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. '
inr m. 1.01 n t It i u inimtti a
Utlttl.R'.s lit (Olllt M.sll.lID.VV.
iMi'i mim: iitr.u iiiinti s mint .
ylf.VHI lilt Mll.l: I HACK.
tin- I'llrinhiiiil Park lllijilr Meet lii-nitl
lestrrihiy Willi ii Lute .Mil ml Hit i-
iinii nieh ci i sport- niu mid
(allMUIIU Wl'lp 1(! 'lilt,
The bicycle races opened at IMInnnuftt
I' nk i csterday with n big crowd, il,.nl nu
ll - w. other nmt sport of (hi- highest ehar
i t r Tho contest were close and ex
tr.ri.nly Melting,, and the lime mn.lp was
i ! r tlmn looked for, particularly m the
ink was soft from I he mm of Thursday
II r hi
I. D... Cabanne and r. J. Titus, ns ex
r i.il, were the slam of thp day, parry
ing ill before tlipm In the open class It
- To wind up the day'ii racing Pa-
I t np rode ft mil- against time with a
I' mi- start and succecde,,! In breaking Hip
u I s rcrord for n quarter mile track,
f ilng Ihp distance In 2,t12 2-B, Junt threp-
II h iA i second better than tho previous
it ..i I heldTjy"Ha,iy Tyler. It Is a world's
r -ur I
'i ii- won thp big race of the day, the
in open, rlns H, with Cabahne second,
n Hi. fust tlinp of 2.10. In the mile tan-
n 'veht Tims and CAlinnua won n they
I i d In 2 II, and In the mile lap rnee,
1 1 H, thry rcorpd nparly nil the point",
II lilng first and second In pvery lap hut
H Tint. Wlipn fiilmnnp hioko the record
t r i mllp the rrod went wild over his
i it performance and cheered him lo tho
r I r.
1 1 ip clnss .V honor were divided between
J Docker, of Kan City. J. A. Wood-
I r or Ottawa; XV. F Hberhnrdt. of Sa
il" i nnd Rrnest Stnde, of St. louls, pach
t ' - hom won a tlrt. W A. Terrlll won n
tlit In the 2'23 class H tape. Sam llocker,
II ill Wood and Art Hrunner werp other
' j! riders who secured second or third
1 rl7cs.
Thp rnln had Ipft the track ho that It
was Impossible to run thp preliminary s
In th" fori'tioon. so It wns 12.30 o'clock bo
f .n the starlets appeared on thp track
fir the tlrst preliminary heat of the mile
n vi p rnrp. 'J he three men to qualify wers
T P Ashbrook, C. L. Tuiiiit and O. tl
l.K irs In the second heat Ted Armstrong
tlnivln .1 tlrst, with II T. Forbes second,
mi I . llalllw.il third. In the third he.it
1 (win Oucnther was. lirst, with John II.
R. k.r second, an. I ('. i: (.'rumor third.
Th. Iltinl proud to he most exciting The
l r- werp Will h tint lied In the bnck
h i i.h .in the mum! lap, when He. ker
nn a. ross the tr.iek njid nearly Ilu.w
'ii. rook. also for. Iiik two or time otlun
t. -I .w up or tun nut of the eouise Heek
er wnt on nnd wen the rjee liiuvllK. hut
a pr.t.st was llled against him. and after
n lull luveKtlcratlou Into Hip merits of the
n-e the judKKK iliKiiualllUd Ilecker anil
I'll, .d the men iih they tltiNhpd, fle. ond,
tli ft I and fourth. movliiK eioh one up.
The second eent on thp entd 'was the
nul. open for . lass II rider, and ervell
inerrlj to iho the ipiallty of C'.ibnnne and
Tiiu Cabanne won the tirt he.it as he
i' i". I. with Kinnk Vlnur, of St. I.oiiIh,
n hi I, Iletb Ood ot K.mcas citv, third,
an 1 A. Ten til, of S m Fran. Iseo fourth.
In ilu second heut Titus won e.isllv, with
C S Vell, of Sin FtanelKCO, second:
Jim.- Iey. of ("hi. nsn, third, nnd S. M.
no. k. r or jnnts Lity. roiirtn in me
tin ii whUh wns p i ed b a tandem rldrlen
b i ftebenschled nnd Hen Howard, Titus
jiimpid and cnuht the tandem, closely fol
low. I bv Cabanne, and the pair of team
jni us led from start to flnlsn The tnn
d in pulled out on the last lap, and Titus
.in 1 ('alinnnp Ilnlshc 1 w.th a meat burst
t spud, the former secral lengths In
f i in
1 he third event on the card Was the hair
ltiil. open for ilass A tldeis, in which
tin re was srent Interest because a number
of loi.il men were to take part in It. Jt
in- run In four h- ats, with only two men
1o qualify In tacit heat, and this rrnde the
l.ci- hustle all the time. In the tl i -.t hint
J ! IIoPl.fr. of Kansas f'lt tumped the
b.in h on the last lap and ftuished thlrtv
irK In front of (' V. Whltacre, of St
.1-- r h In the second h at time was.n
die I l.etwctn Hert Htu ketl, of Dlathe, nnd
V Plxlev, of Omaha, and after a hot
full I Pixlej beat hfcn out. J. A Woodlief,
-f iinawa. a very fast man, finished flrM
In Hi third heat, and Frank Eberhnrdt
wii. the other man to quallfv In the
f mill heat A H Hughes, of Henvtr, Just
1 it out Rert Hardlnit, of, St. Louis. In
th. ttnal Joe Hoi ker was badly placed and
ml I not ?et throiifjh, Woodlief went to
1li. front after three laps had be. n run
,ii ' won vi ry hundllv. with I'ixley se. ond
nn 1 H.itketi third The time, 1 ., marks
tl . t.ice as an excellent i rformani . .
T . two-mile hindlcap. ilass H, proved
t . I a rattling Kood race, Titus and t'nb
I ii n and all the bat k mark men decline I
t m irt, thinking thej had no chanc
t ii lloikcr set injst of the pace, but
il n it came to the ypilnt at the nnd
'l v " Maxwell of S' Iiuls sprint. d
v i from his hell with th" greatest ease
won in a walk n'tuatijl spciklnj:
.1 i I'oburn, of I.'.uN was sei ond.
ai I Mm llocki nit th' th rd priiiH
I h. tlfth cu t w i lb. 'J .r, mile, i lass A
ni i i. suited 1, i Mi r hot com. st b
t ii the fHt 1 men In the first
h I" E rdwooo r ilrnnd 1-d.ind, Neb .
w i lirst, with On l 'abjnno. of St
T pcond. and 3 Talbot, of K msas
t third In the oi.d heat W. V
1 i, ih.irdt. of Balltta, won, with J, 3
1 lierer, of St Louis -, eLnd. and Tom
ob irn. of St I.outs, thli.l In the third
1" it .1 A. Woodlief, of Ottawa, was first,
w ) r 8 Smith steond and A F, I'alm.
c ,Mnns C(ty, third The final was a hot
i . In thi final effort nn the st elshth
I i rh irdt Bot too much speed tor the pir.
t ii.t takine the ,ad as they swung Into
tl 'TcKh, he won very cleverly, with
i , .lb f second and CJoode 1'nbanne third
I In sixth eent was the mile race for
i in . ins. There were five starters and,
n i in itter of course, Titus and fftbnnne
w 'i j- they pleased, boIiije to the front
s n after the start and setting all the
7 i. There was a hard struttstlo for sec
rill honors bftwein Uaeey and l(vy, of
nl i,iO, nnd Art nnd Walt Iliunnor, of
K.iiihas Cliy, thu former seturiOB It by a
whe. 1 s leiifcth.
I. vent No, 7 was to have been a. team,
rn e at one mil. . and there were originally
line tea nit. enter -d. but the SI I.ouU
t itn could not Mart on ur count of an la
jurv to Fred Ilattersley, while the Otnulia
t.utn was protpited on the ground that
I n I I'dttood dil not live In rim ihn hut
li Urund Island. The judires decided that
I'dnoml could ride as a menihet o' ihe
Omaha team but ttiev would not ride un
der protest so the Kansas Cltv Pj cling'
to itn f on. posed of Joe Ho. ker. J "red C'amp
l. II and Emil Ili'-liman. had a walkover.
Tl-.v took turns In leading, llocker finish
Ins llrst In two laps, Campbell m op nnd
Ti i hmun In one.
Tie luxt race was the one mile. 2 85.
.li I! and as this shut tho rro ks out
tl -mall, r (ry if c.n- I) men hud a
Inn" Tho first heat was a rather slow
ri. and was taken bv 8 II JIo ker, of
Knn-,t Olt. with Jlerh Wood, of Kansas
i'iti, second. James I.evj of Chlcairo.
Ihli I and C I. Holes, of Denver, fourth
The M-eond heat went to V. A Terndl, of
Km Francisco, with John rv.uiun ft Hi
Lous second: Art Hitinnr of Idttsas
r third, and Lewis f'uburn of Bt Mills
f'lirth In the final b.lt Terrell sh vied
his suneriorlly over the field by wlnnlus
r taslly when the final strunttle cmne
Jfirh Wood Just beat Art Hrunnrr out for
S' ond place and Sam Hoeher dropped out
for i-oine rea-on and did not exert h'mself
to act a pla e.
The ninth i ai on the card was the most
Important class A event of the iluv. thp
p il- open There was a larite numlx r of
st triers and the race was inn In three
Ii, it- Tn the first heat Woidl'if won
with Ilardlnir second and llmrh. tdid
Th. soi ond heat went to It. rt Ha k'lt
with W A 1'lxtey second and M x Lilnw
thltl Tho third boat was ca'itund b
.1 . lloeker. with Krnest Stade sfiot.d and
Finll Iiathman third.
'lie final w is a hot rare f-oni start to
n ti i - ti . and w. market! b an aiel.tenl,
w'i h aus d by IIuKhes tolnjr to
t ,.l llxley out of his place behind the
tat Irin On the back sueuh wL.ii th
pi i w.r- 1 din the thlixl Up. Huth. s"
wl I nn inl i thai of I'lxl at. i b th
w.t si.illcl On the laa lap I. . Ilu. kr
J n i . ( ih. bunch with a u.iudeiiul spilm,
li' I '.iking the pole, he hi Id It to (he i ml.
vin.iin- li u-verdl biiKths la Ruod inn..
!. n lljullnif was second, and lien lloik
eu th nl
1 1 oiu mile Up race for class It war an
cili r ft k. Jt for Tltu an I I'll.. nine
Il ' v ' M ixw li was allow, d to n -fle
1 1 ip list in th l)rt lap. but f it
ih -t l two era ks went to inc front ant
bad (v rjtnlnf; their own way, .Maxwell
would hsAr Won lltltd prlise If he IWd not
i't iel awn tm k and 80t outrtdp Ih
Urn t of lVi jards. Tnlr! pines weht to
ll.rli Wood he belwi th. only man t
r a point who was ithln the reii'lrrd
dKiam of Ihe Under nl the finish.
'Ihr in' rmlriK inpl with the thr
mile hut i ip for cla A. This was run
In two h.ats In tin tlrt heat ten ni. n
quallibd with Abx Inilna Ih front, and
hriiesl (Hade second In the second heal
Ihe sympathies of ihe . mwd wer All With
little Heine Hebehrchled. Who 11 from
tart to nnish and tftofi his neat in flood
stvle The nnal was a good contest. He
benschled a8ln led tnt most of thft 11-
intirs, hut lit bunt h flnsll eaufltit him
I" nun on well, but In the sprint oh the
t lap. Krnst HtBilP went to the front
and won handli, Ale? Lalnit. seeohrl, and
Tom cViiuirn, third lUbPhgehled flnlahed
fourth, cioje tip.
The faelnfr was marked hj a nttmber of
serious Hceldpnls Iipw rnbnrn Kot a bad
fall Jut after crosrlnfl (he tape tn ft heat
in which he qualified. He struck ery
heavily, ami on examination II was foun.l
that his collar hone was broken. In th
mile, class A. rap, Fred Mattereley not ah
ualy fall nn the Hek stretch, and bv a
singular coincidence the Injury he received
W Ih" breaking, of his collar bone, flood'
Ciiltantip and C It. CabanhP also had fnllf.
and thtre were a numbpr of spills but
none m attsndpd with serious result.
Durlnir the nfiernoon, lawrpncr, the fn
inaim trick rldpr of (.IpneVn. N V,, enter
talned the spictators with a fine exhibition
of rents which were Bltojielher wonderful.
Ills work Is inartelnus.
Sumtnarlrs: . .
one mile. novice-Find heat T P. Ash
brook, Mrst, O. t.. Turner, sectmd, C K.
Llvars. third Time, 2-3. 9eond heat
Ted Armstrong, first i It T. Forbes, sec
ond; W. Ilaillnell, third. Tltnp. 2 12.
Third heat I'slwln Oupnther, first. John
H. Heeker, spcond; V. V. t'ramr, third.
Time 2 li Flnnl-C. K. Llvars, tlrst; ('.
K, ('ramer, second, 11. T. Forbes. iiird.
Time. 2:!M 1-B. John It He. ker finished
first In the Until, but was disqualified far
roullnR T. I'. Ashbwok
Mile open; class 11 first hent-L. D.
fabnnne, first: Frank Wlnif, s ioihI, '.
V Happy, third; W A. Terrlll, fourth.
Ttme, 2 28. Second hent -F. J. Titus, first;
t S. Wells, seeond: James Levj, third:
S. M. llocker. fourth. Time, 2 "7 Final
F. .1. Titus, lirst: I. P. C'nb-tnno, second;
G V. tlncey, thlrrl Time, 2.1U
Half mile open; class A First hpnt
Joe llocker, lirst. (' F. Whltacre. second;
Time. 1'22 Second heat Hert ll.icket, first:
W A rixlry second Time, 1 i' Third
hent-J A. Woodlief, first. W F. Ilber
har.lt. se.-ond Time. VI 2-1 Fourth
heat A. II. Himlies lirst; IVrt II ir.llnij,
second. Time. 1:17 2-". Final J A Wood
lief. first, W A rixle. second; Hert
Hnekett, third. Tltnp. 1-03.
Two mile handicap; das It. O. A Mate
well (ITS rds), first; John W C'obiirn
(2i yards). Hecond; S. II. llocker (230
jar.ls), third. Time, 4 21.
One mile; 2.3.1, class A. First bent T.
n I Id wood, llrt. Ooode Caliatipp, second)
J. A. Talbot, third. TIiiip, 3 m. Second
heal W. F Hberhatdl, lirst; J J. Hech
prer, second; Tom Cobtirn, third. Time,
2 S9 Third heat J. A. Woodller, first, C.
S. Smith, second, A. F l'nlm. third Time,
3 10 Final W F. niwrhnrdt. Mist; J A.
Woodlief, second; Ooode Cabanne, third.
Time. 2-17.
SIIIp tandem V. J Tllus nnd L. D. Ca
banne lirst, C. V Dacey and James Levy,
second; A L. Urunner and W. J. Hi miner,
third. Time. 2 12.
One mile team tnee Class A. Walkover
for the team of the Kanstts City Cyclists.
ioinpoed of Joe llocker, Fred Campbell
and Huill Ila.hman
One mile-'.' 2.".; class R First heat S. M.
Il0"ker. first, II. C Wood, second; James
Ley third; time, 2 2 Second hi at W A.
Ten 111. lirst, John Cobiirn, seiond, A. I.
Hruniier, third; time, 2.2S. Final W. A.
Terrlll. lirst; IL C Wood s.cond; A. L.
Urunner. third, lime, 2"0 4-!i.
One mile Open; class A. First heat J
A. Wuodllef. lirst. Iter! Har.'ini?, second:
A H Hughes, third: time. 2 in Se. ond
htut Hert Hacketl, lirst: W. A. Plxley.
second; Alex Lalnff. third; time, 2 VI Third
heal Joe llocker first: l.rnesl Stnde. sec
ond; 11 nacliman, third; ilmi, 2.41 Final
Joe llocker, first, Herl Harding, second;
Hert Hnekett, third; time, J.20.
one mlle-rLnp raie: class U F. J. Tittls.
9 points; L D, Cabanne, 7 points. H (.'.
Wood. 1 point; time, 2 111-5. o. A Max
well finished lirst In the first lap, but
failed to finish Inside the limit of 100 yards
of tho lender, anil lost his place.
Three miles Handicap; class A. Flrsl
and second he its were run toKctlier. and
ten men qualified. In Ihe second heat
there were eitiht starter, and live nuali-
tled. Final 12rne-t Stnde, tlrst; Alex
LalnsT, second; Tom Cobtirn, third; time,
7 13.
I lue FriiLirniotuo for l o-dnr.
The proKramtne offei.d for to-day Is nn
even better one than that of yesterday,
and there will douhtlesa be a: tremendous
crowd out to see the r.vces. Titus and Ca
banne will have more chances to distin
guish themselves, and the local men will
Bo after some of the prizes.
Following Is the programme' One mile
opi n, cl.iss A. two mile lap tine, cities It.
one mil. handicap i l.iss A: one mile jjold
brick imitation, clas B; hnc' (under 18
ears) half mile op. n , one mile otan, clas
H, two mile lap laci, class A. three mile
handicnp, cl.iss H. one mile land' m race,
class A. two inili t'.im race, i lass H (thref
riders to a team); two mile handicap, clas
A: consolation race, ilus A.
Now York Atlilctlc Club Has Not llirnd Oat-
sldo 3lcu to Coiiipetw With the
London Team-
Npw York, Auk 3i --Referring to the
t-tatement puhllslml Irt the Fall Mall Cla
Kctte and cabkd to th Associated 1'iess, to
the i fftct that most f the m tubers of the
I. ndon A (hi.-tic Club t am which Is Bolnu
to meet the New Yotk Athletic Club In this
city, are professional athletes hired for the
oi c.islon, and that the sanie is true or many
of the members of the NVw York Athletu
Club's team. John C, (lullii k. tecretur of
the latter oiKanlssation, said laM night'
"W'f have every leiipon to believe that tin
team of the London Athletic club is fullv
up to the standaid of that organization,
wnleh has endiavoreii to select the Ihji
competitors at Its command to represi nt
ihe ilub In the various iveiits that ate lo
occur here
"As to the New York Athletic Club, Ihe
statement that ve hue been compelled to
hire professionals to compete Is equall) ah
surd and untrue This club has taki n pains
to secure from anions Its numbers quail)
Rood men to meet our Knwllsli eompetitou
Wp have never, in any xense bought up
men lotouiptio in us uenair, anu -viij one
of Its team Is a duly electel member of
the tilth. There are no lnqulil's pindlnu
as to the antecedents of anv of its ie,im
and the stall ment In the Fall Mill Oazttte
to the contrary Is absolutely false "
ItcmilU nt hi. Louis,
Si Louis, Mo , AU8, 30 To-day's r.iclnn
at I' air Association paik atuieteil th.
smallest crow I of the meeting. Tht tro k
was In it tearful condition, and the radon
very uiiinteristlnit. Fin otitis In th lliti,
snond und third events won, and 1'ia
Dluvold. a heavily pliynl set'oncl ihotee,
In the llfth race, won the money. In the
fourth rme Haiuio Helle. an l to I shot,
cut Irom 2tr, under stiff plaj lii by pluint
eis, cirrled olT thi prli. . em the whole
the bouks fared liadlj. Summaries:
First inci Selling: seven fui longs. Pic
aroon, 0 iu 10, won, Wahntchte, 7 tn I, slio
onrt; Kl Iteno, 6 to 1, third. Time, l ai.
Second lace Selllntt; four and a half
furious. Lou Jon. a, 7 f S, won, Hellu
Sleude, 4 to 1, second; Fred Kosttr, 10 to 1.
third Time, 1 n
Third rate lu rse: six furlongs Llzxetta,
li to 5, won: Llnnette, 12 to 1, second; Em
pera, IS to 5. third Time, lilies.
Fourth race SelllnB; four and a half fur
Ioiims Ilanno Helle. g to 1, won; Carrie
c, 15 to l second, Huiinonj, 3 to 1. third,
Time, u 59Vt
Fifth riue Purse; six furlonifs. Fra Pl
avola, 9 to I. won, KUroy, i to 1. second;
Haroldlne. 10 to i. third Time. 1:11.
Winner nt I.imiImIIIc.
Louisville, Ky Aue. SO, The weather
was tlireatenluu to-duy. but despite the
eoiidltlon of the elements, Ihe att-ndanee
was larger than on any previous day, be
lli over S.ooa it rained, but not hJtrd
enou(h lo affect ihe Inn k. wlib h was
fast The fields w.re udtain luree and the
finishes txdtiiiR Thu post favorites won,
llagn.r and La Creole, alt'ough thu foimer
opened at S to 1 Summaries
First race Six ftirlona. olive. 4 to 1,
won; Mir.- Woodlands, 6 to 1, second; Sell
ka. 3 to 5, third. Time. I 15.
S.'iuinl iaie Five fuilonus, sellllitf Hi lie
Of I'ui'iHiHiii. 1 10 1. won, Feast, 4 to 1, sec
ond: Laura Colta. 15 to 1. third. Time, I OS.
Third rate Mile ami seventy yards, ell
inif. Huaner, even, won; SIIro, 10 to 1,
snond, The I'rlluess, 2Vu to 1, third. Time,
1 47(
Fourth lace- Four and one. half fin Jonas
Sapphire. 8 to I. won, Churlo Sullivan. C to
1, Lic-eoiKi; Itobinson, t to 1, (bird. Time,
Fifth race Seven furlonas. Ia Creole. 3
to 5 won: Masiir Fred. 7 to 1, S'coud; In
terior, 10 lo 1, third Tlm, l&h
lilt tv O'llrlcu I'nilir Airmt,
Hoston Aug V Dick O'llrlen, of I.eals
ton Me has b en arrested by police of
dlvUlou No i mi a variant chui'Kiii-: b'L-i
with enaauinv in a prUe Uht at the old ai
mory on t Newton street on W"durUy
eveniua ll was arrested just before Cup
tain Hill Palv declared the Oodfrey-Cfaoyn-tkl
fifcht on He was taken to Eaiu l)cd
hum -tr.et station and nba-i I li et on
l' Sri bid A Warrant elurln J.. ulr.,tt
w ih on ollonsp MmlUr to Ollr'ms in
befii sworn out, but Wai ott eanuot b
MM 11.11 I.I I HII.V IHI, 1:1(111111 AMI
Ihe Itlitrs .Made Hip Must IHI and I'leldpil
Well but ( 1111I1I ut lluurli 1 hrlr
lllls liiilllitiiipolU Mini
l'mni vi. I'nttl.
rielrott, llch . Ana. 3fl!prrlft1 ) Jimmy
Mnnhlnu'a itisllers were defeated by 11
patched up team this afternoon, The
Wolverines were lurk In bunchins; their
hits, earninc five of their plant runs. The
HIup had hard luck and althoutth they
oiitbntted the loPrtls, their hits were so
b-idty st'ttltered that they avnlled but little
In the run Belling. HuMnond was sick and
Twltieham wan sent to Ihlrd base.
Blfoiilhers. who has been laid off at his
own 11 quest, warmed the betu h, Campnu
eovpitfiK the ImR, Parson Nicholson Went
out for prai Hcp but was compellul to ie
tire In fnvot of lenrs. With a ernxy
quilt Infield, the Iietmlts mnnnfred to
humble the pride of the Missouri prairies.
Gayle and Oovd nnd Hastings nnd Herjren
were th opposing Imtfctles Neither side
manuRcd to Bend n man around the lse
path until the third Inning-, when De
troit garnered two runs. Newinnii, who
led in the uniting With four lilts In live
tlmps at the bat, opi ned the third with
a base slttjr, Jumping Into the nlr to meet
the ball. When Diiukuii drove a slnirlc
to right Held Newman sprinted to thltd,
bialihg Ihe ball by an pyelash. Vettcr hit
to Ilastlnas, who riimhled the bull, but he
?:ol It to first In tlim Newttinn scored oil
he phi, Hoyd rouleil lo right Held.
Twlnthatn sent a liner over third and
Uungah catne home.
In their half the nines were tetlred In
easy fashion, a fust double play hastening
things in the fourth inning Mchol re
Pliunl Ilemoil, who wus sent to lh beticlt
by ManiiKer Manning t'onnaughlon Hew
out, but Fred Carroll si nt ft homer ovir
Ihe feme, scoring the first run. Hunky
lllnes came next with a single Kinsman
hit to Oillen and n bad futnblo lost it
double play. Nli hoi sent olio to Twlueham,
who caught lllnes nt third. Hatfield Sent
a grounder to Vettcr, who made a throw
to the plate, Oa lc inn out und sloppid
the ball, preventing n possible put out.
Nlchol was 1 aught hetiveen third and
home and tho side wi nt out.
In the Hfth luiivgun was passed to lirst.
When Vettcr hit to Klusmnii, he llr.-d the
ball to sei ond to nip Ijungan. but the
throw hit Samniv In the puck of the bend
nnd both men were stufc. Hod sent them
alotis with a sacrlHe Twlmliam hit to
Ilntlleld and luuigan was retlr. d at tho
plate, nillen got a hit nnd si ored Vutter.
Then the visitors came Into Ihe gamo.
Hastings bit n grounder to Oillen. who
tlitew wild to lirst and the batter 11 ached
h .-iiii.l. Manning droppid a nop hit behind
Pi ats. Ilergcn gavp Twltieham an easv
pop up. Manning tried to steal second
and was catiKht ten fi et fioin the big,
but he dodged thrm'ch a crowd of lie
trolters, und ao nobodv was lift to gitnt.l
first base he got bin k In safi ty. Kllng
was at thlid, lunnlng for Hastings, but
ho was afraid to run In Cat roll hit foi
a. slngln nnd Kllng and Manning scored
Velter hit sure In the sevmlh. I'ovd
carried blm to second with a sacrifice
Twlnihnm got u rlbioaster and (lllb n
fouled out, Campau put the ball over on
the boulevuid scorltm Vettcr and tlelng
the game. For Kansas Clt Ttetgcn sent
11, high lly lo Newman. Connaughton inndi
a pietty one to Htt. O15I0 tiled anothi r
hall on Can oil and saw It swatted ovir
Helen avenue, lllnes cime with another
hit and Connaiighlon mid Carroll skmhI.
In the eighth a. tvvob.igger by Niwmau,
Kinsman's failure to stop n thrown ball
nnd a fly out to the left Held scored two
runs, nnd In the ninth Hastings became
an easy mnrk. Oillen and Cnmpuu tote on
doubles and Peats lin. d out a scteumlng
single, two runs crossing the plate.
The score:
A It. Ii. ID. TO. A. V.
Newman, cf 5 2 4 r u 11
Dungai), If 4 I 1 " (1
Vetter. rf ." 2 1 1. 0 n
f!ovd. c 1 0 0 4 10
Twlnehum. 3b 4 fl J ft 1 1
Oillen. ss .....a 12 0 2
Citnipau. lb..., r 1 2 7 1 n
Pears, 2b S 0 1 1 4 n
Gayle, p ...5 0 0 0 0 0
Totals ,40 K 12 27 "a
A.B. K. IB. PO. A. E.
Manning. 2b f 12 3 2 0
Hergen. c 5 0 1 fi 1 0
Conniiiighton, ss 4 1 1 0 8 n
Carroll, rf 5 13 10 0
lllnes. cf 1 2 2 10 0
Kinsman, tb 5 0 1 12 1 2
Hellion. If 10 0 0 0 0
Nit hoi. If 1 0 1 1 1) 0
Ilntlleld. 3b I 0 2 2 .1 0
Hastings, p 1112 9 0
Totals 41 "5 il 21 15 1
S.ore by Innings'
Detroit 0 0 2 0 10 1 2 28
Kansas Citv ., ... 0 0 0 2 2 0 2 0 0
Gamed runs Detn.lt ', Kansas City fi.
Two base hits -Newman, Oillen, Campau,
.Manning. Carroll, Nlchol.
Home runs Carroll.
Double pluv Campau to Pears.
lilt by pile her-New mnn, Twinehnm.
Passed bulls Herccn.
Wild pltch-llnstlnirs.
SI 1 tick out ny O.ivle. S: by Hastings. 5.
Lift mi bases -Detroit. 0; K ansae City, C.
First base on ei rui Detroit 1.
Time 2.0S.
Attendance, 1,(110.
Two games will he played to-morrow.
Western Lcai no stiindinc.
Won. Los
Indianapolis ft! 3ii
Kansas City 3 42
St Paul G2 44,
.Milwaukee G3 52
MfiUK.epolis El ra
Detroit 40 JM
Terie Ilattto 44 Bt
O ni ml Haplds 34 79
Indianapolis, Ti St. I'nnl, il.
Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 30. Score:
Indianapolis ..00231000 1712 3
St Paul ,.u 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 03 8
Hntteiles Indlnnnpnlls, Phillips and Mc.
Fat laud; St. Paul, Jitullane and Doyle.
Term lliiuto, 4-llt tHnnapoll, 7.3,
Terra Haute, Ind., Aug. SO. Score:
Ti rre Haute ..20010000 11 g 3
Minneapolis . .00021 004 7 0 1
Haiti ries Terre Haute Naps and Roach;
Minneapolis, Healy and Strauss.
Steoud game:
Terre Haute .,.,0 15 10 0 1 3 II li 3
Mlnntapalls .,..1 0 10 10 0 0 3 10 3
Ham rleh Terre Haute, Ooar and Roach;
Minneapolis, Ulackburn, Fanning und
Nalloil.lt League
Won, Lost, V r
.,.8T M 650
...70 40 (131
...ei 47 tm
,,M V, 65.4
..,.58 48 557
...53 49 551
...5T 50 535
...55 49 ras
.,.51 47 520
...32 85 32s
...34 70 .127
... 80 236
Baltimore ,,
Cleveland .. .
Hoston ... .
liruolilvn ....
Phllad. Iphla
Pittsburg .. .
CI1I1 aifo .,
New York ...
cinilnnatt ...
St. Louts ,,,,
Louisville .,
PliUndslpliia, Hi I'lilcaao. 11,
Philadelphia, I'n., Aug 80,-The I'hllliea
made It three struiaht from Chicago to
day by hard and timely hitting, numbly
tha triples and douhks of Thompson ond
Lucid, which brought in runs on each oc
casion. Parker, the Colts' acquisition from
the Jaiksopvllte. Ill, Western League
team, made his first appearance with the
visitors, and was hit hard ex. ept ill four
InnlOMs Attendance, 4.0J3. ctir;
Philadelphia ,J ! I 1 I II I O-lll 'l
Chicago . . .50010000 0 9 2
H merles -Phllndt lphla I. in 1,1 anil Clem
ents, Chbugo, Parker and Donahue,
.Vow York, 111 t biclniiatl, I,
New York Aug. SO -The game to-day
was ilivul.l of any iuteri'Stliig featuiea Tile
locals went at liHj.T for keeps and won
almost as they pleused Me 1 kin uieiely
lohbed llu 111 over the plate but the best
the Reds could do was-In pop 110 Hies.
Fuller and Jawing phied tine ball. Attend
unce, 1,506, Sioie:
New York , t H I I I I t t-ll'll S
Cintiunatl . ') 1 u 0 11 2 1 0 tv- 10 2
Haiti rles New Yolk Meekln ami Wilson;
C'lpelniiatl. Hwyer am Vaughn.
Ilionkljll, ,'ij l,)i'lllllle, fi,
Hrniikljn, N Y . Aug. 30 The last of
the h. lies with Lnulsvllltt was replet, with
lirllliunt errors The llruoklyns had the
gauu won until the Uitois uent in foi
Ui. 1 1' last Inning, when etiors by (lunijieit
an I Slilndle- ga.e tin CoIoueU the game.
Aitcnduni'e, 1Uli. Score.
ltiooklyu 0 0 10 3 0 0 1 0-1 S4
Louisville .1 0 2 U 0 0 0 0 3i 9 fi
,ui ... . . mj ., ,,M,..LHflL illlil Uill-
Ji, Loulsvill c innli kh.un and Spits
leit laud, X. Itohton, I.
Fnt-in. ig ..a 'II SiHtrb Intt 1
SliMtls li .id at tin
to ...j ji. J taul
rntrcd their vlotori Knell who started to
it h was wild, nnd was relieved bv Young
w 'i was cry pfTtitUP. Hoth sides made
i ii, ti n'.ililp erttirs The baiting of Me
1". in w is a feature TIip gntne was Inter
istug fioin slnrt to llnlsh Score.
It II B.
I'livilind 2 2 0 0 0 0 2 1 112 3
Jlostntl 0 0 J 1 I 0 U 0 01 7 4
linn, rb s i'Ipvpiiii'I Knelt, Young nnd
Zltiiitii r, Hoston. Ftlvclts and (Innzei,
Masbtiigloii, A I. st I.ihiI., i.,i,
Wnshlnglon, Aug s -Washington stnrt
e.1 into ihe gamp with two local men filling
the poltlons of me 'nhc.ru of the team who
Wftc unable to ptav Jim Corbetl snt on
the plawrs' bench and was n st(ctntor nl
bidh is.imrs In which brnllier .loe npnened.
In Ihe Htsl, Ilitckitigham, n local man,
pltcht.l the rli-Pt lnnlhg and thin Ollriy,
another lo.nl player, took his place. Hoih
framis were lost on account of poof held
n K. Kl's work nt short was n feature of
the day. In Hip first Dowd and Khpehnti
collided nnd llrelb nstelh had to replace
10W'1. Crooks wns hit bv n pitched ball,
nnd Hovd took his position at second. At
lendsiKi, 2,Ht. Score:
11.11. i:.
Washington ..10000004 0-5 7 S
St. Lmtls 0 0410000 1-4172
Hiittcrips Washington, Hticklnehnm. OIL
to.v and McCiiHre; St. Louis, Kissinger and
Seeond game;
Wnshlngtoti .....J 0 0 0 I 0-1 f. I
St. Louis 0 110 3 0-f, (1 0
Hattprlcs Washington, CorhPtt nnd Mc
Clitlre; St. Louis, McDotignll and Pcltr..
II illliniire, g-lnt I'ltlsliuri;. 1-0.
n.illlmorp, Aug Sn. Pltlshurg only score.
one t tin In the two piimes to-duv, nnd as
Hip Otloles batted bard they won bolh
contests, IJstier, llawley and llnrt pitched
the Hist gnniP. In thp second game Flus
hing put In Mornn, fotmerly a Sotitltern
Longne pitcher. He was wild at tlme,
and although lilt bard by turns, pitched
well. Attendance, 7.H0. Score:
It II H.
Ilnllltnnre . ,M J! 1 H I Mil 1
Pittsburg .. .000100000-1 14
Pallet les ttalllinorp, llsper nnd liobln
srm: Pittsburg, llawley, Hart, Merrltt nnd
Ma. k.
Second same:
Itnltlmoro .. ..I 0 0 o 1 0 I 1 '-inn l
Pittsburg .. ..n o 0 0 o o o o n o r. I
Italtctlrs Ilaltltnnre, MeMahnn nnd Hob
Inson, Pittsburg, Mor.tn anil Mack.
sutilliprn leii-ue (tames.
Atlanta, Aug. 30. Scorr: Atlanta, C; Mo
bile, 1.
Hvansvlllp, Ind., Aug 30 Score: Hvnn-
III. 12, Montgomerv, 1. The si cond game
to-tl.ty, it deferred name, was awarded lo
Hvansvlllc, U to o, by the timplie.
Wistirn Asni liitloii liaiiies.
HurlltiKloit, In., Aug. SO Score: Burling
ton. 1: Lincoln, 3.
llnckfoid. 111.. Aug. SO -Score: Ho-'k-ford.
5: Dis Moines. 3.
tjiilnry. III., Aug. 30. Score: (jiilncy, 10;
DtilnKjiic, 2
Pun i.i 111., Aug. M. Score: Peoria, 0;
St. Joseph, 3.
'I veil (lnoil illnr,.
The Journal club will pl.iv the Hlms
team, of HvceNlor Spring, at Imposition
l.ark to-tnnrrow at 2 'to. The Hlnis club Is
known as the stroiiircst lub In their pirt
of the count!, wlillo the Journals have
not been defeated in Karens Citv this
.viitr. This game should draw an immense
ciow.l, as an Intel, sting and cloelv con
tested game Is us-iired The Kims club
lias not iiecn in .it'll tins i.ir. except ny
the Joiitnils, at Km cMot Springs jinn,
aucr I'ottei has shown mil li enterprise
In getting this strong attinctlon for rim
diiv Thev have lever plnvid In Kansas
t'li.v before. After this game the Si hniel"r
Hlues nnd Memphis Iloutcs will plav.
The members of the Journal club will
inci t at 417 Hast Twelfth street to-night at
S o clock.
Aolo and Mglitlng lie Do Brilliant Work,
the I, titer litfeitlng i,iiietn
ami Other i!:l 1 I'ratl.s.
New York. Aug SO. Hrllllant trotting
marked the closing clay of Fleetwood
Kiand circuit meeting, Azote turning the
trni It in 2 fiT.H' In an exhibition against
time, while Nightingale, tho 10-Car-old
daughter of Mambiino King, won the best
race of her long c ireer as a enmp.ilgner,
defeating tienevn, Altuo. Colonel Kuscr
nnd other cracks ot the 2 11 class flenova
and Colonel Kus. t finished within ,i
length of the wlnn. r In the last lu.it. Hot
ting better than 2:10. Niehttngnle won
em h mat by nut finishing Geneva, and the
others in tho lionjo sttctch.
AXule wus cltlven b Mclleiny In his ex
hibition against time. Andy McDowell hav
ing gom to Toledo with AIK for a similar
exhibition to-day. The tlrst rpiniti-r wns
ttottid In 30'i seconds and the iccond
cpiaiiir, the fastest part of the ti.icl.. was
coered In i2!4 scconda, n 2 10 gait. Coming
up the hill in thu third quarter Mellenty
cut the lug l.llovv loos-e. He stepped tho
ilistaDue in II seconds faster than any
hot so ever covired the sjmo ground be
fore This eiTt'it pumped Azote, and his
finish was etv weak, the time for the
last milliter Icing ilJ'a seconds. It was
the gi eat est pet'ormnnce on re. old fiom tho
horseman's point of view, foi with the
w.-ather conditions, cold, a bilsk wind
blowing, the track slow and the horse
badly rattled, ho was handicapped mote
than fwo bemuds.
UriKht Regent won the 2.20 pace without
having to be dtheu out In any hent. Skill
ful, ihe faviinte, was distanced In the
opening lound, having cast a shoe. Stim
mailea. 2 J0 class: pacing; purso 2,000,
might Regent 1 1 1
Fanny S 2 2 2
Abel 3 fi 3
Houetta.., ' 5
Clara C 1 B 4
Albert Daillng , !)d's
Vuncott Wis
Tlme-2.im. 2 12't, 2'llW. .,,
2 11 class; trotting; purso J2.K0.
Niirhtlngale... 1 1 1
Qeiiova ; 2 2
Altao 2 J. 4
Colonel Kuser I i 3
Aunt Delilah J 4 S
Lightning 5 r. n
Major. S 7
Ceitrude . o & &
Time-2 Kl'-s. 2 IF-.. 2.09H .,
2 27 class; trotting; purso 52.000 (unflii
Ished). . , .
Lake Krlo , 5 2 1 1
Hell Truxton 1 S r z
CitUnln Vl'hftP 2 18,
Kddle Wilkes 3 J 3
Gleason 7 r. .. 4
Sargent 1-5
Noia L p .S
Memora lor
Skillful dt
Time-. 16'i. 2.15, 2.1S',!,. 2.20.
Ilacii ut lbi Olutlie I'nlr.
Olithe, K.n, Aug. 29.-(Spectan Four to
five thousand people attended the fair nt
this city to-day. DeSoto won In three
straight heats the 3-year-old 2:10 trot, with
Cold Dust, second, and Jim Corbett. third,
flcst time. 2 11 Helle Stout won .n two
stralkht hals the running tace, with Cloo
st -ond and Hay IMtchen third. Hcst time.
0 u2. LliUiie 11. won e-isy n threi sti.ilglu
heats the 2:10 trot, with Whltewood sec
ond and Orace Medium thlid llet time,
2 IJ. Wopella won uasy In three straight
heat the 2.3.1 pace, with, Silver Heir tec
ond nnd MnrKiierlle thlid. A bleyi le pa
rade, with about twtniy-llve l.ufUs und
tweiit-llvu gentlemen of tin Olnthe Cy
cling Club and Kentucky Hltie live, rid
den by Mis Kittle Trotter, and Miss Hex,
ridden b Will F. Ogg, nnd Con F Holmes'
noted siddbis were features that cllclud
most applause.
Kin os ill I'ortlauil, Mf,
Portland, Me., Aug 30. Fully 2.0.000 people
ni'.v the i.nts at ihe Now Kngland Fair
Askoclatluti lo-.lay.
n irni iioiiilnued from Wednesday!
Sliot'fc won third, fourth and llfth heats
and race. Time. 2.1C. 2:181'., 2:10. Judge
Ke, ler won llmt and tecoml heats. Time,
i-M't. 8.H.
2 & not Pullman won tlrst, second and
fifth htats and race. Time, 2.21'4, 2:21,,
2 25. lied Hrino won fourth heat. Time,
2','c. Little .Miss won thlid heat. Time,
.'.l3 pace 9. II won lirst, second nnd
fuuith heats. Time, 2 064. 2:12. 2:1H4. l'U
srlm won third heat Time, 2.101s.
2 It trot (unfinished! enibta won first
In at m ;.J Adra Hell won second heat In
Tenuis Tournament.
The fourth annual tournament of the
pjMnaloit Tennis Club.to decide the (ham.
pliuisuTp In singles and doubles, of Missouri
and Kansas, w. HI begin on Monday Hn.
tilts will be ie. clve.l at 311 .Massachusetts
building until 5 ii. m. on Saturday, when
the drawings will ilokc. The list already
lin ludes plaeis from Kansas Pit, Tnpeka
and Omaha It Is hoped that mire entries
will be reielvtd In tune to make this the
lamest and must olosely contested toiirna
pjent cur held in Kansas City.
Situ Plant Ucn It ice.
San Fiancloco. Aug. 30 Flr.l raco Fivo
fuilougk, 2-idi-utdr Don Plo Pico won,
Cyiene, t.-c,ii., Isabellv, Ihlrd. Time,
Second race Six nnd one-half furlongs.
Favail won, Hifamlner. second; Johnny
Paviie third Time, 1.2214.
Thlid lac-Five and one-half furlongs,
flulilbug won, Olivia, second; Abl p, third.
Time, 1 iJ4
Fouith tace six furlongs' handicap.
Ill o won; Royal Flush, second; Vc-etor,
thirl Time, 1 'i. '
Fifth raec One mile. Peter tbe Second
won, Fred Oardnor, second; Malo Diablo,
third. Time, 1 iji,
Hrllllant Plat lug ut Hip t'nnndlan lnlrr
liillmnl liiiiriiiiiiirnt-.Serl Hrfeils An
ilPMnn, the 11111,11111 l.jprrt.
Queen's RonJ, Niagara on the Lake,
Aug. Sd-tvrfect wealhrr, combln'.l with
brilliant plnjlng, at the Canadian Interna
tlonnl tennis tournament to-thy. made the
day one of the most successful of tha
w celt.
Cirr II Nee!, (he Western champion,
won his win- in the llnnl round ot the fin
gles by defeating F. Anderson, the well
i?wT Toronio rr.idt. In the doubles the
I op., brothers sticeumbed to Talmnao nnd
v ."V" ".h0 "'" "ow meet Wtenn and
J!'L. 'i'" I"""lnn of the hnttdsome
silver trophvofTf red by the Cnnndlnn As-Fis-lnllon.
The Wilkes nip, pnsenled by
Uingdoti , likes, of New York, wns cap
tured by A. It. Hawps, of Hoston, who
Mv.Vli.''1 iA f .M v'n"'i. n. prominent
loronto plner To-duy's scores follow:
M"J! 'ingles-Flrsl round-ti P. neh.
Sr'.N7" orh .,"'al u w- '' Matlhws,
Toronto, by defnult Semi-final rotind-F..
P. I Isther, .New York, beat ,1. F. Tal
madge, Jr.. Hrooklvn. M, t'.-2.
r nrr II. Neel, Chicago, bent F. Anderson,
Toronio, t;-3, C-3.
Men's double, seml-llnnl rotttul T.il
madge nnd Fischer bent A, M, and C. M.
Men's novice, singles, Htutl round A. P.
Hawps. Hoston, bent A. C. McMastrr, To
ronto. 3-C, C-3. d-l, fi-7. C-2
Ladles' similes, first round Miss Mattdp
Osbortip. Pulton, bent .Miss Kdllh Wood,
H-imlltntt, 6-3, I'M.
,..Mr."'. 'ltl.llr Smith, ottnwi. belt Miss
St John. St. Catharine's, fi-2 G-l.
Iliuullcap Uncles D C. Hlsholtii. Bramp
ton bent A. V. .Maraiil. St. Catharine's,
3-t', 0-4. ftC
AI Fechhelmer, St Louis bent A. C
Stnnllvvood, St. Catherine's, t',-2, (1-1
Clrst round F. Anderson, Toronto, bent
T. If Mason. Toronto, K-3 C-2
A. M. Pojie, New York, bent 15. S. C51a.s
co. Hntnlltoti. by default
1". IVIersntt. St. Cntbarlnp's. bat A. P.
Havvcs, Hoston, C-2. 0-3
A. Fechhelmer beat lllsholm, C-3, TA
A. C McMnsler, Jr., bat Oeorgp lllack,
Tot onto, C-2, C-2
, c. i; pHttK. Cincinnati, bent J. y. 0
borne, Hnmlllnn CI fi-2
A C. MeMalrrs. Toronto, boat W. F.
Scott Hrnmpton s-ff. C-l.
F. C Ooodwln, Rochester, beat C. M
Pope, New Yotk. fi-1, C-l
Second round F. Anderson bent A. M
Pope. 4-C, C-2, M
Ho Carries Of! the I'alm In Most of the I
A, IV, llviiits ut Pi terboro. tint.
Pelerboro, Ont., Aug SO. The bright pir
tlcnlnr ttnr among the Canadian riders
during the week's I. A. W. events has
been Longhead, the S.unl.i class A man.
This he again emphasized to-day bv win
ning the quarter mile open elas A, the
mile handicap from scratch and the mile
open, class A Cooper won the two mllo
class IJ, and Drown tho mile. Snminniles:
Mile, novlee, class A King, Feterboio,
won; Lush, Feterboio, second. Time, 2.31,
Half mile hindlc.ip. clnss H Walker,
Pelerboro. 1W yards won: Yonntr. Tnmnt.v
I..1 yards, second: Wells, Toronto, 40 ards,
third. Time. t.OI.
Quarter mile open, class A Longhead,
Simla, won; McKellnt, Toronto, second;
ll.irdncr. Toronto, third Time, 0.31 2-r.
Mile handicnp, class A. Longhead. S.ir
nln (scratch), won, McKellar, Totonlo
(scratch), second; Oaidner, Totonlo CM
i nrds), third. Time, 1:17 2-5.
Mile open, diss R. Drown, Cleveland,
won. Coulter, Toledo, second; Itlgby, To-
ic.ici, cnna time, l-ui
Mile open, class A. Longhead, Sarnln,
won; Gat diier, Toronto, second; Spltl.il,
Ottawa, third Tunc, 2:00 1-5.
Mile handicap, class H McLeod. Sarnln,
(V) yards), won, llernhnrdt, Toledo (H
Sards), fccoiul: Kennedj, Chicago (JO
ards), third. Time, 2 272-1.
Mile tandem, class H. Hrown nnd Cllb
bons, Toronto, won; Haliibrldge and An
derson, Chicago, second Time, 2:10.
Two miles open, class H. Cooper Detroit,
won, Scott, Plilnfleld. second; lillss, Chi
cago, thlid. Time, 1-11.
Windsor It it es.
Detroit. Mich., Aug. SO About 2,500 spec
tator s iw tluee favorites and two out
sldeis win at Windsor to-da. A dozen
runners arrived from St. Louis to-day. The
management piomlses an etia line pro
Kramtne for ne.t week. Weather cleat;
trick heavy.
First race Seven furlongs. Thurnnn
won; Scamp, second; Reputable, thlid.
nine, j.m.1.
Second race Five furlongs. New house
won; Polloek, second; Miss Kitty, third.
Time, l.uO.
Third l iee Si furloncs. Teen May won;
Simrock, bocond, I'cte Kelly, third. Time,
1 2u's.
Fourth race Six fttilongs. Fay Helle
won; Handana, seiond. Duchess of Mont
lose. third. Time. 1 2iH.
Fifth race One and one-eighth mile,
Lester won, Tippecanoe, second, John Wil
son, third. Time. 2 0.1'-
I nl. .In It nt es.
Toledo, O., Aug SO. The weither cleared
up to-day and left the truck still heavy.
All trotted an exhibition mllo In 2 151'.
nnd tommiow will go against lir recoid of
2.03'.. The results:
2:17 pace Trly Hal won second, third
nnd fourth heats. Time 2'13; 2 -0: 2.1C".,
Jimmy Mack won lltt bent In 2 IS1-.
2'3U trot Hen Downs won first, fourth
nnd llfth heats. Time 2.J.";; 2.2.1; 2-.'';J,
Ready won second and third lieats In 2.21U
and 2.25li.
2:23 pa i e (unllnl.-hed) Robert S11kes won
first and je'cond heats. Time 2:17'..'; 2.23.
rI rotting at (.nl. slnirg.
O.ilesburg, 111., Aug. 30. 2:20 pace Cadet
won second nnd fourth heats and race,
time, 2:1G1,, 2 16.. Jarls won first heat;
time, 2:10'.-.. Spheru won third heat In
2.22 trot Fredonla won second and third
heats and lace, time, 2.20. 2.1'j'i. Orlando
won first heat in 2 !'.
2 35 trot Paul Clark won In straight
heats; time, 2 17, 2 I7'i.
2-lt pace Filial won In straight lieats;
time. 2.C7',:, 2.0LI.
Knocked Out In the First Ho unit.
Toledo. O.. Autr 30. A finish llirht be
tween Oeorge Campbell, of Detroit, and
Fmnk Roy, of New York, was pullod olf
In the looms of the Toledo Athletic Club
to-night. The contest wns for an unlimited
number of lotinds but it lasted but one.
The men stalled the lighting nt the sound
of the gong- and It was Just live seconds
before the bell sounded to close tho round
that Campbell received nn ugly uppercut
thai knocked him completely out. Tho
$.V"J PUtsu was nwaidcd to Roy b Jteferco
Hiihch ill In l.iiglaiiil,
I)ndon, Aug. 30 The Hoston Amateur
baseball club tn.dny beat tho Middles.
lHirouiih baseball club b a scoro of I to 2.
ine gumo was wiiiusi-eci ny i,iimj jK'opie,
Two People Killed mid Fifty Injured on nn
l.ieurlim Train in fit orgli Four
Hundred People Alio ird.
Mncon, (li., Aug. 30. Two passenger
coichen and tho combination baggago
and smohintr car of an excursion train
left the tracks on the Southern railway,
between llolteiti and Popes, this morning,
nnd titty peoplo weio hurt and two
Tho killed:
.Mts. v. W. Hancock, of Amerlcus, Oa.
J. A. Kennedy, of M.tcein, Oa
Kennedy wus caught under tho baggage-
car nnd killed
Mrs. Hancock was In nno of tho
coaches, which nlso turned upon Its side,
nnd wai. taken fiom between two of the
Feats of tho ur. Hep spine was broken
nnd idle tiled boon after.
Tho Injuied, with the exception of
Trunk, Heiilturton nnd Fied Von HiKen,
of Macon, mo not very seriously hurt,
their injuilea being confined to cuts
und In iil.ses and broken limbs. It Is
Imposslblo lo explnln the emiso ot tlio
wieck, ns the Hack Is h.ild to liuvo been
lu good condition. Theio woro over 400
people on boatd tho tialn.
Iliiprovi incut at the lloital,
Tho board of publlo works ordered sev
f lilt linproviiiienib upon tha city hospital
Imlldinif at estei clay's miellng, A
clinical room, with bents for IF, specta
tots, was ouiereil built, A new opeiatlng
loom, with a poicelaln lloor, was ordeied
construct' d, and the stois were uidere.1
taken out of tho south ward and slenui
heat pin --il In insltutl This will be tho
baby waul and olllctrs of the hospital In
. nd in have It icady for occupancy be
fore winter sets In
Baking Fiowcla
sAUbsoluYefy luire
Thry Are Putting rnlrmonnt Park In fiend'
IneM for the tlrrtl I'utiry It.ime bhow
sf allies Nearly t'ompletid,
Hundrels of workmen ore busy nt Fair
mount park, putting the grounds In readi
ness for the big fancy horse show nett
week The stables are nearly completed
for the horses and ponies, nnd to-morrow
the big tent for the rigs nnd fancy car
riages will be put up, making the ground
appear like a white tented circus, nnd
when all Ihe Hags am! decorations are
ndded mxt Monday, everything will as
sutne quite n gala nppearnncp. Workmen
commenced yeslcrdiy to get the arc lamps
In shape. There will be nearly KM of these
and In Hip PNenlng the grotnVls will hive
all the brilliancy ot dn. With tho band
Plnjlng, ns music Is tu be n feature of
the show, the grandstand nnd boes lilted
with socletj in lis best c lothf s, the arena
flll.nl with sljlljh rigs nnd turnouts, the
fancy hors i s piradlng up nnd down on
the track, the white tenl and the decora
lions, and, over nil, the dnziding glare of
Ihe lights ngalnst the dark background of
Itnls and hills, tbe scene will be one not
soon forgotten, and one which Is hound
to stamp Itself Indelibly as ultogcther the
most pleasant outdoor feature of the fall
Of the eighteen bores In the grandstand,
twelve havp nltendy been taken for nit
four dns of the e.hlbltlon, ond by Titcs
d ly, ihe opening onjj all will have been
disposed of.
Probably the plineanlest way to nttend
the show, for thoo who hnve carriages,
will be to drive out to Hip park, nnd Into
the cpitter of tho arena, where a sptce Ins
been repirved for all who wish to drive In.
! torn this point the spectators mn sit
In their carriages and rnjov the whole
performance. No admission will be charged
nt the park gate for i chicle, as Is cus
tomary, but only tidml-stun to the arena.
The entries to the show close to-night nt tl
0 clock, nnd according lo S.erelarv Wilcox
1 hey will reuch pleltv close to 4(0. The
lirst horse show at Mndlson Hanaro Cnr
den, New York, onlv had !00 untiles, so
that tho showing here can bo considered
as ery remarkable.
Among the prominent entries received
jeslerdny are the following J. A. Potts,
of Mexico, enters Robert Rvdyk, 2 I3'i,
that held the Missouri stale trotting record
for l-ycnr-olds. John Iong has entered his
entire stable. L. p Calhoun enters a tine
pole team, ns does W II. McKlnney. Mr.
Rice, of Independence, , enters a eoieh
team and Ixiuls Denrdorff a single dr.ver
and prlvntp turnout. Jeff Hrldgrord, of
Fails, Mo. has pent nddlllonnl entries to
the londster clns. Master Rov Merrill
has entered h's famous driving ponv, Ro
meo, probably the smallest Shetland pony
living, nnd .Mrs. 11. c Merrill has entered
for the best lady driver of phneton.
C F. Johnson, ot 0"k.i!oosn, K.i ar
rived nt the park vcsteidav with n car
load of Shetland. Iceland and Welsh po
nies The little fellows attracted great at
tention .is they were led nbout the park to
grnre. Mine. Maratite'le will arrive to
moirow from Hangor. .Me., with her great
combination of sa. Idlers, hunters und
jumpers rust .Montrose, the famous sad
dler winner of the svyeepslnkes at the
wot Id's fair. Is expected to anlve from
Shelhlntt. where he has been on exhlhlton.
to-dnv The other entries will follow' to
morrow nnd Monday and when the grand
parade occurs Tuesdnj afternoon every
thing will be In readiness.
In addition to the prizes nlready an
nounced for diss SI, H Thllenlus y. ster
day added $10 worth of harness go"ods to
the foreman ot the bam whose dellvety
wagon won the medal.
Oklahoma Olllrlals and Attornejs will Ho
Present at the Hearing Iteforo
.liistlee Krueger.
There were no new developments yes
terday In the Oklahoma bond replevin suit
in Justice Krucger's court, nn nccount of
which wns ptlnted exclusively In the Jour
nal jesterdny morning. The bonds are
still In the possession ot Constable Hrcn
nan, who replovlned them from J. T. James,
of Des- Moines, la , awaiting the arrival
of olllelnls from Oklahoma Cll.v, who will
take them back with (hem. Once ncros
the line in Oklahoma they will bo subject
to attachment proceedings, which will be
Instituted at onco nnd which will peima
ncntly nullify the lsuo of the bonds.
A telegram was received yesterday from
Oklahoma City stating that S. S Pierce,
tie.istirei, and H nierholscr. secrctniy of
the Citv of Oklahoma Light. Manufact
uring. Canal and Water Company, the
corporation In whose name tho bonds weie
first Issued, accompanied bv two attor
nejs. will arrive in the city to-day and
argue tno merits of the case bcfoio Jus
tb e Krueger.
When the bonds were replevlned Thurs
da morning and taken into Justice Krue
cer's court room. Mt. James was not long
lu ascertaining w hat had become of his
coveted paper. He at once appeal id In
court nnd gave notice or his Intention to
light the replevin suit, tiling a bond of
$100. Yesterday the nttornes tor thu plaint
Ilf entered a motion fo have the bond In
cteased, setting forth tho valuo of the
bonds ns gre iter than the amount of his
bond. The motion will be heard to-day by
Justice Krucgc t.
Mr. V. II. Wlthernl told last evening bow
bis name came to be oilglnallv mentioned
in connection with tho bull Ho Is a icsl
dent of Wichita, Kits., nnd traded somo
real cstnte to Mr. Jiimcs for the bonds,
upon the advlco of a Kansas City leal
.state agent. lie did not know of the
decree of the United States circuit court of
Oklahoma, declaring the bonds Illegal. Vp.
on learning this, however, ho isited Mr.
James nnd n quested that thev "trade
back." Mr. Jnmes consented to tlio ngree
ment very readily, and the bonds weie re.
tinned lo him, Mr. 'Withera! recovering the
title to bis proper!.
The bonds were Issued In I5JI, to lloit a
dent of the Pity of Oklahoma Light, Man
ufacturing, Cannl nnd Water Company, of
Oklahoma City. O T and were turned
over to Hobeit Klticald, of Mound City,
Kas , i stoi kbolder In thu corporation, to
bo sold. Mr. Klncald was then running a
bank at Oklahoma City He took the bonds
to New Yoik. but before ho negotiated
tor their sale he beenmo bankrupt and tho
bonds disappeared. Tho cannl In Oklahoma
went diy und tho plant of the company Is
now said to bo only woith $lS,mo. In
order to secure another Issuo of bonds,
Mr. 'Wlthernl says, tho parties having thu
(list bonds went before the court and
hvvote they were In their possession Wlnm
the second Issue was complete this state
ment wns found to bo false and olllcers
placed at once upon the track of tho
missing no ii a 3.
'I be llloomi r Maid.
"Where are you going, bloomer maid?"
"To rldo a bicycle, sir," she said.
"Do joii ride man fashion, pretty mild?"
"1 must stiaddle that question, sir," she
said, Hrooklyn Life.
Raleigh, N. C Aug. 20. Judgo Coke, sec
retaiy of state of North Carolina, died hero
to-day, ugtd SI years.
Albion. N. V.. Aug. SO.-Durlng nn ex
citing Republic in rations to-day Oeorge
Sprague, a prominent cltlzen.droppert dead,
St. Louis, Mo.. Aug. 20. Pressed for a
120 board bill fleoigc Doerr shot Mrs.
Apollonla Zlntel In the face, fired a shot
at hr daughter Uertha und then sent a
bullet through his own btalu last night,
I.ewlston, III,, Aug, 10. Alderman Oscar
naughman, Frank Henry and Kills Hrown
were this ufternoon Indicted by the grand
Juiy of Fiillon county, for complicity in
burning the Fulton county court housu on
the night of December II lS'll Haughnian
and Hrown quickly gave bond In 3,omO each,
Mnrlon.Miss, ,Aug. SO, llx-Postmaster
Cieiiei.il HUsel has Joined his family, who
are spending tho season here. Mr. Hlssel
says Ihere Is no liuth whatever In tho ie
port that ho has been ottered the place on
the United Slates biipremo court bench
mado vacant by the death ot Justice Jack
son, Moberly, Mo.. Aug. 30,-Sheriff Marlon
Llttrell, of s,rirlnger, N- ' "rrHed here
to-day and Identified thu man, Oeorgo
Harry, in rested here last week, not an an
accomplice In tho Fraker case, but as tho
leader ot a band of outlawa operating inV
and cirouiid Raton, N, M.
Atchison. K.i3 Aug 30. (Special ) The
remalm. of Mrs, Mnilah Parnell, who died
at Liwrencn esteiday, were biought heio
for buila! to-day. The deceased was 06
earb of age, and one of tho eaillest set
tlers of this section. The town of Parnell,
AUhlfon county, was named for the de
censed und her hiubaud.
Denver. Col , Aug. 30. Senntor James P.
(ialloway, of Montrose county, coullims tho
lepoit of recent Important gold discoveries
in Navujo b.ibln, San Miguel county, u
big strike, having been made In tht Sweet
bent mine, operated by his sons. This
strike is much lniger than the ono mado
In tho Silver Pick two jenis ngo. Foi two
jean, the latter has bteadlly paid from
pj.iiO) to (jS.uOO per month In dividends,
leirolt, Siidi., Aug 30. A special to the
Fiee Press from Rattle Creek. Mich., bays:
To-night, Jack Wilson, a hack driver, shot
his wife and then killed himself. Recause
ot non-support, Mrs. Wilson left her hus
band last June. This evening Wilson went
to her rooms, dragged her from the houto
und shot her Ivvtcc as she ran. The first
bull missed her, the second struck her
behind tho left ear, and came out of her
eje. He then put the revolver to his right
temple and llred, killing himself Instantly.
Mrs. Wilson cannot live.
Conllntiiil from Flrt Page.
Cobb A Hnst.irbrook, I!. 1 Haj' & Co., nmt
Kidder, Pe.ibody fi Co. These men nro
the ones who entered Into the contract
with the city to take Ihe bonds The suit
Is directed against Kansas Citv, Webster
Dails and the Natloml Water Works Com-
The petition Is a otumlnous one. tt he
rlns by stntlng that In December. 1WI, tin
Illinois Trust nnd Savings Intik entered
Into n contract with Knnas City to taku
M,150,i) in twenty ptr I'j per rpnt bonds,
nt a premium of J103rt on ich bond ot
Jl.ooO. Then the petition re. lies that tha
svndlcite deposited JI0.i) ns n guarantee
of good rnlth; that the bonds were Issued
nn.l pliced In escrow, nnd thill Hip money
for the purrhiso of them wns In the sub
treasury in New York, nwnlllng a dismiss;
nl of tlio wnter works company's nppenl
from Mr. Justice Ilrewrrs decision. It
slntcs that on August 2C the motion to dis
miss the apical should hne been heard lr
St Paul, but before that date Ihe city and
the water works company, fraudulently
and by collusion, removed the bonds from
escrow nnd delivered them to tho National
Wnter V orks Company.
The band syndl ate now tenders the city
the money held In the sub-treasury lu pi
ment for the bonds.and elnltns thnt unless
the city accepts, or Is compelled to nrcept
It, the stidlcale will suffer Irrcpirable In
Jury. The final plea Is lo nsk that the city bo
compelled lo deliver the bonds, pay tho
costs of the suit and whatever damages
the court may deem proper.
.Mark Twain's Htperlcnccs With Startling
t'olticlilenc. .
A great miny people nro being converted
lo tho clilfns ot mental telegraphy Mnrk
Twain glies a number of curious experi
ences In Harper's Magazine, which Indi
cate telepathy. Among them Is tho follow
ing: Several years ngo I made a campaign on
the platform with Mt. Oeorge W. Cahl .
Ill Montreal wo were honored with a re
ception. It began nt 2 In the afternoon In a
long drawing room In the Windsor hotel.
Mr. Cable and I stood ut one end of tho
room nnd Ihe ladles nnd gentlemen entered
It nt the other end, crossed It at that end,
then came up the long left hand slde.shook
hands with us said a word or two, and
passed on In the usual wav Mv sight Is
of the telescopic soil, nnd I presently rec.
ocnl;scd a familiar face among the throng
of strangers, titul 1 said to in self, with
sin prise nnd high gratification; "Thnt Is
Mrs. R 1 had forgotten thnt she was a
Canadian." She hid been a great friend
of mine at Carson City, Nev., In the earlv
davs. I had not seen nor heard ot her for
twenty years. 1 had not been thinking
nbout her; there was nothing lo suggest
her to me, nothing to bring her to my
mind; In fact, to me she had long ngo
ceased to e.xlst. and had disappeared from
my consciousness. Hut I knew her Instant,
ljsnn.l I saw her so cleirly that I was nblo
to note some of the partlculais ot her dress
and did note them, nnd they lemalned In
my mind, i was impatient for ner to come
In the midst of the handshaking t
snatched glimpses of her and noted her
progress with the slow moving Hie across
the end of tho room: then 1 saw her start
up the side nnd this gave me a full front
view of her face. I saw her last when sho
was within twenty-live feet ot me. For
nn hour I kept thinking she must still be
In the room somewhcie nnd would come at
last, but I was disappointed.
When I arrived at the lectin e hall that
evening, s-oinc- one nld- "Come Into the
waiting room; there's a fileud of ours
there whownnts to see you You'll not be
Introduced ou nie lo do the recognizing
without help If -vou can."
I said to myself: "It Is Mrs. R ; I shan't
have nny troublp "
There were perhaps ten lidles present,
all seated In tho midst ot them was Mis.
It., ns I had expected. She was drobsed ex
actly ns she was when I had seen her In
the afternoon. I went forward and shook
hands with her, and called her by name,
and "aid:
"I knew you the moment ou appeared
nt the leccpilon this afternoon "
She looked surprised and said: "Hut I
was not at the reception I have lust nr
rlved ftoni Quebec, and have not been In
town nn hotit "
It wa.s my turn to be surprised now. T
mid: "I can't help It. I give vou my word
of honor that It Is as I say. I saw oti at
the reception, nnd )ou were dressed pre
cisely as you nre now. When they told
me a moment neo that I .nnnld find a
friend In this loom, jour ',nago rose be
foic me, dre-s nnd nit, jiir as I had seen
ou nt the reception."
Those aie the facts. Sho was not nt the
receptron at nil, or nnywheie near It; but
1 saw her there nev ortholcss, and most
elently nnd unmistakably. To that I could
take oath. How Is one to explain this7 I
wns not thinking of her at the time; had
not thought of her for years. Hut she had
been thinking of me, no doubt, did her
thought Hit Hirnugh leagues of air to me,
and bring with it that clear and pleasant
vision of heibof? 1 think so. Thnt was
nn.l lemnlns mv sole experience In tho
matter ot apparition' I mean apparitions
that come when one Is (ostensibly) awake,
t could have been asleep for a moment;
tho apparition could have been the crea
ture of a dream. Still, that Is nothing to
the point; tho feature of Interest Is the
happening of Ihe thing Just at tint time.
Instead of at nn earlier or later time,
which Is argument that Its origin lay in
A Chicago Sandhill Crane Tint does
Through the Motions.
Trom the Chicago Chronicle.
Animal Keeper De Viv. of Lincoln park,
has g'i'own so used lo danger thit It has
become a sort of dlsslpitlon with blm.
nnd a Hon does not anger him In the least
when the animal chooses to distill b hl1
peace Nevertheless, be has not lost his
regard for the feithercd denlrens of his
domain They touch a responsive chonl
In his heart, and he does not foiget them.
Among the eagles, patrots. macaws, black
birds, robins, peacoeks and ting doves ho
has his faxorltes, and his preferences
change from time to time, and there Is
some particular bird that holds captive
his affections for vvveks.
At present It Is n tall vivacious and co
nuettlsh sandhill crane thit Is training to
go on the stage. Juliet that Is her namo
has let Romeo, her mate Into the seciet,
nnd he seems to think blshlv of her piek
ent talents and future prospects. He has
Implicit trust In Mr. De Vrv, and Indulges
tne lonci nope inui me iteejier win iinng
Juliet out a full-Hedged prima donna ero
long Yestciday the keeper said to tho by
standers: "You have seen the elephant bathe and
heard tho lion roir, and witnessed tho
brown bears pnw each other with friend
ly, shdgo himmer slaps; but ou never
saw my prima donna dance the skirt
All agreed that thev had not. Then the
keener tossed a pebblo at Juliet, nnd sho
coyiy llltted nsldo und kicked thiee Inches
above her head ns a sign for the orchestra
to begin. The orchestra wasn't there, but
that did not mntter. Juliet can danco with
out tier notes &,, spread ner wiiitu wings
with much demurcness, nnd then, with
airy grace sna twisted around and canio
forwird like the tine premier dunseiiso
with a bow, a few dainty steps, a pause,
another twirl nnd a how.
There was not much variety, but It
seemed lo delight the haughty peacocks In
tho pirn.net, and the vulgar crowd, with
standing room only Juliet mado n htt
jesterdny, nmt sne seemed perfectly awnra
ana prouu oi me net oo am iiomeo, wno
diners irom oiner smgo managers in tn.v
his life has not yet been made a burdct
bv nuarrels In the chorus.
Tho only thing necessiry to a charming
success on tho part of Mile, Juliet Is a few
calcium I'ghts with which to give variety
of tone to her "turn" This will come in
tlme.and meanwhile Juliet Is a pronounced
tilth IT Circled O. F. K
Hoston, Aug. SO This forenoon's ses
sion of tho eighth tilennlal meeting of
the grand ihupter of tha Order of tha
l'.astiru Star was devoted to committee
rcnortfc. In the afternoon ihn boar,! nt
ntH'era wire elected for threo years, as
appended Most worthy grand matron of
too general gliinii euapier. .Mrs, Mary H,
Partridge, Oakland, Cal most vvoithy
grand patron. Ilonry H Hinds, of Stinlon,
Mich.: moit worthy atioilate grand mat
ion. Mis, Hnttlo F.wlng, of Massachusetts;
right worthy assistant grand pition, N.
13. (ireurh.irt, of Minnesota; right worthy
secretaiy, Mrs. Lorialn. . of Pitkin, 111 f;
right worthy grand treasurer, Mrs. Har
riet A. llranbrack, of Iowa; worthy grand
conductress. IMna I. Hedges, of Montana:
asboelato conductress, Laura II, Hart, of
Cloudburst In New Mexico.
Albuquerque. N. M., Aug. 30. A cloud
burst incurred last night near San Mar-
Clal. U tOWll Of about HIV) nennlr, n c,.
Sinta Fo road, ninety milch south of A1.SK
buquerque. Twenty houses In tho town
,,v, I...H.;. tuis u lame numiier In tho '
farming uistricts najacent. The loss Is
estimated at tf.000. No )ivea were lost
but about COO poor families were left homei
AniinaUberaos w"uer(ul therapeutic
rwiiiucil discovery since tbedaysof jinner
F" Yifficrs l'"ie. odrops. Price (2dr.) tl 25.
Cbsuilcol Co., WuUmou,JJ. Sondlor book.
," mc
i i r y

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