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.Innrn-tl llnlldlttg. rrrilli mill "Anlntit !.
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Rlrglc ropit-a 'r
Shin I iy "'
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Daily .m,i Hun-lav M cents f !
cents f- r month.
I!V MAH. Fs"ATVAJtf1S. ., .
Jn.v ii I stun-lay. 1 year,. "i SJ1
im v til tunday, f months,. ?
i.. m Pmd, i month... I J?
i .-,1 iimM. 1 month ..... W
- in nh, i year . ' J"
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I I- J urn i 1 AMrl. iiltiirlt, 1
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1 '"iTTl1 i i" Kansas ouy,
M . . i l- t ' i Mail MAlU'f.
.'-.IS' V01SIXS tlKIMtlll I! (MM tin
lii'tlt itloit.
''ti-'op ', . rOkl'l 'nn i-i 1
l "It T I, v fsl '" U "v
i w trtr i i''i"rn v m .1
Vio i 'I' fair v ii. i' 1
Km 1" 'r prutnti' M.t'v
- n i , u i, so ' I"-'- v
r,o. ill M'U'NlNf,
1 . rn.ill.x i mi oc im-t fir
( ! .it' i' i M c irhett b i" m
i - In I i ; i if'-PSli I. 1 I UK l-
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i ' ig.i c i. ' M" right t rv nr.d
f . ' Ho' - ' After it get
i . i . wi ' i i ii Mil r ton r may
t t'i. Ir t
M i "I vi- 'I -i irrou n-e-hr, hut
t iin .. sh w lli.it he i
P- u c f r ii it m lie !-n't ifing
tl. ii- it kl
M"- ' ; irni i ; i - that li. r wwn 1
r. i i iki v 'i- irlinre w th the
i'v'-c- oiu It frst 1,'iabnntl.
'i l tuhtful .' i I. I'Miim
i ii. ' Justte. M irtin. of Kansas, pay
1 - iv when he -'awl. This, though
In u-mir. Is not bellow d to be valid
iv ii- il fr Impeachment.
It i in be said for Senator Peffer that
h- -i ni'is just as good chanco of going
1 .. k i.i the senate on a land currency
i 1 1 ' .i rn as on any other.
I .in ke Cockran Is ohe polltlctnn. who
r . ms to be really out of politics. Ills
vii ..'..iio reuncltulon of Tamraany
fl. " tliis pretty securely,
Tlv Kansas man who drowned hltn
h. If ..n arrount of the unprogrosslveness
of th. present seneratlon has certainly
rvi rlonkeil the new woman.
i- t Jlr. Clevelnntl and his cabinet re
niii .ivmy from tbe capital as long
o- Mipv like. The bond syndlente Is on
duo. taking care of the country.
The illness of Secretary Thtlrbcr, his
rh-i. inn pays. Is not serious. .There ts
: . ptobihllUy, therefore, of any lm
1 u int liturbunce of business condl-
Tti- Kansas City man who slapped
1ms wife "just for fun" will bo Riven an
oiT'iit unity In the county Jail to let the
full humor of the Joke soafi into his
Th.- mayor of Kxcelslor Springs
!" it.ii.-. to throw Governor Stnne Into
ih MI'-oMirl river, just as if the gov-
i ! u.re itn. ordlnn.v, cv ry-day dep
u' in i -hiil.
T' man ) i.i 't- "Four Y. irs
M f (In 1 i- ! -n f ui j in
1 'M f'.r St m 1 tin nnd Is i w
f , Thl' - . t it ly crei1!- ihl t'-.
' - - ' i.H" '
'I i ilk t mi ii Mio nati n il tapi-
1 i 'i"'iirV Nili im tunt t i 'niu-'.
i ' i ron pi i inr rr Wt i-
int-n In "i, i.tMuiial ..ii-it.il is
' ! I -Mil- -
T .. v. ,v i l : w nwn v.i de-
" - ' - t i hi h . a-
i 1! ) ii . IikIiii 'i I'nn-
- I.T '- t iiti . I t -
n- . il rt-1 i- sir'
v- 1 l.u . i cr t f i n. I
1 k .in ii i' . n uib h " ii - In
' 1 .'11 i I '. i " HlUlt t'i ! j
' I ' l-t i ' - ! m k 1 .
i 1-' pa i , -. n tbly -
.r; ' ' .... i ii ir M -' 1 1!' has
1 ' t ' In I.iUi '. a ! i -
i . l.'ia i .ul.l mi k i n iv
- a) !i I., kly 1 --IWe.
Ti l. ne ' - -lit tl - 1.
1 . ' i- ir ' 'i arat! i . .i rn r
M K' I. 'h ' 'i tl.. ni iiipipiih
at .. In ' 1 - lit-oni lMif nmri'
r; -l'l 'P ' i f ' I ln K .- i ','tl- all
t ', ''it h; i 1 1 h.d 1 ' . ci8.
Tl' ma) ' ' 1'ail.n cit 1 m th it
1 i'i tiKhtli. i I" cntiiiv to the
1 i -. t Tt l -it h- ih t'"in i! nt in-i
.- n '.iing "ii Mirutis i' nil, rfi-rn
.. nh the- . 'i.i i iiliiiifr tl of a
' pli. -i' al en" -li ).' bit Ion."
Cini.pl.ilni - niailf that Ih. p i tl.-al
ji-riln h. ns ' J i nit n Hlli j ..mi of
Jin.--. Wh ' nub ltlli-y are li-.mninK
ln.ilv IHIXfc 1 Hill 1'ilifUStd 111 till public
.i 'iiM Thl is li.ird on both tin ,11ms,
viih'Hit ntf.i'li, K any idief Id the puh
li. Mr. Whlti - ili ' i.irntion that the
1 1, mm r.itic i ii t i' ii. iw in hitter .oi.
ilitton than it his h m slm- the. war
It., if ntslit. iiiu't- n-tiM nsii-al than
hi.- .n-t.. riitili that ' 'it inland Is tin nnjt
jn pillar man In his patty. What's thu
nutter with Wliitnty, anyway
The assurance of a Indon paper
that Ooernor McKlnty will soon be
dioppe.) t a presidential candidate
M-iull sound a B"oil deal mom aytborl-t.iiu.-
if the dropping of presidential
candidates wefo something ovr which,
the cie eland administration had con
trol. "It is iiiiiliuli to enter the domain of
prophecy," obsurvaa the late unluinentet)
.kny Simpson. On the contrary, it is
the easiest thing In the world. There
un- more half bhl prophets of the.
Hlmpsnn stripe at large than a ood
si'i'rumatt could Uax in year's hard
If it is true, as claimed, that D
fuuitcr 'i'aylor was seiitencud to a longer
term than the law provides for, it looks
eiy much as If the jsoutli P4koiit
courts are in league with the defaulter's
friends to wholly client jubilee. The
courts certainly have tce to the
Btatc statuti-s.
is,,,,nej Ititk's emphatic- t. i larath n
that Senator Vest will be- iiU own uu -cic-or
is bused on the supposition that
th npxt MlOM.iri Ilstnturt will t
Hemoor.itic n ..ipprtIMo" Hot wholly
wnrrniiil It shmtldn't Ut- forjpotten
that Missouri, a coord In to H ittlest
shnwlhR nt the r..lls. i n highly re
pft table Itopulillonn slate.
a i'ii:i li or iti.At utiti.utiHVM.
BnWhdy In the office of (he Uintngr
Btrtr evidently lost his hmd. .Metifior
Ically, we mean, one of the mot
aliii'lve articles that has ftppettml In
that notuHously nbtnlve impef Wan the
Wholesale dentinclntlon of the city coun
cil on the subject of pnrks.
Por low scurrility nnd inderertey the
article t hard io beat. 1'of pure and
utiidutteratod foolishness it cannot lie
equaled. The council haa lahen no ae
thin on the subject mutter n a liody,
but some members have thought It their
duf to ituestiftnte certain recommenda
tinns of the park board, and for this the
whole council has been subjected to
vituperation and bllllngsirate seldom
srrii In a newspaper.
In addition to the abusive tirade
nb nit parks, whose cause can but be
Injured by such alleged defehders, the
!irtr reiterates Its oM Iwwh about jrtv
it k nway valuable franchises to the
iidi r.tliw:is, nnd prates of the mill
Inns of dollar" stolen from th City.
The cotiholl needs no defense on its
rnilwny franchise action. Already the
wist benefits to the city and the Whole
!". pie are felt to such an extent that
erone, cxrept th!S blinded by their
in e(rottm. sees that Instead of in
juring the city the council did a piece of
w.irk that will redound to its credit for
all time to come.
The Star, however, Is nothing if not
n-' ndncious, as well as malicious, and
i little thin like false statement never
ir.'erferes with its so-called argument.
-o far as the park system Is concerned,
the only enemy of that system to be
l'jund In Kansas City Is the Star, and
the article In question is full and SUffl-
lent evidence of It.
It Is the fashion for the newspapers
published within a. radius of a couple
of hundred miles of all large cities to
avail themselves of every opportunity
to vent their Jealousy and seek to dis
courage friendly relations between their
own communities and the metropolis.
The latter is regarded as a vampire
which fattens upon the sustenance of
the country merchant nnd every citizen
of the village vho turns his head to
ward the city Is branded as disloyal.
If ill-natured flinijs at the city could
accomplish the result evidently desired,
the relations between the metropolis
and the outlying communities would be
mutually hostile.
But the people do not look upon the
matter in that light. They do not feel
that they are disloyal to their own town
by coming on, an excursion or shopping
trip once In a season. The provincial
press means to stand up loyally and
earnestly for its constituency. Ilut it
should do so fairly. The truth of the
matter is, that the amount of money
contributed toward the prosperity of
Kansas City by any one of the towns
within a radius of 200 mtles is insig
nificant; the amount taken from the
merchants of any one town is a baga
telle. But when the towns are multi
plied the aggregate is Immense. Kan
sas City takes but a trifle from each
community; it takeB a great deal from
them altogether.
The true theory Is that the metropolis
and the neighboring town owe much
each to the other. They should work in
harmony; only the friendliest relations
should exist between them. Their In
terests are Independent. The metropolis
Is the market and the towns are the sell
t rs- The merchants of the city are not
the enemies of the merchants of the
t'.w ns. The provincial prebs would serve
the interests of Its constituency better
if it devoted the space taken up by
"phots at Kanas city" to telling the
truth, !'! h Is that the metropolis gives
more t' in it iver tiiki-s away. The
lty Walll- all the lladOi it can get, but
it rou! I ii ri along better without any
gtvt n I'tMii il.aii thf latter muld do
withou' Mi. un. The farmer who sella
his pit .In f. h,s gi.Un and live Htuck in
the K. i -,i i'i iv maiket has mure money
to sp n i am .nt; the merchants of his
home .'.n than the citizens of that
town 'wr H'rti'l in Kansas City. Com
mon s . .-. .mil pot narrow provincial
prcju : .-Im old Bovern the rural press,
as tt i.i tlia wiyt majority of Kansas
CityY i vnhoi-
im i.oiii) AvnitK iii;oiiN".
Th i. i i v.oik of biinglng street im
plow 'in i im iiii!.-r wrap sort of system-,
auc wl'l - now ht-en taken up by the
cumm a . innl, iiid tht re is encourage
ment ' tb,' Ik lief ihat the movement
will t. ni.iguiiis, and that it will ex
tend hii.ii'Ii all the otIKHal channels
.Hal ii r- 1 am nig tht people generally,
Am-'-' il.. l.nge number of paving
rf-ooluM i i.titidu' id in the Besslon of
Vlii - 1 1 iiish' there was but one
which a urn dlrei tly in line with the
plan .i .intiiiiimis nnd permanent 1m
provem' 'it- We icier to the proposed
impn .' un nt of Kast fifteenth street,
whiT' a Mtrt load gap of six blocks la
to In bit if the resolution presented
should luBn without amendment.
The oih,.r Improvements inaugurated
an. in kt ping with a policy that has
been s-h n n by the Journal to have the
uncllwb I support of the entire com
munity, and which has been heartily In
dorsed b a majority of the members of
the council, the board of public works
and by the city engineer.
With such a good beginning It would
not hi. wise to admit an exception to
the new pollc ftt the very outset, to
be Ujitd as a precedent for any future
variation or violation of the continuous
paving plan, which may be proposed
and backed up by any sort of specious
A beginning has been made that will
develop into a a.t benelll to the city
If it is can led out on the line, (mil'
calid. If tht future course of the coun
cil ahull result in carrying on these lm
irvenents to a conclusion, without a
variation of the policy, much of the
benefit sure to follow will be antici
pated. I'roperty can be bought and
sold Willi the assurance that values tire
not to be unsettled by a return to the
patchwork system, and tliat work will
not be dune and undone again at the
whim uf individuals or to seive any
other puriKwe.
It Is of the utmost importance to the
city that u. policy of ,y sterna tic ad
permanent Improvement be pursued
with all the vigor lwexlble, without job
bery or favoritUin. The Interests of
the whole city aie m slake in the mat
tur. .
The fact that the ICmwi University
is seriously emiMrrnsked llnanclally Jn
the matter of Its running expenses, on
lu.iunt of a Mw und il.f..tlw tale
law, emjihusUes Hie lmu lance of liav
Jns as fi.-w legislative bttsions us prac-
tli'shle. Rverp year the Ucislnnire does
ri'.i ni.et io an lindisRuietl ii. .-ig to
the people.
"IIIIH Alltlll 111.11."
Th.- Now York Reixirder the m(
iw.M circulated Hepubllcan newp.M" r
in the Kastern stale haa this to sty of
tl, content going on In Pefinsylwinla
(i8ainit Vnatof (Juny:
Iiuiht-w 'ahl.'y ynay and .t. t'onald
CumeriiTi ane on (op in IvthtxlvBtii-t. and
If .. nitor fnmeron. 'he most rtsirles
ihnmion of free niUer In the f!at, desire-
to go bnc to the senate he i vef-jr
l.V., to so. Mr, Oimut had a. hafd iialii
1)1 vent.
"Phire l another view of the situation.
Tlii- 'found money' erv againat Cameron's
r-n.llli return to the i tle the chief
lo k in trmh of the meh who wiiight a
chnnjh'. It wee laughed at by the Itpuli
Hcati of PViin!vnnIa. This latses a
ver" in'eitlnt que-llon. Are Mie peopie
of Pffinej-tvsma really In fvr ot gottl
tnonormtalllsm? If they are hot. Is there
any renin to believe that they disagree
With the people or the Kmpire state? Per
hstis It nm be lmfroiible to tell how the
volei- rtnnd on this great imue till a
fie of refefendtima seftle the ipiestlol.
T1i"re l n great ileal of misrepresentation
ci niinut- minieni. ni! men nt ine lorse
and tlie plow do not talk. They think, ami
they Vote, wheh they get n, chance, Whnt
do they thill about silver?"
There Is no doubt about the fact that
a bitter war was made on Senator Quay,
because he was a fried of Cameron nnd
waa seeking the cohtrol of the stnte
committee to use it as a factor In secur
ing a delegation from Pennsylvania In
favor of Cameron's nomination as the
Hepubllcan candidate for president,
Cameron la a free silver advocate and
has so voted In the senate since the
question haa been In Issue twenty years
ago. If Pennsylvania refuses to turn
him down at the dictation of the gold
trust, Is It not a logical conclusion that
Pennsylvania Republicans are not op
posed to sliver? That Is the way people
look dt results when an Issue has been
The question of the Recorder as to
KeW York Is ft very pertinent one. We
have always believed that "above Har
lem brldget" the stnte of New York is
for silver. The fact that David D. Hill,
who lives at Elmlra. has always tried to
keep himself in the public eye as for
silver. Is first-class evidence that the
people of New York are for the "money
of the constitution." Recituse Hill knows
which side of the bread Is buttered.
The fact that the Recorder, itself an
open advocate of silver. Is the widest
read Republican newspaper In the East
ern states Is also a sign of great sig
nificance. fltNII Oil -MP.!!.
Sirs. Barnum has married again, and
being a woman of 50 years, Is supposed
to know her own mind and her own
business, and we have nothing to say
on that score. Rut she has n few friends
like the friend of the immortal Doe
sticlis, who will insist on nauseating
the public by such things as this In the
New York Herald: "It Is recognized
that Barnum was an old man when she
married him; that the alliance was In
no sense one of affection, nnd that she
gave him the best years of her young
If it was not "affection," what was
it? She got $1,000,000 by being his wife,
and as a million dollar widow has mar
ried a foreigner with noble rnnk. Is this
last a thing of "affection?" As we said,
Sirs. Barnum was old enough to man
age her own affairs when she married
her first husband and has had fine busi
ness opportunities to fit her for still
doing so and It's nobody's business
only when public journals touch healthy
stomnchs by such "young life" gush as
that we- have quoted,
The information that France is in a
bad predicament In the Waller affair
doesn't seem to have reached Franco
hU'sri.tjwint ui:d.
W'-kinson county U threatened with an
other s,pFlon of the grand Jury. The V. C.
T. U. noTOn are hustling fur signatures
to a pptlilon making such a request.
Will White has already elected Colonel
BUI Martlnddte th next governor by 80,000
majority, in the event that Major Morrill
gets that nomination for the vice presi
dency. Sol Mill'-r: It has so happened that we
have nevr met two of the most dlf-tin-gui-hed
men of Kansa. It has happened
that ttb.-n they were n where we nere
omewh'r- else. ThfM- two men are K. Ji.
FuiiMon and Maij K. Ueai-''.
"Key joint? ' ar. said to be springing up
like mufhroomv i'i all parti of Wichita.
One of the piumiiiMU "clubs" already has
several hur. Ired mini's on its membrhlp
roll and the in.ttidgt.rB expect to make it
1,000 by the first ut tn,. month.
Mayor Sttlti, n Chleago, has recently
been romplinit-ntlns some of th- Sunflower
editors with n handitoinely bound volume
combining hit por ti alt and p"5lree. Can
It b that the wll onqu-ior of the Illinois
t'elitral haj fillister political designs on
A epet lal meeting nf the Winlbld city
council was- hM the other dn for th- pur
pose of , oiisl.lr-riiiK a rt-q'iet from "Gen
eral" I'oxey that he be permitted io dlsre
f'ard the -Keep tiff the Mrasa" signs In
shmd park Sunday un h dd a relating
there. The coun-ll Krmitrd his request.
The Olobe tells of u woman visiting In
Atchison who ! afraid of the folding
.bed in the room af-lgnt-l o her that she
(Its up all nisht raihtr than risk uleeplng
In it, and yet Is to polite that he will gay
nothing to htr hoatein about It. KnrporU
people uic so qutir about Home things.
The Troy Chief, which ha been throwing
Month at the last lenMlature ever since It
adjourned, has at la.t found. In the failure
to make an appropriation for a Kansas
showing at the Atlanta expqultlon, some
thing for which it pioposeu the much ma
ligned Colons uluill have one credit mark.
The Masonic Mutual Benefit Association,
of Kanfun, In to hold meeting at Topektt
In fxiobur for ihe purpose of reorganiza
tion ioo muny oki nuts antj too scant In
funion of yuiing blood serlounly threaten
dlwivtlutlon, Several plans are propose') for
eomdditratlon, and a radical change is cei.
tain to be made.
Tlior.- l reasonable ground for suspicion
that President Pavld Smythe. of the re
cently sppointud bpard of police commis
sioners, in Wichita, may have winked his
oiner eye as n remuraea, in reply to un
Eagle i "porter's question: "I am a Demo
crat, and all Democrats are In favor of
the enforcement of law "
Troy Chief: it looks very much as If the
editor of the Atchison Champion has lieen
guilty of rot. prt vnrluition. lie said
thai a lenutiible cltisen of tawenwurth
told him the utory was true that he people
of Ueavenwarlh had resolved to wreck !ov
ernor Motrin's bank in that city if he at
tempted to enforce the prohibitory law
there, it now appears that his Informant
was P. R Anthony,
The Lawrence Journal prints the follow
ing beautiful tribute to the memory of the
late Judae Thaeber, front the pen of his
long.tlni- friend and fellow cltlisen, lion,
V. V, Woodward!
And still the morning sun doth rise, in
Prinking the early dewa that gem the
Sitll, mid the trees, the matin song is given
Ot joyous birds, long wont to see thee
All nature glows, unconscious of our sor
row, Hailing with glad acclaim the morn'.s new
birth ;
Sun, grass, ilower, bird, shall greet each
new (o-morrow,
Though tholuest oul tlialt mm away
from earth.
When in the silence of tlio dews of morn
ing. Thy life, O friend, exhaled in tranquil
eut that scarce faintest termc gave
Th' hour supreme had dawned of life's re
We could but question of that grout tran
sition Which takes ihto henceforth fiom our
nurtul sight ,
To what maud far on realms., on what new
Han thou gone forward, itravUlug to
ward the lisht:
Mfill' ANII HIP UltA.MA.
.Too Cawlliorn Is pi i-ii p the mullence
at Hit ilrnnd this wetk in ltl new comedy,
"A Pool for t.uck" T' 1 1 v seems full
of pinmlrs for the ie.nn actor, whose
popularity ns a snpi"'tng comedian li
The P-untUle Mirror i nuthorlty for the
statement that Be Well Moppet nn so
nirresftfiii nn Taljlsff in the recent open
air production of "Ihe Merry Wives" at
SarHioim, that lie is fhmking of securing
Mr. I'tsnc'" .-enet-j an.i .t.ittime, nnil ni
pearlng in ihe thiiraitM this coming sea
son. It hit heeh Mr. tletiper'i ambition
for some time to Iw. emt associated with
ihe legitimate.
The current number of the Dramatic
Mirror publishes n portrait of John Cmltt,
lth the following complimentary notice:
"John Craig ha been a prominent mem
ber of Aiigutln l)slt' company for sev
eral years, playing both in New York nnd
London. The story gor that he was liorn
111 Texas, nnd spent nil his youth on a
ranch, seeing his first play 'Vlrglnliis,' by
the way, with l'redfrlck Warde in the title
tolr at the age of 1' He was a member
of this tragedian's company In a small
capacity lor n while, and then went with
the Mnct,CBH.Prtierott combination, in
which he was rapidly promoted hs his anil,
lty rexesled itnelf Mr frslR Is et a
jnting man, tine looking nnd well suited
to Shakespearean fole, although bl" nblll
tc are hot confined to that line or parts
lit any mean, lie will continue with Mr.
Baly nett season."
There vn" rt verv Interesting demand for
seats esterday for the engagement at the
Conies ncU week of Charles l."rohman,t
company In "The Masqueiaders" and
"Stowing the Wind." "Alabama" tickets
for Ihe Clrand next week are also In de
mand, AMKUH'A.Ns l Altr.
No Nation That tllti- Jtnre In the Itrnutl-
fill 1 lut it Hurt,
Prom the Two Itepubllcs. City of Mexico.
The NaciowU, which 1 a Mexican paper,
much read nn.l much liked bv Americans
residing In the republic, in IH comments
on the ill-natured nml pletitlc attack
of ihf Correo Kpanol upon the t'nited
States, does great Injustice to the latter
It speaks of auditorium, ble but not
beautiful, and of tad statues, nml conveys
to its readers the impreselon that the crltl
clm of the Spanish aper were Jipt in
the main, nnd that the Ametleans are ma
terialistic, ami not artistic. Mexicans Ren.
erally cone'der themselves members of the
Batin race, nnd appear to Imagine that
therfore they must be artistic. The ques
tion moy he permlttetl ns to the artistic
nature of the people, but, if they are nr
tlstlc. they do not lcriv thi gift from
the Latins. The Jlomnns. during the
twelve centurlco ot thir domination, were
conquerors nnd lawgivers atnl engineer,
but they neter clcteloid a single artist.
The artistic nature of the Italians comes
from the Lombards isktvons), of tho
Prench from the Kelts; of the Spaniard
from the Vandals, Visigoth nnd Arab
In no instance was It Inherited from the
Romans. The American have an enor
tuou admixture of Keltic and Slavonic
blood In their vein, -and It would be con
trary to nntuie to suppoof that they would
be lnartl.-tlc, and altogether material. As
a matter of fact, thee two race. have In
fused into the Anglo-American race art
feeling of the very highest character. The
Americans of the dined States have de
veloped a comprehension of the beautiful
far In advance of nnvthlnc which the old
world can show. They liavf created a
new style of nrchlti-c'ural decoration, a
new principle ot enameling ller. a new
art of Jewelry, a new . ompiehension of th
artistic qualities of wool, new and pro
found systems of using metals decora
tit clt.
They have done for wood, for metal, for
stone and for .stucco, what the mot ad
vanced nations of Burope have done for
textile fabrics and wull papei.-. The Amer
icans do not dt ii that tho work
of other nations 1 bt aiitlful. Thev are so
strong and so sine of th. imele that they
eult In the merit oi others, not thinking
or any rivalry, not dr. aniing of anv mate
rial consideration, but only happv in the
thought that the beautiful I so well com
prehended by so main. There i no na
tion that lltes more In the beautiful than
the American. Then i- no nation that un
derstands better tin revelations of the
beautiful gien by the gieat world of nat
ure. There Is no nation that has trnnslited
the Jmpies-ion.s Of tho soul into perma
nent work of the hands and Intellect on
so broad n scale as the American. The
literature of the I'nited States lin not
kept up with its art progles. has been
unfair to It an.i prejudiced against it, be
cause) the literary tenteis, p,oton nnd
New York, at,- dominated by Lon
don, which in many ways is the literarv
center of the Knclish speaking races. It
may Mirprl-ie many to learn that tho wood
carving in th- auditorium spoken of so
contemptuously by the Naclonal stands
unrivaled for beauty and ortglnalIt of
design and for perfection of hundlwotk.
Many Mexican saw it without seeing it,
for the eyes ee only what the mind knows.
When the Mexicans cense to copy tho
French in all art matters, they may be
come ns artistic as the Americans. But
so far they hate done nothing original.
Inhabitants, of one of the three heautlful
lands of this earth, they have produced no
landscape painters worthy of the name,
and their figure painters hate been mero
Imitators. They may be artistic, but they
have nut shown if, whereas the Americans
whom they dc-pNe have given their proofs.
And one of the most interesting facts In
their extraordinary outburst of creative
power in the Cnited Stnte.s is the leading
part taken in 1' by the Irishmen who havo
nobly unstained the Keltic reputation of
an artistic natme of the highest type.
Did Not Violate Mie l.-ur.
SrnHh Walker, of Wnrrensburc. was
brought to the city under arrest yesterday
on the charge of selling whisky without a
government lit t nse. He was arraigned
before Commissioner John M. Nut hols and
discharged. The evidence showed that he
was selling nine and elder and had not
violated any of tho revenue laws.
all ot i:k .Missonu.
Edwin Milton Roylo, the author-actor,
vtas "raised" In Lexington.
Fifty charter members will organize a
Modern Woodmen camp In Lexington to
night. ChllHcothn will entertain the state aso.
elation of Missouri Photographers next
Carthago will havo goventy-tlvo repre.
Kentatlvup on the Knights Templar trip to
Eleven Inches In circumference Is the
Carroll county stundard for peaches this
Bev. Moses V. Payne, for whom Howard
Payne college wa named, Ih dead, ills
funeral took place at Booheport, Tuesday.
The presence of a. pension examiner In
Carroll county makes some of tho old vet
erans fear that they are about to be Hoko
Clrer.e county will vote next month on
a proposition for a 2 mill levy for two
years for the purpose, of building a new
court house.
Colonel Bill Crawford, who has been a
resilient of Grundy county all hit life,
took his nrst ride on a rullroad Wednes
day afternoon.
The tomato cannery at Lexington began
work Thursday, employing 150 hands. They
probably tackled that twenty-nix ounce
tomato the first thing.
Ash Cliove Is to enter on a series of re
vival meetings Sunday night, and there
may yet be hope for somu of those, oat
yield statistician, down there.
Sheriff Wlnti-is. of Trenton, will presum
ably be entitled to il.SM) for his sutccssful
laiilure of the Oklahoma train lobber at
Splckar.U the other day. Rewards to thut
amount were ffi red.
Sedulla's patrons of music are to give.
Miss Nellie Siiurk, of that clt), a testi
monial benetlt r.t xt week, previous to her
departure for Jterllr, where sho will com
plete her musical iducatiou.
WiHo county, la., is said to have had
a female sheriff under similar c-lreum-etauees,
ten jeurs before Mrs Stimuli's re
cent uppolntnient Tho lutter. by the way,
lias decided not to be a candidate for tlm
nomination at the coming Republican con
vention The I'uHl-Iilspult h dubs Lexington the
"AtluiiH uf Missouri " and says it has the
li'putsulun of bring able Io show a gltnler
liunil.tr of beautiful women in pioportlou
Io the population than any oUn.-i town
In tin state.
St. Louis, a (cording to the setnl-nnnunl
I etui ns just complied: In the cilice of tho
uriilid kit pei of records und seul, has I.W-.t
kniullIM of Pyihius Kansas City haa 2,1 (i'i,
Kl Joseph bus 56, HprliiKllild has It'J, Hun.
llllwl has 17. nml SeiJalla lias HIM
Two "blue IoiIkis," a Royal Arth chap
It r, I'osihal ctni.uikildnry of Knluhts Tem
plar, and u chapter of the Baste in Star,
aio financially Inteiested in Hi" new Ma
sotilo temple at ctillllt otlic, the corner,
stone ol wblt b was laid, with most Irn.
piestdve ri.ieiiiGi.ti, TtiUfStlay
Lexington N. ws IVniiul Missouri Is
gaining t ousel, ruble imputation us the
liom.i of sivrul young ladle who hawi
adopted stage tar.trs. Among them are
Miss Kate Alilt-s, of Kulalla, a, charming
socloty girl, who U to be a prominent
member of Lillian Russell's op. m com
panj in xi mhso! and Miss N,u i n Uil.
son of ItooiiMlit a i oosin of b'u't Treas
urer Stephtn- who i- In play Hoi'u- In
Rhea's MOtJiii lion of "Jose-nhlue '' MIsm
I Gibson t,usse.ea unusual histrionic, talent.
to Mitrittsi: riti: unit.
Clilrrtgii Knight t'onttriirllng t'n1iiie Con-
From the chlcflgo Trllninc.
Side show me now the rage among the
Knight IVmptor, who In ten rtns will
begin their pilgrln ge to the Hub.
The reixirl of lavlh etpetsllture and
Motel detite- for tlit nmu'ctirent and as
lonlslimvnt of the tiettite of Boton and
vlsilng ttek-gstes me spurring Chicago
ttnlghis to make Uielr showing stiperhi
tttetv inimitable The California delega
tion's pet binr, ttulirload of frulls and
wits?, and mild gold lmtlur, win not be
a (IrcutnMnnce to the novettUs which the
Chicago Kirights will produce. None of
these. hciHcter, will be mude public until
the Chlcogo men are "on Io Boston."
ChMlrmun Hitchcock, of the triennial
comnrlttee of the Apollo column nder, has
received a deluge of inquiries from
Knight it all parts or the country ask
ing for piece tf olive twig nnd sprats
of c-spn gnMieied by rii Apollo retire
st-ntatlve in the garden of llethsemane.
Accwiqiantiiic thl unique bouquet, per-fiim-t
with t.,p orrl imported from Alo
liaeo. f a fue- 5lm1b- of Ihe ciisloms re
ceipts and urns-ml ctedemlaW or the gen-uiner.'ss-
of the eoiive-ntr Other nlllnct
lve Mjiivrlilr anil enrd are being con
structed nnd sent on to BoMou. One iwrd
lsart twet.'ty shndes of green. A pretty
copper metialHtui with nn assortment of
nvtlc lellers on ono Mile nnd the title
or the Apollo commander on the other
will be glen out to Ilo-ton Knights without
eYplanntlvli, At the clte of the conclave
a eomiiaiMon pice will be lttuel retenlmg
the meaning of the- mystic ehameter.
chairman Hitchcock has been given plen
Ipotentlnrj imwer by hi rnmmahdery to
make the Wet showing tnslble. No ex
lenj. via i up nretl and the Ingenuity of
the whole oommmndcry is lietng itmcen
trated on the biggest thing they can think
of. All sort or odd nnd timusltTg devices
are being mad in Chicago baement nnd
out-of-the-wnt place-, tine grewsotne ere
ntlon le too large to he taktn out of the
ctoorwny of n pnclou, bnement nnd a
imrtltion wll) hnve to be removed to per
mit It exit. The women are also nt work
and are preparing souvenirs to surprise
their brothers.
The St. Bernard eotnmnnderv will send
about a hundred Knights to lioston and
any quantity of clgnrs mid wine. They
will bo escortetl by the Thirteenth Regi
ment band, of Hnmlllon. (Hit. They villi
stop a few hour nt Toronto en route.
Some bnlf a dozen othi r eommiindertes
are making preparations, but nro wot king
Tlio Chicago delegation will bo met
Monday. August 'JO, by the Boston com
matiderv. nnd escorted to their several
hendquarters. There was shatp competi
tion between Chicago rommnnderlc to se
cure choice hotel accommodations In the
Bub, and, by the wny. It ta onlv by ac.
cldent the Apollo commandciy secured the
refual or the Parker house, and this was
nearly a. year ago.
Boston I particularly friendlv to the
Knight, nnd will outdo ltelt In the way of
nlectrlcal display and decorations. Per
haps the finest etectricnl display will he ot
tho Maonln temple, Tremont and BoylMou
streets. The lofty architecture of the tem
ple will furnish splendid Imckgiound for
decorative effects. The bal or the Illumi
nation will be a mammoth Templnr cross
elghty-Ilve feet squnie, with a instance
ncios the outer face of each wing of
seventy feet. Thl will cover the entire
face of the Tremont street side of the tem
ple, and will be outlined with a double row
or S13 red and white lights. In the upper
wing of the cross will be the cros nnd
crown of the commander. This will lie
fifteen feet squnie, anil Us outlines will bo
marked by l.t ted and white lights. Tho
space in tlio center will be occupied by a
Salem cross, IT,xl0 feet: In this ll'i yellow
nnd purple light will be used. The em
blem of the consistory, the double triangle,
will be shown In the right wing of the
Templar cms. Tills will be illumined by
e-lglitv-e-ight red and frosted lnmps. and,
like other designs, will alternate in colors.
Work Done I'pon the New Public Library
Untitling Accepted.
At the meeting of the board of educa
tion lat night, the foundation and base
ment story of the new public library were
formally accepted, the work on them hav
ing been completed by Contractor W. W.
Taylor. Ills last artount, amounting to
$I,J30U, was oidercd paid. The entire ex
penso was Jli',fv in round numbers. Sev
eral minor apiolntmentH were made:
James Jackson, night librarian; Winnie
Kasley, assistant night librarian; Chatles
Stewart, Sunday llbiarian; Oeorge Osborne,
n.-sKtant Sundav librarian: Bleanor Mc
C,ee, assistant week dav librarian; Frank
Mastln, messenger. Miscellaneous bills,
amounting to !'S M. were oiderod paid.
The boa id will meet next Tuesday even
ing to consider bids on the sitpei.-trticture
of the new library nnd supplies for the
a costlv itiiii:xci:
Will He Unlit nt Tttinly-ririli sireet anil
1,'tlit Ate line by 'I boloas M. SpolTortl.
Mr. Thomas M. Spnfford, a Tennessee
capitalist. Is having plans drawn for a
f.7),'") tesldeiicc nt Twenty-fifth street and
Lydi.i avenue. He has decided to make
Kansas City his home and will mora Into
his residence a.s soon as It Is finished. The
ground was surveyed yesteidny. The house
Is to be an extremely handsome one of
unique design. At present Mr. Spofford
nnd his sister, MI-"s Spofford, are stopping
at the Coates House. iMr. Spoiford Is tho
owner of large plantations, in Tennessee,
Mississippi mid Louisiana and much valu
able propel ty in Nashville and New Or
leans. He 1 the son of ex-Cnlted States
Senator Spofford, of Tennessee, nnd a
nephew of Amos R. Spoffotd, librarian of
I'abl to soto lledii;- Anilll.tcil.
Mnurloo L. Sullivan had $2 bet on Wedge,
field, which won a l.ie-e nt the Inlying
park on Tuesday, with odds of li to 1
against him. After tho race the- judges do
tlared all bets nil tor the tenson that they
believed that Blown Dick, tho favorite,
had been pulled. Sullivan was not satisfied
to got his money back, but demanded all
the ticket called for. Payment being very
justly refused, he yesterday swoie out a
warrant in Justice Spitz" court, chaiglng
the bookmaker fiom whom he got the
ticket with petit larceny, nnd Constable
Vaughn went to the track to seive an at.
tachment. Bather than be annoyed with
Sullivan. Bookmaker Bob.-rt Turner paid
tho ticket, and the case was dismissed,
Turner could not havo been compelled to
pay It.
'I bet Itlooiners Oltl Not t'oine,
A crowd of fifty s-.id-eyrd young men
stood outside- the en-ranee- of Turner hull
lawt night. They htid been attracted there
by this sign, vihlch hud been conspicuously
displayed during the week:
"A good' thing push It along. Bloomer
ball at Turner hnll."
Tho utig men waited nnd waited, but
the bloome-is chat they longed for never
cnm. Th dance wa a "flle." It was a
failure in every respect. Kansas City peo
ple do not bellnvo In snob gatherings, and
thy .showed their elisanproval by staying
away. Only threw couple-s were present at
11 o'clock, anil non.- of them vtr-ie in the
"costume do rigueur" of tho ball,
Judge Pobson'H division of tho circuit
court has adjourned until September .'.
Y. rinkoton, a druggist at No. D00 Bast
Twelfth street, yesterday forenoon set lire
to a pile of rubbish In the lear of his ding
store and caused a false alarm of tire.
William Gilbert, who was fined heavily
in the police court a few months ago for
disfiguring plate glass vtlndowa on Main
strict, was urrestod yesterday on tho
chaign of vagrancy,
A wan ant was served last night on K,
J. Schubert, a milk dealer, by Health Olll
cc r SV. J. Phillips. Schubert Is charged
with selling Impum milk. Ho gave bond
for hli nppcnraucu In tho police court to.
Terrance O'Brien, lined In Justice Haw
thorne's court Wednesday for disturbing
the peace, has betn granted a stay of
judgment for sixty days by tho court, and
was yesterday released on bond from tho
county jull.
A unlit load nf excmslonlsts from Iowa
ami .Missouri points wus In the, city yeste-r.
day. en route to Kansas, At 9 o'clock the
train, composed of ten cars, departed for
Hiawatha, Sabetha nnd Seneca, Kas., oyer
the Union Pae-lllo loud.
Sirs, Chagnon, an elderly lady, who lives
In the Y M. O. A. hulldlng, on Kast Ninth
street, was knocked down by a wagon at
I'le-venth and Walnut streets yesterday,
while aitcniptlnt to cioss Walnut btrt-tl.
She sustained a cut neurly two Inches In
length under the right eye,
J. Kelly, a dairyman living at Twelfth
and Olive streets, has been selling milk
that contulns less thuu 3 per cent of solids,
suys. the board ot health. Br, Waring ex
amined u (tample of Mr Kelly's milk yes
terday, and wll piostcute him for not
complying with the law regarding skimmed
Secretary Kesslcr, of tho park board,
made n tour of Inspection of the land
which Is Ihe siln of tho proposed Pcmi Val
ley yesterday utteruoon. Ho was accom.
panic d by Councilman Olson, who Is Inter,
t sled In the luoject. Mr. Kesiler will tc
port the icsull or his Investigation to the
park board at its next meeting.
ANiMi". oi Tin: i lour iu:i.mi maim:
I'I'ON MA.ll'V It. .timr.Ni
111 Opponent Hunt tn Name One nf the
Klrctloii t'omiiilloner-.lli liJtrel-
li-ncy Itm he Muny lellers
and t rlli a few.
The lenders of the warring factions of
Ihe local Democracy are making prepara
tion. for the struggle Unit will occur nt
one or both of Ihe meelltic of the nemo
cr.ulc county committee to-morrow, Marcy
K. Brown ilecktied irtrtday thnt he did
not believe the attempt Unit Is tn lie made
In the committee room by his opponents
to dept e him from the chairmanship of
the commlMt will Ie successful. He Is
confident that Mesrs. Shelley, Shannon,
O'Neill, Ctartier et nl will not be able to
Induce a majority of the committeemen to
vote for their echerno.
While Chnlrnmn Brown Is expressing
confidence In his ability to hold unto the
rlmlrmnnshlp, his opponent nre confident
ly announcing that he will have to go.
The fact that Marcy K. Brown I nble
to keep cloe to tSove'rnor Stone lui nn
gercsl many ut the men who have
been cistlte members of the push
that hn been running the liemocrntlc
party In Kansas City for several ents
pnt. Thev would like to h.tve something
to sav about the npisdntmcnl thnt the
governor will soon make The appoint
ment that they nre -nrtlriitnrly interested
in 1 the eerond IieiiToeratle member ot
the Hew citation hoird. It I well known
thnt Becorder Arnold will be the presi
dent of the boird. and th" nntngonlsts ot
Brown have given up hope of preventing
hi appointment. In view of this Lift
they want to name Ihe other Pemocr.it.
The following spisMnl concerning the do
ing ami saving of Governor Stone while
In Washington was received last night. It
will be observed that In the cortelK)nd
ence ho bus carried on with Hemot ratio
lenders In Kan City he ha not written
to Commissioner Shelley. A close lend
ing between the line. will enable the read
cr to discover th- governor's attitude upon
mailers of Intel et to the people of Kan
sos City, nnd especially to the men at the
liend of the different Heniocintlc faction.
Washington. Aug 15.-(Special.) Gov
ernor Stone last night nnd this morning
received n, general shower of telegram
rtom Knnns City. In fju-t the governor
ri tired about 2 o'clock this morning and
before he hinl rounded out the Hist pe
riod of slumber, he was aroused ami the
bell boy with a careless tone announce 1
the arrival of a message. The governor
In due time accepted the s-nme nnd de
voured its content and within n half
hour another message arrived nml it wen
"sent up In true heartless Washington
fashion. The governor responded gtullly
to the pounding at Ihe door, which proved
to Ik? the bell boy again and nothing more,
Willi a message from n Kansas City friend.
The governor at titst. In a burst of rage,
Just equal to the task of arousing him,
announced in no uncertain tones that he
did not enre what It was, he wanted the
bell bov to let him alone. And, quite tic
customed to thl. the boy skipped careless
ly down the hull, but before he had gone
far the governor called him to come back.
True enough, another message came from
Knnas City, thus meeting the first ex
pectations of t governor. Just here
there was no further hitch in the proceed
ing. The governor mnde the bell bov un
derstand that to arouse him again with a
message, or especially one from Kansas
City, would be followed by making holes
thiough the door.
When the governor got out for business
this morning ho found ii hot full of mess
ages that had accumulated and ho went
nlf to a quiet corner nml proceeded to
read the tale of woo and fitful excitement.
It was nil about Ihe light being made
on Marcy K. Brown, Hying to get him
out of the place of chairman ol
the Jackson county Bemocrntlc
committee. The governor was ln
foimed of many points of danger and
urged to do mnnv things. He took tho
matter under solemn consideration and be
fore leaving for New York this afternoon
he sent n message Io Police Commissioner
Fyke ami another message to Recoider of
Voteis Arnold. The governor suggested
lo these two gentlemen some things to
do to hold things level until he could leach
Kansas City, next week. At that time he
promised to take the matter In hand for
The governor also stated to-tlnv that
when he leached Kansas Cltv next week
he would settle tho matter of coal oil In
spector in Kansas City. Whether or not
lie should reappoint Butner, will be deter
mined upon, and if decided In the negative
whether or not he should appoint Fied
The governor will also next week ap
point Becorder of Voters Arnold piesldent
or the election board and nlso select an
other man. Thiee of the silver delegates
known to bo old-time friends of the gov
ernor ured him to-day to select as the
third member of this board 1'iank (1.
Johnson. The governor did not Indicate
what he would do, but promised to calm
the troubled waters next week sure.
Will Go lo t.onn .link,
A large pirty of Kansas Cltynns will at
tend the picnic at Lone Jack to-day. The
picnic is an annual atfair, commemorative
of the battle there on August 15, 1S03. The
line groves and springs near the battle
field make it an ideal place Tor n picnic,
and, as n lesult, there is Invariably a
great outiiourin,, of farmers and others.
The picnics always have a political tinge,
hence the presence nf many party chiefs
nnd their followers. The Knnsas city dele
gation will conlst of Judge John W. Wof
cord, Marshal J. B. Keshlear, Sherllf John
O'Neill. County Clerk T. T. Crittenden. Jr.,
Judce B. L. tjcarrltt, Frank M, Ixiwe, Mar
cy K. Brown, William Hng.in, John Sulli
van, John Tobin, Councilman James Pen
deigast. Circuit Court Clerk llenrv M.
Stonetreet, Joseph Mercer and M. W. An
derson, of Independence. These gentlemen
will leave for Lee's Summit this morning
bv the Missouri Pacific road, nnd on their
arrival at that place they will find con
veyances to i arry them to Lono Jack.
i.NTLitsr.vi i: picnic
Will Do Held at Oiin of the Parks on .Sep
tember 1 1.
A huso Interstate plculo Is being planned
for one of tho Kansas City parks by ihe
seven local camps of tho order of Modern
Woodmen nf America, It will take placo
on September II. Excursion ttnlns will bo
..... fa..... nil n nto In I'.igf, r,i TiT.tnciu n.1,1
till .llt.lt ,1,4 ,,,.,,. t ... ........... ......o .,,
iVestern Missouri. It ts piobablo that the
: ,.n.1....A ..III t,A unii. z f.lO
tteblttin .iimnuun. . . a i,i,'ui
attendunco will be some o,W).
on c:i:m:kal siii:miys p.vrm,
'Hie People or Rite County Will Hold n
Mounter I'le-iilc
Fnlted States Marshal Jo O. Shelby nnd
John Sullivan will leave for Burdette,
Bates county, to-morrow morning, to at
tend a largo plcnlo to Iw held there under
tho auspices of tho Order of the Modern
Woodmen of America. Tho plcnlo Is to bo
held on Genoral Shelby's farm, ami he Is
tu act as grand maishal of the day.
Tho olllclal forecast for to-day Is: Mla-souif-Ge-nerally
fair; variable winds. Kan
sas Pair; probibly slightly warmer in tho
eastern portion; southerly winds.
The highest tempcruturo he-to yesterday
w.ih S3 degives. The lowest was C3 degrees.
Following la the iceord of last night's, ob.
Station. Bar. Temp.
New Orleans '.!! M
Galveston "i"' &S in
Cincinnati ;'"
I "hlcnuo
St. Paul ..
Concordia .
odgo City
Bismarck ,.
Helena ....
Denver ....
39 ill
St. Bonis
, .!.
Ivunsas City ...'."J'.'J
A Dhl.Ulitl Declared,
Tho clerical forco tn I ho office of John
Berry, receiver of the National Bank ot
Kansas City, are busy preparing schedules
and vouchers for tho IS per cent dividend
deolaied yesteidny ut Washington by
Comptroller Bckels. As near as can be
estimated the dividend will be available to
the depositors and creditors ot the bunl;
about tho first week In Sopteniher, Thu
second dividend declared by this bank
makes a total of 10 per cent to the ci edit
ors nnd Is, a most satisfactory showing.
Depositors will eventually bo paid In full,
Kalamazoo, Mich., Aug. 13. Mary C. Kir
stance, S3 years of age, was killed ami her
betrothed, Jacob We-slover, was badly
bruised in a runaway accident here to
night. Miss Jennie Westover and John
Unlink, who vvero also In the buggy, were
thrown out ami bruited. The horses be.
came frightened at some unknown object
ami sturted to tun. The wheels of the
i an Use, became caught between street far
tracks and the pavement, upsetting. Miss
Klratange's skull was fractured and she
died Instantly-
D H I V JL"" K -em""''"-"""0-.
Boirlltig tnltro-'t hive had my pet
cut tulTrd, Mr Van allies. Don't you
think he look natural? '
Van Wiillle-"Citn't that I do."
Bonrdlne mlslres "Why not?
Van Vt allies "Heeause he wn never
stuiT'd when he was alive." Brooklyn
Should a. maiden with eight millions
Wed our Dr. C Depew,
That would be a combination
Quite tilnrmlnir to the view;
For, ns money I a talker.
And ns Chauncey he talk, lop,
Just think or nil tlie talking
That this twain might tt y lo do!
SI. leouls Post-Dispatch.
"What do nil this stuff about wotual
surrr.ige mean?" little Danny Grognn
asked, looking up nl his paternal parent
from the morning paper.
"It mean." said Mr. Grogan, "that pret
ty soon no man will be allowed lo vote ex
cept ihe women." Cincinnati Tribune.
I have a little maiden friend,
Who never, never plays;
She's most sedate and prim, and has
Such quaint, old-fashioned ways;
She never dt cams of romping round,
Or pla.vlng tom-buy tricks;
She' such a quiet little maid,
And her ngc I .;. Puck
"Dear me," said Mrs. .'liver, "another
summer season Is upon Uf."
"Ot course It Is," replied the copper cent.
"Docs that worry vou,"
"A good deal. I do hope It won't get
away this time without my becoming en
gaged to one party or tho other." Wash
ington Star.
Alex "Bow many kinds of waltzes do
you know?"
May "About a dozen, I think."
Alex "And your favorite?"
May "The sitting kind, off In some quiet
And ho took the hint. New York World.
Many housewives, especially those blessed
with a laundry, ate finding Saturday a good
day for the washing. It is necessary to
have a. good hot tire on that day, of coure,
and the baking can go on at the samo
time ns the clothe arc boiling, thu accom
plishing dual service fiom one lire. This,
of cciure, 1 not possible unless tho laun
dress comes In from outside nnd the mald
ye vnnt is released from tho wnshtub. Aft
er the v ashing is finished there is always
plenty of water for scrubbing, and after tho
tubs and boiler are put away, the stove
blacked and doors of pinches, kitchen and
laundry scrubbed and tho baking ritine.
there Is a blissful thought of the' dnj ot
rest that Intervenes between the hardest
work of thu week and Ironing day.
The new woman of France may not bo
anxious to shoulder a rtlle and serve In tho
army, but the government seems to be tak
ing the demands for emancipation of tho
sex seriously, a measure Is proposed thnt
provides that hospital service and all other
labor not included in tho cnrrvlng of arms,
such as the making and mending of cloth
ing, cleaning and carctaklng, shall be dono
by women, and that these women shall b
drafter under similar conditions- that pre
vail In tho conscription of men.
Cotton may be distinguished from linen
when ono Is buying handkerchiefs by moist
ening tlio tip or the linger and tuesslng it
to the hnndket chief. H ft wets tnrought nt
onco it is linen, while it any cotton enters
Into Its ninnufncttiie it will take several
seconds to wet through the tin cuds. Also
In linen tho threads lire more uneven than
in cotton.
Though contrary to the usual practice,
night air will ventilate ,e cellar more thor
oughly nnd cause less humidity tlmn tho
hot air of midday. Open tho cellar windows
at sunsot nml leave them open until ti In
the morning, nnd tho nlr will be cooler
and dryer than If the cellar Is closed nt
night nnd open during the day. Tlio
sci ecus or grating should bo arranged thut
the windows can be opened and closed
vtltliout moving them.
A enke of magnesia is a good friend to
the economical woman In these days of
many light frocks. Rub the soiled spots
on both sides of the goods when tho dress
or waistcoat Is taken off. and after ailing
bang away with the magnesia still theie.
When tho dress Is wanted agnln dust tlio
magnesia, off lightly and it will bo round
to have e-arileii uvtay pait or the soil and
to hide the rest. A light dress thus may
be kept immaculate in appeal mice several
days after It otherwise would havo to go to
tho cleaner.
Tho plain wicker chair which has nl
wnys occupied such nn important place on
tho summer piazza is not regarded with
the same favor this year o.s other seasons.
It is so changed that not even its best
friend would recognl.a it. The wicker
chairs most In use on verandas are painted
hi an artistic color and made with a seat
cushion. One which h.i lust been sent to
a summer house up the Hudson Is painted
In a peculiarly esthetic shade of green
cretonne stamped with n conventional de
sign of white flowers. Another artistic
chair is painted .a delft blue nnd tho cush
ion ts coveied In cretonne, showing the
white and blue delft coloring.
Magistrate (severely) "Vou are charged
with kissing this vnitng lady ngulnst her
will, nnd on the public hlghwuy."
Prisoner "She was In a bicyrln costume,
nnd I mistook her for my long lost
Magistrate (briskly) "Discharged! Call
the next case." Tld-Bits.
Such a nice, quiet neighborhood
They had just moved into one of the
new, spotless, shining, "no children al
lowed" Hats, and the agent was delighted
with his new tenants. Such nice people!
So refined nnd quiet! They would be sure
to rnisa thu standard of the building not
a dog or cat In tho family: no musical In
struments, and tho lady af the house had
assured him sho hud no children.
Before he had eaten breakrast the fol
lowing morning his Joy received a setback,
und by noon ho was In- despair.
First one of the other new people in the
fiats dropped In. then another, und still
another, until all tho families hut one
bail been represented, and they were
unanimous in their complaints or the noisn
matin bv tho children In the Hat of that
especially nice couple
So the agent went, and his hair stood on
end when lie heurd tho. noise corning from
that flat. But, when- he knocked at tho
door It suddenly subsided, and when thn
woman appeared she was so calm ami
quiet looking that he hesitated, and his
rourage would undoubttdly have weak
ened If ho had not seen a couple of child
ish faces peeping at him around the door.
Thnt settled. It. Ho gathered his forces
together and began tho ntbu-k without
delay or quarter.
".Madame," he said, with what ho be.
lloved to be a withering glance; "Madame,
I thought you told me you had no chil
dren. Whose are these I see?"
"Not mlno." she nnswerud calmly: "I
have none, but my husband hus six." New
York Recorder.
According Jo the Print Republican, Mrs.
Shipley, of Pratt county, Kas., who be.
lleves in aitlll'-Iul Irrigation, planted a
gallon of peas this season, ami already she
has taken from the vines seventy-llve gal
Ions, which netted her H5.
Jones "I don't think Mrs, Bettcrdays
ever enjoyed her money so much as she
does now "
Mrs. Jones "Why, she lost her money
some eais ago." '
- Jones-"True. but It has supplied her
Jince.'rutii Wplc of cversatlon ever
yT'TnfTif iaii ,;flrifriiiiii iii i
,a,4H.. A-ftt.-1 jg-v$r

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