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Til tj Tr k TITO 4 Ci .Miwir V-vv.V-r I V t Wv-t i w HvM-4r ,,
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,l& i
That was a Jcitl'.itit opinion expressed
ll.i other day I Mis, c:hnrl A. Culber.
ton, the ouip'iiiin wife of the governor
Of Ti'SM,
M.c oat having her say about the ptn.
I i-i.il Oorbett l'intlmmons cneoutitir,
wl.i.-h fotnp Lone mar folk proton will
redly the good name of their state If riot
pi, rtitffl ly the governor.
Mrs. Culbeioti wa trying to make
tt it.ki en.y for Chu ie, and with really
r ! mlnine dircctm-a . xi-lnlined:
' There I no use Ir
ar i worrying him '
lti ( p up public uigr
My confrere wl
mark Will susppr-t '
1 ii. nt Mine tit
ci ui" with great
t' ntionn ns to her i -cr-.
in the r"KlftHi.i.
Vo one can eonviti
stuylt.g up nights
I'l IjlUlli tl.Vlllg lo
' .incp on thl re-.Mi,-,
fiiibcrson has
i t.thcr, ft dramatic
.ii'.i profound in
"iiailillllles and row
f public taste.
me that such an
n iMiiiced observation
couM have been
ri.i te from mere Intuition or superior vir
ion Her ladyship mui"t have, on mmi1 cc-cm-ion,
endeavored to choose for the people
Who has Hade the Bissust Success of the Season in "The Prisoner of Kenda."
a. . oidlnR- to her particular tastea. nnd
i-und herself, as they would probably uy
down In Texas, "up nnalnst It."
in ilia matter of sports and nmuspraenta.
' i araphrasu another Western statesman,
r ui-llc dignity la an Iridescent dream.
Thi-ro may he a few who regret that
nmonu the theatrical hills announced for
ilus week, there Is nothing of n "legiti
mate" character to entertain the thousands
of visitors who will come to the city. But
from Mrs. Culberson's standpoint, which
Is unquestionably the true one, nothing
could bo better designed to meet the merry
making spirit that will prevail for sever-.il
days to come, than the faroes, the traves
ties and the specialties, booked, at the sev
eral houses.
Tho attractions a!l belong to tho same
class, and they are all better than the
uterago of their hind. So do not worry
yourself btcauhe you cannot take your
fiends to see Julia Marlowe or Joseph
JeiTer.-on, or Joseph Murphy. Show them
"Old lloss" Hoey, Johnny Ifenabaw, the.
"Rush City" cyclone, the "Derby Winner"
races or tho "continuous performance,"
ntid they will probably return home "tick
led to death."
Topeka bus set an example that should
he followed by oth.r towns located within
easy reach of Kansas t'lty. Theatergoers
tip theio propose to organize a sort of club
to inalco wei-My trips to Kansas City in
order to attend the theatrical perform
nnccs given line. The railways have con
(tented to make a very low rate, and run
their trains to accommodate the weekly
visitors. This is a new Idea, but It brings
no surprise, sln.-n it uilginuu-B In Kuiiku).
Kuiitas .'ity bus u paiiluularly promising
list of liuokuipH lor Uiii season, and play
goers of lu-lghl.iiiinK towns could not do
better thiin mud themselves of this in
expensive mi-am- oi g tilntf some of tho
best entertainment), thu stage affords.
There It much local interest In tho adop
tion, by Mrs. Jessie ItuuMt J-iavla, of thu
lo.stoiiians, of a K.iiivih City protege. Tho
protege in Mil's Mattle Uiulse Archer, tho
IC-year-old daughter of Mr und .Mis. J. fc;.
Archer, tile the.itrual osluim rs.
Miss. Archer li.m a i-mnrkably beautiful
voice nnd an uiiusu.illy wide range, and
her exceptional pionuvu has sevnai times
been mentioned in tl.tte columns, alio hus
had one yen at th- American Coi.etva
tory of Musi". New Voik,
Him sang tor Hil piuiclpaU of the Bog.
tonlans on the Cuutts stage thu other day.
nnd they were all enthusiastic over her
voice. Mis. Davis sent for the Birl, ashing
her to romn to tho hotel. After u fifteen
minutes' Inlervb w it was arranged that
Miss Archer should go to Mrs. Davis' own
teacher. Mme. Dulf, of Chicago, and re
main under her tultlun for one yeur, Mrs.
Davis agreeing to pay all her expense.
It Is tho purpose vf Mrs. Davis to fit her
protege for oft.i. Tor the puiponeg of
uphfiiy und strength, the young lady's
llrst name will ''' dioppi-d, ami ihe will b
known neroufter slnndy as I.om.o Aruher.
MIfs Orace Hawthorne, the American ae.
tress who has rem plnying abroad fur some
nevi'P years, and vho lor it time oi'oipiid
the J'rlncesn tliiater In London, warf in
New Vorl; the otlr day, having Jut, t Mi
turned from n tour of India. China, Bur
mnti und Jupen. and beli.g about Iq sail
for England.
To a reporter for th !ramatte Mirror,
Miss Hawthome said that, although an
American, she had paver playec in Amer
ica. Now the notrfrs either brieves the Amer.
cjti have it veiy short memory, or she la
unrei-psunrlly seveie upon herself.
Kighl or nlnu years ago the willowy
Ora'e was a barnstorming stand-by out
hero In tho Wst. poor Camilla bin(- her
"grpot part," On day, Manager Kelly
co l'-rived tha Idea of tuklrg his star lu
J.oi, Ion. Tho Ilea was put into execution,
an I it was not long until reports caniu
In k of Miss Hawthorne's success la thu
wo 'd' nietroiolls. She haa been epe
rrullv strong In the British proi liu.es, ajid
a "ild to have made plenty of money.
dtiil, Miss' Hawthorne may not now cad
those early efforts acilrc
"The Olobe Trotter," "Ttw rfji'- 6I1OH'
uuil Other 1,1 .-lit littt.
Among the llvs light bill tbw will te prtr
er.:.d at the theaters thin we-k oue thut
ii entirely new and very promising la "Tie
Globe Trotter," written by l.ouu, de I.ang
WV ?C?
, i;ji
K-Jfl IZM Xti
ariit exploiting "Old Hos" Hoey ami othr
well known corneillan. tt will be noeri l
tho An lltorliiin, opftiltm to-morrow evening.
It romp from an Immentely Kiicopftil
t'lfip weeks' eniMg'ttiont in Chip(fo. Mr.
Hoey hn made mich a lilt In the play that
ho ha bought out the pntire Interests of
K. 1C. Hlce. ho produvil It for him.
The tory of "The Olobe Trotter" l, in
bt;.', 'hat n.trnoiti? itrimtori, on Amen-
in if j:.'l-h .! rnt. hn p!innp(l that
ln-i i.l.' , Mjr.i ItiimnlOti", s'uUl marry
t. r.l (Mil ni:(or.!. who It trat!iiR in Ami'r
I -ii with h:i motlipC, atnl la expected Jally
to nrrlvo at the Urlnict'ir" mansion. Myra
i ,n loi with 'Bob" Hmilcy, an.l naturally
i mu"h (trieveil at her (fiianllan'a inteh
i.n .Monit come A. Clie-vcr Steele, atlna
I'atil flltTord. oti the luft ' P of his Journey
around the World, 1p.: i hrukr. ana hot after
tS,W9, Myra asi' i i. . wi him KS If Jie
will (tet her om of h" liRlcuhy. fatil lm
Prsonjtp Loci fasllimforil, and many
romrtl-'Atlonii enue when the- irenuln lord
arrlvf, Clifford, of course, finally maJten
hl. iW, (fp'tlnir th IS,tX) from Myra,
Jl.W) from DritiiMone, nnJ S1.W0 from a
dlnip muni'um managor, .VW from tlob Had
ley for tlUni! part of the plot, and the otli-
.er S) by auctioning h!rp!f off to "Uorky"
Waery. a charmlttcr j-oung trl.
Mr. Hoey aisiimps acvefal dl-jrtilsej, ap
pearlnc first !n his ettiunt whlKker, lator
In nni'(i faop nt, an old iV.ftf and dumb
nrm.in -In whl'h ho In said to be. irretlitl-Ii';-
In lleroiiw-aiiil laat as A niM'U'lo Wiwlwh
loid in fantastic garb. Although the play
is a farcical one, It la staged with spectacu
lar regard, and Is remarkable for the dis
tinguished people In the cast. Among the
players arc Louise Thorndyke (Mrs. Boucl
catilt), M. A. Kennedy, a high class Icgltl-
tnatA entnedtnn! Il'rdderlrtU Tirvtnn tnr- unma
years a star; Lorlmer Stoddard, Frederick
I Perry, Ada Alexander und Gerome Ed
wardy. Tho performance the evening ot
the parade will begin at S:S0, after tho pro
cession has passed the theater. There will
be matinees Wednesday and Saturday.
I "The runMiii; Minn" nt tlin Ui.utci,
Canary el I.ederer's New York Casino
production, "The Passing Show." will be
the attraction at the Coates opera house
for one week, beginning on Monday night.
There, will be matinees Wednesday aud
(Saturday. Jn this the etforts of nearly iw
people will be given. The Idea of this play,
which had a very large engagement In this
city law year, Is 10 travesty In a pleasing
uiannar the theatrical .uvulae of the pat
1 -ii;j4- t,i y
,A: jfcvj
ix. r r ' 4A. M
1 e?k . . -s, nn
' jf&S:& (kt
re fv.-' .. .
-" ( GM..
year or two. and this U does in a highly
aum-ing ay. -Sun-Uig tb Vllld," 'The
3; 1 and .Mrs. Tonuucray," "Shore Ann."
The l u rnl..,'';"rh7iUu5i Shop" nnd
the general run at coijila and grsnj uui-4
wd mny otlujr stag production ar olv
rriy ouritsnuea, eu.J n'd.ny of ta fumoui
pud popular actors coma In for
W. ( sal.ru,
John . Henshaw U tn of to leading
si'rils, n.l h iu,ikss himlt q, suiu fu
vente lu -sriuus ehr(.ttrt and mmwrou
otfl. V'riKMi JrUeu, lon . star nt
traction, conut up xo her best Imprssslons
In tta uiy, lending hermit with Uu spirit
r.d cly..r caricature to th uoiel scltenie.
ijrerge A Sehl.ler, is the deteitl.e, who
dNn'ilst.s only to tell who he Is, is one of
tli, b--t foro-J an. engaged In this line of
t fib.
hn- p. s. ymour I1p. .! i l ili:h-rt.
ln Pithy, i: P. Tar 1 1 lg. t. - nir.
Cm r ! 1I1 H,mpon an I M.ii r r.r-,Krr
all mipitttnt cnntrileitor.' t- -hp tipiform
jt,,p. ! of the lKt in ih" . ut is Liiiv
Iiy, a dshing o'lbrc-te, and on of the
ritpst dam-trs on the American tnee.
Her leadlhit prlnliy I with Canary X
L'vlprprn original p,.knn!nm", whom she
l'l tvnh irre-imihle abaflon. An at
trti live r.ew fpitture, of thp prfrmh--e
will be the Intlolnotion of the Puter
!;lgn, who will appsnr In their barefooted
"Trilby" ilsnre. flhlrh W,i alien by thun
ail summer nt (he Nut York Casirto teof
- 11 in
Hie Oftiiirt' Uiimlvsl AttrietniH.
Tho huttiitig nunnt and nhrewd mtMh
UdH Of thp htirtPtl ptfttl vltl iiMnl ..!
all the curiou fthirt rMottl to by ihe
Mnd booming fratprnlty, form th bali
for MiiiriCMl eomedy and Munehamnni-llko
inciyms in "Hurtt City." Davis ft Keogh's
faMoal proliKtftui, which was a gratt
omedy miccom rtst Keutv It is pi
Ucu,'r. .m J1?'. .r''-' prmnpal i.n
are hud in an OKInhormt town ivroe "g.
.."'". "'iueiiree exti ony on paper.
Ihe chartuter of ihe pt.me movers ami
fnrrx:rra of the land rchettip a.nd of the
proictive cortKirtMiona are In the hand,
of too sattM eseellent eontdlan who cre
ated thdr laat season with such flatter
"!( during a run of two weeks nt
MxAkker's theiutcT, ChkAft, where play
end enmpatiy made a hit from the (tart
and in led tho big hotmo to It capacity nt
iach K- forma rice. (lug ug(,tei u wrote
11, nr.d Thomn It. Dnvls and WllHam T.
Kevgh preeent it, with fcenlc ll4;oy.
Vtndlaii J. Sherry MatJrewa and Harry
Bulger, appearing in thdr orlglnnl chAr
''itrtj'. handle the eomiMy, while their
erto--ts are uWy -wonded by Joseph Coyne,
John Hynm-,, M. ,1. C.allaghcr, Michael
'fkert. I'-mtik O'llrirn, lUlph PenfieM,
( Jiarle U curson, Harry .Mathews, Olive
JNhUe, Mnbel Craig. Helen lleltnen Cam
J.Ako, iv.tu JVilmcr, Ildtin Aug, with
lYnderlrk AMthdPl a musical director.
Ir Knrnha! wttk a novrlty Is an
houncM at thl theater In n, midday mat
Inpp on Ttirmmy. Th- performnnce will
begin on thlw oi-cnslon ut 12 o'clock and
will be over In tlnvo for the flower pa
rode, TtMfh pas.os the theater nt 2:i,
atltl Whcji can be viewed by the audience
from rh windows of Ihe Grand opri.t
hii!p building. Tuesday night thp i?r
furmanco will begin Immediately after the
rnewtfl of Pnl'in! pnrndo passes the Grand.
Jxuronp buying-tickets can view the pa
rade from the windows of the building,
yhi-ro will b a apoctAi mattlnee on Wodne
flny nt 1M and regulair mallnces on 'I1tur!i
day And Saturday.
"The Ditby Wliiupr."
A big sureeM nt the Ninth Stteet operr-
hatlSH l,!t Vior Wim "Tin. llePliv V.'lnnnr"
the celmratl nieing and comedy drama,
and Managir Clark gnvo It the place of
honor for J intt, of rnllaa nttrnctluti, op
ening a week' engagemi nt with matinee
lo-day. This Mlrsourl producti.m made a
great lilt last y-nr in tt? lively nnd well
elaborated depletion of iac trade life, and
scenes, inciupnis ami enaractPr. During
the past summer Mr. .VI Spink, tho authar
tnanngcr, devoted conld"rable time to
touching tip points In the piny and add
ing to its scenic beauties, lie visited Gen
eral Grunt's old farm, twelve miles out
from St. Louis, In company with his scenic
nrtjst, and the new mid beautifully pict
uresque representation of the historic spot
In the first act of the pla Is regarded by
those who have eeeti the old cabin ns
Wonderfully true to life. The stable scene
In the scf-ond act is entirely now this year.
Tho only really suocetfu attempt to show
a rnoo of genuine thoroughbreds on the
stage constitutes the third act of "The
Derby Winner." Till grtnt scene repre
sents the St. Louis Fair Association race
course, with well known thoroughbreds',
headed by old Kreeland, Konns City's old
turf king. All the excitement nnd interest
of a genuine Derby day race are centered
In this great race. In the cast ure Frank
MacDonald, who wn. with Fanny Daven-
iwrl for several "caon": Fled Ormonde,
ack Wright. Ar'hur Kl.erns, Kddle Gl
Kuere, the diminutive comedian, whose
vorfllnl and clever n.mVitlltles captivated
Kansas City at Falnneunt last August as
Tommv Bell; ninnche Boyer and Dora
Cole, two clever soubrettes, and Billy Kl
dridge. The specialties Interspersed
throughout are new and lively. There will
be a special matinee next Thursday after
noon, besides tho regular matinees Sunday,
Wednesday and Saturday.
e.'olitluuouH I'orform.imi nl the Gllll.
The management of the Gilliss theater
now handsomer and more Imposing than
ever Is to he heartily congratulated on
the promising result of its costly und haz
ardous expetlment, for it Is probable that
the new form of entertainment has come
to stav. The "continuous performance" is
evidently "It." No othor system has over
furnished such a huge amount of legitimate
entertainment at ridiculously low ratea of
admission. The opening bill was surpris
ingly complete. The vaudeville features
were well rounded. The second week's
programme Is a palpable advance on Us
predecessor, and evidences the utmost lib
erality and untiring effort. The bill is
headed by the world-famous Billy P.leo
and his ''Mastodon Minstrels." In this
aggregation of comedians and vocalists aro
live of the greatest of tho original Haverly
minstrels, viz.: Billy Bice, Banks Winter,
Charles Ernest, E.M. Kayne and Burt Mor
ris, in conjunction with sti'-h line artists ns
George Castle, Otis Hlggins, Albert Haw
thorne. Perry Denton, Charles Carruthers,
etc. Then comes that amazing bahy, Gertio
Cochrane, whose astounding mental and
memorizing feats have been aptly termed
"the eighth wonder of tho world;" Lilly
Laurel, the Hnsdtsn singing comedienne;
McClnud and Melvlllo, harpists and danc
ers; the "Grent Stuart." male soprano, und
several others. All these star features will
he seen before and between the acts of
"Passion's Slave." presented by the (!il
Uss stock company, improved and aug
mented. There will be two continuous per
formances dally, without stops, waits or
overtures the matinees from 1 to 5:30. nnd
evening performance's from 7 to 11. Despite
the tremendous list of attractions there
will be no advance In tho prices, which will
range from 10 to 30 cents.
Dramatic and .Vfu-lcnl Note.
Laura Burt modestly announces herself
as a coming star.
Hopkins' Trans-Oceanlcs will follow
"Rush City" at the Grand.
James O'Neill eontemplaUii producing a
new version of "The Lyons Mail."
Mrs. Humphry Wlard'a new novel, "The
Story of Bessie Costrell," is being dram
utlzed. John Grllllth in "Faust" will be the Ninth
Street attraction, following "The Derby
Tho Bostontan have changed tho tltlo of
their new comic opera, "Mexico," to "A
War-Timo Wedding."
Julia Arthur nppoared as Elaine In Henry
Irvlng's production of "King Arthur" at
Montreal tast Thursday night.
John Drew has a new play entitled "Tho
Haven of Content," by Malcolm Watson,
brother of the designer of Valkyrie III,
John Drew and Maud Adams are to bring
out a now play by Henry Guy Carlcton,
entitled "That Imprudent Young Couple.
"Mifctrets Betty," Clyde Fitch's new
play, written for Mine. Modjeska, will be
staged at tho Uarricls theater, New York,
October SI.
Zella Nlcolaus, the timid, shy, reilrln
little thing who Is suing Goorge Gould, pos
itively refusMtt to appoar in tights, it is
Miid that sho has uvo lllmsy reason for
this decision ono for each tight. New
York Herald.
irun. Both ore rmhlialip.i t,v f
1, Tr.tl rt .1,1 .1... ' '
4b. 4TI1, V. 1,11a l-tlj .
"A Cat's-Paw" Is the title of -a new eom
.3y that the cmlncmt French litterateur
mul humorist, Max O'liell, hiis written
for tha comedian, Mr. Samuel Ifciwttrda.
It Is in rehearsal, iwid the tour will gem
nvence nlKtut uotubi.r 7.
The 1 Chleogo Inter Ocean nnnounces that
Mr, William ft inter has written a play
for Proliant Mansfield, entitled "Jtunwy.
tnvde." As this bappms to bo the title of
Frederick Wurde's new play, soma 0110
inuet have made a mUtake,
"Trhllby," a burlesque on "Trilby," will
follow "The llloue Ti otter" at the Audi
torium. The production hag been made by
ltlehard Mansileld, ami the east inuludes
siue very euiMUle uuinedy people, and Is
ono of Uic big new suuet-jscs of thu sen
son. K. W.HWIlHuins.of New Oilcans, author
of "I'arrhmdus" ami othr plays, stopped
ia Ntw York Kast .Pirday, on his way w
vtsft liubirt Mintell, who will pioducu this
season a ronvantle liTOinw. by Mr. Wllllama
of the. urder of "The Three (Juardatuen,"
l)tliled "The Qurcn's Odtter,"
CAarls LiH-leu-.i, tho well known actor,
wlo was for fourteen years with the Daly
eowpany. died of tvt.hohl fever a few days
UK" lu the hi w Y.iik hui,ltal. He will lie
ppiufly reipeiiibeiyd for b performances
In toiin-ly oinl V.,il.in rol. s, lu which he
was ri luuxkabiy aitlstlc and humorous.
Tne la-' time "The Love Chase," whl.-h
Matla .ilnwrlMlit is to v. vnv this sa
ou, was swn In New Y01I:, was about ten
Kantoril. is tue tuie r.-,le nf :i hau ,.i..
which Is to bo produced In this city within
a month. The jdtce Is in fuiir u.-ts, and
the uriiK'Ical pans are to be taken by
Amontr the music received the past week
Is a two-step by Phil S. Hose, of this city,
wdth the tltlo "Kansas City Knrnival
Krewo March." and "La Pas Ma La," bv
V!rnest Hoiran. Both are rmhlialip.i I,v f
vtia ni'i 'i ti.u i,j;i 1111 ineaier. 3Iiu
Vuinwrl.-ht will pjuy the role in which
Helen Duuviay appeared at the Lyceum.
aim piiiuianiet jianwig tn p.ut assumed
pj IC 11 boiheru.
'Die rn.it iljng on the carpet Is a medium
new; pjay's advauce notice, reads: " '.Mir
fecufct.' a spirUualisili. diMtjia, by Thtrtley
Cuniobell. turuuch th huml At r i., ,,;,'
ii" 1' "1 of rnlimnl r 1 1 n. D-ir ir
h- .1 .11 f ) M f.. ii iin-i-H will t. !R
ii"-.n''l in I a full fnim mvrrl,iiiv''n . H s-y1' H H fp
l.y a Mrs .Mabel Awr. The new t.t.ij H n Ph-M U
premises to ciente a srntlon In tpllgiou- I fj II J .
plrlttiallstlc t'natrlcl i l ' nelicion-- ' J " " "
pp'.rltu-iiistle theatrical ,ir-li-s is pod. In id
fact, Veiy ROW. New York Sun 3
Stuart llobsxm's repettoir thi spnson
1II include "Oovcrnm nt Acieptntu -. '
forbidden Frtut," - Fo.,1 nt. I H.
rrl. n.v." "The HlVal"" and ".Mada-i
IM 'hKttdln. ' It IS to be hoped that i
on.- .if tiip'p m w worg mil n sun. 1 1
Mr. Itohf el's requirements, for no one !
need 11 v nl new play quite so badly .is
dots Mi Itobson.
t'na Abfl. who hits been engag"! f r
Inafliue paun in Madame Mo1jb-Kn "
puny, r a yoling aetrt-es ho In n .'t
ftfPMV,! Y.nm ,tmft.tt-it Wh.l iltstltll 1c m'i :
earnestn"s cat) do on the stage, st.art.' a
without notable extprmtl aid, rhe h-- w 1
hr iv.y to rwogtiltion from many our -.
nd evidenUy will Jutif exr pxih-.i-tlon
now held1 by h'-r frlende for her (;
lire. Dmnmllc Mirror.
At the present time, says thp Philadel
phia Press, there I living, in on room in
a neglected quarter of London, a 01 . e
world renowned soprano, whom tinny
years ago eviry ona was rushing in hen.
llPVPtses have sWftllowcl "P nil hr -lugs,
and now, utterly forgotten b ti.op
who were once her devoted admirers, she
livra, or rather exlstft on the bmintv , f
ta-o or thipp fellow professionals upn
whom fortune has smiled.
Btys Daniel rrolimnn: "'The Prison' r
of Zends' Is n big a success as any ih.it
has been made under my management,
am) M. It. Sothern could play throughout
the enllte season In It at the Lve, urn. New
York, were It not for the r-turn lefup
very long of the Lyceum Stock Comprint.
But thrre Is more money to be male nith
the production on tour thnn In New Yi-ik,
evil under the moat favorable ciiimi
stanees." Annie Caldwell, savs UIIT Hall, referring
to the singer who came to the Ullll"r, l.i-t
week, was singing tho other mcht at 1
North side music hall when to fairl.
full of beer came In. The boy who siit
lmr chorus then- got in his work from the
gallery, nnd after llstpnlng earne-tly '.i
this new and costly departure in doublet te
turn, one of these lute conn rs. i:ii .1
fearful tide on, turned to htr companion
and snld: "Well.l'Ve seen them all. but th' '
woman is the tltient Miitriloaulst thst eir
Played the theater she don't even mow
Iter mouth nor iiothln' "
"Oh the Bowery," one of the mot 1 -cpseful
plays of a decade. Is announ- ! ' '
an early ilrlt to this city. This ,s ;i,
scenic comedy-drama In which Stew I--.-dle
Is n conspicuous personage. Few p', i
linve isauaecl 11s much applause and laugh
ter. Crltleg, who have felt bound h"
chary of approbation in their (i;ilel"tr,s
of the niece, have nevertheless cnioved its
performance hugely. One prominent re
viewer, who treated It rather loftily In his
paper, admitted privately that It was a
"rattling good show." The Bowery scene
nntl characters give an Impression of real
ity. Mr. William C. Carl, of New York, one
ot the most distinguished of Amerh as
concert organists, wns in the city thp past
week, the guest of Mr. Ctrl Hoffman. Mr.
Carl was to have given a recital In Kansas
City, but the engagement hud to be can
celed on account of conflicting olills-atlons.
The dlstlngui-hid artist had Just returned
from California, where he gave a number
ot recitals, meeting with the most marked
success. He is the organist of the Sec
ond Presbyterian church of New York,
where he has a large chorus of adults, a
boy choir and a professional quartette.
Mr. Hoffman says that he will arrange .1
recital for Mr. Carl in this city at the
earliest date that will be available to the
John Drew has begun his New York en
gagement this season nl the Empire thea
ter tn Henry Guy Carleton's "That Impru
dent Young Couple," written expressly to
lit him. William Winter wrltis of the pro
duction: "John Drew lias had a fortunate
and prosperous career. Blithe dcseivts 1,1s
sncccfs, for he Is well endowed by nature
with mental capacity, with aptness and
tu-ite of dramatic expression, with sympa
thy and with Intellectual nlmbleness. Sir.
Carlcton has iltted the play to the actor
with patient elaboration ot detail. It Ills
Mr. Drew In merry nnd frolicsome mood,
with happy touches and well cut mantle.
Mr. Dr iv has adde another pouular part
to hi list, while Maud Adams, iiftJelLMoiifi 1
young actress, nas reacneu 11 mgner piano
on the stage thnn she has touched before."
Joseph Brooks, In Chicago, explains that
the theatrical syndicate, which was de
scribed In a daily paper hero recently, I
quite n different thing than that i.-port
led people to suppose. "Jt was publish' d
that the amount of capital subscrlb I was
Jl.is.0,000," says Mr. Brooks. "That was .1
mistake. The uggregatc wealth of those
interested is JI.OTO.OOO. Should it become
necessary, a capita! of $l,t"JO,000 coulu be se
cured. The syndicate is not a trist. I;
is simply 11 combination of managers who
inieim 10 exploit -tars, produce piavs. an
engage In oth-r theatrical enternrls,"-
imenu 10 esi.-iiin, iivo prooUi'Ulg In i :
quarturs McVickir's, in Chirago. and n
l'ifih Avenue, in New Yoik. We si. II
havo two distinct organisations, one a m i
sicol comedy company, which will start .it
Me-Vickcr's In Ju:if ; the other, a drumai
company, which will begin at the Fifth
Avenue In Kepumbi.r next. We shall man
age stars nho."
De Wolf Hopper ten an amusing rtorv
of Alfreel Klein, the diminutive comedian
of his company. When both were mem
beir.i of tho Mi-Caull Opera Company.
"1-ialka ' vi'us priiuced, nnd nt the end cf
the t-eevmd1 aot a wtkl and delirious dance
mas in-Julged in by Hopper and' lvk n
This effort etchieied such e-normous suc
cess that tho curtain was rung up four
times after ithe art. with, of course, a
dlttei-ent dnnce eflcii time. Hopper w;us by
no means prepaid for this great ni'-c.s,
nxid lu tho excitement of the moment,
inventing fcap-luiisard, as he 'had to. ho
Hung the llttlo re.:y-poIy, Klein, tlirough
si-iax-e in n, way that threatened the ab
solute collapse of t-a'A Klein. Hopper went
to Ills drcgslngiioom after this,, and in his
calmer momenlti n-al1sed that If ho hain't
killed Kk-ln-, he had come very" near it.
At thla instant ho heeenl hi minl.itur
partner coming up stairs In n very labored
fasMiton, ami he immediately settled d-omr.
end prepni'eel himself for a profound kick.
Klein eventually appeared at 'the door ot
the droswlngToemi, with Niagara of p.-i-sptnaitton
tlowlng from him, and parahze.l
Mr. Ilmppcr "Mth the remark: '(Jee
whizz, Hupper, I had no ldea thero was m
much In my part before." chii'a T.m. a
litvatti. OndHcok, the pmlnent Bohemian violin
lit, who will make a tour of America this
seaon, has often been compared with I'.ig.
i ninl. The following Incident, apropos of
this, Is an event, the facts of which an
mentioned by all European newspaper.
Two years ago im-lrlc-k, while touring in
Italy and gaining many triumphs, nrtiv. 1
at Parma, where puganlnl Is. bulled.
Achilla Pagaiiinl, the son of the great
maestro, lives st Parma, but on m omit
of his Infirmities rarely leave's his upait
ments. Upon hci-lng of the nrrh.il of
Ondrlcek, he nut a request to the liohe
mian, nsklnc that he be good enuiigh to
visit him, as he was curious to know tho
man Who was s-o often placed on a parall 1
with his father. Ondrlcek went immedi
ately to Puganlni's house nnd played a
number of the nvn-ter's compositions. The
sun was deeply nftected and said: "I rec
ounlze the bowing of my poor father."
Enthused by the playing ot Ondri ek,
Acl.ille showed hlin the llttlo Atnatl violin,
on nhlcli his father played at tlm age of
7, nnd presented emdricek with a pirirnlt
and a number of autographs of his father.
Ondrlcek then played Pagnnlnl s grand
concerto and Achilla, lu a paroxysm ot
enthusiasm, Immediately wont by carriage
to the iiiuniclpnlity nf Parma and asked to
have opened for the llrt time since the
celebrated maestro's death, Paaanlnl's
'tomb, so that Ondrlcek might view the
mortal remains. They nt once assltinod
masons to open the case and the body,
which had been embalmed, was found In
tact. Ondrlcek remained there looking at
tho great master for a long time. He is
the only person upon whom that excep.
tlonul honor has evir been conferred.
KAMsAb I r r I MM. NX ATI.
Wuhnidi ami II, ,V O. S. W,
A vestibule sleeping car leaves Kansas
City Union iltpot every day at 0:20 p. in..
via the Wabuoh railiuad, running through
to Cincinnati. -., without change, via
II. .G o. S, W. railroad from Ht. Louis,
arriving In Cincinnati at H:3U no.t mum
ing, muku4 the run In seventeen hours
nnJ ten m.nutes, the fdkteht time ever
made, On thin same train are through
tleepers to Washington. D. C, llaltlmore
and Philadelphia, and passengers for
points east of Cuiclnn itt can amp from the
Kansas CIty-CluclnnatI sleeper Into the
through sleepers any time after leaving
St. Loul. Passengers for Louisville anil
onus gnu in leave me sleeper at North
t rnui' at v.u u. in
Fur Kentucky and South this bleeper Is
a great convenience.
The Wabash Is the only rornl offering
this through car service. Sleeping ear
berths secured at Wabash ticket otuce,
Ninth aud Delaware n reels, or write to
V esttru Passer.ser Agent,
Kansas City, Mo.
I'heinlitri at the Tea Table,
New York Weekly: Y'oung liusband
"My love, these biscuits ale sour, horribly
Eiiur." s)
Young wife (who took the chemistry prize
at the boarding tchool) "I forgot to add
the soda, my deai ; but never mind, after
tea we can walk out and got boino soda
l.hptori for liiiitmi.
Shipped dally In secure packages by
Opposite wullint" room, Union depot.
3K.it j-majmjmnujiij.uwnwu iLMiLtxjtnsscrsBMJMUMiJTXiiKx
WEKK! I of
; l
AmI lilt linn t ompiiiiT of ( niiipillaiit,
I retl'IIIlug III Ullrat lllllllc lilt (in
I il il i-L d
tvi'Mvi . v
"cut -n Mid at ll"t tin
,. 11
er i
Week Commencing
I U -iv
1 111 ,
., - r t'
OLD FR KICK A XI). Ri. Corrlgtin'- fC1
Lity 1 urj Ktnrt. ulio uoi tnvhnns in 'i
iTilhtint turf cjrttr.
See thu unparalleled Stab'c Scene. Magnificent Cast: "ew Specialties'.
Ucd-hot Fun. Slnfring- and Dauciug-. e
Regular Matinees, Sunday, Welne
I iicsdny nlprlit, Iript if 1'alLto 1
iaraie piiir-. j iininritiMui iviju. J u.ronn r:m iv puri.tio rront iiihit uhhiows
jSText A"t?eks GlUFFITirrt ;:FAUST."
S-M,-iJJ.L-AvftU---t VYUh!-(-l 3
rvaJA.jv.i-. tf'.yngn ?rfjieWMi st2i r
VThen Grpprp liphetil it paint. -tl etinvu llnu.
And crouds slood ioiuterinu ,ii the ra-ii; show-."
I! Hi a ii i id. lioi'h. ill Pop ft Trtinilatlon.
Bigger and Better Than Ever! C)NAR' & LEDERER'S
The Passing Show!
joiini: ur.NSiiAW,
GLORi.K A -(.'IIILLi:i!,
K. S. T.Mti:,
Aud tbsSensuttti.ul liarofoated Trilby I).iiuei-(, The Sinters I.elgh.
TlO Altl.OADS OI' Sl'l.tl VI. SCTMiitY.
NOTR- On account of ox tunic lei.L'ili n prograiiun curtain will rise precisely it 8.
Tuesday night's perinriu.iu o d" I) ' over Ii u tne parade pasiei the Coates
Opera Roue, lini-i eiialiilun tueal.T.eiers to wiiiie-s uuth big tin iciious.
J 7 fl IS W -'r
j jj.uiii.j .jy.j.
. POLitiOVED av .
Pain's riammoth Fireworks Display
"" AnclAcrobatic Specialties.
Given wader tho auspicos oi' Katasas City ''Karmval Krowe" at
33l3-ii pa.ik:. .
riii: nn.i.iv PAi'iuts."
I.utrell's tlrcul Help In t!i Hattlo Agnlmt
1 I Settled'' a't Cumbridge, In "Elmwood" (the
house where lie- had liu'n , buini. linPP'ly
married, supporting himself by Ills witl
ings and enlisted lu the seivlee of u cause
which he had tuken to heart, Lowell un
dertook, to contribute every, week, cither
In prooo or in vers), to one of the ablest of
the anti-slavery Journals; and he kept bis
iigree-ment tor neatly four ears from JM'l
to IWO. These iseie four eats of unrest
i.i.d excitement HiiouBliout the world, and
h, i in the united
OiaiCi. I'lV 1,131. liBIUll
o.er Maiery became nior
und more fill.
OUS. TIIO siavenoioers were utbieeal.u aim
i.m uluitl linnihtsi Were
llll.lliH IIUIU iu
urouse the conscience of the ration against
tin- bus lag and it-lling ot nunian ueings.
Chleily to gain an Increase of territory
fur the epread of blavery, this country be
came iovolvnl in a war with Mexico over
th admission of Texas. Although it Is
easy taiough now to see that we needed the
new lands we were to gain by fuivj of
arms, and that without them the proper
Mowlh of tho United Btatis was not pos
sible, it was hard to foresee this linn, What
was plain at that time was that both the
motive and those who were urging
in. Into the Mexican war were nllko un
worthy. This Is what Lowell discerned
witli iiis usual keenness, and no one at
tH.ki.Hl those responsible for the Mexican
war more sharply than he, or mure ef-fietive-ly.
The famous "Rlglow Papers" were writ
till in terse and in the homely dialect of
the New England farmer. With pungent
huiiiur, nnd in stanzas that had a sharp
dvur of the soil. Hosea Ui-low made fun
ei ine uucmius 10 uruusef ins icitow
- - - . . - . . . .. V. i .,. . . . -
ell I
zms to military fervor.
His stlnt'lug Hiwu,
ii-a into the m. -in.
Wlilen scorched tnemseives into the
ory, were accompanied by the prose com
ments of Parson Wilbur, who represented
the other side of the New England charac-
KnmMiiiMit fm'tliis Yivk
(ho liii.I'ii'.Coi.u'tli..i.,
t'ndpr lb
Mr-rllnn of trirl tltriipy.
r 1 1 n !' I mue. I ntlili il:
11 isi iisittn im,mmmm n ni -sll
THt PLAY'"-!
-,OI 1 i ..' Ami Half"
I 1,1 III Kit tun fO.
l I MM. lit.
1 nt M 1; oiinili VHl.
1 1,1 1 1 tta it n i:ttr,
it 1 in t.
tut. 1 (Hl fit U't T.
iii.i -.loir Hmthiiv,
P V M V VPlt
MT'N r r..
-. - t Mi
At iptri's ramws &icm;, anc.
Car.ia urcsnt.
Glorious Scenic Triumph..
Genuine Race with
Real Race Hordes.
day itnrl Saturday.
;ir.i.lY, pTf(M'riiunro IIl licsln 7:!. p. m'
-rxaxm: j; fKTT-K--,
y - (T-A OPERA
V .Ti ti'
tSc, $1.00.
!'. . While the eh rgyinan wiu glad to
Sir. I1 il'",U.U '.nJ ,'" l'n.lng, h.r served
or tne- ianl.ee juuih. I nut the hue, nf
Hosea ihuuhi i.n.u- ;n tie oar" of those
li ho hrarii ih.m. Low. II "oik ea.-e to g?ve
to each a fcw.n.'ing ihyilun, and often also
i r.?.a....;,.l3i1,T ,lul',tr- were colli e-ted into
fl Vo Uiiim in l,i ti, , .... jT. .. il.H-t
ono or the niij-t charming and natural lm
cnlsodes in n i,:i-iih Tn.,jS..' ""' ,a
.no uf the rno-.t charming and natri in.'-..
thk ihi.vvi; i,ini,i; piao.uiy.
A Very Plucky lighter When ll i, Angrv
l' spile His lze. "
Front Rt, Nloholas.
Of tho rew American quadnmeds for
whioli un imeiiiiHiiit him...v, ..!. fl.r? 'or
certain amount or"r7;r, ;i.l W. '
rTailil' Vn'Va ni
lu .. . . . ."
and lined ucateil. jet ho is a pfuckv iii,h.
"Wild Se1s.t, he gels mad quite iaiily j?
a;ivu.ys uniwyb him u-ry much thllf'anv
one should dare o a-guiuilng "'fi
and Mr. A, U. Ilake-r. o? the Wasliir. 0'h
'"AM ." liobtBlo a long sJU i .t'heViL. of
Ws, ,";htTn ''"htts as an liH-stratioii
of what a Tcxa, i.eceiary can do w he-ii ?, '
is very ougryv "Men ilt
This species ha, a very wide range, be
ing found from the Red rtr of Aikanias
as far south as I"atagoi4u, In 1W1 ir t
no longer abunelant savo tn the low Junir'J
bottom lands ulong tho lira Grande it
ddea jjot go in fe-reat droves, like the vvhlte-
l nriAfl r le.vfi iv iA 1. 1 L..l.i .Vv.' ,,,u
all other dantreroua aiUmnl tin.u t..:
leanied to fear man and, his deadly lire-
Tito Only Poi-ulnr Price, Contin
uous Poi'lbnimneti Houso
West of Chlcngo.
nt n hat i an he 1. .emt llhed by energy,
liberality and tnodirn methods.
, The New F:orm of Ijtitcrtnlnment
An lininctlhtte nntl
I Uiuitifillfled Success.
I Packed from fo--dlleht to roof at every
! pfrformanoi last week.
I Thp management l profoundly gratful
I for Ihe rapid recognition aoc.rdel an!
promise In return continual nnd w-ll a 1
I tied improvement In the wcikly pro
1 grammes,
Twice Daily 1 to 5.3v-T to 11 p. m,
Drama .Minstrelsy Vaudeville.
Alt Thlt Week IVrfKriiinnre Ksperlalty At-
tr.irtlxp for Liille nnd Ohllilrrn .So
Vulgar Viirlely Ails Perfect
llrdcr inn! Decorum.
First Appearance In Kansas City,
--re Cat'e, Bert Morris, Gus ILgglns.
V .-r: H iwtPorne, etc., etc.
.- :tim:i.y fur osr, week only.
Sichth Wonder of the World,
TS- trfir: Me-t.il Phenoinenon. "The
sirv4Ci3 .. :i ' Chicago Tribune.
ss- T-ey s Only Rival,
r ia.xjk.Hj.
H 1 Tfti Kl8r-jc K-7-!:s and Dancers,
fj ' r Ialailitte Male Soprano,
re. ETC
A S'l-ip'tWiJ ar.d Rpalistlo Revival ot
Jah A. 5;ver.s' Greatest and Most uc
cessful of American Dram.-,
A splr.ld and well rounded corps of
dramatic artist, hugely appreciated and
applauded to the echo at every perform
ance since the opening.
Ueorse Klimt, Fred Hcrzog. Lnfe Wood
son, W. O. Roche, A, G. Johnson, T. .T.
Lancrdon, Harry Dull, J. Nicholson, It.
Daniels, Lew Wllli!unj, Clarence Hurt,
George Marble, nnd" Mesciamcs Frances
Kield. Louise Ripley, Belle Frefcldt, Elma
Latlmore, Relle Saunders, etc.
Special Scenery, Costumes and Effects.
A Production Perfect In Every Particular.
50c, 20c and 30c.
ti' r ifl
TUESDAY Special Mntinco
At 12 O'clock, iXoon.
ratruiin Onii Viuw i'lowur l'urmlo from
windows of theater.
WEDNESl)AY-peciul Mati
nee at 2:150.
THURSDAY 3Intineo at 3,
SATUJtDAY at 2:30.
TURSDAV .Nlfill'l.-I'artles btiylnr
si'ats (hill view tho i'rit'std of iMIiua ' 1'a
i'iilo f rnui wlniuwi ot ihuater liulltlimr.
l'oi'Joi'iiiiiiice bytriiiaaltunianido imdjus,
cnXUJ" iVo "1; '? .;T" B,',1Jtl n of ihe rentury.
STllVK lIlttJDU; In "ON T Hi HOW KHY," '
Commencing Thuradav. R,.r,i..,i,o iu
o , . . l-i-Ml'SIC'IANS-r.
Pololst, Quart, tie mil Huet Singers.
Lyery Afternoon nnd j;. n ",bc,B-
For dolioacy.
for rrarllv and fnr imn-r......... ....
.-pv.iutu, onne com-
...."-..!,,". .i l"got.-i's I'OWPKB
Tilephiiiie JtJJ 1.
n i I.' .'" E12tNER,
DealcriD oveltii Tlmjr DwrifOu.
8U1 U. tth fat., isuuw, t'a,, Mo.
II U yS 0
Carnival Week!
tESaVe.e SEPT. 29,
--SJ-t-------e---Tl-' Slf-l,.!,-
FOB Till
jl e n tijESi a a
' 3 1 I W
all inci: co.Miinics.
mm f

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