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These Firms Do Business
1'orUtnoutti Hide
tlrnirmher Ihere In
to Krrlrr tnotltnln
In Kanon C'llr, .Mil
llrtTrtm of vhciip
I ml In turn.
Juslire of the Peace,!
ririii !
for High Grade Work, !
Cozad i
Printing '
Co. i
TO Mlnnrsntii ,ttn.
Trl. WrtSL
10 ntili. tiiititncfl 9,1
per month.
S. X. Simpson k Sod,
Chamber ot Com. Itldg.
Mlnneootn Alrnue.
Maniacs ceremony
rrtnrmpil with nut
publicity if requested
Collections a specialty.
ni:At)yiAitTi:if i
rnr Jlnmon find All ,
Miuuinril Itrmcillrs.
W. W.
(Successors to II C Ilibcock it Co.)
Junction Grocery anil Meal Market
in iron iw, .v ntiii st. toL vt ra.
IllghcM grade good, at lowest prices Whole
.ilo aiul Retail.
Llnred oil (V pal ! 1
Trim Lent. itM per i
t. ..,,,.. 1. n.... .1 I
nuiitiinu . uejiVUIlilO,
40c pallon.
Palace Drug More,
ri.ll Minnesota A,c.
WU I F ' S ' TO
SfenmllnnmlTr ! Tl'c "wl 'wniacy
'PliotieNo.WcstKli 1 lavo your tire
ronnlnr 1'rleet scrlptlono , e.irctullv
rTonVt Service. I SSdeSMl A0.
,, :.vo;?,,'a.rm,,o', '"'" wives
II. I. VUJI.U, I'rnp., I aiul aisp.ilch.
mil stiiti si... j.i. ii. o'lt.nij-,t c,
r.in.n -Mj, fiiiii-;i. ropriceoro.
V. A. ELDltlDOE,
Wholesale and llelail Slonc VanF,
fclilh nml MlmiCAotti Ate.
Stonn ftiepi nnrt stdewalkft a sno
dalty. CoiniotHloti not In If. .is
Wl tri Mtvn nut nu'n int'irri' frill -n.t I
uiiuit- -, ":;,;:." - "
f,-V lllllb-. T. I
'$....&. C
Tho Journal office has boon
removed Irom the Chamber K
of Commerce to tho lirst floor R
of the Columbia Building at
Sixth street and Minnesota K
avenue- K
Disrosj;i) or last nioht.
iiotim.t: FDNKitAr. to-dav at thi:
The Vounc Vletlnu of n Thunder storm
Mill llo Jliirleil In One Ciruvc A
ICadleal Cbaiigo In IsHtiini;
The clly council hold a leiiRthy session
last nlKht and transacted much business,
rrovlslou was made for tbo Improvement
ot several prominent streets. Numerous
bids were received for the working and
the contracts let. The total work will
cost lit least $2'),000. The
were for tho Reading, curbing
ot i-ourlh street, from Haskell avenue to ,
ltowland avenue; Iiiifnyette avenue, from I
Seventh street to Woodlnwn cemetery, nnd i
Freeman avenue, from Xitth strpet to Sixth !
street. It. J. IJoyd Paving and Contract
ing Company was awarded the contract
for grading I.afayotto avenue and Free
man avenue. . !. lirown received the
contract for grading Fifth street. II. K.
I.ley & Co. contracted for the curbing of
Fourth street and Lafayette avenue. F.
It. McCormlck was awarded the contract
for paving Fourth street, Lafayette ave
nue and Freeman avenue. Thomas Foster
contracted for tho paving ot Freeman uve- I
nue. I
A communication was received which was
signed by numerous surgeons and physi
cians asking that the occupation lax re
ntilrlng persons ot the medical profession
to pay a license be tepealed. Several doc
tors wcro present and explained their rea- '
sons for such action. The matter was re-'
ferred to the ordinance committee. The
Physicians' and surgeons' Jlcenao Is now i
:' per year. '
The street department reported that
about l.OtiO yards of blocks had been
washed out on Seventh street, Simpson av- ,
enue and Thirteenth street by the rain ot ,
Monday. The street commissioner was in
structed to Immediately repair the dam-'
ago done.
A motion was mado to reconsider the nc-'
tlon taken recently by the council where
liy tho application of the Salvation Army to
erect a tent on Huron place wus laid on tho
tahle, The motion wna lost.
A communication was received from sev
eral of the residents of Armstrong nddl.
lion protesting against tho construction of
a sewer In that addition, or tho Issuance
of bonds for payment of name. The com
inunleatlon was referred to the proper com
mittee. An ordinance was nasse,! nmvI.Hm. r,ip
the construction of u tiro proof vault on
the south side of tho city liull, Tho esti
mated cost Is about t'V.
In view of 'the lu-establUhlng ot tho olllce
of live stock and meat Inspector, I.em
Jlushts made application for that position,
The application was referred to the mayor.
Ono thousand and seven hundred dollars
was allowed by ordinance for the work of
constructing a culvert on Fourth street.
An ordinance was passed providing for
tho issuance of bonds amounting to $3,50
for the payment of Improvements recently
made In Armstrong addition.
joiin ooi: and mcii.iitii itoi.
Tliete Nauii'S Will Not Appear Hereafter
to Shield l.mr Violators.
"Tho stale against John Doe and Rich
ard Roe. charged with selling liquor," will
not appear on the ciimluul docket of the
district court- In tho futuru as frequently
as In tho past. Tins Is due to a ruling of
Judgo Aldeu yesterday. During the past,
few months several liquor men have been
arrested under the llctltlou name of John
Joe or Richard Roe, In several cases the
men arretted were welt known, hut their
true names were omitted on the complaint
or warrant. When (ho name John Doe or
Jtlchard Roe was used there wa no ac
curate description given of the man, but
In every case tho sheriff happened (o get
the ono wanted. When tho case ngalnst
John Doe was called for trial In tho dis
trict court yesterday Attorney Ilerger llled
. motion, to quush the proceedings on the
grounds Hint the Information was Insuf
ficient to base an action. The name of his
client was IM Kiisvr, who attempted to
run a saloon, within three doors of the
rostotllce. Mr. Ileiger argued that If the
county attorney did not know tha true
name of his client he should have given a
description In the warrant of his makeup,
po that the oillcers would be sure to not
get the wrong man. Under Hie Information
tiled agulnst Kriser. Mr. Merger claimed
that an olliccr was Just as liable to arrest
e. frequenter as tho piaprletor.
County Attorney Miller argued that the
Highest of all in Leavening Power,
Because They Advertise,
II. I. l'AI.tt. I). U.S.
! William I Harris,
, Knnsrt.s City, Kris.
(inirr! Itiinin 2'J
mill '.:t t'oluiiiliU
1hlnt flour.
Portsmouth Hide.
Cancer, Tiiinor, Catarrh.
I.'r'eiim nml nil Slelit Ills
noeo, ."end for Hook.
Plr.-tsn iiiriiMitn loiirn,,t,
Dr. D. M. BYE,
Combination (III Cure
Kiino. Clly,
George Yeager,
Corner I'-Jtli nml
Minnesota Avenue.
Fre,h slock o( stirlo
ami tur.cy groceries at
living prices. My
friends, arc Invited to
Tim Shod tinier
Kvcrytltlng rlean anil
neat. Homemade lies,
etc. 0n unill is
o ilock each nlgtit. Try
our leu cream.
t( Minnesota Atp.
George M, Hughes,
Justice of the Peace,
Tel. KID.
New N limber. We I 74
4 'i ."llnncmitii Are.
Marrlaga ceremony
I'trlormeil without
publicity II imtiealeil.
Collections a a'wclulty.
todd's DKira store;
Tel. H3 We.t.
UllliSt. nml "I'Iloait
A 6o candle
power Gas
Light costs
Less than J
cent per hour.
Wyandotte Oat Co.
Trl. I mill. Itu-lettllM
tilRlit or ilay,
a pc
Inforinntlon In the case was suniclent anil
,,V,1 ','. "'IS Ihe.Uuty ot thi jury to llml
mit nfler tho evidence whs In. whether or
i ol llio rlRht mtin linil been nrrratcil. John
A. Ilnlo nml Henry Mcdrew iiIho hml a
lm Inr rase nnd they ench mmle nrcnment
iisKlntr thnt the Informatlnn.i be t'liaalicil.
.liidKf Ablen liebl that where these lie
tltlous riaine.4 were nseil It wiih nece?iary
to ilc.irrlbe tho persons wnnteil. Tho attor
ney!) ror the defendant!) wanieil their t'll
ents dlFcharBOiI, but County Attorney Mil
ler nsltcil leave l nineiwl the eomplalnli
po ns to Inrluilc the true names of the ile
fenilantc. Thl. was opposed by llm other
nltonieys on tho KroundK that tho com
plaints wero nboltitely void and that It
would be Impossible to mnke- them lecnl by
amending them, .ludce- Aldcn took this
question under advisement.
They Set riro to lln- Cuiinnili of
Colored Woman.
nn A ceil
f...f''"la I "?.. nn nseil colored worn
n l,v ,'Jfi ln " ?""" '.""." Splltloc avenue,
near 'llilrd Htreet, had a narrow escape
tiom belnc burned alive yesterday after
noon, bin; had just finished tho work ot
cleat-Ins: the dinner tabic after the noondav
ineul and lljrlitlm, a. pipe, she laid down oil
V,..ii .to.,V"Joy ,l eonifortable smoke
s '"? ,'" tnlrt Poslnro some llio from the
Pipe fell on tho bedclothes and set them on
lire. Her own clothlne became IkiiHoi! be
fore she could cet up troin the bed and tho
timely arrival of some nelRbbois was nil
tliiit saved bcr from being masted alive.
1 ho tiro department was called out and
succeeded In savIiiK tbo bulldlni, from
destruction. Mrs. Porter was sllKhtly
burned about the face and hands.
A Double I'linerul.
At 2 o'clock this1 afternoon a double fu
neral will take place at the home of Mr.
nnd Mrs. Henry llutterwlck. live miles
west of this city. Tho Hevs. J. J. Dough
erty and S. Fisher will conduct the ser
vices. The bodies of the boys, who met
death by lightning, are now at the family
residence. A double grave has been nre-
pareil and the bodies will be burled In
contracts let ?'.V;lr."t, Collins In one box. The funeral
r- m ,!,i w"! take place from the family residence
g and palng'an,i tne bur ill wi be in Quindaro ccme-
May I'ullil a Tulicrimclc.
There Is a possibility of a large taber
nacle being built In this city ln the near
future. Tho Itev. II. Q. Dellham, pastor of
the Central Christian church, is now mak
ing an effort to that end. During the past
two years the congregation of the Chris
tian church has Increased to such a num.
her that makes the present cdlllco too small
tn accommodate the congregation. Itev.
Denham'H plan Is to sell the Christian
church and build a large tabernaclo for a
house of worship. In case be falls In rais
ing funds for the proposed tabernacle, be
will build u largo addition to tbo church.
Left Out an Important Word.
Joseph Wade, was tried yesterday la
uistrict court on Hie charge of holding up
F. W. Harvey in Rlvervlew one night last
winter. The jury was out oulv a few
minutes and returned a verdict which was
Intended for conviction. The vcidiet lead:
"We tho Jury tbo defendant guilty as
charged In the Infoimatlon." The Jury
tailed to Insert tho wonl "llml" after the
word "Jury." The defendant's attorney
claims that the verdict Is not in accord
anco with law and bo will llio a motion
for a new tilal,
(iranil Olllrnra r.lerlcd,
Tim grand lodge of Good Samatltans
and Daughteis of Samaria held a meeting
here yesterday in the -M. & ). ball on Min
nesota avenue. Orand Chief I'ryor Will
iams, of Leavenworth, presided. The fol
lowing grand oillcers wore piesent: A.
Morton, It. K. Hums, M. H. Wright, T. W.
Hell, L. M. Hell. Charles Johnson, M. A.
Coloway, G, Ilrown, J. It. Smith.
Woman's "Journal."
Miss lllrd John Is authorized to solicit
advertisements for tho Woman's Kdltlon
of the Kansas City Journal, to be Issued
July I,
It. lit on tbo Terraces.
On the south side of Sandusky avenue
between Sixth and Seventh streets, which
1 u vtry pretty portion of tho avenue, all
of tho terraces were washed onto the side
walks i front by the damaging rain of
Monday evening. Tho damage to the prop
erty U heavy.
Mt.Titoroi.is mim:i;i.i,.vnv.
Tho enterprising women of Kansas City
aro pot behind their sisters In other cities
ot tho Hast and West. They are to get out
a mammoth Illustrated edition of the Kan
sas city Journal on July I. It is an as
suied success- and a favorable opportunity
for advertising.
Attorney A. 13. Watson iccelved notice
last evening that his brother, John Wat
.ion, who is a candidate for cadetship at
tho West Point Military school, had sat
Isfactnrily passed Ilia mental examination,
Air, Watson was appointed as a cadet by
Congiessm.ui .Miller, of this city.
Hans Johnson, C K. Fagan and Sam
Baton were lined J.V) each In police court
yesterday morning for violating the tip
pling shop oiilliuince. Several like eases
were continued until to-day,
Chattel loans. L. 11. Rose. Hunted bldg,
The Ladles' Aid Society of ISotluiiy hos
pital gave a lawn social last night at
Huron place. Ice cienm, enko and cold
drinks were served to a largo and liberal
crowd. Tho social was given for Ihe ben
efit of tho hospital.
The Young People's Society of Christian
Kudeavor ot the Central Christian church
gave a lawn social last night at tho borne
uf Mr, and Mrs. C. A, Kills, In LMgcrton
Tho Rev, Dr. O. V. Chandler, who has
accepted a call to the People's Methodist
Protestant church, of this city, will not
tuko chargu ofthe, pulpit until July 1,
U. Y. Miller, of 313 Greeley avenue, re
ceived a letter from his agent, W, C. Hoou
In Elk county, that tho com on his farm
near Longton was In silk anil tassel. This
Latest U.S. Gov't Report
Is earlier than lui l, . r k ion n foi enrs
Ho has dnhti -five m i.
The itcthani Initio k.h,. ,,al In Uni
on pl.li e but evening 'till WAS till) Ural
event or thi' kind r.i held In this public
place nii.i n i.it-Ri- ,-iowii huh attracted.
I'llltsON.H. NI.M'i.
Mrs. William cros. of ibis elly, and Mt.
t)r. It. ii rr.i. of K.ui-hk City, Mo., have
gone to tiitaw.i. Kn., lo attend the Chan
tauiiun nseni1iy.
V. V. Illehnrdson, a well known lnml
uncut of Dyaarl. In., la In the elly, the
guest or rrleniK and relative. Mr. Illrh
.irdson i on hi way home from the south
ern pntt of the stnle. where he lina Junt
cloed a large bltnl ileal.
Ham and (lad Smith have jsnne ( Ohio
where they will play In the famous Ohio
State biiliif.
A lawn social will lt- given ThutMl.iy
night b- the Young People's Society of Hie
linden llflghls Methodlat church.
, Mles Ida Kllttaiis nnd Msr.le Hvan. of
l,eavenworlh, were vMllng frleivls yes
terday nl the rotinly ienchern' Instllute.
, II. ('. .Mi FitMand, instructor nl the conn
iv Institute, was called In his home nt
plathc yesterday by the Illness of his sis
Ye(erdnv afternoon two "fakirs" were
working the people on Kansas avenue,
Th.-y worked the cheap Jewelry racket,
pretending to be without money and nun
gry and offered Jiyvelry for sale which they
claimed to be valuable.
The O. N. o. P. club meeting and enter
Inlntticnt In llroue' hall Inst evening waa
well attended and an enjoynbte gathering.
Mis nporgln Poareher enlerlalned a
party of friends lnt night at her home,
HIS Mouth First street, In honor ot her ISth
The D-iuuhters of Liberty will give a so
cial this evening In Shawnee park.
.lohn Llmberger was tried In Justice
Sims' court yeslerday on a charge of send
ing improper letters to .Mrs. John liberie.
He -was nco,ultled, the evidence showing
that he did not write the letter on which
lli complaint was made.
D.ivld Itogers, Lea Straight and Floyd
Straight were Injured Monday night by
being thrown from a wagon,
John Llenengcr is quite III at Che Ar
mounlnle hotel.
Ml.i Mnrgaret Dinwiddle Is recovering
from a severe Illness.
Thomas Carroll waa nrrested yesterday
and arraigned before Judge Herr on a
charge of assaulting his sick wife. He
pleaded guilty and was lined i'i and sen
tenced to thirty days In the county Jail.
Theodore Helnze went to Ottawa, ICas.,
yesterday. He will be an Inmate of the
Santa l"e hospital theie for several weeks,
Jerry Lewis was arrested yesterday for
Interfering with nn olliccr while making
an arrest.
Kx-C'oiincllman H, J. McCutloch Is slow
ly rcroveilng from the Injuries suitnlned
recently by being overcome with heat.
A young daughter of Michael Donahuo
nnd wife Is seriously HI,
Several fi. A. It. members will go to
Otlawa to attend the Chautauqua, assem
bly. The ladles of the Presbyterian church
gave a social Inst evening at the home
of Mrs. II. .Miller, So. 10 North Klghth
Harry Mussclmnn and Miss Clara Hoi
bert returned yesterday from ,i visit at
Lawrence, Kus.-
The rain ot Monday night wnshed out
a deep ditch In tho macadam on First
street. The ditcli Is about a yard wide
and one foot deep. Thilamage will be
Hev. C. S. Warner and wife left last
evening to attend the Chniitauqua assem
bly nt Ottawa.
A large swarm of bees settled on the
porch under the Republic office, on Silver
avenue, yesterday afternoon. They were
hived and removed by V. Damnes.
Mrs. O. W. Milliner went to tho Ottawa
Chautauqua assembly yeslerday morning.
Miss Louise Volgbt left yesterday for
her home, at Menagor, Kas., after spend
ing several weeks with Henry Horgstede
and wife.
Harvey Llllott. of Thayer, .Mo., was
calling on friends nnd relatives here yes
terday. Miss Josle Parish returned to her home,
at Lawrence, Kas., last evening, nfler 'a
visit with her sister, Mrs. L. D. L. Tosh.
A social dance will be given to-morrow
evening at the Grand Central hotel, on
Strong avenue.
Argentine Council Old Not .licet.
Owing to the lack of a quorum
nignt me Argentine council
a meeting.
failed to hold
Ileglnnlng June 1 the Kansas City Jour
nal will be delivered In Itosedale by Eu
gene Miller, who will also collect for same
at the reduced rate of 10 cents a week
and make his collections weekly.
The Rosedale Glee Club will give a fine
musical and literary entertainment at the
M. K. church Saturday night, June 22, ISM.
All nre welcome. Children, 13 cents. Adults,
2j cents.
During the storm yesterday evening
lightning struck Mr. John llolslnger's
house. It shattered the roof, went down
the chimney and scattered the soot all over
the house. Luckily no one was hurt.
Mrs. Fllkln, of the North end, went lo
Ottawa yesterday morning to attend the
Chautauqua assembly.
Mrs. .lano Wright, wife of T. W. Wright,
died of heart failure yeslerday morning at
U o'clock, after a sickness of about six
weeks. She has lived in Itosedale for a
good many j ears. She was well known
heie nnd was 50 years old. The funeral will
ho held at the house this afternoon at 2
o'clock, iluilal will be In Klmwood ceme
tery. fiurglars entered Dr. Moore's house last
night and stole his watch and clock,
Theio Is no baking powder which pro
duces such sjwecot and tnstotul food as the
Royal Halting Powder.
has i:i,i:vi:. ciiA.imnits.
A Carious llllle Recently (Inearthed In n
Factory n, Hartford.
From the Hartford Times.
There Is a wide range of work between
tho making of telescopes and of rllles, but
strangely enough both results hnvo been
accomplished by the Hartford astronomer,
TnVin I I 1. V'nl..., Iijf.i.n ,1... ....... ...
llale left his home In Wetherslleld and
settled In Vlrglule. He was of an Intentlva
turn of mind, and set himself to different
kinds of work that tcqulml skill and
thought and persistency of the most dog.
ged character. Mr. Halo produced among
other things, while be was In Virginia, an
engine that could bo used In running a
mill which ho wanted. Tho start was mado
with the raw material and a wooden lathe,
The next thing which be set his heart on
was a illle that could be tired a number of
times In succession. This woik wa also
begun wlih taw material, and came from
the maker's hands an arm capable of being
llred eleven times in succisslon, the cyl.
Inder system Instead of the magazine be
ing iitcd. ln fact, the tn.igu.lue principle
as originated and developed by James p.
Lee, of this city, had not been thought of
when Mr. Hale's old arm was wrought
out by hand,
The rllle was made In IS59 or thereabouts,
Tho cylinder has eleven chambers, which
were drilled III the solid steel. Tho nipples
for tho percussion caps wero also drilled
and bored by hand. Whilo the rllle was in
use It was never known to miss lire, Thu
barrel Is smooth bore, the caliber not being
much larger than that of tho old Colt re
volver. This curious arm, which wus put
together in a primitive way, was biouuht
North by Mr, Hale when he loft his Vir
ginia home nt the outbreak of the wur, and
has been kept in an out of the way corner
until a few days ugo, U was recovered In
Mr, Hale's ransacking of the old attic In
Ills house a the north end, and has been
secured bv thu collector. A. ii. Ilronlc
ami will be kept hereafter In the wonderful
collection ot urins, which he 1ms In this
Mr. Hale, utter he came to this city, be
gan tho work with telescopes which has
mado him so widely known here. Like Dr.
John Dwyer, who has ono of the best tele
scopes In tho city, made by his own hands,
i.Mr, Hale has mado his own Instruments.
l.r. Dwyer began hi telescope years ago
while residing on Asylum street, grinding
tho glass himself and making the entire in
strument. The Idea was thought out even
when he wus a medical student at Yale,
and was carried into effect after he cumo
back to Hartford. It Is un Interesting and
noteworthy fact that two men in this city
have produced Instruments of such value,
working out their Ideas by the most pa
tient and persistent application.
ICttllrouU Conductors !et Out.
St. Joseph, Mo., June IS. (Special.) Sev
eral ot the oldest and best known con
ductors of the1 Chicago, Rock Island & Pa
cific railway, running east and west ot the
Mltsourl river fiom this point, wero re
lieved to-day. Spotters hdve. been watch
ing trainmen for the past mouth. Other
conductors; on the southwest division of
the toad have also beeu let out
no i.vttm.Nt'i: AciAiNsr tmnr.it i licit
i ill. ami ill: is liisi'ii.itiii:n.
Annie Oldham Spiitrmed to I Itlem Motilb
In Jail I'iMigri'O.iiiiin t'ti.o llroderlik
Vllls lln. I'lty.1llcellrthrin
nml I'er'onal Item..
In .tiisllre llond'si miirl yestenlay
tiiornliig Itnliert llortel, Hr., flurgoil
ivltli (itiiinlttliiK ii murderous assault
on Mrs. Aligusl l.ulitsch on llio 20th ot
Inst February, wnsi illschnrgeil, there
I'ellig Im evidence In hold lilin, Mrs.
t.utiscli. Hie Victim of n brlllitl nllnck,
hni not yet recover.1,. li"f apeeeh or
rrnsnn, nml her liliyslcnn tlilnlis Hint
she will never lie nlile In tell tin ilelnlla
of the attack innile upon her timet nor
Morrill lias offereil a rewanl of JIM for
the nrrest Hint convlclon of the nssnll
nut, n ml friends of the futility luive
nffercit an nililltlnnnl 1 100, but up lo date
the ense Is surroumleil by us much
mystery as It was the ilay the un
fortunate woman wns found bleeding
and unconscious In her home.
fifteen MntiHi. In .lull.
The notorious Annie Olilhnm nppenreil
In Justice Johnson's; court yesterday
nfternoon to niiRWer the charge of ns
sault with Intent to kill, nml pleading
guilty lo assault, wns sentenced to llf
U'cn months In the county Jail. On the
Uth of last April she cut Carrie Dixon
wllh a rnzor, nlmost killing her, nml
nlso slashed KtioCh Jours with the same
wen pun, Khe eluded arrest by leaving
llio city, but returned Inut week, when
the oillcers nrrested her. The Oldham
woman Is n familiar ngure In police
court, having boon arrested n. great
nmny times.
Coiigri'.iiinli Itroderlek Here,
Congressman dice Itroderlek, ot tho
First Kansas district. In company with
Wllllnni Fisher, of Iloltnn, Kns wns
In this city ycstonlny nml visited the
Soldiers' home,
.Mr. tlmilerlck expected to meet Con
gressmen Itllie and Curtis at tho home,
as they nil wished to familiarize them
selves with the Institution In order that
they might know ltn needs In the matter
of npproprlutlnns, but the other two
congressmen did not put In an ap
pearance. It Is thought their absence Is due to
the fact that they got word ot the
mooting of tho board of nianngerM for
thu home, which Is lo tnku place next
Friday, aiul they did not wish to be
come Involved In any tangle that might
be developed among the home olllcluls.
The report Is current that tho olllcluls
of tho home nro not dwelling together
In pence nnd harmony, and this report
no doubt had Its Inlluencc In keeping tho
congressmen away Just at this time.
Mr. Hroderlclt left on the I p. m.
Missouri Pncltlc train for Kansas City,
Trom which point ho will return to his
home at llolton.
The city council will meet In regular
session this morning.
In the police court yesterday morn
ing George nnd Joo Krnuso, claiming;
to he brothers and to hall from St.
Joseph, Mo., were fined $lf and $10
respectively. Kach had a "gun" nnd
the police hail nrrested them us sus
picious: characters. Their Jolit assets
aggregated $23.f.o, which they turned
over nml wero allowed to depart for
Kansas City.
The cables for the People'.-, Telephone
Company arrived yesterday and will be
strung along Delaware, street at once.
The Democratic city central commit
tee will meet this evening at the Pel
monleo hotel.
S. J. McNnughton. of Tongnnoxle, was
In this city yesterday.
Commercial Agent Gannon, of the
Missouri Pacific, was In Leavenworth
Senator Lucia n tinker has gone to
Cleveland, O., to attend the National
Republican League convention.
Many person1 keep Curler' I.lttln I.lver
Pills on hand to prevent lillloni attacks, sick
headache, itlzzlncss, and find tliem Jim what
they need.
Jerome I'ugii Under Arre.t Upon tho Charge
or Hmlierlliig (jlinn I'roiii .Mrs. Ibn
111 II W. Slllipon.
Jerome Page, an embyro detective, was
arrested yesterday morning by City Mar
dial Hulso on the charge of embezzling ?'HK)
worth of Jewelry from Mrs. Kinmii W.
Simpson, of this city. He was taken be
fore Justice Jones and In default of ;,fl
ball was remanded to Jail until Friday,
when bis preliminary examination will be
held. -Mrs. Simpson lives at the corner of
Walnut and Union streets, and is a widow.
Her husband, who was a jeweler, teeently
died at Ilolden, Mo. She bought some
property in this city through Page, and In
this way It Is alleged ho managed lo ob
tain her confidence and jewelry as well.
Page, she says, told her that he became In
volved In trouble at Guthrie, O. T., and
had pawned the Jewelry In order to raise
some money. A telegram irom the eiiiet
of pollen of that city to Maishal Hule
states that Page, whilo at Guthrie, went
under lln name of Haion.
Page alleges that there Is no foundation
for his arrest on the charge of embezzling
from Mrs. Simpson, whilo acting as her
agent. Ho has been In trouble before. A
year ago he was arrested for defrauding
-Mrs. Jll.iu out of money under the pre
tense that he could ferret out the mystery
of her husband's death. The Knights of
Pvthlas took the matter up, with tho re
sult that tho money was returned to .Mrs.
lllau and Pago served six months on a
rock pile.
Hallway rranrlilup DMcuk.ciI.
The council chamber was crowded with
property owners last night who were either
in favor of or opposed to the granting of a
franchise to D. It. Holmes and others for
an electric railway upon South Mnln and
North Liberty streets, The committee of
the council appointed to canvass tho peti
tion for u line upon North Liberty street
reported that the owners ot t e, majority
of Ihe front feet on the Mre, t had not
signed the petition. It was the.i laid upon
tho table. The ordinance grnntlntr a fran
chise on South Malu atreet was then taken
up and reud the second time, Several
amendments to It were altered, ono of
which provides that the road shull consist
ot u single track, Another amendment
piovldes that tho company shall pave be
tween thu rails with vltrllled brick. After
a long discussion tho council adjourned un
til 7:30 o'clock this evening, when the or
dinance and the nmeudments will bo llnally
Some of the proper'y owners remonstrat
ed vigorously against the grunting of the
proposed franchise for a road on South
Alain street. During the discussion ex.
Councilman O'Hrleu entered the room and
charged Councilman flutes with being In
league with tho railway company. Coun
cilman Gales said the accusation was a
lie and that he was doing what ho con
sidered to be his duty In thu matter,
lluKu Rearrested.
J. M. Hulse, the Iluckner creamery man,
Is having a hard time gutting out of the
diflleultv into which he was iirecltiilnti,,!
by his failure to liquidate his debts. When
his case was called yesterday the charge
pending against him was dismissed. He
was immediately reartested on another
charge, which makes the third arrest slnee
the failure at Iluckner. Hulse has been
In Jail for some time. Tho first case
brought against him was dismissed by the
state. J. K. Alonuy. a resident of Huekner,
then preferred another charge, upon which
Hulse was again arrested. This case was
dismissed vesterdav. Ilefore he u-n i-.
leased his third arrest was upon complaint
of Slack Warden,, who churged him with
obtaining valuable property under u false
pretense, Hulse claims that he is ready
to go to trial, but Is of the opinion that he
Is being subjected to persecution by per
sons to whom he U Indebted. Yesterday
ho took a change of venue from Justice
Jones' court to Justice Allllard's court,
where the case will come up Friday next.
Ilopele.tly iiMaue.
. A letter was received in this city yester
day from Little Rock, Ark., which con
veyed the lnfoi mutton that Mrs. Dr. God
by, formerly of this city, had lost her
mind and was hopelessly Insaue. Some
weeks, ago her daughter. AIiss Annie God
by, died, and this utlllctlon dethroned her
reason. The letter uU2 ttt,e,i Ujd jjrj.
vj "
3 .j iv No
77 h'lUiing f hitlers I: now of Ibis btwui of Sbirls.
If your oiltllllor Is out of sl nr ,ile nn desire, let hull net it for mi.
ami in order tli.1t lie iu.iv cct vmi mit wlut voti want, write lis fm an
SDl'VCMK W PASIIIONS. Copies li-o by mill.
CI.UI1TT, COON & CO., Atnkcrs. r-tnrit.. tbov. n. v.
ther. 1
will he vitiiln. I hi ill asylum, .in
- II. i hope .ii ii. jr
TIip ,.,,. ( .i... m... . i i...,i. . r.i..i.
limned vest, r.l.tv Hull 'llitlrmlnv.
nt which lime
an outing at viaauiUKtun
park mil be enlnve.l.
.nidee Shiver held a short session of the
eireiilt ,ourt yesterday, nftrr which he
adjourned over until Saturday
A mairlaire llrense wu Issued yeslerday
n MooiM Dals nnd Miss Llllle .May Sul
livan, An entertainment was given loot tileht
n the store room north or the poatotllce
building, miller the auspices ot tho Wal
nut Park Sunday school.
Dr. Wood left yesterday for Jerfersnn
Mty, whre he Will attend the convention
or Missouri bankers. He was nccompanled
by ,Mr. Wood.
The Literary HocMy of the Latter Day
Sa tils' church will give an entertainment
I rldny night at the church. Refreshments
will be served.
A meeting of the entertainment commit
tee of Ihe Commercial Club will be held
to-night nl the club moms, for the purpose
of arranging for the Fourth of July cele
bration, Mrs. It. D. Mlze arrived home last even
ing from a visit to friends nnd relatives nt
.Mexico, .Mo.
Mrs. W. T. Wolvertou nnd daughter left
yestenlay for Ilolden, .Mo., on a short visit
to relatives.
The Journal Is delivered lo all parts of
tin' elly. Jirunch olllce, Chrlsman-Sawyer
The cook should hnvo Ihe finest things
to work with, and the ltnjal Raking Pow
der is -not only the llnest, bin Ihe mosl
economical to use, because II goes so much
Itnolileoopo iiitit Are .Here llllnilo to Coer
l.eoo Reputable Ones,
A draper's shop with elaborate windows
and artistically displayed stock, situated
In a not very fashionable locality of a
large provincial cliy, was closed suddenly
In the height ot the busy season, much
to the Mirpriso of the populace, for by
business-like attention to the wants of
his customers the proprietor had suc
ceeded In working up a good trade. What
was the reason? o.erybody was asking.
The solution lo the mjsteiy was told in
tho local paper; the police had searched
the premises and bad discovered the
underground rooms to be the secret re
sort of nefarious coiners, the draper him
self being thu head of tile gang. Dies and
presses, base metal and coins In various
stages ot completion were scattered every
where; but operations had been can led
.... nu .utiuiij- uuu me community enter
nlned no suspicions, and ihe shop was
believed to bo no other than a sound
,....v.- u, ,.int!s. j vi rv trio in-
ciLot ,':": ".i'"""'-"
lilt tiff oil
.i....YmY .:. vv . j"k
mui .Mi in th.,
, ; ' " ,,r Mini
Uf-T. 1 1 L I rniii'li .,..,.
"'"' .M.mm'.. ior
1 tlllUllre fi... .7.1... .'
IH'I U ''fl .I.ltru flli.t II....
JlKh .sialics I.Lli.ir i...i.'...i ., A,.'
llli' Mnl,lrs
Kit-at nrt'i'.nifi
Ot unnrl t itt.tit.it i.... L. ' ..
prrriiiitiui, vim oxe rolst .1 Th,.i t .
mimhlt Uli shoi
inir trail
..tit. I uil UH UltilHHIlm-.
ji it'Rrs with m. .ii. ....... ..o..
i.ii .,..,..:. ," i,- i. i up
ho l , eieV "'" VS. ' "!. ' Jo enter
tween dogs and rodents was arranLe 1 for
the gratification of his pat on" the . L ht
seers qu ttlng by means' of a ow' enti v In
a secluded alley. This caterer of "rue
ii'i'iV i.ill.lr,n"p,""1"" w1"' '"" valuable dog
Just In time to save arrest.
A small Hi in of clever and Ingenious men
nlsnpp I their talents under cover of
window well stocked with stall onerv. Tho"
who purchased dainty packages or n u el
and enve opes were unaware of the , e cr .t
business being conducted below stairs anil
It came as a shod, and sunn-Is- to tin'
iii. J 'iistom.-rs when they learned that
Illicit foreign bank noi,-s laid been manu
factured In patt. If not wholly, I,,'. .' ,
J !!n ff"'""!. "'"-r of the fashionable sta-loiu-rs.
Some elaboiale ma.-ldnei v-ie-eii
ins- a Pi oeess pirf-u in eveiy detall
evlileiuly the fruits of years of patient toll
-was brought to light, and a 'high pilce
was oriervu for parts of tho plant by cuil
oslty colh-itois; lint tin so offers wero de
clined by the mithoiltlcs, and the Intilcate
set was destroyed.
. Under pretense of providing fashionable
dames with the latent styles of dies- build
ing, a handsome woman posed as a routine
teller for many years. Her windows weie
always appropriately furnished with mod
els of Paris gowns, and two or three young
ladles snipped away or worked the sewing
machine while niadame awaited callers In
nn upper room. A liaccaiat party was sur
prise ne night while st. r.tly Indulging
In the game, the detectives n sponsible for
the exposure having stepped Into a small
refreshment room, quite unaware of the
Important capture they win- about to ef
fectthe restaurant In question being a
private and, apparently, repu-tablc one
Jt was a quarrel which li'duced them to
Play eavesdiopper, tho noise emanating
from an upper room. The remarks dropped
by the heated gamblers (insured tho list
eneis on the semi-dark staircase that tho
enteitalniuent was nn Illegal one. Some
of the leading players wte arrested, and
the lestaurant closed Its ilnois, Its rfio.
prletor being very heavily lined. It wns
afterwards discovered that tho attic had
been used by the baccarat party for ears
and that the owner of tho house was more
dependent on the pioeceds of the gaming
tables than the money brought In by at
tending to tho wants of his hungry pat
rons. A secret distillery wns onco discovered
under a turn and outbuildings In a Seen
tlsh furmuird. The work bud been diieltv
done In the very early mornings, and th',
only entiatu-e to the ii-llars was by a
stone lllght of step, which wen, covered
by hay or straw when not in use; so that
It was entirely by accident that the dis
covery was made. For an Indollhlte per- '
lod this llll it manufacture of whui, had
been carried out, to the enrichment of the
secret owner, while the farm was In nii
thlng but u remum ratlve condition, chiefly
thtoiigh pegloi. ,
A croud Inoking shop In a fashionable
street ot an equally fashionable my K but
nn imiodui nor. to a beauty chamber bt
hlnd tl" ! nes. where dames of t.islnon
under-o pioeesses a. eoldllig to inalani. a
Instr-- t-ons for the ni-cserv.moii or . n-
lutncement of cnarms they
possess r are ,
i. v Tvt '""sl smoking of the chlm
aV iVJi L'i". was kno"'" -'"it the shop
,.. 1 . rl,c,l.,'J 'fns Pipes -lirst attracted
(ittenflpn. .Moreover It was observed hi
rov,.?""1!1"'5' ir""'" forth Its contentK a
night only which seemed to indicate thei..
"Aye! There's the rub!"
And that ought to be enough in itself to seal the
doom ol bar soap, I his rubbing with soap
may get clothes clean, if you "work hard
enough, but can't you see how it wears
them out ?
Follow the directions that come nn
WL AM" "0
every package of Pearline, and you'll find
that you not only do away with the hard
and ruinous work of rubbing but that you
save time, and actually get better results.
Vv At CVCry point Pearline is better than
NX soap. But the mere fact that Pearline
saves the rubbing that ought to settle it.
1 inc. 1Tb 1ALSE t'earhne is never peddled. If xour
A remsj .ai J'-H aa usiiiiiiw. V? luiitfoi n tot, ,
WnltliiK, Nt, Woiulerlno; T
c4bhe BRAND jf
... SHIRTS ... I
arc Ucmly to Wear, nml
fjvery (liiiniciil Is (lilnrnntcctl.
I il siri'ii. of possessing To lurp up thi
i thara, ,er of u bumniss ollirr that' tie .-r-
Irirl one of bi.uilifylnM. ii itanla nre in
attendance, nr..! an airniigi'iiii lit of eb .
trie be!I pievuiiK It, trust. hi without warn
thu inodirn RaihclH puvate do-
If the b.ibv lo Hitting Iretli ue that "Id
and well Hied lemeilT Mils. WINSI.OW'.S
bOOTRLVtl SYIICP ! lento a liottlo
I'uellltleo for Tritclcr.
The Nickel Plate Road now offers better
facilities to the traveling public than ever,
tho Improved set vie,, having l'en lining
united May ItHll. No change of curs be
tween Chicago. New York and lloston In
either direction. Superb dining cars be
tween Chicago nnd llnfTalo In both direc
tions. Trains leave Chbago 8'Hl. a tn.,
dally, evcept timidity : 1:30 and t'.'-'O p. in.,
dally for Fort Wayne, r'ostnrbi. Cleveland,
Kile, RttlTnlo, New York and llosliui. 1:,10
P. in. train arrives In New York i;:S0 and
lloiton 9:M o'clock the following evening.
Uniformed colored porters In charge of
day coaches. Lowest rales on all trains.
If further Information Is desired, call on
your nearest ticket agent, or adilteso, ,1.
V. Cnlahan, general agent, lit Adams
street, Chicago, 111.
SO.Mi; Stl.ll.lllHt S.SAI'S.
llow Itiipeclllilolio Aetoro Colllldtir
With llnnril anil Lodging.
There has been an exodus from the Rlnl
to dining the last few days, says the New
York Sun. Tho town Is minus some "'n
aelors and actiesses. Tho summer theatri
cal season has begun. That explains the
cause ot the exodus. Tho last steamship
lo leave heie for Halifax carried no less
than three theatrical companies, line or
these companies was bound for St. John's.
N. I1'.; another is to open ln Halifax, and
tlm thliil, a modest little organization. Is
to saunter along Ihiougb the small towns
of New llrnuswiek and Nova Scoll.i.
The two larger companies carry a teper
tory of from ten lo llfteeti plays apiece,
but Ihe little company, unless Providence
or Manager A. AI. Palmer Intel feies, will
conllne llielf to two plays only "Uncle
Tom's Cal.ln'1 and "Trilby."
Few N-W York theatergoers realize the
Impoitanee which the summer simp,"
as these engagements are called, plays III
the average actor's eateer. (If couise
there, Is no money In It ror the netor.
Kveti the manager. If he leturns to New
York with n superlltious ear fine In his
pocket, Is likely to consider himself lucky.
Hut the actor with a purpose, the man or
womiin or ambition, looks on the summer
snap as a matter or bnaid. lodging and art.
To tide over the summer without any ac
tual outlay for expenses is a considera
tion In Itself, but apatt from that the
young actor Is able to deilve a gieat deal
of expeilence out of these Hummer compa
nies. The manager of a Broadway theater. In
speaking of these summer companies, said:
"I have round more good material ln these
companies than anywhere else. Talk about
your schools of acting! These companies
pioduce more good actors in one season
than the schools do In hair a dozen. 1 will
tell you an experience that I had once, al
though the Joke Is rather on myself. I hud
a very clevei little net, ess in one of my
companies who had made a hit In a sou
lirctte part and had played thl one char
acter steadily for three yeais. At the end
of the season she came lo me ami asked
what 1 Intended to do with her. I told her
that I was going to raise her salary, but
keep her In her old part for another sea
son. To my surprise she refused to sign
a contiact for another year. She said:
" 'I have been on the stage three sea
sons. I am well known in neatly every
city in the Union for my performance of
one part. Hut Us far as experience goes I
know nothing. It Is time 1 was learning
something '
"She left me. and two or three months
later, when ln n small Maine town, t
dropped in at the theater one evening. A
snap company was appearing there. The
play that night was 'The Galley Slave.'
"To my astonishment my little sonbrette
was playing the udvenluiess, and playing
it inagnlllcenily. I was knocked silly.
After the performance 1 wvnt behind and
engaged her on the spot. She Is now one of
the best adventuresses on the stage."
The repet tory of 'he companies starting
out this summer consists generally or two
sorh'ty plays, three comedies, a couple of
fuieen and three or four steillng melodra
mas. The coninilil'-s that ko to the mari
time provinces usually phis a four weeks1
season In llalira.v. live weeks tn M. .10)111
and spend a collide of weeks visiting l-'ied-eiickton
and some of the smaller piovin
clal towns.
The company now In Halifax will pro
duce eleen plays dining lis scnwiu theie.
It takes .111 aetor to appicciat,- uh.it an
amount of woik thai entails. Hut, on the
other hand, there ate many rewards. The
advent of the summer company Is one of
the events of the Nova Scolliiu season.
During the tegular season llaltgoulans
have to content themselves with Spudding
Hell Rlngets, Guy Brothers' Alin-trels.
"The Two Johns." and dramas ot tll.it Ilk.
liven Sum Jack's Clonics pass them by.
A prettier sight than the Halifax tlieafei
on the opening night of the sumim r sea
son would be hard to llml. The ll-Mileii-nnt
governor and his suite occupy the box
es; the top guile, y Is a solid mass of scar
let unil'oim, for Tommy Atkins deaiiy lovis
the play, and ln the orchestra and bahnm
all the women are In full divs. Theie Is
only one familiar feature lacking the high
lint. A woman witn a tint mi Is an un
known quantity In the Halifax theater.
Tho only recreation which the actors get
during the first few weks of actle seiv
Ice consists of the undress rcne-anals.
Thiee years ago ,1 company was playing in
Halifax which included Harry Hampton,
.lettnette Low-cry. Harriet Ford. Marlon
I.arle. T. D. Flaw ley. Hugene Hastings and
old Mr. Jephsnn. MihI of the lehe.irsals
were held on an old llshlng boat, on which
the company used to spend the entire
morning The deck was largo uiough to
servo as an Impromptu stage, and after
,ne alienor nan neen cat me actors set
tied themselves comfortably with their
Pl.iv lines in one hand and a. fishing lino
In I lie oilier
One memorable morning "Cnmllle" was
In liiiearsiil. Mr. Jephsnn. as A. lnu.il,
was In the ml. 1st of his pathetic appeal to
Cimllle o telense his son 1 nun Inr fasel
natlons, when Miss Hamilton, oven-ome In
('uiuIIIc'h emotion, took . false step li.u k
ward and landed in Ihe bay .Uier she hud
been successtullj lished 0111, a comedy
scene was put Into rehearsal, in order to
give Caillllle time to wilng some of her
fjothes. It ulw.ns happened that Just as a
climax was reached one of the a. tors
would feel a tug 111 his line, and. dropping
llio lines of his pari, would rush to pull in
the other llne.Thls happened so often that
llnally the stage manager was obliged tn
prohibit llsldng while leheaisals were go.
Ing on. On one memoiuble morning while
rebeaislng her death scene in "Cunillle"
.ins-, iiumptoit taught no jess than seien
REAT . .
riinnctonkn Bench,
OPENS JURE 22, 1885,
Largest .mul finest summer
resort house in the West; room
for i.ooo guests; water in sight
from every window. Plenty of
steamers, yachts and rowboats;
fine fishing; first-class orches
tra. Frequent trains on Great
Northern Railway to and from
Minneapolis and St. Paul.
For accommodations address
until June 22(1. St. Paul, Minn.
E. V. JI0I.COM HE, Mnunger.
Alexandria, Douglas Co., Minn.
Surrounded by a half hundred
large lakes. Fine club houses
of the Lake Miltona Club of
Chicago, near Alexandria.
Reached by morning and even
ing trains from St. Paul.
Osakis, Douglas Co. Lm-ge
lake, good accommodations.
Reached by two daily trains
from St. Paul.
Litchfield, Minn.
bodies of
water, well stocked with
Daily trains.
Green Lake at Spicer, Minn.
Reached by daily trains.
Park Rapids, Minn,
which Leech Lake am
Itasca can be reached.
r o m
Lake Minnetonka. Reached at
Wayzata, Minnetonka Beach,
and Spring
'ark by (rreat
Northern trains.
To name all the good
would be to call off a
every Great Northern
in the Minnesota Park i
list of
'i- r.'rirtActSL v
r.spm &
Operates the only exclusively
Bui uth,
Mackinac Island,
hslung Resorts.
,:TVV..,,fV.1V. d-St ,
Steamships "Northwest" and
"Northland" leave Duluth
Mondays and Fridays at 3 p.
m, for above points. For
further information, address
G. P. and T. A. Great North
ern.'i Si Pau.,4 Minn

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