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nt.ur.s caiti in: mi: xi:t n.Mt ti.un:
I1IOM Till: APOll,l.
"Lucky Trie" Ditilcls, Mho "erins tn lie
(letting In I nrtn Acilln, i n Him-
duo to I iinilskc)' Men -It 11 lug
unit )tiliill .i',
PI ran). Minn , May It -(PpMfit ) The
raw n nhent wind bleu chillingly over
th ni bail park this afternoon an 1 whl
ti l i itio irnful requiem to the rt)injt hopes
of ho Apitle l"he nine from Kansas
i pi (l winning ball against n bad
t vri in i pulled victory out of defeat In
t. iKluh Innlnn, dcfeatlnc the home team
li i ore of U to 10.
Th i i was loo eold for Rood ball play
liK aiil the Apostle ap-peHt-ed to fel the
cm i of it mori than the ))lin, who got
vvar-nel up aloim towirrtj the close, and
J ..j i iho mercury up to W in the shade
f..r Kansas city and down to erg for St,
1 jil
Th name was remarkable for the eoMly
errors and for bad judumttit displayed at
er.i ii turns bj deleter and base-I tinner
on t i ,i r.., and especially that of the
Ausi's The home team wat unlucky
vv n i lilts nt critical moments, and that
J I iul to aid ir thilr defeat.
invm the st. ran!1 m w clionatott from
Chicimo. viae tried in that portion, but
iv vv i that he na umueil to thu ground
; iMvitiK an indifferent same, although
i t med hlms. If in the eighth Inning
bj n. ik n -v urn. catch of a line drive that
vvi I, i ,e MVelle.l th.' score of Hie Blues
fi.u I n, n allowed to pass. Daniel
J) ' n I i kojiI sum" for the lilue. ,ieplle
... ., ',',"". ' ""I hone team lilt him hard
li li, i-iird innln. when they made live
'i i . ' 'fiir l.h,,t h" chnel hi curve
,-i.',k ". ho,Aiortl. (ru-.glni;. He re
teiw i p,. ndld support when it was mot
net- j l s. ore.
ST. 1'AltT.
r-mith. If tf a 0 0 1 11 0
,"''! f S 3 0 1 t 0
Man t-r s 3 J l i a
J" m. ss r. o a a 2 1 2
ller-rr c...., ... 4 1 1 1 n 1
1'eppcr . 10 10 0(1
Totftts IT 1 iT 7 2? 1 "5"
,. All. 11. 1U. SU. IV). A. E.
llernon. If l i 2 0 2 11 1
innnnughton, i. t 1 1 0 1 0 1
Ji',fnoI',J 4 111110
J"'iP. lb 10 0 0 9 0 1
-Mannlnu. 2b. . .. 3 2 1 1 2 I 0
iersen. c 3 3 .1 0 0 1 n
nupcrt, rf 1110 10 4
,?t,rv,,'' "' r - ' 3 0
Daniel p .-, 1 2 0 2 S 0
TotaN . .30 12 12 "2 E; H
b ore by Innlnss:
?.' '''"'I 1 0 5 0 13 0ft 0-10
lnnT Cltv 0 2 12 0 14" p
H.iriud iiitic-Pt. PtiiI, I; Kansas Cltv, r.T
Tno-liic lilt Nntttim.
Thr-e b.ibe hlta ConiiniiKhton, Nlchot.
Home runi-fanip. Hereer, Hcrscn.
,iF"bl?..,.,'lV'I!,,l;'",.f' '"""nne anil Ir-
win, . PUkPt find Mullnnc: JInnnlnir, Con-
nniiBhton and Kilns. Daniels nnd .Mannlnir.
JJascs on balls on Pepper, C; off Daniels,
!.U s?, nltcher-Smith. Irnln, Nlchol, Ru
pert, Manning.
Struck oiit-Dy Daniels, 5; by Tepper. 2.
I.eft on basch St. 1'aiil. S; Kanns Clti. 0.
Cltv I " Prrors st- Vaul Kansas
Time 2.01.
Vmplre Sheridan.
The I).m fr the IniilsUllo Tblnl Ilmeni.in
Hii linn Cliisiil-Aftir l'ltdur
.lllsuurtli Sinv.
St. Paul, Minn., May 11 -(Special ) Man
nf?er Manning, of the Kansis City team
releaed William Nattres, h s ounj? third
baseman, to-day, and clo-ed -i deal with
I-oulsvlUe, nhercb) ho has Hnncd nilbcrt
Hatfield, th well known National l.caRiio
third baseman, who will hereafter do Nat
tress' work on that bat-. llatllold Is ex
pected to arrive In St. Paul to-morrow,
and If he comes In time Mannlns will play
him at the name in Minneapolis In tho
afternoon. Mannlnir Is also negotiating
nlth Louisville tor Pitcher Wadsworth
WcntiTIl Lciiirlleblllliilliu;.
Minneapolis Won Lost. P.C
Indlanapoll j 3 j,
CJrano Ilapld" 0 4 E00
Deiroit J 5 Ti!
Kin as rity ., ;, li
Toiedo .', 7 ;'I,,
Milwaukee '.."..2 6 200
lllllieiiiil., -;l; Vlllwiiujt,.,., 111.
Minn. .ipoIH, May 11. Score:
M m.e ipolis .02212031 T-a?'1
M ' 1 1, .. 0 (1 0 2 4 1 4 1 lio 7j 1
Oaii. 11 s-Duke. Frazer and Wllon.
Sicv n- L!.il:er and Holcn,
Nillmiil i.i.imin Miiniiiiu;,
?"'" I00-1'!51-1
! ' ' 11 7 (.11
r '"1 a 0 coo
' ' p ", 7 5 S3
' ' "" 10 S ,,5
f ' . . , 9 1; (no
rvv "It 7 S 4CC
i" 11 6 I, 4,,
J.'VV Uc 5 1 3J3
t ' u' C 13 3!
Wusn ttciil ,3 jl 312
Indiin ill, 11; llriMiliHn, i,
t'm uinatl. May ll.-Heoro by innlnus:
On r 1 at; ..00004000 1 lin'w"J3
r .. ,11 OOOOlOOOO-l 5 0
1, 'LK'.''s7,,lnPnV0,',1 , vushn. Uhlnes;
1 juKImi, Dalle. Lucid. Stein.
I'ltlburK, It Itiltlnutri', I,
I' "-burs. May U. Score by Innlnus:
'" '''"-B 5 0 0! 0- 4U'""I:3
11' " I 10 114 o "
Ii' ' ' s Pittsburg Ilawley, Klmloul
Hi m , L'opor. Itoblnson. '
Itilstnii, HI CI1I1.IB11, 3,
Chi ago. May 11. Score:
CD a, j . ..1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 l-3n-IsII3i
J; n 0 I 5 1 I) 0 1 0 S 11
La tiries-Jhicogo. Abbey and Moratt':
Uotwn. Sullivan and Canzell. ""'"
St. I Mill., lilt l'llll.ll.ihU, o,
St L uis. May 11. Score:
St L 11 . ..0 5 0 0 0 0 3 1 -lI'iV'l'o
I' i .00000000 0-0 4 S
t ' ', J7S,1, J.'ouiJL' Hreltenneln ami
Uj V h.UUeliihla, qrady, Clements "ml
Soutlif ru 1 1 iikuii (i nne4,
MMnu5mryT'i,",, i,aJ' "-Phl. Hi
i.V' it&S-.rik" Ma' :,-Ut,le .
A"anta, Oa May ll.-Atlanta, 5j .Vash-
sif e.
Ki'lilpton I'a'U lireat ,lnhli'.' StHke,
Kcmrtin Paik.nni?, May II -The race
fir Lit Kunpton Park Great Jutiiee take
W41 the event of the di here. The lesult
w a- follows- Mr V. Warton". 'hSS"
nu At V ctor Wild 4 jcars old. by Al
ber lor. out or W.ld Huntrets, s utone
4 p jni- first, the Duke of We.tmlrater's
bay '! Orey Leif, I liars old by Penpop
an I hialt, s tton 1 pound-, necond, Col.
onf) N'r'r's lay bursa Kl DUblo. ti yaata
oil by Itb-rt the Devil, out of Tantrum
7 stone U pounds, third L'lghteen horsui
Beechiim's pills are for bilious-
ness, bilious headache, dyspep.
sia, heartburn, torpid liver,diz.
ziness, sick hcadache.bad taste
in the mouth, coated tongue,
loss of appetite.sallow skin.etc,,
when caused by constipation j
and constipation is the most
frequent cause of all of them,
Go by the book. Pills ic$ and
85 a box. Book frtt at your
druggist's or write D.F, Allen Co.,
365 Canal St., New York.
ran Victor Wild won by nt tenRtlis nnd
three length pcptMlel ei nnd nnd third
hor.e nt the tlnih The ! ttlnc at the
pot wa 20 to 1 niralnt Victor Wild, 11
n 2 nelnst Clrcj Lcj, an 1 100 to II aRalnst
1.1 UIHUIO ,-
I liter Wnn I'Mtm the I rlnmiii In thrlOpetw
1 I111; (Uiiic iif Hie lull n nl-
j led lie M rle.
I Princeton, N. J., May 11 Three thousand
I pctatori saw Princeton defeat Harvard
1 In the oiwniriK came of the mtercolleKlnto
serle here to-day by the scote of 7 to 2.
S"ore by InnltiH".
n. it. n.
Iturvant 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 t 1-2 S .1
l'rlnceton 1 0 0 n B 0 0 0 7 7 B
Btterlc Harvard, Highland ind Sean
noil, Princeton, Wllon ant Trenchatdi
Ill the Opeiilm; tuntiat llli I'rlnietnn
loltrihi (I11I1111I tlieMitiiry b
li 11 I'llllltS,
Princeton, S. J.. Mav It. The first dual
track athletic same between the team
representing the Universities of California
nnd Princeton beran hire this afternoon.
The California team wag in fairly pood
shape, with the ecptlon of Phil llrndlev,
who was inured for the one mile and half
mile run, and M. Dosler, who ua on the
ito,iamm for tho two mile blcjcle race
and running broad jump.
Thira was w col deal of Rrumbllnpr
among the Princeton s.udents as to the
make-up of the o al team. Th contend
that It could have been made a Kuod deal
There was tiiilte a hre attendance of
student und their quests, man) of whom
wei-e ladle. The track was In excellent
condition and the Held was also In line
shape for the Meld contests. The weather
wan all that could be desired, althouBh It
was a little too hot for the comfort of some
of the contestants
The pole vault went by default to Prince
ton, as the vlsltots brought no pole vaulter
with them,
The first event, loo nrd dash, was won
by P. V. Allen, l'rlnceton; .1. W. Scopslns,
California, second Time, 0.10 2-5.
llnlMnlle run Philip llradley, California,
first, John llanlon, Princeton, second.
Time, 2.0! 1-5,
120 yards hurdle race H. J, Djer, Cali
fornia, firrt; 11. 1). Torney, California, sec
ond. Time, 0 1G 1-5.
Putting 10-pound shot r. W. Koch, Cal
ifornia, llrst; distance. 3i feet 10 Inches:
W. I Schmalhorst, l'rlnceton, second, 37
feet 1 Inch.
Mile walk C. CJ. McVltty, Princeton,
first: L. Mervln, California, second. Time,
7:11 2-3
220 vards dish llalph Derr, Princeton,
first; J W. ScopBlns, California, second.
Time, 0:22 2-u.
220 vards hurdle first heat, 11. J. Djer,
California, llrnt; D. It. James, Jr., Prince
ton, second. Time, 0-20 3-s Second heat,
H 11. Tort ey, California, llrst: It L. North,
Princeton, second. Time, 0:20 3-3. The
winners tossed up nnd Torrey won llrst
ltunnlntr hlRh Jump W. C. Patterson,
Cillfornla. llrst; 1. W. Koch, California,
second. Hoth men tied at f, feet 9 Inches,
and by iiKreement Patterson took llrst
place. ,
nne mile run 15 r. Sterling, Princeton,
first: 11. Hall, l'rlnceton, second. Time,
l-r.7 3-3.
Two mile blcsele race M. Dozler, Cali
fornia, llrst; J A Leland, Princeton, sec
ond. Time. 5 It ?-',.
4W jard dah F. W. Koch, California,
llrst; T. L. IJarnes, California, second.
Time, 0,1 1-5
Throw InR 10 pound hammer II, W. Ld
cren, California, llrst, distance 113 feet,
Dudley Tlsus, l'rlnceton, fcccond, 101 feet
2 Inches.
Pole vault A C. Tiler, Princeton, first;
W. n. Trainer, Princeton, second. HelBht,
10 feet 2 Inches
Running broad Jump W. 15. nosers,
Princeton, llrst, It. H. anrret, Jr., Prince
ton, second Distance, 22 feet
Total points California, CI; Princeton, It
First count live points; seconds count
Hilly Wells Almost .Met Defeat, but With
IS11I1 Mi-wart Ilclilml 1 1 1 ii 1'iilli'H
Ibn Itiuo Out.
The matinee Riven by the Gentlemen's
Driving Club at the Exposition
DrlvliiK park yesterday atternoon was one
of the best of tho series. The sport was of
n hlsih order and many of the finishes were
c!oe and exciting. In the free-for-all elai
Billy Wells, the hitherto unbeaten cham
pion, came near having to lower his colors.
McDorton. a newcomer at the track, won
the ilr.st two heats, but In the third heat
Hob Stewart was put up behind Uillv Wells
I and the famous relnsman succeeded in
capturing the next throi heats and the race
by a tine ih bltlon of dilvins. Thelnia was
I the winner In the 3 00 clas In straight
; heats and In the 2 2" class Mint Drop won,
1 after a stubborn light with Paniell.
3:00 class:
Thelma (McKlnney) 1 1
Utaek Hilly (Co'tingham) 2 2
Minnie T. (Tanner) 3 3
Nellie I! (Ilrovvn) 1 1
Hest time. 1.25.
nilly Wells (Stew-art) 2 2 111
McDorton (Collins) ..,.,.., 112 2 J
Arlington (Illock) 3 3 3 3 3
Dest time, 1:11.
2.21 class:
Mint Drop (Rouse) 4 1 1
Parnell (Cottlngham) 1 2 3
ftan-om iTaft) 3 a 2
Dandy M (Martin) 3 4 1
Hest time, 1.13l.
Haw tin. rite Itai ed v.i.tenliv It bout net
ting unit lllirlelll, Which Opens In-lunr-
ruw, Will I'ruli.ibl) lie It ildeil,
Chicago, May 11 Despite the Civic Fed
eration raid of yesterduy, racing at Haw
thorne was continued to-dny. The belling
ring, however, wa deseitcd, the track otll
elala having announced that no poul sell
ing would bo permitted. There was no
fear of another raid on the track to-d.i)
as the Hawthorne meetlns 1 los-ed to-nlrfht
and the place will not be reopened far
two weeks. Ilnrlem, hovvevir, will bigln
a. two weeks' meeting next Monday, und
there was muih spiculutlun us to what
action would be tak.-n then. It was the
tienerul belief that llatlem would receive
the same attention as that accorded Haw
thorne. President W, T. Raker, of tho
Civic Todeiatlon, who is directing the
crusnde against the tracks, refused to go
Into details to-da. rrgarllng the future
movements of the 1'ederatlon. He deilarod
that he would tain audi measures as would
absolutely stop race-track gambling In
Chicago, but whether or not he would raid
Harlem next week ho refuted to feoy.
The rate track people on the other hand
declared that the erunade was only a
spasm of refotni and that after a tem
pirary i-st racing would go on as before
1M Cortlgaii, the master of Hawthorne,
was rtpoitid this aftirnoon to have olfcred
to bet i'Ai.vri that the iWbyk would bo
run this yeai, as udvertlsed, ind other
members of the tpartlng fraternity were
equally confident that pool selling would
be resumed at an early date,
Mtrioit) idii I'i:.nii.iA.vi..
CurneU'n Athlit l.'aslly (liaten In thu sec
ond Alllltl li Cdllti t,
Ithaca, N. Y , May tl. The second an
nual championship game, between Cornell
univerlt and the University of Pennsyl
vania, were held to-day on Percy iltld be.
fur a large number of spectators. Penn
sylvania out-cIased Cornell, winning by
a total score of Xi to 31. The medal, for
the victors were of gold, silver and bronze.
In the points, first counted live, becoud
three ana third one. Cornell only obtained
two flrsu In the one hundred and twenty
surds hurdle race and in the hammer
throwing. ....
Shoitly after 4 0 clock rain came down
am' delated the ijiiw for about an hour.
Following are the results of the tlnala.
Hundred yards dash, won bj Hiu hoU.
', r.nsjhania; second. Judd. IVunsjivan! 1;
th id, Mlddletuii, PetinnHanw. Time,
0 lu 2-5
t'o hundred and twenty ard dash, won
bv Pre. man, Pennsylvania, se and. Kill
iman, Penntylvania; third, lloyer, Penn
sjlvania. Time. 0 23 4-5,
Hisht hvndieil and eighty yards run, won
hi Orton, Petinblvanla, second, S hell,
IvnnsilvunU: third, Pietseh, Cornell.
Time, 2tti
Four hundred and forcy )ard dash, won
by Warren, Pennsylvania; e, and. Fite
man, Pennsylvania; third, Jtulison, l.'or
lirll Time. U 52.
One hundred and twenty vards hurdle,
won by Tate, Cornell, second Itushrnore.
Cirnell: third, Ferguson, Pci.hsvHunia..
Tim.. 0 17 4-5. "
Two hundred and twenty jards hurdle,
won by Jllddleton, Pennsylvaiila: ettond,
Hchlleif. Pennsylvania, third, Mlles. Cor
nell Time, 0-20. .
One mile run. won by Orton Pennsyl
vania, second, Wedd, (iriifll, thud, Overil.
I'tnrujlvanla, Time, 4 l 2-".
One mile walk, won bj Fetteram, Penn
sylvania . second, Bull, Pennsylvania: third.
Haves. Cornell. Time 7 "1
HlCt Jump, won by Wtason. Pennsvl-
A etr IMIIInn of 1 hU 1'nmous Work on
family .Meilldiio .lust Out.
Thousand cf honwnolit In all parti of
the fnltts;! States will recognize Dr. Hnrt
tnan's HI of Life a a liousehotd blessing
nnd Kttlde. This little book hat pone
through to an untold multitude of families
Dr. Ilartmnn has lately rev!ed and lllus
tratej this book, which ho now offers to
ltls many patients nnd patrons free of
ehnriw. It I btlm full of practical advice
for the farnll) and points out a cure for
many chronic and Intraetnble dleasp. No
family should be without the book. No per
son unilcttd with nny ehronlo ailment, of
however long standing, or severe, should
fall to read the book carefully. The Illus
tration! given of Various parts of tho hu
man body convey to the mind of the nv cr
ape the principal facts of health and dis
ease. No book of Its sl2e has ever been
published that contains fo mtlcli valuable
Information of such practical and every
day ue. Name nnd address should be
plainly written and the book will bo ecnt
free, pomphM.
'I lie Medliliie for "prlng,
Take Pe-rti-ba every spring for the blood.
It purifies: nnd enriches the blood, Invigor
ates the nerves and regulates digestion, A
ourse of Pe-ru.na protects the s)stem
against the depressing Influences of the
llrst hot days of sptlng. It provent ills
ease by fortlfvlng the system. It cures
dlsease ,- cleansing the svstein. Send for
free book on spilng diseases. Address the
Pe-iu-na Drug Manufacturing Company,
Columbus, O.
For free boolt on enncer, nddress Dr.
Hurtman, Columbus, o.
vanli; second. Decker, Cornell; third, Fer
guson, Fe!iiislvanlu. Distance, G ftet, ten
1 1 road lump, won bv Warren, Pennsyl
vania; second, llitchob, Pennsylvania;
thltd, Miles, Cornell. Distance, twenty
ft et, three inches.
Putting sixteen pound shot, won by
Knlpe, l'enusv Ivanla; second. Glenoid, Cor
nell, thltd. Itcsslnrcr, Pennsylvania. Dis
tance, thirty-eight feet, three Inches.
Throwing sixteen pound hammer, won by
Patteison, Cornell; second, Ressinger,
Penns.vlv.inla, third. Knlpe, Pennsylvania.
Dls'anci, 115 feet, the Inches.
Polo vault, tie between Ituchols. Pennsyl
vania, and Stewart, Penns.v Ivanla; thltd,
Cram, Cornell. Distance, ten feet.
It Was Cil.lir.it) l bv 11 liatl Ciiiiic In Wlileb
the Ahsik I 1II1111 I, ..nu Whs Itrati u.
The new Y. M. C. A. athletic park on
Last Twelfth street was Informal!) opened
jesterday. Tho feature or the day's sport
was a game In the Commercial Leupue
setles between the Y. m. C. A.'s and the
Ilurnlnm, Ilannu, Munger ,. Co.'s, which
resulted In a somewhat easy victor) for th"
latter bv the score of IS to 4 The Y. M.
c. A. pla ers had never been -together be
fore and they showed sally the want of
piactlce and team play C Sherlock
pitched an evcellent game for the winners
and the Infield work was good. Palm and
Kendall put up the best game for tho Y.
M C A.'s.
Aside from the ball game, there was no
fltid progiamme, but there were a number
of Impromptu races on the new quarter
mile blcjcle track, which was pronounced
to be one of the best In the country. The
lawn tennis courts vvero kept busy all the
The pirk will be open everv evening until
10 o'clock ami Professor Itllej , the physical
director, will be there every afternoon for
the purpose of giving Instructions In the
various games.
ovnit iiritm.r.s and.idu's.
Opening of tbn s.umiii in Xevv York t'nder
the ew 1 aw.
New York, May 11. About 3,000 people
Journeyed to -Morris paik to-day at the
opening races of the season, In this statu
under the new racing law, and they were
well paid for their jmun.y, for excellent
racing was een. The new betting rules
weie somewhat of 11 puutc during the
first tace, but after there was little tiouble
for the men who weie known placed their
money on the ctcdit ')"tim nnd the bul
tlrg ring was a thing of the past. Five
went in the llrst tan, and, although Ptl
mus fell at the last hurdle, the jockey
was quickly on his bai It again. Lafayette
led In the last half mile, and then had to
ba content with thud plai e, as Savonani
came up at the end and won easily. In
the second lace Hlawaste led for two
miles, pat Oakley and ( ml. wood going well
behind him until the water Jump, when
Uakwood got over nlcelj, but stumbled and
throw his Jockey, Rowan. In the last half
mile Oakley came avv.iv and won easily.
The St. Nicholas hurdle handicap had a
good Hold, with St. John ns the favorite
at 7 to 5, and Judge .Mot row second choice
The Hag fell to a good start and Judge
.Morrow at once took the I, ad None of the
others seemed ubk to head him with the
exception of the outsldei. Red Cloud. The
two cleared the laM hurdle abreast Mor
row, however, stumbled a bit and llnUhed
second by half u length:, both hori-cs be
ing all out In the New York steeplechase
handicap, Iron Duke was heavily backed,
cosing at a to 5, with Rodman second
choice nnd Per thltd. There wab a good
stmt and Iron Duke look the lead at once.
He was badly lidden and tell at the last
hurdle Rr.utc fell In the first lound
L.idv Ra.vmond and Rodman were well
together up to the last half mile, when
Ihty weie challenged by The l'eer and
Rodman gave It up. The Peer could not
pass the speedy mare and she won by a
snott heael in the hardest kind of .1 drive
Rodman third, beaten olf. Smnmaiies.
I Irst race One and one-lmlf miles; six
huidles. Hiyonura. 3 to 1. won, La F11-
(""i ( 1 m'uini. vtuiKup tiate Colum
bia), 0 to 5, third Time, 2 5J.
Second race-Tin ce miles, steeploehas-o
selling. Pat Oakley, o to 5, won, Playmate
4 to 1 .second, llinwui
Time. 0:10.
P-se, S to 1, third.
Third i.ice St. Nicholas handicap; otm
nnd eiiie-half miles, ovei s- hurdles. Red
Cloud, 12 to , won: Judge Morrow. 3 to 1,
seiond. Woodford 0 to 1, third. Time, 3 50
Foutth inc. Now Yolk steeplucliu.se;
two and one-half miles. Lady Ravmonn,
7 to 1. won, The Pec-r, 1; to 1, tecoud, Rod
man, 3 to I, thlid Time 4 10.
KHth 1 aee Seven turlongs Prize, 20 to
I. won: Logan, 7 to 5, second, Jljt, 20 to 1.
third. Time, 1 11.
lillUMn ITulveri.il Field I) ly.
Lawrence, May 11 (Special.) The field
duy meet of the Athletic Association of
Ktinsus university took place thU after,
noun on the irai k of the Driving Track
Assoi bitloii. south of the city. Owing 10
the viry winds weather and tho tin eaten
ing stuim, there was a very small at
tendance. The timers for the events wire
II. Robj and Hugh lllalr. the starter
was F R O'Dell and the cleric of the
iiiwse was A. J. Foster. Professor Hector
Cowan was Held judg.
The tollowlng Is the list of events and
the winners, with the records made-
In the luu yard dath theie were four
entries and Hist place was won by Motter.
with Hill second, and the lime was 0 10 3-t
In the mile walk there were two entries
and llrst place wai won by Taj lor. Time,
In the 220 yard dash there were Hire
entrle and Urn place was won by Motter
with Hill (iion.1 Time, 2:15. -"iier.
In the one mile IjKjcIh race there wera
thiee entries and llrst place was won by
Clark, with Ihiashci econd. Tlm, 2 G'Ji
In the half "nlle run therti wore three en
tries, and Hut plaie was won by Now ton.
In the half mile bicycle luce there vveru
tlueo entiles und Hist iilico was won bv
Cbuk. with Hill second Time, t 21 1.5. y
in the 4lu v.ndj, dash theie were rnur
entiles, and Hist place wus won by Mot
ter. with Johnson seiond. Tlnin nrKii.
Ill the one mile nut thole vvlio six en
tiles, and llrst pliuv was won by llaldildge.
with Henderson second Time. 5 30-.
In the shot-put theie vvciu thiie entries,
nnd lint plan wa won by Stone, with
Klmpsou, sci on I .13 ft it 11 Inches
In the standing high jump there weru
four untiles, an 1 Hist place wus won by
Rencli. with Front ecoud; 4 feet 4 Inches.
In the standing In oaii jump there vvero
seven entries, and Hist placet was won by
Renuh: 10 fuel
III the running bioad jump there wero
live entiles, und Hist place wus won by
names; 15 fcit i Indies.
In the hammer throw, Stone won by de
fault. In the running high jump there were six
entries and lust place was won by Stone,
with Fiost second, 5 feet ' inch.
xv.uut 11 llrlllliiut hucrtfc.
The gume of baseball which was ad
vertised to be plaved for charity at Im
position park y. !-t. rdoy afternoon did not
pun out vtiy well. The plan wus to have
u game between teams representing the
Centropolls and Ml Hand hotel guests, but
the Midland refusal to have an) thing to
do with it. so both teams were made uu
j it the Centropolls. Major Davis was nd
. v cruse d to umpire, but he failed to show
I up, so Henry Nntew ollb iated. There wcr.
I about llfteen spectators m th" stands nnd
after Hip teams had struggled through live
long vvojuj. Innings, they oncluded the)
unci none an iney were cnneu on to ti"
for sweet charity an 1 quit The on
was 27 to 51 In favor of the so-called Mid
lands. Amateur ltaebvll.
The Sclimelstcrs nnd the Models will cross
bats at KrposRIott ps.rk this afternoon
at 3 p. m. for a purse of JlOO and the nma
teur championship of Kansas and Missouri.
The Schmeliter.s have lost but one game
this season and that to the Kansas city
lllues. The Model will try hard to de
feat them. Following are the players and
their positions:
Schmelzcrs. Positions. Models.
Wood,i.,..,,,,,,lCatcher . Shafer
MeDM Pitcher ....Fltzpi trick
Colby ..,,., First bie Combs
Oliver, ......... ,, .Second btse ,.. .Underwood
Duddelsnn Third base .,,,,..,.,, .Hunt
vaughan shortstop Jackoii
IMvvard Left Held Smith
McMln.tmln Center Held Harvey
Rabiiti Right Held Lew
The Hoard of Trade IJaseball Club ami
the High School Selects played at Seventh
and Llmwood. Score:
Hoard of Ttade ... 2 8 3 0 1 S S 0 327
lllh School 0 0 0 2 5 2 2 0 111
Hatletles Hoard of Ttade. Colby and
Campbell; High School, Rider and Mona
Ban. The Swoffords and the Smltli-McCord
clubs ctossed bats nt F.ilrmount jesterda),
and the game resulted lu 11 vlctoiy for the
Swoflords by ihp score of t, to 3 Oliver,
of the SwoiTords. und McDonald, or the
Smlth'McCords, both did ex. client pitching
Oliver having rlevcn strikeouts to his
ctedlt, and McDonald seven.
All Schinelzer, Jr., will report nt Fif
teenth and Vine streets this morning at It
o'clock sharp to jda) the Ivalihoe lllues,
and at the end of Troost avenue this after
noon nt 2 30 shatp to play the Spotting
floods. Iln.vdcn. Ilo.vl" niuf Wllkerson to
port nt both games. The Jtinloi have won
nine nut of eleven gntnes, mid play Harrl
BOtivllle on Decouitlon day.
Tho Jewells and Knn.is City Hrowns
will cros bats at Seventh nnd Lltnwood
to-dny. Gatuo cnlled at 3 o'clock,
I lrl I'ntrles fur the Vliildn l'nrk Itnce.
The first two entries for the annual
Waldo park road race of the Kansas City
Cvcll3ts were received yesterday. They
came from II, J, Lee and F. P. Lee, of tho
Milo Cjcllsts of St. Jos. ph. C. Klndevntter,
of St. Joseph, fortnerlj one of the crack
riders of Kansas City, Is captain of the
Mllo Cjcllsts, and will be among the start
ers for the road race He writes that there
will be eight or ten stir'ers from bt. Jo
seph which augurs well for the success of
the race.
Opening llnv at M. I. mils.
St. Louis, May 11 The optnlng day of
the St Louis Fair Association sarins
meeting was attended by a concoutsu of
people numbering1 12.0(rt
The event of the ela was the Inaugural,
a handicap sweepstakes for 3-year-olds
and upwards. Libertine got away well and
set the pice for the (bid, defying all to
overtake him, and llnNhed easy, with the
Kendall stables close up first and second.
Twenty-two books were opened.
Western Asso. latloii (lames.
Des Moines, la., May 11. Score: Den
Moines, 11; Peoria. 1.
Lincoln, Neb., May 11. Score: Lincoln,
13. Rockford, C.
Omaha, Neb.. May 11 Score: Omaha, 14;
Jacksonville, 10.
St Joseph, Mo, May 11. Score: St.
Joseph, 11; Qulncy, IS
League ( lines Postponed.
Louisville, Ky., Mny 11 Loulsvllle-Ncw
York game postponed, wet grounds.
Cleveland, O., May 11 -Cleveland-Washington
game postponed, wet grounds.
Tho i:v-Warden M.13 Resist Never 0 Hunt,
but Nev. rtluless Ho
Must t.'o,
Topeka, Kas., May ll.-(Speclal.) The
political cases havo all been heard In the
supieme court, and are under advisement
by the Judges, Yesterday, Jobes vs. Hield
enthal was argued, and to-day Warden
Chase vs. tho board of penitentiary direc
tors, Senator Householder vs. Governoi
Moirlll, and Mrs. Lease is. Oeorgo A.
Clark, weie submitted upon their merits.
Some of tho friends of Warden Chase
havo been doing A good (leal ot talking
about the course the waiden Intends to
pursue. They say that he has about con
cluded that the report of the investigating
committee will be adverse to him, and that
the governor will at once appoint Itiuc
Lynch as warden upon the tiling of the
leport. chase's plan Is then to refuse to
turn over the penitentiary to the new
warden nnd (one him to go Into the su
pre mo court for his rights.
This pi ogi amine might be carried out ex
cept for one er) Important hind! .nice.
Win den Cha.se has been suspended bj the
governor and so long ns that suspension
lasts he lias no tnme to do with the peni
tentiary than anj other private citizen. If
he is collect In his Mipposltlon that the
committee will (Ind him guilt), theie can
be no question but that the governor wilt
make his suspension peimanent What th"
ex-warden will then have on hand to turn
over or to retuse to turn over Is dllllcult to
discover. He Is not now waiden In chargo
of tho penlt' ntlnry, nnd It Is not nt all
probablo that Ooveinor Morrill will rein
state him for the puipoou of enabling lilm
to lefuse to turn. over. ... . .
The legal gentlemen about the capltol
havo also suggested a progiamme, which
may be followed on this most auspicious
occasion If Chase's suspension Is mud
pet mnnent, and a new warden Is appointed
ihe new waiden will at once assumi
charge If Chase or nny of his he lers
about the penitentiary attempt to intcrier-
with a legal olllcer of the state tin v an.
very likelv to be given an opportunity to
nliiv checkers with their rcsp ttiv.- noes
In the county Jail or Leavenworth ounty
If Mr Chase thinks the governor hai
wrongfully leninved him, then be is pi Al
leged to go to the supreme court nnd tii.ik.
his ease, but not lor one instant is the
state of Kansas going to inlenue anv nun
sense) In tho dlieellon of ch ise or any
other deposed oiUei r tefuslng to "turn
t Is pretty generally understand that the
report of the. invesiiuMting .omm'tttc will
be unnnlmous ngalnst Chut.. l.vn the
Populist members upon it are understood
to be quite willing to attach th.lr names
to a verdict of guilty, and the lebrllioin
gentleman now cm trial will -boitly tb,-ro-ufter
b. come thu humblest kind of a prl
vato cjtlzen.
Chinese Hindu) 'e lined lit the First Cum
berland 'rih,vter!iu Church
As a result of the recent sensational
marriage of Charles Ylng, a Chinese laun
drymnn, to Miss F.dna -May Sharp, ltU
Sunday school teacher, the Chlneso Sunday
school ot the First Cumberland chuich ha
been discontinued Indefinitely. CharllJ
Ylng nnd Miss Shatp were both connected
with the Sunday school of that church.
Fpon the publication of the marriage th'3
Indignation against Chinese Sunday schools
became so general that the joung women
who hud befell te.nheis in Hib school
shrunk from public ridicule and quit onj
by one. The death of u joung lady teach,
er caused the suspension of the school.
Rev. Dr. D F.. Hushnell, temporary pas
tor of the church, said xestcrday that ho
believed the school will not be reopened.
Alcohol I a Poison,
All Intoxicating liquors and beverages
contain alcohol.
Alcohol Is n poison to the nervous sys.
tern, and causes a diseased condition of
the nerve cells.
Th,. rlitased condition Is accomnaninil hv
a eiaving for stimulants and diminution o'f
I the will power.
I Total abstinence will prevent the dls.
I ease, but will not cure the diseased condi-
1 Hon after it Is once present.
A euro of the condition, which Is called
1 alcoholism, can be obtained by the use of
I proper remedies.
1 The lenieelles of Dr. Leslie E. Keeley
have cured over 250.UOO men and women,
anil have been thuioueiily testcl for nii
fourteen yea is
The Keeley tieatment is tho onli one In-
uoisett iiy cue cnneu amies government
The publics Is warned against all Imita
tors of the Keeley treatment, their only
claim being cheupuess, and is earnestly ie.
quested to remember that there Is no
Keeley Institute In Kansas City, Mo
The oulv Keeley Institute In either of the
Kansas Cltis Is located In the Portsmouth
building, Kansas City, Kas.
Alcohol aud Di'utli.
Life insurance companies compute that
four intemperate- dilnkeis und two moder
ate ell inkers die to one total abstainer.
Lost Itov Turns L'p.
Wutrensbuig, Mo.. May ll.-(Speclal )
I; rank Gelgei, u Warrensburg boy. who
eilsuppeuic-d somo weeks ugo from Vnlen
tlue m school at Juiiesvllle. Wis., has turned
up In Omaha allvt- und well. Oelger'a dis
appearance was giving his patents much
concern, and they vvero making eitorts to
trace him. when a letter arrived this morn
ing stating that lie was looking for a sit
uation and keeping dark, for jeasons ot bis
Expert Treatment at the Cost of MedlclneB Only, and In No
Case to Exceed S4 a Month-Trial Treatment
Free to Those Applying In Person.
rjreal number of people suffer from the I . "ro you cough worse night and morn
mnllgn poisons of cntnrrli ns from other ing" .... ii. i ,.
subtle chronic maladies, without nny cor-, "Do you hAve to lt up at night to get
reel or dcllnlte Idea of the nature of their breath?"
.tntlctlnn. The following sjmptom linve Cntnrrli nf the t.lver.
been carefully arranged by Dr. Copeland ' Tn cr , nted by catarrh through
(i enable . nnn iirfcrers to Understand , ,. in?i,Lne. n.nrtini from the stomach
lust what It Is that nils them. Mnnv dls
eases, known under various speclllc names,
ire really of n catarrhal origin and nature
livery part of the mucous metnbrntie, tho
lose, throat, eyes, ears, head, lungs Mom-
icn, liver, noweis, kkiiicj ami maimer, nre
object to illsrase und blight bv catarrh,
The proper ioure for suffeiers Is this
Read tin so sjmptoms carefully over, mark
ihoe that apply to voiir enso nnd brlnn
this with ou to Dr. Copeland. If ou live
iwtty from the clt.v send them by mall nnd
lsk for mall treatment. In either instance,
md whether by mall or olllce treatment,
the patient ma) be assured of the speed;
lest tdlpf and cure possible to medical
sc lenee.
All patients who make application for
treatment or renew their treatment at nny
time during the month of Mny will bo
ehntged only for the medicines needed, nnd
In no ene will the cost exceed Jl a month
ALIKI1 . , ,
Trial treatment fite to those oppljlng
In person.
t'.i turrit nf the lleiul and 1 brunt.
The most ptcvalent form of catarrh, and
results from neglected coltK Speedy nnd
Inexpensive cure bv the Copeland sjstein.
"Is Hip breath foul?"
"Is the voice husky?
"Do )ott spit up silmc
"Do you nche all over?
"Do ou blow out scabs?';
"Is the nose stopped Up"
"Do ou snore at night?
"Is there tickling In throat?"
"Does vour nose discharge?
"Does the nosP bleed easily?'
"Do crusts form In the nose?"
"Is the nose sore nnd tender?
"Do vnu slieero n gicat rleal?'
"Is tills wote toward night?"
"Does the nose Itch and burn?
"Is theie pain 111 front or head?"
"Is there pain acioss the eyes?,,
"Is there pain In bnck of Iiead7
"Is vour sense of smell leaving?
"Do") oil hawk to clear the throat?
"Is there n dropping In the throat?
"Is the throat dry in the mornings?
"Are von losing your sense of taste'
"Do vou sleep with the mouth open.'
"Does the nose stop up toward night?
Catarrh of tl"' ltroui bl il lubes.
When catarrh of the head nnd throat H
er MHi.nnL'mi i, n inniU down the wlnd-
plpo Into the bronchial tubes, and. In time,
attacks the lung Speedv and Inexpensive
CUle liv tne l opeianu scein.
"Have you a cough?
"Are 5011 losing flesh'.'
"Do vou cough at night 7
"Have ott pain In side?
"Do vou take cold easily"
"Is jour appetite variable?
"Have you stitches in side?
"Do vou cough until you gng?
"Arc oil low-plrlteit at times"
"Do vou raise frothy material?
"Do you spit up yellow matter
"Do vou cough on going to bed'
..ti ;.n,, xnin-ii In the mornings"
Is your cough short and hacking
"DO you feel yon are growing vve-aKcri
"Is there a burning pain In the throat?
are the Jlen'h Suits secured
in the ENS. .J.ifiray sale in New
York last' month. In that sale
wo bought the piece goods (from
which tlieo suits weie made) at
o0c 011 the dollar, turned them
over to 0110 of the host manufac
turers of men's, clothing in Amer
ica, had them made up, lined and
trimmed as "..iO and $15 Suits
and now give you pick of the
ptnehase at
$4.75 and S9.75
"Do you spit up little cheesy lumps?
"Have you a disgust tor fatty foods"'
li there tickling behind the palate'"
..;,:... n.h, hhin. the hreastbone7 "
I 1 il C . '
1 Ib 13 uh m 1 wf m rc 1m Ba B Ell X PS
$100 to any
if any person
a shoddy or
W rfa If3
i.Aitc.Ks-r iti:.i. i.siwti: !i:.i, si.nci:
Till: IIOOM I).W Cl.Oslll).
T. O. II011IIU I'll) SlUT.fiOn Spot Cash
for 11 ))ell locit.il 'Iniet of Itei.1-
elenco rriiperlj lln s,.(urcl
a Uiiud 11 in; ilu.
The largest cosh real estate sale since
the days, of the boom was closed yester
day. The Kenwood Land Company told
to V U Honlllb a ttact of land Just east
of and li(t to ll de pari:, for J12T.01"), spot
cieh. In the ttact there were 6,&u0 front
feet, and the pilte per front foot was $15.
Mr. bonllls, who Is a resident of Kansas
City and ha? unbounded faith In tho cliy'B
prosperity, secured what is considered a
blB bargain 'Ihe pionerty Is tplendldly
located, adjoins an aristocratic tesldence
tectlon. Is the only lurse slncle tract near
the city, and easily accessible, and at one
time suld foi 1 10 a foot.
This large transaction will not only draw
the attention ot Invtstou to that part of
the suburbs, but will materially Mlffc-n
prices. Ml llonfils lias been fortunate In
seeuuni. u uamuiu, uui ic i& uui cieijr in
vestur who Is iible to put down M much
cash as Is represented In this deal. Those
who Know tho propert) say the purchaser
may count on a big ittiirn from the start.
Tim tule of thu Worcester Hats, at Ulchth
street and Undid avenue, mention of
which was made some weeks uko, was
closed jeeterduy, Tho Craddock Heal Jls
tute Company were the anents, ", 1:
t'urbeck, of Topeka, bought the property
of Clara H. and Jeanle L tiano, of Dallas,
Tex., tor $75.0"". Tho dimensions of the
tiact ure S2xlW feet. The consideration con
sisted of iJo.tMi cash und 1D.SW ucrci of
ranch land in I'ecos and lluchel counties,
f'rutcher & Webb sold several properties
last week; l'lfty feet on 1'arU avenue, be
tween Tenth and llleventh streets, to J, W,
Pollock, for the City Iteal Kstate Company,
lor lioOO; No. 811 Tioost avenue, to Mrs
Jackson, for the- National Hank of Kansas
City, for J0.7M; the elKbt room house. No.
2IU Ciuve street, to J. I). Ware, for the
Alliance Trust Company, for ll.SOO; 37'
feet on Cast Seventh street, to Mrs. Mar
tha i: Knox, for J. A. Curry, for $1,200; 20
feet on l'ark avenue, between Tenth and
Kleventli streets, to Miss II. Powell, for
the City Ileal Est'Ue Company, for $1,000.
.end a thiee room house on Tenth street, to
James Wuie. for the City Ileal Ustate
Company, for $7j0.
J. W. Harlan sold for Mrs. Marearet H.
Clark, to llmma M. Durfc-c, a vacant lot on
the southeast corner of Indiana and Twen
tieth strtfct. fur iML
Into the tubes In the liver. Speejdy and In
expensive cure by the Copeland system.
'Arc you Irritable?"
"Are on nervous?'
"Do you get dlzzv?"
Mlnen x nu tin enercv
"Do yoii havo cold feet?"
"Do you have rumbling In bowels?'
"Is there throbbing In the stomach?"
"Do vou have sense of heat In bowels 1
"Do vou suiter from pains In temples?
"Do vou hnve palpitation of the heart";
"Is there n general feeling of lassitude?
"Do these feelings alTcet your memoty7"
Cntnrrli nf tin Mnniiili
Catarrh of the stomach Is usually caused
bv swallowing poisonous mucus, which
drops down from the- head and throat at
night Speedy nnd an Inexpensive cute by
the Copeland sjstem.
"Is there nausea""
"Arc you costive?"
"Is there vomiting?
"Do J'ou belch up gas?"
"Are you light-headed?"
"Is your tongue coated?"
"Have you water brash?
"Do voit bawl; and spit?"
"Is there pain after eating?"
"Are you nervous nnd weak?"
"Do you have sick bendaehes?"
"Do volt bloat up nfter eating?"
"Is there disgust for breakfast?"
"Have you distress after oatlng7"
"Is your throat tilled with slime?"
"Do vou nt times have diarrhoea?"
"ts there rush of blood to the bead?"
"Is there constant bad taste In mouth?"
"Is there gnawing sensation In stom-
"rin jou feel as If you bad lead In stom
ach'" ,
"When you get up suddenly are you
"When stomach Is empty do you feel
"Do vou belch up material that burns
"When stomach Is full do you feel op
pressed'" voir may m: cuui:i at iiomi:.
Bv the Copeland perfected sjstem of mall
treatment, you mav be cured at home.
Write for question blank and Information,
Address all mall to
U) 1-102(1 Wiilnnt St., Knnsn City, Mo.
Specialties Catarrh, Asthma. Bronchitis.
Nervous Diseases, Rheumatism, Consump
tion and all Chronic Affections of the
Throat. Lungs, Stomach, Liver nnd Kid
neys. Office Hours: 9 a. m. to 12, 1:30 p. m. to
5; evenings, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thurs
days nnd Snturdajs, 7 to 8 p. m. Sundaj',
9 a. m. to 2 p. m.
bought in the regular way,
would have to be sold at $7.50,
by this purehaso they are
Men's Suits that, bought in
tho regular way, would have to
be sold at $15, by this purchase
they aro
charitablo institution
can nnd in our stock
printed Satinet Suit of
A Man Whit c'niiiliuttil 11 Heal Kstate nnd
1,0111 Ciiiiii.ui) t, mli r Arrest for l'as-
slliK 11 lurfcd Cluck,
Charles S, Wilcox was arrested at 10:30
last nleht while in the act of passing; a
forged check for $.", drawn on the Mis
souri National bank and purpoitlnB to
bavJ been signed by the White) Lumber
Company, fahorily after 10 o'clock last
nlKtil a man entere.il 1'Ved Snyder's dry
goods blotu ,U No, 13.7 Orand avenue and
bought a small eiuantity of merchandise,
tendering a check in payment. Sn)der was
on ihe point of cashing it when uilicers 11,
II. Johnson and sam lire en placed Wilcox
under art est, 'Ihe suspicion of the otllcers
had been aroused before Wilcox attempted
to pass the check, oil account of Ills sus
picious actions on the street,
Uefore Wilcox's visit to the dry goods
store he had tried to pass the same check
on a seioiuj-hand dealer at No. 1110 Uiand
avenue, In pa)raent of a bill for furniture,
umauntlng to iU. The proprietor noticed
the nervous actions of the man and refused
to accept the check. When Wilcox was
taken to polbe headquarters and searchetd
the olllcers noticed he wus In disguise, hav
ing u heavy false black beard. A search
of his clothing revealed a bundle of twen-tj-slx
checks, all tilled out and signed with
the name of the White Lumber Company
and vanlng In amounts from U to $00.
Among Wilcox's private letters were
found a. number of newspaper clippings,
which revealed his real Identity. He Is
none other tran the head of the Southern
Ileal Instate and I.oun Company, doing bus.
UVLS.S wtlhln Iho 1'Jnt two vveekB in the
Whitney building. No. 718 Delaware street.
Numerous victims have paid room No. 20.'
in the Whitney builulng liequtm fruitless
visits during the past week In search of the
buuiliein Heal 1-state and Loan Company,
Wilcox arrived in Kansas City ubout two
month ago and rented an otllce In the
Whitney building. He advertised In ull
tho ntwspapeis In the tlty as a real estate
and loan company, Wilcox comprised the
entire company and, It Is said, victimized
every business ilrm with which he haa
dealings. He is also thought to have se
cured many victims through the company
ho organized. About two weeks ago he
disappeared, leaving behind many credi
tors. Over fotiy persons are known to
havo called at the Whitney building In one
day, asking for Wilcox, since he closed his
olllce In that building. His wife is now at
Council llluifs, la., and does not know of
her husband's arrest.
htutu Horticultural Society.
The semi-annual meeting of the Mis
souri State Horticultural Society will be
held at the opera house at Willow Springs
on June I. 6 and 6. Tho Memphis road
had nxnmim.o.t C-t. r.. ..,- ... - -..
,.M0 u..iv.u..wvi4 . Udll IUIC ItflK lUr IlK
round trip, L. A. (Joodman, of Westport.
a u"c."v,cw4' vi' "ic ui&auizaiigii ana
.1. (V Keins nt Vnrlh e-.nunu rl, lj .....
"Do you reel tniserauier
"Is j our memory poor?".,,
"Do you get tired eally?"
"Do vou have hot Hushes?'
"1 vour rjeslpht blurred?",
"rnn't vou rxnlnlti where?
"Have jolt pain In the luck?"
"Is your llesit soft and n.ibby?''
"Are jour spirits low nt times?"
"Is there a filoatltig aHcr eating?'
"Have j'ou pain around the loins?
TVrt e n, line iMimllnr? In bowels?
Our Men's Suits wltli any in the
city ours at S15, for instance, as
against anybody's else at five dol
lars more. Wo know that at f 15
we are showing suits in fabrics
and patterns that you'll see in
custom shops at $25 and S30, and
ours arc as well made, look as
well and fit as well or better.
And our All Wool Suits at
6.50, $7.50, S3. 50 and $10,
tailor made, sewed with silk
throughout first-class trim
mingsare the hest values at tho
price ever shown in this city.
Comparison will prove it.
Olllcc Cnuts now roidy from BOo to the
llncst Imported Worsteds nt S3.
llojs" nobby .lunlnr Suits, ngrs a to O
jenrs old, lit S3 mid S3.ni), III blue nnd
tricots and all wool c.isslmercs, nicely
AH new shapes of Derby nnd Tcdorn
Hot, 93 crudes, nt S1.00.
ua it a
927-929 MAIN ST.
Goods that wo arc offering at popu
lar prices, the elegant trimmings wo
are using, tho superior workmanship,
in fact the stand the wear and tear
qualities of our suits keep tho pcoplo
Thick and fast. We arc cutting
goods woven in every country under
the sun where wool is known, for
there is nothing in these goods of
ours but pure, unadulterated wool.
Our 'way-aown-bclowl em-prices beat
our competitors at evorjv jump in the
Beginning to-morrow and lasting all
week we will givo both morning and
matinee exhibitions of over 1,000
beautiful patterns from which you
may select without reserve for $20. 00
a suit- Whon it gets down to who
can givo you the best clothes for tho
least money wo are strictly in the
G. Toomey & Co.,
Successors to
rTluo Carriage
A hi eclalty.
Call and tea
Us at 015
015 Campbell .St.
iiiupbell M. )
Don M. Dickinson's Vigorous l'nrelcrii Tiil
icy lnsplrcel by the President us
a Political Move,
Washington, May 11. (Special.) The
spectacle of Don Dickinson twisting tho
Ilrltlsh llon'3 tall by way of an after din
ner entertainment Is looked upon as pirt
of a scheme planned by Mr. Olei eland for
the purposo of righting himself In tho
minds ot the people of the I'nlted States,
Twenty-four hours betorc Mr. Dickinson's
last delivery be was with the piesldent
nnd bad been for some days, In fact, and
it is lit mly believed by thovo In a position
to know that Mr. Dickinson Is playing 11
role assigned lilm by the president. Ot
coure, the plan la to have it appear that
Mr. Dickinson's remarks nre Inspired and
come fresh from the president and cover
Ills opinion lu tact but, owing to some
thing that cannot be divulged, he could not
in the late gaib of Ilngland take this
nntl-lirltlsh policy outlined by Mr. Dickin
son. It being plain to the president that
his foreign policy, or the lack of It, has
nauseutcd the people and, fearing they
will rebound against bis future designs in
tho little matter ot keeping In otllce, ba
has concluded to havo It go out that he.
Is In accord with the Dickinson style of
foreign policy and not the kind headed by
Mr. Hayard or that which bears the olll
clal signature of Mr, tires ham,
WILL 111! TAlvLN 'lO IOWA.
Joseph J PuertH Must Answer to the
Charge nf I'orgcry,
Joseph J, Tuerth. arrested Friday for
attempting to swindle the Metropolitan
hotel out ot a $20 boird bill, was last night
delivered over to W. H. Phillips, sheriff
of Marshalltovvn, Ia on a requisition is
bued by the governor of that state, charg
ing him with forgery. A slioit time after
Tucrth's arrest it wis known that he
was wanted at Murshalltoivn, la., for
forgery, but the amount was supposed to
be small. On the arrival of the sherllf ic
was learned that l-'uerth was wanted for
securing money on several worthless
checks, the aggregate amount secured
being over J.'.OOO. Tha sheriff will leave to
day with his prisoner,
Declines to Talk 011 the urttlon of a Sil
ver Com cut luii.
Jefferson City, Mo., May 11. (Special.)
United Htutea Senator Cockrol! is visit
ing relatives hero on his way to his
iiome at Wurrensburu. Senator Coclt
rell sajs ho is merely In the West on a
visit to his home, as Is his custom dur
ing each vacation. When asked us to
tho propiitty of calling a btate sliver
convention, he said that the people
should be the Judges of that. That it
was not tho people's servant's place to
express himself upon such a matter,
Conductor of u Metropolitan Cur Itoblnd
by 'lo 3luti,rd Situ.
Two men boarded m Hlghteenth stre.f
cable cur last night jff iV.i7v
f -

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