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HtlTL'llt.NSd.V lll.l OltVtATOItV UOAMII
m.L'IPl.t id Itl.sHIN,
wir.t,, umrt.rr.it, tsitn a iiami'i
to," ltix'iiiMt a iai.i: or v,oi:.
ijii: nijw itotitu hii.i, it.tr i: in
vvoitttv .v i. o.no tririioiii- a ror.
(iniprnor Mnrrllt ll.n tin bird Dint n
Cnlninltr Iloitter Will Mp Out of
1 lure In the New tlotrit mid
VMIMrj it I'rolilbltliiuKt
.11. 1. 1 l.lliilj.
Tnnoln Kn, Tntv t" (?npelal . The
lopeiea, jks., iuij i.., inpeciai j ma
board of directors of the Hutchinson re- rsvets sugseHtlons us to IIh "application, It
formatory decided to hand their reslgnu- furnishes on immediate ind forceful mo
tions to the governor neeomp.inled liy a "ve for ren.llne. Tho fact that n Hwo
v., ...ip.., . 1.7 .. i.ini. ,i,,. ,. in Jc.u 4t,. k. number of pi mint nre rwidlng on the ime
manifesto In which they will recite the re- M,bjppt i,'ft ,,r,r motive Tor dlllciiit
foimntory troubles nnd stoutly malntnln , smiling. The circle shotil 1 not bo conlliied
their Innocence of nny wronff dolnp. Tins to tetit-liers but should Include nit who
member have notified the rovcrnor of "J"."' 1i' ' nJi?"L' r,,lV.Vi ,iU:TK v
lti Intention, nnd he Btopped the proceed- ot,r ,crJZ 1xl.?J!1JL,ln, !VrU, v i
Iniru uhlph liml Iiipm rnmmnnpnil Inniril TllP p lwrs Were dlCIMeil l) itrs. A. I.
tl'rTr removal commenced toward ,rrnxjt' p'uite superintendent of Coloindo,
th?S5?e?.Wo? t"h "'resiled fc'-lWU? Starfevfi.iJrTnttcS o'f 'iv?n, I
'tono'oMt hR mueh ItVn'u'lTorlty be'. ISfVViUol!?!"- K'rk' ",,, 8,,t,l!rlnK,n"-
hind It. Prank Iincon. of Ch.inute. ha tIU,r,-V,1J?.,.,r- ,,..,..,. ,-.
i . .i . ..t .
neen inenuoncu us ine jjcmocr.iuc mem-
he belleveu the new board would be com
posed or a Itcpubllcnn, j. Dumoci.it and n
Prohibitionist. It will be an Innovation
for ii third party Prohibitionist to receive
such an appointment, but the jroveinor'n
experience with Populist ntllco holders it
calculitcd to make him feel friendly to
any patty rather than that.
Jf Toppka SiiTriKP Aso, Intlott. .tftpr ATucli
I Talk, IliclliiiA to Pass ItpsolutloiiA
1 1 ruined byiiHtn It. Aiitliiiny.
l Topek.i, Kas July l;. (Special.) CVUss
Susan 15. Anthony, tho famous advocate of
tvvoniin suttraKC, spent two das of this
ivveck in Topeka. She had herselt Inter-
t'vl"wcd In the leidlnp Populist dally or tho
Iji m, nnd uttered Rome very bitter thlnss
' i vilnst Governor .Morrill and the Ilepub-
N hn state administration.
Her mission to the stnte appeared to bo
to incite the women or the state to an
open outbreak against the Itepubllcan pir-
l ty, nnd In furtherance of this plan she
y attempted to construct a platform ror the
lannual metlnB of the Topek.i SuffrnKo A
toclatlon, which wns held yesterday, In
the Torm of a iilcnlc. Miss Anthonv Jiait
dert the oltv but her resolution was pre-
Bsettted by Mrs, Iv. O. C.rae nnd rcid as fol
liTlvt U
r' 5 "Whereas, 317,000 Kansas ttich Ueclirod
l.vhimielei aprnlnt fcmile- suitraffo at tho
WliiltfV nlnnHnn .(nil .11 fhllk uhntil hnli nnnnsl.
l.iIVInn by remnlnlnir bllcnt. bo It
!." "n--olved lh.it It Is the duty of every
poir-.. speetlni? woman in the state of Kan
ms j fold her bands and refuse to help
. nny r IIrJcus, ihirltnble, mor il, reform or
IioiItIc.il -asjoclntlon until the men of the
tt.ite shall strike the ndjictlve mala' from
the MifTtiRo clause of the constitution and
thereby declire that woman's opinion shall
1e lCspeeted and counted at the ballot bo,
,ns are all men's opinions outside the state
penitentiary, the imbecllu and the lunatlo
' asylums,"
spirited discussion at once arose. A
.. ujorltv of the ladles present Hied mo-it de-
c Jed objections to It, but beforo .1 vote
I could be taken It was iinreed to lav tho
resolution over until the August meeting.
1f. T.I, 1.1. I". ..u.. .nn.l. .I.n l.i.ll....
' iv"" address of the pkr. . She (.poke on'MIsv.
rsiisun Ji .vninony s irip 10 inuiornn
mpiiff the otlur speakers were Jlip. Itina
tis, wlio spoke on "Industrial Hefoim,"
Mrs Strubli', ot Abllen.-, on "Woman's In-
l.n. ,. IiIIa Wnm.fnn T . . Irif nF ', .n.lnlrt
H Hpokcn nf s AalIalilo for tho IMpultit ii,0J v orern of NVn .Irraev re-oloct
will be no Populist member selected at .ill. i'.;n , yuJ.'iL AiiTo Je-eleeted'
1Toh0nfUW;p1,a,id..'. n1?nSf,?A,V,,le"nlS.li aK5- . o I S'ot New Folk? vice
lio of 10 liolltlcnl party, nnd this leaves iipn,.. r r.,.ii,iir,.r' W II 1'ivne Ten-
l.,ffl,il?Ml a?rSnl.?i,,?0Bthi ' ""'. vrice" vf nGamnt; J.Jr.e' .Mltis
I,TT?J?1 ''ll0' ?LV ,,s,,iniL.,?5,i'5 J, ,?.pll'is,: linP. I'liiiKh. Utah, vice II. K Wo re. Nebraska;
"5:r- '"?:-,,?K.l"1 m,n,.l W.IX.C.'S? ' Schurmm. New Vork. vie Charles
,M tU.UIIIIM HUllkM 1C1 ill VU iU-lllklll. ,illlk W .lln. n.l...n.. f Ttn..l.. Ma. nH Inn
' lluence Ii I'olltics." Miss Green also 10
I fltid an original poem.
V 'I tlnd tho ItOVnl Hal.llll? Pnwrlnr mi.
i 'ioi to all the others In every respict
ll 's iitiiely tieo fiom all adulterations
mi unwholesome Impurltj, and In bak
ing gives oir a gi enter volunm of leaven-
-nt; as man iinv oiner powuer.
Chemist to the Clitingo lluaid ot ileulth.
bun b saiiilil Knib d.
St Joseph "VIo . .Tub 12 (Speel il ) The
c.indal In the Sivannah Avenue IJ.nntlsf
thuuli Is end. d with wlthdnwil nf
i barges made bj Km Itolieit Klrkl mil, tho
1 istor nnd the luu(in The pastor with
ir.m ami the dei.ons have given him ll.it
tcrlng bittrs of iomiiu!idailon. ltov
'vlrkl.ittii will pnter v.ingtlikik work .Mrs
tiKl.uiil is at the honiL' or hr parint.s at
.inln. Mo The nastor Intlui.itis that tlm
If u.iuun ig peimaneui.
' Wo will refinish those
old and dirty
At a very low price, or
put down a now
Throw away those perm-collccting car
pots and savo tho vvotst work
of housekeeping.
I B TeUpboua iiU30. JO Kail fltb St. I
ea ,
Pictures, Frames, Etc.
Must bo sold regardless of cost, Few days only given
for tho sale, so now is your opportunity
to secure bargains.
rVTnPlIZJ I 'ari' times! the dullest month in the year yet our
11 1 I ILri' orders are imperative, bo the iiumenije btoek of hands
1 v-' bomuly framed l'ictures, beautiful Cabinet Frames,
aro lUchiugs, Ungntviogs, Water Colors., all have to go at nny price. Call at once.
919 MAIN ST., NeS.ge
no. ai.
Tho (Irrnt 1 diirati Iinl VIppIIiii; nt llpntpr
( lines Its t.ibnrs Aftrr 11 .Mint
sinrrsfnl Session,
Donwr. rv! July Al the morning
sslon of tho National lldiimllomil Aim-rt-illou
unnvpntlon to-dnv, "The Instruc
tion nnd Impron-metitd of Touchers Now nt
Work In the Kdiools" wns the general
subjert of ellscrMilon.
l'rofoor Win, of the tstatp unlvprflty,
Ija.iv rem p, Kan, rend it paper on "TcticJi
crs' Institute."
The Institute, Ire mhl, le to the Icmchers
what tho newspaper Is to rtho ordlnury
wholnr It hna bwn n. jniihs of greatly
Improving the lenchetvV tmrtlttite work,
overcomes a penoo of liKlittton, develops
Interest, tlhuwmlhnlp Uie bcwllt of ir
rotrol pxperlpneo nnd give, proper em
phasH to the ethlciil and pptrttuill element
In education.
l'rofejwtjr IJnrl Hurtles, of Stanford utrl
versltv, fnllforntn, Follow wl with n paper
on "JWhprs' L'hc," TIIIlcultlps In
clns work, In wild, iru different dosreon
of nblllt) and tralnlm? of teachers mid
nvatwlv of Hood lenders and the results
nre often overwork, dlsmtWnptlnn mid
Iwtty Jriilouls, If properly coinluctPd,
teurhcrs' Ckies pnnble the superlntphil
.nts to detect getrius. Introduce the Mil
dent spirit to tnichetV woik, give oppur
tunltv for free dlxditwlon. ileveloii the give
mid tnko cirtrlt nnd give unity nml purioe
10 ino worK ot the fi hooi iieintiinpui.
The work of the 1 tending Clr le" wns
treated hv Ij II. Jonos, r-f Cleveland, .
The rendltiK rlrclp, he suld, selects tho
M1081 t"i"K "" arrange meiu m hip ioi
Llt,ift- -, in,..,,,. r.,,.,,1,,1,.... ji,., if..- .t
.. -nllnnn .,, ,i-,in ,n ,, fnl. i,,,
0c.ir II L'ooner.
Committee ot directors: S. M. Skinner,
of Now York, chalnuin: Mulone, of Utah:
Hounds or New llnmpshiie, Carlisle, ot
Tpvas; Iiton, of Louisiana.
IJepirtments or natural science, physical
training and school olllcers were also add
ed to tho nssoclitlon work. Tho vote on
place ot net meeting was as follows:
I.os Angeles, Uj Dtiluth, 9. Asburv Park,
7. The matter was llnalij left to the ex
ecutive committee.
At the opining of tho evening session
Proff-sor Kdward Charming read a. paper
on "The Kelatlon or Geography to Histo
ry," In which he showed how natural di
visions nftect political boundaries and the
movements of mankind. He was followed
by President H.iker, of the Colorado state
unlverslt. In a paper on "IMucational
The president named the following com
mittee to co-opirate with the United States
pominlssioiur at the cotton tate3 and In
ternational exposition nt Atlanta.
N C Doughert, of Illinois. Iiwln Shcp
nrd, of 'Minnesota; I C. McNeill, or Mis
souri; Charlls It. Skinner, of New York.
U II Jones, or Ohio, V. V. Hilton, or
Georgia, C It. Denlt-on, ot North Carolina.
J. I, Carlisle, of Teas, Aaron Gove, of
Colorado, Miss Hlln C. Sibln, or Wisconsin;
Miss IJstelle Heel, of vomlng. .1 II.
Phillips ot Alabama; Mulor S. T. Black,
of California: James JlcGlnnls, ot Ken
tuckv ; Hay Green Hilling, or Massachu
setts; n. Oram l.yte, or Pennsylvania.
The resolutions reported b the committee
were long and iibrarcd nearly everything
calculated to ncrvance the cause ot iduci
tlon. favoring tho kindergarten, Indian
schools, pitilollsm, the American Hag on
the schoolhouse, etc
After the Induction of the new president,
N. C noughorty into ofllce, the convention
adjourned sine die
A (Juartpr of n Million In the Yellow .Milal
Jhigaged Tor l.poit lo-dij Vtr.
Morgan Ir silent.
New York, July U. Gold to the amount
of $J50.000 has been ensagid Cor shipment
to-morrow tu Hurope by Nessage, Col
gate .V Co.
The fact thit tho fold shipment would
bo made was not announced till after 3
o'clotk. A member or the linn or NessHge,
Colgate .t Co stated that the shipment
wns madu In the ordinaiy loutiue of busi
ness bald he: "Our llrm In London needed tho
gold, and time being a piollt In shipping
it at tho piesent into or sterling echanse.
we decldi d to send it forward."
J. Plerpant Mnigm deiliiud to be In
terviewed on the subject.
jusrici: sco ir is astonish i:.
Ho Denies tbn l' ports In ('In illation About
an Allcgpd Ciiiiitiliir.
AYashlngton, July IS. (Special.) Attor
ney General Ilnimon has a letter or deul il
from Justleo Scott, of tho Third Judicial
district of Oklahoma, In i elation to tho
charges prefeircd against him concerning
his decision in the Choctaw L.aso.
Soon after Mr. Harmon camo Into olllco
ho iceiived a letter ftom Oklahoma stat
ing that the Impression wns that Justice
Scott bad formed a combine with the olli
cl lis of tho Choctaw railway by which
the olllcl.ils or that company would use
their Inlluence to keep beutt fiom being
ousted This Included tho supiiort of
Ch.ilunan llatilty of tho national Demo
cratic ccnti.il committee, who w.i.s to talk
to mo president in support oi Hcott, nnd
others liitirestid In tho company hero to
uso their inlluences In tutu for tho cqmpi
tiy being allowed to locate Its toad on n
route not approved by the sectetnry or tho
Interior according to tho wotdlng ot tho
When this communication was received
a letter was sent to Mr. Scott signed by
tlm attorney geneiul indicating tho
charges madu and asking for an explana
tion. Judo Scott, In uply, sas h never
heatd ot such a combination, and that ho
Is astonished that anyunu should gain such
an Impression Ho advises tho attorney
Kendal to bollevo little that lie may hear
about him. ho far no action has been tak
en b tho attorney geneial. but It Is not
Improbable thtt a special agent will be de
tailed to InvestUatu the matter.
Cbiigid With lliilutry,
Jlllan, Mo. July l.'.-Cnonel A W Jly
prs, a noted ciiiulnal lawyer of llrook
tleld, has lieen .mested on ,m illillctnieut
charging him with attftnptiug to bilbe
vvitnes-is at tho trial of the famous Tailor
brotheis for thu murder of tho Mceks
family. Mjers was one or the nttorneis
ror the Tavlors. and took an ucilve part
in their defense, but wlthdunv front tint
caso shot tiy after their trial In Maich.
iiiu luiiuwiiiu rtt'ir fiuutuu ! liii: 11 uiui
,, . j.i,i..i.k. xiiuiii.ia II. iiaiiii. icAUDi.ibu
Di:viocitAis or m:iiiiak t wast to
IIIIAtt I ItOM nnt,
MIA lilt WITH ItltVA.M
it covirs ritovi tiii: iii'mocuatiu
si aii: oc.MttAi, coAiMtt ti:i:.
Air. CurlMe U Aln Inrortnpd Hint tlm
ltriiii'l for III nt to puk In I liitnlii
pt Spplptnlier l Nut Oniilnl
but I'omi 1 rnm Ittdtcr
unit Hpnpj;aili ii.
Oninha, Neb , July J2. The lin-inclnl Is
sue, polltlcallj, has ninln bcrn forced to
the front In Nebrafki bj the' publication
to-ilny of n letter to Secretary Carlisle
from the Democratic central committee.
He Is warned thnl the Invltntlon he re
cently received to address Nebr.iski IVm-orr-its
nt Lincoln September ," wns not
Issued by tho Democratic sttte central
committee, but bv the dement In tho partv
which bolted the convention Inst jenr.
Tho committee PNplnlns In detail that nnlv
thirty out of 100 delegates bolted tho con
vention nominee, ostensibly because of
fusion, but really because tho convention
favored free silver. Incidentally It tiny
be mentioned thnt though tho bolters are
a very snnll p irt or the party, they have
been L'lven all tho federal patron ige nnd
recognized as the only Democratic party
nt 'Washington. The letter concluded
"However, by direction nf tho regular
Democratic organization ot Nebraska, we
hereby cMend ou ,i coidnl Invitation to
attend the reftul.tr Democratic state con
vention at a date to be iled In the near
futuro nnd engage In n Joint discussion
or tho silver question with Hon. W. J.
Iirjan. Hrjan was tho unanimous choice
or the last state convention for United
States senator, receiving on tho prefer
ence vote 60,000, ns against 10,000 for the
regular Democratic nominees tho jear
previous. Our platform Is: The Immedl itu
restoration of tho free nnd unlimited coin
age of gold nnd silver nt the present ratio
of 10 to 1, without waiting ror the aid or
consent or any other nation on earth."
Tho letter has caused a commotion In
stato political circles.
Deposition In tho lln.rup l.lbrl Suit nt Han
nibal In Conn. Hon Willi tin, Killing
of Millionaire stlllui U.
Hannibal, Mo., July 12 The taking or
depositions In tho Dr. Ilcnrnc libel suit
against the S in Pranclsco Chronicle, in
volving Incidents connected with the mur
der of Amos J. Stlllwell, In !Ss8, was re
sumed to-day.
It. If. Stlllwell, son of the murdered man,
nnd stepson ot tho wife of Dr. Heaim,
who gavo his direct testimony yesterdas,
was cioss-exaiiilncil to-day. In reply to a
question ns to whether .Mis Stlllwell, vv ho
nf tern aids mnirled Dr. Hearne, needed a
phjsiilan when she went to Itattli- Creek,
iroou after the murder, or wh, iher there
was nnv thing lemtrkable In taking the
doe tor, he saM: ".She needed one and there
was nothing remaikable about her taking
Di Hoai ne"
Mr Stlllwell said he would like to e
pliln whi ho had deviated from a strict
answer to the questions jesterdav He
said: "I have lie in accused of tijlng to
suppress the Investigation of the case for
n period of live or sK enrs, I tlrmlv be
lli vid in tho Innocence of Dr. Henrne and
had said so boldly, but ilevtlopmi nts and
circumstances brought to my mind have
aiihid me to i linage my mind I don't
tav that he Is gulltj of this .-rime."
The wltmss hesitated somewhat when
asked If he believed in the Innocenso of
Alls, stlllwell, but llnalli said: "I can't
t-nv, I don't know "
Mr. Stlllwell explained about the $t0,0oJ)
rewnid he ottered and or the in inner In
which he received Information about his
ftipmotlnr's Intimacy with Di Ileirne.
Continuing, he slid- "I hnve learned
that on one occasion, while mi father was
In St I.ouis, Dr. Hearne was in mj fath
ii s house one night when ho returned
home suddenlj and tinevpeitedlj ; that Dr.
I (nil in was naked In tho house when my
rathci walked in the dooi : that he had not
time to put his elothps on before my full
er entend the house, thnt m father
pncd him in the hall upstairs without my
r.itlur's knowledge, and after my father
went Into his loom nnd locked Ills dam
Dr Hiarne dressed, slipped out of the
house nnd went home I have nls learned
tint In was cautioned because of his ac
tions touching this m itter and renllrd that
had he met mv father In the hall that
night he would have shot him dead on tho
spot lie also mule a rental k that he had
u revolver with him "
A Spi ( bil l.rind .liiry Indlitii n Cimplo
nt 'I belli for Solleltbig llrlbe ..
Cltlcago, July 1-'. T.nto this afternoon tho
grand Juiy called to Investigate corruption
In tho city council relatlvo to the Alder
man Mai tin ico ordinance, voted to Indict
Aldciman William I'lnklei on two charges
of Holloaing billies, and Aldeimiin Ch.ulcs
Martin on slinllai charges Three "truo
bills" nro (pectcd to bu icturucd to Judge
Tiithlll hefoiu noon to-morrow.
1'rccl 1. Jtabe, nil Ico dealei, told tho
gland Juiy that Aldeimaii Jl.irtln demand
eel I'M fi oni hint, nnd upon this i ('presenta
tion ouo of tho indictment!) was found
Tho other indlcttnentH against Alderman
Muitln weio round on the tihtlmonv or J.
P Smith, of J P Smith A: Co Ablenunn
Tinkler was Indicted oil this teMlmiuiy fur
nlblieil by .1 11. Willi mis, of the Washing
ton Ico Company, and C It, rihedd and II,
II Khuld, ot tlm Knlckei booker Ice Com
pany Them men told of tho dealings in
Alderman Plnklti't, citllcv, dining which
tho pilco asked dwindled troni wO.00O in a
lump to $7"i tor pneli of the loinpaules,
and w hat could bo gotten out ot tho smaller
No nirenev has had more influence In
beneficially affecting the health mid com
fort of thu people than the Itojal Ha Icing
pi.itiiAPs itoiiiii:i am miu!im:ki:d.
bo Par No Pino lias llcen round of tho
Miming llarr) itoblnsoii.
Weir City, Kas July 12.-(Speclal.) All
eftorts to llnd any clue to tho where
abouts of Harry I,. Hohlnson have thus
far failed. Ho left Weir City July i to
visit his family In Marlonvllle, .Mo, and
thu dlscove'iy that ho had never reached
there was not made until Wednesduv, as
told in tin so dispatches. Constables Ciem
ons and Dennis and Karl Jtobinsou re
turned fiom Marlonvllle this moinlug after
a fruitless search. The missing mail, who
had bcvcral hundred dollais with him, was
io years old, ti feet S Inches In hcltiht,
welshed 1J3 pounds, was Miiooth shaven,
had graj eyes, dark hair, bmall scar back
of eronn of head, vvoio a now fancy blue
woisted suit with open black checks, sort
loll sack coit. foui-button vest, soft,
round bliek hut, gold watch with K. of I
ohurm und il. W. A. pin. His friends fear
he was wajlald for his money.
lleiit.il Olllcers I lectid.
Warrensburg, Mo., July 12 (Special.)
Tho olllceib-clect for the MUsouii State
Dental Association are: Br. A, l. Grisgs,
Waricnsburg, prcsldcnti Ur. Uinma 1.
Chase. St. Louis, vice president; Dr. Wlll
l.iin M. farter. Scdallu. second vlco nrpU
I dent; Dr. J. ,W. Carter, Matsbdll, corre-
tt J jfcromai
KANSAS (J IT Y, JULY 13, I8i).j.
spoivlltif? scielnrij Ir H II Sullhnn,
i.xcclslor SprlllK t Hit ... ritirv,
Ur JnniM A Price, Sat innnii tiinniiii
nnd eoinmlttpp on law 1 . inr Siiriims
was pch-itcd for the iipvi in tilix
lliiijiiinln II. Mlllllien. Prii ,p s,,i,.rr to
"(tutor Karris, Imlli tul for Union
lire ildng nml I InnbiiK "aiitl.
Washington, July la The Brand Jury of
the District has returned an Itntloiineiit
nmilnu llenjtmln It. MllHken, formerly of
viempiilii, Tetin , a young man well known
In olllclnl and ooml not letj In thin cits nnd
private ieeretrtry lo flnnitor llnrrl, of
Tennessee, for hotufhrenklnff and fplonlous
mwnult The olTertfio with which ho Is
charged wan committed on the nlRht of
July I, nt which time he was arrested and
taken to the station house, bin wa subse
qupiitly rpleaspd Two dajs Int. r Mllllkpn
left the illy, and lias not returned Tor
some time pnst Mllllkpn has been it fre
quent caller at the house or ex-Sollollnr
Samuel Phillips, ir.17 Ithode lslnnd ivenup
Mr Phillips hurt two dniiffhlern, Gpiirude
nnd Nora both Accomplished voumt ln-lks
or high phnrni'tcr, and to the rornu r Mllll
kpn n.tp pKclally nttpntlvp. Mllllken wis
alwajs well onio to the house, as his chnr
ncter wng supposed Ni be nt the best, (in
the nlRht of the Ith, Mllllken eiillp.l it the
Phillips residence and nked fnr Mls Ger
ttude. When the litter saw hint she no
ticed that hea cted queprlj., ns If lip wis
tinder the Inllurnre of liquor She Ipft him
nt once nnd retired to her loom. Mllllken
then summoned a serv Hit and sent his
card up lo the voung lads, Jim sho n fused
to see him again, nml the s riant showul
him the door About midnight, after eveiy
one In the house had ri tired Mi Phllllw
wns suddi nl aroused bv ills daughli r.
Nora, mlllng to him pxi ltedly Norn mil
Gertrude occupied communicating looms on
the third llooi. When Mr. Phillips reached
this loom he found both his dnughiers
thole In a high slate of eicltetnent Ger
trude being nppirently terror stricken.
Tlm door lemilng Into the iiun loom
wns locked. Gertrude tltinll manigid tu
tell him there wns n man In In r loom
She Had been nwakencd bj the smell ot
chlnrolorm. nnd had found a iniin b lining
over her Sho hid struck bis hand nvvnv
from her face nml eBi.ipid lo her sistei h
.Mr. Phillips started for his daughter's
room, while his wife nnd daughters i an
to the lowtr lloor. Ho was luined by bis
partner, Mr. Prederlek MeKininy, but in
the meantime two policemen nitlwd on tho
scene. Tho man, however, tan down stalls
nnd soiipitl Into the Unit vard Ah ho
passed tho light he was iriocnl7d ns .Mlll
lken Tho police followed and ariesttd him
and he was taken lo the station bouse.
He was releasid later In tin night. How
Mllllken got Into tho house Is not known
'I he servants soy tho (loots w.ie sietinly
locked ns usual. Hntiance could only hive
been cupeled, howovet, ti m. .iiih ot tun
side window on the Hist lloor When Mr
Phillips learned that Mllllkni had been
i pleased he was Intensely suiptlsed bile
n.iliir.illv illsnosid to shun illinleasant Itn-
torletv, which would ciisin he thought the
1 iw should take its coutse
Mllllken Is about 30 icai obi, in titer at
tractive In uppeai.nico. and a good con
versationalist. He came lute fiom Mini
phis, Teiin., some vents um ns a poin
spondoilt for some Southern newspipef
Later on he was cnniiectpd with the local
pi ess.
Christian I'liile ivorers nt Huston llxbiblt
irnwtarltit 7i.il nml Alt) ml I minimus
JIim tings All Oler Ibe fit v.
lioston. Mass , July 12 Thotts mds of
delegates to tho Christian Dndisvor to
night attended three mass me. tlims In
Mechanics' lull nnd in tents l'nd, ivor
and Wllllston. UnncnilPd liv th, fervor
of tho huge morning meetings in these
centers, not tired by the eann M noon i li
lies In dlfterent places, wheic longregaie
the tollers of Hoston, nnd unsallsllcd with
thu encouragpinent gtomvd nt the lifter n
gunernl romuilttee meellngs this nftPrnomi,
the ChtlstianH gitlniid 21 (nM strong .it
the big meetings at the three great audito
liums of Meeh mi ' hall and tents Ku
deuor and Wllllston
At Mechanics ball builiHni; the a blress
of Itev. A C IilMin. D. !.. or Ilrooklvn,
attracted tboils aids whlb other thou
s mds wire drivvn to tent illiston bv the
onnouncement of an addn ss b lt.v,
Hettrj Montgomerj. of llelf.ist, one of the
eeebslastlc.ll triumvirate of !?uioptiti
finie, spureon, Hronn and Mnntgouni
Pensihanlans wile initial to .Mcibanl.s'
building, because It v .1. T McCtt. rv,
1 D. or Plttsbuig, widelv ard favorably
known thtoughout the Kevstoup st.it,,
was one of the speikers. Among other
good Hpe.ikeis at the Hndeivot was Hi v
11.11 Delk, of Hnc,crstown, Md, whose
subject was "The Ciiiti.illty of Chtistiau
PiIIovvkIiIp "
At tile l.ndenvor and Wllllston, the IHe
mlnut. gtc, tings of i:n leuVon is fiom the
four cornits or the eirth, constituting that
pirt of the tu or inline ebsigmd "Tho
I'll II inn nt of Nations, ' wore both en. enr
aging and Instructive, and at the meeting
the presi illation of a banner to a local
union for best work In piotnollng local
fellowship was a prominent Incident
The other speikeis M-nlcht were greeted
with thu warmth tint has unluterriiptt dly
been the sidrit ot the convention, and es
peclallv docs this applv to the teport of
the Senior Mothcis, or parent society,
which was given at Meoh mics' building
bv Itev. W Klnne, of S r.ieusc, N V.
1 his is comp native ly a new fe itute of
the Jlnile.iv or Sucbtv and Its increase, as
indie nteil In tho reports, proiluced marked
Illlll'b' Il'I'VIH IIY WIHB.
Wahhington, Julv 12 Tho fraud order
Issued b the pceitullh e depai tment ag-iltist
the Mokaskn. ColTee Companj, ot ht. Jo
seph, .Mo, has been revoked
St Joseph, Mo.eluly 12 (Sped il) Thom
ns 1. Hiikman, a. telegraph llncm in. was
nt rested nils inornliu In the act or burg
lirling tho saloon of Homy Jvikcr, at
Hlglitli and Pateo streets.
Sclnlia, ilo . July 12 (Speclil ) Tho
boaid or ttiuln this evening .ippointed a
committeo to go to St. Louis on iloudiy
to present the claims of fisHll i tor tho
Democ ratio fctnto convention.
South McAlester, I. T. Jul 12 -(Special.)
The llrst number or the l'rognsslvo Advo
c.ito his just ben issued at Caddo Tlm
piper Is itepubllcan in politics nnd In tho
Intel ests ot tho Choctaw Progressive party.
Yokohama. Jnpin, lulv, 12 Seven hiin
drpd Chinese attacked llslneliu. Island of
Pormosi, on July 10 Two bundled or
tin in woio killed und many were captured,
On tho Japanese side the loss was eleven
Indlannpolls, Ind , July 12 Ocsirgo (lilies
pio (iiadv, at una time rival of II irnuin
and I'oropnugh In tho circus business died
at his home, in this city, to-dnj Umdy
in ule a loituno In the business and sev
eral jears ago retired.
Cluthrle, o. T. July 12 (.-special ) .Mpssrs.
Hawkins and Smllcv, stoekmcii of Urper
county, Tec., luivo been nrrested ihargtil
with being Implicates! In the killing of
Perry l'ailsh several das ago. They weru
release el under 3,r.00 bail.
Cleveland, O, Julj 12 Plvo rasps of
Miualliiox have developel In tho family of
David Itceee, u tin work r at Actuavllli'.
O tine child has died an I half tho people
In the village attended the funeral, not
knowing the intme of tho disease
Port S ott, Kim, July 12 (Special ) In
tho district court Iipio to-el ly Henry Whel.
en, of J'htladilphla, brought mi .utUiu in
foreclosure- on mo tiuiiiingioii notei, ot
this cit, one of tho lartrest 'hosteliles u
tho Ht.ute. for a ci ilm of 121 Ml uv
Wlnlield, Kas. July 12.-(Sp.HH ) Olll
cers of tho lullelel Ch.iutaueua assembly
elected to-da ato: Picsideiit. P. H Al
bright; llrst vKn president. It. W. C, Hoot,
bcconcl vieo pipsldcnt, J l. liaden, treas
urer, il, it, Ken, becrotiiy, A, il. Limer
ick. Toronto. Ontario, July 12 n. a Simpson,
of tho Wells-Paigo Company. St. Louis,
and C. il. Sutton, postoilicu inspector, of
tho same cilj, l'ft heio this ufternoon.
havlnij in cltaigo Coleman ullas "Diamond
Charlie." eMradlted for bivlndllni; jewelers
in tho Southern states,
lllootntngton. III, July 12. Tho wife of
Vlco President blev elisor, was taken sud
denly HI last night and two phvslcluns
spent beveral hours with her. Sho Is much
better this evening, but Is resting under tho
linluenco ot opiates. The exact nature of
her aliment Is not known.
Omaha, Neb., July 12. A special from
Osceola, la, sas; J'ire stuitcd In the
btore ot Goldsmith & Ilros. I rst night und
swept avvuy u lino brick building und
caused a loa of over $10e,(i00 A number of
citizens were burned und bruised. In at
tempting to stay tho Itumc-s.
Denver. Col., July 12.-A special to tho
Times from Chijenne, Wio.. sais: Ite
norts reached heio to-duy of a light In
Juekson's Hole, south of the Yellowstone
park, between settli'rs of the region and a
party of llannock Indians, who were uu
aw fully kl ling game. One -.aaian was
killed and llftcen captured.
VI It.
ii.i:mi.m Altlt Mtl.SO
miiitt.At, i.siAri: is i.opaii.i).
cAiti.ist.i: also i i:i:i,imi n
Mi.siintN ppi.si: uv pito.w.
I ho I'rpnblint ami Ills "(Ire il s, rritnry'
l.lkilr to Appeirnt Ibe H listing ns
It lulls rnr It ie, Paltry Olllie
I In Ir Mi ule mints In
Hip I lebl.
San Pranclsco, July :. A local piper
imys there Is reason to believe tli.it Secre
tary Limont, who has been on the P.uillc
coist ostensibly looking nfler the dprensps
or the Western senboird. was In renlltj on
n political mission, looking to the noinlna
tlon of President Cleveland for a third
term. While the srerptary was engaged In
oiitmlnlnff forts nnd other requisites of
war ho was said lo be quietly sounding the
leading ljetuocints ot Callfornli and the
West to see If the.v would lend thilr sup
port to a Cleveland boom, should the prps
lilcnt nnnounrc his candidacy for a third
term. Tho same paper inn that II. W.
Van Senclen, Secretary Cirlisk's jirlvate
secretnn, who is now In the city In con
nection with tho Sin Prauclsco mint, is
believed to bo on a politic il mission simi
lar In that ot Seciet.iry Liiuont, with the
(Aecptlon ot the fact that he Is attempting
to gauge tho popularity of Carlisle with
tho Western Democracy. When questioned
about the rumor Van Senden denied that
his visit to tho coast had any political slg-
nitlc-inco, but said tint It C.irlMp wpre
nominated to tho ptesldtney ho would obey
the call or hts pirtv.
.Imlge I'ostir Itrhig Another suit Against
the. I iii, i.i, 1 ellteii fnrtrlliilnil
1 lbel I be Ch irges.
Topek i, Kas , July 12 (Spec III) M ijor
J. K. Hudson, eslltor (r the Topek i Cap
ital, wais ariested this morning for thu
Fopoml time on the chiige of rilmlnal
libel nt the instance ot PnH.sl St ites Dis
trict Judge Callus O. Poster. This time
the warrant was Issued fivm the district
court of Atchison county and vvus hervcsl
by Shei-irt il. i: Lirkln, of that county.
It will bo renictnbe icsl that about the
nth of Juno Major Hudson was arrested
foi criminal libel uism the complaint of
Judge Poster, the w linant Issuing ironi the
Shawnee ckiuiuv court Pile cotnpiilnt 1n
this i i"e was 1i.is,mI tinon an edltorl il In
the Ciplt il of the (kite of June 2. L'pon
the Ulli of June, or shortlj after his .ir
rest. Major Hudson lg iln uss ii,vl Judge
I eiste-r In the Capital, and It is uihiii this
latter editorial th it the Atchison case is
The complaint reeltes Mils tslttnrlnl In
full, and pronounces It "iinl iw fnli, vvll
fully, wlckeslly, inillc"iously and know Ing
le" false and rlandtrous upon the fiir
name of the plilntlff In brief the eelltoi
ial charged Judge Pewter with picking n
Jury In t"ie federal court for the puipose
of Kenning Indictments against Major
Hudson on the eltnige of collecting illegal
jitTintlng cos-ts nut of the United State-s
com ts.
The Atc-hlson complaint Is sworn to by
John K. Plsher, of Atchison who was a
im mlH r of the Jury which Major Hudson
nib ge-s was p ic ln-d
I'o a li'initter Major Hudson said this
.afternoon 'I am informed that Judt,e
Poster bus said that ho would cause un
arrest in every county In vvhidi tho C n-
1fil dr. ii latex I liavo no doubt but he
would like te pursue his private ven
geances at alio cpeiise of the people in
the v lilons (ountleM and It they uin stand
It. I am sine I cm Jut smi wnit till
Sundiy moinlng und I will endeivor to ex
plain at length In the Capital what I
think of this latest move on the part of
'mine enemj.' " nnd the majoi snoited th it
w it like snort vi Inch bus made him known
from one end of the stuto to tho other ns
"Plgliting Joe Hudson "
Pond was llxed In the sum of $l,C"V, which
was given
Judge lVster, accompanied bv his fnm
II v, (bpirted for a month's outing on the
bt. Latvian e last vYediuttdiy night.
tlplnliiii 1 xpn ssed 'Hint 'I In, so t'hiisi u Ite
foro the iiiiipiitlini Ik Callt il bv the C. n-
tril I eiiiuultt. t aiiiiol sli Iher. in,
Wnslilngton, July 12 (Special ) Assistant
Attornpy General Thomas, of the postof
llco depirtni'iit, who Is from Jefterson
county. Mo , and vv is at one time a mem
ber of the supremo court for tint state,
said to-day thut delegates selerted to a
state silvci convention In -Missouri by coun
ty conventions, prior to the time tho con
vention is called by tho state central com
mittee, cannot legallj sit in the silver con
vention. Up s iys a large number of coun
ties In .Missouri have selected delegates to
a sliver convention should one bo cilled b
tho Democratic central committee, but this
was ilone before tho state convention ins
lieen c tiled, and thus It appeals to Sir.
Thomas tint tho county central committee
in all sin h counties, should a convention be
called, will bu compelled ufter the conven
tion is called to proceed and elect delegates
In regular order.
Tho judge snjs that his opinion In this
muter Is backed by former action of a
stato Democratic convention of .MUsoutl,
und that doubtless some Instructions on tho
matter will bo given by c'liiinnan .Maf
tltt should a convention bo called The Im
ptvsslon prevails hero that the stato cpii
tral coinmlttpo on .Monday next will take
steps for calllniT a stato convention to lo.
cite the party on the silver question. It
a believcil thut pt-tJovcrnor Francis has
been given a tip by tho administration to
call a convention, putting t off until Sep.
timber, posoiblj, and thus giving
the administration tlmu to do .some
business In that stato by way
of supporting the administration faction.
It Is recalled tint for two years the prel
dent and members of tlio cabinet have
robbeel tho Democrats of the state of their
rightful share of patron ige, and to-day tho
stato has less patronage than others thtt
east electoral votes for Clovelind, nnd this
being tho situation, they can throw con
siderable plo there now by way of leveling
up things, and at the same time use it In
buvlng a convention,
This nlin tits in verv nlcelv In the nl.an
to have all delegates elected after tho call
for a convention is Issued.
Mlt. lllltll OUT (IX 1IVIL.
The KniiMH I. ibur t'miiiiilgiloni-r Arrest ret
und ltile.niil on llond,
Topeka, Kus , July 12 -(Special.) V, cj.
lllrd, state labor commissioner, returned
to Topeka this morning and was promptly
placed under arrest by the sheriff. He had
his bond In the sum of $300 ready prepared.
It was accepted and Mr. Illrd was given his
liberty until tho September terra of court.
Isutloinl lurnlturo ,tej( I itlon.
St. I.ouls, Mo , July 12. The National
Itc-tall l'urnlture Men's Association to-day
elected the following olllcers for the ensu
ing year; A. II ltevelle, of Chicago, piesl
dent: M. J. Mulvlhlll St. Louis, llrst vlco
arvsidgnt; Anlkouv Cook. Cincinnati, cu.
nn I vl , i, 1,1,1,1 lunlel S I-vv, Inv
ti t' timl v Ii , pt-splent Vliv.r 1 m
lb b t lib it si i n tat v and tri iiin r i t
iintiii iiiiiintittii, C M Hopkins id l.nke
tltv. la stint n n.h of t'lil ik li.htielt
Hall, tistdii i hb iiro A J t onwnv l"ln
(Innill Mos, s itav. t'lncltiuntl I.onis
Sllnuss, m l.mils p , I'nrilliKtnti, St
I, Hill I
Tin name of ibe nso Inllon wn ibrtliC'd
to "The National Puinltiire Asso, latlon
Itnt the Snpi rlntrmti ill v nf the tnlt.it
slat. . Prison nt I i m nvie.rlb t ill I Hn
1 Ho In ,1, VI. I i, m In
Washington July 12 -(Special ) lltfn
nlor Martin, of K inn, an I A'l 'Mi. ' n
pral Hinnon to d ty discussed th question
of appointments for the Pnltel Slii.s p n
llPtitliuv at Port Leavenworth Mr M ir
tlli rrrrwed his liidorsetn. nts of John 11 m
lion, of Leivinworlh, who vv inn to have
charge of the Institution, In whl h the nt
torne) gctiprnl took a klndlv interest
Mr. Harmon teplled tint he wanlel is sit
prlntpndpnt of Hip prison a man who bid
"PPIlt some Vpnrs In nrlson work, nod nil
that he could see wrong In Itamicm for this
place was that he l.i, keel the ivpeil. n.
Otherwise lip thought Mr llniuioti would lie
an Ideal man r.u the pi i e
The itttnrtKV g. tiernl siiel the man In
charge of the institution would be known
as "superintendent" nnd the second man
wool I be e'lillpd w irdpii lps,, , there
vvnttlil be an assistant warden, a physlilin
and two or three other deslrnble pin c
Aftir this explanation .Mr .Martin slid tint
If Kansas could not get the superintend! nt
It would seem tint romp olbe r pliu er
places should go to the state. The attorney
Kener il pcprpsed the belief that Mr. Itan
ium wnull be a good man for warden, for
after having an evperlrncpd in in for su
perintend! tit, be coul I relv on him for the
rneral management. In this connection
.Mr Martin said th it Prink liable of Leav
enworth, w.int.d a vostion in the institu
tion ami that Dr tlillin. of Dickinson
rountv, dpsr, ,1 to be plivsieim. hut he did
not know tnat Mr lliinnon would lake the
"oeotiel pine is warden The conference
encb 1 with Hie un n rstandlng tint Mr
M irlin should . ill ni, iln n t week nnd
thiv would know the situation better .Mr
Harmon IntlmttPil plnltib thu he wanted
to give Kansas nt h it one of the plai e s,
but the positinn of siiierltitendetit will like
ly go to J. M Prindi, of Indiana
A sunt Orgiiilitlnn Wlilili Vlnj Pin) mi
Important Part In the Polltiis of
Ibe I utiittr).
Washington, Julv 12 (Spcclnl) The
Sllvpr Knights of AniPtlca Is the n imp of
a secret org miration tint may pliv nn
important pirt In Hie political work ot
the countiy. It Is hp.ided l Sen itor
Stewart as pres,Pnt, niiel the org ml7 1
tlon Includes most or the cMretnc silver
men of the entmtiv
Like most seeiet organi.itlons, there Is
n Html which has bee n prepued bv one'
who has bud nn evperienee with see let
otganlz itlons and who has added some
n. w fen titles Ladles are to be admitted
I ills calls for soc I il reituies in the order.
Inieiieleel to make it nil the mute pnpul.ii
The plan Is to get is in inv people of
the couture as possible to make sliver
the- only issue 'I he votes of th. organic i
tlon ale to be elite cteil In the nintlei of
voting exeluslvilv hi the Interest or ft"e
(oblige of sllvir t mhcis are to be
taken rrom nil pulitbnl oiganisMtlons ml
the pledges are to be sin h as to In lit e
the in to vote ns the think and talk cm
It Is proposed to evlend the orginlzatlon
ns fat ns possible. In the. Cistern states as
well as the West. In fut, lending silver
men believe tint mission uj woik in the
Hast is one of the things to do it this
lime Hv seeming a few Iboustnd lnb
peiulent sllvei votes In each st it. In the
Past It is believed that the regular patty
conventions will be mote Ilk. ly In pay
some ntt.nl Ion to the eiucstlon. and it Is
hoped to Induce one pf the pit ties ti take
the question up and handle il in i boll
rishlon. It Is not thought tlio oruin ithm
will tint up s pint, tickets iinl, ss It ap
pears Hi it ueltlii r i ltiillil ites or pln-
iu(ui, e,i .iii iiiiic lire lavunilill lo sil
ver Pmler so, h , in must line r Inlcpemlent
tiikets mav lie put un as i mutest against
the action t lken b the ptrtles This con
dition Is not like Iv to npp. ar in the We st
ami In few loeilltlih In the Cist outside
the Immediate inline m , nf Wall street
Illl'i Olijpct to Hie lie tollieliil hy Mm
Iv His is SI He s i ni a r Un I ni
VI iv lie Vtnillll.il.
Topeka, Kas, July 12 (Pii elal 1 Some
weeks ago the Mate sinttaiv boaid np
polnled two cattle inspectors whcis. dtttv
It be. lino to Inspeet ail . itlle sblpp. d int.i
Kansas from Tovas, New Meic,i Vilnm
or anyvvhi.ru fiom the South win r. inf.,
tion wns feared. I'or tills Inspection i f e
of 2 cents pet bend has been cbiti, I
against tlio lmnortcis VI any . ompliints
Troni lattle shippers hive !, , n ti.elve 1
by Uovernor Muirlll, of this lee, an I to
day he pallid the bu inl foi e ousiijt uinn
It appears the boa id lias bun chn-,111.;
tills Ico for all .utile itispeiteil, win Hi. r
thpy came from an unln iltliv lountiv ui
not. and It is like Iv tint the conference
will result In some tnoellll iitlon of this ln
MHCtton sjstem. No ordc 1 to tI1.1t elfcct
has as jet been Issued.
A I'orrp of Clerks Is Nni, Hnslly Compiling
the ICc liiiiis for Publication
Itenll III (le telle, r.
Topeka, Kus., July 12 (Special ) Once
In each teu-)eai ppilod Kanasis t ikPfa nn
exhaustive census of her populitlon. In
dustiles. etP. This woik is perfumied by
township trusties, but tho compilation Is
ajs-iiKni to the secictnry or tho state
bo.ir.1 of ngrlcultuie The eptistis wns t ik
on by the trustees In .Match list, and llf
teeti cbrks me now 1 nruged In the spc
let.irj s olllie at the state house compiling
the re.tuiuH by nun ties. It is a lileorlous
tusk, as the 1 e iraus goes Into the minutest
details ot firm prudm Is and launot be
coninletPit beiore October The lTnlte.1
Stlte-s taken its census In the deeadPS end
ing with '0," while K iniriis tike hers In
tho deputies ending with '5," .md between
tho two a complete census is obtained ev
ery live jcsirs
Vlr. Harrison Nut 11 I'ri xblentl ,1 Aspirant,
but He vVnilhl Not lire line 111,.
I'lilted s,,,s Se 11 ilnrsblp.
New York, July 12 A local paper sts
nnent the visit of ex-I'iesident Harrison
to New Vork und tho Adirondicks
"It was reported in this city th.it ex
I'resident llairlson had taken to tho polit
ical woods, .and that o teams c vnnot drag
him to the Hi publii in nomination for
piesident This aunouin 1 nient t reported
to como ftom tlio e piesident himself
through the volie of e-Dlslrlit Attorney
Slmliy N Chamliers, of Indianapolis, In
conversation with Itepublienn leaders In
this cits it is given out thnt Ml llairl
son, however, would not decline ,1 seat in
tho United States benatu."
A Young Mull (11 ts ITp 11 VI irhinn for Can
, tiling I'liiettige stiiinps.
Washington, July 12 -(Special) First
Assistant I'ostiuaster Ueiieral Jones has
received a letter from I'ostmaster Heed at
Kansas C'ltv, siatlng that a joung man
there lias invented a stumping machine
and wants tho cbpirtment to advance him
money to perfect it and get It ready to be
adopted by the government Sir. Jones
s.ia It Is Impossible to apply any public
funds In that direction, but he would bu
glad to hear of the Invention being com
pleted and would like to have Mr Heed
elescrlbe It In a report to the department.
There Is great need of a good cheap stamping-
machine; man) of those machines in
use uro held at such cvoibitant rents that
tho government allows the work to bu
done by hand.
He leu (iould In Ni. hit. 1.
Wichita, Kas, July 12 (Special) Miss
Helen (Iould, of New York, and party put
In the afternoon driving through Wichita,
wheru she was lovallv entertained. She
said she was delighted with the gieat
plains of ICansas. She visited all the places
of Interest in Wichita and made herselt.
tiiiiiiiiiiivr nouulur with, the txojjle,
I'll 1013 TWO OIONTS.
ICVNsUCltv, Mo, July I. w,
7VmI.ii ttv loot 0r Hit ufnlir li bf flfr niefl
Trminntture uoltnliViMtnlmuiii, A3; rlM-
mum, 2
1,000 Pairs
of the Finest Hand
Sewed Bench Made
Sample Shoes
Begins here iHonday.
SALK of iMcn's Slioui over Iioltl in
tliis city will begin heio
Momliiy, when vm) will
offer f 1,000 worth of
tho Illicit lianil-auwotl,
licuch-iu.iilo IMon's Shot's
for f 2,000. Wo spcuroil
tho t'litiro sniuplu lino of
;t Iciniiiig
Now K up
land bllOU-
m.ikur, 1,
000 pairs
in nil, and
tlnw go at
about fifty
cents on tlio dollar.
In nuking theso satnplcs tho man
ufacturois st'lect tho iinost skins and
put their host workmen on them, and
as :i result the finest Shoes wo got,
are tho samples.
A (.oason's .supply is none too
miiiiy when yon can buy tho finest
y.00 Shoo tor.!. OS
and that's what
you can do here
ill on day.
Wo are going to
demonstrate to the men ol Kansas
City that our power in buyim and
soiling oYlends to theni as it docs to
their wives and daughteis, that their
interests are our iutoicsts, that wo
are always on the alert to give them
tho benulit of a fortunate) purchase.
In this big lot of .Sample bhocs
you will iiml all
kinds, all M.es,
and at the most
altraetivi prices.
As tiierc aro nun
sin ill sizes linu your bos iiom 13
yens old and we will take care of
them also. Hem's wli.it you will
Men's I, melius H..1 .,t nt I., it hep
Sillies, l.Ke, lillllull and c illgless Iin-
don, uur and .seiiiie tms, : ir full
elie.ss and site, t wear, the tine st bene h-
in.tile Ehoe?, vvorlli
.!!:.!:. $3.98
and ?S, far
Men's Tan Itussl.a, Calf Shoes, all tlm
new .shapes, Brninio, medium point und
needle tilers, and the populat sh ides,
both llprht and dnrk, vvoi Hi iC -.Q
$.-, and ill, for 4-J. iJO
.Men's Yankee Slippers in Itusbl.i leather,
sealbkiu and donKcilii, tan. black ami
red, notlt Droail und pointed toe s.
worth up to ?l.00 a pali,
for ,
Meu'rt l'tenclt Calfskin and Coniovat
s, uiuht all
Shoes, rsror and nqtiiup toes, moht all
liiind pew ed nnd bench llu- tD.-, Q
islicii, wotth $i and f, for. pJiti)0
MVm' I'lcncli atitonU Calf 0.fnriK
If ONfeinls
itnr. vvoitli
ealskln CK
its, pointed
Welted soles, for street wear, vvoitli
J100, lino and $5 00
.Men's tan llussla Calf and heaiskln ck-
foiel Ties anej lrlnco Albeits, pointed
ami bitunrn toes wotth
up to $5, for
Men's I'atent Leather and Doiigola C)-
oiigola C)
vltii turned
forei.s and Danclni; l'urnps, with tinned
soles, vvoitli J3 00, f 1 00
ami ja 00, for
w suceeiturs 10 V
r.Ni:. Miiuur. iitinuv ..,
hA,S Vllt. l.l'SIIS IS.NtlT ASIUT1',
'I bo I (iiidoii ( briuili le'1 CoiuineiitA snvore
I) tin tin. A111I1 lis iilur,
I.ondon.July 12. The Clironlclo this morn
Ins has an editorial commenting on Unit
ed States Ambassador I'ustis' explinntloa
of bu talk with a representative of tho
1'arls I'iguro. The Chronicle s,.i)s: "If he
is reauy unfiling, uu we can s ly is that
he is tho only person to whom the Incident;
nitsciiU itself as a subject for merriment-.
We need hardly taj that It would bo im-
lossiblu for him to admit that he evnresseit
such un opinion und retain Ids nost.
'J he Chronicle's editorial concludes that
M, ltoutler Is evidently a gentleman of
considerable astuteness ami that Is more
than an j one can say for Mr. Uustls.
I air at Kcick l'nrl, VIo,
ltock l'ort. Mo., July I! (Special.) The
only fair in Atchison county this e.ir
will be bell nt Hack Pert, Mo, commenc
ing August 27, und closing on tho Sot li
ttle week following the Maitland fair. This
will be the eighth annual meeting und
promises to be the most successful. J.
Young, at Hock l'ort, Mo., Is the secre
tra). Many receipts as published still call for
cream of tartar and soda, the old-fashioned
way of raising. Modern cooking and ex
pert cooks do not sanction this old way.
In all such receipts the Itoyal Baking i'ow
iii,r. sasuli be gufestUutsd wiUeut & .
Km A
riSf ll
k ItefZ
I vial
r i all
i Mlts,
.' f.et
'- HZ.
in RS
i. Jfc.
vo '

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