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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, July 13, 1895, Image 4

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in Ksnsss City,
Mnll Matter.
Triilli i1 Inti.
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tally fair and wirmr,
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i interpreted by Detnn
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m hi can do something
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i i. ill it i "distance
1 i 1 sit i. than In
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'' -: C .-. man was
! -Mid that Is why
tuiiekv these !oj'8.
iii y are apparently
mountains up to
. irm-r resort prices.
ii.inc which ((truck a
m the other day didn't
is, for reasons easily tm-
li'Oc .
n h it a travesty on Justice It Is when
1 1, in thieves can go Into the highest
nit in the state and have their thefts
I gi'lzod.. .
i i the presidential race Governor Mc
K If v is the only contestant who
so n.s to have availed himself of the
t leg start.
T"- ikes and parrots are not noted for
t i r soaring habits, but the Iowa Tie
1 ihii an ticket will do some high Hying
i . rthcless.
Ti o rumor that Mr. Cleveland had de
t,l I to name It Llliuokatafil hag not
j been successfully traced to Con
gr.sman Boutclle.
it is thought thut Pike's peak Is 1,100
t ' higher than has heretofore been
supposed. It may be. This has been a
5,1 it growing season.
Democratic convci.tion at Wichita
treated to b'1 '.rmllk by ex-Gv-i.
! Lewelllnr .u loust, that's what
kegs we ' 1'ic 1.
T'ic horro - ' i il war i fullv I
I ,i(i wr j i rcii 'i ' i ki n
I tin- last i" .n in h M n
uere k 'rgli
' the J) .! n KrtO ' ''t.
' mded i -hts in . t-
' i v bro' i '.the in t'
' i tar it' i ii-1 1 '
.' ' n " ' -1 ( i ' i ! i v. r
1 i ..ffl li i' - "i it
1 tile i it i i' i .i
' inj ' ' i nvl ' i
i - III ill '1, - Ill
iS ' , I A m I I
is lid -til,
r I'llt i . 1:1, -
!" 1 ,i i ' 1 a
' ' I Id Hi.-
i t( -mi ' ,-
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" I li i urts
it i hardly n-' t " scr !
t imy the rej ' that I
'Hi only dbiut rii.Ot
l-..iiis.is City. Jlo , hua t r
in 1 Kansas City, K"-. has .ii
' t,
i- 'HS
' ' UiH
i urn tn i ,
'111 5" I KM
in hi For all jmrpufcr-M qf (,-, t Uis,,u
Hi. two cities are on, a mrt- ju iym
ii j sittte line running slong the in ui..
-. a street being insufficient to prawni
1 1 mar urban unity. lei us not call a
C' of 00,000 it town of 150,JM, especially
v :. u it it our own i lly.
Miss Anthony 'omjil.iliis that th Kaa,
i . i iiimr did not give sufhelent support
i ihu wuuiuu yuffragu aineudmunt in
t iut uuiijMign. This complaint u nut
viih ut fuuiidutiun. The dly tf rc
. ' miiig ihu statu ftoni ikstruetive iud
iii-Biaceful I'oi'Ullrtt rtibi was im urgent
i1 .it est-ry patrMle vapr felt ton
ni ilind to devott) Its energies to th
i fie great Uu. The Uepublb?sn en
l nil the campaign wlttt uu i-ya single to
I'. puiUt iK-throncnient. "ThU one thij(
vi du," ihey .aid, and they dUlu't n,
tempt idulU le. Prohibition, woman
ruliutfe and all other lde lUc wele
fcllb 'I 'III .l'i i l III" ! alOLMl. '1 f ti
fcia'i ! 'li' il' - ntli' n ' '
( I T 1 'l i I ' ill 1 f
uX vui,U .u v ii - t r
In roupltnf lh JlufTrl(t", enuse with the
PnpHlUt catlso undonblidly lIllBllsted flit
Heimlillvan editors ami iooIcaI the en
thtislnsm of thow who were In pympnlhy
Mh the amntmnt. tf the Kansns
Vlffrage leader Bad been left alone In
The management of the o.imtmlRn no
such blunder wnutd have been Cointnlt
led mid the women of Kansas Would
now In Alt probability be Iull-nded
voters, clothed with all Ihc ltowprs of
rltlitenshlp. These mav be unplessunt
truths, but Ihey nre truths ttvtt'Uie
less. M--M--,
MM' Hi j'lll.l.OU KKMHOKVi
It is practically settled that Missouri
frerrmcrafs will have convention. The
ettckoo rrrWd lias ptayed Its last trump
card aftitlnst It, and ean now do nothing
more, it is believed, than to stave off
the day of meeting to as late ft lime ns
losili The sliver element In the lmrty
Is liti'iiioKtlniiably lnritely In the mJor
II). nti.l It is proposrd to Interpret the
true moaning of the financial plank In
the state platform of two years asfo. In
bis addrtss on the Fourth, at Hoehe
port, Mtnti- Trc-nurT Stephens, who Is
one of the ory ablest flemocrats In
Missouri and a llnamlcr with an envl
nhle reputation, said'
"In mir lot etnte platform we ttwniirht
W hnrt dm-Ured for free eolnage of ll-ef
at i ro of is to t. The opposition, how
ever, lili(l-rlke to nut a different con
struct ton upon the plntporrn Also, some
Miiiiirlti fnom that number, who are
il'Tix'v.'ly iltKinrlnotovl 'viickotw. ha-e hart
themwtves IMen-lewed in the Bit to the
enV. t thut notify in Missouri except a
iiw isivoTAui imcKwooastnen i lor iren
mlnnao. Thee"' tliihB have conspired to
Antmwe artronic cmr !emoern.t a drtterinlna
tkm to demonstrate tht the party In .MIh
nourl J squarely and unmistakably Iti
favor of the free coinage at the ratio of 16
to i."
The same representations were mode
In regard to the situation in Kentucky,
and then the emissaries of the national
administration went to work with the
army of postmasters and revenue agents
to pack the convention.
Dave Francis Is authority for the as
sertion that the Missouri convention
will also he handled for the single stand
ard, and that the result In Kentucky will
make the job an easy one. But Treas
urer Stephens thinks otherwise. "While
I have great love for old Kentucky."
say he, "I do not think Missouri tins to
go there for tips as to how we should
conduct the politics of our state, no more
than we ought to go to Great llrllain
for tips as to how we should conduct the
financial afTalrs of this nation." And
that is the sentiment that will be relied
upon to checkmate the Cleveland move
in this neck of the woods.
"The Democrats of Missouri are to
day disorganized as they never have
been before," says the state ttousuror.
He favors the convention because he
wants to see the work of reorganization
begun immediately; but It will be one
thing to meet and another thins to
agree. There was no agreement in Ken
tucky add there will be none In Missouri.
The gold Interests are in the warfare to
a finish. The leaders fully understand
the desperate strait they are In, and
are prepared to sacrifice parties and
everything else to extend their monop
oly of the people's money.
The Kansas corn crop, like the his
toric peach which is so iirtlmntely asso
ciated with the untimely end of
Johnny Jones and his sister Susie,
keeps on growing and the ilgures
which represent the ultimate yield have
to be revised about once a week. At
the present rate the multiplication table
will have to be enlarged before the crop
is gathered. It has got so that a dis
crepancy of u. million bushels or so is
looked upon as u mere clerical error
and a hot wind or drouth that would
cut the crop down by a couple of million
bushels would not be an irreparable
Injury by any means.
Tho yield Is now estimated to be
ne.ir 401,000,000 bushelB. To readily
grasp the significance of such figures Is
In 'hiblc. An approximate Idea may
b) ill r-rid by recapitulating the re
st. - iii' figuring done by a Topeka
si ' i vhlch is of exceeding in-
tt ' Hi- crop were loaded Into
r i luiihels to a wagon, and
tl ,i' i' id ten abreast, allowing
t i to each, there would be
a ' u.i'i us, ten abreast, reaching
fi . ,i- il. to San Francisco,
. i ii wile loaded Into ears, f00
lv i ii .ir, ihere would be u double
li - .uhiug fiom Xew York to
S i i i 1-. i
i i i ii .mother way, If there were
n . h us av.iilablu and only one
ti , ' j Hum Xew York to Sun
K .i i I'd in secured, It would re-
n ..I wagons, five abreast,
e " in New York to San Fran-
c i' i' -I "it the rest of tho crop.
i ii"i liti.shels of corn for feed
li -' i ,nd two hogs, the crop
y, . n.,; i.ooo cattle and ,760,000
I onK tne corn crop. When
y i i . nynre on tho wheat crop
ii' ti'i"is in the prosperity of
tl - . il r Mate, every Populist
b 1 1 iv Kepubllean thanksgiving
u i 'n Mk.ij-'i's float off into the air
li i ' n. ,.i j.PhUlentlol Insects.
two Mil. III! IMJ.UlLlb I'Ol; (JOOD.
! linv in progress two ponven-
t .' i. u distant portions of the
t in 1 ..f wtdel different charac.
ti i tne great convention of the
i i 1. avoir Society in Boston
ii !. tho splendid meeting of
t i i i ,1 Kducatlonal Association at
r I'.e attendance at both the.o
e Is hirgei th.in ever before in
t i i .iy of the respective arganlss-
t' ad tiieir clrile of influence is
v iiig with remuikable rapidity. This
li ' ,iti(.e is hopeful and beui-llclul: t i.
c iiulated to counteiact many of the
tendinch that work for evil In the
skUjI life of the nation and to operate
as a safeguard aganiat danger (hat
come from both within snd beyond the
gates uf f'afctlti UarUcn
The spiures of iftuit which are the
Hold oi tlie. iivo orgnniiiattons are
diistinr.t, but they are more than this.
They re coinpVmentary. The work of
the National Kducatiijn.il Association Is
the Iraprovuitifnt of mt-tho4s of Iiisiiuct
tiun, the tiitailuJtiin of tht Wst
ih iiiBbi of Hie t -t iducaturs of the
i i'i n mi hi-i i.j which .hall work
Ju u...rf. , ;, . i. ir .-ml of th country
to the other. TW cuiufentrailuii ami
rondnisation of skill and exptfrleiKf i,(
the abitnit iduittr4 and the consenueni
arousing uf ttui mli mi j on) of th. rank
and flle t4riul but MUt the cau y(
uluiallon un Imn.-iu ami most helpful
iiuieiiiH !- i. ii a v. ik ii lroirtunt l)
!:' i i d4llOB and that
I . casing suectsa is
AUdg - 4ffrM, but, as has
been sug-.ii - .plnMwi4ry line, thu
CfcrUtutn Knd'i. r tofti'eiaioq i mtul
iliU out 4ll ovtr -U- t-oustry a tldi of
ii -1 i i' i i , c
i u I i
Til" pertscle of hrH "," nno til' inbeis
nf tho ..lt,v fialher'il in oik ii' l
one i i i in enei n Mielnpr a II i on. of
the niot rematknble, signs of the Hmrf
t.rtilii.MAti: iti'.st'ii.
nrrliody rejoices that w,ie sre
advam ing. if the figures nre correct
that mte than rt million woiklngmen
hav hud their sy ralrd during (he
present s.Msofi, there Hte Jlll that many
loller who win testify it) the fact that
the teptldlrttlOM of the calamity breeders
by the elections nf the imst yeni lias
already borne rich frttll.
Tlie netnocMlle press Is . unit In the
expression nf Joy at the fact that the
bottom of the depression brought on by
the folly of their party luis been reached
nnd that the tide 1ms turned, but they
stop short of the nttttiivhleilffmrnt or
the cause for II It Is the practice of
the wideawake business man to discount
the future In his transactions so fur ns
he thinks he may safely do so. If lie
believed there was n. possibility that
the rule of ruin, under which he was
compelled to (rim Ills expenses to the
Very lowest ImMlblo limit, was to be
continued lie would not take the chances
or adding 10 per cent to his wngo list,
Itut according to the reports published
the employers of n million men and
women have done so, nnd the Inctensc
was voluntary. There Is no uceoiint
of strikes or threats of strikes In con
nection with the movement. They re
gard the good sense of the American
people as being measurably safe to
trade on.
There is n certainty that for two yenrs,
t any rate, the Wnr waged by the
Democracy on Industry nnd trade has
got to stop, Thnt fact alone is good
for one-half the benefits already real
ized. It will be only by an unprece
dented blunder by tho liepubltcnn party
that the last remnant of the Incompe
tent nnd un-Aincrlcnn crowd will not
be ousted boots ami breeches tit the next
election. The regeneration will then be
complete, and It Is that ptospect, with
the single shadow of doubt In the pie
mtses, that accounts for tho other half
of the Increase which has been made
In wages. When it Is all done nnd p.ist
condition are restored tho recovery
will be complete.
mi.iii:jiiiiv is citi)iMi:i).
It is no new thing to produce proof
that speculators and slock gamblers arc
favored with tips from somebody con
nected with this administration. The
history of the administration has been
ono of favoritism nnd undue advan
tages being enjoyed by those who were
on the inside and hud a pull. I'ubllc
olllcc has been regarded as a private
snap and the friends of high olllcinls
have frequently had advance In
formation that gave them n de
cided advantage in their speculating
enterprises, llore than one high olllco
has been besmirched with the bcitndals
that have been provoked by this prosti
tution of olliclnl position involved In
tho giving of tips which plmce the
friends of the obliging olliclals on the
right side, of tho market.
The Xew York speculators In grain are
making a big "toar" because somebody
gave out tips on the government crop
report. It does not 'tend to increa.se
the respect of the average citizen for
the highest oillclals of the country to
have such charges made nnd proved.
The grain gamblers ought to bo tho
last persons assisted by information
which comes direct from one of tho
great departments of the government.
Somebody connected with the agricult
ural department Is either dishonest or
incompetent perhaps both.
A HII.Vi:it .0".NTKV.
In the Washington Post of the 10th
inst. we find un interview with Mr, O.
P. McCarly, general trnvellng agent of
the Southern Pacific railroad and Mor
gan steamship lines, and clip from it the
"If I were to have a choice of Hummer
residence I'd take the City of Mexico be
fore any other spot I know of. I wus down
there recently and had lo sleep under a
heavy blanket eveiy night Mexico is in
very good condition In a business and finan
cial way, and its people are enjoying a
higher degiee of pruspeilty than at uny
time In the lust twenty-five years."
It is the last sentence we especially
want to call attention to that Mexico
Is enjoying a prosperity higher than she
has for n quarter of a century. Mexico
Is a silver state her standard money
Is silver ond If she Is mouometnl at
all it is silver monometallism.
We also want to call attention to the
fact that tho United States was pros
perous as long as silver was a money
metal as It Is In Mexico, and that since
its destruction as uoh nnd the estab
lishment of a gold basis by the treasury
disaster and ruin has overtaken our
people. Why? Silver Is the money of
the masses of mankind, while gold is
only the money of the few the usurers
of the world. Mexico Is profiting by our
"A Midsummer Night's Dream" hss met
with such favor at Fairmount park that
the management has decided to keep the
attraction on another week. The attend
ance has increased nightly and the spa
cious theater has been will filled, and tho
appreciation ha been decirivdly demon
strative. The uuiaciivent'i. uf the open
air theater and the light and airy novelty
presented, make this a paiticulaily dur
able place lo spend an evening, especially
s light refrenhmenia are nerved on the
firoinenude, where eim smoking does not
nteffcro with the Hullm who occupy thu
panpiette and the dnuu clnli.
There will be u iwrrnnnum i of "A Mid
summer Night's Uioiiin" this afternoon,
but there will bo no performance to-morrow.
The matinet' pei rormam e will be
given with darkened theater, o that tho
electrical effect), will be the same as at uu
evening perfoimnnct.
It I now practically decided that Walter
Piimroscir. New York season (it iKrman
opera nest March Will be held in the Acad,
einy of Mutlc When Mr Danuonch re
turns in'M month the 'Oiilimis with
Xlibin. minora ami Toinpkiim will be
signed Mr. Dumrosi h naturally wanted
his company to appear at the Metropolitan,
but as Messrs. Abbey. S'-hoetiel at fjrati
fixed upon u, rental that was prohibitory,
double that of last year, he had to look
elsewho. Humors have been iiirieni of
late in uiuslcul i Irele. that although I'rau
ielns Ktafsky u"'l Tcrnlnu had announced
to s4ng under the Damrosch banner it wus
not unllUely thi-y would lie heard under
different auspices. This is emphatically
denied bv Jlr. Dumroscji. The (untrucu
wllh both at list, have been t.lb'ni"l and
the advai.e money deposited. Fruuhln
KlufsKy is under t-ngauvnienl to I'olliul, of
llumbuig. but Ihui linpieswirlo has givm
tier peiinUiion to mine to tills cuiiutry tor
live inoullu In tilt case of Fruuleln Tel
Mlua, tur foreign engagement uie such
that i'i"- will be unable to Join Mi. Ham
rost'hV lun is until January 1. Mr liain.
ivie'h's ag-i lit Is iiuw abioad in scai'h f
a U-uui and it tlilid piiin.i doiiiiu. -Mine
Huiinu Humes would IIK-j to come, but her
limited Wagnerian rt-peitolie Is uguiust
her -Mine. Nurdtt a is also uvullubli-, but
it is Hot uullUelv Hie IioIch will fall else
where tuber 'igageiiients iilieady made
liuliiue 1'ijulfiii liudskl. llurr (iruenlug.
inor; l Mtr 1'upovhl, bailtone; llerr
Kuilt Fisvbvr, Iwsso: I'onrud llshieus.WIII
liu iler tins and Jiariuu Iterthliold
,i b-l n-J " i ' '
I oiik I wrjlliini; In slulil.
A bui-jlar enteied the liqine of " (!oI
n ti "i no Piu-pi i iM-uie. at an euily
I . i liv iik.i i ,, u .nwi r-ai i led awa
, Itit ' ..Hung ' Oll-llllig of
,ni i r"ti ers on I sv irs
51 ". 'hrce wgarn and a plug
I ct ' ' a xi.
A t-oinp.uiy lt.i((. ,r chlnmn t'npllnllM
I nrmed in llrvi lup the ltourie
nf the tniinlri.
A company lias been organized In
Cblrngo to work the oil fields nf the
Imllnti Territory. The grent mineral te
Wlirves of tlmt lrclnn hsve been known
for some time, but on nceutiiit of the
dlillciilly nf neeen and the Inability of
white men to obtain brants fiom the
Indian governments nothing has been
done truvnrd their development. In Kan
sas and Aikitnsiis, dlieelly on the bor
der or the Indian lands, ilcli oonl mlne
liuve been opened and nmny oil wells
)wit winter a number of Chicago cap
lUIIsts sent a prospector through the
Cherokee and Mtukogov tintlons. lie
snent several months trnvellng through
the country and on his return leporfed
that there wus n vnst quantity of "II
nnd coul In the Okmulgee, Mukogee,
Kurnula and Deep Folk districts nf the
Muskogee, commonly called the Creel;,
The prospector was then deputed a
loblnlst, and after laboring through n
session of the house of warriors mid
house of kings of the congress of the
Creek nation ho succeeded In obtaining
n grant of over l,fnonoo acres nf land, Tho
Muskogee Oil unit lias Company was In
rnrnornicd with a capital stock of fl.uoo.
000, most of which bus been silbsrilbed
In tJhlctigo. Tho promoters of the com
mny expect to begin operations within
a few mouths tintl the machinery will
bo snipped from Chicago in a shoil
A. P. McKellop, attorney general of
tilt? Creel; nation, and a number of the
most pinmlnenl kings and warriors of
the Indian congress are Interested in
the company.
Oil and gas was first struck, in tho
Indian Territory many years nqo In
liorlng for suit, It was not required
to bore to any great depth, ns Is the
case In tho fields of Pennsylvania and
Ohio, and it Is said that oil and gas
can bo more cheaply obtained In the
territory than In any other section of
the country. The Creek liutlon retains
the proprietorship of all mineral lands
within Its borders, demanding n ioulty
from all companies which are given
grants. The royalty on coal Is fixed
by law ut C cents a ton, on rock and
stone at .I cents n ton, on oil 4 cents a
barrel of fifty gallons, on natural gns
tXi a year for each well from which
gas Is Mild and on nil other minerals r.
per cent of the value of such minerals
at the place of production.
An assay of ltlbtlcatlngoll found In the
Crerlc nation compares favorably with
that round In India, which Is considered
the best In the world, and contains it
larger per cent of lubricating fluid than
any other oil of Its kind found In
Natural (las Constantly Kcnplng.
Emll Hlose, who obtained the grant
from the Creek national council and
who has lived In the nation fir n-veinl
months, said that traces nf oil an.', coal
hud been discovered In n!m4t every part
of the Creek lands. At one place nn Ural
gns Is constantly oi-ouplng In latge
quantities nnd the oldst Inhabitants
lelatc that this gas was one used ns
n beacon light on the prairie
"It has been long known." Mr. Uleo
said, "that coal, oil and gas exist In
great quantity In the Indian Territory,
and nmnv effort i have been made to
obtain grants and work the fields, but
until recently the richness of the fields
was not known outside of a few ac
quainted with the country nnd who ap
preciated the value. Has and nil have
been found only -"0 feet from the sur
face. In boring for cult olt hns been
found which spoiled the s'llt and the
wells were abandoned. In the Musko
gee tho .facilities for transportation ate
probablv better than In any of the five
Indian "nations. Three tailroads run
through tho land nnd the Canadian
liver provides it waterway to tho Mis
sissippi The dllllcuttles of carrying the
oil and co;il ftom the legion have been
over estimated .Should oil lie found in
great quantities it would be an easy
matter to extend three or four great
lallway systems into the tcriitor. X'p
to date onlv the crudest machinery has
been used In working the fields and the
meager results that have been obtained
are not surprising.
Ilidb-vcd tn He the lllchrot In the Country.
"Some think that the oil fields of the
Cherokee and Muskogee nations -are the
richest In the country. The cheapness
of obtaining the oil is an incentive to
experiment. At the deepest one would
have to drill only about S0O fe.-t, while
In Pennsylvania It is required to go
down from IM" to 2.100 feet. The ex
haustion of the Pennsylvania, Ohio nnd
Indiana fields is considered only a ques
tion of time. When the supply In those
districts is gone it will be necessary to
look elsewhere, ..nd In my opinion the
Indian Terrltoty will develop tho richest
oil producing district in America."
I li., VVniiitiii'H edition.
Anrtther one of our exchanges, the Kan
Riis City Journal, sends to the Pot n
Fourth of July woman's edition. It Is n
twenty-four page imper and there Is a
patriotic first p.n-"- with a ut of the .star
Spangled Uanm-i" printed in color. There
It) a pago devtd to W. C. T. V. Interests
and ono to the Miffrngtsts. tho department
mit for which h - tho sentlinein. "Liberty
for all. means liberty for woman."
Two pages nre devoted to the various
women's socletl. s nnd dubs of Kansas
City. Tho lltorar department is particu
larly good and i itntaliw an nrtii lo on
"New IJthliv, in Fiction." a defense of
"Tess," "Trllbv" nnd the "Manxman," in
which there Is given n. thoiiffhitul tritt
eisvm of "Trilby, which closes us follows:
"Hut that women have been saved from
themselves, ignoivnt and lovingly foollch,
by men more worl lly wleo .and wrong nnd
hind withal Is net nn unheard of tliiiiK,
una i quite a po-'Jlblo means to the end
of a. bou r ethical wuitus for men as well
as women "
The odltlon Ih published under the direc
tion of the Kanns City W. C. T. U.. as
sisted by other lo nl rocletlew.
("rili-ni'ii and Igiiomnie,
Philadelphia InnJirerr The Kansas city
(Mo) Tunes-, wi ieh, It may he incident
ally rtmaiked, is n Democratic newspaper,
says that "In l'hl'adelphla, which gives a
Itepublhan majoil y of about CO.OflO, no nc-
ro has ever been allowed to go Into a pub
c or private Heator or oc upy a heut
among iho whites in a street mr"
There is - mu h crossness and Ignor
anee In that paragraph us if it had been
written by some foreign tourist. If the
editor will conn to Philadelphia he will not
only find himself riding In elevators and
street uiri by the side of his iolored brotli-er,-i.
but if lie sin uld, by any chance, be
led lo commit it breach of the peace, he
would niori. than likely have the good
luck to be s. in let to the station liouia by
a nero polif '-iruin
t'nmplhii! ill" the IVoiiiun's edition,
Mr. J W. fllee.1, writing from New York,
sitis: "I want lo wiy that 'the Woman's
edition was exceedingly line. It w.m some
thing to be pioud of. It is much better
than any woman's edition I have setn,
and I happen to have sih-ii nearly a doiui
from different iltles. The only article J
have read throng). Is 'Nt w Jlluli i In Fic
tion.' signed il. i" Montague Winch. It
is a wondtirlully sound, well-wiltien pleie
of criticism. I should like to congratulate
tho wrkter upon it "
lliir Mliihtly lnjiinil.
At 2 o'clock yesterdav afttrnoon Clar
ence Franklin Iletil, a 10-year-old colored
buy, fell from a no-th bound Tioost avenue
cubic car at Twenty-second street He was
il, Kid up in an unconscious condition mid
taken to his lionie, near Twenty-fourth
suvet and Mlchiguti avenue, in thu pollcu
ambulance. Assistant Pollie Surgeon I.au.
don revived him lleyoud a small fc-u-li In
the foiehead, he s -aped (njiil).
hLrvltcsiit V, M, C. A, Turk.
Tim Y. il I'. A seivliex' next Sunday
uf in noon ui 4 o'i lock will be icuiducltd
ut i ho ulhletk pailJ. Tweltth mid I'uiter
load. Chess Kinli, ihe evangelist mush lull,
will play hl gollen comet. II. l-'iank
llutts, tlie evangdlst riuger, will sing
some of his luiu h.ng solus He will also
sneak on the subject, "Mm With Withered
lino l.eggtil lllvyrlu Itbler Injured.
Thomas Hullev. a professlomil onc-lcgncd
blcytlc ridir. fill fiom his whtil at Kif
teenth and Campbell strei i- ut $ W o lo, k
Ih t nlfcht an I '1 lo uted Ins I. ft i .p. Tin
r. di i amb ilaii' arriel him io poll e
h adipiarter , wn-re Pull e Surgeon Hj J.
r'du ed the df '-"atlon and cnt him n
the tity hospital for further trvatment.
HOW ID lll!T PAltKt.
Snlutlnn nt a I'rnlilrm lo lie 'oiled bj Hie
( Itlrtus nf Kaunas Utri
To tho IMltnr or the Journal.
Th" iiti hns iioe. the levsl machinery
In gooil wotkum oiler to make psrhn and
lioulevuids h- hss In mpeTnbundn e
Iduffs. hollows, hills end ravines, of whl h
JO mke the much needed improvements
These proissrlv millied nnd mantpulflted
would nviKr Km.i City one or-lf n't
the mrst heniitlful nd delrble iesldnce
cllles 'n the lountr). and this would mak
her the mosi desirable business lity In
trie .Missouri and vusmMppi vniiey.
The dty has n large much too fsrite for
ine weirspo nno sitrriv or me i viv mini-
lier of men im nrp comiie1l"l to
let- or men who nrp comjiellM to Be idle;
Hit fomneltetf MlenfSSs tfrwis nit nultncnd
the needs of the Idle, but rither crttiles
tmnrin.il appetites of the human stomach,
ir., mon-es all the energies of the mind
to get Fiippll'-s for miturnt tnd unnatural
npjwtltos, dull the senslbllllies of the
tnlnvl. nnd seems in offer a premium to
dishonest) and rime this arms of com
pelled liars, ir pui to work at wagen iion
which they could bo tespecthle,upou jour
blurt's, hills, holKins nnd lavliieei would In
s few sears pmrtm- the results above set
forth and make Knnoas t'ltv the beauti
ful, the desirable Possibly the property
ow liens ff.pl that It would be ltno4ble
to rnle the monev required to put this
nnny M work, undir present eondltlonH
or business, and, therefore, might the
proposition ns well lie dismissed as
ii plea-nut drisjtm, too plenrant tn eon
templete, whole It only brlnms us tuce lo
rop with our Inabllttv to consummate the
i1w1ible end Hut stop! llemember
"Whera thetr's n will fliete's a way." hot
Us hunt for tho vvwy, nnd lis the world Is
ohl. niwl history Ion, let uiy look In this
direction Tor light, Here, we find n rase
which seems to he nnaloRous at least.Thete
Is nn Isle of tiuerris.y, u gulden siol.
anoo iiimii n fltne within the memory of
man the Industrious but poor people of
MiJ's Isle were favored by n rich lu.ui re
siding on the mainland with money to
build a chenp but i oinfortiiblo market
hotifo near the little port rroin'whleli were
shipped the mirpliis prcliicls of the Isle.
In the course of yenrs the Imwc became
rlikoty, nnd one night a wind laid It In
ruins. The citizens hold meetings and Hs
cuod the possibility or securing n new
market house. Albeit, there -was nn old
crank theie. who loldly told them ."the
uiiv tt lmll.1 t, i,,rl.,l Ittun, nil tn lilllld
It,'' Uicn went olT to his cranky tnedltu-
llfltw.' At lnP Mm HtlvcMR rintsllnted 11
co-mmltteo to visit the mainland ond find
some rich person who would become bono
factor No. 2. They returnetl atior a fruit
less search. Another meeting, further do
lit ration, the old crank again uttered his
advice, "lo build " Hut, 6iild the people,
how': Then ho ild: "Let thp the powers
thnt be lsuo market house certificates of
a uniform ?l7.e nnd rimpe and or wnall de
nomination", ond pay thecn for work nnd
mntctlnls; nnd let the people ixiunt him mi
enemy and traJtor ulio refusei lo lend
his old to maintain the credit of the Isle
In this undertaking" With much fear nnd
many doubts on the part of the veh
kneed, the plan was adopted, and It
so improved In actual operation. All peo
ple having anything to sell readily received
it, nnd the lle -o prospered while the
house was under construction the author
ities very much enlarged the plans of the
houi-c, so that when finished It not only
far sui piiMieil the old house, but wn" much
grander than they lm.l over hoped to
have, and the people never knew ith.it It
had cot them n sou.
Another example Is furnNhed by his
tory. To this last there are many living
witnesses. In this country during the dark
dnys of the financial crash which com
mented In 1S73, and has continued with
somotlmes less, sometimes more vloli lice 10
the present time, theie was a little rltv
which grew and prospered so much that
Mho became Hie wonder and envy or tho
country. In 170 she had only ono paved
street, nnd Dial M.ik-ii-dnmd " and nl-mo-it
no sewers: In 1SS0 she hnd nearly
doubled her population nnd Increased In
wealth In a vastly greater rutlo, and was
then tho bet paved and drained city or
her size In tho country. The reason whv
she succeeded while other cities stood still,
or went backwaid. was, omoone had read
the story of the Isle or Guernsey and had
adopted the same methods; that city was
Kansas City, -Mo.
"Hut," siivs some ono, "congress enacted
a law nsalnst tho Issue of any warrant
or note in form and shape resembling a
government or bank note." True, nnd a
just law, made to nrotoot people from be
ing swindled bv- sharpers, but tho law does
not prevent the Issue of one, two or five
dollar public Improvement warrants any
more than It prohibits clearing house cer
tificates, bank drafts and checks. All that
Is needed is to so print them that they
could not be mistaken ror a government or
bank note,-which any good printer can do.
Would It not lie belter to give the Idle
employment thus, than to support them In
idleness, or than giving them work In jails,
work houses and prisons as punishment ror
crimes or misdemeanors, sometimes com
mitted as the only means lert them to get
The ravines, blurfs, hills and hollows
you have continually In evidence. The
Idle men you have, nnd they must eat.
You need the parks nnd boulevards. Thenc
men need the work. Settle li yout.-eir.
You must nnsw-or for It. True, jour Im
provements would cost you little. Assess
ments against property for the work might
be made payable In yearly payments, In
the warrants without Interest, running
twenty years, so that with the Increased
trade and prosperity which the Influx of
capital, tho building of houses with these
warrants, nnd the ready sale of real es
tate, would bring, the end of the twenty
years or less would find the Improve
ments paid for, and the burden so light
that none would feel it. but lather, bless
themselves for being liberal to the unem
ployed. Should you wait until times have Im
proved your Improvements would prob
ably cost you twice as much In money
four times ns hard to get.
"messed Is he that i-cgardeth the poor."
. L. G. J.
Kureka !'t dentl I.tibor Union.
Eureka Federal I.alior Union, No. r.lSS, A.
F. of 1,.. held public Installation ceremo
nies nt Tacoma hull lust night, followed bv
a literary and musical piogrnmme. Though
tho union was oruani.eii Juntiary 1. lib
growth has been most rapid. It now num
bers 100 members, about half or whom are
ladles. It Is Intended for all classes or per
sons who do not or cannot belong to labor
organizations. The Installing ollicer last
night was 1M J. Stein, the olliclnl orpunizer
of the Ami-rltan !' deration of Labor In
this dlstriit. The alllccts installed were:
President, I'. H. Duffy; vice piesldent, rt,
J, ltoblnjon; financial secretary, T J.
West, lecoidlng secretary. I.. A. Hirsch
rtld, treasurer, Miss Jean Drjsdale; guide,
Miss Teresa Altrliurtr, euaidlun, George
1'. Slotle; trustees, Miss llirdle Kgan, Mrs.
Nellie p Steele and Harrj A Fratcher
Following the Installation ceremonies this
proiiramiiiii was gone thiough with:
Mandolin and guitar selei-tlons UJward
Matlsey and Prank Ileniv
Snug and dance XI, J, Kohlneon,
Iteadiiu, Miss Jessie llosslck.
Song JIIss l.'rinlnle Iloulw.ire.
Guitar song Hoy Finer
Hec!lutloiiMrs. P. li. Duffy.
Audi ess i 'buries Marsh, inesldent of the
Aii'hor I'liion, of Kansas City, Kas.
Orliilnul sung T. Ji, West.
Heading Ml-s Hdnn Thomas.
Song Miss Angle Wilcox.
Mandolin nnd guitar selection: Messrs.
Maliney and ll-'iuj.
Hong Miss Jean Drysdale.
Guitar song Hoy Piper,
Addn ss Prank Klllott, president Kansas
City, Mo., Labor exchange.
Many of the participants in the pro
gramme were encoied. Hi-fi eshmeiits were
served and theie was duniing. Thu meet
ing was largely attended.
Simply Aniiiidiif; lliiiihcir.
J. Johnson, agent for tho Suburban Belt
Lino railway, yesterday afternoon tele
phoned to police Iieiidquaiteis for un oftlccr
to come io Second ami Walnut streets,
When the nfllcci arrived ho found a man
with a tirlclatiuson's trowel In his hand,
sticking the trowel thiough the, partly
opined door of a fi light car loaded to the
top with watermelons, Kvcry time the
trawtl was pushed Into the tar It would
itiln n melon, lie was taken to police
heuilqiiaiters, where lie gave his name us
J. li. Moore, and tnld he was simply limits
lug hiiu-eir. lie was locked up on the
charge of malicious mlsehu-1.
I our Mii'lulims Dug I p,
Wichita. Kas., July 12. (Special.) Thom
as J. Illake, a farmer living near Watiko
mis. O. T., to-day discovered the skeletons
of three men und a boy while digging a
water tietich. They are supjiosed to be
the icmalns of the three Fowler brothers
and one of their boys, who started out
trom Caldwell, Kas., with a freighting out
fit twenty-four eara ago and have never
since been lieu d 1 1 inn,
.1 Murder, -Not uu .lli'lilrnl.
St. Jo.itph. Mo. July 12. (Special.) Moses
Hebei is was muuleieil on the night of July
I, Instead of having been uccldentully
killed, us supposed, by a small piece of
Iron, which penetrated hi liver, while he
wan firing an anvil. The body was exhumed
to-day, -and a pistol ball was found In his
body. Hoberts had a good many enemies,
and It Is now known that he was assassin
ated. Itvv, Trunk II. ,111 man Uelgii.
Hev. Flunk D. Allmaii, pastor of tho
Children's .Memorial Lutheran church,
Sixth street and 'llucy avenue, has ten
deled his resignation to the olll crs of thut
ihui'li, und u UK i tn.tr ot Ihe cnngiezatiou
will be held immediately after the eeivlics
io iiioiiow moimug for ihc purpoto of eon
biduliig it.
nitsr tdm; nr rt.iir.itAi itrtt.niMi
M'l'ISItSIHiTli'lti: I.Utl.
Ihe tlrest llloik nt llmnlte Swung Into
I'liiie by tho Huge tlerrlrk The
llit-nt Mlliicstpil by Unite
it Crowd,
Drsplle the popular niperitltlon ronnet
ed with the lieglnnlng of n how task on
FrldnS', the flfsl stone of the superslrtiot.
ure of tlie new federal building was laid
vesterdny morning without marring Inci
dent, and in the presence of a large rfowd
that had gathered lo se the sit months'
Inactivity broken In the eotislrnetlnii or the
msgnlrteent building that is to ornament
the corner ot lllghth and Grand avenue
within n very few years.
It was 9:li o'rloclc when tho westward one
of the two olehty root derricks lifted the
first square of Llano granite stone that
Is lo compose the body stone of the struct
ure, a little above the height of the sub
structure, nnd, nt a signal ftom Head Ma
son Alexander Martin, gently deposited It
on the northwest corner of the foundation
wall. A few deTl motions or Ihe mason's
trowel and the tost by the spirit level, to
determine that Ihe stone wus resting true
and firm In Its place, and without ceremony
or display, the first stone above the foun
dation wall was laid. The work did not
slop here, and In ten minutes a seiond
stone was in plain. The work conllniied
with no intermission, except nn hour at
noon, until nltrhtrull, when twenty-live or
the twenty-two Inch dressed stones were
In place.
Tho two large derricks, which are sin h a
conspicuous and userul feature of the tem
porary (structure, .ire the .same which were
used In the building of the city hull und
the county court house, but the Mipiiorts
ure much longer than used at eithet or the
other buildings, The tops or the derricks
tower, like masts of a ship. 112 reet above
the foundation walls. These derricks will
handle nil of the stone, iron, bilck and
other material to be used in the hullding.
HestliiK on a platform is the motive power
thnt operates these powerful derricks, a.
twenty-live hor,e power electric dynamo,
no larger than a large sized Georgia water
melon. The various levers and switches
"that control the movements of the derricks
are In command of O, K. Crystal and Mike
Hurke, who will have plenty of work to do
from now on until the completion of the
About FiO men will be employed on the
building at once, divided about twenty each
on th' Iron and stone work, and sixty will
be busy building the brick part of the
structure. These men will bo steadily em
ployed, in the hope or getting tlie first and
vi'cond story wails completed before next
All the work about the building Is being
very carefully done, with a laudable at
tention to the minutest detail necessary to
tho complete finish of the structure that
means so much to the city.
Among the officials of the building pres
ent yesterday morning were; V, C. Gunn,
supervising urchltis:t; John Sullivan, clerk;
Thomas Abbott, general foreman; Leo Can
man, Inspector for ihe government
NOAH KNOX NOT yi:t ltuitino.
He Hied .Iiiiin !i, and Is Still In an Under
taker's Morgue Well Ibuh.iltmid.
Noah Knox, the blind colored man, who
for so many years sat on Ihe curbing of
Union avenue. Just across from the Union
depot, and sold his notions nnd begged
from morning till night, has not yet bei n
burled, although he died June 2. lie was
reputed to bo tit least KG years old.
Around tho Union depot he had been
known as old blind Noah for the past tlr
tem jeuis, lie lived in u little white,
washed hut on the West bluffs, Just south
of iho entrance of the Ulevated railroad
to the tunnel. There ho lived with a
white woman and htr Utile boy. lie had
been a Union soldier und drew a small
r tension. He had had a son who hud been
u the penitenttnry for some crime or
other, and after his liberation hud disap
peared, leaving his aged lather to shift for
Old Noah died at the city hospital and
his bods was afterwards removed to New
comer .t Foster's undertaking establish
ment. Tho woinniu with whom Noah made
his home tried to get enough money with
which to bury him, but fulling In this his
body became a county pauper's, and could
be turned over to the anatomical society,
but Mr, Newcomer, deslilng to see how a
new piocats of embulmlug would result,
hus kept the body. So It happens thut
tho body Is still unburled. It now Ilea tn
Newcomer & Fostei's bain In a good state
of preservation and will soon bo a verit
able mummy.
sold the Hugs and Kept the Money.
W. II. Green, who claims ho came from
Chicago, yesterday forenoon enteied the
furniture stoie of L. II, Ptice, at Slxlh
and Walnut streets, and pleaded tor em
ployment. It was finally given him and
he was put In possession of three nigs
valued nt $18, with Instructions to take the
rugs and sell them by n housp to houte
canvass, lfu was also told to make a to.
port of his suet-ess at noon. Noontime
came and he tailed to appear, Mr, Pi ice
grew uneasy and Informed the police ihnt
lit, believed the man had absconded with
the rugs. Knrly lata night he was found
by Oillcer Wh.ilen at Fifth und Main
streets and placed tinder nriest. lie told
the oillcer he had said the, nigs for (3 and
divided the money equally with two men
who had accompanied him to this city
from Chicago. "We were all broke und
hungry." said he. "and I hit upon the can
vassing schema to get enough money for
us to get it square meal."
( bapiuaii Tiikes uu Appeal
Hurry Chapman, who was tirrcsti-d
Wistnehday night by Olileer Kenally on
the i barge of currying concealed woaijns,
wn fined ?C0 In police cwurt yesterday, H
filed notieu for un appeal to tho criminal
cotirt. Chapman wtus tut one tluw a mem
ber of the St. Jost-ph polhw department.
For the isist two jiuis lie has been eni
jiLuycu as a barteiidi-r In this city,
.Mr, Klrlli'j Mill t'liiiiii.iliiii..
Kubeit S. Klitley, or Klitley pros.,
pliiinbeis, who wus Injured Tuesday In a
luuawav. Is still alive, in All Saints' hos
pital. Ho has been unconscious since the
accident, and the hospital surgeons are
doubtful of his recovery. lie is suffering
from concussion of the bruin und sellout
Intcrnul injuries.
County Court lloute Holler foiideuiueii.
Tho boiler connected with the englno
whkh rurnishes the court house with light
und heut has been condemned as unsafe
by City Roller Inspector Htrnauex, and
has been ordeied lepalied at Iho count) s
expense, it has been estimated that tho
iosi of repaliing the boiler will be in' the
neighborhood of (.',000.
Ihere Will Ho n Itegulnr Conrtli nf ,tnt
Hitpliy of I Irewnrku "nudity Mght
1n Cmurrts.
There is going to he a. iflg dlplav of ire
narks st fslrmotint p.ltk Sun lov nt.-l two
enjoyable i-onorrts by the Third Iletnmont
Hvnd. The lnd. whMi will be under tho
le1efMp of Mr. II. n. Whei 1-r w II tm
SWy agisted bv Mls? Prate -t lln-iles
nopwrm; Mr ttudotf King, pianist ,nnl Mr.
J4d HliW, owrm'ttst. The concerts will
be nfts-rrwon and evchtng in the new nu
dltwrrtmn. The firowtirks are Mvmo left over fiom
tho glorious Fourth, to win- h Ihe man
iseirrerrt hss added an extra $1.0;i wort!
msklr. in alt the gran1t nyrolechnli at
display neon In these pnris fot nionv a
4iy As many were tmable lo gw out to
the park on the Fourth owing to the lmd
wW her, the mwrmgement hn iloldcd to
do t over ngsln. The fireworks will nccur
frnin the lake, kn full view or the assembled
thoiisurwls ... ,
Carl Charles-, the equilibrist end hand
balmwer. will ulso give performum-" "ft
ornonn and ovenlns. so the crowds will
have plentv of amiisotnotit
vni inen iiitrt- win im- hi- i.l,,... .,. ...
cr-stnl mure, electric tJientor nnd fount-
nin, v esin, me nenuinui imhu.... "" -thoiisMtni
other atlra. tlons to amuse and
d-llBht. , , 4.
Mrs. Mi-Lonn will take care ot tho
ciowils st the tfo.
Kansas City Hears thr ..Musicians I'rnni
lloiinliilii llefore oiv l,rk 'Km
l'lylng tlnriliins,
WliPti "IDS" plnvcl In Knnsi! City oiiri
clever icoii" vv-ns that or Mad son square,
In Now York. The biggest ole trio sign in
tho world wits siHimi. It Is Hie blazon on
the building which is on the iipcx or Fifth
uventie nnd H road way, 1n thousands of
Incandescent aniis, of ".Manhattan
Hench." In a wo.-k this great sign m
Mndl.-on square will Hash, Queen Lil
lluoknlinl'.s bund." and all or New York
will r-nir out to Manhii.ttun Hmch to hear
tho big band from the South snap
ifiiL rvuus.-is eiiv ijois mere nni w nun
x- ,ii ti , unt
ie band, all ui
eo it at V nsri
Sunday Tht
New lurk Is waiting for the band, all
jYtinaiui city win iictir ami see
Inirton 'irk to-dav und on Su
strange looklnir mu-ic ans with unnro-
nouncable names and curious instruments
1 don't play like the usual brass b.uwl. They
.play us if It gav them transports of Joy
to oiir nnd boom out brass melody. Duo
piece, which no ono heie has heard bo-
' lore, begins like the murmur or tm Hast
I Indian tempest nnd swells to a typhoon
revel of harmony that endungeru weak
hearts). The Irmd gives concerts ut Wush-
jlntvton pirk this afternoon and ovening.
The sensational leaps for life through
dizzy heights of the dying Jorviau.s con-
i tlnuo with two peiformnnces to-day and
.Sundny, ut Wasdrlngi'on paik. Sunday nft-
ernoin and evening these agile mld-nlr
i performeis will give a" special show of
' thrilling feats of during. Two bunds will
give concerts nt Washington on Sunday,
the rigiiUir band on the lake and the is-
toiiishlng Hawaiian band ut the band
stand, near the pavilion. And all fiee,
I both iUtcrnoon and evening.
j At Troo-t park a week of f'arllurs
novel dog und inonkev show hccin.s Sun
day. This curious lot of .inalneti dogs and
monkeys go through u, Ircns and aero
iKUio perfoi muncH Lenge's Military band
gives concerts both afternoon and evening
at Tnot on Sunday.
Mi.Mjit Mnvnux.
Mayor Davis has called a special meeting
of tho council for next Monday night
A lecltal will bo given this afternoon at
tho Academy of Music, 122a McGeo street.
Tho A. P. A. councils will hold a testival.
or lather a social, at Stump hull next
Thin Ml ay evening. There will bu speaking
dutlng the evening.
Walter Pllninicr, arrested for robbing
Waltei Hoss of a gold watch on July I,
was cllsehursid by Justlto Krucger yes
tetday atteruoon.
II. Mjeison, who raised a disturbance in
a jestauinnt ut SIS West Fifth sttect e.
terdny, was fined Jl and tosts in Justice
Wall's) court in, the ufteinoon.
Tho case In Justlcn Case's court yester
day, win I fin Mrs. Horstoid charges Mrs.
Mairow with thtowlng her furniture into
the stitct, was postponed until next Fn
Tho Kausus City liar Association will
miet In tho Commeiclal Club rooms at x
o'clock to-night. Hurry L. AlcCune. Wright
Pilckutl and W. I". Holland will lead pa
peis. Irvine C. Ithodcs recovered against the
Amciican Accident Company In the circuit
court, but yesterday Judge Dobson sus
tained n motion for a new tiiul, and tho
casn will couio up for a second hearing
in October.
Mrs. C, I J. Hackmelster and her son,
Otto, of 131S Virginia, avenue, were ar
lehled yesterday on separate warrants Is
sued from Justice Wlthrow's court, charg
ing them with the then of a pug dog.
V''.V.'. J,'.1 2- ty.H Property of J. Sender,
of 1C01 Tracy. Thry gave bond for their
appearance Saturday for trial.
At ii meeting of Kansas City lodge No.
273. I. O. O. P.. held last night, District
Deputy (Huiid .Master James ti, Adklns,
assisted by Grand Master J. F, lilhheu.
Installed W. West, nnblu grand; T. Hope,
vlcu giiind, and Andrew Guilds, eceretury.
Alter the Installing ceremonies ictresh
ments were served by the ladles of the
Kebekuh lodge.
Itndy Van Gunton, night clerk at the
Hotel Saves, wus arrested yesterday by
Constable O Mally, of Justice Krueger's
court, on a wuiiunt charging him with tho
beirus'al of Miss Ids, Ghormley, of Green
wood, Mo. Tho warrant was sworn out
by Hugh Ghormley, a brother of the young
lads-. Van Gunton gave bond for his up.
penance, for trial next Thursday.
Hdward Short, who was to have been
tried In Justice Case's couit yesteulay for
obtaining M-' worth of lumber by rnlsreii.
resentatlon from the Long-Hell Lumber
Company, proved very "tdiort" indeed
when hi casu was called; he was no where
to bo found. The case was, therefore
continued until next Friday and an effort
will be made to find Mr. Short. Attorney
John u'Grady was on Short's bond tor
Tho Peiituthlou meJnls nvumled bv tho
iteinulioiiul committee uf the y. m Vj T
nlved stsuiday fiom New York city, 'and
re liuw In the bunds or thu secretary of
iu local ussoclatlun. They wero awarded
thu Willllels ill tho llllliitliln ..,...,,'
are now In the hands or thu secretary of
thu local ussoclatlun. They wero awarded
held lieio tho I.th or, June. Tho mimes of
those lecelvlng medals In this city are: IL
F. Lea. L. 1. P eice. I) II. Kllk, Jr.. .. .
Cook and C. 1J. D.-iughady. T he liiedals
(in, huudsoniely designed In sllvt'r und
.,",, "iY.. ".',""":.'".;"?... r,"""n .games
Monroe Partee, of Klghteenth and Flora
was arrested esterduy on u warrant from
Justico Splta' court, charging him ei , ;
feloniously cutting John Si mi,, a ebjh1
bor. He pleaded not guilty and hU trial
Zt.ltZKJl ."'.!ia.L- l'i default "of tW
Sauti tor ulunwu. iu.a.UsV' "" """"
rr . I T ' " "" cQiiniv Jan. Kiujth
lie wounded i,id, nas llUo Ioj V""
bung detail rd by the naio s prosecut.
lug w tne- Puuee as ,at if n,Tn
con vi' le.Ji ne wilt nis u ,-f,
a I
-v "-.,'-

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