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Yi. .. " OOMS !'relileii(.
The National Bank of Commerce.
Accounts solicited, and depositors
with good
w s vit.j-n- v. v miH
, i I i.Kl.ld'iT I
v i 01,1 .'
Missouri, Kansas & Texas Trust Go.,
li VNs.Vsc in, MO.
t nt.K it - - si.-mimhmi.
surplus Anil I ii.llWded I'nilll., :nil,llliil.
MiTttfK I. si II. w 1:1.1. I'rl lent
'. : e Presidents McHr, K I. Martin
s Tarlol. J Mi !'. I'-lml'le. ..
ht. li (-.Mi-- S-" imii wm Tnriof.
, , .i-ufer l-rank It ft loot. A--i IfE'V:
J ,uT. Nnlthetilm Aut.MM.-y.. Trimble
'i. .ev oeneral Ai.orneis
l.i.-.uto it General Irml llit.liu.
, Is a. I lifter, transfer tgent HI- lire
I tt-tr fur Corporations.
ii. i I tccttliir. ..ihiiliilstrnttir. Guard
Inn, or Trustee nT Estates.
Collects Western Mortgages.
I . Ur marge of properties, iiillrt'tlni?
trim, pi.tlng nut", etc., f.ir i:nlrrti In-
II stor. .. .. .
, itum Cltv IMW'lwi A K Slll-rell. E. t.
- ti'in. . A Mfwii-r r A Pe.m. l'rsui. Cooper.
, I'.um.. .1 M'l Trimble Hoot Glllham. .
Geo.l Imijiii'-" pap-r. "trmir makers and
In'tor-crs or son I 1 iil.it..i.il filth enn
1 r him tt. iimn an bi usiJ ptemptiy nt
ci rr. nt r.it'
I'irt!- hnvlr.? fh-'i 'ipt '-n offer please
tcrr. -pond w.Ui u" T ft pi. one '..''.'2.
M. 11. Alll'U P ,-.!! Ii.-lunurn strrrt.
Houston, Fiblo & Co.
fSu. f---n'Ti to Win J. Wnllmiti & Cot
JV40 )i-I,innrt- trit.
I.ut.a t If y. Mil.
Vi Delaware et . Kansas City Mo. Com
mercial Paper. Stocks and Uotids. Ileal
Estate Ixians
T . t was n better tone to the money
i kit of the country the past week. The
ippli of funds contliiiiei good, both Hast
, West, untl the ale easily obtainable.
he name time there Is evidence or np
i' lilng better employment of Idle fuinl!
h- near future. Winter wheat harvest
.r and while the ylel.l N light, yet It
ittlclent to make fair business for a few
th anil It tnke some money to handle
i a light crop. The oat crop was good,
i i ami vci-i'tables iibunilam. anO the
ti i rap promises the largest ylehl In the
ny of the country. And. us "corn In
n." pronperoin tlmeh are promised for
winter. All of which are exerting a
! healthy tone to thf loan market. At
i: mt the actual Incieniie In the demand
i money has not been much, hut there Is
. position to hold rates a little firmer In
. ipatlon of the better fall demanil. In
a York call loans are still fill's per
' ' hut time money, 3fii4 per cent.
' . New York bank statement Saturday
wcl that the associated banks there
' 'I.Iim.ouO In loans, but the Intlow from
t ountry anil a Kuln from the sub-treas-
"f K.saooo. prevented any loss In the
n-its, which Increased $313,30a The
K- sained r..t72.n In cash dnrinft the
.K made up of $5.M!S..T0O In legal tenders
- fl'U.I'Kl In specie. The surplus reserve
- .isc.l :i,kK.30O, making it now S3S.491.
' .ihiive the 25 per cent rule.
i l.oston money Is still quiet and vasy;
ie In Philadelphia: easy In Baltimore
1 I'lnelnnatl. In comlnn West Keneral
i- .ilso fmind, but ihre is a slight Im
minent in the demand. Some funds are
n lielnB called to the country for mov-
L- tic wheat and oats crops, and an Im-
t I inquiry had on stock feedmK paper
i-. . however. unchaiiKed. still (VFiS per
I'umiicy shipments to the country
'mi.. llRhl K.tnk clearlnRs for the
k tudinij Tuesday. $9,232.(171; same time
ear, .lffi.TS.'i, an Increase of l . 1 fJ.33fi.
ii'. of 13 per cent.
i 'trn exchange seir e and firm.
it-ron, Fib & C exchange brokers,
It as follows:
w York, iHio r fit'im; Chicago, 25c
mum: St. Loul' - premium.
Knglund iik i- In this country
-eenis to b i . i idle money, as Is
n ed l.y tr . .mub from London:
money V - mm nt the pre' ::t
' Ues. ' ' '"lunese log" ! .,.
ttien " 1 i - rat.S . .!.!
II i-e o the e- ii, .
' fie fi. nu i-
in ''la'i r . . .1..,
t Will ,,- ,ltt.l.
I 'f the IshUeh do i
itistrai lion of the ;
lav was $P,ft72,. .
bll and asked
f"ity oar.k and
furnished by H,
Arm-.ir b-jild-
Bi I. Aj Iced.
r f t
" iOCr
.. S'J
. w
t .
. I
' : any.. J05
ami Abroad.
t'n y on 1 all .
' per c,-nt, . 1
11.nl. pup, 1 V,
'.rin, w.tli 1
.it JIMiVll'i'.
JU ' II..U
a Yori.
! r cent,
t-nt: prl
In I
1.1. an'
I rate
i.i reia'
. Ion, I
.ii df
i .mu
it y,
t i,
ton, t '
. 1.
; 'del,
in ', $2K
New Voi
in CU-arliik
i ' :io, HI.. Ju
Money easy at
- 4nd &S'.j ffir
.. I
.1 1'
. ' 'or r iiiv
!1 .
' .md U''tv
'1 ', per . nt.
up' n market
1 iniiB in a-Pi
. :i)
P r
c arlngs, foi!,;T9,.75;
' I'MB, jl7.23),"Hlu, Iih!-
-' "h a.-inrfk. !.. ..!,-
''" "nigs, .'.23lli23;
M-.my 3K5i n, r
."i'e iur I.J ,". j,tl.
, ''learlngs, llS.Di.i,.
I'j per cent for eU
V.. V C 1 -,. iwi W.UIIiercilil
iew .u.i. ruiiitf. au,. lireinillln
m. poted rt,. IIS.L iTia '!, "
fuis July 8,.--lc.,rlii., awfoj;
!..e. tfj.!t. ijoiiey 546 pTr .en
York echanife 12.- ijlseoiiiii bid.
v. Orleans. July ffi.Clewi.,,, ji.ji.0,.
mphto. Ti'ntiu. July M.-C,ierins, 25..
s- In
.ia.ii.t-, w,ni. ,witr 1 whltDge
ig at H00 premium, ,
1 1 Us IIIIW 1
I. "don, July SfcUar sliver aoa per
N ,Vf(l' J"'V 88.-8ilver ceriiflcaies.
jiullriM.i jtoiiiii
Njv York, July SL-fcMdug uuoiotlowt
the h'w York Stock exchange:
Yesfr. To.
. ,,. . ,. tov- iy.
tify. vm ,..,,,
' !-, 2l A ,,
.la SautbVru Jds....
utii f-...-iiic m
r i Klo nranite U...
i k nut ir4noe i...
llT'l S.".V. "lis'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.':
r J? y
ii 1 on c Ttxatt t'euiral 5 ,...j
1 . I fill r ti.,V jj I'unl I'll I u lia.i
if 1J Iniyn t. us
iuri, K(,. & Tex. Ut U M
' -u4ii, nun. m: T. jn H fiir
New. Jtrtey LVnirttl (tmrul 7,tt ,m
... --v . , . -nurmun;, ,t,i
h vs eat. 1 n , o'ltiolK
ni.-iii Pa, in, lists
it'. 111 Pa. the j.
, lii.ii.de Wisiein jis.
i'uul cunkOU, is
.1 lip-!,
.. 77
...M M '
... W iS
....IN Ml
...I.'7'I l7'.f
JIN' j
I lAM lAI-
. V. llfl.i:, falilr-r.
, 200,000.00.
offered every facility consistent
', Yliv'l.l'i it ' WAIt'll. S .1 I-ITX.lll.-ciH W.P VpORIlfcBS
.) -.Hnl-I OHO i IIK.TKtt SNIlHilt W WOODS. W. A IttJI.B.
Si 1. A 1 M. eenrral " ..
S- 1. A- ?. I" Benernl tv ...
Ht I'.iul. ' 1'. W. 5s ..
T xa l" dflc Ists
T. a IMilflc vMs
Inleli I'm Itlc lst of 'W ...
Wist ?hore l
Mill lihd (liiirrnlii.tnt llmnl.
New Yolk. Ju- M.-flosln qtitvtn
h the New iork Stock p.xehanjti':
t'tilted Stales . rmlstefetl.... 1124
t'nitPii Mute i. coupon H2V
fnilp-l ft.ites hew 4s. cmipoh..l!8H
fnltcil States hew. ref. I IHi
('tilt nt States r. coupon..... ...118
I'hlted Stitten 6. reKlsterPil 11S
r,ir,..i xij.ti.ti 2a. Fefflfltefprt.... h7
l'aclllc s
Alabama, class A
Alabama, rlass It
Alabama, class O
Alabama currency
Louisiana new cono!s, 4s
North t'nrolina 4s
Ntirth I'ariilltm s ,
Uniith I'arollna nonrund
.. T
.. M
Tennessee .!. now settlements. . )
Tetin, fs.t if, tip settlements. .1M
Tetiti.-tx e ., old settlemtnts.. tvi
Virginia centuries K-'a
Missouri 6s 10J
tnck mid llnnd.
New Y.irk, July 13. The upward WOVCJ
pi in in jirti es on the Stock eXchanite re
t.ii iresh Impetus to-day In renewed
leiMiifj for the -hort account., Crop ad
1 1 st ontlnue Ver.i favorable and the weak
pni l the market are few. The market
i.p.ti. d ,t tive with a contl.lent tone to the
tr.idinir which suboeqiiently developed Into
pronounc. d buoyancy. The advances at
times were retired by sales to take profits.
but 'hese were Inconsequential until the
last hour, when a determined attack was
made bv the beais, which caused a. sharp
break In some shares. Sugar and the
Kr.innrer were In excellent buying, the
latter on crop news, and the former on
orders from a pool of Insider.
Hallway and miscellaneous mortcagea
were strong and active, with sales or 2,
03II.UU0. Quotations on the New York Stock ex
change were as follows:
lest a y. io-aay.
,dams Kxnress 147
Atchison Tlallrond 1S'
American Kxpress U3
Unltimore ,t Ohio fS2'n
Canada l'nelllc ot'i
Canada Southern .134
Centrnl Paclllc l'(i
Chesapeake .fc Ohio 21
Chlcaso Alton 1M
Chicago, Burlington & Qulncy.. S.,
Chicago Oas St1,
Chicago & K. lliinol prefd.... 99
C, C. C. ,t St. I. 46(,
Consolidated Gas 139
Colorado Fuel & Iron 371,
Colorado Fuel & Iron prefd.... H3
Colorado Coal & Iron shi
Cotton Oil Certificate!! K'
nelaware ft Hudson 130
Delaware, Lackawanna ft W...tfi2i,..
Denver & Ilio Grande 14'j
Denver & lllo Grande prefd 4"'
Distillers & C. F. Co 21",
Krlu 10
Krle prefd 22&
Kort wayne , ii
General Electric 35J4
Great Northern prefd 125
Illinois Central 93
Hocklnc Vallev 23t(i
Houston ft Texas Central 2
Kansas & Texas prei a si'k
Lake Shore 152t
Lake nrle ft Western 27,
L. K. ft W. prefd S4
Lead Trust 34
Louisville ft Nashville 59?
lulsvllle ft New Albany
.Manhattan consolidated.
Memphis ft Charleston...
Michigan Central
'Minnesota ft St. Louis..
Missouri Pacific
Mobile & Ohio
Northwestern nrefd ....
...... ':.:'-
National Cordage
National Cordage prefd
National Linseed ml Co
New York Central
Northern Pacific
Northern Pacific prefd
New" Jersey Central
Norfolk & Western prefd
Nashville & Chattanooga. . ...
New York & New England..
Ontario & Western .....
Oregon ft Navigation
Oregon Improvement Co
o. s. L. & V, N
Pacific Mall S, S. Co
Peoria, Deratur & Kvan-vllle
Pullman Palace Car Co
North American Co
Klo Grande Western
.. 26H,
.. v-
.. a
.. 13'j
,. 6S
. .".1
. 2S'
. . ni
' 'i.
. ITS,
.. 17'a
.. 43
.. 7IH
.. S.'4.
.. 4ft'3
.. 21-
. 113'!,
:: 'f "
.. 14V4
.. 54
.. 4!
.. 17"-,
. --v
. 1!",
. M7
Rio Grande Western prefd...
Rock Island & Pacific
St. Paul
St. Pa.il plefrj
St. Paul & Omaha
St. Paul ii Omaha prefd
Southern Paclllc
Sugar ltfiinery Co
T, A. A c S M
Tnr.eiee coal & Iron
Texas Pacific ..,
Toledo. 8. Louis & K. C
Tub do. St L. & K, C. prefd.
I'nlon Pacific
('. P., Denver & Gulf
t'r.ited States Kxpre-s
Wheeling Lake Er
W ft I. i: prefd
Walutsh Si l.jiii Pa. HP
W.ibmh. St 1. V P j,r. r'd ..
Wells-Fitrgu LMirms
W. -if rn ("iii.:. T. 1. ,'t ij n ",i
-ir . n. 1 ;
1 63-1 65 Dearliorn-st. , Chicago.
15 Wall-si , Ntw urk. 70 btate-st. Itoston
)bt. WATER aniJ R ( K V Q
Zloiltftlt Mild l-Qhl
t rrcp -r.aence SclicltcO
CD KltENf'ir Prf,e-,t
V. YAN NK'.S'iS- S .t'tiry and Treasurer
I VI MII.lslll.il 1M71I.
Orders eieeuiel f.ji mtur ilucry nt
Grain and Pruv.biina
Moomh 20. 21 ar.,1 J, Exchange hldg
Private wires u, CtHcago, New Ygrk and
Rf Jrfiills
Till; Glt.MN 3i.ucki:t.
Ill stoic Wheat, 1. 323 bushed. . r.rr. ti .
i 5T7 bushels, oats, ili.-j'io bu.-htls. and 'rj,-,
, l,il biikhelk. '
iSame time lai,' .ear' $;,',',
. The upper . ides nntli. nIm ur,d 111
sood demand, but low grades drag and ell
! lb. duality riVmpV;,v.or.he ESKttV:
least . ume In less loujfh than 111, v. Hy
' ISP.'Y "!' ,ra'k teK "'Konsas City: So.
8, hard. I r ut 3i 1 ,4r , arrive at
C3Uc. choice old hai.l bid f5r attic "u, . ,,
sales; No 3 hard. '! . rs ut die. 3 cars at
Cllie: No. 4 bard, , 55'.s wu4t if'."-,
refected. 1 car at v, I cjr U Vk; j! er at
JaA r"'J' '""heU new 'rom Ware
' tilt: iif'i',.i ?$2t K.&- .' w
odaJ '-.-No 4'red"3 fSK .TTiV;; a
Kc. 2 cars nt 57c, I cur cbolco at (to.; s cars
CON-ltfccelpts pst 21 hour 21 WW
itne time last year ji ,uj
Th.re was 4 firmer tone to the market
yesterday at the opening, but sale.- T ."'
as buyers hesitated about paying ,iY
Mronv prlies asked. The imieds.d tlr,,,.
. how.ver. Was shall lived, Chicago
breklt badly beiore tli.i 'day '., osVt
and the .lose here was dull and weaker
I11 .juiuatny. Hy sample 041 tra.l, hr,v at
Kansas City -No. 2 mixed. 10 an. sarli a
3At.'. ti cars at i,.-. later 2 cars at st.c
5.0O. bushels to arrive at ic; No 3 mixed'
Ml3'c; No. 2 wblte. 2 cars at to-. 2 car.
at Si','. No. 3 white. Ss-uasi;,,' lrl,
OA'fS-lte. ,-lptf J..st 21 hour- ., ,Hl0
aamr tlm lasr e.-,r .. 17 n.i
There iv., a Very good d man for ill
di) sample.- yejttrday al"l the upp. r (jr.. its
1 ).. 1 life, but r.-ii t t. ) an 1 tio
' 1- i" wck as i-ver anl hat'l to sell.
niipl. mi track here nt Kan'.is City:
. mi- 1 1 mr cliot.e nrw at 2!'2e and 3
.11 a' :P , No 3 mixed. 2 .ar new at
11 1 - ar old nt 22c, Nr I mued, 2 nrs
: . am nt IS.' and 1 enr nt l''2e and 1
r mi grade, at !.. Mi n wntte, 1
'.T'jt . I car at '.'7V-, No white, 1
. at 27c: No. I white, 23tiVlf.
lt 1:
li, elnl ttt 21 hours -
pitiie tinie mi year
Son .ming in. Price nominal tty
itmi'l o'i itack hen at Kahsw city: No.
1. 4HIV N'o. 3, W4Si-.
Fliil'HTht market Is Mill a slow one.
but prucs unchanged. W quole: Soft
wheat, per li" tmtind , ftfttents, 11 SOf
J oil, eetrit rtnoy, ILMri.tSi fancy, !1.B0
1 en. choice. $1 VteiM; MH wheat, per 10)
pcund sak. patents. it.VMtS.rfl; trHlghts.
MCM17S: bAkr'. ll.rBfli.Sli low grades,
!1 iii-.ii in. rye. II.MVfri.flrt
iiinxMF.AL-Qlilet, bM steady. Wc
qu.ite at TsiiTnc per i-tvi. bttlk
ciillS clit't' Slotv sale, but unclinhfred.
Unit. I ttl T4TV per cwt., sm'ked.
Hit AN !tct in KOflil demand, bill twr
dull Sa ked, fti'tASte per t'tl., and bulk,
KiAXSRl.-1imnd gocul and vulite
steali We ltloe nt I1.tliff1.l3 per bushel,
upon 1 he bnsls of pttre ns to billing.
ItAUl.KY- None cowing in. Price nomi
nal at 42c fir No. 2.
HAY -H.-cfH.pt pnit 24 hours ....320 ton
Same .line b: year bW Ions.
Prairie continues hard lo sell and lower,
but tlnmihy in sood demand. New pntine.
.-,.oi!l7 ii a to condition; old upland,
fancy, si.iwivi i..m. ner ion, cnoice, s.tu..'"i;
No. 1. ..""5r;iti; no. a, i.irjri.i:
old tlltiothy.cholce.iHWll: No. J. RlWMii,
sit.onsn rn
new tun
No. 2. Wi!.OI; No. 3. J7OW7.50; new tltn-
othv fc'i OtViiiMKi. n to condition1, clover
mixed, No. 1, 7.5ft!! 50; No. 2. clover mixed,
I7.ootiii; strnlght lover, te.50t7..V.
Velenlii' Clileiigu lllirbel
At furnished by French lUrps. Commission
Company, roams 20, 21, 22, Exchange build-
Options. 1 Open. High.) l.ow. Close.
Wheat, July. .11 SONS Ob's'S 68-'i
Sept I 8SM 8S', KT'v RT'a
Dec TO : 7fl' 69 S
Corn, July.. ..I 45 45 j 1l il1.
Se.Jt, I 4I 45 I 44 441
May I , S5J4I SSVi S.V,
Oats, July ....I 23J 23'j 23J, 23',
Sept. ' an 224 22't, 22's
Muv I 25V 85 SitKI 2-VS,
Pork Julv ..., 10 87! I07'i 10 8Ti! 30 07',
Sept I II 0" 11 00 to 75 1 10 TT"!,
Jiln 110 90 MOW 10 R I 10 To
Lar.1, July ...; 6 25 6 2". 25
Sept i 0 35 6 374 6 81 f 6 :!2'i
Jan 3& 35 6 2TH' 0 3n
S. Ribs. July. ! 6 oTS o7'4 8 ntiv R 0714
Sept ' fi I 6 8.' fi 15 I 6 1T
Jan ' 5 621.' StS's. 6W ! 5 (8'
Chicago car tots yesterday Wheat
corn. 29S; oats. 13S. ....
Kstimated receipt to-morrow Wheat, 33
cars; corn, iv mi, v.... iv imit.
WHF.AT-Cah-No. 2 re.1, 61c; Nt
red. 61c ; No. 2 hard, 6c: No. S hard,
1. 3
CORN Cash No. 2 mixed, 44Hc, and No.
2 OAT&-Cash-No. 2 mixed. 24c; No. 2
white. 27'jc, (
Hr.iln Nutf.
Light showers were general In the West
Monday night and showery conditions con
tinue, Seerbohm estimates the English wheat
crop at 4VW0.00U bushels, or 15,000,000 bush
ebt less than lAst year.
A Hamburg message read: The hay crop
I verv large and secured in good condi
tion. Grain Is maturing and prospects ore
Well for a large yield.
The American Cereal Company In the
Eat few days has sold JOO.OOO bushels of
eptember oat and bought the same quan
tity of lay in Chicago.
The shipments, of maize to Europe laM
week were as follows: From this country
SSa.noa bushels; from Argentine. l,112,.i
bushels; from Rus!a and Danublan coun
tries, 97,000 busliels; total. 2,973,000 bush
els. The four Atlantic ports cleared for ex
port vesterday lt.600 bushels of wheat.
fc.000 barrels of flour. 195,000 bushels of
co.rn and 16,500 bushels of oats.
St. Louis reported a fale of 25,000 bushels
ot No. 2 red wheat, to go to Texas.
The weekly crop report of the St. Taul
road savs that wheat In the Red river val
ley show'ed smut, and that half of the
grain was leaning or down. The hot days
of last week developed smut and rust. Corn
prospects are good,
"I expect to have about 150,000 bushels of
corn on my farm." says Captain Phillip,
the Chicago speculator, "but shall not sell
1c this ear. Rv the time it Is ready the
price will be about loc In the country, and
tren It will all go into cribs."
Car lot rt-eipt, of wheat.
K.C. Chi. St L. Mpls, Dlth. Tot
Yrsterdav ...22 73 212 230 230 51
A we-lc a.. . :7 132 H'3 2S 157 417
2 wek- .iko . 3 M 70 Jti 75 270
A year :ik.. ,.V ::" 294 211 HJ 1.079
Sum' parries who an traveling through
North Haki.'.i and Northern Minnesota and
are well iKi-u.i &n the crop situation tele
graphed to i'hi. ago :hat the prospects are
phcri'.m-nal. They tound some smut and
said th- rainy Iiru delayed the crop, so that
the muA.-m.-nt ou!d be likely to be several
weeks, laier than expeited.
JSr.ni.Mreet weekly statement of grain
stock:-, i -lied " t rday, showed a decrease
of 1,0'S. mm bushel .-an of the Rockies, a
deer, a'.- of 3!l"i bushels went, a decrease
of 1,232,0"" buheU In Hurop- and alloat,
making a decrease of 2,i2U,t'0 bushels In
the world' available .-iippl). Corn de
crea."d 1.3"9.',.i bushels; oa's decreased
S76.ii'i bush d
Cables y-'trda reported last week's
Rus-tia htpm-i..- ot wheat 2.vli.Mi0 bushels.
That Ii grent fnll.n-' off from the ship
mer.'s of the pa" :w.i month, but is still
a large total M'l'n I .oum busheb? from
this iuiinti. 11'. I-" bushels from Argentine
and 744.11-n lei-i.-N from India, there re
mains to J"- i -j.iit.d for over 1,500,000
bushel If W-: A.ik's world's shipment
were a large on ye u-rday-j, cables re
ported W. D Reynolds Dai t county, I0.. ws
at ihe stuck yard, ytsterday. He says
Hun atcl grs- ar- tin. in his county and
oat- g.ev! Ila h improved much ahU
will inike half a -'inii.
O. A Ke.ntiier, lliuuaha, Kas., was in
the !t.. ye-trdai He reports corn line,
oau cr..p big apd grass good in Orown
Jo'.t: 'li. . n, nt p..it. a ounty. Mo., was at
tie- -.jek j.irds ve-.. rli. He says corn
i1- fir.i- and 'tat and zrazh good.
Tic r.- w.re 7"i,"i b,i.-h..ds of wheat sold
In Minm-upy:.- est, i day to go to country
Lb. i.il i-tuins show that the harvest In
Hi. 1 1 !'. does i i.i u.if.i an average, but
- , i.ilnl For l!"i tin- amount of blight.
. i., .C Is In. in pi to Ut er cent. The
.. . ! i rn lias pi n leaded in many dla-
n ! thai" huie been no complaints
' ' q.lli'
'i I' 'Ink. of p.-ttis county. Mo., was
! - k yuid- etenl.,y. He says corn
. .1.1-1 are tine in hi.- county, and ontB
in". from ihu l,g Adams farm In
.Nii'l. Dakota -''.v" aereg huvtt chunged
i--.'i.. It was th.- note of alarm from this
I..- ciatc of the will known Chicagoan
tl.it I.,. I so nun ti to do with starting tin.
- .n. ut wi k abui.t spring wheat. A
l. t',i iist. rd.ij tmin there incl'nud aam
p, s which, It was said, piomlsed twenty
nie l.u-h. Is lo the acre. It was said cut
m.g would btgiu in ti we'-k.
Tin ICftnsai ' i op bulletin for tho past
tte.k sajs. In the eastern division the
livti' showers in the south hulf, with the
war m days, h.c le.n very beneficial, per
mitting the gi..!.nd to dry, thnshliig to re
sume and (on. lo mature. In the northern
port the liwtvv rains have been veiy belie
Jii ial to growing crops, but delayed lmi
veaitiiig and 'bushing, yet more niln Is
needed in the extienie tiortliern counties.
In tlif iiitddle division the hot winds of
lust week damaged coin in various purts,
but the hue weather following: has largely
returned the damage. Fruit and ineadows
are gun, rally In very good condition, nit
more rain is needed in some of the counties.
The Hrst part of the week was hot. and
brought the small tirajn forward for tliii
harvest, which Is now on In Urn western
division. The rains o the lust days ware
needed, ami, us a result of the week s
wi other, all ciops now guimrally in line
Th Iowa, weekly weather crop bulletin,
issue,! yesterday, says: The temperature
of the past wok was about the seasonable
average For a midsummer week the rain
fall was phenomenally heavy, the measure
ments reported from more lliati two-thirds
of the to.te ranging from two to live Inch
.. Some of the heaviest showers fell in.
the districts that had sulfered most sen-rely
frwn drouth, and there is now only
.i small ar-a that has not received ample
moisture for present needs, lu many local
ities the unhaivesud crop of small grain
were prostrated by the wlnih and weight
of rainfall In a few ection considerable
loss resulted from hall stgrin within imp.
row b-lt. On the whole, the beiiellts have
u.-n immeasurable and the aggregate of
loss relatively smull The hat vest ot oats is
In ptogics and i.-aring completion in all
distrlt ts. Scattering letum from thresheia
-how high aveiagi Melds of winter wh.at,
bar), v and oats Coin and potatoes main
tain tb.-lr proini-ing ondltion.
The ueaibtr bur. an at Washington In Its
w.ekli rop report tor ihe past week sail
In ,.i:l, h.i-i b. , i, In ,k,-ii in Wisconsin and
i,.iit' H lev,. I ii. i.., t.iu Ohio and in pur-'.'.-
if Ml. lug i.i but .ontlnu.-s in Wt-t
in uiiif. p. nii-iii.. i,,, Nebraska and
i:.i tui or g.Jii arc dDu auUvring for ruin.
com lia made rapid giowh i- I'i "" - on I
Kansas and Is report. I a improved in
Michigan. Wisconsin an t Sni'h Dakota.
The .nip I doing well in Mi."ii nnd Ar
kann and l in prom(ine "n lition in the
Mid. ilc Atlantic nnd New i:nlnnd states
In the Southern states (h rn -rop 4
nnw pea. tl.allv laid by In etc II- nt con li
tlnn. and gntliPTIng of folder ha begun.
The week tins not been nnifurmlj Tat nr.i
bl for i-otlnn While n milked impnu-. -tnent
Is reported fmm Alabama. South Car
olina nnd Oklahoma, and tin improvrmetit
I hc!H in Mlselsslppl and Louisiana. In
Tennessee nnd North Carolina It ! running
to tnlk, nnd too mm h rain has caused
Injmy in t'ortlon of Arkansas, IoulslAna
nti-l Florida, in Pmiihweslern Texas rot
ton is sutTcrlne for rain. I'mwl occtitred In
Idahii on the 17th, causing slight damage.
Frost alo occtitrwl in Utah on the 19th.
No damage reported.
The Illinois crop l)illc:ln for the pant
week avs: Althoiigh Ihe rainfall durlnpr
Ihe pnsi week was light In the southern
section, the averaiw f.ir the stat. wn
nearly twice the i'omiiil fall, whlcit. w-lth
the temperature above tie nominal, has
made the week an ex '"piloially taior.-ible
um. Corn ha mad" remarkable progress
nnd Is generally m the .lk, .vl:n ears
shooting in inatiy arly lie) i. o.i's inirvtrt
has bi-en delayed by the rains in
the northern counties; nlo the threh
ln or rye, wheat and the early cm oats.
Lat potittoes, garden mid pastures are
generally much Imp'ove I bv the rains nt,.l
late potatoes promise goo I i-ld. 'n the
ceiurni ami souinern seciions iron is e-o
plentiful and tree are bending under their
burdens. Plowing is general in nn souin
ern rimnti". ntul has lieguti in the central.
Water hu become more tilrJitlful, wcil.
springs, tiles and "tr'ams flllltis. once more,
which i much desired.
Hutchinson. Ka., July 23.-(Speelal.i The
Kansas State Mlllirs' Association held its
annual convention here to-dny and com
piled the Kansas Miller's estimate or Ihe
wheat harvest. Reports are not In from
all counties, but sutllclent return have
been made to Indicate nn 1S9" yield nf from
B.pon.ooi to U'.oim.ooi bushel" of wheat in
the state, about 4" per cent of which will
be pood enough to mill. A committee was
appointed, with authority tn negotiate with
rnllwa for nn emergency rate on wheat
from .Minnesota, the Dakota?. Oregon,
Washington mill Ftnh, sumVletit to meet
the demand of Kansas mills. It l esti
mated that lo keep thijsleadlne merchant
mills of the state golmS from ".rtHCJ Up
ward must be Imported. As It was appar
ent that seed wheat must be imported to
supply need of Kansa farmer in certain
section, a committee was authorized to
prorerd at once to arrange for the importa
tion of Russian hard winter from the Cri
mea. All the millers cxpros determination
to hold their flour trade, if they have to
Import wheat throughout the year They
likewise to a man declared that the pres
ent tate of affairs was never approached,
much less paralleled in Kansas.
No. 2 No. 2 No. 2
Wheat. Mix. Corn. Mlx.Onts.
Thursdey ..
Friday ....
Saturday ..
Monday ....
Tuesday ..
... fr72 to ffitov, 23iBi21
..til lSI 72
...I2 i7J
...K3 72
...S i7t
39 liiiO 23 (?2I
39 fi 23 Si24'.
3Vl 23 (Ii24
.-.i 'l3! 22 4,23
3SVu39', -! 1-021
MILLS Commission Co.,
toil New York t.lfe Itullilliig.
l.lcpbono '21MS. KANSAS CITY, MO.
Dealers In GRAIN and PROVISIONS for
cash or future delivery, and RAILROAD
STOCKS and BONDS Driers by mail or
telegraph promptly executed.
Leaned Wire, to Chicago and .New York.
Refer to Bradstreet's anl Dun's Mercan.
tile Agent lei. New England Safe Deposit
and Tru--t Company
Telephone 'JOJ'-'.
A. S. VEST, Ei
Stocks, Hontls, (train and Provisions.
Direct Wire to ( llleusn. New York
ami st. i.iml-.
'2tn-'2-3 m:w oiiK i. in: iti.iic.,,
KAN.V I in.
tiii: riioiifci: .makkct.
Quotations below are for Job lots. On
small lots higher prices are asked and ob
tained, enough being asked to cover extra
cost of caring for and filling them. The
parties making; small outside orders want
the best goods and selection. Dealers pre
fer to bundle the goods in Job lots in
ttraight consignments, as received.
itCTTER Mark, t steady bit slow. Oniv
the best table goc U wanted. Low grades
have to go to packers. Highest
grade separator, 15c .er pound;
finest gaih'!.d cream. 14c; tine
fresh, good flavor, 13c: fair to
good. 12c. D.fiH Fancy farm, 12c; fair
to good lines, v-. Country store packed
Fancy, Uc; fr.-sh and sweet packing, Sc,
F.UUS Stea:. Fresh, s'ji .
BUTTKIUNL-Creamery grades, in 20 to
CO pound tubs, olid, lie per pound; dairy
grades, in 25 to t,o pound tubs, solid, UMn
tier pound; rolU, prints or bricks, 2 pounds.
In 10 pound tubs. ',Jc higher than solids,
and 1 pound, 1c lilehcr than solids.
CHEI3SB We quote: Herkimer county,
N. X. Cheddars, 13c per ponnd- Crawford
county. Pa., Cheddars. 12c per pound; She
boygan, Wis., twins, 12c: Sheboygan, Wis.,
Young America. 12Vic; Missouri and Kan
sas full cream sc.
POCLTRY AND GAMK Springs in good
demand; others quiet. We quote as follow:
Ducks, young, 9c; hens, i;Ue per
pound; roosters, each, l2Vi' 15e ; sprlnRs.per
pound, Sijbx-; tuikeys, hens, tiiC'-c: toms,
6c; ducks, Jc, geese, 5Vsc; iilgeons, per doz.,
76o; veai, choice, 60 to 100 pounds, 5j5!iO
per pound.
MELON;'--!), mand very fair and prices
steady. Texas muskmelons, iBciiil.2.1 per
dozen; Joti75c per bushel crate; Gems, :i5fi
40c per basket; !:!.0it5.ii0 per barrel; home
grown, 25fca; per dozen. Watermelons,
trt-Hh, large. H.,',iKii2.;i per dozen; small
and medium, '. iifl.50 per dozen; funis,
large, fresh, iin.Mi20.Cfl per 100; small to
medium, 5.'Vn:...io per loo.
UERRIESSupply fair, but selling slow
ly. We quote IIS follows: Jfluck
berries, per 21 quart crate, $l.("ql.25; rasp
berries, bhv k. Jl 005,1.25; raspberries, red,
$2.00; strawberries, 52.W1i2.5U; Kooseberiies,
per 21 quart eiate. $1,251(1.50; huckleberries,
per 21 quart 1 rate, $1.75.
PoTAToKS-mterlnga libeiul and market
dull and w.-uk. Home srown, 25'u35c from
CALIFORNIA FRI'ITS-Selling fairly at
old prices. We quote; Peaches, To'iiOOo
per box; Royal native plums, $l.(iil.25
per box; wash plum, $1.7a per box. Hart-
Ger box; Clyman plums. J1.2.V81.60 per
ox; Tragtieily idums, $1.75 per box; tier
man prunes, $2 per cuse; P. D. plums, 2
per box; crush plums, $1,75 per box. liart
Utt pears. $2.50J2.73 per box.
PEACH KS Demand very good nnd val
ues firmer. Shipped stock, freestones, ftijj'
C0c; 1! basket crate, $1.25; I basket crate,
75c; clingstones, 4o$i50c per 1-3 bushel box;
home glOttll, IMIC per Vs bushel; 40 per
G It APKS Steady, but slow kiIa. Muscat
grapes, yju- p,-r 4 liasket crate; Concord
grapes, 10ij50c per basket; 0 basket crate,
1 3d'u2 110
I'lJAUS Selling fairly m old prices, w'e
quote: Large, 50$iGUo )ier ',3 liufeliiil liux.
ORANGKS Maikot quiet inn steady.
Quoted: Mexican, $2.TUj3.W; Washington,
navels. iS-tWoS 5; Callfurnln seedlings, fan
c. 2.T5iJj; ,'hoice, S2.S5ii2 50.
LKMONS l'Mrm and in fair demand. We
quote: Messina, J5.50iJ.25; Mulugu, $5.lMl'
5.50 per box.
IIANANAS Dull. Large, $l.T3f2.00, mid
Jumbo. 42.in.il 3.U0 per bunch.
I'Ll'MS Gooil many on sale; market dull
and lower. Wild goose plums, supply lim
ited, (iuti70c per iiute. Illiie plums, $1 00 per
cratu: oilier varieties, 30'alOc per crate.
Al'l'LLS Ilic.-ipts continue good ami
sales slow. Fa in y hand picked, 354(5uo per
bushel; windfall, 25itSe per busiiel;
shipping stock, 35c per busiiel, Jl.25'1)'
2.00 per bun el; shipped stock, Tow
$1.25 pur ban el, old stock, fancy stand, $5.00
i7.fi; common to choice varieties. $2.lxij
4.0"! tier barrel; crahapples. $l.lp p.-r bmrel.
TCiMATOKri- I mil uml lower; inuikut ft)ll
of lioinu grown. Selling at DuijOOc per
NKW VKOLTARLKS Demand fair but
price; low. Cabbage, slow, home grown,
1 iii 3i)t I'er 'loit-n heads, onions, new, uOH
(Sue per bushel. Turnips. 15tf20c per bushel.
Caulilluwer. funcy, 3sii Pc pi r dozen. Let
tiico, 25c 1 .el' bushel. Radishes, 5c dozen
bunches. Cucumbers, home grown. 5c per
doxcii: 35 pr bushel. Pie plant, J5c two
dozen bunches. String mid wax beans. 25ft
35c per bushel, Squush, fancy, l.Vi20c per
dozen. Heels, three dozen bum lies, 25c:
2oS(25c per bushel. Green onions, three and
four dozen bum hes, 25c. Currots live
dozen, 25c. Sweet corn, 5il7Vjc per dozen.
MUblgnn celery. 2""i40o per dozen bunches.
l'eas. 00c ptr bushel.
IillOo.M CORN Quoted: Hurln green,
4lvf5c ier pound; green, self-woiklng, 4
4fS'sc; 11-d tipped, self-working. 1c; com.
nion, self-woil.lng, 3ii3Ho; crooked, half
price, dwarf, 3Vu5c.
FKATllKltS-l'rlmo geese, 35c per pound;
dark and soiled, 30c, mixed and old, 15f(30c;
1 per cent tare on small sacks and J per
cent on large
HONEY 1 pound comb, white. 15c fall,
1 pound comb, K'i')ic; 2 pound comb, Cali
fornia, white. 16Sil7ej 2 pound comb, Cali
fornia, dark. 12iU13e, extracted. In cans, 6't
7c: extracted, in barrels. 5Si6c.
lots, sacked, $22 00 per ton; 2.000 pounds,
$1.30 per IOO nounds.
MKV:SWAN-No. I amber, 22o per pound;
No. 2 16c
NUTS Jobbing prices; Cocoanuts, per
100. quoted al 11 oo. Pican Missouri, rr
pound, r7lo.- Peanuts Virginia, white,
raw. per pound. 4ijlT5c; Tennessee, raw.
44t'd5c: roasted. 7S5'. ; Knnn. 3ic. Hick
ory nuts- Small, per bushel, J1.25; large,
1125. Hazelnuts 2p2'-c per pound, chest
nuts Iftc per pound.
DHIKD FHFITS-Pun dried: Apple,
choice, 6e per pound; good, 5c; poor, 3c.
Wool, tildes mid Pells.
WOOL Stead v ami tn fair demand. W
quote ns follows: Missouri nnd similar
-Flti, 7fTtc; tine medium, Pfjilei medium,
ll(r13c; cVmibing, 12llc; coarse, 10WI2c.
Kansas. Nebraka and Indian Territory
Fine, 7l9c: line medium. 7W10c; medium,
9ffi2c; combing. 11t?l3-; course, SjHOc. Col
oradoFine, fifUc; tine medium. TSflOo; me
dium, 9(ri2e; course and carpet, MJlOi;; ex
tra heavy and sandy, 6WTc.
H1HKS ASI PBLTS-rtMllnsr vr.v well
and price steady. Green and salted,
free or brands. So. 1, 7te per pound;
No 2. i:',c; green. e'c; green sitHed, butt
branded, No 1, f'ni No. 2. BUc; green
snlted, side branded. No. 1. Bie; No. 2, c;
green salted ktps, l.'.i2S pounds. No. 1, O'ic:
No, 2, f,ic; green snlted cnlf, SKil6 pounds,
No. 1. .c: No. 2. lie: ereeh suited bide.
No. 1 nnd 2 nnd butt branded, ai-ound S'lcs
green uncureil. No. 1, oVljc; dry flint hides,
No. 1. 9cj No. 2, TV; di nlt hides. No.
1, fcci No. 2, "c. Sheep pell, Brcen and
dry, IWeoc; dry, IJLV iier pound.
TALLOW Wc quote as follow! No. 1,
4lte: No. 2, 4c.
St. Louis. Mr.. Jul 23 -WtX)LDull.
but steady.' We quote: Missouri, Illinois,
etc. Combine and clothing. 1Sr15'c;
course and braided, 1&f?lfi'c; titedliini cloth
ing, 1l',14iji-; light tine. OijItV: Kansas
nnd Nebraska Medium. IHil.V. light line.
!il0c; heavy fine. TjfSc. Texas, Arkansas
nnd Indian Territory Full nnd spring me
dlutn, 131fMc; coarse nhd low, Affile: light
line. WHV; heavy fine. (Misc. Dakota. Wy
oming. Clah, etc. Medium. laplSo; coarse
nnd low. 910c: fine medltitn. M.llc: light
line, jtffioc; heavy tine. TifJc. Tub washed
Choice, 21c; fair, Sl9c; coarse and low.
1 Iff (tie. fnsouhd or defective In comlltloti,
length or color, or mixed iwicknges, frotn
lc to 3c less.
Hoston. July 23. Wool continues active,
but there i practically no change In prlcr-.
frcm last week. The amount or wool sold
during the week Just ended Is much les
than the nbtiornml amount that have
been handled during the three or four pre
ceding w, ek. About 1.500,000 nounds have
been handled this week, mostly lo manu
facturer. Australian wool has been in ex
cellent demand during the week, Following
are the quotations on leading descriptions:
Ohio and Pennsylvania fleeces, NX. ami
above, ISc; No. 1 enmblng, 22c: No. 2 comb
ing, 23c: delaine. 20c. Michigan. Illinois.
! . X Michigan, PPc; No. 1 Michigan.
2c; X Illinois. ItcVnTc; No. 1 Illinois. 21c;
No. 2 Michigan combing, 22c: N New York.
Wi2iV; No 1 Nw York. lSfll9c; delaine.
Michigan. lilc. Fnwashed medium,
Kentucky and Maine, quarter blood, comb
ing. 20e; Kentucky and .Maine, three
eighths blood, combing. 19c.
Pro, l"lon,.
A dull and weaker market was had yes
terday. The ipcelpts of hogs welc better
than expected nnd they were lower. The
result was a bearish and light provision
market, nnd both lard and meats closed
off a little.
We quote car lot:
LARD Cash. W.10; July. $6.10,
GRKKN MUATS Shoulder. $6.0) per
cwt.: bams. $v.37'ifi 50.
D. S. MKATS (partly cured) Shoulders,
cash. $5 .Vif 5 75 per cwt : short ribs, sides,
ah. Jill)'.; long clear sides. $.05; short
clear side. $i',.5.
S. P. MKATS-Homs. cash. J5 250S.75;
shoulders. $5 50'.'i5.7"i
' U ' ,L" f T. fi. GILLKS1MK
Commission Merchants, Kansas City
Stock Ynrds.
Liberal advances made to parties feed
ing stork, llnylng feeding cattle on orders
a specialty. Correspondence solicited. Tel
ephone No 1C23.
M.tlllil.TS ttv Ti-:i.i:(;is.vpH.
New York. July 23. FLOCR Receipts.
2S.(." barrels; exports, ;,.Vi0 bat rets. Firm
on spring patents; little or no change in
winters'. City mill patents, $4.Wft4.(1v: city
mill clears. $4.f"i4.15; winter s-tralghls. J3.50
5(3.65; Minnesota patents, $:t.50'fi3 75; winter
extras. $2.?0fi3.2o; .Minnesota liakers', $.S0ii.
3.3o; winter low grades, J2.2Cro3.00; spring
low grades. it.90fi2.IO.
COKNMKAL Quiet; yellow Western, $1.0!)
Si 1.10 per cwt.
WIIKAT Receipts. 9,3i0 bushels; exports,
12,G0tJ bushels. Spot market dull nnd lower.
No. 2. 71'sc Option, sold off sharply at
first under Improved weather and ciop
news, lower cables ami foreign selling; rc
cov. red at noon on light winter receipts,
rumored export sales and Rradstreofs big
reduction In world's stocks, but llnally
broke under realizing by scalpers, and
closed MiUge lower. September, 71 9-ltiii
72 7-16c, closed "l'vc.
CORN Receipts, 99,900 busliels; exports,
114,200 bushels. Spot market easy. No. 2,
4Ss4i Option market closed weak and '4c
lower, ufter an irregultir day. Prices ad
vanced early on rumored export Inlying,
but gave way under line crop prospects'.
July closed iSTfec; September, 49' 11 I37i ,
closed 49' jc.
MATS Receipt, 60.100 bushels; export".
1lfl bushels. Spot quiet. No. 2, 2S'L.?i
2ss,c; No. 2 white, 31c. Options dull and
easier. Closed '..Si'iC lower. July closed
KS'a"'. August closed 27?m'. ri. ptembtr
2ii''i.'ii2Ciic. closed 2tc: October. 1 loieti 27c.
HAY Firm. Shipping. ToSiSo. ; good to
choice, S5effi$1.00 per cwt.
PROVISIONS Out meats, ste.nl ; pii k
led billies. 7'',fiSc; pickled shoulders, iii .
LARD Easier. Western steam closed
nt $6.65; September closed at $C.67,nomlnul;
refined, lower.
PORK Dull and easy. New mess, $12.25
tiil3.0fl; family. $12,501,12.75; short clear,
$12.501, 14.50.
CI 1BKSK Small I'ennsylvunia, SV;
part skims, 2fe5c.
St. Louis, July 23. FLOUR Receipts,
2,tA barrels, and shipments, O.ln'nJ burrels.
Steady. Quotations are for new flour, old
ranging 15iU25c higher. Patents, J3.i0?i3.50;
extra fancy. $3.15ti2.25; fancy, J2.9iru3.O0',
choice, $2.65112.75.
WHEAT Receipts. Kii.Cfl bushels, nnd
shipments, 2.t bushels. Traders were
bearishly inclined to-day and despite the
fact there was plenty of bull news, sold
olf and closed below yesterday. No. 2 red
cash. lWc; July. t'6.c; September, CiV'.
COItN Itecelpts, lo.Oifl busliels, and ship
ments, S,m bushels. Speculative market
dull and heavy; September selling off l,c
from yesterday's close. Declines in nil
domestic markets tand especially in wheat
were the chief depressing influences. No.
2 mixed cash, loc bid; July, 41c; September.
UV ask.d.
OATS Receipts, 23,lifl bushels, and ship
ments, 0,001) busliels. Steady. Quoted nt
$2.tvS2.il" per barrel.
EGGS Steady. Frtiili. TfiT'.jc.
MUTTER Stiong. Creamery. Pi'ifUc
HAY Choice, nominal demand and linn;
timothy, new, iO.OO'u 12.00; old, $11,505)11.50;
prairie. $7.505 io.Cfl, new.
PORK Lower. Standard mess Jobbing,
LARD Lower; prime steam, $6.05; choice,
MACON Moved shnuldets. KSTV; longs,
$0.75; ribs, $r..S7i: shorts, $7..fl.
IHIY SALT .MHALTS-M.ixc.1 shoulders,
$5.r,2'-i; longs, $G.37'.:; rilw. $0.5ij; slmrts, $6.75.
Chicago, III., July 23. FLOI.'li-Receiiits,
11. urn busliels, and shipments, 2,000 busnels.
I'm hanged. Winter patents. $3.25ifi3 75;
straights, $S.0fj3.lo; sprins patents, $3,751,
1.25; straights, $2,901)3.23; uukers' grades,
MUTTER Steady. Creamery, lofjlTc, nnd
duir, 104,15c
KGGS-QUlet. I'lebli, 7 1 j U -4 ".
New Orleans, July 23.-PUOVISIONS
LARD Rellncd tierce, Hk5?lTtc
MOXED MEATS Dry suit shoulders, Co;
sides, ;ViJti;c.
MACON-Sldes, 7Vie-
HAMS Choice sugar .tired, OiifilfAi.
RICE Slow sale; ordinary to good, IKP
FLOI'R Extra fancy, $3.50Q3.70; pat
ents, M.TO'iiS.Oti.
CMRN.MEAL-Ste.ili",$2.2l per cwt,
MRAN Cjulet; 7Ml77ri!.: per cwt.
HAY-Weiik: prime timothy, $M.5oQ16.i
choice timothy, ilti.5ulilT.G0.
CORN No. 2 sacked, iiiixeil and while,
50. ; jeilow. BS-ijiilc.
OATS No. 2 sacked. 3uS30tac.
Liverpool, July 23. WHEAT Sjiot, flrm;
demand poor. No, 2 red winter, 5 3d; No.
2 red spring. 5s Tlad; No. 1 hurt! Jinnitoba,
5s 7d; No. 1 California. 5 Z'.. Futures
opened quiet, with near and distant po
sitions ,il lower, closed unlet, with near
positions ,d lower und distant jiositlous
WVI lower. Musliiess about equally ills
tl United. July, 5s 3d; August, 5 3d: Sep
tember, 5s 3-ijd; October, 5s 44il; Novem
ber. 5s 5d; December, 5s .rAid.
CORN Spot, linn; Amorlviin mixed new.
4s 4d. Futuns opened llrm. wltii near ami
distant positions Hd (ilgher; closed quiet,
with near positions unchanged tu 'd
higher, und distant positions uncliangd
to ,d lower, business heaviest on early
positions. July. Is 3tid; August, Is H,d;
September, is 2d; October, Is 2S,d; No
vember. Is 2'jd; December, Is 24d.
FLOUR Firm; fair demand. Freely sup
plied. St. Louis fancy winter. 7s bd.
MACON Firm, demand moderate. Cum
berland, cut 2S to 30 pounds. 37s oil; short
ribs. 2S pound-.. S6s; long clear light, 3S
to 15 pounds. 31s 6.1. long clear, heavy. 5j
pounds, 32s di; short 1 ieur backs, light,
IS pounds, Jls, short clear middles, heavy,
65 pounds, 22a Cd, clear bellies., li to 16
pounds. 35s- shoulders, spuiur, 11 to 13
pounds, 31s. . , .
tIAMS-Phorl rn II to 16 pounds, .
TALI.tlW Fine North Amerlcitu, nom-
"p.EEF Extra India mess, TT Gdi prime
mess, f.1 .Id. .,.,. t 1-.
PtillK Prime mess, fine Western, fi.s
fid, medium, Cos. ... . . , ,
LARD-Steadv. Prime W-etern, s Mj
refined in pnll. 3.1". , . . ,. ...
The receipt or wheat during ,'l'fVjfi
Ihree days'wete 2I5.' .-r-ntrtl. JJ,i,'V'';
ll.om American. The receipts t;,. A'""'
lean rorn during the past three ,! were
T,!si cental. Weather flne.
CnfTee and Uigur.
New York. July .-V)IM-MJIf-0tlrjnt
opened steady at Mflfi ptMnts n.lwtltce. ntlrjl
generallv firm on higher enlilei, lerrtl
warehouse deliveries, letter siol coffee de
mand nnd foreign speculative "".
close.1 firm at S4J2S point net ''"
.March. 1I.T5fl1l0c: July. I'-V'.'i K-'I'temher.
I.MWili.lt'-: October. IB.fMlIB.lec, and Ie
cember, l.VOOc. . ., .
Spot cotTee Itlo, flrm; No. 1. ltje: tnlld,
stcadv; Conlova. ISHfflO.-; ule. MJ" bags,
Santo- Slightly better thnn No. 9, nt
13',e; siile. I.otfl bag Itlo low grade ut
13', c itnd l,oX bag AlaracnllMi.
Santos-Steady; gnrnl avenue Santos, 13,
Too; s-elpt two day. IS.OOo bags; stork.
1411.0m nag. . . .
Hamburg-Steady; Viff't I'tR higher; mles,
6.000 bags.
libs-Firm ; No. T Rio. 1l.1oo; exchnnge,
II 1-lftli receipt!, two dny. fi,ii liags;
cleared for lh' United State. B.Oifl bugs:
cleared for Europe. B.ono bag: stock, IW.ofl
bag: clfnred from lllo July 21, 23.1") bags;
July 22. 9.IKM bug. .. .. .
Warehouse dellveriesi from New York
yesterday, 9.41T bags: New York stock to
day, 235.T20 bags: United Stole stock to
day, 339.T5T bags; alloat for the United
State, ITo.not bags; total visible for the
United State, Brt'.TftT bags, ngnlnst 3I...WJ
bag l,ii year.
SUGAR Raw, llrm; fair refining, 2-ic;
centrifugal, Wl test. Site: rule, TOO ton
.Muscovado, W tit, at breakwater, nt 2'sc,
el)i; il.tn hag centrifugal nlloat al
2 6-lflc, c aii.1 f. : ii tons cciitrlfngal, prompt
shipment, at II shillings, c. and f. ; refltied,
quiet, Jut firm.
Havre, Julv 23 -OOFFKE-Opencd unlet.
l,f higher; at 12 tn., tendy, ',r higher; nt
3 p. m steady, unchanged; closed sternly
nt Hf net mHnnce; stiles. 12.0O1 bags.
New Orleuns. La , July 2:!. COFFEE
Quiet; Rio. onllnary to fair. I7',5ilMic
SUGAR Sloady. Open kettle, fair to
prime, 2?4P3c; common to good common,
2 ft-ldf'S1';" centrifugal, choice white. 3TsC:
olf white, SlS-IOc; ' granulated white. 3
9-16c; choice yellow clnrllled. 3':c: prime
yellow clnrllled. 3Vc; oil' yellow claritled,
SS-lW.tu-ISc: second. 1WT.1 3-16c,
MOLASSES Slow sale. Ocntrirug.il, good
prime, lolitlc; good fair to prime. 65T7c:
good common to fair, c; inferior to com
mon, 2yic.
New Orleans. La.. July it. COTTON
l-'ntures steady. Sales. 2T..W; July, 6.53c
bid: August, 6.5onr,.B2c; September, 6uli
(i.5v; October, ti.C0fi6.61,'; November. 6.61'n
6.65c; December, 6.1191,6 TOe; January. R.T31
6.T6c; Febt'ilnry. O.H!ti6.S2c; .March, CSutMiATc;
April. 6.9"li6.92c.
New York, July SI.-COTTON-Qnfet.
Middling. 7c. Net receipt, 2'"i; gross, SOI;
forwarded, 5TS; sales, S50, nil spinners;
stock. 1ST, let"..
Total to-day: Net receipts, 1.66; exports to
Great llritaln, 1,313; to the Continent, 631;
stock, 367,356,
Lend anil .Inc.
New York. July 23. I;ad Strong: ex
change price. $.'!.iOfi3.42';,. Speller Firm;
domestic. $3.T.i'n3.S0.
St. I.011K July 23. Lend Again higher
and mark I very flrm; sales. 1 car common
nnd 3ii fons rcllned at $3.22',j. Spelter
Lower and quiet at $3.50.
Cincinnati. July 23. WHISKY Steady.
Sales. 513 barrels at $1.23.
S. Louis. Julv 2.1. WHISKY Quiet. Dis
tillers' llnished goods nt $1.23.
Peoria, 111.. July 23. WHISKY- Strong.
Finished goods on tho basis of $1.23 for
high wines.
It.ie and Seeds.
Chicago. July 23. Rye No. 1, cash, ISc;
September, in. Flaxseed No. 1. cash,
$1.2S; September, $1.22.
St. Louis. July 23. Rye Steady. No. 2.
ia.-h. s.u k-tl. Ilc on east 'track. Flaxseed
Cash. $1.21.
Lone -4r Star
For lies'. Results.
A New Company.
Capital. $100,000. Telephone 1103.
Kansas City Stock Yards.
Mnrket reports furnished. Write us.
Obtain besi results by shinning y.
your CAT-
Robt. C. White & Co
Live Slock 0
Itooms 106, 107 and 10S
(Formerly occupied by White & Rial),
Kansas City Slock Yards.
C'ousigiiinenis ami correspondence solicited
Market rcportsfreotiponapiillcatlon. Tel '2,-.'H.
Ben L Welch & Go.
Stock Ynrds. Kansas City, Mo.
Market reports lurnlshed. Write us.
Eeielpts at Chi, ago, St. Louis, Omnha
nnd Kansas City yesterday were: Cattle,
lS.iiiw; hogs. 32,100. and sheep, 23,300; same
day last jear. cuttle, 15,000; hogs, t'l.loo,
nnd sheep. 10,rm.
New ork, July 21. European cables
quole, American steers ill Hgil2c, dtcssed
weight: refrigerator beef ut PiftOe. Ex
ports to-dny, 131 beeves, 251 sheep and
2,160 quarters of beuf.
CATTLE Movement for tin; week end
ing Tuesday:
Cattle. Calves.
Receipts 2S.02O 2,293
Shipments 12,225 571
Drlve-outs 20,516 2,o77
Week previous;
Receipts 31,R6 1,126
Shipments 9,131 500
Drive-outs 17.MH 617
Same time last year:
Receipts 26,157 3,227
Shipments 9.351 1,11m
Dlive-outs 16,337 1,699
There wits a very good market yester
day for most ornrlngs. The supply of
native cxpoit and dressed meat beeves
was less than expictcd and buyers, were
quick to take Tiolil, und values ruled from
sternly to 10c higher on the best offerings.
Cows, as well as steers, showed more
strength. Not niuny in und there was u
veiy good demand for all ottering of good
killers. Common, however, contlnii'i slow
sale, but unchanged. Stackers and feed
.is 111010 active. Some sales SfilOo higher.
Range cattle were hardly so uctlve us on
Mondays but the lighter receipts were
worked off without trouble, nnd prices
wore steady. Mlb h cows In fair deniund
at urn. hanged price. Common, $161il7;
medium to fair, $lM23: good to choice,
No. Av.W't. Pilce.iN'i.
Av.Wt. Price.
37 1316....$
20 1267....
21 12Vi...,
R.1 1361....
57 1267...,
31 12115....
21 13m;....
20 12UV...
20 12S7....
!2 1270...,
40 1S53....
to HIS....
20 12"!....
II W....
II 1079....
5 00
5 25
5 20
5 15
4 HI
4 65
4 10
5 10
4 !l
4 S5
I 11
4 35
1310,... f, M
26 12!i6....
5 :
11 1327...,
26 1370....
16 MS,...
22 121S...,
5 15
5 10
4 90
4 75
4 50
I Ot",
5 30
I K-,
I 75
I 50
4 10
4 15 I
1 11.1...,
1 S70...,
1 13:)..
1 1510...,
1 1110..,,
2 45
1 90
2 tm
2 40
2 MfeO,...
1 1120....
2...... 655....
50 967....
29 TI3-...
2 25
2 30
II Kit
3 50
2 S3 I
2tJ. . .
... 7(...,
... 977....
. .. MiO....
... ML...
... 921....
... 913.,,,
... 'fl
1 511
... 752....
... 85S...,
... 1.05...;
... 926...,
... 662...,
... i.29....
... 917....
,,, 950...,
... 710.,..
... 910..,.
... M7..
... SI2.,
... Wi,,..
... 947,...
1 25
2 3.1
2 40
2 65
2 T5
3 81
1 80
2 25
2 3.1
2 50
2 65
2 T5
3 15
4 00
2 00
2 3il
2 40
2 65
2 SO
1 73
2u. .
1 S30....
2 3,1
2 10
2 50
2 70
2 SO
4 lOSJ...,
13 91.8....
16 XiB....
21 915....
17 911 ...
26 672....
3 i'
2 90 1 S.
3 25 1 6.
7 60 i i.
.... (3 .... $59
.1(K0.... 4(1". 26.
.3 21
.1 25
3 r.
3 ni
1 30
3 65
3 to
I Ifl
. T9!..., 3 65 15..,
. 91.1.... 3 10 21...
Into . .1 i-. m
.. 6T2....
12 .
.. 9(3....
.. 961....
.. 62S ...
,. T6....
.. 62....
. Kttn....
22 1131..., Ii1 16.'..'
3 10 XI...
3 65 js. . .
3 70 23...
3 6il 29....
I 32'4 29....
3 e7' HI...,
3 10 16...
1 . . .
2T. .
EC. .
. T.V.. . . ,
. 991....
. 391....
. !W9....
, r't. ... ti i 1 in
(Mt"Tt.l. V imii'i
3 50
1A,M1 , 1 i r.
TKY .14 -riTr.Mu
K....... TS2.... 2 75 I 13 932
45 luS'i.... 4 1,1 I
11 711.... 3 V. I 7 R.'l
.1 is
2 60
" I3SI..., I '0 I 1.1 1I65.... ISO
I 97.... 3 3.". I
10 1319.... 3 35 I 2:1 11.11.... 3 10
"I 'fi.... 3 r1 I
16 lav..... 350 I SIR Wl.... JM
21" 92S.... 3 S .S 1120.... 3 3.1
26 W2.... 3 10 ! 42 831.... 2 71
91 716.... 250 J 16 fiSI..,, 2 5.1
22 ft .... S 2.1 I It .... 7 23
3 1156.... 3 35 I
HOGS Movetncnl Tor the week eliding
Receipt ..... 2'";
Shipment!, 7!k7
Drlve-outs 21 S-S7
Week previous:
Receipt 21.651
Shipment P3i
Drlve-outs , 21,791
Same week last year:
"jfcelpts 3(S.7fit
Shipments ;n;
Drlve-outs 2S.I6S
A dull nnd lower market was hnd yes
terday. The run wns light, but as tho
markets east of us were all on" and Chi
cago badly so, prices here were also low
er. A few sales of pigs were rondo nt
the opening a little higher, but after the
order liu.virs got wbnt few they wanted
the market became very lienvy nnd loner.
Sale drngged through the day, and mixed
packing closed pyrn.'c lower, nnd even ut
that decline salesmen were unnble to clear
the pens. Extreme range, $1.65575.15, bulk
of sales, $I.SO5J5.05.
No. Dock, Av. Price. No. Dock. A v. Price.
"lli '.". m $1 f0 7s 320 177 $5 15
e'l .. 2,0 t 7.1 61 .. 206 I 75
' .too I 7,1 70 .. 265 4 75
5 $0 261 I ,vft 01 . . 21i6 1 50
73 120 23.1 I SO 76 120 221 4 SO
7.1 ..' 231 I X2t 73 SO 217 4 CI
1SS 200 221 4 9i) 72 120 221 4 9211
SJ 10 201 I ill 611 160 212 4 9.1
75 120 211 I 97 Vs 6.1 .. 201 5 ffl
12 SO 203 a (A 52 40 193 5 00
101 160 1D5 5 02i 7,1 .. 212 .1 0.'tt
121 Ml 202 .1021- 7S .. 195 K 0.1
51 1G0 1"3 5 a. I 5S SO 10 B 05
73 10 200 5 10 6 .. 211 5 10
53 .. 1S9 5 15 66 .. ISO 5 17' j
9J SO 160 I 7.7 In . . 170 n 10
65 SO 262 I 70 6S SO 252 1 75
fit .. 29 S I 7.1 7L 40 H 4 7.1
'J .. 231 ISO 52 120 220 4 SO
53 SO 305 I S5 69 10 212 t S.I
76 40 22.1 4 S.I 73 . . 222 4 S.7'4
65 40 235 4 90 IS SO 203 4 95
SO .. 207 4 9.1 5,1 .. 277 195
63 .. 201 5 Oil SO 120 197 5 Ifl
si .. 20.1 5 ffl 67 SO 201 5 no
S3 120 17S 5 021 J 7.1 .. 19.7 5 02',J
7.1 .. 19,1 5 05 CI .. 221 5 07
59 .. 199 .10.1 SO .. 2li .110
Sil .. IS! 5 10 70 40 151 5 If.
55 191 5 1.1 43 .. 191 5 15
SHEEP Movement for the week cndlnt?
Receipts U.m
Shipments 3.23 L
Drlve-outs 10.010
Week previous:
Receipts 15,010
Shipment, PflO
Drlve-outs 11.566
Same time last year:
Receipts 4.47R
Shipment 551
Drlve-outs 6,406
There was a very fair market yesterdaj.
There was hardly so much lite as the
close of last week, jet there wns very
good trading Prime muttons were
active and fairly steady, but common and
medium stufT was both dull and weak.
Good stockers continue In very good re
quest, but buyers arc cautious about bid
ding them up.
39 lambs
42 lambs
25 lambs
21 lambs
IS lambs
32 la 111 P.-
IS Iambs
47 stock lambs .'.
43 stock lambs
3S stock lambs
603 California lambs ...
220 California sheep ...
126 Texas
39 muttons
61 muttons-
93 muttons
Av.Wt. Price.
(2) $5 M
75 5 00
6S 1 7.7
OS I 7.7
61 4 61
61 4 60
, 57 4flo
II 2 3.1
40 2 3.',
4.1 2 00
fill ,", 50
97 2 fin
7t .", 10
120 .17.7
S3 3 70
S2 3 ."0
the week ending; Tuesday:
Receipts 157
Shipments 170
Drlve-outs 101
Week previous:
Receipts 161
Shipments 20.S
Same time last year:
Receipts 512
Shipments ill
Drlve-outs 2
There was some little trading yesterday
in the best class -of horses and some 111
qulrv for mules, but holders hud to work
to effect sales. The market is still In
tensely dull. Speculators main buyers and
they very bearish, und only take hold
when u seeming bargain is had.
We quote:
Mules. II hands $257? 31
.Mules, lt'-i hands lor, 50
Mules, 15 hands 43ft BO
Mules, 15'fc hands 60ft 70
Mules. 16 to 16',i hands S'fillO
Horses Southern -Oil 30
Horses Strecters 30ft"1 10
Driver -1055 65
Draft 0ft TO
St. Louis, Mo., July 23. CATTLE Rc
ci ipts, 6,20i; shipments, 20o. Pretty full ie
relpts eased the market a trifle and somn
sales were made a shade off within tho
lange. Good shipping and export steers.
$5,251(5.75; light snipping and dressed beer
steers, $3,751(5.20: common, $3.P01i3.50, conn
and mixed, $2.25573.50; Texas and Indian
steers, $2.T..fj4.25, with the bulk of sales
ut $3.255,3.75; cows and heifers, $2.005j3.2...
HOGS Receipts. 6,300; shipments, l,;ioO,
Market PV off. MuteheiV, $5,10!i5.30; pack
ers, $1.9'Vr(5.2"i; light, $3,151(5.10; bulk of all
hogs sold, "..20ii5.0.
SHEEP Receipts. 6.300; shipments, too.
Heavy receipts weakened the market nipt
some prices were lower. Natives range,
$2.75ii 3.50; lambs, $3.5oft5.00; Southwestern,
sheep, $2,5013.25.
Chicago, Jills 23. CATTLE Receipts,
.1,000. Despite the light r-celpui, prices
were not any better. Common to strlctlv
choice native steers were salable at $3.50
5i5.75, with nales chiefly between $1.50 and
$5.50, nnd "sllllers" wero quotable at $5.401l
5.70. Few cattle choice enough to bring
$5.05(6.00 are coming forward and piles
for such beeves lire largely nominal. Prlie.t
for cows and heifers have beau giuduelly
settling down, and few lire now selling
above $3.30, the bulk of thu sales ncing
made from thut llmire Uow-i to $2.00, with
sales of very poor lots at H.5liil.i5. Mails
sell nt $l.751i3.25. The Texas cattle, in-
hided some rcmarkunle choice consign,
meiits, and tho best sold aw;w above any
cuttle received from tint slate during the.
lust few weeks. 100 bond that averaged
1,231 pounds fetching $l.1lfiU9. Western
ranger were llrm. and 21T head of Niqih
Dakota steers that averaged 1,123 pounds
found a buyer ut $1.35.
HOGS Tlie geiieril ileman 1 w-as extreme
ly poor and very few wero needei. ,0 sat
isfy buyers. Chicago puckers w.io aguln
buying sparingly and the .demand was so
poor that prices were fully lOuljc per 100
pounds lower, making :, drop of 20.i).' in
two days. Heavy hogs buld .it $1.155,5.20:
mixed hogs, $1.901,5.3,, and lUht wi gins,
$5.00115.35. After the early sales trading
was away below top prices, with trunsac.
tions largely ut $j,ooft5.Pi lor heavy, $5.ioU
5.25 for mixed und $5.15'(5.f,0 for light.
SHEEP Sheep und iambs were dull at
decline of fully 2..o per J00 pounds. In
ferior lo choice sheep moved on' siowlv at
$l.501i l.ui. and spring lambs were e'i II at
$3.u)ft5.CiO for common to choice lUr-ks.
omana, ami" a. lvvitlb Receipts.
1, UUMJ, (BltUM-? -.., f -OVj-.'M.
HOGS-ReceiPts. 3.10O. Quality only fair;
iarket ouencd ttca.lv: i-lnii,i in, 'i ... .'
Heavy, JI.651H.90: mixed, $l.755J4.f3; light"
$I.SOIi5.10: bulk of sales, $1.751, US.' b '
SHEEP Receipts none. Market nominal.
ly st rone
CALES. new and 2d hand.
of all kimls;Letter Presses, Trucks,
TeL 66U
1 iitui iiirL'iii :ii'iit'
blow on common, N.ttvr be-f btecrs. 13 70
faU0; Western stta-ra, WJ&UVM; Texas
steera, 2,7W.S0; cows and heifers firm at
$,Wa'S.W. cunners, .BOfii3J3; stackers and
feeUers lowtr ut J2.S0jia.w; calves. $2 75f,v
vn JuuioerrM

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