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OUR BUTTER Is nelllni; rlpldlv nnd
y ri An 1 more e ul impr nre leirnlns
Ji v tint bujln? bwtT here m-nri5 a siv
I' of 10 to li'a nil's a pound without a
P" le of los lii it!li. Hon Note the
' rf fn . in prl c nu.itml and nk voiirsflf
tii i'iirr a trim wouldn't be a irooil thins
Itisr. a 1 of hit t In to pay S5c pound for the
l t butter, jou hav to pay only IV horn
a l jnu mn pet pleiidld coimtrv butter for
1 .' p' f pound; pood nt liV; plenty of it
I li from th country every day,
We lnndle Armour's biitterltie; almost as
K 1 ns creamery, 1V llii resular prh , l"ie
Ixin't overlook prices ou lloutj the) nre
nlnaj-fl rljfht.
Uoc of Kansas, Jt.iO per cut,
Imperinl, one of tho beat Hours initio,
I.' S cm t.
Our Jewel br.mil Is hard to lwot it $2 t"
pr cut.! Golden. Wedding", J2.SS; linkers'
Choi, e, JITS.
2"i lb sack crnhnm Hour, 6Sc,
2" lb ixiek r) e, ffic.
txm't ynn know thit llnoch .Morgan's
Hiipf'lo Is belnB sold everywhere nt 10c pr
cil ' Tor ono dny only (to-sluy) we will
nell It nt "c
Ited salmon. 7e ran,
Ont flake. lo bs "So,
t pkR3 It. it. V oats. Sic.
2 pkes pricked uhent, IGc.
2 pkgs Si oteh ont, l!c.
A re siilar 20 eent cream eheee for Ifts tb.
T.irge wooden bo of fresh macaroni for
mpen.ll (north ID for Mta lb.
tlunpow Icr tea (north l) for COo lb.
Younjr Hyson te-i (worth S.D for DOo lb,
Oolonir lea (north Jl) for "As lb.
Tlaskct flresl Japan (north 1 for W5 lb.
rormosa Oolonc (north $1) for 5flo lb.
Csc Chase & Hanlioni'fl World" fair cot
fees: they ore the best nnd tho cheapest.
Java nnd idochn, We lb.
l'ancy potntoeo, I5c lm!iel.
Pickled beets, blood red, put up In " lb
tins, something new, 10o can or 3 for 23c.
Hood broom for 10c,
Hotter ono for 15c.
Panev one for 2ft .
7V pine wnshtub far tie,
2 lb cm roict beef, 2ij.
Mixed, pi tin nnd -how plekle. put up In
p.illon liottIe, Mo Ballon.
Ooilon fc Hill mled and plain pickles,
3i Rllsh t le. 2 bottles for 15c.
uut of town order picked and shipped
to depot free of ch.irce.
Aq price chnnse duly please clip this ad
nnd bind with order.
popul.au i.ow pttiri: rmornn,
M7-.V.D MAIN STUllirr.
Telephone 2030. 16 Kail Oth Si.
C( nibuj, KaS., Aufr. 1 1 (Special.) Tro
fessc J. It. Cook, an old settler, commit
ted su clde this moinlnfr at his home, near
this city by drowning In .1 pool of water
about two feet deep and slv feet wide.
He has made himself quite conspicuous
on account of Ills religious and educational
views. He was a spliltunllst anil free
loier and belloitd tho world owed him a
llilnff without work.
Denver, Col , Aup. 11. Edward J. John
fion, a railway postal cleik, 2'J vrir.s od.
innnlnfT between Denver nnd Glcnwood
hpilngs. Col., committed suicide to-day by
Hiwillowlnir c irbollc iield He has been in
tho i mploy of tho postolllce department
lor eleven vears. Itecently he lias been
huspected of IrrcBiilarltles and olllcers had
bun watehlmc him beveril daja It Is
tiiipposi'd he became awaro of tills fact
and killed himself on account of It.
Charleston. Mo.. Auk 11 Mih. It. T.
Martin, tin- wife of a prominent larmer l'v
liiff near this plaie, committed suicide ies
t.rdu by haiiRlnK herttlf to a rafter In
the .smokehouse. Ilefore she huns heiseIC
hho het (lie to n, lot of rubbish that was In
the smokehouse, and tho llamas burned the
ropo fche was hum; with. Her body fell
Into tho lite and was teirlbly burned.
Several caitrldpes that vieio amons tho
Kibblsh vieie dlsehaised by lire. This
awoke her husband, but too late to t-,uu
In r
Chlcaffo, 111, Auk. II. Pranl: Sweet, a
jinltoi, fatally shot Mt.s Alice llurr to
night, sllnhtly wounded Mra J. It. Nich
ols, and then put a bullet thioush his own
biuln, Bneit nas a biothtr-ln-law of Mrs.
llmr and dehlted In r to come nnd llv
with him. Shu had left her liusb ind on ,i
formei occasion and had announced her
Intention of koIiii? bail: to him. Sneet
tombatted her riolutlon and to-nlKht wmt
to hir houn for tho purpose of Kt-ttlnir her
to leave her hiihband. She refused and he
at oneo nhot her thioiiEh the neck. Mrs.
Nichols was Mruck by a bullet which
Snict intnuled feu tin- husbaml of the
woman he had fatally shot
Chicago, III, Aus. 11, Theo-ophy
claimed tho life of (ieonrc Itoble, whoso
liodj was found In tho Calumet river at
Nlnetv -eighth street csteiduy. Ho thoiicht
of nothing but this doctrine for months
and dually di owned hlmt-Uf to si-e if theie
was anjthliiK bejond. Ho was 21 years of
age and a member of tho Him of Ciowell,
liable S- Co, wool bioUeis, of JJostun,
with an otllen in this city.
Vounir Itoble w.i one of the most en
tliutl istlc theosophlsts in Chicago. It
amounted to a mania with him.
IteRiilirs 4'aiinnt l'.irtlrlpate.
Topek i, Kas , Auir. 11. fHpccl.il Adju
tant fieneral I'ov, of tho Kins-is National
niuid, lecintly iniulo application lo tho
heei.ilais of war for a dcitaehment of regu
lar fcoldleis from Curt Itlley to attend tho
annual en. anipmenl of tho Knn.sa., Na
tional fliiards at Umiiorf'i. To-day ho le
eelved u letter troni AititiK Secretary John
II Doe, at WashliiKton, who declined to
permit Iho regulars to tako part at Hm
porlu. Km ape of a 'I rust).
I.eavennoith. Kas., Am,'. II. (Spe-lal.)
John Ciiiss, a convict In the United Statei.
penitentiary at Port l.e.ivenwoith, niado
a tiiicuehsful ebcipe at 3 o'clock this after
noon. Ho was tunlnif a seiiteni for tak.
ln whisky Into tho Indian Territory Ou
a' count of good behavior lluss was to-day
made a trusty, but took advantage of his
III st day's Indulgence to make a break tor
liberty. Captain Pope, the uelluir vvard'fi,
otters a toward for the fugitive's recajit
me. llireo '1 ramps Killed.
Marshall, Mo Aue. H On Tues
day night, while tho Chicago & Alton east
bound passenger train was junnlng be
tween this place and Slater, tho engine
sMiicl; a cow and thu tow's body was
thrown upon tho cowcatcher, Pour tramps
wuo ildlng theieou and two of them were
killed and a third mortally wounded. The
foui til, u mere bov, held them on until they
reached Slater, They aro all tramps and
tot on nine.
fatal Holler -Cxplojlon.
Ardmore, I. T,. Aug, H. (Special.) The
boiler of a pottahlo engine blew up at
the Carroll farm, four miles from Oakland
to-dav, Instantly killing' lluee men and
seriously woundlmt eleven, a number of
whom cannot recover. A. horse uud mule
close by were Instantly killed. It Is sup
posed the steam register fulled to work
properly, as the boiler showed but 1W
pound of steam.
The United States Trust Company, in
Hew York Life building1, issues its cer
tillcutes of deiKislt for money at 3 per Lent
per annum, payable at fixed dates. Capital,
one quarter milllotv dollars. Invested In
United States bond, at par, (or security of
dtj&ittflfii. ,,, - - - -v- - -
J.L.LfltiE -pHtb AH Connelly Sect.
1232 ( JB jfltalCES
A wink is as good as a nod :
itj i uiiiict man an wc
want to do is to caution :
you when you buy a
Folding i
Buy one tli.it won't fall
over on you and break
your head, or fold up
with you inside and
smother you to death
ours will not do this
they arc the best makes
and arc thoroughly tested
before they leave the
Furniture & Carpet Co.,
lais to iss4 MA-iisr. a
Ho Addrrvtc (lie ;. A. I:, Ihir.iinpniriit
There and In lint Illnl.lMlc illy lt ellett
Hon. I". 11. Danes Alio Speaks.
Corfeyville, Kas., Aug II. (Spcclil ) Yes
terday was the lntltlal day of tho encamp
ment now In session In this city, nnd in
tho afternoon tho opening cxeiclses wcio
held. A selection by tho Independence
Cornet band, nn address of welcome by
-Mayor J, II. WIIcoj., a lesponso by llov.
Smith, of Independence, "America" sung
by the llttlu gills of Coffeyvllle, and then
Commander Kent introduced John J. ln
galls as tho next United States senntor
fioni Kansas. A storm of nppliuso greeted
tho speaker ns he stepped foiward to ad
dress the assembled thousands. After tho
ex-scnator had spoki a brlelly concerning
the causes and results of tho war, ho said:
"Wo cannot live always upon the just;
we cannot live alnajs upon mmlnNeenoe","
and then for nearly two hours spoke upon
the conditions which now coutiout the
people ot Kansas and tho nation. He sus
tained the recent utteiances of Governor
Motrin concerning the enforcement ot
laws not upheld by local public sentiment,
and said: "There Is one thine that Is
strongir than constitutions, stronger than
statutes; there Is one thing that Is nioro
mighty than eirthcpiakes. cyclones and
avalanches, and that is the inllghtcucd,
conscientious, patriotic public opinion "
Against foreign Immigration he said. "A
great proortlon of oui socialists and ni
hilists would not make good stinngcrs un
der any form of government of which I
know I believe that no man should bo
allowed to vote who cannot read, write
and speak the Kngllsh language." Itc
gaidlng the Imprisonment of Hon. John
I., Waller the o-senaior slid: "I do not
know whether lie was rightfully accused
and convicted, but It Is alleged that ho Is
a cltUen and is wiongfully Ineaicerated.
A demand has been made upon the gov
ernment of Prince for nn inspection of
the papers to enable the government to
determine thee questions which have hith
erto been refused. If I were president of
tho United States or secretary of stito, I
would notify Piano that unless this de
mand was Instantaneously compiled with
I would know the icison wl In tho
language of Mncaulaj's Immortal Ivrle,
'And must 'Prolan nev die! And must 'Pre
law ney die! Then thlrt-- thousand Coui
lsh men shall know tho reason why"'
lie spoke at length upon the money ques
tion, uVelirlmr himself in favor of bimet
allism and the fic(. coinage of Ameilcan
silver. Speaking In faior of the election
of United States senators bv a direct voto
of the people, the e-seiator concluded his
address with the cpicslon: "And 1 would
as leavo bo chosen that way next time as
ot-" - ...
At this closing remark the cannons sta
tioned upon the eampgiound loaied and
tho multitude shouted so vehemently that
a lady In the audience fainted, nnd thus
.dosed the lltst day of tho Colfiyvillo it
union of IS'.O .
Attendance at the G A It encampment to
day wis greatly In excess of that of ester
day and every fe-atmo of both moinlng and
afte'rnoon progi amine was listened 10 by
luge ind attentive audiences. Hon P. II
Danes attorney generil of Kansas, was
the principal speaker this forenoon After
drilling .i vivid plctiuo of the ilijs of e
. esslon and uulllllcatlon, hi mnd a vigor
ous and pitllotlo plea for the cnfoicement
of all laws upon the statute books, and it
the clo-e of his adiliess n is glien .n ova
tion This afternoon the exercises mie
conducted by. the W. It C presided over
bi Mrs U, A. Iluli-e, of this city Itev.
Ildlth Hill, pistol of the I'list llaptlst
church of Plttsbmg, Kas, was tho pi In
cipil speaker Por neaily two hours 5 000
people listened with ript attention to her
masterpiece of eloquence ami patilotlsm,
and at the close of almost every sentence
lntciiupted the speaker with heaity up
pi itise. Til-morion's progiammn promises
much, as Department Commander Harris,
Judge J V Iteekm.in ami Hon. Ileinaul
Kelly ii 111 mldresH th. sessions.
A meeting to He Held at lopckuto IliTei t
a lleoiganlatbiii.
Topeka, Kas., Aug. II (Special ) Thero
will be a meeting of tho oIIIcits ot the ln
fcoulo Mutual llenetlt Association of Kan
sas In Topeka on October I", to devise
means for clfe cling a ieorc.iuU.UIon of tho
company. It Is found that tho reseivo
fund, which now amounts to $Ci,0, l.s
steadily becoming depleted by drafts upon
It to pay death benellts. The olllcl.ils of
tho company s ly lli.it this loudltlon h is
arisen because the company has not enough
younrf men eniolled as membeis. Theie
uu now 2.fii members In Kansas, of whom
1.0ml uib over 50 j ears of age, while but
eight! -lour are under SO yeais, Tho com.
pany may rcorganUo on the sjstem of tho
old lino companies, or It may deviso a new
system under the mutual plan, which will
relieve the laipo death rate assessments
which must follow tho exhuusllon of tho
reseno land.
Nnw.s.i'.wiiis hiii"iiti:ssi:i).
Wali-Shali-Sho ".Vint s" Poiceel to Quit and
Us IMItors lUnl.licd.
Outhrle, O, T., Aug. 1 1. (Special.) Intense
excitement prevails at Pawhuska, Osage
Nation, over the summary act of Colonel
H. H. Precman, acting Indian agent, who
to-day suppressed the Wah-Shah-Sho Kens
and banished Its editors, J, F. Palmer and
John Tinkei. from the nation. Tho editors
are Indians and they have been ventilating
some scanduls In vvhleli it Is aliened the
agent has been Implicated.
(iuod '1L Let Nominated at (llrard,
Glrar.1, Kas.. Aug. 11 -(Special.) The
Crawford county Itepubllcuu convention
met here 'to-claj- vvltli 32.1 delegates, and
nominated 'tho following itlcket: II. P.
Adslt. feherlff: 13. I.. Maxwell, treasurer;
lru 17. Hudgens. register of deeds: John
llcker, tuunty clerk; Joseph Hlwood, s u I'
ve j or; Dr. P. G. Porter, coroner, and
Piank Montee, commissioner. Delegates
were appointed to attend tho Judicial con
veutlou of thu Sixth district, uud Instruct
ed to work for tho nomination of Artb'ir
l-:ujlyr, fl Ci-ftKiora uj)ty, Xr jud, ,
m.wiumi iii,Mm,imminr.TAT waii-
lntl.S I till (ONMIMDArtON.
Missofltl ON II M Willi A tlOOIHA
(loternor sinne, hi. Is linn of Ihe (inn
inltt.o mi Iti'.olilllnii., I Ihithusl'
Hslln its In the Out.mmi nfthn
Mlicr I'.iu.e In Mloaurl
and I'.Neii liel-e.
Wnvlunfiionv Autr. II The corrlnVirs of
the MetroisrliMti hotel were crouilpit tsirly
to-d.iv with delegnto of the eonrernwv of
s'tier Democrats cnllcel to meet there to
iln for thu purpo" of ngrelng upon a
lino of policy to bo pmniivft In tlw Interest
ot silver In the Deinoeiatlc party. While
th" rati fur the ionferem lsusl bv Wcn
ati rs IIairlf, Tiirplc nmt Jones, of Arknn
f us, iid not speolfv th'" hour, the meelliiR
wan postponed until noon. Th forenoon
vns ppeut In a general esclmniro of views
nnd In formulating plan for the meeting.
There' Vina n mther latger ntteiHlnnce than
had been counted tipiiir, nnd the hotel was
crowded bv lelet,itea nnd sliver sympa
thisers Tin- lenders) ot the movement
wile' nnxloiw to correct the Impremlon
that it vi it intende y the meeting shouM
Iki a miss ooniennlon. They npponrcil to
think IhlK Idea had been (scattered hio.ul
east by tho gold men, with the view ot
making It appear In the end that the meet
ing hml been a failure, Thero wero ennsc
quenlly numemus ipqnents Hint the iicns
pnpe'rs shoulil make it clear that It never
Intended the gathering should k more
tlnin a eonferer.ie among the leaders of
the i-llver sentiment In the Democratic
party. Among those who appeared early
at the hotel were Senateits Jonvs, of Arkan
sas: Daniels) and Harris, and e'X-.Seii.vtors
Jarvls, of N'orth Carolina, and Walsh, of
Georgia; Hon. Casey Young, of Tonnes
bee, who has conducted the coriispondcnrp
concerning 4 ho conference, on leh.ilf of
tho senatorial committee, and llcpresent
ntlves Cox, of Tennese-e; Ote, of Vir
ginia; MilngHton, ot Georgia; McNeill, of
Arknirssih, ami llrookshlie, of Indlam.
Secretary of State Hlnilehsen. of Illinois,
was a. prominent llguie In tho hotel lobby
from early morning. No man present was
more cencrilly sought than he. Thero
wits an exceptionally large delegation
fiimi MNsourl, including Governor Stone,
State Treasurer Stephens, Judge I till. W.
M Itubj, a bink president, and Georgo
Allen, a rallio.nl man. .Mr. Joephus Dan
iels, of North Cnrollm, w.ih one of tho
business of those piescHt. Olney Now ell,
t-ccietaiy of the state' Democratic om
mittrt?, of Colmado, n.i the only lepie
Svutative from that state. "W'o don't need
a big delegation hero till people know how
vie stand," he sale!.
Mr Cascv Young, In leply to ques-tlons,
said th.it hls correspondence Indieatcel that
about uvo-thlnls of the states ot tho Union
VTOiild be represented, anil li.- confirmed
tho statement thcut the meeting was In
tended to be simply a. conference of Dem
oeiatio leaders to shape the patty policy
ou tho silver quehllou ns far ns possible.
The mvtHImr was cilleel to older nt 12
o'clock bj Senator Harris, who moved
that Senator Jones be called to tho chair
as temporary chairman, which motion was
earrleel unanlmouslj Ge-orge M I.eerone,
of Illinois, was, chos-en. pecretnry of thi
meeting The meeting liegnu behind
closed doors, with instruction's ti the door
keepers to admit only those vvhe had been
When tho roll nns cilleel representatives
nnsinred from tiventy-tno dlfteient states,
but minis neie given to the secretary of
oulv nine teen Vliglnla headed the list In
point of membeis, with fifteen delegate",
while Illinois and Missouri npoitcd four
teen etch. Other states icported were1:
Alabama 1, Ohio 1. Geoigla J, Indiana 1,
Delaware 1 Man land 3, Kentucky 1. Ils.
slsstppl 1, Noith Dakota I. West Virginia '2,
Arkansas .!, Coloiado 3, South Caiollna 1,
North Ciiolln.1 3, Plorlda I. hcndeel by
Senator Call, and Tennessee I
Senator Jones rnade a brief speech nn
taking the ehalr. conllnlng blmself lo
thanking the conference for tho honor and
expiesslng the hope that the proceedings
weie harmonious and productive of gooel
Senator Dinlels offered a resolution pro
viding for tho nppolntment by the chair of
a committee to piepaie a progi amine and
resolutions, which was cnnbd ami the
committee was announced ns follows' Sen
ntor J W. Daub I, VliMnla. 13 W Car
mack, Tennessee, J P, Johnston, Aliham.i;
Pitrlek Walsh, Georgia: A W. CI irk, In
diana: W. II lllntlihsen, Illinois; ex-Senator
T. , I Jarvls Noith Carolina: Governor
W J Stone nnd II M Hill. Mlssouil, J S
Heard, Plorlda; A Woodson, Kentucky;
Olnev Newell, Coloiado: W. It. Hlcrlv.
North Dikota: S S Yoder, Ohio: .1 P.
Saulhbuiv, Del in are William Cede in in.
Mankind, W S Slockdale, Mississippi, J.
P Tieutlln, South Carolina, J J. Coriinell,
West Virginia: Silas Hare, Texas; Senator
J K. Jone-s, Atknus.is
After the appointment of this committee
the eonfetence adjouuud until I p. m.
At l o'clock the committee on programme
and platfoim lepoitid thitnigh Senator
Daniels that It was unable to leport.nlii ie.
upon the confeicnee de Ided to adjourn un
til tn-moiron until 10 a m.
It Is geneially unilei stood among the del.
egatis that tho Impoitant wotk of the eon
ierenee Is being done by the committee
Senator Dmlel reporteil to the conference
at I o'eloi It tho committee bar! not nuthoi
led tho dtaft of a platform ami none nt
tho membeis was able lo say when tho
repot t would be completed.
The proceedings of the confeicnee de
veloped some dlffeiences of opinion as to
the line of policy to be recommended, but
thei-o weie not of a sutllclently radical na
ture to causunpptehenslon of a seilous iln.
Tho committed proceedings Indicated tint
the report nlnn made will leioinmeiul the
Issuance of nn millions to the Demon alio
puty of tho countiy, uiglng In veiy stioug
tenus tho maintenance of Un sliver cause
In tho Dcmociutlc ranks, and also outline
a plan of orgunlitlon for the sliver foices
In Iho puty with a view to tho selection of
delegates to the next annual convention.
This pi in will probablv emluaee the ap
pointment of a eeutial committee with a
member fiom each statu and tculloiy,
which shall la tin u select a member from
nveiy county, the latter to hive the power
to nppolnt a member tor eveiy voting pre
cinct In his county The plan Includes a
piovlslnu for .1 national headquarters,
probibly at Washington.
'I he MUiiHirl lb legullim,
Washington, Aug. II. (Special ) Tho Mis
soul I (ldlegitlou to the Democratic sliver
convention aruied to-day. They aio as
Governor W, J. Stone, T.on V. Stephens,
state treasuier: Hairy M. Hill, St, l.ouls;
William M. Kubey, Macon, Mo ; Geoigu W.
Allen, St. I.ouU; Joseph Ii Itlcky, St.
l.ouls: l.ouls llouck, Cape Glratdeau; Scott
J. Miller. Chllllcothe; It N, llodlne, I'arl;
Georgo 13. Simmons, .Macon; Thomas O.
Towles, Jeffeison City; Judge I.ee Wood
sides, Silem; 13. 1, Dean, DeSoto: I'rauk
G Johnson, Kuiu City; C". P. Cochran,
St. Joseph.
In the organization it Is believed that
George W Allen, of St l.ouls, will bo made
tho member of the national silver commit
tee, but owing to tin tact that the silver
element of the party has control oT the
party organisation in Mlssouil he will have
very Utile to do, conllnlng himself in the
main to St. l.ouls. wheio the Pruncls cle
ment Is supposed to control a few cards.
Speiklng of the conference and the sit
nation In general. Governor Stone said to
night; "This conference Is for the purpose,
as I imdeistand It. of mills to make tho
next national Democratic, convention Demo,
cratlc. Wo believe that tho Democrats of
the countiy are not as well pleuseel as we
would like for them to be over the fact that
wo aio not, as reprcsenteel In thu White
House, Democratic. In fact, many of them
feel that in this one respect It Is anything
ele but Democratic. Ily reason of the
work of the administration In this partlcu.
lar wo felt called upon to meet hero to-day
and stmt the work ot trjlng to place the
next national convention hi tho hands of
tbii fisraasf Ats t tbo guntryt and iuvg it . .
unpisei of men who will i t n or ling to
th bint i Is of Ihe peopl he pun
in I a. "ii ting to the lnlr"" "f tin whole
ple "f Ihe country."
As to the proluibtlltv nf u ledliiR the
B.'V.Mior nld "I am i.r ' . rtaln thai
MIsfouH will netul the tlghi ceit of it del. -Million,
tlint 1 iNUt S.1V Willi all Ihe . null
d-'i. e 111 the world. AM to tb' i'M or Hie
niintr. of coilise, I nm not an will in. -
I ind to pass JildRinetit. Itui I nm tnlil bv
the tlelegntrs here from tin i irlmm slab s
that things nre looking vull for the edd
tlni" ivmocrni). nnd eorti -i "ndlngly bad
for Wall lri et This gives . i nutHKemenl,
and fiom the statenn utn tn id I am cer
tain Iheie Ik Koine tt tit Ii In the estimates
rtlven. I believe thill onnuah Democrat
n the Democrailc i-tales will liihn enounh
Interest In neleellng delegiitrs lo Ihe next
lonimtlon to show u tnnjorlty of Hint
convention made up of men who linve made
a ntndi of the question: who know simie
thlmr of Iho needi. of the eniintii, ns will
iih of the party, and Mini can not be IhiukIiI
by the manipulator of iinllonnl ronnn
lloii. vihl.li vie all khow somethlnK alHiut.
When that convention I called, thine will
be at a while heat In till rminlrv and no
man who sells out hi Vote to the Wall
street aliened Democnicv will dare go bin k
home, for hi e rlmn will not oulv tn binnd
ed upon him. but It will be known to Id
nclRhlor and rrlend"
Concerning the secret HOIK of the com
mit Inn the gmeinor suld "Thero can lie
nothing but Imrmonv In this body or tpp
resentatlie men There will be no temper,
either over resolution or pi in of oriianl't
linn. AH nie i'uniet, nnd all are meaiilnit
well, and while thete may be I'onlllctlng
opinion all will get tocelhrr. and the
work will be a b.ntflt to the ciume ot fr. e
siller. The lesnbltlon will be for Dee
ridliage at li. to 1, no nitilvoeatlou or trail
dlltig, pi tin. o that nil villi understand It
We will be ngalnst the Influence of admin
istration In .nntrolllng ronv unions and
politic h In the various slates Th.. nddicss
to the Demo.'liil or the rotiulry will be
plain renillng, embtaelug the sllunllon nnd
explaining what It 1 desired to do We
will have some lively time In the rountn
fiom now until the next national Demo
cratic convention is held "
At Ihe meeting of the general committee
to-nlirht. a subcommittee wati appointed
to prcpiro le-oluftoiw. and nn address,
compose I of Goieinor Stone ok chairman,
ex-'-Vn'atnr Jarvls, Senntor Daniels, 13 W
"nimiirk, of Tenncwice; .-Seiinlor W.iln,
Jiihnson of Atnliumi; lleurlihsen. of Illi
nois. The general roinmttt.e nisei ap
pnlntcd a provisional commlttie to Kele. t
a uitlonal coinmlttee, composed nf Jones,
II irris, Turple, Stone an. I llenrlchsen
This committee will perfect the uitlounl
committee, bv tippoltrtiin; one member
rroin each state onil then ill the lommlt
tce logother for orgauloulon.
No Kuus.ts li.lc gal. s,
The Missouri ilelegatlnii cxpresscl Biir
prlse that there were no di legates here
from K'linsi.s. It was mippicsi d by some
tint ex-Senator Mirtln and other promi
nent Democrats of that wtite would be on
hind, but th" opinion Is th it possibly tbe
iMiwer of pitronigo 1k lesponslM,. for this
neglect They decjite. how. v. r, th it when
the time comes to n'looit del cabs to the
net nitloml convention the fne sllier
element of the Democrat I putv In Kan
sas will be lieaid fiom, in I be In line
with tho great West, Im la I ng MIsouil
slngabir St.irv of O.orge A. Ward, Who
Was I mule ted .it lliguni as
. W. Chun h
Topeka, Kas., Aug. II. (i'pe lil) There
Is now eonllned In the Knnsns penitentiary
an Hngllsbman who was tried and con
victed under tho name of C W Churcli.biit
whoso leal nirao is Geoige V W'.ud. He
was convicted In Oklahoma In September
ot lVil, on the chnrge ot liUomi
To-diy there otilved In Governor Mnr
rlll'H mall .t letter from the Ann Menu min
ister to Knglind, Mr. Iiaard. in wlilih
the governor It asked to Investigate
Wnrd's protestations ot liinoi nee Shortly
artel his Incaieeiatlon at l.mslmr Watd
wrote to bis uncle, Alexander ird, as
"Dining the months or August and Sep
tember, 1S1I, I was arrested and convicted
of the cilmo of brinimv and Ident'lled as
one, C. Climeh, of New "link, who
wis supposed to hale m.urled a worn in
in tint state In Jssii At the time of mi ai
rest I advertised la si ivrnl ot the 1 i ling
Pastern papers for vour address, but with
out avail. 1 am now under pen il snl
tude at this phn e lor the teim it live
vtais. I bad ibout given up all hop. s of
llndlng j on whin the thought stunk me
tint possibly owing to the troubb vou had
over the estate near Hath, llngl in I. tint
pel haps you had re tinned to the Old C.nin-
iri hence flilu I. ttee In cue nf th, l.,.n-.
don Times, is 1 lemembcr having h. .ii.f
you spcaii en vismng mat liince.
"If it is Impossible feu j oil to come to
this countiy and se. me I wish vou would
copy fiom the funilv lecord, vi hli h vou
have, the date of mi birth and also stite
whit j on know of mv life up to the j.ar
ISM or 1X."., which 1 believe, Is tht last
time I saw joii Please make jour st. tu
rnout In the niituie of an atlldavlt, an 1
leave out nothing, but make It complete
In ove iv partli ular.
" have nothing to be nshampd nf, nnd If
you will make a tin. statement nt the
facts 1 will soon I" lib ised from prison,
ion will undoubtedly think It very stranj-'e
that I got into this truubjc, but ou mil
know that I was not in in led In IvSO nor
when you last s m me Vou nlso kn iiv
tint It Is impossible for me to hue i hil
dieii 13 jeais old Ihe woman who ap
piareil ngalnst me swot, that she had six
ehlldien innginj noni U to 13 yeais old
and that 1 was tin Ir father.
"As I am committed under the name of
C W Chuisu, pi" isi S' n 1 my mall to th it
nddiess at I. inslng" Tho letter is slgm d
"George A. W'.ud "
Not knowing the i ldress of tho nugllsh
m in, Wild, Mob. ill Hell, managing ed
itor of the London Thin s opened the leu, r
fiom the Kans is m pin w nnd then lefeired
the matter to MinNtei II.iv.ikI The kil
ler In fen warding ihe ioneiondcnco to
novel nor Morrill, sns.
"In the line of hum tnltv T enclpse a
note to me from Mi Vlobeily Hell, manag
ing editor of tbe I.on Ion Times, whli h ex
plains Itself. Mv u is.in for sending It to
ou, together wlih tin letter of the man
now under sememe for bigamy In the
penlteutl.il y at I.ansliv, Is Hut It Is pos
sible that your e. II. n i in ly Institute .in
Inanity as to the wisdom of allowing the
piisoner to slate an. n the giounds of his
allegations of tnnoi . n i "
.1111. KlI.lillKI. Illstl'l'OIMIlll.
Ho licgl.'ts He Hill Nut (let to s, .. t'l.n...
I mil on I'le Malt. rs.
WasliliiRton, Aug 11 - (Special.) Judge
Kllgoio, of tho Indtin Tcrrltniy, left tor
tho West 1o-diy, aftei lemalnlng hue
ten days In tho Interest of Ch.ubs Stoijo
for United State m ii-.li.il in tho Southein
dlsurlet of tho tcrrltniy. The Judge, soon
after nulling, called at tho .lepirtnn lit
of Justice, but the .ittoiuey general had
lift some minutes before on his vvieallon,
nnd In nee the two did not meet Then
he wrote two litters, one lo Mr. Ilaimon
and the other to tho piesldcnt, asking if
he could call uml pies. nt tho claims of
the man ho wanted appointed.
Ho lecelied answers noni each one, but
ho has not made known tho natttio of the
n plies. It Is iinduistood that Klltore Is
somewhat surprised tint lie was lefin-od
a c Inline to talk to the pii-slileiit about
Ihe muter, for ho is vciy anxious lo pei.
imluuto the TeMis ciuwil In the t.lllloiy
Tho appointment is c xpected to be made
soon, -
Htinict Will lie the Man.
Aulmote, I, T Aug ll.-(Speclal,) Chief
Deputy Alaiskal Charh 1, himw, to-day
r.selvcsl a tilegrim trom Judge Kilgore,
at Washington, 'that he would bo the lu. ky
man to receive tho appolnitmeiit ot United
StHte-s inirshal for this dtstilct to suc
ceed his biother, 1. tit as, deceasisl.
Knights of libor t'onileiiiiicd,
RIchnioiiil. Va Aug. 11 Tho trade and
libor council of this city has udopted its
olutlons condemning' the Knlghtb of Labor,
saying; "That said order la only kept alive
for the purpose of waging wan aro against
bona lido labor organisations and of ob
structing their ptot,ri'ss" and declaring
sjmpathy with and conllcenco In tho Inde
pendent Order of Kulgl ts of Labor, as
belne "woithy of recocnltloa and, support
; onnuiut.4 uuar.' .i.
Clllliberlanil Preubjlerl III .m...lllil.
Wariensburg, Mo.. Aug, II (Special.)
At tho m-ciuid daj's ex ics.s of tho Cum.
berland Piesbyti Man assembl at Pertle
Springs, tho alieinianiii wis much larger,
The moiulug was devoted to loulluo work,
public woishlp, normal lllblo studv, sem
Inaiy extension iouisL, etc, lu the ali
en noon addresses were made by lteis, C,
C. Itussell. J. II, Moiphls, W, p. 1'eiry,
and Mis Georgo 1. Osboine, and a led.
uro on "What Is and W hat Ought to He,"
by llev. It. V, I.enls. At night Colonel
I.. P. Copcland delivered his lecture, "See.
Ing Iho Plephaut," at the tabernacle.
Uuk'tt's oichestia, of Kansas City, Is
picsent and tcndeis muslo at each session.
Ittll'riH.ll'.lN 1.1, Wll'l' I'M ( VI It HI'OM
.MITIIll! Ml Ms IN llll'A(K).
OPII.OOK Milt , Itlll Itlll'tUll.lCAN
i leioitv M.i t:it urn tint,
In lima, Mlaiips.itii, Counrrtlrul nnd .Srir
lurk l.'sppi lillli Am the signs .Mure
1 ban l'riiiullug-lllillfai Him
W Ith t lil.ni-o im I riigiio
Hcaibtu irters
Chlcnifo, 111, Ainr. II Hy tiuntilmous
consent the executive committee of
the Itepiiblleuu National League, In
eslon tntlny at the Mrent Northenr
hotel, chose Aaron J. Jilts, nf Siglnan.
Mich., iih tiPiisiuer of the League, and
tip.ttircr ex-oclo of Ihe I'xecutlve boily.
The eommltlpp met at tin Gie.it North
ern hotel. Vatlous eommlltei were ap
pointed and plan weie discussed for the
fall cnuipilRii, Much dissatisfaction with
Chicago a leigue lieadqnni ters was ex
pressed, wllh a strong sentlmetit rnvorlng
a removal lo the Past Tlio committeemen
ileehued that lhe had not been properly
treated In Chicago, and although action
was deferieel until hie this afternoon, It
nns bellevisl that Washington would be
selected as headquarteis of the league
After an adjournment for luncheon the
committee met agiln at 3 o'clock to hear
leports and for the election of a nntlonal
treasurer to till (ho vacancy made by tho
death of Ihe late 13. D. limpet, of New
Yoik. The sessions were presldi d out by
General 13. A. McAlplu, of New York, the
lowly elected piesldent ot Ihe league. All
of those present expressed themselies ns
enthusiastic over tho outlook for the lte
publlcin parly.
The nfternoon session was milked by
cnetgellc speeches and definite niters of as
sistance. Seiiet.uy Dow Hug, on behalf of
thu Itepublle ms of Minnesota, presented
the leigue ,i check for Jl.ooo to aid In the
organisation work. Promises of similar
assistance were volunteeied by the dcle
giti s fiom vntlous other states
The leports fiom the various slate
leagues were received. The outlook was
declared piomlslng. partlcul irly In low i,
Mlnuesoti, Connecticut and Now York. A
committee on league Weak was appointed,
consisting or John Goodnow, of Minnesota;
P P. Powers, of Michigan: Geoige Christ,
ot Arlonn, and tho piesldent and sccre
tarv, whose duties shall be to imp out
thee pi in ot operation for the vailous stato
and tPirltorl.il otganlzatlons.
Hefoie adjoin nlng. Senator John M
Thurston, General James S Cliikson, W.
W. Ti icy and A. 1! Humpluc) weie made
advlsoiy inembiis of the executive com
mlttie The mallei of locating the hi ad
qu.nters was passed until the regular Oc
tober se sjdeni
I n e Sler llemm r.lls ur luill mil Issue a
Mimig Ail.tr. s ti. (lie Piilille, Writ
ten b Senator I itrple.
Indianapolis, Ind. Aug It The commlt
Twlhat wis appointed at the r ci nt con
fi rnice of free silver Demo, rats has Is
sued an aililn w to the Dt mo. rats ot In
diumi. The nldls st Is slgnrd by A. W.
Clark, of Greensbur,;, W. L. .Stinkard, ot
nkiomtleld; Joslalu CI win, of Now Alb.inv.
and Isaac It. Stlouse of I!oe kvllle It Is
un.IerMoo.il that.lt was written by Senator
Turple. The nddreMM sins tint the money
quesiion is now the undisputed Issue ami
will lie the leading Issue lu the next cam
pilgn. The connultte declares that thn l,iie Is
the question of gold and plutocricy on one
side nnd bimetallism and the jxtople on
tne oiner. in conclusion tne aiMress saji:
"The IxLttle of Independent Dime tnlllsm Is
ou and this will ncu-r be won without
united action. The power Is in the hands
of the people We espeei illy urge upon
rhe friend of Independent bimetallism the
Importune'o of immediate oignnl:it1on in
w-irds. townships and counties tluough
out the state of Indiana for the purpose of
furthering lids mem incut for the common
gooel of all her people."
ItWIII II. glu at 'lopel.a August 2(1 nnd
C'lllMi the .Slut.
Topeka, Kns Aug. It (Speclil) Tho
next seiles of examinations for state teach
ers' ceitltli'.ites will open August IK nnd
i lose August 31. There aie a largo num
ber of applicants. The plices nt which
the next examinations will be held and the
poisons who will bavo ehaigu of them aro
as follows. Uulvcistty of Kansas, Di.
Janns Marvin, Cential not mil college,
Gie.it llend. Superintendent N P. Diiitn,
Norton, SupeilntendeiiL P II Hakci; Kan
sas Statu Agilcultiual colli ge, Itev. .1. 13
Pickett, Cimpbi'll uoimal imiv. rslly, Su
pi rinti ml. nt J. II Hwbink, Hu)s Clt),
Sup. lint, ndi nt J. W. Grass, Tio, Super
inn intent loun V. Noun m: ottnw i unl
venltj, llev, W P. Tomlinson, Tribune,
Supi tlnteinli nt W. W Phillips. Kansas
Slate uoimal school, Piesldent Tavloi.
i)n Monday, Ihe lltst d ly, the following
suhli.ts w ill be taken up: iirthographv,
arlthiiietl. , drawing, zoology. United States
lil-toi v ind llngllsli literature
Tiiesdav Phyxiolng), giology, geogia
phv. geiimetn. grammar and . ompositlnn.
Wt'lnisdaj liookkeeplng, ihciorlc, lead
ing, nlk. bm and geueial history.
Thuihday N.Uin.il philosophy, political
eiiiiiomy, mush, ihnulstiy, Litlu, Gei
iiiiiu and Punch, and civil government.
Piidii lliitany, philosophy of cdui.itlon,
tin thuds, uiiutat science and ill lungcinent.
.siitiiiilay-Hisioiy of odueatioii and
school law.
'I hue Vliu Kill, il by an Pxplosbiii.
Motgantown. W Va , Aug II. John
111 ick and sons were thieshlug jcstiidav,
win n the bolb r oi the machine exploded,
killing thieo men and Injnilng four otheis.
The killed at. John Spotsn ige, Cuitln
Animons anil John lllnli The Injuiul am
ltoss lllalr, John Spntsnagi', Ji , Lo Hoy
W'ado mid William Amnions. Cm Iln Am
moiiH was hliuck by a pbco of tho holler
iitnl llteiallv torn to plices His h'gs and
leet weie iniiiul undei tlm birn All of
mail's clothing was toui Horn him.
'I builder Morin at Arkamois I'll.
Arkansts Cliy Kas., Aug II -(Special)
V Iumv rain visited this place at i. oYIock
this eve nlng at.dj for n hour tho lloodgates
of the sklc-si seeuieil to lie opened After
tho b-loim had paitlally spent Its force an
Going to Boston?
If o, you will need
Uiiihlcni Cards and
We aro the manu
facturers of the 0F
I'lCIAl. lUDOHand
ilso Special Cards
Kansas City, No, 10
Oriental, No, 35,
thousand of Card ordered ahead ot ou.
Don't null until last miiiiii-nt.
1934 Main Street,
eh r I. mint IthpM liemin, sml there
..Mini i-i was tnnnrtit III nil)
bail ' lint .1 with urenier rap'dltv
ttnc v mi c ite ntnl tism. nIou .hn-k
foll.ni. I uoiier o quli kl that the e It
IM ii- n i r. .ilirnnd for ihe snfeti of their
lius aid inipet'ti Th nle trie wtr.-s
kepi up i . nslnrrt mippitur Itkp the
cim. kliir of whips. nn1 It xemod a mlr
ni I" th i i a dninnKe linn iKme within the
i Hi s I nuts m.i k Clients i! that limb
ing bki it lias iier len wllti"spil In Mil"
sis Hon nf hiiiias An ImtiHiise ntiiniint of
nntep Mi nh1.li will tki the isirn clop
irisMtt (rood,
He Writes lo t'llit II. llrnr as lo Ills I'ros
p.it, mid Is I liiiiic'blfiil for sj in
pa tlii I tli mli it to litlu.
WnshlnRlon, Aug, II. A tetter recdied
to-dnv from p-CoiiiiI Waller bv his step,
son, P, II Ilrni, sins that his lngnnite was
taken from him hi the Priii.li on his nr
rlial nt Marseilles and that he made a
complaint to the Pnll.d Slates consul nt
that place on April 117, but has lipird tioth
Ins; of 11 since lp his not vpt received a
word from Mrs Waller or his children since
his depatture from Madagascar, nor had
he jet ipielvptt Hip mom v sent hint bv
filends lu Iowa a fen dass after word
tearh.il this count iv that he was 111 an 1
without funds lo supply himself wllh med
(enl attetidani'P Till" was eirlv lu June
'Ihe litter to Mr. Ural Is dated Jnlv J2
Mr Waller exptissis mil. h gratitude Tor
the Intirest tnkiti In Ills i-ne In the news.
pHter of Ihe Pulled Slates and bj bis
friends, and was espei I illi gin. I to lentil
Unit the depat tine nt of state was looking
afli r the protection nf his fnmllv
He ctre'sMs a belief and hope that he
will be released soon Ills Inallh Is a
little better than n hen he list wrote.
Ametilp 1'la.ril In tbe llrlutcliig Water nt a
Hall at lloi. i font I'ark, Ind.
I our Will Die.
Crown Point. Ind, Aug. II T3eteiueiit
Is at five! heat at llorspfonl Pub. a lit
tle town near Itoss station, on the Plgln,
Juliet .V Piste rn lallioad, seien mill's
north of this ellv. Sheillt llnos lecelved
a telegram, stating Hilt an attempt was
mule to poison the whole vlllige, and the
shPillT, with s.veinl deputies, left at once
for the scene. The tiftv Inhabitants of
that village attend, d a d hut Mondav night,
and. as a usult. Chailis Williams. Miss
lielilg and two gills nam Chicago ate not
cvpei ted to live
During the evening some peison pliced
nis. ule or Mrvchnlne In huge quanlltbs
In Ihe viatii pall The dancers diaiik fiec
lv of It and about twenty weie poisoned
before It was .lisiovued Thev nil . iiui
inenci d vomiting. Most of Iln in ate bet
ter this nun nlng exieptlng the foul, who
will piohahlv die The water was i nn
In. .1 lij a I'bvslilan, who pionounies Ihe
poison arsenli
I3-I rensnrer 'I n.ibir, of s,mii I) tk.itn, su-
lenceil to II. Id llbnr hi the
'.nil . nt I ir,
St Paul, Minn . Aug II A special to the
Dispatch fiom I 'lei re, .". D, sas The
court room was ctowded to-da to hear
Judgment pionounced on W. W, Ta!oi,
defaulting e x-state tieasutei. When asked
If he had nil tiling" to say why senteiiee
should not be pionou'nccd em him. T.i lor
In i low lolee replied "I have not." Judge
Gaftv then lei tewed the ins,, and the dlf
feieiit stattit. s biailng upon the ci inn
He roicddcrid the nun h illseussed Mellon
1M"i void and did not believe a two veil
sentence was Intended to coier sin h a . ase
as this He considered that Tallin's worst
clime was In attempting to fence a c.iin
piomlse after githiilng together all stale
funds he e ould la Ills hands on. A sen
tcme of live eni" hard 1 ibor was then
'Ihe Inpikii buijir Wants 'lo lie Sni.ibi-
llt. d as Chief dnstl.e on Hie l'ltpllllst
'11. I., t-lllh ilenl hill's V I. i-i.
Topek l, Kis., Aug. 11 (Special) A
reporter lor the Journal eilltd upon John
Itrled. ntliiil, clialimun of the Populist
state centril ceimmillee, this nfti moon and
asked htm what the Populist piogtauinn
would bi now tint the H. publl. an stati
iciitial committee had tioinlii.il. d Chh f
Justice Maitln. Mr. Ilrli .1. nth il replied
"I do not know. I expect to .all the st it
central lonimlttee together about the mid
dle of September, whin Hi will dc. hie
whether or not to inn a c uulidate ot our
own There Is now one aimiel in II. lap
f.u the Populist nomination, Judge W c
Webb, of Topeka, and tin le m iv be otheis
be fine the elite of tommUtii me e tins. '
Ml. Hrlidiiithal sullied liidb-pos. d lo dis
cuss the nomination ot Ju.lg. Miitln,
Ihe ltoiiil squill. ,ii.i liituip Another Dig
I ot of Gnl d Into tho 1 r ii.ni i V tults
Washington, Aug. 11 Pulled St ites
TieisuK. Morgm to-day leeihed a ti le
gram from Assist ml Ti asurei Joidin at
New "vork, stating tint tin- bond sndi
cate hid deioslted Jl i-'.s CW In gold In ex
change for hg.it tendiis and Ian i 111 the
day another telegiam w is intli.d ct itlug
that Sl.l.'el i" In gul I had ben wlllultnwn
for i xport to Puiopo This leaves tbe g il.l
I. stive at tin close of biishnss, lo.'.ISI
Ui. 1 This se. olid deposit by the Stldti Hi
lonllims tin otllciils In Ihe In lb f that it
mill' Intends to si i to It tli it the IOO.kio.iIiiu
gold rcscrvi Is not Invaded.
(omit lto Airrpls thn I ille of Marquis mid
II. siim.is lib. I'nrl full. i, li. tlin He
lief of l.ierj.uie.
New York, Aug. 11 A .spc-IH to the
World fiom Tokio si)s
11 Imperial coinmind Count lto. Die
prime minister, has i. mimed his duties
lie accepts the elevation to Iho title of
uiuitils, oftered him by the i mpi ror.
A iiiptuio Is thus aveiti I, but tlni per
sonal ulitions of ci rtnlu mi mbe ra are
greatly stiauinl,
i:-viaoi; or m:si i:u kii.i,i:ii,
M II. Van Horn llaslie d tn 11. alb I'miu a
'I bird simy W induce.
Denver, Cot, Aug 11 l3x-Vaor M I).
Vein lloin was killed to-day by falling
fiom a third story window- of tho Grand
(Vnir.tl llolfl, of Willi It ho was piopiletoi
Hi was major of this clt irom utl to
lso'i, and had pi.vioiti.ly si tied a ceim in
the boaid of supervbois
.Mr. Vein I Im n i nine to Denver In IRvl,
being at that time and for sevei il yeais
aiiPi'iianl an imeut lu the empl.i of the
Pulled Stat.s luasiii .lip.iinneiit.
He . nllsted ns a priiuie In the Pnlnn
army at the outbreak of iho t.li. Ulon and
s. lied with distinction; thloiihhoiil th.
w n, rising to the rank of major. After
the war lui engag.sl In the hotel busln.ss
In Alabama, uml later In Chattanooga,
Teiiu, Ho was tS e,tis old and we illhy,
slli. r s. iiiiiu.iiit lit (Ir.gou
I'ortland, Ore., Aug. II Napoleon Davis,
secretin of the Deinoeiatlc stato central
(flimniiup, his received iweuty-scieii re
siionses to the letter addiessed euly list
July to e.leh of the thirl) -two member ot
tho committee, requesting their views on
tho proposition lo have tho Democratic
part) of Diegon lake some olliclal action
legarding slliei Tn cut) -six of the writ
crs cxpicss an opinion concerning the sen
timent lu their eemnlles as to silver, uud
of these fouitceii express tho belief that
tho voters there are in favor of fieo coin.
n,jo of silver, while twelvo are Just as
ccitaln that the sentiment in their coun
ties is ngalnst tho nee coin mo of silver.
Christian I ii.l.ni.ir Meeting Cloud.
Wlnileld. Kns. Aug. II. (Sped il.) The
clewing exercises of Ihe y P. S. C, 13.
convention weie held last night. After a
song sen lec, a pi also service was lield,
led by Miss Kittle Hutchinson, of Arkan
sas City. llev, H. Q. Deuhatu then lecturwl
ou the "New Ctusade." A closing- conse
cration meeting nus held. Miss Jciinlo
Young was re-elected president, nnd Miss
Clara Houston, ot Uldorado, secmarv, a
vice piesldent was fketed fiom each of
tho tlvo counties, to push tho work Ihe
coming ear. Pldorado, Kas, was choica
ac thu ci-t caavcaUoii.
IfASisAsCltv, Ma, A ii it IM'ic
7W.1i ti' In', or Uif iettither lo lit tit
nfiillnli.iri trmitrtnit
7rMienittie vttUi d ij Udifmum, 79, mill
mum, :
Dress Goods.
The Jidckbonc r Ihe tiusmeis.
The assembly, collective inctlioil
control3 both trading nnd man
iifacturing. It is ignor.mtly as.
surted that thui all departments o
a (jrcat retail business arc reduced
to a stupitl uniformity. Mercantile
r.ivc-dwollers try to live on the
idea. Some superficial folk3 agree
with them.
Thu truth is that in this business
the aggregation of stocks gives each
the power to become greatest.
This is the greatest Western Dry
Goods House because the Dry
Goods arc helped by other stocks.
A far greater Dry Gooth house be
cause it is helped by so many other
soils of a house.
But the Dry Goods stocks arc
the greatest.
And Dress Goods arc the soul of
the Dry Goods. Therefore Drcs'i
Goods aro the vertebrae of tho
In all the great Western Dry
Goods world no equal stock. This
has been true for years. It is emi
nent, pre-eminent truth now.
livery day shows new thoughts,
new combinations in that great
Dress Goods stock on the Grand
Ave. floor. Light and beautiful
surroundings, a vast stock, perfect
taste displayed tn the selecting,
prices that are right from your point
of view. What more could the
Dicss Goods buyer ask?
The Newest Gloves.
The first importation of Fall and
Winter Kid Gloves Trefoussc's
have just come in. Not out of the
cases yet. We'll get the details of
'em when wc unpack them. To
morrow wc will give you the story.
The New Reviews.
The September Delineators, Re
views and Patterns arc now here.
They've just come in.
We've taken about 300 Cloth
Bound looks from our regular
stock and marked them from 25 per
cunt to 50 per cent below the
regular selling prices. This be
cause tlicir covers arc slightly
soiled. Inside perfect. Fiction,
Poetry and Miscellany.
"The Mayor of Casterbridge," by
Thomas Hard', author of "Tess."
"No writer has a gruater liking
for creating unexpected situations,
contingencies and turning points
than Mr. Hardy. Nowhete has
Mr. Hardy shown his command
over his own resources more posi
tively than in this story, and no
where has he given a better illus
tration of his use of language, of
Ins style at its best."
iici.i.km:. miioici:, i.vir.ici .1 10.
dial Voile o ( oiiiiiiU.liiners Let louelhcr
ilild Ac;rtu to l.i.un tlm Muddle to
I be I oiirti.
Omahn. '. b , Ami. II -All pribii 1 1
resort to aims to -ettle tin muni 1 il m 1 -
die over the rlial police couiuu- 1 ..
now icij j. mote, but for two h 111 I n
moinini; It looked 1 . ry like a s. 1 1 1
Ilslon nas In. v liable. The sldeiv ilhs u l
t rents surioiitidiiii: the city h ill ei m
.ion did wllh people and the Int. mi t
the bulldiiiK nas itllel nlth e-lt i,- :i it I
oltli 1 rs. The A. P A. ' omtnit 100 1-
vened at lu In mis illy ami I en ' 1 1
cMlte-mcnt The members weie .111 1 .1. (,
with clieirs from 'i) A. P. A s 11 '1 .
Thev nere eieeted to ai oil'' 1 1 1
til. 11 poll, a fence on the streets of t i 1
attempt to seat Chief of I'olle r Wit n I
stoim the city Jail. This nas the 1 li. to
as Kiien out by the A P A 's put." n,c
to be ou Ihe inside The sltusiiuu was -letisllbd
by Ihe report troni Ivans cs .'ny
that Ihe A P, A councils had ,,0"i ariu.-d
nun tcinly to send to Dinah 1 to 1111 u ,u
the A P. A. commissioners At th. h.iiih
time the old eouimltlcn was In th. m.ij n s
ollli e ready lo Issue 01 dui.-. and repel ,ny
force llei.ssaiy to mtiutaln Us position.
Alter a blief conference the A P. A com
iiilil.n com ludi d 10 1 outer wllh the u. I
liuaid befoic resoiibiK to aim-.. Tb. .011
f.ircni o was the result of a but. r win It
Via) or lleuils suit to the A, P. V bun t
last night, askliiK the members 1 1 111 1 tbo
old bond uud endeavor to re leh 1 i 1 (
able s'tilement of thu control. 1 - I b
nn 111I11 rn ot the lien board lepb I th it
tlni had deelded to nie. t .Major H inn
and his eolhnKins and the maor i.pli I
lll.lt the) Weie lead). Die tlio lii.rii
I I 111 lined closeted for all hour or ill ir u.
Kethi't, when lb" dour nas open. 1 u 1 c
nas aunouiiied that an UKiinmcnt bad !' i
n ached. .Ma)ur Hemis then sent a lei. -mam.
stole d by himself as chairmin of
III old bo.itd, and bi .1 W, 111 0,11 It m
I'lliilrin in of the new bond tu ilo.einvp
Hiileuinb, and A. H Cliuichlll, aitnincy
"If tho supreme court will meet at an
eirly date all of the membeis of iho two.
boards ol lire and pollco commissioners lull
unite in a renin st for un eurlv hearing.
Can you nut the court to tlx a shoil date,'
This tcl. gram was sent tu e.uli of Ilia
Jiitlic-s of iho supreme cntiii:
"All pirtles ajiee lo submit poll-o nut.
ters 10 supiemo court, It early hearing can
be had "
This was also signed by the chiirman of
ea h boa til. Thev wanted It tin Urstoo.l
that neither board had made am mines,
sums. Ikph bide stood us it li id beforo
and ill thai icspeet thire nas 110 rhaiiiio
In tho situation. They had slmpl) ameeil
that the best Intimitis 11 all concerned
would be se'ived by an immedlatu submis
sion of thocontioversy 10 the supiemo court
and they had united for that cud. .Mem.
hers of tho new board were leilcent III le
K.ird to what their next pruceeluie would
be. When Mr, S'andervoort was asked
nhellur members ivould proceed lo or
KanUe a police force in opponitton to thu.
controlled by Ihe old board, he 11 ould nit
an-iwcr dlicctl), but staled that neither
boird nas koIiii; to be very strict 011 thu
other while tho matter was pending; In iho
supreme court,
fouit "Hill Jlret To-ebi),
Omaha, Neb., Aug. II. Chief Justice Nov
el, of the supremo court, has just an
nounced that a special session of court
will be held to-morrow to settle tho Omaha
police case.
Ultra dork Hbe for l'ottmiiiters.
Washington, Aug-. II. Tho department
has decided to allow clerk hlro at Missouri
uud Kansas postolllccs us follows: Jeffer
son City. 2,Wi UulchlnsQU- J.'.TW: i"
1 1

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