 9:10 am
Panhandle express 9:10 pm 0:2.1am
Ok. .t Dodge City ex .... 9:20 pm 5:43am
Grand Central Depot. '.iiil und 1V)iniilotte.
Chi.. St. Paul i Jllnn 10.0) nm 6:00 pm
St. .1.. Des. JI. & Uhl 9.00 pm 7:15 am
St. J., Des. JI. A: Chi ll'.IOpm
Clinton A: Osieola ex 5 HO pm 10-20nm
Plttsb'g, Jop. & Neosho, ..11:00 am 3:41pm
Accommodation l;00am 8:30 pm
Accommodation x7:00pm x3-00am
Leave Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
days, Arrive Jlondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays. !
Grilllll Ave. Depot, 2"llll M.
Chicago pass x9:00am S:15 pm
Chllllcothe express xSOOpm 10-15 am
Depots Second and Wyandotte nnd Sec
ond nnd Walnut.
Depots Fifteenth street station, Twelfth
street station, Ninth street station.
Only Tratisfer
Line Having
Privileges at
Tiie Depot Carriage and Baggage
. . Prompt unit Reliable . ..
(First Publication April 11th. UK.)
011 July 1st, ll92, the City Real Estnta
Company made, executed und delivered)
Its deed of tiust. for the purpose of secur
ing the payment of one bond lor the sum,
of 0110 thousand dollars (1,000 00), with In
terest coupons attached named In said
deed of trust, whin In it conveyed to tho
undersigned, David II, Ettlen, trustee, tho
following described 1e.1l estate, situated In
tho county of Juckson nnd stute of Jlls
sourl, to-wlt: The east eighteen and one
eighth (liH) feet of lot No, thirty-three (J3),
of Woodland Place, an addition to the City
of Kunsas (now Kansas City), Jllssourl,
accoullng to the recorded plat thereof;
and whereas, said died of trust was, on
July Sth, lb92, at 4.1a o'clock p. in., duly
recorded In book II 60S, at page 2S2. ot ths
records of slid Jackson county, Jllssourl:
and whereas, it is provided in said bond
and deed ut trust that. It the said City Real
Estate Compan) shall fall to pay, or causo
to ho paid, uny of I lie- Interest coupons at
tached to said bond ut the time the same
become iue and payable, then thu whole,
amount of said bond shall nt once become
due and payable, without notice; and
whereas, the said City Real Estate Com
pany has failed to pay, or cause to be paid,
the Interest coupons attached to said bond,
whiih became due and pa) able on tha
tlrst days of January, WA; July, 1593; Jan
uary, 191j July, lfc'JI, and January, 1195, re
spectively, wheiefore tho wholi amount
of said bond Is now due and payable, un
der the terms of said bond and deed of
trust: now, therefore, public notice U
hereby given that 1. the undersigned. Da
vid It. Ettlen, the trustee named In said
deed of trust, under and by virtue of tha
authority vested in me by said deed of
trust, at the reuuest of the legal holder nnd
owner ot tald bond, will proceed to bell
the above described real estate at public,
vendue, to the highest blddei, (or gash at
the south front door of the new county
court house. In Ivansas City, Jllssourl, be
ing the building in Kansas City, Jackson,
county, Missouri. In which the circuit tourt
of said county is now held, on Saturday
the 4th day of Jlay. A. 1). 1W3. between
the hour, of 9 o'clock in the forenoon and
6 o'clock In the afternoon of said duy for
the purpose of raising the money to pay
the amount of said bond, with Interest
and tho cost of executing this trust.
DAVID H. ETTIEN, 'fruste.
Ferry 4- Small, Attorneys. ""
PROPOSALS for the erection of the new
brick coltagu and brick school building
on the ground of the State Industrial Horns
for Girls, ut Chllllcothe, Mo. oilbu of tha
State Industrial Hornet for Girl. Chilli,
cothe. Mo., April 12th, U91. healed Mis
will be received at, tho olllce of i,0
secretary until 9 o'clock a. m. on May 10th
1S93, for the erection ot a brick lottic-i'
ofco a brick school building, on the Krcm.TI
of tho Stute Industrial Hume for 'jfrls ir
Chllllcothe. Jlo. Plans und speciilcatloiis
may be seen at the oillco of the borne in
Chllllcothe. Mo. Each bid shall be Tal-conY1
panled by a, certllled check In the bum J
law. payable to W. II. Slpple. treasurV? ?u
insure entering Into eouiract if ame is
awarded. Ilond will be ruiulred for fun
performance of contract. Right nserveii
lo reject any and all bids. Ry order of ihi
board. r T. II. YATES, Pre&uent-
f! PSione
U Or 1322,

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