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TUB OtT-OF-llATK I'llt.ll SNAP ts SLOW
Nothing t.lkn It nn Itrrnnt In the. Lo-
ml Menther Bureau Killing Irnsts
Hepnrtcil lrniii Alt Parts
of the Pint.
The present cold wave Is ns extraordi
nary n the extreme!) hot one Immediate!
preceding It. The first ot the present
month wns warmer, nnd the present time
Is colder, thnn any time on record at the
signal station of this city.
Signal ortleer Coup says Ihere were heavy
frosts last night In .Michigan nnd through
out New York nnd the Hast. The tempera
turo nt Krle, l'n , during the present week
lias been as low as 2T dog., with considera
ble now flurries. The snipe nnd other
mnll fruits, together with much of the
larger fruits, have been killed throughout
the Eastern states nnd tho Lake region.
There have been severe wind storms on the
(treat Lakes, especially I.nke Sllchlgan,
during tho -week, doing Immense d image
to shipping.
The frosts of the recent cold spell have
extended ns far south a Chattanooga,
Tcnn , which Is an unhenrd of occurrence
for this time of the jcir. Snow also fell
throughout the mountainous district of
North Carolina, and all through the Kant
em and New England stales. There would
have been frosts last night In Ohio nnd Il
linois had not the region been thoroughly
protected bv cloud.
The low cut temperature of the Lake re-glor-s
1nt night nt 11 o'clock was 12 deg.
but as all vegetation there hns been killed
no further dnntige by frosts Is possible.
Thrt ,n.ft,t srttit wnvn la nninll ns Tt
mnrkable ns the hot weather Just preccdln
110th in extreme temperature ami utir.iuc
While In many places, especially In t
West, the temperature 1 gradually rll
ct over the Lake region nnd Ohio n'
it remains very low. The weather )es"
dav -was characterized bv general r
over Kansas, Missouri, the Ohio mi,'
Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, the Dal'7
nnd sections of the Hocky mountains
wns pnrtlculirly heavy over the sta"1
Missouri, St. I.ouls reporting 1.7! lts
Kansas City .1,2 nnd Sprlnglleld .22 .V"0,
ptst twentj-four hours, the tempe"
of Kansas and Missouri last night"."
nboe fO deg. and, according to pre-1 I"'
dlcntlons, there will be no more frc ir
a few nights, nt least. Tho West f1.
gratul.ate Itself on the comparative"""'"
nmount ot damage done by th'--"-"v
According to present Intllcatlo.1'1"
will be local showers to-da over I ,,,T
Jllssourl and Arkansas river val"; ""
a tendency toward a slightly r' lera-
Washington Fork's Itcgnlnr "" w,u
lie Opinul by 'Ibis FnC110"
'Iroupn rTt Snniln
Next Sunday will w ltncvhe formal
opening ot Washington parlor thc sum
mer and fall season, and th"-y'"
bo marked by the p'resentaU'0 the "
sinds of patrons ot this fao resort ot
tho finest attraction ever f,J!C; "r,""
Kanns City park. It Is th, the lonR
list of superior attractions"1'111 a mn'
ngement ot the park hasc,ed for
cion at great cpenseB'"nIff with
Sunday afternoon, and ?"n$
afternoon and evening (l"fnf innineip
Takazawa's iinequalg.l t'Jid. licro
jugglers balancers, califs ana aero
bats will be seen at .'i'."'"?" PI
wlier- their vvonderf u'"1 " "'T" tF"l
formanccs will m&tlf'nd "Ollght thou-
''TalLziwa's'une j-,t' ot clKllt "er
f of mer"aU vv I ft'h Xel In w hlch
cnth Individual lPal''fb5i'ha?f i nich
ever left Japan. Maf ' Je n(? cer
thls troupe perform:.1'" oac,0o "."'' cS.rc.
talnty nre simply t,i.lih Thev
holder and cannot crlbed. The
WnXraic'S 'tenXllsf of" tills
li,niP,i.i nre SmS" c changed every
.liv ..ml ?aeh ?ct!ms more d1"1"'1 n"d
Is no possiblo Sanane'se cxpertl are
?e0asmTelrfow-V'lcrh " hccn
nl tlno mllsl.' l"p i-.nuiKiou - "
.is in iihlli spend the afternoon or
evcnlYi? WasHton park has started In
fhls SSihon t'CllP,'o tho records of all
mis season t , , . ,ldAi.ia nttmotinn
"ind next week's nttractlon
former seasoi
lormer "".-,- t th, cml
aroost p rl' diawlng a vvoild ot Ms
HnVs these s. s lt popular resort
iuJtiv shoub0 iP.v.rv thing at Troost Is
managed !irtonrt,,c,cl1 ,s0 ns. t0 Ke ,he
maniRcn u i pntert ilnmcnt to the V s-
greaiesi !".,-, ., ,wi rtmfrtrt i tin
llrT-and0 c thought of the man;
nrst aim ci, ...1 ,, ,tnu i
HOUUlfl (r . . tu.mllltnn InnLlnr.
...., riiiii.iii, (jl ci:l'iiii
for a nlert P'aeo to while nw.iy an hour
or 11 d",eca Iook I,lrtller thnn Troost
p irk. '
MT ailSbtlUUI lllOtlFSIi
Tho 11.' l10 ' lf,h Animal Council Has
Hi en I InUhi.t,
Thc th annual council of the West
iMissn. dioceso of the Episcopal church
f'is "Rht to a close last night, with
Jr Vsi, bv Rev. Dr htone, ot Chicago,
5 .'"day Schools" Dining tho day rtg
,,lnr'4tliio business occupied tho ntten
;'in1nr tho (UkMte3. Tho commltties
i,,,,,cd by the bishop Tuesdaj qu.ililled
i,Jro glvtn an outline ot what their
, "hi would consist. To-day at 10 20 a.
J,, r. Mono will addiess the Ladies'
v..'ary. which Is now In annual ses
JiJfn tho city. Ho will eonllno himself
r' limited subj.ict, but will dwell upon
Jcvork of the auxlliaiy and tho need
JJilmreh hai. for lib aid.
et dovotlonal services last evening
nop Atwlll slid a few vvoids regarding
meeting of the council Just closed
i called attention to the eiToit to ba
,le to Increise tho mission try offer
h to the church Ho intiodueed RlV.
. I.anib, who spoke on "The Teachings
d Trainings In the Family." Dr. Mono
Hotted with an address on "bund iy
ihools" and spoko for thirty mlnutis.
o said tho Sundaj school was oigmlzed
supply the failure of the women of tho
ind on one hand, and tho neglect of tho
Icrgy on thu other, to propeil train tho
hlldren In the line of Christian thought.
Jn dis gone bj tho child had been In
structed at home to prepare Its Sunday
school lesson. This practice Is fist fall
ing into disuse. The Sunday school la now
being neglected, and ho urged the parents
10 teach thelt children to attend to their
diss work on Sundaj s.
Ituv. D H. Bailey, pastor of St. Paul's
church. Westport, told how to reach the
adult members mid Iriln them for their
work in the church. Ho deplored the uvl
dent Inattention to chuich obligations by
111 iny of the Influential members, and w is
profuso In his remedies for such negll-
Most of tho visiting clersjmen and lay
delegates returned home jesterday and
last night,
The official forecast for to-day Is: Mis
souri, fair and cooler In western portion,
with showeis In eastern portion, luinsaa
fair, except showers in cistern portion In
the early morning; vvarmei in westetrn
portion. The highest and lowest tempera
lure jestcnlay was U and 41 deg. The lec
ord of last night's observations Is as fol-
10fatalon?. nar. Temp,
New Orleans.,, ,., 30 01 Ti
tSalvcston...,,,,, ,. '"rfx. J",
Cincinnati ,,.......,......,.., J'j -
Chicago, ....,..,....., f'l-J 3
St. .Paul,.; f.l &
hprlnglield .-jJgr f
I'oncordia ' "J
Dodge City..,. ,.,,,,., .-J 11 M
Bismarck ,, '"?!!?? m
llcln ,. ,3l)3b W)
IS!?"6-:::::::..:::::::::::..::::!" 1
s:;:::::;::-v;::::..i tt
Kansas City ...-ity
noes ot lcny 111 fiuilt.
Oscar Garrison, a H- ear-old boy, living
at 210 East Nineteenth street, was ar
rested yesterday on the charge of cutting
lead olbe out of acant suites of rooms
n the ?M?Cure flats, at 212 East N'neteenth
street. Garrison was trjlng to d spose of
some of the cut pipe to a Junk dealer on
Grand avenuo when arrested. The agent
of the MeClure Hats Identllled the prop
2rti Garrison does not deny his, guilt,
but staes that this Is his first criminal
offense, He will have a hearing before
Justice .Wittirow to-day.
?' ' ' '"' ?"" r ellEli V To to v Isltors.
ii. . nii. ... a n ortiircn nl
nn j r ill the "i, attractions of the park
H1? ,?. UiSSiklng- It a most delightfut
,onf qsftlt;ilUlU IllliriV, IIIV m "-r.
inmlf. f "t Troost this reason, will
i"na,nn.i:,i every day, and on hundajs
lof?ssor W'b full band will render a
t In rr
Ullt., lilt.. IV
An Klrgnnt Vtl.emln n"" "'-""i lln,,''
tlpened b'r,r' ' nll'eU
,1 I nton.
The elegant w-cfn'c ftnd retail house of
Campbcll-i:atorrockf'ry r s,t nn
SI1 Main streca opened to the public
csterdny. Tleom',',n3r oecuples the en'
tire building, ,1'c'1 ' fonr stories nnd a
hasement. 7 urst tory Is n general
erv Coni '" tho vke President, nnd
Mr w vaton, who Is n brother of Mr.
I 1' liT' ' ,np ecretarv Mr. Camp
bell will charge of th finances of the
comiianl Mr. J. V. Kilon will do the
buvlnc "'tt. hlle Mr. W. Y llalon. who
has nntenslve acquaintance In South-
eastern Kansas, will travel there for the
compan. Four other men will travel In
other parts of the West.
Among tho articles on exhibition In the
salesrooms are specimens of the handiwork
of tho master workmen In tho leading pot
teries and glnss manufactories of nil lands.
There nre Dresden lamps, both banquet
and boudoir, onvx tables, white china for
decorating, Royal Crown decorated chlnn,
Havllaml china dinner ware, blue delft
ware, Italian Knlencc, Itoynl bond cut
glass, L,lbhe's two latest patterns In cut
glass, called the "Marcell.a" and the
'Gem," for which the company Is solo
ngent In Kansas Cltj. There are also tine
lots of Venetian decorated cut glnss, statu
ettes and lamps, Jewel glass, hand painted
dinner sets, beautiful toilet wnre nnd nil
the different makes of medium nr.d com
mon wares. In fact there H In the stock
even thing thit the plainest and the
weilthlest and most artistic people may re
It Will Fronnlily Ho llelrt, Saturday Mglit.
When n Voto on the Congregational
Meeting Will tin 1 alien.
Rev. Charles II. Bruce, of the rifth
Tresbj tcrlan church, the moderator ot the
session ot the Second Presbyterian chinch,
has been asked to call a meeting of that
body net Saturday night for n vote on
tho congregational meeting to decide the
Ttov. Dr. C.Lorge question. Rev. Mr. Bruce
Is the moderator of the atsslon by special
appointment of the Ivans is City presb
tery, there being no regular pistor over
the Second church. Meantime, the peti
tions which were clrculitcd In the Interest
of Dr George, and boar the names ot nil
who favor him as pastor, have not reached
the session They arc still in the hands
of the lommlttee. They were delivered to
the clerk ot the session on Tuesd ly after
noon, but were Immediately withdrawn on
Its being learned that in nil spoclil .a-.es
the session must be calltd tog. ther bv the
moderator. The clerk of tho session is
e. II . .11.1,. ii.ii. me- iiuLi.iuiin hliu ii.e .
sente.1 bv Mr. Scboonmaker. of the nro-
Lieorge committee, who is one ot ituv.
Dr. Georire's most active sunnorteis
It Is nlmost certain tint Rev. Mr Biuce
will call a meeting for next SUurdav, and
It is equally certain that the session will
vote In favor of the congregitlonal meet
ing. However, there is a. possibility
that still another dltllcult 111115 ail-e. In
case tiieie should be a tie It Is .1 question
whether Rev. Mr. Bruce has .1 voto or not.
It llns Ue.n tnrt. .1 by tin Carpenters'
Union anil a l'liblio M. etlug
Will Ho Held.
A movement looking to the establishment
of an eight hour d i for all laboring men
in the city has been start, d by the Cai
penters' Union, nnd on tho .venlng of
Mij J2 a public nuetlng will be held at
1013 Walnut street under tho auspices of
tho Cirpenteis' Union, at which time
prominent local speakers will dlscnvj tho
It is tho Intention ot the men to or
ganlzo all the non-union nun In the city
and piesent .1 solid fiont In enforcing
the demands for a str light eight hour
da for all laboring men
i.ocai, am.irAKY m:vs.
large Ord. r (liven for White Buck Iroiis-cn-epant.i
Tour hundred pairs ot white duck trous
ers have been ordered for the uso ot tho
men of tho Third regiment Tho order
will bo filled within a week and the next
time tho bojs have a dress parade, they
will appear In the garb which has added
so much to the fame of thu Seventh New
York The ngent of a leading uniform
house was out to the nrmory two nights
of this week and took orders from ninny
of the otllcers for new uniforms, in order
that company olllccrs may not be behind
tin It men in appearance.
Compiuy K, Cuptulu Wngar, will also
order a separate uniform of some fancy
design, piovldcd Colonel hlnionds will con
sent. They will hive white bloiisis ami
helmets in addition to tho trousers, in
casM tho dtess fatigue Idea dots not meet
with tho approval of tho Held and line,
These uiilfoims are for use at thc Intel
statu drill at St. Louis In Jul),
Captain I.echtm 111, Compiny I, will also
hivo a new uniform on his nun for the
suibu occasion. These two companies will
lepiesent tho Thlid regiment in the big
drill They expect to go down with their
full complement of oillters and men.
Captains Wagar and Lecntman leave for
Memphis this morning. They will attend
the drill now In piorcss In that city. Ink
lug polntb for tho contest In St ixiuis.
Lieutenant Paul Shcpard and Sergeant
Ellis, both of Compiny K, lett for Mem
phis sesterday. The Kansas City paity
will return next Monday,
Theio was .1 meeting of Company D,
Captain Klnneard, at the armory 1 1st
night for tho purpose of reorganising. Tho
company has been allowed to fall below
the regulation standard In order to drop
soma bid inateilal un.l rebuild with better
men. There was a good attendance last
night and tho work was taken up with
iii'nr. I'olmtel Slmonds made the bois a
shoit speech, telling them the good out
look for the leglment un.l the encourage,
ment that they can hold out to recruits.
'I he company appointed committees to se
cure new men. They will report next
Wednesday night.
Muil htm In the WnrkhnuHe.
City Attorney Biirnham appeared before
Judgo Wofford In the criminal court jes
terday ufternoon In inswer to a summons
to show cause why Hatty Martin, a work
house prlsonei, should not be discharged
on a writ 01 nuutas i-tiii.. .uu...i.
pleaded gulltj In the police court three
wetks ago to vagrancy and was lined $7a
and costs. He was unable to pay the line
and was committed to tne workhouse.
Attorney Rurnham proved satisfactorily to
the court that when a plea of guilty Is
entered against a prisoner there can be
no grounds for habeas corpus. Martin
will continue his sojourn at the workhouse.
Held for Kxamlniitloii.
Harry D Levass was held for examina
tion on May 17 by Justice Joce jester
day. Lev ass Is charged with larceny from
a dwelling. Tuesday forenoon he was
caught as ho was leaving the residence of
J. Davis at 90.3 Wvandotte street. After
being arrested, while going to the po'lce
station, I.evass tried to throw away some
of the artlclis taken from the house.
Many ladies are martj ra to fluttering.
uwutiwoiuis, ma best cure for cerm, lieu.
In If I n 11,,, .U.,,1.... tt
ft ... ... .-, .. ...,v ,..-,.. .,, ...
nil the vnrl' mnus 01 wnre carried ny
lrst class rk'r nni1 KHwnre houes.
ir a v ampbell, who was formerly
ens'hler nf e Citizens' National bank, Is
the l'rJsmv.x'!:vJ.vr-.J' ,,Lon:.f.1r .fI3'
I It I Ml UIU I I t 1111 l lllll lUlli"
rACKF.im HAti: maik t.nit.UAi. rt'it-
t'llSf.S DtttUXd llli: FAST F.KR.
There Is I'.vlilrntlr nn tnrrrnspil Demand for
Mrnts nnd 1'nrkers tim Jow Afford to
Incrrasn Ihelr Storks I port
nf lings mill Lnttle,
I'aekerV pnrclinses tho past week
have- l,eon liberal, nnd there Is it feeling
In tlio trndo that there la nn lntpiovo
ment In tho demand for meats, or else
tho packers would not lie Increasing:
their stocks so fast, Tor the week end
ing May H they got lt,it cattle, ll,2Sfi
hogs nntl 1G.RS5 sheep! same time 1,1st
Photo by Kansas Clt View Company.
onr, cattle 14,173, hogs 37,031 nnd sheep
The exports ot hogs from tho United
States for April, ncconlliiK to tho bu
reau of stntlstlcs, were SI, nntl from
July 1, 1811, to April 30, 1S93, weio l.S'.fi.
Tho exports ot cattle for April were
1D.75G, nnd fiom Julv 1, 1S94, to April 30,
1S", they Were 200,870.
Jncob Uotllcb, Tort Scott, Kns , had In
cattle jesterduv.
J. McCovvn. Concordia, Kns, wns hero
jesterday with hogs.
Knnsns continues to glvo us some
choice cattle, notwithstanding tho scar
city nnd high price of feed there V. G.
Stark, of Jefferson county, was hero es
tetilny with seventy choice export steers
ot his own feeding. They nveraged
l.IilS pounds nml vvcie sold by Campbell,
Hunt .: Adams at J" G"i, the highest
price of the day. Thev vveto taken by
Eastman for the export trade They
vveie bought on the miuket here Decem
ber 15, when they averaged 1,11.0 pounds,
and havo been full fed on corn nnd oil
cake slnco then, nnd put on 3"S pounds
of llesh and sold nt an advance of J !.
per cwt.. making $11 S per head gross,
or $2,117, n ptetty nlre profit on four
months' feeding venture.
S. O Murkh.im, llronson, Kas , had In
hogs vesterdny.
A. r. Jones, Piatt, Kns , came in yes
tetday with cattle and hogs
Ev.an Pugh nnd .1. E Kusscll, Miami
county, Kas, wore heie jesterday with
A. W. Edwatds, "Walker, Mo, was in
jesterday with hogs.
II. bchapeakv otter, Corder, Mo, wni
at the ards esterdny with hogs
AV. E McCoimlck, Sedalia, .Mo, got
feeders here josteidny.
Mlko Eannlng and T. Mood, I.anexa,
Kns, had In cattle jestcrd.av
J. G. scnor. Knob foster, .mo , camo in
. . . -.--.
w lth hogs jestenlav.
m iiowon, uowie, icv
was up yes-
teulav with cattle.
W T, Gtncy, Caddo,
Tev , was here
jestcnlay with cattle
Hnsty & Combs, Pawnee City
weio In vestetday with hogs.
S. A. Xeel, Sweet Spilngs, Mo , was on
tho yards estpida.
William Atkinson. Diamond Springs,
Kas , had in hogs jestoiday.
A A Trusket. Caney, Kns , came In
ytsteidav with hogs
T, H. Lynds, White Cloud, Kas, had
in cnttle and hogs jestetdiy.
H It Davis, Apple-toil City, Mo, was
here jesterdny with cnttle nnd hogs.
A and H. Schuster, Holbiook, A. T
were in jesterdny with sheep.
G. H Gordon, Dover, -Mo, came In
jestoiday with catlto
A. C Tax lot, Denlson, Kns, was nt
the jnrds jesteiday with cattle.
V i: Wilson and J It Eilson, Coman
che county, Tex, weio up jesterday
with cattle. They icpott good rains
and plenty ot grass
Covvglll & Ct.alg, Cowglll, Mo, hnd In
cattle and hogs jesteidaj
W, I, Spenctr, Admire, Kns , camo In
with hogs yesteiday
O W Tlmbrook, Dawn. Mo, was hero
jesterdny with cattle and hogs
Haidy .t Uavenscioft, Hamilton, Kas,
weio heio yesterday with hogs
I) M Woodwoith, Sedan, Kas. was nt
the jatds yesterday with cattle and
John Pllklnton, Agtlcoln, Kns, had In
hogs yesterdnv.
H A, Kepler, Eillnglmm, Kns , was
heio yesteiday with catlo and hogs
Thomas Atmstend, C. 1 nnd Jncob
Ott. r. A. Hatfield nnd .1. Booth, Vnlley
Tails, Kns , weio nt tho jnrds yesterday
with cattle and hogs
111(11 COMMIT! i:i: .11' WORK.
It Has Cmisldcrubln lliihincs of Importance
011 Hi. ml.
Members ot tho llto committee of both
houses ot the council put In tho afternoon
jesterday Inspecting proposed sites for n.
new engine house for tho Tenth ward,
somewhere In the vlclnltv of Twenty-sixth
sttect and Prospect avenue While no de.
eislon was reached. It Is the belief of the
committee that the people out there should
have the protection asked and a strong ef
fort will bo made to locate the house In
that neighborhood.
While on this trip tho committee dis
cussed the question of putting In a repair
shop, to bo operated undir tho direction
ot Chief Hale, for the care of all the
horses, etc., belonging to the city Chief
Halo is a warm advocate of tho plan and
gave the commltteo ficts concerning the
working of such shops In other cities.
Ho snjs that the Hoiseshoers' Union Is do
ing work for heavj transfer horses at SI E0
n horse, while under tho iccent order, tire
department horses will cost $2 in each. This
he sass is a discrimination which should
not bo permitted. Ho will take tho niatter
up with Colonel John C. Hope, purchasing
agent of the board of nubile works, this
morning. He will urge the hoird and com
mittee to provide for the shop on the
ground that it will more than pay for
Itself the llrst ear lu the money saved the
'ihe committee also discussed the mat
tei of a readjustment of the pay roll of tho
department. Theio Is the greatest reluct
ance on tho part of the members to any
reduction ot paj. Thc new men conllrmed
on tho force add to the dllllculty.
Nearly but cissful IhU lline.
Allle Cobb, of 42P4 Wcst.Sivth street,
was dlscoveied in an unconscious condition
from an overdose of morphine at 8 o'clock
last night, fahe was taken In the police am
bulance to tho station where Police Sur
geon Hvde, after four hours of labor, re
ri, ,t 1, or This u the fourth time within
the past year that this woman has attempt
ed self-destruction.
Big Fruit Crop FroiuUed.
Colonel E. B Pearsoll. manager of the
Hart Pioneer nursery at Fort Scott, was in
the city vesterday, on business connected
with the nurserv. Colonel Pearsoll is a
shareholder In the Hart nursery, and U
very enthusiastic about the fruit jleld
which is promised this ar,
Hr. Blizzard Secures a I Icenne.
Dr. S. It Blizzard, living at 2012 Holmes
street, esterda secured a license from the
boara or neaitn. lau proic-cui.iba h.
him In the polleo court were consequently
.lolin MrKnlglit, While Intntlenled, Be.
rutins Hie Irtrgct nf Ills tint, Ite-
vnhrr-WItt Frnbabll Dli.
At 10 o'clock Inst night Ihr. p pistol shots
were heard on Tenth street, ba.k of the
Coales opera house Oilier I.oiiriii nn 1
Milton hurried to the seen , from the cor
ner of the Coites House, win re thev were
standing, and found a mm Iving un the
sldcw ilk Ten feel nwnv from the bodv
nn American bulldog revolver was picked
up It ront lined three rmptv cartridge
shells nnd was of thlrtv -eight caliber
Word was telephoned to the t'uitril poll e
Million nml the police ambulance took thc
wounded man to the pollre surgeon's room
He give his name as John M. Knight, of
31R South Fifth street, Armstrong. Kns
An exaniln itlon showel otilj one shot
hid faiicn efTeet. A ball from th pistol
had burled Itself Just nbnve nnd In front
of tho hip In the right Ingulf, il region
When nske.l how the wound was mndo
Mr. MrKnlglit said he h 1 1 been drinking
mid hnd anhtentdlv shot himself. No
tiwder marks were found on thp tlothlng
or bod. Probing for the bullet was
deemed unnecessary by Police Surgeon
Hide. The ambulance wns again called
nnd McKnlght w is taken to the eltv hos
pital. I.lttlo hopa Is entertained ot his
When Officers Milton nnd T.ongnn heard
the llrst shot they did not piy very much
attention to It, ns onlv a short time before
several torpedoes hnd been exploded on
the ear track neir Tenth nd Broadwav.
When the other two shots were heard th"
policemen looked up Tenth street and saw
no ntie lu sight.
Before being, removed lo the city bos.
pllnl McKnlght stated tint he had reli
eves In this eountrj, his pirents living In
Ire! un McKnlght Is about 2.1 jenrs old
and Is unmarried.
Mrs Citlierlno Murrav,proprletres nf tho
boaidlng house. No 310 South Fifth strent,
Armstrong, s-ild Hint McKnlght bonded
there for several weeks last summer, lie
returned nbout n week ago, saving that
he expected to go to work and remain
Ho left ngnln nfler supper lit night
Before depirtlng he told .Mrs Mtirrnj
that he hail been unable lo obtain emplov
mint and tint ho would have the cllv
nnd remiln itvv.iy nn Ind. finite length of
time. He also told Mrs. Muriiiv tint his
parents reside in Ireland nnd that nn uncle,
C. II Murray, lived In Knnsns flic. ln .
nnd was In to employ ot Woolf Bros.
Routine Business 1 Inlslu d, 11 hnplnlit Ap
point, d nml Atlanta silul.il iw the
THext Pinto of Mi. ting.
Washington, May 35. The convention of
police chiefs disponed ot Its most lmpor
t mt routine business to-day. Tho report ot
the committee appointed at the last con
vention to secure cheip'r tclcgnplilc tolls
for tho business ot police departments, ic
ported that a reply to Its Inquiries h id
been made bv onlv one telegraph company,
which distinctly negatived the proposition,
aving thnt such an Innovation would
mike It necessary to grant conctsslons to
all branches of municipal nnd state gov
ernments. Accordingly the committee wns
dlschnrged nnd the attempt to r. ich m
agreement with the telegraph companies
w is iieiinneiv noinuoneii
The adoption of a constitution proposed
by Chief Atkins, ot Knoxvllle the eh ilr
nnn of thc committee on constitution, oc
cupied most of the morning 'lhc proposl
Hon to permit chiefs to be repieented by
proxies preclplt ited a discussion of the nint
ter of polities In the appointment of police
officials, .and tho propo'ed cl iue was killed,
ns was the one to mnke shi riffs, potof
tlce Inspectors and olllcers of the United
States secret service honorarj membeis of
the union
The olllce of chaplain was creiled nnd
Chief Oliver, of Athens, Ga an ex-minister,
was elcclfd to till It. Iuvltitlons for the
next convention were recilvcd from At
lantn, Pittsburg, Dallas, Fort Worth and
Colorado Springs The vote was ;x ea.h
for Pittsburg nnd Atlinti, ind Pr.sldent
Eldredgo cast the deciding vote In favor of
They Hold l' II. M. Dntlhip mi. I Itob lllni
of 111, (.tits llitpliij. 1 It. vnlvers.
H. M. Dunlap, of 707 East Ninth street,
was the victim ot 1 hold-up while w liking
homo on Ninth, betw.en Chero nnd
Holmes streets, nbout 11 o'clock last night.
He wns stopped bv four joung men, two
of whom held revolvers while the others
went through his pockets, securing 00
cents. After robbing him ot nil his wealth,
they compelled him to turn bark while the)
mule good their escape One of them was
heard to remark that they had only got
enough to buj three- beers apiece Mr Dun
lap telephoned thu hold-up to the polleo
Tho Journal
Ten cents .a week.
$1 00 a je.ir bj mill.
The ladles of the Children's Memoiinl
Lutheran church will hold un Ice en am so
cial in the lectin o room tills evening
Tho Knnsas City Life Undeivv titers' As
sociation will tnke dinner nt tho Coates
House Moiulnj iv cuing. A business meet
ing will also bo held
The ladles of tho Dundee Methodist
church will hold a sir iw berry and leo
eieim social nt tho residence of Mr J. It.
Houston, 1.110 Locust street, this owning
A M Miller, a restaurant keepei nt SO-;
Mnln street, was ni listed b Health Ollleer
Popo esterda nf t. rnoon on tho eliaigu of
maintaining a nuisance Miller gave bonds
for his nppiarnneo In police court this
Tho pupils of Spildlng's Commercial col
lego will hive thcli lirst oratorical contest
In tho New York l.lfo building tn-inonovv
evening There will bo two pilzes, one of
$10, and the second pilzc, $.'. A small nd
mlssion will bo chatged.
At 2 o'clock jesteidaj afternoon the tire
department w is called out to extinguish
a bl 10 caused b a defective f 111 nice at
tho home of It. L (In-gory, 7J Troost
avenue The lire caught in tho basement
and caused $75 dam im
Robert Matlej', nrnMcil on suspicion ot
robbing a store on Eist Thirteenth street
Monday night was arraigned before Justlco
Jojce- vest.uday forenoon nnd pleadi d
not guilty M irley w is bound over to tho
grand Jury and bond was llxed at $W
Fred Kertz. who was caught Monday
1n the net of robbing the houo of Mrs. B.
I', I'ureell, nt 1210 Holmes stieet, was ar
raigned before Justice Jovco jesterd.u nnd
entered a plea of not guilty to tho charge
of burglary. The case was continued until
Tho Hamilton school nt Fifteenth nnd
Campbell streets has been clos. d by tho
health olflcers because of the existence of
n virulent enso of scarlet fever In tho Intn
lly of John Keating. Keating Is the J ml
tor of the school and lives In apartments In
the school jard
Fred C. We mouth, all is F. Clark, ar
rested in Chicago on a ch irgo of having
robb'il Mailo Anderson, of IU West Foiuth
street, of 2(0 worth of diamonds, will
.mswir to two chuges of burgliry nnd
larceny before- the ptaml Jury to-daj'. His
bill has been llxed at $.',(.
Clarouco W, Hastings, employed in the
Norman & Ilnbertson nbstnict olllce,
couldn't wait for tho Htreet car to
stop at the comer of Twelfth nnd vVjnu
dotto last night, but Jumped oir whllo tho
car was In motion with tne icsult that he
fell. Tho car wheel ran over his right
foot, and ho now walks with a enne,
Clifford W, Noll, urrestid list Thuis
day upon 11 warrant Issued from Justice
Case's court charging him with not mir
rvlng Miss Katie McCllntock, of Libert) .
Mo, aftet tcpoated promises to do so, hid
a prcllinlnur) examination je-st.nli) Noll
was bound ovei to tho grand Jury In the
sum of $1,000, which he gave.
A convention for tho "promotion of a
deeper spiritual life" will be held nt the
Southwest tubern icle. Jefferson nnd Twenty-first
streets, Ma) 10 and 17, The meet
ings will be conducted by llevs. A. B. Simi
sou and btcphen Merritt, of New ork.
The meetings will bo held at 3 1 and IX in.
111. Thursday and 10 a. in. and 3 and 7.30
p. m. on FHd.iy.
Tho Order of Equity held an open sesflon
last night In tho Masonic bull ling Tliero
were musical selections by tho Alhambtu
Mandolin Club, Miss B maid and J 1
Hozel, recitations iy hcii.hu .ciiik,
of Chicago, president of the advlsoiy com
mittee of tho order, and . It.-1 Heith,
and an uddiess by Mr. Lennlng. The meet
ing was well attended.
i M, McCluro was urresien jesieriiay
on the chat go of breaking up the house
hold furniture of J -M. Crowley, of S14
Jefferson street. McCluro Is the owner of
tho house occupied by Crowle) and it is
alleged attempted to secure posesslon of
the premises without due process of law.
McClure gave bond for his appearance In
Justice Jo)ce's court .May J7.
Charles W. Armour Is lying seriously 111
at the Windsor hotel in New York, the ef
fect of a surgical operation, followed by a
low fever. Tho case while serious. Is not
necessarily fatal, although tho members of
the family have been telegraphed foi. and
jesterda) Mrs Adeline Armour, widow of
A. W Armour, mother of tho sick man.
and Kirk B. Armour, a brother, left for
New York. Mr. Armour is 'the treasurer
of the Armour Packing Company und je
eides In New York
The Profit's Yours!
J)on,'l vahiu think, of fail in a (o attend oar (jvcat stock -)))cltinj-(locn
sale of stylish, attitinffs overcoat inas and
iroaserin(s. act here early and uon, won't lose siffht of
a sinalc one of the (rand multiplicity of stales. Jlveru
aarment made toioar order at bedrock cost. It's the
chance of a lifetime.
Trimminfs, linings and all the details of trorkmanship
null be kept ap to the highest standard of tailoring, not
ivilhstanding the very meager sum goa- will pay. 'Pis,
in, fact, the biggest, greatest and grandest srtle ever
started by merchant tailors.
ED HART,TheTailor,
Bl.l'Altl MUX r ( OMM M)I It si ItONC.I.Y
ni i ltn.s il in i.i.M.it.ii, num. its,
ll.clnr.s It Is Int. ml. .1 -In Honor tho
JMcitior) of I r ii. hi," nnd I h it
It OIT. Ti 11 It id Fviilnplu
to the oiliig.
Ottawa, Kas, May 1", (Special) De
pigment Commander Hants, of the Kin
sas C. A. It , has Issind general order No.
3 .as follows:
Comrades: The dediciilon of a nionu
m. nt to the nieinoiv of tu isnn, In the
.It) of Chicago, on Memorl il dij, compels
the coiniii unlet ot this dcpaitnient to sav
that the time has come when the mem
bership of the Grand Anny, and all
thoughtful, loj.il citlcns, should study
nnd undci stand the purpoit of Memorl il
div, to the end that Its observance be
nude more Impressive ind pioiltable, ami
its desecration quite Impossible 'the ten
di ncy has been to degrade It into a public
holldi) a d iy for rest and recreation, of
amiis. ment and ftollc.
So far has this perversion nnd d.gr illa
tion of the da) been allowed to go till"
Union nnd Confedei ite veterins have been
Joined In Its olisetv.incc li) mingling In the
solemn mockery of co-operitlou lu stnw
Ing tlowers upon tho graves of Union an 1
icbel de id alike And it Is now proposi 1
to Join these irreconcilable delimits In the
clt) of Chicago on the forthcoming Me.
morl.il da. mingling the bine and tin gia)
In thc work of commi nior ulng the de.ds
of the Union soldlir li) str. wing his gi ue
with (lowers, and thin dedicating a monu
ment to honor the numorj of treason, nnd
te ich the joung th it to emulite traitors
is as sure to liilng the honuge of postcrlt)
ns to die in thi defense of coiinttj against
the nssiults of its cm mics.
Nothing could lie id tnned b) men more
revolting to losalt), mote repugn int to
patriotism, than this weik and wick. 1
sciitlinintallsin vvhl.h pleads in tin as
sumed name of tranquillt) and pe ice for
forgetfulniss of the past It impudent!)
asks tint this awful rn or.l of treason and
blood be wiped fiom the t ible t of memor)
und torn fiom the p ige of hlstor). It nsks
us to forget how It Is that these Union
grives came to bo illicit with tin Mower of
a nition's jouth and the vigor of Its lojal
nunhood It asks us to forget that a
cuiseless treason lias datkened the heav
ens with the w I lows' weids and loaded tin.
nil with the stikening wail of a helpless
orphanage It asks us to mingle the ashes
of the lo)nl and dislojal de id In a com
mon urn, and to blend memories of th'i
faithful mid the faithless In a common ie
spect and revet nice.
The ni luagemeiit of the Ottawa Chau
tauqua Assembl) hns for sixteen )enrs set
npirt each je.ir one day excluslvil) to
the defenders of the nation They have
brought within our reacli and heirlng such
comrades ns th it matchless soldier-states-man,
John A L'og.in, ex. President Blither
lord B Ilii)es, (lem-ral O. O Howard,
(letter il Nelson A Miles, nnd that prince
of orators, (letieril (llbson. nnd a greit
many others Last je.ir they advertised
that the) would bilng to j on (lovernor
William SI SIcKlnli), nnd had so ar
ranged, but owing to the gre it strike In
Ohio he was unable to till his engagement
This )car tho assembly again sets npait
Thursilu), June JO, as (Irand Aimy ill)
and has positively engiged nnd arranged
for th presence nf Governor SleiClnle).
In addition, on this ill), there will be a
special musical programme of war songs
b) tho giand Assembly chorus, with
speeches by a number of men of national
reputation All t illroads will sell tickets
at one fire for the lound trip, and com
rades wearing the bidgo will be admitted
free to tin giouiuls All comrades who
possibl) can should be present on this oc
casion, and do honor to one of our com
rades who hns not only a national, but
world-wide reputation
The departmi nt commander takes pleas
ure In announcing to the comrades th it the
headquarters of the department are now
It the state house, and he hopes every
old soldier, when In Topeka, will visit
lu idquarters ......
hpeciil ilispen atlon Is hereby granted
all posts In this department to muster
members on the same evening of applica
tion when so desired.
Information Is wanted as to the where,
abouls of Jon.itlun SIvers. late Seventh
Minnesota infantr), b) U, SI, Italic), Little
V ille) N Y
llach'el Neely of Norwalk, Cal , wants
the address of Lleuten ints (I. It. Ball) and
J it. Kenible, late Company O, blxtecnth
James' L)nch. of Port Union. O, wants
the address of Slichael Ljnch, late captain
Company I, Sixteenth Ohio voluntier In
fantry. ... , . -, ,,
Levi Morris, late private Company 1,
Tenth Kansas Infantr). can get valuable
Information b) addressing J. IL Bowman,
Oak Lodge, I. T.
n.-iie,. for state, district and county re-
I unions will be announced In general orders
as soon as time is uxea, commttiees win
report dates at once, or as soon as agreed
upon, to department headquarters.
The following additional aids have been
appointed and will be respected and obe)ed
A. W. Sillier, post 411. Hodgeman.
B. Whlttaker. post IW, Pardee.
Joseph Buckman, post 19 Dndon.
W. S. Norton, post 123, Baxter Springs.
W. E. niche), post 41S Harve)Vllle.
Lewis Boot, post Zi. Port Scott,
Department Commander.
J. N. HAUIUSON, AssisUn, J.n-itaat
It's a saver of labor, time and money
Kuifisford's Oswejio Starch "Silver Gloss" and "Pure" and
Kingstonrb Corn .Starch are absolutely pure excellent
never vary. Ask your grocers.
Kan-is It 111I11 rs' Assn. I it Inn to Mr. t In to-
pil.i N. t U.ilin mIij Mlv. r I list
on the 1'rogr 1
Topekn. Kns, Mny 13 (Sped il) Topi k 1
Is the greatest convention town on c irth
With hnrdl) tho missing of a weik time
Is somo tepiesentntlve gathering nt the
stnti caplt ,1 Sliichant docteu, 1 vv e 1 ,
chief, rleli man poor in in beggar 111111
nil appeal to havo oigmU itlons lu Knnsns,
anil thc capital city Is alw i)s Unison as
the pi ico 01 annual meeting The dentists
nnd plumbcts hivo held the bonds tills
week, nnd on l'rld i und Siturda) thu
nndlcal society of the state meets in an
nual session
Next wick, commencing on tho :2nd the
Knns.is milkers' Asoei uion win )(,ld u
thu o el js' session lu tills ell) 'I he .e ie.
tur) ot the association has Nsiii .1 the lol
lowlng Kill, nddiessed To the B inkers of
"At tho present nil matte is of finance
nsHiimo nn unusual Importance Ni w
methods and new tlnorles tie nun I Investi
gation, and tlieio has nevir In. 11 11 time
when It was mote necessary tint vvlso and
lute lllgiut enunsel should pievall It
should bo the aim ot tho nssoelitlnii to
promote discussion of theso vital subjects
and nli! In the ellssemlnitlon of comet
llnnneliil principles mid sound knowledge
"Prominent bmkirs fiom the L'ast mid
W.st will bo present nnd nddnss tlio 1 un
volition mid ever) elfort will be matin to
make tho entire si sslon one of unusii il In
tercst Upon a s.p.irato she. t m losi il
m will Unci some of the subjicts tint hivo
In en suggestid for slioit pipets ninl ills
eiisslnus If )ou will piepir.i a pipii 011
one of theso 01 somo otlnr, to pi. sent to
tlie meeting, please notify tho secretary
and It will bo included In tho progiamuie,
which will bo sent oil liter on
"In older that the convention ma) bo a
successful one. It Is ileslious that tlio mem.
beishlp be lirgel) ineie.ised mid fully rep
resented "inn ate most earnestly luvltid
to bo In attendance nnd special arrange
ments; will be made foi the ladles, who mo
eordlall) Invlled to iiecompany ileli gates
Sit mbiishlp for )nur lunk will be fm
wnrdtd at once upon request All rnilronls
hivn gran ltd the into of 11 faro and one.
third tor tlio round trip"
'1 tic list of topics mentioned nbovn Is
herewith presented As will be observed,
the first subject 011 tho list Is tlm sllvci
question, It Is said that, while bankers, ns
.1 class, aio lu lav 01 nt n gold standard,
tills convention will bring I'miii under
cover at least enough freo sllvci advocates
to inako tho discussion Intel t sting, 'I ho
progruiumo of topics Is ns follows
Discussion of the silver question.
helling dinfts to struiigcis.
How to llguto what an account Is vvoith
to ou,
Abolishing tlajs of grace
Impoitniice of ciueful study of economic
and llnanclai questions
What amendment should lie made In the
chattel mortgage law .'
Would It bo practical to adopt a unl
foi in s) stein of books for all banks?
Discussion of stute lunk commissioner's
recommendations, In Ills icport of Septem
ber 1. !V
Should not government nay express
charges both vva)s on all but national
bank notes sent lu for redemption' This
would mean cleaner paper money for the
Ho )ou think It would bo a good thing to
call lu one and two dollar bills und make
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U, S. Gov't Report
A Light Hearted
slip's so because lier work is
shortened anil better She's
learned thc bee ret the use of
in t
SON, Oswego, N. Y.
all llvi and tin doll ir Mils silver eeiliu
e His sieure.l b) sllvti In the tn isiiiv '
Do )nu think if the national Imiks w 10
intuited b) I iw to 1 in) molt h gal ten! 1
nnti s In tin 11 r.s.rve It would tin v n'
ail) gnat qunntlt) being piesentcd at the
tr. asiuj foi gold"
Do )ou think the 1ft per cent tnx on st He
bmk elii'iihitlon should In r. lulled '
Do )oii think It national bulks were gl
ill tile fue of tilt It gov. rniiii nt lion Is
In e lieul itlon, the) would nil take nut 11
e illation up to '11 p. 1 i.nt of thou r ip 1 il
and t tins. Im rinse the volumo of cumin)
proportional! 1) ' ,
W l don t the peoplo understand our
st.iti incuts ' . , , ,
Whu can we do tow nil n gaining tho
ixpiess nioiii ) nnl. 1 anil postoillie 111 I 1
business we h ivt lost'
'I Im binkei In politics,
I nil. Ill bonds
Should bin lowers bo requested to mnke a
stati nn nt ' , . ....
Couslilinitton due it customer b) a
II ink taxes ,...,
Do von approve of pi) lug lute rest on
time deposltH '
I'm vv. adopt a s)tem that will assiuo
profit tlih and iinitorni Litis ot exchange
tlnoiighout the state '
I low 1.111 b inkers b est piot.rt money
ndviiiiceil to shlppns of prodine mid live
waio street, ui-s 7 Dnawnte sirn t.
To Sirs O I! lie .111 lli'i-U Slain street:
1J17 M tin street, ll-i Wtlnut street 1110-12
(iinnd avenue, 111'J Sluln street, notthwest
eorner ThliteenUi and W")anlolte striets;
71', West lilt veiilh stieet
To Sirs McLelK 1117-13-1'H. M iln street:
uiiillvlile.l hilt of J123 Slilu ttreot, IW
SI tilt stteet
'lo Sits Nlckells' chlldten. 1209 Slain
stieet. Mil fi Slain street, undivided half
ot 1125 Slain stieet
This division as reported by the com
misslonns will lu filed in the circuit court
and approved be foi n It will bo citectlve.
Crop 1'rin.piiis in North Mluiiirl,
Macon, Sto , Sl.i) 1 (Special ) Tho
frost Slondu) night did considerable dam
ago to the carl) planted imps in this sec.
Hon. '1 hough a c,oiid amount of the fruit
was killed or Injured, thu trees were so
heavllv laden that them villi be a t,ood
crop The, farmcis sa) the corn nnd veg
el lilies froem will gtovv again unless tho
colli rain last night uiul cool vvnithcr to
da) causo further injuries.
Br)iill Will "Mi. ill. in Me kit o.
Slexlco, Slo Slay 15 (Sped il.l l!x-Con-'grcssman
William J, Br) an will speak in
Slexlco Tuesda), Slay A, when he will an.
vwer becretar) Carlisle's Slemphls speech.
Br) an spoke here several weeks ago.
f t r Tlie perftct cold nater starch.
DUlslon nf the aHn,, I t lie.
The division of tlm Misou estate bv
Commissioners Phil K Cliapp.il, Web ter
Withers, Peter h.iileii, A A Whipple und
John hteveus wnieh was tuiiiploteel 1111
Tncdii) afternoon, ns noted in the lournil,
was made public veslirdi) Iho lulls
aie Slis A L Mason, Sirs O H. IK in.
Sirs Mckelln and Miss Corrella M i-on
and Sirs Nhkells' children. Tim division
li. 111. .u.iunn
To Mrs A L Mason. Tlm snutheist 1 or
ner of Twelfth nml Main streets. u,i f.ct;
the residence, ltd" Central stieet. 13UH
ur SI tin stieii, 111'. M tin stieet, lJUv-li
Main stieet, till Wvandotte stieet; UU
W v iinlotio street 191s nliiiit stieui
To .Miss Corn lii SI ison IWi and 1011
SI Un stieet. 121! Main stieet, 111-21 Dcia-

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