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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, July 13, 1895, Image 6

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. ". . -1 -ESW'Sl(Jt
v v' . V
t v.-
-J- - lv'l,i ' ' -
Good hiitnr 'Up r. trong m.ik'fs nnd
ln.1erer. or ."'l itut.ml Pit- h nn
biir ln "icitiuti ' in K- used pianiitljr (It
eurr-tit r.U" ,
Parties hav 7 so li piper to o!Tr please
corr.'p i- I ih in ' I hon- l'.92.
I'll It AMI nnd l Nh-M 1 1 tOIMIMl)N
)l. II. AHU.t. I'l A'- IMilwurr street.
Houston, Flble & Co.
(pifrr r ' V. m J Wolln-r A 'n
BONDS, STOCKS "'VV.'m..'"'
Ill I lid IK rc Mrict
lt,llll ( 111. Mil.
A 6 linr nrnnn
Vtfi JtflllUdl 8UII, Broker,
UA Delaware t.. K.iii'i city. Mo Com
mercial t'nper. rttot k nnd Hoods. Ill
EMftte la.an
The local money market continue feat
ureless. At tin- discount boards yesterday
there Was bin Utile doing Sum" rcnewM
watt reported, but the now .t-inan.l for
fund wi light nnd whit paper otTerlhit
-r it miscellaneous! ' h.irn-li r. Hates re
in.tln steady ot lifts per cent. Currency
Miipfnents to the .ountry continue light.
Hank clearlngf., tl.25.92 same time last
y"f, ll.41l.in, nn lnctHHne of 2I4.1St, ft
,-i'H of IS per cent.
Eastern exchange ntilet and weaker.
Houston. Flble cj exchange broker,
quote It as follows:
Now Vork. 50f premium; Chicago, 49c
lupmiiim; St. Louis, 40c premium.
The available cnsh bitlnnrc in the trcns
nr yesterday a $191,18), and gold re
serve, tl,i!9,110.
l.lMlll llllllk V(tr IJIIIlllltllllK.
The (olIoultiK f- the bid and m)M
price of Rtockn of Kittmas i'lty linnkn nnd
other local ureurUlp-. nn furnlilipil by It.
r UflKlit A: Co, btukera, Armour build-
American N'nllnnal Imnk ...
(ltiaina' Vnttoiml Imnk
Viral Nntloiml hank
Intnratatc Nnllonnl Imnk
Midland National bank
Miixiii!i National bunk
National flank of r'omimTcf.
Vnton Nntlonnl bank
MI--otirl Snvlni;s bank
Mechanics' bank
Kati-un City State bank
Mctrnpolltan National bank..
Ncn Knsland Safo Deposit...
Kalians City Stork Yards
"tlctronollian Street railway.
Hill. Asked.
.... -14 72
,...10(1 15
...10 IV)
.... S3 S3
...1"! Iii.'Iji
... 95 loo
...112 111
... "-' lllj
... 115 -
. . . 1 13 IK
... so M
... 90 !'"i
...no US
...li.'i i:w4
... To
Culled States Trust Cotnmny..lU5
loiir)' ut ltottii; mid Abrontl.
New York, July 12. Money on call easy
hi lfilW pit cent; la.t loan, 1 per cent;
losod. 1 per rent; prime mercantile p.i
1t, 3ft3i. tier cent; sterling "xclianKc,
about steady, with n lit tin I busincMi In
bankers' bills. ll.wxHl.flfli,, for demand nnd
at l.iV4.K3i, for sl.vtv days; posted
rate, Jl.bSii'nllK) nnd t.Vi)WUl; comnicr-
lal bills, JI.Sil.RSi,.
IiO-iuhm, July 12. Money, ', er cent.
The nvte of discount In the open market
for short bills. 1-, per cent; tin- nvte of
discount In the open market for three
months' bills, iyn!-lu per cent.
New York. July 12. Olnartnmi. JK.9Sii.fi7o;
UilnncoAt nAH,'iS.
Huston. July 12. ClearlnR-i, K'.IW'CI; bal
nnew, tl.KB.Z33.
I'hilndolpliln, July 12. CIirltiKs, Jll.si)7,
1B1; bntancos, Jl.-U.935.
Hnltlmore. July 12. Cleurlnss. 2.2il..",IT;
b 1 lances. 247.i7.".
rincinnatl. O.. July 12. Money, 41; p,.r
coiit; New York exehanRe, par; cIwirltiKS,
i'hl'cairo, July 12. CbvirliVBS, l.".3."7.rV;
tnoney easy; raitos. Ifi4',& per cent for i-ali
baiw nnd SA".S per cunt for commercial
paper; New York exchange, jBe premium;
pterlliiB ixMtetl rates, si.ROii and l.S9u,.
St. Ixmls, Mo.. July 12. Olearinss. tf.2.S.
172; lmtance.i. tr7.!05; inonp-v, OSU per cent;
New York evebanice, par bid.
Memphis, Tenn.. July 12. CIcarlnRs, J1S2.
4si;; bakmces, t!i9,CI2; Kastern exchatiRp, $1
pri'iniutn selllnir.
New Orleans, Ijr,, July 12. Clearlmrs,
Jl. 1,774; New York exnhatnre. bank, S1..M)
per tl.000 premium; commercial, 50c per
Jl.CiO premlunu
Iondon, July 12. Bar Bllver, ."Oll per
New Vork. July 12. Silver certldcoteB,
67mrt"ic; bar sliver. C"ie; Mexican dol
lars, Mc.
Stato and (itiieriiiiicnt Itond-i.
New York, July 12. Closinw quotations
en the New l'ork Stock exchanee:
Yest'r- To
day, dav.
I nltexl States 4s, registered.... 112 U2
T'nlted States 4s, coupon 11214 112'A
1'nited States ryew 4s, coupon. .124 124 "
I'nlted States new reg. 4s 124 124
rutted Btntes 5s, coupon 1W. lieai
fnlted StatcB res , liti 116.
Tnlted States 2s, registered .... 97 97
l'aetilu fls ioo 100
Alibuma, class A. 108 107
Alabama, class B 108 107
Al.ibamu, class t" 100 97
Altbama currency ,...100 97
i.miisianu new consols OS
N.irth Paroltna Is . ,....102
North Carolina 6s iss
Mouin I'arouna iion-rund ,
T.iinesscc 3s. new kettlementa
!' nnessec f, new settlements
'I'-nntesaeo Us, old settlements.
. 80
. ifJ
.iBinia centuries .
Missouri 6s
l!nilro;id Iliinil-..
New York. July 12. Closing; quotations
on the New York Stock exchanee:
Yel r.
di 7flti
Atchison 4s , ,
At.-hlaon 2d A
Canada Southern 2ils ...
c.-ntral I'aelflu its
I . over & Hlo Cirande 4s
I I'-nver & Hio arand" 7
Kile 2d
1.. H. A 8. A.
i . II. & 8. A. :-
. 7Bj
. S7
. 67
Central 5s...lufli
ci-iaral 6s. ...no
Houston & Tc.i
lbiimton & Te
Mutual l'nlon -
Mi-sotirl. Kas. K I'.xas 2d Is... 62iS
N' w Jersey Central j;enerul 5s. .US
Nnithwest S. F, debentures.... 108'i
n iithweab-rn consols ..Hi1?
v.'i-thern Paidilc luts ll.vif
N'iirthern l'ueltle 2ds lfHi
Si. Paul consols. 7 , 1261a
S'. L.. & 1. M. lfent.r:i! R. . vi'
4. AS. y, K'-ueral 6s pwii.
St Paul. C. & X'. W. 5s 113
T-Xtts Pacific lijls M
T. xua Puuilb- 2d. au-'i
l'nlon Pacific lts of '90 Hs5I
UVbt Shore 4s, tuyij
.Mfifl.'i nnil HimmN.
New York. July 12. It was fortunate for
th. bull ontlni-nt in the stock market
iliat the announcement of an anirajiement
( tffio.Ooo kqIiI for shipment to-morrow
m '. ao maite until after the clos- of bus).
iie,a on the t-kuftaiiwe. la it been known
'hat the tirm break b. tho lin of the
h..nd syndicate was about to be made
ibere would undoubtedly have been iv
Hurry on the board, tn whl'-h, values mlijht
have suffered teverely. The amount of
Kohl to be exported becomes liniuirtant only
b reason of the fact of it balntf the first
isuld shipimnt mine the Iwud syndicate
iiiitraclel to cuvr to prevent the extioria-.
nun of gold before the 1st of October.
Member of the syndicate decline to e
pre any opinion on the subjVrt.
Share stuculatlon wa irn-KvUr and un
'ltudt th industrial stocks being moat
prominent and showing inot depression.
There was, Keiieial Imjinit of the railroad
Kroup and e-ouie show pallia on the day.
Near 1 o'clock a drlvi was made auainst
Huaar, Whieh yielded !'. per e.t, the gen.
eral Jut Ulv in way fraclkiu. and Illinois
t entrul to 2, per cent. Am upward turo
was then made, under the leadership of
fhicavo Cia. which rose i per c?m
'iUillwuy and mlJcllaiieoiis mortuauea
were quiet and flrm. yre 2.1 consoU sold
at da, against 62'. the priscedlinj aie.
Quotations on tne New Yorh Bimk ex.
ct.unae wetu as follows: H,H "
a...-,. o.-.. WVy. TQla
Alton & Terre Haute
American jsprea ....
lUltlmore A Ohio -.
Canada PaclHc
Canada Soqthera' ....
Central PacHlu
t'hicauu &, Alton im
I'll ,111a.. ij ca.
ciiicaaofc fcj. IliUioii praf'd....
V . ' . A: t. J -. 45
1 uasulbUU-'l f? .....1U
Coioiudo l'ui-l & Iron S9
Colorado l-'uel and Irou prc'd.. a
(Vlorado Coal &, iron 9
OUUJl WH L'CflU'ait
1 . la u are & Hudson
Jielaro, Ickawaam fc v
lieiiver i H!o litaude
l"nier l(io llrande pref'd..
-nil. 1 ji c. ! c.i,
y 1
1.1 f 1
y n W..M.- 1.-;
CHi.rai i.;.ctrlc a
tlrrat NortJif'tn pf-ef'd
Illinois icnirai ..
lliK-kln vail
Houston & jt'etas Central
Kan Texa pref '.
I.ke Shore ..
I. nKe Kfc Wttrrn
I. i:. ,v V. prf'l
I.- .id Trut .,
l.e.'ii,ii .0 Naahillle
I.nnivllle Nrw Albany
Manhattan Consolidated
Memphis Si ChadeatOII ,
.Ml'liie.m Central
'Mti.ti.sotn St. Irfiiil
Mi'.,url I'aeillc
Mol.llf Ohio
Nuithwesfrn birrd
N'.itlnnal (ordaa
National I'nrdRKe pref'd
National Linseed Oil Co
N. n York Cetttral
Nnrth PtIII'
N. tth Pacini- fircfd
N. Jersey (Vntrnl
N"tth American Co
Ncif.dk Western pref'd
Nitiviiie t'hattanooita ,
New York New rihfclitnd....
Ontario Western
Oiefton A Navigation
orion Improvement Co
II. . J,. P. N
Pacillo Mall . S. Co
Peor'a. Iieeatur . BvnlisHlle.
Pullman Palace car Co
Readme; ....
Hlo 'liahde Western
Hlo Grande Western tirff'il
Rock tslahd h PrtclAo
St. Paul
St. Paul pref'd
St. Paul omaha
St. Paul Omaha pref'd
Southfrn Pttdiic
Susar Retlhery Co
T., A A. A N. M....
Tennessee Coal e trott
Texas Pailllc
Toleilo, St Louis K. C
Toledo, St. I,. At K. C. pref'il..
I'nloli Pm Hlo
P. P , Hnv r Ctiilf -
Vnlted Slabs KxpHi" ....
WheelltiB Lake Krie
it L. K pref. I
Wabash, Si Louis A- Pacitlc...
W.ibnsh, St. L. A P. prifd....
W lls-Pateo Kxprek-
Western I'mnt. Ti leBfaph
'.New sto. k
I-'Irst aiesstiient paid.
.172 172
:S h
,u .m
.21 24
,mft is
. s a
. IK 12Ts
, 6
iau is
. 13 1.1
41 41
16N 1'.
BJi 53',
S'4 '!,
IBS Ill's
17 17
91 U 91
t I-"l I A TO li K V. ! K rf 7
I V7 3 BCfJEiaiiUi vu yui
I63-I6S Dc.trlitirn-st., ChlcaRO.
15 Wull-st.. New York. TOStatc-st.. Huston.
bnueht and tola Corresp.-ndpnee Sollcltfd.
and Old Paper.
The Hanson Paper and Mllllnc Company
wishes to Iiiiv material for makinu paper.
Will pay fur wheat, r.se or oat straw, $1
per ton. and market rates for old paper
and rim delivered at the mill, located 111
the Kasl biitt'im". Just envt of Auties live.
Hue nnd -nutli if Air Lin- railroad, Katl
i.is City. Mo.
C. D. l-'ltK.NTH. President.
WYAN NKI.SON. Secretary nnd Treasurer.
i:m iit.iitii:ii 1 87ii.
Orders exeeuted for luiuie d-l.vcry of
Grain and Provisions.
Rooms 20. 21 and 22. Exclmns bldR.
Pilvate wires to CblcaBO, New Y'ork and
St. Louis.
tiii: tiit viv maiiki:t.
In store Wheat, 70,ij52 bushels; corn,
C3,7'.'l bushels; oats, 61.390 bushels, and rye.
1.W1 biisitels.
W II KAT Receipts past 21 hours.... 9,000
Same time last year CO.COO
A fairly active and decidedly llrnier mar
ket was had yestefdty. Futures were all
up again, und with the Imrcased specula
tion came a better und strontccr market
for cash grain, Hy tamplo on track here
nt Kansas City: No. 2 hard, 1 car new at
C2c, 1 car new and old mixed, at CJ'.sc; No.
3 hard. 5MiClc new and old: No. 1 hard. 2
enrs new at 5Sc; rejected, i car 4S pounds,
ut 53c, 1 car at 5Cc. 4 cars nt 57c. I car at
fWic, 1 car nt 5Sc; No. 2 red, nominal (it CI
foe, new nnd old; No. 3 red, 1 cur old at
t'lJc, new, CISjtBc; No. 1 red, 5S5j59e.
CORN Receipts past 21 hours 5,400
Same time last year 31.&00
The market yesterday was more bullish
than for some time. Speculation was act
ive and spot in Chicntro was advanced P4C;
a long line of "shorts'1 in December deliv
ery lavurim,' a bull movement, as It is
thought but little new corn will be avail
able on such contracts. The result was a
higher market for cash stuff as well as
futures, though buyers took hold cautious
ly. By sample on truck here at Kansas
City: No. 2 mixed, I car at 31?ic, 1 car at
4c and 3.300 bushels to arrive at 40c; No.
3 mixed, i curs at 3tdci No. 2 white, 2 carH
at SVijc, 1 car at S9ii 2 cars at 4oc; No. 3
white, 1 car at SSc.
OATS-Rccelpts past 21 hours S.OOO
Same time last year 11,000
The market yesterday was firmer in sym
pathy with corn and demand very good.
The continued wet weather is damuglng
the crop some and Interfering with its hnr
vest. U y Sample on truck here at Kansas
City: No. 2 mixed, 6 ears at 21c, 1 car
choice with special billing at 25c; No. 3
mixed, 22'i'fi23i,3c; No. 4 mixed, 21(22c: No.
2 white, 1 ear ut Sac; No. 3 white, 264(27c;
No. 4 white, 2IJi25c:
RYK Rueipts past 21 hours
Same time last year .-
No receipts and no market; prices nom
inal. No. 2. 4ifli0e; No. 3, I5i Ilk.-.
b'LOL'R The market continues dull but
prlies unchanged. We quote: Soft wheat,
per 100 pound sack, patents, tl.ioft2.0ij; ex
tra fancy, tl.'w'Ul.iS; fancy, il.5Oiil.60;
choice. JI.M&1.50; iiurd wheat, per 100
pound sack, patents. 51.MVft2.ofl; straights.
II tK.ftl.75; bakers'. tl.55fel.Ml; low grades,
tl.40iil.5u. rye, l.50iil,-0.
CORNMKAL Higher in sympathy with
corn. We quote at 79ftSOi- per ovt bulk.
cuRN CHOP Slow Bale but higher In
sympathy with the advance In corn. We
quote at 75ij70c per cwt., sacked.
UHAN Steady but dull. Sacked, 5SM3c,
ana bulki 32i53c per cwt,
KLAXSKl-:i Uiill but steady. ,Ve quote
at tl.22 per bushel upon the basis or pure.
HAY Receipts past 21 hours 150 tons
Same time last year 100 tons
Demand good for both prairie and tim
othy and values tlrm. We quote us fol
lows: New prairie, tT.oolis.jO, us to
condition; old upland, fancy, Ju.orKii
Hit) per ton; choice. tt..Wlifi.Qii: lowland. No.
1. tT.WHi7.S0; No. 2, JU.uofto.no; old timothy,
tl0.504ill.jii; No. 1, t9.5tHilu.uii; No. 2, Is OOii
9,00, No. 3. t7.iroU7.50; new timothy, t'.'.oow
IvOo: clover mixed. No. 1, tSiiOftSi.OO; No.
2. clover mixed, t7.5Qi(!.50; straight clover.
17.505) 6.60. .
Wcrill'i (.'lilcnmi .lliii-l.rt,
A furnished by French Bros. Commission
Cptnpany, rooms 20. 21. 22, Rxchanito build
Inu; Options.
Wheat, July
Corn, July
Oats, July ,.
pork. .July .
Lard. July .
. Ribs, July
Sept i. ..
I open.) Hlgh.1 Low.
n sj
6 40
B Hi'S
Ohtcagp car lots yesterday-Wheat, 49;
corn,, It; oats, m.
Kslruated to-day Wheat, 130: corn, 850;
o.us. 215 cars.
WHEAT-t'aah-Xo. red, sgue: x0. 8
tor'4. & S """' ''' "' S
CORN-Cash-No. 8 mixed, 45'c, and No.
A wnttt-. twtc,
.. l.,,-K,Tsi-'iuhNo' ; mied- SU". n4 No.
white, T?(i.
i ,
(Irulll NijIh.
Heavy rains fell in Oklahoma Thursday
nl.bi and showers in Southern Missouri.
Clearing and warmer weather Is predicted.
Jliniitupolls reci-Hed 62 care of wheat
ami Duluth 12 curs yesterday. A year ago
MlimeapulU recUved 3 cars and Puiuth
PT cars.
The four Atlantic iiorts cleare.1 far ex
port yesu-iday i.3e0 bushels of wheat, 24,
Cuu packages of Hour, US.unO bushels ot
corn and H.uuo bushels of oats.
,J& f?.r""!an of 'If J- l.'- Adams farm.
In the -Sorthwt-st. said (o-day that wheat
bad been hurt 15 tu 25 per cent. This faun
promised ten l4' a0 to yield 25o.0u)
bushel of wheat.
John Kelley, the Leavenwonh mlller.bays
the wheat an the government farm at I'oii
Leavenworth Is yleldlHg 3U bushels to the
acte. wkfireos only to 15 biuheU were
eipeilcd lw irup i being threshe now.
A bti-r fiiitn lluxl. . K, M.i We
M il hjl. -I lv -tlui I, f ,t , ,,, -ol fctlla
H-nri i'i i..ii. An !., ).,,, ),,. ,-ju
- 'V ':' 'rJ''i "'" wl" ' Iromlis tu
m-11 it I hels to the a-rc The torn
W'ii CT,, C6i4' K
JTI 68'I 07 Ult
W 71s 6W 7U;
51'i 45'. 44V 45U
4j') 461a 41 a
; i, 3 sat;
23 24C 23 234
nUi 2!sl 28 27
1 1 11 mi
U S2'.-i U ISVi, 11 27
0 40 ! U32li e32i'
Wm Uliij 6 42j
d u
0 V! SI U 224
1 rop nevi-r looker! m n-ll and Im-oni , orn
Hf be better thnn i-vr and the i. rcnge la
n half more thitti am previous year. The
small Brain harvest will not commence be
fore the last nt nxt veerk.
Prank Ortrtdnow, president of "'C Mid
land Klevalor Companv (llip Pcavey con.
i-tn here), reltirned yesterday from the
Northwest. He sa the Information he
ro and It was the best obtainable, In
die tied thai the reports nf ilmnaRC tn
siTinjt wheat nr? not to be credited it I nil.
it.- thinks Ihp Northwest will raise a blg-
r wheat crop than was ever produced
before. The tmnle l true of coin.
The Cnloflfco tnlly Trnde lltllletltra
monthly report nf stocks or brendsturfs In
the Initeil fltates nn.1 Cfthadn and I-:uroie
flmw-s that tock of briindstuiT" alloal for
Kurope ilr-erensed 5 WD.OOI bushels III Jtllie,
wldle the stneka In store increased .,nx.i")
biiihels, tnaklnir a net Inctense of 2.9110,000
bnhrl. Stocks of Hour In the United
Stales and Canada Increased B1,0D bar
tN diirlna- June, nitnliist it reduction of
ir.l ro barrels one year ago. Agttreimte
ato"ke al points repotted are 1,R'i7,il bar
rl. Stocks of wheat tlecreascd 1S,MI,(1
biihea during June, nirnlnst lo.iaw.om biih.
el last June. ABgreante upply of Hour
and wheat In econd hands In the Inlted
States nnd Canndn, 71. Ml, ton bushels.
ngitlnt MS,Alt.nan btlshela ln"t year. Total
sui'pllea niloat and in lote In Hurope and
tn "tore In the I'liRed Slates nnd Canada
equal HW,33I,(ii bushels, aealnst 173.i'12.il
bushels otic year ago. Kattttinlcd stocks
In the Pnlted Stales alone. fi?.fU) bush
els, to whli h added 7.!i0.n0a bushels not
reported, with 3l.nno.Oni bushels wheat In
fanners' hnnds July 1. making n total sup
ply eounl to l7.noo.ii,) imshels. ncalnt l.il.-
(inti.nni) bllshel one year ngo. Com estl
tiiated nl 42.".eJ.ni bushel", and available
supply possible for export about I05,ii.niil
bushels. About 75 per cent ot the replies
received Indicate that farmers will not
market wheat early.
K. o. Moffntt hn lust returned from
Oklnhoma. lie brought bn-k thiee ears
of corn taken from the Cherokee Strip.
They were fully developed nnd too hard
for roatlng ears. He says all that Is need
ed In the Indian Territory nnd Oklahoma
in mature the early corn Is warm winds,
corn he reports In roasting enr state from
Hie east to the west line of Kansas. It Is
weedy, however, owing to constant rains,
but the coin la growing faster than tho
weeds nnd Is out of their reach. Somo
wheat fields are so weedy and the crop so
poor that the fanners will not cut them,
lie says oats and tl.tx promise well, but
dry weather Is needed to harvest them in.
The Minneapolis Tribune says it Is In
re elpt of two communications one from
North and one from South Dakota. The
S m'h Dakota coriespondetit says the out-ln-
K for the entire state is gloomy. The
-I ite will not hove half 11 crop, that Is in
n iv county. The crop If very spotted.
The North Dakota correspondent, a well
known and reliable citizen, Fays the con
. i.mis of opinion among farmers, who
ki ow whereof they speak. Is that the crop
ii"i " not promise any larger thnn last jiar.
Receipt of wheat nt primary points yes
terday were 207,000 bushels, und shipments,
lH.i") bushels.
In these dull times any diversion takes
the "boys" on 'change. A bicycle rallle
held the lloor yesterday W. D. C.rnnt,
manager. His method or selling the tick
ets was a novel one nnd tickled the "lioys"
Immensely nnd registered a number of vic
tims. There were two wheels to be rallied
and 200 chances numbered, 1. 2, 3. t, nnd up
to 200. The tickets had to he drawn from
a box nnd the price of n chance corre
sponded1 In cents to your number, l'or in
stance, chance No. 1 cost lc, No. 2 cost
2c. wlille No. 150 eot tl.60 and No. 210
i opt 2. The high priced tickets were all
sold when last heard, but lower numbers
refused to come out of the box. The sale
will continue until all the tickets nre gone,
then the contest for the wheel will com
mence. Prime, In his crop report, says:
"July 11 Fine weather for cutting oats
and the harvest territory Is being extend
ed to Kastern Iowa, where good progress
I.n being made.
"I'ostorla. O. Harvest of winter wheat
fairly on, but little threshing done. Un
able to say much as to quality or quan
tity, but crop not equal to last year.
"Lexington, O. Slow progress with har
vest. Yield, eight to ten bushels of in
ferior quality. .Millers have very low stock
on hand and none will be shipped out.
"Dayton, O. Most of the wheat this
year has gone Into the barn. Yield in tills
county from what has been threshed runs
from two to eighteen bushels to the acre of
poor quality. Some fields not making more
than three to four bushels to the acre.
Great ileal of complaint of smut in wheat.
Corn prospects good.
"Southeastern Michigan reports no wheat
threshid as yet. The crop will lie light,
not making half of last year's yield. No
movement nt present prices and think but
little will be moved at any price."
J. P. Gn-er, Aullvllle. Mo., was lit th
stock yards yesterday. He says wheat
will make over hnlf a crop, but It has been
(.'.imaged In shock. Corn looks tine and
oats promised good, but have been damj
aged by reo nt rains.
J. F. Henslcy, of Hates county. Mo., was
In the city yesterday. He says oats have
Ken damaged by recent rains. Corn prom
ises tine.
Ciptai'n R. R. Anderson, the missing
speculait jr. Is not and never was n member
of the board of trade, claimed bv an even
ing paper, and was known by but few of
Its jiiemh-rs. He wus simply a buckftshop
spociil.it jr.
MILLS Commission Co.,
Kill NVu lurk Lire lliilldlllg,
Telephone lilHS. KANsAn CITY, Alt).
Dealers In GRAIN and PROVISIONS for
cash or future delivery, and RAILROAD
STOCKS and PONDS Orders by mall or
telegraph promptly executed.
Leaned ithc to t lileiign mid New York.
Refer to Ilradstreet's und Dun's Mercan
tile Agencies, New Ur.gland Safe Deposit
and Trust Company
Quotations below are for job lots. On
cmull lots higher prices ure nsiied and ob.
talncd, enough being asked to cover extra
cost of cuilng for and lllllni: them. The
parties making email outside orders want
the best goods and selections. Dealers pre.
fer to bundle the goods In job lots In
Etralght consignments, as received,
Bl.'TTER The market remains much the
same as for the past few days. Creamery
Is coming in pretty freely, but much of it
In poor condition. Such hard to sell and
has to go 10 puckers. Choice dairy in good
demand from the retail trade al steady
prices. Store packed, dull und weak.
Highest grade separator, 15c; rtnest gain
ered cream. He; tine frem, good ilavor, 13c;
fair to good. 12o. Dairies; t'an-sy farm,
12c; fulr to good lines, Sc. Country store
backed, fancy, lie; fnsh und sweet pat-king,
KlUlS Plrmer. Fresh, SV.
UPTTKIUNU Creumery grades, In 20 to
CO pound tubs, solid, lie per pound; dairy
grades, in 25 to 60 pound tubs, solid, 13lsc
per pound; rolls, prints or bricks, 2 pounds,
tu 10 pound tubs, i-jc higher than solids,
and 1 pound, lc higher than solids.
CHKKSH-Wo quote; Herkimer county.
N. Y.. Cheddars, 13a per pound; Crawford
county. Pa., cneddurs. 13c per pound; She
buygun. Wis., twins, 12c, Sheygoygan, Wis.,
Young Atutrica, la'je; Missouri and Kan
sas full cream, Sc.
POULTRY AND 1AMH-The market Is
steady on hene and the supply Is lighter
than usual. Spring are in heavy receipt
and even the lair sized oneB diag con
sldt rably, while the small ones are dead
dull. Turkeys ure quiet and but t'uw on sale.
Htiis, 6jc; roosters, l.!Vul5c; j,prlng,
JOftHc; turkes,hcu8, Mail -;ioms.flc;ducks,
.-; geese, 5Vsc; pigeons, 75c; veal, choice,
ttv lo lee pnuii'it,, uiaVic.
MULONS The oiferlngs of watermelons
are good and demand a little slow at
stiady prices. The receipts or tuntolotipes
gaud and movement fair at good llgures.
The stock Is nice nnd shipping trade good.
Wiiuriiu ions, per do.. Il.5oti2.oo; came
loupes, per dost., 5AcjJl,00.
RJHtRJKS The martial Is pretty Well
Biippitt-d and the demand is pood at un
changed prices, titrated as follows: ltlack
berries, per twenty-four quart crate,
$1 00.i 23; raspberries, black, tl.D0ffl.25;
ja&pberrles. red, t2.W; strawberries, tumt
2 50; gooseberries, per 24 quart crate,
'&ilM: huckleberries, per 24 quart crate,
T5c; currents. t'.'.odft3.5Q per crate.
I'oTAToKS-Comlng in mure freely and
market dull and iuwer. Selling ut 404) 13c
per bushel tiotn glowers.
ORANUICS- Stia.ly. We quote us fol
lows: Mexican, 2 7'ij)3.0); Washington na
vels, tJ.QOft:'. j'-. California seedlings, fancy,
f2.T.'i3 uu; ch.11. e. t2.25fi2.50.
LKMONS-l-'inu. Aletfeinn, t5.50iUC.50; Ma
laga, tf.Urt) "' si per box.
PLl'MS-St.ady. but slow sale. Quoted:
Texas plums, sand hill. iOfiita per
crate; thirds, l."'25e; wild goose. 60cW
tl.00 per crate; SoSiOo per 14 bushel; 50c
per t batlut crate. Arkansas yellow
plums. &Oii75c per crate.
HANAXAS-Siill slow siile. I-arue. J1.75W
2.W; Jumbo, t2 m'u3.iJU per bunch.
i-at.ii'iiu.Ma 1- Ki'i .11 iritei quiei
We quote a.-, follows: Peaches. 75?)S5i' per
box; Royal native plums, tt.oOSI
125: Clyinan plums, tl.2MM50 per box;
Tragedy plums, $1.75 per box; cherries
choice, Ua.-tiil.00 per 10-lb box; apricots,
fancy, 90c per . rate.
PK.U'UKS Sicily and all sound in very
K i I demand Specked have to be t-old
f 11 what th. i II bring. Quoted' Home
t'lown .0,11, j , half-bush. I iiu"Ket, 30.r
3".i p.-r peck; Aikansus and 'lexus ftce
m oiies. fumj, 4 .hijii- per Vs bushel: cling
stones, S'ai(Ji', lommun grades, 20&'&c; (1.23
I-1- i.-taisket crate. Arkansas nprb ots.
" l"!t'.,v"2.l"'r rnte
A PPLKS Selling u r well and price
stci'ly; that H go-wl -lock. Poor hrtrd to
move. Duoteil: Fancy h.inl picked. fcVffl.V
t"r bushel; windfall. 2iv.Wc per bushel;
shipped stock, r.Wtl.2." ter barrel; boxes
no' wanted, ns home grown stock Is too
TOMATOKS-Sellln very well nnd prlcr
steady. (Jowl to ch-oii , vn7.V per Mmrkc-t
crate; common, .tniilo.-
prbm sternly. Quote I: Cabbage, slow; homo
grown. I5l.r)c per dox. n hen Is. Pens. 40M
.;.' per bu.hel. onion, new, callfornii, r-.
1.1c tr bushel; ham" grown. OOftTSi- Jer
uisliel. Turnips, luune grown, 25c tier
biisiiel. Citullilower, fatKV, miM- er lor.
ell. lettuce. 2fo )nr btihel. Radishes. iV
per dozen Inincliis. Cueumlieis, home
gr.ittii. I,.w20c per tlor.en. Pie plant, 15e
two dozen luinche. Siring an I wax benns,
J.w- biisiiel. Texna squash. iViii6o- per bushel
box; fmiry, 1020c per dozen; home grown,
3fiaii dozen, Heels. 3 dozen bunches, 25c:
a..- inis-hel. Green onions. .1 nnd I dozen
Initirhes, 2c. Carrots, 5 dnz.-n. 2."'C. Sweet
nip, liome grown, ,V.l0c p.-r dozen. Kohl
rabi, Joe per dozen.
RIKiOM CURN-Qnoted! Hurled gre-n,
4HJi5tte per pound: green, selNworklng, 4'4
tiSHCi fed tipped, rrlf-worklng, 4c; com.
inon, fflf-worklng. S3'.ie; crookect, half
prlcsi dwarf, 3w,td.
FLATHints Prime gceje, T.ic per pound:
dsrk and soiled, toe; mixed and old, iditsoot
I per cent tare on small sacks and 3 per
cent en large.
HONHY-l pound comb, white. 15c: fall.
I pound comb. 13tJHc; 2 pound comb Call
fornla white, lr,ffl?c; 2 pound comb, Cnll
Jornla dark, I2lI3c; extrarled, In cans, tif
'ci.l'.r',',:l1. In barrels, tficc
'?' sacked, J22.00 per ton; J.wjo pounds,
Jl.?n per 100 pounds.
HKKSWAX No. 1 amber, 22c per pound:
No. 2. ISc.
NUTS .lobbing prices! Cocoa mi t. per
shed, SfilOo. Peanuts Virginia. white,
100. quoted nt J4.C0. Pecans-Missouri, per
i,w.. I'er Pound, 4Mf5c; Tennessee, raw,
44iI5c; roasted, TJiSc; Kansas, 3ijc. Hick'
pry nuts-Small, per busiiel, Sl.25; large,
tl.2a. Hazelnuts 2'if2Hc per pouno. Chest,
nuts 100 per pound.
DR1KI) FRUITS-Stin dried: Apples,
choice, 6e per pound; good. 5c; poor, 3c.
Wool, Hides ntnl Pelts.
WOO!, Steady and In fnlr demand. Wo
quotis ns follows: .Missouri and similar
I'llie. 7(ti9c, tine medium, '.utile; medium,
IlJ)3c; combing, 12)illc; ccarse. 10Ifl2c.
Kansas, Nebraska and Indian Territory
I-Ine. 7119c: line medium. 7?, uv; mniiiiiRi
9l12e: combing, Hai3c; coarse, kjrioc. Col.
orado Fine, tiftjc; line medium, 71710c; me
dlum, 9ITI2c; coarse and carpet, iUlOc; ex
trn heavy nnd sandv. 57c
IIIDHS AND PKLTS-Selllng very well nt
old prices. We quote: Green and salted,
ftee of brands, No. 1, 71,4c per pounu. No.
2. CV4C; green, 51,4c, green salted. butt brand,
rd, No. 1, Ci.ic; No. 2, She; green tnlted.
side branded, No 1, 51,4c; No. 2, 6c; green
salted kips, ltysj pounds, No. 1. Cite; No.
2, 6'je; green salted calf, Sffl5 pounds, No
1. kc; No. 2. 6c; green salted hides. Nos I
and 2 nnd butt branded, around Clic; green
uncured. No. 1, 5i.4c; dty flint hides. No. 1.
Pc; No. 2. .'4c; dry salt hides. No. 1, Sc; No
2. 7c. Sheep pelts, green nnd dry, lOifoOc:
dry. 4(S5c per pound.
TALLOW We quote as follows: No L
; No 2. 4c. u
St. Louts, July 12.-WOOLr-rull. but un
clinngcil. Quoted: illssourl, Illinois, etc.
Combing, 16c: combing nnd elotiitm?.
15fll.",Vjc; coarse nnd braided, 15t!15-c; inc.
tory Fall and spring, ISftllc; coarse und
low, fclillc; light line, SJilOc; heavy line,
OftSc. Dakota, Wyoming, Utah Medium.
12ftHc; coaise nnd low, lOUlle; light line,
lnnllo; heavy line. Mi9c. Tub washed
Choice, 20!4c; fair. 18jtl9c; coarso und low.
144i li;c.
Hnston. July 12. The Iloston Commercial
Hulletln will say to-morrow of the wool
Never has there been such a sustained
demand for wool. This Is the third suc
cessive week of heavy sales, the total this
week being within a few thousand pounds
of the record. Iioston. in the Inst three
weeks, has sold over 31,iW.00i) pounds of
wool. One house sold l,imo,ijni) pounds or
Australia this week. Theie has been an
other advance of 2c scoured pound on line
wool tills week, territory delaine nt SaftSv:,
and choicest nt 15c. clean. The advance
is now 20 per cent from the lowest
point. Tho sales of the week are 2, I77,0t)
pounds domestic and 3.SS4.0uo pounds for
eign, against G.v9o.ono pounds domestic nnd
S,772,i pounds foreign last week, and l.Slo,.
5011 pounds domestic nnd lio.ooo pounds for
eign for the same week last year. Tho
sales to-day show an Increase r 19,113,869
pounds domestic nnd 33.071,600 foreign sales
to the same date In 1S93. The receipts to
date show an increase of 11,123 bales do
mestic and 120,190 bales foreign.
Iro lslous.
A steady and fair market was had yes
terday for must hog products, but much
of the deman 1 was of a lobbing character,
car lot buyers taking hold cautiously,
We quote car lots:
D S. MHATS (partly cured) Shoulders,
cash. f.VSoft 5 C'.'j per cwt.; short ribs, sides,
cash, Jfi.l5i2; lung clear side.-, JG.15i; short
clear side.-, 6 25
LAUD Ca-h. 0.20; July. ?i.20.
C.RHKN MKATT Shoulders, JJ.37H5T3.50
per cwt.. ham-. JS.37I-J.
S. P M HATS Hams, cash, JS 37'a5JS.C2Vi;
shoulders. $." 'Uj-fiS 75.
j. gilli:spii:
j. gilli:spik
& CO.
; j.
Commission Merchants. Kansas City
D1UUK 1 Hill.,.
Liberal advances made to parties feed
ing stock Huylng fettling cattle on orders
a specialty. Correspondence solicited. Tel
ephone No 1523.
New York, July 12.-FLOUR Receipts,
17.MX) barrel-, exports, 1S.9W bands; sales,
2S.20O packag, -. Steady, but demand still
unsatl.ifacioi. oifering at old prices with
bids 10c und. r. Kxporters alter good bak
ers' in sacks
CORN.MU.U.-Market dull. Yellow West
ern, Jl.oo'iil 11 per cwt.
WHF.AT-l'.. -elpts, 71,000 bushels; ex
ports. 72,3110. Im.-dicls; sales, 2,529.000 bushels
futures, WJ.inhi bushels spot. Spot market
irregular. No 2 red, store and elevator,
72'..c; afloat, 7. He; f. o. b., 73!i,c afloat. Op
tions were go.erned largely by crop news
to-day, w hii h being very uncertain mndo
tho murket d-cldedly Irregular, although
lost on late c .tiles und leports of a big ex
port trade inspired a closing buying move
ment that finally put prb.es up Pl- for the
day. Many believed the damage stories
about spring client were purely imaginat
ive. July closed at 71V-; August. 70Vu'
71afi cloned it 7Wi'; Septembtr, 71 5-lC'u)
72-e .closed m 72Vo; October, "i't,is 73c, closed
at 72?ie; December, 73 13-lC?)715c. closed at
CORN Recupts, 11,500 bushels; exports,
30,300 bushels; salts, I05,il bushels futures,
15.0U) bushels saint. Spot market dull. No.
2, 50 elevator, ulc atloat. options were ad
vanced easy by heavy buying on the strong
cash situation nt Chicago, declined under
large uar lot estimates and finally rallied
with wheat and closed PifilV higher.
July, 43'it50c, closed at 50c; September, 49?,5j
51U, closed nt 50kc.
OATS Receipts, 20.100 bushels; exports,
1,(100 Imshels: sales, 150,ii() Imshels futures,
50,0.) bushels -pot. Spot inniket dull. No.
2 oats, 27-V: No. 2 dellv.-ied. -.V-.c; No. 3
oats, 2i)'sc; No. 2 wtilti33S33i,: No 3 white,
32',i-; track White Western. 334i39e. option
market was Miiall ns tu bu-lm-ss ami uar.
;uw as to lluctuatliilis; closed unchanged
to V lower; July closed 27tkc; September
2"'ft27'sC closed 27'..
HAY Murk-t llrm. Shipping. OrtftTV;
and good to choice, f0fi!V ier cwt.
PROVISIONS Cut meats, firm, pickled
bellU-s. 7i7'ic
LARD-Stt ly; Western .st.am cloi-cd
nt fO.05 asked- mles, Ml tlirees ut tCKP-U
$6M: city hi C.0i)ifi 1; 121a: Septemiier eiosed
$ii.72! nominal. Rellned, higher; Continent,
17.05; South American, t7.35; compound,
PORK Steady nnd demand good; sales
1,000 barrels Now mess, il2 5obl3 25.
HUTTUR Steady. Factory, kni2'ic.
rii HUSK Weaker. State large. tV))7l,c.
HGGS-Steady. Receipts, 1,312 jiai kages.
Weklerii, 12i4il3V4c.
St. Louis, July 12. FLOUR Receipts,
2.10O barrels, ana shipments, S.miO barrets.
Dull, but steuly. Quotation on new Hour
are 25$i3(ic ei- bariel hisher, as follows:
Patentb. i3.554i3.63; extra fancy, 3.3043.l');
fancy, $.' 9uiS.'i0; choice. $2 05i2.75.
WHHAT Iticelpts, 7'..uoo bnhels, and
shltmient., Uii) bushels Stronger .ableb
and bullith ciop advices from iliu North-w.-st
and Southwest, put the market up this
morning. The crop and weather news, fol
lowing yesiteiday s jttltf advance. Influ
enced the buy ng early in the day, consid
erable being f.r long account. Later, a de
nial of damage In the Northwest came In.
yet the cloe wus above yesterday. No. 2
red. fash. Ok-; July, 67c bid; August, CUIkO
bid; September, 67'.jc asked; December, fc3o
CORN Rece pts. 2,000 bushels, and ship
ments, lo.ouo bushels. There wus a stilt
advance this morning, us sellers were
scarce and buyers urgent, September being
finally bid up lv above yesterday's close,
without bidders being able to get any.
Spot grade also higher. No. 2 mixed,
cash. 4uic bil; July, 40-'-c bid; September.
42Vll2kc b:l, December, 31V.-C bid; JIuy,
32-i .
OATd-R' ipts. 1S.0OO bushels, and ship
ments, 9,000 bushels. An improvement of
xj'jc wus made In futures this morning
on the strength of other markets and
u, .on iMuiuiiig, lejai, ngni une, jsjiiac;
heavy tine, 10iil0i-c. Kansas and Nebraska
Medium, J3'ul4c, llglit tine. lOJillc; heavy
fine, iftlic. Texas. Arkansas. In, linn n-,,.,!.
v.ircltv of sellers, but Inter bec.imti paster.
St-oi higher. No. 2, cash, iSif; September,
fflnr23i,c: May. 2ic.
coHN.IKAl.-Qtilet. Quoted at 2.WrS.10
pfr barrel.
KOflS-Flrmr Frcsli. Kite.
ItUTTHR-Steady. Creamerv, 154T1C.
PORK Standard mess. Sll.4i4.
HARD Prim steam, y.tni choice. !'.
ItACoN Itoxed shoulders. JSSi't; longs,
J5.75; rlb, $f, nv: shorts, tj.pn.
DRY SALT MKATrf-Hox-d sliotilders.
..R24; longs, to.37j: ribs, Jf,.5n. shorts. $175.
, Chicago, July 12-PLOUR-I:ecelpts,,(l0
barrels, ami shipments. 4,t barrels. I mil
but steadier. We quote: Winter (intents,
MPO1H20- straights. t3.W3.90: spring pat
ent, JJ.9047I25; straights, ja.iofll w; bakers'
grades. 2.)oi.l ot)
ItUTTKR-stendy. Creamery, lotI16Hc,
and dairy, Km 14c.
KGGS-Flrmer. Fresh, li(T12c.
Liverpool, July 11 WltKAT-Spot quiet:
demnnd poor; No. i itiI winter, in 2d; No.
2 red spring. 5s "id; No. 1 bard Manitoba,
5s 7d., No. 1 California, f.s Pd Ftitttres
opened steady, with near polllona Id
higher nnd dlstnnt iiosltlons 1'id higher;
rloed llrm, with nenr positions lid higlicr
and dlstnnt positions liW2d higher; busb
tiess nliout equally dlsttlliuted. July Be 2d;
August, fts 2i,d; September. 5s 2-Hd; Octo
ber. 5a 31 id; November, Is Id; December,
"s II41I.
CORN Spot sternly. Amerlcnn mixed,
hew, 4s 3d. Futures opened steady, with
mar positions !4d higher, nnd the dlstnnt
positions i,l higher; closi'd stiong, with
near nnd distant positions 2d higher: bttsl.
ness heaviest on enrly positions. Julv, 4s
31. d: August
, 4s 2ii); September. 4s 2d;
October, 4s 2d
Novciiibef, 4s SUd; be-
cmlier. tu 31., 1
ItACON Sfeuilv: drmimd poor: Cumber.
land cut. 2S to 30 tiounds, 32s nd; short rllv.
2S pounds, 33s; long clear light, 3 to I.,
pounds, 33s; long clear, heavy. So pounds,
32s: short denr backs, light, IS pounds,
31s; short clear middling, heavy, 3ft imtinds,
32s fid; clear bellies. II to If. pounds, 31s.
SHoULDKRS Square, 12 to lx pounds,
HAMS Short cut. II to Ifi pounds. 41s.
TALLOW Fine North American, nom
inal. UllFiF Hxtra India lncss, 7S 7d; prllno
mess, fits 3d.
PORK Prime mess, line Western, 57s Cd;
prime mes, medium, 50.,
LARD-Dull: prlino Western. 33s; rellned,
In pail?. 31s.
The receipts of whent during the past
thiee days were lf.7.() centals. Including
C.Otv centals Americnti. The receipts of
American corn during tlm past three days
were 51,1(0 cctitnts. Wentber unsettled.
New Orleans, La., July 12. PROVISIONS
LARD Rellmil, tierce. 4'4Tilic; boxed
meats, dry salt shouluers, Cc; sides. Cic.
HAt'oN-Sides. 7c.
HAMS Choice sugar cured, D'i'SiO'Hc.
RICH Dull; ordlnnry to fair. Sfrmc.
FLOUR Market dull; extra fancy, 3.750
3.SH; patents. tl.Ooflt. 10.
CORNMF.AL-Qulct: $2.20 per barrel.
11RAN Steady; 75ti!i0c per cwt.
HAY Steady; prime tlmothy,tll.t1lS.50:
choice, JlS.50ft IS.00.
CORN Dull and lower. No. 2 sacked,
mixed and white, 49(i.Me; yellow, 53c.
OATS Very quiet. No. 2 sacked, 30JJ3lc.
CoftVe nnil StiEitr.
New York. July 12. Options opened dull
and unchanged; ruled generally up under
pressure and Indifferent cables; no for
eign orders nnd slack spot demand: nver
nge of New York unusually higher, giving
advantage to roasters and increasing weak
ness: closed steady nt unchanged prices
n .1, ..nl..... .1....1I.W. t..l.... O-l, 1 . ...
11. ," i'uiiii ., .-villi.. ri,n--,, ,,-- o.m.-, 10
11 T5c.
Spot coffee Rio market dull nnd nom
inal; No. 7. 15i4c; mild; market inactive
and eay; Cordova, lM-c. Sales, l.Sim bags.
Maracalbo, (W. Cential American nil p. t.
Santos Quiet, nominal. Good averagn
Santos not quoted. Receipts, 1,0m) bags;
stock. 156,(ino bags. Receipts at Santos are
curtailed by the block.
Hamburg Steady. Sales. 7,0r'0 bags. Rio
steady; No. 7 Rio. II. wo. Uxchmige. W-ic.
Receipts, 5.00U bags. Cleared for the United
States, 7,() bags: cleared for Kurope, 1,0.x)
liags. Stock. 171,001) bags. Cleared July 11,
5,(kxi bags. Warehouse deliveries fiom New
York yesterday. ",'.') bags. New York
stock to-day, 2S0.0O0 bags. United States
stock, 371,211 ,bag. Afloat for the United
States. 12H.O0O bags. Total visible for the
United Stntes, 507,211 bags, against 335,1)2
bags last year.
SUGAR Raw. market firm: fair retlning,
2"c; centrifugal, 9fi test, SUe; sales, 0.54o;
centrifugal, W, In port, 3Vic ex-ship. To
day, 393 bags centrifugal, i5 test, 3Uc ex
ship. New Orleans, La., July 12.-COFFEE
Rio. ordinary to fair, 17'.i'jlS--;c.
SUGAR Quiet. Open kettle, fair to
prime. 23if)3c; common to good common,
2 5-lCf;2H-c; centrifugal, choice yellow clari
lled, 31,-c; jiritne yellow clarllled, ?,c; off
yellow clarified, 3 3-155(3 5-ltic; seconds, 1?8
MOLASSICS Centrifugal steady. Good
prime, lOfille; good fnir to prime, C!7c;
good common to fair, 5c; inferior to com
mon, 3ft 4c.
New Orleans, La., July 12. COTTON
Middlings, GV--: low middling, fiV; good
ordinary, Gll-lCe; net and gross receipts,
17; oxi-orts coastwise, SI; sales, 100; stock,
105 375. Weekly net receipts, 2,0t"9: gross,
2,105; exports to Great Iiritaln, 1,318; coast
wise, r.'t: sales. 2,300,
New- York.July 12. COTTON Easy; mid
dlings. 7i.c; net receipts, none; gross, 1,129;
forwarded. 119: sales, 210, all spinners';
stock, 197.175. Weekly net receipts, none;
gross, 3.89J; exports to Great llrltain, 8.S3;
to the Continent. B,23fi; forwarded, 1,197;
sales, 4,020; spinners', 2,920.
Cincinnati, July 12. WHISKY Steady.
Sales, ISO barrels, nt J1.2I.
St. Louis, .Mo., July 12. WHISKY Quiet.
Distillers' ilnlnshed goods nt $1.25.
Peoria, HI.. July 12. WHISKY Firm.
Finished goods on tho basis ot $1.21 for
high wines.
Itv. mid Scc.D.
Chicago. July 12. Rye No. 1, cash, 50c;
September, 52c, Flaxseed No. 1, cash,
J1.35; September. $1.23.
St. Louis, July 12. Rye Dull. No. 2,cash,
sacked. 40c on cast track. Flaxbeed Cash,
I. end and inc.
New York, July 12. Lead Strong; brok
ers' pri. I-, tJ.12V-i; exchange price, $3.2oft
3.2.:1;.. Spelter Dull; domestic, $3.57-ift3.i.
Si. Louis. July 12. Lead Quiet; sales at
$3 12' . Spelter Dull ut $3.45.
Kobt, C. White & Co.
Live Slock Commission Merchants,
Kansas City Stock Yurtls.
Consignments nnd correspondence solicit
ed. Market reports free upon nnpllcailnn
Lone -Jit Star
For Rest Results.
t'OH PA NY-.
A New Company,
Capital, tlOO.000. Telephone 1105.
Kansas cuy mock varus.
Market reports furnished. Write us.
Ben L. Welch & Go,
Stock Yards. Kansas City, Mo,
Market reports furnished. Write us. .
Receipts at Chicago, St. Louis, Omaha
and Kansas CRy yesterday were: Cattle,
12,ln); hogs, IC.OoO, and sheep, 0,J00; same
day last year, cattle, 19,So0; hogs, 30,200,und
sheep. ti.'J00.
Ne.v York, July 12. European cables
quote American steers at lo'.aicll'io per
pound, dressed weights; refrigerator beef
at iMi'JV. no exports to-day.
CATTLE Movements for the past 21
Cattle. Calves.
Receipts .,.,, ... ,.,.,,.5,b53 126
Shipments ,,,,,... 737 S
Drlvc-outs 2.317 43
There was a better run yesterday but
the offerings wert all wanted. The demand
was Mlrly active, Expoiters und dressed
beef men were both good buyeis and the
best led dry lot cattle sold 10&l5a higher.
Cows were lower but In very good de
mand, the increased offerings enabling
buyers to squeeze prices down JOulSc.
Slockers and feeders were active and
steady Range cattle, us well us natives,
met with a belter market. Sales of steers
were not only quick, but prices ruled loo
higher. Cows sternly. Milch cows lu only
moderate supply; prices steady; common,
dueling j uiy, 14.511c; August. tlt.tMc; Sep
tember, ll.iOSil 1.75c; October, ll.N0ftl4.-.5c:
December. 14.75c; Jnnnnrv, 11.555 14. Co;
February, 1l.50ftl4.fiOc; March, 11...0',il.Wc;
July. 14. 15ft 1 l.50c : August. 1I.C5ftl4.7ne; Sep-
liMtilinr 11701,11?.".'" Il'fnl.e 1 1 vl. 1 J .Ml,.
. , i ,". . . V . .V .......,,.,.. j. ,
ji.h" u.auc; uecemuer, ll.thiii
tlRdlH: medium to Mir, WT?I, nnd good to
choke. iwg.
No. Av.WI. I'riee.lNo. Av.Wt. l'rlcr.
...1551. ...J
5 D
OT IX0. ...
22 12M....
m iitn....
S3 lit?....
M) 11?!....
i mi....
S3 1125....
so int....
?4 !??....
i.. :!---
ft Oft
4 n
4 70
4 40
4 05
4 n
1 00
2 on
2 35
2 iS
2 St)
2 9)
1 ,.r
2 W
2 25
2 50
2 m
2 fia
2 75
2 So
2 IX)
3 10
2 CO
2 15
2 ID
2 50
2 W
fi 10
, SI!....
14 S7....
n :'
111 tj
I ti
.... twii....
.... W5....
.... m....
1 ltW..
: Ni
.. .115(1....
.. .150.1....
3 KI j 21...
2 ( I 13...
f. Ifi I 13..
B 0...
20 f.M....
8 73
3 W
-I 50
S 50
3 75
3 S5
3 25
3 50
I 35
I 02H
:i at,
1 20
1 4214
4 no
rr ....
SCO I 5.
23. 1ftl0...
I 15
... 721....
... fC.2....
... 714....
... S77....
... CA2....
.. 1024....
12 MO....
30 fM....
IS Ilffi!....
21 1017....
22 677....
32 711....
20 107S....
3 no
3 70
4 in
3 55
3 30
3 30
4 ID
4 0(1
20.. .,..1005..
13 S.32..
3 10
50 cf.. 1222.... 1ST, I 00 cf.. 1227
101 PS7 3 40 1
4 S3
.1173.... I 70 21 Ui0,
. S72.... 2 75 I 12 S55
4 70
...1222.... 3 55 I 23 1221,
4 CD
11 f.2.;.... 2 til J
21 7i 7 OH I 2 5i
4 CO
1(H. ..
1 10 I
3 CO
.. 012..
.. 021..
.. Sv."..
.. 701..
.. S2..
.. H33.,
.. S57..
.. SI2..
3 f.7Hj
1(102. .
Sfi.3. .
., 11..
:i 40
3 15
2 00
3 70
3 55
3 35
3 20
3 10
2 SO
3 4
.1 1
. 3 35
3 10
- S
2 55
, .1 15
3 35
, 3 15
S nd
SI 1032
950. . . .
5 5,5 I 20 1M1....S
5 40 1 1345....
5 15 25 ISM....
Ron n 1R,...
4 SI WW..1IJJ....
4 70 95 lfJ...,
4 m i. iwi....
n f?::::::lf:;:
5 00 41 1150....
4 50 21! m....
4 85
1 2 w....
J!l 2 1010....
2 4 i. '.'.'.'.'. f&'.'.'.
a 10 2 m...,
8 60 11 m....
270 ij fg....
I 3i:::::: ::;:
8 On 7 17....
3 6) 2 !ii,..,
175 .-.,..... D70
2 1ft 3 910....
2 80 9 m....
2 ft) J 1010....
sm 27 !M....
Ijfi 21 lOKi....
2 70 22 1031....
2 (.0 12 (.,...
5 S1 15 P02....
3 ll 17 1015....
1 ,w., 2 (i
2 lft.... 2 25
1 13711.,.. 2 m
1 1311 2 35
1 ISW..,. 2 60
13 SIC... 2 05 2'1 777.... 2 05
! CM.... 2 15 IVI S13.... 3 20
W SC... 2 00 11 S30.... 2 50
33 CM.... 2 JO 33 RIO.... 2 13
HOGS Movement for past 21 hours:
Receipts 4,720
Shipments 292
Drive-outs 3,002
There wore but few in yesterday nnd the
market was active and higher, packers
nnd shippers both buying, nnd the pens
were cleared early. Extreme range, $4,705))
5.00: bulk ot sales. $I.S3ftl.03.
No. Sh. A v. IMceNo. Sh. A v. l'rlca
75 20 liw $4 03 I 45 SO IfiS tTsijii
55 SO 177 4 S5 I 117 .. ItiO 4 90
45 120 251 I SO I 43 10 197 4 SO
90 10 212 4 S5 I SS 40 190 4 S3
a SO 210 4 S7H'i 71 120 191 4 S7V4
92 -101 193 I S7-i S2 40 217 4 90
107 .. 2lO 190 I 53 .. 190 I 90
SS I2i) 217 4 m I 71 100 203 4 90
SO . . 210 4 !Kl I IX) . . 25S 4 92'-
OS .. 190 4 921.! 75 10 273 4 95
02 .. 25(1 195 1S2 40 27S 4 95
KI .. 22S I 971'. :- Si) 357 4 75
lit 100 177 4 Si) 07 ..lOS 4 f'r
42 .. 1S1 4 SO 71 SO 201 1 S215
91 40 200 4 S5 91 40 212 4 S5
5S 40 21 S I S7 W) .. 230 4 90
70 SO 213 4 90 75 SO 231 4 90
71 40 ISi 4 90 50 SO "20 -i 90
73 Kin 24U 4 90 IS) .. 19S 4 90
77 SO 25S 4 90 5S .. 231 I 9Ji
KI .. 250 1 95 ill .. 270 4 !li
05 SO 252 -I 95 01 40 239 4 9a
41 .. 25.'i 5 00
SHEEl' Movement for past 21 hours:
Receipts !-'
Shipments , JsJJ
Drive-outs ....1,CJ
T'here were not so many In yesterday,
yet the supply was fair. Buyers got to
work early and made very good purchases,
and Willie there was 110 excitement on tho
market, a good, healthy trade was had,
nnd values ruled steady throughout tho
Av.Wt. Price
47 lambs J? S -
lis himhx 0) f i
W lamb's 'p. o -
22 lambs f' -'
55 lambs U, COO
W Southwest .Missouri lambs.. (.2 1 00
(3 mixed ') ;
US Merinos j? 2 40
212 stockers J 1 S-i
20 tUockertt ; - 0
45 native muttons i .1 to
27 nittlvo muttons 9 3 3a
33 native muttons 10s 3 3j
21 native muttons HJ '
ra native yearling wethers.... 9ii 3 75
the past 2l hours:
Receipts -
Shipments 21
Drive-outs ; ;-
There were no fresh receipts yesterday
nnd holdovers wete light, of good stock,
hence there was llttlo trading In either
horses or mules. Values, however, report
ed steady, what few sales beins mado
bringing about steady prices.
We quote:
Mules. II hands J25W 35
Mules, ll'i hands 411ft' 50
Mules. 15 hands 43ft1 00
Mules, 15' j hands BOW 70
Mul.-.s, It', to llllj hands S5ftll0
Horscs-Southi-rn 20ft. 30
lliir. s Slr.eters Siui 40
Drivers 41ft ..
Draft 40ft1 70
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each
week, ut the Kansus City
Stock Yards Horse and Mule Dept.
W. . 'lOtriill Ai SON, Managers.
Hundreds of all classes of horses sold at
private sale and at auction each day. All
stock must be as represented or no sale.
1,1)1! STOCK HY Till. UGH A I'll.
Chicago, July 12 -OATTLK-Only nbout
4,500 were received to-day and with a fairly
active general demand prices ruled strong
er and 5ft 10c better In a number of In
stances on the choice beeves. Inside and
outside prices for native steers were about
the same as thoso quoted yesterday, and
only a few cattle were choice enough to
sell around $5.50. Ilutchers' and i-unners"
stuif, calves, stockers und feeders were in
fair demand at unchanged prices.
HUGS Not moie than 8,000 were received
to-day, but those left over from yesterday
Im-reased the supply to 21,0n0 head. Early
in the day there was a good demand from
shippers and speculators, und prices moved
up 5'uloc per cwt. SuKiequently the buying
became very light, und as the city packers
held back, the advance was all Ipst. Tho
top price of the day, $3.27'5, was paid by 11
"scalper" lor 11 drove of extra choice. 190
pounds, being 2'ce higher than choice heavy
sold for. Sales wire made of common tu
choice heavy at tl.7S.ft5.25; mixed at tl.SOSj)
5,15; light ut $I.S'!5.27ti; pigs ut t3.1O1(0.20,
heavy and light weights selling closely to
gether, A good many hogs wete luft un
sold. SHHEl' The best lambs early In tho
week sold ut $0.10, but since, then prices
have declined fully 4oftC0e per cwt. Sales
are now made from $5.fio all the way down
to $3.00 for common lambs, with the bulk of
the sales ut $3.0Oft5.50. Sheep, unlike lambs,
were sttonger, and averaged 10525o higher.
Sales were at an extreme range of tl.oofti
4.5i) for Inferior to extra Hocks, prime ewes
selling at $3.75, and choice wethers at $1.23
SMOG, Comparatively fow sheep were
choice enough to sell above $3.03. fed Tex
ails selling at $3.05ft3.00, while common und
Texuns went at $2.00ft2.S3. Montunu. Ore
gon and Western sheep found purc-hascra
at tl.Mi3.C0.
St Louts, Mo.. July 12. CATTLE Re
ceipts, 2,5m; shliiminls. none. Market ilrru
und top grades biought full prices. Natlvo
dressed beef and shipping steers rango
$4.0OftG.10; light steers, $3,401)1.00; btockera
uud fewltre, t2.&ta3.W; cows, JiiOU3.; fud
i.tmir nr.ciiii'is ami cmiu hamaoii
September Corn tlalnrd tl'le and Oats
doled n rnietlon Lower on a
Dull Market l'rnt Isloiis
Vtrrn Weak,
ly 12. Wheat was stroiiM!
a continuation of re-
CIiIcaro, III., July
nlti to-dy on
ports of dntnntre to spring wlnal nnd
IlBht receipts nt winter wh- .it mar
ket.. A lot of 75.OO0 bush. Is of red
winter wan sold here for shipment to
millers In Ohio. An ndatie or another
lc per bushel sltice ytslerday was tho con.
sequence. Corn ndvalu cd l'(. .ef bushel
for September, nnd declined for May
delivery, nnd outs closed ',.- lowir 1'rovis
Ions were wenk In the end, notwithstanding
light receipts ot hogs.
The whent market opened very strong (it
from C7e to 67V, for S. Member, and It
took nnlv nhmit fifteen minute' 1 oiitltm.
mice of the opening "push" lo get the Pllco
up to (rc, or 6Sc per bushel rcnivrry from
the lowest point it touched ns to r.tly as
on Tuesday, All the reports nf threshing
returns continued Hie worst whl. It has been
said tit the thorough ilestrtn tinti wt ought
by bent, dry weather and insects In tlm
winter wheat country. Fairly liberal deliv
eries nf winter wheat were looked for an
soon ns thieshlng should git fairly under
way, even If the crop Mils small, but thero
has now been nmple time for tho f.trtneis
to get their wheat In, ntnl It docs not come.
It now appenrs prolmble that, no mnttcr
what limy bo the outcome to the spring
wheat, the deliveries ot the new winter
whent nre llkelv to be so small ns tn secure
it weekly reduction In tho visible, supply'
uiuii new spring wncai is reaiiy tor deliv
ery. Fanners have bad their wheat ready
tor ii inoiiiu. nun yet tne nggregnto 10-uay
received nl St. Louis, Kansas City, Toledo
und Detroit wns only 109.(i"0 bushels, com
ii.if cd with lOO.MH) bushels nt the s.nne places
a year ngo, nnd tho crop ut this time last
year was only iieginuing 10 ne uircsucu.
The foreign markets were higher. Liver
pool was up l'.d nt the opening. Paris 10
centimes, nnd llcrlln from 3 marks to 3'i
marks. The London Times estimates tho
condition of tho wheat in the United King
dom nt 70.3 on nn area ot 2o per cent small
er than that ot the year before. Export
clearances vere miinll, only S'MOO bUBhcls
of whent being: leported from tho four
principal Atlantic ports. Chicago received
49 enrs, 31 of which wcro new, nnd S of tho
latter were No. 2 red. Minneapolis and
Duluth reported 74 carloads, ngalnst 1S7
cars on the corresponding dny last year.
The enrly ndvimco to CS'xc was followed
ny 11 uownwnru reaction to t,i'jc, utu iresn
buying gavo It nnother Upturn to around
BSlse, nil these lltlctuntlolis occurring be
tween the opening nnd 12:15. The news ot
damage from thu Northwest was sulliclent--ly
convincing to keep tho mnrket llrm In 1
Ibn afternoon nt from CSo tn GSU.C. Moro I
posltiveness wns given to the latter dls-rtB
patches, which also gave detnlls of thslijB
extent of tho country Injured, and general ,n!B
opinion was by that time moro inclined to-tfl
a Dcnct in consiueniiue iiamugo. moo sen- 11
board reported no demnnd for export, nnd Hi
jjailimorc satu new wneai receipts wuiw ,
Increasing wituout any outlet tor mo siuu.
Tho 1f.tr.sf trndlnr- w.'ift nt OSl-.c.
Corn was very strong for September and
wenk for May dcllvjry. Tho feature of tho
trade wns the covering of September snorts,
which was stllllclnntly general to accom
ullsli without other nsslstanco or lntltl-
ence, tho ndvico referred to. The weather
conditions wcro pcrieci joi- kiciwuik 00111,
nnd that prevented Mny from Joining Sep
tember In the ndvnncc. Tho demnnd for
cash corn was ciiokoci oit ny ino navnnco in
September. Receipts were 17S cars. Atlan
tic clearances wcro 113,000 bushels only.
September opened Uc higher at J Hie,
rnnged from 4G'io to lCic, nnd closed 11 1
Oats were featureless. The market did,
not respond to the firmness displayed iij
whent und corn. September ranged fron
23l'-c to 23ii2t'4c and closed at 23-i;c. ,'5( ,
biiiall receipts ot hogs had only a vo.
limited nnd temporary intluonce on j;
Ions. They caused an ndv.ance In pork
the ilrst ten minutes of the session to J11.5o,
as compared with SU.3S4s at tho closo yes
terdnv. After that the price tumbled to
$11. 12V-', nnd then recovered to- $ll.S7Va at
tho close. Lard rose 7',bc nt the stnxt,
dropped 12V4c nfterward, recovering 2Hc.
leaving tho day's decline at 2Ho. .ISlba
pursued a similar course to tho others,
gaining 7K-C shortly after the opening,
dropping 15"c, nnd then recovering .'Ac re
cording 5o as tho day's loss. Liberal sell
lug on tho hard spots caused tho easier
s, 53.00311
TexuH ptecrs, t3.nof71.C0; ciuss steers.
3.50; cows. J2.-J.iij 3.C1.
none i.r..,.ir.t r.(m. slilnments. nntic
Mnrket We higher. Heavies-, $3.00r3.13;
pa.'kerfc-. fl.COft.i.lO: llgbt, tl.TOftu.w. r
i!in.'i,'D i?,J.r.ir.t. "Oilil! slilomenits. none.,'
Market firmer. Good nntlves in demand,
wTKisni! t.imlMt. S2.50ft5.23: Southwestern J ,'
ttieeii, $l.S3ft3.20. j 5
Omaha. Neb.. July 12.-CATTLERC-. ia
celpts, 1,400. Mnrket active nnd 10c higher.
Native beef steers, S3.70fi'3.l0; Western
steers, $3.30l.5O; Texas steers, $2.50f(4.2.i;
cniv.i and heifers. J2.50I?3.75; caniien, $1.50
(Ti2.23; stockers and feeders, $2.73H3.S.i; J
calves, J2.50ij4.50; bulls, stags, etc., tl.75SprffiJ
3 -.r. Hikm
HOGS Receipts, 1,700. Quality only f.ilr.(l
Market nctlve nnd 5c higher. Heavy. $1.70 VJ
fil.S5; mixed. $1.70ftl.75; llglit, tl.00ff4.7j;. -J
pigs. S3.73ftl.50; bulk ot sales, tl.TOffl.SO. ,
BlllSBr-ttecoipts. '0. .iiaruei sirou,-.i r
T.'ln In clinlpf. natives. S2.50ft3.50: fair tol A
choieo Westerns. $2.0oft2.73; common nndi M
stock bheep, $1.75j2.23; lambs, Si.OUfiS.SO. ' Ajj
To Cblcago by Daylight.
The SANTA FE ROUTE has put or. n
fast daylight train, leaving Kansas City at
7:30 a. tn. dally, and arriving in Chicago
that same evening. It makes the run in
nbout lifted) hours, making the same time
as the fast night trains. Free chairs, rull
man sleepers. Vestibule throughout. Din
ing cars servo dinner nnd supper and
guests only pay for what Is ordered. For
passengers preferring to leave Kansas City
in the evening, the SANTA FE offers
choieo of two fast tralii3.
For particulars call at SANTA FE
ROUTE ticket oillces. northeast corner ot
Tenth and Mnin streets and 1030 Union ave
I. and T. A.
NORMAN As ROUERTSON, proprietors
ot abstracts and examiners of land titlos.
No. Ill Kast Sixth street, furnish dully tho
transfers ot real estate tiled in tho record
er's oliice ut Kansas City, Mo.
Notice All transfers appearing In our
dally leports contain covenants ot general
warranty unless otherwise stated.
July 12.
Paul Hartholomees and wlfo to C. '
Krnhenbuhl; northwest quarter ot
houtheast quarter et al, section 25,
township 4S, range S3 t 8,000
Iteiinu Riiwllngs to W. II, Collins;
lot 9, block 4, McKlnney heights.. 500
Amoskeug Savings bank to Sarah G.
Fetter; part lot i, McGce's sum
mit CM
Alllanco Trust Company to Ollvo C.
Marsh; lot 61, Sprlnglicld place.... 2,000
Sarah G. Fetter and husband to Vin
cent A, Fetter: east half ot west
half lot S, block 10, McGce's sum
mit 2,000
W. T. Johnson and wlfo to T, 11.
U.i.m.A. In. .1. I ,..l,....t,.lfi..n. ,...,
1III.', ,.V t.h J,IUC'L-.VIII.V I.,,,
Kansas avenues I
Thomas II. Swope to William T.
Johnson; part northeast quarter ot
section 19. township 49. rango 33..., 1
M. L. Wei-ms to H. C. Heed: lot S,
part lot it, block 3, 1'roapect sum
mit ,
James Curr and wife to Dora E.
Train; lots 1 to 0. block 1, et ul,
O'Donnell'M addition
Same to same; lot 1, part lot 2, et ul,
llornbeck .V luting's addition
Charlotte. Dallas to J. W, Strode;
lots U and 15. block 22, Ladd's ad
II. W. Darling to O. I'. Hloss; lots
I, 2 and 3, .Mount 1'leasant
Charles J. Hutton to C. II. I'mtt;
lots 21. 22 und 23, C. 11. I'ratt'a
I'ark Avenue addition
(1. F. Wing and wlfo to L. G. Owen;
lot 115, block I. resurvey Whip
ple's second addition..
A. L. Charles to K. H. Hasslct; part
lot 10, block 1, Munford it Fan.
cher's addition
Charles II. Wulluidgc and wife to L.
II. Musson: lot 15, block I, James
(loodin place
Julia Muslin et ul to ('. J. Hub
bard et al; lots 0 to 27, block I,
et ul, Hyde paik. ,
D. C. List and wife to S. S. Illoch:
lot 17, block 6, Whitehead place....
C. K. Hulcom and wife to Ellen
Carr; part lot 2tf, llornbeck A: KI
ting's allotment
J. J. SwolTord and wife to j:
ir. m. iioideii 10 1' it i.'i ,',,:.'.;?. ..
K?,!!"a(n,'l0'i V.et "I. aielH?r Jilace
bame to faaruh G. 1-v , r; IMr't iot
i. bloc. to. Met; t-s Sum nit ......
tin 7lTs,'a"1 ,(i.J s- Gilbert; lot
M. 11. ilulr and wife to same- lots
S3 und 31, block. Prospect yicw.f
ni-urii-, j ail lois aim V, Mock (.,
Hanson Az Tulley's addition
F. II. Talpey to Caroline A. Talpey:
part northeast quarter of section
9, township 4'J, range 33
ASSlCNl.Trs' l.i.'L.-.iit'
1 (I
ftju " r
. fc. ,1

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