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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, August 31, 1895, Image 6

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AN l,M I'lll.stlMi I'll'l It 0 ritt. S It.
.11 It lit I DUIN I Wl.llll.
f-orghmn llnjr-llip llilr) low In -omniier
I'll re of tliq (ItiiHliij; IIiik Minimi
n Poultry HnUrri-.fleiiii din
for linert I'i t Nolo.
The following t n pnprr read brfore the
.'nut mietinr of th .Mloiirl nlle
1 ! i. nit in nl So li ty i Senator I'.dwln
I ului, of aml itte rolititv, Ka It l
f i i f Bond (ommon mnrr mtl l the ex
i Hi ni of a Fti i eful rnimer jpe lnllt
v. rnrtllliti r," nn I iitnlettiihd tin lettn
I- m thing vvhleh, nppll'd to the oll, uin.
ti I it( to li. f(t-tllit, whether niih eon
ti tuition omo rrom iiiiin i- otitide the
f ii l!elf or from Its on prmlu. t ri
i it in a to It with or vvltnout rhahifp of
f mi This definition tin lode Ihnt itrent
hi tv of prepnrn lions Known As eonttiler
i i firtlllmr. nil tnlnernl npplii ntlotn,
h n limp uvpiuim, tnnrl, phophtitli"
t k rait, potiifh, Ptc , frtnlile tnumifo,
I i i mi ornnnii lefiur nnd thp proee-m com
m ml known m "ki"'pii manurltiB "
lij ollior tne m thnn thopo noted, fettll
lt i ufti n developed or tti.t'lp nvnPnble,
f m ouiei nltrii v within the ill 1 ton,
lilt, tnolmure, nmli h ntid e-ultlvntfon do
ill - Thiy do It in vnrilnic iimntlt1e, ovv
li v In the (ohluntly vnrjliin lolulltlon
i liln vvhlrh thev opnrnfe An eminent
4i ithurltj him iiilil "Tlllase l manure."
Jim he linit liilifiamed It TlllnRe mn Iip
lit r. alimlii dinti tnnliiitp, ina otitctiiM
II in economy nnd ftroM re null, out It W
in. r.-lv IIIIukp, Jmt the (mine The tfttlrtm
vvhuh It prodiicn dlfT.-r rrom thp returns
pro lured h manure or Mtllltir In this,
that tlllnge render valuable t lenient nl
l til on deposit, so to pent, within th
i nl while f rt lllWfTJi contribute to the oll
cl mmts of r. rtllllx from without.
TIip rotnnioni'st ntnl oldest ll of frr
t I., r l Imrnvtird Immure I'rnlts nml vetf.
tihlis nsiHinJ to lt m lion with ureit
I romptnwM, nnd, so far n 1 know, with
out full Cnminirilnl fertilizers, bo oiillid,
nic produced In ureal ipiniilll tnlllliun
of ilnlhirs' worth nnnimll In u mulittttit
of pstaljllMiinint4 dcxntid to tin lr prop,
nrntlnn Thp lml of nil stn h uipotinN
1 in the main, tim KIhk liouip proiltii is. In.
in line Kroiiml iione, Otlid hlno I nml tank
n. i .Vltrnte of potnsh, mtiatn of soiln.
kill .r liotah suits phosphatp 101k ntnl
in inj other snhstam ps lire nsi 4 ns min i
of the iilttoniii, phosphoric m M ntnl piit
nh wlileh sin h iniinuris ore ililtneil to
li ir tMiinetltnps that ililtll Is iiiikIp with
t mi li sonntliniH without Sometimes n
.In mlc nl minlsi shows that the roinpol
tion of n chcinK.il immure l us r. piepent
' 1, but that It Is I'oiiplid with an lnolu
lulltj whlili iinlllllfa Its hi tlon I'.nn when
Jiontstl tntiili , mnttitri Inl fetllll?"rs un
like liarnjntil in. inure. onietlmi fall.
The (.ssential ileinents of feitillty are
I)tnh, phosphoric mill ami nltiogpn. It It
civ to show, from tlio "tnmlpolnt of the
hnnlt, that tlioe elements me uirrlnl In
h ihle miinure on so smtll a e,ile that It I'
nn epptilp ehlcle foi them nnil to for
th r il. monstr.ite that th inn be up
jilu 1 In iiitiililne mail- fertillers at halt tin
coi Hut the (,'nrili tiers no on nppllnK
pnlile ni.miire just the nine, nil the inn
t of It. ome of them nlo ue chimliil
manures 1k.iI1, but, In the m tin, to sup
plemint not to subslltiile Tor one of tin
mo t Important functions of liirntnnl mi
nine Is not peiformeil b tin inleiil ffriill
r r ai nil That film tlon Is to proilu c in
Hi.. oll frl.ihllitj im.l p. rmeabllltj The
alue of srei n manuring .ilo comes Hrtte
1 if not imlnl, fiom the Improvement It
works In the iiicihanlci! ronilltlon of the
.oil The lltur a soil, which IntUnis to
i-l,i Is reduced, tin h irder It ln'i omes
when otno it Is thoroUKhlj wet ami then
irl. out The iueston with suih i soil
Is not prlmarlli one of feitilltv. It Is u
qiictlon of clods Hut where the putl
ilis of ii htrom? oll ale held npirt b the
libers of dei i itK e7etnble matttr, how
ever vuch tlbei mi hive been contil
buted then frulls and veRetablis thrive
Such soils aie almost alw.ivs rich In thtlr
own rlfslit (i vve sij of wealth women),
and the Riirdener's Kieat trouble Ls to make
them divide up what thej nbiimlintl pos
8i ys nlriadj, lather than add to theli aliun
d ill i Whoevu has had oce i Ion to note
Hi. .ondltlon of n lb Id before taking nn 1
after takiiiK a two jtir1-' inn In clovtr,
will h.ivi t-e. n the usult of lntlmntdv
rnlxiiiu liber with oll And vvhoevtr has
h il oi.ia'-lon to i ultlv lto a Held, -.o treated
to ilov.r but w'thout chetnlcil fertiliser
In runtijst to a similar Held fertllled
jvith i hemluil mnnuie but without lover,
will w under win he cin't Kit the same ud
vantaKe ovt nature In his expeilenie with
clmiiK. lis tint i ei tain authois do In print
Ir Holmes' fiimous remark about the
oilu ltlon of a child "that It should begin
! vi us before lit Is born," iniKhl vvell is
1i ..fills to mc, be par iphraed In the case
o a i top so as toiuti, that "Its ultlv atlon
sliuiil I bf.'in a ve.n or two befote it Is
p int. d " This "Vetv seai-on 1 have watchtd
w ii rniiih Interest the i ffect of prt llmln.irj
til U. ltlon upon the potato iiop Just h.u
v. i.d I'pon a portion of one of my llelds
1h. rotatots wire ullovvcd to stand list
j ir until late in October befyii thev wire
l iu upon the rtmalndir of tho Held ths
w l iIuk In Julj and ihe sround Immedl
ii lv thereafter plow id and sowed in tur
xi p This tar the entire Held was tre ited
alike In evtry respect, but the part vvhiih
last v. ir bore tut nips this j.ar made near
lv JeO bushels of ixjlatoes to the aire, while
tn put which lay Idle Inst summer nml
full In the bea ui of the morninK KlOrles,
Ii lin id less than KM bushels to the acre
thi s, ason. The lei I was doubl. d In this
. n without the Introduitton of any out
- astencj a usult which Is due, ns I
B - to the evtra inltlvatlon which that
p.m of the Held leielved the ymr before
I in what nn idvcttlsement fur ' Itlood
ni I. one," or "I'ariada Ashes," or So-and-P
s "Suiitrphosphate," would have In en
nn i tporienee. with that tuitilp kiound In
i , I had appllt-d one of those pnpar.i
t I theie, und thin had made lomparl
s n bt-twepii tho two portions of the IK Id,
i I havi describe I them, iKnotiiiK the
tu i tlllOKe and ilalmlnu for tn Increased
j ' that it came from the fertlllzei alone
l h.iv no doubt whatever that mm h of
ii. sin cess with e he nile als," paraded in
i i fin in journals has, by similar in th
. been carefully prepared for in ad-
i i U'hat seems to me to be the sav In?
m.i with i omine-reinl fertilizers is this.
'I it thej Im ruase the expense of put tint,"
e i nop so tnu. h that tho f inner or
t, i I. 'ii r l nllve to making all the condl
t that bo with their application as
i i j.erfei t as possible, and the. er
ri ii i i turn of his tiildt d efforts often c ill -i
liis fertilizers through his a. count
1 k without their fiittitiB stranded on
t Kbit side In one of our lendtnii form
j. 1 1 nls, Intel, was a ImillnK aitlile on
t i importance of Rlv Inu ospeclal euro ami
ii i e cultivation w hue commeri lal man
i i are used and saying that if the
fitni. r is Holnif to fc'lw the) same insutll
e i.l tillage where they urn applied as
wile the are not, he had belter save
h money The psalmist tntiiuaus
r un. plaie that he would be ul id if ho
. 'the vvlniji of a biid, ' nnd I, in some
(i; n spirit, said to mstlf, when I nail
ti i ii tide, would that I had not only
Hi. wlnus. but the e ntlru anatomy of a
mv ft atil obi Olcnt "high HyDr," that I
Tii ht send him to mtn fanner and snr
eK i r In the laml, with this mesnKt.
"ilv. our soil that extra tare In nr p
.u it ion and UIIiikh vvlthuut fertilizers,
i li j on are expected to slvn It with
i it lizers, and n.e If you can't just us
well kefp vour fertilizer inoiKV In fiiculu
tic i or add It to the smplus af home "
There Is a pas-nine In the Si rlptures
tvt.ii li token to task those who aie e ireful
ii bout the 'mini, nnlsi and cummin," hut
v. i ' lie 1,'le-i t the vvt'iiihtitr muttiis of the
law ' In my estimation the really
"w Uit) matters" of imrie ulture and hoi
tl i! un- ate likewise, overlooked lot
- ri of, too often in the esiltenunts ami
n In .me nts attendant upon the i-hase. of
il.. iv u. rosn the a priori wastes I Imve
j . i nan 1 hud the honor of f.iilnu bi fore
t -. . iet what I now- repeat, that our
t'i lur s in Mgitiblts and fruits, and, for
tha mallei In g;enral farniiiiK ailse not
s ii in h from our lack of attainment In
nn or all of the "ologles" as from the di
1 t In our Urate- and tactics, If agri
culture inwj boriovv from tho termlnoloijy
ii w u oi apply that expressive noim n-
. wlnte, als ihe .ase too of tin with
ii ihc ri is an mtire absence uf forecast
icr I iirenrrangeinent fiom our plan of
inn alun and thoroughness fiom our op. i
uiious In the Held The essentials of gui
se? In our enlllntf vve are tiecjueiitl
tramrillmr nndei foot, reuurdlesfc, v. hlle
our wuiiiUrlnif ee are follow Ins some
)i rrid mail's kite, hliill-sourluif. Illusive,
linobtainiible. Insubstantial
1 1 .Mr Carlisle. I will five jott five
pioi isltlons In firtllUers
I (rst The loaa to the corn crop of Amtr-
c from tullute of tanners to save choice
t- i 1 .orn iai hi eil. and preserve the
ump un li r condition that will insure Its
p rr' t vitailt.v theieby avoiding the iiiiin
i.i isi of rejilauiiuK. with Its uttendaut
1 alf ldd. Is erenter than any trains they
j. t from putting coininurciul fertllUirs on
it i r corn
He on 1 'I he loss to the putato crop of
th omilry through neuUit of the potato
iiumm lo iuiivl.il i I'd ut.itoi- in the
1 ' i t state of lor for all lower UN
(i - bi.ond-irop or .Northern seed Is
, it r than any Increase of lell vvhhh
ii ins to that irop fiom the use of iheiu
j il manure s
IHi i The- loss to the apple crop through
the planliiiK of virieins nut suited to
t ie r lu' .it on an 1 through tin fillun of
O" rni lists tu loiitlue themselves In the
i!i i in of wlni.r apples lot nded fir
..,rl r tn n f n inn 1 s lljt over live
la auy one locillty varltles whlvh look
well, conk well benr wpll Uepp well, linn ll
vv.ll and sell vvrll Is Rn liter linnv foil
than their prollts on nil the frrtlllrtis
the use
rmii tli TIip loss to our farmer no .
Kir burrs from idvpntlllou viB'tnUon. In
other worls, from thp pre si m of vvp i
ml t;ris in IhPtr crops Is srpnlpr, tv rv
car, tlnn nnv iniotitp the et front all
the fprtlllf. t whlih are proditcpil nl all
the fictnrles nutliK of thp bipf fnrteiMe
I'lfthPo lonit ns veirelnbles are tnninli
made of nter. n thev nrp tmw, nnd i
lonir us Hip phnsphorli neld, tnlii1i nn I
nltruftpti in fruin arc outn inttipml, at ib v
now iup, h thp julep tnorp thnn Id to 1
so lone will trip question of itrtlllclftl wnter
Ihg nittrntik In Itnpoitnnce the eiuesllon
of nrtindal fprtlllf.ltiR for frnln nnd Vpk
ptnblps Ihi tup not lip misunderstood. 1 nrsich
no crun Ie nen'tit e ninnier. lal firtillior
I tnprelv iilv!e edition In thplr use', urir
Init thp Ine-vp. rlPtit e.1 unrdener to tnki
nothing for urnntPe! iiin the mibjert, to
thoroimhlj tr thi'in on a sinnll settle b. -forp
spending mm h money on them, nnd
then to assure himself by rPpemtPil tet
that what appear to lie rdurns fiom his
npptliallons nrp not lestilts front thp pro
cesses of tintuic or his own rtra HTott.
Atlttlt t l.lt It VI-
iiritliniii Ilin.
ICansas foirespondpncc IlrppdcrV t'i
re tie I lieti with submit n few rintp on
soruhtim buy in Btiwer to iiuerles In
"I'ppdets' t 'oi tier' or th" riarette or .luly
li I tlld not think the (uerle wpre well
niisivered nt that time or Indeed answered
at all, ns our correspondent said he knew
liolhlnst at nil about snrnhuiil ns ha).
Sornhum tiinkes Rood hny at tin stiiRp of
ts Browth but the Rientest protlt tenulips
It should attain ne-iily Its rull Ktovvth be
fore cutting, j! when the heads nre fully
out It Is sonlewhnt pasler lo handle If
cut duller, ns the stalks are, then not so
oils', but whnt Is Rained In lnndllmr I
lost In growth. It enn be stacked In the
Held 01 an where else If It Is vvell cured
and the stacks nrp mndp mall, not more
thnn a ton In eae h stack, lainfpr tm ks of
two or tin ee tonseuh tttn be snfi Iv tnade
by ultic altcrnale ln.vers or straw and
sorghum. th liveis belnit l Inches to a
foot In thickness Hut larite stacks ot Inrse
bulk In the mow without the mixture of
straw will sititly come to urlef.
It inn be cured In the nwnlh or In cock,
the litter Is is-tttr, ns It avoids all exposure
to the wenthei tind the pi m t retail!" Its
litlKlit Kteen loleir When cured In swath
It should drj scvernl diis before belnif put
Into stack. When i tiled In cock a f e vv
hours' or one di's drvlnc Is eiulte suf
Hilint. Indeed it l perfectly afe for the
take to follow the liiuuei If the iciks aie
nut Hindi, laruer than 3it) or lOvi pounds but
when ured In this wnj It will be itcressnry
to let It stand two or ttifte weeks before
t leklllK
When ueil for a ollltm crop It should ls
fed from the maimer 01 haviack of some
.,", ,t.,'; ('r J"UJ '""' ""' Juloo Nonstick-
When fed on the vround the cattle
ti.itiiPlnK over it bruise the stalks and dut
ml dirt adhere to it True, the entile will
pit It. dirt ami all, It Is so food, but It Is
cotnpe iiiiik them to eat an iinnecesiii
amount of din There Is no ndvnntnue
Kilned In villtlnK il lie-rote feedltiR pic.pt
tint It Is a littl,. mot. cnsllv hnmltcd
boiKlmm Is the i oininir h iv clop In thl
pirt of the cotintrv We alrcadv crow It
b the humlmls of acres if j0u want to
know an thins more about it ask me.
Iini-i-r In sec nnd l.roulli s,iri;liiiiii.
.Nebraska rnrmer: A Th.iver county
rirmii has Just had I vvoetui experKine
with second Kiovvth ori;huiii He had rc
cmtl cut the sorghum from the Held nnd
,KtUr..' ,r,'w l'ns ll',(1 tinned the cows Into
the Held to biowse for a irreen bite In
lliiilltiK this It sums the wen. successful,
for the had not be en lu the lldtl 'a
t Is teported, over twenty minutes until
It was ills, oveied that something was
wroiiiT. Thev were ItnmcdiUelv drl.cii
fiom the Held, but two of them fell before
KOlntr .m distance and eleven otheis died
hortl after This is one of the thltiKs
that ouuht to be widelj known uiniiiisf
fanners, that there Is developed In sicjnd
Kiovvth soirehum a veiv at live poison, and
that It Is nlwa.vs dangerous to tutu mule
at Ml Re lu llelds LOiit.ilnlmr It. Losses of
this character are reported everv je ir
tlirotiKli the .iKileultiiril pipus when a
farmer snirers a loss of this kind he Is
simp! puylmr a bit,- piKe foi a 1 u k or ln
foiinntlon that Is e.isllv within his reach.
Uf ionise, It mlBht ionic about by ie isnn
of niftlec t or mire ae i Id. nt, In w blob luttei
ease there Is no room foi critic Ism At
in late, the datiKet Involved is n Rood
thlnir to be borne In mind In c,iee of
posslbillt of iluiKer it would bo a propi r
prei.iJtlon to tin ti In one oi two lienel at
Hist We would advise, however, fiom
vvh-it vve know ot second ctowth solatium
that farmiis hive iiotlilntr to do with it.
MM. slIK'li,
rite llalrv on In s1u ,,,,,, r,
H P Smith, In Wisconsin Arlculturlst.
All thlnirs const lend, the summer dairy
cow bad a harder time of It than the win
ter elali cow It Is true that she has mole
natural pasture and feed In the llelds if
he I owner Is In the habit of ee onoinlrlni:
to the point Of stlnirlness, hut on the other
hind, she Is irtnenllv tormented to death
bv tllis, hint, and eiy often by scant
pisturaue The majority of our daily
cows suffer iiKii I wlom In summer, and It
Is no wonder that the milk How decreases
und the dull' man talks against small
Koitunitcly we hnvo practical dairymen
who are louklnu at the matter in the rlitht
light, ll has been an appeal to their se lf
Inteiest more than to theli sympufhy that
has made thousands treat their iows bet
ter. One nilKlit talk about the suueiinKS
of the anlmils until doomsday, and no Im
provements in the majority of eases would
be made This is not because the farmer
or dairyman is I icklnff in human sympa
thy, but because man is nnturilly slothful
nnd opposed to labor that does not pay
him Hut when you point out to a fnim
er, or any person that he is elellt)eratel
wastlnir mone- and prollts by letting his
iows suiter, you toueh hltn in a way that
will Kit some practlial response When all
dally men can be convinced that thty lire
losing a (rieat de-nl of money by not b'lv
ttii.li cows belt, r treatment In hot weath
ei, we will have a great Improvement In
this respec t
A notiu dnlivinnii calculated that the
farmer who iienlci ted his cows in the sum
mer time lost on an average enough to
brlUK down his prollts for the whole year
to :u per i ent of whit they should tu
This loss was In two ways One In the
permnnent Injury to the cow's health and
disposition and the other to the unnutuial
shrinkHKo of th. ilovy of milk. The Hies,
heat, and kick or proper food fieepiemly
bring the cows Into tho fall In a condition
that totally limits them for winter or even
fill daily liiir Thry require the cold weath
er of the fall to neuperaie nnd (ret back
to their normal londltlop In many re
spet is the tows can starve? better In winter
than they can In summer. The euonei of
the winter air stimulates the in. but the
depresslnif Intluem e of hot weather attu
Just reverse I.
As to hi.it We can make life pleasant
for the eows If w.. but suppl u few shade
trees for them to lie under In the middle
of tho day If these tree's aie nut In the
pasture plant them, and meanwhile en it
i cheap shade with pole's and trass ot
straw or any litter while lying down in
the shade the cows reninstleate their food
and if not comfortable they do not assim
ilate half of It. It is, therefoie. quite Im
portant ihnt they should have a e ool, pleas
ant, shady place to jest In Water should
be provided for them neur this shade, or
bettei, yet, by a runnint; brook Cool,
fnsh water In the middle of the day will
be a Bieat thine for them.
If ifiven .shade and ' ool water In ubun
dnme the cows will need less food to make
the same quantity of milk and lb sh
lien ti the ivvo ejuestlous ovirUp each
otliei When the pastures bewln to fall It
Is very essential that the animals should
have i-ooil rations fed reuulaily to thnn
(live them a little Kiatn c a. li day or sunn
flesh food rodiler coin, peas, oats, rye
ur other litaln will supple ment their grass
ration in a way that will make them pro
duce n splendid flow uf mill. The extra
u mount of milk siven and the spKndlil
condition they will be in later, will wnipl)
lepay one foi this feeding.
ITnally, piotect the animals from (lies
as inmli as putsibu, insects af all kind
tntiki life mis. rable for the cows A Keiud
deodorizer and dNInfei taut can be sup
plied cheaply by iiumui; one pan ot chloro
niiptholeum to lift ; urts of water, Ilrush
this ovei them abui.t tvvl. e or three times
a week and the Hies will keep away, and
ail insects and liuvs The ihloro-iiatitho-kum
retails at about W cents u epmrt and
one quart will last a jood part of the
ktiinmer to m vital mm,
('arte uf (triiwliii; llos.
Correspondence of the Western Rural
1'evv people tealUe the value of attention
to the hofS Thrie se'Oie and ten Utile
thlnffc are to be noted evil week In Ihe
welfaie or u scon oi mure of plus and
their Kaunt dams A score of lieiux will be
noted at a Kl.iuci b the experienced hoK
lire icier. Wutei, pure und spaiklliiK, und
of the temperature to uffutil a lefuh of
the draught for a eptlik pluttki tq be fol
luwe 1 b i lean Brass plats foi it lest while
e'.rylui; the coats of Ihe batheis, thus
avoldliiK the cejat of mud
"A lean bathtub for a hog?" some one
asks In surprise
".Sine. t cun be milntnlned with but a
moderite upount ot extra wurk "
Only about a store of items are to be
tonsidercd In 101111 lit Han. and perhaps,
u man more In opn.it I n- it l.o ui
where the water euu lb vv through It 1
tiuht flooreel high siKd box. larfc-c tnu iirli
10 liol'l .seiuuiy ivvo 10 six iios il
pouodt.' wvlght. WaUr tljbt siuts twelve. 1
Indus or more high with frm Inir pntv !i
two feet higher will b. enough I hi
houl.1 be water tlnht Mr Hub's hlfrh vvi I
dented npprouhes within and w tliout
S rong bar nt the 1 nd w 1 I 11 nbb it'io
shut the hoes In, where th.v 1 an be trea -pd
to a showir bath with a hose or nn or
dltnry spunkier. If one wonll do IhntoiiKh
woik Ulth a few es ape holes In the
bottom, a flow of dcitr water will mn
ilninsp th" bilh hot entlrplv win it tin v
1 an bp 1 Itnvil bv tight ion pluits llf
. henphpss Is nn nblrs-t) of hard wood, the
holes having befn liotwl mnlnst the si les
or the hot, lo be out of the way or the
With lhl nrepurfttion pippHpiicp In tislni?
ihe Irnth will siutRpst imwt other ewepntlsls
tn ho oltserVpel. iff gfovprned by Hip rlll.sor
cntinit hay nnd he sure to have stitihltie.
We- don't oftpn rrmke hay In Icy wenther
Soiihd rood nrel n good vnrlet of It
shtiultl he thought of A 1 letin fppdlmt
Hoor and n method of keeplhi? It clean
fterttlmlnir ohte n tteek will do It Rooil
Sill, Wooel cob, coal anel oilier Ahcf.
also chntconl, ift brick, burnt or Ijaked
clay nnd a half elofeti othpr condiments
always help,
tlm, carbolic neld nml other illsinfcc
Innts, Including- rei'dlng onions with the
fooel, aie to be kept In inind
The foregoing nre a few hints, ami tiny
thoughtrul farmer can, front his observa
tion and i-eadlng-, supply the tnanv other
things that nre needful In growing hogs
It I well to remember flint the thought
expended oh one bog can n will be ap
plied to n ilossph or 11 smie Itut few men
can stic'i essfully handle mote than the
carload limit of ntiout seventv-llve hend,
Unhiding the breeding stock .Most farm
ers tired a few hogs, to ny the least, and
to tare for them aright
The beginning is to "Jlrred the best."
rot 1.1 it.
omen us Poultry ltnlcr.
.Mrs. Will lohtison. In Nntlolinl Htockmnn.
It has be en my ntlvlleifp ncctitly to visit
the poultiy villus of .Mis. 0. A. Muck,
whose ndvertliemcnt nppeiiis In tho Stock
limn v he ti 1 was admit Inir her Hoiks of
thoiotiKlibicd poultry 1 could not hdp com.
piring them with the poultiy kept bv funn
el s generally, und the question why evetv
faiinpl s wife should not nltn to tnlse Just
as Hue iKiultry as .Mrs. Huck does cnine to
my mind lorclbbv Of coutso It Is not to
be especti d of tlictti to undi rtnke to keep
us many Inn. Is as she bus, but they urn
kpi p one breed distinct and pute The
finable nnd pense of lalsltii; thoioiiKh
bied poultiv Is no i;nntc! than that of
lalslng the iiiminon mied IninN, and the
results are so mm h mine s itlsraitoiy.
.Many funnels make the serious mistake
or keepliiK loikettls of their own jiiIsIuk
veal nfiii fear, until the vitality of the
Hoik Is lectin ml so low that the yutiliK
1 hlckens are ixtritnel dlllle nil to raise 1
have my serious doubts as to the piolltnble
liess of such n tlm k It does not Improve
mntteiH to ee hiutite 1 kks and eoekeiels
with nelRhliots whose llueks have liteti In
bred also not would I advise niivotie to In
vest in hlirhpilcid bluls to mate with such
a Hock, although In solne lespects It might
lw an Impiovi ment yet the obtained te
sults wotid rail tut shoit of what the
furmct s poultiv should be
I'm tm is themselves should devote more
of their Hint und attention to the care and
iiiiinai.e ment of the poultiv and 11 sttlit
in count should be kept or the- income and
expenses tleneiMlv speakltiK tin fnrim r s
wife knows that tbi-ie is moiiev In poultiy
even under adv, Ise e liiumstane e s but she
needs the e o-ope 111II011 of her husband to
mike .1 smciss or it 'ilieie nre mi innnv
thlngH ecmneited with the poultiy business
which n woman 1 nn t vity well do
The best and therefoie' the cheapest wiv
to 11 place the common mixed lloek with
a then ouKbbrid one Is to si cute a bleeding
pin or the prefeiitd lucid, then keep It
separated entitely Horn the other poultrv
The expense of prne urtnit poultry stoik
and or piepjrltur a suitable plate to kiep
It Is so distasteful to funnel h that they are
civ slow 10 11111I1 rtake It Thev would
not think of tienilng their other farm stock
as the) do their poultry, but It Is high time
tint they were turning tin Ii attention to
sonic thlnir mom ti muneiatlve we 11 most
anx thlnir raised on the f.um now except
vvhin the funnel Ins made a wise selec
tion ol tin breed that It will piv him lust
to kiep let him stick to It. select cveiv
venr a numbi 1 of bis best he 11s and pur
e base a pnre-bteel eoikerel to mate with
them Although there Is some ixpense to
b.glu with, it pays Immensely In the long
rnn , , , ,
Young tmkcxs lire consldeied by eveiv
one to be xerv dlHKult to get stinted to
irrow Slv 1 xpe ileniei Is conllned to Ilione
turkeys exclusively, but my- Hock has never
been In-bred nnd It Is a lommon saving
on our rnnn thnt vve can't kill one or the
little tuikevs without stepping on ll Uf
course this Is not strictly Hue, but liny
are cettalnly very liuidy and Htiont; even
while epilte snuill.
At the time ol the long cold, rainy spell
lust June 1 had about seventy young tur
keys hatched out They bail bet n given to
thi turkev liens to lalse and weie never
loopul emu, and vet 1 did not lose a sin
gle tuikiv The mid line wet did nut
s, em to affect tin 111 at nil 1 fed them
ngtilarlv and dlstuibed them Just ns Ut
ile an possible )m s sincess with poultiy
depends largely upon the kind ot stock he
l. (il M.liAL
IteiiiedK llimlly Applli'd.
l)r ClnieneeM Weed, of the Xew Hamp
shire iigi 'cultural expcrlineiit station, re
oorts sm cess in driving off the trouble
some an 1 Injurious Ilea beetle from the
1 tiling Kave-s of cabbages, turnips, rad
isln tomatoes squashes, cucumbers and
other plants with lepellent substance smh
as plaster ulr-slBlc.il lime soot, and espe-
lallv tobiceo powder Still more satis
fic toiv was a lime vv ish (a pint of rnshly
spiked Hint- to two gallons of water) with
a h llf tiatpoonrul of palls green The
Horde aux mixture Is also very elllcKnt
The second brood of Ilea hi etles which ap
puir in the hitter half of July. Infest po
tatoes infill iously The bee tie- deposits
eggs on leaves of fool plants, which hutch
Into little grubs that become leaf-miners
The horn fly, noticed tlrst In New Jeise
In 1W7 has spieai! In all directions
thtough Ihe I'nlted States inel Cannla
It has li. en present for several seasons In
New r.ngland for thri e In Hampshire It
Is a small, two-wlnt.Hl, six-legged, gray-tfh-bl.ie
k Ily, one -tilth of an Indi long
It is much smaller than the house tly, -and
1 little smaller ind darker than the cotn
tnun cattle tly. It has long legs two-jolnt-ei
nntennai or "feelers," and a blood
sue king proboscis Cattle attneked bee onie
lirltable, lose llesh. and the eows give less
milk Pi 'Weed, In his experiments, Hnds
the best lemedy In a leiiellint nh oil 01
nude cottonseed oil, wltn tv lltt' arbollc
or pine tar, applleil by a spo' , paint
bittsh or piece of cotton cloth 1. lr three
pins of oil with one of pine j or lt
parts of oil with three of car Be neld,
will pievcnt attacks. A tobacc enoctlon
with kerosene and soup solutlo has also
clTei live.
tlnfi inn nti'd ilrnpe .lull .
Many desire to know how to prepare
giape Jtilii' pure and uuferinented. The foi.
lowing redpe Is sent out by .Mrs It. T
Drown, stale supeilnlendent W ' C, T. P
of Indiana fur pie paling the juice of the
giupe foi lomniunluii seivbe, nnd may- be
lelied upon ns one- of the best known.
Itlnse th- grupis while In the cluster,
pick off, und foi .ai h gallon of grapes add
one quart of vvalti, boil In poicilaln or
binss, strain through Humid, for each gal
lon of j nit add one pint of sugar and one
pint of watn. seal in bottles, billing hot,
wrap them with p.ipu. set In a cool, dry
plai e.
tllirclliiiii ou Jiotrs.
The xaltii) of the horse stock In the Unit
ed States has depredated neiirl) f.J per
emt In IMHi It was pined at 'k,0J),i),
lu lsV. at KmMtM There were neaily
1 UiO.ooi more horses in 1S05 limn In 189
llye Is a more paying crop on poor land
than when sown on that which Is rich. We
do not yet fully mUtt thi value of rye for
hogs It Is thtuugn iye anil clover and hogs
that muuv of our exhausted reglotm of
tuuutiy aie yut to be ret lulnnil ami re
built It has been dtmunstiuted
With waul as a staid, iirnluct nml the
people to be clothed rapidly liu re.ising, nnd
wild the f ut that nothing bitter than wool
1 un In dim oveied for warm dothlng, and
the otlp 1 fai t tlmt litis 110UI1 U'rapeniluro
zuiie will always have plenty of below
netting ueathei, fulth In sheep should und
will Imliiie Ihe thoughtful funnel to bold
cm und build up his tlu k to supply this
coustnutlv In. leasing uud cveilasting dt
iiiand If wool Is not now so pruiltnble, the
turn In the toad for It will sunly come
Tho experhmed bleeder, In selecting
young so.iji, if he follows the tiu Kings
of juticnieut will 1 boose foi utility luthtr
tbun Id beauty govern his choice Yd
many that talk utllliv will give their
preidi'im the lie when they make their
spec illations It Is mudi better to let the
beauties go to the polk Imii.1 ami their
beaut J. 1 ii-ll with tin m than to restive
them 101 binders Tlnse beauties, havev a
tiiideuiy to lay on fat ut the expense uf the
piupir development uf their lionets of re
pioluttlou, bun 1 they tall us binders
Plum may be kept -ouiiit foi several
wieks and be all the be tin for It If a
little 1 arc is Uki-11 to prevent Ionising lu
githirlnu an 1 keep them In propel ut
luospheilc eOU'lltlons The fit should be
-allnred 011 u char dry du. should be
bun I picked and have nil the stuns 011 and
should bt immediately spread out lu a diy,
lihht room and b ft Hoi. for film or live
days Tin 111M step is' to nai k In diy wheat
bran tukhifc euu tint the Hull does not
loin h Cover and si t lu a 1 ool dry pine
, bile bad plum- g.it tin til In August
fr sii 101 Tha11ks1.lv ing duv and tin re was
1 1 ipnu it 1 a on why th v should not
li i 1 "ii 1 o 1 1 oiidlliou three
mouths UKr li 1J and rami.
ltt'siM. iMtMimp.nr.M tiT!Ntfi:f
WITH llltllllllt Pltlt'l.s.
I lie Unit leir .Vint l Thai flip Inrrrasn
.Ml Ho Too Pur I rop l'roperls limp
Improved mil l.tibor Iroubtrs
1 1 s I lire iti nliig,
Nvv York, Aug 30 It O. Dun & Co.'s
review of trade says.
Improvement In markets nnd prices coi
tliinps, ntiel wherens a few months ngo
cxeryboily vvns nursing the filnfpst hopes
of tecoverv, It has How come lo be the
only question In whldi branches, It any,
the tlse In prices nnd the Incrcn'e of busi
ness innv g-o ton fur. A strong conferva
five feeling Is finding expression, not ns
jet cont rolling the markets or Industrie,
but warning iii;ilnl too tnpKl ixpanslon
und rise. In some dltoctlons the advance
In prices clearlv theiks ftittire btnlness.
Hut encouraging features hnve great pow
er Exports of gold continue, but tire met
by syndicate tie posits ntnl are expected to
ee.isc soon. Anxletlpn nbout thp tnotutnry
futtiie no longer hinder Crop ptospccl,
except for cotton, have somewhat Im
proved during the week. Iinportntit steps
tow ntd reorganization of great railroads
give hope to Investors Labor troubles nic
ror the moment less threatening and some
of Importnme have been detlnltely settled
The Industries nre not only doing belter
than nny body expected, but nre counting
upon a cleat bulntss for the rest or the
yenr, the advance In prices of Iton and Its
products has mldcd nbout (2 V r Ion more
III 11 single week to the price or Iteseemer
Iton ut ITttsbutg, nnd Jet the great steel
companies nre buying wherever they can,
while the air Is full of reports that this or
thnt lltilshed product will further advance.
Many of the ablest men deplore this rapid
rlse.now that It tuny expose some branches
to foreign competition, nnd urge that con
sume rs begin to hirltnle. Hut the various
1 ambulations which now control many Iron
products have so sm ci sfully lifted prices
thus far that th. unit kefs seem to lack the
nstrtiltit of Individual caution, and mean
while holders or large quantities pmthtis.nl
for future sale 01 dellviry want to get nil
they can foi tin m
Wool his been specul itlvelv hoisted, so
that salts have filbn below last years, In
August, B J ill, e it pounds, ot whldi W,'(ti,'i
pounds wire foreign, tn;alnst J", TPi.'.MD list
year, of which only 4 & 1 Joel wire foreign.
Tin' demand for dress goods Is still large,
and some emit tuitions of ordeis for for.
dun men's clothes are reported, because
gooels elo not come up to samples At the
same time the rciclpis from nbroad 1011
tlnue heavy, an 1 the outcome Is so far In
doubt tint m iniifnctureis are not buying
bevond tlu Ir actual needs.
The prospect for wheat has baldly Im
proved this week although the prK e his
filleti i4e. WcsK rn receipts have dicldedl
Iniri ii'd. but He onlv 3,'e.",""' bushels,
against G,4:s "l list m.u, and Atlantic ex
ports are onlv JlillMi for the weik, Hour
Itu hided, against -l,.',! US list year In
the past foil! weeks Atlantic expoits have
been onlv I .s.Cs', busliel. iigilmt ll,T01,x.Vt
but-iii Is list year, and this alone Is quite
e 110111,11 to explain the failure to maintain
the sftisitlonal ulvanee in prices, which
soon ehetkid tbe outgo.
Corn Is coming forwuul more frcolv and
steptcmbei ptlcis hive declined a qui! tn.
v ith the prutiiu- of 1 gieat crop, and pork
and lud ate a sh ule lower
Cotton Is iMng as If there vv-itc no sur
plus of !rxi,txrii iles Aim rican cariled ovei
to the new 1 rnp vein, which begins with
next week Win th r exuggeiated or not,
reports of InJuiv hive Impressed traders
and puich.iscs in three divs amounted to
1V1 sou bales Tin ptho has iidvancnl to
S U nuts, und ns theie Is no large supply
or actual cotton avullible at this time, the
miiki t price enn be e isllv moved
I'alluies for the week hive been IT, In
the rutted Statis, against 1 last year.
Itriitlstre e t's l.evlew.
New- York, Ai- SO lii.ieltrc et's says
The concluding week ol August smprlscs
even the more' optimistic with a Milking
Increase In the volume of business with
leibbeis In staid lines at such centeis as
New Yoik, iiiltiiuoic, Ilostoti. Chicago, bt
1iuls Kansas iTtv Kt Paul. Sllnne ipolls
ntnl, to a mote model ate ixtent at dlstribut
Ini, point" in South All mtlc and eiult stntps,
among them Ch.uleston Chattmooga
Atlanta .Savannah Jacksonville, ltliinlng
liain and Dillas In dry goods. inilUnny.
shoes, bats clothing and giocciies the
autumn dc 1111ml Is milking Itsdf fdt with
the prosiiec t tor a rui ther lmpiovement
In immediate 1 suei ceding weeks
All wlntei lines ol goods have felt nn
Impioved lequest and manufui tureis nnd
Jobbers ire pn pal Ing to handle a luge tall
Hade. Hven at the South, where recovery
ftoni the effects ot tlu lite trade de
piesslon was fdt latest, Jobbns In dty
goods, hatdwuie anil giocnbs innouni e
the lecclpt of mill oideis for September
dellverv. liven In Texas, when at the
south the unite has sulfned from eliouth,
ahel at the 1101th from continuous r litis
nnd where the. cotton ciop Is to be shoit
In lonseiiue tu e counti iiiniliiinls upon
a better tee ling in nil lines and a fair de
mand from wholes.ileis
i:ports of wheat from both coists of
the t'nlteil htntis and iiotn Montn al this
vvtelc (flour as wheat) amount to only
1 i.71 K) luisbds, against .' hU.i.n) bushels
lust week ,It.Mi10 bushels In the week one
vear ago and ". OMUOe) two yens ago Din
ing nine weeks 01 the curicnt icienl year
total wheat (and flout expoits riom the
I'nlted States and Canada amounted to
only 1(1 Doom1" as compiled with i'enOOuu
In a like petlod or the preceding ycai.
ItAMC (T.litltlMts
ItusliicHs of the 11 inks it tin. I'rlnrlpil
lib s the Pusl We 1 !c.
New York, Aug. 50 The following ta
ble compiled by Hradstreet's, shows the
total cleannces at the princlpil cities anil
tho percentage of fncrcasu or eliciense, us
compared with the conespondlng wielt last
l.. . I
Inc. Dec.
New York ....
Chicago ....
Philadelphia .
St Louis
San Pram isi o
Baltimore . ,.
1 Inclnnull .. .
Kansas Cliy .
New Orleans
.Milwaukee ....
Louisville ....
Minneapolis .,
Ilninhn . . . .
Provbiini e ., ,
ht Paul ...
Denver ....
Indianapolis .
Columbus, O ,
Itlchmond ....
Washington .
St Joseph ...
Memphis ...
Portland, Ure
IlucMlc atei- ,,
New Haven ....
Sprlnglleld, .Mus
Portland, JU ..
Port Worth ....
Waco ... , ,
Syiaeusu ...
lies Moines ,
(Irand Jtuplds ...
Dow ell
llmington, I'd
hiotix City
!is Angeles . ..
Haginuw, .Mich ...
Spokane ....
Jacksonville ....
l.tucolu . .,,,
New HedfOld ..
llirmlngbam .
Lexington, Ky
Nashville ....
Galveston. ...
halt I-1I.0
An l'nglish deigyriirin who was suddenly
culled on to punch to a euiigregatlon of
iollet,e stu lenis was 1111 tide to speak with
out notes, and had only one wtlttin r
111011 with him, which was on the duties uf
Ihe untitled state The topic vv is hardly
unn that he vvuuld huvu ihosen for thi 01
iiislon, but In hopeel It woull p.ia.i muster
us bcln- uppropilute by aiillclp itiou. Hut
ijnfoi tuuui ly he did not rtad tho sermon
ovii, ami so before he knew It, h had
nt tet t 1 this appi il "And now, a wotd to
you v, hu ate luuthets."
tffli 733.3201 21 0,
I .0,15&.t."Si l.O
7J,ra,,ti;ii 11 :
....... rc,ax7,9i7l u il ... .
1D.S73 -! i ni ... .
1,1,009 11.1 1 .'11 . ...
10913 Iw, 6 b
Rucas; a 0 ..
jo.j-ji soo' .... 3 7
9,'ieil 5151 i "i . .. .
..SHS.ijI Us . .
,,. , S.li.'.OlSf 11 5,
t,I0D,l7ai 7 S ... .
, f,,3D5,Wil lu I, .
, i&iM ... :-' 0
f,.iGij,m 7 b .. .
S,3s)9;7 , .10 3
I.WJ.ViO 25 fi....
, fi,.!3o,210l Cl 5 ..
1 3,7Jj,!d,IJ 1 3 3
3,151,5il ., . .1 3 3
".',.'71 axl1 21 0, . ..
2,sM,915.. . , 17 i
3,J9,ini) Jl 01
. ... l,i!,f.l 31 1
1 Vl,i..s 11
1.HU1CI 21 i .. .
1,611701, 17 5
MCi.On .... 7 s
l.UQO.kiu .. . . 2). 5
9I5,019 21 7 ....
bWi 37 .'
I 31l,ft01 J.I :,
Il(i,lii0 .'1 S!
,. ,. l.fil.MI 71 0'
. .. l.H.Wt 27 Hi
I.03J.133 15 ol
, .... I.IJI.S.'S l.S , ...
&1S.0I7 33 0
971i.3 32, ..
1 e.71,,911 I 31. C
703.CJI f 'll
03i,59.! 22 7'
733.9W IS il
fdfU.'D 10 J
.. .. W.iieJi 7 3l
IM-'Jjj 11,9!
7ti, W7 17 1.
i.iAii'ini; 10 oi
S11.133 41 0 ....
5l),3iil IIS
StieU36l .'7 1 ..
W-Ml' 20S
1MJ37 . 310
2ix,3ol' 23 1
.Ise 739 715
:i,i.i S7,,t 7 i.
SUI.W7I t7 3
391, Mb 35'.
27IC.I-' 20 7
2M,l)i , I 0
77,i'il 7 2l
3,lJie,:i, , IS 6
l.lso 9331 3D tl
flrnv-o nnd llsy, t-ptgrntnnintlc and (Ith
erwlfip. At one lime the I'rfsbytcrlins of Ulster
were ills uslng the Ignorance and stupid
ity of one of their number. "And what a
notion hp has In his head now! ' pxclnlmcd
onp of the elders, In dlmny. "His head! '
echoed one of the ministers; "he has no
lirmll What you call a head is only n top
knot thnt his .Maker put there to kcip htm
from raveling out."
An old mnn In Cllngow fold Mr. .tames
T rields thnt he nnd once citrled a law
cnc to Sir Walter Scott for adjustment
"How dlel he manage It?" nked .Mr.
ITpIiK "Oh, beititlfilllj '" returned the
rid clients "he told me n bonnj story nbout
n lent and n calf In Pundip, nnd then he
sent tne over the wav to a brlthcr lawypr
who, he told me, hid u larger bend for
snh nrrnlrs than lilinmr Hut It was a
brnvv story that he told me nbout the 1 al
tie o' Duiidpe, and It traikcs me lnug'i to
this day when I think on t'"
The esteem In which the sailor's calling
Is held In Massachusetts const towns is
Indli nti'd bv 11 story that cotnes from .Mar
tha's Vineyard A tencher Was want d,
and a sniior nppllpd for the position lie
had to pass an examination by the com
mittee, nnd trembled at the ordeal, being
sadly unlearned In Iwok lore. Tho chair
man In git ti the examination- ".Mr. ,
whnt Is the shape of the earth?" "It Is
found, sit," the candidate nnswerrd. "How
do you know''' "Ilecatise I have sailed
around ll three times." "Thnt will do,
sir1" He rereived his "cpi Hlle ate" ns a
teacher without another question being
During the Inst legislative session nl
Tilliihnssoe a bill was Introduced provid
ing for the prompt slaughter of rabid dogs,
The lending clerk had Just nnd the title
when nn old ettitletnin. a re prcsetitntlve
from one of the Interior counties, nrop,
and, with great grnvltv and dlgnltv, said
".Mr Speaker, 1 inn oppoe d lo that till
1 am opposed to It. because 1 don't " e
whv rnbbll dogs should be killed any
quicker thnn any other kind of dogs. I've
got a ritililt dog lie ain't got much louk,
but 1 ti II you when flint doc gets on n hot
trull In the lirooniseilgp nnd n little liter
you heir his voice a-v piping In a high ke v
and tin vdps gittln fainter and fainter
till bv unci by vou can Just bear them down
In the holler, and you in there nn 1 ce a
llltb. bench-legged, yellet rnscnl birkln'.
Ills tves bright nnd his forehead wrinkled
with iMltiincnt, nndei a sartln' tree Jes
vou get a long pole, and meat Is vourn
for dilitu r ' Thele was bri athless silence
during this iloqumt appeal on behilf or
int. ration uog, vv nen 11 nan iieen con
cluded others roe up nnd p ild glowing
tributes to the' eiualltles or tabbit dogs
thev owned. The bill was killed by a large
The following nnccdote appears In n re
cent niimbii of Leslie's Weeklv "After he
wis graduated from Ilowtlotn college ex
Spe iker ltecd thought seriously of bet tim
ing n minister, but he studied I iw Inste id
of dlvltiltv, ami went to California to lung
nut his shingle. The story of his admis
sion to the bar there Is Inltri'Stliig 'Tom '
said thi Judge, Ts the legal tender act
constitution il ' 'It Is nir. answered the
young livvver. who knew his examiners
bent "1011 shall be admitted,' slid the
Judge, and the ceremony was over. This
vnslon spoils nn excellent nnecdote The
storv as It oc-uiretl Is as follows When
Tom Heed was to be tx inline il fot admis
sion to the bir. Judge W T. Wallace was
tlnn on the supreme bench and the inn
dld.ite uppeired before him for exiiniln 1
tlon It was n the earh 'en s, and the
counti) was convulsed with xnrylng opin
ions em the legal tender act It Is tine
that Judge Wallace said to the cindldute
'Is the legal tinder act constitutional ' '
"It Is, sir," wis the reply. '"1011 tire
passed, sir," replied Judge Wallace it
nine, "iinv voting man who can dedde
grave constitutional questions like th it
off-hind lequlres no further examination '
Some time ago two Chilian gentlemen
agreed lo visit lmos One of them le
solved to proceed overland to Montevideo
where he would Join the sti-ilts steamer
while the other pieferied to make the
Jotitnev by spa. in due time the siemier
nirhtd at Montevideo, and the two frl, mis
met again The traveler bv se 1 com
pi lined that the Chill tn stewarls on board
professed a profound lgnorime or tlulr
native tongue. "Only lm iglne ' he ilil
"that during all tbe vovage rrom Vilpir
aKo to .Montevideo I have been unable to
obtain pan con inaiitiquIIU tbre.nl and
butter) because, the .stew 11 ds would not or
could not undtistaml me" ".My dear
ft lend" replbd the overland loute man
"I will tell you how to overcome that dlf
tlculty. Theie Is a conl lerable number of
Spinlsh woids which can be nnde to do
duly as l'nglish. It Is merely a nutter of
pursing up the mouth and speaking harsh
ly through the teeth Tor lustince In the
case of pan co'i mintequllla, the Spinlsh
woids to be employed ate sombreio bota
Make the tt Int. and )ou will be convinced
of thet'Hlcaty of m method " Next morn
ing the two friends s it down togt the 1 at
ureiKii"! anil tne overnnu in in nudging
his compinlon whispered "Tr 111 nit Hi-'
od" Immediate!) afterwird one or the
Chilian 1110os who was un ibk to coinpn -hind
the meaning of pan ion niant. quilla
ippioiLhtd and the passenger str,.Wni;
up his mouth and speaking thtough hi-.
teeth, exclaimed "Sombrero v bota" "Sonn
bicad and bttttei? K sr," came the.
answer, and the pnssengei hid no dif
Hculty atttr that In procuilng pan cun
mantequllla I'm h inge
In the winter of lSi.n-1, the majority of
the students nt the Viiglnia Military in
stitute were secessionists, while the people
of the town weie almost unanimously foi
the Union. One day, two of the students
came biek to tin lnstltuti much wot steel
in a light with the villagers, and the whole
school it solved on Venginnce Seizing
their guns a large number of the bins
started tow ird the town On their wav
tiny had to pass Professor Jtn kson s
house, and he came out just In time to
intercept Hum Jackson stepped on a
horse-block lu ftont or the house, nnd Just
ns the foremost or the students came
aim 1st or him, he called out In his most
commanding tote- "Hilt, rront fine1"
Almost Instinctive Iv the obeyed, and
uflci waiting tot the stiagglcrs to ioine
up, ho said, in his mildest tone "Well
young gintlemtn, when nre you going'"'
One of the men explained In a very ex
dtcd wav that two of the 'boys' bad
been maliteated by the villagers and thi v
vve re detei mined on itvene "Well," sail
the profes-or, "that may all be verv well,
but whom have you for leider-" You 1 an t
go on an expedition without a leader"
They hnd not thought or that, thev sail
"Will, suppose I Ind you"" said Pioressor
Inekson Nothing would suit them better
"All right." said the professor, but be
foie we start, we must get a little bitter
oiganizatlon " To that end he man tied
ami counteimnrcheel them, wheeled tin in
up and down the roid, and, In short, tar
ried them through all the evolutions lie, -essiry
for his purpose, which was to cool
them ofl That bdng accomplished, he
halted the 111 befoic the horse-block, and,
having lei ture-d them, he wound up by ad
vising the in to go hni k to school and be
good boys And this they did after giv
ing thiee dneis for Prortssor Juekson.
Low Itntes tiiDhlouiid liidl 111.1 in s, ptpiiiinr
IJesldes making 11 rate of 1 cent per mile
to Louisville Ky . lor thee G A. It en
campment. September S to 11, the li & O
S Vv rallwav has in ranged to sell round
trip tlikcts fiom Louisville to Cincinnati,
Paikusburg, .Marietta, Chllllcothe, Colum
bus, Dayton hptlnglleld o .'.ancsvillie. TTf
lln, (ialion, Tolido, Kort Wayne and all oth.
er points within a distance of 3i milts of
Loulsvlllo In stutes named nt One Pure tor
lite round tilp, to inablei veterans und
their friends, unending the O A It. oil
tampnient, to visit htlr old homes. In the
above states
'Jluse tickets will be on stile nt H i O
S W railway title t olllci s at Louisville,
Now Albany and Jeffersonvllle, Septemlur
13 and ll and will bo good returning until
October 3.
Address J M Cheshrougli, general pas.
singer agent. St. Louis, Mo, tor further
Preserving I bier.
Countty nentlemati Salicylic add about
one mime to a foity-gillon b.unl, has
bun found to be not only nn excellent
untl-fuun nt, but sometimes of value in
conjunction with elder 11s a medli-lne. If
It Is not wiiuted to ferment at all, put
the neld In us soon as taken from press,
Some picfer to have it ftrmeiit a little,
kei plug the barrel well tllle I so thnt It
will work out and cleanse itself Then
ill aw three of fotu pallfuls out of tho bar
rel, put in lilt acid, pour the 1 liln luck
again, and bung it up The ad'l should bo
mixed vvell with a little ildet with a spoon
to get it well sot keel beloro putting Into
tho ban el, as It will not mix thuioiighly If
put. In dry sulphite uf lime will prevent
iermentatlon, but it injures the llavut.
I consumption
Troubles. By its
So proof-positive am I of its power that I consider it my duty tobend two bottles free to those of your readers who
have Consumption pr any Lung Trouble if they will write mo their express and post-oflice address.
EktublUluii 1S70.
The Editorial und Iluslness
Plug Tobacco
A Great B g Piece fop
10 Cents-
Doctor Henderson
101 West 9th Street, Kansas City, AIo.
Tho Old ISellablo Doctor. Oldest In Ago, Longest I.ocuted. A Regutaa
M Crndbato in Jilcdle Inc.
' .... ..-.... .
Auttionzea oy ino-iaioioireui,i.neivii!e., mnrw.r". w. --..".. - - - . w...v
nmrnuttc'l or money refunded. All medicines furnished ready 'for uo. No rlotcm
Hon from business. Patients nt a dlstiim o treated by mall and cxrrcss. Medicines
sent cttr vw-bc re. f reo from cizo or brcikasc. Clmrgcs low-. Ox e r 30 uno 1 ascs curcu. Ago nna
cxpcricnco nro linportint. fct.ito your ca5 and send for terms. Consultation Is Xrco and conn
dcntlal, cither personally or by letttr. ,s.m..4ni,n,..
Seminal Weakness and 5exual Debility, (SS7KSgSg)
producing losses, pimples nnd blotches on tho face, rushes of blood to bead, pains In buck, con
used Ideas and f orKctfulnt sa, biisUfulucsB, arersion to society, loss of doxual power, loss of
manlioocl. Is , 1 urc d for life. I can stop till night losses, restore lost sexuil power, restore uenr
and brolii povTcr, tnlargo and btrengthen weak parts tud muko you at for aiurrlase.
tint terrible dlscisc. in nil Hi
fntmn end Rtaecs cured for
tUC- IWOOCI l-oisonillg, nicn linnairs, uiv.it,
Swellings, bores, (JonorrhcciandOlcet, and all
forms of! 'rlv nto Diseases positively turtd or
money iclunded.
Rn,,!- fur both Fexes. F0 inRCS, 27 pictures.
DOOIx truoto life, with Kill ilcscrlpllon of
nbov o dlpcascs, tho elTects and cure, sent neal
ed ill pi iln wr iri'trforSc.in stamps. Itoidtlus
lime oooii nauausivtriiaiyui tiuc-snuu
r, t. a.
J-ree jnUSeUIU Ol IIU.LUUiy thousands oIcurIositlca.ThoI Ba. m. to 3p.m.
llfe-liko models und wix figures deeply impress tho inlndj-a school of la-( Sundays 10 to 13.
Ti!?J5fi"!;3UA ttJtani. M ffl forf.lt for ebon Aw. that I caniot c
p ..., Ac-rm mi iuoHorrnrioi impoiency. . ii'iitr-4i.iicuudcaiuujiveri luo
iCAnDMrlcn i le!nvnntl thrt lirfnarvorfr.in"iof all imnnrltlpq. I
fITRFHF.VF! nl-ixruTtlirinqfirKl rptnrp srtjftll
'I ho reason Milli rern nro not currl by Dorlorn Is becnuip ninety por rrnt firo tmnblec! wltli 7
5rftlUl. VVVl DHNKls thn only known rrmAr to cure without unop. rution. .VKOtfitlmonl-.
aIh. a w rltt( ii crmruntdtKlvpn and money retnrntd If nix hoi en iloi-s not ciTetlu pcrinaueatcuta
1 00 a bnr, t;lx fur ".0), hy mill, hend for riiKifidrcuHr and tc stlmonials. , i,-,
AUdnss DAVUL ncDIGIM! C'O.tP.O.lioxSUTeanFraDclscoal. (ceo
For pale by II. C. ArnoM. Cth and Main at, Kansas City, Mo. he
rpthpr?io-e o Lumber Comnjinv I
i -"- -
nisTniiiiiTi. m:i'OT,4 w. I
lllli at.,lllliiHS tit J,.Mo, Tel mO
Oak, Ai.li, Cum, Chorrjr, VVuluut,
Munufftcturcrii of
Anil Cottonwood.
VVaKiui Stock, I'oilur, lllrkor),
L7.. un. iu.amkv t
tbEFOREtfOAFTERUSING uointn-r. .v.uinss M-:ilVi: stiuico.. Mimunto 'Umplo, Cuicaqo.Ilu
Bold In Kansas City, Mo, by II. C. Arnold. Drugelst. rifth and
UA.NSVS CUV. UUnuurl. UTi I.ODIS, ailuourl. IVlClltl'.V, Kuumi. 2
Corner Nineteenth ami Wyoming Sts., Kansas City, Mo.
To the Editor. I have an absolute remedy for Consumption and all Throat and L,unt
timely uso thousands of hopeless cases have
binccTil, T. A, SLOCUJI, 31.1;,, 1SJ Pearl btriel, Nuw York.
Management of tbia Paper Guarantee the Genuineness ot the above Proposition.
4Sfi5i .
over 7 years .special icuciuc
r.t.r.nutn ktr Dvnno J KPFOt i t l.Cr A Sr.? Cj.Mfl
W-ft-irefitt-f pennancmiy curcei -rfiiauus
oiriVLUlC caustic, cuttlnc, bougies or
sounds. No p i!n, no exposure Patient caa
uso tne TTcaiment at iiuiuc.
llio Oroit Turkish
Khotunatlo Cure. V-.
SUHB CUUI Tho greatest discovery in Vi
nnnuHof medicine. Ono iIofo gives relief; 9
few doses rciaoio fever and pain in Joints-,--
enrntn a few davs. Sond statement ot caso.
E with stamp tor tlrcuiar.
For Men Only. Replctowithl oincKnotiui
IVltilHzt r.thc nriM.1 rlix
tlon o( n famoui French ptiyiclau, v, HI quietly euro oti of nil nt r
ous or dl-pajen ot th geucratlvo orenrm, such ui Lust Munhooil,
Iiioinnla, ruiuiln tlioJluck.foemitml i-mbslons rsi rous Jcblltt.
i'liiiplei, UnllliitM to JIarry, l-xliunstlnc Drains, VnrlcoiMo nml
t'ouitlputlon. i t stopi ll loot's by lnv or nfght. I'roi cms quit k- j
lif ss of Ul&charBO, which if notchprkod Jratl-i to bpormntorrl a und f
went orirailfu
(Janrler l-uvved He it uud White Oak.
U.m. Spec Ulhleft unit Lmiffths Cat tu
Order. Write far delivered price-.
YAWPS mud Otllee. 8310 llrnadwuy.
Ilutterniit, Ited Cedar, Ilediveeict.
ireiiilnpfnn nlfl h v n 1 1 ii rtiiL't tt . Atlfloni. I&la
uiMuunnn nEoirnnE,ni"NEnvES':EDS." wtm
rmei PuchasWeak Memorr. Ioisof iiraln rowprtlUaaacli,akfulne, . mm
Ut Manhood. Mbtitlr Krullon, Ncrf wuUPKt.ulUralnaaiiU losjof power ji
In 1. am niiivuiiriinni if Ait hi r i (sfitiKkel h v rtviip iTRrt (mi vnii 111 Till trrun. 'JK m V
PcilTo uso of tobacco, optotn or ilmulunts, whlih lend lu lutirnitiy, " X
3ijiuptlotiorIniuuttT. Can ho carried 1 n vul pock t. Jl ptr hor, o fur., ,
by mall irunald. With a St tirdt r wo kI- v rllivn nimruntro to euro 1
'Arnold. Drusrelst. rifth
Main etrcsts.
and its
been alrcadv permanently cured.
3 ' "A
' 1

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