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i vKj,3-ur.tf-ui,ir,,n''-t5
Tin: r.Mir.u static may iiavij to
e.ni onci: tim: momioi: iioctiusk.
It I Snld llii- Imperial (Internment la
Looking fur mi Inland (lit the Yoner-
iichiti l.'mial Miltiibli; Iiir u .Smiil
Sluttimtlcrm tn Inlereatn In
tin- Republic tatrgc.
Washington, .Itine 17. There Is reason
to believe the Pulled Htntoa government
will lmve tter-nslon nl no distant ilny
to BlVo another Interpretation of the
Jtonroa iloclr.lne ns applicable to the
nctitilMtltm of nn Islntitl off the const of
Venezuela to bo used by Gonnnny for
n naval station. The attention of of
flclals recently lins been directed to the
Interest! of itprmnny In Hint locality,
rntl there Is apprehension that the sub
ject may nssnmo quite ns formidable nn
aspect ns Hint of llrltlsb nggresslon on
Venezuelan poll,
An enormous ninottnt of Ocrnian cap
ital hns been Invested In Venezuela of
late under peculiar circumstances.
The, government wanted a railroad
through a rich ami productive valley,
nntl a German syndicate stood ready to
build the road on condition that Vene
zuela would guarantee. 7 per cent on
the capital Invested. Tho guarantee
was Riven and the road built and put
Into operation about eight months ago.
At tho outset It was supiKiscd about
J 1,000,000 would amply cover the cost of
tho road, but tho actual outlay reached
about $S,000,000. J!y the terms of the
government guarantee Venezuela now
becomes responsible? to the German syn
dicate for a 7 per cent return on this
The road has been In operation long
enough to determine what It will cam,
but Us most sanguine promoters do not
hope that It will pay 7 per cent on the
outlay. Whatever It earns will be ap
plied on tho Investment and Venezuela
then will have lo glvo sulU'clent to
bring the earnings lip to 7 per cent.
It Is said to be this and similar fSerm
nn interests that are Inclining the
German government to regard with
favor the acquisition of an Island off the
Venezuelan coast to be used as a naval
Htatlon and ns a sort of base of opera
tions for Germany on tho American
continent. The guarantee of Venezuela
to tho German syndicate Is of a private
character, tho German government hav
ing rio interest In tho matter, but it
Is looked upon as affording a convenient
means by which tho government In giv
ing protection lo Its citizens could also
carry out its desires for tho acquisition
of a naval station.
The circumstances are such as to lead to
the belief that the United Slates will again
bo called upon to dellnc to what extent
the acquisition of territory by foreign pow
ers, on South American soil, 13 compatible
wllh the Monroe doctrine.
Great Ilrltnln already possesses an Island
nt the mouth of the Orinoco, In which a
powerful naval station lias been estab
lished. There are two other Islands near
by, owned by Venezuela, either ono of
which would ho well adapted to Germany's
needs. There Is another largo Island fur
ther up tho coast, but It constitutes a prov
ince of Venezuela and Its people have such
Intense loyalty to Venezuela that they hav
been named "New Spartans." They would
undoubtedly resist any separation, even It
Venezuela assented to It.
At the moment this German phase of tho
Venezuelan question Is making Its appear
ance, the Urltlsh branch of the subject Is
presenting a more favorable aspect. Of
llclal Intelligence has recently reached hero
that Sir A'liieent Harrington, representing
tho most extensive Urltlsh Interests in Ven
ezuela, has most strongly urged upon tho
lfrlUsh government the Importance of an
nmlcablo settlement with Venezuela, us a
means of protecting British Interests In
that coun'ry. Slneo tho withdrawal of tho
British minister at Venezuela, ns a result
of tho boundary trouble. Sir Vincent has
stood as tbe representative Briton In that
country, Ho Js at the head of tho syndicate
of London capitalists who built tho rail
road from Caracas to La, Guayra, thus
connecting the cnpltal with the chief sea
port. At La Guayra tho syndicate built an
artlllclal harbor, with breakwaters and
stopo wharves, at ft cost of several mil
lions, Sir Vincent manages these extensive
British Interests and his appeals that they
can be fosteied best by n settlement with
Venezuela will doubtless have uu important
lntlucnco on the foreign olllce.
Senor Andrade, the Venezuelan minister
here, when naked us to Germany's pur
pose, said tie had not been Informed of any
Intention to ucqulrc ono of I ho Venezuelan
islands for a naval station, although he was
acquainted with the Investment of German
capital In the railroad and the guarantee
given by tho Venezuelan government. Tho
information reaching here, however, has
come from other sources. It Is believed
the now t'nlted fcitates minister to Venezu
ela, Mr. Thomas, who has Just left for his
post, Is fully conversant with 'tho Clermnn
phaso of tho subject. It Is understood,
also, the new German ambassador, who Is
toon to arrive, Is likely to have a full un
derstanding of Uermauy's desires concern
Ins Venezuela.
Kansas Relegates to I'let eland,
Topeka. Kas., June J7. (Special.) Tho
Kansas delegates to tho National Republic
an League meeting at Cleveland got off
this afternoon, most of them going via tho
Rock island route, Tho delegation wus
very much smaller than had been expected,
not mora than half of those chosen at the
state leuguu meeting going,
Denver, Col., Juno J7. V, C, Schmidt,
president of the Colorado Mining Stock
exchange, died to-day of consumption. Jle
was born In Jelfersqn City, Mo., July 13,
New York, Juno 17. William Pect, law
partner of If. I(. Brlstow, ex-attorney gen
eral of tho United States, died suddenly
at his olllce to-day, aged 73. IIo wus born
in Utica. N, l' and was graduated from
Yale. In 1817,
Toronto. Ontario, Juno 17. Tho dead
bodies of Sir. anil .Mrs. Hamilton were
found by tho roadside near Ojkvllle to
ilay. Tho autopsy shows that they had
been both poisoned. It U thought it Is a
case of suicide.
Philadelphia, June 17. James B. Gentry
tho actor, who ihot and killed Wlnlfroi
Drysdale, known to the stage as Madge
York, on February 17 last. In this city,
was brought Into tho crimhiut court for
trial to-day. Ills counsel moved for a
continuance and the caso was postponed
until tho third Monday in October,
Copenhagen, Juno 17. Mr. and Mrs. Glad
stone arrived hers to-day on board Ue
steamer Tantallon Castle, upon which vts
gel they uro the guests of Sir Donald Cur
rle. Immense crowds of people cheered
tho 6teamer and the seaport was gaily dec
orated for tho occasion.
Washington. June 17. Secretary Lamont
left Washington this afternoon over the
Chgsapfcakc & Ohio on an extended tour
of the Northwest. With him was Mrs.
Lamont. her three children and two serv
ants. Mrs, Brant and Miss Brant, of New
York: Quartermaster General Batchelder,
and Major Georgo B. Davis, military tec
retary to Secretary Latnont. The party
was iicooniuiodatci in two special Pullman
ttK. ,
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I'lli ConiiiilHHliiner lnlin T. CrMp Write
nn Open Letter to a l.idy I.UIng
In Knna.
"Yes, sir," replied Missouri's great fish
commissioner and tho friend of tho preser
vation of game, to a Journal reporter,
"there Is, nt least that is my experience,
something new nlways In the progress
which practical pisciculture is making In
Missouri, Here Is an evidence of it; read
that letter from, unmistakably, a very In
telligent and a practical lady, residing In
Kansas. Among other things she says:
" '1 have been reading for the last yenr
or two your letters which have appeared
in the Journal of Kansas City, about the
growing of llsh In private ponits and have
become very much Ir icrestcd In them and
would be pleased If ou would explain to
mo more plainly what you mean by "prac
tical plsclcultuie?" '
"Now here Is my answer to that portion
of that letter which. If you please, you may
publish la your columns, as It tends at
least to fasten a proper amount of atten
tion to ono feature of the great Industry,
the Importance ot which It is hard to over
estimate, viz., practical pisciculture.
"Those things or lessons taught In na
ture's great book, the leaves of which,
alas, do not always give that evidence I
often think they should of constant perusal
nnd serious study, are mere suggestions,
an index of what Nature's real stu
dents may llnd In It If they will but make
u practical application of them. They only
become practicable when success satis
factory lesults follows their application.
It Is a saying which has passed Into prov
erb, that the book of nature tenchts every
thing; the rub and strain come when tho
piactlcal application of them to man's
wants arrives. No lesson In that great and
splendid book Is more plainly laid down or
more easy of encompassment than our
lesson now under consideration practical
"Fish are Biblical meat food; they were
the favorite lood of the Muster, It would
seem, lie chose some of Ills apostles from
nmong llshermen, round them fishing oil
Sunday, nor Is It laid down that lie up
braided them for It.
"Fish in streams are merely suggestions
of what may be done by any Individual
gather water, plant it with llsh (tho game
varieties, of course), creating the same
conditions for good nesting and their pro
tection during the period of Incubation;
prepare pastures and protection grounds,
which simply means the margins of lake
growing In yoneoplus In warm weather, anil
biush, logs, etc.. In the deeper parts tor
cover for the young fry during winter,
whither they are driven by the frost upon
the surface, etc., nnd so on; this Is what,
or partly what, I mean by practical pisd-
"Whe'n you look upon wild running
waters and know they are practically full
of llsh, but that they belong to everybody
and do not exclusively belong to you, and
therefore you cannot rely upon them lor llsh
meat food, whi never you wish It. practi
cal pisciculture, as above described, natur
ally suggests llnelf, doesn't It'.'
" '1'racllcul plseleulturo' may be defined
generally by absolnto ownership and control
of anything which wo may need and de
biro, 10 thu exclusion of others; or, if they
11 ro permitted, subjeet lo your own regula
tive laws; which, practically applied, means
your own lake, and It full, so to speak, of
splendid game llsh. , . , ,
"The llrst and greatest obstacle hi the
way of utilizing natural streams, Creoles,
rivers, etc., and making them practical
reservoirs for meat production Is there ex
ists a kind ot general, universal conviction
that all streams or water and their con
tents belong to nature Had und one peisou
has Just as many rights us to them and their
contents us another, which, as In the eusu
of thu once famous buiralo, whose innum
erable herds and droves lalrly blackened
thu faeu of one-half of this continent, now;
ull gone, means imlvercal extinction and
annihilation. Many has been the tlmo I
havo heard the plainsman hunter reply to
the query, 'Why did you kill so many
when you really had need for the meat of
only one or part of one'," 'Well, If I had
not killed them nil somebody elso would.'
Suinubody else would! Now, practical buf
falo culture, as practical pisciculture does,
would have riMsoned with tho philosopher
In this wise: Then ir this wonderful animal,
strange and rare gift of God to man, would
be preserved, the laws ot domestication
ami the rights of individuality, when di
rected that wuy, must bo Interposed, and
recognized, for what belongs to everybody
belongs to nobody, and tho latter condition
suggests annihilation. The buffalo should
havo been domesticated and preserved. In
my opinion, for many rontons, two or threo
particularly. rirut-Thut down to the last
generation of the, patnotlo American the
evidence of God Almighty's favor and par
tiality for his birth laud would be pro
served In undisputed evidence, which sure
ly would not, to say the least of It. di
minish his lovo for his country, generally
held by some thosa who havo the time to
think about It as not altogether a super
lluuus virtue. Second It wuiild have been,
as In tho ease of llsh. tho preserving of a
variety of meat food for man, a variety
suggested by God Himself.
"It Is uot recorded In uny history, or dis
covered in the experience of any man,
whero any of Ills suggestions are Imprac
ticable. On the contrary, when, uccepted
and upplled they become not only practi
cable, but very so.
"God suggested the vuluo and tho possi
bilities of this animal, for notwithstanding
the density of Its numbers In herds or
droves, which extended unbrokenly, for
miles, there was no disease among them;
their robes were simply beautiful. Invalua
ble a3 well us ornamental; but they, alas,
are never seen again; they belonged to
everybody, and, of courtu (?) that meant
(V) annihilation. Another suggestion what
a Christian (7) raco this Anglo-something
Is when ho has a half or even a quarter
of a show to exterminate, annihilate.
"Less thun forty years ago Uussla prac
tically gave to the United States what
ever that Is or means their Alaskan pos
sessions, and, of course, all the waters
contiguous and adjacent (hereto, the lat
ter fairly swarming, alive, so to speak,
like maggots, for hundreds of miles up and
dawn that strange coast und many leagues
to sea. with that one of the rarest gifts
of God the fur seal; which, protected, as
tho Missouri and Kansas llsh commissions
would protect their llsh In the wild streams
within their territories, though the popula
tion of tho whola earth were ami remained
as dense forever, as that now of Southern
Asia, there would have ucuu sealskin
sa.cg.uc3 extending from, neck to ankle and
while sickness thwarts the
from bosom to embracing the whole body,
enough for every mother and daughter In
Israel, and some to spare. But ah, If there
had never been a neccRlty for that word
In connection with Ancln-Saxon, humanf?)
Chrlstlan(7) progress(777) upon the lines
of nature ns suggested by thu Creator hut
listen. Kvery day almost the faithful mon
itors, the public press, tell us that although
11 Chrlsllan(7) nation has been In posses
sion ot that wondrous and goodlv land for
less than forty years, a space of time not
11 minute in the llfo ot tho world, this
wonderful gift of God to man Is about to,
as the buffalo hns, and Uie fldi will, and
all other game will. If not better protected,
entirely and absolutely disappear. Practi
cal seal culture would not have allowed
this to bo deplored condition.
".My dear Mrs. K , I am not, I suppoe,
what is generally understood to be a 'wom
an's rights man,' but please, allow me to
say to you that every step taken, every
move however lnslgnlllcant apparently,
made, every word spoken, every sweet
blessing smile bestowed by her woman,
your sex; every word of Inquiry made by
your sex ns to practical anything In be
half of her right to do, what imn has re
fused and Is falling to do In behalf of lm
manltnrlnnlsm generally, which nugurs
well for that condition ot things which Im
mediately precede don't they? tho dawn
of the milenulum tiKn thN earth. In con
junction with every member of the Mis
souri llsh commission, also Kansas nnd
Arkansas and every other llsh and game
commission of which I know anything, I
hall, nnd allow nip to salute you, as a
practical Inquirer, concerning the practical
things with which we all have to do.
"Bo assured, my dear madnme, In con
clusion, of my highest regard and consid
eration Tor yourself, nnd a willingness nt
nil times to try to answer all questions
you may propound as to practical plscl-enltur-.
I nm very respectfully your
obedient servant. J. T. CltlSP,
"Chairman Missouri Fish Commission."
cult. 11 m:kioijm,v !N,itmi:i.
A Unci; C'r.ihbea Into it llmie mid n I.Ittlo
Girl Im .struck by fragment1..
At 9 o'clock yestorday forenoon Zeota
Mnnson, tho little 1-year-old daughter of J.
Manson, a laborer living at 1303 I.afnyetto
avenue, was seriously, It not fatally. In
jured at 1109 Lafayette avenue.
Tho child was playing In the kitchen at
tho homo of a. neighbor, when a large rock
crashed Into the back of the house. Hmnll
pieces of the rock IIw oft nnd cut through
her dress and made several gashes in her
abdomen. Her tongue was split to tho
root, and a long gash was cut In her left
cheek. Dr. Meyer wns summoned anil
dressed tho wounds ot the child. The rock
that caused the little gill's Injuries wns
rolled from the bluff nbovo the house by
two men, whom the police 11 ro now looking
for. It Is not believed by the police that
tint rock wns rolled with tile Intention of
doing damage or bodily harm In the In
mates of the house, but was sent tumbling
down tho bluff nt Fourteenth nnd Drlpps
Klieet simply through a desire uu tho part
of the men to seo It roll. The rock weighed
hundreds of pounds, and completely
wrecked tho back portion of tho house.
Feverul persons were In tho house at tho
time the accident occurred, but with the,
exception of Zeeta Manson no ono was In
jured. in m:.itiN(; had.
A rolliciiiiiii When Informed of a right
Turn In a 1'ire Alarm
W. I.oper nnd It, It. Wilson, employes of
rival llsh stalls In tho city market, suc
ceeded In calling out the entlio lire depart
ment at 7 o'clock last night, l.oper and
Wilson quarreled In tho market, und came
to blows. At this several stallkeepers
rushed outside to the sidewalk and yelled
"Fight! light!" A policeman heard the
yell nnd saw men waving their arms and
pointing tn tho market house. Wllh ull
possible speed he rushed to police heud
quurters and caused u llro alarm to be
turned In, The department went to the
market In tho pouring inln. Tho llicmuu
were 11 disgusted lot when they learned
that It wns a false alarm. Loner and Wil
son will havo a chance hi police court to
day to tell why they wero lighting,
shot Ticixii: Tiiiioiiiiii tiii: iibaut.
II. I.. HnttliigH Instantly Kills III Mlstresi
lit billldilsky, O
Sandusky, O., June 17. B. L. Hastings,
nged ST, who recently came here from St.
Louis and stnyed nt a resort kept by his
sister. Artie Hustings, on Decatur street,
shot Trlxle St, Clair, nn Inmate of the
house, through tho heart In a lit of jcal
nusy at noon to-day. She died Instantly.
Hastings then shot himself twloo In the
left breast, and he Is now at police head
quarters In a critical corrflltlon. Hastings
says he Intended to kill both himself and
thu girl us she had gone back on htm.
Hid t'lliii of Jill) illllllS.
At 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon tho po
lice ambulance, was called tn the California
hotel, at 11W Union avenue, to remove W.
S. McClune, a guest of tho hotel, who was
In an unconscious condition, uppatently the
result ot alcoholic poisoning. On his per
son was found 1130. Ho was taken to the
Central police station, where Surgeon Hydo
und Dr. London worked over him two
hours in a fruitless etfort to restore him to
consciousness. He wus dually lemuved In
the ambulance to the city hospitul, where
he remuined Insensible until S o'clock last
night. At that time he was aroused from
his stupor, and Immediately went Into an
attack of tho delirium tremens. His vio
lence was to great that tho hospital oill
clals were compelled to strap him to a cot.
Defrauded of Ills liirin.
Lawrence, Kas.. Juno 17. (Special.) It
was discovered to-day that ono of tho
most valuable farms In Douglas county hud
been fraudulently deeded away by forging
the owner's name to a deed. John Carman,
who owns the farm, lives In the south
part of the county. Ho was represented
us being In Jackson county, Mo., und
deeding the farm to Christian Kllen. The
ilpp.t wns marie In Anril. but wus not re
corded until May. The fraud was not dis
covered tin air. mien came. 10 isawrence
to ,iulfp nnssesslon of his nronertv. To
day Mr. Carman began action to set aside
the fraudulent transfer and get possession
of his farm again.
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and of loved ones far and near. Don't fall
to call If you are In trouble. 1IC"! Oak st.
MBS. L. JAMKS, tho well known c'alr
voynnt and trance medium, may be ;on
sulted at 12M Grand live.; parlors 23 a.id to.
wiioi.r.s.u.i: moYoi.iN.
WD want a young man In every town in
Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska to handle
our wheels. Get our catalogue nnd prices
1027 and 1029 Broadway. Kansas City. Mo.
JX.NBW stouaiii: CO
HAVK NliW and safe building for fur
niture storuge. Advances made; packing
and shipping done. JOHN A. KAMErf.
fOS Walnut st. Tel. 1713. Manager.
. . - - . - SAFIls.
"SAFES opened and repaired, bought and
sold. Combination locks cleaned und
changed. U. IlAlUtKJAN. Hxpert,
Telephone I2SI. 109 Fast Tenth st.
noi:si:s and VMiici.r.s.
per month; sent for and returned. Mark S.
Salisbury, Independence. Mo.
T t ,U'I TIn.l f..-l. dnltdi T?.t!",.,l Inn a
l.v., v 1,1.11 .,. ,?.,., .ve,,t..i w, ,t,
turn 10 John L. Case, t'uO W. 13th.
iin.vi, iistatu TitAxsrnit.s.
of ubstiacts und examiners of laud titles.
No. Hi East Sixth street, furnish dally thu
transfers of real estate lllcd In thu record
er's olllce at Kansas City, Mo.
Notice All transfers uppearlng In our
dally reports contain covenants of general
warranty, unless otherwise stated.
Juno 17.
Arthur ltlddoll to Thomas Fitzger
ald; lot 15, block 2. South Wlnlleld
place , ,. 1300
Ilezeklah Halo and wlfo to Wash
Williams; jot 2, Jennie M, Hays'
subdivision 2,500
Waldo Land and Improvement
Company to John V. Ward: lots
19 and 29, block 1, New South
Moreland SW
II. M. Congen ct ul, to William (1.
Lane ct nl.; lots 3 and I, block 3,
Mozler placo 1,000
Alice Martz and husband to D. W,
Perkins; lot 3, block 2, continua
tion of Conover & Foster's ad
dition 500
James K. Duke to Mary B. Cow.
herd; lat SH, block SS, Mctteo's ad
dition 200
Waldo Land and Improvement
Company to J, G, Longdon: lots
IS and 17, block 1, New South
Moreland . 330
Samuel Itusscll and wlfo to I). W.
Brown, trustee; lots 0.1 ami SO,
block 23, Winters' uddltloo.. ..,,.,, 7,000
John M, Parker to Henry O. Juddj
lot 19, block 1, S. C. Moody's sub
division 2,500
J, J. Austernell to Amelia Stcen;
part ot lots 25 nnd 20, Oak Grove. COO
Traders' Investment Company to
II. L. McElroy; lot 8, block 2. Man- -Chester
Same to same; lots 1 and 2, block
T, Manchester , ,, 200
Same to same; lots 33 and 3'!,
block 13, Man ister , 50
It. L. Veager and wife to William
O. Henrlce: southwest quarter ot
block 12, Mulkey park S3
WOMEN'S lUUTlOX 01' Till: "JOU11X.VI."
Business (Hike In Boom 303, Journal
All women's organizations desiring the
benefit of the per cent on advertisements
secured for the women's edition ot tho
Journal, call on tho business manager, Mrs.
Bmitb. room 3U2. Journal building.
Tho Journal.
Ten cents a week,
frell you,v neighbor.
i.nn.vL Mvricr.?.
TltfSTF.K'S SALE-Whereas. Anna M.
Morrison nnd D.tvld B. Morrison, her tun
band, by thoir certain dicd or trusi. d.vcd
the 16lh day of September, 1S01. An I lllcd
for record and recnrjed on the 19lh day of
September. iVJt. In the olllc of Ihc reorder
ot deeds for Jn.-Mon county, Missouri, at
KnnsAs city, in Kiok B No. -ITS, at pane
2W, conVred to the tinderslRlied trmtee
tho following descrlbd real estate, situate
In Ihe, county of Jnckon, stAle of Ml
ourl, io-wit! The north twenty-live (25)
feet Of lo number nineteen (19), and tho
fouth twelve and one-half (12U) feet of lot
number twenty (20), In North Altaniont, an
addition lo the city of Knnstt!', now Kan
sa City, Missouri, as the same are marked
and designated on the corrected pint of
North Altnmont, of record In the olllco of
tho rocorxler of deed of said Jnckson coun
ty, In truit, however, lo secure the pay
ment nf one llrst mortgage real estate ne
gotiable notn nnd four Interest coupon
notts, In said dfed of trust dwcrlbedi and
whereii", II Is provided In said deed of
trim that in case default Is made in the
payment of said notes, any pari thereof, or
any of the Interest thereon, when due. then
the nld trustee may proceed to dl said
propel ty, In said deed ot Iriut described
nnd hereinbefore described, and any nnd
nvery part thereof; and whereas, default
has been made In the payment of the said
llrst mortgage real eslnte tireollitlile note,
and the same Is past due and remains un
paid; now, therefore, public nolle ' horn
by given that I, the undcrslgnnl trustee,
will, by virtue of Ihe nuthorlly In me vested
by the terms of said deed of trust, nnd at
the request of the legal owner and holder
of said note, proceed to sell and sell the
real ettate hereinbefore described, at public
vendue, to the highest bidder, for cash, at
the front door or the court house (where
tho circuit court l held), In Kansas city,
Jackson county, Missouri (tho same being
the south front door of tho new court
house located on the block ot
urouiut bounded bv Missouri nve
nuc, oak, Fifth nnd locust streels),
lti sold Kanas City, on Friday,
tho 12th day of July, 1893, between tho hours
of nine o'clock In the forenoon nnd live
o clock In the afternoon ot said day, to pay
uld note and the costs nnd expenses ot
executing Ibis trust.
frank s. mtoviJS, Trustee.
IFIrnl lilllillcutlnn. June r.th. l.XM.l
on April 17th, 1SS3, John Torpey nnd
Luccnn Torpey, his wife, made, executed
nnd delivered their deed of trust for the
purpoe of securing the payment of one
bond for the sum Of 13,310. In said deed or
trust described, wherein they conveyed to
the undersigned, David H. Kntlen, trustee,
tho following described real estate, situ
ated In the county of Jackon and state of
Missouri, to. wit: Lots numbered nineteen
(19), twenty-one (21) nnd twenty-three (2.1),
In St. John A: Dawson's addition to the
city of Independence, Missouri, .according
to tho recorded plat thereof, together with
all tho Improvements nnd appurtenances
thereunto belonging: and whereas, on tho
17th day of April, 1SS9. at 4:B0 o'clock p. m.,
said deed of trust was duly recorded In
book 173, at page 232, of the records of said
Jackson county, nt Independence, Mis
souri; nnd whereas, said deed of trust pro
vtdes that upon non-payment of the debt
secured by said deed of trust by the mak
ers thereof, the property therein described
may b sold by the trustee for the purpose
of raising the money to pay the debt there
by secured; nnd whereas, said Indebtedness
Is now past due and unpaid; now, therefore,
public notice Is hereby given that I, tho
undersigned, David 11, Ettlen, the trustee
named In said deed of trust, under nnd by
virtue of the authority vested In me by
snld deed of trust, at tho request of the
owner of said bond, will proceed to sell the
above desctlbcd real estate, at public ven
due, to thu highest bidder, for cash, nt the
east front door of the county court house
or Jackson county, Missouri, at Independ
ence, the county sent ot said county, being
the building In which the circuit court Is
held nt Independence, on Thursday, the
27th day ot June, A. D. 1W, between the
hours or 9 o'clock In the forenoon nnd 3
o'clock In the afternoon of said day, for tho
purpose ot raising the money to pay tho
amount of such Indebtedness, with Interest
and taxes advanced by the owner of said
bond, und costs nf executing this trust.
DAVID 11. ETTIEN, Trustee.
In accordance with the provisions of un
act of the general assembly of the state of
Missouri, entitled "An act t repeal ar
ticle 3 of chapter 113 of the Revised .Stat
utes of Missouri of 1SS9, said article being
entitled 'Organization or school districts In
cities or over ono hundred thousand nnd
less than three hundred thousand Inhabi
tants. and to enact In lieu thereot a. new
nrtlcle providing Tor the organization and
government of school districts in cities of
over one hundred thousand and less than
three hundred thousand Inhabitants," ap
proved Match 31st, 1S93, scaled bids will bo
received by the board of directors of the
school district of Kansas City, Jackson
county, Missouri, up to 12 o'. lock noon of
Monday, the Sth day ot July, A. D. ISM,
from any banking corporation, aoi latlon
or Individual banker In said school district
thnt may desire to be selected as the de
pository ot tho moneys and funds of said
school district. Each bid or proposal must
state the rate of Interest that the banking
corporation, association or Individual bank
er making It, olTers to pay on the funds
and moneys of said school district fur the
term of two years next ensuing the dato
or said bid. Each bid must be accompanied
by n check In favor nf the school district
on some solvent Uink In said district, duly
errtilled. In the sum of twenty-live hun
dred dollars as a guaranty of good faith
on the piirt of the bidder, and that If his
bid shall be the highest ho will enter Into
the bond provided by law. All bids re
ceived will be publicly opened, at tho hour
named, at the olllce of tho board. The
board reserves the tight to reject any and
all bids. The Interest to be paid upon said
funds and moneys will bo computed upon
the dnllv balances to the credit of tho
school district with said depository, and
will be payable to the treasurer of tho
school district on the first day of each
month. Further information may bo ob
tained at the olllce of the board, corner
Eighth nnd Oak streets.
It. L. VEAGER, President,
Attest: W. E. BENSON. Secretary.
(First publication June 5, JS93.)
as, on October 2. isss, .1. ij. A. King and
Fnlh.i E. King, his wife, made, executed
and delivered their deed of trust for the
purpose of securing the payment or their
bond for the sum or J.'t,7.AuO In said deed
or trust described, wherein they conveyed
to the undersigned, David II. Ettlen, trus
tee, the following described real estate,
situated In the county of Jackson ami
state of Missouri, to-wlt: Lots numbered
nineteen (19) anil twenty (20), of block No,
twelve (12), of tho resurvey of Pendleton
heights, nn addition to the City of Kunsus,
according to the recorded plat thereof,
together wllh all of the improvements
thereunto belonging; nnd whereas, on the
2Uth day ot October, 1SSS. at 1:30 o'clock p.
111., said deed or trust was duly recorded
In book B 329, at page at', or the records
of said jacKsou cuuuiy, .Missouri; and,
whereas, said deed or trust provides that
upon non-payment of tho debt secured by
said deed nt trust by tho makers thereof,
tho property therein described may be
sold by the trustio for the purpose of
raising the money to pay the debt thereby
secured; and, whereas, said Indebtedness
Is now past due and unpaid; now, there
fore, public notice Is hereby given that I,
tho undersigned, David II. Ettlen, the
trustee named Insula deed of trust, under
and by virtue or the authority vested In
me bv said deed or trust, at tho request
of the .owners of snld bond, will proceed
to sell tho above described real estate, at
public vendue, to the hluhett bidder, for
cash, at the froot door of the county court
house of Jackson county, Missouri, nt In
dependence, the county seat of said county,
on Thursday, the 27th day of June, 1S93,
between the hours of 9 o'clock In the fore
noon and 3 o clock In the afternoon or
said day, for (he purpose of raising the
money to pay the amount of said Indebted,
ness, with Interest and costs of executing
this trust. DAVIn ,, RTTIEN. Trustee.
EDWARD C. WltlOHT. Attorney.
Is hereby given that a special meeting of
tho stockholders nf the Minimi 1 oinu and
Savings Assoolatlon will bo held at thu
olllco or the company on the 27lh day ot
June, 1S93, nt U o'clock a. m.. for tho pur
pose of voting upon the proposition of pro.
vldlng for thu transaction and future busi
ness of the company under the piovlslons
of un act of the legislature, entitled, "An
act to icpeul article u. of chapter L. of tho
Revised Statute of Missouri, U89, concern,
lug mutual savings, turn), loan und building
associations, and to timet a new statute. In
lieu thereof, to provide tor tho organiza
tion und Incorporation of mutual savings,
fund, loun und building associations and the
management and conduct of the husliuss
thereof; also, to provide upon what condi
tion foreign associations of liko character
may do business In this stute, and for
other purposes," approved April 20th, 1S93,
and for the transaction of such other bus),
ness as may legally be brought before the
meeting. THEODORE S. CASE, President.
C. M. FERREE. Secretury.
chas. k.'oVt,6i7n 11. towtT
President. Vice President.
snd baggage transferred to and from all
depots. Furniture moved and packed by
experts. 407 and 109 Wyandotte St., Kan
sas City. Mo. Telephono 1517.
THE Kansas City Metal Roofing & Cor
rugating Co.. CO Delaware. TL 13C3.
. (First publication June ith. IW.)
NOTICP. 111.' TlttTHTEE S SALE Where.
its, on January 2lth,l'9e.. Chart' Dougherty
And Isabella Duimlierty, his wife, made,
executed and delhered Iheir b'ed of truM
for the purpose of st-curine Ihe payment
of one bond for the sunt of Itivmi, In sail
dfed of lrut described, whililn they con
veyed lo the nndfrslRnrd. David If. Et
tlen. trustee, Ihe following des rlbnl real
estate, situated In tho conniy of Jnckson
and state nf MlMourl, lo-wlt .A parrel or
lot of ground two hundred nh 1 fifteen (21M
feet In width, and running the entire Iftigth
north and south, off Ihe west end of that
four acre tract of land situated In the city
of Independence, nnd described ni follows:
Thnt Is. the north liAlf of the west one-
tmru or a certain twrnty-rmir (it) n.-re
tract of land lying south of and adjoining
the addition made by ThomAB Hoggs to said
city of Ittilepeniltitre, wjil. It Additlut ton
stts of seventyslx (7r,i lot-, said twenty
rour (2l)ncre tract, making with the s.ild ad
dition or seventy-six tit!) lots the whole of
the trail purchased by ,ild Bosks front
I.wl Friinklln, snld addition of seventy
six (76) lots being now known bk Wnldo
nad Norrls" addition, Ihe four (I) acre
tract herein described being bounded on
the south by Short treet, on th enst by
land sold by John W Perry to one Rob
inson; Walnut streel runs through snld four
(l) acres from enl to west, leaving n strip
some twenty. four nnd n half (2I') feet
wldo nn north side of said Walnut street;
nnd, where.M. 011 tho 27th dav of January.
1W, nt litis o'clock n. m., said deed nf trust
was duly tecorded In book 173. nt page t'd,
nf the records of snld Jackson county,
Missouri, nnd, whereas, snld deed of trust
provides that upon non-payment of the
debt secured by snld deed of trust by the
makers thereof, or their failure to Insure
the buildings situated upon said land, or
to pay or cause to be paid nil taxes nnd
Assessments levied upon SAld premises
when the same become due nnd payable,
the property therein described may bo sold
by the trustee for the purpose of raising
the money to pay the debt thereby sc
rured; nnd, wherens, snld Indebtedness Is
now past due and unpaid, and said makers
have failed to Insure the buildings, and to
pay or cause to be paid the taxes levied
upon snld premises; now, therefore, pub
lic notice Is hereby gl,'en that I,
tho undersigned, David 11. Ettlen.
tho trustee nnmed In snld deed of
trust, under nnd by virtue of the nuthorlly
vested In tile by said deed of trust, at the
request of the owner or said bond, will
proceed to sell tho nbovo described rent
eslnte, at public vendue, to the highest
bidder, for cash, at the front door of tho
building In Independence, Missouri, In
which the circuit court of said Jnckson
county, Missouri, Is held, on Saturday, the
29th day of June, 1S93, between the hours of
9 o'clock In the forenoon nnd S o'clock In
the afternoon of said day, for the purpose
of raising the money to pay the amount or
said Indebtedness, wllh Interest and costs
ot executing this trust.
TRUSTEE'S SALE-Whereas. James It.
Anderson, by his certnln deed ot trust
dated the 17th day or August, 1VV3. lllcd for
record In the olllce ot the recorder of
deeds for Jackson county, Missouri, at
Kansas City, on tho 17th day of August.
18S9, nnd recorded In the olllce of said re
corder or deeds at Kansas City. In book
"It" No. Sf.t, at page OH, conveyed to me,
Oliver II. Dean, the undersigned trustee,
the following described real estate, sit
uate, lying and being In tht county of
Jucksou and state of Missouri, to-wlt:
A certain tract or tracts ot land located
partly In section 36, township W N.. range
83 W and partly In section 31, township
00 N range 32 V., Jackson county, Mis
souri, bounded ns follows: On the north
by the right of way ot the Kansas City
and Independence Rapid Transit Com
pany, on the enst by the Big Blue river,
and or. the south und west by tho center
lino of Uoose Neck creek, us shown by
pint annexed to bald deed of trust, In
trust, however, to secure the payment or
the certain promissory nota in said deed
of trust described, which said promissory
note wiu given as a part of the purchase
price of said real estate; and, whereas,
default hns been made In the payment of
said promissory note, and the same, with
Interest thereon from the 17th 'lay or
August, law, remains overdue and unpaid;
now, therefore, public notice is hereby
given that I, Iho said undersigned trustee,
nt the request of tho legal holder and
owner of said promissory note, und dj
virtue of the power and authority In mo
vested by said deed ot trust, will. In nc
cordat ce with the terms and provisions of
said deed of trust, proceed to sell, and
sell, the real estate In said deed ot trust
nnd hereinbefore described, nnd any and
every part thereof, at public vendue, to
the highest bidder, for cash, at the court
house door in the city of Knnsas City.
Jnckson county. Missouri, said court house
door being the south front door of the
Jnckson county court house, situated on tn
north side or Missouri avenue, between
Oak und Iocust streets. In snld Kansas
City, on Tuesday, the ISth day of June,
ls95, between the hours of nine o clock In
the forenoon and live o'clock In the after
noon of thnt day. for the purpose of paying
olT said promlsrory note and the Interest
due thereon, and the costs and expenses
ot executing this trust.
Knnns City. Mo. May 11th. 1V.I3.
TRUSTEE OF SALE Whereas, Kate C.
Mooney and Harry E. Mooney, her hus
band, by their certain deeil of trust dated
the twenty-eighth day ot September, A.
D. 1S9-'. and ro orded on the twenty-ninth
day or September, A. D. 1S92, In book II
619, page one hundred and ninety-two (192).
Ill the olllco ot the recorder or deeds. In
and for Jackson county, Missouri, at Kan
sas City, conveyed to David II, Ettlen,
trustee, tho following described rc.il es
tate, situated In the county ot Jnckson
and state or Missouri, to-wlt: Lot number
two (2), In block number live (3). or Me
Klnney heights, an addition to the city
ol Kansas, now Kansas City, Missouri,
according to the recorded pl.it thereof,
to secure four principal real estate boniH
and coupons thereto attached In said deed
of trust described; nnd, whereas, said real
estate bonds In said deed of trust de
scribed, aie due nnd unpaid; now, there
fore, at the request of the legal holder of
said real estate bonds and ot said deed
or trust and In accordance with tho powers
Invested In me by said deed of trust, I,
the undersigned trustee, will proceed to
sell the nbove described real estate at
public sale, to the highest bidder, for
cash, at the front door nf tho building lu
Kansas City. Mlssjurl. In which tho cir
cuit court of said Jnckson county is now
held, being the south front door ot the
county court bouse In said city, situated
In the block bounded on the south by
Missouri avenue, on the the east by Locust
street, on the north by Firth street and
on the west by Oak street, on Tuesday,
the eighteenth day of June, A. 1). 1893. b.
tween the hours of nine o'clock In the fore
noon nnd live o'clock In the afternoon
of said date, and will apply the proceeds
of said sale to the payment ot the costs
and expenses or snld salo and to tho pay
ment or the Indebtedness secured by said
deed of trust.
Dated Kansns City, Missouri, May twen-ty-fourth,
Perdue & Borland. Attorneys.
TRUSTEE'3 SALE Whereas, Esther A.
Freeland, and John L. 1'ieeland. her hus
band, by their certain deed of trust, dated
the llrst day of November, lk90, and Illed
for record and recorded on tbe 27th day of
January, IW1. In thu olllce of the recorder
of deeds of Jackson county. Missouri, at
Kunsas City. In book B .No, 139, at page ,
did convey to tho undersigned trutteu tho
following described real estate, situate la
the county of Jnckson. statu of Missouri,
lo-wlt: Lot number six (C), In block seven
(7), In Jersey heights, an addition to tho
City of Kunsas, now Kansas City. Missouri,
us the same Is marked and designated on
the Plat of said addition on tile uud of rec
ord In the olllce of tint recorder of deeda ot
said Jackson county. In trust to secure the
payment of one llrst mortgage real estata
note. In said deed of trust described; und,
whereas, the said note lias becoina due
and default has been . ntaqu In tho payment
thereof; now. therefore, puddle notice u
hereby given that I. Ld L. hcarrltt, trus.
lee. will, under und by virtue of ihe an
thorlty in me vested, by the terms or said
deed of trust, and at tha request of the le.
gal holder and owner of said note, proceed
to sell, and sell, lit public vendue, to tho
highest bidder, for cash, the property here.
Inbefore described, at the west front door
of the United States postolllce, lu Kansas
City, county of Jackson, state of Missouri,
on Wednesday, the 3rd duy of July, 1893,
between the hours of nine o'clock In the
forenoon and llvo o clock In tho afternoon
or said day, to pay said note ami the costs
und expenses ot executing this trust,
" u ' ED L. SOARRITT, Trustee.
TUUSTKE'n BALL Whercus.default hus
been made In pajmcnl of principal and In.
terest of a bond described In a deed of
trust made by deorgo . Waider (single)
(o secure a part of the purchusA price of
the real estate hereinafter described, dated
August 6th. IbW, illed for record September
12th, IkSiS, In the olllce of thu recorder of
deeds for Jackson county, Missouri, at
Kansas City, and iccurded in book B 374.
at page HI; public notlci Is hereby given
that f will, pursuant to tuid deed of trust,
at the request ot the owner and legal hold,
er ot tho bond, proceed to sell, and sell to
the highest bidder, for cash, at publlo ven
due. at the west front dcor of the United
States custom house and ostolllce building
In the City of Kunsas (now Kunsas City),
Jackson county, Missouri, on Saturday.
June 22d, 1593, between tho hours of 9
o'clock In the forenoon and 5 o'clock In the
afternoon of that day, the real estatu in
said deed of trust described, situate- In tho
county of Jackson und state of Missouri,
to-wlt: All of lots number ono (1), two (2),
three (3), and four (I). In block number
four (O. In tho subdivision known as "War
der Park." as said lots are marked and
designated on the plat of Warder Park,
tiled and recorded In the olllce of the re
corder of deeds for Jackson county. Mis
sourl. for the purpose of satisfying said
Indebtedness and the cost of executing
Trustee. Ji
111. .SMI!, ST. I'At'li
ud MI.N.NKAI't)l.l.
Chntr Cnre Froo.
OlnlrtK Cnrs. ,
TtcSrt offfH. la Mill
fcL snd Ml Union Ava
AUresi It t OltH, A. (I. I', A.. Ka.isat
lnstrir. t'nns All tnlni daily unleM
marked !,- ix. ept SimUy; "I." SatiJ'Y
oid "s.'l ex, ept Stittiir 1.1) : '." (?
Monday, "1, Hmifday only K.fit
triili, l.ive se. .,t I lolnmti, arrive,
HANNIBAL A ST, JOF. It. R.-llurllngton
Tiains. Leave. Arrive
K C Itrtnkfl'ld IWpin.tl:mm
Atlantic expr, s 7am :2."pm
Chicago Issf mall. Kl .... t.snpm JTAam
St. Louts express .,,.,.,,,, fM pin Sluttn
B. A.. M. It. H., JN NKUUAHlvA-lluilinif.
ton Route.
Denter K. C. express,
Lincoln. llillinKi & Pu-
et Sound ll.oo itn J-Wpm
t . RAlLltOAD.
Omaha A SI. Paul fast
. mall inilOam StSopm
Iowa express 3;(f, pm '19:10 ant
Omaha express ,,,,M:lJpm 6.30am
St. Joe A- low.l mail iiWntn M 33 pm
Denver express ..llaOaiit 7:uJptn
Lenvinworth. Atchison Ac . ,.
St. Joseph 3:30pm l.ijpm
All trains make Leavenworth except the
lotu a. m.
Trains East or Missouri lllver.
Chlcnito mall... .. .., xD.'Oani .7.30 pm
Chicago limited 6: 1.1 pm lO.Wum
Trains West of Missouri River.
Hulch.. Wichita, Ft. W..lu.Mr.tn 0.23 pm
Den., col, Sp. A: Pueblo . 111.30 nm 6.2.ipnt
Dcn Col. Sp. A- Pueblo. .ztMOpm V20nm
Wichltn, I. T. .t Ft. W.... 5.10 pm ?.20nni
Topeka, Hutchinson zS.IJpm S.20am
Mull and Express 7iam (.Minn
St, Louis day express ....pi.onuin a)pm
New. Vork fast mall LUUptn T'Wnni
St. Louis night express., li.oo pm lo.sunm
Lexington & St. Louis ex. 7:)pni li'UXium
Lexington .t S.dalla pas. ti:33um i.Upm
Coffeyvllle Colotndo ...pi. Until 0:13 pm
Trains west. . ,
i-oiicylllo A: Wichita .... 11:20pm ..:;am
Jop., Ft. Scott A: Wich.... 4:u1ulit HAiptit
Jopllu A Texas express.. 10.60 nm 2.40pm
Joplln A: Texas express.., 7:U0 pm 7:12 am
Trains North.
Omiihn, Lin. A N. City ox. 9:1.1pm GiSOnm
Omaha A C, B. day ex.... 7 30 am K.3aini
K. C. Ai A. nocom. ex 0:i)pm LUpin
1. f A'. h! tn.. ..v tit M nttt f.?.., Hill
Corfcylllo A: Wichita .!!! visopm
K. C. A. ,fc St. Joe ex.... 0:33 u in 9.30iilu
Seneca ,t Beatrice ex .... 7,::opm 01.. pm
c, , ...,.. ............. ..- c.ikt,.... :. flriM
St. Louis ,t Chicago ex.... SilMam 7:10 pm
St. I K- N. Y. I.lm. ex..xl0:0.lnm xfttOOpm
St. I... D. M. Xz St. P. ex.. MMtim 7:t)am
St. I.., IJ, .11. ,t HI. 1". ex.. ssaopm lavum
IC. C. A: Chicago express.. :2Upm :20am
V- IIICHKO A CU. l.UUIS l'A... i'.Wi.ll '.w ,,
Chicago limited Gu inn S:l..am
SI. L. Chicago ex 8:43 pm "lid am
Florida Fast Mall .'. 10:20 am 0:00 pm
llnrrlsonvlllc A- Clinton. ,xlti:t am 0:fOpm
Ueepwntor nccom 0:23 pm 10:43 nm
Cherokee nccom 0:2,1pm i):l.1niu
Subutban passenger .... xtl.no pin 7:Mnm
Joplln A- New Orleans.... lOampiu 7:01 am
Texas mail 10:13am .".:3.1pm
Texas express 9:03 pm 7:23 am
ii"i-im ti irtieie t, in inv
Atlantic express i:30nm 7;ii pm
Fort Mndlon locnl xS-.IOam x3:20pm
West of Missouri River.
Texas cxprcs .S:f.am 4;20pm
t... i.--o 'i.unnpp n-itinni r,!?n nm
So Kn. passenger 9I0nm 0:20pm
Col & Utah 11m 9:i)nm fi .pm
California Urn 1:30pm 0i) pm
Mex. A; Cnl. express 2:00 pm 7:00 nm
Emporia passenger xl.20 pmxll:20am
Topeka express 1:30 pm filOnm
Panhandle express 9:10 pm 7:0.. am
Ok. .t Dodge City ex 9:20pm C:30nm
Criind Central Depot. Unit mid Wyandotte.
Chi St Paul A: Minn 10:00am .1:00pm
St -J Des M. .t Chi 9:00 pm 7:1.1 nm
St I Des M. A: Chi 11:30 pm
Cllnto-i A: Osceola er &:) pm 10:20 nm
Pittsburg, Jop. A; Neosho. 11 :ij am 3:15 pm'
Aci ommodiulon 9:00 nm S 30 pm
Accommodation 7:ii pm xOnoam
Uair Tuesdays. Thursdays and Satur
days Arrive Mondays, Wednesdays and
(inititl Ae. D" put. 'iMUil Street.
Chicago passenger x9.o0.im 8 13pm
Chllll'Otlie expiess 3:n0piii lo 13 am
Excelsior Springs special. s'.t:11 am ss lo pm
Depots Second and Wyandotte nnd Sec
ond ami Walnut.
Depot- Flftcntli street station. Twelfth
street station. Nlnili street ni..n
i Phone
Only Transfer
Lino Having
Privileges at
All Depots.
Or 1322.
The Depot Carriage and Baggage
m:vi:m'ii and iiiioaiiwav,
... Prompt nnd Reliable ....
Nil P..YTH ' IIAItt.LM I UU Mt.lir WORK
.aleMichlganand tale Superior 7ranmiirlatlon7n
Own 'I lie i-tr hl.tl Mutn.Mi Muidtuu,
SullliifiB From Chicago.
Tor Mwlitnae I tlaml, lutolt ! !; ''u''',,
T.ir.ml , ct. . M lt JI, 1 l H. ""' -" 1. ''.
I'M I' M !t 4 1,11 ......
Km llrl,or Mritn.-- Prtrmtey, rhatlftoll, te , Mon.
It H, Writ h Ml' JI A M
KurtaiiltMelai0, Marquette llanrnel:, Houghton,
(lilin.l Inilutli. etc Tuet ami HI III' M
Illil.truteit iinniellli'ta lnalllHl free on arrllrMI-vl.
son uf default m the payment of thu princi
pal note und the last lour coupons therein
attached, excepting n payment of 1"S, April
toth. WI. on coupon -No. 7. describe 1 In unit
secured by n died or trut dated May 1st,
130, made by Annie L. hintun and Frank
O. Sutton, her husband, to tho undurlgneil
trustte. recorded III the recorder's of.
lieu of JacUson county, Missouri, at Knn.
sas City, In book 11 107, at rage 517. nt ttu
request of tho legal owner and holder of
said daed ot trust nna notes, 1, the under
signed trustee, will, on iTiday, tho 2!st
day of June. ISM. between tho hours of 3
o'clock lu tho forenuoii and 5 o'clock In thu
afternoon ot eald day, at the south front
door of thu circuit court bouse, nt Mis
souri avenue and Oak st.. In Kansas City,
Jackson county, .Missouri, sell at publlo
aula to tho hlgheat bidder, for cash, tho
property fltuatcd In said Kansas City.
Jackson county. Missouri, and In said deed
of trust described ns follows. to.ivRi All
of tho north six and oiie.fourUi (C'i) feet
of lot numbered thirteen (13), and all of lot
numbered fourteen (11) In block numbered
four (l, as same are marked and des
iKtiuted on the record plat of Chaee's sub
division of u part of the southeast one.
luiirin till i tcuuii iw in, luwusnip
fnrty.nlntt (). ranse thirty-three (33), for
the purpose o( paying off and satisfying
said indebtedness, together with Interest
thereon, and the expense of this trust.
' XV. C PARKER. Trustee.
TRUSTEE'S SALL -V hcieas.defuult has
been made lit the payment ot tl. principal
and Interest ot a bond described lu a cer
tain deed ot truat executed by Mary Mor
gan, simile, tn securu u part of the pur
chase prlco of tho real estato hereinafter
dtocribed. dated September 11th, !, nj
or recoid September llth, UmI, in thu oilicu
of the lecotder of deeds for Jatksou coun.
ty. Missouri, at Kansas City, and recorded
lu'book II 1C3. at Page, 311, publlo notice Is
hereby given that I will, pursuant to said
deed ot trust and at the request of tho
owner und legal holder of said bond, sell
to tho hinhest bidder, for cash, at publlo
auction, at tho bouth front door of the
court bouse, the building in -which the cir
cuit court of Jackson county U appointed
to bo held, (on Missouri avenue, between
Ouk und Locust streets). In the City of
Kansas (now Kansas City), Jackson coun.
ty, Missouri, on Saturday. June KM, ISM.
between the hours ot 9 o'clock a. 111. and S
o'clock p. in. of that day, ull of lots num
ber twelve (12) und thirteen (13). lu block
number lx Oil. "Maplewood," as the suum
are marked und designated In the plat of
the same. Illed anl recorded lu ths olllco
of the recorder of deeds for Jacksou coun
ty. Missouri, for the purpose of satisfying
said Indebtedness and the cost uf executing
Pacific const limited 9:3d am 0:00 pm
Denver Cul. ex 7:30 pm SiWnm
East ut Missouri River.
Chlcnco limited 7:00 pin S:30nm
Columbian express 0:30 pm 1:23 pm

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