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j. (iiifiiii iawr -
ui.atiii: to hi: paii:i,.
Trailer or slimmer Tim n.l, Wjmidntto
t "Hilly, nnd t iiliinillnnr( nf ,lnhn'
foil InuiitJ, Kit.., AKri-n -llmi It
Hiuulil Hi- tiiiprnvrd.
The plain of .tnckion roimly to build fine
run is frum the city limits In llir dllierent
life Hon to the boundaries of the county
l l l r Imli.itc J. The trustees of Shnxvnee
tjwr.lil), Wyandotte county. Kns., have
or I red the Improvement of that portion of
th llotr title boulevard Hint now linn
wooden Mock' on It. The !eetlon to be
I'Avcil I lei between tho Hoieilule Onlliotlr
r-hurch nhd the end of tho horso car line.
It l to he paved with mnead.tm and Is to
lie completed thli fnlt,
Thli Improvement will then rIvc the peo
ple of this city a well mnciiilnmtzeil rond,
running from tho stole line through Itote
(liile to Merrlnm park and to the Johnson
county line Oxer thl-x line comes thou,
sand of load of intuitu o nnd vcKrtoblei
to Kaneni City each year. The romnil
doner of Jotnuon counts, Kns., have con
sented to continue the rond Improvement
with tin- !init innlerl il from the county
line to Oluthe, thu-. making It over twenty,
tlve mile In length.
inn romi lint neon ned nmi has heroine
the print thoroughfare for people llxlmr
thi side nf Olnthe In coming to the city,
nnd a great procession of tentm come In
oxer It each exenlnK xxllh loiul of produce
for sale Now that It l to be extended
It will rrin to xxldett the nrea of tho
market garden territory of the city, nnd
ndil to the Importance of that xnlualile
Imlmtry The investment xxlll be a wood
one and will bring more than cot hack In
the Inerensed nltio of the mnrkot garden
nnd produce sales next year.
With the roads noxx- built or to be built
In Sit 'k ton county and V.xnndotto county,
Ki . with the splendidly Improved rnnrl
of Wvnndotte county that lead to the city,
the great thoroughfnre are nil to be In
tine condition, making pleasant drives nnd
comfortable traveling for all, That It will
ndd to the bulnis done and help In every
particular there Is no doubt
This road work ought to stir the citizens
of Kansas City to the need of doing more
FVstemntle unit uniform Improvement of
the striels of the city There are streets
that are destined to become tho main thor
oughfares of the clt and they ought to
be nproved the entile lencth In a uniform
nnd 'bstimtlnl manner. The action of the
rouni. Judges In continuing tho work of
road Improvement xxlll ndd to the Interest
the cltv has In carrying the work ahead In
the cltx-. The cltbens nre urging It nnd
tho interests of the city xre o affected
that there should be no delay In It.
Remains of tin r.imou llnre to He J'hiced
in l'lrn llnidquurti-r-i.
All that Is left of the otei.in Are horse,
Joe, xx ho died of lockjaw fiom Injuiles
received xxhlle responding to a fire call In.
June, 1S9I, will be mounted by a skilled
taxidermist In a fexv days, nnd the old lire
hero will be placed In a conspicuous place
In the tire department hpado.ua rters. The
contract for the xxork was let yesterday
morning to Professor 12, D. Karnes, of the
Kansas state unlveislty at I-axxicnco, and
xxlll be completed a1, soon as possible.
Joe xviw probably one of the best knoxvn
fire horses in the world. He belonged to
the Kansas. City department for seven
j ears, and was one ot the team taken to
the International tournament In London in
ISM. With his mate, nan. he held the
xx 01 Id's record for hitching, the time being
one and txxo-tblrds seconds. lioth of the
horses xvero stationed nt liead'iu.ii ter
and belonged to hose wagon Xo. L'. Thev
were milk xxblte, sixteen hands high, nnd
ttracted much attention by their beauty,
as xvell as by their agility and speed.
The accident In xxhlch Joe received his
fatal Injuries occurred at Tenth and Main
streets. While going on a inn to a (lie
the team mide a short turn nnd lan
against a cable train, xxhlch xsas coasting
doxxn the li III. The accident In Itself xxould
not haxe caused death, but a long splinter
xvas Imbedded in Joe's foot, and lockjaw
set In after a. fexv days.
The money to defiax' the expenses of
mounting hns been collected thiougb sub
orlptli lor tho most part xoiuntaiy.
The horses xveio so x. ell known that as
soon as Joe's death was announced nnd
the fact that ho xvas to be mounted was
made public, monej In smnll amounts came
In from every dliectlon. The lund Is noxv
over ?300.
kii.i.i:i) nuiti.Mi a ou.vici:i:i
A Cousin of Colonel (leorgo W. Warder
Main In lirutiH k,x.
A Vancebuig, Ky., paper contains an ac
count of the killing at Maysvlllo, that
stale, of Illi am W. Warder, cousin of
Colonel Geoigo W, Warder, of this city,
ami a xxell known county olllelal. The
dispatch Is dated ilnyhvllle, August 3, and
is as follows:
'Iliiam T Winder xxas shot In the bieast
this morning b Ceorgo Washbuine, xxho
is. a tenant on Winder's farm. The two
men hive had numerous i-uuirols. Yes
terdai, It Is said, Wnider chased Wash
burne for halt a mile xxlt' a revolver.
This morning Warder used W'.ish
burne's son of stealing piece of lope,
xx hen tho shooting folio ,-d. Wnider xxas
struck by flvo bullets, each one taking ef
fect In tho bteast. Jlo lived only n. fexv
"Warder Is an cx-sherlff of T.exxls county,
and planned the capture of the notorious
Pnderwood gang dining the vxar. Ho was
ono of tho Earnest men that ex'er trod on
Kentucicy soil nnd xxould have killed
Washburno had he oxer lec-oveied."
roMT.icriMs 'ii.-srt.vio.w.
Cnuseil the DiHihargn f Clara l'lilllp'i, an
Allcgiil Conuti'rrelter.
United States Commissioner W. O,
Thomas xxas engaged yesterday Investi
gating tho charge of passing counterfeit
coin, xxhlch xxas. pending against C'laia
Philips. It was claimed at the time of
the ariest that she xxas liable to piovo a
valuable xxltnesp, as It xxas believed that
she was axxaio of the existence of a gang
of people for passing the spurious coin.
The tcKllmon) xvas conlllcttng and tho
was disentitled.
tin; xx i:.vtiii:i;.
The official forecast for to-day Is: Con
ditions favoiablo for severe local storms
this evening in 'orthxx-est Mlssouii, ex
treme Northeast Kansas and low a. Tho
minimum and maximum tcuipeiaturo io
i orded jestcidnv xxas 50 unit (A degrots.
Th iccord ot observations at other places
lust I11UI1X xas aa (uiiuv&
Ktn Oileans
Chicago .,
Hi, Paul
Coucoidla . ,
Dodgt. " ,
Hist- ;
' ua
Denver ,
St. l.oiU.s
Kanea.i C'lt
Itar. Temp
....'Ji.'.iS 7S
... .'J J ill) ill!
....:." mm; sii
.....L'a.sii st
....Mi 7.
...,l"l.!l 7S
....) I.S w
....l"MS fc
."Jtli hi
....ja.tix es
-."J.7S (.ti
'.".!. 'si 71 sv
,...-J9W 81
...,rj.tj bi
to VXrlllii' I'liiiii a Hd iif Agon)
Is what people tioubled with rlieumttlo
symptoms can fairly expect, If they take
no cfllcltnt means to check thu rapidly
glowing malady xxhlch, it should never bo
forgotten, has a tendency to attack the
heart and terminate life. Tho testimony,
jiuhllo und professional, is oxenvhelinlngly
convincing and eoucuuent that Hostettei's
Stomach Hitters Is both a sovereign pre
ventive and cuiatlve ot ihcumatlsm. tt
completely expurgates from the blood tho
ucild principle xxnleh.aU.u king the tissues
surioundliig the joints and muscles, cause
such exquisite pain. The Hitters plumules
the action of the kidneys, bladder, stomach
and boxxels, and remedies malaria, nerv
ousness and debility. It also Induces appe
tite und sound lepose, hastens eonvales
tence after exhausting maladies, and mill
gates the Infirmities of age. Take It dally
at regular Intel vals, and confidently ex
pect tho best lesults.
Vidlnxxstuiiu Park fetiiboa
Knds October 1. The grandest outing spot
In the xxorld. Mountains, lakes, cations,
geysers, hot springs, buffaloes, elk, deir.
found there. Reduced tales for 1SK. Send
fi cents for touilst book, to Charles S. 1'ee,
general passenger agent Northern Pacific
Jlallioad, St. Paul. Minn.
Where Are You lining?
I am on my way to the Chicago S. Al
ton ticket olltco to get a beith 111 their
through cux to New Yorls city. UaylnS br
IAUutl8, -jrmsXlv...
The Suirrtrd 1'iKli.mii' ItnhlioM Are tin
iililc to llhf Hill.
W. R. t)rty, llnrry Stroud, August Tan
ner nnd J J. lVavler, of whose arrest
for posiolllce robbrtv ths Jourtml i ester
dnj contnlned on xrliHT ncenunt, nre
"till m the oountj Jnll hrr. YesteMny
nrornlnir Strouih xtn taken before fnlled
Htntw CotnmlNdancr l'tlmly, nnd In iU
fault of J,nj Imtut nna tflurned to the
county Jnll to nxvnlt n pnHlnilnnry h?nr
mg of the rnc next Mommy.
PfMltr nnd- Tnnnfr xxere taken befot-p
1 nltPil Sfte CommlKslnner Nuckols, and
n tixej were not rend) for trial their
preltmlnnrj lifurtngs were postponed.
Pp-jvler In to l exHrntntsl next Tueixlnv,
nnd nmiwr on Wedticwiftiy. The bond of
rneh xxas fixed at Jl (", nnd as they wer
not ftble to give them they xxero lucked
up In the iiiunty Jail.
Pay nns not nrrnlgheil, as he had ben
bfore Commltisionrr NucViols nt a prior
(kite nnd his- Imnd lined nt JJ.ow Ho said
lie xxiis- able to (rtxe ft snllstnrt(it. bond
nr a stiMillnr amount, nnd for good rett
olm Commissioner Nilckol" redtierd 111
bond to ll.mn It Is exiK-cted that 111
father, who Itxe at Hrookfleld. xxlll be In
thi city to-day xxllh bondsmen nnd net
him out of the Jnll. Pa Is 11 man of Rood
uplienranec and hits Iwn xxvll connected
nnd held good postlloiis, and xxan held
high In esleem bj those who ktiexv him
IK tlll mnlntnlns his Intiocente and on:, it
he cult shoxx it In court
The I'ase lt mi Important on til (ill of
Us bearings. The ofllcers hnxe been able
to get some factB roncertilni? the robberies
from thr, hmn nn.l iMlnnlnv tlif,r ,f
them xxer nti.xlottsly Inquiring how thev
could confess nnd tell on the others nnd
gel out of It by n horl cut. The ollli crs
hax'e no doubts but that they Xxlll b able
to gel the whole story from the men, ns
thr preliminaries' are- conducted during
the coming week. Therr Is much more
than usual Interest manifested In tin
matter, as the cn xx-ns one ot many
strange ffntutes nnd perplexities.
Pntolllce Inspector Johnson had txxo of
hl best men nt xxork on It for months, nnd
they were ballled at every turn, and fin illy
In Id the matter aside in despair. It wns
nt this Jum ture that It was taken up by
Harry Adams, xxho xxas 01a of Marshal
Shelby's deputies, nnd single handed and
under annoying circumstances he h.m
unwound the whole tangle, and jesterdny,
when he reached the city, three of the
four men charged xxlth the crime were
xxnttlng to confess ami turn state's1 evi
dence. He feels xxell sotlslled with tho
xork and xxn vvnrmly congratulated bx
tho other olllcers yestenlax over the skill
he dlsplnxod In doing the Job.
The olllcers noxv feid certain from the
evidence on hand to fasten on om of the
croxx-d tho robbery of the postnllli e nt
Hrookfleld, nnd a second attempt live
weeks later, the nttempted robbery ot tho
olllces' at Hevler and St. Kate, the at
tempted robbery of a bank nt tlueklln nnd
the planning: for 11 holdup of the Hanni
bal 1511 nt a dark nnd dangerous cut near
llucklln. On this last nutter something
may br developed that xxlll cause trouble
for some railroad duplexes xxho live nt
Hrooklleld nnd are xxell Informed on mat
ters pertaining to the 1511 and the tun
and value of the treasure she carries.
Metropolitan Italluny t'oiiipiny Will I5n
lurge IIh llalldliig at I Iftcenlti
nnd llraiid Aiiitie
Since the consolidation of the street rail
way comp-xnles the general olllces, located
nt Fifteenth street nnd Grand avenue, have
been found Inadequate for the transaction
of tho business of tho Metropolitan compa
ny, and It has been decided to add txxo
more stories to the piesent headqiiarteis.
A permit for the xxork xxas granted by tho
superintendent of buildings yesterday. The
cost is estimated at Sll.OjO
ouriM; mi: mot 111:11s.
Will Ho Arranged I nr M lien llrlgadler
Milly Itetiirns I'roni lexii.
As soon ns P.rlgadler Sully returns- from
Waco, Tov., xxheio he now Is, It is piob
nbli that arrangements will be made for a
fresh ulr fund excursion, xxhlch xxlll take
In the mothers of the waifs to whom tickets-
are to be given. The Salvation Army
olllcers have, already found out that the
smallest and puniest children cannot bo
given outlngi unless accompanied by their
mothers, who cannot be peisuaded to let
them go under mi, other circumstances.
Besides, the office is are of tho opinion
that tho motheis need outings (is gieatlv
as the chlldien do Hoxxcvcr. no steps will
be taken until llrlgadler Sully cornea back,
which xxlll be a week hence.
A Laborer llciolues Ifiifonscliiiis V bile lle
turiilug to UN llniiic.
Matt Moore, a eoloied l.iboier emploed
by Contractor John Andiexxs, xxoiked on
an excavation foi a building at Twentieth
stiect and Troost axeiiue yesterda. He
stalled lor bis home at ti o'clock and had
1 cached tho conn 1 of Ttoost and Inde
pendence avenues when bo xxas oxeieonie
j the beaf and tell to the sidewalk In an
unconscious condition. The police ambu
lance n moved him to the Cential police
station, xxheie Police Suigeon Hyde re-vlx-eil
him At ! o'clock he xxas taken to
his homo at Cljij l.sdla avenue.
All Oxerlieiited Oxen s( t Pirn to the Adju-
( ut VVootluork.
Tho largo oxen In tho bakeiy of Xj.
Diooks, at No. lulil Hast MIsoutl 11 venue,
beeumu overheated about .'1 o'clock ses
tet day 11101 nlng nnd set lire to the adjacent
woodwork. Hetoie the Hie dep.utment
nrrlxed tho basement of the building xxas
badly scorched. A quantity of Hour and
Inked confections xxcic destiojed. .Mr.
Diooks estimated his lo-s on the contents
of the building ut 51' The damago done
the building xxlll not exceed (73.
oiiti rm.r.iivvs picnic.
VMl Ho llt-lil at Smltbxlllii tii-iniirriiiv anil
Will He l.llgi'ly Attfllileil.
An invitation has been extended by the
Odd fellows' lodgo at Smllhvllle to mem
ben of tho older to nttend a picnic at that
pUieo to-morioxx-. Nearly l.owo niutnbers of
the older In Kansas City will leave ovet the
Kansas OIt .v.- Atlantic lallioad at 'J o'clock
.1. m. to attend.
Por Wakntutiicus
Use. Hereford's Add I'liiKphatc.
Dr. II. C. Mi Cuv. Algona, la . says "I have
uicd iv In caii'H ot dyspepsia, neivuiH eh.ius
Hon and xtal.cfultn xxllh pleas nit losiilts."
Ilciitbii anil runeraU.
J II. I.afondn, aged 31 jeurs, died xes.
terday at his home, timi Oak street, ot
consumption Hei.was .1 member ''.the
council of the Woodmen of tho vv orld
cniilli No 21. He leaves 11 wife and child.
Tlrorimor.il xxlll take place this aftei
noon ut 2:-l' o'clock fiom the residence,
Tho services will In under the auspices
of Iho lodge. Jtev. .Mines M. Cromer- will
oiilclatc. Huilal will bo In Hlinwood cuii-
"'jutiios U. Prater, aged 71 years, died
yenerd iv niarnlng at .VIasxllle'. .Mo. He
vxiib the father of Chailcs Jl. Prater, of
No. Kuv Hast Tenth stteet. Tho lemalns
will bo brought to this city 011 the U.jn
o'clock train ibis morning. Tho bo ly will
bo removed directly from tho depot to
tho Dak (Jiove- cemetery tor b111i.1l.
Nettle llioxxn, the U-year-old daughter
of Mr. and .Mis, Iliovvn, of No. ).' Helxl
ileto avenue, died yesterday afternoon at
iho f.imllj residence, Tim funeral xxlll
be ut - o'clock this afteinooii fiom tho
i-e1denc, initial will be in Union cem-
C.Mi', Silllo llasley, aged !il yeais, dfed
vestenlay at her home, 1119 Ur,ivc stuet.
TI10 body will bo taken this morning to
Indeiiendem e. Kas , for builul.
The tuiural of Mrs. Dr. J. C. Saalborn,
who died Tuesday at Pittsburg. Kas
took place jestuday at B o'clock p. m.,
fiom the Hplsiopal church, of Wcstpoit,
liurlal xxas in Porcst Hill cemeteiy,
Tho funeral of Canle Crawford, aged
1 jtais, xxho illel Monday at her home,
1117 Itelvldere uxeiiue, tuok place yester
day afternoon at 1:30 o'clock from Wei
den's undci taking establishment. liurlal
was in Union cemetery,
1'a per 011 fractures of tint Skull.
Dr. J. W, Peiklns read a highly Interest,
lug paper 011 "Severe Pructuro of the
Skull" at tho meeting of the Jackson
County Medical Society last night, The
paper xxas illustrated by a number of pha.
togiuphs of Injuries. The subject was ills,
cussed by Dis. It. O. Hanawalt, U. Von
Quasi. T. It. MeCllntock and J. T. Mitchell.
Dr. Perkins Is the surgeon for the Union
Paclllu road und for St. Margurct'u hos
pital, Kunsas City, Kas.
'II10 lleot I'lll I ever used," Is tho frequent
remark ot purchasers of Carter's Little Liver
Pills. WUcu you try them you will sty the
l't:V.I,i; IO s'; illl.AOIts.
Itrrrlpts .Smntl, t llh I'rlrrs In t'roiortlon
Iliinrli of Pure XX bile 1'ittltn nt the
."link iird Itemlnlsieiiio of
nil Old 1 liner.
The hog fnnrliet Just noxv seems to ho
n iii?zler to tin boxs, It conUntiei to
i;o doxvn ench dnj. tiotxvlthstinidlng tho
nrrlvnla nre running les tlmti half nu
I.Hito n nt this tlino Int year. The ro
cclpt.i yeateidny nt the four lending
Western matkets xx'cro SJ.fiOO, ngaltist
f.il.200 for the siilue day III ISif. The
bulk ot sales xx-ns, nt $4.I0JTI"0, itRitlnst
tt.nSTtfi.lo Inst year.
t.lgliter receipts nnd lower prices seem
strange nt n glance, but not so strnngi'
when one studies It nut. Packers Imvo
enough meal on hand to last litem until
the opeiiltiK of the winter senson with
out packing uuothel- hog, the way the
ttiiile Is tukltlg hold Tho biggest colli
ciop lii the history of tin West Is being
Mtlsed anil new coin I1? being conti acted
for lit some counties In Kuiisms us low
ns IS cents. With n good stock of Jotltig
hogs und plenty of corn ut 15 to 20 cents
per bushel, It li not so strange that
pnckori should hold back and let the
murket adjust Itself to the cheap feed
sturfs that will be nt hand Inside of
sixty days.
One of the most unique bnchcs ot
cattle seen heie for ninny a iliO xxas
biouglit In yestciday by O. W, Glenn,
Mc!outh, Kns. It consisted ot nineteen
ptlte white steers. They were without
a speck of nny other color. They 11 v
er.iged 1,"'M pounds nnd sold (it $5.23 per
100 pounds, or $87 hi per head. Mr.
(llenn bought them 011 the arils hen
last year at Jlfi per head, rnn them In
stalk Holds until this spring nnd fed
lOD days. Ho thinks thev did an well ns
sinv cattle he over handled.
Major J. N Hradley, one of Hatei
county's enrly settlets, was 11 visitor nt
the ynrds yesterday. As he sat nt the
window looking out 11 1 the busy world
mound him. ho musingly said that ho
passed thtoiigh the West bottoms going
south In lSiW. It was then nothing but
11 wild hunting ground, and It xvas hard
to renlbe that Htieh changes had taken
plnco Inside of thirty ye.it s.
Tho top cattle at the yards yesterday
xvero brought In bv Chris (,nodsoii, of
Cass county, Mo. They were of his own
uilsltig and feeding nnd mark him as
a skillful cattleman There wore eigh
teen steers, thick, fat und smooth, av
eraging 1,117 pounds. They wwre sold
by Hubert 11. Prlgg. of the Zeb h
Crlder Commission Company, for $5 50
per cw t tho highest price of tho day.
They xx etc taken by the Schwnrzsehllil
,fc Sulzberger Company for the e.xpoit
Theio were some pietty joung things
on the yards duilng the day. Amo
Pleice, of Hellevllle, Kas., xxas there
with twenty-four Polled Angus enlves.
averaging 331 pounds, that attracted
much attention. They vveie hold by
I.add, Downs & Sxviry tit $1.00.
NON-PAllTIs-.VN ItOAltl).
May Ho Appointed to Take Charge of tho
Water Works.
Several of the members of the council
are discussing the advisability of appoint
ing a non-partisan board of live men to
take charge of the water xx-orks plant xxhen
It passes Into the hands of tho city. This
boaul xxould have entire chaice ot the
xxater works depaitment nnd xxould puss
upon all applications for positions In the
department, should the oidlnance now"
pending, ptovlillng for a civil service
clause, ruling the depaitment, he passed.
The department is now under the control
of the board of public xxorks, which Is In
Itself a non-partisan board, and the nexx
project will meet with violent opposition
on the p.ut of many of the members nf
tho council, should It ever take definite
tot in.
J.IKII, .,', ,...!- . w. ..,' J -. ..,
(k U.UICUISC' wjii !, ill-let, 1, lull.
M C. Durfey, of olithe, Kas, xxas sent
to the xxorlthou-e come time ago on ac
count of drunkenness. It has Bind been
shown that Dm fey xxas driven to drink by
misfortune. His wife and two children aie
In destitute clioumstances In Olalhe, so
xtninr n.ivlrt nardont d Dlllfex- and had
1,1. . 1 .ion, l,n,,,M
Prompt relief In sii k hiiiiliirlii. ill.zlncs?,
nausea, louillpitlon. piln In Hie side, guarua
teod to those using Caller's Lttlla I.lvot: Pills.
Ilielr Nallies Alike.
It Is not often that two men ot exactly
the nine name, of nearly the same age and
living in the same town each apply for a
llcens-e to marry, et sm h Is the experience
the joung man xxho piesldcs over tho tnar
il.lge license department 1 elates. August li
lleiij.iinlu liair. oi 111m penuence. applied
for the neepss.ii y document authorli'.lng him
to iniiry. He gaxe his age as 35. Yester
day another Itenjiiniu flarr, 3S years old,
and h.illlng fiom Independence, made appll
cation for a license, lioth were gi anted
and it xxas discovered that neither appli
cant had any knoxx ledge of the existence of
the other.
Mnrrl ige Idieiises Ikhiu-iI.
The following couples were jeslerday II
censed to xx ed:
Name. Age.
TieiiJ.unlti Cair, Indupendence, Mo 31
I5iuui.i Jamison, Kansas City. .Mo 3J
Charles Hoover. Holmes' P.uk. .Mo 23
Huby Howers, lloliaes' P.uk, .Mo IS
James C. Wheeler, Kansas City, Mo ..,..'.
Hlancho 15. Chambers, Kansas City, Mo ,,21
Alford II. Adams, Kauxas City, Ma 31
Mary Moote, K.ius.u City, .Mo :7
Hlrtbx Iteporte.t.
The following births were reported to
the bo.nd of health e-steriliy:
Siudds, lieoigo W. and Lilly; gill; 310
llellefontalno; August 7.
.alincr, Andrew and Dora; girl; 2317
Washington, August 3.
Suiueiwell, 15. and Anni; girl; 325fi
Holmes street, August 7,
Smith, Wiley and ltose; gltl; 213 Cheny
street; August 3.
I.e-vatlno. li. and '..; gltl; 213 Cherry
stieit; Augiisi 3,
Yates, W. W, and M,j loyj Nineteenth
and Mouioe; August G
Donovan, James and ltoe; boy; 2331
llellefontalno uveiuie; August G.
Jones. Ileniy and M.tiy; boy; Jt Hast
Sixteenth t-tri-c-t; August 7.
Hiilldliig PcrinltH IsMied.
Tho follow Iiib bullddu iicrmlts were
issued vc-steixiay;
Thomas Wilson; brick otllce building;
lStW lira ml uxeiiue; Jll.liu).
S. It. Hough; fiumu residence; 1213 Col
lege avenue; $i,0f).
Miscellaneous penults .aggregating $710
xxeru ulso issued
lilt und llrul.il Ills Arm,
I5luier Norder, the 10-yenr-old son of
John Noider, of No. 1712 Wabash avenue,
fell from the roof of a barn at No. llmi
Wabash avenue jeslerday dfternoon and
fractured his right fore-arm. He was taken
to thu Central police station, where Police
Suigeon Hde attended (o his Injuiy,
A Iteetituriint llurgl irlzrd.
Tho Mocha lestaurunt at ll.i3 Grand av
enue xx us lobbed of six boxes of cigars
soinctlmo Wednesday night. YebteriUy
tho proprietor visited police headquaiteis
and reported the buiglary. He suspects u
recently discharged cook.
Many person keep Carter's Little l.lver
PilUou hand to prevent bilious attacks. Mck
ht-idice. dullness, aud Sod ibttu juit wiM
Dxty a(d.
t Ity Hull .Niitci.
The park boird and the paik, boulevard
and public grounds committees of the up
per and lower houses xxlll meet this after
noon to talk over the pitk land condemna
tion ordinances now ponding In the coun
cil. Mavor Davis has called a council meeting
for to-night, ltesldes the nominations that
ho xxlll send to the Upper house, there will
bo several pirk ordinances to be consld
eieil. nnd nossiblv the Kansas City tlas
1 l..l. ...) 1 .rr.. Cinidtni'1. ., ,,,llnn I Inn fm
,...-....... -v.
Mayor I'.ixts reeeixeu a leiter mini ine
miiiagimint of the Cotton States exposi
tion at Atl Hita yesterday, asking If Kan-as
City xxishes one day of the exposition to
be set np irt as "Kansas City Day." Mayor
Davis siJnt the eommunli ation to the Com
mercial l lull, 10 lie acien upim ny wie ii.-in-bers
of that organization. Veteian Compi
nv A, of the Third leglircnt. which xv 111
niake a tt lp thiough the South this tall,
lias alreadv asked the in.iu.igenwiit of the
exposition to save September 21 as Kansas
City day.
si.rli W.K Hie I'rstlvnt of Vtu'lc and I Ire-
xiorks at XV iiililngliin Park l.at
Mglili and Hiere Are Xlnre.
The llieworks nnd iniislc it Washington
park last night xxn- an iipiir.piiate ccle
btattnn of the gentle xxeatb,i While the
alTiilr xx is iiot (cncclxeil n a festival to
the present smile of nature, the tell or
n dozen thousand people who murdl out
from the city seemed to so like It,
Kansas r'llj has some or tin moxt charm
ing Weather In the world, and It Is well
north the altar llres of pviolerhiilrnt up
roar an 1 lustir. The nttrii-l nice last night
xx is nothing short of multitude proor
llnns mil the thronging proi esslnn. In the
urien tinted lights of the electric lamps,
was a spectacle In Itself.
Tin Dunham r.tmlly will continue to
show twice dally nt Wnshliiittoii park
throughout the week and on Sunday next.
These people, the more tlux ale seen the
more is their title of the "supicmc mnsteis
of the all," verified.
The theatergoer xv III remember the ex
tremely graceful horizontal bar performer
xxho 1 audit so many pliudlts In San
dow's show, Inst season. That horizontal
bar tnmi xxas Hen Dunham, xxho is noxv at
Washington park.
TIH's murium Me shoxv closes the engage
ment at Ttoost park on Saturday evening
nnd will be replaced 011 Sunday by Mnsud
nliil t n t"l 1 t l inlitlixlftln it 1 I nil ily nuaUIn,!
bx .Mile. Alberta the "queen of the xxlie"
M, and Mine Till are xetx famous people
In Hie shoxv business. Tin lr marionette
show lias iimuse-1 young rhlldrin and old
children all oxer America for many years,
and Is a thing cxcijotio should sec, any
xx ax.
on Sunday there Is n special band con
cert programme at Troost pirk, beginning
at .1 o'clock. Professor I.-nge hns com
posed a mulch, th" "Consolidated," xxhlch
lie has dedicated to .Mr, Walton Holmes.
It heads the programme for Htindn and
lhoe xxho go xxlll hear the Hrst public ten
dering of xx hat may become a famous
musknl composition.
'I be Hot Weather Sends 'I lions mils to Pair-
iiinuut '1 be riiin Hntblng and Mrs.
Mel i-rtii's dainty suppers,
The bathing at the r.ilrmoiint pirk beach
never xxas lltn-r than now, and these pleas
ant moonlight evenings hundreds ore inking
advantage ot It. In the afternoons the
beach Is very opular for women and chll
dien. A favorlto method of recreation this hot
xxeather Is to go out to the paik early, take
a swim and get thoroughly cooled off; then
tackle 0110 of Mrs. McLean's dainty and
delicious chicken suppers at the
cafe, the llnest ever taslid, and
nfteiixaids either iittind the splen
did vaudeville perfoiinunce in the au
ditorium, or tdt leisurely on the verinda of
the cafe, overlooking the like and .1 line
stretch of woodland, nnd let the breezes
of the evening, xxhlch llnd full play upon
the hlllslilc, cool you Into restful enjoy
ment. ThlM Is the true paik Idee and every
day more and more ot the solid business
men and their families can lie seen snd
Ing an evening In this way at Kalrmount.
The Air line train service is so line this
year that theie Is little ciowding, every
body has a e.it, and everybody gets buck
Into the city without waiting all night,
even xxhen there Is a big cioxxd. as was the
case last night, xxhen over a thousand xvere
In the theater In the exenlng and another
thousand, at least, scattered about the
To-morrow night theio will be a repeti
tion of the successful Illuminations of
Thursday exenlng, only 011 a more 1 lab
orate scale. Hxtia bathing suits xlll be
provided at the beach and Mis McLean
xxlll have extra service at the cifi.
It Is as a place for solid ri-reatlon and
testful enjoyment that Pnlrmount Is tak
ing Its place as the real Kansas City sum
mer resort.
Nor lou.Mi,
Olllcers and ratrnt AVagoii Called Out by a
Prai ttc.it -Inker.
A practical Joker sent Inspector ot De
tectives Murphy and two olllcers and the
patiol xx agon on a long "wild goose" chase
5e.ster1l.1y forenoon. About II o'clock some
one telephoned to police headquarli rs that
a housebieaker hid been i night In the
act ot robbing a house near Tixenty-Hrst
street and Prospect avenue. The Joker
asked the police to huriy to the siene, as
the captured burglai was making a He-ice
light to escape fiom his captois The pa
trol xxagon was sent and Inspector of
Detectlvis Murphy xxent xxlth it as there
xxas a scarcity of olllcers at police head
qu irters.
When the pitrol wagon reiched Twenty
first street and Pruspei t nveniK no ti ice
ot the alleged lobbtr 1 oiild be found. The
police (lie noxx tijing to locate the man
xxho telephoned the false Information.
Ki:CI5l'TION-'10 Miss AMi:itl('.V.V.
Will lie Oil en hy tin! National Council of
Jewish W 11111111.
There was a meeting of the National
Council of Jexxlsh Women estenlay morn
ing nt tho Temple to arrange a rccipthm
for the national seintary, Ml.s-i Sidle
American, of Chic igo, who Is now making
a tour In the West. At present Miss Am, t
lcau Is In Colorado, and although the lo.al
council Is not certain of the time of In r
arrlx.il In this city, p will be at some n ir
date. When she xlsiN this city membt rs
of the council exp.it to arrange foi a 1 , t
1110 to bo, given by her at the Temple.
bl'liUIAI, At'til'sl r.M.'UltslONS
Via Allssonrl I'.h llin Itailwat.
August 11 and 12, Denver and return,
available for iciiiru until September 1, J17.
August 1 to 21, Inclusive, Hoston and re
lurn, available tor return until October 6,
Ofllce.s- 10IS Union ax-cntie and SOrt Main
street. Telephone 51 15. S J15WI5TT,
P. and T. A.
Will Ho (Slxen In 'I uriier Hull nn tho even
ing or August in.
The Chicago Club has made arrange
ments for glxlng a bloomer ball .it Turner
hall, thu exenlng of August 15, Many
tickets have been sold and the nexx foim
of entertainment is attracting some at
tention. Mrs. W'liislmr'-i Sooilll.sn Svitlll" for chll
ilmn teething softens the gums icdiuoslnltim
niatiou, allays pain, cures wind colic -3c a bottle
Ills Hiug and Vmney stufi-n,
r,. ... ci...- 1. .. i.n .ut.. 1 ,-.u,.--.
vieili rm,K in 11 mill i'i,HIII t llie-ril'anizcil
Chtnumaiv xxho eondu, is o small laundry
near tho Junitlon of Fifth and Holmes
streets, During his residence in Kansas
City he hns been frugal and saved some of
this woild's goods. Among his, belongings
ho was pioud to point out a diamond ring
that cost him '". and a 10II of greenbacks
containing $13. Vestenlay Quan missed his
ilug and money and went before Assistant
Prosecuting Attorney i.nthey and nsked
lor the arrest of Peter Handazzo, licensing
htm of tho theft of tho missing articles.
Justice- Kiueger Issued the xxair.uit for
,ttltll..l6u .,(,,4 Iti; nua IWIL'OII'II llllll
brought before him To thu information
hu pleaded not guilty and xxas placed un
der t'M bond to appear for trial. The day
tor the healing has not been set.
Are unlike all other pills. No purging or
pain. Act specially ninlie liver aim tille. Car
ter's Little I.hi'i Pills. One pill a dos.
James Oleason was lined t30 In tho police
court yesterday for flourishing a idsiol
Wc-ilnesilay night at No, 211 Wet Third
btu-e-t. He went to the city xxoikhouse.
Patrolman J. T. Uox has been confined
to his home tor the past few dajs on ac
count or a. sprained unkle. His Injuiy xxas
received by Jumping truin 11 cablu car u
fiont or No, 1 police station, on Urand
When Ti. Allsky went to open his sec
ondhand) store, at No. 3uJ Main street, yes
teiday muming, he touud that thieves had
been there during the night. Tho vxlmloxv
had been pried open and a gold watch and
tj taken from tho front showcase.
While cleaning hiinp chimneys yesterday
afternoon Theodore Statzcr, an emploju
of the Helping Hand Institute, cut a long
gash in the palm of his right band. lie
xxent to the Central police station, where
Police Surgeon Hyde sexxed up tho vxound.
Mrs, Mary Goldberg, of Second and
Holmes stieett, Wednesday refused to
support Fiank Dolby, a boarder, any long
er without pay. She told him or her de
termination and he straightway whipped
her. In tho police court jesterday he was
lined i for the assault.
Klla. Taylor was ai rested yesterdny on
a warrant from Justice Case's court,
charging 'her xvlth assaulting Laura Stone.
The hearing wus set for August 20. She
was discharged In Justice Krueger's court
jtsceruay tor me b.u:w onense, Because I
me jirooecuwng a,ttsn'Musea 10 ap- 1
p.sar Mgajuat iivr,
". I
Srrri turj of Mate t.rmiriir I lies iilt In tte-
train the Onlrers nt tin- IIik k
Her Hank,
A suit xx-ns filed in the i Ircult court yes
terday In which Alexander A t,euciir,
sevretnry of state, seeks to have the olll
eri of the Hank of Km liner restrained
fiom further doing business as a bank,
nnd also hinting at the appointment of
n receiver. The ietllkm nlleges that the
business (lf the bank U conducted that
the Interests of the depositors nre In
Ati enactment of the list legist t tare
gvxe authority to the secrdnry of state to
thoroughly lns)s t and examine each bank
In Missouri onjc n .xeni. The tlrst ot the
present month, under authority ot this
law', Secretary l.isuciir sent tlordoli Jones
to Inspect Hie 11 ink of Hacklier, whose
arfaliM were reportod to be In ImhI condi
tion. Mr Jones was 11 fused admittance
to the iMHk, but was llnallv enabled to
make, the rxamtniitlnn by menus of an
order fiom Judge Sloxer, of the ilrciilt
point, directing Daxld W tilling, cashier
of the bank, to surrender Its records for
The suit veslotdiy Is the result nf this
examination nnd was tiled by Attorney
tlencral It K Walker In behalf of tho
secretin nf state. It Is brought III man
iliimus In the inline of the state and Is
directed against the olllclals of the Hank
of lliiektnr and asks that thev be pro
hllilted from paving out ntiv money on
deposit or illsposlng of any or the prop
erty of the bank ot tianniiilng any lnisl
Hess whitexer until the court can Inxesll
gite the (barges und appoint a receiver
for the bank.
ltesldes the allegation that the bust
ness Is being conducted In an unsafe and
annnthoilzeil manner, the petition ch.ugcs
fraud on the public because of the elec
tion of txxo directors xxho are not stock
holders of the bilik. The books of the
bulk show that S. W VIVlin and (leotge
11. 15111m: ench owned two shines of stock
In the bank and that they were bv ti.json
of this showing of holdings of stock,
eleetnl dltectors. The examination te
xeabd the fact Hut Vlvlnii and tlenrge
tilling owned no stock In the bank, h.ix
lug transferred their slmrcs to cashier
David W lilllng, xxho In tin 11 pledged
them, together xxith othor securities, to
another bank to secure a note for tl.ui".
This transaction Is 11 seilous Impairment
of the condition of the bank Other trans
actions, such as the listing of lmpioper
Hems In th- resources of the bank, xxere
discovered Pv Mr Jones, It Is alleged
A temporal v restraining order until such
a time as the case can be heard on Its
merits xxlll be osked for to-day.
Pro rnriuii lli-i rre Wanted.
The new Kansis City School ot I.axi filed
an application for a pro forma deciee ot
Incorporation with the circuit clerk vcstei
dny. The school xxlll open September Pi.
Under the consolidation l.itelv effected with
nn older law school 15. N. Powell -mil 15 D
lilllsou will be secretary nnd ticisunr. ie
spectlxely, and William P norland will
continue as denn of the school. The uexv
lectiiivis seemed by the lonsolldntlnn nte
riank Dexter, .1 S. llotsfonl. It 15 Hill.
J II. Harkless, Judge it H Pleld, IS. .1.
Ingr.ihnm and T It. Monoxx- Twentx-tlxe
noxv students have made application for
admittance to tho school.
Illllse Iti-lensed oil Hall.
.1. M. Ilulse, awaiting a hearing before
the grand Jury for obtaining money under
false ptetenses, from W. S Warden, of
lluckne-r. Mo. jeslerday appeared before
Judge Woffoul, of the criminal court, nnd
filed $l.l- ball for his appearance He xxas
nt iino 11 leased from custodj The bond
was signed by J M. Hulse. 1. It. Klmbrell,
Norman Thornton and S It Wlnr.im.
HuNe was bound oxer to the grand Jut
by Justice Walls txxo weeks ago.
Huston Hulldlllg '1 rnnsferri-il.
A trustee's deed tiain-fenlng the Hoston
building and lot ut the cornet of Highlit
and Wjnndotte stieels was tiled 111 the
county teeorder's otllce jestenlay. The
Hoston Itent Ti list Compani iiur-nased Hie
piopetty foi $ijiJ,W0 under a foreclosure
c soils riled,
2l.7i.'. St.ite ex ie Alex inder I.esueiir vs.
Hank of Huekner: mandamus.
2I.VJ.1. Maij 15. Harry vs. John Harry; di
vorce. 21711. Walter S. Dickey vs. fid Wlckhani;
damages and aciouut.
2171',. State of Missouri ev rel Kate Heed
et al vs. W. Kelly, Justice of the pe.iie of
Hlue township.
Court Notes,
The county couit yesterd.ij ordered Jl ick
Nelson- ind lid Mason sent 10 the county
poor farm.
Attornej It. J. Ingraham was sitting a
special Judge In division No 3 of th- ill
cult mint yesteiday. In the alisen.e of
Judge Dobson. HcvirnI gi.iding iietltlous
xxere up for consideration.
A petition was filed with the county court
etcrday to grade Txxent -seventh sttei t.
from the ltnytown road to the old Wen
pott and Iiuiependenc" roid The murt
xxlll take action on the matter next week
The county court jesterdnj awarded th-
following contt in ts. (ti.idlng Kno he io.i-l.
one and one-half miles, to T. 1' Itx in
grading Ciovsilale load, one and uni hall
miles, to Colxei Jtros , giadlng Woudl.inl
avenue, l.Oyx) feet, to J. V SkiniK r.
Ilon't wait until jmi urn sli k before trying
Carter's I.lttle I.lxcr Pills tint get a xiil at
cinir. You 1 an t take lliem nithout tcuellt-
'ION, -VIAss,
ll.iv Hate Via It. .t O.
The Haltlmore .c Ohio Hailioad Companx
will sill round trip tickets to Hoston fnnn
all points on its lines xvisi of the Ohio
iixer, August 19 to 2"i. Inclusive, valid f"i
lftuin passage until September .'.a Ti ki ts
via It te O , either going 01 reluming, will
ulo be sold (it all piliulp.ll ollli es ot 1 mi
ni cling lines, with pilxllegii of stopping oft
at Washington and other points on th.
line. The rate fiom Chicago xxlll be Si:
and coiiespundlngly loxx rates fiom otln r
stations The it Ac o. maintains a double
dally servlie of fast i-xpuss trains with
thiough Pullman sleeping cars attached
b, twein Chliago and the Hast All 11 ,V
o trains run via Washington Write I,
S Allen, Assistant Oeneral Passi-ngi 1
Agmt II & O., Chicago, III, foi lull in
fo! million.
'I he Trip f our I Iff,
Hoston and letiiru via tin- Chi-ago s.
Alton 1 all road and connections A rail md
uatel tllp combllltsl Tli kels on s.lh
August l'l to 21 Inclusive, good to return
until October 0. Call at the Junction lb le
ft ottlce, or 10.1S Union avenue, and get
liartlcular.s, or xxrite to A. llll.TON,
Hrner.11 Agent P.utoenger De-part
Kansas 1 uy, .mo.
liiti-rstiitc I'liuli,
The Am lent Order of Uoresters xxlll glxo
nn llite-rstate pli lllo at Koiiuan'e. groxe in
l,eavenwoi-lh, on August 13. M.mv of tin
memliersr of tho onler In ICaiii-as CH vxill
attend. Among the onitois of the day xxlll
be J. K. Cubblson, D. A. Hook, of I.eaviu
xxorth; ex-Senator J. J. Ing.ills Smilor
laiclen Haker and TJiomus P. I'enlon.
T. P. Smith, Washington, D. C, Is at tho
D, W. Trotter, Chicago, is at the Coatcs
II. n. Hiown, Philadelphia, Is at the
J, P, Irxxlii, Waukesha, Wla., Is at tho
J. W. Gilbert, Dodge City, Is at the
W. P. Metcair, Albuquerque, is nt the
J. 15. Hull, New Orleans, Is at tho Coates.
P. Hoppe, St. Paul, is at the Coates.
Fred Sellck, Detiolt, Is nt thu Coates.
N, P. Heed, Pittsburg, is at the Co.ites.
N, II. Hatch, Carthage, .Mo., is at thu
New Albany.
V. I.. Alexander, Wichita, Kus,, Is at tho
New A than).
A. M. Hutchinson, Council Hluffs, la., U
at tho Neiv Alb.ui.
15. Wilsht, Wurreushurg, Mo, Is at tho
New Albany,
J. rreman, St. I,ouls, Mo,, is nt tho
New Albany.
Joseph lirandner, of New Orleans, is a
guest ot Judge lirandner, No. 7J1 Tracy
Mrs. J. C. Itoot, wire of Sox-erclgn Com
mander Hoot, of the Woodmen of the
Wot Id, Is stopping at the Coates House.
1-id aolduere, Wichita, Kus., is at the
Oeorge M, Sutton, Independence, is at tho
P. J. Staltord, Louisville, Ky is ut tho
John 8. Kettcr, Indianapolis, Ind., is at
the Victoria.
Mrs. A Lester, Denver, is, at tho VIc
toila. N. B. Nicholson, Council Grove, Kas., is
at the Victoria.
S. It. Peters, Newton, Kas., is at tho
Assistant I'ostmaster Chat les N. Seidlltz
will leave me cuy 10-uay tor a leu days 1
will leave uie ciiy 10-uay lor a ten clays-
unnaHnn 1 I li III irn tit i Il 1 1 11 tm tlpul n r 1 1
vacacion. lie wm uo icj wuiuiigQ nrst, anu I
SU$1 V hV .11 W.VU,M, , ft
Tliorroposilion Tliui l.s 01
i't'ivd in
Rain Water flakcr
Thoso ol Ecoiioinicttl Moans Do-
lighted Tho Grocory Tmdo Is
Crowded With Buyers Who
Desire tho Now Slxo.
'I be Whole Ciiiiulry Him lug-lb nit What
IIhj s,j.
That Haiti Water Maker Is being snapped
up with dlitirltv Is nothing to go bx . the
sales alone on the nexx sire is renllv. phe
nomenal I5vei-j thing In the xxny of or
dinary i (impounds are relegated to the
li.u kgroiind In raxiir of Itulu Water Mak
er. 10 lent size. This wonderful compound
Is designed for wash Inns of (III kinds, It
Is absolutely ti necessity xxheie the xxater
ts hud or lund. It xxlll also bold col
ored or printed goods fiom 1 mining or
fading. It will nlro prevent bluing from
.... . 111., . (,, ,, i.l.,... 1., (itnl lit. rt lu Mil
did to Its capabilities. It can be used 111
unv way that may suit.
Itulu Water M tl.er Is a labor saxrr i
ciell ns it redneee nt iteiiM, -i. fur doe-, tt
not sixe xour scKip.' Try It and be ion
xiiicrd. All gi-oceis Keep this piienome-nai
itf.Ati iiioi:
loxi.sr t list ixioM.vi.s.
I'nr Itnbb ' Cliitbi .
Mrs, Annie Ogelxlc, 10 Washington
stici-t, obtained a sample pickage of
ICIrk's Ituln Water M lker and liked it
so well that she has since bought a pack
age, and sas she xxlll nexer be without
It 111 the house again. Said .Mrs. Ogelxle
"15xeiy mother knows xxli.it a tilnl it is
to get the bib' clothes petfectl clean
1 think that nny preparation that lightens
the labor of the nlmo-t dallx xxasli of a
bain's clothes Is a Messing, j used Klik'
Ituln W.itei Maker In the xx iter In xx Illi h
mx bib's (Inthiug xxas vxashisl nn 1 It
wms a gnat help. I think it xxould be no
ex.iggei.itton for me In say thai the piep
nratlon put In the bard bjdrant xxat-r
softens It so that It lightens the w irk
lines Nut Injun the H.llliU.
Mrs. T. M Johnson, of Id) Forest ave
nue, mijs the xxater she u-a-s Is of the
h ml est kind, and of late she his ndiipKd
the ptuetlic of usim; Kitk's llaln Water
Maker for all kinds of cleaning purposes
"1 tlnd." she slid "that It makes tho
water as soft as the natural rain vvati r.
After usim- It mx hands are soft und
white ntlu i inspirations used for soften
ing watir injiiii- the hands,"
Well Phased.
Mrs. Landman. Kill Tmnst avenue, snys
shw has used Kirk's Italn Walei Maker
and finds It thoioughlx satlsfa, tors in
every way; especlall for xx ashing llnn
in Is and xxoolcus, as It pn-xems fhrlnk
igo. A Hull tier's stjit, inent.
Cleoige Woessuer, the well knoxvn batch
ei at IM7 ll.iivai-il axenue. u-es Kirk's
ttnlu Water Maki r in stubbing his meat
market He takes gieil prl b- In having
his shop i li-an and bright and says he
has never before found an) thing so good
tor i leaning his counters, tildes meat
blinks ami other parts of his shop "
iin dutiful), recommend Kirk's Il.iln
Water Maker" he said "an-l I feel sure
that II xxlll please- an.x xxho xxlll use It."
Photographed 1 rom Lite.
&& fl-w '''toros Vitality.
1st day
' r?t)
20th day.
nn. powi.hi ri
i ni.Ntn hi vii:iy.
"Dr. DeLap's New Life
Produces the above result In 20 DAYS
-NO LUNliHIl' It nets powerfully
and qui kl Ciued olio rs will inrc
sou Young men xxlll regim Iluir lost
inanhoud .in-1 old men xxlll u-eove-r
th-lr nuthful vigor It quli kl and
posltivi-1) eun s NUltVdL hN'I.SS
i allied trom exuss, us, uf tob it co
or oth, r stimulants Histons l.nST
I5ASI5S and A I.l. etfei ts uf sill abuse
or exitss and indlscietloti, wlildi un
llts one for marriage, business or
stud, It not null cures bx striking
at the (-eat of the (lis, use, tint II ts a
Kre.it NI5HV15 TUNIC and HMXiD
PFHIFll.lt It brings b.u k the PI NIC
(II.UW I'O PVI.15 CHI5PK.S und re
stoies the Fllti: (IF YiH'TIf Insis
on our drimglsi gKinu uu "DI5
LAP S' no otln r Us (ipi.il as H is
pri pared from the prescription of lilt
D15 LAP, the great Pn m h phsi
clan who has had ilnri i,ir
pra ti-e ho.spn il and ollh ,- In Paris,
on Ni ix oils Dlsiases Can tic cirned
in x st pn. ket Si-nt b mail (s al.-l
iiostin,- aid. Jl imi pn, l,ah. -, SIX
Pvi K ViJIlS Pillt J w W ITH
W'HUTLN Ol All VNI'I'i: 'In I'dSI
For sale by
JOHNSON BROS,, Druggists, N
1 1117 Slain .Street, - Han-i I llj, M.
U,000 Mile
; Excursion
Tilly QUO II
a Nino Southern States,
VlbllhiK 21 I'riiiitinuiit Cities
of the "Sunny doiilh,"
Veteran Company A, Thu I itesl
nient, N i it , xxlll ieaxi Kansas
City Scidiipbei S, lemming Oetobir
pi, xUnim, the NATIuNAl. O V It
blTloN AT ATLANTA and 1. other
iirnmineni dues
15x-l'icsiil-nt ItenJ Harrison. Speak
er uf tin lloute- of Iteprchc-ntaiixis
Chas F Cilsji and othcis of national
liiituitiuii will la gin sis or Co. A on
till- u tp
v in il iiiimlir of guets will be
iu- p i fm thi Hip. to whom very
low la s will be mad'. For partleu.
lais, uiu ci , apply to
Capt. Henry J. Taylor,
Itluil (iriiiul Acuue,
'" P. J. Tapp,
Aks'l. Cm. l'i- Vg't, nr the Air I Ine
II. It,, I vib.ingu llldg.
II2 it la & noii.tv,!sen,it
reuit-ly lor iluuorrhua,
(list, Bpurmulurdiii a,
VXldttN. unuuturi.1 ,1,-.
iji4riiit, ur any iutlaiuiua-ll'-u.
irritutiuu ur ulnra-
lluu Ijf 111 11 1; n 11 ni.m.
IrHlEviljCHtU'CuCfi. tuc. Nou-attrininrut.
aoiu bj uruEutCa.
Bor neat iu -lain Hrarpcr.
II.0U. ur 3 bottlo. I.-.75.
CUculir icat o munfc
- i is
Pills." !
MWf (lO(0Ut:i
1WI ooi w tuic.iac.
v. a. i. .m
si MV Mlilll, 11. Hill,
And lll Xlirrv t nuieilr (11. In
c 1 ol 1 rr t , a. 1 nr i ti like at
Fairmount Park
1 it on of Mr M t,n s Ctlli'UHM'
Kl'PPl IW ut th C ill,.
IV Till' A' DITiittM-M
15vi n iiit,lit at s ;-j ii i iii I, im sion only
2,1' ills
Huppi r iniirs af 100, t .-,, .), OK, G.nfl
nn 1 c :.,
Thr il- r ii ilns nt 7 ! "-, T ".".. T V. S (V", S Vi
and 5 im Fiirm.Hilit pitk on the Air line.
Fancy Horse Show
Sept. ,?, .(, 5 tiitil 6.
The Sociciy Event ot the Season.
53,300 IN PRIZES.
I'nr Cilllllut;ue nililre.sl
I'tt.VM. It. W It.I'd.X,
71b sail XV Kiiilnt te- s(,
Hxeiy nftirnoon nnd exenlm? this xxcek.
Manrlous rents on hnrlroniiil bars.
1 nilrdx new- an 1 noxil
1 In in. r it ix-etj fexv minutes.
Michanlial, Ventilloipilal Noxeltles.
Performanees afti moon and I'veiilnir.
Next attiaition Mnsud nnd Mjirlia.
Assisted by Mile Alhcita, itncn or tne wire,
-viiimiiance j rep.
Krlilay. Sattmltiy ami tJuiulay.
Utiinn CiiIIimI nt t n'c Im k
Admission DO Cuntu Lndlos Froo
If you havo never tried
Porzo-d's you do not lnox' xchat (in Ideal
coniplc-xlnu powder ii Sold ox'orj-xvhi-ro
Fao Simile of the Genuine.
The Purest r.ncl the Best.
Oldest and Original.
in West Ninth St.Knusfis City.ria
I.e null!: .in-i Stnressfui bpecltlli; In lllooi
Ni rxoiuaud L rm irv lilir-iiM
MUX His ill nil. 1 11, xxith Hi man;
glooinx bXinplniiK i-ured.
1.(1-. I Xl'l vi. Ill iirm.inently rcitorni.
si I'liii.ls cturii for liiu XMilmtit mercury.
I Itl.s.XKV HIsi.Asi., cured (pilqUly aid
Will -N ll I. orill.lts p. ii. consult Pr. II
J liltiift and ruelxn ths c.iudld opinion ot
physl, i in ot ein nmi e slilll nnd Inteitrlly. N
piumlai 4 ln.ii!') th.il i auiioi lui fullllleil.
xillliKIM's (utniHUe-d at sin ill I'lni, an
jciit auyxxhcin tcalci. Tioaimout M.X'1.1
M..NT I', O. II.
I'ltlll. couiultatlon and urluiry anMrl
nninii nlih and emergencies, seals-1
JlXJl'4 or ii K-ut-i mampi. lllanki Pr
Call or address in couttdencr
in W'tl Mutli st
li.V.Ns VS CUV, MO
(lvrrloiil.ini; lintrjl Pull, Tilth Avrnu.
.lHtn nun aiiin .siriii., .m:xx iiiiik.
AVlrllll AN
l I Kiii'rvs
Tents, Awnings, Flags & Coven
?0O Et-eond-hur.il tents for sale cheap; at
sizes, utmost new; also large round tenti
ID (eet, SO feet, CO (eet, 70 feet and 100 tee
diameter; oblonu tents, SOxlO. 30x50, 33x51
40xC0. C0x30, 70ilW and lOOxUd (eet. Writ
(or prices.
CI HA If IV II JO Wi'tTlilnlSt.,
, il, l)iViVuU l.uu.,4, city, Mo
TIIH Oil, 111.11' I.PHHH 1TI b aiosrt
hill. I. MAMJl'ACllillUll HY
llut to buy It-auJ you tlllgt It lultj
erlglual luckages-fo to
' i y& Jttr!' w A-.
rt 1
ms-j P

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