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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, July 04, 1895, PART 1, Image 3

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nrr; kaxsas city jouilviii-rsoay, ,u ia i, mo.
1 ruir
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18 .
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oar it'
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ptt :ei
coMrtitA-rtvt: r.Ti:Mi:jfror rntMc
HitHK hum: this r.iit t:.it.
Mrrrl I'lilne, limiting, dulling nml swir
Contract (Inlj- Ono Mrrct l'ntril
llltli Mmin Itlnrk Tim Cum
lilncil firwrr .! mil
Mr tTlicv. tho clly criKlnwr, hm Juit
rotiiili tml hn nnmtril report. The siilijpe-t
ti.tt- r N arrnliupil aystcmntlrnlly, e?i'h
division of the work li"ltiR ponflilvrnl rev
nrntclv TIip report fnlls under the follow.
Ins tun 'In lirnuylitlni; rtlvMon, clerical
division, under which come ordlnnticM nml
resolution. illMflnn of curhliiB nnil Melc
ttnllo, division of pavlnR, district powers,
0 K. creek.
t'onccrnlnff pavement Mr. Kllley pays.
"Wnlnul street, from fourth to fifth, wits
thn only stieet m oil with utone Mock
chirlni; the jenr, ntul only one stieet w-im
pnvetl with codnr llock, Vl?.. : Vet Ninth
street frotn Mulberry Bttect to the Mute
line. All the ntlult imvetnent put elovvn
vvns laid by the lliulier Aphnlt t'aA'ln
Company, ntnl so fur n quality of tnnterlnl
nnil uorktminMilp nre nnrerueil. It va
lilchly piitlsfnrtory, but the opinion Is en
tertnlned by limny who lire well o.ilnlltlcil
to Juitue Hint the same pnutil be furnished
fit n conlilirnbly redtiri'd price, nml Mill
leiivo a liberal iniirBln of ptorit to the con
tractor "
Mr. Kllley coe." on to !ny thai four tet
were provided on brick ptvemotits, viz.:
Ab'otptlon. Fpeclllc gravity, re'lslance to
abrasion or Impact, ntnl triiiisvprsp bteak
Iiir strenKtli, the lint not hnvlmj been ap
plied for lack or suitable apparatus for
tnnklui; It. nlthoiiRli there Is a growing
necessity lo text this finality.
In .Mr. flllev's opinion the city Is very
fortunate In that Hie "onmlilnod," mid not
the "sepnrnte" s.stem of 'ewers has been
adopted. As an Improvt incut In the s'Hil
tary condition or the district sewer, It l
FUEKested that all "dead ends' be supplied
with automatic Hush tanks, thus Insuring
rceulnr and temiillc lliihltic .
There has been a great demand for
sewers In the district bounded by Ninth
and Tenth streets, Agues avenue and the
rnstrrn city limit, but It Is thought that
It W unwlso to prcpnie pl.itm for It without
conlderlni; all other nrcas which. In fut
ure, might need to Join with It In the use
of a common outlet. The regular dialuago
for this district l (loocneek creek, which
empties Into the lllg lllue
The remainder of the leport Is cnncertieil
Willi the ever present problem of the O. K.
creek sewer. Tho whole ipiestlon receives
.C onreful attention. It Is estimated that an
outfall sewer would cost J110,CH and it Is
suggested that th" channel of the creek for
1 "OU feet below the present month of the
sewer should he deepened to make a. fiui
The' following Is, perhnpo. of many fie
companylng tables, of most general ln-
Coniparatlve statement of public work
completed during the llscal years lSl't-l nml
S.'iSI Till
iw.iis at
2S.im at
3,0fi S7
11, iw m
'mfi' '.')
:i.r,i! r
W 2T
raving streets
I'nvlng alleys
first class sidewalks.
Think tlitewillkM .. ..
s.Kvn n
Jtepalrs.pl.ink .ldfunlks H.irJT St
llcpairs, nrsi ciiihs piuu-
walks and curbing.... 2.. 21
r.rading streets SG.ylO II
trailing alleys n.ljl "S
DNtllct sewer- WAI W
I'lilillo sewers l.;2l
A (). K creek sewer ll.Sis iT
v Kiindry public wotk, ap-
n. iiroiirlation ,&. 13
nd Sundry publlo work,
voucher Jlti Wi
v' Cleaning and sprinkling.
' streets 2.V.22r-,
Bridges and Inducts... 13,3iin in)
ll.Uli .IS
i.st.i; is
S1..1l II
l,W) W)
1,I3 I".
1,570 2"i
11,713 Ort
..?S10,1S9 7C JVJT.bSl 73
.'Morlnllty Iteporl.
Jlr. Campbell Chapman, clerk of the
Jioaifl of health. Is about to Issue his re
port of the mortality of the month ending
June 30, IWi. To the reporter for the
women's edition of the Journal, Mr. Chap
man said
"During the month ending June SO, there
have been ISO deathh: of these SI weie male
and IV) female; of the males. SI were sin
gle. 23 married and I were widow ei.s; of the
females, 3S were single, 'J3 m.uried. and S
were widow". Theie have been eighteen
coroner cases during the month."
Two Color of Our I'lag.
Viz : White and Ked should adorn the
innnih nf nvervbodv. The teeth should be
Iiob&ifni while as ivoiy, the gums led as lubles,
Vr.lftt'i'on.l tli..f will Ur riv If bruslleil tint V with
'Tlocer friii-l.mt SOZOIJONT.
'cn"lii"l lloiiest IVIIiius r.iriloned.
It Ptir Dals jeMerdav, upon recom
the. .Ion of Judge Jones, pardoned James
tf.fl nnJ Fred Deimlson fiom the work
- ' Tliev were both lined $7"i and lu-
ri jJ, i,,"'P'l some sl weeks ago for c.trrj-
ry' F. ",i- "lcealcil weapons, but Judge Jones.
" nf ii' "r closely Investigating the i.ises, found
Vhem to be "Good honest fellow. s and
oitn or release at tins tune.
Venl-Vidl-Vlcl, Philadelphia. T have suf
fered foi some years' with heart troubl.
aggravated bv the use of tobacco and II
uuors; my memory and vision are linpalnd.
Can you state a reined) V
Take Cerebilne, ettract of the brain, In
five (Iron doses, on the tongue three times
dally for two weeks; then take Tostlne, In
same dose two weeks, -and to on, alternat
ing. Fannie I!., Kansas City. I am very stout
mill troubled with shortness of breath.
IMease suggest somo treatment.
Take Thyroldlne. extract of tlio thyroid
gland, ' three drop dotes on the tongue,
three times dally. Twice a week take a
spoonful of N'ntrollthle Salt, In half a
tumbler of water, one-half hour before
IS. IS., St. I.ouls. for the trouble of the
young lady of nineteen, use cold sponge
bathing and rough towel at night. Take
Medulllne, evtiact of tho splnnl cord, In
three drop doses, three times dally on the
tongue. Ilepoit In two week. Use Nut
rolithlc Salt In half tumbler full of iater,
a half hour before breakfast, twice or
ofiencr In the week.
V. IC, l'asaie, X. .). I have suffered
come time with lump breaking out on ray
nick. Will Jon tell me what will be good
foi nit?
Use Thyioldlne, extract of tho thjrold
gland, In threo drop dose, three times
dally on the tongue. Twice a week, a half
hour be foi o bie.ikfast, take .N'atrollthlc
Salt, one-half teuspoontul in a tumbler of
Fred n Chicago. Use Testlno in Ihrco
Irop doses, three times dall) tor a month;
'hen Use Circbrine, extract of the bralu,
n same dose. Spongo bath eery morning,
lough towel. Hli'eji In well ventilated room
-1 haid mattress, light bd ilolhlng.
Uold spicy food, coffee, tea anil tobacco,
W. T. I'AUKISH, M. 1).
1. S. All letters of limuliy on meillcal
subjects directed lo the Columbia Chemlial
Company, Washington, I) c, will be un
sweied fiee, either In thuso columns or by
tnall ii sit
1 be moit woudeitiil Hieratieutlu
ilUiutery sliuo tho das of ,lemiur,
(IISKISIIKIMS , t'ri.ni llio llraln
for diseases of tho Drain and Nervous
MDIH'I.I.IM; . .1 rom Hut Spinal Cord
for Upllepay, Locomotor Ataxia, etc.
CAItlHMS , Irniii tho Heart
for Diseases of the Heart.
for fremature Decay,
for Diseases of Women.
for lSceina and Impurities of tho Hlood.
Hoke, ti Drop. Price, Two Drachiiu, &.1.0U.
AM. DltUOHlSTS. Send for Hook,
i'i:i!iiijiii". I'li.i.i
for malarial uffectlons and all Intlamma
tory Diseases of which fever Is an accom
paniment. Or Inestimable- value lit Ktuul
b'U; for Sick Headache a fpeclllc.
Price per box of 0 pills. 50 cents,
Ono hundred pills, Si.00.
NATIUH.I'I'lllt; SAI.t!)
for Habitual Uonstlpatlon, Toriwr of the
Iiowels, or Inactlcu of the I.lver, HeadT
ache, Gastrla Dyspepsia. Intestinal Dys
pepsia. Want of Appetite, i.aiii5Uor uilj
Debility. , ,
As a mild, effectlie purgative It has no
I'rlce, 10 cep per bottle.
r bottle.
Weak and Tired
Is till your condition " tf so. do not
neglect lheio p mntorn of impovcrlslieil
bb-H.il. V'.iur only safety lus In pitrltlcd
blood, ntid the one sreat Mo d purifier 19
Which makes the vi Ik tnng.
Plunfl'c Utile cur all 11 'rills, Mllous
I M)t)ll t I lllb ne,, i,Paiiacne -V
Mre CoikiiI llurrough Iti relies nu Onirlnl
I iiutiiuiiliiillon.
fin the J.lth nf Mrl last. ocr A thousand
Urlllsh-Amerlcans and thrir ftlmds held
a celebration in the Armktm of Music on
the iflth bllthday of Queen Vic
toria. Piirlntt the evening the following
rablPRrftm w sent to the nueen:
"Her Majeit, The Queen. rSnglanil.
"fifteen hundred Hrltl'h and Americans
asetnbled In commemorntlon of our
birthday wish on mutt) happy returns
"CHIMP ti lirilltfifHH. .
"Hrltlsh V ce Consul, Kansus Ctt "
Mr. ItnrrouRh hns just received the fol
lowing letter In-answer to nil nlllelnl com
munication, which he sent the nueen on
the 31st, toRPther with dippings from the
"laleiitennn Colonel Sir Arthur lllgge
Is commanded to thank Mr. Philip IS. Itui
rough, ltrltlsh lie consul, for his ram
niunliation of the 31st, tilt . and again to
expp the queen's gintllu le for the -preslon
of good will onpeit In his lei
trr on behnir or the ltrltlsh and Almrliaiis
or Knnas CH.
"21 June, H''.
"Prlvj l'urp nlllcp, Itucklngham palae,
S. v London. lSnglaiul."
oMi: it'('t:ii 1 1.
The lllglieit Acr.igo In the l.'ito 'let IS
iitnlniltlon (iltcii to a lining Ititmali.
In the cltll service theie lire 7".i por
tions open to men and w onion, 10 ppr cent
of which nre filled by women.
Xotwlthstnndlni: (he latter aie debarred
rrom serving as mall carrier? and railway
postal clerks, a young woman rrom the
Chicago high school applied ror the poi
llon of mnll earlier lecently In Kansas
SlatlMlcs show that the women of the
chll "ervlco have pi oven themselves le
marknbly tlllclcnt In their lines or woik
One of the most expel t eounteifelt dctec
tlies In the country Is a woman In the
civil serMce employ lit Wasbingtoli, her
services nre sought In tho crj Intilcato
details or deteetHe work
Out of the sit-lle applicants tor clerk
ships In the postolllce or this city Intel),
tin co were women Miss Anna tj Hopkins
had the highest avetage In the test cvitnl
natlon or seven necessity blanches, It bo-
lng 93 I.
Hit. (il'.OItCi: COMIMi,
1lll AirUe lii Ktuixas Clly I'ti-day mill 1111
, lie Hot bj a Ciiiinnltti'c.
Itcv. Dr. W. 1. (Scorge and his wife are
to nrrlvu In Kansas some time to-day,
probably this morning. They are to come
over the Missouri Paclllc road. Dr. Cieorge
was telegraphed lo last Saturday, but up
to vesterday evening no won! had been
received from him. Should lie ami Mrs.
Cieorge airlve at nn time othei than
early In the morning they will be met at
the train b a huge delegation of the
Westminster chinch congregation, both
ladles and guntlemen If their train reaches
heic at breakfast time or thereabouts Dr
ami Mrs. fleorge will be met b a commit
tee of twelve, headed bj Mr John Dog
gett. This committee will iepreent the
governing bodies of the chunh and the
ladles of the congregation. I)r and Mrs.
Cieorge will stop with Mr. and .Mrs Sehoon
makei and In- will pre-ich in West
minster church net Sunday.
'I be Wiiiinded Policeman Will Itei over, but
It Was a Clooi Cull.
Patiolman Morley, who was accidentally
shot by Olllcer O'Connor Tupsduy night,
during the search for two bandits, is al
most free rrom pain and was ublo to sit
up yesterday nftcrnoon
Police Sin K( on Hyde tirobed esterday fur
the piece of tollon torn from me coat by
the passing or the bullet, which he Tears
has been lodged in the wound. In which
i asp blood poisoning might result.
Oilier Moilcy has had a vrry narrow
escape, ror had the bullet enteied two
lm lies nemer the heart It would undoubt
edly have killed him.
MiTr.iimi's, Ki:.'i ii.
An ISmplnjt or the Wallaco Ireils Dies of
a l'rai tiind s(ll,
A post mortem evainlnatlon was held
sestcrday morning over the bodv or the
man named Kennedy, who was taken sick
Satuidnv at the Wallace clri us grounds,
by Deputy Coroner Wheeler on examina
tion It was found that his skull was fi.ut
ui ed at the base It Is the coioner's opin
ion that the Tincture was not caused by
the railroad wieck about sl.v weeks ago
In Itlchmond, Vn.
A s.tory on I be .liidge.
The Judge Is summetlng In Colorado, fish
ing. It Is said. Thtrefore one can speak of
him with impunity. Some time ago Judge
Philips was holding court at Springfield.
One Saturday he com hided to co llshlng
Plcklng out what he supposed to be a good
place, he llshecl all day, without so mm h
as a nibble A Utile further up the stieam
he had a nclghboi, a woman, whom lm k
had smiled upon, for every time she thmv
lu her line she landed a fat lloundei on the
bank beside her.
This woman was cadaverous looking and
poorlv diessed and when tho Judge wimlud
the sun set itnl saw the shadows begin to
lengthen he u inured to approach her
"What will j ou take tor your llsh, mad
am'." said he.
The woman sprang up from the bank.
"Judgin' from appearances, I'm Just ns
able to keep my llsli as joii nio to buy
em," she cried. "You shan't have 'cm,"
and she Jotked her siting of !lh from the
water and sailed avvaj with her lishlng iod
over one shoulder, leaving the Judge ashless
and alone on the river hank and night up
on him.
The Judge uvcis he has caught a feiv
since thcn,
Deaths unci I'linccrals.
The following deaths were reported
Wilklns, Ills: 1 mouth; HIS ISasi Pom-
let nth stieet; Jul 2; inanition; Piilon run-
Stein, Irene; I months; mi Holins
stieet; July 3; obstriicllon of bowels, ISlm-
vvood. .....
Keany, Gladys; 3 mouths; ii flora ave
nue, Jul .; mum colitis; ronsi mil
I'harcs, o. w.j S3 years; .'Jis .Michigan
enue; July S; blooil poisoning, L'niuii
IlmlHoii, uanyj isu i.invvoou avenue, juiy
I; Kllllbotu: finest Hill
Milton. Parkhenla H.; ,'IH. Chestnai
strict; July 1; abscess; forest Hill.
fhrlch, infant; 1 day: til Cypres-, av.
niifj Julj i, luematurii liluh; I'niou hiiik
Krueser, ISarnest J.; S months; 31, West
fifth stieet, Jul) -J llianltluti; ISlmwuod
Hubbord. .lamfbj K enr: All Saints'
hospital: July I; fracture of the skull,
I'nlon cemeter.
Seals, Mattle J J 21 years: 10i7 Charlotte
stieet; July 1; mctietls; ISlmwood cemu
terj ,
Merely to Kill 'lime.
Justice Caso Is making war against ten
ants ilelliuiuent In the it itinera of their
rent, who make use of the courts for fin
ther 'Idly, ami, as a consequence, has
been summoned to appear before the circuit
court and show- cause for one of his re
cent iiillnss. The case is that of Mrs.
Cora JVoenan. who owns a small shanty,
two rooms of which she rents for $1 a
month. The property is owned by her son,
but )ie made her a niltnn lease-, so til it
there could be no question about her au
thority to collect the rent She rented It
to people who refused to pay the relit and
who would not look at her lease. When
she undutook to put them out by suit, be
fore Justtco Hawthorne, they took a
change of venue to Justice Case's couit, tor
dilatory putpoes. When the caso came
before this conn the parlies made a mo
tion to take the whole cuse to (he circuit
court, claiming the title to the property
was involved, which took the case from thn
Jurisdiction of the Justice court. This the
Judge refused to grant. Then the Uwyeis
for the parties went to the circuit court.
Nil i' till With llali),
Tho follow nif note pinned on the dross
of a lO-davs-old baby was left lu the ollleo
of Police Matiou l.ee yesterday inoiitln-:
"Please take caie of this babv. It Is
vvwl'jck bom; its futher deserted its moth
er and she Is Ueud."
An Eyc-Oponor to Everybody!
Tlic llrsl tltrci? days. In our Initio for
duly vvcro ifrnnd I lip response lo our
ndvortislntf lirnltt tin' rec ad. WliMU.D
.It'hT AH UK l)l,ln'tbl;l). l.vory
body wni tiolitfhU'd with tin innRtilll
cent Imriralns.
Friday and Saturday
We propose; lo "pass out" llions.inds mid
thousands of dollars' worth more hi n
mil'ltu! plan adopted by a fovv larifc
stores In f.nvlorn cities.
No liumuui; to tio nllucliod toil, us
lias bcim witnessed t,o slitituufttlly In
somo stores in this city.
During Eight Half Hour9.
Friday and Saturday,
W'o will tflvc you nn opportunity to se
cure' somo of tlio
Grandest Bargains
Of till- CeMlt'iev
ftfiillinery Special.
All our "Majestic" and "ll.iui.'l)(
Sailor lints black, white aiitl n:uj -
friday onlv I.atc price, S3 23 anil
4.1 -ir.
v. a.'.
There is nothing th.nt adds
more to the home than the
beautiful anil artistic de
signs in Bric-a-brac on the
whatnot or in this or that
Then China and Glass
ware in die dining room
it makes papa enjoy his
meals at home the dain
ty dishes taste better and
all tends lo beautify the
homes and lends an air of
refinement to the sur
roundings. We carry a stock equaled
only by that carried in the
finest stores of larger
cities and most cordially
invite the ladies of Kansas
City and vicinity to call
and inspect our
Ami a World if ltr,iul iful ArllcU-n
fur tho 'lulttr, tlio I'urlur anil ( It, mi
lter Kuinif.
We arc about through
stock taking, and will
make special prices on
hundreds of articles for
the next few days.
T J. James ti Sons,
6th St,, Main to Delaware,
Of Interest to
VVlii'iiencr jeiii are' mi tlio leieiK
(Jut uitli )mr ll.irt;.lii IIihiU
Allncl tliei iilaid teilmy U vvlicrii
Exiie'lisi'K mo lull "to Jl.eko 1'liee.s
Nuralie-r IHi'J SI11I11 .Slrcet,
EmrichBros.D. G. Go.
li'U 1121.
Jtluiiuructurcrii ut
HclUcry unit
All klnjs of line reniulrliitf
unci rvpaintlni;.
W East Eighth Street, Kuiiius City, Mo.
The hatter)
fik -'i. Jy
Nk 906 Main St. J?
ix p hives j'on.
At 9:30 Friday
tor one Imlf liedir or until o!el we'
will piaco mi sale)
Itl.ACK (1001)5, 2nd lloor.
Illaclc Sill; llnislicd lli-m lolia. r-
the SI IT itl!lllU DOC
ltlack Scrpo, round tin cm) ex- tn
Ha line, tlio l. on., ualltv, for d.C
At 10 Friday horning.
QL'II.TS, and lloor.
.ion line Mai scllli s i.in ts te 'ti'm ?. )!
i)ii!ililv. fore. tie- lui'f hoiit-iiiiiy ffy
SI. 87
Duly utlt' tn c telle Ustoiuci
At .0.30 Friday
IU.ACK 5II.K MITTS, 1st floor.
Ill) pairs pure Milanese' Silk Mills,
never less than ific 1 nriTn Imlf
honi'.otily un' pair loa cusl unci S C
At ii Friday EVJorning.
Itil I'iinov I an1'. e(,'umr pi i.-o. 1c to
10c, fr r ono hiuf hour on'v "nil .' ,
I aus ton ciistotucr IC
iii6 A1AIN ST.
i ILSiLi
A Few of the Many I3ar
gains to Close Out:
75c Shirt Waists
tro at
$1.00 Laundered Shirt KQn
Waists go at Jjj,
$1.65 Stylish House 7
Wrappers goat i J U
$1.75 Nobby Duck (J
Suits go at j$3
ST..10 lllnul; All Wool
Sorjjo Skirts
7. .10 Storm Sci'sro Tlltu
or and Kton buit.s.
Tlio Popular am! Reliable
1116 MAIN ST.
At trill Hun I ii.i I11I Ml II n I rci;r.i,iilui ,
'I lio ffri'iiu l (imit'ilv iirinli it It at t
(it m rii 111 this i iiiintrj.
'I lu Uuly I itnlnrtlniilrtt itl twu Id n unvt iu
.Vt tin. In ml nr llm i;riiiiil ( iil.r M.ill. at I t
le. ,11. 1!iiiic ulliliev. .( itci riu ,11 1111 1 s Ii) all
attrite'tltilis. Iir.ilict IH.il,i) uf I IrmeuiK-
ADMISSION 312,13 E3.
cm: i:i:u himmiatimi ji i.v
A MaKiiili. . 111 S.. 1.1. 11I 11 I 'i miu, h.h, m
sjliak. istiiuiL - r,iiit.i-iic I'liini'tj,
"A Midsummer Night's Dream,"
IIJ 111. M..MI'i:it SI'clc'K CIl
'SctlS !'( I'll .-nil .11 JiH I, II 'is .I.HiliJ
I Sic I-
I'M, 1 s ik 7" inn! si
I hieiliil tiiiitilliec .el llili'i i. 111. Kvt'lilitur
n'l fiiriiilillio tit : 1,1 i 111.
1 I ut ti II vr nuniito intoriiiisiiiin for
TUXINi 1: i;h 1 1 w him u,
t;l'i)si ins pi;k,
Kansas City vs. ilihvaulvL'c.
'Ici-il.il, 'leiii (i.iiiio, 1(1 an ami i.
Admission 50 Conts Lndlos Froo.
Tho delicious fragrance,
rctrtblilng coolness mid bolt Leant y lm
lurtcel Id tho eklu by I'ozio.sl'a 1'uvvm.u,
comuicnd it to all lmlie-a.
New Home Sewing Machines,
I.uclles, If yon wish a lilifh Bi-adc SevvlnR
MiuhllLt- rull unci .se' the l.luht ttuiinlliK,
DoubK' Fofil Ni'W Homo Jlaehliie. - eln
leiulrliiK uiut sell supiillcit for ull Kiiiilb of
llacliliic; alo udl While I'lltered Huiii
lob StiWliiK Machine! Oil. u.uiuiiit'.l not to
b-um. tsco'rr iiitos..
CIS Mlma-tota uvc, Kansas City, Kaj.
V fl
14 QR
At 2 30 1 l!lli l It liSDON f, r
cm half liour onl
Hi) pairs I. ,nh s lie mli falf paten'
leather, cloth tup. pmiil lace Shoe, la i
lm s widths t,i I. s,1M I t.i i.
never sold iiiij wlie-ri' for les thitil Ji.
Tlilrtv Mltniti's' Sale. only... S2.G7
No old stilus eir out of date' shoes.
At 3 riMn.u aiii;i:m)on, f,.r
ono linlf liniii' only
in ine'H llctiiiiatas, in e'olors, a nu
qmilllj 25c
in inch lli'iirit'ttus, in e'olors, so iuul-
tty. oul.v yoc
Tell ranis or less einlv In a e'lislmncr
At 3:30 I'lilDAY Al"l i:iN(iiN. fur
one half hour oul.v. or until sold
Hundreds of
Coin Purses.
Iit'irtilur lctall price, !.
At I io 5c
ill inn be' their"
At 4 P. IYI. Pill MAY, .Id lloor.
.i!H Now- I'crt'tilo Wrappers, both
IlLrht and dink enlnrs. nindu to sell fed
One e'tich 1" ti cusloiiici'. for one half
hour only 48c
J)uvi)i(j fhilij ire trill make, 1011 an
A 2fo. J sail of Custom, (Jlotliimj for
TaUinq into consideration, the aradc of
WOJi K3IA XS1 1 1 a nd Tli IJIiU IX G
used in, these (annents litis offer is
Unparalleled. Hundreds of styles to
select from. Place your order early
and secure your choice.
700-702 MAIN STREET.
P-I! 00
The Mutual Home and Savings Ass'n.
323 AND 32.1 SHI'IDLEY I3LI)'G.
Has made a Record uncqaaled by any Building ami Loan Associa
tion in the Vest. It charges no ENTRANCE FEE and its plan
is the MOST LIBERAL of any in the city. Over ONE THOUSAND
Shares Sold during past Six Months
llll.'i 's 1 sl' I'n's t .1 Will I I Tio.ts 1. M IllMM.i: "s. .
II. T UUi. Ill' We- I'll- t.l." M MI'I , lnr."i. , IKI.D Ml I I III. i .u-.-.-l . .1-
Is a
ilf II HUi Ui
SUPJ'EH il.;S0
Catering a Specialty.
Grandest Celebration of Them All.
4-J"0;RD A.TST FAfLY-l: W
4-N E LSO M S ISTE RS-4 V!i;,.'Rr.,":,.;Vffi,.!,U,.,;.i.,i:1
Address by MaVor Davis " Tho Bluo and tlio Graj'."
5 Minute train sorvice-ELECTRIC CARS-Rouncl Trip 15c.
Ilc,llllll -.p. !i,lHU.t. DASnn 0( I CtOC Jlt Mil Mi l.lli:s.
i,i,irinici iiuiiiiie. nf49j uULLILi1ic t11"1""' ,,i"rj "" m"'
t'l.lt.l'IKII -CbrlttUu, Luectailn. IKMII.. Host, (UnlcVi college buildtui; in Mo.
Sli'itu Heat. tUillsUl ttbe lamous Welabacli ele?c. buruen elamly imnUUsd 2 iiupustoa
room; r.M'ic i.i,i:i.i:ii iii:.i.iii liiH'oitii; nisr mici.vi, ,imi iiintAi. imxij.
i:nl'i:; 1 iro i:caiiei, Arlcialait Water, Hot ami Cold Hams splendid Cuisine buautlrul
I.auiu, sCIMMll.Tliorougli Instruction; cultured and toiucleutlou Faculty all extras
taught by te.icber trained by 1) est masters of America aud Uurope; Apparatus, l.lbraiy, etc
lti:r)ltU I'uuuded 1885 (HI 51-s.JJ attendance, 1,150(1, boarders, 1,(1110; a btalesand 'terri
tories represented; In music, art, elocution aud languages oter y.oiiu names enrolled; l"3
graduates Irom 10 States acd Territories. l'nuult tlu'iiu rATUON'.Viill -1'ioui U'.it
tamlllcs, boib resident atd abroad. CD19T Comforts and advantages considered, the I'tie-up-tt
In th Wctt. To cfnTlnce yourself of tbe merits of ItWItti CMM.I.lMil', address, for
beautifully Illustrated Uenadc,
JrJ. T. B-A-ITfUD,
ULMJltAL, ilA.NAi;i:i-.
For Saturday's
"Half Hour Sales"
Sec Saturday's Journal.
All Through
the Store
We prop' sc to make It verv 1..'
wiih.iurU.w prices fur tho ncU Two
In tin. ii- nuls uf instances
lie ine ubi r the
Ladies' Pique Suits.
Stripes and colors w itn nubbj liccfer
.lac Ue ts and I nil M, nts
S4.S8 for S3. 00.
The Sale on
the Wew
Shirt Waists
Is just wha( milit bo ovjie'e'tcd from
(.en Ii siimi iiarmi'iits for so liltle money
Si elille't'i'iit fieiin nthors around town
If vnu linn t secure' I'tinnirli of llioso
Tun and 1 nicy Tup SlocUuiffs ill l.",c
an. I ic you will rcjire't it till suintuer.
a. m. to 2:iW p. m.
to 7:!W p. m.
Jairupl Sa f !
The Price Wreck
ing Sale, the Bar
gain Giving Sale.
t ' T ' 1 . t' ' 1 1 i t t l !
J i' M Hi' 'i,l i 1 Kin ifl
IS joir
Dm ivhiff to fid end.
As' ii(nr hi its lust sti((c.
I 11 t i' i OV , 1 '. I .t
Move I'ricc ('itftinr.
Mow litt )'(( in, triviiuj.
A Curiiirat of
1 1 , to morrow all
' 1 IV
1 . iii
All lite Staple
n Ui a ki ovvu
U ill in 1 nf ' ill Iv
I h mi n t 1 '11 ( .fi'tii,
N.iVV 'l ii, tv
1 h 1 ut e I. ' 1 uri t
SiiVV v. . t- III 1 , I !i l'llle'i:, 1 S.
'I'll. .Ill - 'I I ' ' ' 1s
N"s : i ki -.I 1 u Itle'i:, fi."j.
I 'I V I t (. I H N ' V V e ill si Ik
ci mm iti : s t i.u I'ltie'i:, jit..
.lu VVhiiiii s ltlstni; ('itrsi.ts,
iiv!i;.t- hi. ut i.Ait I'liH'i:. fi at.
Iir Mm lii 1 s ruin I11-H11111I CulnrtH,
NOW 'iii- Itl.c ill.All I'KH'i:, -1.
lr. Wm tui Ah luminal Cnmem,
v. .ii -. in 1.1. ki 1 ,i. iitiini. .1"
.11111 41 1'. 111.111 I, ,11. 1 llll 1 l.l...
In Si IiIIIIuk'h .Mmli'l I'm 111 (.'orju'tn.
rnc r. 11 c firyriM, ivo. tuu,
N-eiW Jim: timi'I.A'l IMtlCi:. 11.13.
Tin "('. I'" I'miM'tH, No 5"',
miw ji'-ii iiiif.ri.AU ritici:, ?3.
Tin- ' (' I'" (ciictH. VmitiH No. 2,
miw jj".- iti:c.iM.Ai! pitu'i:, .&).
TI11 "(" I'" t'eirHelie tMime'cit),
Nun si 1.. i(i:nri.Ai: l'itici:, ?..
Tin' 1' II I'niii'ts. No. SM.
Ninv ji.im. m:uri,Ait rmci:, ;.bo.
The 41 l". II Ciiren,
,'( IW lu rti.
IIiiII'h IiIkIi liust CorwtK.
Niiw iiv ft. itccriiAi: l'itici;, "l.i".
1!. ill's spli.tl ipiini; CeiiHi'tst.
NfiW Si it. lllKtri'AH l'P.lCI, 'I.
I..11II1S' "Di'trnlt" Wnlti.
now in et. ui:iiti,Ait JMtici:, i.
I.iiIIi'r' "IVirli" WnlHti",
now us itx. iir.f.i'i.Aii imhci:, n.Do.
JIlHM'W' "l'c ill"' WllMt.",
NOW I" rtK. ItKCl'I.AIt IMtlCi:, l.
e'ltlld's "Ki nit" Unlcii.
Now. 11 ii. lsr.ct'i.AP. Tltiri-;, 73 cti.
M II " Cciis.'ts
Now ti r. t:r;ri..t: l'itici:. si.i".
Tin "No lil" III 11 I. Cnri't-.
NiiWI'irts Item I.Alt I'ltie'i:, Ki 0P.
ruim nove nn
Will Follow Ihtryaius.
Willi llnlimlti).- i.iiii'iuv
l..iinim- III 111 Vn -I hlliUVII Bin"
l.aiBiins H Hi. inuft is! .1 1 l- (icmils.
To Filtinyly Wind Cp
ti&ys 1 uni
on lieeord.
1002 and 1004 MAIN STREET.
The Lloyd-Leitz-Thompson
ic Smilli Premie
.-S"- ."' .Tft '' Tvi -
&&&2ll2tg J a
.',. fi
THfc - O
1 in I 1 1 ivi ti r nf iiiohi'css. lis motti
itn, i i iii tit Iti en tier uf the ut?''," I
r . . niii i ii'iiiiik'ei! vvuid- Tin riovvist
in i linn i i niil.l.i s tin rltfht to its u
Wl i ti. in v Sniitli I'M mli r inn'l 1.1
i ii 1 In il.ill nn i t pi wilt i V
lii-h Is hi I. stliu.iril.iN and a book d. -biilpilvr
nf all Hi. mind pnlins that vv
..il for tli. .i-Uni-,' I'iUc- no hlKh i,
tiini- in i-i ifi j . ih in nthit iii.ii hlni in. ii
in ik, Ii, ii. r !- t th. lii'-t 1iI1l vein i
Milium and ihL l... t l.i the Sinuh
1'r niUr
M. S. EYLAR? Mgr.f
t i.i Ui'ii utii siu't't.
iV. II Ci.m.r. PreK J W IUkkit, Set
A.. A 'lukLiN.os, V I'fi'H V It ItocuuLU, tread
CAPITAL $250,000.
3 RUjS
ttl lllllli LITE llllllHNU
Accounts, sulijet't to I'lice!; at
siirlit, livnivt-'tl tVimi indiviilimls,
linns anil furporations ou tlio
most iiiYomlilo tonus.
I.ofrnl ilniiository for Court and
Trust L'uiiiis.
Acts as Kxcctitor, fiimrdian,
Ailministrator uiul Receiver,
al&o as UegWtrnr anil Tranifer
Aifonl for Stocks anil lioiuls.
Tents.Awnings, Flags &, Covers
C0 cecond-hand tents for sale, cheap, all
rises, almost new, also large round tents.
to feet, CO feet. 01 feet. Id fveft und lOu iuct
diameter, ublout; tents, SOilJ, WiiJ. jjxSj,
40x60. (.0x50, tOxlM and IWili; feet. Yi'rltcl
for vrlces.
P I A IvPI? 101 W(niilrclSt.,
U. tl. J)n.iVIU, liaii, c( II v. tin.
" lt..lelluc Vl.ers liueuvdtul ullvuiclb, &od
I&duuV e-guipUtlotl, .V UOV. 't'liilli. dod 14
viieuiiitf for Nitnililv, tniV.. iotoriuallcit).
ilra:tULk II t Jau.lU l-lh9U t.,l'ilxri. eT.
1 'e 1 thi f . ti.
' Ite
.-seivv e,i lis lii.eii i.iVi; t'llici., i.
Tin "1' 1" C'trfi'tM. No 'JT.
NiiW V 'is. UKiH'I.AK 1'ltlCi;, J3..
Tlii' "P 1" I'cirsi'ts, Nei. 2IS
NelW M ''. lli:Ufl.AIt I'IMCl", J-8').
Sk?s ... Tti. s
'. -n '1 " -m-e-"i 2 ". ! -I-3? 1 e
vwiisir M
.-!j ,.
s 4,
if J
' t
t. '
. ti

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