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Jnrtrmtt ImtlrHmt, '1 nth ml WnlHiil l.
VRff oritncHitTioN HATkb.
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bi'y and Hun lay 11 frtts fr Week! ft
tents it month.
nr mail iNAnvAMC
J i n.i iiimiiv, i year .........J
' and fliimlrty, , month J 2;
J n anu Sunday, a month
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v kiv Journal and AfttCUKUriM, 1 ,.
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J ) ami Society ".tj?'
i Keillor ,. ttJ
. ii 1 1
1 "! nt th IVistnuVe In Kansas Pity,
Mt. us 8... oml Chias Mali Matter,
Apstsr mm intiuim w mm tin
M'ushlnnton. .Tnly SI. Kor Oklahoma and
!' ii in Territory: fair; Warmer; variable
w n i t
' r Missouri; Pair and warmer; varl
i wind, becoming southerly,
t - Kansas: Opneraltr fairs variable
wit is, becoming southerly.
Dlackburn "alnl aayln' ft word."
Harvey should not distress Horr by
till king to facts.
Governor Stone la In town. He probs
1 I) rmno to congratulate Kcshlear.
Ki hlear did not show ingratitude to
Knng. Look at the tist of deputies.
i"ie Kansas City ball team rests to
di and will have hot work to-morrow.
dd your tnlte to the fresh air fund
I make some loor child happy for n
a . .
The city olllclal who fears to do bis
dmv because he lias been censured by
(! tiiagogues. 1h unfit for future olllce.
Klla Wheeler Wllcoc says She Is
' i "ted and spurred to vide to Nirvana."
llli must be one of the new women.
Silver Dick" Hland has Joined Sov
c i ign In ii crusade against banks. The
banks continue to do business at the old
If vru want to r,.ad nil the news you
iii u i take lV Journal. The Democratic
'is ins ha.vfn't space for the governor's
si -di.
rive hundred children are to be given
(in nutipx next Monday. How much
, i a little money can do when proper
ly applied.
o one bllleves Witness Bradbury to
l i pure man, -.it It must be remem
1. civil that he Is telling about birds of
lu own feather.
T .'tween Stone, Cockrell and Bland the
pn sldent had art hard a time of It Tues
i) i us Unglnnd does when Colonel Crisp
in iki s a speech.
it Is possible that Dan Lucas may
- ipt- through the neglect of Noah
A", livwr to coin a word before It was
d.-nu by the Missouri legislature.
The Democratic party of the United
S' ai s is one hundred per cent better oft
fain It was before the Sedalla meeting.
Ii now lias two presidential candidates.
ttortsey O'Grndy thinks he will win a
r - against the state assembly on
I ' ilolugleal construction. O'Qrndy should
n- t lo too bard on Missouri lawmakers
i ether bad band of Oklahoma oul
liws l'as been wiped out. Past recor Is
' ri ushed Oklahoma outlaw band;
w iiid Indicate that they are much like
'J tilth.
ii the grand Jpry were to Indict Gnv-
i r Stone for commissioning n man
l i was not elected and if he sh nil b
1. ted for the crime would he l ndnp
I una. if ?
H n.itor Jo Blackburn Is not wnrr
i ,' so much over the actlot . f -he
K. ntucky leglsatttre as he Is rr tli
i --ilillity of that legislature t. ing He
i uiiii '.in.
J.iadbury says he was hypi itiid tj
. iKfNeal. That settles it. It l pn.it
i i.i will Induce a revelation- Kan-is
i ilection crlmea It should hh -n
'1 by law.
- nitor Cockrell seems to hao dls-
. i,d the direction of the wind in
m - url and took time to denounce thu
laud administration at the m alng
I 'i mucratic editors.
i 'Klahoma will now got a rest In the
i i trrn press. A train robbing gang
, been wiped out In that territory,
wh'l. the Held of operations seem, to
n . .- been transferred to Ohio.
'Pi- statement is made and uneontra
. I that 10 per cent of Chioago's popu
I.i i n are recipients of charity. Jt la
. iM.ntly jeported in New fork that
.i igo exists through the charity of
: . -i. in capitalists.
i:i'a "Wheeler Wilcox 1ms written an
r.i h. r poejij. Ella's pom 1, according
t lit r own statement, the product of her
tnit d "at hlh noon of life," but it is
tvi.i. nt that the author has lost none
oi the fire of youth.
A gentleman from Jefferson City ia on
r . rd as aaj ing that the location of the
t iti- capital do s a city no goad. 'fh8,t
i .-mg the ease h it not just 4 tittle
strange that Jelftrson City should spend
to mui h inoiiy to ktp it?
The re-establishment t be transfer
h stern at Kiv-niew in a good move on
tin part at the street railway company
and will benwlt many residents wj
wnio discommoded by the alwlUhment
. , the mutton several months ago.
The tHolMPemourat Is urging 1IU-
s url gold peniocntu to try to capture
tb- l'ei U" Spriti;,' cwnventibu tn -rdor
t the Ute muy not be "mlsrepre-
,d" fb only amir of wurepre
v. m ui nil
g the sentiment of Ultuourt :tvs
in, ilt utwMty oi ii
tbiMty of i "i auvocut. -
ptui lrtMb !0Vtl
d K I"1 U
lir-dburv. w '
crime, of the gaiiff at ). .
Id retelling 'the bu it t i t, ,$
of uiine to an eUm " ., , j, tt
dilute a common tm on tj,t t . y
tboso who committed the iiif. ami
those who ii. -i, 1'iilv i i i h t t'i ii-dvfen-e.
N t .ti t 1 . i.ii ,.
Bradbtnj f - t'li n- i , ,
defend rs f - mm j if,
cM,Uiu'.v,b t,-ut'Jitii; (b, U, liiwto
Slvn by nrailbnry. 'heft Mr fap
herd toad imm of repitlaMe clttupna
and skel If tlK.v Imd liwit fftitldntefttly
tfglitftd, ttradHiry said the hftmes
"soumled like ,me of thptti," The
organ f crime V r' this into dlreet
Jtworn tiin.')t n !! tart ftf Itrad
buiv that l?i"(. mtn had fraudulently
l.itlstored. tt Ii said thrfe Is hohnr
nm mg tbbs and the axiom setti to
hold ki id ainong election thtevci.
1IU I'.WS i'tilt Ilii) IM!lll!.Ci:?
Th- Hwt,.h Herald la forcibly stntrk
by the lnincflncf of the reports a to
the increase of imports of Wools and
Woolen good for th" past eleven month,
and proceeds to argue that the American
people are reaping tremendous benefits
from the reduction of the tariff in that
direction. After referring to the fact
that the receipt of wool from abroad
were almost double the Importation of
raw material during any similar period
In the hlstorv of the country, that pa
per says: "tt may he wild that this Im
portation comes In to take the place of
the great falling oft that has occurred
In the production of domestic wools, but
this I hardly the case."
But even If the home product shntttd
continue undiminished In nuantlly there
la a little matter of n difference In price.
Which the ITernld passes over lightly,
that has a very large place In nn hottest
discussion of the subject.
According to the statistics sent out
from Washington tho American product
last year amounted to more than 29$
million pound. The present tariff law,
which Is responsible for the enormous
Increase of Importations of which that
pafier boasts, Is responsible for reducing
the price which the producer receives for
his wool by an average of 10 cents a
This robbery of the farmer to pay
the cost of the Increased business of the
importer amounts to the enormous total
of very near 30 million of dollars. And
yet the Herald says: "To the hundreds
of thousands of farmers who raise sheep
the difference of a few cents a pound
in the price of wool, while no doubt
recognized as a loss, Is not one likely to
occasion a cessation of the sheep In
dustry. It Is JiiKt ns easy and
Just ns profitable to raise sheep on a
farm, even with the prices of wool that
now prevnil. ns It is to raise hogs, cat
tle or horses."
There you have in a nutshell the con
densed wisdom that underlies the whole
free trade argument. No American pro
ducer, they would have It, hns any right
to complain of being robbed, simply be
cause every other producer Is being
robbed atso.
Thirty millions of dollars taken from
the American farmers In a single year
on one branch of trbelr Industry alone
and for the benefit of the foreign wool
grower, Is the whole story told nlmost In
a word. It may be a good thing for the
manufacturers of Massachusetts, as
long as they can force their operatives
to work for starvation wages, but the
farmer pays the bill.
No amount of advertising not backed
up by the goods advertised will estab
lish a profitable and permanent business.
Kansas City has been long telling the
world of the business advantages to be
found here and has been reasonably suc
cessful in demonstrating that the claims
ate well founded. Its trade and In
dustries have held up wonderfully well
during an extremely trying period, and
all along through the season of general
business distress it has been steadily
The leal disnstor to local prosperity
which came some years ago was not
from the unisersnl destruction of trade
throughout the country, but it was a
natutnl result of wild speculation or
speculation tun mad. The general busi
ness panic camo afterward, when many
of the disasters which had caused the
local distress had been felt and their
effects largely cleared awaj. Coming
upon the city at auoli a. time the destruc
tion of business and the overthrow of
confidence which upset tho whole coun
tiy would be Hue- to lning about u halt
in the upward tutn of affairs but it
did noL stop the wheels.
Kansib ("it has kept tight on glow
ing. It is tohnhly the onlv uy of im
porta' m all the West that has more
thm li 1 1 t- own in population and
bu i v n the lime lefernd to. A look
nbt n in i . u will show that one gieat
lni' Mint has bieti built up since
the i il i -tate boom endid, and hun
dtei' i d llltiKs have been added to
the mi ' that wete rf quirt d to at
(omn l it' tli" laige tompmary popula
tion " i1 Lion. uuyK.'iittd they
lire ill i ui if d. Tht business of the
bank:- v - n. , r bo large now, the
postolti i 'nli show the same prev
alent c i illt i in new hchool houses have
been built t ai.i oinmodatc the increas
ing demand this is the only city in tho
entire co iti building a gnat lino of
railroad at tins time, and in everv wuy
proof It. g)iu that Kansas City is in
deed the m 't piomising tenter for In
vestment In all the Went. Five ear
from now It v. ill have outstripped all ith
i Wats for pretedence. its piosiiit busi
ness Is all the pi oof nuded to Impress
this fact upon the mind of the man who
will Investigate.
If Justice Brewer did not resent the
insult to his Intelligence h intwt have
smiled when the learned and able
counsel for the water works company
told him that the suit brought by ilonea.
Wobatei, to prevent the consummation
of the deal for the plant, im brought
in good faith bj Wehster as a clti-en
and that the suit was not Instigated in
any manner by the company. Justice
Mrewer knows that the learned, able
and high priced iountel for the. water
works eompan) would not Journey nil
the way to Vi i inont for the purpose of
pleading tie utu- of an. Webster, the
aoltcttous Hui ti and featherweight tas
p3er 'i .a n t the ordinaiy niijdus
opeiandi . i Win d, uble ami high prtctd
count 1 'i in ikf s.i. h a Ktatenii'tn in
sueh a iii-4en e n.i.1 charactetisttu ef
frontiy '.n the part of the company,
yihute i j1 ftutii Aim to lust lui. been
one of til. kt,n and j the bunco order.
To thi mind ot the ordinary iHhsen,
uninkillid in ili dwiuiM W8s of the
luw, i uid 'tin tt) be a, Utile humor
ous foi tin ti.mpuio to "jyaive and d
clatii," -in, i bt to fotroe the city to
i mi ij with ihi UecriN at tbe court,
it. mpany does not want the Uty to
aly Willi the deer, i a ma Iter of
' do" not nam to uiino,UH
Jias upon ttte p-cple and of
i - l.,t trull) wuhes the right to
t it) to i,ii when the muit has
h I.i the tti to bin-,. But the couu
1 ' 'i' i the i iinpaiiy to ! il, ami
'i . t Jutn e Unuii k .
i , ii nth ii I nl t bur
. -ii 1 1 I tn ' 'ti)f any i'
lie. it.k. i. jii and tnsili piKcd
UVi Jg ,
cotirwl for the company ma) tc able lo
rcopi tin their obligation as rtl?en of
this dty h thvlr duty to th- Ir client
In the indlctle and dKredltahle flsht
tilin the cliy'g credit Hut the people of
thM city will have more difficulty In do
Ing this and they will hall ulth gratirh
tatlon the final failure of the attempt.
I ItOM'KIV O.N nit! .Nt:?
fhe Indttstry of fraudulent checks
seems to be in a most healthy condition
JUst at the- present time Iti tbis com
munity Hardly a day passts but some
one Is arrested for passlns worthless
Checks and the local press of yester
day reported several such cases. H
would seetlt probable from ti superficial
observation lht If Dlogene should re
turn on another exploring eppdltlon In
senrth of nn lnmesl mnh he would b
tempted to abandon the senich when he
had careftilty read the news columns of
the Atnericah press or nny other press,
for that matter,
tVhat seems to be needed Is n revival
6f old'fitshloned honesty, when people
were more prone to tflve an equivalent
for what they received. The tesslmist
Who mourns over the passing uwny of
the Oolden Age looks upon these multi
plying Instances of dishonesty with
morbid and dyspeptic gratification, as
verifying his most doleful predictions.
But there Is no reason for fearing that
his gloomy prophecies of a continuing
decadence Will be fullllled. While nt
present there appears to be ft temporary
increase In the number of those who
live by their wits nnd ptey upon the
public by dishonest practices, there is
tioeAldencp that there is any degeneracy
In the general moral standard. On the
contrary, men are being held to a more
strict account and a higher standard of
moratlt) nnd Integrity is being encled.
Temptation nnd opportunity have multi
plied out of proportion to Inclination.
We Always henr of the rascals, but they
only prove, not tlMit honesty is on the
wane, but that detection nnd punish
ment more surely follow dishonesty
than ever before. A- the same time, a
little more old-fashioned honesty will not
hurt anybody.
only ttivi: tiii:m a tuanci:.
A great many people nre posesed of
the Idea that anything that comes from
across the water Is necessarily superior
to that which Is made In this country.
There seems to bo something IrresUtlble
ln the word "Imported" when tacked on
to fabrics and other goods displayed In
the show windows and the unpatriotic
purchaser who prefers the Imported to
the domestic goods deserves to get taken
In. as he very frequently Is. The Idea
seems to be that the American manu
facturer, that greedy beneficial y of the
"robber baron" tariff, is the only one
who uses "shoddy" In the manufnetute
of fabrics and that he thus ekes out his
enormous profits by the use of Inferior
quality of material.
Nothing Is further from the truth. Tho
only temptation to the use of shoddy
comes when manufactured goods are ad
mitted at such a low rate that either
wngos must bo reduced or the quality of
the goods made here suffers. It is in
evitably the wages that go down.
A leading Boston firm recently dis
played in its windows a large exhibit of
American made ginghams, wool dress
goods, prints and silks, and It attracted
wide attention from Its- very apparent
superiority to the same class of Im
ported goods. The public was able to
see at a glance how It had been Imposed
upon and how It had been buying, under
high sounding foreign names and nt
high "imported" prices, goods which
Were in reality far inferior to domestic
goods of the same class. This country
can compete with the world iti anything
If It Is not compelled to reduce Its work
men to the level of the foreign laborer,
for whenever a tariff policy is put Into
effect that brings the foreign and do
mestic manufacturer into direct competl
tion it is tho laborer who suffers first
and most.
Albeit Flienis, an erstwhile newspaper
man of Kansas City, writing for an
Kas.tern magazine, takes occasion to tell
some tthojesnme truths about Kansas
City and hei "boom" wttieh is such n
bugbear to those who do not believo In
progress. A clipping from "The South
ern States" In another column Is of In
terest ill this connection.
There's a eadetslup going begging.
Harry H. Hlnde, repiesentatlve of tho
Third district, would itke to appoint
gome hi ight boy as cadet to the Missouri
unherslty If any boy thinks he would
like to get an education he may get tho
opportunity by applying to Mr, Hinde,
at his oftbe. room I0, at 807 Main street.
Mr. Neal Bhould try his hypnotic
power on some of the gang that got
"trowed down" by Kcshlear in his ap
pointment of deputies and see if they
will not tell who forged the returns.
auu uvuu aussciuiu.
Grand river is on a big tear.
Webb nty has an eleUrle light row on
Uallatin's telephone h)tem ha lust been
Cartervtlle lomndtre additional hitching
racks the crying need of the hour.
A c'artt'i'ville muti hu a chains to win
renown as a guide at Yellowmone park
Farmer Has new, of Uvlngston county,
got lxty bushels an acre from his Held pf
A home unil harness sold in Monroe City
last week for H W, and a pair of homes
only brought IK,',
The UhUltcothe Tiibunp hut, been shewn
A piece of sumac that tm-umres four inches
tn diameter.
Fayette talks of salving the city water
problem b huvlng a well drilled at each
corner or the square.
The trotting home Phil Slitrlilan, of some
local renown, was Hold u sheriff's sale in
Trenton Monday for l.
fjeoree W. 1-Vrrell, a well known Sedalla
newigper writer, has taken editorial
charge of the Uenllutton News.
The aggiegaiti alue of the- mineral out
put at Auroia, Joplln, I'urtervlile and
Webb City last weefe was abum SHuOO
IVIrio City want to donate a J,00O
court hum,- io lretiee ..juiin, If it eun
thereby net the t-ouniy seat wu) from
Mount ei non
Joplln will erect a monument uuuposed
of nathe minerals, metals mnl stone, tn
the mt-iior of the late Sergtaiit Jpei,
for whom Jaistwr tounty wus named
The Lliief of the gedttlia 111- department
gays u better hook and ladder equipment
would have uiude It possible m prevent
must of the damage done b the iUt.OM
tire there the othei night.
Something unu.-iml happened i" Trenton
Saturday. The opiulug of a new estublUh
Went III that line afforded the newspaper
men an oppoitunlty for a flee bath, uud
tlley rUkrd ever) thing und took It.
Aurora 1& promt or tne reiorn mane uy
Mr. T J. I.lle of dial city. In the reient
K-iikUd tlty huuting tournament Some
of the beitf shott. la the country look part
In the contest In which he won the fu)
A lieiir) to int) tanner took to market
the other day twenty-four bead ol tab
bant, and the) completely tilled the big
waeou bed. one uivasuilug four und a half
ft et In tin i-nif' leu, e. The uverage weight
w , tvenleeii i o jn iv
In ii. He mineral dhtib t aie
ii h l Her 'i hi iii' huve been I it fonii
ii pa I vnr imr i m little now fiom tle
ai 31 i- r i Je, This Is al I Hi lie
'tne largfJs to tin well directed effort- of
th'. J-vtvi uuu ii'. ilUiUu; As:olatloi,
iiAitt:v ami titmit in nil; nttitiT-
tl.W 1AI.K AT t llll'AUO.
Mr, llnriey's Defentp tif t'oln" n Mnotpr-
tyastlip Itimk ltplf-lttirr at a Mnnip
.speaker It No sllrt tif n Mutch for
Him 1 he .Mrti l)lt ctcil,
Editorial rorrrspottdPtiee of the .lotitnnl.
Chicago. July 23, ISO.",.
I hnvc been a listener and n spectator
for one afternoon to Hie Hoir-llnney
debate. And I Use the word "spectator"
advisedly, for tho occasion Is drnmtttc
as well as Instructive.
To understand this tournament It Is
well lo refer lo the challenge and pur
IMjse. The New York Tribune of a week,
ago the lOtb of July told the country
that lo head oft the pernicious Influence
of the little Ik k called "Coin's rinnn
elal School" it had nt the solicitation of
friends sent linn. Itoswell CI. Horr, of
its editorial ataff, to bold a public de
bate with W. It. Harvey, the author
of the "Coin" school book. So much for
that part of the matter.
In the prog! amine ns published the
debute was to lust for eight sittings', or
days, of thtee hours each, cut up Into
ten mlutile speeches each day to be
devoted to one chapter of "Coln'a rinati
elnl School" Which would cover the
whole of tt. That Is the case made up
for the debaters. It will thus be seen
that the whole movement on the part
of the gold men was, its the New York
Tilbuno decl.ued, an effort to break tho
force of "Coin's" book. There has rarely
been a higher compliment paid a book
of nny soil than this. It is not really
then the question of gold and silver,
per so, that i.s tin Issue, for Mr. llorr is
not a tln.incial authority tit nil, and Mr.
Harvey la a young intin, who until his
contribution to the sliver discussion was
unknown to fame. To have dlstuibcd
the money power of the world In so
shott a time Is enough to turn the head
of an ordlnuty man. So this con
cocted and concerted attack on his book
through tho person of its uuthor Is an
unexampled spectacle.
I am not going to discuss or debute
the question here, but to give the debate
as to Its put pose and range and as I see
It. Mr. llorr is n gentleman some C3
ycats old, physically btrotig and robust,
and one of the most effectlvo stump
ctimpiigneiH in the country, lie Is quick
and shiewd, litis the nerve and manner
of a pitictlced debater in political cam
paigns, acquired lit ti genet ation's prac
tice, and benlde all this has had six
yeais expetiencc as n debater In con
greb. He is, too, a writer of suiilclent
force to be for ycats on tho staff of tho
New Yotk Tribune. Mr. Harvey is a
young man, looks to be nbottt :tu, and
has never had any of the foicii'dc ex
perience or training of his opponent.
He Is quiet and unassuming in his
manlier, with a soft, low -toned voice,
and slow in speech in everything the
icverse of his eueigetlc opponent. He Is
a student, given to facts nnd to terse,
practical and luminous .statement. Krotn
the occasional Hash of his eyes, darker
than those of Mr. Horr, It can be seen
that ho Is capable of excitement nnd In
tense feeling, but -o far in the debate
bo hns kept himself In admirable control.
It can be seen at once the diffetence
In the two men, and it is very haul to
resist the impreslon that the principal
object of Mr. Horr is to force him Into
a peisonal contest in which he might
lose bis balance and temper both a Held
of controversy in which Mr. llorr is a
master. Of course my sympathies aic
with the side of Mr. Harvcj, yet if hn
was unequal to the ordeal he Is sub
jected to I could, like the gold press
With Mr. Horr, admit the fact. But nny
candid reader of the debate must admit
that so far Mr Hiuvey has adhered to
the question and to tho programme of
tho debate much closer than his op
ponent, and as to facts and authoiitles
for his statements, theie Is no compari
son between them.
It is no argument to say that it thing
has "no sense" in it it would be more
like It to show whetc It lacked sense. It
Is not vital to the question of gold nnd
silver whether certain representatives
apd senators In congress arc honest men
particularly hen no one assails their
Integrity. It is not vital to tho ques
tion whether Mr. Horr love, tho laboring
man or not but it would bo a matter of
interest to know whether file policy ho
defends is loving in its operation.
When the debate, tlpis far, is read In
cold print the fact will stand out that
Mr. IIane has added to the monetary
literature of the day a mass of historical
and flnniKinl information that will give
n new Impetus to the study of his book.
"If I am not mistaken," as Mr. Hotr so
often sajs, It is written somewhere in
the sacred tuiiun that "lie makes his
enemy to praise him." This debate that
tn the boast of the New Yotk Tribune
was to break tho Influcncu of "Cotn's"
book will give It one of the most tre
mendous adveitisements ever received
by a work of its kind will give it a
prestige in financial llterntute akin to
that of "Trilby" In romance.
In fact, that may be said to havo been
done in the flist half of the debate. The
student of the book will bee that all the.
basic facts upon which "Coin" predicates
the argument of his book have nltcady
been gone ovor, and not one of them
has been refuted or even weakened, but
on the contrary has been siiengthened.
I will refer to one of them, and the one
that I feared would bo most icadily as
sailed. I allude to the conspiracy
chaiged In the passage of the act of 1S73.
uf course the testimony, pto or con,
must be hugely circumstantial, for the
Journals of the two houses of congress
aro there and tho proceedings nre In tho
Congressional llecord, I must confess
that this record, when nil collected and
giouped together. It most staitllng. Tho
silver dollar ns a, legal tender was in the
bill us It pawed both houses and ns It
went to the committee on conference,
and Mr. llatvey states the p.ulla
menUry rule correctly when ho bids
Mutt a conference committee lias only
jurisdiction of disagreements between
tliu two house- and there was none on
till it Is a startling teciiid, and ex
plain why Judge Kelley, President
Grant, Mr. Iilalue and othuts could say
they did not know tho silver dollar hud
been -tiickeit down uud the metal do.
monetl-ed It la no answer to say that
thou in charge of the bill aro honest
men partkulaily when they aic not us.
sailed lor, as Mr. Harvey shows, it Is
possible for it to have been tho woik uf
some person buying access to the en
gioaned or enrolled bill. Vital changes
and uiuis-ious have olleu been detected
in bills ftom this source. The recoid
shows that the silver dollar was In tho,
bill when It went to the conference. Tlila
is bimpl) given us u tample of the fail
ure of the uttuek ai "Coin," where his
allegations vv"ie least susceptlblo of di
rgct iuouf. it, to nut eui u CJUsr
upon nn attack of any one's pcrronnl
character, senator or representative, and
II was not respectful on Mr. Ilorr's putt
lo drag In the tinmen of any senator or
representative -for they at )eal were
Innocent ns to sending him to lhe de
bate. Mr. Horr. personally, 1 outside this
discussion nny further tltnn he forces
himself In it Hut ho I.s a tepreetitn
tle sent by llio New Yotk Tribune to
destroy the prostlgo of "Coin's book"
It may be admitted tlmt Mr. Horr has
been n laboring man ns a fanner bov,
ns a brnketnun on n freight ttaln, as
a baggage mnh, a logger In the pine
woods, a miner, a banker nnd a con
grcfsinnn nil honorable callings. But
he Is now the accredited servant of the
Tribune, sent by It, detailed by It. to
demolish "Coin," nnd though ho labored
for a whole hour to demonstrate bis
nffectlon for labor, yet It had nothing to
do with the question The Tribune was
behind Mr. Horr, Is there nil the time,
ami ho Is simply earning his salary by
talking for It against "Coin" In person,
lnend of writing against him, ns ho
has been heretofore for Its columns.
The Tribune Is u jjold organ, and as
the late ptemler of Hnglnnd was son-in-law
to the house of Itothschlld, the
Trlbttno is son-in-law to the great bank
ing houo of D. O. Mills and the New
India quicksilver monopoly As a rep
resentative, then, of tho Tilbune, Mr.
Horr's tears over labor tind his coming
till the way to Chicago to preach gold
monometallism In the InlPiest of the
laboring man Is .something like the shed
ding of other and traditional tears that
have no suit In them. It is all very,
very funny and very suggestive its well.
One of the remntknblo things, too,
nbottt this debate I.s the sudden change
of front on tho part of tho gold press.
For example, one of the Boston papers
deprecates it and uses thlt very slg
nlllcant language as to the effect of Mr.
1 loir's failure. It says, as T remember
reading it yesterday, that it wits un
fortunate, because so many people were
apt to attribute "the failure of the
advocate to the weakness of his cause."
This when the debate wvs only two
days old Is nt least not backing their
But alde from the merits or demerits
of the debaters, the truth is that tho
historic recotd, facts, traditions and
usages of the American government and
people, ns vv ell as of mankind for all ages,
are on tho side of silver ns a money
metal, and gold has no life or usage
other than us a companion money metnl.
And It has only been when mlllionalio
banket i4 and monopolists became pos
sible and common that gold was ever
thought of as the sole measure of values
and as the one ultimate redemption
money. If theie were no millionaire
lenders nnd no blllionalie banking
houses tho exclusive use of gold would
not be thought of It is no wonder Mr.
Horr falls before history and facts, for
there is neither behind his cause.
V. H.
I.oolced nt I'reni u er siamlpnliit by nn
Obi Itt'-hlt nt.
In an article entitled "Booms, West and
South," Albert l'henls, who Is remembered
as an old resident of Kansas City, has the
following to say of oui "boom" In the
Southern States, a magazine published in
"Condition" in Kansas City nre fre
quently pointed out by those who say of
their own city, "Heaven save us from a
boom ' Well, let Ub look Into Kansas City.
I'p to fifteen years ago it had lesi than
GO.OjO people; it had a mule car service,
stieets of bottomless mud, an inadeqtmto
sewer sjstem, and most of Its buildings
were makeshifts. Its boom was a tierce
one, it is true I'ortuncs were made in a
year, and lost almost ns quickly. The
accumulations of a lifetime wero In some
instance swept away entirely, and wrecks
of speculators are strewn far and wide Hut
the tandle in which the moths were slnffeil
still bums on There Is a splendidlv built
dtv of moie than loe.GOO people, with mote
miles of cable railway than nny but two
other American cities, a perfect sewer sjs
tem, asphalt and stone paved streets ev
etywhere. bulldinss which would look well
in New Yotk, and a volume of business
which Klves It rank In the dealing house
rporls alongside of cities of double Its
population. As ill tn till, undertakliii;,
even the construction of a ten story build
ing, at least i.lle lilt is usually sacrificed,
so In the boom vvhi.h makes a city there
must be dlsastet and llnaiiil.il death to the
individual, which, while lamentable, is
nevertheless an apparently unavoidable
Incident in the lnpld oi great development
of any t ommunity."
Kasi for '1 hem to (,'hnncc.
To tho Hdltor of the Journal.
I offered the b-dovv communication to tho
Times for publication, (homing It a. perti
nent stibjtc-t, but they declined, as It did
not ucioid with their sentiment':
The strong advocacy of silver by Mr.
C.irlllt and Hoke Smith, befoie they be
came menib'!., ot Ml Cleveland's cabinet,
and thcii ludhal change of senilnunt aft
crwaids, have luen often commented on in
tho puhlli pricct but J have seen no refer
ence to the nme Inconsistency on the part
of J. St, rllng Morton As hp made n
s-peeoh lure In K.in.-as City in the campaign
ot ISM or lifts I will not be certain as to
the datt, will you pleano examine your
tiles to see if his speech vvao reported?
I esioitol hlin to the meeting and I be
lieve I Introduced J i int. I was an other of
tho t lub and Democratic candidate for
mavoi about that time.
Hut what Is more to the point, I heard a
splendid grand old Democratic speech, and
the two principal points In It were tho tar
In, wlikii he handled In a mif-teily way,
and the itiralgnment of the Itepubllcan pir
t) for the demonetization of silver, which
he denounced is tho crime of 1S73. He
pictured in dark colois how It had injured
and would destroy the piosperity of tho
country, und bring poverty and ruin to tho
ina-ses In fact, he stirred my blood to
hot indignation against such an Infamy.
Ills language was not less severo than that
of John O. Carlisle, when ho said: "Tho
demonetization of silver is tho greatest
crime ever committed against tho prosper
Ity of a people 111 the history of the world."
This wus the doctrine taught by all Dcmo
cints until Mr. Cleveland's second admin
istration. What shocks all my sensibilities Is to see
mni like Carlisle, Smith and Morton, who
taught us what a crime the itepubllcan
pirty committed In 1S73, In demonetising
silver, should make themselves parties to
such a crime, and help to consummate tho
uif.inileH the) picture,! in such horrid and
truthful coon
What greater humiliation cirv come to
the Demoeiutlc party thin to see one of its
Idols, like John O. Carlisle, revamping and
delivering John Sherman's old speecht-,
which he and other leaders of the Democ
racy havo answered a thousand times Jn
the last twenty yeais?
What shocking Inconsistency, after such
a speech as 1 heard from Mr Morton, lo
llnd him tho author of that silly letter on
"Sound .Money," which wi Intended to bo
facetious, but width i a grim mockery of
the sufferings and mill of the masses which
he so elotuentlv portrajed as the result of
the crime of 1W. which crime he Is now so
zealousl) defending and aiding to consum
mate. Can Democracy reach any lower depth of
degradation than to hav a president elect
ed b) lis votes, and hU cabinet olllcer.s
sinning at silver a "unsound money,"
turning the United States treasury over
to the ltotlmlilld's gold s)ndlcate, and Its)
piobpeiltj io tho oaprleo of gold gamblers?
Senatoi i'ugh, who has been hit,h In lha
counsels of his party for the past lirty
vearw, declares he never heard of sliver be
ing "unsound money" until Mr. Cleveland'
second term. Since which he has sent out
his periodic diatribes against silver ies "un.
sound mone) " und ids cabinet otllcen as
stump speikeis to destroy the only hope of
the people's ludeinntlon trom poverty, ami
leleasc- fiom financial slavery to IZngiand.
Can it bd possible that In tho sail liouy
of fate, he who was trusted as a patriot
and leader, lias betrayed hli country and
his. paity, and so great. Is this dominating
luiluenee and thut of tho gold oligarchy
that his cabinet olllcertt forget their own
solemn denunciation of a cr and par
ticipate In it, und forsakinit isti'iicy,
paiiy principles, honor and p.. ism,
"Crook the pregnant hinges ot tho knee
that thiift way follow fawning?"
tmi: At.t,rtJi:ti humorists.
,Mr. Nlncom "Ho presented a pistol and
declared he'd blow out mv bralnt If I
didn't yield " Miss Hhapley "Oh Mr. Nln
com, why dldn t you yield?" Truth.
Mr, McSpntt-"tfn,t It temarkable how
many mjsterlout disappearances there
are'" Mr. .MrPpntt "Oh. I dunno. Most
of 'em are mArrted." New York Weekly
Principal 0o new npprentlce) "lla th
liookkeeper told you what you have to di
In the afternoon"' Youth "Ye, fir. I
was to nwakin him when t saw jott com
ing" fiaheln.
Mr. Jone "It Is "trance that a strong
man like vou can not get work." The
tramp "Well, er ?ep. mum. people watr
tefptencc" ftfttn tne last ctiiptovpr, an' he s
been dead twenty jenr." ritek.
"is this the nmoklng car?" stuloitslv In
quired nn old lad) at the Albanv station
"No, madam," rpplied the polite young
man, standing on the uteps of the car.
"you'll nnd the moker on two cars
ahead " 1'mk
, Nellie "Look at those pretty cow."
Matidle "Thsy are not eowsj they are
calv-et" Nellie "Hut what Is the differ
ence?" Mniidlc "W hy. cows give milk
and caIvcs give Jell).'' Pittsburg Chroni
cle. rather "He's wealthv. and I can't f"
nnv earthlj rensoti why you object te
hint." Datichtpr "Hut he drinks whisky
Fathet "Drinks whisky' Of course hp
does. Do you think he'd eat 11 with a
rork'" Hxchange
The two dpiif-nnd-diitnb friends slopped
for a. rew minute.' conversation. "v hat
did )our wife say about vour being out o
late last night'" nkd one of them
"Nothing" "That's stratute. What's the
reason'" "She's got a sore linger." Well
ington Star.
Sister May "I think If )ou should pro;
tiosp to Otnre she would accept you.
Brother Jack (eagerly I ' Do yon' Has -die
snld anvthlngT" Sister Mn "No; but I
Know he was deeply In love with llarrv
Maxwell, and his enpuirpmetit has Just
been announced." Itrooklin Life
The poor drunkard lav In the gutter,
while the thoughtless crowd Jeered. Along
en tne the Kood-hearted citizen nnd placed
the unfortunate In a standing position
"Ah!" fniil the irovvd; "he has been there
himself" So shines a good deed In a
naughty world Indianapolis Journal.
Kor the fourth time In one evening the
third asMstnnt gliiud of the harem had
beaten his rovnl master at ches. "I envy
nur skill," said the potentate. "I Hatter
myself there are no tiles nn me," replied
the underling "Yts; I envy you I really
wish I had your head." And tho thing
was done. Life
"I never could undertntid," said the
rusty-looklug pilgrim, who was lounging
near one of the entrances of the basebill
park during the progress of the thhd Inn
ing, "how these turnstiles work. What
moves them"" "tt takes a M-cent ticket
to make this one move," answered the
coM. unsympathetic gate-keeper. Chicago
Comic Cuts: Police Inspector "It was
very plucky of you. ma'am, to have set
upon the burglar und so ablv captiued
hint, but need jou have injured him to
tho extent of necessitating his removal to
a hospital "" Indv "How did I know It
was a burglar? I'd been waiting up for
three houis for my husband. I thought It
was him."
Cincinnati Tilbune: Hognn "Ol have a
ioke on Houghllghau They was a fellv
:em Into his place an' took three dtlnks
uv his whisky In rapid secession, an' thin
pulled a gun an' shot himself." ftrognn
"Oi think th' Joke is on the man rival for
did he go to the trouble av usln' a gun
afther three drinks av Houghllghan's whis
ks V"
Chicago Tribune: "Aie you tho editor
that answeis the questions?" asked the
elderly woman with u prominent chin and
a large voice. "Yes, ma'am." "What
would you do If your house was overiun
with cocki caches and nil kinds of bills'"
"Madam," icplled the faithful man at the
tlesk, "I would marrv one of my daughters
to an entomologist."
How They tlsetl to Do lliiilnesi In California.
There weie neither coutts nor Juries In
the land; the word ot a Cnlifornl.in was
the only bond required. Kven tho wary
Yankee traders who frequented the coast,
when foreign commerce was tlnallv allow
ed, trusted them freely fiom one reason to
the next. An Incident lllusti.itlng this
ti alt Is told by the Agulrre faniilj Don
Jose Agulrre, who owned a trudlng vessel
once bad as a supercargo a voting man
who was a stranger to California cus
toms. While the ship, with cargo, lay in
San Pedro harbor the master being ab
sent, Augusiin Machado, a ranchcro of
considerable wealth In land and herds, but
who could neither read nor write, went on
board to do some purchaslne, his carts
awaiting him on the shore When he had
made his choice nnd was about having
the goods conveyed to land, the supercargo
niKec: nun ior enner pnvmeni or guarantv
Machado did not at first understand th it
be was being distrusted, no such demand
had ever before been made of any ran
ch, ro, where the buyer nffeied no money
he being credited without hesitation.
When at length it dawned upon the Call
fornlnn, ho drew a hair from his beard,
and gravelv handing It to the joung man,
said with dignity. "Deliver this to Senor
Agulrre and tell him It Is a hair fiom the
be ird of Augustln Machado you will find
It a suiilclent guarantv " The supercargo,
crestfallen, plnced the hair In the leaves of
his account book nnd allowed the goods
to be removed Cpon Agulrre's return be
was deeply chagrined at the Insult that
had been offered to his friend. Helen Hl
llott liandinl In July Ovetland.
I ". v n 1 1 1 ii tr the Toil,
The incident recorded of a cyclist evad
ing toll by carrying his machine thiough
the gate Is not without an nmuslng prece
dent. The story is told In "The Autobiog
raphy of nn I'ngllsh Gamekeeper." Jos
1 in. the underkeeper to Mr. Mnltland, of
Stanatcad park, Hssox, who was
reckoned ns the ntiongest man in
Stanstead. wus one day on the mail
to Stortford. mounted on his donkey,
nn rt aching the turnpike gate Just past
Zlon house, he asked the nikemnn how
much would be charged for his donkey to
walk thiough "Two pence," was the ip.
plv. "Anl how ninth do ou charge tor
can) Ing a parcel thiough the git.?"
"Nothing," said the plkeimn "Whoa,
ass!" died Joslin, and. quietly dismount
ing, he deliberately slipped his head un
der tho animal's bejlv, and, sel.lnn his
fore legs, lifted him off the ground, e.u
rled him through the cute, and, remount
ing, trotted on. New Vcuk Tribune.
hllXI't.OWlltC Mint),
The value of Cherokee county's mineral
output last week was $5S,i),
The Atlvoi ne his discovered In Colum
bus the ol 1-fusblniicid woman who still
uses a bolatei under her pillows
The AVIntleld Cornier s lys the Wichita
people ato so dry that only the lit . k of tho
cotton prevents them ttotn spitting It.
Barney Luntry Is off on an Kastein tour
with his family .and Will Wldto says Chase
county is running along without a main
spring According to the Denver Times the Col
orado mines In which ex-Attorney General
Ives Is largely Interested will yield 10.000
In good yellow gold this year.
I'd Oreer: If John J. Ingalls will go to
Kansas Cltv he may leeognUo ins Atehl
son farm dirt in the reclaimed river bot
tom property. It will undoubtedly be worth
more money
In the death of Dr O. O Gregg, whoso
funeral took place there Tuesday, Baxter
Springs mourns the loss of ono of her old
est and best citizens. Ho bad been one of
the recognized pillars of tho town for near
ly thirty years
Tho Biupoilii Gazette pronounces Georso
T Anthony the best "honest money" ad
vocate In the country, and says lie would
never have been guilty of tho stupid mis
takes that Horr has made, had he occupied
tho lattei's pi ice In the great debate.
Topeka Journal: The politician will not
appiove of Governor Motrin's comse in
allowing Commissioner of Klictious 7'os
ter to letnln his place when no misconduct
was proven against hlin. but the governor
will have the approbation of the great
mass of tho people.
Some of Dickinson count) 's irrigated
llelds are producing 2'TO bushels of ponitoes
to the acre, and of a quality miii h supeiior
to the ordinary tubei. And yet theie aro
some who still have to bo reminded of tho
beneficial lesiilis nilslng from i:d Little's
esperlitico on the Nile.
Topeka's baseball club has given up the
ghost, uud, unless as u Inst resort a pci
minent engagement can bo made by the
opeia house management with Cecil
Spooner, It a feuied tho siiIcIiIh mania
will become mora widespread than ever
uinong the people who are compelled to
spend the summer there
Mayor McDowell, of Columbus, In a no,
llto message to the public, lolls tho pecpl
that he lealUes that the ordinance In ref
erence thereto Is so full of loopholes that
nobody cin be compelled to cut tho weeds
on and about his premises, but that every
bod) ought to do it out of pride In the ap
pearance of the cit) and u deslie for tho
sanltaiy benellts arising therefrom. And
ever) body undoubtedly will
IM Hoch on Captain Hatch: If tho
Hutchinson reformatory boaid Is guilt) of
the charges preferred against them, and if
Superintendent Hatch was obnoxious to
them, us seems to be the ease, chlelly be
cause be wouldn't wink at their reckless
expenditure of public money, und wouldn't
keep mum about it, then Captuin Hatch
should be rewuided for his courage and
honesty by a reappointment to th super
lut.ndeui. of the; tnuUiuUoa, '
Ii Mis ft t
She wns n Boston tnn i of high decree.
With evis thut snout, like liiinndpseent
And Jut sin h pontine Pps i septus Io me,
Tli ki-s invites
I met hir on the minion's grtssy sod,
Near wh' re ilie fountain pliys In squirt
lie mood.
She stood tedei ting, while a passive wad
Ot gum she chewed.
"It does one good to see this spot," said I,
"When weury of the elty s hum nnd
She ceased her watlr pastime to reply.
' That's what It does."
"This sylvan spot," then softly I averred,
"Thp foot or man seems almost to dc
tile." r
Her voice came sweet as notes of any
"Well I should smile!"
"The haltnv breeres whispering overhead
With such enchanting softness kiss the
In tones ot languid melody she said:
"You're shotttln' now!"
"And hnvc you noticed, fulr one, how eich
Seems hero to choose Its sweetest vocal
I dwelt in rapture on her every word:
"I'm onto them."
"And how the leaves like moving emeralds
When In response lo the sweet breeze
they shako!"
Her voice camo soft as echoes from a
"They take the cake."
"Dost wander often to a sjlvati spot.
The drenmv senso of quietude to seek?"
Soft purled her answer: "Well, I take a
'Bout onre a week "
In converse sweet 1 lingered by her side,
And felt that there forover I could dwell,
And ns I left her. after me she cried:
"So long, old fell"
I was not captiued by her voice so rich.
Nor by her lovely fine, so sweet and
you in:.
But by the sweet dexterity with which
Her slang she slung.
Drummets' Yarns
1 1JigrrWr
TtVsMfc?." -- eV
v -c- cr;,. --
Queen Victoria has never suffered frttrt
dyspepsia. She attributes this to her ef.t
lng little but often, and to her taking
whisk) at meals. She drinks it cleat,
without water.
The earnest mlndtd belles of n church in
Tort Jefferson, L L, who some time ago
pledged themselves to e.tin enough money
to supply their chinch with pews, havo
made a it port upon tho wuyx and menu
to which they lesoited. The Misses I'ltilui
blacked boots upon the highway for IT,
cents a shine. Another lady earned a' nickel
by sawing wood; she loiind tiro work too
laborious, and changed ofr to baking bread
at '!' cents a loaf, and still another earnest
wot leer turned lots of honest pennies by
selling home-made lip salve.
1'or thirty years the empress of Austria
has not had her portiait taken
When Lailv Itnndolph Churchill was in.
India sin' had a snake tattooed on her arm,
and Irt sild to be the only woman of high
rank In the ihiglish nobility who mu boast
in this direction. The J'llncesM '.Vnldc
mar, of Denmark, has an anchor tattooed
on her left aim, near the shoulder, nil' I
Queen Olg.i, of Grtece, wears a tattooed
anchor on her shoulder.
Airs. Lincoln, tin attthorltv on cookuv.
declares that Americans can leain much
from Ueunnn housewives In the way of
seasoning. For Instant o. In pupiring veg
etables, they almost always add a little
grating of nutmeg. This Is not notleeabln
and distinct, but It Imp.uU an unusual
and most pleasing flavor.
The cncigetlc and ambitious woman of
wealth and leisure Is an In It resting study
as icgards her time destroying putstilts.
If she h.ib mums above the Hilling dc.
tails of suits und traiinlnas and forms
und eeicmonies, she goes Into the arena,
as a philanthropist among penniless and
firogiesslvu women. This step establishes
icr in the woild of mind Liter on sho
takes up charity on n l.ugo stale, ami
steps Into society on Its shoulder. Her
tact, energy, unwearied powers for direct
ing, planning and upholding aie indis
pensable to her. llnclc of it all. however.
Is enterprise, Shu Is at heart commercial
in her instincts.
The mother of the nineteenth century
has brought up her daughters to mutch
some other inothei's sons. The mother of
tho twentieth century will havo to hi Ing
up her sons to match come other woman's)
daughters This Is contrary to George
Bllot's oft-quoted theory that "Hod
A'mlglity made the women to match tha
He "Madam, your husband Is liberal to
u fault."
Shu "I wish I were a fault." Detroit
I'reo l'ress.
Wymldo "What is the coming woman
coming to?"
Slyler "Any thing In tho shape of
man. Boston Courier.
"They do say," remarket! Mrs. Dolau,
"that u shock by electricity don't entirely
kill a man."
"Maybe not," replied Mr. Dolun. "But
thot s phwete the fulfil cute Idee vvorruka
backwards. It convinces yes so complete,
ly that ye're dead thot iei haven't tho
coinage to otno to lolte." Washington
llvciy woman has learned to long for nil.
vcr articles on her diesslng table Twenty
completes the number of essentials, slid my
lud) glows so iiceuatotued to her luxuries
that when shu travels she carts along the
bulk of tlieiii, and spreads them about on
her buieiiu. These sllvet plens, especially
in case of their being ot a Iliigree design,
should be cleaned with a liquid polish.
These articles arc now Inlaid vvitii Jowels,
opuls tanning u lavoiite stone. They aie
ulso Inwiought nllli mothei of pearl,
Ladles' tailorb are advocuting an ex
quisite pearly gtay, with , decided blua
tinge In It. ror cloth costumes, collets and
coats. This is the color that will euriy all
beforo U next fall, und It has already be.
gun to thiow beige and stone grays Into
the shade.
Midsummer gowns will, In many cases,
omit thu stlll'est of interllnings for the suke
of light weight, which means they will not
have godct or organ-nipt plaits, but will
be amply wide and flaring jn j s,Qficr man.
S.in rranelsco Post: A young lady with
a. touch of tpnsllltls wus lonsultlug tho
family physician
That Is nothing serious." said he "I'll
aWn v.lUt"a.'llr1lgh1f."nUrat9 ' "w
TAf ..0"" lady looked a bit doubtful.
"Oh. it won't hurt." remarked the doc
tor, leassuilngly.
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hi'ivo?' UlMt lKsslbl9 objectloa ean he
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ing thut he was opposed to silver. Could
you use nitrate of gold? Sliver Vs so com.
moil and cheap you know, and 1 , sum
papa wouldn't object then,'1 "
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