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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, June 06, 1895, Image 7

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-iip..t oii:ni:i i:k hit tiii:
I l.OSK WAS M.HHIT1A IIKllll.lt.
Corn (mined I3e in Dry Weather Itrports
Urn Were lrrrrtilnr. Closing Ml Hi
n 1 rnrtlotilt Aelmnre, Irat Pro
visions Dct lined AH 'Itimnd.
Chlcnro, June 1 The boars Jumped on
wheal at the opening to-di) and kno. kod
S oft Its price before the session had
itiscil Corn followed wheat And lose 1
with a gain of V Oats nre up No, but
provisions: show a loss ot 6c oil nroun I
after hiving been lower.
Wheat hnit nitilh a very weak open
ing The starting point for Jut) wis
over the range covered by 7Si89?8,5i-, with
Ver) little for 1e below 711. A eonsld, r
nbU quantity changed hands' at the list
hameil quotation. however, ami for n few
minutes the market went stmitcrini
around as If the wheat out of door ha I
Imbibe. I something ulronser than wttir
and ho I communirateil Its consequent nn
steadiness to the price. Some soiltircl
howcm were reported n having fall, n
thtoiigliotit Ohio during the night, in.l
foreign market" went loner. That a f 1 1
intr ot depression which appears to be
spreading among the speculators as n,
consequence of reartlon from the too eager
bilo)atley which ii-cetitlv prcvnllcl tans. I
the weakness at the opening was
npparent. The crop ncm recclveel from
private sources n gciierall) as disheart
ening as before, although thero nppeared
to be a dlffcrem. u of opinion In Ht. Louis
regarding the amount of tHningc dono to
the vthcht crop of .Missouri, Homo re
ports claimed the prospect of thrce-rourths
of an avenge enn while otliei" were con
fident Ihtre would lot lie over 00 per cent
of an average raised Iti that state this
ycir. The total shlpmints Inst wrik to
Lurope from the xportlng rountrles
amounted to about ii.uii.WW bushels, In
cluding the 2, loo ono bushels from this conn
try, 3,W0, m buhels from Hussln anil 1,110,
0)i buhels from Argentine.
The market took on a tinner tone when
It was observed tlmt nftu Rome weak
homines had been disponed ot In the tlrst
few minutes ot the selon, the otTtrliiKs
came fiom tho hort sellers and tho bulls
mw then Just wlnri' the) -Mood. The llrsl
substantial assistance le-celved bv the bulls
cime from the Imiulr) which sprang up
for cah wheat At I hi? I'oninciicenifnl
thnt .was conllncd to the local bulness
but later Duluth advised a sale ot 1W.WI
bushels for export, besides uO.oii) for Winter
wheat mills. ,'iw 1ork ilil there was an
Imiulr) thuo at near working llniltr to
Liverpool, nnd lliltlmore ont similar
news, but mentioned that business was
checked by nn advance In ocean frolghts.
Hcie about lS0,f) bushels were leported,
40,0" buhels of wheat were for Detroit,
50,000 bushels for Toledo and the remain
der In small lots to Interior mills. Tho
price hid many ries and falls Irom "."'sir
77e, but llnnlly bounced neal the close to
77'jc, and left olt with buyers at 77'iC
Lorn was weak for a few moments at the
start, but soon changed It tone. The pri
dlctlon of dry. warm weathei, with last
jear'K experience ot the effect of sueh,
and the fallliiB off In the receipts here
were the reasons for tho HtretiKlh which
succeeded thu earlv weakness July
opened at 50'jc, roe to "dy.c nnd closed at
Sl'ic compared with flc on yesterday.
Oats weio IrrtKUlar and while triulliiR
was finite actle throughout, only a fair
business was transacted. The disposition
to buy was about equal to the selllnt;
offers, nnd when stnil was offered sabs
were quite readllv effected fluctuations
weio entirely Intluenced by wheat and
corn at the opening nnd an easier feeling
was noticeable, accompanied by lower
prices, which remained timing the greater
part of the day. At times pi Ices would
tnke an mil mitt- and the elot- came dur
ing one of these periods, Hhowlng an ud
vmce of ili'J.iC over vtsterda
Hogs receipts numbered CO.ouo, and the
market was weak Prnvlsloos.wlHiiii.it m
start on, were hmvj and i;nc little sign of
animation. I'ork opened with cIliu- In
July and Septembei of V.l and lOo respec
tlvilj, made a further slip of 7".c, but re
covered .mil closed with a net loss of St
for the day. Lard was heavy. Tho loss
for the day was Jc. Ribs lost Jc
Washington, June 5 The following pen
sions have bton ginnted:
-MlSSOUKli .
Original Hekiel D timfth, Oatewood,
Itlplej -Michael c. Kldvvlki (dttf-iist-iU,
Harwell, llenrj, Ji sse M Unirlsoii, T..i
ter Stone, John A Medley, Chllllcollie,
ltenevval and Increase John 1. Sliull,
Iliittttlltld, Hairy.
Increase llenjamln .Tahiibou, St. Louts,
St Louis
Itelssue Chniles r. Zelgler, Alnple Biovo,
Jasper, lnotli A Dean, Half Hock, Mei
cei Cnspei lietkmun. Antouln, Jelitiison
CJeorge Cook, Hock Ton, Att-hUim I'lttl
crltk Heibirt, St Louis .St. Louis, James
JI Oullemnie, Kiimis Cltj, Jackson, MI1
Hm II Kite. .ViIilI.i, s-cotlnnd, Alphi-us
Turnei CJieenllcld, Didf , Tltusiiiit I'uiln,
Aldilt-h, l'olk. Vllllam I Dougheitj,
AVhe.itlnnd, Hltkoiy. TIioiiiuh A Itost
berry Tollock, hullivan, (leorge W Dun
bam KIrksvllle, Adali , Ch.ulis ltc.hf.-ldt,
nllus llemj ncrbiM, Ht Louis, St Louis.
Not iimn Chapman. Milan, Sullivan, llinij
Duenclng. CoihoiiII.i, Luf.ivt.tte
Original, widow h, etc Minor of James
H Heed St. Louis, St Louis VMtsi J Cal
houn, Now Tlorenee, Moutgomorv., niluoi
of Kmll Kcssjer, Si Louis, st. Louis. Isa
bella Thomas, Hrewt-i ivnj
Original lames Pulton. Hudora, Doug
lis ltlchnnl J M- tiiavv. National Mlliiaij
home. Ltavenuorth
Additional Charles W Moore, Oxford,
Increase John If Smith. Sallna, Saline;
Henr) Teters, Ilo-e, Woodson.
Kelssuc Ilfni W 1'ieennn, I'llrdale
Wjnmlotte, Divld C Swajye, (I i Idle), Cof
fe) hlephtn C lloag. Ogden, Hllev ;
Chailes Mutroiv, Hint Mound, Linn: Wil
liam Martinson, Ntodesha.W ilson, Chailts
C Cook Hskildge, Wabaunsee. William
11 Simple). Ituidelt, Taw nee; William J
(lllchrlst 'alh) Center, Sedgwick; Jona
than Moore, llurr Oak, Jewell; Wllllim II
Ward, Holcouit, Linn; John Flann-tin,
Washington, Washington, David retbachc,
Oriensburg, Kiowa
Original widows, etc Sarah I:. Hairls,
Kans-is I'll), V)andotie, mlnois of Sam
uel lluth Illdniado, lluiler; Luelml.i J
Spear, Chardon, Itawllns
Origin il Uaau J Chamblehs, Troy, Pot
taw atomic.
Ottawa, linn,, ,liiiin I7tli to -jllth liulu-
This ,.11 lin tli Rntanlnnnll. nn....nf
nlon.and tho piogrammo will bo better than
ovec. Spctlal ftatmch evpry day. Juno -.l)
i rtvn.t.l A...... .1... .....I rn. n....- i.-.,-..
Is Ornnd Ai my da), und flovcrnor MoKln
lty, of Ohio vvlll lie iho sptakur of tho
da) Juno il Is Chtlilixiru il.i. A pto
grummu of special mubic, also of bincial
IIIUDCiurii, ,'j .,,, J lilim (Jl-uill mill U-
rs, will bo given, Very low special rales,
avo been named by the Stntu l-'e Houtu
ir this occasion, und special UuIiih will liu
Call nt Santa To Iloiitn ticket ollltes,
ortbeaht corner Tenth and Main Btrtcls,
jJO Uniou uvenue, or Union dtpot.
Jefterhon City, Mo Juno I, (Special.)
Iouls lU'tscheiiraeder, emplo)otl at tho
government woilts ut Huunett'a Mills,
tell off u boat to-day und was iliovvnetl,
Wichita. Kub Juno 4 (Spi-clal.i All
the saloons in St, Murks, this county,
vvero closed to-day, mi the potlllon ot
thu Catholic priest, Hev. Kmvartmuscn,
of that p'-'ce.
St, Joseph, Mo . Juno 4 (Special.)
Pony Welch nnd John Arnold, notorious,
crooks, vvcib ruptured heio to-day vvhllu
p.tMblnir fuisvtl checks. They uro
widely known to the police o other
Uarsont-, Kus., Juno 4. (Special.) U.
r. Abbell, of Southern KunsaK, wnt, on
his way homo fiom Cht-topa last even
ing In a buggy, when tho lioiso ian
awa), throvvinff both occupants out,
Mrs. Abbell was killed, nntl Ashcll la
lying1 in u. critical condition.
Wlnlleld, Kas., Juno i (Special.) Tho
board ot education of this city last night
je-electeil tho entire coips of teachers
of last eai- with ono exception. The
length of tho sclmol jeur was, reduced,
from nine to eight months, but salaries,
with the exception of superintendent,
temalii the banie. The oilice of musical
director was retulnetl.
Tupcka, Kas., June i. (Siieclal.) Hev.
J. H. Thomas, pabtor gf the Ilapttst
church -at Tojieku, was marritd at l-'ott
Worth, Tex, this morning to Mrs
Laura H. Stewart, who was formerly a
member of his Topeka congregation.
Mrs. Stewart has had charge of the art
department of the Fort. Worth uni
versity for several yeara-
Wanting choke high grade Iluslness IMper,
llonds. Hank Stocks or other Invpstment
Se. urines, or gooJ t'liy and farm Mort
pige lytians or to buv or sell improvel
( itv Huslness r It, sib-nce Trip rtv tr
ImprovM r'aim tall nn or cotrespond
with M I AH1 I t Manneer
( HU Mill A Is. t . t tlVIMIHttS ttl ,
ftla Delaware strtrt. HaiKAS (Ht, Mn.
Irlep'iolle Nn mill.
Houston, Fiblo & Go-
tSuccesor to Win .1 oilman Oo )
4li II. lnMare strfit.
Huns is t It), Mn
W. J. Anderson,
va Delawnre st . Kiti'as City Mo rom
tnrnial Taper, Sicks an I lionds ltc.it
l.'tnt lirs
Commer Hi Taper, rordgn t:x hange
am in i vvvmii si. ii.i i,i,.
Rend for our Weeklv Quotntlon Circular
the onl r gular publication nf prices ot
local Honds niid Htoiks In this market.
it .ss cm, 110.
The batiks jestonla reported n good
connler business, and tho malls very fair.
Hut tho now- und acceptable dumand for
money light. A fall supply ot tattle pi
per Is still on the innrkt I, but merchants
nnd manufacturers arc asking for but lit
tle nsslstnnci- Hates steady at flttS per
cent. Currency shipments to the country
light. Hank elenrlngs, J2,(W,7TSj same dnv
last jenr, $I,R17,M; an Incruiso ot W,:i.1i
n gain of S5 per cent.
I lantern exchange In good supply nnd
active, but lowet.
Houston, rihli- A Co, exchange brokers,
quoti- It as follows:
New York, par; Chicago, pin, St. Louis,
The gold resirvo jesterdny was JiO.IJtjy.
lit orge V. I'Mibum, assistant cashier
of tho I'll st National bank, Is In Tuxiih.
t oral Itanlc stork fjnottttfmi.
The following nre the, bid and asked
prlfo of stocks of Kansas Cltv Innks and
other local ,-curltls, as furnished by 11.
T Wright t Co, brokers, Armour build
American National bink .
Hid Asked.
. 71 714
( tii7ens- .National name iw
Tlrst National bank 170
Inteistaie Natlonnl bank 7'Ui
Midland National bink 100
Missouri National bink M
National Hank of Commerce... 110
I'nlon National bank JOI'i
Missouri Sivlngs bink 11",
Michnnlcs' bink lni
Kansas city State bink 77
Mctronolltip Nntlonal Iniik ... 0)
Now Lnglind Site Deposit . ..II.!
Kansas Clt) slock nids 1S1
Metloiinlltan strict inllwa).. .. -"
United Stntes Tiust Company,. 10.1
3liiiuy nt II ci nit- mill Alirniitl.
New Voik, June ."Money on call ensv
ut IfiJ per cent last loin 1 per cent, closed
1 per cut Tumi meirintUe piper SUt'S'-i
pt r cent Stilling t-xehauge strong and
hlghei with actual business In bmkers'
bills at SI si?ii si'i foi dimand and Sixsii
4VV, for slxtv di)s; posted i.ites, $lssV,'d
1 M. und il H'i'ti I lu Commercial bills,
London, June 5 MonC) 'J per cent. The
rite of discount In tho open matket foi
short bills &4 )iei cent; for tin to months'
bills It-li; per cent
New York, June 5 Clearings, S9,8Cfl,(io7,
balinees, S.'i,51s,:sii.
Hoston, June n. Clearings, J1C,I73,W1; bil
ances, fl.1S.tul.
Thllidtlphln, lune Ti dealings, fll.rAV
III. bilanees, t.',3U,;rVj.
Haltlmore. .Time " Clearings, $2,122. ItTi.
lnlintis, Slid 'ill
Cincinnati, June '.Money Xfi4 per cent
mi call, ti5i! per ct nt on time New ioik
exchange U)c piemlum Clearings, -,3jj,-M
C'li-ago, June G dealings, $ls.0S2,f-oi
Mono) eas); call loins 4i:15 iei ei-nt .
commercial piper fy(irt itr cent New
York ovhnnge le premium Sterling c-i-hiiiiKP
posted rates demand, JISJU, slt)
davs, $1 v,i4
St. Louis June "Clearings, $"i,ST0 Oil ,
b ilaners, S7II, 171 Mone) Mid pel cent New
Yoik exchange COc ptemlum bid.
Memphis, Term., June .", dealings, 5231.
0X1 bilnnces, JTb.ltH, Hasteiu t-clnnge
selling at SI ptemlum.
New Orleans, June 3. Cleirlngs, 1,G"I,
2.s) New ioik exchange, bink, $1 m r
S1.000 premium, commercial, Mc per $1,000
London, June C liar silver, 30' M per
New Yoik. June C Sliver certificates,
rBijtii7"iC bar silver, CoV", Mexican dol
lats, tVS'.,e
Mutt- mill f,o i-riiiiii-ut lliimls.
Now York, Juno " Closing nuotatlons
on iuu ;xuw voik niotu txtnange
Yest'r- To
day dnv
.. Il-'TJ, 112't
...111 113
12-11, I2TK
. 12Pa 1.33c
. 1111 111,
...111! Hi;
... 7 17
...100 100
...105 J07
...107 1H7
... Dfi 07
... 07 S7
... Pii w
.. 121 121
...101 JC.1
... l's 1
.. S7!i M
1..IO1) 10.)
... M) M
... 1,1 t!
...10U ll
Cnlteil States Is, registered..
t'nltftl States Is, coupon
Cnlted States new coupon Is.
Cnlted States new leg. -Is. .
I'nited States ls, registered.
Cnlted Staleb .'.s, couiion.. ..
Tnlled States 2s, registered.
Taelllo bs
Alub imi, diss A
.Milium, i. (lass It
Alilnma, clas C
Alabama currency
Louisiana, new consols
N'oitb fiiiiillnii 0-
North Cuollna 4s
N'nrih Carotin t non-fund
Tennessee 3s, new settlements.. S7!i
rtnnesseu us, ut w seiuemeiiis
i-ntie-spe is niii settlements
Vliglnla centuries
Missouri 0s
Itntlrtinil lliimls.
New York Juno S Closing ipiota
on tno ,en lorn niocn vmuiiiiku.
dav 73' 4
Atchison Is i.i7i
AtchUon 2d A 2D,
Caunda Southern 2ds ...., 10',
central Tatiiic- lsts iau(.
Denver -s Hlo Orando l 8711
Denver A. Hlo tlrando 7s II2.
Hrlo -Ms id
11,. II ,x- S A. fis tfi
(! II. ,; S. A. 7s 102
Houston , 'iVxus ivmrnl iSs.,..iiu
Houston (V- Texas Central fis,...10l'4
Minn il I nlon i,s itfl
.MUfOiirl, Kas. & Texas 1st H ,. Ml
Missouri, Kus. A. Texas Si I Is ., 5.1
New J -rey Central general 5..IISi
Notthvvest S, T debentures ...,lu.'
Northern Tucltle lsts Hi';
Nutthtiu Tacllle 2ds '.i-i'j
Northwestern conois , no
Hlo Orando Western lsts t 77
St, Haul consols. 7i ,,12
St, L. & I. SI. general 5s .., 7sic,
St. L & S T general Cs 1U$
St, Haul, C. S. T, W. 5s, Jll'i
Te is Tactile lsts .,...,., ,814
Texas Taelllo 2U T,'l
I'nlon Tactile lsts of 'M .rn!
West Shore -Is ,,,,,,,,,,, ;0ii
Stoc-Kn nntl Ilonds.
NVw York. Juno E. The stock market
to-day was largely In th handb of pro
fessional bear tiadcrs Speculation vvab
weak at the- opening uudei un aetlye bill
ing movement 111 which the fure-Un housts
WlIV pioiulueiit, the- market tor AineiicaiiS
In Loudon being also weak. Vhen tho
morning telling orders had been lllld tl e
ti.nllng became bteudler and some stocks
tallied a i-m.tll fruition, The Improveiunt
was merely tcmpoiary and the presiiuo to
sill was (illicitly tt-in-wed, the eoal shares
leading Hie uiiivi- Jlut In tho dovvnwird
movement. Jt an not so much tho vol
ume of the sales that caused the decline
as t)ie lack of support to the mirket,
bu)t-is being very scaiee except at lower
llgures The market loiulnueil heavy up
to und beyond midday and It was not until
about delivery hour that the deullngs lost
their tone of depression. Then soma of
tho shorts began to cover, with tho result
that small recoveries were made in tha
tlnal dealings und pait of this rally was
last and the matket closed unsettled, priced
jn the muin being lower on the day.
The vveuknt-ss of the share speculation
was Imparted to those Issues of the spec
ulative class In the bond market und ma
terial recessions followed, notably on ihe
Heading mortgages. Among the higher
nrlcetl and less native securities values
v.tro well sustained, and in some cases
nolle substantial gilns were record -1 The
salts wen ll.fis? ono
cinsi-g nuolttttons en Ihe New- Vork
ow k t x( ninc
YMt'iVj. To-
. .. 7
. .. .
A linis Hupress
Ait hton liniiroitti .
Altin ,x Terre lla itt
Amerlrin I'-spr-ss .
ltnliimir- A Ohio
Catmdi Ta- tflc
Caiildrt Southern . .
Celilml Tnt ttlc . . . .
Chriipertki A Ohio .
Chlrogo . Alton ,.......l!i) '
C!rlntj HutltnKlon & yulney.. slfc
c hl-ngi Ons jpi
Chlrtcto,x K Illinois VrTu... .!) V
' ' ,i - Ht I , HVi
Cnhsoll Intel IIM lfiii
Colnrn Id Fuel ,r Ircn ,.... S
t'nlnt-llT I'ur-l iron prt-fel ,..(?,
t'ol u i o Coal ,t Iron 3
t'otmn Oil C. rtiripats T!t
Delawnr A. lludoh )a'i
IV law ire l,niknvvs.nnn .V. W 1Hdi
D-iivir .v. Itio (Iriindi 11.
I) n tj prer.l I. 47
Hlstlllers . c. I'. Co.., 2JJi
!,'" 10v
. f d &
lleuislm Tens Central .... 2
fi-Mtril I'.le, trie M
Up tl ertherli pref'd It$
llllli,.!. IVlMtnl T5
Krth-its A Ttxnn preftl H
l.akr hrtre tK'l
Lik. l:rl.x Wfjtprti Ill
L I' A. W. prrftl HP
Leid Trust SJU
Uttilsvllle ft Nnshvlllr fc'
LilllVllle ,r Ni-vv Albnti). ....... 10
Mnnlinttnn Consolidated ., . ..till
Memphis At Charleston lfi
Mlthlgan Central , (iV.
Minnesota .t St. Iniu 3
Missouri Tat lilt a
Mobile ,v Ohio "l..
Northwestern pref'd 1IIJ
Nntlotnl Cordage 2'4
Nntlonsl Cortlngu prefd St
North Tfttitle .. sl
North Ta. Hie pref'd 10
National Linseed tj Co 2s',4
New .lei c) Centrnl I0OS
North Ameiti an Co R-n
New York fniitril ,. 10H,
Noifolk ft Western prst'd ,.... jjif
Nnshvlllp Si ChnttniiniiK.i C
New York Stv HiiHlaud.. . . 4"',i
Oiitnrlo x. Western . ... ,..,,... liU
Oregon ,v- Nnvlgntion Si
O. S. L A.v t N 7
Oregon .Improvement Ci ,.i II
Teorla, Dpcutur ,i nvuits lilc.
at'iiic .tiiii m m. t it '
Tlttsburg i!
I'liitmnn Talice Car Co 1721
Heading , , in.
Hlo ilinndi- Western 19
Hlo (Irand- Wt stern luefd II
Hotk Isininl (v Tacllle r.si,
St, Tnul , 1,7
St Tnul pi, T( 121
St Tnul ,v Omaha !",
St Taul A. Omiha prefd Ill
Southern Purine 21
Sugar Hennery Co lists
T. A. A. .'.- X M, 2',
Tennessee Coil , Iron ., ;,
Texas Tacllb s 12
I'nlon Tncllle ut
U. T Denver A. llnlf i,
I'nited States Dvpiess 4)
Wheeling .; Like Drle nil
W ,i I, i: ,r, ft! r,
W.ilnsh. St Louis ,C T.ielllc . S",
W St L A. T prefd 11
Wells. forgo Hxpres ln
Western Cnlon Telegiaph .,.. . S2t,
r n. rnnNCH, Treldent.
WYAN NHLSON, Secretnr) and
i:sT.lti,lsiti;ii ik;ii.
Orders executed for future delivery of
Grain and Trovlslons
Hrtoms 20, 21 nnd 22, r.cchance bids.
Private wires to Chltago, New York nnd
St. Louis
'I UK (ilt.VIN tl.Vltlvf.r.
In stoic Wheat, irai -, bushels; com.
17t,713 bushels, oats, 171,1-0 bushels, nntl i)t,
1,111 bilsln-ls
, WIIHAT Itecelpts p ist 21 hours . 0,C,)
Saint tliuo last )tar ii.njo
Tin ro was eiulto n lue-nl. In the cish mar
ket i-steidii), and sult-s slow I'alileS
were sb.upl) lowt-i ind bii)eis vvniitiil
i ti) thing oa, while holder-t fought to
keep pilcts tip, hinte then- vens v t rv little
Hailing llv sample u nnck lie-in at Kan
b.is Cltv: No 2 hiiitl, 7'ifSi)c, I tin nt 7'ie,
No. t limit, TMiiS-V, -N''"- haul, 7i'ii77c.
No 2 led. I cm I at M'jc I tin ut ilc. No J
red. S2fiS2c No I led, MlfiSle-
I'OIIN-Itt, elpts pit -21 hbiirs , ll.soO
Sumo time lust vtirr . . ' 7 200
Then- was but little finding In this grain
i shi da j, 'pin uiiik.t opened dull und
weak, nut clotxd latlier III in undi tin
strengthening up of the speculative mar
ket, and closed Willi bu)eis and selleis
npnit II) sample on track heie at Kan
sas Cllv- No ! mixed, IViilVjr, 1 tali, .it
4"i'4e; No .1 mixed ll'.fi llt, No, 2 Willi.
3 mn lit lS"kc, 1 cat ut 1J( , No J while,
OATS Hi ct Ipts past 21 hours . 0 Ofil
Same lime last )ear ,i,i-oti
There were- more- In vestenln) til. in foi
some du)H, ami demand light What few
sales mnilu.,, howev.i lueiught stead)
pilies. Hy sainple on track hue at KuiisaH
Clt)- No 2 mixed, .S1i2s'.c-, 1 em- it 2-,'.c,
No 1 mixed. 27I27,-i - ais at 27'if. 1 rat
at 27c- No 1 mlxtil 2i,fi-','.t. No 2 whllo,
JliJi.ll .e. 1 car nt .Tt-c No 1 white, 2l5(
JO'vc, No 1 white, 2iii:m,,i
ItYl' lteceipis pit 21 liouis
S lino time list v.al .. . . ..
No itcelpts, hence no market. Trices
nominal II) sample on truuk here at
Kansas Cllv- No 2. OITn'i No I. 1,111172c
I'l.Ol'lt Dtmnnd holding up vt-i) well,
but buyers bearish u-idei the llilliie nee of
the we like i feeling In wheat tjunti-d as
follows; Soft wheat, p. I 100 ioiiml sack
patents, J20(Mi220, exlia fancv. SIS'.lil'i'i.
Hint), al ImIiI 7,"i, clioh t II Ofi-H 1 Til. bird
win-it, pei 100 pound sack, patents S.u-ow
2 20, straights, SI SVul !'i bake is', JI 73t(2 0i),
low rnd-s JIC0Jil70 rj", JI tout 70
COItNMI'AL Selling ei) well, nnd
pilces stcadv. Quoted ut DV per cwt bulk
COHN UllOT Stead), but dull. Oiloted
at He tier 1 w t. s icked
MIM.IJT Selling falilv and prices
steady Common, Sl.OOJilTI, Oeiman, SI 70
5(2 00 per cwt
HHAN Slow sale, but unchanged
S.uked fie: bulk, file per cwt.
l'LANSr.HD Quint, lint stendy Wo
epioto In enr lots nt II SWtl 20 per bushel
upon the bisls of pure
HAY Httelpts past 21 hniuw.. .. 170 tou.s
Siino tlmo last year 70 tons
Mniket htculy and tlemnnd fair w
epiote as follows; Trilrle upland,
fancy, IS uSJS B0 per ton: chnloe. 7 00-?i7.10,
No, 1, J-CO'tC00: No 2, JIMfTSOO: lowlind,
choice. S3(W(IM, No 1, SI OO071 .',0, No 2,
tl 00271 CO; timothy, choice, JDOO'uOW; No
1, Js OO'iS SO, No 2, J7.Wi7.f.O, No J, 5 00
8 23; clover mixed No 1, IT BOiTS 00; No. 2,
clover mixed, !6E0ii7O0; straight clover,
17 0037.00.
Ycktcrdii' C'lilt-iigii .Miiileet
As furnished by Trench llros, Commission
company, 100ms 20, 21, 22, l'xchungo bulld-lug-
uptiotib. Open High, I Low, Close.
Wheat, June. . J 7'iV-J S TiAl $ ?ul "i 70i"i
Jul) 7nif 77'J TV'S 77!
Sept 77'i Mi 77 7vl
Coin, Juno.,,, fiirti .'jH, ft. Mi;
Jul) fo't G1t fu'. r.ni
s.pt M'S sA r,i-: .',214
Oath. Jlllio L"l 2D. 2-l 2-je;
Jill) -'J's .V 2U JO
S.Pt .- 2'IU i-l "ll;
Ten k. June 2.!7'v 12 .t7'5 12 sl 12 J7'5
July 12 42" 12.',0 12J7T 2 471i
h.pl 1270 1277Va l,i,iV
Laid, June..,,. iiU 1. .".0 1, r.o 1, ',n
July 0 1.21. tsiU US7. I, Ui
Sept a 1.2'' ll M; (1 77'I C SO
S Hlbs, Juno,, 0 11 li H (i T. 1, 1.
July 27'j 0 27'!. 0 22,8 il Si
Sent I, 11 ii 17'! ii IQ I 'i 13
Chleugo car lot lecelnts )esterday;
Wheat, Ji; corn, 3M; oats, 171
nslliiiaud receipts to-day: Wheat, 3)
huh: corn, 200 cms: oats, 133 cm 3.
WIIIJAT Cash No 2 red, 1714c; No. 3
red, "i,c : No, 2 haul, 77u: No. 3 h lid, 7Ie
COHN Cash No, 2 mixed, Wsoj No. 2
White. WiC,
OATS Cash No. 2 mixed, tOljC; Nt, 2
white, 32c,
Corn mid Oats In luua.
Tho Minneapolis Market Iteiaiil of Juno
1 s.i)s: Latu reports from Iowa would In-die-ate
that the dating lroni Hie rccunt
fiosts was not to markeil as at Hist
thought. This Is so far us gialni are eon.
cerned. Tho damagu ta berries and fiuit
was Irreparable, but recent developments
show- thu condition of com und oats, which
were pupposed to hiivo suffered most, to
be an) thing but alirmlng The greatest
dumage to torn was sustained in the moru
southern counties, vvueie the plant was
considerably uboe ground, buteeji there
the loss will not bo exceedingly great, as,
the se ibon was not to far advanced as to
preclude leplatitlng and still lulse a good
nop. The Injuiy was by no means general
because In that part of thu statu much of
the land Is rolling and only in low lands
and a few other places was there any dam
age to speak of. No section entirely es
cuped Injury, but at the same time in no
lot-ullty was the damugo sweeping. It Is
Impossible to estimate with any degree of
precision the relative urea of the Injured
und uninjured fields, but from the fact
that It can all be replanted with profit, it
is reasonable to believe that the )leld as a
whole will be fair, it between now and liar,
vest time the crop shall be followed by
reasonably favorable weather conditions.
So far as oats are concerned, the frosts
nl hi Ihfm v t) little 11 ) weithtr
his prevented n. rank jrtuvvih if Hnlk
uhiih would rtsult in mn Ii I s fiom
lodclnr Of rnure the pasi week or two
has been unfavorable to the growth of
veretntlon, but It must be hi Id 111 Mew
Hint the season hits been verv advanced,
an 1 If oats held thell own 1 von there Is no
rcBson why the ctop rhoni l li .lesptlred
I rnp Outlook In Niliraatta,
Hroken Ho orrespniuletil of Amerlmn
Miller- The nereagei of wheat In this roun
tv Is nbont t2fi.n) acre" t this time It Is
needing run. but looks well and If rain
conns In ten di.vs w will proiluec fully
1,iVlrtO bushels of Wheit In this roulllx
Alioitl Ito.onu acres me, plililel to fnrn,
whidi Is up and doing welt except where
nil worms hite been at tvork In fome
plaes 111 Ihe count) thev have detii)ed n
ptod put of the rrop. o It will hM' to I "
repHnted our wuntv i ltM mlb- In 'x.
tnt, null (ontnlils pi.ljo fntms nf
lfti ittrts i-arb In iv! wi ptn
tlliefd from 2. to T bushels of wbent
lei the nt-re if rain lentil's within If 11 dnvs
We vvlll prnilur" this nmoiilit thl tear, but
It nil depends nn the mm It Is vnrv ilrv
nil ovet the tnte Slocks In fhrtnprs
hands nre eihtiull, both of wheit nnd
cm n. We never net much rain here until
June, nnd farmers nte nut nt nil alsrmeil
nt the outlook, for If llifv net a big crop
It will make them forRot the hard luck of
lent jeir It looks now- as if tlu-v vvenlld
get even lij securing till lime prices for
their imp,
"tut lis of Triiittliins In Kansas Clt),
As ti ported to the bontd of trade nt On
e-IOe of Maj ,.
.Vlliv ,11, ,Virn vj, -,m, ..,
is?. llh lK'l
LOT I 1,3". U03
n.iJO 3.10". l.CSS
11,277 11,111 1C71
I0.CC0 7,73ii 2 2V,
Mess wirk, bar
rets oilier kinds Hirk,
barrels .,,
T. S lard "con
tnet," tierces .
0htr kinds lard,
"dici. pimnds ".,.1:': Of7S1.HnnLWI.7 S.IT0M1
MTA KnI.""2.0-.I .W.873 3IS
"dlri1, peilimU ".V.'1." 5.07-..I3S .SUMS I6IIM
'Si1."., pounds ".,."1: t.M SII.SSS CT.72
n.rrf. 7,o1un,".,.",".U1: J.ai XMW t !.
n. S. bellies,
pounds . . 1.1 1-1.901 ircn.732 l.Ki.lM
9po.u.,ls,,.,.'.0."!'1r.r.8.' 411.31- 431. IV, I.B7.7DI
S. T. hams,
pounds I13I,5SI3,.V0W O.1SI.SSJ
S I'. billies,
pounds J,6.sM ICf6,1M l.KS.ffll
S. T Callfeuull
hams, pounds ., I,W.4I
!l T. skinned
h un, 11 minis ., 2,fS,l.i
I 1.,.3.".'.
1 l G7C
1 17.000
Othei cuts meat,
pounds ex.1l.fCs . (W.7ID
(iraln nnd I'riivislmis N.iti".
Lust wetk's Husslin shipments of wheat
were reported to be 3,410,0"0 liuhes,
The world's lock of 1ml Increased 22,000
tlenes list month and Is note 2.,0J tierces
T.ecelpts ot wheat nt the prlmnrv points
yesterdiv were Itii.'") buhtl", nud ship
ments, 27'i,0fl bushe,
Hhltiments of whint from Chicago )es
teida) were 170 tK10 bushels, torn, 131 nnO
buMuls: oat, lCl.lieO bushels.
Mlnneipolls lecelved ttfi tirs of wheat
veterdav mil Dultilh 121 ear A )eir ago
Mlnntnpolls received 201 t.irs and Dulitlh
12 cars
Harvest ha- commoncfd nt Ilennesse),
O T The whent I vleldlng about .Ight
biihels 10 the ncre and ipialltv ver) good
Corn looking line
The four Atlantic ports cleared for ex
port )iseida) Ill.lHiO bushels of wheat, 20,
i pncldigis Of Hour, 112 "On bushels ot
corn and 22,(ie0 bushels of oil
Chlngo stock of wheat In public ele
vators tleeieased only fOni'J) bushels last
week, ind ure now b,ri2,n0ii bushtls. New
tirk storks are 5,Vio.(,0 bushels
The Ohio v.ilbv got gool rains Tues.li),
but the Northern hnlf of the Ctiuril states
got III tic or no rain. Might showers Ml
In W 1 "tern Kansas. Tnlr and warmer
vvi.itlu r Is piidle ted.
The worlds shlpnientK of whtat list
wok were '1 002 000 bushels, Incdiullng 1.11".
W) bushels from Argentine. I i(m) Ini-hols
from llnssi 1 i:,7i.,ii bushels from India,
2 120 OilO bushels from the I nlied Stntes and
inflow) bushels from other snmtes.
Prink eloodituvv Is lust luck from a tilp
to Hoston and thtoiigh the N. vv r.nglnnd
stuns He sivs tint business sluatlon
thie Ins mtiuli impiornl MiiiiuPutures
of vailous lelnlls an stinting up and 1 ibor
better einplo)ed th 111 lot some time, and
tin re Is a tilling that, fan;-, .v.ia 1 being
t nte i.cl upon. , -t -. c (
Itr.idstni-t's Wftklv slf7lj;me-nt of ivall-alib-
stoi ks of win it showed .1 iltiieasi of
2.7I7.WMI bushels In the Cnlted Males i ist
or the Hoc kits, a .Ii 1 r. ,im of sei e.i bushels
west, an Iihkim. if - IsVJv-i bu-h.l in
Hntoiie and titloiit. miking a clecre 1st of
.!i)7,iW bushi Is In tin- worlds available siip
pl). Coin Ineie.isul I vss.isji) bushels, oais
imri.ised I.7S1 ii busliels
The Kansas wnkh w 1.1 the 1 bulletin
s.i)- Tin whole Western ellvlslon lecilv.d
luon than thue tin he) of Kiln list wnk
Alfalfa Hitting bus ramintnuil Some
enuntlts vvlll i.il-t ove-r half 11 nop of
wheat Plowing will now be vlgcm.uslv
puslittl for mon pluntlngs and a lirge
urn m,e of fodiltr tiop.s will go In Mmh
torn was plumed this spring, but a huge
part leinulned In the dr) giounil unspioiiT
id; tin he.ivv i.ihih of this week wl'l Mill
that In the ninth, in and western coun
ties ot the .Middle dlvllon crops, hive n, id.
git.itei improve lilt 111 than In the youth, rn
'lilt high winds of the 27th and 2MI ill.'
mill h d image, and In mm!) soils muni 1
some llelds with duffing sand Corn Is , 1
the best crop in this division, wheal be tl. r
than cuts, hea ling with shoit Miaw but
good Imi) Pi lilt much tliinni d b) tin
winds. In the l'..isi.rn division tin high
winds of the 27th anil -Mil did milih dam
age to the fruits and some to other 1 rop
The leaves un i-outhitn side nf Unit irt.s
were scorched as hv lire, and mm h fruit
blown oft 'the i.iins hive git ill) Im
piovtd 1 ondltlons Cm 11 Is el, an ind glow
ing i.ipldl), II ix oais, pasiuie and 1111 1 I
ow.s Impiovlng tiuiainis aie looking Mm
and In bloom U he it and rve mail) ie.nl)
to cut, espiriall) In ihe south
MILLS Commission Co.,
111.1 New lurk Lire llullilllig,
Telepbiiuu -JIHS. lUVSli I'llY, MO.
Dealeis In OHAIN and PROVISIONS for
cash or futiiru deliviry, und HAILHOAD
STOCKS and IIONDS Orders b) mall or
telegraph piomptl) 1 xecutt-d,
I lasi-d W turn to ( lib iign nnd New eirk.
Hefer to Hiadstreet's and Dun's .Mercan
tile Akencles, New Hnglund Safe Depo-lt
and T 1 ust fomp.iti)
()uotntlons below are for Job lots. On
Fin til lots higher prices are asked and Ob.
mined, enough being asked to eovei extia
tost of taring for and tilling them The
parties making small outside oicltrs want
thu best goods and eductions, Dealers pie.
fei to handle the goods In Job lots in
straight consignments, as received,
HPTTI'H The market Is dull and vve.fu.
A goodeb-al 111 riving, and much of It pool
in ipiallt), and Midi hunl to n-ll. llest
table koods ble.nl and lu fail demand
Wm ipioto It as mllovvs Highest gi.ule
stpiitntui, 13c, llliist giitheieel citam,
Ho: linn flesh, good llavor, Ue, fair to
good, 12c. Dallies l-'.uity tat 111, loo, fair
lu 4001I lines, 7c, Couuti") stole picked
Taney, 10c, flesh und sweet picking, 5c,
KOiiS Ittctlpts good and 111.11 kut weak,
1'itsh, yi c-
HPTTLHINH Creameiy grades, in 20 to
LA pound tubs, solid, lMje per pound; dulr)
grades. In 21 to CO pound tubs, solid, IJ'-.(
per pound, lulls, infills t)i hritka, 2 pounds,
in lo pound tubs, ij-o higher than solids,
and 1 iiound, lo higher than solids
CHUHHi: We iiuote, Herkimer county.
N. Y Cheddars, ISn per pound, CrawioiJ
county, Ta., theddars, 13u per pound; She.
bo)gau, Wis, twins, 12c : Sheboygan, Ws
luting Amtrica, L"-.e; Missouri and Kuti
sas full 1 re nil. be.
POTLTHV Milket llrm on hens und
bpiiiiks. uud Hie itcmntii! is lull) iipiul to
1 110 supply, iiiriee)h iuiui, vv e nuum.
Hens, tiiiu: roosteis, llhsUtt'". springs, l7o;
turko). liens, 7 0; tut keys, loins, ui;
dutks, de; gttse, 0150; pigeons. 7-o; tul,
choice, to to 100 pounds, Mi itc
OAMl' Thero is a very quiet maiket re
pot ted, uud iccelpts so light tlmt It Is bald
to make nil) soit ot u detent muike-t.
We ouote: Ducks, leal, per dozen, 11.50:
mlxto, per dozen, 73c; lnallird, per doen,
S2.50, snipe, pel dozen, .s'c; frogs, oxtra
taige, SI 25; medium, 23S40o; small, 5fbc.
STHAWUKHHIHS-Mostly homo grown,
S2 OO'iiS.iO fur choke and Sl.50iiil.73 for fair.
Shipped stock. J2uo2i-'23 for the best, and
SI 51)11171 for fair, OIH rings light.
POTATOHS Dull and new liauly steady.
We yuote. as tollovvs: New Cali
fornia, bJ'itTiL' pei bushtl, and Texus at J3u
40o per half bushel box; per barrel. !2 00j
2 50. Old. Home glowu ami Northern,
IDiiiOo to the trade; Utah and Colorado,
choice, UKiTOo; common, 45950c.
VHCHl'AHLHS-Jobblng prices: Heans,
navy, California, per bushel, ti 10jj2 20; New
York, fane), J2 2oi 2 2j, country. l.73t)2 0O;
onions, new, p.r liusln-1, 1 OOul.15.
NUW Vi:ai:TAIILKS-A good many on
sale, und market quiet. Cabbage, slow :
Texas and Arkansas, S2 75itSOO per 100
pounds: Louisiana and Plordta, 12 50
per 100 pounds; home grown, 50ora
SI 00 per dozen heads. Peas, 11.10;
market steady. Onions, new, market ac
tive, Sl.0O3il.15 pei bushel. Turnips, home
grown . 11 r 1 ushfl Asparagus te'iV.
per ilrnnti I ii hr Lettuce, ,Vi. t -r
bushel Hadlsh.s 1 injen for O Cu nm
hers dull Ili"til2, bushel hot, ti -"til
per barrel liuV doren Tomatoes I lor
Ida, choice, S2iir2V) pft e-inte, It1"' t"r I
lnkct cmte lexns, fliMltfil pt r inte
common -In k bnvir Pie pi lit b p. 1
ibi7en bun. In 1rsi .Mississippi nil I r
kntifns strlim and wax beiin, wenktr JI
III Z J rr bushel Imx 4iiH. pet 's lnisi I
hot Spina, h jot,iiv per bushel l'i xa--stiuash,
1 on in r tairel, 6nft7!c per mihcl
box; fan. v, Jujlni per ilurtMi: small I tn
W Iteet", louiv psr dozuii bunches
tlrren onion. 2 doren Itunchrs, c Carrot
ne pet- doi?rn P.ns. "-clMI 0(1 per buhel
i)HA,Voi:a Steailv Mexican, S17iiile'i
WnshltiRtem navels, t3fHf3SO, Cnllfornli
seedlings, fine), J75fl3flj choice, I2 2V
2 fin
Li:Mo.V,-ArtlVe itlld firm Trtttc) Mfs.
sln'a,' 1 Wl fs),
V(W. Jt w
HAANS I nehiinaiMl, Lirg. II
Khhneeii, Lirgs, 11 t-.ii
nnd Jiitnbo, I2 0fttjw P- r
J2 10 pi r bunch.
I Utu ll
1 IIHttHtPR Qiilit California, Jnnftll
it box Arl,anns and home grown l ivti
vi p. r 1 rate
ll(ie).tllll'-lttlllluviinn,tt- l.limleil nt
It 2Vit,5i pi r i rnte of 21 iiwirls.
A lll!cKLi:Hi:itltti:S-.S slle nt IStwif
i 2R pi 1 ernte .'
APPLl:.- New dud' , weak, but old
mind) and in fair demand A few new
Arkausns, apples artlvlng and selling at 5"
fIK-per bushel Quoted Standard pit t.'d
rtiliRMl ht IIMxtfRfO pet barrel, others, 13l?
i , . ,11111. sinnil, 11. esill , tv
HltOtlM COILS'-Quotid Hurled green.
I'MfVtc per pound, Bieen, self-working. I'j
il'iie, red tipped, self-woiklng, 4e , com
...v.., r..-.i.inillc, 11,, ,-j , v,wnu, ,,..
prlci , tlwni f, 1iiii,,e
PHATIIHItS Pi linn geese. 3V per pound;
dnik nnd solh d. ro , mixed and old. 151(10',
1 tier nut tare on small sacks anil 3 per
cent on liirRe
IIOMY-l. pound comb, white. IV; fall,
I pound comb. 1,117 He; 2 pound comb, Cali
fornia whit. IWl7c, 2 pound comb, Cali
fornia dark, lSWI.Ii-; fxtrieted, 111 cans, Cfl
7e: extracted, In barrels, Miu.
Iot, sacked, JKoo per ton; 2,l pounds,
II 3D per HM pounds.
Hi:i:WAX No I -tinbcr, 22c per pound,
No 2. lc.
NT rSJobbltiK prices- Cneoanuts, pnr
IK ipioled at JIM T c nns Missouri, er
pound, 'Hie: Texas, t'efff.! p" litis, pol
ished, MjtOc Teamtts -Vligliilti, while
taw-, per pound I'kiir.c lennesset. raw
PyliiV ; ronteil. 7'ns. , Wans is, .'to Hick
orv nuts Sum I n,.r lmhel. It 21. Urge,
lArer. II 2S. Hnzi Inuls 21i2'e per pound
inns 10 per 1 omul
DHIHD KHI'I rS-Sun dried; Aiplen.
choice, i,e per pound, kood, fc, poor, 3,
Ti iches-Teeled hnlvis Se: unpeelnl
halves, Oc. utipiilixl eimrlers, new, 4',c
i:npornteil Apricots California, .Jelfv,
cured, loe. Apples choice. In Inrrets, Sc,
poor. In boxes. 5c poor, in b lire Is. 4c
HLACKIinniUI'S- A few Arknnsis ar
riving Helling slowlv at 12 rji ,t is) pei
KASTHl'HIttl'S Qiilof Ouoted nt 2 50
ifi.1 cm per 21 epinrt rr in
THACIIHS-Diill Silling nt 7V per "1
bushel box nnd HVSiW foi 10 pound barket
Went. Hides mill Tills
WOOI-Selllng very well und values
firm. We quote: Missouri and spnllnr
Tine. 75i'Jc; tliiv medliiin litttli , medium,
HMI.Ie, combing. I2nlli conre. lfl12c
Kansas, Nebriska and Indian Tenltorv
Tine. 7fl9c. tine medium, 7tilOc, nieelliim,
')TiI2c, lombliig. 115l"c, conise, S'H'ic Col
orado Tine, G5iie; line medium 7ilOc; me
dium, e;f!2o; coarse nnd tirpet, "iinOo; ex
tin lienvv nnd snndv 517i
II I DHS AN".-) PHLTS-Rtead) and In fair
demand We- quoti. Ore en nnd silttd,
iree 01 wrauiis. ,xo i, i'ti ur iiuuiiu, ,ei
2, 7c Sheep pelts, green and dr), 10i30c
orv, ifitic per pounu
TALLOW Wc quote as follows: No 1.
i e. No 2 li
st. Louis. Mo June 3 -WOOL-Slronger
and In gooel demand MIotirl Illinois.
etc Tunc) combing 13e, combing and
.iir-a .imi t1,1. t.tcl.. ll,. lit IlllA ll. t(m
he iv) line. elfiSe. Dtkotn, mining, Ct ill,
eie , 111. ilium !)5il2e, icilr'ei and low, 7Tie,
light tine 7'dse. heavv tine, 3fie-. Tub
washed, choice, lO'sftlOc, fair, 17fil8v-, coirse
and low, l,l?i 15o.
I'reiv InIoiis.
There Is still n'jence of speculitlon and
the generil tone of the mirkit Is weik
under the Intliience of contliitu d good re-
ilpis of hogs A f.ilrlv good Jnblilng de
inind Is ri'penttd, howtvii, for both meats
and lard
We quote enr lots-
D S. MHATS (pirtlv eiiretl) Shoulders,
cati. I 01 per ew t : short rlb, sides, cish
i. I"., long eli.ir sides, 0 03, short clear
shies. $0 r,
LAHD-Cnsh ?i',,10; June. JO 10
OltHHV Ml" VTS-Shoublers. 323 ps
cwt , hams $s 121 ,
S P MC.ATS-Hums, cish. ? 23; shoul
der, 3 .".5
A. J, GILLESPIE I .v fl.'..
ni Ji ui-u-ui ib T ,, ,;,,iU S,,.
Cuiiimlsslou Merchants, Kansas Clt)
Sleielt Yards
Liberal advance made to parties fecd
Ini -tin k lluv lug feeding tatile on, orde rs
a spe. lit It x Coriespondeme sulb ited Tel
ephone Nn 1521
iiiituiris in Ti:i,i;e;it.i'ii.
Ni vv Vnk June 1. TI.OI'H He, . Ipts,
2)io bain Is, ixpnits, H.i.'ii biuels, sabs
ln.Vi?) iai Uiiki-s Dull uud Inwi 1 to sell,
spiiug puli nl.s vvi.ikei, the iiiihi tiled win .11
nun K.t shuts, nut luivtis cii mill p.it
tnls, SI V.'ii'i 11, vvlnnt patents, SI 0i"ii I In,
iltv mill 1 1, ins, I lie, i Ho wlntei stinights
S.I v',11 1 11, Mlnmsoiu pati uts, J w,t i.l
wiulei exlius 3 isKii 1 10. Mlnne sola b ike is .
f : ". 1 1 I .' . winter low grades, J-'liyJic,
spilng low giiulih, l.'OOTil'O
CliltN.MIlAL-Qilli t Sale-. oo Panels
Yellow We SUIll. Jl ISIll 2lllpl I IWt
Hi: T-llitt Ipts, n.iKO buHlnls, 1 -poits
1 l'i ,10 bushels, sales, 3,tillK bushels
tutiiles, lO.imO bushels spot Spot 111.11 ket
Killing, No 2 led, stoic and ilevatoi, 7-'.c ,
utloat, Si" 1 lob, Mi'ii 11ll11.it. optlniis
wen- lirigulni The inoinlng murkit ele
cllued under i.llus West and beitti ciop
news, with lnwei cables foielgn selling
and big Kusslin shipments us additional
tin tots, 1. illle'd on cove ilng hold olt on
Hiadstiee t's and iin.illv advanced on cov
eting and ii pons ot a big milling dim. mil
at Chicago, 1 losed U'iiVJ hlglu 1 No 2
ml, Juiit closed 7'i"hO, Jul), 7V'.iSiV
closed SiO'.c, August, 7.i,1lSi(-V . closes) SO'.C,
Sepiembei. NiliSIV. cleisul HP,e , Decern
be 1. MMiVi IV Ii tlose.l 2r
CO UN Hete Ipts, ItriO liushels, exports,
r.i",iV bushels, sales, 2in),0.1 bushels futures;
i'.S.SOO liuslu Is spot. Spot strong No 2,
1i,c elevator, eie alloit, and ,17'.e fob
alloit, )olIow 53'.c Options opened lower
un.li r tivoiable 1 top news, but tin. illy
advaneed with wheit and closed siiong
it -'nijlie net gain lulv. S"3l,V,., , loed
5e,i.c; September, 5fi'i17'tc. closed 57V
OATS Heeelpts. ;t..7) bushels, exports,
100 liushels, s.il.h, 170.00(1 biihhols futures,
2n.i,f)i) liushels spot Spot market ictlvt.
No, 2 oats 32i.113',o, No, 2 delivered,
311,17.1171,0, No l, 321,..; No 2 white, ftk ,
No 1 white. ""'o, truck white. Western.
Sel1l2e. Options we're weak at llrst but
closed Ktimig with whent and corn nt
Vci-i-o nclVJime June e losed tie, Inl), 32'tiS
I'.c, t'loseu iwin-c; August cio-cu ait, sep-
timber. 32"..?i3Jo. closed 33e
II AY l'irm Shipping, 50iJC0c,
and good
10 cnoit e, tsici ne- tier t-w 1,
PKOV ISUI.Nt"i l 111
meats, easv: nlekled
bellies, .-I'-jiiej-j pic Kieq snouniers, :,ia',e,
LMtD imiit; Wi stern steam closed nt
ii75fjiM, city at bHu; sales. 2nO tierces,
July closed 0 90. nominal: September, 7 IQ
nsk.il: lellitid, lower; Continent $7 0
TOHK Dull and easy; now mess, 13.73;
extri prime. 111 50.
HCTTI'H-Qulet; factoiy, SQI2c; Elglns.
ClinnSH Dull; state, large, 57i ; small,
51,1171 ,c, part skims, a'-Jftle.
HHflS-Steady. receipts, 14,730 packigts;
Western fresh, 12,fil3e.
Chicago, June .1 PLOITH-Hec-elpts, 7.f"0
bushels, and shlpmcntsJ.OOO bushels Steaely
but slpvv sab. Ouote d: Winter patents.
! 701J4 e). straights, 35Ti75: spring pat
ents 3 00174 w. strnlghts, JJ.lOefl M, bakers'
grades. J2 '1DI1 1 23.
Creamery, 10017c, and
djliv. 10.fi ltje
KiiOS Stead)
fresh, lJi.fjmic
Liverpool, June D
iletn.ind nuor: No. 2
-WHUAT-Spot dull;
red. winter, 5s Sd;
No. 2 led. soring, Cs 3d; No. 1 hard Mai I
tobu, Cs 2ld; No. 1 California. 5s 9.4.1.
I'litures opened dull, with near and dlst
ant position id lower; closed steady with
near positions Viiatd lower and distant po
sitions sd lower; business about equally
dlsltlbut.il; June. 5s t4d; Jul), 5s 94d;
August, 5s 91nl; September, 6s 10'id; Octo
ber, 5s lOlidi November, 5s lHid
COHN Spot dull; American mixed, new,
4s S'sd. Tutures opened dull with neir and
distant position id lower; tlosed dull with
near positions jii?d lower and distant po.
sltlons jd lower, business heaviest on
earl) positions; Jul). 4s t'id: Augunt. 4a
(.ltd; September. 4s 7d; October, 4 7id:
November, 4s ('id
FLOl'H Firm; demand moderate; St.
Louis fancy winter, 7s 9d.
HACON Firm: demand poor; Cumber
land cut, -S to SO pounds, 31s; short rib
1 1 et ut iiiiiiiiin. ,u 1. i-i' ie 1 iiuiiiei. ....
2 Ci4c green, 3i,e. green "nlted bit It brnnd
etl. No I, CiHe. No 2, 5'iiC green malted,
side branded. No 1, fi'te. No 2. 5c; gieiti
salteel kips, lVi25 pounds, No 1, f.tjt, No
2, 5fee: green silted calf, Sfir. pounds. No
I, -o: No 2, fie; gteen salted hides, Nos 1
ind 2 und butt br iniled.nrounil r,i2c-: green
uncured No 1, f.ije, drv libit hides. No 1,
'ic. No '2 7'2C; ilrv salt hides. No 1, to. No
21 pennds ".' long Wear I shi J, to f
poinds Ws long clenr h'vv jour.'s
.lis fd. short clear backs, llftm ! mnnds
m M, short clear middies, ncv),
pounds, 31s f-i, clmr bellies, It to 1 oitmls,
Fllot LDIJUB-Riiimrf, 15 10 H piinns.
HAMSShott cut. II to If. fnurilt, Us
TALLOW rilu- N. A nomllm'
HHBi nxtin ImlH mefs, ni; primt
m s. f. d . ...
TOIIK-Trline mes. tine Wcsllrn, tH Ml
nieilimn, Ms M
LAHD-Dull. iirltn WesKrn M, re
ftne?d in pulls, .14s i5d
PI luls. June R-Pt.ont-Utvrlpts..
I.imi bm-els, nnd shipments. ." bhrrel
Slow mle. btit stead lMlmU. . .11
ft I 21. rxtrn fhnev. M'ssffl.C) fanes. MTr
S70, thobe. Jl ii.1 .15; rye lloiir SSiWlW
. WIIKA l-ltieilpts, rv,i bushtls, , nnd
liipmiMi!, p,iit) lulsheU The market was
weak thl tnnrnlng, declining IV- hMorr
the bearish te tulenrv ree'ved tin) Hind, of
n cheek, llu'ti there vs i(. till) vjlil.-h
wn seloii Iwt, but jrniri strengthened til
Hie lelv-nheed 14c The loe was Ht the
top mid e above jester Inv .No frert
rnH "(OpM'tO. Jill), it' , Si ptrmlirr. -TTSe
COIIN -Heeelpts, 17 OM bufhr-ls rtntl hlp
mrnts, lrOt") tiiishel Not ito weak nt
)eslerday. although good c-op teports
were ripnrleil Tin tuitions within
narrow inngo. with i firmer tenlcdij,, olo
Inl, 'tffHc nbOxe vist, rlev No 2 mixed
.ash, HVt. Julv liiiSlltis,-
OATS Heeelpts, 7'"" liushels, lend ship
mints, J,li bushtls WenR at fipfnlnii,
Vvltsn September olfeteiV HO lower. Mter
reiovered mill rlosisl Vc above vesterday
No. 1 1 ash, 2XUL bid. June. 28V. .
2tiS'' bid. Septi tuber, 311V.
IHIAN Weak. Selling nt 6610 per cwt.,
saekeii on east trntk
HOOS-Lowir Tnb HV
HI'ITHIt-Qulet t'tinnierv. ISflbV.
TOllK-Slind.ird tnes. jol.lilnif. 112 7S
LAHD Trlme steam. fi1c. cholet-, JdSO
HACON Iloxnd shoulders. . longs
fi7ii, ribs 70 short. J7 1V!4 Drv
smoked box'd shouiileis J," 50, long. CI?',
ribs, 1, 50, thell ts, ,i 71.
New Orleans, June r.-TUOVIHIONS-Cttsettletl
TOHK-111 I5i
LAKH-Hi line 1 tierce. 5fl5Ue.
IIONHD MKAT-s- Drv salt shoulders,
,".e, sides n c, I. iron sies 7'c
HAMS I'iidle t mult- ijured, !Ht(1J0e.
HICIJ-Hte lelv . nfllnirv to good, SUTI'tc
PLOI'lt-Htiinil) ; extra finny, (I 2offl 21.
patents, II loitl.li)
COIlNMKAIr-Oalet 2 70 per birri 1
HHAN 77 Wi'' pei rw t
II Y Sleide prime tlin.ilh), III WfJIS t),
choice, in.m.iinvi
OATS Dull. IHill'te.
COHN-eiulet, No 2 mixed, tVV; White,
ble, )ellow, CHr.', .
ClllTee 11 till Sngnr.
New York, June ", CoCCim-optlons
opttinil dull nt uiiihaiietd prnis and tubsl
lunitlve' mi. I f. aline h hs thrnuehoul (b
session. I'uriipiMiii III iIIIan markets wen
cipiallv IndHTeii nt 11ml verv dull, closed
dull at iiiK.liiinui .1 in Ins to In points ad
vanee Silis. ,!,7Mi bus Iniludllig .lune
I125e. lulv, lltiinill 7 1 August HMX-;Sep-tembcr.
II MM1I '.; octnb r, 119,1-
Spot lOlfee-ltlo, dull. Nn 7 lite
Mild-Mniket ipilet. 1 eudi.va. 1Si,fIVj
mles, 71m bigs .M111111 albo private terms
S intos Ste idv tlood nvetage Santos,
It'.'OI Heeelpls, I 1- l"J lugs, Mock, lu, ll
Hamburg fjulet, unchanged In 'tf. high
er -4nb s. I fin) b igs
Itio Hnrel) ste.nlv. No 7 Kin. ll.SnO ex
chllllge '".4.1 leeelpls. .If"1) bigs, ele.lted
for tile Tutted States ll.ftil lilms denied
for I'urope. '.( bags. Mock, 207 tuiil bigs,
warehouse lellveiles from New York 1 is
terdav, 171.il bigs. New Vork f 101 k in-dav.
1-)1.?2 b-igs Tnlted Stafs stock, 2i iiips
STOAH Haw. stead) S lb s 717 bags
ceiitilfugal, ri test,3V twentv-seven hogs
heads und 3i) bags Musccivado. ) test,
2 15-lCi . I.ros bags Ti rn.unbuco, . lest, 2e
and I-" bigs molasses sugai, S-l test,
2 11-lfii . n lln el. llli t
Havre., June 5 COTTi:n Opened lurch
sleadv , iinehingeil at 12 ill, dull and un
changed at 1 p m . nud 1 losed dull and un
changed. Sib-s, 1 i") lias
New- Oileuns, June 5 COTTHH Hlo, or
dlnnry to fair 17TkTi ID'io
STOAH ciule t. open ktttle.fnlr to prime,
2Mi.!o. common to good enmiiuiu. 2i""ic.
centrifugal olt white 3 13-lt.c, grinulite.l
v bite, I o-IOc, choli-e vellow clirllled .Use,
prime yellow rl.irltlrd 1 7-Kc off )elluvv
clarltleil, :.i,1f3is( , second, 21i.t 3-lic
MOLASSHS Steid) : ceulrlfugil. good
jirlim 10T7 lie good filr to prime (.Ti7c;
common to fair, 5c, Inferior to common,
Sii le.
New Orleans. June- 5 COTTON Tutures
stead) Siles, ,n100 bales June, r'elebld,
Julv. 1,000, August, l,Vi,-V, is.-pte tuber.
fifMii A-'e; Otiotnr, 1! SV11 1; Si,e , Nnvembei,
r. 71i, Me, December il'iKif'ilc Januiiv,
r, 91'ei',!'.c. Tebiii.irv. l'-)i7 0lc
New York. June 5 -COTTON-Qulet.
mldilllng. 7'C Net iei-ilplH, Hi baits, gioss,
217 lilies, expoits to Omit Hiltaln, 27i'i
bales, to the Continent t2 bales, for
wanlid II bales sales, .'".S lutes, nil spln
neis, stock 217 7i'o biles Total to-d 1)
Net receipts ii,1-) halts exports to meat
Hill iln. j-iio bibs to the Cuntlnent, 212
bales, stock. 1''l 1 .1 bales.
I.eml mill .Inc.
St. Louis Mo, lune 1 Lend Active nnd
hlghei, sab s 1 ears nt Mi7'i, and 10 (urn
at !10 Spellei Plrm anil held hlghei,
5. II bid but no sillers at that
New loik June 1 l.i.id Tlrin brokers.
J! 12'-.. exchange, J420 Spellei I'll ill. do
mestic, ti 70
live und s, , (is.
Chicago, June 1 lt)e No. 2, cash, 0..C
.tune i.I'ti" 1 iixsi-ni .-xo
hum tl 'i. r-Inver J I 111
1, cish. $1 O:
Si Louis Mo. June 1 Itj f N 2, cash,
sackeel Iko Tl ixse ed Cish, Jl O Clover
seed-Cash, 5 43 Timothy seed f3 Wit I 00
Clnclnmll, O, June 1 WHISKY Un
ehaiigeel S lie s. Hit burn Is at 112.1
St Louis, June 1 w HlsKI Tinner
nisilllers llnlshe I goods it $1 2i
Teeirii. Ill June 1 WHISKY Plrm
High pioof spirits, 1127'., llnlshe el goods,
Robt. C. White & Co.
Live Slock Commission Jlcrclimils,
Kiiiisas City Stock Yanls.
Consignments nnd correspondence soil. It
ed .Maiket reports free upon ippllintlon
con,k..v CATTLE, HOGS, SHEEP lo
Lone Star
COMMISSION ""' llllll'.tM,
Tor llest Hesults A New Company
Capital, J100 000 Telephone lloi.
Kans is City Stotk inuls
Mnrkol reports furnished Write us
CATTLE, 1I0US anil SIlElil' to
Ben L, Welch & Go,
Stock Yards. Kins.ie Clt) .Mo
Market reirts fuinished Write us
i.ivi: silicic .11 vittviip.
Heeelpts at Chicago, ?t Louis, tmuln
and Kansas City )esttril.i) were Cattle.
20,7m), hogs, iil.tmO and sheep, 21 joo, same
da) last )tar. cattle, i'ii, hubs, t,2,2"i,
ami sheep, lS.rnO
New York, Juno 5i:uiope in cables
quo to Amtrlt-un sin nr7rnio.lJ2 .elit-sscel
weight: lefrlgciater he.'f, t'-oii 4 .
CATTLK Movtments foi tho past 21
Cattle. Calvis
Heeelpts , , .....i.'xii )ft1
hlllpllHllto , l.fvSl
l)rlve--outs 2.2IS 22x
Theie was no gieat number In )eMerd.i)
and the run In Chicago was not huge, )it
thu in irket was mean in both cities. The
fact that wo uro now in bummer and the
grass cutlo from the Sauthwest are ste.ul.
il) Increasing earned bii)es to hold back
and bid lower fur most everything, A itw
choice export steers opened btead), but
tlose.l 5il0o lovvil while linielrab!i
grades Were dull and 1-ij25( olf.. Cows
weru even harder to handle than steers and
sharply lower. Cammop and medium, stuff
Is tl lie) lower than ten i.i)s ago, Htockers
ami feeders were steidy under the Inllu.
enco of a little betier demand from the
country. Huugo rattle met even a mcanei
mirket than Texas rpej madt up most
of the offerings. liuvcrs b l sharply lower
foi steers, but as hoi.lt 1- refused to unit
their views the sale vvtii light. Milch
cows showed mor. lite 11 d ruled stead).
Common. $15 OOIilfcfiO; medium to fair. $20 00
t?j25.tt), und good to choice, 2e;ej 32.50.
HUl'HKSrc.NTATIVR S 1,11s.
TsTTJ av y 1 Prut 1N0. -vv wi. i-i ut.
DnKssnnmiTni and kxpoht sruHTtl
21,. . .1111. ...J 5 1) I 2'J . . .11?-' ... 5 10
110 1207.... 6 21 02 ,...jl72 ,, 5 ll
17 1210.... 5 10 87 ...,1.2 ... 5iJ
40. ,...1353.... )!! , to U.J.,,, 1 e-
24 1037.... 1 45 ' 4 1203. ... I 3d
25 WI,... 1 13 I 23 1033.... 4 03
22 9.... 4 00 J 4J 1533.... 5 20
j. ;
.u 1
I 1
4 1
4 I
It fn
2 ...? .
11 ... lot?
1 . ...
u. ...i, mi
i. ..
S . ...tleul
t 11T4
7.... .,1011
7 l.i.i ("2 1
t 1110
2 .. intw
2 "
2 i
i i 1 111!
uki. )J t:.o
Voa',". 2
j 10
1. .1.1
1 .....IIV ...
J. ;
2 1
1 J" 1 n,..v
ci.sai '
3 00
3 .',','.'.
....... t
8 21
SluCKKlM ,
r 1 km l'i in.
11 - K5-
II .... ;
3 11
17 M).... 3 .VI I 11 ),
HA.NOK c v CTt V-NA nv K flYIPH.-.
13 .1121.. . BO) ( B . ia 4 li
HANOI-: cattlh-tuvah DIVISION
21.... 111.... 3 (I) is .. -.ro . ; 1-
.1' ... Ilt'7 . I SO 1 It IiV. ,. 2 0
" . 7? . ." 11 I U... , e. . -
. 7l . , 2 P) I 23 772 , 2 II
' . 2 70 It its! ! e )
Is) . .197 ., 1 '') 13 4i2 '
IH I'lH-Moiumrnla for the past 21 hoii s"
Iter, is . . , . 12 4 1
Shipments., ,,,. m
Dr1ve.otit . unit
I'ltV ret'clpt visterdnv weir good, both
here and tn I'hlengo an I larger thin x.
petid Th- reidt was liwer prb cs nc.iin
and 11 slower m.ukel Pivtkeis were l'i
Kood bnveis and iht-re w is some little 01
del demand Snl. s, however were pun'
lower, nnd on pour stuff snmetlme even
mule; I. ill the nl j-i was siradv HAtrcm
range Was J3WBI41: bulk of inikr, JI.2 r(
' ' m:fRr;!4i:N'TATtvi: si,r.s.
Av Pi Ice No 3h Ai Frice
P II . 1 21
" , I2tt . 5 1. 1
ti nti 4 f. '
jn . UM . . 4 tM I
ii .'" IMS !." M
. . !5 1 1
4 .. sie . 1 tv)
11 M-..i 9")
i tm .. 1
s . , arj.... i?
a ... . I.,... 1 40
w .... -.... t
i?..,..t... 110
1 '..'., '.vtn'.l. '. i h
1 iti im.'i
21 .. 111 Jl ft) 22 .. Lie, f.1 ti
..'i; . ITI 3 75 Ti, 210 1M S ft)
luS P0 1M I (HI nt im 1 -,
110 lu P,1 I (i, 7; 120 I'.v I rj7'
7 lu lsi 1 pi i.m p.) i ;n
(7 1.11 ll'lr I 11 i 1.1 pvn 1 171,
14'i 12i 2Jl I -.-il VI lul 210 I r
12 IK) 2il I 20 CO D I'll 4 2-)
I2S 200 201 4 20 1 2II I vl 1 n
52 p.0 S.H I 20 M . V1 I 22'j
17 Ml 221 4 llif: 40 s) SIS I .1
7 1 40 ills 4 2.. Ci 10 212 4 il
12! Lou 220 I 23 4ii . 2W 1 .1
57 .. 1st 4.51 11 . LII2 121
7" 40 222 I 23 71 40 2I1 4 2.1
!" 120 H2 4 21 Pit 210 21 il I 2.1
71 M L-Jn I M U) .. 221 t .Hi
1.1 . 22S I 1.1 So 120 221 I 30
l'i IW 212 4 30 71 H) ID .1 SO
71 17! 4 121, re 10 171 4 13
47 II IM 4 ID M .. 1M 4 11
!'1 IV- 4 171, Ss 10 1R2 4 20
I'l SI 20-1 I 20 i PV 221 t 20
7ii 10 , 2.T7 4 Lit 71 120 221 4 20
72 .. I'd 4 20 ,10 I'll 4 20
! . 221 4 22's Is! 201 4 21
71 10 217 1 21 1.1 120 25-1 I it
'-". 121) 2t1 4 L.1 79 200 l'i t 21
s, 120 21-) 4 21 70' 10 2te1 4 21
ri 40 217 4 21 71 2il 21 4 2714
II 22s t ,!) V7 ,! u 4 30
u. 100 222 I .') 71 lul I'M I 3D
51 . Lul I 11 70 1ft) 210 I .10
10 212 4 tn 7s .. 220 4 30
00 10 227 4 30 77 '11 "li 4 .t2U
71 .. 221 I .12' 7S U 23.1 I .V,
121 120 2.17 I .11 OS .. 212 4 3.1
10 232 I 10 .11 120 L'Pi I 1(1
"I SO L'M 1 10 50 10 271 1 12V,
1,1 210 302 I 11 l'i .. LSS I 41
(l, i) 221 4 10 71 .. 221 I ."2j
SI Si) 112 4 12'-j Ml .. 214 4 32,j
11 S,) JT,. 1 V, 12 220 I M
II 240 2I-, 1 31 71 SlH) 211 4 1,
7.) 211 4 II nl . 217 4 I24
fS M 27') I 10 tn .. 2Sll t 41
12 . 1 41 51 .. 2!c 4 41
SHI'lJP MovementH tor thu past 21
Iteielpt 2.11s
Shlpmenls .. s,tj
Dllle-Ollts 1 OM)
Then was a want of life to the market
vesterdav, uud most of the Seles were 10c
lovvil The olfeilngs were onl) fair most.
1) nitlve-s In small lots The bulk of tho
arrivals went illicit to killers.
hi:phi:si:ntativi: salhs
No Av Wt Price.
41 natives 112 Jl 10
21 natives 0 3 71
21 natives lul IK
SI natives I'd 110
112 natives V 111
.0 -culnvviigH S., 2 no
57 Southwest vi 3 01
l'i spilng lambs in in
41 spilng Iambs ot 1
21 spilng lambs u s
lfi spilng lambs .. iff 1
HOHSP.S AND Ml'LHS .Move ment fr
the past 21 houts
Hue ipts
Shlpmtuts , 11
Drlve-outs . . . 1
Theie w is some Utile trndlng vesterdiv
In tho best 1 1 iss of horses at sti .idv pn. 1
and 1 light demand for gi-otl mull s plm,)
ot all kinds dull, however, and pn cs in
change d
VV cniote
Mules II bands J25IT 11
Mul.s, IP hands 41u ',
Mules H hands Mm il
Mules I ' blinds I." 1 "1
Mules li 10 Pi. h inds . . ifl u
llius,,, SdUihein . ... 2eiii 1e
llnrsiH- hlieeters in P,
lnlvi is . . .'i .1
In itt 5i it u
T11esd.1v 1 lues ,v and l)m--i,v j'ev h
w tk, at Hit Kims 1 1
Stock Yards Horse and Mule Oept.
IV . s tut lilt .V son. Manager-,
Him tresis of all l.is.s nf her is soul at
prtv.it. nil" an I .11 ain-li n , ,. h !.... Ml
stoi lc luiisi In as r. prs. nit 1 .u on i-tle
i,ivu brocK nv 'tni.nciit in.
Chl.-iko June 5e'ATTLP U 1 1 '1
,1m 1 I'.vv.r iltb art .oiiiing f i .1 M 1 ui
last week aid Hurt is a kr.mui. s. ir iy
of 1 ho' c has, prmij tor whl. h are high r
unilt r the Inlluciue of a guoel demaril frcm
shipie-rs. 'I lie .ulivali- .onllniR t.i sh.i.v
(leieiloratlon In iiuallly ami the .lul) '
ferings lOI.tlst vii laikel) of 'lexans un .
oinmon natives Por the . oriparauv. Iy
few e.ltlle Of the 111 tier c .ass pi 1. t - slu-VM '
pie ni) (if str nkib. bill other kinds wet
hi. vv of snk and common gr.idis lo low r
Two s.il.s of extra chein e beev. wire
ni ule at i.wi and some i holce Mens were
soli i ri7,f3Se nales wen luj, I) at
jl .nn -1, glass) teers we le nun . runs and
salts of hi. h wen slow at JSUnit.j. ver)
ln.iv t-aiile win- ills, rimlnali.l at,. una'.
Th. plcrtifulmss of 'livin. cattle ma.ie it
haul woik foi sclltis and sales were l.rgf
1) at a low range of pines. 'Hie tt.n k r
.ir.d fuller trade- is still ver) dull .inl
prK.'s are uxtreuiely low as teuuparnl wit ;
a. f . vv weeks ago, tales being mu.ii) ut
HOilis Iheie was a big run and fu.ly
loony wtie ollercd A fall demaril txlst o
Chiiiiko pnhrii. wire prlmilpal bti)irs anl
.oiiiu s.ib-s wire made at as high prlns a
were paid )tterda). but mmnol tin tra i
lug wus dor.i in it iln line of 5c, lho oi
ferli.ks tmbi.ucd a I it gel proportion of
tieinmon light hot.8 and such droves move. I
oft slow ) at the dee line, bit good tat, m v
tilled hogs sold ue l 351(4 SO Light weight
found biDers ut l .5?4.i and mixta hos-i
at JlSSifilU
Slll'HP The nielnts to-day Jumped u
about H.ijoo hiad olid with u slow demanti
prices were for common lot. 10(?15o lower.
Native sheep sold at J2K)iT4 25, Teai.s,
J2.oo'iil50: )t.irllngs, JWu3 25i spring
lambs. JlOeJiUOO.
Omaha. June " -CATTLH -Hereipts, son.
Sliongel Steers. S3 73f150: bulk l 4" (i
5 00- cows, $I5()!I25. bulk. $2 5(i3 2j feed
ers J2 1041! CO; bulk. t3 003.5ie.
JIOOS lucelplb. 0,100, Steady to co
low 01, closed weak 1.1,-bt. ?I.1JI35,
mixed. Jl 214i 1 3.7: heavy, JI3.Vti53.
SHHHP Heeelpts, Itu. Stead). Natives,
J2 7VUJ76. WcHeius, J2 50Ji350: fclock sheep.
S2 0enn3(il, l.linl.s. J3 75(!i5.25
St. LoiiU. Mo.. June 5-C.YTTLK-He-ct-ipls.
4.'Ki0, shipments. 2.1o0 liujeis dc
maneied 10iHc olf on natives, but holders
refused to )leld and the market drugget!
lieavll) Shipping and beef steers range
JI2")SiD23: light to heavy butchers. J3 23,i
4 25. io-kcrs and feeders. J2 50u3.75; cows,
$2 23fi3 50. Texis cattle ran 23c lower on
poor, but remained about stnuly on better
grades Ped strers, J3 50tfl 60; grakiera
.2 5O(ii3C0; eows, J2 00!(3 25.
IIOOS Hec-elpts. 7 100. shipments, 4C5,
Market 5nl0. lower: heavy, it JOtgt 53; patl.
ing. Jl 211(4 50. light, JJVkgiJO
SHi:i:P Hetelpts. 4.4'jU. shipments. 2KI.
Market on native muttons steady at J3 25Ji)
4 23. but e-ommon stuff 23o off; Southwest
range, 2 50ii3 23- lambs, 3.23-t50

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