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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, May 12, 1895, Image 12

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lNTl'lirsHNC! PlttPU'lH T I Oil
Something nf lli( PrMonncI nt t lie Ncit
OrgnnlMllnii -Mm lair't llf ttirn
I iinictt-Othrr I'tcnts llni-
ertlt mill l.nml Notes.
1 't viwli' ehjfuennctil pruellftillv
1 Hi dramatic and miiHem season In
tj, and marly nil Hint Which
tt lie refrarded In the llRht of
ti-ralnmrhl. There will Ire n
more nt the Grnnd, after which
lll close for n short summer
ii Yaw will Rtve iiholher con.
i Aiiritofliim lo'tnotrow evening,
,s one should put the "Trilby"
v it the rout, Monday cv-pMn.
, ' lat of the rtRiilar (ciuon's of-
u mp'-r ttwk company will begin lu
i n -n at the CoRte, Tuaulny even-
i. turn of this onmnltatlon Is not
i I i.jr th same degree of npeeuln-
i attended n introduction n.jrnr
i i n tho p nple pif new and the
wnts hewer than Ihe people. The
. r mat year's undcrtaklm glies
r n of the cnmpnnv liitorestinn Im-
H I til mnti of thu same people
'i, nnil t nniiirh new member", of
i lu I rcputntlon 10 give ii'iuiiiiinni
i ' Hito seem little doubt but thai
it n 1 season will begin well, ami
. mn better results thun did the llrst
I i
I ,i
n r"iie-wltl also hnve summer otifri.
I i Washington and Pnlrmount parks
t j, t ol thing In tti"1 wn) of short
tr i i ims. The Washington nark man.
n n t his secured an excellent com
I r lie names of whoe Members have
nl i ill teen published In these column".
(Jut ii' 1 iilrmount a handsome nnd com
I , Iiui t.ew combination of theater nnd
tin. 1 ill hns been erected "0 that per
I rt r can be nil en In fair weather
mill il the com'orts of nl ftesco enter
tiunm. nts and in showery weather the
pi! lie- will be entirely protected. Altogether
Kn is t l'v Is more promising than ever
In the line of summer opcta.
The musical fenturci of the "Trilhy"
tabic ux nl the Conies to-morrow evening
promt c to he more than ordinarily, Inter
esting In, addition to the orchestral num
ber there will be n concert programme
under the auspice of Mrs. P.lli llacku
lit hr, Including floral numbers by that
ur'tst. She will play the Chopin funeral
inarch nnd the Schumann trcaiimern a
cUfs of music which she nai not general!)
i hosen for concert work, but which she
interprets with admirable feeling and
beautiful discrimination. Jlri. Itehr nnd
Ml'ft Concannon will together play a duet
nnd Mls Concannon a Chopin Impromptu
There will be live songs by JIIs Lulu San
ford whose unique iUnlltlc.s hnie linn
considered In their selection. Mn. ,1 n l
Jturf will sine "lien Holt" nnd Mr. Will J
Murray. "A Soldier of Pontine " The
strength if the musical programme and
the attraction of the tableaux Which will
enlist 'he nri!'e of a Brent many well
known o li t) people, should insure a
mcmorible .Tid profitable evening for the
East Side Lltorar) Society.
Till4. MI'llK'S AllltACrtONS
Opening of tlu Ivriiipftr Muck (nnipin)i
ci nnil ! iiiiiii
Tho personnel of the new Kemper stock
company, which will open at the Conn
Tuesday eienlng. Is decidedly Interesting
nnd the whole of It Is on a much more
pretentious scale than that of Inst Hutnmei
51li Alberta (.inllatln, who will share the
leads with Ml"s L.;iUsIuk Howan, N u ei
lic.iutltul woman. Mls Onllitln Is u Vli
Klntnn by birth, nnd a dhect descendant of
the fnmous old Oitlliitln fnmlli, of which
Albert Ciullntln, Hist secretary nt the tiens
urj wa- one of the most diHtlnmilshed
memlier.s. At nn early line "he derided to
ndopt n stage career, llei be,iut. hplendld
educntlon. natuial ood taste and lutelll
Benco nldcd het, and nftcr a omwliiit
vigorous course nf ttaiiiliu; "he vecurnl alt
cmjaKi uient in the support of Mine J.in
lh the fnmous l'ollsh nctiess, who touieii
this cuunnj a few e.us iiko. I'lum Mine
J.uusli h ompan she went to Mis. U 1'
How 1 1 as K ldliiu woman, plaslni; r.117.1
lirtb in Mury Stuart." Alielii Auille.s In
"I. .11 I'll ) ri'vret," and other lemllni;
icjcs in Mrs Howei".- lepertolte Her ni'M
eitiiet was u starring toui at the head of
her ov n ciunpany, when she plajed ltos.i
1'liJ .lullet Julin In "The Hunchback.
1 ar h .n nnd Juliana I" "The Honey
moon She was Thomas V Keuiie's Icnd
Inii jnrm fir a season, and then Joined
Mr M'ir ileld'B company, plnvlnir .Maralle
In , r ii-laii ltoniance." Mis. ht. Aubin
in I i j i iTummell," and Nerlso.i in "Tho
Merlun nf Venice" Last summer she
via- ' ' idltiK woman of the Natlonnl
x3 It n I my In Wnahtnuton She has
i , i ii i membet nf rtohinan s .ew
Vuilt ii i mn eomiiany, and this senson
ton' I in the head of his "Aristocracy'
Juii.'. K Hackett Is said to be tho com
Inc ! ii "inn of the eountrj lie wns
i-et-n hn lit fall as a lolnt star with
l.mij '-I-. In "P.arnis of New Yoik." and
li ,i ,r I personal ma(tnetlsm, coupled
M.iti li ill litv and wood looks, left a de
ci I t i,-sion. AlthouRh unite onni?.
In j ill wide riinue of cxpirlenee as
.1 m m' r nf AiiKiistine Dily's and A. M
I'llin r "nil companies, in New York
. ,, u .,n his own account when he
j iji 1 mi. ilo, I.iko, Orlando, urslno,
T , i i t'nrr-iwnj Hones, the I'rl-
, s i ' .i. Joseph Plcklen nnd Charlei
Mi I - iule of Jean Torqueure. ITn
w i ' i n man with Arthur Uehan,
l,i i i ' l le Selluman and others Hit
h -j and probably his most nota-
1 ment was his I)e NelpperR In
. i Kilder's mafmlfU ent production
r' Si ii ind Morean'ji famous, comedy,
ln - ii - r.ene."
i,i II nston, who. for several seasons,
l ii iln leading man of Banford'u
.Street theater. New York city,
( i i i 1 actor or impressive quantus,
fc -I,t, dignity and character to
i 1 1 dues. He haa had a ttreat
( - rl nee In modern and classical
) , .. .i "lioiild proe a most luluabln
a i the i ompu Charles Cbar-
t -i ht-re early In the season with
I i i i - He Is a clever youtiw fellovi
v ii 1 taste for character work, In
v els. Thomts Itoss, who will
l lit jui nil'-. Is a strlklnwl
! "iintr f-Ilow He has herved n
i iitiofhip In the lloton mun
- uinpan and was lust season
w . i i ! i lilckffin. Thomas A, Hall,
1 ate the eccentric old nun,
i lively ingBKi-d on the utaite
i i Dirty years. He was for ten
v manager of (he Chestnut
r Hto. k companj In i'hlbidel-
i ' ii, at various times, supported
ntll known utar of the lost
I -s Percy Sae comes from the
1 mason lompany, of which
J I i nt it was the ttar
' uins man of good promlre. and
ii ' ments.
i nss Is a remarkably pretty
p dainty type of fair, delicate
c ' I women Shu made a distinct
' i. in In London' produiilon of
'J Annie Mortimer will till wlmi
w it vacuum In last season's coin,
i ' women. She is said to he Urn
I i ur of these loles since tlm
' I unions Mrs. Jamison.
, M l.unsliiK Ituwun Miss Cniv
A i l.rroll Dunbar and Co!ln Kemp.
- i l no Introduction to the Kan.
t i i i.bile after thilr clever work last
t n In list tf plajirs Is coinpli n.l.
i i r 4 programme Im In, les the on.
v v "A 0.riilman Whip." and a
it imei, "A Whirlwind." Tho
1 ' unr been done In America,
... a big hit In London. runiiluK
1 Hi it the Vaudeville. John
I i i ' asoli with the Kemper stock
In Jjvnduu with Aunustin
i i neelng It tei ured it for Mr.
J l' I a eharacmr comedy b
i W Plntro and l tnid to as chaini-
I mi as hi. bteu written for a Igtig
" 1'iree-act ply U a furiously funny
ft I, as the Hermans know to well
j i ' oi ort It is full of liidliroiis
I.-lt-r dialoKUM and ttellKhtful
Y r ai ion The title is cliiiraclerln-
i i lay. It is a whirlwind of fun
' i i n ro i uriain As It call for
full strenKth of tb company
rarts ore stood it will affoid an
i opportunttv of ludalnit the make.
r ihu company ana its relative
& r I"
li lovance aal of keats has been lare
i in. sday niitht the capacity of the
II it. r should lie tested.
! i in ii ulaya ulll b catt as follows:
Tin; iii5Tj.i;jiA.v wiiii
T Ttr
Iiarrv Johnstone
'r Si i 'i
1 r J. P
, i
Ii i J ii
Krroll Dunbar
.CbaTlee Charters
. Thomas W. !tos
. . Mra Mortimer
ilahtl eir'i d r . . .
Vn. Abcll
Frederick larklnn Thomas V, Hall
H rb rt Selwn , Jamed K- Hack, tt
S if' or Tamburlnl Harry Johnttom
l'ml Dawson.. ...Thomas W Hus
Doib , Charles Clinrura
M ' -a J.arl.lni.. .Mis Lansing itnwnn
'iul I.er sliter Miss Winona Amiress
li M. k irdo I.aiktns Mrs. Mortimer
Mm a Miss Una Abell
The Itooncy Comedy Conipan).
Ike Grand will offer an entirely new at-
IM Hon Hit nick in 'h I'll tlinney Com
i It Cnnipnni, which will l en in I.nrl
llmnev." nn Irish fir" mnndv The
nmpanv frets its name fmm the rnct Hint
It Includes .Mrs Ioe n. -inev wl Inn of
tho late JMt Hnohei , n Mnille Itooney
nn I Master Pat llooni), lh cnm.Il.in's
ililldren, nnd Katie Itu.noy, (he adopted
iliuchter, mnklne It a ort of Itooney
fnmllj It is snld that these taf.
rntol people, spviril of whom are well
kn iwn lo the loi nl tae have a, Rood
pbi In "Lord llnonev," whkh will clve
nlmn.lnnl opmrtunlt fer the Introduction
or iitrlou Speelrtllles it I ilaltnrd for
thl piece that II Is brittle in line and
Interesting In story-qualltles that nre
rurey i,ossns(d bv fun e nmedIM of tho
dm The enactment will b(tin this after
noon. Jll nw's 1 1 rt tint Cmiiert,
The rriniirknlile success of Mls lilln
lleach Yaw In this city and elsewhere
is nitflin dmonltaled In the Inrire advance
sale tlmt has been made for the concert
to be nivcn by thl unique sinner at the
Auditorium to-morrow evenlns: This will
be the fourth concert Hi Kansas Cllv
within a jenr nnd nil have been suciessfnl
In point of ntundance, a very temnrkrt'
hie rei ord for one who wns unknown it
lear aim. The forthcoming concert will
be under the auplces of the Vouni? Pcople'i
foelnlv of Christian Kndenvor nnd this
orgnnlBatlnn hns secured the sale of a
lurire number of thknts whb h hnie been
exihanitcd for resrved sents the past few,
divs. I
Mls Yiw Is so well known to Kansit
Clly enntert goers that she ned little ie
than an iinnnuin em-nt nt thlr tlm Her1
programme will be almost entlreli ilirte r
tnt from any she hns previously Klieni
here. She will again be ai-li.il bv Mr
Mnlmllllan Dick, the i ompllshed lo
llnlst, who hn" b en ni-i-i-itt I wiih iiu
In all her public work, an I bv MIJs Lnv.
superb nciomiiiinlit an! il II t- plaiiKt
It Is said hi !fi couple-i i omc from
Independence by special train. Theie will
hi a box pattv irom Hiawutha nnd a
number will inme from Fort Leavenworth.
Tin programme w'll be as 'olliws
Match In I) Hal (Hollaen len, Miss Lay.
Stene nnd aria fum ' La Travlui" (Ver
di), Mis'- V.w
Second Poluniilse (Wleniawski). Mr. Dick.
"There is a On-en Hill Par Awa" (Hou
liod). Mlhs Yaw.
"La Plleus.'" (naff). Miss Lnj-.
"Caprice de Concert" (Ovid Musln), Mr.
"Nymphs and rauns" (DemberBi, Miss
"lluni;arien Danse No. 5" (Joachim), Mr,
"An&els' Sercnnde" (nraga), , with violin
Obllunto by Mr. Dick. Mlsa YaAv,
lliiiiditlln Courert,
The Alpha Mandolin Club will Rive a con
cert at thi- Aiuilemy of Music next Tues
day evmlnB under the nuapU es of the
YounK Liidbs' Soi lety of the iumhcrlnnil
Presbyterian chuuh. ami nsslstid bv Mr
p. (I Vniev. Miss Pet Lyle, Mr James
H Wood, Jllss Dorothy Lyle, Mls Ma
llush, Mr Charles II. flicker, the Ihi
ifrpe Strlnit CJuai telle and Mrs. P. O
Varey. The prosramme will be as fol
lows .
Selections from "Tannhauser" (Wagner),
Alpha .Mandolin Club
Soprano solo, "For Vou" (Sidney Smith),
Miss Dorothy Lvje.
Xither nolo, selected, Mr. Charles P.
"I'liintatlon Uchoes" (arranoed by A. P
llrodi' i, Alpha Maniiolln Club.
Violin solo, "Souvenir de Posn" (Wle
niawski),! Miss Pel Lyle.
HiadlnK. "The Hav.n" (Poe), Mr. James
tt ood
Selections from "II Trovatore" (Verdi),
Ruterpe string iiiinrti tie.
Ilass solo, "Tim Hrrmlt" (Mora), Mr. F
U Varr.
. 'iJ'"!!?1'.' fantasle (Gounod), Alpl i .Mun
dolln Club.
Mr, Kn ltorf Organ Ibclt.tl,
f, Edward P. Krelser will give hin next
ocean ncltal m the iliand Avenue Meth
ndist chun h May 2i Tho ori,-an numbers
will be made up from iiu six prOKiummes
Of the season, lopli-t, of which wire dU
uibiiti'il at thi I.it-t ncltal, and the selec
lliili beinif 1. fl lo tho.' who have ntti nd
ed them r cit il Ittqur nis foi nunibcr.-
aid dent to .Mr Kn)ci m studio, S15 ltl.e
bll)dlnb',aiid thi- lai;,. -l numbir of rt-iiicatH
will Kovcrn the sib itlou of the numbers.
Huiiiiner (iern at I alnnniitil,
Kansas City I, lo be treutcd to a sea
son of IlKht iii,i ihls siimmi r by what Is
piomlfod to bi a i 'imp tent company, and
under the mot favnribb i-ondiiiuns The
reason will In Kin in tl.t in w and handsonie
ly appointed optii air theater at fc'airmaunt
limk, on tin iienins; of juii.- 1. and will
continue nt least Itht wicks Perform
ances will be given iuhil. with utternoun
The company will consist of forty-tiv
persons, It is said and Is now biln or
KUliUeil in NV 1'mk clij, by Jlr. Hcorxu
Paxton, of Jtice s H" compan, wno was
lonmcKii with summer uuura lu Kansas
ctl), it Mush hall, several years ago, and
is vtrll and favorubb known.
Some- uf the loinpuiii will arrive In Kan
sas City the first of thi lumltu unk, and
by the ind uf the wiek it Is exp.u-d that
the ouenln.' opi,i win be In aitlv re
hiuisul The theater at I'airmuunt paik, In which
the ornra Is to be given. U uimost com
pleted, and Is a beautiful mil well ur
ranised structure, with a seatliiu eapailty
of about 1.8(10. It was erected at u cost of
IMwo It Is semi-circular In form, with a
broad prumouttde surroun Jbia tin scats
The prow-MiluM 's sixty feu in width,
uinl i he buik Is so airunued that it slides
out. showing a beautiful UiufsLaiiu of
Kiien sward aud foient trees.
The seener foi Ibe stave is now beinif
palmed, anil will be adequate in every way.
The orehe-slri will be under the direction
of Mr. il, U. Wl" Ur.
llniiuittlc mid MiwW.it on.
The eontert to haw bem Mlvcu this wK
by Miss Mab-1 llua and her pupils has
been iiostpoiie-d until out; nuk fiom to
morrow eveninif. Jt will be lui ai the
Acadeui) of Music.
A benellt will b glvin the cinplgjM of
ihe Oilllss Wedneda unnnuon and
evcnlnif. May ?.'. A larije numb, r of nro
fosslonals will e lu the bill whiih uruin
Uea to be of varied iintK.ui
Mr. and Mrs. S Kronbtri, sang at
Omaha last week and Were .u received
by the larao uudienee an 1 i re highly
praised bv the ciltlcs of that cpy. They
have both appeared before in Omaha and
are established favorites then.
Courtenay Thorpe will star next beason
In Ibsen's Dlays am) sue or iwu other
XA'v Ntt&,A,T? '2mmkr&i'. ,
fiX.-u i i i infti Jlw M it i ii .-jrSDrtmu lt'-r s?5
i HI IA ' K 'b v '-3'r?I, F, K&VttS M J I I
"reillstle" piiff, nmnns (he latter ofl
whl. h mill In on- hy Mr. Thorpe entitled .
"The Pmrv .f i Sin" Mi's Ida Jeffrejs-'
(IcKKlfrlcnil will be the leading woman,
"In old Tinnessee," which was recentlv (
'en nt the tun . seems to have pained
sirenirth rts it iimirreieil nnd Is nmv se- i
curliiR some i r client booklnss. It hii
len enpnred for n return enticement at
the Olllns Aiiu 11. when a lot of new
special feature will bo. Introduced,
Pari Hiisch's "Album l.eme," for violin,
Molt nnd piano, and his rnmrtti?.i, for Mo
lonollo, will be on the proBt-amme of the
Music Teachers' Xltltin.il Association,
which will convene In nnnnnl eslon In
St Iannis in July They will prolnbly be
plned by the Detroit Phlllnrmonlc Club.
tine of Hie features of the "Lord
llooney" performance nt (he tlrand thl
week, will be the Trllbv ilnncc. Introduced
b lattle llnonev rcul Helen , Troduen.
'I his will be the llrst time the Trilby dance
hns been done nn the American since. It
will be civ en with bare feet nnd with music
written bs Leonard Wales.
Al the nran 1 prize contct of the an
nual state musical Jubilee of Knnsns, held
nt Hutchinson the other da, Miss Ji Alible
i 'nrke, of Jiuiftlnii city, who was heard
In Knhsns Cltv ecnl times the past sea.
on, look the llrt prize for violin pin Inc.
nnd Mls A mm Ilulkely, of Port Scotl, a
pupil of Mr Kronberit, of this city, took
ttrsl prize for soprano.
"S'nnlty Pnlr," described ns a "caracture
In three nets," by CI W. Godfrey, author
of "The queen's ShlUlnc," had Its llrst
production nt the Court theater, In Lon
don last week. In spite of lis title the
pi iv hn nothlntr to do with William Make-
piMvc th.i Krrny. nnd litcky Slurp, the
Marquis of Steyne, Jos nnd Amelia do
not llKure amons tin i h in t rs. Its plot
ntitii to the a Im nun I n letter, and
lis lu Mints ire loun le I n a newspaper
pai.iKiaph whli h iipp. il I in the London
Dall 'IVU-Kiaph -i oi i.n years, iiko.
MaiuiKcr Jinlali In- bo ik I a rctinii hi
K.iMment of ali limllv I imker In "mir
riats." nn nllraetlon wlibh met wl'h
tnaiked favor at the ii ind earlier in the
"inson. The return enwiKemeni will IickIii
one week from to-d.iv Miss Hanckcr
Is one of th" most wlniome little Man
before ihe public, and het prei-eiit Micce--'.
"Our Plats," has met with exception il
Mlt-s Ella I. fimhnm and Mrs Sue
Drocmunil will rIvc a i oncert nt HiKKlns
vltl'" M iy 17. They will be assisted b
.Master IMirlc DroKinund. h.ild to be the
joiiiiKest violinist on ihe siaKe; Mr. Sull
osllcr and Mr H. C Clriham. The num
bcis will be selected fiom the compo-l-iions
of Ilctthuvcn, Wleniawski, Schlief
faith, Nevln. Thome and other .stnndatd
und modern composers
Puul JI. Potter's dramatisation of "Tril
by" hns proved the j;rentest popular suc
cess New Yoik has seen since tho days
of "The Two Orphans" It was a lucky
strike for Manager A JI. Palmer. His
stock company wns a thlni? of the past,
und there was little tor him In the Im
me'ilinto fiitmo. Hut now he Is unable to
tlnd a playhouse In New York siiillclentlj
InrRo to hold the crowds that Hock to his
Melbn has been so much worried durlnit
the Inst two days ovi r the seilous Illness
of the Duke of Orleans that she Is vers
likely to cancel the remainder of her en
BUBements in Amerb a and stnrt nt once
for Km ope. It miy bo r numbered that
the young; duke wns o-ropondent In the
uetlon for divori e broushi against her by
her husband, Jlr Armstrong. She makes
no secret of her sincere iiffntlon for him.
It Is very likely thai if the duke does not
Improve nt om e, Jlelln will take the llrst
steamer for Hurope New York Journal.
The Paris Charivari MiRKcsts a novel
means for dolus; away with the theiiter
hat. "Why not," it says, "scpirato the
audience as In n churen, pluclm? the men
on one hide nnd the women on the other?"
The presumptlun Is. of com he. that when
the women nr ohllRed to choose between
the fcepnratlon of tho -.exes and the use
of a less objei Unliable hendilicks they will
adopt the latter. Also, under such un nr
ratiKcment, the theater lint will annoy no
one bil tthe ileuier of It. Let thei Paris
ians try the simple plan that worked so
effectively In Kansas City.
Ilelasco & K l' melodrama. "Tho filrl
I Lift Ilehlnd Me," has been piodnced In
London, where It his been received by the
IhiKllsh piet-i- wlih much cordiality. One
reviewer says: "Tho variations in Adelphl
melodnnni concern piinclpally lunios.
phere and environment, the motive Is
everywheie the same " The Ameilcnii pbiy
touches upon i phase uf life loneernliiK
whUh the KukIIsIi public has known little
Klin l' the days of l-Vninirue Cooper, mid
It Is the novelt of the subj.it rather than
any urn malic or li clinical skill In tho treat
ment thai will win the play attention.
Little Olmlys Wnllls Is Kolnir to star
aimtn next season, and under more favor
able, auspices She will be under tho de
tection of John W. Dunne, as blie was
lust season: but she will be surrounded
by H superb company, and special fcun
cry nnd propeiu will Im curried for her
plass. Mr. Iaul IIiik has been eiiKiiKei us
leadliiB man and Piank .Murray will be the
octlnw mitmtrir of the tour. The season
will open at JI Vu ker's theater, Chicago,
August 3. wlih in elaborate revival of
"Kanchon," nvl-el und condensed Into
four acts Durim; the JloVlcker theater
euifdKeineiit Mlbi, Wnllls will nHiear as
the heinlne In u new play entitled "Ne
braska." I'onlllli Jlualinl la line-..
The follow lnv contributed note have
been Bathere-d from Jlr. KIiik'm private
corresiMindeiin und from Ueiman publl
cation.: A youuu planlhi from Cincinnati, Miss
Mlldiwl Jlaiwh who, before leavlnu lor
lUn-op, studied with Theodore Hollinun,
inudu her llist appi ir.ince leeently In Her
lln, uftur ImvliiK flnlsheil her iniiblcil ed
ucation under Lesi i tiky and Kllndworth
This talented voun lady played tho (1
minor eoncirt 1 silni-Snens und the i:
llat major on' b Liszt, with orchestral
aieoinpanlineni 3. orlni; a Klcat suciess
TVreMt Carr in-, Albert contlnuis to de.
llvht ciowdid .iiulknces In (iennany. At
a cent (sipubn piano recital she played
selections bl Cloailii Hrahms and Schu
inuu, and the H rlin press Is unanimous in
her praise, calling her the flitd lady pianist
In tfurope.
The London bopItal, In (Ireat Coram
street. Is the pj.csor of a luautlful or
nan, the preaent of Handel, tho composer,
who ulso i;avi Ih v i.ihtltutlon a maBnlll.
cent copy of th.- s jre of his "JtessUh."
This oratorio was annually performed ut
this hospital and t-ime tickets of admission
aro stllf preserved there. On these old
fashioned cards u tirlptad lh- uni.Oal rn.
a t-.jff1... -IM-vl!
f --' vi -"ijt -iJ -."i .KiLir J si .us --. vim. tw iujr tirikis I ' h i
quest that Renllemen will ple.iso nppenr
without their sword nnd ladles minus
their irlnollnes, The present ora.inlst of
the hrxplml Intends tnklnir up these per-
tormances ngnin, the last oi w-iucn icrait
pMie nliout fifty jears niro ,
The oiera season In London will bPRln
Mnv 11, under the direction of Sir Augustus
Harris. Pnttl Is eniraccd to slnrr on six
evenlmrs, nnd lyimbrb h will appear elcht
limes. The KnKllsh composers, Predcrio
Cow en and Stanford, will be represented
with new operas, jenn He Ilczke will sine
In Massenet's ".Marlon" and "Trlstnn" nnd
Masencru's Jit opera "Sllvano. met
with a decided deficit nt Its llrst produc
Hon In Milan. March Hi The libretto Is
considered slllv. the mttlc ioor and tho
whole a result of overhiirricd work.
The celebrated Scotch plmlst, rreilerle
Iiamond, who now Ilio in Prankfort, re.
eenlly Rave pome concerts In Lelplc nnd
Stuttcnrt, with overwhelmlns: success.
Ilticcn D'Alberl, the pianist, lm lum
appointed court conductor of the jirond
opera In Weimar, where he succeed the
well known composer, IMouard I,aen
There Is a. rumor In llerlin pnpers that
Arthur Xlklsch, late of ltoton, nnd now
llvlne In Hilda Pesth, will succeed Weln
enrtner n conductor of the 1 loyal opera
house In Herlln
Tho Herlln Phltharmonlc orchestra hns
been mectlnt; with Krcnt success nt three
contorts d'lven In Vienna a few weeks nno.
The conceits were tinder the direction of
Conductors Itlchnrd Strauss, Pelix .Mnttc
nnd WeltiRirliier nnd eaili one met with n
lienulne omtlon The npplause wns so
Kient thnt the orchestra find to rle en
masse to acknowledge the enthusiasm of
the nudlenee
leoioid Aiier, the ftreat violinist from St.
Pettrsburir. has bem Blvlnic concerts In
Vienna lately, pivlntr proyi.imme-c made
up e.clusvel of compositions bj his late
filend, T.ichai Kow-kl. He was assisted by
the well Known pi.inNt, Iliiioni
YouniT America Is clamorous for douKh
nuts. Price's Cream DakliiB Powder makes
tho best.
Pw enlj -Hire c Piirle Awards mid Answ it.
The West carried off the honors In the
Twenty-three Club contest, mid they are
hlsh honors, for the questions were very
dllllcult. The answers follow. The author
ity for most of them Is Jlr. Joseph est
Jlooro's "IIlstor of the American Con
gress," Jmt published.
1. Nathaniel .Macon. I Henjamln Harri
son, Breat-Kr.indfather of e-;-Prcsldent Hi n
Jamln Harrison, 3 John Hancock, i James
Oelethorpe C, General John Newton li,
Jonathan Pdwards 7 Jtlles St!lnlllh, c,oi
ernor William Hradford. k. Hllpb ilet Nott.
9. Thomas 11 Henton. 10. Thomas Corvvln
11. Oeneral Sim Houston. 12 James Otis
13. George Washington. H Davy Clocked
IS. George II. lloheits. 16, James Pilch.
17. Jared Ingersoll. IS. Thomas Oodfrey.
IV. Ilnyard Taylor. . Chnrles Kllet SI,
Ilobert H Livingston. . Anne C. de la
Luzerne. 2.1. Henry D. Thoreail. 21, George
Inness. 27. Henry Inman. 2ii. John Ad
ams. 1'7, William Lloyd Garrison ?S Oli
ver H.iziid Peiry, IK. Stephen A. Doug
Ins. 'M Tlmoihv Ituggles
Longfellow credits .Miles Standlsh with
tho i-eniliug back of the snake skin, and
tho "ri" in his name Is needed to get the
second answer, but the act Is also credited
to Governor William Hradford. Henco
both were accepted George Illness Is the
correct answer to number !!l. for tho puzzle
was particular to say "the late."
'Ihe Hi st prly. for sending correct nn
swers to the greatest number of ques
tions was on bv Alga Pnwcett. of Jllnne.
sola, and Is flO In money. Two second
prlies of fl each were awarded to John
.Morton 1'spey, of Pennslvnnla, nnd Fran
ces C. nilven. of distant Wnshlngtnn Two
third prizes of JI each nre given to John
II Hlnlr. of New York (Jthlca), and Wnl
ler Johnson, of Minnesota And nine Co
lumbian half dollars, as fourth prizes, nre
sent to Mnrlon Miller, of Jlnryland: Jlnr
guerlte Clow, of Jllnnesotn' Edmund lllce,
Jr. of 'Washington, Ilnrold D Sampson
and Kenneth Hurton. of Wlsconln Ger
trude G. Wilcox, of Jlnssnehusotts; Hsther
.Wilson, of Pennsjlvanli. Mnry T. Porter,
of New York, nnd Katie nnrtholow, of
The first prize winner got twenty-flvo
correct answers, the second twenty-fniir,
tho Uilrd twenty-thri'e nnd the Columbian
half dollar winners, twenty-two and twenty-one.
Hero Is the honor mil: Alice II. Hoone,
Hennle Gray, IMgir S Drlnkwatcr, lllleu
Van Sihalck, Jhiius I, Inn Nnsh. i;ilzilieth
Cownnl Anna Muiiihy Grnce M Jilison,
Hthel JI Shnfer, Innlel Llewellyn Hen
ilettn Williams .liilh Tnvenner, Walter
C. Walker I.llla Jnrdnn. Helen Hlushll
wood. Jessamine Colnnnls. Hnrrv A
Wright, Christie Armstrong. Harold II
Hnllev, John Perkins Mead, Isabel Atkin
son, David Hall Caiv-on
If the last names of the twenty-three
memb'rs of tho club be rlehtly arranged
the Initials spell "The Lmdlng of the Pil
grims " Prizes of bound volumes of Har
per's Young People were oftcreil for tlnd
Iiik this sentence, no regard being had for
the number of names found The winners
aie- Peiinsvlvniila, Wl'llatn !' O'lmphoP;
Wisconsin. Harold D Sampson and Ken
neth Hurton W.isblni'ton, iMmund ithe
Jr Illinois Albe Hnrlght; New Knglan 1,
Helen c Hopkins' Mlnncsot i, Alice i;
Djnr; Michigan llemy Jlnrifn Jonei. I -dlana,
James Gibbons: New York and New
Jersey, JInry T Porter (New York): Mis.
sourl and Kansas Mnry T. Itoblnson, Ten.
nessee. Prink Hopkins: JIanltobi. Jules
13 JIarlorlbanks and "at laiu-e" Pansy
Cildwvll. nf Alnbamu and Jlaijdle C Jlur
shall, of South Carolina.
I imiry nn Wheel,
There, Is only one line running three lim
ited trains dally between Kansas city mid
St. Louis, connecting In the magnificent
new Pnlon station for all Kasteiu points,
Kverjbody knows this means the JUS
SOPltl PACiriO 'l ne flytrs leave Pninn
depot eveiy d iv (n tho year as follows St
Louts limited .lay express, ID u. m , "New
York l-'jit JIuil.' 1 p. in., and St, Louis
night expiess ii. in.
When jou ao Hast, take the Jllssour! Pa
cific and enjoj the "best In the land" with,
out iiaylnn an thing extra for the supeilor
SI ill. ere Are Despondent,
Pittsburg. Kas , Jiay II. (Special.) The
strikers, though despondent us 10 their
success In seiunng uu Increase of wages,
claim to be en ouraged w-da, as lliev as
sert that some of the workmen In Weir
City are quitting and coming to them,
which, they cla in, will eventually result In
11 toe man Cutnlncr nut.
TUIC nIFP fnjiimenrliiB
rilv --CIrVs Mntlme
IN TIII1 SI'AIMvl.t.Ml PAKl'i: co.mcdy,
(Up lo date.)
Fun in Sight,
One Continuous
First Appear
ance of
Next Week IIMILY
It, AT."
IIANCKI'.K In "Otril
Two Grand Concerts by the
Thud Regiment Band.
30 Pieces Afternoon and Evening,
HoitliiK! HnnlliiK, 1 lowers, lllccmit
Cafe nw Opcu.
Music nnd ilnncIntT prournmmes every
Sunday afternoon and evenlnt:, and Thurs
da cAenlnir. crund conceit by the Third
lleKlment band.
Uieiy Thursday afternoon, Brand orches
tra conceit .it the cafe
Kvcr Siturda afternoon, free danclne
it the pavilion for children.
Hvery Jlondiy cvenltii;, free public
danclnir eleir.int orchestra
Plncsl picnic Rroundii in the West.
hpeclil trains Sllndn throunh to the
pirk direct from Aisentlnc, Armourdale
and Kansas Cltv, Kns.
El ! m i I y ..--..
r a : mm
P Jt V JI. P.JI.
..Mm .10.1 7.110
..l.ns .1.W 7.0".
.1.1(1 .". in 7 10
...IT, 3:P, 7 15
..1 JO .'I'.'n 7 20
1 l'j 3.2 7.23
Ieave AiKeutlne ...
" Twelfth s'reet .
" l'lfth street ....
" Kansas nvenue
" Central stieet ..
" .l.illli'k Mieci ...
Ti.ilns reurn at C p m. and 10 p m.
Air Line train" . vnv few minutes from
Second and Wyunlotte und Second nnd
Walnut htieets-
Nilssonje. -ff: Tz
ltvxnrjT r. p 6. c. r..
Monday Evening;, flay 13.
HIi:itVi:i) silA'IS .liimtlon Ticket Olllci
COJIJir.NCIMl 'II I.MUV, 11 Y 14.
Only Vlatlm n Sitiinl ij.
lIi:sKN'TIVU TUP riivti iv
wrii-wiriD .
Pi lies- am, 'ISc, 3(lc mid 7(ic,
Next Week si 11(1(11.
i he Trilby Tableaux
Heautlful plctuns from the popular
story Splendid mtisi. al piogrnmme I'n
der the uufplces of l.iit Sub Literary So-
Monday evening, Jlai 13th, S p in
Tiikois on sale ut box ollb e 70 and M
First Annual Picnic !
of North America. IioiIko jo , villi be
hold at M lllllll AM PAHK on sVNDAY,
JIAY 2ii, tsu'i Yuliinlili- prizes win I,, con
tested foi. P01 full pain, ulnrs hen small
bills, Por pnrk prlvllei,-t-H, apply tu
, , Jcill.N ri'lY.iiKIlALD.
13th and Jefferson ht Kansas Clt. Jlo.
For clolicacy,
for purity nnd lor Improvement ot tho com.
pleilon nothing equals I'cmzoni'h 1'owper.
I "' ' II I II I I ! -- ,MI, T- - -
Prom Kiiii,!1
City 111
tbn llnrlliiKtoii
DDNVDIt SPKCIAI' leaves Kansas
city dulls 10 50 a in, solid train; urrlves
Denver, 7 30 u, m
"Hl'ltLlNi.'lON N'flW I.IN'IJ VIA HIL
LINdh." foi Pub t Suiin I und Padilc Conit
fiom Kuimus Clly. leaves nt 10.00 n, m.
Till line Hives patrons ap opportunity to
visit Hot SprliiB. South Hakoti, Illick
Hills and Ycdlawbtone Park, and It Is tho
Hhort line between Kunuis City ind Huleu.i
by 3-vi in 1 1 us, Hutte SIS miles, Spokane 171
miles, Scuttle 110 miles and T.ieonia 115
This Is the most marvelous scenic route
and pei hups the most Interesting: across
the continent,
Hound trip tickets tq all Paclllc coast
nolnts via tlilt Hue.
Por full Information address If. c
Ilurllngton ltoute, Kansas City. Jlo.
rimiDt I'lciilc (irouiidt
In the entire AVest.
Plenty of mire water.
HulldlilB's for iiiiui Inc or shelter, Maunlll-
cent prove of larc'e trees,
it prove
iiiurious cat pet
of bpleudid u-rafb. Herd of live bulf llg und
neer. inn
'tlic 11 al spot noimiiif nke It any.
where, unly one hour's ride from Kan.
tas City, Low- rate. No chaise for use of
ground, lllsmurek (Jrovo Is the b aullful
cool park nn itloned Call at Pnlon Pailtlo
ticket ollke, 1000 Main slieet. corner of
Tenth, for full particulars, telephone 11CU.
Durlluijton Route train leaves ut 8:15 p.
m. The only line runnlns three sleepers
with new elegant compartment berths and
buffet. Service unsurpassed.
yOAt flOTIUI;..
TIlfSTKl' 3 SAM-Whereas, Nlrholu
T Haton nnd Jlnmle P.aton, hi wlft bv
'her certain i'ecd of trust, dated l'ebnnry
ii, iyt. nnd re order! in the otll e of c
rt orler of deeds for Jnckon cnunt.v s't
1 in book "I!" J33, nt page IH. coh-
I if v ed to the undcrslKneci, Davll It lilt n.
wit- iuiioniiii; ui'rriueq real imv Fintin-
in the louniy of Jack'on, skip of Mi;
fouM. towit Lot mimlmreil nr.p htitii'ri a
I ah 1 M nteen (I171 nnd lot numbced one
mir 'it 1 an 1 eirhleen (llv, in H'n a' 1
S nrrlt '0 .-litillll..n in ll, i-llv nf Kllf1
r.ow Knnta 1 uy), which Mid deed .f
I t Mint wak mmle to !etire the pigment nf
cue I'oni r or note In iiltil oreo ot iru'i
deirlbed, totrethfr with the lnteret Ihwe.
on, and, wturea, default hnn been made
In the Payment of ome of the nld Ixttuli
or r.otps and lh Interent thefetvn. nnd nit
the indcbtednFM fecured by Ihe fnld deed
of ttul (txcepilmr that part thereof which
hn been paid) n lonit Ia; duo nhd nn
pild; now, therefore, nt the rennrM of the
owner nnd holders of al 1 due and un
paid bond or hotci nnd :nterct, notice 11
herein Riven that 1. fhe und'-r'lshed. Ihe
Mid Dai'd 11 i:ttien, In piiroinilice of the
power Ve.ted In me bi ld deed nf trut,
will, on Monday, the 2?th day of Mnj, Ji,
between the houn or rine o'clock 111 the
forenoon nnd live o'clock in ihe nrternoon,
proceed to ell the property hereinbefore
nh i In fnld deed of lrut dedcrlbed, at
public Vendue, to the hlRhet bidder, fur
ih nt the outh front door of the (Ourt
luiie, Itvnlcd between MIMOtlll nvenue,
('ik, Loi 11M nnd Plfth ftreet. in Kmsas
Cltv In the cotintl of ,tarkon, tnte nf
Jllfoutl lftlnB the ftor.t door of the build.
Inc in the City of Katinnn (now K.infl
Cltj), JIlnnrl In which ihe circuit court
of ald ,!i( kion colintv Is held, to pny ld
unpaid bond or note and lntcret. and
the cot and rvpene!t of execliflnK this
trii.t DAVID II. KTTIl'N. TruMee.
Dated Kanns City, Jlo, May 2, 195.
TUUSTCirs PALI-Wheren, Prldn Muff
(a widow), b.v her certain deed of trut,
dated the "Ih du of .Mnv. ISWI, and recoril
ed on the 11th da or May, llil. In book II
ft", at pare tK. In Ihe olllce of th recorder
if deed of Jackon i-oiintv, Miourl, at
K iii'iis City, 1 onve) ed to me, (leorire
Kiimpf, the iindernlKned trustee, the fol
low 1 ne diirlbed lenl eitnte, sllunte In the
omit or Jackson. In the tute ot JIi
sourl to-wlt Lot numbered live ()( cepl-n,-
'ive (i feet off north side there if). In
nioi k number three (3), In "JlcOee Place,"
an i lit inn to the clt of Kana (nciv
K.m-a city), In the count ot ,In kson,
nnd slate of MIourl, an the panic I
m.irkid and dclBnnted 011 the reeo'.ded
plat now on file In the olllce ot the recorder
or dec 1 of said count) , nnd state, in
trut however, to secure the payment of a
ccitaln ptoml"ory note in said deed of
truit described: and wliricn, default hi
b(tn made In the pa) mi nt of said prnmi
cry note; now, theiefore, at the request
of the lee.il owner nnd holder of the said
note, public nntb c 1 herein Riven thnt I
will. In accordance with the terms and
provision of said deed of trust, nnd by
virtue of the powir In me vested thereby,
sell nt public vendue to the hlehest bidder,
at the wcit door of the Cnlted State cus
tom house, on the southeast corner of !Uh
and Walnut street, In Kansas City. In the
count) of Jackson, nrornald. the reil es
tate beiclnbefore and In suld dred of trust
described, for cash, between the hours of
nine o'clock In the foienonn, nnd live
o'clock In the afternoon, on Thursday, the
Cth day of June, iw,, for the purpose of
juylnR said note and tin cost of eventing
this trust. GUOItan KUMt'F,
Ilobert Adam, Attorney.
Ti;rsii:i:s SALU-V kcrens. George
Henry Jlichaells. nnd Louise. MichnelK his
wife, by their deed of trurt, dated the
d day of Match, 1SJ3. and reco'ded In the
orllce of the reoidei of deeds In Jackson
countv. Missouri, at Kani Cltv. on the
first da) of Jlay. lS. In book H r:. at page
.li). did eonve) 10 the undersigned trustee
the following decribed real estate, Mtu
and In the county of Jackson and state of
Missouri, to-wlt. ixit nuinbired two (2),
In Dickson place, nn addition to Kansas
Cltj, In trutt. to serine the p i) ment of
the prom)sor) note. In said deed described,
with interest as therein deseilbed, nnd also
the payment, ns therein dsctlbed, of cei
ain dues and lines a thi reln et forth,
and whereas, di'fiult was made In the
pinirnt of the Interest n therein de
vi-r bed as well ns of the dues and lines afore
salii ror the period of more than six months
after the "lid dues, lines nnd ItitereM be
came due and p.ivable. In r non whereof,
under the provis'ons of ald deed of trut.
the siid note has also become due nn 1
pivnble and the amp, together with ald
iiu s tines and inteiest. lenialn due nnd
tnpil'l. now theiefore, a the recpiest of
'he lcc.nl holder of said note, and In ae
oid.. i't with the provisions or said deed
r tr. t 1 ii enld tiustee. will, on Jlon
'ai the nth il-i) of .Mav 1S9' between the
o'i-r of nine o'clock a. m. and live o'clock
p m . nt tin south rront door of the county
oi.-t house In Kansas Cltv, lackson
ount). MUsonrl expo-e to sale nnd sell
to the highest b'ddei, for cask, the above
de-cribed real estnte at public vendue, to
MiM.ti the debt nfornsa,j aM,i ,n costs
. f this tiust JAJIES SCAMMON.
THUSTDirS SALK ny reason of de
fault In the payment of the promlssoiy
lmte nnd tin Intel eat theicon, descrllicd In
the dec 1 of tiust, dated the (list clay of
Jl.iv, pon. gin 11 bv Louisa Drlnknnl, (n
widow I lib il for record in the olllce of the
l'liiidii nf duds for Jnckson county, ut
K ms.is Cli), JlKioml, on June 10th. lS'Ki.
and 1 In !- nided In book H No. I1D, nt
pngi' 7, I will between the boms of nine
11 loi k in Ihe torcnoon nnd live o'clock in
tin nfti 1 noon, on Pridny, the 31st day nf
Jin), IS'i'i, at the east door nf the clnult
inuit house in the city ot Kansas, now
Kansas city (same bi lug the cast fiont
dooi of the county court house building,
"Hunted 111 the block bounded bv Oak,
Locust nnd Plfth streets and Jllssourl nve
nue, und said court house being the build
ing In whli h the circuit court of iM
county is In Id nt Knnsns Cltv), In Jackson
county. Jllisiniil, nt the request of the legal
holder or mid note, sell, at public miction,
to the highest bii'ibi, for cash, the follow
ing desi rlbed mil propertv In the count) of
Jaiksnii und state of MIfkoiiiI, to-vvll
Lots numb' led llfteen (13) nnd sKtecn (H5)
of WINon'B Mihdlvlslon, us the hame np
penr iipnii tin plat of snid hiibdlvlslcm
tiled In the nlllc e of the recorder of dee is
feu Jail. von count), Jllssouil, nt Kansas
CH) fin the pin pose nf Hatlsfylng tho
ih lit n cured b) said deed of trust, und tint
costs of cm nitlng this trust
riiwcis M PfltOASON', Trustee
Colvln . Colvln. Attorne).
TltPSTllK'S SALK-Whcrens. V,'. H.
Leonaid and Virginia L Lconniil, his wife,
by ilnlr ut. d of tiiibt, dated June ::cth,
, und recorded on June "$, IhSs, in tb
rev on'.i r olllce of Jnckon county, state
of JllSAOiiri, at Kansas City, In book II,
No. "ill. at pige 'Jiti. conic) ed to Phil 11
Chapptll us ti'isii'c. tlic following real
itt.iie situated In said county, vU. Lou
hl., seven and tight, und the bouth slxt)
livo (i.J) feet of lots one, two, thiee, lour
nn 1 live, 111 block time, of Downlng's re
Mirve) of Lnngilew Place, In tho city ot
Kansas, now Kansas City, Jackson county,
.Missouri, ta secure the p 1) ment of the
piomissor) notes. In said deed deseilbed;
und, wheiiaH, default has been made In the
jii)inciu of tald notes, now, therefore, I
li) virtue of tho puwei given me by said
deed of ti list, and ut the r. qtiiMt of the.
legal holder of suld notes, will sell said
leal estate at public vendue, 10 tho high
est bidder, lor cash, at the county court
house door, in the City ot Kansas, now
K insus Clt), in the eouutv of Jackson
mid Btnte of Jlls-sourl, on Saturday, thu
llrst day of June. ISM between the hours
of J) ii m and S o'clock p. m , of said day.
to pi) (.aid debt and tho cosn of execut.
lug this mist.
PHlLj: CHAPPHLL, Trustee.
April 2.ith. IWj.
TIU'STHH'S SALll-Ncltlca u hereby
alien that ihe undeiBlgncd. us Iriulce, w 111
bell al public vendue, tu the highest bid
der, foi iiibb, on Saturday, the th da) of
May, HO, bet wieii the bourn of a o'clock
u. in and 0 11'eloik p. in, of thai d.i), ut
the east flout door of the building (couit
house), In lndepeiiiliiice, J.n ksou count),
Jllssourl. In which the circuit conn of culil
county U held, ih follow n ilecrlbeil
leal estate, t bailed In tab! cuiiiii), v4
Tho snutliweiit ipiarier of ihe oulhe,ibt
ipiartei of the southeast, and the biiiuli 11
aneb of the east half of the boutlnast
iiuartcr of ihe imuthcast ipi.uter, all of
becllon St. tuvvnsblp f, rulitie' Ti, also tho
north Siai-luu acres, of the noiHuast uuar
ler of the nuitheast uuarter of feectiou I.
In tonnshlp, 17. i.unge S!. by virtue of tho
authority given him by a certain deed nf
inikt. dated the lSth d.tv of .Inm, ni.
and recoided on Ihe J .lay of Juik-, Hj!
11 the recoidir's olllee of suld count), .
ndependence. In book 10-, at pige 3u
lucre ten?
wberebv D. A Cmrv conveVLil .ibl 1, ,1
cbtate to the imlerUncd, us trustee, to se
cure the i.-ijincnt or t lie bonds in said
deed described, default having been made
in the pa) ment ot said bonds, and the legal
holder of bum" having renin sled the unUei
slgned to tell said real estate to pay tald
bonds aud the m-t of exci uilng the tiut
II Win II KTTIPV Tiustee
East Wiaft N. Y. Lift Bid j. , K4NSA3 CITY. M0.
EooAeeDlsK. Bborthasd. Tvoewrltiiir. Tele
rapby, aglb.a Branches, oJira Languages, etc,) at
bvot MU3. Catalcirte free. ' Telephtno 1171
J. f . BPALDINQ, A. Mi, Freildetit
rj- "Ccvi-. 6Q-. fv
y-AQS-;, Aw4.tt-VJ
Ualf rule lacatlou begins June 3.
OMAHA, ST. tntiK
lK.Nt:tt, RT. l'Afti
anil JII.N.Nr.AI'Ol.ls.
Chnlr Cnrs Froo,
DlnltiR Cnrs.
Tl. Vet office, FC3Mla
St. and ltfH Union Ave
AilJrc H. C. OllH, A. O. r. A Kansas
itiMrticllons All Iraln dally unleM
marked, "x " except Sunday! ",' Sunday
ottlt, "r, except Snturda.v : "),' except
Jlonlav, "I," Saturday only. First col-V.mi1,-J?.v.0'
eonii column, arrive.
HA.N.MHAIj Ai ST. JOU II. H.-llurllngtott
, lloute.
..""'h. Leave. Arrive.
i.it"., "rooltfield x4.WpmxlO.50 am
;5,iln"' i"(im " .TiOiirn SJipm
( hlcngo fast mall, HII .... 6.60 pm S 50 am
i Jll.ls Fipros s )., pm Siionm
H. .t M. 11. It., N .VHimASKA-llUrllng.
Mnl. . i0n HOUIC.
Denver A Iv. C. express.
Lincoln Hilllhgs ft PuR:
ct Pound .......1PM nm 7:V. pm
n.,., r . HAIMIOAD.
.""." 10:11 am 5:50 pm
I?,!,!1! exl,re' ...!,, pin lOMOnm
Oinnha expte ,,..., .n;15 pm 6:30nm
hi. Joe Iowa mill 7:firtnm :, pm
1 ri.r esl,r,!!, 11:00 urn 7:55 pm
Leavenworth. Atchison &
St. Joep .S)pm liljpm
10 10 n'1"18 "mke I.eavcliwotth except tho
m. r''"",.1:i,s' f Jllssoutl Illver.
ffl' ,,,''1l .9'()nm 7.Mim
Uilcago llmlleil S.JS pm 10.(um
.1 . ,lri,!nWc"t of JIIssoiiH Hlvcr,
Hutch., Uinhltn, rt. w.. lo.50am BiSipm
Deli., t ol. Sp. ,C; Pueblo.. lO.Mnm B.K pm
lrtl . I (II Sill A. Itii.vl.l hOHiI ..hi C r,i .....
n-i .. Ji ,,k " "VPIUII i'll" Pill JOl.Ulllll
Ichltn, I T ,vi Pt. W... SHOpm S.:onm
1.1UpJf'1.' Hutchinson rSilOnm jS.IOnm
Jlall nnd llviircss TtOOnm r.i.-jl urn
ni. Linns iiuv e.iress,,.. jiiiminiii
New- Vork fist mnll DOiipin
St. Louis night express.. .0.00 pm
Lexington A St Lmils ex. 7 () pm
Lexington ,t Sedalla pa. G:3Jnm
Tr iln West.
Coffeyvllle & Colorado .. 10-15 am
Coffcyv-llle A, Wichita .... JU pm
Jop, Port Sc't .t Wichita, t Mum
Joplln .t Texas cxpicFS..10:.'i)nm.
Joplln A: Texas express.. . 7.uDptn
Trains North.
Omnhn, Lln.cC- N.CIty ex.. Mipm
'imaha & c. II. da) ex.... 7:Wnm
IV r lt . necom. ex Ct") pm
K C. it St. Joe ex 10.10 nm
K C. A. St. Joe ex.... tl..Vi nm
(1 00 nm
10:30 am
bi. i am
5:15 pm
7:20 nm
11:35 pm
3:10 pm
7:1J am
(1:30 nm
S:3.i pm
1,-15 pm
11. pm
Bctifcn, . Heat rice ,.- .... ,.3'inni r.:lpin
SI. Louis .y Chicago ex.... 'OOnm 7:10pm
:;' ." v '.im ex.. mo wain
M. L , D. Jf ,t si. P. ox .. :.r; pm
K. C it Chicago express.. i!'.'0pm
Chicago .t St. Louis ex,.., fi.O)nm
Chicago limited fi 00 pm
St. L il Chlengo ex Sil.lpm
xfi.oo pm
iiiiii urn
0.20 am
B 30 pm
v. 41 nm
7:15 nm
: MJ1-
5:00 pm
5:00 pm
10:41 nm
7:55 am
7:05 nm
Florida r.ist Jfntl
10.3ft nm
lliiiiisonvllle A: Clinton.
.10:00 nm
ueepuater accom
Cheiokee accom
Suburban passenger..
Jonlln ,t Now Orlenn.
. 5:21 pm
. 5:21 pm
iu:w pm
1 p.vas man
Texas einiini
10:41am 5.3 1 pm
o:0) pm 1 :2a am
Paclllc coast limited H:30nm 5.00 pm
Denver A- Cal. ex 7:30 pm S:50nm
Hast ot Jllssourl Illver.
Chicago limited 8:20 pm 8:30 am
Columbian express 5:30 pm 1:30 pm
Atlantic express C:30nm 0:30 pm
Fort JIadlson local ;c7:50 am. s5:30 pm
vv est or .Missouri illver.
Texas oxpiess
S:1.1 nm 4:20 nm
So Ka. iiasspnger ....
Col. .1 Flah llm
California llm
Jlex. ,1 Cnl express.,
Dmporia passenger ..
Topeka express
Panhandle express. ...,
Ok. Dodge City ex
.... 0:10 nm 5:20 pm
.... 0.00 am 8:00 pm
.... 1:50 j.m 5.00 pm
.... 2 i) pm (i:10um
...xl 20 pm xlt:20 am
.... 4'.!0pm 0:10 am
.... 0:10 pm fi:2.lnm
.... 9:20 pm C:I5 am
(Irani! Central Depot, Jind nnil Atynndottn
Chi , St Paul il Minn 10:00nm r, :00pm
St. J. Des JI. .t Chi U.OO pm 7:15 nm
St. J , Des Jt, K- Chi 11 10 pm
Clinton & Osceola ex 5:00 pm 10:20 nm
Pittsburg, Jop & Neosho.lDOO am 3:45 pm
Accommodation '9:00 am S:30pm
Accommodation 3.7:00 pm x3:0D am
Leave Tuesdays, Thursda)s nnd Satur
days. Arrive Monda)s, Wednesdays and
(rami Ave. Depot, SSnd Street.
Chicago passenger x9:00am 8:15 pm
Chilli, 'Othe express xS.OOpm 10:15 am
Depots Second and Wyandotte nnd Sec
ond and Walnut.
Iiepots Plfteenth street station. Twelfth
strei t station, Ninth street station.
Only Transfer
Line Having
Privileges at
All Depots.
The Depot Carriage and Baggage
si:vi;n'iii and hkoaiiway,
.... Prompt nnd Itellubln
WIIP.ItnAS, J. Q. A. King and Fatha V.
King, his wife, by their deed of trust dated
ihe 2hth da) of October, lSS, und recorded
on the 2iUh dnv of October, 1SS3, In book It
STA nt page Sjj of tho records of Jackson
county, Jllbsourl, convened to tho under
signed, David II. llttlcn, trustee, tho fol
lowing described real estate, lying and be
ing in the county of Juckson and utato of
Jllhsonil, to-wlt Lots numbered tivent)
llve ) nnd tw ent) -six 1211) of block num
ber eleven (11), of the rcsurvc) of Pendle
ton Heights, an addition to tho City of
Kansas, accoidlng to the recorded plat
ihiuof, together. with nil or the Improve
ments thereunto belonging. In trust, to se-
uici the payment ot n p1lnclp.1l real estutii
bond and coupons lherc-ln deseilbed; nml
whereas, default has been made In the niy.
nunt of Uu principal mint ot h.ilil bond nml
inti-reht thereon, und the wholo Is past duu
and unpaid, now, therefoie, public notlco
is hereby given that I. David'll. Httlen, tha
trustee named lu said deed of trust, will, in
aicordanco with the terms and ptovisloiis
of mid deed of trust, at the leanest of tho
legal holdir und owner of said bond, pro.
ccd lo bell the above described property
ut public vendue, to the highest bidder, for
cash, at the tront door of the county court
house hi the city or Independence. In tho
county ol Juckbon, arotes.ilil, on Saturday
the tuent)-llfth duy of .May. 1W3, between
the hours of ulno u'clock lu llm foienoon
und live o clock In Ihe afternoon, of thut
day, for ihe purpose of pnylng said debt
und the cost of executing this trust.
DAVID II. HTilHN, Trustee,
Edward C. Wright, Attorney.' '
U hereby given that, puisiiant to a
notlllcatloii ot the Republican city commit
tee, .1 prlmury election of and tor the He.
publican party will be bedd at the places
hereinafter iltrblgnited for the purpose of
nominating (i c indld.ite for tho lower housu
or the loiiunon council of Kansas Cltv
Jlo, fiom the Seventh vvaid, on May lV
IHl-i. from 1 p'clo. k till 8 o'clock p. in. '
Pirst district (pieclncts 30, 31, 3j and 31)
luj Hiilepeiidence avc, ' u '-
See'uiid dlstrt t (precincts 33, S3 una 30,
S. W. cor. oth and Prospect. iuw-
Numlnutlons shall be mada by a dlrr t
vute of the quallllcd votetb of said naitv
and the person ifcelvlng the highest nun,,
bei of votes bball be declared tho nomln'"
Notice. U ulso given tc, all perbOiib de-",r:
ing to become candidates ut bald primary
election, that notlco of such Intention mnVf
be tiled In this olllce not later than May lV
1S3). H. C. ARNOLD. '
Kansas City. Mlssou'rl?" 0t Vote"'
NOTICP. TO CmiDITOns-In the matter
ot the aMUnnimt of H. L. Malliews i
A. Coburn. abslgnco, notice Is hereby uiv
that oil Monday, J una 3, 1&33, at the law
?"if?.".t f ..Toiler, at 307 Long Iircfs
uuiiunit.. "i uw uui street. Kansas 1 i
Mo between the hours of 6 o'clock a m
aud 5 o'cloel: p. m I will tiroe.i .2" "?
just und allow demandsagaVnst the Vl tS
P.r a ,liv. i'd'hens. assignor. An r','1
iters of the bald estate aro herebv "L .
to be present at tho tali time and ntlj.4
and lay before thu undersiiiYiPrt ii.P.'ar'
the nature and
mi amount of their demands
or oe preciuue
s Phone
1 183
U Or 1322.
estate. i'
Anrll 21. 1531
r &s&w4wpt? 1
j gi

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